Saturday, January 30, 2010

Playing With Weather + 01-031-2010 Update

To get out of the 1000h morning get ups of the past three days, I set the alarm last night after turning on the clock again. No synchronous clicking between it and "ambient clicking" thankfully, or overloud faucet dripping noise from outside the apartment this time. But they did wake me up at least twice in the night for no seeming reason and I had to vocalize my annoyance at least once. It may come down to them doing this more often to get a voiceprint for every minute of the normal nightime sleeping period, building a series over many months. And, if they haven't already done that, another round with my voice changed, something they do routinely, even within some 10 seconds or less.

Plenty more PC hangs and freezes this morning, which does seem to be a run up for taking the PC apart and testing the hard drive. Past blog postings have noted the perp's need to go back into the PC after some three months of the last build, and I wouldn't be surprised if this was going to be another upcoming event.

Still the quest goes on as to loading Linux on this PC; the old hard drive will accept partitioning from Partition Magic but the new one with 500Gb of storage won't. I looked in the Event log and there was a reference to corrupted data blocks. The MS event logs are not entirely intelligible as to what is exactly going on, and why events keep repeating.

Steady rain today, just when I was hoping to make a 20 minute walk to sort out the kitchenware hassles as well as get cuphooks to hang them from. The sickos know I won't be able to get this done tomorrow, and late Monday will be the earliest if it isn't today. Funny how that happens; a half day delay spawns a two day delay. The weather is a significant component of the perps' methods, and based on past coordination of highly unlikely coincidences with my activities, I stick with my assertion that it is manipulated at least on a local basis. The site, Etheric Rain Engineering even permits one to purchase their services, though I don't think they get much of a call for whatever reason given the droughts in Australia.

More disruption games; just when I want to dig down into some Oracle study, relentless images of snakes and snake mouths comes to mind. Surely planted there of course, as there is no association I can make between this disparate topics. And this is what it comes to, not even being allowed to read or study, never mind later sabotage with cognitive dithering where one suddenly finds them in a "what did I just read" situation.

After last night's pissing match with attempting to put on a movie disk on the PC, I did get Windows Media to come up, all ready for me to insert the DVD disc. Funny how they want me to walk the ground they denied me before, but as I was so fed up I did not put the movie on.

Another round of screaming at the sickos when they pulled the DVD drive drawer in before the disc was inserted, causing to jam on the disc. As I was about to place the disc the drawer moved by itself when ordinarily it would of stayed in position and only responded to the button being depressed or pushed in by me. That is the way they work, and ditto for this one the entire time, save twice yesterday. And "somehow" I forgot this fuckery might occur and got sucked into it again. I don't forget any of their Fuckover stunts, and had a suitable defensive armoury of preventing getting jerked with, but all that has been comprimised and removed from my  cognitive repetoire. The Linux boot install shenanigans still continue, as the aforementioned aborted DVD loading caused the boot sequence to be misssed. All day to load O/S software; about right for saboteurs.

A sort-of game for the last few days has been attempting to load Linux on this here PC, and just when I expected it to occur, the disc of files in the DVD player before starting up, why, it never happened. This PC booted straight into Windows again. Something to reset or modify in the BIOS, the device order listing. So... another round then, starting up the PC and intervening during boot-up, always prone to be messed with due to its time-limited availlability.

Another round of screaming at the assholes who sabotaged my attempt to watch a movie; we did this last night, but not with the same displays. Just another Fuckover vexation. I am allowed Youtube though; here I have a freaking Blu-ray player and a Blu-ray movie on hand, and the assholes are only permitting  slow and progressive functional use.

Now more inadvertent breaks in Youtube; I am done before I tear this place apart.

No, it didn't happen, and after dealing with more PC hangs and obstructions this morning, I am now allowed to see some of the pattern. In usual perps form, there is more than one thing going on but with commonality. It is all about the Plextor Blu-ray DVD player; attempting to play both movies and load Linux from a fresh-minted DVD, aka, swapping between one vexation or another. And I am sure the quest to get to the bottom of the current Lightscribe, (DVD labelling with the same laser in the DVD drive), dysfunctionality is also part of this entire panalopy of DVD vexation.

On the Linux DVD side I fixed the BIOS to have it look at the DVD player before the hard drive and still the PC booted from the hard drive. Before that, on the second attempt, Partition Magic was permitted to create a partition on the old (second) hard drive, but not on the new one with over five hundred Gb of space; I had to "settle for" 40 Gb on the secondary hard drive. Which ups the oddity factor; why did Partition Magic fail to create a partition on the new 640Gb hard drive and not on the older smaller one? The BIOS change was aided by looking in the Asus manual, and I made sure my BIOS change was tested twice before I attempted the Linux boot disk/install attempt, but to no avail. That was bad enough that I cannot take the first step in getting serious about an Oracle install, so I can study, but then there was more on the movie disc playing attempts this morning and last night.

The fuckers hung the PC on attempting to play a movie via PowerDVD last night, and even tagged the screen with a tool bar that was persitent through other applications like Firefox and could not be deleted until a Windows one finger re-boot. End of that, so on with Windows Media Player, and after one round of getting fucked into "thinking" it was just a music player, why, I am allowed to know that it can play movies too. (Which I suspected, but wasn't allowed to find out the specifics). With this new found "knowledge" the appropriate box/icon was found, (or more likely, was displayed for the first time as I am new to the WMP application), and I find the movies section, and then attempt to play a movie. Should be easy right... I insert a DVD and nothing happens, the drive doesn't even spin up and Windows Media Player pretends there is nothing in the drive. Get this; the Windows movie player application is open, and when a movie is put in the only DVD drive, nothing happens. The most  likely source location for movies in the entire PC, the DVD drive, is totally ignored and doesn't register with the freaking media player, Windows of course.

How many DVD sabotage related games are in play so far, the last week say?

-boot up attempts from wrong file type, an iso instead of its contents,
-above Lightscribe dysfunctions, cognitive sabotage to become highly vexed as to why it wasn't accessible,
-BIOS update, incorrect Boot order specification,
-at least six boot attempts to get the Linux CD bootable and Linux installed,
-PowerDVD powered out into a total hang, even with a DVD added while it was fully displayed,
-Windows Media Player did the same thing last night, but "progressed" toward expectable "normality this morning but still refused to recognize the movie DVD in the DVD drive,
-update the Plextor Utilities software,
-update the Plextor firm ware,
-update the Lightscribe sofware,
-then as of (1447h) explaining my DVD player travails to my mother,
-countless web searches to find the "problem" elsewhere, but it seems Plextor drives are too good for that rap,
-and a few more that I haven't detailed in this too-long running pissing match.

Needless to say, along with other prior system hangs, and Windows Medial Player hanging when I wanted to add the DVD player into the "library", I am totally enraged. Then the next time I attempt a "library" addition, to add the DVD player, it is looking for folders, not drives. This is fucking insane that I am not allowed to use a DVD drive in my own PC in the benign ways that anyone else would. That the fuckers have largely kept me off the DVD drive for the past five years has nothing to do with it; just leave it and me the fuck alone and let me use my own gear as I want. Even the simple freedom of being allowed to operate a DVD drive in the (sort of) comfort of one's own home is not allowed in this Fuckover World. This is a major escalation in sabotage of my functional environment

Now the quandry; take out the freaking PC and get someone else to install it/"fix it", or dick around for another rage show. Or, to go down the predictable path of "finding", weg surfing, that the drive has some kind of "problem" with its firmware and can be updated. It is predictable as it is relentless; insane and beserk intrusion and obstruction down to the smallest level of my functional existence, and all the better for the deranged party to render me into a screaming fit. No neighbor complaints in nearly three years at this apartment, so this must be the First Torture Pit for delivering on whatever the sickos have in their depraved minds.

And I see my regular Sunday visit with the First Feral Family won't be on today, as my phone "happened" to be dead when the coordinating telephone calls are made. But as I had a message, and I have been here all day so far, not even going out for laundry, then how did the message get created? No matter the technical strangeness, it was a very convenient time for it to erupt. And now, the freaking phone is working fine, but the intercom is still on the fritz and the reason why I phoned in a maintenance call, the online support people emailing me to make a call for crissakes. Which will doubtless result in the total dismantling of my desk cum bookcase as all of it was slid against the wall where the telephone wires come out to make some 16" of space to add a bookcase on end. And as I write this up, the overhead thumping and clunking has started up, giving the name "thumper moments". The long standing event of coincident motorcycle noise, the most loathed sound of the all, has been accorded the name of "motorcycle moments" as another example of simultaneous arranged noise with events, even while jamming smell up my nose as I write this now.

On the putz games front, I updated my Plex Utilities, the supposed support software that came with the DVD drive. Ditto for its firmware, that updates the drive directly, outside of the Window world. Maybe this will magically update all above hassles, spreading pixie dust to make them work.

Another post-tea time rage show in attempting to get a Blu-ray movie disc to play in the DVD reader; in its place, Power DVD popped up, and when I didn't want to register it went away. Windows Media Player eventually "responded" by going into a black page and there it hung. Attempts to get anything else to run, even Task Manager failed, so yet another one-finger salute, aka, depressing the stop switch. A three finger salute are the control-alt-delete threesome that gets a warm boot.

I will be off to the First Feral Family home tonight, and hopefully the bus service won't be as bad as assholes have been over this DVD drive. And too, I get to contemplate the ignominious fate of taking the PC to a shop somewhere and having them install Oracle Linux. Pathetic as doing the same over the memory update last year, but that is how it goes. Even turning a screwdriver is fraught with peril.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Kitchenware Ordering Follies

The hit and miss of online ordering now extends into kitchenware; yesterday's parcel was unwrapped and the five items duly cleaned. The essential items were the two pot lids, ones that fit the two pots I bought new in spring 2009, and really haven't put to use, save the saucepan twice. And all was well; the pot lids do look nice, glass with a metal handle, and fit the 8" and 10.375" (26 cm) like they were originals. I only mention this as yet another facet on the perps' long term plans; having me get two copper bottomed pots on sale in spring 2009 with a nice discount, to make it $24 each before sales taxes. But no lids though, even for the saucepan, which is absurd, but that was the best model there if I didn't get into the multi-hundred dollar sets. I have yet to understand why I even bought them as my cooking abitions were minimal then, and still are. But it does go to show the amount of planning they do, as in having me get lids for them some 8 months later. No doubt another 8 months will pass by before I attempt some consistent use with them.

