Friday, January 30, 2009

Are We Done Yet?

We are never done, that being the relentless harassment and gangstalking. And yet they keep planting and sustaining notions that they will cease hostilities at the end of Febuary, 2009, one month hence. I have a doctor's appointment that day that was originally two weeks earlier, but I was phoned two weeks ago to rebook it for the later date. All day today, and they haven't let up, they suggest it will be all over then. Wrongo; they pull this stunt about every three months and it never happens. I don't believe that they will for the reason for that they have a long way to go yet unless the deception plan has been so adroit and sublime that it is the only thing that gets revealed. But as they have being playing this prank since 2003, "only" the first year of this unbridled life rape, I have resisted all such notions and have been correct every time. There is still way too much that they need to figure out. I reckon that they will have succeeded in 100% mind control by end of Febuary, and I have been always totally wrong in estimating this (by design), but there is no way they have finished with me by then as the mindcontrol component is only a partial attainment of what they wish to attain. See my blog on Pondering the Perps Objectives to get a reminder of what the perps are doing as seen from this victim's perspective.

But as I was due for a trip to my parent's place today, the perp activity was frenetic if not blatant. I was sitting at the bus stop for the outbound trip, and three Fuckwits in a file were walking toward me, all lined up. The first dude was this grim looking Fuckwit in shades (overcast today) who stood on the outside of the bus shelter visible through the glass to my left. The 50+ y.o. woman behind him then revealed herself to be pushing a baby stroller with no child in it (makes no sense), just a deep red colored stroller and she in this fugly light yellow colored jacket. She proceeds in front of me to stand under the shelter to my right. Then the third one, a male in a forest green jacket stands back from all of us futher to my left. Fine, the Fuckwits have figured out where to gangstalk, and none of them want to sit on the 8' of bench at the bus shelter where I was.

After two minutes or so, the first one "decides" to come into the bus shelter and just stands there, ass facing the bench, 2' from me and doesn't sit down. Fuck it, I cannot fucking stand any asshole perched over top of me, and this went on all the time at the fucking gym last year. I get up move uphill outside the bus shelter and then the green coated asshole follows me there when there was a full 8' bench to sit on. Talk about fucking obvious stalking. Enough "thinks" the mindfucked me, and I head off to another bus stop. And lo, if the traffic light didn't hold me up, and then the sidewalk was closed further down, and then the redi-mix trucks were parked in mid-street participating in a big pour. Then the bus was sighted and it was early, so I backtracked (like the Fuckwits do all the time), managed to catch the traffic light in time, and then the bus came in and I ran to get it. None of the stand-around-meFuckwits wanted to take it, but only be proximate as I ran up the side of the bus and into the open door. And the woman with the empty stroller had taken off and she was on the opposite side of the street, now walking and still pushing the stroller. What kind of person stops at a bus shelter, seemingly for a bus, and then takes off after a few minutes? I see a couple of these particular stunts every month.

Anyhow, I suffered through another day at the house of the First Feral Family, doing the babysit on the supposedly demented father, which is an act as best as I can tell. He seems to know how to gangstalk and be in place where I am to go next. There isn't a fucking minute that he isn't placed exactly where I am to go, or else doing his parallel walking act.

My mother had made out that she was leaving at noon, but as it "happened", it was 1300h instead,- just the usual way of informing me about changes in plan,- pretend otherwise. And so she made lunch, claiming that she was short on lunch food, and so she cooked me an omelette and some bacon. And lo, if the perps hadn't planned this yellow food item on me, as this was the first allowed egg consumption since 2004 when my then hiking pal served me up an egg lunch. The perps have run me off eating eggs going back to 2000 when they made me feel rather unwell and dithered afterward, and ever since I have been reluctant to eat eggs, and of course I don't buy them. The only way to meter out cooked eggs is to have someone make it for lunch, which was the case today, and the one instance (above) mentioned. Call it "egg testing", "yellow color monitoring" or whatever, but this was the first in a long time needless to say, and a big perp deal.

I was assigned to prune the hydrangea bushes after lunch, which gave me some outside time and free from my gangstalking father who didn't come out, but probably did his required skulking all the same. Then the perps planted a panic as to what I was to do; cut all the flower heads off as they had me understand (planted notion), or selectively prune the branches of the bush. So...., what to do but to go online while in my gardening boots (that I leave there), and look it up with my old 15" LCD display that I had given my mother after I bought this monster 22" LCD monitor a six weeks ago. I thought it was interesting that the perps had to send me to visit my old LCD monitor after working outside for some 10 minutes.

Anyhow, I found out that one lops off the heads of the flowers each season, and that is what I proceeded to go. The weather got cold and damp and I packed up the task, and put the flower heads on the compost which had to be dug up with great effort. The perps have a fixation over composting and here I was standing in this pile attempting to bury these flower heads that by then had started to roll about in the wind that had just come on. The compost digging became a great chore with the extra-conventional gravitic fuckery of the objects moving uncharacteristically, and I was plenty glad when it was done. I used Rot-it, as I had done at my in-town brother's place, to help promote composting action. In other words, the gardening activity was pretty much a repeat of the last two week's gardening at my brother's place, all in an hour or so. The perps cannot get enough of me doing pruning, and like before, the dog barking, aircraft noise, tire chirping, loud mufflered vehicles all chimed in at the same time.

On my way back on the bus, the perps were out in extreme numbers of vehicles. There was no end of red colored clusters of 2 to 4 vehicles, then silver-greys with white ones, then mid-greys with black colored vehicles. They also put in some navy blue colored vehicles, often in pairs, and every once in a while, they put in a yellow colored vehicle. As indicated above, I had previouslyeaten eggs for the first time in 4.5 years, and I suppose this was a way of testing my yellow color "reaction" or whatever the fuck they are chasing me all over for. Also of interest, no chocolate was allowed this morning, and most uncharacteristically, there was no chocolate at my parent's place. I suppose they wanted "yellow testing" to be done with minimal interference from brown colored food.

The inbound city bus trip wasn't nearly so freakish as it usually is, but I did note that there were many ( five proximately) passengers wearing the same deep brown colors, often mixed with a light blue color. It seems that light blue is a non-greyscale color of first resort, and perhaps the perps are putting them together, fugly as it is, so to get some kind of blended "reaction", or whatever it is. They also put on one woman who was a light brown skinned negro, and whom they didn't have leave the bus in short order as they usually do. (Which was the case on the outbound bus trip).

01-31-2009, 1100h
I got screwed out of posting this last night.

A final story on yesterday's cleaning job and the boss man. At the end of the job, he sends me out to the sales area from the service garage to tell the one remaining staff member that we are leaving and that he has to set both alarm systems. Another departure runaround venture, but whatever. When I come back, I see that some lights have been turned off in my working area, the last thing I do, and the boss man is leaning against the open garage door in some kind of wall squat mode with his motorcycle helmet on. Then he tells me to turn off the remaining lights, effectively replicating his immediate prior journey to turn some of them off but not others. Fucking bizarre to say the least, especially when one switch of two on a switch panel was turned off but not the other. Assuming of course that he turned them off and it wasn't the Fuckover Force with their extra-gravitic games, which is more likely what really happened as the boss man isn't exceptionally energetic.

Anyhow, time to launch this one and free myself from the typo sabotage as well as the overhead thumping, clunking and other opportune noises that erupt at the perp's obsession moments.

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