Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tromping and Cackling

I switch web pages and a then a sudden eruption of two dudes outside; one yapping, one cackling as this this suite is being shaken and vibrated from their seeming leaden feet. I think we have done this one before.

Yoga tonight, and the darling, but well toned, athletic pixie was giving the class. I had my mat neighbors come in after me; it was the tight curly grey haired women tonight, save the same one as last Friday, on my left again, the class facing the other way. And the perps were up to their gravity wave game again, pushing me off balance and not letting me re-establish my pose. Sometimes these unbalancing gravity waves come in slow and I can counter them for a second or two before they increase the imbalance and have me break out from my pose. Other times they will move my feet to counter the forced imbalance when I had no intention to do so, as I usually give up because I never win. It is most odd to see one's foot countering a gravity wave imposition and knowing it is not me that is controlling it

And yoga was so interesting for the perps that they applied their light reducing scuzz film on both lenses of my glasses. Normally, (read, this perverted normality) they scuzz up the L lens of my glasses in the evening only, something they have consistently done for over a year. But for some reason they were moved to not only do this earlier in the day, but for lenses, though more scuzz on the L lens. Funny how that "happens".

A busy day at the winery; I expected to do my cold stabilization today but the boss wanted help on his gantry crane assembly, and two picking bins cleaned. In the process, I had to assemble the new power washer, which is nearly identical to the last one that failed and warranty service was an endless loop on the phone. This one failed too, but for different reasons. And lo, if the manufacturer (begins with "K" and ends with "r") didn't "forget" to put the screws in the box, just like the one of last summer. Except it had a hole in the box and some nesting material, presumably from a mouse. So the mouse would of got "browned" from the pressure washer box and the perps would compare the mouse to me and how much I like brown- all conjecture of course. Or else the plastic spray wand would of had mouse energies as the pressurized water is passing by.  It is all too absurd at times, why they would hound a schmo like me for nearly 11 years without bothering to confront me and explain why they are the most relentless Fuckwits/Fuckups this world has ever seen? But pressure washers do play an important part of the perp prop games; the very first pressure washer I rented long before the perps went berserk/overt in 04-2002 had the pump fail after five minutes. Also, I have pressure washed the First Feral Family patio, and also used it to drill holes in the ground for narrow steel fence posts.

Some problems at the winery with 55gal. drums of juice this morning, though not of my making thankfully. I got my cold stabilization done, did the endless cleanup activity and did pruning for the afternoon. Nice and sunny, though blustery and a cool wind. It has snowed a little this morning, enough for me to cancel any notion of turning the vehicle around and sliding around. By about 1000h it was all gone. I suppose the perps are still working on the color games with snow as they are working on sky colors as well and changing them via weather, or the sky trails they like to play with.

A busy day of slinging barrels with an overhead gantry and fabric slings. The barrels are full of frozen apple juice with partial thawing to concentrate the sugars to make a cryo-extracted apple wine

The boss didn't inform me that were would be doing four pallets of barrels, after I cleaned everything up after the first pallet, just like yesterday. A whole day of activity was planned and he chose not to enlighten me in the least. All to keep the FUD going and have me pack up prematurely.

And coughing and hacking outside at 0450h while having breakfast.

A very cold and windy day and I was outside for most of it. First there was the arrival of a new 1,000L tank and so I had to pull off the protective plastic wrapping inside it. That took 30 minutes as it was a slow pull to prevent runs in the plastic and a more difficult job in the cold. The plastic removal is the same stuff if you have ever seen new cars on a car carrier (a fave perp gangstalk configuration) with a white protective plastic over the painted body.

That was on the inside of the tank, and the outside had shrink wrap over the swirl marked surface, and so another variety of plastic to remove. Then there was leaning in and cleaning it and the perps made sure one leg got soaked past my long underwear. And if that wasn't enough they forced me to take a pee and see their soak job on the under garments. They pulled at least four washroom visitations this morning, though not a record, but as there hasn't been many for a month or so, it does make one wonder what they are up to and why they need a forced pee series like this.

And five yobos/Fuckwits were clustered for their male banter session nearby this suite when I returned from yoga tonight. How is it that these dude clusters form every hour or less all evening long in this motel of seeming disparate souls? This was the first time I got to see the Fuckwits for real, as their banter has been arranged for me to overhear for at least the last two weeks.

And all the more, it seems that yoga is rehearsed by the rest of the class, leaving me to flounder alone when the ambiguous instructions are supplied by the male instructor. In fact, many of the class of ten or so, knew what was coming and started on their pose before the instructions were supplied. And so it would seem that the rest of the class were arranged ahead of time for yoga. And what is the point of that?

And said male instructor put on his best billiard ball skin-head look, having the remaining stubble shaved off and his head gleaming in reflected light. And too, if that wasn't enough, he had his jeans on, and still with his ample gut. He had plenty of hands on pose maintenance/adjustments for the one young blonde girl while the rest of the class, all middle aged women, had to do without. I suppose the male instructor was attempting to get some "blonde aura" or whatever need it is for the perps to arrange Unfavored males (Unfavored- skinhead, gutted and male) around blonde girls.

