Sunday, August 25, 2013

Alarm Clock Games

I got screwed again over the alarm clock; twice this time. I awoke at 0445h to find the alarm not set and so I set it and went back to sleep. About 50 min. later I awoke to find that it didn't go off at 0500h, and was screwed out of getting my usual timely start. So... only one cup of coffee instead of two, and then shaving only my face and none of the other regular places. And I suppose, having been through this once last week, the big perp test is to see if changing my shaving routine is in some way remotely measurable by whatever means they use. The usual "not my problem..." refrain applies here too.

Yesterday's yoga class spared me the Fuckwit in red, though they had two males in class when there has been consistently none, save me for the last 8 months, except last week's aforementioned all-red case. They put the hideous tattoo-ed arms dude 6' away to my R. and the other male was as far away as possible, some 20'. And another curiousity was that the mats of many class members were already in place before they arrived. They would walk in for the first time and onto their mat. A different class was held immediately before, so maybe they took the class, slunk out of the rear door and then came in through the front door, timed with my movement into the class. Most strange. The Tall Girl was behind me this time, and has been a regular mat neighbor for the past 6 months (L, R, and now behind, and in S facing and N facing orientations). I don't know the significance of the Tall Girl gangstalking, but it has increased of late. By that I mean, 6' or taller, as I am 5'11".

Said hideous tattoo-ed dude had been a regular lobby only stalker after class ended, but now they have injected him into the advanced yoga class for whatever reason. The young but stocky woman to my L had a faded tattoo on her shoulder, so by putting me between two tattoo acts, maybe it was about quantum entanglement of the respective tattoos. I have no idea why the perps decide to place tattoo acts around me, except to disgust/annoy me, but the above mentioned refrain applies, "not my problem, so why....".

A day of dimming of the sun for half the day; a strange and persistent cloud managed to pull off tracking the sun for at least three hours.

The eyeglasses switch again; the broken temple piece is to be repaired, so I get temporary temples until the repair is done. Like WTF; they unilaterally order temples for temporary use, and "forget" to tell me as I could use them with my old lenses.

Many more strange vision perturbations with these old non-progressive eyeglasses lenses that I am wearing as my back-up pair as I type this. Two weeks ago, there was minimal transition perturbations, but there is this time "somehow" there is.

Then the Large Dude force needed to stalk me in the LD store after swapping glasses. Them and their ridiculous shorts and hairy legs.

An eyeglasses exchange again; the new lenses (of two weeks ago) with a pair of new "loaner" temples while my regular pair are shipped off to a lab somewhere that can solder titanium. Recall that the optician somehow broke the solder job on the R side and it was joined with a plastic tube splice and later my own white adhesive tape as the former came apart while the optician was away all last week. And delaying the repair job too of course.

An wearing my special temporary specs on a workday; new (two week old) lenses, loaner temples, and the bridge from my old pair.

And when going to deposit my check at the ATM at 0630h, the dude force "joined me" at the ATM again;  the preceding Fuckwit from a pickup that was the same color as my vehicle, metallic middle grey, was scripted to get ahead of me. Another dude was in a white pickup and crossed both our paths before getting to the bank.

The perps pulled a rain, which had the unerring knack of stopping when I had the appropriate head wear. Then when not wearing a hat, why, the rain started up again. On with the hat after lunch, and lo, if it didn't stop raining again.

A fake MVA on the way home after a big stakeout at LD where they obstructed the check outs, and one female Fuckwit bought a box of 1lb coffee bags, all to add extra "browning around" at the checkout. Another Fuckwit walked in with a pane of double glaze glass while I was waiting in line for crissakes.

No printed receipt for my gasoline purchase again; the third time in three successive fill-ups at two different fuel vendors. And the ATM did this to me a few weeks ago. I can hear the printer, but no paper comes out.

I went to the farmers market early, but there was still a crowd of waddlers and dawdlers, all designed around obstructing me in making egress. Even the ones that pretend not to hear or see me manage to do this as I am approaching behind them and their timing is perfect to verr in front of my intended path.

I see that the laundromat freaks were in place again; one woman on crutches was attempting to clean up a water mess on the floor. Sorry, I am not going to help, as I get in and out as fast as I can before another freak get in my way. Bald males, fat women, shiftless gaped mouthed males, elder males with the dumb tourist hat and shorts etc.

