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TI World Consolidated Link List

A Consolidated TI Harassment Link List

The intent is that for anyone, not just TI's, to make their own informed opinion as to just what is going on and its fundamental nature as an imposed state of constant duress for the selected victims/targets.

The link list also includes my musings (postings and web links) on the big picture of harassment and the perp's behavior, methods and objectives, and also my favorite TI blogs and sites, advanced science concepts that point to perp capabilites and books about harassment and possible perp objectives.

This is very much a work in progress and it is the consolidation of all the (once) ever growing column of links on the right side, to this single links page to tidy up appearances and add my rationale for link inclusion and summary comments. If you think that I am missing some important links or am in need of a different synopsis as to a link's content or reason for inclusion, let me know via comments or email.

All links are chosen because I believe they are of sufficient substance and quality for an objective and interested person to pursue and understand that individual targetting and harassment is real, is international, and the perpetrators don't care one wit about civil rights, constitutional guarantees or other notional delusions of freedom. And I hope that anyone troving through these links will come to appreciate that there are many other tie-ins with this nonconsensual human experimentation, from seeming natural disasters, political events and other facets of designed coincidences (as percieved by a TI). How far one wants to go down the slippery slope of conspiracy theories is up to them; I have my own limits that I do not share on this blog.

Essential Introductory Postings (mine); aka Harassment Basics

FAQ/Answering Anonymous This was some gimme questions that I turned into a trophy posting intended for TI newcomers and the inquisitive. I have long since got past all these thoughts of wondering what it was all about and now function in a more grim and embattled existence of dealing with the daily contention of mind invasive technologies at the hand of depraved assholes and the "script show" that I am put through everyday.

My Story; 2005 version, 41pp., doc file It is out of date and not complete, but as things usually go, I "somehow" don't get around to fixing it up. And it is not like I have any keen serialization fans wanting to know the next installment.

My Story; 2003 version, , 30+pp. This was the first one that was to be replaced with the one immediately above, but owing to some adverse web site management, or else totally blocked emails, this one stayed up and the one above also got loaded on mindcontrolforums in a separate location and I have no idea how to navigate to, even if they are the same victim, me.

My Story; one page summary version This is the version I supply to those doing activism work or want a short summarization. It doesn't supply the day to day details, but is intended for the quick read crowd, most of us in fact.

My Story; 15pp Allegorical References/Film Script This was for telling my story via a local film project; I excerpted from the Air Loom Gang book (see below) for the introduction and then told my story, borrowing common harassment examples and providing a more descriptive story. This was in 2008, and serves as an intermediate sized version of my story. Again, no one is beating me down for updates; silence is deafening in a TI's World.

A Summary of Perp Obsessions and Methods This is a regular posting, and and is detailing the litany of beserk specialization interests that the perps have. These are known by the unabashed consistency of their games and positioning of their operatives. A 02-28-2009 update was added.

Getting Started An introductory blog posting on the nature of being targeted with extra-conventional technologies and swarms of gangstalkers.

Plasma and Masers These are the magnetic phenomenon the perps use on me and around me every instant of the day, and which I can see some short subsecond exposures in my vision all the time. They are used to get some localized magnetic readings and interference, and can often be seen where I am about to reach or just where I have removed an object, say dinner plates. The masers will also emanate from me while shaving, again, in the location of the next razor stroke, lingering some 3" off of me until I complete the stroke, and then still remaining for a second or two longer. Call it micro-localized magnetic interference games. I have also seen plasma beams coming off the back of the heads of operatives in front of me at the theater, off their shin on the bus and off their chest while in yoga as only three public examples.

A Vehicular Gangstalking Primer Vehicular gangstalking is a huge component of the harassment, though relatively benign, but they do take great pains to get proximate vehicle colors arranged around me when driving. As of mid-2006 I don't own a vehicle, but anytime when I am out on public roads, as a passenger or walking alongside them, this same fantastical real life idiot show is put on around me. Of late (01-2009), the driving is getting more belligerent and I need to update this one.