I ended up adding three items to the order to make it over the free shipping threshold, and that is where the sillyness began. An oversized barbeque spatula in stainless steel has a blade that is the same length as the frypan's diameter. And the handle is one and a half scale, which puts the food at some distance from one's hand when using it as I found today. The 7" skimmer is huge compared to what I was expecting, and the 6" mesh strainer is one of those "what was this for" items. The latter two a much bigger than what I expected, and in all likelihood, even with reviewing the stated dimensions with a tape measure in hand, I come away wondering if these kitchenware items weren't for giants. I have noticed in the past that the perps like to play games with scale, arranging small vehicles leading a cluster of gangstalking vehicles, and then slowly building up to monster pickup size. So I see this kitchenware utensil order as yet another example of the ongoing abusive insanity that I am subject to, albeit much moderated and less injurious. The major jerkaround is financial; if these items piss me off enough I will toss them and search for something much more like what I was looking for in the first place.

The third day in succession of get-up times after 1000h this morning, as it pisses me off that my morning is essentially shot before I get up. I haven't been using the alarm clock due to its noise and the coordination of other nightime (manufactured) noise with the clock noise. Which is their way of saying for me to use the clock again. I suppose that will have to be. I noticed that my mother rested her arm over where the clock was two days ago when she ended up here because the intercom isn't working.

The enforced low light levels have already begun; the dinge as I call it, making this apartment extra dark in the afternoon. It started at 1450h and was apparent after I exited the bathroom, which is the usual pattern for bringing on the dinge; force me out of the room, decrease the light levels and have me adjust to the imposition when coming back out. I have been through this dumbshit stunt at least 15x, and with low light levels at this time of year, this is when they indulge in this the most.

The clunking and thumping has started up as I read other TI's blogs, and then continued for celbrity sites, one of my minor diversions. This while the earmuffs are on.

Earlier at a mid-afternoon lunch I got screwed again by an imposed "forget" to take the turkey meat from the freezer. This is Christmas leftovers, and only six days before I got screwed over this same thing, and utilizing the canned refried beans as a substitute. No doubt they wanted me to eat something from a BPA lined tin can, as I rarely eat canned foods, and don't expect a BPA coating inside. Today, I shaved the frozen turkey meat so I could get it to thaw in mind-cooking on the stovetop and then under the broil elements. This utilization of frozen foods is very rare in my case, which demonstrates that anyone can be fucked out their more primative and common sense instincts. Just to do the simplest of things can become the biggest hassle. It is not enough to eat the same food day in and day out for seven years, it now has to be disrupted and jerked with. (Actually, the base may vary from guacamole, olive tapenade of varying kinds and pesto sauces, all ready to eat formulations).

I had major ambitions to get outside today and get cuphooks to hang up my new kitchen utensils but that got sucked out of me this morning and it has been a shut-in day for the very special event of using a stainless steel bladed spatula for the first time ever. (Twice today- big stuff). The assholes had been keeping me on the flexible teflon spatula since 2001, and for some reason they want to now minmize my use of this implement with an oversized stainless steel model. I haven't figured out which is more preferred for perp fuckery games, metals or plastics. They took out my new network router that had a metal case and had me order a plastic case one instead that has lasted some six years. They stole or trashed any of my woven metallic cloths I had, especially the anti-EMF ones. They have me hepped up to get a stainless steel wallet, but it seems to be a long term thing and that it could be just a covet exercise that they like to put me through. What is the TI consensus out there; do the perps prefer one to have metal objects or plastic ones where they can be substituted for each other?

The lowdown from the perps is that the ingestion of plastics creates big problems as they behave differently from the macro molecular level to the quantum level. And this inconsistent elecromagnetic and other energetic inconsistencies plays total havoc with them attempting their remote assays and control on us TI schmucks. They also claim to have purged much of my endemic and ubiquious pollutants, "cleaning me up", that not only course around my circulation system, but those that are deposited in my brain, the central site of their 55 year long research project (me). Ask me if I care about their technical achievements, and even in my sleep I will say that I don't give a shit, I want to be left alone, and don't want to be sabotaged in any way, shape or form (read, cognitively, extra-conventional gravitic fuckery, or other).

One will, or at least I will, see hordes of gangstalking Fuckwits out  there toting plastic bags, vinyl covered binders, driving PVC pipe around, driving fiberglass stringered ladders, hauling their clean and plastic covered drycleaning TO the drycleaners, and other plastic (BPA's) and rubber objects just to keep the show going. And too, the old carpets and couches which are likely coated wtih PBDE's (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) as flame retardants. Well so what; you assholes could of figured out this bullshit in months instead of over 7.5 years and counting, and you fuckers are still taking the long route. I don't know if past perp ineptitude is any more forgivable than the First Feral Family handing me over to you assholes, but just let be said both are unavenged.

I tried to do some Oracle database studying today and I got dithered in my reading, it wasn't making any sense. This is my most important initiative since 10-2009, with the technical challenge now greater, and still the assholes lay on the cognitive sabotage. I am not allowed to read what I want for as long as I want or even to the depth of comprehension that I want. Everytime and place, no matter the associative importance.

And I see that a Tea Festival is on for the weekend, the next two days. I get roundly gangstalked by the First Feral Family games when drinking tea in their presence, so I would not be surprised that the sickos are sponsoring a Tea Festival for all the wonderful shills and operatives they have embedded in this sick town. No, I won't be going to a massive gangstalking event, even if I need a new stainless steel basket for my Bodum pot instead of the clattering nylon one. Here we go again, metal or plastic.

A screaming rage show for 10 minutes as the assholes wouldn't let me run a movie on this PC for the first time. Straight out of the sicko's book; fuck any new event if it has a likelhood of being repeated. Windows Media Player wouldn't display (was installed), the entire suite of applications froze up and hung, then some games with an ersatz collage of panels of three software applications was created (look, see what we can do), and then a dialog box hung, and after screaming at them to effect the commands, it dropped out leaving a small 2' square patch of green grass from the desktop when all the rest of the display was white, and so this insane bullshit goes; odd juxtapositions of differing display portions in a mash-up collage for me to see for whatever the fucking reason is. I was so pissed I shut the PC down, which was likely in the script beacause as I was doing it they reminded me that I wanted to put the Linux CD in before shutdown (so it was ready for boot up in the drive). So this fucking PC can boot up fast enough to prevent me from getting a disc in the DVD drive in time, and then has a total slow down when Windows is visible and should be launching the applications that I requested instead of getting sabotaged. Pointless, needless, insane and gratuitous abuse, I am so fucking fed up. This Core i7 920 D0 CPU is now a total dog and my three year old PC was faster. (And it got amazingly faster when I put it in its own case and gave it to my mother). Why in the fuck cannot I be left alone instead of this continuously managed stream of arranged adversity? Even my keystrokes are routinely sabotage. And after reading that, I get a three siren cascade with extra variations, heard through the earmuffs.

Coffee Blowout

A total rage-ification event earlier, after the 11 hour sleep and the 1000h get-up, absurdly late, and today, crimping my availible time so to disrupt my normal routine of a full frontal shave, and only my face. No big deal, but as this "happens" so rarely, it must be a big deal as they pulled off the same bullshit yesterday. Off to yoga, and lo, if they didn't start the negro stalkers again. A brown down coated Caucasian dude crosses my path some 15' away walking toward the incoming bus, and as I continued, a negro woman with a child in the stroller was coming toward me, and "happening" to pass by exactly where  the dude just walked which was also at a pinch point of the sidewalk and over top of some rectangular steel manhole covers, possibly a transformer below. Another big brown moment for the fuckers it would seem.

Then at the next block, the negro woman who sometime attends the yoga class was there, stopping in mid sidewalk for me to pass her by while she was lighting up a cigarette. Then some games at the facility as the usual room was locked, and having the staff open it up when it has been faithfully opened in advance each week for two years now. I suppose it was so to have other yoga class members congregate away from the room. One of the irregular dudes came with this affected beret for crissakes, putting on the military aspect to a minor degree. Seeing that I was gangstalked by military Fuckwits every Thursday after yoga for eight months without let up, seeing the military garb in association with yoga isn't entirely welcome, but that is part of the TI traumatization re-enactment games mainly. The negro woman managed to stay for the whole class rather than being pulled (or leaving) early. Also, they kept her under dim lighting the last time, but somehow managed to increase the lighting when she was in the same place as last time. It is common for the sickos to place the Unfavored demographic group members in dim lit conditions to limit the total look of the Fuckwit, seeming to be visually parsing as to how much of an Unfavored I get to see at one time.

Then the usual street strangeness when I get out of yoga and walk the three blocks back to my place; the readcoat dudes were on show with red vehicles behind them, and culminating at the apartment entrance where they parked a truck in front of the door that was propped open by a red plastic bucket with white ceramic dinner plates in it. Not to mention that the customized box of the pickup truck was also in red steel and white plywood.  Like I say, the biggest gangstalker event is when I go in and out of buildings, so it makes sense that they go all out and park a vehicle after driving it up on the sidewalk and curb and parking 4' in front of the entrance doors. Just another color combination to replicate the endless vehicles that I see which are backing up in my proximity; that is, red and white lights facing me.

And a screaming rage show over coffee making this morning. The assholes had coffee "erupt" from the Bodum coffe press, somehow bypassing the lid and blowing out over the pot, stovetop, stove front, stove oven handle and onto the floor. There was no causal event as they were playing their usual game of having the plunger be resistant, and taking extra effort and time to press down all of 1/4" or less by the time of the blowout. So no plunger action caused this coffee "eruption" and how did it get pass the lid in any event? Having had this done to me once before, it is plain gratuitous mess making by telporting some of the coffee and feigning an eruption on the side of the vessel. A fucking mess to clean up, and I am sure that the blue sponge to clean the mess up was as much as having me totally incensed over this insane and arbitrary abuse.

