Friday, November 30, 2007

Red at Nightfall

I did some more spreadsheet work until 1800h, finishing it, and was duly rewarded with a myriad of red dressed gangstalkers. I have never seen so many people out in this town at night, never mind the phalanxes of vehicles, many being red. And even red coats were placed on that all important interface for the perps, where the asphalt road surface meets the concrete curb. They even place gangstalkers there, but just a red coat this time. And they get more contrast from the tail lights of the passing vehicles, and perhaps that is what excites the perps so much. The perps go rabid at this near-dusk time, and they even put on an ersatz doorman, a red hoodied vacuum services dude, who just "happened" to be on the job at that hour. And, his vacuum cleaner was brown, some kind of plastic casing. A herd of five Asians had just preceded me, and that too could be construed as a brown (skin) color test. The perps are still nutzo at every entrance and exit to.from buildings. All those years of camping wasn't good enough it seems.

I saw the all-time boneheaded jaywalking stunt this morning, A brown hoodie dressed operative "decided" to cross the road only 10' from the crosswalk while the traffic was running in front of him (between us). He threaded his way between two silver-grey vehicles travelling at least 35 mph, and then proceeded to stare at me while I was looking at him to see how sane he was. Then the septic services truck, the shit tanker, rounded the corner in front of me, and then this strange dude started babbling to me while crossing the road in a 90 degree direction. The perps had me spaced out and totally emotionally removed while watching this operative engaging in death defying jaywalking, removing all emotional valence from me in viewing this spectacle. Neither of the vehicles made any attempt to slow down when they could have, and interesting aside, and the only reaction was a horn beeping, a sound that I have come to know that serves the gangstalkers, as I get it all day long, and even while I compose this.

This means that the best opportunity that the perps have in evaluating the energy of a road or walking surface is it to place a gangstalker or an operative on it, even in the middle of fast moving vehicular traffic. One more example of the escalation of perp beserkness of late, thankfully I was minimally involved.

And it is most interesting that when Brice Taylor, author Thanks For the Memories, of was mind-controlled by hypnosis and had many despicable things done to her, the one essential training lesson was that she must not react to any of the strange and awful things that they made her witness. If she did react in any emotional way, and sometimes it was not faked, e.g. seeing a man thrown into the shark tank to be consumed, she was beaten. I find this an astonishing parallel, and it would seem that the perps are undertaking these same kinds of methods, but using a different means to block emotional involvement. In my case, as it should be evident, they are using mind-control methods to make me emotionally unreactive, or vacant. If you want an astonishing read as to what the military does in support of the highest offices in the land, check out this book.

As part of the harassment the perps have bumped up the incorrect count of my Inbox email. They kept it at five emails that hadn't been opened, even if I cannot find them. As they also messed up the same item during my working life, so this doesn't surprise me. What does amaze me is that they have kept up the erroneous count for over six months, and have only altered it today. They do this with my landline phone as well, and made sure the manual was buried too deep to extract to solve this little game. And ditto for my parent's vehicle clock; it is always out, and the big deal is to have me think it is correct, even for an instant. Go figure; juvenility gone beserk IMHO.

The plasma projections off the LCD display are getting annoying. The perps aren't scripting them with yawnings (also forced) or blinkings anymore, but start up this flaring appearance, as if I was looking through glassed coated with vaseline; both translucent and distorting.

The perps have had me off books for over a year, and I can only assume this is because it doen't have the same degree of mutability that a computer screen has. And also, they seem to be able to direct energy off the LCD display to a greater extent than they can with a book. But even viewing this monitor is getting to be a hassle, and that will mean the end of blogging, and whatever (little) connectedness I get from being online.

This morning's short outing onto the street and to the offices of the spreadsheet owner was populated with a demographic variant I hadn't seen much before. It was skinheaded males with a beard, one being the above gangstalking operative that threaded his way through moving traffic. The first one was into a an embrace with his putative girlfriend, not the usual button-down sight at 0930h downtown. And a third came into the office, engaged me in some transparent bullshit banter about whose office he was about to sit in, and I said I didn't know, and he proceeded nonetheless to wait for the person in their presumed office, unbelievably. When the woman returned, he and she proceeded to talk for over an hour with the door open so I could overhear every word, and I suppose the 18' distance away, without direct line of sight, was enough to satisfy whatever the proximity game is all about. No blonde "warmup" gangstalker was introduced for whatever "auric goodness" gains there might of been. Not a big deal, but I do notice that the perps like to place their unfavored demographic specimens near me, as if there is something that can be measured between us, especially after taking a look, or else being forced to mostly. It is a game of bringing in these unfavored specimens gradually a little more each time if there is sustained proximity, and not a passing-by situation.