And what is it that the perps need to arrange a coughing Fuckwit outside my room at 0450h, three days in succession? I am eating my breakfast and lo, if the same coughing lout doesn't erupt outside at the same time.

[Cue coughing and hacking in background and door clicks of no ostensible cause a I realized my bloggings on this date did not survive the past session even if I saved it].

And the latest surge in perp inanity is to block links that formerly worked. As in no action whatsover, which fits their recent campaign of having the off switch to this LCD do nothing for a half dozen pressings and screaming at them all the while to leave me the fuck alone. Though, "screaming" isn't quite accurate as they have me exclaim in a hoarse whisper so not to be overhead but infuriated all the same.

It was the same deal with turning on this PC a few minutes ago; they totally blanked me out from doing after turning on the AC powerbar, and here I was wondering why I didn't get any normal boot up sequence.

Then there was the sudden motivation last weekend to unpack the DVD player and plug it into the 50+ inch TV with the HDMI cable and for some reason it won't work. The TV picks up the HDMI and goes to a menu titled "Source", I select the HDMI signal and still it doesn't work. More rounds of infuriation over this particular stunt. But as there is a long and storied history on devices not working or working incorrectly since they perps went berserk/overt on me in 04-2002, I just plain give up if something doesn't work, knowing it is the Fuckwit Agenda at work.

A haircut and a full leg wax earlier today. The hair stylist came in 10 minutes late and was brusque as she was tubby (very). At one point she was pushing her gut into me while I was in the chair. Then the leg wax which at first they made out to be a wait of 45 min. but the woman at the desk "found" someone who was free and she started. About 45 min. later she was swapped out for someone else, another young woman. Both were amiable and good company, but why should I be so surprised there was this tag-team activity around me? It was common to have have cashiers swap in and out in mid-checkout for the longest time, and this would be a little different as it was a service continuation and not a financial transaction, a source of huge perp stunts and activities.

And a special treat of unnatural hair color again; the fuchsia colored hair of a hair stylist was on show when I had my glasses off and head in the sink with water running through my hair while the stylist was attending to it. Then a few more sightings next to me while my hair was getting cut, then she was front and center as part of a stylist cluster when I exited from the waxing area, and then she was doing a pass by (80' away) for me to see her from my parked vehicle. Gangstalking reprises indeed, and unmistakeable with the fuchsia hair, even if straight and banged at the front.

A new twist to the pounding and vibration goings on; shake this suite the instant I switched to a new web page, differing color and another site altogether.

And I see creeping changes to my music files; someone has gone and crammed album name, track number and song title all into the song title field. I spent considerable effort to get the music metadata correct, and someone has gone and changed it. Or at least, this is the way it appears in Media Center 18. I check the same metadata in Tag Scanner and it is OK, just the way I set it up. Either there is a mysterious metadata field I cannot access, or someone is spoofing Media Center. Go figure.

Sunday, and it looks to be a shut-in day as all shopping got done yesterday, even at 2100h in the near vacant supermarket where a surfeit of stocking/stalking Fuckwits and their brown boxes somehow arranged themselves to pop out behind aisle corners and the like, Even the floor sweeper Fuckwit was in on it, somehow creeping unheard within 4' of my back before I saw him in my peripherial vision, also an intense region of perp research.

Though it has been inordinately quiet this morning; no babbling dude clusters or shaking the place from Fuckwits passing by.

And what is it about blondes and disagreeable males that seems to be grist for the perp's mill? The Bad Oscar makes the news before the Academy Awards (Oscars) and gets a free pass to be on bail because he doesn't have a propensity for violence according to the presiding judge who duly ate up all the hagiographic press material he could find. Meanwhile, his blonde girlfriend is dead from gunshots he fired through a wall. Human angst, depravity and consequent suffering and grief is merely feedstock for the perp research agenda, whatever that is in all its entirety.

But I did get some room shaking when I put on the headphones later, those EMF devices either side of one's head and surely a perp research augmenting device given the attention they have devoted to mine, and messing up the good Grados I have.

Masers and plasma beams all week, and occuring in each glance or activity. (This is the new normality; constant apparitions, shapes and light flashes every where I look. They also like to put a maser in the form of a toroid (doughnut) at my ear immedidately following the removal of a hair with tweezers. And too, the extracted hair somehow sticks to the tweezers and may even fly off them to arrive back on the ear near where the maser is situated in space.

This is getting dull, if it wasn't earlier, so I shall sign off and post this. Some red vehicle pics for posterity- three of them parked around me.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Family Day Holiday

A battle with a pink warning bar that kept popping up in this here Blogger. Then a dialog box re-directing me to another server. No choice in that of course as what else was going to happen? The same warning bar popped up yesterday, though with the action link at the far right, and now it is to the left of this text.