And I still haven't solved the mystery of the coffee ground crumbs that "arrive" in my cupboards, and on my dish drain mate and stove top as they are all bigger by far than the find powdered grind of the coffee that I use. The planted coffee ground mess in all its manifestations is made of a size of ground that I don't have, and never had, and yet this bullshit goes on for years. Likely to be related to the crumb games and the all important size parameter for them. I noticed that this morning's chocolate crumbs, which should never happen and never did, were separated with the light powdery flakey crumbs on the right side of the plate, and the larger rounded ones were on the left side of the plate. And of course, with the usual ones just "arriving" from nowhere, as they don't fall from the piece I have in hand, but appear from behind my hand, on the dinner plate. This insane abuse has gone on for over 7.5 years, and here they are fucking with crumbs, crumb sizes and crumb delivery, teleported or otherwise. I that doesn't epitomize the depth of the perp insanity and depravity, then nothing does.

And I see more organized fuckups are stil in progress; my employment counsellor whom I met last week and whom I gave my reciept to so she could make a copy and then fax it to the grant payout people "somehow" forgot (or didn't do it) because I get an email from the grant authority that he didn't get the fax one week later. So I leave a message with the employment counsellor and then don't hear back, which is totally unlike any of the past communications. I send her an email, and she still hasn't replied, again, totally out of character. So I will have to send the fax myself via another fax service. Talk about a totally insane jerkaround for no fucking reason, and then poisoning my experiences with the employment counsellor as to how reliable she is. What is all that bullshit about? Maybe I will find out once I head out to get the fax sent.

A big long stream of orchestrated events, the explanation afterward. To give it a context, the grant giving organization asked for my tuition reciept which I supplied through my employment counsellor last week Jan. 21, 2010. It was faxed to the grantor representative then, and my employment counsellor said she would phone him to make sure he got it. Then I get an email Jan. 27 saying he hadn't got it, so I phone my employment counsellor and no answer to my message. So today, I send her an email, again, no reply. So I go to a public fax center and send it but it was not  fax number, so had to copy it and walk it there, a 10 minute exercise but no big deal. And the gangstalker nut showwas in full force so it was obvious that this was a set up, and they way it is meant to be. I get the negro woman act again, this time waiting on her in the office, but no big deal. When I get back to my apartment building last year's apartment manager is outside talking to the new manager, not a good sign. I get in the door and complain about this stunt, and my speech comes out garbled so I scream at the assholes for messing my speech. I start tea making by putting on the kettle, but while I am waiting I "happen" to see the Malteaser so I put a handful in my mouth. Then at that moment there is a knock on the door. It is the brown dressed UPS guy with the brown box, the assistant manager there too, and the latter explains that the UPS guy rang the bell, but it didn't work, but it worked for other apartments. (Not to forget the brown clown games; me with brown chocolate in my mouth, the UPS guy in dark brown, and the mid-brown cardboard box). He said to pull out the phone and then reconnect it to get it to work and he test it again from the front door intercom console. By this time, tea making has progressed and I have placed the full mug on the table and opening up the 100g chocolate bars and then the manager comes back just to say he tried to get me on the intercom, but a funny tone came on. As it so happens, the box that separates the intercom signals from the phone signals isn't working as the green flashing light has gone out. Which explains why all my parcels got hand delivered to my door, or that the post office gave me a notice that I wasn't home, where on one occasion I clearly was. Off to deal with the phone/cable outfit tomorrow.

Back to my Linux capers, and I am burning a DVD disc in my second attempt in five years and lo, if the software doesn't make it understandable this time. Then in mid burn, PC shuts down all by itself, presumably the disc is fucked as there is no persistent information as to what got copied and what didn't and how to recover. I start the PC again to burn the DVD and it finally works. Then I want to try to label it with the Lightscribe software, but nothing in the command set to execute it. It seems that either I need some special discs or the software is sabotaged. I download Lightscribe and the same thing; information all about it but no command to effect it. I pull the DVD out and give up on Lightscribe for good, another one of those fake-outs in my case, a promise by way of it being loaded but nothing there when attempting to use it. This has happened before, days before, as Partition Magic loaded the same way; various "niceties" but none of the display tools that I was familiar with that could effect partitioning. I loaded the CD again, and I got a new listing of Partition Magic that was dedicated for the very executable that I was looking for in the first place.

Then the disc checking of the past few days comes back on me as the DBA instructor mentioned tonight that the Partition Magic might be failing because of a bad sector on the disc, though I do tell him that the WD Software check found no errors. When back, I partition a different disc, and lo, if Partitition Magic works. Now, I am dealing with more ornery software to look at the disc surface, and it won't write to a log file. And it says it will take 134 hours to complete but I think it will be sooner than that. They also stopped me from downloading a different product before that, as it kept on coming back with the same display. Before that, I ran CHKDSK and there was no log file or summary of the result, and that was three hours of run time to find out nothing.

I other words, what is the fucking point of all this adversity over my hardware when it would of likely been fine in the first place if they hadn't fucked it? And then to load software up when the central executable is missing, and doing this twice (Partition Magic and Light Scribe), is fucking maddening. And I did scream at the assholes a few times for this extra obvious sabotage that is both protracted and replicated in a pattern.

Another pattern is having these long running diagnostic programs being launched in the late evening, serving as a reason to leave the PC and router and all the blinking lights on while I am sleeping. It must be too much fun for the sickos.

Enough dumbshit for today, and off to post this.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Odd Morning

A 11 hour sleep this morning and I awakened to the phone ringing. My perp-abetting mother happened to be in the neighborhood getting her eyes tested and wondered if I wanted to go out for coffee. I then had to get dressed and wait some, not having eaten any breakfast or showered, shaved or cleaned my teeth, the usual morning time start. And I believe that I mentioned the perps' fascination with what I eat as well as how showering, shaving and dental hygeine are disrupted by various perp antics and stunts. So it would seem they got me; having me in public without having eaten or the rest of the morningtime preparation. It was to be a local Starbucks as it turned out, the chair and table being near the serving area, perfect for Fuckwits to dwell and put on the banter with the staff.

And it was a minor parade; the red shirts and coats, the tattoos, the near skinhead dudes and one motorized wheechair act all from the Unfavored demographic groups and the blonde babe in a brown corduroy jacket over a red checked shirt. Her 2' long soft sided instrument case was a mid-grey tone, and it does replicate the color of the plastic razor blade inserts  that I normally use, but not having the opportunity today. But maybe it may seem that I am getting too picky. She then later sat some 10' further away, presumably as a more distant reference for whatever gains there was to having her 4' away when lingering at the service delivery for whatever she ordered. Though I would have to say it was a low key gangstalking, and not one that a uninitiated person would notice, except when we departed. At least four gangstalkers came in succession then, one of them bearing the Starbuck's coffee cup, bringing it into a Starbuck's no less, then giving me some kind of flirty look. I don't think so; I would of been old enough to be her grandfather.

Judging by the skinhead games from last night's class, and today, it would seem that the sickos are working on my aversion to this form of "hurl-do" by having the male skinhead be seen to be growing back his hair, so there isn't the full shining bald pate, but one just as reflective but with flecks of regenerating hair among it breaking up the visual pattern. I suppose it is the incremental method of past traumatization presentation again; show subset portions or variations and attempt to build from there. That is, build some kind of non-traumatization response, and to eventually include the whole picture, and then insert that in place of the traumatization responses that I carry. I believe they have already done this in some instances, e.g. having me get slapped in the face. They set up some bozo landscaping laborers in 2007-08 to pull a tree portion down as I was walking past, and thereby set the scene for the branch to slap me in the face instead of a person. And when reaming out the asshole for being so fucking stupid, why, his back was turned and he was also wearing earmuffs. How convenient.

Other traumatization re-enactment games that have been reduced have been Scottish accented Fuckwits; I haven't heard one for nearly a year, discounting the TV of course. The zappings were also curtailed in 2008, though with a few this week for the first time since then. Regular readers will know that two of my first five years were spent in Montreal in the latter 1950's, and that recall deletions were applied, and that this was the very same time that the infamous Dr. Ewen Cameron was "treating"/abusing patients at McGill where my father was attending in his geology studies. And as it so "happens" Dr. Cameron was from Scotland and had a pronouced Scottish accent, and this may have been where my subconscious loathings of Scottish accents was emplaced. I had no idea that I even loathed them until all this started, and really didn't care either way, but since the harassment started they have a way of making one more reactive, or to react to things that were of no concern before.

So goes this mental intrusion, right to the very neural make-up of one's formative memories, even to levels (the subconsious) that one is entirely unaware of, conscious recall having been forgotten or fucked with to make sure certain memories did not get made. But it seems that subconscious memories not only get made but also get associated with traumatizations for all time, even though the rest of one's experiences with former traumatization images and constructs are neutral or even favorable.

And I noticed while at Starbucks that the sickos wanted me to to see their handiwork of arranging ragged edge lines and arcs. The square floor tiles had a chipped irregular edge to them, and for some strange reason the perps wanted me to look at them, at least 20x when I couldn't give a shit. Then another round on the plates on the table; instead of the plate edge being a smooth arc, it was a made of small 1" flat sections, something like a coin. It was difficult to pick up the arc pattern at first, as for some reason I got dittered when I first looked at it. I wouldn't of mentioned this trivia if not for the fact that the assholes routinely dither my peripherial vision to have arcs and lines represented as a set of pixels hashed along a straight line. Usually these incursions are so fleeting in the first place, usually when my head is moving, and all I do is move my head somewhere else to be freed from this visual fuckery. So it would seem that the sickos are working on my vision, as in fucking it, whenever I am to see lines and arcs. And it almost goes without saying that the ongoing maser fuckery I see all day long, again in fleeting vignettes mostly, also displays momentary black colored arcs and lines, often coming from nowhere, not even projected from an existing line or arc of a solid object.