And the masers and plasma beams are zipping around me at this office, not quite as bad as my apartment, but unmistakeably. When I was speaking with the woman I am making up this spreadsheet for, a maser zinger was sent between us at a fairly slow rate, though she wasn't looking in the correct direction to see it. Funny how that happens. Ms. C of the story was egging me on once to show her the bright dots and flashes at that time, (in her house) and of course they were where she could not see from her perspective. Another generated" coincidence". These, and all other major phenomenon have been witnessed by other parties.

The viasion assaults are getting bad tonight, and it is not the usual transitory instances, but a more sustained jerkaround, and only abates after I yell at the assholes. How is that for dynamic feedback?

More continuing games with lound mufflererd vehicles trailing off into the distance. One of my cohorts at the office got into an extended phone conversation with someone, and one of the tpics was her upstairs neighbor pounding on the floor overhead. It is most odd that the perps have the need to have relevant circumstnces in my life revisited in the form of others claiming the same problem. This is particular incident is true for at least two other TI's.

Some serious vision impairments along with continued stinging of my eyes to force blinking, which is used as the excuse to launch plasma projections off the display (more blurry vision).

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mouth Contents are Under Investigation

A rare post-breakfast recounting of harassment games while eating breakfast and my shower, shave and dental hygeine routine. I eat one slice of a gluten-free flax and sunflowerseed bread with my peanut butter and jam every morning. Today, after the dishes were done, while 12' away in the bathroom, the perps planted some flaxseed on my towel just ahead of where I was to grasp it. Then another flaxseed "showed up" in the sink a few minutes later. These are a deep brown color, and that may have been the reason for these materializing from nowhere, as they hadn't been inadvertently carried there by any means I was aware of.

Another game that became more systematic this morning was the perps packing food inside of my mouth on the outside of my gums. This stunt is routine for every meal, and it appears to be a sample of food to cause delayed onset of food digestion. My awareness of the outer gum packed food is controlled by the perps; it could be as 30 seconds, or hours later when I am let in on the presence of this food. At breakfast, the outer gum food packing was made known to me within short order, and each time I moved some food with my tongue from the outside of my gums to the inside of my mouth, an outside noise went off as the food crossed over and under my teeth. That is correct; the perps are actively controlling the distribution of food in my mouth, and are now setting up more structured and repetitive coincident noisestalking events as the food crosses my teeth. The type of noises varied from heavy duty vehicles passing by, backup beepers, squealing seagulls, dog barks etc. but each time it was simultaneous with food movement in my mouth unobservable to anyone watching me.

And it was clear that the food was also made to linger longer on the roof of my mouth, and that the imbibing of coffee was simplified so that there was no permitted tongue movement of the food as it was washed over with coffee. Later, all the outside noise went into an all-quiet state while eating chocolate, and I can only assume this was a huge brown color test event, as one's mouth and throat are very close to the brain structures the perps have such an abiding interest in, especially as it relates to that obsession of theirs, the color brown.

Other breakfast and dental hygeine routines were also disrupted this morning, although no big penalty in this, save a momentary piss-off.

Another new introduced noise this morning was an ongoing whine, like a siren but with no variation of pitch or sound cycling. As it "so happens", the major roadworks job at View and Vancouver Streets for locals has now moved upstreet and they are cutting the asphalt surface down the center, coming toward where I live. This faint ongoing siren-like whine went on for 40 minutes and "somehow" got through my hearing protective ear muffs.

This being Thursday, this is the yoga and gym day, and is usually fraught with extra gangstalking and other stunts. But today, they moved the yoga class some two blocks N. to a new venue as well as making it earlier by 30 minutes. It would seem that the rescheduled time is to allow about the same interval duration between the two events. Or at least, that is my take on what the perps are up to.

And true to form, when at a new location with a group, I am either the first one or the last one to arrive, and this case it was the former. The instructor came 10 minutes later, and the "yoga pal" (male) from two days ago whom I "happened" to meet on the street, a regular, came 10 minutes after her.

