Friday, December 31, 2010

Perp 2010 Accomplishments

The only realm of which I have a degree of permitted knowledge of the Perp Objectives is that of mind-control accomplishments. Not only am I the seeming lead abuse/research candidate for such, but also the lead test subject. So, sending me to the wrong cupboard or drawer, including the fridge for an item I would know unfailingly know where to go, is an obvious mind-fuck stunt, one that began in 2006, as they were able to remotely hijack my ability to make rational choices based on my knowledge.

So..., now a year behind on this series, and getting the noisestalking consistently when I change my attention to something else of equivalent importance, say while thinking or doing relatively unconsequential things, it seem that the perps have not yet attained 100% mind control in 2010, continuing some four years of incorrect prediction. It is very subtle as to what they accomplished in 2010, as they could govern all my self-talk by the end of 2009, so I cannot rely on what this covers or is saying, should I have I choice, which I don't. Most of the time the perps don't let me know that a thought is planted, no matter how inconsequential. The odd totally irrelevant one comes in, and as soon as I detect such, the noisestalking goes off. It seems there are some basic judgemental decisions that I can make that are still unfettered by remote and invasive mind control containment. The so-called "gut instinct" thoughts are as yet, only partially controllable by my keepers. A related set of thoughts is affirming one's personal history; they like to run retrospective thoughts in the context of some other stunt or provocation they have set up, and then add a little fib to it. As soon as I detect the planted fib, why, the noisestalking erupts, or else a plasma light flash, fuzzy ball maser arrivals and other phenomenon they use in their abuses/research.

That the perps are still hounding me with the Unfavored Fuckwits, and adding a dash of a Favored blonde in the mix, tells me that they are still working hard on attempting to detect my subconscious traumatization experiences, ones they know better than I do as they wiped my long term recall nearly clean between 1956 to 1959.

Onto today's outing and gangstalking show. A two block walk to the bank ATM to cash a Christmas check, and then back again, passing by this apartment block to the local supermarket to get small form tortillas, my chosen bread for dealing with the infernal crumb mess that they lay on for leavened breads at breakfast. And no doubt, aiding their bread research games too, as they won't let me find any low or no gluten tortillas for the small size, but do for the larger size to make my staple lunch and dinner dish, quesadillas, as I have been doing since release from illegal incarceration since 2003. And it was the dude-force again, wholly Unfavored in all their variants; vagrants, para-military looking meter checkers, redcoats, big beard fuckers, skinheads and the like. And especially when in the supermarket, around every corner, on top of me before I get to a location with a stocking/stalking cart loaded with brown cardboard boxes, and at a location if I tarried. The pathetic nut butter selection was given a look over to see if there was anything interesting like Green & Black chocolate spread or coconut butter, but no, and within 4 seconds of me departing, a male Fuckwit was in place and doing the same thing and somehow I didn't see this fucker coming. And just when I was to get some avocado oil for the first time, another similarly dressed black coated male Fuckwit cruised by. Like WTF; why all these assholes at every location I am about to stop or have stopped at? The sole consolation was a blonde cashier, but not before a skinheaded Fuckwit arrived at the cashier one second ahead of me from the opposite direction, same black coat again, and with the yellow envelope in hand, a signature prop to say the least. So I go to the next cashier, and it is a blonde babe I have seen before, though not with pigtails, and she was keeping her head down and not saying anything to protract recognition time. Just another common stunt, the extra blase or coy cashier; only a few are genuinely friendly, and later when I "happen" to see them on the street they are decidedly unfriendly. What is with this variable friendliness, or in other words, the sudden jerk behavior transition, as it has occured so much more since the perps went overt/beserk in 04-2002? Nearly all TI's report this, and often it is the final act of seeing the Fuckwit ever again, their finale before being written out of the Fuckover script. Sometimes it is a staring instead, or an outrageous stunt like blocking egress through the elevator doors, like Smiley did, and then he was no more after being a 1x/month ever smiling gangstalker in the hallway, lobby or street frontage of this apartment.

Jerk Variations; maybe a video theme for TI's to reminisce as to how this aspect of their lives has changed since they knew they were getting harassed and gangstalked.

A nut shave last night, and the perps lay on extra abuses the next morning, and even two days later. They got me rage-fied with the kettle water not pouring from the spout, after setting me up for a year of shifting the kettle lid to accomodate this infernal stunt, the assholes now deny me this workaround they had be learn because of their imposed adversity. Never mind that the kettle never had any pouring problems for over six years, and then suddenly it did. And never mind the six months of fucking me out of knowing this stunt, because it used to be that once I learned a stunt I could then take remediative action to negate it, but now this faculty isn't availible to me, so that forced me to put the kettle down after picking it up off the burner only to find that it wasn't pouring correcty. I hesitate to call this a 2010 "accomplishment", but it began early in 2010, and continues today in some form, until I get to drill a hole in the kettle lid, something they have reminded me that I want to do and never did the entire year.

The usual noise antics while nut shaving; hallway talking, elevator operation, the faux neighbor water running noise and the like, plus the clicking and clunking at my side of no ostensible origin. Just plain and faked noise for its own sake, not even a prior source they are leveraging from.

And the sirens came on for using the new cheddar cheese, the B brand. The local supermarket stopped selling it in 2006 and I had to switch to another brand, and organic one in red checkered packaging. This lasted until last month when the usual size wasn't availible, and as the B brand was now back, I have reverted to this brand. As the plastic (black and green) plastic was removed, the sirens started up and got loudest when I put it in the garbage. Such things are important to the perps, and changing cheese makes after four years of one kind is a big deal for them.

A 40 minute screaming session over the perps sabotaging my year end Quicken updating. The assholes had screwed me into two months worth of updates, and had also fucked with the all important task bar and the Firefox command bar prior to that, also rage-ifying big time. They had my in-town brother with this problem that ended up being a 50 minute phone call after I had just changed into my work clothes, possibly as a "warm up" to doing the same to me. Except that I wasn't blundering around the keyboard, and hadn't pressed any keys that could be exploited for a "mistake"; the assholes out and out stripped off the task bar from my Firefox session. I still don't know how I got it back, but running a "safe session" seemed to solve the problem. All to get me ready for bookeeping in Quicken that quickly erupted into a rage show as they fucked with transpositions, forced misreading, wouldn't allow menu items to be picked, fucked with Quicken to have it inconsistently and contrarily presenting different menu choices from the same command, and countless other fuckery over every possible command and display combinations. But they did let me reverse the web display of my account, so the dates were ascending like they are in Quicken. For years they fucked me around, having me read Quicken from top to bottom, and the web displayed bank account from bottom to top. The commands were there to reverse the bank's display but they wouldn't work until a few months ago. Just another example of the insane level of fuckery the assholes will put me through and how long they will persist on a given obstruction.

The 40 minute rage-fication was all over the November accounting, as most of it had been done in one aborted session as I found out. Then I had to do the December bank reconcilliations, and got less adversity until the end of the month when they seemed to want to screw me more, flipping the active line to a much earlier date, the "lose my bearings in the page" fuckery they are renowned for, especially when in Quicken. So yes, non-standard application behavior, all to rile me up. This was another hour to finish up, and it went better than the November session. And toward the end, with the earmuffs off to scream at the assholes again, why, the overhead rumbling and pounding started up. It seems that wearing earmuffs is an important component of the perps' Fuckover games, and having me do the same task with them off, then on, and a then a final short run of them off again was what the games were all about.

Anyone know anything about Simply Accounting and if it is more robust and better designed than the infernal Quicken? Or have the perps traumatized me so much over this type of activity that it doesn't matter what the accounting software is?

A sudden need to order movies online, getting four three packs plus one more Blu-ray for $85 delivered. Not a bad deal, though the movie purchasing has been a sore point as the assholes put me through this in 10-2010 almost a year ago, and have stopped me from seeing all of them save two. Frida played for 30 min. before something else came up, and Some Like It Hot ended up at my mother's place to test her new DVD player she got free from my out-of-town brother. I got to see the latter movie when over there at Christmas and having learned how to fiddle with three remotes in the correct sequence to get a movie to play; (no HDMI connections). I have no idea why the perps have been taunting me on movies, protracting their viewing for close to a year. If recent history prevails they will have me purchase more at the local LD store, and those too get to sit around in another stack.

And to continue this theme of useless purchases, I have at least four 2" thick IT books that I have barely cracked, another exposition of large amounts of bound paper that just sits there. The recent used books are getting mileage though; a reading of all things JFK is getting plenty of noisestalking as I read and uncover new details. It is apalling to consider that the Vietnam war never would of started if JFK hadn't done in his friend Diem, who was seeking peaceful relations with N. Vietnam, and as part of the agreement, the US was to be kicked out entirely. And JFK was heard to say in spring 1963 that he would of pulled out all the troops in 1965, after his intended re-election in 1964. He wanted to placate the anti-communist hawks by making an showing of greater engagement with military forces to drive the N. Vietnamese out. In the documentary, The Fog of War, Robert McNamara said he was working on a plan to get troops out of Vietnam, when his new commander-in-chief, LBJ told him to shelve such plans and plan for greater engagement to drive the "gooks" out. This without any cabinet debate as to what they were doing there, and within a week of JFK's assassination. Strange how LBJ learned enough in a week to take on the escalation of war in Vietnam, but that is how McNamara tells it. Very odd indeed, and that even today, no one has a definitive answer as to why the US went into Vietnam, and what it was to accomplish. As always, this incites thoughts that the perps must of had a hand in it, as they like to have wars going on and regularly noisestalk me should this topic come up. Funny how that goes, they fomenting wars and then seed the bullshit notion that it us naive terrestrail dwelling humans that are to blame.

More year end activity, this time unloading the SD card from my camera to tidy up the directory naming that goes by year. The better shots are these four, though there are others.

Taken Nov. 14, 2010, 1239h. That is seven silver-grey or white vehicles, with one mid-grey vehicle, clustered around a green vehicle behind the tree that had lost its leaves in the previous two weeks. A dash of yellow on the ladder stringers, to aid the Ladder Patrol and whatever their role is.

