Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pit Lamping

And why is it that the seeming residents of this new city I live in have the identical driving habits of the assholes of the last city, and we are talking about this town being one tenth of the population of the Gangstalking Capital of Canada. And so it is with this ridiculous pit-lamping that goes on; a vehicle with its headlights trained on me, often from one or two blocks away. To do this they are invariably sitting still, and now, even parked in mid-street, not even pulling over to use the `lost Fuckwit` excuse. This town is a decided tourist magnet, as most hotels and restaurants are closed down, so the excuse of being lost doesn`t count at this time of year. Time without fail, there is someone in their vehicle with their headlights on, and sitting still.

Another vehicular stunt that is also apparent is the `wait-and-drive-at-me`` (the quotes button is now fucked) at a traffic controlled intersection. They are making a R. turn that will cross my path, either ahead or behind, and with sufficient time to execute the turn they wait instead, even if they have a green light. And so the `Walk`sign comes on for me to proceed, and I enter onto the crosswalk, it is only then that the fucking driver `decides`to proceed toward me, comes into the crosswalk and then stops 2` from me. Like WTF; why are seeming normal people behaving so beserk.

And severe plasma and maser hash now wherever I look; should my gaze rest a moment on something, either some plasma projections will come off it, a maser will spew forth at me (fuzzy ball kind usually) or else the perps will manipulate my visual cortex directly and make the inanimate object shrink or get bigger. Still testing my perception of what normal is it seems. And the plasma and maser hash isn`t just at my own little hellhole of where I stay, but in the class too.

Speaking of which, more wierdness in the classroom today. The class freak, detailed below, was doing head-down games, putting his head down on the table for reasons only known to him. I have seen these head-down games before from other cooperating shills, so it doesn`t surprise me to much when someone elects to make themselves more weird. But he did bring in a calendar and had it beside him for the entire 5 hours of class time. The instructor was running out of gas, as in shooting the breeze, and then makes a seeming impromptu call for the freak to speak about biodynamic viticulture. So, the freak does, but uses the calendar as part of the prop for his presentation. Like WTF; he came prepared from the outset, he made himself to look totally out of it, and then gets a seeming spontaneous call from the instructor to make a presentation. Can we say obviously arranged now.

Studying for the wine course quiz, the second one, all last evening. And lo, if they didn't shake this room AND zap me at the same moment. Not once, but six times. And note, that it was for this same course, the first quiz, when an small earthquake erupted near Okanagan Falls the evening we were all studying. And too, one student was without power last night, impairing his studying plans of course. He lives in the south part of Penticton, and I live in the north part. Funny, all these coincidences, isn't it? It has been no secret the perps are also beserk over information; how and in what circumstances I acquired it, and often play the image of the "info-benefactor"/teacher in mind as I invoke the concept or thought meme. Who would of thunk it, that school and standardized cirriculums and exams would be serving the powers that be and their insane agenda? Take Depak Chopra's concepts, e.g. "information has consciousness embedded in it", and the perp agenda becomes more apparent.

A field trip to a vineyard that is much closer planted than most; rows 1.35 to 2.0m, plants 1.0m apart. To do this, the vines and wires are lower and there needs to be special tractor to straddle over top of the posts and trellises. While we were admiring the $200k tractor with height and width variable capabilities that straddled two rows no less, I recieved a stinging whack to my R. cheek. Three of the dudes were standing in a line and another dude, potentially the culprit, was some 10'. Just as I got whacked, I hissed something to the effect of who did it, and all dudes were conveniently looking away. In conventional terms it could of been the potential culprit, but since I live in a unconvential gravitic abuse world, it could of been anyone and anything. There wasn't much to throw around as the ground was 6" deep in snow, so what and who was it? Nothing was on the ground beside me, so chances are that the assholes decided I needed to be riled up with the dude show/gangstalkers all around me, and perhaps they didn't even know it was coming. Though I doubt that, as they pretended not to hear me. But getting  back to conventional world, why is it that these things are happening to me? Why do I get picked on to have something thrown at high speed at my face by someone I don't know and who has no apparent reason? In the bigger harassment scene of unconventional technologies of teleportation and telekinetic fuckery that I experience all day, to the level that I would rather not live another day, and nearly tens years of relentless insanity (theirs), it makes perfect sense to heap more abuse on, as that is all they know how to do. I have to wonder about the political assasinations, e.g. JFK and others, if it isn't the perps sending teleported projectiles to their target, even if it did ostensibly come from a conventional firearm. That we as a society constantly search the conventional scientific reasons for causal events and/or depraved behaviours and don't ever get to the bigger picture. And just to think, how many millenia has this transpired?

The lone class Unfavored freak; male, beard, dreads hair, glasses, bag-hat (appearing to elongate the back of his head) and E. Indian (I think) has been getting more face time with me of late. He has been doing the gangstalk/"happen" act at the library doorway two days in a row last week, loitering at the doors of a different building when exiting with the one female in the class, a 40's babe, and "happening" to be the rear seat passenger twice on two field trips. Past classes of this viticulture program have been about 50% male and female, and "somehow" this year it is 90% male and this same one female. No question the perps like to surround me with dudes after a short exposure to a babe or blonde babe especially, but stacking the class to a 90-10% M:F is beyond obvious.

