Sunday, September 25, 2011

Useless Mission

 A week summary of the notes from the highlights, read, excessive abuses.

A Tuesday, as I tooke the Monday off due to a cold that came on, ostensibly recieved from the supervisor who came in dog sick on the prior Saturday. While at lunch, a equest for me to "help" the senior Punjabi to do some vehicle shuttling at the house of the farm owner. He, wearing his loathesome turrban, drives me on a useless mission to pick up someone and drop them off elsewhere - at their doctor's office as the person's son was under anesthetic. So WTF; why do they need me to be a passenger and experience the Turban's overcautious driving when one person could of done the job? No idea, except to replicate the route and the same vehicle that three of the Mexican workers take each day, as the farm owner rents rooms to three of the four remaining Mexicans. And too, to have my pack sitting on the concrete slab during lunch hour for some 25 minutes, as normally the perps don't interrupt lunchtime.

And what is with this sudden increase of pit lamping; that it to say, having vehicle headlights aimed at me. Three times at the inbound bus (to home, end of the work day) stop, vehicles pull into the mini-mall and park opposite, and then keep their headlights aimed at me sitting on the bench of the bus shelter. And of  course, huge volumes of vehicular traffic are passing by in both directions, the traffic passing in front of these headlights. I get up from the bench and stand 20' away, out of the direct beam, and this is when the only other waiting passenger circles me while on her cell phone, wearing a shirt under her black top that is the same color as the new scarf I was wearing.

At at about 1800h, only 12 on the #6 inbound bus, instead of 30 or more that is more common of late, but is entirely arranged IMHO.

Then when headed to the LD that evening, the "happening" dudes, three of them, almost block the stairwell with themselves and a bicycle and I pick my way through this weird scene. Only in this town would strange dudes, aka "dudestalk", block public egress. And of course the lollygagging yellowjackets, aka, "security", are absent of course. After I finish my gangstalked shopping at the LD store, and go to take the same stairwell back, why, they added an extra Fuckwit to string themselves across the entire stairwell. I reverse course, and take an alternate route back to my apartment, but the cycling-on-sidewalks gang was ready too, sending in two cycling Fuckwits to pass within 20 seconds of electing to take an alternate route. And when I get near my apartment, why, one of the stairwell blockers and his bicycle "happened" to be nearby. If this dudefest was so compelling as to block public egress, why is it he broke from the crowd and found me yet again, one block away.

On the farming front, the red everbearing strawberry picking was followed by a red potatoes run on the loading, washing, and packaging line. As usual, I get the job to pick out the dirt and the cull potatoes as they stream by. The perps do love to put me on conveyor work.

Then onto some roofing work on the farm market store, using a Paslode cordless/hoseless nailer. I gather these use some kind of fuel as well as an battery to run the electronics, but it packs quite a punch to deliver a 3" nail into the new rafters.

More pit-lamping even out in a leased farm field; why, a vehicle was in the pasture next door driving at the geese to shoo them off, and headlights pointed in my direction. Ditto at the farm site, plenty of turning vehicles with headlights on me, the crowning touch was two same size pickups, one black, one white, and side by side with headlights aimed at me just as I came into view through the building door. Talk about a stake-out, getting me with two vehicles at the perp-critical location of a building doorway. Then they played a plasmic image of the four lights as if it were retina burn while I was inside, having moved away from the doorway.

On the buses, home bound again, always offering more variety as to the Unfavored, read reaks. The red dressed again came out again; three Fuckits, one with red hat, one with red hoodie, and one with red shorts all at the same bus stop and two of the three sat nearby. Not random chance by any means.

Same deal as yesterday, just that it was in the morning instead of dusk onset time; pick everbearing strawberries for 30 min. and then work to wash red potatoes, being on the conveyor line picking out the dirt and bad spuds. A tonne of potatoes to pass by is the norm. And a backup of potatoes on the conveyor line that runs beneath the washed potatoes line above, "happening" next to where I stand. Funny how that happens, conveyor problems that erupt next to me.

The outbound bus at 0715h has a semi-regular crowd, and accordingly, a semi-freakish group that rotates enough to have me sit at the rear on the elevated platform, and occasionally, on the front low platform. It was in the former context that this semi-negro woman was on the bus for the first time, and she gets off in two stops and a tall male negro gets on, and sits hanging into the aisle when he should of been sitting next to the side, as there was no one next to him. In three more stops, another tall negro male sits opposite to me in the elevated upper section, legs spread wide as he can possibly make them. And he is dressed up as a construction worker, and I have never seen this type on a bus in over 30 years, until all this harassment started and re-jigged my reality. The spread legged pose is also a favorite perp pose they like males to adopt, especially when seated oppositely. Said threesome of negroes never returned for the rest of the week, so I can assume they were perp props and not attempting any kind of cover story. Recall that in 2009 this same negro populating stunt, three again, was pulled one time on the bus in the morning.