Taken Nov. 03, 2010, 1006h. Getting two shades of blue vehicles in with white color "backup" (van and canopy on pickup), as well as some coordination on the red color front, two reds being the same, and the two others differ in hue. Not in the picture are a box of red apples at my feet.

Taken Oct. 31, 2010, 1802h. Not ready for Halloween, but close enough. The street at the top of the frame on the L. side seems to have similar colored vehicles to the main street that you see horizontally; silver-grey, white, mid-grey. Can we see arranged orthogonality here? The black pickup truck with the tonneau cover in the parking lot above the rear of the bus and partially obscured behind the yellow tree is still parked there, as some kind of sentinel of black color and steel and fabric materials, Dec. 31, 2010 as I write this.

Taken Oct. 19, 2010, 1503h. Nothing like having a vehicle parked or driven on the wrong side of the road in my proximity, and what better cover story than an "emergency"? So here they are, Victoria's finest in a vehicular gangstalk IMHO, and with some well-timed red vehicle colors as well, in keeping with the ambulance there. Plus that ridiculous police cruiser, as most are near all white with some mid-blue livery, and here is this 1960's throwback black and white one, one of few they have in this style, and one of those fugly Chryslers as well.

 Happy New Year and all that BS, and on with plasma and maser shows, inside and outside (aka, fireworks).

Another round of fuckery, this time on the install front. A certain alternative to Quicken took five minutes to download and then has a failure on the install. I cannot count the number of times this "happens". Bound to that wretched Quicken is no way to start the New Year.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shut In and Contained

 A 1000h get up time, payback for getting to bed at 0130h, after listening to the wonderous jazz chanteuse, Barb Jungr, this week's big discovery. It seems they only want me to wear headphones on for a few evening hours, having banned them for so long, and then sabotaging my good ones, the Grado pair. Plus the sun was out and beaming through the kitchen while I was making breakfast, and having direct sun on me, even at this time of year, is a big deal as well as having an intervening window.

So far, a shut-in day, and no phone calls, the recent recruiter interest went dead for no declared reason. It looks to be a dull one, save the astonishing revelations in The Dark Side of Camelot, an unflinching and exhaustive espose of JFK and related family and how they operated. If one though ill of Bill Clinton and his "bimbo eruptions" as they were called by his staff, JFK was far worse, and even to the point that large companies were surveiling his girlfriends' places to have the dirt on him to then effect a major buying decision. Ditto for how LBJ got to be vice president; he had Hoover's backing on the dirt on JFK, and secured himself the VP job after JFK had made a decision on someone else. Interesting that it then later led to him going to Dallas in November, 1963, with LBJ there in total protocol violation of having the prez and the VP together at the same location, apart from official ceremonies. Some deep conspiratorial undercurrents there, and I don't think we know a tenth of what really went on. Leading me to yet again question, just how much of what goes on is controlled? I don't yet have an answer to that one, but the perps make sure I am constantly asking that.

And an infernal zit bleed last night that went on for ten minutes, arranged to be on top of my nose and self-erupting in keeping with them having done this 2x previously, though with spontaneous bleed from pore on my nose. All too strange they need to do this so late in the day.

It followed an online order I had just made to, somehow scooping getting some "import" CDs as listed on at a much preferred price, this Country being the seeming import source for at least one of them. Another CD was unavailible in the US, but availible here, though a US label and artist. I sometimes get these strange deals, and have no idea as to why. Other times, I get nailed to the wall, with jacking up the power bill being a stunt of theirs, now replaying at least 3x since they went overt/beserk on  me.

More book reading after dinner, and then booting up the PC, all to have a sudden tiredness spell come over me, so I shut it down without even logging in, the second such nap attack timing in the last three weeks. Then a chill came over me, so on with the dark olive green sweater, before the nap. Again, sweater donning just before or just after these forced evening naps has "happened" at least 4x for these nap attack series of the last month, 2x to 4x/week. Don't ask me what they get from these, though I am lying down on top of my bed and the mostly yellow top blanket, one of their favourite fuckover colors they like me to know about.

More book reading tonight, The Dark Side of Camelot, an expose of how the Kennedy government really ran, and the astonishing lapses in security with the constant flow of babes that JFK needed. Also, his back channel dealings that secured deals with the Soviets, unknown to the negotiation team he had in place. Very yucky, and makes one wonder if politics at the high level is any different now, or perhaps worse. Don't know, but if there is a perp agenda one can be sure that extra FUD and inanity will prevail for unknown reasons. This piece on Haliburton and CIA overcharging and that it continued with Cheney's direct involvement is astonishing. I am not enamoured with all the articles on Fourwinds, though this is the most exhaustive and convincing. Another piece suggests the Gulf Oil Spill this year was started by a N. Korean sabotage unit, and posits that some big share trading in advance is also suggestive that someone knew what was coming down. Hard to be sure, though I suspect it was human malfeasance, not to let Haliburton off the hook either, as they did the well lining and sealing work on the Deepwater Horizon. Given their rapacious and deviant track record in Iraq, I would not be surprised if there was a sabotage element to this disaster, even if the above link isn't believed.

Anyhow, not much to report on this shut-in day, not even getting out into the hallway for laundry or attending to the garbage. Someone wanted me on an effective lockdown today.

So... blogging off with overhead rumbling starting up and loud muffler vehicles sounding off, also getting through the earmuffs. No music allowed tonight for whatever reason, likely due to imposed limitations on wearing headphones, read, magnets at one's ears. And that in conjunction with being kept in a densified magnetic field for over 8 years, as measured by instruments more than once. Anyhow, you know all this I would think.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Meet the Browns and Whites

Back from a day at the First Feral Family home, attempting to do gardening work for pay, though that got fucked with, and so much less billable time. But I did get the infernal and protracted leaf raking done for the year, as more arrived in the front yard and the lastmost visit of two weeks ago got truncated for the sudden wind conditions. And before that, the original garden rake broke more tines, and then the new replacement rake fell apart, and then the snow came to delay and prevent leaf raking, and so it went. A pile in place for visiting family at Christmas, as the perps seem to like me and cooperating FFF quislings to walk over where I have raked, often within seconds. I was left to my own to get the leaf raking done, save the myriad of loud mufflered vehicles that kept passing by, that being a 90 degree bend in the road outside the FFF house. And lo, if they didn't have me lined up in the headlights too, always a big Fuckover necessity nowadays. And the Saanich municipality garbage collection crew and truck also came by for two separate vehicular gangstalkings, making themselves obvious because there wasn't any garbage to be collected in the neighborhood, and yet they came by twice; once 200' away, and then in close, immediately in front. Them and UPS seem to have this habit of driving around for no apparent purpose when I am in the front yard doing landscaping work. The STRATCOM bomber noise/aircraft started up before I got outside even, while putting on my boots in the garage, and they were good for at least three flybys for the 1.5 hours I was on the job.

Other bullshit was getting screwed out of the #27 bus, the assholes ran it early for once and I missed it by a minute. So that gave the fuckers 15 minutes of gangstalker persons and vehicles to patrol by, and even the fire department and the police got in on it as they seem duty-bound to cruise by this TI victim if more than 5 min. out in public. The most outrageous was this dude/ fucker that got off a bus, and I was well out of the way of any sidewalk ambulatory Fuckwits, and yet this asshole cruises in within 1.5' of me when he had 5' on the other side of him, and putting on the oblivious act again. Then, behind him, and a respectful distance of say, 3' away, a blonde babe also got off the bus and was trailing this Fuckwit. The perps made sure to direct my enraged attention from the intruding dude/Fuckwit who got in way too close to that of the blonde babe. Then they fucked me into viewing them again when 40' away, both on their apparently independent paths. These personal space encroachments are reaching the point that I want to have some kind of protective measure in hand, being vague here. That would change things real fast I have come to know.

And I got my negro on the bus again, seemingly the assholes have reverted to female negroes for now, and seem to be concentrating on E. Indians, native Indians, and various middle Eastern types as the brown skin show goes. And a planted notion of the "Sphincter Brothers", two similar dudes coming on the bus, walking toward me, dressed the same, but they split apart, sitting on opposite sides of the traverse seating at the rear raised deck. One "happened" to be the father of the two children who did their stare thing and sat with me and their mother on the rear bench seat. Not that the parents said anything between them the entire 15 min. on the bus. Strange that the mother and children came on board first as an obvious group, and the father hung back with the look-alike dude to set up this faux (as it came to be) scenario of two malevolent dudes coming at me. (The sphincter reference applies to the fear response, as it tightens up when one senses fear, and given the past and abusive machinations of the perps, to the point they had to delete my recall, but still are attempting to elicit subconscious reactions from all these setups with Unfavored gangstalkers, often blending them with Favored ones, e.g. aforementioned blonde babe following the personal space encroaching dude. And in this latter case, the two threatening males, one splitting off to be seeming family man).

Other Unfavoreds that were in force today were the ponytailed dudes; I had at least four while waiting for the bus, and then when out later three more (explained below), and then two on the bus on the way back into downtown, one doing three seat swaps enroute.

Back to the FFF house; when I arrived I changed into my work pants and my blue sweater in readiness to do work, and lo, if the in-town brother doesn't call with a desperate need to find out how to get his full screen Windows back to normal size so he could access the tool bar and all the commands and the MS Favorites thing/list. And of course I avoid full-screen anything as I have been screwed so many times, not being able to get back to control the presentation because the command options are removed. The Windows key got him help, and I atttempted to find the appropriate help, but from what he told me, either the Windows Medial Player or the general LCD display set up commands were referenced, but not the IE browser. Anyhow, some 50 minutes later with me on the phone, he somehow blundered into fixing it, along with two versions of the problem; Windows and desktop or else just the browser. I am a Firefox person, so I wasn't the biggest help.

