Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Runners

I am due to head out and attempt to procure new runners, as my current pair did not wear through, it "developed" an never-before accelerated wear pattern, a scalloped (concave) heel. That is correct, and if I don't get my recall messed with, I will post a picture of this soon.

Currently, a noise flurry has started up, overhead pounding, faked water usage by "neighbors", vehicle horns, the electronic chirp noise of no known cause, and a few others. Also "happening" at the same time is a spasming right lower eyelid, a new "ailment" of the past week the perp have put on, also in concert with vision perturbations. As this is about an hour after lunch, this is likely the post digestion interest/harassment session they script for me.

Earlier, it was another event if significant perps interest, laundry. Nothing too dramatic in the way of harassment or mind-fuck games happened, just pulling a few things from my hands to piss me off and serve as a reason to vocalize, usually the outcome that they are looking for. I had two bursts of hallway voices as well, one with making the bed with the freshly laundered sheets, and another that followed when making lunch, the action of cutting up the cooked chicken meat. In the latter case, the perps are also wild over noisestalking and adding other phenomenon into the mix while I perform this task. This is at least a five year "interest", and I have no idea why; perhaps it is all about the "soul" of the chicken or something equally infantile that keeps the perps busy.

A new trick on top of brown crumb inundation; changing the color of the crumb! That is correct; for the first time, these static props that come from nowhere, and often in a brown color should any of the same colored food serve as a "source" (usually, though crumbs from no ostensible source can happen), can now change color when I am not looking. (When else would something "new" arrive?)
I suppose this is the near equivalent of having gangstalkers chase me from outside to inside a building with artificial lighting, as this is also happening more often, e.g. yesterday. Totally bizarre to say the least, and I am sure it won't be the last time.

The new runners are on my feet being broken in for satisfaction purposes as they can be taken back within 48 hours if not damaged with wear. The roadworks is taking place outside the store; two yellow excavators, two dump trucks with the same color as that of the green PVC 18" pipe that is placed alongside the 4' trench that is dug in midstreet. No wonder the sales dude took so long to retrieve the runners from the stockroom. And three green dressed gangstalkers were loitering around me, the location where I had stood looking at the runners on the shelf. The greens were ordered in a progression from light lime green up to a mid green wool sweater.Then a lardass of a suit came in, not your typical running store customer, just to add to the demographic flavor. And finally, a woman in yellow came by as I was finishing up in the shoes area to then position herself near the cash desk only 20 seconds before I got there. Amazing how they know where I will be ahead of me. And she appeared to leave the store, and then "showed up" in a change room, again facing the cash desk. Very strange, but as the perps are constantly on my ass to walk in the same track as I am, and walking through and onto locations where I was standing, it is no surprise that more teleportation acts are happening, as these operatives would have a different bioenergy signature coming from somewhere else, rather than us mortals who don't have access to that travel arrangement. (All of the above referenced clothing color has nothing to do with Halloween (today), and it was only when I was finishing up the transaction did a "staff member" arise wearing a black cowboy hat in some kind of Halloween motif).

The gangstalking on my way via a post box was extreme, with another mid-crosswalk placed white colored vehicle, a near identical stunt to the one that I have a photo posted three weeks ago. And at the same crosswalk as well for crissakes. And I had no camera with me today. And a male gangstalker brushed by me just after passing by the rear of the crosswalk embedded vehicle, attempting to get a better bioenergy interaction I assume, the central role of the gangstalkers and operatives.

As the new runners fitted well, and were the least expensive, I can assume that these are the very ones that the perps picked out (scripted) for me. They have a fine checkerboard pattern to the grey colored fabric, similar to my fitted sheet. The runners also have some mid-blue trim, and some same colored inserts on the sole, another likely "helper" in the ongoing color games they constantly ply me with everywhere I go.

It is also curious that the timing of the cessation of the tree stump hole digging at my parent's also coincides with the acquisition of the new runners, though I am sure there are many other perp perspective based dependencies should I be permitted to ponder the topic at length, usually not the case I have come to know. Just the permitted thoughts, that is all.

Overhead thumping and pounding is going on as I bookmark some possible movies that I might one day get to see. Any lateral associations also get a thundering reception from the same location. The perps have also pulled my left index finger from its fingernail, creating extra sensitivity as I type, and not even a cover story to account for it.

Another new perp trait is copycatting; having someone in close proximity do the same thing as I am doing. This has always been true for vehicular gangstalking, but of late this has been extended to the gym. Invariably, there is someone lifting small free weights just as I am doing, and timing their up and down strokes to mine. My supposedly demented father is also doing this; he puts his teacup down at the same time as I do, and is also true for lifting it up, and he even held off his entry into the vehicle where he duplicated my very action, timed to the subsecond level of mirroring mine. Quite the feat for dementia patient, but this is not the only "blown cover" act he has pulled. He regularly lays on the dementia cluelessness extra thick, and does a little show befuddlement everytime. Way too consistent, and way too obvious, making this an exercise a "gimme", something the perps want me to notice.

A few firework and firecracker noises are part of the current noisescape, but overhead and hallway ructions are the main noise source at present. A hallway dormitory-like yelling has continued on and off so far this evening, and the overhead tapping noise has also started up. A boomy stereo has been added to the noise mix, and no explanation as to where the noise if from, but that doen't bother the perps any, just make the noise and dispense with the cover story. All this while I am reading about the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 and attempting to tie this into my history of harassment which has had a few associations with non-ionizing radiation. (Wilheim Reich found that ionizing radiation sucked out all the good "orgone" energy). But no, there is no significant timing association of the ongoing harassment games to the Chernobyl disaster. It was about the time the perps began hammering me with panic attack symptoms, but again, wholly coincidental as far as I know. Little did I know the panic attacks were the perps hammering me with strange energies and sensations, and bringing on near death like notions, as the symptomology can be very much like a cardiac arrest. It was an extremely stressfull time, also engendered by moving to Nelson BC for three years, possibly in the shadow of Hanford, WA, the home of the military based radiation lab.

Some faux male jucularity has erupted in the hallway outside my door. Sound familiar, like the last place I stayed at? Funny how these noise sources find me wherever I go.

More music listening on YouTube; and more odd glitches that seem to be constructed around creating a slow and measured introduction to an artist; e.g. a partial view, a frozen video, still images all the way up to a full video with the artist plainly visible without any voice to video synchronization problems. It takes the perps at least five of these "glitch iterations" before they will let me watch a video that anyone else can see with no sabotage.

Time to call this day done.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another Round of Hole Digging Games

The hole digging is over for a while, at least until 01-2008. I went with the perp abetting parents to two garden centers, and lo, if the wanted tree to fill the hole cannot be sold owing to some (bullshit, IMHO) edict from the federal agriculture authority. A drive out the highway for over 3,000 gangstalking vehicles, and no freaking tree could be had. Therefore, the dug hole will be left as is for the winter, with the old root remains in place as part of the deal, and the soil was hauled off the lawn to reside elsewhere in their backyard. Clearly the perps had this one figured out for months, and it was all about sending me and my parents, the perp/harassment abettors who sold me into this criminality at birth, up and down the highway for a Feral Family Gangstalk.

After handling the soil, and my parents all around me and stepping into my path, or where I stood, as often as they could, it was onto the gym for the scheduled workout. And the perps, especially the classmembers were all over me, ringing me with at least 12 of them at one point before we retired to the floor exercise room. I had five of my classmates around me at the bicyles before that. Perhaps it was that I was dropped off coming from my parent's place in their vehicle that was the big attraction for the gangstalkers. At one time during the gym class, they had six deep metallic red vehicles posted outside in the parking lot, all visible through the glass at the front. Other fill-in parked vehicles were the usual white, black and silver-grey.

As soon as I start this posting, I get a blank out, as if there was nothing strange to report, when there was plenty going on today.

It was a sunny day, and the perps made the most of it when I was walking home from the gym, putting on at least 30 ambulatory gangstalkers, most of them coming toward me and backlit by the sun. This is getting to be a favorite perp pose, darkening down the lighting on their operative's faces and having a light source originate from behind them, increasing the contrast and to prevent me seeing much of the asshole's face. They even did this in the gym, having their "stand-arounds" and "do-squats" operatives with ball caps on and sucking down the lighting, even on me when I should of been fully illuminated under an overhead lamp. The perps are on a partial face recognition effort these days; arranging eyes only, or an eye even, and other facial components to investigate my neural bioenergetics of recognition.

I had the various acts at the gym follow me around; the woman with the red towel again, when hardly anyone uses one, and at least five of them congregated 25' directly behind me as viewed in the mirror, lining up in an aisle with their backs to the window. There were twits in their street clothes and bright lipstick, posing while they stand around, almost like a fashion shoot, waiting to be seen, and then they take off.

While at the gym, a repeat of last week's fire alarm games that went on in this apartment. The perps pulled a fire alarm test at the gym and ran the fire alarm bells and the stroboscopic flashers for at least 7 minutes while I was working out.

The games of internal head noise have been increased as of today; I get a crack sound as if it came from my jaw while lifting weights now. Formerly it was only reserved for when I was eating, even if totally fabricated and unrelated to any jaw condition or action.

I am getting extra gangstalkers on me whenever I turn a corner, at the gym or on the street. They put one on each side of me and paint the scene as if this were two fucked up rambling pedestrians who have nothing to do with each other. Sometimes it is the men's turn, the over 50 demographic and usually taller than me, another time it would be the grannie's turn, like last week on the street, when they reprised this horrific specimen with a tight curly perm who variously walks by the apartment, hangs around the outside, or hangs around in the lobby. I also got my least favorite granny gangstalker at the gym, a woman they constantly feature moving in close to me at the equipment sign out board.