A half day devoted to the employment counsellor, and getting some legit funding to take a out-of-town course for three monthss. His conveyed the fund-keeper's remark that "not an absolute no" as to the likely outcome. Like WTF; a default "no" means that a kindly and rationalized "no" might be an alternative.

Rain in the early morning, but none when I went out.

None of the sunlight games through the venetian blinds in the office of the employment counsellor like last week, as it is  E. facing and an hour earlier, and with a thin cloud cover, the sun sat like an orb casting shadow into his office, and eventually I changed position to avoid the endless games that have transpired wherever I go, having the sun peek out from behind pillars and window stanchions, and other structures seems to be the biggest deal going for the perps. As if lunar eclipes weren't enough.

More potato washing on the conveyor at work; plenty of selected potatoes or dirt I am to take out gets pulled out of my hand for no conventional reason, the essential job requirement.

And I find that my work gloves were stolen on the way home, my pack "happened" to be open. I always close up my pack, and the assholes screwed me into forgetting or else opened the pack up by telekinetic means, and having the gloves disappear. It is always a classic perp move, to steal items for which I have spares.

And plenty of cycling me with differing gloves and footwear for farm work; having me wear gumboots for imminent potato washing and then, instead and at the last minute, send the crew (and me) to pick strawberries instead for the morning. Same for gloves; the perps like me to have the wrong pair on, or the right pair in my pocket instead of on my hands as the demands for the potato conveyor work were so "compelling". Needless to say, I often have a minor crowd around me whenever I change either.

The farmer's son's children were buzzing around on a racing ATV crossing my path on a two hour cleanup of the farm buildings, and the older blonde kid tailed me to the time clock for no seeming reason to hang around while I clocked out. As before, clocking in or out seems to draw a crowd most times, and the Turban finally quit this act as of a month ago.Now it is the kiddie's turn, even if he looked like sheepdog, as I have never seen his face yet for the 20x or so times I have met him.

Onto the First Feral Family house soon. Bedsheets got laundered, this morning, the erratic maintenance (or bad "luck") of the shared laundry equipment is such that I take the bedding to the 6th floor (where I reside) washing machine and pack it still damp to the 7th floor dryer. It used to be a single floor, the same one I live on, and then events were arranged for the entire load to be done on the 7th floor, and now, due to yet more equipment malfunctions, the washing is done on the 6th, and the drying on the 7th. I am sure they will arrange it sometime soon to be the opposite. A strange dude was sitting on the laundry room bench looking at his laptop, with no laundry activity when I went to see if the washing machine was availible. Five minutes later when I returned with my laundry, he was gone. The perps cannot pack enough of the Fuckwits around me while viewing their LCD screens it seems.

I slept most of the afternoon due to this cold I have, it seeming to get worse instead of better, which it had been over the week. So no FFF visit today, as I would typically make now that there is no farm work on Sundays.

So why is it that I get constantly screwed with over web access for jobs? Linked In mangles my resume with its parser, and then Third Quarter won't display my resume page to the web, even if web based. Bizzare, if not contrived.

And it seems my immune system is under perp study; the tetanus shot of last week, and this past week with a cold and me taking echinacea, Cold FX and vitamins C and D, at first with success and then when backing them off, the cold comes on strong again.

Monday, September 19, 2011

City Bus Swarming

An unplanned day off, this Monday, as I have acquired a doozer of a cold yesterday, and they wouldn't let me sleep much last night at the First Feral Family house. A double whammy. All to seemingly repeat the experiences/timing of the summer, where I take Mondays off at the FFF house. Since the job restart, it has been Sundays off.

I got plenty of errands done, and picking up my UPS package in person and paying at $85 duty hit for China made sheets and ski pants. I got slotted into this notion of having a pair of softshell pants that were both waterproof and windproof, and an somehow this morphed into ski pants. Like WTF; I already have a blue pair of Patagonias that I have rarely worn, and somehow "forgot" in this headlong planted notion of getting softshell pants. A $150 down the drain, just to piss me off.

And of course, the perps plant notions of future portent that I am going to a cold weather location, but that cannot be relied upon as I have safety toe boots that I "needed" and haven't worn for three years. (All the construction jobs just didn't materialize). And on it goes; kitchen utensils that I "had to have", and they sit unused for over two years. As part of this campaign of perp touted job/training change they are promoting as upcoming this winter, they have me searching for cots and collapsible furniture. A fold-up table has already been secured, a cot is next they say, and then a few chairs. All to move in one pass in my mother's Ford Escape which she has put on offer at least 5x in the past two months.