The tapping noise has started up again from outside, mysteriously getting through my earmuffs. As before, there is no apparent source for someone to be tapping large wood beams, and having it go on for months at a time. This isn't the neighborhood for wood frame construction, nor is it one where a permenant cessation of construction progress is in place to serve as a plausible source. This same tapping noise started up while eating chocolate with my tea earlier, somehow "knowing" I wasn't wearing my earmuffs at that moment. Just the same beserk bullshit; if a specific noise is required to penetrate hearring protective earmuffs it will, and screw the excuses and conventionally rational explanations.

A whole buch of downloads to get Oracle Enterprise Linux loaded, which requires that they be loaded onto a CD/DVD. I have been screwed so many times by the CD/DVD writing process that I have rarely done it as it "blows up" either through cognitive or software sabotage. They just don't want me to do this which isn't the end of the world, save for backups. I go to my stack of discs and I find that they have no lable on the package, it has been removed by someone. Since I have never sused a CD?DVD from this stack/package, and don't have the accompanying label/product description, I have no idea as to what they are? It is fucking absurd that the assholes won't let me know what I have, never mind the litany of sabotage in the past that has rendered me aversive to even burning a disc.

A sudden trip to the LD store to get some discs that I can write to, not knowing what the above mentioned stack is. I got my negro gangstalking, the dude arriving just ahead of me from 90 degrees offset, but in a rare exception, I didn't see him anywhere else. The chocolate section was littered with the usual suspects, these gormless and shiftless males, one with an old style top hat for crissakes. I scooped the last of the Milka milk chocolate bars and pray that they don't have me eat double rations anymore.

Some progressive research was allowed today, that being educated on the Nervous System of Plants at the Borderlands site. Just to think, this was postulated some  years ago, and no one has moved on it. Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose was surely one of the giants of plant physiology and even with forestry training, I had never heard about him until today. Another one of those far thinking phyisists that never got the attention he deserved. As foresters in training we did study dendrology, and the accepted theory of translocation of sap in trees, but at no point in the course did we ever know there were alternate theories postulated by Sir Bose, and that his alternate theory is still viable because they don't know for sure how plants conduct sap some 100m in the case of the Sequoiadendron giganteum, the California Redwoods.

Getting back to plants and the perpa agenda around them having me doing gardening, especially pruning, sawing, fruit picking, digging and weeding. It would seem that this activity would decidedly disrupt the nervous system of the plant if one is to accept the premise of the plant having a nervous system. And too, the sickos like to set me up to talk about a specific plant, and follow it up by walking by it. If there is a nervous system to a plant, it could be conscious, and hence the perps interest in these games they put me through with respect to vegetative matter. So..., have we figured out the perp's supreme objective; the overt control of all conscious energy of all plant and animal beings and indeed of all life forms. Call me nuts on this one if you like, but I am sticking to my story as I seem to be the central whipping boy in their depraved antics. I will even up it, the overt control of all conscious energy of all plant and animal beings and indeed of all life forms in the universe. The World (Earth) Isn't Enough they might of said back in 2002. There, I got brave and said it, though I have suspected this for some years, and like to cautiously meter my unsubstantiated thoughts as to why they are so fucking relentless and also equally deranged. Like I said, the big objective must be so incredibly important that they would fuck with me for 7.5 years, still pissing around with crumbs, doghairs and lint.

I get these planted around me all the time, and even worse now, they are blatantly teleported onto my dinner plate in front of me and not from the food object that I am holding, even if of the same material (food usually).

A rousing scream at the assholes because when bookmarking,  they clobbered the name of an existing directory with one I was adding somewhere else and then added "New Folder" in two places. Then it looked like they clobbered my substantial Books directory, and just when I was going to recover from a backup, there it was again. Just another vignette from Fuckover World, where competance is NOT ALLOWED, and THINGS MUST GO WRONG MORE OFTEN THAN USUAL.

This one is done, and I have written all I can for such a dull day, though I suspect this is where they want to keep me for the next three months until I write my Oracle exams. I am still at the "what was I thinking" stage of embarking on DBA courses, though the answer to that is obvious to regular readers and TI's.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dreams Polluted

Major ugly dreams with forced sleeplessness last night. They wouldn't let me sleep, and kept me listening to the noise cacaphony; nonstop elevator use noise, nonstop noise of someone wallowing in a bathtub, nonstop gurgling noise. It was when they added the dripping noise and timed it to the clock noise (electric and should be quiet but makes noise like a windup clock) that I got up, checked the faucets (no dripping) and closed the bathroom door and pulled the battery out of the clock to stop it to quell the noise idiocy. I got some relief, but not from the supposed external noises which kept up.

The dreams were fugly as they replicated being sleepless among other strange things that I cannot recall. I have no idea what got into the perp's minds to pull this shit off as they had let me sleep most nights for some months now. Yet another test of some kind no doubt, and who knows what their research priorities were.

Laundry earlier, but before that the accumulated soil on my shoes from yesterday's rough trail hiking had to be knocked off, and this is always a big deal. I got sucked into using my city walking shoes for rough trails by dint of yesterday's mindfuck games, and these shoe cleanings seem to be a big deal for them, and even flicking their soil clumps into the toilet, having them somehow fly backward from me. That inglorious mess had to be cleaned up first, and I am sick fucking fed up of being screwed into making messes for a party that lacks the gumption to present their nonconsensual human experimentation agenda in person. Instead, I get fucked out of my life long habits just because they need to change it up for whatever reason. I have mentioned past footwear fetishes of the sickos, and this seems to fit the pattern. They cannot get enough gangstalkers around me whenever I change my footwear and clothes, but why does this beserk issue of theirs have anything to do with me that they couldn't expedite without cooperation?

More screaming at the assholes because Quicken got sandbagged with a noncontrollable dialog box that wouldn't go away. All my applications are starting up slower, especially Firefox. It is a great excuse to visually interleave pieces of an application juxtaposed with the succeeding one. They seem to need a longer transition time and hold up the Windows displays, especially with bits of pieces of the old and the new.

A short trip to LD to get toilet paper and chocolate, and they were all over me at the latter section. All Fuckwits stayed still, at least seven of them, while the yellow coated E. Indian walked toward me before I scooped up 9 Milk bars. And lo, if not another yellow jacket at the end of the aisle, a vacated motorized wheel chair too, and time to get out of there, just getting ahead of an avocado green dressed cyclist Fuckwit. That I had avocado with my tortilla at lunch might of been the reason for the avocado coated gangstalker, but it isn' always the case. They do like to use that color judiciously, so it is a curiousity as to the wherefores of when they need me to see avocado green.

Another screaming rage show over the perps sabotaging Partition Magic install. I was all set to create a partition for my Linux misadventures, and the software doesn't display the working GUI. This from a CD install that worked fine going back some years, though the same operating system. This is how it goes; a total dumbshit Oracle class tonight, and the only way I am going to learn is to set up my own environment, and so to do the first thing is to create a partition for Linux to work in. NOT ALLOWED it would seem, as the first task gets sabotaged straight out of the gate.

Then I install Partition Magic again, and the blow-off dialog box disappears and I get the functional GUI I expected. Two attempts later, and the partition that I had requested doesn't appear, so I am snookered as far as partitioning goes. Off to the interwebs to find out if there is something out there that can do the job.

Now I find that the Google preferences have been wiped out, and there is no access to the Settings until I start screwing around, and lo, they come up finally, and I get to reset them. Before the overt harassment started my keyboard settings in Excel and Word would sometimes go awry, and I could never figure out how it happened. Another life long mystery solved; it was these fuckers on my PC then, just as they are now.

So much for loading Oracle and Linux on tonight, and time to call this sucker done. I am so fed up not being allowed to do ordinary things that would take no time at all.

Monday, January 25, 2010

No Sabbath for TI's

A later start for today's reportage, but it is a Sunday, and a First Feral Family visit. As one might discern, I am not staying the First Feral Family home tonight as I wanted more study time for my Oracle DBA course, feeling hoplessly behind after two classes, albeit one being an all day (yesterday) class. But it is quite clear to me that my attentiveness is getting manipulated and strange things come to mind that shouldn't. At any rate, they wil only allow me an hour maximum to study, and then jerk me around for much of the day. A two study session day was planned, with only one and a half achieved, hence this blog posting.

The assholes got me riled up in the morning with a number of gratuitous jerkarounds; flipping a coin out of my cupped hand, moving items like my dinner plate that should not be moving as there was no applied pressure on it in any direction, wobbling a 12" diam. dinner plate with a flat base on a flat table (now an almost every meal time event), flicking coffee so that a drop magically lands nearby on the stove top, having s liquid drop of jam some be created and then arrive on the plate adjacent to the bread slice (when the jam is entirely in a stiff jelly form, so where did the liquid component come from?), and among other things, arranging for the gluten bread slice to be over 1/2" thick when it is normally 3/8" or less. Their fucking around with bread slices has been going on every day for at least two months; sometimes the slice is inordinantly thin, say 1/8", thick like today, and even partially wedge shaped with a variable thickness. I have seen bread slicer machines work, and they don't make any mistakes, the cutting blades are all set the same distance apart. This same brand of gluten free bread has been used for some 6 years now, and it is only recently that this variable slice thickness bullshit started up.

Anyhow, at least 12 screaming rage-ifications this morning, and at least twice as many other stunts which didn't get the same "response". It is fucking tiresome that one isn't allowed to even turn a page, type a single alphabetic letter on this keyboard or any other trivial event without being subjected to this remotely applied and capricious dithering fuckery. And it get worse for the rest of the day.

I will likely roll this into a Monday blog posting, as the gory details have been somehow "forgotten" and are written up in my handwritten journal. I save the blow by blow jerkarounds and abuse to be journaled on paper and collate stories of the day for this blog posting, lest it get too pedantic, more than it is already, though no one has told me this.