Anyhow, a new statutory holiday was declared for the province of British Columbia, and it is [three more pink pop-ups without even making a keystroke; now a smoke alarm has gone off next door. Now thumping has erupted] called Family Day. Yep, a day off for the salaried folk, but not for me as the boss man has two 500L he wants emptied of wine and cleaned for his load of bulk wine that he bought from another vineyard. Soo... I was very busy today, doing cleaning of the recieving vessels, (stainless steel kegs), and then pumping the wine with this wretched pump that has to be filled with wine and the in/out hoses too, and only then it works (barely). The advance pump chamber filling and connected hose filling is called "priming"; always purchase a self priming pump to negate extra perp sabotage if nothing else.

The perp stunt of the day was to drop the head of the steaming cleaner into the keg and make it unretrievable so far. These kegs are 20lbs or so, and one has to arrange it upside down but still getting room to get one's fingers in the 2" wide mouth in attempting to retrieve the item. So far, no success as they keep confusing or confounding me as to where the end of this object is so can drop down into the mouth, and then I can pull it out. But somehow, I cannot get to the end of this object before it squirts sideways and out of my grasp. Understand this; it is an opaque stainless steel vessel vessel, and the perps can manipulate the object inside of it to foil me in attempting to retrieve it. I don't even get to see inside as it has to be propped up in the upside down position.

And pumping and blending white wine, then red, and a mess to clean up. What else is new?

The oven doesn't work on the stove, just the stovetop burners. The perps are delivering more refined fuckery after they took out the whole stove with a power circuit "failure" four days ago. And the manager isn't availible on the motel phone.

Heavy red colored vehicle coverage tonight on my evening sojourn to the supermarket. Even a final red brake light show opposite to where I parked my vehicle at this here motel.

Some 800 liters of red wine arrived today, part of the boss' horse trading, ostensibly. But it "happens" to come from a vineyard of the person I worked for last year, three weekends or so at his personal property. When nothing is a coincidence in this orchestrated existence, this is makes it all the more curious. And the boss said I could take a bottle to try out. And for some reason I did not connect (read mind control) the number of red gangstalking vehicles with having a bottle of red wine in the vehicle.

A dude herd gathered outside my door just when I wanted to depart for grocery shopping tonight, some 10 min worth of male banter.

Then pounding and vibration tonight, at least six instances when sent into a quasi-nap that they wakened me from by my own snoring. The putative cause was running Fuckwits outside on the open walkway, but as this hasn't happened here before, it had to be very heavy Fuckwits and/or extra unconventional methods.

The fourth dude yap session has erupted outside my front door, presumably the smokers again.

Internet connection hassles again; the digital cell service one night, then it goes kaput, so on with the local motel wi-fi and so it has alternated every night for the last three.

Yoga after work; kind of like a stakeout with about 15 women in place when I came early, and then the Fat Girls came in a few minutes after me. Worse yet, one Fat Girl parked herself in front of me and had capri pants on to reveal a L calf tattoo. Two Unfavoreds and the ongoing spectacle for the full class duration too.

And much like two weeks ago, my two parcel mailings arrived and I had some 10 min. to open them andreview the contents and go off to yoga and evaluate the contents some more. The UPS parcel should been delivered three days ago based on past experience, but it seemed the perps wanted a "double brown" event; two parcels from different carriers arriving on the same day.

Later I learned that one parcel was an amalgamation of two orders only 30 min. apart after the perps screwed my first order up, I made a second one. Even later, I learned that they had presented an order of two weeks ago in place of the order I thought was sabotaged. It was, but I had no idea that a whole prior order was swapped in its place. Nor was I allowed to figure it out at the time. I got billed shipping for two orders, and recieved them as one. And also perp skullduggery at work when I asked the UPS person who phoned for brokerage (ransom as it turned out), fee clearance if there was a second order I could also pay for. But no, she could not find it. Then the next day, UPS called again, and then told me that the brokerage fee was paid and the phone message was a mistake. I asked about a second parcel again, but as I wasn't given a tracking number, I was hooped.

All this fuckery over orders and shipments, begining with a spoofed email that had the wrong order presented to me. Then another order to get the items that I wanted, to then have me thinking all week about two orders were coming, but were amalgamated as one physical parcel, but billed separately. Got all that? And why this insane, petty and deranged fuckery over orders, shipments, extra phone calls, billing and delivery?

Yapping dudes outside my door tonight, and at least six separate events. Three of the yapping dude events were timed exactly the same; after I got off the couch and did something else. Also on tonight is pounding and shaking this place as a leadfooted gangstalker goes by.

Same deal; dude banter eruptions outside each time I get off my seat, then pounding and vibration mixed in too.

Yoga gangstalk again; a blonde from Washington State came for the class. A little unusual for an out-of-town visitor for yoga, but as the perps routinely arrange vehicles from out-of-province/state and have them sit in this motel parking lot there for weeks, I am not too surprised. And they put lithe cute girls around me in yoga today, a rare exception to the past trail of Fat Girls, tattoo-ed girls etc. Mind you, the instructor was balding, large gutted and male (three Unfavoreds). Perhaps the perps wanted to keep the instructor as the only Unfavored specimen in the class.