Current day MIB at the SOF supermarket were tailing me; "happening" to come by when I was shopping/looking at freezer containers at each of two locations. Then as the third time finale, there were near the checkouts with these large-gutted MIB pointing toward me. No bowler hats, ties or umbrellas of course, but black seems to be the new look for "management" as the staff are normally in green T-shirts.

Later my internet was taken out as the profile was suddenly lost and then it wouldn't let me access the profile via the settings as it was greyed out. Cute trick that. then it fixed itself somehow, hence this posting continuing.

And it just never fucking ends, even if it looks that way. After paying child support for my daughter for four extra years because the lawyer changed the agreement without my knowledge, as we had agreed earlier on a date, her 19th birthday. Somehow it got changed to "upon reaching the age of majority", which turns out to be a loosey-goosey legal term to mean the end of post-secondary education to the age of 25. The ex is now hitting me up for $100 per month as our daughter got an internship for four months, which is code for nearly free labor. So here we go again, another financial request after four extra years of monthly payments, courtesy of the lawyer's malfeasance, though directed by another party.

And to put the "intern" word into play again, as it has been on the news often of late. In this province an intern position can only be made available to those in an academic program, but somehow this has slipped the attention of one of Vancouver's most prominent sports team.

Yesterday (Saturday) I met up with the out-of-town brother and family who came here to Penticton for the Challenge Triathalon, as he will be doing running in a team triathalon. And it was up to me to phone and find out where they were and their plans yesterday when they arrive two days earlier (Thursday). Visiting First Feral Family members often engage in strange uncommunicative behaviors; I didn't know he was to come until four days ago when talking to my perp-abetting mother on the phone.

And a much sudden "need" to get onto freezing the surplus of cucumbers and zucchinis that I happened to pick from the vegetable garden plot at the vineyard. I was responsible for watering it through the week and was offered to take all the ripe vegetables that I wanted. That then morphed into "needing" a food processor to handle the volume, some 20 of them. And while in Walmart for getting a cutting board as two regular vendors seemed to be out of them, there was a great deal (likely subsidized) on a $50 vacuum cleaner the cleaning lady at the vineyard was raving about. The shelves were empty of the model I wanted, and while walking the aisle to get to the checkout, why, there was a pallet load of the very model I was looking for. A surge of five males erupted from different directions when I picked up the brown cardboard boxed vacuum cleaner, and at one of them led me to the checkout area.

As usual, the dudes are wearing fugly check and plaid shorts, all to put on the hairy legs which the the perps like me to see as part of the Unfavored features tour. And a surplus of male guts to be observed in profile. Then a four-some (a party of one, and of three) of gangstalkers led me out of the Walmart, each of them taking a separate door on cue. Plus an E. Indian male was coming straight at me, making that he wanted to go to the washroom door I was passing by, he of the Smirk Squad.

This is  race day (Sunday), and many of the streets are blocked off, so that constrained my vehicular egress, hence the above Walmart visit. But it didn't stop the "open door" twits from gangstalking me; an extra contingent of Fuckwits puttering at an open door of a vehicle, and as soon as I arrive as close as I am going to get, why, the puttering suddenly stops and they tail me. And race day, with some of the FFF in town also coincides with different ear pressures which I cannot shake off, or otherwise manipulate to end. Also added into the cognitive assaults is that I have the sensation of being stoned, drunk or somehow detached from my environment. This has gone on all day so far (1330h as I write this, and will doubtless continue with my inaugural use of the new food processor.

Yesterday, while with the above mentioned FFF at the beach, yet again, an eruption of extra-jocular males (two playing buddy-buddy) cavorted in our proximity, and their exuberant inanity persisted for at least 1.5 hours. Though no sand was kicked up in my face or any other imminent fuckery that happens to erupt. The perps also put on three young women in bikinis in front, so they were a more welcome distraction. And too, some people are doing the weirdest things; walking along the beach and then they decide to stand in the water, some 40' away at a depth of 2' or less for at least 10 minutes. Then they retire to the beach to lie down or sit up for a half hour, and then do another round of senseless standing in the water for 20 minutes. As usual, there was plenty of hot-rod muffler noise and HD motorcycle noise as a background to being at the beach. Another variance was a nearby party having their dog on the beach, which is expressly disallowed according to the posted signs. Once I wondered how people got away with this BS when there are so many others around, but no more; they got permission from the Arrangers who also ensured that there were no bylaw enforcement personnel.