Anyhow, back to the field trip; the freak was standing nearby (2' or so) while we were all listening to the speaker, the main purpose of our visitation, and this was for some 15 minutes with the sun just coming up over the roof of the building, shining on my head, and as it rose, the rest of me. It was about 0940h in the morning. Then for some strange reason, the freak walking 15' W., past everyone else, and then stands behind someone so he was partially visible to me. Like WTF; it wasn't like anybody was perturbing him, or laying on a gigantic fugly fart, he strangely gets up and re-positions himself. Again, how does he know when to do this and in what circumstance? The usual rule applies; if someone is acting strange they either really are, or else they are being jerked by someone who is. I am opting for the latter explanation; the freaky clothing aside, he seems perfectly normal to me.

Later when back in the classroom for no seeming purpose, the freak takes his bag-had off to reveal fucking dreads in class. Thankfully I was sitting at the same table as he was and he and his dreaded dreads wasn't in my line of sight. The arrangement was abetted by another class member who scarfed my usual seat for unknown reasons.

Wonders never cease; my 21 y.o. daughter had something to say over the phone for the first time in over 10 years, before the overt harassment started. She was always a terse one on the phone when I lived in Seattle back in 1999 to 2002, she being nine or so then. And then when the perps struck to make themselves known to me for the first time in 04-2002, she was even more taciturn and disinclined to communicate. Not only that, I would give her useful Christmas and birthday presents and she would not use them, even DVD's, and never mentioned them. Like WTF, another person close to me goes strange. One recent example was that I gave her a bottle of icewine when she turned of legal age (19) two years ago. A year later (2011) I asked if she had drunk it and she said no, and nothing else and I didn`t ask any further as I was long familiar with this wierdness. At Christmas in 2011, a month ago, she lets on that she did drink it up, while talking to someone else. I still don't know if she liked it or not, or why she delayed drinking it for over a year. And she has done this with everything I gave her for the past ten, maybe 12 years, even before overt harassment. BUT in total reversal to the usual pattern, while on the phone tonight, she makes reference to the book I gave her for Christmas, a paleo-diet book; Primal Mind, Primal Body. (My daughter has been on a healthy living kick for the past few months, declining chocolate in advance of Christmas, a first). So like WTF; why this sudden behavior change and mention about the utility of a gift to me directly, and not to someone else? If you follow the pattern in this blog, or are a TI, you will know there are agencies out there that are quite capable of remotely influencing persons, even if they also communicate with them directly for script rehearsals. And in the long past (1990), the ex went into a sudden behaviour change and became a near total asshole, and a thankless one at that. To the extent that divorce proceedings started in 2000.

A Friday, and the last class of Wine 21, an Introduction to Grapes and Wine. A course in which we were wine tasting well before noon, and again after lunch. One cannot go wrong with that, and the instructor was very knowledgeable to boot. I go to the gym afterward to work out for the first time in over four years, (yoga excepted), feeling the wine a little, and the perps graciously (going by past experience) let me run on the treadmill for 10 minutes and a 2 minute warm down. I went 4.4mph at most, and didn`t break a sweat, just what I wanted. Sooo.. when exiting the building why, two of my Wine 21 classmates ``happened`` to be at the door and with the three dishwasher trays of used wine glasses. I am well used to these arranged coincidences at doorways, and headed off to the admin section to pay for a gym class. And while exiting there after getting the same chilly reaction as the last time from the same person for no fucking reason, why, the instructor was passing by, some 20`behind her husband for some strange reason. All these strange coincidences at doorways all the time, it just defies rational thought  as to why some agency has to pursue me and other TI`s and won`t come clean and fess up to expedite this insane fuckery.

A party crowd, or the noise thereof, outside at 0300-0400h last night. Someone wanted me to hear raucous male and female voices at that time of day, and so it was arranged. This place has many vehicles parked around it, but I rarely see anyone, except for laundry and when taking out the garbage.

The assholes have been sabotaging all that I do; even opening up a cupboard door takes two or three passes before they let me grasp the pull. But of course it isn`t just that, even picking up these myriad crumbs or hairs that arrive whenever my back is turned, gets sabotaged. You heard that right; in dealing with the teleported annoyances that they lay on me two hundred or more times a day, they sabotage my finger control to deal with it.

The perps are up to pounding this suite again, more excusable if a wood frame construction, but as they had no problem in shaking 12├Čn. of concrete in the last place, why this is a piece of cake. But there is only one adjoining room; all the others are accross a 4`hallway, and there is parked vehicles below. So how does this room shaking happen then. (Question marks are now fucked as they come off this keyboard).

Enough rambling and patter (another room shake, and now a loud-mufflered vehicle starts up, coincident with posting this). Funny how that happens, as posting is a much noise-stalked event.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Buddist Merit Dedication

One of my farmworker colleagues, a woman who has criss-crossed my path by working for former employers of mine, or is mirroring me in terms of significant activities like attending horticulture class, (viticulture in my case), sent me an email after her visit to a Buddist dharma festival, I "dedicate any merit I have accumulated by attending this festival to your permanent happiness". Like WTF; anyone who even looks at me, let alone interacts me in any significant way has been approved, scripted, rehearsed and trained, so with her near two year long association, I am supposed to believe this is genuine? Then she phoned tonight to interupt my studying just when I got started, and as part of the conversation I say that I don't have any control in what happens to me, and she says "no one does". And of course the perps made me dithered to react to this, as it speaks volumes; that she believes in the prison planet world of total control of all beings (not even I have ventured that far), and of course, how does she know anyhow? Neither question was asked of course.She has never discussed her conspiracist leanings to me, and I would be the one person who she could relate to on this topic. Ergo, she gets her information from someone else.