The city bus freakshow was another swamping this afternoon. The usual story; reverse commute from suburbia to downtown, often only 10 to 15 passengers, but over 40 today. Even the commuting buses in the opposite direction weren't as full. The final coup was to have a fugly negro woman board the bus at my penultimate stop. Quite the scene she was, and my collective reaction was no doubt of considerable interest to the myriad of Fuckwits around me (as human biosensors). Though, I have to admit, they cut down on the freaks (read, Unfavored- e.g. tattoos, turbans, strange headwear, red or other unnatural hair, vagrants, shiftless dudes, skinheads, large gutted persons, ponytail males, loudmouths and geriatrics). Why so many "people" (read Fuckwits) were on that bus defies logic. Though, they did put on one curly haired Fat Girl (two Unfavoreds in one person), one who works at a kitchen shop I frequented and screwed me around last year as to where to get a particular kind of teapot- totally wrong direction. Not to mention that she was putting on the gangstalk in various front, back, L. side and R. side poses, standing there dumbstruck.

Other excitement for the perps today seems to be incrementing the "red count"; surrounding me with slightly more red vehicles, red shirted males, and ensuring there are plenty of extraneous red reflections in my vision. Often they would put five to eight white vehicles in a cluster and then insert a red one in the centre or at the end. This morphed into later larger clusters of red vehicles, some side by side and running a red light together.

And big noise eruptions when I was sowing grass seed at the FFF house, as part of the re-leveling of the NW corner ankle breaking humps the FF Father left as unfinished landscaping for over 40 years. The perps cannot get enough noise and disruption when they have me sowing grass seed for whatever reason. When I got back from my errands my mother wanted to get grass seed from Home Depot which is a 3 minute drive away. But first we have coffe together, as in getting "brown calibrated". And lo, if she wasn't wearing a yellow sweater and tan brown pants. And lo, when traversing the parking lot, a male pops out of his parked vehicle and crosses our paths dressed exactly in the same colors, sprinting almost. It is the first time I have ever seen anyone sprint into Home Depot for crissakes.

Then when in Home Depot and getting the grass seed and dealing with my mother's delaying and batshit wacko tactics, why, a couple cruises by with an orange plastic shopping cart and the identical grass seed product in it. ( I was grasping the selected grass seed product, no hand or shopping basket). And lo, if the woman isn't also dressed in a yellow top and same brown color pants. And lo, if this woman doesn't come past for a second gangstalking by herself. Like WTF; why do I need to see this again, not even attractive.

And then it finally dawned on me; this is the day I skip the meds, one being yellow colored. So, yes, extra yellow colored gangstalking today, the Yellow Cab out in profusion and sitting around doing nothing. And too, DHL's loud yellow trucks were pre-positioned at two of my errand stops, seeming to do nothing as well.

Yesterday's (Sunday) afternoon city bus trip to  suburbia was also fraught. A standing room situation on the #27, so I hung back to get the #28 and put up with the 10 minute walk instead of the 4 minute walk after getting off. I still got five loud and raucous dudes at the back, who got off altogether two stops later thankfully, as they were making out they were drunk. Later on the bus trip, this ponytail dude sits down opposite with his skateboard, the perp's favorite street accouterment after bicycles. After a few minutes he then directs me to press the "next stop" notification button/bell for him. I point to the fact that there is a button just beside him on the pole, and he presses it. Like WTF; why am I suddenly some dumbshit's chosen bell-ringing servant? The Fuckwit wasn't even pretending to be friendly or communicative in the first place, and wasn't the least bit apologetic or contrite, he just carries on looking at the floor. Then he gets up, and stands in the rear exit, and instead of waiting for the doors to open, facing them, he backs up to the panel that separates me and the rear exit. Like WTF; this is where the rear door retracts, and he is in the way, and is backing up to me for no seeming reason. (Maybe to show off his ponytail, something I have come to learn that I loathe on males). He finally figures this out as the door opens and gets out two stops ahead of me. Why do these wacko Fuckwits on the city bus visit their crap on me? And why wasn't I allowed to ream this Fuckwit out for being a total dick, assuming I was his lackey? Contained and constrained in high strangeness, especially the behavior of others.

Getting to be 2145h, and bedtime for this 0530h get-up farmworker to do all his body shaving and prepare for the day ahead. Posting now, while listening to Lola Beltran, Mexicanisim. Fantastic, and it only took me three years to execute on my interest in this performer. Not bad in perp-constraint time.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wrap for the Last Two Weeks

 A serious round of demotivation for the past two weeks, combined with re-starting farm work Sept. 09, 2011 to crimp my evening time to a minimum. This is a scattered summary of events for the last two weeks, as there is always constant perp abuses, stunts, affronts and other staged harassment that are too numerous to mention in detail.