And today, there have been plenty of extra abuses and telekinetic fuckery; crumbs or hairs that arrive from no where when my back is turned, usually on just-cleaned surfaces. One of their all time favorites is to have onion skins arrive from nowhere, that were formerly in the garbage can. Another was dill fragments that arrived in places it was nowhere close to. The dill aroma was getting so prevalent in perp tricks that I eventually threw it out as I was fed up with the level of exploitation the perps were putting me through. As it was likely the first dill that I had purchased in over 30 years, because it is too smelly for my liking, the perps thought they could exploit it to the max.

Plenty of damage to fabrics and sheets of late; pics to follow for the next posting, assuming I will remember this commitment.

[Minor grammatical changes made 08-31-2013]

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Spooked by the Weather Forecast

I was serious about going hiking today, but the weather forecast called for a thunderstorm warning in the afternoon, so I backed off and it became a mellow morning of online putzing and some music listening. As the sun was out at lunch time, I tanned on the  lawn outside my door, a rare treat to have a private tanning location free from ants (when in the woods) or stalker games that erupt near me at the beach. It started out quiet, and later got silly with dude babble noise, aircraft noise, hot rod muffler noise and the much loathed HD noise. Silly, because they were pushing these through so I would hear them while my fave music was playing on my Android phone. They did some dimming with clouds for the first half hour, and then let me cook for an hour or so until the phone suddenly crashed. About then more clouds were rolling in so I gave it up. Then onto a shower and a body hydrating creme to "seal in" the tanning benefits. And the phone is crashed to the point that it won't re-boot from a battery pull, so I will have to take it to the blonde Cleavage Girl at Telus again for her magic touch, like last time. (The script is that she wears a low cut top and then leans over the desk with my phone in hand, and ensures I get a full view/distraction when the phone springs to life).

And here we are at 2030h, and no thunderstorm, just a spit of rain while reading the Data Asylum site someone mentioned. I know that movies are often used as vehicles to reveal "tells", to let us in on what is being done to the human race, so it was most interesting to read about it as the perps keep me movie impoverished to say the least.

The perps like me to apply face or body cremes of late, say the last five months. They will even have me mix two kinds in my hand and apply it. After 11 years of insane abuse, this is where they are at. That would exclude sun block, as they have me use it all summer time, each day. And of course, work colleagues are also doing the same, often applying it early in the morning and wearing it all day, where they have me apply it at about 1000h.

Yoga yesterday, and the token male (besides me) came in red shirt and white shorts. He brings a plastic shopping bag in with him for crissakes. Later I see that he took the white shorts off and had red ones to match his shirt. And how often to I get red-white color combinations, including vehicle colors and vehicles backing up? At least 20x/day, and here we have a perp rube in yoga doing something similar.

The Cleavage Girl got my phone working again; apparently one has to hold down the on-off switch, something she could of told me last time. But no cleavage; she stood straight up and had a higher necked top and some kind of undergarment to flatten out her chest. All for the better.

The great white bearded E. Indian at work (on contract) had to show off his beard again, this time from 160' away, while I was speaking with the owner. Later I saw that he placed his lunch next to the two red plastic gerry cans, that are used for diesel fuel. That would be blatantly aiding the Fuckover cause IMHO, given the amount of hijinx over petroleum products that goes on, such as extra noise and gangstalking when fuelling up my vehicle. Maybe oil spills are part of the perp agenda as well, though it depends on how far one wants to go down the road of a controlled world.

No tanning allowed today on the vineyard; high cloud, and then later some lower cloud as part of the dimming games.

I got screwed this am; somehow, I got out of bed 30 min. later than I thought. Therefore no torso shaving to make up time, and do these shaving area variations ever end?