And to play that back in perp terms, within two minutes of changing my clothes, always a high noisestalk and Fuckover moment, the assholes had me on the phone (read, EMF device) for 50 minutes. Better than yoga from the perp perspective; when I change immediately before I head out, do the 10 minute gangstalking gauntlet (walk on the public sidewalks in downtown), and then do an hour of spine stretching exercises with overhead clunking noise going on the whole time, and then I do the gangstalking gauntlet back. All the better it ends at 1230h, on an empty stomach, prime Fuckover time.

And so I was to be driving for my mother to get new shoes for my in-care (read faux dementia IMHO) father, though the wires got crossed as she made out that I was to drive 30 min. across town, and I mentioned that another branch of the store is only 2 min. away, and that inter-branch returns are permitted, as she had to return an item as a credit for the purchase. So... the three of us out together, prime gangstalking time to be sure. And so they did their best to dally and putz to delay vehicle egress, hang behind me, and then delay their entrance to the store, all the while a 20' line of Fuckwits was arranged with a black dressed Fuckwit lounging at the entrance. The modern MIB wears fleece and a ballcap I have come to know. And so the choreographed ditzing and putzing to find the right shoes, and to get them on, and then to find a salesman, and to get the correct size and model, and to suffer the parade of Fuckwit dudes coursing around us. First it was the skinheaded Fuckwit, and when I moved to get him out of my sight, why, he moved to get back in it. This little charade went on for five minutes in three rounds, and then it was the shoulder length long-hair male that I needed to be exposed to. This Fuckwit stuck on like glue, and because I was then engaged in getting my father's shoe off, and testing a new one on, I couldn't be so evasive, and so this Fuckwit had more exposure time. And my mother "needed" to find a salesman, and so a two tone brown dressed presentable dude comes to help out. And of course I was touching my father's old brown shoes, and the prospective new ones (two pairs) also, while this dude flush was going on, and lo, if they didn't slip a fugly pony-tailed dude into the mix, having the Fuckwit sit on the floor 1.5' from me with his back and his fucking 2' long ponytail facing me. This shit sat down in the fucking aisle with seats and plenty of extra space around. Thankfully I was finishing up, as I got the fuck out of there, having this particular Unfavored fugliness parked on my doorstep. And if I don't like the sight of dudes in brown, or with long hair, or with ponytails, why in the fuck is it an international event that has run for over eight years in hounding me all over to show me these very features I cannot fucking stand? (Worse now, than before they started their overt abuse in 04-2002). And taking a cast of thousands with the choreography and orchestration to go with it? Every day when outside I get one or more forms of Unfavored assholes either encroaching on personal space, obstructing me, or presenting themselves to be seen/featured. And often disgusting me, my new and imposed "reaction", (read mind-fuck/imposed response). Then of course, I get the same on TV for the little that I watch it, and also on web pages that I view, though much more controllable, especially with AdBlock Plus extension to Firefox, a necessity for TI's who might be hounded in this same way.

As part of the transaction, we have a discount card; formerly it was mine but I passed it onto my brother two weeks ago, and then he passed it onto my mother when we were all there at Christmas, as she wanted to exchange an item. So.... this card has my energies from being in my wallet for two months, then presumably my in-town brother's, and now my mother's. All important stuff for the insane assholes who have hounded me over every financial transaction I have made since they went overt/beserk in 04-2002.

But we weren't done yet, even if we did get out of the store with relative speed, waiting for two customers, and that gave the Fuckwits time for a dude to arrive on my L. at the checkout some 6' away and ask about his red shirts he was interested in. He didn't help his cause any to have his tongue hanging out, and then do a reprise gangstalking before we finally got out, my mother putting on the handbag search ditz act again, something she has increased of late. Then onto a communal clusterfuck/gangstalk in the supermarket next to the clothing store. My mother wanted skim milk, and as we were cruising in to get it, and she began her ditz routine in touching at least two other kinds while staring at the skim milk, it was the redheaded granny brigade's moment to gangstalk; three of the Fuckwits coming and going at the milk section, and one more at the checkout. The assholes put on a one liter bottle case lot of water purchasing Fuckwit, as this seems to be the latest perp research interest; bottled water on brown cardboard flats, and out-of-town brother was doing his bit over his Christmas visitation. Then while my mother was paying at the checkout, again putting on the ditz, why, it was a moment to flash light at me from outside the building, through the front glass and past the arranged Fuckwits right at me. "Somehow" this reflection erupted from outside and found me' been there, done that. And when I moved around so I wouldn't see it, why, something else flashed at me. But we weren't done yet.

I was doing the shopping item holding duty; one white plastic bag with one pair of brown shoes in it, and now one 2 liter jug of milk, a very common gangstalker prop, as it offers a large density of a specific color, and all the better that it be in a plastic container. Then to the kitchen shop next door where another almighty clusterfuck/gangstalk was on, and my mother wanted to look at knives as a useful kitchen knife had recently broken. I too was looking for a 6" chef knife, and got into a conversation with the, wait...., redheaded granny store assistant, about deboning (or is it boning?) knives versus chopping knives. Anyhow, I wasn't making any progress as to whether a 6" chef knife could do both, call it "lost in translation" as she was of Germanic decent, and then my mother interceded with what she was looking for, which meant returning the the first of the two knife cabinets to complete her belated interest. All the while I had the aforementioned white plastic bag and a plastic jug of milk in hand. This topic of knives has come up so many times recently, and my mother was eliciting me as to mentioning ceramic blades versus steel ones, and all that suddenly didn't seem to be very important for her. So... a third financial transaction of hers with the assembled choreographed clusterfuck milling about, not to mention a post-purchase trot of my mother past the ceramic dish ware, and lo, if it wasn't the EH line, the kind that I purchased about six weeks ago. Finally, the shopping was done, and once past the vehicle gangstalking, a short drive back to the care-home and the beaten path through the hallways and all the fucking hospital stink that I loathe so much, almost as bad as much as I loathe the sight of wheelchairs, another perp imposed Unfavored demographic/prop. And yes, there were plenty of fucking wheelchairs as well, even more than before; same hospital/care home, same patient population, just more of the wheelchairs out.

Finally, we drive from there with my managed consort of vehicles, this time featuring a wooden boat on a trailer, as the perps just love to ensure that I get plenty of wood exposure as part of the gangstalking proceedings. That, and paper, especially the "envelope crowd".

Other bullshit to report; last night the asshole pounded the ceiling and applied a simultaneous zapping, and regular readers will know how much I like being zapped. Enough to scream at the assholes very loud, all to be fucked agin in the same manner, and even a louder screaming at the asshole resulted. I was allowed to get up with the alarm at 0700h with no dream intrusion recollections, and got riled up at least 10x at breakfast for various incursions; pulling items from my grasp, putting crumbs on my fingertips as I am grasping an object, teleporting crumbs onto the just-cleaned counter, and a few other provocations. They like breaking up the chocolate bar themselves more of late; breaks will spontaneously erupt in the packaging or it will break on the unintended breakline, no matter my attempts to do execute my intent with appropriate application of physical force. Another big deal for the assholes would be starting an infrequently used brand of soap for my morning shower; the Neutrogena glycerine soap in rectangular bars had been lying on the bottom of the cupboard for some six months as spare, and now I used it for the first time this morning. Always a big deal for the perps, the inaugural use of a product that has been arranged to lie fallow for the permitted duration, especially if it contacts one's skin, e.g. clothes. So..., it replaced the Pears soap that is a slightly deeper shade and has a bit of perfume in it. I prefer no perfume or odiferous adjuncts, such as the Neutrogena soap, but it dissapates so fast that it doesn't last more than four days. Anyhow, it was important enough that they also screwed me into taking an extra shower this evening on account of a messy crap they forced on me, the third in four days, something of a record in recent years.

And that should do it for today; all this Fuckover "action" and onto what is looking to be a contained day at home tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No Sleep and Full On Noise

A classic Monday night jerkaround, keeping me awake for hours, starting dude talk at 0300h, and then keeping me in a light REM sleep until getting me up with a noise barrage from outside, that continues even now. Once the earmuffs have been on my head for two hours or so, the vacuuming starts outside my door, having me take the earmuffs off, and then it stops, for yet more hallway chat noise. Then this vacuuming/chat cycle continues for another round as I write this. As part of the ongoing noise and vibration games, the assholes also put on the overhead rumbling noises at 0100h, with some light body zapping simultaneously.

And at least 30 screaming rage-fications this morning while having breakfast, showering, shaving and then doing dental hygiene. They cannot get enough disruption in after a sleepless night. The usual pattern of this insane abusive fuckery.

Two more on-off cycles of the vacuum cleaning with an interim chat session in the hallway. Never was vacuum cleaning so vital as today, when there was none for months at a time, along with interspersing this bullshit voice-overs, indistinct diction, but ensuring that the voice processing part of one's brain, the amygdala, is stimulated, now cycling with new-found vacuum intensity. Now, up to five on-off cycles; most cleaners would get fired for taking 30 minutes and interim chatting to get 100' of hallway done. Been a cleaner, as part of the vocational jerkarounds, so I should know. Back in 2004 to 2005, the assholes would vacuum outside my door at least 4x/week, and even twice per day sometimes. What is it about vacuuming that is so important to the assholes, from 3x/year public drains work, the "suck trucks", to excessive numbers of mobile vacuum carpet cleaning operations, to this bullshit that has re-started in the adjacent hallway, unlike the past three years in this place?

A shut-in day today, having a motivational lapse, and no pressing items to get. A one hour nap at 1530h, again timed to have me put on my dark green sweater over my olive drab color T-shirt, a combination they like to test when napping, or immediately afterward. They can force sweater wearing by chilling me down, and it can erupt before a nap (like today) or afterwards, (as in two past occurences this month). Then my mother phones just before I was to get up, hastening getting across the room to deal with that EM intrusion device next to my ear, aka, phone, even if a landline one. The timing of phone calls is often tied to key perp intrusion moments.