Other bullshit this morning was doing the laundry, always a big Fuckover scene. It was bedsheets and towels today, and it went reasonably well, no major hassles, save having sufficient planted adversity to scream at them at least once when they somehow arranged me to be standing on the end of the sheet I wanted to move, and "somehow" I didn't know that I was standing on it. I am acutely aware of everything I stand on and near my feet on account of this unrelenting insane abuse, but somehow, the corner of the sheet got under my foot (telportation IMHO) and I did not feel it there (remotely applied specific neural dithering IMHO).

So much for attempting to get more study time on a Monday and staying back at this apartment. A work colleague phoned and asked if I wanted to go hiking up Mt. Douglas, and so I acquiesced. I had already studied some, but not to the level that I wanted, but it was obvious that I was getting cognitively dithered, so what can a TI do? Go to somewhere remote, like for a hike where there are lesser numbers of gangstalkers out.

The sickos had already enraged me plenty at breakfast as they kept interfering with my vision; these sudden vision degradation atttacks cannot be resolved by shaking my head like they used to, so the next escalation of screaming at the assholes still works. At breakfast they forced a piss after getting the cereal prepared to eat, and attacked my vision while taking a piss in the bathroom. Then when seated, they attacked my vision again as I was about  to eat my cereal, and then again when the first mouthful of the brown cereal and the white milk and the off-white hemp seed that I add. Ergo, more screaming at the assholes, and almost invariably there is other outside vehicle noises readied for the next round of screaming at them. Other coincident noises when being rage-ified are the sound of water running in the pipes, clunking from the faux neighbors or when I am running water in the sink. This is like getting to the "bad old days" of 2003 to 08-2006 when they would pull this shit and made it up that the neighbors complained. That there were no neighbors as far as I could tell was never recalled when dealing with the management. So far, knock on wood, no complaints from faux neighbors, but one never knows when they are going to change up the game to force me on to some harassment/abuse conducive location. And I never seem to be able to be allowed to get the subsidized housing rate of only one third of one's income as the rent maximum; it would be nice if they allowed me to save a hundred or so each month instead of going $200 to $400 in the hole and then righting the finances with summer jobs.

I was out on the hike thanks to my work colleague, and he tells me that the worksite is getting whacked again with layoffs. As it "happened" he met a few mutual colleagues by chance in the street, and he tells me that one of them died. I don't believe this for a minute, as it was the same guy who was gangstalking me in 2003 when he was supposedly retired, and then again in likeness of body size and comportment but not facially the same. So it would appear this one has the best cover story of them all, that he met his maker. And the perps always like to noisestalk me or otherwise abuse me in the form of facial maser strikes, faux jabs to the hands, nipples or face or other imposed phenomenon like forced farts whenever the word "died", "death" and the rest that mean the same thing. What exactly is so potent about this concept that the assholes need to hound me over without having the gumption to present themselves in person? That is over 7.5 years of hounding now, and isn't the only topic of interest to them. Enough on this one as I supect I am feeding the beast.

I thought I was going to have an idle shut-in day today, but instead, I got taken out for a local hike. I got fucked into taking my city walking shoes "thinking" that we were going to hike the road to the top as it is usually closed in the winter. But lo, it was the 50% or more steep climb up from the forested area into rocky area with soil and rubble, and then onto the bald rock. Given the amount of detailed effort the perps apply to my footwear, and making sure I am wearing the wrong ones for me, and then packing the soles full of soil as I find out on my return, I am quite sure the footwear fuckery proceeded according to plan. The next round is to make sure the soil laden soles don't dump on my floor when I go out next, likely when the soil has dried. They have already dumped a few wet soil samples on the carpet, and might be holding off when it gets dried. Such are the concerns of TI's and this deluge of minutiae that we get stiffed with over the embedded habit of our tormentors who won't front for themselves. Fucking bizarre.

A zapping and then a significant single tapping sound that decayed as if I had no hearing protection earmuffs on. I was reading about "free" energy at the time; must be someone else interested too.

And I see that new games are afoot with  not showing the cursor location on this here display screen; blanking it out so it is nowhere, delaying its display so at least five seconds passes by before it re-appears after a direction control key is pressed and so it goes. It is not unlike the "Wish List" button on Amazon that is perennially missing, but if I move the cursor with the mouse over to where it should be, and wait for the little hand symbol, why, I can add another book onto the massive booklist that I already have. Most of the books were wish listed in studying the goings on with harassment, abuse and unusual energy theories. My sum total of the body of reading that one will need to get a handle on all this insane bullshit, and to further identify what else might be related to all of this. Anyhow, it is one of those "covet lists" that the sickos like me to keep along with the 50k of bookmarks that replicates this same unobtainable goal; to understand what the fuckers are doing to me and what their methods are. You can be sure I will be the last to know, wish list or not, even if a sugar daddy bought me all of them. It is clear to me that the sickos put a strong emphasis on what I know, and what I don't and arrange overheard or nearby discussion for me to be lapsing in and out of cognition as to what is being said. One of the acronyms at the first Oracle class last week got dropped at least a dozen times, and when I looked it up later it really didn't have anything to do with the class content. Another one of those "keep me stupid" games the assholes play.

Other games I noticed when I was out hiking that the assholes pulled recall purging, blipped me so I couldn't pronounce some familiar words like I ordinarily do, and had me extra chatty. I was lead into the conversation about whistleblowers, and then into .... name, who brings the issue of DU weapons being used in Iraq and Afganistan. I somehow recalled the word "pyroclastic" but got totally fucked out of knowing what DU meant; Depleted Uranium. And somehow I got fucked into "thinking" it was Deuterium something, which was totally wrong. And to the asshole who organized this little mindfuck and stuck it on me, I won't settle for anything less than taking a bat to your head and attempting a home run. Any fucker who messed or messes with my knowledge and cognition and any other hard won capabilities I might have, also deserves nothing less.

A new torture jerkaround last night, and is getting repeated in short doses today; disregulating my thermal control, making it seem that I am getting a flu virus, the usual cover story for this kind of bullshit. But no flu today, and a repeat when I got back in the afternoon. So... count this up for another trick in the methods bag, how to screw someone by faking flu onset symptoms. I once got killer flus that seemed to come from nowhere, sometimes two weeks apart. Then when all this insane abuse started up I was healthy, and haven't had one since 04-2002, knock on wood, an amazing streak of health which I suspect has more to do with the Fuckover agenda than it does with any kind of empathy from the Fuckover Force.

Enough reportage tonight, and on with another dream invasion. They have been more active on this front, back to back nights of recalled dreams, one blogged about last post. Doubtless this is a rich field that invites replaying this abusive bullshit (mostly) in the subconscious mind where they can compare the neural energetic response to that of real life. And don't ask me why the meat aerials "happen" all night, nearly every night, which is another topic of insane life sabotage that I won't get into.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kissing Fat Girls

Yesterday's blog remarked on fat girls arriving among a clutch of dudes, and there were plenty on the city bus today in both directions. But in what seems to be some kind of amelioration of their Unfavored status, why, a fat girl, not unlike the seen yesterday, was in my dream just before getting up, and was leaning over to kiss me. Her hair seemed very authentic and was draped in my face, but I wasn't minding, even reacting positively. With the ex excepted, this is the first time someone from the gangstalking crowd has ever featured in my dreams before. Anyhow, it was most odd in being so vivid and real, as well as referencing a real gangstalker person who I wouldn't know, and am not even attracted to. That's five anomalies in one short dream sequence, and more than enough to tell me that the dream invasion fuckery is getting out of hand.

And it is not that they relented on fat girls today when out at my all day Oracle DBA class, as there were more on the city bus freakshow today in both directions. Not many, perhaps three in total, deferring to the prominent dude show the sickos feel compelled to keep around me.

At the all day computer class it was the encroachment from each side that was more obvious; putting bicycle helmets, red bicycle jackets and other flotsam closer to me as if I were some kind of exotic sampling device.

And the most dedicated motorcycle noisestalking to date this morning. I was wallking W. bound on 700 Fort St. and a large motorcycle with a very resonant muffler was passing by, though by itself it wasn't a big deal, save being odd for 0820h in the morning. I walk 50' S. to the bus shelter, and lo if the motorcycle hadn't circled the block and made another pass, this time in a different cardinal direction, N. bound. Strange that anyone would be lost on a motorcycle as that time in the morning. And within about three minutes, the fucker was coming by again, having circled the block again. Someone must know better than me that I loathe the sound of large Harley Davidson motorcycles, but why are they so persistent with this bullshit? It is exceedingly rare to see large cruising motorcycles at this time of year, January, in the first place. I haven't quite seen anything so blatantly obvious as this before on the vehicular gangstalking side, but some of the ambulatory gangstalking is getting absurd.

The pit lamping crew of two nights ago when I took the city bus to my first class was back again this morning, sitting in the bus lane which they aren't supposed to do, and pretending they were working by sitting in their vehicle on a Saturday morning at 0820h or so. Eventually they moved their oversized service vehicle off, but not before a senseless twit drove their black SUV along the bus stalls when the lane was marked or buses only. The vehicular curb crawl might be known to other TI's, though possibly in different forms, maybe in a solicitation guise.

And just for me it seems in this eco-conscious town, the assholes had at least one third of all the outdoor night time lights on. All manner of buildings kept their mercury vapor or sodium lights on. At the college where I had my all day class, some 16 sodium arc lamps were on at the entrance way all day. It boggles the mind as to how much effort they devote to this insane harassment bullshit, but they are persistent if nothing else.

Just like old times; an overhead ceiling floor whacking with a simultaneous zapping that sent me into a screaming rage. Someone did this right over top of me, and I had been formerly in the kitchen 8' away, cracking the rest of the hazelnuts that is going to become my dinner in a few days once the refried beans get used up. And while in the kitchen I was getting overhead rumbling and thundering, but not a the sudden shock and fry level that got me so enraged. Funny how they know where I am, and funny that they pulled these noises/attacks that they haven't used much in the past year. And all over spending an hour cracking the hazelnuts that were purchased 09-2009, and in fact were a 2008 harvest.