A Saturday, and normally a day off, but I did some irrigation work for two hours, and then drove back into town. As this was an exceptional event (weekends off usually), the vehicular gangstalking was heavy, at least twice the usual coverage. Then a 3.5 hour nap attack in the afternoon; talk about putting a hole in one's day.

A 30 min. rambling conversation on the phone from my farm work colleague in Victoria. I don't know quite what to make of her; I get "miss you" emails once every few months, but definitely nothing happened between us January 2013. Just an extended tease with the perps adding leading suggestions in mind. Nothing, absolutely nothing goes unscripted or arranged in my circumstances of being a kept TI, and even my daughter isn't allowed to offer much contact. But here is a three year old  acquaintance with someone who has worked at many of the places I have worked, before or after me or while working in farm jobs. Transiting to the last visit to her place in Victoria was quite a spectacle; army vehicles escorting me, helicopters overhead, and an outrageous traffic jam/vehicular gangstalking in mid-day. So who but an operative would be dispatched to keep in contact with this TI (me) for this long? She touches on all the perp subjects; e.g. employment, work, money, running a business and then talking about her sex life too, but never shows any interest in my harassment/abuse events. I haven't yet figured out if she is a real deal with perp sponsorship, or else a scripted morph-over of a certain well known female that seems to have a role in this harassment/abuse state which I have been cast into. Though, it doesn't really matter; I am not interested, and only a TI would offer something genuine to talk about.

Another work event, this time on a Sunday, and only for two hours or so. As usual, the vineyard noise was arranged, and the heavy vehicular gangstalking, especially when I returned at 0900h.

Two skunked/obstructed events today; the secluded beach parking was all taken up at 1045h when I got there. I see they changed the parking lot from last year and permit substantially less vehicles. Then to try a local hiking trail; it is always a pain to find the trail head for the first time as the directions are usually garbled. After some false starts I did locate the trail head. And lo, if it hadn't been sprayed with 2-4D three weeks ago (a power line trail) and was still off-gassing; Nix on that, as there seemed to be a fair distance to hike (2km). As usual, all the "pop outs", those vehicles that emanate from driveways and side streets, were ready for me as I returned from the last skunk event (power line trail).

I had my lunch at my residence, which had been packed for a hike. Again, more variations on what I do where and how are arranged for whatever energetic decomposition games that are important to the perps. Then tanning outside on the lawn, replete with extra road traffic noise (hot rod mufflers and HD motorcycles), aircraft noise and the like. Then a cloud got pulled over the sun and that was the end of tanning. The perps are so strange about how events are terminated; they have to tell me that they are in charge, as they could of inserted some restless behavioral "need" and had me go inside all the same.

Onto posting this for the week.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Snow Birds Overhead

 A Monday on a Tuesday effectively, as Monday was a statutory holiday here. And the perps arranged a near sleepless night for me to carry the day-off results to Tuesday, instead of the usual Monday. (As usual, no later tiredness issues). And too, they started up the toilet games by blocking it, arranging me first to eat 200g of chocolate with my tea in advance. And the timing was in keeping with screwing me over with all things related to employment, interrupting my resume re-write as I see some interesting jobs in the wine industry.

And while at the vineyard, the Snowbirds came and did a two aircraft fly-about for me to see me it would seem, as they are to give a show tomorrow.

The freaks were on at the LD store again, and even the regular fat girl at the checkout was in garish red lipstick, flyblown hair and new glasses. Dressing up a pig maybe? Though she does also hang around in the aisles when I am there, one of those "compleat" gangstalkers, which might mean she could be someone else in morphover, a suggestion the perps dropped into mind a few days ago. I don't know why they do this, and I would of never thought about it until they suggested it. The bottom line is that I don't care if this is someone else I might know, nor do I care to continue to contemplate that is a certain notorious woman of public renown.

As I write this the Canadian Snowbirds are tearing up the sky with their aerobatic show, ensuring I get a blast of noise every so often. A scheduled part of Peach Fest in this Okanagan Valley town. Bad enough being on the N flight path of the airport and the grinding noise of single engine aircraft, as was the case two days ago on the Monday holiday, and that followed me while hiking 30km away.