An Ambulatory Gangstalking Primer Walking is a means to get the gangstalkers closer to me, and they will do this with swarms and confluences that are specifically aimed at getting me in the center of their operatives.

A Thoughtstalking Primer This is what it is all about; unopposed mind control from a distance and for neural functions where they cannot yet control, they typically create noise, phenomenon (masers and plasma beams), forced farts, itches, vibration of feet or fingers, noises inside my mouth of no organic origin etc. As of 01-2009 it seems that the perps are now moving these transient coincident events to where I might recognize the start or end of an activity or when I might accept one of their planted notions as relevant and legitimate, (i.e., something that I would of thought of myself).

Other Regular Incursional Impositions These are the extra-conventional gravitic harassments and their frequencies. Not complete, but a brief list.

The Favored and the Unfavored; demographic groups the gangstalkers are drawn from This is the explanation for the freakshow of Fuckwits that parades around me, or like visual subjects that seem to "happen" with considerably greater frequency than normal when I am online, watching TV or reading newspapers. Invariably, when I notice a freakshow demographic member gangstalking, there is a noise or other phenomenon that will occur.

Who is Running My Hands and Fingers? This explains why I could never press a key on a keyboard that I intended, and instead, my finger ends up on another. I have seen them move my thumb and slice it on a metal edge that I was holding in my hand. Totally unbidden by me and I was mind-fucked into watching it instead of attempting to prevent it.

An Open Letter to Clinicians This is a writeup I did when starting with a new doctor, and to no avail whatsoever. And of course, none of these complaints can be described in clinical terms, hence ignoring me and this letter.

The Perp's Brown Color Fixation Brown isn't the only color of intense perp fixation, as they also like to add dark greens, dark blues and red colors and place one in front of the other, and vice versa. Endless combinations an permutations of color exposure and juxtapositions all the time whenever I go out in public. But brown seems to be the thorniest color for them, is ususally introduced after a prepatory lineup of greyscale colors, white, silver-grey, mid-greys and black.

Noisescape Natterings This describes the noises that are arranged for me, many of which are coincident with cognitive events, turning a page, finishing reading, bookmarking websites etc. (Updated 03-17-2009).

Perp 2008 Accomplishments The progress they made in their mind-fuck games in this calendar year.

Perp 2007 Accomplishments The progress they made in their mind-fuck games in this calendar year.

Perp 2006 Accomplishments The progress they made in their mind-fuck games in this calendar year.

On Blondes Attractive blonde women are the single most used demographic group the perps draw from to present a gangstalker with the most "auric glow"/elevated status. They are the entre to subsequently populating the gangstalker scene with less desireable looking Fuckwits (operatives and shills); large gutted males, vagrants and others described in the Favored and Unfavored posting.

Gravitic Musings My little piece on the stalemate that physics is in and how it is failing to explain our world. And too, how the perps are exploiting this to then harass the living shit out of their victims, ensuring that there is a medical cover story (even if tattered and tenuous) to tar their victims with.

Pondering the Perp's Objectives, Part 1. This is my write up of what the perps are arranging in addition to their mind control research. This latter objective is a small part of what they are after, and this posting reveals this, but cannot offer any wisdom as to what this is all about.

Pondering the Perp's Objectives, Part 2. This is my write up of what the perps are arranging in addition to their mind control research. This latter objective is a small part of what they are after, and this posting reveals this, but cannot offer any wisdom as to what this is all about.

Dear Congressman; another TI's descriptive letter If another TI whom I have never met can cover 95% of my harassment in detail, then how in the fuck can this be considered to be a clinical condition? This is here for rebuttal purposes, and the fact that I didn't write it, but is detailed enough that an objective person can make their own conclusions.