The perps are still having me soak the hazelnuts for a week before eating them, as this seems to be a big deal for them. What it does is change the internal composition of the nut and makes the sugars more availible and lessens the toxins, not unlike malting barley. (Except that they stop the germination and then cook the grain to crystallize the sugars. Anyhow, you can read all about soaking nuts from the raw food folks at this link

Why is it that the font on this Blogspot edit window keep changing? Anyhow, another forced "forget" over turning on the burner with a just-filled kettle of water intended for tea making. I was screamingly infuriated with this stunt as it has been happening about 30% of the time for the past three weeks and I am sick fed up of playing this dumbshit disruption game. They have their "issues" with the red lights on the stove that denote a burner is on, as they do with a similar red light on the power bar for this here PC. The converse is also true, having me "forget" and leave them on, and in the case of the stove, I scream at them if this "happens". Is this some kind of run up to burn the place down, or is it the rambo sickies out of control?

Getting me pissed off was the precursor to reminding me that I needed to head out to the grocery store after tea and chocolate. A crowd of 20 Fuckwit Yobos was hollaring outside, heard through tea time, and lo, if there weren't there on the street when headed to the local supermarket. They were gathered outside a restaurant for whatever reason, presumably in the service of the Fuckwits, as this bullshit has happened before, and been just as obviously staged. In 2002 they pulled this bullshit below my apartment window and it was on private property, and "happened" to be staged when I had a Gaussmeter in hand for the first time, haven just arrived. Later the Fuckwit Herd moved up the street to partially trace my outbound steps, and loiter within 10' of me taking the alternate route to avoid said Herd.

And for once the assholes had only a small crew in the supermarket; a brown skinned native Indian male was hounding me, "showing up" in advance of where I was to be at least twice, as was another male Fuckwit. One has to laugh though, as it would be about the last grocery store a native Indian would shop at, given that it is more high end, and the dearth of them in this neighborhood. Not to indulge in stereotyping too much, but he did look ridiculous while pretend shopping, putting his hand to his chin as if in study mode. I was full of brown chocolate, and that just might have been the reason for the brown skinned gangstalker, but who knows. Me, least of all.

Enough purging my vexations on today's Fuckover Force reportage, and off to post this.

An interesting link (a book, titled Nieper - Conversion of Gravity Field Energy - Revolution in Technology, Medicine and Society (1985)), for those that follow the unconventional energy concepts. Illuminating to learn that these inventors and leading thinkers were also hounded by kooks to the point of murder (Moray), suicided before divulging their secrets (Hendershot), and cancered (Bruce de Palma, - not in this book). One interesting aside in this book was Wilheim Reich, who personally contacted Einstein and showed him a 4C degree difference between inside his orgone (free energy) accumulator and outside of it got shafted by Einstein who never talked to him again. As far as I know, Tesla and TT Brown lived to old age, one of the few in what I suspect is a highly managed physics field. More of the conspiracy stuff...

But what I find interesting is that the neutrino bath we live in, is also called the Tachyon Field, and it is assigned gravitational properties. I haven't finished reading the book yet, but it is readable and not theory fraught, where I usually check out, or more like, my tormentors make sure I don't learn theory.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Dayglo Coconut

That is what happens in the land of the imposed extra-conventional reality; spots of coconut meat, in the shell, turn into a dayglo yellow on the white unaffected meat. Don't ask me why, but it is not a sign of rot or decay, it smells and tastes fine and cannot be scraped off with a spoon or a knife. It is as if some asshole dumped yellow dayglo dye and had it sit long enough that it sunk in some 1/16" or so (2mm). And also, vertical and horizontal pieces alike, so it wasn't as if the dye were a liquid pool for a time.

Given that I am constantly besieged with yellow plasma on white background on this PC, and many other white objects that I view, this escalated yellow/white contrast fuckery over a freaking coconut in the fridge is a mere extension of the depraved perpetrators, who among other things, trash the living shit out their overt victim's lives. And eating some of the dayglo coconut meat, I began studying my 4" thick Oracle Software book, and lo, if there wasn't a visible edge of the hardcover back that is white but with a 1/2" thick yellow line on it, perhaps as an external reference to those same colors I ingested in the form of aforementioned coconut. I think the Marx brothers film by the same name is more akin to what goes on, but I wish it were as funny.

A gardening day at my in-town brother's place, likely the last for a while, finishing up on trimming his hedges, doing some pruning and leaf raking, and then putting up with his designed vagueness as to what else there was to be done. He said I could work as long as I wanted today, and I said I would if he could tell me what else had to be done. He goes all vague, and when I suggest something that needs attention, like digging up some of the grass infested garden beds, he says not to bother. After chasing him for a few more specifics, he still was vague. Later, he says to me, "since you want to go early", attempting to tie my departure to my needs which wasn't the case, I had to remind him it was the other way around; I would love to work all day if there is something that needs doing, but there wasn't given the vague-isms that still kept coming.

But it is not the first time that the story gets changed on me and some kind of determination is attributed to me, when it was not the case. The doctor pulled this on me; trying the latest neuroleptic (which only lasted for a week before I had to stop as the effects were so dire), was entirely of my own volition, per his suggestion. About a month later at the employment counsellor's office, she shows me his letter of recommendation, and it ties my medication intake to the recommendation which was not true. There were two separate streams of discussion, and at no time did he link them, (e.g. "you take these pills and I will furnish you a letter of recommendation"), and nor did I expect that he would. And yet, the letter of recommendation tied these separate events together. Fucking bizarre, but this attribution and association of information (true or concocted) topic seems to be getting a whole lot of more play with the sickos orchestrating it all.

Studying Oracle database administration tonight and I got congnitively scrambled after 30 pages, about 1.5 hours max. And they won't let me resume after a tea and chocolate break. Back to blogging again, though I do have higher priorities, but am not allowed to effect them to the degree I want. I never had this problem before in all my studying career.

Other bullshit today was obstructing the LD Rx counter. I was the first in line, and even with only one desk tech up front, the rest of the seven Rx techs did squat, even if the line built up after some 8 minutes of the one customer dorking around. At that line, one is supposed to pick up the RX and skedadle, but no, it almost seemed it turned into a counselling session. A dude Rx swapped off the fat woman Rx tech, and after she disappeared for a few minutes, she came to open up the till for me, making it look like she was helping out. The thing was, I delayed my Rx visit when I first entered the store as there was some five odd dudes just hanging out in the line up. So no line later, but guess what, a problematic customer an indulget Rx tech at the till, and the rest of them standing around. Freaking bizarre to say the least. One dude was 4' behind me hanging around the whole time while I was waiting, but wasn't in the line, another bizarre state when there was a sit down waiting area around the corner.

The way the LD Rx area is constructed is that the pick up line faces the row of Rx drop off booths from the side, and each one has a Plexiglas panel on each side of the booths, four of them or so. From where I was waiting in the Rx pickup line, I could see through the successive Plexiglas panels, and it is here they plant the Fuckwits; see the Fuckwit through two panels of Plexiglas, then later see the next Fuckwit through five panels of Plexiglas and so this dumbshit parade of the Unfavoreds passes by. And none of them stay long enough to be transacting an Rx drop off as they like to ask all kinds of questions then, to make sure you know what all the warnings are, and the rest of that careful stuff the Rx techs and pharmacists do.

And too, the sickos fucked me out of my usual caution of not wearing anything unusual; I had just got off the bus from my in-town brother's and was wearing my blue fleece vest underneath my black jacket with a black toque on and black gloves. Normally I don't wear the blue fleece vest around town, only for gardening work. And so... "forgetting" that, I end up being a major gangstalking magnet. When I was finally done in the Rx area I got a baking sheet as I don't have one, and then took it and my chocolate to the front counter to also get a bus pass, and lo, if there wasn't a pair of Fuckwits hanging out there, waiting after their transaction for some staff member to do something for them. And of course, more  customers backing up behind me for a major clusterfuck, as always, making a financial transaction is one of the most hounded activities that I engage in. Another most hounded activity is when I take my coat on or off, scarf, hat, gloves etc.

And on the way to bus there was four seeming disparate dudes loitering around; the long coated white haired male sucking on a cigarette and the rest of them looking just as shiftless, though all younger, 20 to 20 y.o. I take in this "dude cluster", note them all looking extra obvious/queasy (or sleazy?), and then one of them gets up and starts walking toward me, eventually passing by. By then I was within some 10' of them, and they were all staying in place and not closing in on me which they like to do sometimes, and from behind the corner of the adjacent building arrives an oversized Caucasian black haired babe in black clothes who paused among the cluster momentarily and went into the bank. Nothing too unusual in that alone, but it is interesting that they have the babe, even if tubby but nominally attractive, accompany the dudes.

Last night on the return bus at 2145h or so, a slimey dude with stooped shoulders wearing brown leather with a brown ball cap was doing his obsequious strut by boarding the bus, and behind him was an oversized black haired babe wearing black. She shoots me a short glance from 15' away, and I did wonder how/why she picked me out as there were at least two intervening dudes as seated passengers. It seems they need to have me compare the Unfavored dude Fuckwits in all their variety, to that of the adjacent babe, also oversized and wearing black. They do this with blondes often enough that I call it "auric co-opting", but it seems that they are doing a series with oversized black haired babes. Similarly at the local supermarket two days ago; the short mop haired cashier is ringing up my groceries, and the oversized black haired babe siddles into the cashier area, and needs to talk with the cashier for a half minute or so. Translated, that means they need to be seen together for whatever reason, though I couldn't detect any major differences in attractiveness, save the size differential. As always, and given my exposure/learning as to morphovers, aka, shape shifting or feature manipulations, I wonder if it is the same black haired babe that keeps on showing up, albeit with differing facial features.