When I was walking to the yoga class they put on a bald male gangstalker at a restaurant who also popped out onto the street for me him to see him yet one extra time before I crossed the road at the traffic light. I suppose they were getting me bald male-ready before the class.

The mud flicked vehicle arrangements are a big deal of late, especially red vehicles in the evening sporting a fine film of soil on their vehicle. Those color games again with soil. And I took soil science way back when I did my forestry degree, and dug a few soil pits along the way. This past year I dug 200 holes for planting new vines at the vineyard I work in, and I suppose that fitted the perp abuse/research theme of soil/earth energetics study. As does their extensive stalking with petroleum carrying vehicles; e.g. fuel tankers, used oil pickup vehicles, heating fuel trucks etc.

And I see they put a soil flicked vehicle outside in the motel parking lot, as the first vehicle visible when coming down the stairs. This same parking stall had a way fugly flat deck trailer heaped with boxes under a brown tarp for a week or so. Thankfully it is gone, but its predecessor, a way fugly plywood walled trailer was moved to the entrance way and parked there. There is only so much fugly they want me to see at once it seems, and then every so often, a full out freak show erupts (fugly people as a subset of all things fugly).

Saturday, and little initiative go outside, save the laundry room. I saw my hand towel had arrived back, the once pink, now lavender colored towel used exclusively for drying my eyeglasses each morning owing to accumulated scuzz each night. The two week experiment of using the motel's white towel for eyeglass cleaning has seemingly ended, though it may re-occur.

And diamond sharpening this afternoon that begat a 4x hacking dude outside my door while  I was using the newly aquired diamond lapping film to sharpen my hand pruners. That these lapping films are graded with a color code must also be interesting for the perps given their profound and abiding interest in me when sharpening any steel. Or even using a knife or scissors; I don't get why they are so berserk over cutting edges, cutlery, cut up objects etc. Surely they have invaded enough slaughterhouses and gathered all the needed data surrepticiously without hounding my ass for over ten years. Never mind that former human combat utilized swords, arrows etc before the days of electromagnetic pollution we now live in.

And lo, if the adhesive backed lapping film didn't have a "failure"; three different grades had their adhesive somehow not work while attempting to stick the film to a clean steel surface. (And we are talking about the three-em company products no less).That begat a trip to the supermarket late this evening to get contact cement and later glue down the film. And lo, if they didn't screw me yet again by having the glue consolidated into lumps under the flat film  that I couldn't get out and had to later scrape the glue off with Goo-Gone, another current product under intense perp scrutiny. More of the chemical ether perturbances I suppose, along with additional male banter outside, coughing and hacking and as a finale, shaking this suite from a supposed leadfooted Fuckwit outside.

Another night of the couple chat from next door; the perps wake me up deep in the night while the seeming couple next door chat for some ten minutes and then put me into sleep again. They, both the couple and the perps, are so consistent on this, once per night for the last week at least.

An outing to get some food items brought on my vehicular gangstalking parade; three vehicles ahead and one behind all making the same L hand turn off the highwy as I did. And the vehicle cleaning bays were all busy with extra waiting vehicles behind them, the fourth interference/obstruction in four weekend days. Somehow the notion to have a try after work didn't come to mind in two weeks.

Some extra weirds were added on to sweep ahead of me and then return to loiter behind me to show off his shoulder badge, though not a LEO. This was to accompany me getting skunked (not finding what I was looking for) on my usual hemp seed that I purchase as they "happened" to be out of it for the first time in nine years that I have been using this particular brand. And as the perps skunked me on getting some two weeks ago for the last Wednesday in the month for 20% off, one can be sure this gangstalker vignette was planned to the microsecond. Not to mention that my cashier "happened" to be coming by when I when I placed the one and only cooked chicken in my shopping basket. And lo, if she wasn't the only available cashier as I skedaddled after the weird was coming for a third gangstalking pass. Such is shopping, like a fugitive. Or, as a certain album title suggests, "a prisoner in diguise".

And a mud-flicked B-train (trailer and pup trailer) gasoline tanker truck ran a late yellow light to make a L hand turn to then lead me for three driving minutes to the highway. I say bullshit on this one, being a Sunday today.

All my efforts to get the blu-ray player to play a disc on the in-suite TV came to naught; the TV recognizes the HDMI cable source but won't display the playing disc. Such is this existence being totally fucked down to every last endeavor, even turning a page in a book can become a rageified experience. Though of late, they perps have me complain/rage (when they let me) in a hoarse whisper to keep the pretense of disturbing the neighbor's peace. All being gangstalkers of course.

Another round of emo-trashing tonight while watching the 60 Minutes piece on the Africa Mercy Ship. I knew it would be full of freakish disease pics as well as negroes, so I listened instead. And still the perps made me feel emotional about it which isn't like me at all, even if I had been watching it. I wouldn't feel a thing if they hadn't interfered with me.