Relevant Science for Action at a Distance Energies

Tom Bearden; Difficult to digest, but he covers the entirety of extra-conventional action at a distance technologies and in doing so, the TI experience. And he has a special section on surveillance and mind control by tapping into the energetic "vacuum", meaning, all of space (air, water, interstellar space etc.). Another section on the inherent contradictions and inexplicability of our present understanding of electromagnetic theory is here. Though I wish he would drop the "vacuum" term as it is patently incorrect, by his own statements. Space is filled with teeming neutrinos, millions passing through as I type this even, so call space the "omniplasma continuum" per T. T. Brown, see below.

Dr. Nikolai A. Kozyrev - Physical Anomalies Explained by Torsion Fields A whole body of science here and no major recognition or adoption in the present understanding of the physical world. Go figure.

Torsion, Gravitational and Fields and their Relationships The work of Yu.V.Nachalov, E.A.Parkhomov; more independent work on torsion fields and still no respect. No wonder the perps get away with constantly arranging vehicles to make contra-concentric turns at the same time as I am making the corner.

The Natural Phenomena of AntiGravitation and Invisibility in Insects due to the Grebennikov Cavity Structure Effect (CSE). Or micro-cavities effect. A very interesting web page by an innovative researcher. This might explain why the perps bring out ladder bearing vehicles so often.

J. K. Harms - one of his ponderings was classified by the military! Imagine, putting up one's scientific ponderings and have the military take it off the web. There is plenty of interesting thinking here, and is educational, meaning readable. His work explains interesting thoughts on the properties of flame and on dayglo colors. Both these are extensively used by perps in my proximity. Flame in the form of cigarettes and the odd torch-the-house job and their placement of road lane markers in dayglo colors.

J. K. Harms; Brain As A Matter-Wave System This might explain the nature of what the perps are hounding TI's for, and how they go about it; adding more gangstalkers with their own brain matter-waves, especially if the person has a past association with me.

Brother Jonathan aka Marshall Smith; the dead end of Einstein's physics The author claims to have found a serious mathematical flaw in Einstein's physics, and keeps getting blown off and ignored.

Thomas Townsend Brown One of the unsung researchers of gravitic control, and has been totally ignored by the scientific establishment.

Thomas Townsend Brown, "How I Control Gravitation". First published in 1923 and surely one of the most important treatises on gravity and advanced physics and yet ignored by the scientific establishment, except for...

AntiGrav Report - USAF 1956. An interesting summarization of anti-gravity research with respect to aviation interests and including relevant subatomic particle research. Funny how so much fundamental promise fizzled out to nothing since then.

The Code of the Brain, by Cheryl Welsh. A collation of mind control research activities; there has been plenty of research, and this is all that we know of.

Quantum Coherence and Conscious Experience By Mae-Wan Ho, Bioelectrodynamic Laboratory, Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, U.K. I don't profess to understand much of this owing to certain learning disabilities, either native or managed, but there is plenty of coverage with what the perps seem interested in; sentience of both living and inanimate objects, conscious experience recollections and instant of cognition.

Etheric Rain Engineering; the work of Trevor James Constable A fascinating read and much more than commercially availible weather engineering. Check out What is the Ether? link for more understanding as to the real physical world properties.

On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology By Carole Smith, Journal of Psycho-Social Studies, 2003. Calling it like it is, and not the clinical avoidance games the shrinks play.

A Comprehensive List of Nonconsensual Human Experimentation Activities A list of late 20th century government horror stories, including embracing the medical data from atrocities of WW 2. And these are only the ones we know about. Missing are the Duplessis Orphans of the 1940-50's in the province of Quebec, Canada.

A Reference List on Mind Control Research Papers. Not linked, and I cannot vouch for the authenticity, though it seems credible based on what I know about the various players.

Dr. Neiper's Conversion of Gravity Field Energy. A compendium/symposium proceedings aggregation of promising work, present day (then 1985) and earlier. The part that I find interesting is that the "sea of neutrinos" is what is postulated as the energetic ether, and can be tapped as an localized energy source.