She is also on record as of two weeks ago, saying that I will be working with Mexicans this summer, and when I asked how did she know, she just blew me off with a vapid generalization. There is a good chance of course, now that I am in the farmworker class, and attempting to improve my lot by taking a viticulture course at present. So..., with our mutual path crossing over the past year, and the constancy of a particular notorious someone in the past 12 years, I am coming to think the farmworker colleague just maybe this person in morphover form. When the perps put someone on me for two years or more, and plan parallel activities all the while, as well as working together on one farm, and she working at the daffodil farm that I have worked at, it is beginning to seem mighty curious.

Got my first mail at my new address, as unbeknownst to me they were accumulating at the office since I moved here Jan.05. Of four items, three were invoked "problems". UPS wanted to nail me for an amount equal to what I paid them when I picked the parcel four weeks ago. "Somehow", their finnancial system tried to bill be again, when there was no way whatsoever to pick up the parcel without me paying taxes and duties. Go figure. Then a bill from the electrical company, saying that I didn't pay the last bill when I did, as per the bank's financial records. Then the ISP+phone company has the most balled up bill, billing me for things I never ordered when I shut down the account for Jan.04, 2012. But at least they got my address correctly to send this outrageously wrong bill to me. At the time I was told I was going to recieve a check when instead, I get a bill. It would be another 40 minutes on the phone to sort this one out, now that they have reduced their service level, per last phone call. Which wasn't much better than the dude circus that erupted in their offices, 15 of them ahead of me within the first two minutes of them opening their doors.

And why does this admininstrative sabotage happen to me, and what purpose does it serve? I have no idea as the the latter, but when the harassment first started I had to attend to my bills when I got jerked into hospital for no reason in 04-2002. I paid them all in one go, and lo, if the whole lot of them didn't somehow all get lost in the mail for four weeks. Once I found they weren't recieved, I sent off payments again, and they got through the second time. Like WTF; why does this insane juvenile abusive insanity keep being applied to me for something so strange; fucking my bill payments, with the recent move as an excuse to stir up yet more sabotage?

Last night, on the eve of our first quiz, done today, why, a local earthquake for crissakes. All us studying students were in the area, and for some reason the perps figured they needed to shake the ground.

No earthquake on the eve of the second quiz this week, unlike two nights ago. It was a combination day; first an hour long quiz in the morning, and then a field trip to a winery afterward. In other words, dress for a very cold day outside, but first write this exam for an hour inside before heading out. In other words, long underwear with windproof pants on top, and a silk undershirt with a heavy-weight undershirt on top.

And lo, if the perps didn't make me almost late for class, and the instructor had everyone there arranged with a center table for me alone. This is normally the instructor's table that he works from, I was in his spot for the hour long quiz.

And it was pruning again, just a half hour in the perishing cold, and the perps have a big interest in me whenever I cut foliage or anything else for that matter. Stiil fresh from last week's use in pruing and my classmates buzzing all around.

There is one E. Indian dreadlocks freak in the class, and the perps are giving him extra gangstalking duties, doing the "come straight at me and then divert when within 3' of me". The odd thing was that he headed out from the tasting room in front of everyone, as if he was headed to the washroom, but then came back in within 30 seconds, which meant no genuine washroom visitation. So why does a sane individual leave a group activity (wine tasting), to exit the room for 30 seconds so to set himself up to come straight at me on his return? All to give me extra freak time, as he is quite a collection of Unfavoreds in one person. And at least three redcoats took turns to course around me as we visited the winery, and tasting room with a bright yellowjacket in their too.

I got to wear my Yaks-Trax for the first time. And amazingly, they didn't pop off or present any problem for the 15 minute walk to the campus. In fact, they worked well in the packed snow and ice on some sidewalks. This would be the very first time in nearly ten years that something new that I would be unfamiliar with, apart from clothing and footwear, didn't fuck up. Truly an epic moment for this victim where even turning on a light switch gets sabotaged.

The bathroom stopper "grew" in the night and didn't fit this morning. Or else they downsized the drain in the sink, sometimes it is difficult to know what they are doing exactly. Hence, no shaving this morning, always a big deal for the perps. the extra time I had was taken up with extra yoga, and a protracted crap to follow. A sudden "need" came on and it just might of been this morning's breakfast. I have known them to put food through my system in less than an hour.

A tanning session this afternoon, replete with gangstalking vehicles covering me just before going into the moribund tanning salon. I had my shiftless males circulating while I waited. A different type of bed, so I shall see if I am burned tomorrow. A follow-on legs shave after that, the first shaving of the day, at dusk onset no less. The just-tanned (exposed actually) leg stubble ended up being shaved off within 20 minutes of being at the tanning salon, and I am sure that this was a very important shaving event  for the perps, the first one of the day being my legs due to the sink stopper hassle they cooked up in the night.

And what is with the black gloves on student next to me? He also has an unerring knack of putting his head in my line of sight as I am looking at the projection screen; 20-30x/day is no fluke, so how does he know to move his head when he isn't looking in my direction?

