Monday, May 08, 2006

Pondering the Perp's Objectives: Part 2

This is the second of two parts of detailing harassment and sabotage, usually timed to be coincident with activities, actions or thoughts I have, no matter how mundane they maybe. (Even typing this is a collosal chore as they keep dithering my keystrokes to force typos. One method of this intense harassment is stopping me from capitalizing at the start of a sentence or proper noun. Almost every capitalization you see on this post has had a typo correction. And when I correct it, another coincident noise will occur simutanmeously).

There are specific themes under which repeatable and consistent harassment takes place. (Harassment defined for this exercise in Part 1). Part 1 described some event themes, this part itemizes some recurrent (and highly irregular for me) vocabulary usage, and then set-up themes, usually less common.

Vocabulary Themes

One rich vein of planned coincidences is the themes/words they mind-control me to respond/say. "Pack it up" is what the perps often mind control me to say to them in a angry "response" to their jerkover stunts (e.g. pulling an item out of my hand). I have a suspicion that there is much more to this, though I wonder why they need to keep planting these particular words into my vocabulary.

Another vocabulary theme is time related; units, durations, dates, references, and even the word itself. My youngest brother, a perp helper, goes on about this topic every time (note) I see him. Units of time, past or present terms, and relative terms such as before and after etc.

A theme since I was young, and suffered the parental drop-off for Sunday School each week is religion, and more now than ever in dealing with these juvenile stunts designed to annoy "me" (in the collective sense of having a 24/7 mind-control crew on me). Using religious terms in my extensive profanity use is routine and I cannot control it. Why they keep hammering me on this when I am so incorrigably areligious (because of learning disabilities incurred when being irradiated in developmental years) I have no idea.

Another vocabulary theme is body parts; even the perps use it to feign a stated "concern" about my heart, (a rare verbal exchange) even though there is nothing wrong with it, and they know more about it than I do. Invariably there are frequent news stories that get planted for me to at least peruse the headlines and see, e.g. "face transplants". This also gets "name dropped" frequently at family dinners.

Other name dropping that goes on are metals (e.g. copper, any context), eagles, wildlife, films, specific actors by name (ones that I had encountered on the web recently), energy (motors, forms, conversion. electricity, magnetism etc.)

Planted Object Themes

These take more set-up to accomplish as there is usaully a precedent theme scripted and usually a day to a week later they construct a planned scenario for me to see the item/object.

One evening I was surfing on the web looking at various wine bottle corking devices, as I was once an avid amateur winemaker. The next day one of the operatives brings a home wine bottle corker into the elevator with me. Not a coincidence by any means.

Similarly, the perps had been planting the iconic image of Che Guevera (wearing his beret) in my mind for a week, as I have never had any reason to think of it myself, and then a woman arrives in the elevator lobby with a bag over her shoulder and that same image on the bag, facing me. The images ceased to be planted after that.

Another planted item set up was "me" (in the collective mind-controlled sense) looking at 4 channel car amplifiers on Ebay for a week, where I missed out on four bids. Then when at the perp-helping parents and getting out of their vehicle, I noticed my old 2 channel amplifier had been moved into the garage for me to see as I stepped put of the driver's door. My mother explained that it was "safe" there, but failed to state why it had been moved at all. (It had been inside the house in a bedroom before). Then a week later when I wanted all of the car stereo installed, the other components went "missing" from my parents. A year later, these same items "showed up" in boxes that had been packed at that time.

As part of the vehicular gangstalking the perps will place vehicles nearby when driving that I like or dislike more than any others. And they may even be parked enroute, sometimes in an adjacent car lot they will place two at orthogonal angles (90 degrees apart, front end to front end), the same or different colors.

Helicopters were mentioned in the event themes, but they will plant plenty of news stories and then fly the odd one in nearby when hiking (military, commercial or private).

That is about all my coverage for the perps vocabulary and event themes, which may be augmented at a later date as I know I am being more cognitively impaired than usual as I write this.

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