A "suck truck", as in carpet cleaning and vacuuming it up came to the vineyard. The thuggy dude carpet cleaner put on this extra loud "how are you" for some reason, as he didn't need to say anything as he was lugging carpet sections to dry outside, and I was seated having my lunch 10' away. Later I helped move furniture over the dry carpet, so I suppose it was all about the "torsional energies" and whatever advantage vacuuming conveys for the perps.

The oncoming lane driving games continue; 2' lane encroachment at least once per route per day. And the driver in front of me is usually straddling the shoulder line for no reason. Even the police force gets into oncoming lane encroachment; no emergency or sirens, he just drifts over the centerline to get my attention.

Much commotion in the afternoon, after vine thinning, as I had to supply the optician with my glasses for new lenses. And  wearing my old ones, which are not progressive lenses and do not help me in seeing close. He will be working on my lenses/glasses for a few hours, and it seems I will get them back in 24hr. I am sure the perps will also "visit them" too, though in what capacity I have no idea. That the glasses are NEVER straight on my face and there is no reason for this is likely part of the perps' obsession over eyewear, as it is what I see through. Very often they will arrange a Fuckwit/Criminal stalker to pose/be seen directly, and a in few minutes from behind glass, then a reflection. And glass of all kinds; mirrosrs, automotive windshields have a plastic laminate in the middle and tempered glass has different properties (to them) from window glass. And in one hovel they put me in, they even had a plexiglass window, which was most curious as they are much more expensive. Add in camera glass, LCD glass and whatever else, and the perps have their hands full on this one alone.

And not forgetting when I first put my above mentioned progressive glasses on in 2010 at the optician's shop, why, two same aged males in business dress and 1950's style fedoras entered the premises as I was about to leave. It was like it was from a bad movie, both dressed similarly and arriving to get through the door ahead of me. One has to find some humor in this, rare as it is.

And as always, one looks to see if there is any temporal correlative perp games going on, apart from doubling the vehicular gangstalking operation. As one example, I had three vehicles around me on the move in the parking lot where I picked up my parcel, which was a new knife. I went to the post office, with no delays or obstruction stunts apart from some dumbshit kid backing his ass into the exit aisle, and it was incumbent on me to ask him what he was doing. I got the usual pathetic "sorry" bullshit again, to which I don't reply and stare at the Fuckwit as if he is totally deranged, which he seemingly is as there is no rational explanation forthcoming as to why the Fuckwit was behaving like this.

Getting back to the parking lot; a big pickup had arrived beside me in my absence and had the driver at the door of the cab for whatever reason, then he gets in to back it out. I was only gone 3 minutes, so how could it be possible that someone arrived beside me, parked the vehicle and then wanted to get out ahead of me? Then another pickup in the row behind me was backing out to block me from turning E, the shortest route to the exit. And as I was backing out, needing to take two passes to get clear of any vehicles, why, a Ford Escape from the opposite side of the two ranked parking comes through and occupies my former location within 10 seconds of it being vacated. And have I not mentioned the perps like to walk or drive over where I have been with minimal time lag? And this silver-grey Ford Escape had the headlights on, and pointed at me, and the woman driver making some kind of head tossing motion, which I took to be faux friendly. So, I take the W route out, driving over where I had walked in part, an extra 60', and then another 60' to turn 180 degrees E, and there was another vehicular cluster fuck, both white colored vehicles, at this turn point. I make it to the exit, and by gosh, the silver-grey Ford Escape had somehow got ahead of me by 40' or so. And how was that accomplished when the driver turned W where there was two pickups attempting to back into each other? By cooperating drivers of course, who let the Ford Escape through between them, and knew to do it in advance and at the same time (ie. was choreographed). Either that, or else teleportational games, and I seen vehicles arrive from nowhere on occasion, though not often.

I drive to the optician to provide my glasses and put my old ones on for the first time in three years. No Fuckwits or wackos in the store, which did surprise me. I got fat girls to see and get in the way as ambulatory stalkers prior to parking. Though the traffic was just intense for each driven leg, but it is Peach Fest here this week, and that might serve as an excuse.

When I got home, I had two parcels to open; the knife to replace the ones that were stolen at least three decades ago, and the other being rollerskate knee pads which are the best for farming work. (Having a cuff around the leg stops soil and debris from getting in behind them). The kneepads acquisition has been at least a two year quest, now requited, as past designs didn't work out, and the last ones with gel inserts leaked. What is the perp obsession over kneepads, both having me use different ones and their stalkers doing the same?