Hmm.. past public data on this viticulture course indicates a 50-50 split between men and women, and here we have nine guys to one female. How does this statistical anomally erupt this year? And the dudes take turns to wear their toques in class, with the guy opposite going through a different ball cap almost every day; bright red, blue with same red piping, a muted burgundy red and so it goes.

The Unfavored freak (male, E. Indian, scraggly beard, dreads, bag hat/toque per above) likes to be gangstanking me out of class in the doorways; twice in two days at the library, and at least two more in the subsequent days

Sunday tanning again, two days later to "catch up" from three weeks since the last time. back to admiring (per planted mindfuck) my bronzed and hairless legs. Who knew this was an harassment and abuse  outcome? Not me.

A flush of yelling yobos and dude talk erupted just after my tea break, and when starting up the PC. It was the same after lunch, except not so loud. Also in the mix were room shakings "from" other motel doors, and the encirclement strut. This room is bounded on three sides by a walkway and then a stairwell to the first level, so that provides the assholes an ideal set up to send someone in loud boots to walk along, in front, then the S. side and to the stairwell with the addition of ringing iron handrail noise. And this room sits over top of the entry way, so vehicles are parked or passing through underneath, also a bonus for the harassment assholes.

Back to writing a paper.

I am sweating bullets to get this paper done, and what happens? I get phone calls, aka an EMF disturbance at one's ear through a piece of plastic, and how many times have I related stories about each of them? Countless times, and lo, if the form of a telephone reciever we have both together, at my ear, inches from my brain, the seem locus of the perp's nonconsensual human experimentation initiatives. Not to mention that I am being kept in a densified magnetic field, measured at 1600 Gauss back in 2008.

And for the fourth time today, after a tea or lunch break, and then resuming writing and reading for the assigned report, why, an eruption of male voices for 10 to 20 minutes, someone walking outside who then circumnavigates this room, and wall, floor and ceiling poundings (no rooms overhead) carefully timed at particular intervals, especially if I pick up a book or stop reading one. And how could this strange behavior of others be anything but organized, as if four times in one day timed for the same circumstances. Not to mention the usual litany of red and late-yellow traffic light running games at intersections, and the stopping into the crosswalk. Just daily events when in Victoria, and now it has erupted here too, since I came here two weeks ago.

I got my assignment written last night, no thanks to the perps who were hammering me constantly with memory dithering, preventing me from finding my last location in the book after a momentary diversion to type something. I never, ever had any recall problems with re-finding my location in a book while writing/typing, and suddenly, I am totally abushed with this new level of remote influencing abuse. They weren't able to fuck with my short term recall until 2007, and I suppose the decided to give me a whack of it all at once. It was fucking insane, and it was 2330h, and I was getting dithered over this and constant keyboarding sabotage. A piss poor effort, no thanks to the assholes.

I had better get this posted, orit will be another week of letting it slide.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dusk Onset Games

A photo for my library card was the last thing today at the college, and a cute babe was on the camera, showing off plenty of cleavage with a low cut top, seeming in keeping with the perps' need to have me view such about 3x to 5x/week. The day before, the Ford dealership cashier had a decided low cut blouse.

And after the photo, they pulled the plasma in my face stunt, as if it was a retina burn from the flash, which it wasn't, being an old pro at this kind of fuckery. This gave them the excuse to have the rectangular shape follow me outside as well, going past the red and yellow dressed pair pausing at the doorway when exiting the building. And lo, if they didn't play this up all the more by giving me a
shit sensation in my ass for the walk home. Nothing was there as it "happened". This was dusk onset, as it is earlier as one is more east in a given time zone.

I went out to get stationary items, then LD and lo, if they didn't put on the second negro (woman this time) in two days exiting the mall as I entered. When I got back to the motel where I reside there was a dude standing next to my vehicle, and the one beside it. He was at the driver's door, making out that he was a passenger in the other vehicle and was waiting for someone. And lo, if he doesn't turn his head on cue to reveal his ridiculous ponytail. And what is about the perps that they have to hound me for over 10 years with this ridiculous hairdo.And why do they need to catch me at certain locations with these visages of the Unfavored Freaks making themselves extra obvious.

The frequency of handwriting and keystroke errors has doubled since I moved to this town, and is all the more noticeable as I am taking notes in my Viticulture classes and the assholes won't let me write more than a two syllable word/phrase without forcing a handwriting errors.

And after speaking with the one good looking woman in the class at lunchtime in the cafeteria, why, an army dressed dude in camo, floppy camo hat and sunblasses (inside) arrives as we were in the foyer and exiting the building. He didn't look like a student even, just some fugly military wacko. Back to fugly Unfavoreds on the heels of being in the proximity of a Favored. She is married and I have no interest in bringing anyone into this pit of fucking hell.

An obstruction holdup at the LD checkout, and a redcoat gangstalker arrived behind me with the major obese woman cashier woman doing lots of talking to the granny woman in front of me. And then the redcoat woman did bend-overs, seeming looking for something on the floor. And have I mentioned how many times the gangstalkers have done their public bendovers, because taking yoga classes wasn't enough? Many hundreds of times.

A Field Trip to two wineries near Summerland, 15 min. up the Hwy 97. And what is it that the class members have taken to wearing red coats, red shoes, red shoelaces and course around me, and taking turns doing so? An extra babe added into the class, the girlfriend of the E. Indian freak with partial dreads and a bag hat to contain whatever else is on his head.