Enough putzing on this blog for tonight, and I am calling this one done. An all day Saturday Oracle DBA class tomorrow.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cue Brake Squeal While I Scratch My Nose

The title reads like so many entries in my written journal, the details of what transpires as the imposed "normal" as I am writing. Most TI's will know that itches aren't the random events they once were (or seemed), and arranging screeching tire moments at the instant of my finger applied to the itch isn't by anyone's standard of normalcy. And the fact the noise made it through my earmuffs with astonishing volume and clarity is another of those extra-conventional realities I deal with all day, and every day.

Only some 30 screamings at the assholes by the time I was done the morning routine, from get-up, breakfast and the showering, shaving and dental hygeine in the bathroom. They are a little heavy on the abuse today, setting me off by not allowing me to wipe the peanut butter on the edge of the bread from the knife before putting it in the jam. [Cue overhead poundingx3 as I write this up]. And if I don't like peanut butter mess in my jam, or any other kind of mess, why does this become an unconventional gravitic Fuckover moment every morning and a "consequent" (per, mind-fuck games) extreme rage-ification event? I never had peanut butter not be removable from a knife before, and yet this insane shit of theirs goes down every morning I am here. That was the second rage-ification event of the morning, and then they kept it on trhough out breakfast with their crumb teleportation games, stripping objects from my hands, and other arranged adversities. They are also hammering me with more adverse stunts while shaving to get more rage-ification in parallel.

One of the Fuckover events in the bathroom was arranging a spontaneous bleeding event about one inch below my right eye, just inside my peripherial vision. I had to staunch it twice with a stepic pencil before it would stop bleeding. For the record, there was nothing close, or in contact that would of caused the spontaneous bleeding while I was towelling my legs after the morning's shower. Later, while doing the full frontal shave, they hacked me in at least six places for more bleeding, always an abdominal location for some reason. They are not shaving nicks as there wasn't any causal action, and these bleed sites are ovoid in shape with the skin missing altogether.

Back in 2005-06 they also pulled a spontaneous bleed on the right side of my nose in the evening; it was so horrendous that the steptic pencil wouldn't work (likely sabotage in fact), and I had to pressure it wilth a towel for 15 minutes. Again, the red bloody spot was in my right side peripherial vision. And need I say how often the assholes like to arrange red in my vision?

I don't know what the reason might be; getting me "ready" for going out to my first class of the year maybe. Or did they go beserk because the extra thin last slice of bread in the loaf was consumed. One never knows what sets them off, but I predict a heavy gangstalker flush when on the bus tonight, headed for the class. And if I was to wear my cynic's hat, I would suggest the assholes are "ready" in their perverse way of getting a blood sample, and then some, by way of this strange vehicular accident which happens to be on the bus route to class this evening. Someone drove into a wall without applying their brakes even. Imagine, and no less, bringing the termination abuse into the very city they have so much citizen cooperation from. Talk about soiling your own nest.

Cause of crash that killed Saanich man Wednesday still a mystery
January 21, 2010 1:20 PM
Saanich police auto-crash specialists were on site yesterday trying to recreate the scene of a mysterious single-car accident that killed a 50-year-old man.

Sgt. Julie Fast, Saanich Police spokeswoman, said the accident was first reported shortly before 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday after a car hit a retaining all on Interurban Road near the intersection of Quayle Road.

Fast said witnesses, in a car travelling behind, reported the northbound Toyota left the roadway moved on to the shoulder and without braking or dropping speed simply drove straight into a retaining wall. Prior to the collision the witnesses said the Toyota was simply motoring north without speeding.

Fast said the man driving the car was not wearing a seat belt and that may have been a contributing factor in his death. The man’s name was withheld.

Saanich Firefighter and paramedics were on scene within minutes and cut the man free from the upholstery of the car seat and took him to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The investigation continues.
© Copyright (c) The Victoria Times Colonist

And extra noise overhead and tapping noise from outside while selecting/copying/pasting the above in. I would give the link to the newspaper, though I cannot be sure it will work;

And it happened at the very time I will be starting my class tonight; the "coincidence factor" again. So yes, the sickos are totally hyped over me going to my evening class tonight is my educated guess. Lets see if I am correct, as the first class in October, same bus route, had the bus totally packed and it was never that busy for the 2.5 months following.

The overhead pounding, all 12" of floor/ceiling concrete, is still going as I read this interesting article about a lawsuit brought by former military members against the CIA for nonconsensual mind control experiementation. Given the predispositon for atrocities in any given war, I sometimes wonder if isn't a cover for mind control experimentation, and all the abusive scenarios that occur as well. Hmm... the conspiracy notions again. Thanks to the Wise TI for bringing this to my attention.

The tea and chocolate break is over in more than one way; they fractured the chocolate bar into some 30 pieces, many being crumbs. But somehow it all stayed together until the package was opened. Another hint that the sickos are on a rabid streak today.

The tapping noise of no ostensible cause was going on the entire time I was eating chocolate and drinking tea; all those new facets of the extra broken pieces was just too fascinating for them I suppose. They kept up the tapping bullshit while attempting to boot up this PC afterward, as the Window Start box didn't come up and that forced a one finger salute, that is, turning it off an on again. No CHKDSK problems this time, though that stunt may get some extra mileage as they cannot resist putting a two tone blue display in front of me, and all the better with the white text.

Back from my Oracle DBA class, and I was totally ambushed by not even "thinking" about preparing by studying Linux commands. I knew the course was on Linux, and yet the concept of preparedness never was allowed to be entertained. Not even a recall/"forget" fuckaround sequence which is how it usually goes.

I didn't have my expected super flush of gangstalkers on the bus tonight when outbound, as referenced above. They were more into the high rotation games, having the Fuckwits going three stops and getting off and then the boarding passengers sitting in the just-vacated seat with unerring precision. Still the male vagrant show downtown though, with a female vagrant trying to hit me up for change at the bus stop. A powerline repair van came into the bus bay area and proceeded to pit-lamp me with its headlights on. At no time did the van occupants make a move to look like it was streetworks, which would of been absurd at 1750h as it was. Just sit in the van, headlights on, and watch the show unfold in front of me, the numerous Fuckwits that took pains to cross and recross in front of the headlights.

The sickos did rile me up into another screaming rage-ification show before heading out the door, which is par for the course as one's auric energies are much more definite when one is annoyed, so say the folks that can see auras. I had my babe posse ahead of me on the last block when walking to the bus stop. Once in between the two ranks, walking faster, the first rank pulls to the left and then backtracks to then force me off my path to pass by, another adroit piece of timing to be sure. It is fucking absurd to have so many hundreds on the downtown shopping area street at 1750h in this town.

A day of gardening tomorrow, I will shut this one down and post it.

Not over until its over; another screaming rage-ification over the DVD unit somehow "getting stuck", and unable to read the disk that was in it, normally placed in the tray. Obviously pissing me off is paying off in some way and I wish I had a choice in my "reaction".

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Digging With the Noise Force

I spent the day digging a 6'x20' bed at my in-town brother's place today. It was covered in invasive periwinkle which needed to be removed to give any successor plants any hope to grow. As always, I attract extra noise attention when I pull and rive on plants, and any other kind of treatments such as pruning, planting, digging and of course, composting. I am sure this is all connected in some way, and for now, I will speculate that there are life force energies that must be in play, and they are screwing me over to better assay their interaction with me by remote means. I know that is a stretch, but can anyone else offer any plausible explanation as to why I am hounded over gardening activities.

And for a diversion, here is an interesting book I came across last night, "The four ethers: Contributions to Rudolf Steiner's science of the ethers" by Ernst Marti. I read there are warmth, chemical, light and life force ethers, which is where I got the above inspiration from. Which also brings in why the perps are so obsessed over colors, and especially presenting unpleasant ones or combinations to me.

My brother lives in suburbia, but that didn't make it noise free by any means; a near constant noise train of aircraft noise from helicopters, fixed wing float planes and all the way up to high altitude SAC aircraft. As if that weren't enough, I then get loud mufflered vehicle noise in the form of hot rods and badly maintained mufflers along with the odd Harley Davidson motorbike noise. Then I get to hear much of it when I get back to my apartment after a city bus freakshow, though muted. The bus has been travelling a route that is dug up with new sidewalks poured and only two lanes, both shifted one lane northward to allow room for the equipment to dig, compact, pour concrete and other road work activities. And have I mentioned how often the perps like me to be in the proximity of foundation digging, earth removal, rock blasting and the like? At least once per week, and all the better when there are dayglo plastic lane markers to pass by.

I got "duded" on the outbound bus; at least eight of them in front of me as I sat in the very last row of seats, four of them communicating in sign language, all to legitimize the waving of hands nearby. And at least ten vagrant acts at the bus stop, making me wonder what in the fuck is going on at 0940h downtown, before the stores open at 1000h (most of them), that attracts so many vagrant acts. Anyhow, it could of been payday for the welfare types, or could of been another orchestration focus, seeing that the shiftless dude show got so much attention on the bus. And only a month after the Winter Solstice at 0940h in the morning on a cloudy day, and what is with all the Fuckwits wearing sunglasses? Especially the fucker in a red jacket that tailed me into the convenience store and then onto the bus, and only became apparent when he got off and I see the asshole through the window.

And I suppose I was extra gangstalking bait as well, because I wore my mid-blue fleece vest for the first time, having it under my black jacket. The fleece vest is handy for working outside, and I had been using my in-town brother's black fleece vest with brown leather shoulder patches. Talk about a red rag to a bull. And they also go beserk the day after a nut shave in the bath last night, along with the extra noise while in progress. It seems like a long haul yet, and I don't even know the significance of all these seeming disparate obsessions they have, never mind the integrated picture. Not my problem, so why am I getting hounded everywhere, and why the extra adversity at every move?

Another managed coincidence when outbound this morning was meeting two members of my yoga class on the street. One was at the crosswalk that was highly swarmed (Blanshard and Yates for locals), and then after I got off, the Montreal born woman "happened" to be jogging by. Give me a break; how many coincidences do I need in a day?