As usual, there was the full complement of plasma and maser beams flitting around the room and coming from all locations. In addition, there was the color and object augmentations; a 8'x4' green chalkboard was against one wall, a stack of brown 5'x4' flat cardboard boxes on another wall, and there were a few more red and yellow color reference objects in place along the walls.

We were well into yoga practice when my least favorite yogi goof came to join the session some 10 minutes later. This the yappy, fat and flake-out dude who also "happened" to hound me at the former Tuesday yoga at a different venue, and just when I thought I had seen the last of this idiot/disrupting operative on Thursdays, he "happens" to show up on the first day at the new venue. He took at least 10 minutes of farting around to get onto his mat; changing in the adjoining bathroom, plastic bag scrunching, coughing in the adjoining bathroom, coughing all the more in the yoga classroom, groaning and the rest of his noise repetoire was all part of the "settle in" time before he got going, positioning himself on my left side. Many of these noises were planted while I was doing stretches of my back or legs, effectively noisestalking while my spine was flexed or else I was in poses.

It was one female instructor with three male students by now, and then a new student shows up, someone I hadn't seen in this class before. He took five minutes to go through his noisemaking to "settle in", this time on my right side with an avocado colored mat, one he must of brought himself. He too launched into some pointless yapping with the instructor, so I had one of these fuckers yapping from either side of me. And it should be noted that the instructor is always abundantly clear, this coming from one who has plenty of adversity when taking verbal instructions.

Now, one female instructor and four male students, and this might be the way it will go from now on, using the start time change to purge the female class members. It should be interesting, as this room doesn't offer the windows to the street which was always a big (perp) feature of the last location. There, various colored vehicles could be planted in my line of sight, and they were invariably the color of objects in the room. And also, there were no end of light flashes on the walls in the last yoga classroom, being made to appear that they were coming from the myriad vehicles passing by outside.

It is near impossible to miss the instructor's cleavage when she is in a forward facing pose, and each time I happened to look, one of my yoga stalkers managed to cough at that exact moment of visual cognition. There were at least three such "coincidences" like this, which told me the new dude in the class was totally primed for gangstalking.

With one male class member on either side of me, and their mats were offset 2' behind mine, it meant that I got the smelly feet routine, likely introduced by way of perp fuckery, one pair from either side. Their feet were aligned at about where my head was when lying down, surely a tip-off of the perp's foot fetish fixations.

Given that the perps manage the cornflake distribution in my cereal bowl every morning, and the planting of crumbs everywhere they chose, no matter how absurd, it doesn't take much to figure out that this change of the Thursday yoga venue was a huge deal for them. And as part of it, before other class members arrived, I got "blonded", a term I use to describe the perp practice of planting an attractive blonde female within my proximity at new locations or venues, usually in an introductory capacity. A blonde staff member of the building came with the yoga coordinator for whatever purpose, to stand in the doorway and be seen is all that it appeared to be. I don't claim to know what the perp's rationale for strategically planting blondes wherever I go, or beside the unfavored demographic group members, and I characterize this as supplying "blonde aura".

It is no secret in these blogs that the perps attach great importance to planting beings, people, colors, objects or materials around me that I either like, or loathe, and often in the same view adjacent to each other. So if the long haired middle aged male vagrant (four unfavored demographic groups there) pushing his shopping cart toward me can be spatially aligned in my sight with an attractive blonde woman behind him, even if 10' or more, but arranged to be "stacked", then the perps will do this.

Much of the perp's activity is to mix these unfavored demographic members with favored demographic features; today, the largest blonde woman came back into gym class, the "large" or obese as it is, being an unfavored demographic, and the blonde hair being a favored demographic feature. And so it goes, in both yoga and gym classes.

I did a 20 minute walk to yoga this morning, and a 30 minute to gym class in the afternoon. I also got many more freakshows today, mostly on the street, but a few at the gym as well. I had a crimson red poncho-ed woman follow me at least 300' over one block, and when she caught up to me at the pedestrian traffic control, and I was muttering under my breath as to this blatant following job, she rolls her eyes at me, and I know she did not hear me say anything, and she did not know (theoretically) that it was in relation to this unusual coincidence in seeing her again. It is an example of managed "coincidental" eye contact, even from those who I don't expect it from; the (faux) vagrants to the checkout cashiers who make an effort to not look at me when we pass by each other on the street, and who later give me a flirtatious glance. Managed eye contact, and likely down to the last thousandth of a second. And believe me, I do nothing to attract attention if I have any say in the matter.