Other strangeness on the Field Trip was on apparent visitor with three blonde women, as if they were wine buying customers, and they joined the fray as well. First they strangely hung around outside for 10 minutes when it was -8C degrees outside, and the proprietor had gone outside to ask them in. But now, they engaged in this perverseness that only the perps could answer for, putting on Favoreds (blonde women) with an accompanying dude (Unfavored).

And again, on the Field Trip, we went outside to do vine pruning, and my just-sharpened pruners weren't cutting much at all. I cannot count the many times the perps have gone into beserkness when I cut foliage, and how the blade has been sharpened. It was a diamond file that seems to have out. It was a gather-round-me while using my Felco pruners which had been fastidiously sharpened with a prematurely worn diamond file two nights ago. It was on a belt around my waist, so no doubt that too was a big deal too, arranging black colored fabric around me as they like to test me with straps, seatbelts and the like.

Just as I returned to the parking lot, and with the headlights still on, why, a negro woman walks in front of the vehicle, strutting the dreads again, my daily negro gangstalking just when I thought I was going to have a negro-free day.

Back from a weekend visit to the out-of-town brother, sister-in-law and niece. For a while, despite masers and plasmic sightings, I was relatively free of extra-conventional fuckery of things going constantly wrong. Some family pics to view this morning were interesting, as he accompanied my mother on a visit to Britain in the fall, and he had a number of photos that I hadn't seen.

And he invited me to join him in his swimming training that he is doing for an Ironman triathalon later this year. I haven't lap-swum for nine years, and experienced another never-before event, in that I did not suffer my usual fatigue when taking on aerobic activity unless sufficiently trained. I swam for 20 minutes straight without fatiguing which is most unusual, as it doesn't take more than 3 minutes for me to need a rest.

Back to class today. It is colder, but not enough to discourage my 15 min. walk to the college. A major piss-off last night when I attended to my accounts in Quicken. Some $95 is missing from my wallet with no accounting for how it disappeared. The last entries I made was two days ago, so there should not of been any surprises. All this is due to the fact that my bank fees doubled, so now I take out more cash for smaller transactions. And lo, if this wasn't an opportunity for the Fuckwits and their materialization and telekinetic fuckery to steal money from my wallet. And they do like to mess with my wallet contents, put on extra gangstalkers when I get cash from the ATM (or spend it), and seem to have upped the ante now that they are having me use green $20 bills. Orange $50's and brown polymer (new) $100's to follow in the years to come. Woo-hoo, it has taken them close to ten years to advance their wallet contents research (on me), having me use the debit card most of the time. I can hardly wait; another ten fucking years of this insane relentless abuse before they will figure out $50 bills, and so it goes.

And I see in class, in the afternoon, the E. Indian with the bag hat, removed it to show off his head full of dreads. It took a week of inculcation with his almost fully covered head to be revealed, and I would prefer the bag hat over dreads anytime. And he was the recording person for our little break-out group, forcing me to look as his warm-up dreads that somehow escaped the bag-hat before the post lunch reveal of all his dreads.

Another piss-off was that my $20 phone card went missing, the assholes setting me up to call someone (as they didn't reply to my email) and then me "finding" that it was gone. Why didn't they jerk me around over a $10 card instead, as I only bought it a week ago, and hardly used it. I was infuriated over this, following the above wallet contents theft yesterday, but not loudly, as they make me tone it down.

No negro crossing my path today, as the perps were good for four in four consecutive days in this small town. Though, the perps did put on two turban acts to pass nearby, as I was again having lunch with the above mentioned good looking woman, and two others also.

I had better get this posted, as another week could slip by, given that I was wanting to publish a posting each day, and somehow it didn't "happen".

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Sighting

I took my mother's vehicle to the Ford dealership to get it serviced, as it "happened" the service date came as I was in posession here in this fruit growing belt town. On the way back I stopped at the fresh food market, and lo, if there wasn't my first negro gangstalker doing the pretned-to-shop games, making sure he got his back-and-forths (once, each way) in the very location where I was to go to get kiwi fruit. And it just "so happened" I "forgot" to get it yesterday due the gangstalking pressure at a similar store across town.

Am not about to get out the demographic statistics tables yet, but one can be sure that this town isn't highly diversified, aka cosmopolitan. The E. Indians have moved into the orchard and wine growing businesses that were once the preserve of the Portugese immigrants in the 1950's and 1960's.

It is diesel truck evening here as I type this; one idling for over 3 minutes outside, and at least two earlier idlings, on for ten minutes while I was coming out of my forced nap after studying. The perps seem to find the post-study period most interesting, and force a nap to find out whatever neural energetic correlates there are. Just to think; they could do this is person and thereby expedite 10 years of this insane relentless abuse. But that isn't what is going to happen, even if they tell me it is.

And a male skinhead joined the class today, as it was about grape growing. Said individual somehow "needed" to place his jacket on the chair next to me, just like the co-workers at the forest nursery I worked at last month/ They too engaged in placing their coats, jackets or sweaters near me while they worked further away, as if making a guilty offering to this victim of targeted abuse. The also liked to place their gloves at my cling-wrap station which has a hot pad, even if there was a closer heated pad. I could never figure that out except for the express reason for delivering more of their clothing in closer proximity to me than them. The perps have extensively re-arranged my laundry activity, mostly at the First Feral Family house with that wretched stinky Sunlight deterget which I never buy. I have yet to do laundry here, but one can be sure there will be plenty of hijinx to go with it; e.g. stuck loads, foam out, unavailible dryers, burst water pipes and the list goes on.