The red, orange, and yellow color games continue, with the perps fucking me out of my prescription, the first time ever I have had one lost. It was in my wallet and somehow "disappeared". I never lose items from my wallet, but it "happened" in order to mess around with the yellow colored pills, a continuing perp fascination and jerkaround scene.

I found out at the pharmacy that I lost my Rx, and the pharmacy tech said for me to get a Rx request from my doctor to fax the pharmacy. It was a Thursday, and I phoned in a message to the doctor. No reply on the Friday when I got back from work. So.., I now "recalled" that there is a provision for an emergency supply where the pharmacist can prescribe a 5 day supply, and I phoned in for that and they were OK with it and I picked it up after a 20 delay in the store because they said they suddenly got swamped. Needless to say my gangstalkers were out, the same ones hounding me in all corners of the store with their unerring ability to find me. Both medications came in the same size blue carbonate plastic bottles,a departure for the yellow colored ones as they normally come in a larger white polyethyelene bottle. No doubt this was the entire jerkaround was all about.

I phone again the doctor's office to leave a message for the third time, and on the Monday I get a message saying that I need to ask the pharmacist to make a request to the doctor. Like WTF, the fucking pharmacy could of told me this too, and somehow they "forgot" and got it totally backwards, sending me to get my doctor to initiate the request. This is at least the second time the pharmacy has jerked me around in the same manner. And so, by Tuesday I get the Rx in full again, and finished up the emergency supply the day after a Wednesday. And have I mentioned the perp's fascination with certain colors and the jerkarounds I get, especially with respect to the color of medications and the bottle they are in? Many times, and this little fuckover stunt, initiated by the prescription loss and the pharmacy neglecting to tell me that they can prescribe a 5 day emergency supply and it is THEY who initiate a prescription request by fax is part of the continuing game of getting service that is often flat wrong, or at best, negligent in their duties. All to piss around with Rx bottles, their colors, their plastic formulation an bottle size. This, after nine years of this insane reign abuse that began 04-2002.

I have been working late most of the past week, to 1830h or 1900h, then a 20 min. walk to the bus stop, and lo, if there isn't some 5 to 10 Fuckwits collected at the bus stop, and then many more enroute, to stuff the bus to near capacity. We are talking about reverse commute here, 7:00pm, mid-week and downtown bound no less. An expectable number of  bus travellers on the #6 route on a weekday at this time is some 5 to 12 passengers, but twice or three times that many has suddenly erupted, save for one day.

And of course if they are going to swamp me with gangstalking Fuckwits on the bus, then they are also going to swamp me with freaks. And so they did; I had six tattoo-ed (read, Unfavored) Fuckwits arranged around me on one homebound city bus trip, though for the most part they have a mixture of Unfavoreds; dudes in baggy shorts (even if much cooler temperatures now), male skinheads, red hair including a woman who dyed her hair to be one tone brighter orange/red than the normal natural color, vagrants, fat folk, curly haired, headscarf wearing types, negroes and a few others that don't come to mind as I type this up.

Last Saturday one of the Mexican farm workers came to my apartment to try get his laptop converted to Spanish, even though he speaks and reads English. That and some PC maintenance was good for some three hours of together time, both laptop and this PC in close proximity and of course, the LCD screens and whatever color response games the perps get out of it. And too, concluding at 1330h with no lunch, in keepiong with the games the perps like to do, putting on  major jerkaround stunts just before mealtime, and of course, prolonging meal time. And as it "happened", I was getting my bedsheets laundered while the Mexican guy was here, and lo, if the washing machine didn't malfunction and the spin cycle failed. So... while he was here, I made extra trips to the dryer to rescue my laundry, putting in on an extra dryer cycle and hang drying the towels in my apartment as they were too wet. And today, it was launder said bedsheets and towels on the sixth floor and take them to the seventh floor dryer to get them done in a single hour long cycle. And at no time does the apartment manager put a notice on the laundry equipment to say "out of order', or that it is fixed. One has to pay money to find out if it runs or not.