Yoga, and lo, if the new lenses didn't both get smeared in the class, providing some localized "dimming". And it wasn't the scenery or the instructor (male, pot-bellied, skinhead = 3 Unfavoreds), it is just what the perps want to do, smear my vision in my new lenses, like most yoga classes. But as there is much haze in the air these days, from forest fires, one can assume reducing daytime light intensity during summer is what it is about. And I see in yoga class that the one star practitioner is getting very brown from tanning. More than the native Indian woman next to her who came for the first time, so I would imagine this is more "browning around" games.

A Saturday, and a formal parade for the Peach Fest, which was the excuse for laying on a considerable vehicular gangstalking force getting to the laundromat and back, 3 trips, as I air dry synthetic fabrics and use the dryers for sheets, towels and the like. My regular stalker was there, though in a black ball cap with red trim. Recall that he was there for past visits with his yellow hat exactly matching the yellow color of the A+H detergent jug. And in keeping with the routine, the washing machine ripped me off for $2 before it began to return coins. So... I got to move my laundry to the next machine, leaving an empty one between the sheets-cotton load that had already started. And I got screwed into loading the liquid detergent in advance, making it unrecoverable.

And they put on a new negro on stand-there duty as I entered the laundromat, forcing me to walk between this Fuckwit and his tumbling laundry in the dryer immediately opposite. Like WTF; why are so many rude assholes constricting public egress in aisle spaces, also augmented by aisle displays and stocker/stalker carts?

Then when I return to get the dryer load on on, why, the dryer ripped me off for $1 as well. Same coin box design, the putative cause, though why does this keep happening to me? All my life I had about a 50:50 chance of a coin machine working correctly, and here we are after 11 years of this insane psychopathic abuse delivered full time.

And one of my early am commute vehicular gangstalkers also "happened" to be at the laundromat. A 1962 (or so) Ford Meteor in pastel green is quite rare in these here parts, and the presumed driver was also doing his laundry today. And a unsightly lug he was too; large gut, tattoos down his arm, waddling gait and ball cap. That would be five Unfavored features, as being male and over 20 counts as one. He and the above mentioned regular laundromat stalker just "happened" to know each other too, having a confab in the parking lot while sitting on deck chairs outside the latter's camper trailer. Recall that this regular laundromat stalker was also at my last motel residence (01 to 06 2013), without camper or trailer. So one purports to be transient with camper and truck (camped/parked on the side of a city road as seen on some weekday mornings), and the other purports to be a regular weekday morning time commuter (0630h or so) from 10 or more kilometers away. It just doesn't add up, especially when they weren't speaking or engaging with each other when I first arrived at the laundromat, but by the second visit, why, they are sit around-the-parking-lot pals. And they adroitly timed their re-entry to the laundromat just ahead of me leaving and at a constriction point between the coin machine and wall. Talk about telltale gangstalker moves, especially after sitting on an asphalt surface.

Yesterday's shenanigans over getting new lenses for my glasses has yet to be played out, even if I did pick them up. As it "happened", the optician broke the soldered join between the cable temple and the temple piece, and put a plastic sleeve to temporarily join them. That lasted until this morning and I had to put them together with white adhesive tape. But as it also "happens", the optician is taking a week off, so nothing will get done until he gets back. And on further examination (later of course), I find that the optician added a bevel to the edge of the lenses that is not polished, so the lens' edges are more conspicuous. Again, as he is gone for a week, I don't get to sort that one out either. Recall three years ago when these progressive lenses were first purchased; they weren't edge polished when they were to be, so I had to take them back. The addition of cable temples were the only solution as the stock temples kept sliding off my ears. Then the lab fucked them up by attaching the cable temples exactly one inch short of where specified, so they had to be taken back again, and new stock temples had to be ordered in. So why are the perps so fucking berserk over sabotaging my eyeglasses when they were the likely cause of me having to wear them in the first place (since 1970)?