A short blog tonight as the internet connection is so slow, and I must study tonight; quizzes in week!

Monday, January 09, 2012

First Day of Classes

The first day of viticulture classes proved to memorable in keeping with the perps' insane and abusive agenda. There were three staff who could not/would not tell me where the "CE" building was and room A09. Eventually I "found it" when the instructor came out and indicated the course name. And of course this fuckery was supported by the college supplying a decent map and legend to decode the building names. And too, the building code was in no way derived from the building name as seen on the online map.

Then they plastered cow manure on my R. shoe so I had this farm smell wafting into my nose and I thought it might be from either of my adjacent seat mates, one of whom does work on a farm. But only after class, and after walking around in my room was I allowed to discover it was from my foot, even if I hadn't stepped in any on the all-sidewalk 15 min. walk to the college this morning. But that wasn't enough, as the cleaning-up paper towels were made to block the toilet, even if there wasn't many as I always prepared for that eventuality. So.. 10 min. of toilet plunging to top of this piece of insane fuckery.

Another nap this evening, a hour it seemed, but my usual habit of checking the time before I laid down was defeated.

And today, while attempting to take notes in class, the perps were messing up my spelling, and concentration much more than every. Obviously, the act of taking notes hasn't been fucked enough, so they do more of it.

And they got the freaks out in force when the class went to the library en mass. The long haired wino male was on show at the terminals we had to use, and I suppose the perps need to put a freak, and all varieties of freaks wherever I am to hang out. The  college library will doubtless be re-visited to ensure more freak varieties, aka Unfavored demographic group specimens.

Then the wheelchair freak was doing nothing but waiting for me in the cafeteria where I was eating and chatting with classmates. I was last to leave, and lo, if the motorized wheelchair freak with a brown blanket draped over him didn't tail me out the door, and ensuring I had to hold it open because his minder went somewhere else.

I get the disgusted looks from the admin secretary for no reason; I politely asked about changing an address and she gave me the form to fill out with no instructions. Later, when I returned the form, but was running out of time in the line up, and I looked back to tell the person behind me that I was leaving, she had me lined up exactly when I stopped to turn around. Not even a glance or a blink is unscripted now.

The 16 classmates today were relatively normal; just one long hair rasta-like bag-hat/head, bearded too, probably E. Indian with the darker skin. He is a member of a biodynamic winery owning family, so I suppose it isn't so much an act as normal wear. The bag-hats, the ones that sit on the back of the head and are usually pinned to keep them in place seem to be getting more face time of late. The overextended rear head/cerebellum appearance has been a demographic group signature, a subset of the headwear demographic. I note that one older dude in the class is wearing the red ballcap, and lo, if he isn't nearly bald underneath when I saw him close. No doubt his skinheadedness will be revealed in a week or so.

Wine tasting in class this afternoon was a welcome part of the instruction. I suspect that my tasting and olafactory senses have either dynamically muted or else never developed, as wine appreciation, as much as I like wine and want to improve my critical and descriptive abilities, just doesn't get it. Tastes like a red/white wine is as good as I can get at times.

There were some masers and plasma beams in class today, though for the most part the perps seemed to have me spaced out, not anywhere near as grounded as I wanted to be. I suspect the extra-conventional magnetic phenomen activity will pick up over the week, and before long it will be like my apartment I have just vacated after nearly four years of residency.

And the carry bag became an issue as the perps sabotaged the other zipper on my ballistic nylon briefcase. The double zipper to the main compartment got reduced to one in 2010 when taking the Oracle classes, and now that I am back in class, why, they fucked the second zipper, making it uncloseable. On with the show, and I see they have me checking out messenger bags now. Perhaps they need me to change up the colors of a carry bag, similar to jacking up my banking fees and then forcing me to take more cash for their wallet-color content games.

Anyhow, this is all I am going to blog tonight, as I have homework and will have to do assignments, something I haven't done for over 20 years.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Shut In Again

Another late (0930h) get up, even if I went to bed at midnight. Sleep durations are always manipulated to have me start the daily experiences/harassment just when they want. I am in "hold mode", as this is the last day before my viticulture classes start. You have that correct; 25 year forestry and IT experienced person is getting relegated to vineyard work, the bottom of the heap next to the pickers in the fall. Last year they had me applying to these same jobs to no avail, and no responses whatsoever, despite my 4 year long string of farm laboring work that I have also being cast into.

So far, no eviction level "responses" to the harassment; e.g. sending me to the wrong door or drawer in this new kitchen is just absolutely hilarious for the perps, as they haven't been able to do it so much as I knew where all my items were inside of the first day on my last move-in in May, 2007. But with this move-in of three days ago, they constantly send me to the wrong door or drawer, or else have me grab the pulls in the wrong way, another new mind-fuck experience. The management indicated "no noise" in their emails, so I am on tacit notice that an eviction may be arranged, as the perps so like to move their victims around to new locations. My perp abetting mother was also hinting at the "noise" topic prior to my departure, so obviously they know this is a sensitive topic and like to ride me about it.