I did get an earlier phone call when reading the book, The Dark Side of Camelot, from an out-of-town recruiter who was looking for a QA tester in this town, strangely. I got the "will call back" rejoinder, which if it is like the past few, it means done with, as in no return call. I haven't figured out why they put me through these fake job scenarios, and I suspect that many of these jobs don't really exist, but are teasers that are related to my past expericence and interests. Even vineyard laborer jobs are interesting to me, having made quality wines for 20 year, but no responses from these either, even with farmwork experience. Most of the businesses nearby have advertised at least once or more, possibly as teasers to feature themselves in an online job board or newspaper ad situation, increasing the "exposures type" count, say, reading the sign from the street, seeing a review or ad in the paper, then online, and then in the news on TV and so it goes, all these mandated and orchestrated exposures of business names, especially ones that are familiar to me.

There is something peculiar about person names too, that the perps go silly over, and have continually fucked me from remembering names when introduced. Then when I know the name, they will sometimes remotely cinch my throat up as I am about to say the name, to ensure that it is pronounced in a garbled manner. Hard to say what it is about freaking names they find so interesting, but there is a long history of people comparing me to Howard Hughes (no relation) or purposely getting my name wrong. So I suppose this bullshit has also to play out in 2011, maybe while doing farm work again.

Music sample listening tonight; more finds in the female vocal jazz theme; Barbara Jungr, Hilary Kole, and Judith Owen. Ok for an evening. All the while outside noise comes through for my Windows select, copy, cut and pastes, as well as timed for bookmarking the album.

Blogging out for today.

Fellini Freak Show for Grocery Shopping

A visit to the local supermarket to get milk, now that it is one day past its best-by date, and a sure invitation to getting soured. The assholes have backed off on that one, as they typically soured the same milk five days before the best-by, and now let it go to the date or one day past. It seems they get a charge out of having me pour white liquid down the drain, and given that they ripped the adjacent road up and all the pipes too, it seems that sending down white liquid is a big deal. They even sent Fuckwits down the manhole and then to gangstalk on the street when I came back from a week away once, though it seems they don't need to do that now.

A local supermarket trip became a freakshow of minor proportions, all the more odd that it was no more than a 10 min. round trip. For once they didn't stack the apartment lobby or string six or more dudes across the entrance, but instead started out with two dudes on the sidewalk, one behind the other, and then continued with at least 30 of the Fuckwits between the the apartment and the supermarket, in various freak formats. A woman with a pink wheeled blue-green-plaid luggage tote was barrelling at me on the sidewalk, followed by the running Fuckwit in an olive drab jacket, the same color as the shirt I had underneath my navy blue jacket. The silver tote bag woman in matching light grey coat and matching diablo pattern stockings was in lead-ahead mode on the street, then for at least 2 more reprise stalkings in the store, and even smiled at me for crissakes, and I smiled back. Continuing in the store, the dumbstruck chinless woman in blue was obstructing my intended egress so I chose an alternate aisle and lo, if there wasn't a family in full flight behind the aisle corner on me, and 4 y.o. girl trailing to keep up and in my intended path. He, She and two children, strung out serially and the parents at a brisk walk. Most strange in the first place as this isn't a family area, and it a rare sighting indeed, and to then be in full adult stride and then strung out like the usual gangstalker associations made it all the more obvious.

Then a woman in a very strangely textured light brown toque did the faux oblivious act and wandered into my path to slow me up, enough for an excuse to have me make a diversionary look at the salsa section. All those red colored sauces, and per yesterday's blog, the perps are onto exposing me to more antipasti and salsas, and I suppose this was all part of their "red sauce games", revived since they last had me eating it back in 2004. Then to the chocolate section, always arranged to be a pain to grasp, horizontal and vertical stacked mid-blue packaged milk chocolate, the Ritter Ecuador sourced beans, and forcing my hand onto the adjacent navy blue packaged chocolate to prevent it leaping off the shelf, per usual fuckery. Then when headed to the milk section, a dude does the faux oblivious act again, stepping into my path, and I take an alternate route, and lo, if the fucker isn't there, no mean feat as I had a more direct route and walked faster than he did. But there he was, reprising to then loiter at the goat milk section, the only kind I get, but he scrammed in short order, something that is rare, as they like to get more hover time in my proximity as a rule. Then onto the produce section, and for the first time in many months, they didn't have it choked with dithering Fuckwits, save the two doing their faux independent oblivious choreography after I picked up the kiwi fruit, a major investigative fruit/color, as I once had a small farm with an acre of kiwi fruit. The blue chinless one reprised to then get in the way of this strange stocking/stalking dude at his cart of brown boxes, oddly waving one arm around. They got their choreographed clusterfuck over with to allow me to pass through to get to the checkouts, but not so fast, as a dude in full stride and arranging to put his backpack on was coming at me from 10' away, strangely holding out his L. hand horizonatally in an efeminant way, all too strange, this cacaphony of oddities- backpack on, in full stride, ceasing to use his L., hand and holding it horizontal, and doing the faux oblivious thing again. So, an alternate aisle, straight to a free checkout to get this mousey woman cashier, who could be barely understood in asking me if I wanted a plastic bag. (That it what they do in this town, enhancing the cashier verbal interaction). A faux staff dude in orange gloves was lounging at the next checkout, and the flower department dude was way out of place at the next checkout behind me, usually a regular gangstalker from 20' or more away, though only 6' away this time. Then out of there to have my regular E. bound swarm at the exit, and through the parking lot to suffer the vehicular clusterfuck again. And lo, if the pink wheeled blue-green plaid luggage tote act wasn't coming at me the opposite way, on the same stretch of sidewalk as when she was first noted on my outbound leg to the supermarket.

Another faux oblivious act again, this time standing in mid-path at the intersection, a blonde Asian dude in blue and white plaid and a ridiculous ball cap. I started across the intersection  before the Walk signal to get a jump on getting past this freak, and then had the dude flush come at me again, one in orange with his girlfriend behind him, also doing the faux oblivious act again by refusing to make room for me due to the tree pinching sidewalk egress. Again, no Fuckwits lounging in the lobby, not even appearing from the elevator that arrived at the main floor. Back to sitting still at this emanating LCD, and the plasma and masers free floating in front. Somewhere in all that freak barrage they put on some fat dudes in big hats, at least two, and another in white pants. Such is going to the grocery store.

Other exciting bullshit today, at least from the perps' perspective, was to have me start a new razor insert for my shaving, always a big deal for them, pulling this teflon coated plastic and steel blade set over my face and onto a full frontal shave, per usual. (Or more like, the imposed usual, as I never did this before 10-2008, and don't really have a compelling reason as I have no one to impress or request such). And lo, if they didn't inflict at least six coincident lesions, that took two staunching attempts with the steptic pencil. Some lesions had this odd deep red blood, and some had a more normal oxygenated skin subsurface blood, and they even pulled one on top of this red wine mole pair they put on my chest about two years ago, red blood on a red mole. This isn't the first time they have done this red-on-red stunt, but it does signify extra intrusion and perp meddling to me. Related to this was that I was using a face cloth that I had specially laundered yesterday, getting the stain remover out to rid the persistent brown stain on the white face cloth, ostensibly from the accretions of bloodletting while shaving over the past three months. The face cloths were also soaked in the bathtub for 30 minutes before being laundered with two T-shirts (one black, one navy blue, a favorite color combination for the assholes), and two pairs of underwear. And lo, if the assholes didn't put lint on these items while in the washing machine, the only one that I know of that applies more lint than it removes. All were hung dry, and the face cloth was used this morning as the inaugural occasion of this prior special cleaning. I began the use of the second face cloth, identical to the first, a few days ago, and lo, if it hadn't been used by someone, replete with navy blue pills on the cotton terry fabric. Like WTF; the second face cloth had not been used by me, it should of been in a new never-used fluffy state, and yet its fibers were mashed down as if it had been as extensively used as the regular one. Adding the blue pilling onto cotton is another perp trademark, as I don't think this can be done by mere mortals. The new face cloth got as brown tinged as the first one from only three days of use, where the brown tinge had been building on the regular one for months, despite frequent laundering. All too exciting for the perps, upping the "chemical ether" interactions, though it seems that regular bleach, which would of done a better job, isn't yet allowed. Too much chemical ether maybe, and they want to build up their fuckery capabilities with a more benign anti-stain remover compound, an "organic" one.

A web page convinced me I should investigate Twitter; ergo, one on gangstalking, though I am only exploring this medium, and seeing if there is useful tweets. Here is; a211423 (Dava Castillo) and no more, as I seem to be picking up aggregating tweets/twits, instead of individual TI's. Worth a try, and who knows, it might be the big breakout activist medium for 2011, though I am not holding my breath on that, given what I see of the unfinished agenda at hand.

Unfinished business of 2010, is the perps' manipulations and partial plans based on my observations, and by no means complete; 
  • queuing me up for cooking more variety with 03-2010 acquired, but unused, kitchen utensils like measuring spoons and cups,
  • continuing the brown color testing, as they are going for more hue and intensity variation of late, and are even putting on deep brown colored vehicles for gangstalking now,
  • continuing me doing the vegetation harvesting jobs; picking bulbs, potatoes, carrots, etc.
  • the usual litany of masers and plasma beams flitting about, or now, forming momentary patterns,
  • persistent bullshit over romantic alliances, as nothing real has ever materialized since the girlfriend/operative pair in 2000 to 2003 (and I have no desire to associate with a criminal babe, though I have known the perps to fix desire and libido from past experience),
  • having Fuckwits stare at me for no fucking reason, more this year than any other, save the blitz of 2002-03,
  • unused new safety toe boots acquired in 2008 (haven't needed them for the jobs they let me have to date),
  • permitting me to watch a movie from begining to end; I was once allowed in 12-2010 to see the first 30 min. of Frida, and then they had me shut it down, with another 11 movies unseen, though acquired in 2010,
  • allow me to read more used books, as this came on late, 12-2010, and presumably, I am energetically interacting with the former owner's energies that the book has retained (they last let me read library books in 2004, one was a new book unread by anyone),
  • another 150 CD's to load onto this PC, convert to FLAC and do the metadata thing, as they allowed me to do 60 CD's in 11 to 12-2010 with plenty of adversity and limited listening,
  • potentially having me do IT/database development work, as mid-2011 will be the last possible opportunity to utilize my 2009 to 03-2010 Oracle 11g training, or else its farm work or other manual labor for the rest of my imposed workiing life, such as it has been (intermittent at best) or will be, now 56 y.o.,
  • continued imposed vocational "interest" in the oil extraction industry, entailing camp work and longer working shifts (could be a long bullshit train of no genuine prospect or maybe their next plan to do food digestion and energetics testing among larger groups of cooperating Fuckwits),
  • having cooperating shills and quislings write me more often, as I got three Christmas cards and even a birthday card from my daughter this year, all firsts since 2002,
  • continuing exposure to freaks and Unfavoreds, and especially anything to do with Africa or Africans, as they are still only tenatively exposing me to negro women, and haven't pimped/gangstalked the negro males to the same degree,
  • and even more TI contact, as they let me attend a nearby TI meeting this past summer, even if the TI's did seem stressed, less forthright and highly constrained at times.
And I am sure that I could double the above list, if given some cognitive freedom to do so. But enough of the putzing and onto a new day, hopefully less freak-prone, though they did "leverage" Christmas time last year to then be the "rationale" to loading the streets and stores with excess ambulatory gangstalkers.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day Dynamics

The day after Christmas, Boxing Day, is also a statutory holiday here, but that doesn't stop the stores from pouring on the discounts and deals to extend the shopping season to the New Year. I suppose it is equivalent to the post US Thanksgiving holiday, the shopping fever that strike there.