I got hit with a 2.5 hour nap attack this afternoon, which includes 30 min. of attempting to get up but being physically incapable. All the while they played the concept of Minkowski space, a concept I came to know of when reading "The Many Worlds of Hugh Everett III", by Peter Byrne. This relates to a Quantum Mechanics physicist who debunked the present day concepts of 1957 (The Copenhagen Interpretation), and whose theories are gaining traction in the arcane world of theoretical physics. Later I look in the book's glossary for a description, and lo, the term is absent, a rare exception to a fine biography on a very complex topic and thinker.

 If you subscribe to the premise that my existence is totally governed and arranged, then it would seem that the perps want me to know about the "many worlds" interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, and such esoteric concepts as the observer problem, as seemingly, an observer would be part of the measurement (or interaction) in any quantum environment. And it might be the fundamental reason why the perps continue to harass the living hell out of me and all other TI's, as they can pretend that they aren't observing when they have never declared themselves by dint of some QM trickery. Also part of the Everettian Quantum Mechanics world is the "measurement problem" and the Universal Wave Function. An interesting read to be sure, though at times I do find the concepts beyond me, which is just fine from the perp managed FUD games they like to invoke.

An extra mellow day and aided by a thunderstorm warning, seeming to keep me from going hiking. Onto posting this for another week.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Many Worlds

A two hour clean up of the toilet tonight; the perps had the toilet back up three successive times with no successful clearing/unblocking in between. Their past record had been two, but they decided to up the "brown games" ante by one more. A full on rage show at times as well, as extra adversity gets added in too. And they also allowed the adjoining carpet to get wet somehow when I had the doorway dammed with two towels. They have so many ways of dithering one's cognition as well as telekinetic fuckery that there is no point speculating as to how it happens.

Needless to say I am absolutely fucking annoyed that they have spent over 11 years of messing with shit, driving it around in tankers, pumping it across sidewalks and all the rest of the juvenile inanities they have pulled over the years and here they still are, playing shit games with the toilet. Regular readers will know this all began when the perps first went berserk/overt in 04-2002 in my apartment in Seattle, and one of the uninvited personnel blew up a balloon, tied it off, then flushed the toilet and inserted the balloon to obstruct it. And they did a good job of it, as I had to get a plumbers' snake to free it up a few days later. And ever since then, taking a shit has become a fraught and adverse experience, even down to the toilet paper not separating on the perforations (nearly every time). Anyhow, not the first time this has been mentioned and I will spare my readership  any further details.

Some toilet related events caused me to go straight home instead of grocery shopping when driving back from the vineyard. Then a 40 minute nap attack came on, making me feel fogged and clogged afterward. Then onto grocery shopping, replete with a three staff member choreographed cluster fuck in front of me as I was about to pass through that very (and constrained) aisle space. Instead I got to watch this insane ludicrousness until my egress was permitted (no one in the way). They with staff  black shirts, and a black coat on me, initiated by thinking that a thunderstorm was to come when I set off. Then I got skunked on getting a hot cooked chicken and the small size tortillas, and got to the cashier where other strangeness was in progress, i.e. the prior customer hanging back.

Then onto the supermarket to get their hot cooked chicken, my original source until May 2013 when the above organic store put in a hot counter, and so I bought their organic free range chicken (cooked) since. That is until today, as it seems the perps have a chicken eating/digestion comparison event going on, and so it goes. Said supermarket put on their E. Indian at the hot counter, and another to tail me to the checkout. Then the woman behind me came forward to put her cloth bags against my plastic bags that were just filled, and so it goes. The perps are totally desperate to determine what it is about plastic bags they seem not to know. (Last week, a vineyard visitor put two plastic bags on the couch, one each side of my coat for crissakes, moving my coat to set it up in the middle as it was in a corner of the couch). NOT my problem why the perps don't understand the energetics of plastic bags, but one can see they are upping the harassment ante.

Then I visit the tea shop next to the supermarket as the notion of getting some summertime teas was duly planted some weeks ago. And lo, if they didn't put on a negro woman staff member. I got the spiel on teas, and when I wanted the 2L infusion jug with a teal colored top (instead of fuchsia), the woman had to go on a ladder and look in all the tall cabinets and lo, there was none remaining in boxes, so I got the demo one instead. But she had to get the (brown cardboard) box out anyhow to get the bar code off it. And so it goes, from brown boxes to brown colored skin and all the transitions, fuckery and harassment that goes with it. NOT my problem the perps don't like it that I hate various colors, brown being one of them.