And I am getting more blatant following on the street; one fucker ran up behind me as I was outdistancing her on the crosswalk. She somehow managed to stick within 30' for a full block, and then "happened" to arrive ahead of me at the LD store, being featured again in her vile lime green pants and white coat. Not pretty by any measure, but seemingly chosen to be a middle aged blonde without the large girth that I so often get.

At the LD store they were all over me at the chocolate section, at leas five of them, but they left me alone to struggle through that there were no two blade Schick blade razors to be had, as the Gillette has taken on a clicking noise again. I cannot replicate the clicking manually, but sure enough, when the razor is near an ear, it starts its clicking noise. The perps even put on my doctor as a gangstalker, he having his head buried in the newspaper section that is at the store entrance. There was the usual highly choreographed swirling of operatives around me when I exited the store, another perp trait that has increased. This is all related to following me as close as possible, and stepping into, or across my path, in front or behind me.

Today, I got an over 300lb woman leaning against a wall that is now frequented by the perp's latest featured gangstalkers; totally disgusting to see so much flab hanging on. This was the same wall that had at least six vagrants lined up and their shopping carts full of plastic bags two weeks ago when I drove by. Next, who knows; ten grannies, three blondes, five chinless specimens, three readheads, etc., all the favored demographic groups from which the perps compile their daily freakshow that they put on for me.

And for some reason I am getting a surfeit of Volvos in the vehicular gangstalking, more noticeable today owing to greater vehicular travel. Yesterday at a corner car lot, the perps had a late model Volvo V70, and the vehicle was next to the sidewalk. Lo, if the "customers" didn't leave the passenger door open at length as I was walking toward it. I had at least three more packed around me in traffic as a pedestrian when walking back to my apartment. It has been over a year since I drove my own Volvo 245, but of late the perps are putting on the late model series, the 40 and the 70. There must be something about the character of the Swedish steel from which they are made that the perps so prefer. The perps also put on Saabs which are relatively rare in this town.

I got an 0500h awakening today, all to hear this absurd amount of vehicular noise from then to 0700h when I was allowed to get up. Once I surveyed the streets to see hardly any road traffic, the infernal noise sharply decreased. I keep my window closed for these cooler days, and it makes no difference to the noise level; they prescribe the decibel level at my ears, all else be damned, including hearing protection.

I am getting severe typo sabotage, "taking" (read, forced, with error detection faculties being supressed), four attempts to type a four letter word, time to cease blogging for now.

Bad whistling in my proximity is another given of this TI's life. Earlier today, my demented father (the act, anyway), put on a pathetic whistling effort, and now, someone in the hallway every few minutes. This while listening to 1960's Bob Dylan on YouTube.

Some quiet time while listening to YouTube clips. A fascinating archive.

Paying bills with the music coming through the headphones, surely a made in perpland confluence of energetics; my bioneural energetics, music and the ever noise and phenomenon stalked activity of financial transactions, even if writing out a check at my desk.

Time to call this done and blog off.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Energetics of Geography

I am convinced the perps are hot on the trail of determining more of one's bioenergetics that is confered by geography, both on a local scale, and across the globe. They had me working on this tree stump hole at my parent's place today, this time with an ax to remove the stump (of Douglas fir) that "happened" to be under the cottonwood stump I removed three days ago. The perps had the soil fly about, planted it onto my shoes and jeans, and generally scatter as I encountered it while chipping away at this deeper tree stump.

Today's setup was that my father was off to his putative daycare for dementia patients, and would be coming back when my perp abetting mother was out at a luncheon. Therefore, I was to hold the fort, and be there when he came home and make the tea and the rest of his usual post-return routine. Which meant that I was contained at their place for the day until I took the bus back to my place along with the rolling freakshow that accompanies me. I still fail to see why there are huge trains of color coordinated vehicles heading downtown at 1630h, let alone the bus full of passengers that were on board. For this government town with no major industrial employers, it doesn't add up. Just my usual rant. I reckon the perps must have put on at least 2,000 vehicles on today's vehicular gangstalking and at least that many again parked in high density along the bus route.

Now that I have dug holes at my in-town brother's for planting new trees for reasons that were tenuous, and now again at my parent's place, along with all the attention of the noise, phenomenon (masers, plasma beams, decoloration of objects), the parent's strange copious visits to the digging, my father hamming up the dementia bullshit act, harassment incursions (dumping soil on my shoes, causing axe and pick swings to constantly miss, and I never have missed to this degree before), constant noise of aircraft, vehicles in a residential area, drone noises, bird callings, etc, and a few other stunts that don't come to mind, I am suspecting that the perps may just be on the cusp of figuring out the earth's energetics separate from my own bioenergetics. Just my take on the perp's current games, feints and stunts.

Adding to this is that I will be "helping" my parents select a tree tomorrow, planting it, and then later getting a ride to the gym directly from their place, rather than my usual route of walking directly from my place downtown Victoria. Or at least, that is the plan, and it could be changed, also a common feature of this game, foiling "my" notions (read, planted thoughts) as to what the plan is about. My mother is also having a weaving group over tonight, and after a luncheon this afternoon, that is at least two weeks of normal social activity. The weavers also came for the new living room carpet some three weeks ago, and that too is odd, as they came by once a year at most. Anyhow, it is all speculation and before long there will be some more "tells" as to what particular perp objective is getting the most attention.

I got fucked at the bus stop again; the perps ran the bus four minutes early causing me to miss it, and the next one was at least 20 minutes later. While waiting, at least 300 vehicles coursed by on this secondary residential area thoroughfare, coordinated by color and vehicle type per usual, and even a small dump truck with huge blocks of concrete in the box, which also "happened" to show up on the bus' route later. I also got another "way cool dude" circulating around me at the bus stop, also on his cell phone, and after some 5 minutes of waiting, he took off. I also got my elderly Asian contingent gangstalking me at the bus stop; he was sitting in the shelter, as if he had missed the bus by two minutes, and some five minutes later an elderly Asian woman "arrives" (somehow) 20' from the bus stop, just standing in place on the sidewalk. As soon as I got my camera ready for another "just standing there" picture of an operative, she wandered toward the bus shelter where he joined her and then they wandered off together, another bizarre stroke of neighborhood "walks". I also got a reprising ambulatory Asian male gangstalker in this residential neighborhood, stalking me at the begining of my walk to the bus stop, he being S. bound, and while waiting at the bus stop he "shows up" again N. bound, appearing to be on a neighborhood walk. He of the near clown oufit, clashing colors of green, red and black with his umbrella that was not needed, and the only one I saw in all the later ambulatory gangstalking fuckery. To do such a loop he needed to reverse his course, all timed to come by me again.

And what joke, catching the bus, as there are two routes in opposite directions on this secondary thoroughfare. Upon seeing the alternate route (E. bound) was coming before the intended route (W. bound), I crossed the street to get the first arriving bus, rather that wait any longer. I caught the E. bus, and lo, if the intended W. bus in the oncoming direction didn't show up one stop later. Both buses stopped at either side of the street, and then a kid (an operative in morphover more likely), who was 20' ahead of the E. bound bus (not at the bus stop) runs across the road to get the W. bound bus. Then he runs back across the road to board the E. bound bus that he didn't appear to want to take in the first place. A couple from the W. bound bus also got off and crossed the road to board the E. bound bus that I was on. This effectively emulated what I did, intending to get the W. bound bus, but crossing the street to get E. bound bus as it loops around and takes the same route to downtown. As it "so happened", the aforementioned couple that swapped buses got off in short order and would of got to their stop sooner if they had stayed on their original (W. bound) bus. Bizarre, if one can follow all that.

It seemed to be "boy's day" on the bus; all the putative passengers that came to ring me were youthful, save one brown skinned dude. This round followed the Asian woman demographic that preceded them and was largely in place when I got on board. I had the more garish colored clothing planted around me; the gangstalkers were wearing yellows, bright blues, reds, browns and one in black pants that were paint flecked, a common operative getup. As usual, they take many measures to expose their mouth contents; chewing gum, open mouthing, eating food etc. This is standard practice now, everywhere I go, both males and females.

As usual, I had an extra large freakshow of ambulatory gangstalkers, not to mention some strange cyclists that seemed to hang around me, and then dismounted to attach their bicycle to a post, a very common public occurence that has also erupted in concert with the harassment antics. I suspect that the tension of the wheel spokes of bicycles allows the perps to obtain more energetics measurements than otherwise. There is something they like about having stressed metals around me, and this would include diesel engines with their substantially greater compression to ignite the air-fuel mixture along with the characteristic clattering noise.

And the number of gangstalkers wearing shades today was hilarious; no visible sun or blue sky, overcast with a 60% POP (probability of precipitation), and at least half of them had sunglasses on, at either end of my bus trip and onboard also. This is not the first time I have noticed this of late, but as my in-town brother also engages in this selective sunglasses use that is unrelated, and even at odds, with the lighting conditions, I can only surmise that the abductee reports of the aliens looking into human's eyes at close range and "reading" them (making determinations) must be true for reasons that we harassment victims don't understand. I suspect the eyes are a source of IR radiation, and as they are also the only location in humans where one's blood flow can be directly monitored, one's eyes are of intense interest to the perps. They have trashed both pairs of my prescription sunglasses and clearly don't want me wearing them given how often I "forgot" to take them with me.