My farm worker colleague phoned last night for about an hour, just as I was interested in a new cabinetry wood drill online. The perps like to catch me just as my interest is piqued in a new item. I was catching up on the many tools websites I hadn't visited for some six weeks when the forest nursery evening shift started up. And too, this PC was in the shop for a SSD (Crucial M4 256Gb) install, though the speed increase is nowhere near what I expected.

This particular farmworker woman has been circulating for two years now, also "happening" to have worked at the same places as I did. I helped her move in early December, and she does seem to be a "high coincidence" person, as I moved one month later to where I now reside in Penticton, BC. And I lent her my table from my apartment, and she gave me a cot as I had sold my bed. And many more interactions than that, those being the latest.

And it is indeed a shut-in day, the perps forcing a nap on me after being allowed to read the viticulture books I had recieved over a month ago.

Another round of tiredness has struck after viewing 60 Minutes on TV. The last story was about truffles and the incredible prices they are and the unsavory world that it attracts. Funny to see a woman in the field in a full length fur coat, but as she was the truffle farm owner, why, she can wear whatever she wants. And so after some sabotage in getting the remote TV control device to work, why, I settle on a film called "The Day of the Triffids". I get it, alliteration is a big deal for the perps to arrange, and all the more when they each refer to biological entities.

And too, someone pounding this room, as if it came from below, when there is no room underneath, just parked vehicles and the driveway span. Funny how that happens, room shaking, even in concrete and steel buildings with 12" thick floor/ceilings.

My internet access is highly variable I find, as I am picking up the motel's wireless feed, and that is always and excuse to force disconnections. In the wired modem days, they would have the router or modem going on the fritz as the apparent reason to drop the connection. Now, they do this at will, making out that it is the wireless section.

So onto going back to school tomorrow, and learning about viticulture from the laborer's perspective. It should be interesting and no doubt the Unfavored demographic groups will be represented among my classmates.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Old Stunts in a New Location

Time to do a regular blog where I have all day to natter and drop comments as the abuse is unloaded over the day. The last 8 weeks were very much in blogable limbo with taking an evening time job, using my perp abetting mother's vehicle each day to commute, then awakening at at her place and then attending to packing and getting myself moved out from the Victoria apartment that I resided in for almost four years, a relative adult lifetime record in terms of perp containment of my residence location. Much of the minimum wage income was to support the new-found "need" to order clothing and footwear from SierraTradingPost, the big discount web site, once mail order. Although I didn't intend it, I see I ended up with some ski-wear, "thinking" it was for the colder climes of this new-to-me town of Penticton, BC, where I about to start a full time, three month long, viticulture laborer course in two days. There is a downhill and cross country ski area some 40 km away, so perhaps I will end up with a ski-pal this winter. Sliding at speed on plastic boards on a frozen water surface just has to be a total perp created scene to remotely detect the earth's energetics and whatever else they are doing to TI's, and likely too, a larger covertly covered/surveilled population.

And yes, all the familiar gangstalking trappings are here too; the citizens of Penticton have been duly groomed on how to keeps one's mouth hanging open, course (or obstruct) around me, attempt to pass me on my right side and otherwise look stupid in public, especially when wearing shorts (in this colder clime), a red coat, hat or shoes. The vehicular gangstalking is in evidence, but not so heavy yet, allowing me to make sudden lane changes as I go about discovering the routes in town. Yesterday was my first full day here, and I did grocery shopping in three stores and visited at least four more to get the missing items this motel room needed, a dishes drain mat and a plug for the bathroom sink. These are regular harassment items that seem to be of substantial portent to the perps, and have also been problematic in past moves.

In the 2006 move, they had me chuck out the dishes drain mat when the movers prematurely fucked off on me after I had told them to wait because there were more boxes to be retrieved. And lo, if they hadn't taken off, leaving me the impossible choice to walk these boxes some 6 blocks as I was vehicle-less by then. So..., some of the items were left behind, and lo, if the usually locked garbage room door wasn't open, so I could chuck the heavy and awkward items into the dumpster, one of which was the dishes drain mat. And lo, if I didn't have a replacement purchased some month's previously, in some kind of imposed mindfuck fuge, noticed only post purchase of course. About six months ago at the Victoria Chelsea apartment location, the white nonporous dishes drain mat got too red colored, ostensibly from unremovable and over-active algae, that I replaced it with a translucent dishes drain mat. This one somehow remained algae impervious, and had a slightly steeper slope to it, but it was left behind in the packing, "thinking" that there would be one in the kitchenette of this motel unit. Alas, there wasn't, and the management hasn't been answering my phone calls, so it was more expeditious to purchase a cheap one from the dollar store. And so, a blue plastic dishes drain mate now, with a hump in the middle of it for crissakes, all to create water drainage ponding at each end of it. And I see it has a missing corner on it, an telekinetic eruption since I purchased it. And somehow I "forgot" all the past travails of the dishes drain mats of past locations and purchased this particular bright blue one. And one has to ask what is so important to the perps about dishes drain mats that they put me through this utter nonsense so often, but I cannot offer a definitive answer, except to note that they are totally beserk over the colors and materials of everything I see, touch, or is proximate.