Another stunt as part of today's harassment escalation took place at the gym; someone wanted to use the bicycle that I was on, when there was another two availible, claiming that he signed on for the one I was using. A total jerkaround show, instignating confrontation when the signing board is next to the stationary bicycles, and picking one that was in use. Very few people seem to sign up when there are others availible. He got into a big harangue over this, and it would seem that this was a stunt to incur my vocalization, conversing with this asshole, as if parading gangstalkers around me for the entire free gym period isn't enough fucking with my life.

Other events of today's freakshow appeared to be attaining more complexity, usually in clothing and skin colors, and hence even more freakish at times. I walked past a black pickup that was parked in a stall of parallel street parking, and the box was loaded up with broken cedar laths, a table with a finished surface, and a sheet of particle board. As mentioned in past blogs, the perps have a total obsession with me being exposed to wood products, and lo, if the perps didn't add some extra complexity by having two native Indians outside the vehicle, who then got in it as I was passing by. It was S. bound facing when parked, and lo, within a block, it was N. bound passing me by on the street. In perp fixation terms, where they go beserk over the color brown, and usually are "wood stalking" me early in my outings, this was a very complex arrangement, as this would of included brown colored skin, another key variant of interest they have with the color brown.

And to replicate this in part, when I got back to my apartment after yoga, there was a setup of three East Indians appearing to be moving out of the building; their furniture tumbled out of the elevator that was now working after a two week shutdown. There was a wood table and base, a plastic drawer set like the one I have, and anothe item I cannot recall. Additionally, there was an East Indian patrolling around the UHaul van parked outside on the street. Not a big deal, and it was even close to the month end to have a decent cover story to it.

In another more complex arrangement a red and white Vespa was parked inside a closed pizza store with red and white checkerboard tiles and same color themed decor. It was visible through the storefront window, and it would seem that the normally outside vehicle was being "mixed in" with interior furnishings.

I also got my military dressed gangstalker after yoga today, just "happening" to be walking in a residential area, the same street as all the rest of them, post-yoga. There is about a 0.6 probability of seeing a military dressed gangstalker on this same street at this juncture on Thursdays. Explain that one for all you clinical cling-ons, and there isn't a base around for 5 miles.

There were the usual 600 to 1,000 vehicles on my city transiting today, an excessive amount by any standard for anyone who knows this city. This is about the usual number of color and size coordinated vehicles when I walk this route, and it would seem that most of the parked vehicles are similarly arranged down all the side streets. After the initial flush of white, silver-grey, black and mid-grey vehicles, there were strings of three red vehicles more than once, or sometimes arranged at all possible orientations at the traffic controlled intersections. Once they got over that, there was a decided push on the color yellow. The school buses were on duty; one outside the gym class building disgorged at least 40 dudes with gear bags and baseball bats (strangely), and owing their impeccable timing, coming from the opposite direction, I was obliged to join their line as the entryway to the recreation center had been constricted down to one door, as a vacuum truck had been set up in front of the other entrance door. Perfect stalking; forcing me to join a line of egressing yellow bus passengers and keeping me from paralleling or taking my own route into the building. At least one of the throng made sure to cross in front of me after I had entered the building, as all the bat packing dudes took a route to the left, and I to the right. That wasn't good enough, I had to be gangstalked by at least one of them that had no apparent reason to get in front of me.

The new yoga venue notices were up and placed outside as well as inside the building, and lo, if they weren't yellow too. More of the gangstalkers are packing paper around with them; colored envelopes as if they were going to post them, clipboards and now even newspapers. This seems to be the newest reference material, now joining wood in that capacity. There is the perp's practice of color referencing with paper, but also there is appears to be additional importance attached to the material itself.

The yoga instructor was wearing a yellow top over a burgundy red one today, a combination that I have seen her wear before, and I can only assume that seeing her shapely form in association of these two perp problem colors can only enhance their agenda, akin to the "blonde auric goodness" mentioned above.