As this is a Monday, the return day from my parent's place, I suspect that I won't get to sleep for hours tonight, as the perps like to extend my awake time. I am calling that one in advance. Another regular item on Mondays is the perps forcing me to take a crap in the evening, just before or after dinner, and this has happened at least four Mondays in succession. It would seem that whatever benefits that the perps gain, (remotely applied bioenergetics assays IMHO), from my once per week stays at my parent's place, they want to attain the same thing at my residence location and neighborhood. That is my theory on why Mondays are so intensely gangstalked, freakshowed and the rest of the parental pandering that unfolds.

When I got in "I" phoned my ex to expect to leave a message on her telephone answering machine as she is away in Brussels (another geographic energetics test?) to thank her for the mattick that was "borrowed" to dig out the tree stump at my parent's place. Instead, I got my daughter who got into a long story about soccer and the coaching travails. Normally she is very terse and uncommunicative when I phone, and for this rare instance she was positively gregarious. I say "borrowed" in quotes as I don't know where my ex would of got this particular tool as it wasn't one we had when together, and I cannot envision her buying one as she cannot heft such heavy gardening tools. No doubt the perps wanted me to have this particular version, as she supplied the original mattick head for no plausible reason. Another go figure.

Time to call this blog done for the day; all of today's bizarreness is not conveyed here, but the above journalling should offer enough variety and detail to suggest that I am not making this up. If anyone was in my highschool English class. and recalls how often my creative writing was roundly trashed, they would concur.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

No Whine Before Its Time

The whine of putative nieghbor water usage continues after lunch, just as it did before lunch, and is appearing to be a neural energetics tracking stimulus. The perps are obsessed by the digestion process, and this likely relates to one's digestion energetics, of which food color is important. This is totally consistent with what transpires every mealtime at my apartment.

Breakfast started out with the usual piss off over placing peanut butter and jam on my toast. Then, wearing my freshly laundered jeans, they jerked the spoon of cereal and milk at my lips and then flew the milk to drop between my legs and laterally onto my jean's pant leg that would of been obscured by my knees. All to play more games over laundry no doubt, and it seems that this kind of intrusion will benefit the perps for weeks of testing, even if the pants are laundered.

And plenty of overhead pounding is going on, all to keep me annoyed for longer. Last night's bullshit fire alarm was interesting in that the overhead pounding sounded just before departing down the stairway, and it sounded again when I got back, being one of the first to learn that it was a no big deal fire alarm. Which is another way of saying, it is highly unlikely that a genuine overhead floor pounding "neighbor" could time his floor pounding over me exactly for pre-departure, and again for immediate post-arrival with the same noise, when I was one of the faster turnarounds in getting back to my apartment, with the elevators still being shut down.

Nothing new there, as I figure most of the noise is generated remotely, and projected to specific locations, often with vibration. No one yet has explained to me how anyone could pound 4" of reinforced concrete by walking around. I can only assume that the perps wanted me to know this, as part of their secondary campaign to have me notice all these oddities. Recent harassment and mind-control games indicate that they can screw me out of noticing anything in the moment, never mind the more retrospective thoughts that occur.

More jabbing in my nuts these days, and the perps aren't shy about when it happens. They have started up with more "cause" variations and are attempting to bring it into "practice" such that I won't notice the stunt, much as they do now with the myriad of mouth, neck and jaw noises that "happen" all the time. Rare is it that I am aware this mouth noise intrusion is going on, and it must serve more of the perp's neural energetics mapping purposes. Invariably, some plasma and maser action is happening at the same time, and of late, the perps have been displaying vertical beads of white light for subsecond exposures in my central vision.

A short posting today; I am due to go to my parent's place and work on that tree stump removal. The stump has been pulled, but as it "so happens" there is a large buried Douglas-fir stump in the hole as well, and it needs to be removed for the new planting. My plan is to chip it out with an axe, as it it partially rotten, though with some residual strength. I consider this "stump under the stump" as a source of perp planted browness, and with black colored soil falling upon it in the dug hole, there has to be major perp color games going on.

More sirens again; at least the fifth time today, and on a Sunday. It gets harder and harder to believe this has any relation to reality other than perp sound projection games.

I am getting the overhead rumbling noises as I clean up individual letters, the forced typos that "somehow" got missed. And as part of it, a maser immediately comes off the LCD display, toward me, in the vicinity of where the letter was located.

Time to blog off for the day.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

No Jeans Day

This is a rare no jeans wearing day, as both were laundered today owing to the timing of working on the tree stump removal at my parent's place. And lo, if the dryer somehow "failed" to dry the load in an hour, and the jeans (navy blue), towels (white) and a stretch cotton shirt (black) had to be separated and run through a further dryer cycle. In between dryer cycles I had lunch, a fully noisestalked one, as I was eating up the canned salmon, a change up in my imposed usual chicken tortillas diet. These are big details for the small minds that run the show, me included, and I am only reporting on what I observe that I think is relevant to the perps.

Living a life like this is not exciting, and the biggest tip off that I get is when the noisestalking suddenly starts up coincident with an activity I think nothing of as a rule. As I type this I am getting noisestalking by beeping vehicles from outside, and hallway sourced clickings under the guise of being a door knob being knocked somehow.

There wasn't anything too exciting in the night, and I was allowed to sleep, save for a short wakeful spell the assholes pulled on me. Then the sunbeam games again at breakfast; a 4" wide beam comes through a S. facing window and is cast upon the table where I eat exactly where I would be passing food through from plate to my mouth. This is at least the fifth instance in the past 10 days, and it cannot be a fluke. Today at breakfast, the sun was first muted, and had cloud cover in front of it, casting a soft and fuzzy beam. As breakfast progressed, the cloud cover dissapated, and the usual full sunlight beam became the version the perps continued with until breakfast was done. I also note that this window has a film of scuzz on it now, and no doubt this is part of the perp's continuing games over this absurd stunt. Again, I am just reporting what I think are important details of the perps, and take no significant interest in what it means. All I know is that the nature of the light is as important as the electromagnetic games that are going on, the abiding plasma and maser beams.

A 20 minute phone call with my brother ended, chatting about this and that, mainly British Columbia geography, and within a minute of ending the call, the perps pulled a fire alarm stunt, and I made the trek down 6 flights with the gangstalkers hard on my ass, and one dude coming up, only to find that there wasn't anything to worry about, and the alarm turned off. All to get me out of my apartment after a long phone call at this time of night. I suppose that I continued to wear the blue-purple rad pants, noted in a previous blog, all day might have been the perp big attraction over all of this. And two young blondes followed me out of the stairwell, and I suppose that had perp ramifications of some kind.

Time to call this enforced dullness over for the day, and wrap up this blog posting.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Plasma Assaults

A late start for daily blogging the harassment games, but I had some real work to do, albeit without any pay, and doubtless for the perp's cause.

It was the continuation of Wednesday's work, (two days ago), and removal of a cottonwood tree stump from their backyard to prevent further suckering of shoots from the roots, having been cut down six months ago. The work of Wednesday was preceded by an all-night of no sleep, another imposition of the perps IMHO.

The first part of today's activities was getting there, and it "so happened" my in-town brother was in the neighborhood when I phoned him this morning about bringing his chain saw to aid in large root severing. Never one to turn down a ride to avoid the freakshow that every public bus trip becomes, I accepted his offer after a go-round with some dumbshit ideas he had about meeting elsewhere. As it so happened, he scored bigtime on some artwork he bought at a garage sale, and he stopped off at the autioneer's to collect the money in the form of cash. I was beside him when it was counted out, and the perps have an obsession about me seeing and handling money, so I can only assume this was part of the scripted show.

While this was going on, the perps slipped in a red coated negro woman (read, gangstalker) in a strange hairdo, the name of which I am not allowed to recall. She stood around for a minute or so, and then drifted off, and in the process I found my attention was directed to see her in a mirror reflection, and then a window reflection. Anyhow, when this was done, she was gone, and that gangstalk episode was over.

Then another stop at the infamous, to me at least, Oak Bay junction, where the physical assault of last week (10-18-2007) took place. As it "so happened" my brother pulled into a parking stall to unload a piece of brown colored furniture to a store there, and lo, if the store assistant wasn't a blonde woman in some fugly iridescent brown colored pants, and a light grey jacket. A few more brown paint cans that "happened" to be in my brother's van got snagged and moved in the process, and after a few minutes, that job was done. And it should be noted that on the day of the physical assault, the parking stall that my brother's van was located was occupied by a blood red van, one of two that were parked in file ahead of a white van, which was immediately in front of white police van, when they came after my call from the convenience store. All very interesting to say the least, these designed coincidences.

And plenty of noisestalking while I wrote the above paragraph, as well as the need to consult my appointment diary that "somehow" got left in my briefcase from yesterday's appointment. Funny how "I" remembered to take one item out when I got back, but not the other. Now more coughing in the hallway to add to the interuptions, and now plasma games on this LCD display as I type.

Back to the intended harassment highlight of the day, the plasma assaults. My brother and I went to my parent's place to drop me and his chainsaw off, and after a whole lot of screwing around, he got it going. The root was cut in no time, and after some "planning" discussions, we decided to leave the chain saw at my parent's place, as there was the possibility of me needing it later. This scene with him involved extra trips from the front yard to the backyard, one with the chainsaw running for chrissakes. Then another needless trip for him to "inspect" what I was doing, when he could of done this the first time when making the trip with the running chainsaw. Freaking weird his behavior at times, and getting worse.