And a day at my place after two away, one being a stayover at the First Feral Family home, on the couch in the living room where the gifts were exchanged and opened an hour later. Most TI's are profoundly cynical about the nature of the motivation of others, and it remains that way, even on Christmas Day.

Plus, a day with the out-of-town brother and family visiting the FFF house, and a lunch with the ex and daughter and all of them the day before makes for extra harassment when I get back to my place. It seems that whatever they detect in energetic interactions at the FFF house, especially with visiting family there, they attempt to elicit and detect here some two miles away. In that respect, they have poured on extra fuzzy maser balls that travel in formation and then split apart immediately in front of me, or have also applied extra telekinetic fuckery by having things move with no apparent force or direction. Plus, an increase of "dude talk", male banter without being able to distinguish the words has also erupted from the street, from supposedly occupied adjacent apartments of this block, and can even somehow bypass my earmuffs that I have on.

Other games have been to enhance the chemical ether; having me soak the two facecloths that have been accreting a brownish tone in the last two months, due to an increase of inexplicable bloody shaving on my front; even sharp new blades bring on these accompanying lesions that seep strange dark non-capillary blood that are staunched by the steptic pencil. That wasn't good enough for today though; three rounds of staunchings for some of their lesions, again, with a deep uncleansed and unoxygenated blood appearence. It is my contention that they can draw blood and other bodily fluids from their selected victims anytime they want, making these accompanying bleedings with full frontal shaving (also their planted need) to be some kind of game, whereby the cleaned facecloth gets to hang dry in the bathroom. I have also mentioned that the perps have a strong need to do blood sampling in situ, that is, have it on me instead of in me, and that blood with its magnetic properties is requried to be separated from the victim for their energetic research objectives. The perps pulled a street assault in 2007 or 2008, causing me to bleed onto my olive green jacket, which was subsequently laundered the next day. And at a family dinner the next day, where they all pretended not to see the recent and healing scar above my L. eyebrow, why, my supposedly Alzheimer's father managed to grab my jacket exactly where the blood had been, making out that he was "inadvertently" grabbing the wrong jacket when it was time to depart. Funny that, setting up that asshole, the fucker who cast me into this fulltime nightmare from birth, who operating under the cover of dementia, to be the very person/quisling to touch and repeatedly grope my jacket in the very spot they had me bleed on it, though not visually detectable as it had been laundered.

And so it goes, these bullshit family gangstalking events, with even the five year old niece doing her bit to flit in and out of the magnetic beam from the CRT TV, pertubing my viewing as well as the energy field. They were on my ass and making sure to perturb my personal space at certain confluence moments, as well as lining themselves up like stooges next to the TV. I was viewing the commentary DVD on the TV, after having "discovered" how to play them with the adroit combination of three remote controls (IR beams flitting through the living room, note), with an elderly Billy Wilder and ... widow, in her grey hair, and lo, if my quisling parents didn't line themselves up next to the TV, meeting the same geriatric look as those on the adjacent TV. And I wondered why they had lined up five geriatrics next to the cheese case in the supermarket two days ago, selecting a particular cheese for the first time in over two years from the other side of the case. This switch in cheese choice was fomented by a sudden unavailibility of the larger size of the usual cheese that I get, an organic cheddar. The substitute cheese choice was my usual cheddar from 2005 to 2008, and then it became unavailible, and the organic cheddar was the substitute. So, for the first time, they are having me switch cheddar cheese again, back to my former long standing choice.

Another advent in permitted food choices and colors today was to allow me to eat antipasti for the first time since 2004, being a regular item in my quesadillas until then (since 2003 release from illegal incarceration). I recived a small jar as a Christmas "gift" yesterday, and decided to include it in making up a quesadilla at lunchtime. And lo, if they didn't put same colored coated Fuckwits on the street outside my apartment to be seen immediately following lunch, and an extra viewing when attending to the laundry, the face cloths being laundered after a prior soaking in a stain cleaning compound in the bathtub. That is correct; two red coated and one yellow coated Fuckwit between them lingered outside for some ten minutes or more, adroitly copying the same colors of the antipasti I ate, with the remainder in a jar in the fridge. Such are the machinations of the extreme assholes who govern every aspect of my existence, and every item, color and material properties of all that I see.

I got to read more of the Death of Camelot while the soaking face cloths were in the bathtub, and I suppose that was contributing to the chemical ether at the time, and the overhead rumbling noise was also managing to get through my earmuffs when I read certain names. That, and the hot rod noise has also ramped up for some reason. Even back to back hot rod noise on this statutory holiday that is not in any shopping district. So why do I get this noise all the time, especially when there isn't any hot rods to be seen should I look outside? Don't know, but they did cut back on the motorcycle noise to some extent, now that cool and wet weather has settled in. I also don't why they decide to back off on unseasonal noises, when it seems they get considerable leverage from them, especially motorcycles, as they are also used in blatant visual only props, not even running.

Funny how the perps only let me view Some Like It Hot yesterday, on Christmas Day no less, with visiting family. The DVD was purchased 01-2010, and hadn't been viewed in keeping with their games of having me purchase items and not use them. The DVD had been taken to my mother's place in 10-2010 in order to test the DVD player my brother had given her. All kinds of technical problems erupted to thwart playing it until last night, as mentioned above when three remote controls were used in combination to permit it to play. The DVD player, the TV and the set top modem all have remote controls, and it is still a mystery as to how they all work for even the TV. The TV service repairman stirred the mystery to some extent, though it is most curious as to why he left the cable connectors lying around when he pulled (and removed) all the old white color insulated cable and replaced it with black coated cable in 11-2010.

Anyhow, on other aspects of this all-inclusive Fuckover, the ex and daughter are off to Seattle (S) for two days, my former city of residence until the assholes drove me out of work in 2002. As I have mentioned in the past, there is a geographic/provenance aspect to this harassment and its research objectives, and it fits the pattern. The perps tell me that they are establishing psychic connections, and are furthering their research by sending one party on a trip to see at what distance their psychic connections are lost. My out-of-town brother and family leave tomorrow for Kamloops, and that would be a NE direction. But of course the perps and their quisling surrogates (aka "family") are nonstop liars, and nothing they ever feed me can be taken at face value, so who knows what they are up to, save a total and constant abusive litany of vile personal invasions, down to all dreams, behaviors, actions and thoughts.

The assholes were testing their orange color games while I was kept in a dream state before getting up at the late hour of 1000h. They had a red haired person in my dream, and they gradually increased the level of orange-ness around this person, tinting everyone and everything around them orange as well. That the perps are also beserk over placing red haired gangstalkers around me has also been long noted on this blog, and I seem to get more than my visual fair share of red heads on TV, online and in static pictures as well.

This orange color invasion of my dream is interesting, as they seem to be stepping up my subconscious aversions of specific colors when kept in a REM dream state. Formerly, they limited themselves to coloring my environment with their chosen color themed Fuckwits and other props like vehicle colors. But now, they are adding surreal elements into the color testing mix while in an REM state. The assholes once did this in real form, coloring all the grass red while my in-town brother and I carried an object in the course of moving my belongings into the crawlspace of the FFF house in 2006. He then asks me, "wasn't that a rush?". I said it was an outrage, as they also made me slightly nauseous as a part of the fuckery. Said brother was putting on the act that he didn't know what gangstalkers were last night when driving me home. I don't get the chance to challenge the asshole, as he has seen more than a few odd things going on in my proximity, ones that he agreed were extraordinary at the time, but only with me cross examining him, leaving him with no excuses. Basis facts like two doctors who tell me that I am being harassed, and that this is no clinical cause, "somehow" get "forgotten" when I want to press my case and blow the playing dumb cover he is given by the sickos.

I will blog off for now, and post this, as I expect to be heading out soon, for yet another FFF confluence with attendant gangstalking and running me up my asshole. Even the Dementia Dad is being sprung out for dinner tonight, when it was only the afternoon yesterday. Charity only begins and ends according to the Fuckover script, and all this Christmas spirit bullshit is nothing to do with anything, save a useful ploy to add extra red and green colors about, and other exploitations that are privy to the perps. Though, the perps also seem to be interested in gift giving and gift acceptance, often setting up those moments to be extra noisestalked, even if portrayed in film or on TV. Yet another aspect of the human condition they wish to represent in its psychic energetic forms. Say, feeling grateful for no reason whatsoever.

More high strangeness in the FFF house and with the visiting brothers, one sister-in-law and one neice.

As this is being written, the 12" concrete ceiling/floor is being pounded, heard through my earmuffs at least twice, and now, they are shaking this room, a concrete box in a 12 story concrete residential tower, with aforesaid thick ceiling/floors. That takes supreme technology to pull that off, especially to the level of noise that alarmed me, momentarily thinking that they had crashed through into the kitchen.