Last week, a stunt at the farm job to create a situation to have a tetanus shot. There are bent nails welded onto this modified dolly to hold gunnysacks open to drop just-harvested corn in them. And well aware of how the perps will exploit anything, especially if in novel circumstances, they gave me a puncture wound in my right forearm when it was at least 4" from this bent nail. So... I attend to a bleeding wound in the field with a bandaid I have in my pack, (been there for about five years as they once pulled a bleeding would on a trail hike) and carry on. The farmer didn't give a shit, the farmer's son wanted me to declare it as a home injury, and so when I got to the local clinic, why, it was just closing at 1900h. So... I go there the next morning and get a tetanus shot from the doctor, who didn't ask where it happened. I step outside and the first thing I see is a mobile teool sharpening vehicle outside the doctor's office. I have remarked on past (arranged) coincidences of cut foods delivery trucks when I have been cutting daffodil flowers, so I can only assume the tool sharpening truck was parked there for reasons related to steel metal contact (tetanus injection needle) in my arm. And lo, if I don't mention this to the farmer's son who tells me he keeps up on his tetanus shots and gets them every ten year, as recommended. And of course there were extra Fuckwits on the city bus afterwards, public transport being nothing but a mobile gangstalking platform.

A breakdown on the potato washing conveyor again; same as yesterday. And the same alternate work, pick strawberries from the everbearing patch. And like the day before, the farmer's son comes after some 20 minutes or so, to have me and one english speaking Mexican to go to the Haunted House display (for Halloween) to clean it up from dust and debris. And as it really in a barn, with plywood walls, there aren't many power outlets to run the vacuum cleaner and needed lighting to see what we are doing. To mitigate these adversities, I made many trips outside to get a trouble lamp, then the lightbulb blew by itself, the bulb falling from it socket, so that necessitated another trip to find lightbulbs, as did getting needed extension cords. Then more messing around to find the lighting on the electrical panel, and so it went, but we did get to some vacuum cleaning of the dusty displays.

And what do the perps do if they need me to have a mid-day exposure to the sight of a motorcycle? Why, they have a biker arrive on his Harley and park it outside the warehouse door for me to see from the inside. The biker also made some gangstlalking pass-bys for no seeming reason. Not to mention the trail bike stunts the farmer's son puts on a few times each day, though to be fair he is a trail bike racer from long ago. I have no idea why the perps constantly hound me with motorcycle noise and also make a point of having parked ones as props. They have been very consistent in doing this for the past 9 years or so, with this past summer being especially busy for this particular stunt and noise game.

 Another big deal it seems for the perps is to have me harvest pumpkins and squash with my secateurs, (hand pruners) while the others twist them off. Though one Mexican uses a dull machete. This seems to be part of the continuing game of the perps to compare knife or steel edge cut produce/plant material from other means. And I assume, is also part of their obsession with having me prune plants, another long running theme.

 I am going to wrap this up and post it, as I don't expect that I will have much time for the remainder of the day. If I don't, it will likely be another week before a posting is completed, given the continuance of the above demotivated spell and minimal evening time.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Rx Missing

The first day of back-to-work was eventful; three conveyor line tasks over the day, this was washing potatoes. Part of it is to remove the culls, dirt sods, rocks and other debris (golf balls) as it passes along at too great of a rate to do a thorough job. So they end up with at least six staff to pick it all out, and to date, I haven't been on the lastmost crew who shouldn't be letting anything past them as the next stage is packaging them.

Tonight, I find that my Rx was missing from my wallet, the one place I can rely on to find vital papers, and "somehow" it went missing from there. And the Rx tech "needed" to go elsewhere for a minute while I was looking in my wallet, in keeping with more of the gangstalkers scuttling off and then coming back.

Another example of this was the cashier at the next stop, the local supermarket, attending to a customer ahead, and lo, if she didn't have to depart her station for a few minutes to hold me me up and retrieve two red bottles of something. These entrances and exits are getting more common now, and the perps seem to need someone to vacate my proximity for a time and then return.

Ditto for the farm workers today, going for extra long excursions to get an empty carrier and then return nearby. Where they went I have no idea, as there are some barriers to seeing them as to where they might be going.

Another rundown "attempt" today, with me proceeding on the Walk signal and the woman driver called me an asshole for whatever reason. Just more of the usual insanity snippets that goes on around me and to me. I say "attempt" as I don't really know what the intent was, but creating disagreements over the smallest of details suits the perp agenda just fine.

A hot September day, and it seems there is going to be a string of this weather after a very iffy summer until August. Yes, I suspect the perps are manipulating the weather to aid in my harassment, though I cannot say what each weather type offers. Though in the case of clouds, they do like to expose me to various shades of grey, even dark grey, but also to sky blue.

Other work shenanigans was to spray the vehicle with water before the driver set off to drop me off at the bus stop. And of course he "forgot" about my pack in the back of the pickup box, so guess what? My pack had plenty of water on it and somehow the water impervious coating on the inside "failed" and the black item inside was wet. This was the duffle bag I took to work this morning with my rain gear and two pairs of boots, and empty packs and suit cases are prime gangstalking moments. I believe I have noted the perp's "need" to have me in just-wetted vehicles, also fitting the weather game some days.