Then my brother departed and then my parents came, and wanted to see my diggings, which was fair enough. Just before lunch I got the entire stump removed, and a sudden onset of my eyeglasses fogging up and sweat beads running down them forced me to go inside earlier.

Then lunch, and the usual food playing games my father puts on, all to substantiate his dementia "cred". And the usual games of laying it on extra thick, pretending not to know that I was working on tree stump removal on his own property. A diaspora of red objects was in my visual field in the form of a napkin set packaging, tomato, teapot, cookie packaging and a few more were arranged for me to see for the entire lunchtime. And to no surprise, my father got into playing with the tomatoes, moving the plate around for pointless reasons, playing with them and attempting to place the skins on his fork, and a bunch of other games that were borderline disgusting.

After lunch, when I got back to the tree stump removal, and pulling out the extended root system, the perps laid on this debilitating plasma beam activity, having the colors altered, then dithered, then a vortex of color in my central vision, and there was no way to shake it. As part of the deal, the perps have me yell about it, and lo, if my father wasn't within earshot, and put on his "what-what" routine, this three decades long bullshit exercise in not understanding plain English language, and forcing repeats of everything I say. After me telling him that there were plasma beam assaults, and that he knows who is doing this, he fucked out of there pretty fast, at total odds with his normal obdurate way of seeking every last detail. He "somehow" knew what the moment was to then immediately depart while having a purported dementia condition.

I had masers and plasma beams, particularly red flashes, emanating from the tree stump hole, while I was digging out the roots, and the rest of the related activities for the first ten minutes after getting back to the job after the lunchtime break. In all, I could barely function, and I wasn't allowed to know what all the phenomenon were doing or what was happening, as it kept me from performing the job.

Throughout the tree stump removal job I had plenty of overhead aircraft noise, the ongoing drone noise from last week, the construction percussive noises of hammering, the neighbor noises of vehicle start ups, seagulls mewing and squealing and others. I was also harassed by extra-conventional remotely applied gravitic methods to have me "miss" with my mattick swings, soil eruptions and flickings from roots "springing" back, the chainsaw "fail" to restart, misdirected tosses of roots into the pile of them, and other annoyances to piss me off. It was back to the constant living hell the assholes have kept me in for over 5 years now.

I took the bus back to downtown where my apartment is, and this turned out to be quite the freakshow. I had my "way cool" dude/gangstalker leaning on the bus shelter when I got there, James Dean style, replete with aviatior's sunglasses while at least 150 vehicles coursed by us in various configurations and colors, per usual vehicular harassment games, and eventually the bus came filled with plenty of freaks, the worst case scenario were some apparent Down's Syndrome adults. The perps like to put me through these freakish experiences, and here they were, ready for me on the bus.

I had a bus seat that I wouldn't of ordinarily taken, but as it so "happens", I "somehow" did not recall any of my knowledge as to where to sit to avoid the worst of the perps on-board machinations. The "way cool dude" took a seat on the other side of the rear exit, though on the same side of the bus. Sparing the details of the passenger turnover; nearby plastic bag games, the extra complement of red clothing that was worn, the red hair dye jobs, the extra bleached blonde jobs, and the unfathomable extra number of short tripping passengers, the "way cool dude" came to sit beside me for the latter third of the 25 minute bus trip. What a joke, the same unusual bus passenger at the same departure bus stop separating himself away from where I was sitting, and then "finding" an excuse to later sit beside me. He didn't get off at the same stop, though I would not of been surprised if he had.

There were more freak shows of gangstalkers on the city streets, and I had my now daily altercation of sorts, with a vehicle driver bearing down on me, pretending not to have seen me on the crosswalk. This new habit of the vehicular gangstalkers making direct runs at me on the street has erupted from a once in a while occurence level to a daily one this week. And no less, this dude was on his cell phone while performing this stunt, one of the devices the perps like me to be around on a selective basis.

As with any bus ride, just as if I were driving, there was at least 1,000 mobile vehicles ordered and arranged by color and vehicle type along the entire route, and probably at least that many arranged in the same way while parked in adjacent parking lots and side streets. I got plenty of red color flashes, some "from" the apparent coating on the bus windows, some from the clothes or reflections of them in the windows, and the rest of the full on red color stalking that has increased this week.

And I am getting extra on-street stroboscopic flashes, this under the cover story of the dappled sunlight "flickering" through the trees and branches as the leaves are begining to fall. Yesterday, the perps upped the ante and created this stroboscopic assault under the guise of sunlight passing through a chain link fence. I have been walking on that beat for nearly a year, and never had any problem, never mind before the overt harassment began. As of yesterday, the perps decided that the chainlink fence would be sufficient "cover" for them to create an annoying stroboscopic light effect upon me as I walk beside it. I always wonder who they think they are fooling.

Audio listening; true to form, a forced fuck up to cause the feed to terminate, and then a restart. Same deal with conference calls; the guest gets cut off for a few minutes very often.

Some browsing and video and audio listening; Dr. Nick Begich on mind invasive technologies, both good and bad, and and audio interview with Valerie Plame. In the latter case, she doesn't claim to understand the motivations of the players and what the entire agenda is. I don't either of course, and I wonder how the perps might be using this story, assuming they didn't orchestrate it. I note that they arranged for me to miss the 60 Minutes interview with her last weekend, and lo, if my video links to it went missing. Time to try again.

Enough blogging for today, and time to wind this one up to the sound of yet another siren cascade, at least the tenth one today over two locations.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Clunking and Clicking

The overhead clunking has returned, and alernately, there is a clicking noise coming from the hallway. After last light's extreme thudding from above, the perp sickos have some gall to resume the noise from overhead. Not that a need for cover story bothered them when neccessity was more important.

I had my Thursday yoga class, and lo, if the chubby blonde from Thursday gym was there today, another crossover operative it would seem. They had another operative who participated in both these offerings in the same day like I do, a black haired woman, but she seems to have faded out.

I now have the evening free, having had a late appointment after gym class today. Before that was yoga, and it is Thursday, where these activities are stacked up. The overhead clunking has resumed, and now the faux neighbor water usage noise in two tones from the same general location. And that means the perps are blowing their cover story, as there are not two faucets in the kitchens, the location source of the noise.

And it has been busy with more improbable events, and more of usual ones getting to be more blatant. I had at least two gangstalkers stepping into my path when they each say me coming, before they decided to do so. None of the "sorry" bullshit, just blatant games on the sidewalks. Another trick is to have lead-ahead gangstalkers wander into my path as I am coming up from behind to overtake them. Never have I seen so many unerring calls about course changes while walking on the sidewalk, all the while pretending not to have heard me scuffle my feet beforehand. More bullshit to deal with, just to walk about.

And plenty of maser and plasma action; if the perps need an additional color show in mid air, they put it on; red, yellow and brown are the most common plasm beam colors of late. This can happen in mid street, at the gym or at home. Invariably there is a person's clothing or other colored object that is proximate, and the perps add a plasma beam into my field of view that is the same color, only offset by a few feet. The maser action is nearly constant; I nearly always have the fuzzy balls and the filamentous kind floating in my vision.

The usual procession of loud mufflered vehicles outside while reading all text web pages, or the text portion of a web page with graphics. I don't know what the attraction is for the perps, but the ongoing obsession over what I am reading and the orchestrated noise is not a coincidence.

And more vision interference; flaring and beaming from this LCD display; the faux dirty eyeglasses games again.

A news item from last week; it seems that the perps haven't done yet with running aircraft into tall buildings. The 9/11 tragedy was the most egregious example, but then a single engined aricraft flew into another building in New York City last year if my recall hasn't been hacked. But now, this geographic region has its very own aircraft crash into a tall building. This news item of last week, and the pilot was killed, but so far, I cannot find anyone to explain how this could of happened. I cannot say what is in this stunt for the perps, but it seems most odd that this type of incident is increasing in the past few years, with both the small engined aircraft incidents not being fully explained.

Now floor tapping has erupted overhead, another never-before event that follows me from one apartment to another, all over town.

I am getting some kind of de-motivating energies it seems; I had plans to detail all the many odd events over the day, and other perp-like orchetrations, and somehow the will to do this is getting sapped from me. The new order of being mind-controlled; variable motivation, another never-before.

A quieter time while reading the tales of Catherine Austin Fitts here and here. I don't have the mental wherewithal to understand complex financial arrangements, but it sure seems strange when one of her esteemed colleagues call the US Housing and Urban Development agency, HUD, a criminal enterprise.

And it does make me curious as to why a near all-quiet order goes into effect when reading this kind of material, a well documented conspiratorial thesis. There are annoying sounds of loud mufflered vehicles trailing off into the distance, for which "I" (read, mind-controlled me), plug my ears with my fingers for 5 to 10 seconds. I can only assume that this little long running game is for perp benefit, as is nearly everything I do.

Enough for now, being demotivated still, and not "willing" to detail the absurd levels of vehicular and ambulatory gangstalking and other harassment such as stroboscopic assaults that went on today isn't the "real me", but a remotely managed version.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Foot Stinging

I had something to do today; digging out the stump a cut down cottonwood tree at my parent's place, a past gardening folly. The problem with that tree species is that it suckers through its root system. This was likely the perp gangstalk highlight of the day, as they kept me up all night with noises, and continued the same noises when I got up. My theory is that they wanted to keep me in the same energy state from last night through today, and they weren't going to let my sleep get in the way of that.