My out-of-town brother, neice and mother (strangely) made out that they wanted to go swimming at a local pool just after we (intown brother and I) arrived at 1630h. Like WTF, we just arrived for an early dinner and they fuck off, delaying dinner by a potential two hours. The sister-in-law stayed behind, and so it seemed like the typical starve-me scenario, with in-town brother and her. Within 30 minutes they phone, and say they couldn't go swimming as it wasn't for children at that time. (So why didn't you plan this out as the swim schedules are changed during the holiday swim times?). So I hustle to get the table set and in-town brother loafs in the living room, and the sister-in-law is getting some of the cooked items ready. So they come back, dinner is ready to go within 10 minutes and we have dinner together. But still they want to go swimming, and the three of them set off again. Just plain strange that my mother would want to go, but in Orchestration World, the perp abetting so-called family quislings do the strangest things. Anyhow, I help clean up, and the sister-in-law does too, and in-town brother goes back to loafing in the living room.

So it would seem from the orchestration angle, if you follow that line of reasoning, that the perps wanted these three family members out and about while the other three were in the house, once before dinner, and once afterward. More distance dependent testing, especially in dim or dark lighting conditions. The in-town brother loafs on the couch, and falls asleep while the sister-in-law and I are watching the hockey game. This is the same couch that I slept on two days ago when I stayed over, and he duly tried resting with his head at the N. end, and then settled in for his head at the S. end for his 30 min. snooze, hockey game on all the time.

Later the swimming pool visitng family came back, and the inevitable chatting while watching TV started up, subsided, started up and cycled like this umpteen times. Plus the five year old was up to her antics too. Anyhow, typical evening time in a gangstalk family show. About 2210h, my in-town brother, asks me if I want to go, and I tell him that he can take some meat, as there is extra that my mother was offering all of us. He sits there stunned for a minute, and then gets up. I get my coat, get fucked into a forced piss with it on (which happens way too often to be random nowadays), and then when I am ready, he is back with his coat on doing more talking from his seated position when he awoke on the same couch. I have to wait, then he gets up, and then when I grab my meat to go, he then says he didn't get any. Like WTF; the meat is sitting on the stove top, and he went into the kitchen expressly to get a portion of meat, pulled it from the fridge, and then abandoned the task. He reveals that he put some of the recycle papers in his vehicle to take away as a service, which he claimed that is what he did instead of getting the meat. This was all apparently self-directed, no one asked him. So... after doing the goodbyes, and out-of-town brother loafing on the couch and not getting up, I exit the front door to then have in-town brother with the recycle papers in hand, coming at me, and then doubling back, making out that he was doing the goodbye thing when he had already done it. Then he gets more papers to recycle from in front of the garage to put in the back of the pickup truck. Like WTF; attending to the recycle papers was his excuse for abandoning his attending to selecting some meat to take, and then he didn't finish this job either. I just found it fucking bizarre that two jobs, undertaken on his own volition and both left incomplete, were the excuse for not finishing the other job. And of course I am never allowed to think of the greater picture, that all this wierdness is orchestrated and that his handlers are making him look like a total Fuckwit. Nor am I allowed my own thoughts to mention this to him, that his handlers are making him out to be a total flake and he needs a new act, or handler even.

This same in-town brother has pulled other total contrary wierdness stunts, and this was only the latest with no convincing reasons as to why he was behaving so fucking strange. Ditto for the time he arrived and told me to head E. out the front door to where he was parked, and he wasn't there. I looked W. and there he was. If I was to pick anyone in the world to get their cardinal directions correct in any circumstances whatsoever, it would be him. So when I asked him why he got it so totally wrong, he game me a blow-off reason, which I called him on, and he went quiet. If there was ever a time his handlers make him look like a total dipshit it was then, and of course I wasn't allowed to think or even say that. Nor am I allowed to remind him of this past uncharacteristic departure. Fucking beserk bullshit, and I am supposed to look after his cat for a month when he goes to Thailand with his strange girlfriend who now keeps her own room at his place. And who took off out-of-town to visit friends this Christmas season. All too bizarre this so-called family bullshit.

I got assigned to cut up the remainder of the ham in preparation for dinner tonight, and lo, if out-of-town brother doesn't intervene as the expert, and while cutting it into slices there seemed to be a family tour going on behind my back. My mother arrives for a minute stand-there time, and then departs for the two brothers to engage in rare banter and mock fight games, upping the male talk while cutting the ham up. I have routinely been gangstalked by the FFF while cutting up the meat, which has been going on every Sunday evening that I visit, and they do their standing around immediately behind me. So what is the big deal over cutting cooked meat? And they routinely noisestalk me when I do the same in my apartment; sirens, beepings, male banter start-ups, overhead pounding and the rest of it. What is the perps' fucking problem every time they have me cut meat up? And what is their fascination as to what device I use to sharpen the knives? Diamond hones, sandstone hones and the rest of it, even having the out-of-town brother follow me around while he was using the steel to sharpen one of the knives this time. Fucking bizarre.

Enough of the seasonal games, and onto the regular bullshit show as the family visitors are leaving tomorrow and maybe I will get to finish leaf raking this week to score a little more pocket money. blogging off and to ponder what the games will be for the rest of tonight.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sabotage of Label Printing

A screaming rage show as the Dymo label printer, that had been working just fine, has now jammed for reasons unknown. The L side printer jammed, and so the R side went out in sympathy, mysteriously not working too. On with the Fuckover show. Do any other TI's have a much sabotage as I do?

The assholes got me rage-fied for lunch time, eating my usual quesadilla quarter slice leftover, and one kiwi fruit. The perps seem to keep me on kiwi fruit for the winter, allowing an apple feast in October only when I acquired them on the driving trip then.

Then they rage-fied me when wrapping presents for my daughter, ensuring the sticky tape became problematic, and ensuring the paper was cut and wrapped assymmetrically. They have never let m wrap presents neatly, but force this quasi hurried wrapping that comes out all wrong. Now of course, they can cognitively dither me all the more, so when I think I am cutting a straight line I am not. Endless abusive fuckery over day-to-day trivia. Not to mention even typing this up as they are jabbing my fingers as this is being typed as well as forcing myriad typos.

Now the backup beeper noise is getting through my earmuffs; this was the noise they awakened me to, and kept it going when I physically got out of bed at 0720h. Then they kept this same noise up for much of breakfast and even while shaving afterward. It is today's theme of fucking the victim in his own place.

And suddenly a jerkaround that comes from nowhere; having the tea tin lid slide E ward on the counter, and then W ward when I attempted to retrieve it, falling off the counter (stunning me out so I cannot anticipate this), and then having the lid flip onto my foot. I have been making the same tea from the same tin for weeks now, and suddenly they start this. Normally, they pull this bullshit off when a new tin or other package has been started.

A shut-in day for the most part, save a trip to the laundry to get it done before Christmas. Not much to report, save the trivial abuse stream. The faux neighbor fan noise was on when I awakened, and has been running continuously all day, even now. As regular readers will know, there doesn't seem to be any genuine neighbors, and hasn't even going back to my pre-overt harassment Everett and Seattle days of 1999 to late 2002. I often wondered why I didn't see anyone else around, and I assumed that my neighbors were intrepid workers. Little did I know I had the hounds of hell on me before they outed themselves.

Listening to Eva Cassidy, Time After Time, a CD I listened much in 2004-2005. This would be the first time I have listened to it, now from a digital file. There is something a little different about hearing this CD again, and I cannot quite explain it.

Anyhow, time to blog off and call this enforced dullness over with.

Lets Have Coffee

As in, "lets put brown liquid in you in a public area so brown dressed Fuckwits can parade around you, and then we will add red dressed Fuckwits afterward".  Been there, done that, but I don't have a choice, as this was round 3 of these invitations from a former farm worker colleague. And the assholes spaced me out, making it seem that the coffee had made me airheaded and detached. And the usual choreographed parade of gangstalkers and the faux bonhomie of the arranged crowd. Interesting that the crowd can tone it down as soon as I sense the background chatter is getting too loud or raucous. I also had the "peekaboo" games, where the Unfavored gangstalker cum Fuckwit asshole sits behind my colleague, and between them, they arrange for the colleague to first totally block the Fuckwit, and then arrange small portions of them to be seen, with one or the other leaning to the side. And then they have me notice this long running bullshit act, so I then lean to the side that has them line up again so I don't see the Fuckwit any more. And then when they have dithered me from noticing, the Fuckwit is again  partially seen, L side, then R side. Then a different Fuckwit arrives at one table further, and this bullshit goes repeats again. Today, it was a granny parade; one witth white curly hair and oversized shades on a grey overcast day inside a cafe on the Winter Solstice. Like, WTF; who needs shades at this time of year on a day like today? But there she was, playing peekaboo just like the First Feral Family quislings, and my colleague also seemed to know when to lean to reveal more of the Fuckwit. Funny how that keeps "happening" over the years. Then a second granny was behind her started up the same thing, now two grannies playing peekaboo.

The final Unvavored Fuckwit paradees were a pair of dudes in business attire, long raincoats even if there was no rain, and splitting apart for me to pass between them at a person created constriction in the public egress area. Said dudes, looking like fish out of water in a very bohemian cafe just "happened" to seat themselves where my colleague and I were sitting, red 1950's or early 60's formica with red vinyl covered chairs of the same vintage and color. Then we went to a local bookstore, one that sold second hand books and I picked up two, plus a Moulin Rouge DVD. A big tattoo-ed dude in a driver's cap was the cashier, and he made sure that I could see his full-arm fugly tattoos. Fucking disgusting it was. Then just as I was about to depart with books in hand, why, he needed them back to delete them from the inventory. Total bullshit as usual, as he would know to do this, and the number of times that some Fuckwit/quisling has had me hang onto items only temporarily is impossible count since all this abuse began in 2002. And that includes pop-up boxes for no discernable reason at the moment I think "asshole" while typing this up.