I got plenty of vehicular gangstalking on the way there and back, uncluding a semi-trailer and tractor unit headed E from two blocks away, and after changing directions to get to the organics grocery store, why, there it was again, heading N from two blocks away. All this at 1800h, not exactly the busiest commercial time of day. And too, at least 20 individual motorcycle stalkers out too, "just happening" to be driving around in the shopping areas of this 30k pop. summertime holiday town.

Vineyard work; tapping day long, like yesterday; one or taps per second, emulating house construction, though I never heard such pathetic carpenters until the perps went berserk/overt in 04-2002. But there is a real house being constructed in the neighborhood, so maybe they are having someone wielding a hammer on it. Later in the day, and when wearing the headphones and listening to favorite music, why, they put on the tapping noise to be heard through the headphones with music playing. Ditto for aircraft noise, hot-rod muffler noise and a few others. It would seem that a "regular" perp noise series now being punched through while wearing EMF a device (headphones) while listening to music.

The Saturday freakshow at the laundromat again, this time heavy on male skinheads (three with a shiny bald pate). One tailed me to seemingly  "inspect" his laundry which "happened" to be next to the machine I selected to use. He rudely cuts between me and the washing machine before I had inserted any laundry, then does these mini-back-and-forths, stepping to depart and then reverses. I ask him what he is doing, then he says "sorry", and moves back to where he was. I look at his washing machine, and it is active with water sloshing around on the front glass window. Like WTF; he goes to his washing machine knowing he cannot do anything about it, long before it is finished, to "inspect" it. Totally bizarre IMHO, but nearly identical to what a negro did two weeks ago at the same laundromat.

Then tapping in the neighborhood while putting out the laundry to dry. Add on dog barking, HD motorcycle noise, and it was just another day of the arranged noisescape. Later, I attended to the weeds poking through the cracks in the doorstep, and then the noise really erupted. An aircraft flew in low on its approach to the airport, then a lawnmower, followed by HD motorcycle noise again, ... and so it goes. That I deal with plants (vines) all day long, the perps needed to replicate that activity at my own residence it would seem.

My latest CD fix has kept me housebound for the most part this weekend; along with ripping them into FLAC files. The perps like me to have back ups out of sync with the source directories, and adding to my music library will surely accomplish that. A Synology back up NAS would be nice, though I don't think I can afford it. If Windows had an intelligible back up management I wouldn't have to comtemplate another computer. I find it amazing that a commercial enterprise like Synology can make a significant business out of what Microsoft refuses to address, at least for this Win7 Home Premium OS.

Another fixation that is taking up more time, is the hair plucking. Now not only chest and neck hairs, but a new plucking "front" is my cheeks where hair started a few years ago. Most often then there is a black colored filamentous maser emanating from the just-plucked facial hair, that lifts off and parallels and follows the tweezers until I drop the hair into the sink. More often, the hair somehow sticks to my fingers or the tweezers so it can re-arrive in the proximity of the next plucking location, or else re-arrives via teleportation.

A likely related activity to above mentioned cheek hair plucking is the ongoing molar sensitivity, now into a third month. I saw the specialist and even had a CT scan, but no firm diagnosis. The sore tooth causes me to chew most of my food on my R side, which by "coincidence" is where the majority of the cheek hairs are, and of course, get plucked with accompanying maser beam.

Reading is another home-bound activity of late: I read about Charles Fort and his cataloging of the paranormal and extra-conventional events like raining of frogs or blood, and his thumbing his nose to the scientists of the day. He gives good cause to doubt everything in the historical human experience, including geology. Another read is Hugh Everett III, the man who developed the "many worlds" concept, which I suspect is a significant component of perp research. It relates to quantum theory, and its premise that it is a quantum world (not a classical physics world), and that there are multiple universes to reflect quantum interactions. Almost at the edge of my comprehension, but an interesting read that the perps put on for me, presumably to better understand their nonconsensual human research agenda.

Anyhow, time to send this to be posted for the week, even if I get an extra unpaid day off tomorrow.