So all night I had overhead pounding, faked neighbor water usage noise (went on for hours), the odd zapping with simultaneous thudding overhead, and the vehicular noise games as well at least two lengthy siren cascades, and at least one more when I got up. As part of the deal, I am mind-controlled to perform head flipping from one side the other at least every minute, and am not allowed to sleep. There were a number or earmuff games as well, where I wore them in bed and the perps simply created new noises inside them, or projected external noise to occur inside, depending on what they wanted me to hear. I was bombarded with the thoughts of the perp's fantasy play they keep playing in my mind; going over the familiar themes of the play, and then adding a new dimension, and should I inadvertently add something new to the script, a bejesus thundering noise came on from overhead. This is probably the limit of what I can now think for myself, and it nothing consequence to my functional life, everything else is controlled and scripted.

I was allowed to get up at 0745h, and have an annoyance filled breakfast, which is now the "usual". The like to keep me vocalizing, and never any more than when making peanut butter and jam on toast. Every possible action is sabotaged at some time, and they have now changed the properties of the former to be extra flowing even when stored in the fridge. It is always the same kind, same jar size, but now it falls off the knife "unto itself", and flicks about. This is all about placing a red color over a brown color, which is a huge part of the gangstalking.

As I write this, I am gettting a pronounced stinging sensation in my left foot that can stay with it should I move my foot.

An outing to my perp abetting parent's place to dig out a tree stump, as there are live roots that are suckering since it was cut. Sounds like a perfect setup for the entity that likes to have me dig holes, be proximate to ditching and other excavation works, and otherwise exposes me to the digging equipment, e.g. yesterday's street drilling, and the drillbit lying on the ground when done.

Accordingly, I got soil lobbed on me by an "errant" root that flicked back, and had various other extra conventional gravitic games played upon me. As innocuous as this activity sounds, it was likely a huge perp managed event. On the bus, when one includes parked vehicles, in greater than normal profusion, and in both directions, I reckon the perps put on at least 2,500 vehicles for my round trip, a conservative estimate IMHO.

I also got stamina sapped while digging the hole around the tree stump. This is where the perps do not want me to work too fast, and slow down for their remote fuckery games, and the sensation of being tired and energy depleted takes over. This is what they do to spike any jogging I might do, they kill it flat my making it a huge effort, and each succeeding run is made to be felt as a further effort, totally backwards from what would happen normally.

On the outbound bus trip I had my freakshow around me, and when I identified a perp action in holding up the mainstreet with street maintenance vehicles with their flashing yellow lights, all six operatives in view each made a shift, scratched their nose or otherwise engaged in some kind of fidgiting to aid the energetic interaction games they play all the time. It was choreographed to be pitch perfect, all at the same time, and all a subtle motion. Amazing.

On the bus, outbound, I had the ususal Asian and East Indian gangstalkers, as well as the lounging males, the tubby males and the carrier of the ugly translucent red plastic bag, a prop the perps are continuing to add into more of into their gangstalking games. When it was time to get off I had a "fellow traveller", one of the gangstalkers that like to follow me on the bus, off it, or usually both. She had been on the bus for the entire ride, and I was not in a position to obsrve her clothing until she got off. She had the ugliest and baggiestn pastel green pants on, as if from a hospital, and an insipid light brown colored coat. That was bad enough seeing these fugly colors, and the combination was worse yet again. And it could well be that the perps are screwing me over to react considerably more than I would otherwise.

But getting off at the same bus stop in a residential neighborhood wasn't enough; she followed me down the sidewalk to a lane that only the locals would know about, as it connects two subdivision areas. I have had many gangstalking operatives following me off the bus at this location, and now I had one who actually followed me down this obscure pathway for the first time.

To reiterate, my above analysis of the reason for the sleepless night with the noise assault was very likely that today's root digging, still unfinished, was the reason the perps kept me up all night with the same noises and into the morning, and even now. And while root digging in a residential neighborhood the siren noise went on for at least 10 minutes straight, and there was a droning sound with no seeming cover story for the first two hours of my activity.

In past key moments at my parent's place the perps have flown a US AWACS aircraft overhead, spewing out greyish beams toward me; one of the most outrageous indulgences of electromagnetic fuckery I have seen yet. before that, I thought it was bad enough that the perps had arranged a Canadian naval vessel lined up on the turnaround and lunch location of my regular hike, also spewing out some kind of greyish beams from the radar mast.

An overhead thundering boom came on when I had the earmuffs on, dealing with another noise the perps made sure I was annoyed by. Ergo, another screaming yell at the assholes as it came in plenty loud with hearing protection on. This is fucking insane to be treated like this. I want a rendition flight instead; then it is over. And I wouldn't be surprised that the sordid business of rendition torture flights wasn't for the perps. Why not, especially when they have an abiding obsession as to to how high I am off the ground, and sending me on flights in the early stages of the overt harassment in 2002.

Another thundering noise overhead, and another screaming yell at the assholes; sound familiar? It should be, now "happening" in four of four of my last residence locations where there was an overhead tenant. The only residence location that was on the top floor still had the odd "workmen" pounding on the roof under the guise of building maintenance.

More temporal lobe assaults; these are the "floaty" sensations, and the perps seem to be pulsing me with this, as they are coming on at regular intervals. This is highly invasive and disrupting, and I have these occasionally since 7 y.o., and learned the cause was temporal lobe de-energization from my ADD research days, when I was lead to believe that was the problem. Little did I know that it was an accurate assessment, but that it was totally controlled and directed all my life. Fucking sick.

More zappings and jabbings; the perps have been jabbing me in the nuts more of late, and it comes on when I am entering or leaving a building, one of the locations where they put on the gangstalker swarms, as there is someting immediately different about me in terms of body energetics that they cannot yet figure out. Not my problem, so why am I swarmed at every building entrance and exit?

A near all-quiet for the past hour after riling me up as per above posting time. A background noisescape this time, and none of the overhead pounding, especially when an uncontrolled thought comes to mind. It was brutal before.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chicken Run Time

I made a 10 minute visit to the local grocery store and back earlier, all to get the most gangstalked item of all, the hot cooked chicken. It now comes with some orange-ish sauce on it, and lo, if there wasn't an same oranged coated gangstalker buzzing around me before I placed it in my basket, and then two more passes before he settled in behind me as the next "customer" in the checkout line. The dude ahead of me at the checkout came to return his glass bottles, hence some localized glass bashing ahead and during my groceries being rung up by the cashier. Two cashiers in fact, a tag team arrangement that has been observed before at other stores as well, no matter what I purchase.

Said orange coated operative, also in ghastly green pants, the same color as the chair that I sit on when online, also did the "cough", that ever familiar short throat cough that erupts around me, and in this case, timed to coincide with my debit card transaction. Just part of the game, not to mention the debit card read being wobbly on its mount, the cashier holding it still while I transact, and the other tag team cashier member moved the adjacent plastic bags at this time time. Then a grey-haired (read, silver grey, a favorite perp color) third cashier arrived to then dip her head in apparent conversation with one of the younger tag team cashiers, and it was placed such that their heads were close to together, and the silver grey hair spilled in front of her face so it couldn't be seen. I take this to be an effort in separating hair and head from one's face as observed by me, and with the perps evaluating all the neural energetics of each component and object of what I see. (And as I typed the name of the guilty party, an overhead eruption of noise came on, as have a succession of loud mufflered vehicles on the street).

And the plasma action in front of this LCD panel is also getting obnoxious, as was an orange flash outside, just the same color orange as identified above.

The orange games at the grcery store weren't over yet; as I exited the store, a same orange colored translucent plastic bag toting operative was passing close by, and had arranged himself to pass by on my right side, one of the vaunted "needs" of the ambulatory gangstalkers that is so familiar to me. The left-hand drive pedestrians have been journaled about in past blogs, and it still continues to be the big deal for gangstalking choreography.

As usual, there was a surfeit of wandering males on the streets and in the grocery store; I have never seen so many on weekdays, this in a city where it is difficult to get low pay workers. Here they all are, buzzing around me. Being an operative must pay better than minimum wage I suspect. And nice benefits too; teleportation commutes, shape changing, and outside work. All to harass the living shit out of a victim that has been followed for 47 years before outing themselves as the depraved and beserk assholes they truly are.

I was "treated" to only an hour of sleeplessness and head flipping last night before being allowed to go to sleep, very decent of the perps, especially on a Monday where they appear to maximize this kind of fuckery. I had some ugly and stupid dreams before I was awakened, though I cannot recall exactly what. The perps like to leave me with the emotional impression of the dreams, and appear to jump on me with coincident noisestalking should I recall actual dream content.

The right side eyelid spasming games are being played of late; a "spontaneous" event that is increasing for no known reason, and it last "featured" in 1978 for no reason as well. The then treatment was prescribed Valium, and it was the putative cause for the sudden sleepy events that followed. Funny how that happens again on most afternoons now.

More maser emanations are "happening" when I first get up these mornings; yesterday it was the perps sucking the light out of my right eye, today it was the assholes targeting me with strange dots and drifting filamentous masers. The even kept a consistent plasma shape in my vision and brought it on each time I blinked, or more like, was forced to blink.

The typo sabotage is getting out of hand, time to cease journaling for now.

More file sabotage I note; some of the corrections needed above were inserted after I shut down the PC to go out to my gym class.