No visible eclipse last night as it was overcast, but they did keep me awake, and also played noise games to keep me riled up, to the point of getting the earmuffs to wear in bed, and that went through two iterations. First the whine of the faux neighbor's water usage got progressively louder and annoying over some minutes of slow incremental noise volume. So I got out of bed to get the earmuffs and lo, if a 6' beam of green plasma didn't suddenly emanate from the same green LED phone modem light that was on. Eventually they played up the discomfort of the earmuffs and then I took them off and put them on the floor, and lo, if the same noise didn't start up again inside of five minutes, so on with the earmuffs again, and again, they became uncomfortable so I took them off. By then it had to be about 0300h, but the background dude talk was still going on, and eventually they did let me sleep, though they awakened me at least 30 minutes before the alarm at 0730h, and planted the notion that I didn't get any sleep. In these circumstances I don't know for sure how much sleep I got, though I got some. And if this plays out like 99% of all sleep deprivation games to date, there will be no after effect of needing extra make up sleep. It seems this is a way of extending the intensified Monday harassment and fuckery into Tuesday, and all the better if a Solstice is going on from their perspective.

And the eclipse too; plenty of moon pics on the news today, with the perps also letting me know that the round moon looks very much like a round skinheaded gangstalker, and how much I loathe the sight of this particular Unfavored demographic group subset. This has been the trend of late, co-opting one image to be similar to an Unfavored demograhpic group member when in peripherial vision. The number of muddy dark brown and black images that have all the right colors of negroid color skin has increased substantially of late, along with the planted notion that this is a negro, which it isn't when I look at the picture in central vision. I get some 20 to 50 of these Unfavored-in-peripherial-vision games in a day. Which does not include the spurious red, brown or yellow plasma beams that suddenly erupt in peripherial vision and suddenly disappear when I look at them in central vision. All too predictable of late, this utter bullshit, not being allowed to even see what is in my field of view without some insane perps asshole needing to somehow fuck with it.

More email obstruction over this same intended respondent. I even got faked out, as it was finally sent, only to find that it didn't get sent. I try again, and now I am blocked after I had been unblocked, no one giving any notice of this account change, per normal Yahoo service. (Its all in the name). So another round of emailing Yahoo Support.

And lo, if the wretched Mozy Support email I sent a few days ago seems not to have caused any action to result. So I resend it, and lo, if this time I don't get an automatic response to go to the Mozy site. All this erupted when Mozy sent me another bill for a year's backup service, which sent me orbital as I haven't been able to use their service owing to certain firewall constraints. Then to have the gall to unilaterally bill me without any notice spells one thing: perp screwover, yet again. Then I go to the Mozy site and after I log in I get blocked by a page that doesn't display for some reason. Then I switch to the Internet Explorer browser and get a different result, getting to the support graphics, and lo, if the links are dead. No link behind the apparent and stated place to make a link. Their live chat link is dead, and then to make a phone call I am supposed to know this customer number, which of course, I don't, because what the hell is that for when they can pull me up on their system via my email address? Just more insane fucking obstruction over attempting to deal with the financial imposition in the first place. One Fuckover stunt begets another. Why a email to Mozy on Dec. 20 goes to them to no reply, and then when resent on Dec. 21st, I get an automatic re-direction to their website. I just don't get why these inconsistent email responses are happening.

A second attempt with the IE browser finally got me the Mozy chat line, but I have been queued for the last 20 minutes waiting for service at position #9, now moving to #7. And as I wait, they forced me to take a piss, and then also have the chat line dialog box display every minute or so. And by dint of fuckery, it comes up as I am typing this and what I type suddenly ends up in the dialog box and not this blog. Fascinating fun for sickos, re-directing my typing output to an unintended dialog box that suddenly and inexplicably arrives. This abuse show isn't going to end anytime soon.

Now the sirens sound off as I wait for my chat line turn; now #6. All I will say don't go there, re above journal entry. And I still haven't had dinner, a long delay to protract and string me out. The highlight stunts of the day are usually before main meal events of lunch and dinner.

Over an hour in the chat line queue before I got a live chat person to then attempt to divert me from cancelling my Mozy backups, but finally I succeeded. Fucking tedious, asking for case numbers that didn't exist, which isn't the same as a refund id number. I suppose it was all about protracting the agony and the pop-ups, and pissing me off. Then I got to make dinner two hours later than usual, with the remnants of the abortive attempt at lunch time, as I got screwed into "forgetting" about getting tortillas from the freezer and I wasn't allowed to think of alternatives, which were availible. The perps like me to re-think (per planted mind-fuck games) their goings on, and then add alternatives that I could of elected at the time, but got fucked out of. Tiresome, especially when they have been at this bullshit for all my life, now 56 years of it.

So, a year later, and I am no further ahead on securing off-site backups for this PC, along with restore capability. Anyone know of a good service, and without the hyper agressive billing of the last lot? Acronis comes close, but it is dumbed down, and usurps the MS backup facilities.

Some links that the perps want me to know about; their neutrino observation capability has been increased substantially with a grid of sensors deep in the Antarctic ice. Don't ask me how exactly neutrinos fit into their big picture, but they have expended efforts multiple times to tell me about them and the conventional neutrino research observatories that have been established deep in the earths crust (old mine shafts), and now, deep in Antarctic ice. We are bathed in neutrinos every moment of our lives, millions passing through us each second. But it seems there are some particular properties of neutrino collisions that eludes the perps, hence these deep earth observatories. There are neutrinos directly from the sun, and some that pass through the earth, and their collision frequency and outcome is of intense interest, for the researchers, and the shadow scientists of the Fourth Reich, with remote access to all our world, no matter where or who we are. And if one adopts the notion that nothing in my life is random or coincidence, and especially now that they are in the final stages of their mind-control research, then them repeatedly telling me about them (as I see these "chance" findings, then this is a big enough issue that they want me to understand the concepts and convey them to whatever readership I have.

The perps still seem to be working on my attention shifting, sounding noise if I shift my attention as it seems they cannot yet entirely access these brainstem locations. Not my problem.

And where out unconscious, or subconscious, memories come from in the human brain. Though if one listens to Deepak Chopra, all our cells have memory, something that organ transplant recipients would know, as they very often take on the lastmost memories of the donor, and very often become aware of the donor's predilections like favorite colors, sexual preferences etc. And it might also explain why the perps continue to remotely effect minor muscle spasming all over me, though at differing locations at different times. Just to think, this suggests that the perps could be monitoring all organ donor recipients after the fact, and may even have caused the initiating ill-health situation, not to mention how the donor came to be such. Hmm, more food for thought on the greater picture of perp treachery. And of course, their greatest advantage is in following a victim from birth to then be able to assign their energetic state to locations, objects touched or proximate, the colors of all their clothes and what they see, and then the lead-up to the organ recipient's surgery, as well as being there at the time by way of their remote viewing and energetic intrusion and assessment capabilities. Though most likely this would be a non-TI, and they wouldn't be inundating the participants with masers and plasma beams like they do me.

Another scientific oddity that seems to me most curious it doesn't get greater exposition. Light beams can create lift in objects. This is profound to me; light can exert gravitational forces. Not in the science text books that I grew up with. I just don't understand why the scientific world ignores all these special rules, the neutrino fields that we live in, and has so many problems with their models to explain mass, gravity, quantum forces, electromagnetic forces and the like, and hasn't declared this in full. Call it the elephant in the room, but more like the elephant herd in the room with the ostriches.

Another interesting scientific snippet; simultaneous light flashes with sound will alter the directional perception of the sound. (And that the brain will recalibrate this new perception). This too is profound; a discovery of the interaction of light and sound perception (aka, cognitive perception). Which might be in part why the perps are so busy arranging headlights to be pointing at me for extended durations when out in public, and come to think of it, they just may also be able to detect this effect through the very LCD/CRT display as you read this. No wonder they run around looking at their cell phone screens, and the odd laptop nearby on the city bus. What they are exactly doing with this interaction  information in real time is unknown, though one can be sure if there is any neurological gain to messing with a TI's cognition, they are on top of it.

Music listening sucked my time tonight; bookmarking the 2010 Best Ofs; two interesting finds are: Laura Marling and Karen Elson -thats new folk for the uninitiated. No metal to be had here.

Blogging off for another day of the abusive torment.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Solstice and Eclipse -another fluke?

A little too reaching to say that tomorrow's solstice and eclipse is a fluke, the first time in 456 years, but the perps do have a decided interest both celestial phenomenon, often arranging extra gangstalking and other harassment abuses these days. The time they doubled up on the hikers one Dec. 21, which was a Sunday, about the busiest day of the shopping year, was a significant clue. And one member of my gangstalking parties looked very much like my in-town brother, giving me the stare with his same goofy smirk. A week or so later when I asked him if he was uncharacteristically hiking in Gowland-Tod Park that day, the perps diverted my gaze elsewhere so I wouldn't see him denying his involvement. Which for me, is a sure sign that it was him, as the perps like to set these "moment of truth/lies" moments up, and then mind-fuck me into not seeing the telltale signatures of deceit. That is how it goes down this rabbit hole, where nothing can be taken at face value, and nothing is ever happenchance, down to looking at this stark LCD display, as the fuzzy ball masers are bobbing about in formations. And then the overhead clunking erupts as it just did, getting through my hearing protection.

This is a Monday, returning from an overnight stay at the First Feral Family home, and all the extra attention that entails, as it always a big event for the perps. I took the city bus home, and had my freakshow ready for me when it came, being half full. This time it was pre-negroed, two sitting side by side with the aisle side dude with one leg in the center aisle, just like that last lot of negroes on the bus out to the farm this summer. They were the blackest ones I have seen, as the perps seem to be working the negro skin color tones of late, from cafe-au-lait, to deepest brown, to the blackest. They got off in one stop, and then the rest of the freakshow parade continued as the bus travelled from suburbia to downtown.