TI Blogs/Sites on Covert Harassment and Gangstalking
Activism Sites/Blogs (aka, what to do if you find yourself as a TI)
Multistalker (aka Gangstalking). Eleanor White's site on just the gangstalking portion of harassment.
Eleanor White The quintessential TI information site.
Organized Stalking Statistics Government statistics on stalking by more than one person.
CATCH An excellent site on gangstalking description, statistics and what to do.
Mind Justice A human rights group working for the rights and protections of mental integrity and freedom from new technologies and weapons which target the mind and nervous system.
The Code of the Brain by Cheryl Welsh, detailing MC military research of the 1950's, some of it translated from Russian scientific papers. This book is a description of the history and known facts of electromagnetic and neurological technology, within the framework of classified nonconsensual government experimentation. It explains how the government, in particular the United States and the former Soviet Union have engineered science into a technology in order to target and control the mind and body for political and military purposes.
The Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics (CCLE). Dedicated to protecting and advancing freedom of thought in the modern world of accelerating neurotechnologies. Their paramount concern is to foster the unlimited potential of the human mind and to protect freedom of thought. As far as I can tell they don't get entangled with TI's, but their social policy objectives do encompass the hell of neuro-invasive technologies.
Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS) A fine TI activism site with a medical questionaire and lawyer's letter to clinicians that can be used by other TI's.
Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS). A list of the conference calls each night of the week, the moderator and specialty. Start here if you are new to being a TI.
Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance, (FFCHS) lawyer's letter to Sen. Patrick Leahy An activist letter to elected officials.
Freedom From Covert Harassment (FFCHS) and Surveillance podcasts This is the real thing; TI's from all walks of life telling heart wrenching stories.
ACHES-MC Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors & Mind Control. ACHES-MC, was originally founded for survivors of mind control experimentation, and has identified additional survivors of other nonconsensual experimentation. These survivors include children, prisoners, mentally incapacitated and military personnel and their families-those who cannot freely give consent. Lots of good material, though broader than the TI situation.
Government Mind Control I don't know who this is, but plenty of good links.
Skews Me A TI muscian if my (caveat) memory serves me correctly. Good links.
Stop Covert War A good site with call logs to make sure that you get to communicate with the authors. Other TI's are listed by geographic location, useful to seek out others.
Government Mind Control Many credible links and stories.
Controlled America
forbrighthonesteyesonly Good links on the technology side of mind control research.
OS Nanaimo Debbie Newhook's organized stalking site; plenty of useful information and links from someone 90 miles away and with whom I speak with occasionally and who I find very credible.
JBH File I was remiss in not having this well organized link until now (05-2009). And he has Allen Barker's essays posted;
Part I: Motives for Mind Control
Part II: Resisting the Mind Control State
Part III: Mental Firewalls