After walking to the gym, working out, and walking back, it was quite clear that the perp's color theme was red, and more red, which doesn't surprise me as they were at this for my outings last week, and of course, their finale was to have one of their operatives assault me for a in situ blood sample as described in the blog of 10-18-2007. There were more blood red and burgundy red vehicles on vehicular gangstalking, and less of the deep metallic red colored vehicles. This didn't stop them from putting all three colors together in a red threesome cluster, often with accompanying white or silver grey vehicles. And still more ambulatory gangstalkers in red clothing, some to the point of absurd.

The usual 600 to 1,000 vehicles were coursing by on vehicular gangstalking duty, and many more are parked and arranged in specific color sequences.

And the intersection where last week's physical assault took place had the crosswalk and stop lines re-painted since I was last there that fateful day. This was the first time back on that route, so it was interesting to see what the changes were. The perps also put on a person spraying red lines on the sidewalk, there for both my outbound and inbound directions. The assumption is that they are marking lines for undertaking future street works, though by experience, I have come to know that the painted sidewalk lines are simply there for the perps color reference games. Call it the cover story for street painting, just as the grafitti is for the vertical surfaces they have marked up all over town.

There was more blatant gangstalking in the gym as well; some weird long haired dude came to stand 5' behind me while I was doing lunges with the free weights, and that was all he did. End of that routine real fast. Once I finished up in the free weights area there were at least fifteen of them that congregated around the bench I used, most of them doing nothing but wandering around, attempting to look busy, but were too obvious by half. I don't know what the deal is, but they like to be seen engaging in odd behavior.

In the floor exercise room there was a new routine and four of the class, cum operatives, were packed around me and another two "flaked out", and stood at the wall, pretending they weren't up to the exercise. The perps put on their full lineup of blonde class members today; the chubby happy blonde, the grimmacing overweight one, and latest introduction, the very overweight one who joined last week. The Three Blondes, akin the the child's story, the Three Bears. It was a bit strange having all three, and that is a first, but the real question is what is it all about? Are they graduated steps in odious obesity for blondes, a fine tuning of what the perps often do, creating incremental steps toward defining the demographic groups that they so like to draw from to gangstalk me with?

There has been a variety of guts on male gangstalkers as well; from small to excessively large, and the perps like me to see them in profile much of the time. Lately the perps have been working on the smaller guts, testing me out on the degrees of male beer guts, however one defines them.

And a red headed woman has joined the class as of today, one of my cluster around me when doing the abovementioned lunges. And lo, if she wasn't in an identical dark brown top to that of the overweight (mid size) blonde woman . Next, the men will be in sport jackets I suspect, to continue on this theme of re-introduction to the demographic groups, and deconstructing the gradations to which I subconsciously react to, positively or negatively.

There is no getting away from vacuum cleaners as it "so happens"; a the gym they had two of them in operation, one at each end of the room for a stereo effect. The cover story for one of them was the dismantling and cleaning of a treadmill machine, and the usual pinching of aisleway access, something that is becoming more frequent wherever I go.

The red-haired woman made sure to precede me out the door, just slipping through to cause the door and door jamb pass within an inch of either side of her while moving through the doorway. This close "tolerance" doorway egress trick has been observed before on elevator doors where the operative slips through, contacting the rubber edges, but without triggering an opening of the doors again. The red-haired woman ducked out to the left and walked between the adjacent workout machines instead of taking the usual narrow pathway to the main aisle. For someone who was new there, she knew her way around. So I took the expectable and normal 6' path, and lo, if there wasn't a brown cardboard box located in the middle of this all-too narrow path.

This is the new normal, just like the stocking carts and the grocery store, there is almost always one on any visit, and before the intensified overt harassment began, it was a rarity. And it does not matter which store I visit, there is a city-wide "eruption" of stocking carts wherever I shop, and always with a considerable flattened stack of brown cardboard boxes on or beside it. Invariably, the stocking assistant is in "bend-over" mode, a position that seems to offer optimum energetic interaction, stretching the spine. And it should be noted for new readers that the color brown causes the perps no end of obsession, and they make my life a living hell for whatever they are attempting to do or use with this color. In my opinion, the perps are totally obsessed over all colors of substances and organs in the human body, and the color brown appears to be the most problematic for them, which I suspect relates to their blundering intrusions when I was toilet training, about 1956 or so.

Much of the perp activity related to colors is the placement of one in front of another; they harass the hell out of me making peanut butter and jam on toast every morning, and frequently move one gangstalker in front of another, partially at first, then entirely, to determine the energetic color interaction with me. They do the same for vehicles, hence the coordinated colors, often using white, black and silver-grey as reference colors behind the red, green, brown, orange or other colors they are attempting to experiment with at that moment.

And I couldn't help but notice another drilling in the street today; I am no civil engineer, but the perps have demolished, and are installing a new gasoline fuelling station at this one location where two one way streets join to become a two way street. This is on my walking route to the gym, and today, in the center left lane they had a soil drill, which looked to be about to drill a 4" hole. When I came back, the 8' drill bit was laid horizontal on the ground, and I assume that the drilling had been completed. I have no idea what the apparent need was, but this "event" type has followed me over two cities, and about every six months or so, another drill hole "happens" in my proximity, even if only walking past.

There is still more street digging only a block from my residence location to deal with a 5' rise in the street, and supposedly, an undrained bog lies below. This looks to be at least two more weeks, and it seems the perps like to have large quantities of 30" green PVC storm drain pipe stored nearby (me) for as long as possible.

The overhead pounding has started up, and is sounding each time I type up the noisestalked words of the day. One cannot get more precise than that in timing noise to my actions or thoughts, so what could it be and how do they know? Simple; it is called remote neural monitoring, and has a long documented history here.

The predominant noise for the past 40 minutes has been faint shouts and vocalizations with coordinated cheering, overhead thumping and church bells, this being practice night. The first two may well be projected sound, but the bells are for real, and there is nothing the perps like better than to have vibrations set up around me. I wanted to block the faint noise with the earmuffs, but this became problematic when a rumbling noise was ported into the earmuffs, and then the perps pinged on the sprung earmuff's headband to further piss me off. Perhaps a music CD instead, though they haven't finished thumping overhead. And to be clear, it is a concrete floor/ceiling 12 storey building and yet has all the noise of being in wood framed warehouse with someone puposely making noise for its own sake.

Now whining of the putative "neighbor's" water usage, though in fact it seemed to be a ruse to have me close the bathroom door, being brown colored of course.

Time to call this done for the day, and blog off.

Not soon enough; as I was putting the link in to the perp's brown color problem, the assholes pounded overhead and gave me a simultaneous zapping, a sure fire piss off, and one that they screw me into screaming about everytime. Fucking sick and cowardly, and all they do is jerk people's lives around who are totally innocent and do not deserve this treatment whatsoever. And that is the real problem, the assholes won't front themselves, but remain hidden to apply their nonconsensual human experimentation games. And yet they arrange my entire life, and a cast of over 10,000 to keep jerking me around.
Noisestalked words du jour: targeted, noisestalk, me

Monday, October 22, 2007

Keeping Clueless

This is the post-dinner digestion period, always one for perp excesses. Then add dusk onset, another perp obsession, and it is a "perfect harassment" moment. One always knows by the noisestalking increases, if the increased plasma and maser action in my face hasn't increased.

One aspect of being harassed like this, down to every thought, is that there is a strong component of being kept clueless about certain news events. This is managed in good part by constraining my news feeds from the web, as well as the "don't see it" mind control games that are now endemic.

After being kept out of the loop on the baseball playoffs and the penant I was totally planted with the wrong notion that yesterday's baseball game, that I "happened" to catch part of at my parent's place, "I" (read, mind controlled me) was led to believe that the game was the World Series, and not the penant series. Then as part of this, I got the teams wrong, or at least one of them as I was explaining this to my mother, no baseball fan either, but who somehow had an "expressed interest", (read, perp planted and scripted). So finally I have it figured out; it was the final penant game, #7, and the Red Sox are going onto play the Colorado Rockies for the World Series. This is what it takes to be TI, never trusting what one says for fear of it being a planted notion.

Another clueless round was this morning; my mother wanted to go out this morning after breakfast for me to drive her to the carpet store and get underlay. And somehow, I had "forgotten", and she didn't mention it until the last moment when I thought I was set to be driven back to my place. There was the usual 100's of vehicles coursing around us in coordinated colors and we got the underlay after visiting the second store where the right size was availible. Wouldn't you know, it was brown colored, and in the form of some kind of synthetic plastic foam, much different than the old heavy carpet stuff we pulled out last week. And lo, if we weren't put in the double white vehicular gangstalking "sandwich"; two white vehicles ahead of us, and two behind as our escort for some 10 minutes of road travel. I suppose the perps must be looking for some kind of brown to white interaction, or whatever it is they are chasing me over, never mind the odd assault.

And last night while sitting around in the musical sofas of my in-town brother's place, who had put dinner on for us, along with inviting his native Indian on-off girlfriend too. Another case of brown (skin color) time as I see it, fitting the perp's color energetics obsessions. The TV was on to watch his favorite antiques show, and then my father (in the guise of a dementia) got up and started fingering and pissing around with my coat that was hung on a peg on the living room furniture. I told him to leave it alone, and he backed off. He then got up and did this twice more, grasping my coat at the location where the perp's planted the blood they extracted from my face last week. Which tells me that the assholes didn't get very much out of it if that is what they are doing some four days later, even if the coat was laundered.