And "blonde-washing" on the TV news tonight; they bleach the newdesk color out to about half of normal, only when the darling blonde woman is the anchor. Later they overlay horizontal banded lines from the previous ski conditions scene over her face.

And having worn headphones for parts of the day, the perps now plant the suggestion that I am still wearing them. So on they go and I now get to listen to music while putting this together.

Onto posting this as another violated day closes.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Browser Hacking

Temple pressure, both sides, always relievable for a few minutes if I rub my head. Then a malware attack that got through my antivirus software. The browser got redirected to another along with a tab bar l cannot get deleted. Then a round with "ransom-ware", a malware detection download that finds the malware but then wants $50 to get rid of it. Manual deletion worked.

The recovery (re-ripping)of 38 CD's of music, metadata augmentation, attendant file moving and a new backup has cost me the whole weekend.

Wine making work; the plans for a blended rose got dashed, the owner didn't like the combinations that represented his wines on hand. Rose wines are tricky in that the ratio of white wines to red limits one's options as to blending. To be fair, the owner is moving ahead with getting apple juice ordered, and another fermentation vessel, along with a pump and filter.

The darling pixie yoga instructor was back after having a two week holiday somewhere warm with her family. And tight shorts and a cleavage revealing top didn't hurt, even if the latter was in red. Another red shirted male hanger-around posted near my room at this motel after I walked back from the class.

The big blonde yoga instructor "happened" to be hanging around at the entrance door to yoga, in her long coat and with her son. Doing a family gangstalk I suppose, in streetwear too. And for the last three weeks the perps have pumped me every day as to her real identity, and of course I don't know, nor care. But having family does make it highly unlikely she is who the perps make her out to be, initials ML will suffice for now.

A mighty browning-around event this morning; a B-train, a tractor trailer with a pup trailer behind it had one of those trailers that have fabric sides, and lo, if they weren't all brown, the first trailer and the towed pup behind it in identical dark brown. It has to be the largest brown vehicle they have put together in ten+ years of this abuse and all the browning around they have done to date.

And speaking of which, the co-owner of the vineyard is getting a colonoscopy in a few days. I don't know much about this particular clinical procedure, save that they flush all one's shit out and ensure no remnants in the lower intestine. But as it "so happened", in the months immediately before the perps went berserk/overt on me in 04-2002, both my brother and my hang-around pal Ms. L had colonoscopies within two weeks of each other. Which is a long way of saying that the perp's relentless and abiding interest in excrement just might be served by this particular medical procedure. No doubt I will get it done to me sometime, though the perps have kept this from me all these years. Meanwhile, last year. my brother gets his second one done, as the prerequisite interval had come up.

And while on this grim topic, one of my roomates at the hospital where I was illegally incarcerated in 2003 "happened" to be a patient who had his lower intestine and/or bowel removed and had a bag attached. Why he was kept with me was a mystery at the time, but no more, given the long brown streak (metaphorically) the perps have laid behind me all these years.

And speaking of associated events, the vineyard co-owner told me how to work her new washing and dryer, as it has all these lights and dials on them, far removed from what I would know. And why is she telling me this? Are more shit events planned this summer? I pray not.

An online parts order got totally sabotaged; I made a long and deliberate effort to get them all correct, and then the very parts I needed the most got converted into other parts I didn't need. This is just fucking insane. I would like to say I was screaminglly infuriated over this $100 jerkaround, but it was more like an hoarse whispering of total infuriation as to my order sabotage, so no one would hear through the walls.

Winemaking work, then taking the owner to the hospital for a colonoscopy as her husband hadn't returned from his outing to obtain and juice apples over two widely dispersed cities. So yes, we are on the brown topic again, though I really didn't want to go there. And with someone new in my passenger seat, in a long brown down coat and travelling to the clinic to get her brown irrigated, it indeed was a mighty perp gangstalking. So much so, they sent someone down the road in the wrong (opposing) lane for 100' in a same colored vehicle as mine and eventually they got onto the correct side of the road, as in RH drive. And the front door of the hospital was good enough for two ambulances and a police vehicle to converge there.

I get back to the vineyard and two vehicles are parked in the driveway in front of the gate. This is a rural area, and one vehicle backs out to give me room to get by. When I get out to attend to the open gate, I approach the camper van and ask if he wants to come in, rather than me closing the gate on him and seen to be rude. "No" he says, "we are just talking". LIKE WTF; two drivers of two vehicles somehow agree to convene at a small vineyard gate after the mightiest brown event of the year so far, and maybe for a few. The other vehicle was a dumbshit-car, a so-called Smart Car that I had seen on the road when driving my boss into town. I went into the house, changed into my gear for pruning, and walked about 2/3 of the way back to the vehicles that were still there. They stayed in place for another 40 minutes or so, and when they got the call, they both departed downhill toward town. Like WTF; why would anyone drive to this obscure place and plant two vehicles blocking the driveway for all this time?