TI Personal Blogs/Stories
On MC (Mind Control) An interesting TI blog with regular updates with lucid and stark examples of likely multigenerational harassment. Certainly the abuse component is there, something the perps routinely like to exert upon their subjects. This is Rachael O.'s compelling story.
On Gangstalking By Rachael O. who is rendered homeless on account of TI harassment. My "go to girl" of TI blogs, one I visit most days for new postings in her perceptive deliberations on the vagaries of TI life.
Mind Control Information (On MC). This is Rachael O.'s alter blog. She has a very compelling story, see the posting, My Story II
Targeted Individual's guide to homelessness. Rachael O.'s travails in and about homeless and shelter living experience. As best as I can tell, she is dealing with scripted shills in these places, and gets the runaround much too often to be random experience.
Indian Lake Project This site is one of the most important bodies of evidence there is in claiming that military personnel are actively involved in testing citizens during peacetime (1950's). Was I there and given recall deletion? The daily gangstalking freakshow appears to replicate such an experience in part, and there is one photo of a military person with three young boys, one of whom bears a strong likeness to me at age 3 or 4. If I struck it rich I would send the blog author/evidence owner needed funds to restore more of the photos and movie film. I never get a response to my emails to the blog author; and it now seems (01-2010) he want to lie low as he has been getting extra attention he doesn't want.
In Two Worlds About military abductions; full of insight and sense in detailing and countering military abductions which are very real. It is has commonality of experiences with TI harassment, and abductees are like TI's, we also have no one we can complain to. And it shouldn't be a major stretch to surmise that alien abductions also seem to have much commonality with the TI experiences, but I won't get into that for now.
In Two Worlds Gang Stalking. A reasoned and thoughtful deliberation on the reality of targeting and gangstallking with an added portion on  the Hyperdimensional Matrix Attacks. My keepers won't let me entertain that concept, therefore it lies outside my permitted information scope. Worth reading.
Mind Control Forums, Victim Stories This is over 600 harassment and mind control victims with very similar complaints, some going back over 20 years ago. It is one of the most important repositories detailing current day nonconsensual human experimentation using covert invasive methods.
"The Hidden Evil" An extensive gangstalking dissertation, 82pp. PDF file.
The Hidden Evil blog.
Brussel Sprout Matt Beale and his story, no updates since 03-2008.
Gangstalking- a Canadian Story Again, infrequent new postings, but an interesting read of multi-generational harassment (probably) and since birth (likely) surveillance. Familiar circumstances for me.
Downcast My Soul A credible story of a TI's travails.
Aussie Targeted Weblog No reprieve in the Southern Hemisphere.
Whatsyrproblemtelecom Weblog Another Aussie victim.
Skews Me A collection of links related to the TI author, and more at Skews Me on MySpace.
Gangstalking- a Canadian Story An organized and convincing story, with limited updates.
Bad Experiment A well ordered treatise on covert harassment and nonconsenual human experimentation.
High-Tech Crimes and Electromagnetic Madness By Arlene Tyne
The Mother of All Black Operations By James Marino; covers 9/11, harassment, civil liberties, biological harassment and mind control.
Are You Targeted? (added 12-2009) Yes I am, and this site is credible and well organized with a decent link list, even if I am included.
Government Harassment It is for real by some form of government who can borrow freely from the armed services if needed.
Gangstalking Video An excellent video of gangstalkers in action with a voice over for TI specific details.
Gangstalking World Blog The same complaint, new perspectives.
A Refugee in Europe A Japanese woman's harassment in Switzerland.
Soleil Mavis -Harassment in China
Martti Koski's Diary and Martti Koski's Story, 1981 It is utterly brutal what they are doing to him.
A Nation In Denial By James Henry Graf, an eloquent writer.
Wanderings A TI with a peacemaker; makes me envious.
Multistalker Victim's Call For Action; Rena; I am not sure if she is referenced elsewhere as an unfortuneate victim in...
Back Up Against the Wall
Group Stalking Derrick Robinson's travails, posting about once or twice a week.
TI in Jacksonville Florida A blog that has credible TI discussions.
Microwave Harassment and Mind Control Experimentation By Julianne McKinney, an incisive and analytical thinker, but doesn't want to touch the alien connection possibilites.
Leslie Oliver in 2005. A very similar story to my own; is there anyone left with the temerity to concoct a clinical explanation?
A Word to the Wise T.I Health advice from the TI's perspective.
Brussel Sprout Nothing new since Mar. 2008, but an interesting 12 part history with much commonality with my own experiences; an arranged life, including family, spy spouse etc. Then driven from employment.
Gangstalking Journal About as reasoned and polished a dissertation on TI experiences as one will find anywhere. Much of the described mind fuck games by supposed friends and clinical community is familiar to me, but thankfully not to the level that she experienced.
Shakey Brain No new postings since 08-2006, but interesting reading from the TI perspective.
Gegen Organisierten Gang Stalking In German, but they have a translator.
Front Cover, comments. A place holder type of blog as far as I can tell, but the extensive comments should dispell any notion of this being anything but coordinated subversive imposition.
Peter Mooring of the Netherlands Not a regular blogger, but someone who describes the TI experience in convincing detail, and with plenty of links.
StopEG This looks like an information site, and Peter Mooring's activism site. Donate if you have the scratch.
Diary of a Gangstalking Target No new postings since July 2008, (as of 03-2009), but good links and description of the personal purgatory that came down on this person.
Goon Log I haven't got the entire picture of what went on, but is likely that some of the postings got sabotaged as the author suggests. No new postings since Jan. 2007 (as of 03-2009). Bypassing building security; not a problem for the plasma/light/magnetism/ether field fucking assholes.
Joysoup A progress blog it seems, though the author has launched a lawsuit (03-2008) that might be of interest.
Room For What? A seeming static site, and the link to the comments tells volumes about gangstalking and organized harassment.
Temple of Truth An infrequent but very credible TI blogger.
Electronic Harassment A write up in Poor Magazine.
JBH File Blog The associated blog of the above JBH File web site.
Electronic Harassment is a Hate Crime It sure is; currently active (06-2009) and full measure for the TI experiences. See Torture is Murder for a quick description of the desperation of TI's and the ruinous imposition that it is.
My Vacation in France. As far as I can tell this is a static blog (Aug-21-2006), but it covers the essence of the scourge.
Indigo Ribbon of TI Solidarity Who put this in my blog, as it wasn't me.