All these wars and strife, now and the over the long past, and here are the sick perps pounding on lifelong victims on the street to figure out their fucking games. Never mind the world of blood donations and transfusions, something else they might have their hands in. And I note, an apartment massacre of six in Surrey BC on 10-19-2007, one day after my street assault, something the perps surely must of had a hand in. (And as the news is slowly divulged, there were two Caucasians and four Asians, and oh what planning that took to have a multi-racial bloodletting in this geographic region. Excuse me for being so cynical, insensitivity isn't intended). The perp's problems with the bioenergetics of my blood, or anyone else's, is not my problem, so why am I being assaulted on the street for yet another blood sample?

In addition, none of the First Feral Family dared to mention how I got the cut at my left eyebrow and how my eyelid was a dark purple, both souvenirs from Thursday's assault in the street. Funny how that happens, like they already knew and didn't dare instignate a scathing diatribe as to their collusion, with a ringing rejoinder for them to see their handlers and put an end to this sadistic depravity. Not that they have any pull, they rolled over decades ago and are in full play with the perps. I even challenged my in-town brother as to why he was playing ball with the very assholes that pulled his eye out when he was two years old. All I got was the bullshit shrug and smirk. Talk about complacent and complicit all at once.

I once harangued the Feral Parents to go see their handler when I was being relentlessly lashed with maser strikes to my eyelids, nose and lip for weeks on end. This started at the end of the hospital stay in 2003, and carried over until I found my place about a month later. I, as in mind-controlled me, was getting relentlessly harassed to the level that I told my parents to go see their handler and put an end to this highly exasperating harassment method. After some back and forth they actually did go out, and lo, if the facial maser strike harasment didn't end the next day. And my parents didn't bother to ask about it afterward either, knowing of course, the entire event was scripted, including my scathing rebuke to their suggestion that the maser strikes were an aberant mental construct. I told that story to my then shrink and he didn't have anything to say about it. Another behavior oddity not of my making. I still get the maser lashings, but not to the annoyance level or the frequency of that time.

And I am still getting screwed out of listening to radio; the internet players "somehow" don't work, and the feed gets messed up. So much for being informed. But I am allowed to listen to a few CD's per week, a change no doubt suited to the perp's games, especially if one notes the coincident noise flurries going on in the background.

I saw an interesting vehicle and gangstalker configuration today while driving; it was three parked burgundy sedans, each pointed a different direction, and two women were in the center of this cluster, one with burgundy colored pants, and the other in black colored clothing on a cell phone. It would seem the perps were attempting some kind of color energetic interaction as I passed by, and perhaps the brown colored carpet underlay in the cargo area of the vehicle was the reason for such an obvious gambit.

My mother took me out for lunch today, my "reward" for aiding in this morning's driving and carpet underlay installation. We had four blonde waitresses and hostesses circulating around our booth, close to the kitchen. My mother made out to be confused as to the menu, futzing over the definition of a clubhouse and a Cesar salad. The waitress bent over her menu and explained it, all the while offering me a look down her front. This happens too often to be the innocent act it is. (One of the better harassment methods though). For all of lunch the perps had male kitchen banter ongoing, likely for some kind of neural energetic correlation, visually pleasing blondes to male voice being interpreted for tone and content. The perps also put on some "customer"/blonde alignments, having one of the blonde staff member "happening" to be in the line of sight of some obvious looking male operative, also making himself obvious with the head spins and lookaway poses.

More boredom as I troll the internet, guided by my keepers and the constantly enforced typos that go on, usually "borrowing" letters from the next intended word that "somehow" get intermingled with the one I am typing. Failing that, there is always the jerkaround of forcing me to contact two keys at once to disrupt my flow. It never ends, all this intrusion after a lifetime of being monitored and controlled.

I was on the end of a new method of harassment today; the perps sucked the light out of my left eye when I got up this morning, and had me in total snit about it. When I went to the bathroom to see about it, they then laid on a batch of mucus in my eye, as if that were the problem. I never get mucus in my eye at anytime, only when the perps put it there, so that was not the cause.

I am getting the double noise game; the irritating quiet hiss and and the overhead rumbling and pounding.

Music and some decent site visits, even closing in on harassment free moments, a true rarity. I was allowed four CD's to listen to tonight, a radical departure from the usual sabotage of my players and related software.

Time to call this day done and blog off.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Short Sunday Post

Another 10.5 hour sleep, that is, enforced get-up time being the same as yesterday's, approx 0945h again. As always, there is a litany of minor harassment games, my vocalized "response" and the ubiquitous noisestalking. This is all before starting breakfast and involves making the bed, a constant harassment game for the perps and putting my clothes on, another constantly noisestalked event. Sometimes the perps will force me to take a pee to interupt even those mundane tasks. Of late, the perps have taken to disrupting the breakfast routine, having me "forget" to put the burner on for heating the kettle, something that never happened before all the harassment began.

There are myriad reasons why they do this, and if one is studying the energetics in the life of a victim to every last detail and task, it makes sense that everthing be disrupted in some controlled way to isolate the brain and body energetics involved. And another technique is for force sneezing, which is what exactly occured as I was typing the "e" word, one that brings a huge amount of noisestalking or other phenomenon like masers and plasma flashes.

I was allowed a near normal sleep last night, now two nights in succession, something of an anomaly given the week's events. The only residual effect was to tag me with some recall as to the color red being dominant in the lastmost dream. No surprise there.

Last night's vacuum cleaning in the hallway outside my door lasted until 2230h, making this floor's hallway a 6 hour job. Quite the excuse, along with having young children's voices seemingly talking to the responsible adults. I wouldn't of been surprised to see dogs and cats there too, given that all these beings seem to be surrogates for the perps, acting as "psi energy" sensitives, which is reputably the case.

And more games with shaving razors again; the Gillette two blade system, once discarded for a Schick 3 blade system, has taken to clicking again, especially when the razor is near my ears while shaving. The clicking noise is self-erupting, and the razor does not need to be utilized for this noise to occur. Regular readers will know that the same thing happened earlier this year; a trusty long term owned Gillette razor handle began clicking unto itself, and that prompted the turnover to use the Schick system. Then this began to get spoofed with thoughts as to what a club is was to shave with, which is comparatively the case, and then the white teflon rub strips were replaced by a yellow and a green colored rub strips. Then, in a mind-controlled annoyance state, "I" (the collective mind-controlled me) reverted to the Gillette system again and had no problem with it until recent days. Now this self-erupting clicking by my ears. And senseless pissing away of money I need to conserve.

As I will be going offline as of about 1600h when my parent's pick me up to go to my brother's place for the same tired food he always cooks, this will be a short blog posting without any great insights or photo inclusions. And as I think about the recent implications of the latter item, a great rumbling overhead took place, again tracking my thoughts that are not yet scripted by the perps. The degree of coincidence it too high for any other reason I can think of, never mind the ridiculous nature of this noise following me where I am in this apartment, always exactly overhead.

The latest game the perps have of presenting images is to grey them down and remove the contrast and make the subjects barely discernable. When looking up Jan Arden on MySpace last night, her photos were rendered down to almost look like a heavy gauze had been placed on it. The perps know that this singer is familiar to me, and likely decided that it was "too much" for me to see all at once. Translated, that means the perp's remote monitoring and neural intrusions cannot yet cope with all the energetics that comes with seeing a photograph of a familiar person, so what better way to change the show than to piss with the photo? That is my take on this in any event, and I am always willing to entertain any other ideas.

I don't get much debate with anyone as to what the perps are after besides 100% mind control, and it is mightly curious that this covers family quislings to even TI"s, though in the latter case they could be inundated with other thoughts, even planted ones that defeat this very possibility. And it could be that this blog is not really on the internet, but on a spoofed server from the perp's IT department. There have been enough strange Windows behaviors to know that they routinely access my operating system, and that there are odd file references that don't make any sense except when on a larger system, e.g. "node".

And all-quiet order is in effect, so there must be some important neural monitoring and assaying games going on. This usually represents a high point in their games, and they add selective noises into the noisescape once in a while, likely to trigger familiar neural responses. Another still-frequent event is typo sabotage, and it continues without any respite with this new Fujitsu keyboard.

A subsecond siren burst is now followed by a simulated vacuum cleaner noise that is louder through my earmuffs than it is without them. This is very common if the perps want a particular noise for me to hear; screw the pretense of conventional physicality if/when needed. Who they are thinking of in these games isn't real clear, and they seem to know what plasuible cover stories to dispense with for a given harassment stunt.

More woo-hoos from the hallway, timed exactly at a web page change. There has been a number of noise games while reading about the nefarious deeds of outing Valerie Plame and the entire strangeness the case took in recent days. That is, she was working on preventing nuclear proliferation to Middle East countries, one being Iran. Another case of sabotaging noble work perhaps? More of the who-knows again; so many players and so many agendas, and even a blonde in the mix. I have see no major perp associations in this one beyond the generality of keeping "nuclear xxxx" in the news. Not likely a strong reason for perp scripting, as there are an infinite number of ways that they can do this, just spoofing my news web pages will do.

Time to blog off for the day, and call this done.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

An All Quiet Order

This is moment in the current all-quiet environment that was orchestrated about a half hour ago and is continuing, likely until I have lunch. Only prescribed sudden onset noises are allowed it seems, and those are usually when an unbidden thought or image comes to mind. Very often the perps will plant illogical precepts in mind, and as I am digesting this and then refuting it, a sudden burst of overhead rumbling and clatter starts up. Other intervening noises are vehicle horns and the odd muffler eruption.