Various winemaking duties today, the big one was adding 900g of bentonite into water and stirring so no lumps formed. And too, the solution went from turbid to opaque, finishing at a tan brown color. Exciting brown moments again.

And what it the deal with the extra mud-flicked/sprayed vehicles on gangstalking duty now? Another was tailing me with a tow truck for 80% of my way back after tanning tonight, shining yet more light on me as it had very bright HID headlights and was higher up so to spread the headlight beams through the cab of my vehicle rather than them pointed at my trunk. And too, the traffic lights were arranged some 6 in succession for this vehicle to yet again, arrive behind me while I was waiting at the red traffic control light.

The brown B-train semi-trailer and pup again, though at least 20 min. earlier this morning than two days ago. I did a fair amount of outside work, cleaning snow in two areas in preparation for the arrival of the apple juice. The 5,000 liters of apple juice was to arrive late today, but for some reason was delayed.

When I get back to my motel suite, I see the city has arranged an excavator nearby, sitting on top of a 4' high mound in a small park. And I see one of the perp's favorite trademarks on the sidewalk, painted lines as if a digging job is planned soon. In the past ten years of this abuse they have dug many places around where I lived, or on the way in my travels, but there were plenty of sidewalk painted lines they did not dig up and arranged to fade out over the course of two years or so.

And I find that some of the electrical circuits not working in my suite; the fridge and stove, each on different voltages. I ended up making a chicken salad instead of quesadilla, the stove was found to be not working after putting a pan and coconut oil in it. The same oil was poured into my salad - an exceptional dinner whereby the frypan/metal energy and transferred into a blue plastic bowl to mix salad. My kettle is a stove top model, but I found a plug-in kettle, with the only findable outlet right at my feet as I type this.

 A new shaving razor insert today, usually replaced on Fridays, and with follow-on extra hassle and unwanted attention. Friday is the day my room gets made up; new bedding, towels and some cleaning, which might fuel extra perp antics and stupidity.

A hectic start to wine making this morning, as two 500 liter tanks need to be freed up within a week. Added into this was a futile mission that in hindsight didn't make any sense. But as I get one of this every week or so, futile exercises aren't new.

While doing a wine bench test and pouring wine into a funnel over a graduated cylinder the perps blanked me out twice in succession, causing similar spills onto the bench, floor and me. Then they pulled a third mess/spill while involved in bench testing different concentrations of bitartrate seeding. Never in my life have I watched myself make a mess, being totally disconnected from what I was doing.

Full electrical power back in my suite today; I thought I was done for a weekend long jerk-around. Extra neighbor noise tonight, mostly voice and hacking.

A Saturday and a mellow one at that, getting laundry done this morning. The perps have an obsession over laundry, but strangely they have left me alone apart from the lounging dudes smoking and hacking outside their suites. It is a $500 charge if guest/tenants smoke in the suites. That should change behavior, but in perp-land everything gets distorted; not only conventional physical events but also human behavior.

The perps started pounding and vibration from an adjacent suite under the guise of renovations when they have all the weekdays of the week to do this. I departed for awhile for a significant vehicular gangstalking coverage as it "happened". It seemed the perps wanted me out of here after purchasing a very dark heather-brown sweater at nearby sports store. And that is significant event as all my brown toned clothes were either separating at the seams in the washing machine or getting green stains on them while hanging in the closet. They purged me of all brown colored clothes in 2003. This would be the very first brown colored clothing I have owned, (and presumably wear) since then.

Much increased human voice noise this evening while reading The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock. I would reservedly recommend this book for TI's to get a better appreciation of what the perp methods are, though I find the author is over-eager to connect some findings to make his case. In the main, it is readable and likely represents the physics that the perps apply to their victims; e.g. teleportations, modification of physical objects and surfaces and control of all materiality. The author connects many of the "dots" of solid-but-get-no-respect science; Kozyrev, Larson, Expanding Earth theory, Grebnikov and many others that were new to me.

Sunday, and a mellow start at first. Then I went to get the car cleaned at 1130h, and lo, if there wasn't a huge back up of waiting vehicles, so screw that. This is the second day in succession where huge back up at this same car wash was arranged (IMHO). Onto the LD store where the Sunday freaks were out in force, not to mention the shiftless males loitering near the few locations I needed to go. And an aisle blocking cluster fuck of five women talking in a group in the center of a main aisle. A strange combination of young light skinned Middle East persons and a Caucasian granny among two others I don't recall. The Middle Eastern women came by again on a gangstalking reprise at the back of the store a minute or so later. Just as I was approaching an aisle end, why one came out and turned L, and her sister (it seemed) came out behind her and turned R toward me. Fucking bizarre, but not too different than the vehicular choreography that goes on.