Other gangstalking BS today was to have a mother-daughter pair at the checkout, the daughter was behind me and the mother came to sit in her walker at the end of the checkout, sandwiching me between them. As always, the perps put on no end of inanity each time I financially transact with anyone by any method. That was one of their first moves, planting these dudes around me at checkouts who weren't doing any shopping and always had their back to me. How they arrived so fast was also odd, but this variation on check-out gangstalking didn't last past 2002 thankfully.

But the dudes in their baggy shorts below the knees were out in force tonight, and even the women were getting into emulating this sloppy look. I have no idea as to why the perps are so fucking insane over presenting me with gangstalkers wearing shorts, and they have turned up the stupid level in the past month or so.

Enough of blogging; I am very tired tonight and need to get to bed earlier.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Back to Farm Work -unexpectedly

I am returning to farm work tomorrow, Sept. 08, 2011; I got a call from them when I thought I was laid off for the year. So... I need to boost my hours for the year should I need unemployment benefits. And it does seemt that the almost four week layoff was all about having me sift soil under partial tree cover in the backyard of the First Feral Family house, as it took at least 7 days to get it done and the surface re-graded so people can walk on it instead of this rough corner that was left undone compared to everywhere else on the property. That was preceded by filling in the hole at the waterline entry from the street in the frontyard after it was repaired with 2' of PEX (plastic pipe) line after the backhoe operator somehow crimped the original copper line even if he was told where it was. But given the perp's shenanigans over testing me, and the abetting family members of course, as to where my water comes from and what faucet, source and pipe, I am not too surprised that this "fuck up" wasn't predestined. As in scripted to continue water supply testing games. Back in 1998 I owned a small acreage and ended up replacing 600' the 2" water line as it was leaking, using PVC pipe from the meter box. This water was applied to the kiwi acre as well, as well as the alstromerias in the greenhouse. And here we are, over 13 years later, and all their previous covert work of 45 years then, still pissing around as to where I get my water from; geographic  source, bottle type/size, line, filtration devices if any, tea kettle, teapot, drinking vessel and of course any colors of said delivery means. That job cost me nearly $5,000 in excavation costs which I had to cover as the now-ex was broke.

Prior to the front yard hole filling job, I sifted at least two cubic yards of compost. The above re-grade of the lot corner was about four cubic yards of material that had to be sifted as well. It all got done yesterday, save the disposition of the screenings. The perps like to have me spread sifted soil about, as it passing through the metal mesh seems to be an important marker/interaction for them. That, and having me regrind the edge of the shovel each morning, a new "need" that arose in the last week. And lo, if it wasn't expedited by the in-town brother not wanting to take his grinder back some weeks ago.

And so I figured a day off in this sunny and very warm September was overdue, and so off to the lake again for the final outside suntanning session of the year. No doubt the UV and vitamin D exposure games will continue next year, and maybe they will start them earlier than August. It is all very mysterious as to what they are after, but they have been very consistent about it going back to 2003 and 2004 when they put me through a similar process. As usual, the low flying aircraft came to visit at the lake, both fixed wing and rotar wing, and so it goes. I get low flying aircraft, 400' or so, wherever I go now, as this component of the harassment seems to be stepped up.

Hopefully one can detect the commonality between the mostly backyard soil slinging jobs under partial tree cover at the FFF house and the lake visits for suntanning. In the latter case I walk for 25 minutes of treed trail in a park before getting to this particular lake to join the skyclad community. Hopefully the last visit of the year, and hopefully a more engaging crowd than I have experienced to date. Keeping me isolated and out of social contact is all part of the deal.

And finally the cognitive fog was lifted and I was allowed to get my resume together and then send it to a   forestry seed orchard operation. I am trained in forestry and with my background I reckon I should at least get an interview. And how many times have I been wrong about that one? Too many to count, and besides, I cannot see the perps allowing me to have a full time job when they have been working me over with casual labor jobs for the past four years. Having a steady employer and a full time job strikes me as too much certainty and not enough geographic relocation/disruption at this stage of the game. Not forgetting too that they haven't allowed me to have a job interview since 2002, as the farm jobs have always been en masse intakes or an offer without even a telephone interview. And for some things, job interviews being one, the perps seem to want to put me through this process in incremental pieces until they deem me ready to have a real one for an hour or so.

Onto farm work and to post this blogging.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Digging and Filling Holes

A day of digging at the First Feral Family house today, backyard digging and soil sieving to remove this ridiculous 2' high lawn hump my perp-abetting parents managed to create. Then in the front yard, below the bedroom I inhabit once per week, another source of soil perturbance activity. This is where the lower bedroom had moisture that lifted the parquet flooring, and there seemed to be a perimeter drain problem. So a hole was dug some 4' down to expose the perimeter drain, and in the course of doing so, and with full knowledge of it being there, the excavator operator managed to snag the copper water supply line and crimp it. And so the perimeter drain guy fixed it by cutting out the copper and inserting 2' of PEX (plastic) line.