Major bummer news from yesterday; no more Anna and Kate McGarrigle, just Anna now. One of my very favorite music groups going back over 25 years, and I have seen them twice. Not heavy metal or even rock music by many standards, but poetic and current day folk. So it won't cut it in the meavy metal or punk scene, but I have long defined my own bounds to the music I like, and they were central.

My parcel arrived by unusual means tonight; the assistant manager came by to give it to me, first I had to answer a skill testing question as to what my last name was. He had an Asian woman sidekick with him for whatever reason, and maybe she was the brown skin reference to the brown cardboard envelope object as it passed from one Caucasian male's hand to another. It is all very odd how the perps have been so bent out of shape over the color brown for 7.5 years of this depraved abuse, and they would rather noisestalk me when filling my face with chocolate 3x/day rather than show up in person and cooperatively expedite this insane life rape. I am sure there is much more than just the color brown to their objectives, but it does cut across many categories/materials; skin tone, soil color, excrement color, wood color and a few others that are prevalent. They tell me even petroleum products too, as crude oil has a brown cast to it as well. Maybe it does, but I don't particularly give a shit, I want to be left alone instead of being mind invaded for someone else's fucking sick games.

A nap earlier tonight; a sudden demotivation and tiredness came on after I launched a test of my hard drive, estimated to run for 50 minutes exclusively on this PC. So while the blue lights of the PC, and the green and yellow lights of the router and modems were flickering, I was rendered snoozing some 6' away. I am sure there is some kind of energetic correlations they are seeking with the light sources and me, especially noted by the plethora of outdoor lights that are being left on all over downtown and even in suburbia. This is supposed to be an energy conscious city, and yet a parkade will leave its night time illumination on the entire day. Invariably there is testing where some are turned off in rotation with others, but it smacks of being yet another putz job by the sickos.

I am attempting to do some reading tonight and am getting roundly dithered; Conversion of Gravity Field Energy - Revolution in Technology, Medicine and Society (1985) by Hans Neiper and I am not allowed to read more than a few paragraphs before this foreign restlessness and jumpy vision behavior starts up. Maybe my readers will fare better if they are of the inclination to follow the history of scientific energy research, and how this coal and oil centric civilization has been defrauded by malevolent interests that would rather pollute the planet than allow the incredible benefits to develop from this knowledge that is constantly being hacked from public purview. Hard not to be a conspiracist when dealing with the imposed alternate reality of the sickos every minute.

This is done for the day, and off to bed for another day of putzing, though I do start my Oracle 11g DBA class tomorrow night.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Copy, Backup and Like Vexation

All kinds of uncharacteristic PC behavior, especially around manually backing up. I am not allowed to do Copy and Paste in the Windows File Manager, as it converts it to a bookmark instead of a copy. The fucking Mozy backup was ran all night last night and didn't complete for some reason. This PC is running slower and doing CHKDSK (Check Disk) on start up, twice today and once yesterday, which I am told, may mean something is wrong with the hard drive. Which wouldn't be too surprising as they took out the hard drives (two at once) three years ago, and only three months afterward in January 2007. So here we are exactly three years later, both system builds timed within a week of each other 2006 and 2009, and now this hard drive is acting flakey on the same schedule. Even system experts ask me how two hard drives of dissimilar make and vintage failed both at once, and I tell them I don't know. Even the redundant arrays, RAIDs for short, don't provide for this unlikely possibility.

And as part of the show, the outside noises have ramped up while I am putzing around manually backing up. The metal bashing (parking lot gate installation below), tapping (no discernable cause), chirping (no discernable cause), back up beepers, loud mufflers, air pressure release noise all from the outside, and the ongoing nonstop elevator groaning from the inside.

The timing is also interesting compared to the November PC build; the Oracle SQL course had started three weeks before the PC build, a week's PC hiatus. In two days time, the Oracle DBA course starts and I get a flakey system. Not identical timing though they like to work me over from one PC to another, and there will be a full Jan. 23 Saturday course as well.

Don't be surprised if this doesn't get posted for a while is what I am saying.

I am back from a brief appointment with the employment counsellor; I had to give her the reciept for the Oracle course tuition for faxing, which starts the money granting for reinbursement. I had my posse of weirds around me, as well as a motorized wheelchair tailing me, then passing me, then slowing up so I pass him, and then lo, if he didn't tail me again, this time keeping back for some strange reason. Then more swarm games with Fuckwits wearing brown before getting in the building, and upstairs to my appointment, this time without the crowd. All was arranged, and I signed the documents to say that I would adhere to the "Job Action Plan", and then I set off for the local supermarket. One sidewalk was shutdown due to construction, and two waddling male workers made sure to get in front of me for 50' of remaining sidewalk, and lo, if the one good sidewalk wasn't also ripped up further ahead, with a concrete truck parked broadside. So.., I was prepared to cross the one way three lane street that was constricted to one lane, when the flagman spotted me to indicate that I should walk to where he pointed, as there was a small opening in front of the concrete redi-mix truck. So I did, as would everyone else in the same circumstances, knowing that the perps are totally beserk over having me exposed to concrete in all its forms; soft, newly hardened and all ages to very old. The fact that it contains limestone, as does our bones, must make it an interesting task to remotely assay, which is what the insane abuse agenda seems to be about, among other things. Mere 100% mind control is not enough.

Another screaming match in response to the provocations like not allowing me to turn the bathroom light off and having my hand miss the lightswitch altogether. And for annoyance as the assholes fuck with this PC to have the dumbshit desktop get more face time while Firefox goes off to Never-Never land. Another one finger salute to Microsoft, the off button, and then turn it on. Where would we be without that? Which makes me wonder if the sickos didn't pollute Windows so it is more fuckable by remote means. The whole Windows success and marketshare capture always befuddled me as to how something so clunky and unintuitive could sell as many licences as they have.

Going back to 1991 and starting work with the Ministry of Forests always made me wonder the embraced the PC/Windows platform prematurely. The IT people wouldn't let us "power users" get the then fast UNIX boxes, but instead foisted Windows 3.1 on us even if it couldn't run what was needed. They just blindly kept pushing Windows when it was totally inadequate back then, and didn't offer any research or analysis as to why. I had just finished up at BCIT using the very fast Sun UNIX machines, and so it was the most infuriating of times, and in hindsight maybe they knew something I didn't; that the Fuckover Force told them, and not to entertain more appropriate architectures as Windows was going to be IT in the coming years. A number of the IT people were filling their boots with Microsoft shares at the time, and must of cleaned up if they didn't sell too early. Interestiing to speculate if nothing else; who knew what when, and how much did the Fuckover Force divulge their longer term plans, assuming this was the case?

More laundry sabotage today; the remaining white shirt of the three I purchased in October got trashed with lint from the navy blue bath towel that never, ever linted. Then suddenly it does and pastes small blue pills all over it. It was washed again, the usual ameliorative "treatment", but the pilling stayed. Now, all three of those shirts have been fucked with and pilled beyond acceptable limits. For now, the only shirt colors they want me in are navy blue and black. And it is minor hell trying to find a low cost decent stretch cotton shirt, one that won't pill. Needless to say I am totally pissed as it cost over $40 by the time I got them delivered here. Web ordering is a total crapshoot for clothes, and the sickos make sure I don't come out on top.

Some very strange (and planted, IMHO) dreams last night that were highly technical, the hallmark of a planted experience as this never occured before the life rape began in 04-2002. I was being electrified, but as trained person and supposedly in an overseen training environment. There were various formal stages too, and one would graduate from one to the next, as some kind of badge of honor as one could take on more advanced work at a higher electrification (energization) state. It was all too bizarre, and the perps have been able to keep me in these dreams now, (since ~2007), when I had some kind of self "bail out" circuit breaker and wake up to remove myself from it. Not any more, they can keep me in any bizarre scenario they want for as long as they want. Not a good thing to have that power over someone.

Another screaming session with the assholes as they wouldn't let me create a folder in the Bookmarks, having cognitively fucked me into thinking it was folder when I had (they did in fact) selected a bookmark. They screw you to rile you up, and then screw you again in being allowed to know the cognitive fuckery they engaged to create the rage-ified scenario  in the first place, inciting more rage. It is fucking outrageous that I am not allowed to access my own (hard won, learning disabilities) cognitive abilities, even basic recall of what I selected for a Windows Copy for example.

Another round of fucking this Blogspot Paste function, spawning yet more irritibility. Not allowed to spell either it looks like.

A new-to-me TI, Whatsyrproblemtelecom Weblog. No posting since November 2009 though, hard to say what is going on, but the perps like to cycle gangstalkers and other shills down south, and have them later arranged in my proximity once they return. The fucking doctor criminal did this after he illegally incarcerated me in 2003, no doubt his month long trip to New Zealand was paid for by another party. He was the clinical king pin in kicking off this abusive depravity, and surely he must of taken something from the assholes. He also got a new job two years later, but he did say that I was "persecuted", no doubt arranged as well. Its not like he rescinded my disability status or anything vital.

The typos are getting extreme; time to post this and forget about any more blogging for now.

I cannot resist; a link to the work of Dr. Ruth Drown who developed Radionics microscopes of such a resolution that can only be attained by higly specialized instruments today, some 80 years later. She came to understand from her mentors that there were etheric life energies, and with her highly capable photographic and mechanical skills, she took microphotographs with her radionics equipment that were astounding, even now. That she was pilloried and decried for decades by the medical status quo, most of whom never met her or studied her equipment or papers, is both unforgivable, and draws a bleak picture even now.

More fascinating reading; Bioelectromagnetic Healing by Thomas Valone. Reading about Rife, Frederik Strong, Ruth Down and others that Valone mentions seems to make it fundamentally clear that efficacy of treatment is not the first clinical priority. The electromagnetic healing research of over 120 years ago would of meant that cancer could of been beaten long ago, and not an money pit of tedious research that it is today. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler is another researcher whose successful methods didn't meet the prescribed orthodoxical constraints of the day.

One more time; posting this now.