And three separate dipshits while driving failed to proceed at a green light until 10 seconds later, and another waited at an intersection as I was approaching to my R and I thought he was stopped at the stop sign to allow me to pass, but no, at the last second he decides to turn his monster pickup, the identical color grey to my vehicle, in front of me and I was obliged to brake to let the fucker get by. In other words, deliberate incursion to slow me up, and occupy that revered space that I was to drive over with minimal time in between the Fuckwit and me passing over the identical location. Exciting moments in this Perp-town.

And the perps pulled another blocked toilet stunt, the first in two weeks or so. All to direct me to piss in the bathtub until the toilet has had sufficient working time with Liquid Plumber. Most of the new toilet designs nowadays, (or at least the ones arranged for me), are not circular and so do not work with a plunger.

Masers now follow me all over my suite; these blackish blobs that float into my vision, or more now, persist in the same location I am looking at to interfere with my concentration. Even looking at familiar objects or locations isn't allowed any more.

Month end (January 3013) accounting turned out to me a major pain in the ass. And it doesn't help that the totals or numbers change each time I look at a new window. Another missing $20 from cash again, which is why I hardly ever use it any more. Last year $1600 went missing, and I am a fanatic about keeping financial records.

Enough from Victim Central and onto posting this. Please let me know if this blog is worthwhile reading as I may have less time if I pick up a weekend pruning job for the next two months.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Appointments Games

I worked an extra half hour to finish pruning a row of vines, and only then was I allowed to know that I wanted to leave at 1600h so I could make my yoga class at 1715h. A 20 minute drive and then to get home, change clothes and then a three minute drive to the class. It didn't seem doable at 1630h, and I resorted to the notion that I would miss yoga, I wasn't going to drive like a maniac, having done these kinds of stints before. At 1700h I was back at my place and it seemed doable, so changed and made it by five minutes to spare. Naturally my usual mat placement area was taken, so I took the best of what was available, thankfully it wasn't an overflow class. But uneventful as that seems, I wonder what it is in making appointments/classes on time, or otherwise, is so important to the perps. I have mentioned on this blog in the past year where medical or dental appointments were cancelled by the medical office personnel shortly after they agreed to the date and time.

Anyhow, another parcel delivery obstruction ended today; I ordered a hand vacuum pump Dec. 18 to no result, and on Jan. 16 I phoned and asked where it might be. I was told that it would ship that day. On Jan. 28 I finally received it, a small brown box that sat on my table unopened when I got myself to yoga, not wanting to be delayed any, per above. So it would seem that the big deal for the perps would be to have me here with the parcel, but not staying long enough to open it, and returning 1.5 hours later. There has been many other past interruptions when I get a parcel, say, a phone call just after putting the parcel down on a table. Apart from the brown color games, I just don't understand why the perps are so besotted with interfering with parcel deliveries, from ordering to receiving and everything in between.

I wasn't allowed to know of the alliteration/double meaning for an hour afterward, but here it is. I was attempting to bend acrylic tubing for a wine sampling vessel, but owing to "things going wrong", I couldn't get it done. About ten minutes later the woman of the owner couple drops into the garage winery and I start yakking about my pipe bending woes. She has some suggestions at to how to bend it, by putting it in hot water. She didn't say she had done it before, so I said something about researching acrylic pipe bending on Youtube. The conversation went on further, but I repeated my research options. Like I said, it was long afterward that I was allowed to detect the alliteration, "tube" bending and You-"tube". And why does this go on, planned to the microsecond. And as a further note, once looking on Youtube I find that one needs an oven to heat acrylic tubing, as hot water isn't hot enough. So I was getting gamed into a conversation with the BS line about using hot water, as if she knew, when she didn't.

Back to vineyard pruning and dog barking from the adjacent vineyard coordinated exactly with the moment of making the pruning cut of the Felco secateurs. It has been long mentioned that the perps have an obsession over cutting vegetation with various forms of cutlery, from the kitchen to the out of doors.

An inch of snow this morning; my vehicle didn't make it up the hill, some 10' short, and so I backed it down. I hiked the 120' up the hill, and a forced "forget" in leaving the red handled lopers in the vehicle. I have found my mind can be flushed of my intention in an instant nowadays. The assholes pulled this off last weekend too, forcing me to "forget" my keys when I was looking right at them.

And a phone from the winemaking supplies saleswoman when I was out pruning, so I left my gloves and hat there and walked back to the house while on the cell phone. It wasn't cold, but it serves as another example of leaving things in unusual situations/locations, and having me walk away from them. Separating me from my clothing is always a big deal, or especially footwear, all outside of normal daily clothing change activity of course. Then while in the house, and still on my cell phone and at a table, the perps then cause flashes of the vines (brown in color) from when I was pruning moments before. They sometimes replay these same vines flashbacks in the evening, seemingly to calibrate me from a former environment to the present and while on the phone and an EMF device at my ear (cell phone).