Then there is the continuing hassle over drain plugs, a soft white rubber kind that I had to procure for the last apartment, somehow getting the size wrong and to go through the process twice in two days. Said white colored plug turned orangish in a few months, and stayed that way for the remaining near-four years. The new drain plug in the bathroom sink I aquired yesterday seems to work, and hasn't "gone wrong"  (read, sabotage) yet. The absence of a plug forced me into a disrupted shaving situation, running the water each time I applied the soaked face cloth to a new region in advance of shaving it. Only face and a frontal shave were done, the arms were not, an exception to this new "habit" started some six months ago. The last month has been one of shaving disruption, awakening at the FFF house and then going to my downtown apartment to shave there, in advance of undertaking packing duties. Needless to say, shaving has been a significant perp interest since they started the overt abuse in 04-2002, and no end of combinations and permutations of this normally daily occurence has been sufficient for them to back off on the stunts and games that attend shaving. l

Today was shaping up to be a shut-in day, but they did let me out just as a snowfall was coming on to visit the local greengrocer store and see if it make the grade in being considered for a regular visitation basis. No, it didn't, even if the gangstalking was removed. One blonde woman was on my ass for five reprise gangstalkings and they even put her doppelganger in the parking lot as I exited; same long black puffy down coat, same height and comportment as the one in the store whom I left behind. Simply stunning as to the lengths the assholes will go to.

Some perp planned unique arrangements in this motel unit that I am residing in; no one over top of me to make noise from above, a rare break in the action. But I notice that the downstairs wall sharing apartment dwellers have a knack for slamming their door to create a vibration that travels upwards to my feet while doing my morning time bathroom routine. The most unusual configuration of this motel unit is that it sits above a parking area directly below, and where vehicles can pass underneath. That my mother's vehicle sits below me under this floor as I type this is certainly par for the perps and their all-possible juxtaposition games, and it might save them running a vehicle into a building somewhere on their shitlist of human abuse games they seem to apply regularly.

And yesterday's hassle of attempting to get connected via the "free" (read, surveilled) wi-fi internet in this motel is still playing out. I had to make three trips to the LD store in town, the last in the evening to get a wi-fi adaptor as they screwed me into "thinking" that a wi-fi router was the needed item. A call to Netgear, after some inquisition on my part, determined that I had the wrong device altogether. I got the router from Newegg, and today when considering a return, why, the RMA process links have been removed from my web page, so I cannot return it. As it was a $80 purchase, I am roundly pissed that the assholes put me through the inanity of getting the wrong device, supported with incorrect graphics and product descriptions, and now are obstructing me in attempting to get it returned.

And I see a little local "activity" in the form of an accident, and timed the same of me driving to this new town, though S. of my route by 30 miles or so. Why, a boulder came down a cliff and smacked the vehicle, narrowly missing the occupants. Yep, more coincidences, in the form of rocks-human interaction, this time in the thought-to-be safe world of a moving vehicle. And surely the murder rate will also increase too, another form of getting localized blood samples in combination with the ground they once walked on.

Back to harassment reality; an attempt to watch the hockey game on TV tonight turned into a farce with outside loud mufflered vehicle noise ramping up to cause me to plug my ears. And we aren't talking about vehicles passing by, but ones that persist for five minutes straight, keeping the noisescape on for far longer than ever before. Same noise though, this town having muffler noise compatibility with the last town. Funny how muffler noise can erupt province wide, and too, coincidently erupt as I type this. Regular readers will know that there are no coincidences, along with readers of Dr. John C Lily and his determination of the Earth Coincidence Control Office. I still don't have a handle on just what it is that the perps are on about with coincidence orchestration.

And just like before, I get plenty of plasma and maser flashes, as in all the time, not even a second passes without extra conventional visual perturbations. In the last  6 weeks or so, the most unusual maser eruption was when doing the job orientation for the forest seedling nursery job, and after reading the supplied material, the boss addressed us, and worked through the items, and he seemingly "forgot" what the break times were, (6:30 and 9:30), and he said it was 9:00 and I knew this to be incorrect having read the document As this realization came on, why, a black 1/2" fuzzy maser ball came in from outside, through the insulated translucent plastic wall, just past the back of his head and then came towards me. As there were over 30 people assembled, one would think someone would mention it, or point at the maser ball as it took three seconds or so on its 50' path, but no.

And in keeping with the business owner gangstalking, on this same orientation shift the owner of the business came to "help", in his black ski-wear  of all things, and I saw him only once more there after (six weeks of M-F work).

An hour long phone call with one of my former farm worker colleagues tonight, she phoning me and complaining about her Mexican farm-worker pal bailing out on her, and not staying the night. Hmm, I don't think I am the right person to help her out, but all I know is that if someone is going strange on me I don't want them around any more. I wonder why the perps want me to be put through this, having someone go wierd on me for no seeming rational cause.

Back in the pre-overt harassment days of 1999 to 2002, Ms. C would pull these stunts, drama shows I called them, and had me bailing out on her; emotionally at least, and physically too if the arranged (in hindsight) conflict got too heated. We had our rows to be sure, and for the two or three seeming friends who managed to get me to tell them these tales, they each seemed to have a knowing smirk as I recounted her drama stunts. I couldn't figure that one out, though I did not have any idea then that this was all arranged and also these elicitations of me telling the story.

Anyhow, it is late, and I am going to call this one done for today.