Regular readers will know that the perps are totally rabid about where I get my water from, be it in the form of drinks, or in the form of purchased food and beverage products. And too, the perps like to have me exposed to various water sources (e.g. well, city system, bottled water), and irrigation methods, (e.g. PVC line, polyethylene line, drip lines, and any other means of supplying water to plants or to fields) and of course being in the water, (e.g. rain, showers, bathing and swimming). That I was in a master swim club for 14 years in two cities wasn't any fluke, but whatever the perps were looking for in the way of modelling water on skin intake/interaction wasn't accomplished then, and since they went beserk/overt on me in 04-2002, they have mostly kept me from swimming. And so the water supply games continues with the FFF house now getting a PEX insert into the house supply instead of a copper line. Regular readers will recall that the perps changed up the piped water supply to the laundry washing machine and the adjacent sink, the plumbers inserting some kind of plastic line, though I cannot recall which kind it is.

And of course, the above "happens" at the same time I am digging up the landscaped hump in the backyard, so there are two soil pits in effect, and I was cycled between the two as my perp-abetting mother got fussed about having the 4' open hole at the front of the house. And the roto-rooter guy who was investigating the front yard perimeter drain problem, informed me that he wouldn't be filling in the hole even if he did say as much three days ago. So... as I "happened" to be there, I was redeployed from the backyard to the frontyard to fill in the hole the excavator made five days ago.

A 45 min. phone call with the in-town brother about this and that, and he won't sell me his 1991 silver-grey Nissan King Cab with less than 100k miles on it. He has a white trades van he uses for his garage sale activities, and it seems most odd he needs two vehicles for one person. Even his sort-of girlfriend who lives in the downstairs room agrees with me and was rather annoyed with him that he won't loan or give me the vehicle. As I know my in-town brother to be thrifty with his money, I wasn't expecting he would give me the vehicle, though his girlfriend thought I should.

And what could be the reason for such a lengthy phone call at this time of day? Well, as it "happens", I have the LED desk lights on, the onese next to this display screen, and normally I don't have these lights on and am made to suffer in the dim conditions. Exciting moments in perp-land.

Other nonsense that went down today was the second parcel from the single order arrived at UPS, one day after the first one. So... out there again to pick it up, but lo, if they didn't jame up the parking like yesterday, and I got to park outside Customer Service and too, not have the gauntlet of shiftless males loitering around. Today's parcel was a roll-up (camping) aluminum table, something the perps insisted that I needed for moving away this December to take a viticulture course in Penticton. Well, if that it the case, why have I suddenly stopped and not purchased folding chairs and a collapsable cot? Funny how they have me cranked for one scenario and then allow me to purchase something odd, and back off on other complementary items. Driving me with a foot on each of the accelerator and the brake at the same time is what it seems from here, deep in the FUD-state, comparable to the police state.

Time to get his posted for the day and ponder what bizarre nonsense that will go down tomorrow, the start of the Labor Day weekend here, same as that of the USA.

[Addendum, 09-03-201]
Of interest to the above digging was that the perps had me sharpen the shovel with a motorized grinder for the first time. Past perp machinations over what I use and how I sharpen tools are many, so it was interesting to note that they had me use this grinder for the first time, and also use the same sharpened shovel in the backyard (with a week or more of prior digging) and then in the frontyard for a first time filling of the excavator dug pit. On with the show, and who knows when it will end, or to what microscopic (or smaller) levels of resolution it goes to.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Pounding Music Noise

A pounding bas heavy randomized music noise is coming in from upstairs, and the perps have done this all day in recent weeks. Its my lucky day today, getting this noise attention as well as the gangstalker freakshow. The big deal seems to be that I used my mother's Ford Escape to go to the UPS parcel depot and get my parcel, even if having to park 100 yards away as all the parking was somehow taken up by UPS vehicles. This followed on the same trip as taking plastic garbage bags full of garden waste to the municipal dump where they make compost out of it. Some 8 bags of garden waste were unloaded with all the bags retained and taken with me for the UPS leg and then back to the First Feral Family house. Not forgetting that the UPS parcel contained clothes wrapped up in clear polyethylene plastic.