The perps started extra harassment this morning, and it wasn't the usual suspects of being coordinated with a new bag of coffee or other packaged food item. They even flew a half inch long gob of yogurt laterally from the bowl 12" away to the kettle and burner, getting both in one shot. Later while I work, I was juicing apples and handling the juice, and brown splats went everywhere. Some splats of brown juice/foam self-erupted out of the container, flying vertically to eye height and dropping down onto to the floor.  There were many extra forced fumbles, repeated effort and brown mess upon mess. And this extensive "browning around" is straight out of the perp's playbook. The owners took off on appointments for the better part of the day, but did help me clean up afterward.

More brown apple juice brown games, though much limited as I am dealing with the cryo-extraction to get very concentrated juice.

This followed blending of a rose wine in a bench test, and lo, if there wasn't yellow wine (will be white wine once filtered) and red wine interspersed with attending to brown apple juice; those long running perp red and yellow color games again, plus color transitions (blending) and taking some samples upstairs for the owner.

I set up a white wine tasting, blending two tanks, just the yellow colors this time. Then pruning in the afternoon, followed by attention to yet more of the apple juice.

Then to yoga where they sprang that asshole male instructor on me again. The schedule said the instructor was to be someone else who I knew to be reasonable. But no, this bald, fat and shorts wearing male instructor suddenly got substituted. That is four Unfavoreds for those who count. He started his relentless pacing around again, which includes circling me as one of his pacing choreographs. He backed off the pacing about half way through the class, and then got into adjusting class members, me included, without even asking.

A small venue concert after yoga, the perps putting me into this fresh from the back bends and other electromagnetic signals they can extract from spinal flexing.A good show, with a blonde waitress doing many extra pass-bys in front of me. In the backrground, I had a Tom Waits-like dude putting himself on show, along with the plethora of long-haired males. Even the owner, with his ridiculous 4" ponytail, let his hair down.

On the financial transaction stalking I got extra attention. I waited for a moment when the table of CD's was free and spoke with the artist's husband, himself of 24" long grey hair with a fedora on top. Within five seconds a rush of people were coming by from every direction. And while distracted, but with the CD in hand, someone else came in, and bought the same CD as I was holding, and which I later purchased. So here we had a crush of gangstalkers with physical contact, along with a rude-Fuckwit who swooped in after me, and pre-empted me to purchase the exact same item. Sweet.

Many of the usual gangstalker Fuckwits were there at the concert. I even got a few stares from patrons passing by my table for no reason. The finale to that aspect of harassment was at the end of the show and from a party of two couples at a table 8' away. She had her back to be all the show, and when she was departing she turns her head 180 degrees around and smiles at me. Like WTF, I don't even know the woman, and only just set eyes on her, though she was on the freakish looking side, though young.

And two young women next to me at a table, with the most visible one in a brown shirt who had her head down on the table for most of the second set. Go figure.

The waitress had me wait for my bill until after the show when she had been so diligent in getting the bill settled my mid-second set. That being the same waitress for crissakes, for at least five visitations in the past six months.

Saturday, and onto laundry. A red dressed male male standee was at his door when I passed by with my laundry. Like WTF; why are people standing at their doors for no apparent reason so often? Smoking is at least an excuse, but not this time. Then a red-shirtted ball-capper male bearing a pizza box came at me while I was about to enter my door, the perps causing my fingers to fumble all the more to delay me for more gangstalking interaction time.

And a loss of my glasses cleaning hand towel I have used for the past ten years in the laundry. This was originally a pink towel, but the perps changed it to lavender early in the harassment abuse onset, 04-2002. And only one work sock got laundered when there was a pair in the hamper. A same kind sock got "lost" last week, and so a pair was made up; one getting laundered last week and one from one today; exciting moments in perp abuse/games, sock-pairing fucking.

The usual full-time ear-ringing momentarily dropped in volume while eating, a first for this particular audible torture. I was cleaning the food on the outside of my gums, an abuse they started in 2005, and as my tongue was moving on the outside of my upper gums, why, the ear-ringing was momentarily stopped. Wonders never cease, though that would be true for perp blunders too.

Some vivid dreams this past week; a dystopic and anarchic scene in the UK, kind of like a barrio of third world slums in the so-called first world.

More great games such as noise coming from nowhere when looking for pipe and hose fittings, which was had exhaustive attention two weeks ago. Now in round 2, I find a compnay online that is a substantial player for sumpts, suction screens and filters but no links to where or how they sell their extensive offerings. More spoofing of websites; all the goods but no apparent means to sell them. In another instance, my online shopping cart suddenly got emptied without any forced keystroke blunders, their usual trick to feign folly.

And after copying and compressing (aka ripping) some 30 CD's yesterday in recovering from a perp purge of the last year of my music library updates, and now I see the tagging software going on the fritz. It never fucking ends, and there is no way out.

I came across a metaphor for the TI experience a few days ago when troving through music online, this from an album name. The TI is a "prisoner in disguise".

About now, the Superbowl is in progress, surely a much perp monitored event, and they have me in shut-in mode today. Onto posting this before any more forced keystroke blunders sent me orbital.