TI News Stories
Mind Games by Sharon Weinberger, Washington Post. Most of the TI's on the forum were pissed over this article as the author dwelled on the clinical aspects and wasn't terribly objective. Others say, at least we got some publicity. Harlan Girard, the TI's she references is a long time TI, is highly respected in TI circles. An ironic title given the huge amount of effort many TI's put into this in their interviews, and they got blindsided.
Electronic Harassment Poor Magazine. A summary for those who are unfamiliar with organized harassment and gangstalking.

TI and Harassment Books of Interest
"The Air Loom Gang" by Mike Jay.
A description of electronic harassment and gangstalking 200 years ago. Now, as an alternative, they use oven racks and shopping carts instead of carrying looms- same parallel small diameter metal rod construction.
"The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness: A Physical Basis for Immaterialism" by Samuel Avery.
This book covers what I think the perps' bizarre agenda is all about, though a dense read. (Or else I was dithered as I read it to ensure that I couldn't take it in). This book "showed up" when unpacking boxes, (a common method the perps use to return or introduce things), and I have no recollection of purchasing it as I am very cautious to select books that I will be able to comprehend, and this wasn't such a book.
"Terrorist [Organized] Stalking in America" by David Lawson
"Mind Control for Dummies", Iona Miller.
A seeming frivolous title with excellent content by a researcher close to the action.
"Operation Mind Control", by Walter Bowart (interview).
By a credible researcher who was close to the black operations researchers.
"Suburban Spies" by Anthony Brina.
A book describing ongoing harassment like my own. I have exchanged emails with him a few times, and he leads an existence similar to mine, though he is allowed to work as an English language instructor in Asia.
"1996", by Gloria Naylor.
Written as fiction, based on the real thing. I have heard her speak on TI conference calls and there is very little fiction in this book. Like many TI's, she believes that the harassment started from an incident of annoying a neighbor with connections to the harassment personnel. This might be true, but very often the perps are operating covertly long beforehand, sometimes since the TI's birth.
"My Life Changed Forever - The Years I Have Lost as a Target of Organized Stalking" by Elizabeth Sullivan One of the most determined TI's in documenting organized harassment (gangstalking mainly). A book review at the link.

Medical Research Abuses Related to Mind Control

Mind Control: In The Beginning -- t. A fascinating summary from the references that take one on a brief tour of the pioneers and prime abusers of neuro-psychiatric research; Pavlov, Penfield, Sargent and Cameron. The references are interesting as well, as I suspect there is more information in the books that are not widely known. The mention of a Dr.Mary Matilda Morrow, a part time neurologist who was initially hired to help Dr. Cameron and who was later deemed a threat when voicing her objections to his ECT electroshock therapy of his never published "research". She ended up as a patient to be neutralized. And nothing ever came of it at the time in a seeming democratic country in the 1950's.

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