The oddest hoodie act going fulfilled his promise by using his lighter inside his pack pocket, he and the other of my bus shelter mates being either side of me. This hoodie act did two back and forths in the three minutes I was at the bus stop, including walking away from the bus shelter when it was plain that the bus was arriving. Why anyone would walk away from a bus stop when the bus arrival is imminent (less than 20 seconds away, and visible), is totally beserk IMHO. And then to use his lighter as a light source to see inside his pack pocket has got to be one of the all time stupidest stunts going, seated opposite me while the bus was in motion, post-negro disembarcation. The rest of the passengers who could of seen him using his lighter kept their heads down and pretended otherwise, and not even reacting to me (read, mind-fuck state) asking the hoodie act just what he was doing, starting a lighter on a moving bus. That kind of bullshit would get one seriously assaulted if it were in an aircraft, and justly so.

I suppose the big deal from the perps' angle was that my mother dropped me off near the bus shelter, as normally I walk there. For some reason she hung back while I attended to leaf raking, as she said she was going to go after lunch. The leaf raking was terminated early as the wind started up, moving piles of leaves that had been just raked. Now that I fixed the rake by adding new wire, pinning the spreader bracket to said wire, drilling the tine ends so they were fixed with a wire loop and couldn't shift, and then secured the handle with a hose clamp to the tine ends, meant that I had a rake that could be useful again. And it has been a month's delay in using this rake as it fell apart after within an hour of its inital use. Then came other gardening jobs such as the infernal weeding, and also a snow event, and finally I got back to leaf raking at the FFF house, and lo, if the wind didn't start up to abbreviate leaf raking. Which is totally consistent with so many objects; there has to be a "fallow" time, (object acquired but not used), then only short or tentative uses of progressively longer duration before the object is allowed to be used to its fullest capacity.

This gradual increment use of new objects applies to DVD's as well; of the ten I purchased for cheap prices in Jan. 2010, almost a year ago, only four have been opened, one has been played for 20 minutes, and none have been viewed straight through. Various imposed "problems" have been imposed, such as a malfunctioning Windows Media Player, driver problems, as well as the 'can't be bothered to see it" mind fuck games that are routine. Just another example of how things go in this imposed and contained existence, as if they haven't fucked me out of watching movies all my life, which they have. I am a virtual movie ignoramus, and yet I like to see movies. In the 2003 to 2004 harassment years, they would have me watch a movie at the nearby cinema, a ten minute vehicle drive at most, about every week or two. As soon as I moved a little further from cinemas, suddenly there was no ambition to watch movies any more. Instead, they started me on TV, which became a chore for the myriad interuptions, but kept my service long enough to see the Indian Ocean Tsunami story unfold in all its tragic dimensions. Fluke? I don't think so, same with 2001 and the 9/11 events that I got to witness on TV after I had cancelled my service no less. Somehow, ATT "forgot" to put the order through in August of that year.

Yesterday, I got screwed into a 10 hour sleep, even if I set the alarm for 0730h. They had me attend to the alarm, and then get back into bed, something I never usually do. This backed me up for availible time to set off to my in-town brother's place to finish up his leaf raking, which I thought I had done a week ago, but he said more was needed. So to save time, I did a face-only shave, not a full frontal one, same as when at the FFF house (today). That makes it two days in succession without a full frontal shave, and for the perps, that is mighty exciting. Which might also account for the extra gangstalking bullshit on the city bus today, and may also be in the plans for when I set off to the LD store after crafting this posting. Even if I walked past the LD store after getting off the bus this afternoon, usually an all-out gangstalking show, "somehow" I "forgot" to get more mouthwash as the assholes ran me out of it Sunday morning. I got screwed into "thinking" I had some more remaining, but I did not, which is another example of them fucking with my head, because I don't normally forget to get these items, and how much I have on hand. Sometime in 2005 or early 2006 they gained the ability to fuck with my recall, and by early 2007 they could fuck with all my long term recall, and then in 2008 they were able to mess with short term recall. I assume this is the same for all TI's, or at least, the ones that are actively fucked with to know that this is going on, these sudden lapses of recall that was infalliable before, and then suddenly comes back again.

And while at the in-town brother's place I helped him with his Windows capability, as he isn't much versed in how to use a PC, and the invariable Windows ergonomic problems come to bear, and the perps also like to crank up my impatience level with all things Microsoft. So, he got to sit in front of the PC while I said "right click", "left click" and many other verbal commands that he was so unsure about. The perps like to arrange LCD screen viewing Fuckwits around me all the time, the latest cell phones and netbooks being examples, so I can only assume this was familial gangstalking with a LCD screen close at hand. It seems the perps are delivering some kind of irradiation, likely mind-fuck irradiation, through these devices, and want to replicate this everywhere I go, which means that the cell-phone squad is all over me in public. My mother put on the Windows bozo act ad nauseum in 2003 and 2004, and finally relented under the guise of being minimally Windows capable. With all this dysfunction around Windows, and forcing me through the training hoops with learning adverse perp-abetting family, one wonders if the MS-Windows world isn't deliberately crafted to be a pain in the ass, and have so many ways to do the same thing, surely perp preferred outcomes.

I got a rare ride back to my place from my in-town brother, then once my belongings were assembled, a ride to our mother's place, the FFF house. And without saying anything, there seemed to be this furtive agreement in advance that she knew he was coming for dinner, and it was made out to be happenchance. Call it family accompaniment from one home (familial gangstalk venue) to another, with an intervening stop at my place. Oddly, or maybe not, there was a number of blondes on the sidewalks as we drove by in the very dim light at 1730 h. The perps reminded me of this when watching the later BC Global TV News at 1800h, led by the blonde Robin Stickley. (All this blonde exposure is of the Favored category, as described in the Favored and Unfavored essential blog posting to the right for those unfamiliar with the perp's use of this particular demographic group). Anyhow, for the first time in 8.5 years of gangstalking, the Sunday night visitation event was accompanied by the in-town brother's appearence, and perhaps his own viewing perception of blondes.

Other bullshit at the FFF house this morning was for my mother to have a need to check on the oil tank below in the crawl space, making out that it may run out while family is visiting this week, and that the heating oil company's unilateral removal from the automatic scheduling list made her uncertain as to what might transpire. That the perps have a fixation over petroleum products and exposure and proximity to them, including filling the family vehicle at the fuelling station, isn't new. It was just more blatant that this ruse was employed while I was there. Yesterday, a Sunday no less, a heating fuel tanker drove withing  three houses of my in-town brother's place while I was having lunch there. It pulled onto the wrong side of the road, and appeared to park there, and as best as I could tell, it didn't make a delivery. So, on with more petroleum products stalking for 2011 I predict, and maybe another big one next year, talking about the BP oil disaster this past summer in the Gulf of Mexico. I get plenty to see plenty of oil production mishaps stories these days; pipeline bursts, and west coast moratoriums on oil transport, and on it goes.

A trip to the LD store, duly gangstalked by the dude force in a travelling wave with me, and then the Fuckwits in place in each location of the aisle I wanted to get to. Heavy on the chocolate section, at least five fuckers there in "just standing there" pose, doing their best to stretch their spines, to look interested for exceptionally prolonged circumstances. Code for looking stupid IMHO.

Then back to this place, again with a dude-force ahead of me, and some coming from the side, plus a mid-street turnaround vehicle that just had to encroach on the sidewalk in front of me, all to turn around in mid-street beside me and then take off from the direction they came from. In other, a totally pointless manouver from any perspective, save that of the perp intrigues and this signature stunt.

Then once tea and chocolate was done, thought not before them getting me rage-ified over blatant noise while I had chocolate in my mouth, the faux neighbor water-usage noise, as if travelling in noisy pipes. They even let me shout it down and stopped it per my behest. Rare, but it has occured more frequently these days, where they acede to my demands, though more like, it was entirely scripted to make it seem that I had some influence, which I don't. If they can determine how much pain or duress I am in at any given moment, they they have the capacity to orchestrate these reactions to their desired level of the TI.

And now that I am immersed in resume writing again, after a chat with an on-off recruiter from Vancouver, the noise has started up again, getting through my earmuffs. Even to the point of their signature clunk noise that has followed me over 10 residence locations in two cities occuring at the exact moment of a mouseclick to effect an editing change. It seems that if the assholes want to noisestalk me, or otherwise jerk me around including having pop-up windows of no rational origin appear at key moments (for them), all over resume composition, then it seems they have a long way to go in terms of reseaching this particular aspect of my existence.

So, the inevitable question this one for the readership, one that my employment counsellor passed on; do I declare a "medical condition" (involuntary subject maybe?) excuse on my resume, or not? We are talking about no IT job since 2002. Or, do I go into a spiral of; it is all rigged anyhow, so screw it, no job looking whatsoever, save more of the agricultural laborer jobs the perps like me to have. These have been cutting daffodil flowers, picking daffodil bulbs, picking red fruits like strawberries and raspberries, picking potatoes, weeding and so it goes.

The drift from the recruiter is that I have to state the reasons for my absence from the IT job market. This is always made to be a conundrum; do I do the supplicative bullshit about it being a "medical condition" or do I say something about being a nonconsensual human experimentee, constantly raped in place? I did the "medical condition" thing in the first release of the resume, but that got me nothing, save that strange interaction and complementary email dysfunction so the  E. Indian woman recruiter and I could be on the phone at the same time as the emails were sent back and forth. Then she was never heard from again, a most un-recruiter like behavior. Funny how these email problems wax and wane and in concert with whom.

An evening of troving through a new stereo components site, All I do is look, and if the commentary sounds too much like winetasting, I get a sudden drift of inattention and off I go to the next page. The perps like me to be to casually skim read, much to my annoyance at times, as some topics I like to read in greater detail. They seem to know what subjects and what level of technical depth that I am interested in, (or more like, am allowed cognitive function), and like to test me on either more technical material or else have me abort reading and turn the page. Cognitive registration is a big deal for them, and they often noisestalk me the instant that I "get it" (understand), or when I don't "get it" (fail to cognitively register what is being conveyed). Doubtless more years of jerking me around are lined up over this topic alone.

Enough blogging, and I was prevented from getting my resume upgrade/conversion done to a new format, so here we go again, keeping me in the vocational netherworld again.