And one customer ahead of me in the UPS office and as it "happened" he had a damaged parcel so he was instructed to open it up while I was being attended to. He pulls out plastic bubble wrap and looks this 5' long parcel over while I proffered my plastic debit card to pay for the duty and brokerage fees. When I get outside, some men were hanging around the UPS trucks for no seeming reason, and the more senior one says "hello" to me, and I politely respond in kind. Like WTF; he didn't have a UPS uniform on or anything to associate himself with the organization so who was he anyways and why didn't he make a move to get out of my way, rather than forcing me to go around him at this constriction point? Don't know, but I suspect the perps do their odd piece of polite greeting as I have had a few before. Normally I get "surly service" if I get any at all.

I get back to my perp-abetting mother's place and she wants to go out right away, so only one garment of four was unpacked from the parcel, the box remaining open. The perps often like to jerk me around and have their agents delay the most pedantic activities. So... I drive her to the optometrist to get her new glasses, plastic lenses of course. Then to the grocery store where more herds of Fuckwits dawdled in front of me, putting on the oblivious act each time. And another stop at her bank and back to the FFF house where I was to start the gardening activity. But as it "happened", she wanted an early lunch and so it was. Then she was to leave at 1300h and instead of starting the intended digging I decided to get a ride with her to the bus stop as I was packing a duffel bag full of the just-delivered clothes and my raingear which had been left at her place for the last three weeks.

And what a city bus freakshow it was; barely enough seats when I got on two stops from its suburban terminus, and then in short order it was standing room only. I had to keep my duffel bag in my lap, most of the contents being the once plastic wrapped new clothes. This total overpopulation of Fuckwits on the public transportation seemed to be all about the BIG EVENT of having new, plus a few old, clothes in this black duffel bag. To go out on a limb, the clothes had the energetics of the plastic wrapping and the cardboard box that they were shipped in and the perps wanted to test me with the Freaks and Fuckwits in all their finery, some dressed in beige longcoats for crissakes. An overcast day until the late rain today, around 1700h.

I agreed to help out a farmworker colleague to do minor repairs on her vehicle in the afternoon, and she came an hour earlier, so no afternoon tea and chocolate, something the perps would ordinarily have me eat for a full-out public gangstalking. I took my tools with me when she arrived, and she drove across town to the automotive store, and did the repairs in the parking lot. I had asked her by email as to where we would be doing the car fixing and she did not reply to that question. At least two other parties also "happened" to be doing the same nearby, so I helped her out. It was the tailight with the red translucent tape on it to keep it together, one liter of oil added,  and cutting a replacement plastic mirror with my brand-new Fiskar titanium scissors. I reckon this latter task was a BIG EVENT too, more plastic handling games and with new scissors that had been unused for some six weeks in my apartment. And to have me do this at the other side of town as well. Regular readers and many TI's know that the perps go beserk when I am cutting objects, especially if using a new knife or scissors.

She also drove me to a cafe on the way back, and lapsed into her state of staring at me with a loopy smirk, something she does on occasion. That and the head flicking, and so I called it off earlier that originally intended, and by then a summer rain squall had set in, and so she drives me back without the wipers being put on, and the windshield getting more and more water beaded. Let it be said that there is no romantic interest on my part and if she wasn't so pestilent I wouldn't see her at all. That she plays ball with the perps hasn't gone unnoticed, and that she has worked at the same places I did last year and this year (farm laboring) has also heightened my suspicions. The perps keep promoting that she is really someone else in morph-over and I say so what? It is just another jerk gaming me, and she also "happens" to be grossly overweight, unattractive and a devious twit. I don't need anymore hassle from the so-called romantic side.

The pounding music noise has abated thankfully, used for "warm up" or "welcome home" greetings only. And tea-time with chocolate had the motorcycle noises from outside, though I wasn't convinced it was an actual motorcycle, just a noise only perturbation. Strange noises from unconventional sources is nothing new to me; my towels squeak when at my face, my blue jeans make whiffling noises like corduroy, and most everything I handle, especially crockery, makes extra noise even if the object is still or removed from the location it was, the noise continuing while the object is held in mid-air.

More pointless seeming shopping online, just looking though. The perps are decidedly wanting me to be familiar with cold weather gear, and in my last order they had me get a cold weather jacket and gloves. Sometimes these premonitionary purchases work out to be exactly what is needed for the next stage of harassment, other times, these purchases are nothing but an sorry reminder. The perps had me all cranked up to buy kitchen items last year, stainless steel measuring cups, spoon measuring set, a spatula, and two sieves. Only two items of the five have been used, and this seeming push to have me do more food preparation and change up my dull diet has amounted to nothing. An exercise in futility, something that the perps like to put me through as if plain life rape and constant vexation isn't enough.

This one is done for today; I would be interested to compare notes with other TI's as to the perp's rabid agenda over using scissors and knives, or anything else that they obsess over.