Just another day in being kept, both in thought and deed. Weeks of annoying ads on my regular web sites will go by and then the "sudden" recollection that the ad or image can be blocked with AdBlock Plus (Firefox browser extension).

A 10.5 hour sleep last night, which is totally absurd, and likely to arrange my awake time for their precise timing vis a vis the sun angle and the sidereal time that the perps seem to monitor. More planted nightime dreams of helicopters and no significant awakenings, a radical departure from all past sleep interuption stunts this past week.

And plenty of maser and plasma games; I have an array of scuzzy black balls that drift around in unison as a regular item in my vision, and then there are the transitory flashes that are getting more disruptive of late. The perps put on a momentary display of red plasma dots that emulated blood for a subsecond exposure, and they seem to be interested in how I deal with this anomalous information, and if I have a second look or dismiss it out of hand as more of their juvenile incursions. Other vision perturbing games are creating double vision on selected objects, screwing with my focus when a new web page displays, and sometimes there is a "regular" double vision event; one particular shelf that I see to retrieve the coffee pot from is always portrayed in double vision.

I got more vertical filamentous masers drifting around as I shaved my face this morning; they erupt just before I apply the razor to shave, and loiter for 3 to 5 seconds, hovering over that same location. As always, I get faux neighbor water use noise while I shave or undertake other activities in the bathroom, and these are timed to when I am there. My morning routine start time has been highly disrupted this week, from 0700h to 1000h, and yet the putative "neighbor" unerringly begins their water use simultaneously with my routine activities. I have yet to be convinced that there are real tenants in this building as the residents seem to be transitory, and time variant, not fitting with that of regular working folk. Usually the perps put on a little skit to tell me this is the case once per week; they like to refresh my perception, or planted perceptions, of what is going on. My father over-doing his dementia state at least once per weekly visit is another example of the perp's managed Potemkin Village games they like me to be aware of. Most strange to say the least.

All the while, the perps have been keeping up the annoyance level for whatever benefit they get from this, likely an increased aural energy signature. They mind-controlled me to interupt coffee making to then begin toast preparation, and then made me aware of this first time anomalous behavior partway through the latter task, and then had me switch tasks again to finish the first begun coffee making. Then they had me extremely pissed at this mental incursion, as it is a never-before event; interupting the routine activity to start another that is secondary to the first task. I have been making the same breakfast in the same way for over 5 years, and this is the first time the perps have interupted this activity to suit their own depraved collective mind state.

The coffee beverage is of extreme interest to the perps, largely because of their brown color obsession I suspect. The perps regularly blow fresh coffee grinds off the spoon and onto the stove surface when loading them into the French press Bodum vessel. All to obtain a different color and energy signature I would assume, and also prompt the use of the blue colored sponge on the white enamel stove surface, another telltale stunt the perps like to have me do. It just isn't enough that I wipe down the stove surface with the same blue sponge three times a day, following each mealtime after completion of doing the dishes. I am usually accompanied by two or more loitering gangstalkers at the specific grocery store location whenever I buy coffee. They always know in advance.

Once I had some lunch in me, the noise campaign started up, and attained the level of introducing the most loathed sound of all (for me, that is), the throbbing 2 cycle chopped motorcycle noise. This noise has changed its habits, it now idlles for 20 to 40 seconds, and then "proceeds" as if driving away. The whine of an overhead vacuum cleaner has started up, and has had enough run time to clean at least five of these small apartments. The "source" also serves as a "reason" for the outbreak of clunking and thumping that began once the post-food digestion noise flurries began. Just to elaborate for occasional readers unaware of my world of being subjected to unconventional technologies, nearly all the noise I get to hear is orchestrated and usually comes from some kind of ability of the perpetrator's to project sound from sources that would not ordinarily be that close, or that loud.

The shooting head pains in my temporal lobes have been continuing today, and exhibit the same degree of timing as that of the introduced noises; coincident with thoughts that are not planted, i.e. thoughts coming from me. Very often the perps will pose an illogical proposition that I am unaware of, and as I am responding to this in cognizant thought form, a body zap, noise, plasma flash, maser strike, maser display or head pain will immediately occur, attempting to make an electromagnetic or visible light/color association with the thought. Another challenge method to my logical interpretations is to have a shill or quisling make a bozo proposition which I will invariably challenge as untenable. My mother and ex are both masters in this respect, as was Ms. C of the story, who was a whole lot more cleverer than she made out. I call it "bozo suggestion swamping".

Just to think, the planted idiot show has been going on all my life, and I have met quite a few in the past, but I never had the idea it was orchestrated to create friction, an impasse or otherwise crank up my angst or annoyance level. It does make me wonder why the perps are chasing me down on this front; perhaps they want to defeat this last line of defense by way of their mind-control actions.

The perps also like to "feature" themselves when I am complaining about them. This can only be done in public, and invariably there is an initiating event about which I am remarking upon to my in-town brother or parents, and as I am doing this, an operative goes by, or my attention is directed to an operative making an in-close gangstalking pass-by, or stand-around. Invariably, the operative has performed his "strut" in advance, to ensure that the sight of him (usually a male in these circumstances), has "earned" prior credibility as a perp.

Three directional noise sources; leflt, right and overhead all sounding off together at the same time. Bizarre, and only a small vignette of what goes on around me at any given moment.

Now, after 10 minutes of clunking around in the hallway, the vacuum cleaner starts up outside my door. This the first instance in this apartment since I moved here in May of this year, 2007. Regular readers will recall how this same device was used in such great frequency at the last residence location, the putative rooming house. And the same before that, at a nearby apartment complex. And at the apartment location before that, back to late 2004. It is all part of the ongoing games that the perps need to pummel me with it seems. Now that the noise has gone of for five minutes outside my door, it is interesting to note that the device hasn't moved any, and that it remains stationary. And the vacuums are typically run outside my door later in the day after residing in my apartment for at least 8 hours of awake time.

The hallway vacuuming started up, a first for this residence, and the noise went on for 30 minutes under the guise of carpet shampooing. This noise and vibration covered me from PC activity through shutdown, making and eating dinner, doing the dishes, and restarting the PC for some more web browsing. Commendable timing, getting all that in at the dusk onset time as well.
Now the street hollaring has started up to add some voice into the noisescape.

Music listening again, this time with external interference and an obvious obstruction in accessing folk artists, and instead, I can only get electronica, ambience and undifferentiated vocal stylings; e.g. Happy Rhodes, Tori Amos, Magenta, Iona, etc. I cannot believe this; I am not allowed to listen to the kind of music I Iike.

My brother phoned about arrangements for tomorrow's dinner, and now another model of vacuum cleaner has started up in the hallway. At least 40 minutes of earlier music listening without any hallway noise, and now this. There does seem to be an elegant progression of noise and music going on, and a need for the perps to somehow tie this neurally to whatever they determine from their vacuum cleaner games. A fucking outrage that this is going on at this time of night in an apartment block. And around me, as if I don't get enough harassment as it is.

Some pictures from two days ago when walking to yoga, and then later to gym class. This is being done while the vacuum cleaning noise is going on, so perhaps they want this noise as background to picture posting. Over the past two weeks I have been picture posting with a music background, and now this. The noise and music games are becoming too predictable.

Symmety in color clothing, or color trim. I invariably get something goofy at this location, an apartment block once I get out of downtown. Both males with the same color of yellow clothing, one as a jacket color, the other as trim for a black colored jacket.

Three mini-vans arranged side by side with a white colored reference SUV of similar proportions. And a fugly two tone pickup truck for whatever aggravating brown color influences the perps seem to think that I have, and are relentlessly pursuing.

Three white colored vehicles escorting a small size dump truck. And the cab of the dumpstruck was also white, though you will have to take my word for it, as only the rear silver-grey box is visible.

Back at the Caribbean Apartment's parking lot. Again, the supposed "instant towaway" lot location has a black and a dark green vehicles parked (photo center) at that spot. To the left is a olive green and a silver-grey vehicle behind it parked on the grass. This grass belongs to the hospital property next door. It seems as if the perps could not get enough vehicles packed in this location, and decided to use the grass area. The dark storm clouds are also part of the arranged scene; there has been an increase of this sky color in combination with a brightly lit foreground. There is a picture of this kind of high contrast scene from another location in another blog posting.

Two red vehicles with an intervening dark blue colored vehicle between them. Behind the center dark blue vehicle is a light colored blue vehicle. And the dude crossing the street is dressed in two blue colors. Perhaps an round fluke this picture, but in my life there is no such thing.

A threesome of red vehicles, and there were at least two more in the immediate area that wouldn't fit in a single picture. The Volvo V70 pre-2002 version is in the picture likely because I think it is one of the better body shape they have made. The perps put on a copper colored Volvo V70 yesterday next to the charity I visited to drop off donations. They have done this in for past visitations to this same location, except yesterday they kept the tail lights and the back up lights on without the engine running.

Two silver-grey vehicles outside the post office, the owner of those red-orange delivery vans (not shown). Nothing too extraordinary here.

Another nondescript picture of the intersection where six silver grey vehicles were photographed (in yesterday's 10-19-2007 blog). This photo is only included for the showing the actual picture that the assailant took exception to.

A close-up of the vehicle that the assailant came from. He is pictured in the front passenger seat. The stunt was likely predicated about getting someone from a specific vehicle color in close range, and ultimately contact with me.

And while listening to music and putting photos into this blog, the vacuum cleaner started up unbeknownst to me. At this time of night, "cleaning" hallways all to catch me doing this while listening to music.