In another well planned event, the perps trained a surveyor's laser level on my eyes at one of their construction sites, mentioned below. I was making a rare N. to S. crossing of this street to return to my apartment after gym, which wouldn't of happened if the sidewalk hadn't been ripped up for a short block length, and I saw this intense red pulsing light from 120' away. And lo, if it wasn't an "unattended" surveyor's laser level trained on me, covering me for the 30' of the crosswalk. It is fucking outrageous that I cannot be allowed to cross a street without being fucked by abusive assholes who have created the entire problem by maintaining their nonconsensual human experimentation without seeking cooperation.

The incidence of roadworks on my walking beat today was increased by at least one; there were three jobs that are currently in construction on my way to OB Rec. Center, and all are involved in extensive digging and placement of new concrete and asphalt curbs, sidewalks and road surfaces. Just when I thought that was plenty, they have added a new job closer to the recreation center, and are breaking up the concrete and soil road median, and have cut off the tree branches to leave only 4' tall stumps that will also be taken out. It seems to be a perp objective, to desecrate trees in my proximity, as well as pursue whatever other objectives that relate to soil, concrete and asphalt. At least one job appears to be totally needless, making an infrequently used pedestrian crossing with a larger concrete sidewalk area at an uncontrolled intersection.

An additional member of this construction is the demolition of a never used house that is on the hospital corner. That makes for a total of five road and public works projects on my walking beat. Again, I have no idea as to what this is intended to accomplish for the perps, and it even seems that digging a hole to plant a tree at my parent's place, per past blog postings, is part of this set of perp harassment objectives.

As part of the above mentioned road projects there were two major constrictions of vehicular traffic. In one case, a three-lane major one way thoroughfare was reduced to one through lane, and in another instance, a four lane bidirectional road was reduced to one lane each way, both on one side of the normal four lane configuration. In the latter case, the traffic was routed to the S. side, the one I was walking beside, and lo, if the perps didn't plant a silver-grey Audi TT at that constriction point, coming through beside me. I think this is one of the most elegant and enticing sports car designs going, and it is likely it was placed to be close by as I was adjacent to the through lane. As mentioned above, the perps have a particularly strong need to place desired or liked designs, colors, hair colors and favored demographic members in my proximity, and this would likely be another instance. Another component of this re-routing of two way traffic on the former single direction side appears to be the perp's interests in making some kind of determination, measurement or correlation between me and the direction dependent energetic properties of the passing vehicles and roadway. It was interesting that a two way road and a one way road were both "happening" today, raising possible comparison reasons, at each end of my transiting, taking the same route there and back.

The current perp obsession in bringing over Japanese left-hand drive vehicles continues, and it may well factor into this anisotrophy (different physical properties in differing directions) study they are conducting. It does not surprise me that there has been some major road artery closures in the western US and Canada this year.

Onto a strange topic; last night's dreams were about some kind of alien tribe, or groupthat weren't terribly different from humans, though there was some way I could tell. It is all very odd, and like most dreams, I am sure it was planted, and I am permitted to recall only the general concept. And no, I hadn't been reading about aliens or abductions the night before, and haven't read much of this topic of late, being seduced by 1960's video footage of the Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley and other performers.

Time to call this busy day done and hope that the perps can chill out and leave me alone, though the prognosis isn't good, as I am due to attend to the spreadsheet woes again.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Post Spreadsheet Perspective

I have done some 6 hours of spreadsheet activity today, and have concluded that I, or anyone else, can be roundly mind-controlled over every minute aspect of select, copy, cut, paste, keystroking, selecting and applying fill colors, copying, merging and demerging whole cells, font changes, border changes, finding my place after looking at another spreadsheet and the rest of the Excel experience. And plenty of recall obliterations of read cell content as well. There is no end of mileage the perps get from forcing me to make mistakes, from the smallest to largest, no matter the context, the minutae of Excel to major life decisions.

I also had a noise and activity coincidences; the exact moment that I picked up a green binder (plastic), a woman burst forth from her office, the door locks making an excessive clicking noise, and she parading past in her hideous orange outfit. The background noise of the German male speaking heavily accented English was back, as were a few other individuals, and the excessive coughing and sneezing passbys. I was also rudely followed in the office; I was let in through a locked door, and this pony-tailed dude ended up instantly on my heels walking at my same fast pace, following me around the corner, still on my ass for some 30 linear feet of travel. He had to of been teleported to get on me without hearing his approach. Nothing new there, but as a volunteer to aid their laudable public activities, I am pissed off that this is how I get treated. Two days ago at the same location and doing the same activity I was subject to getting a copper colored vinyl handbag stuffed in my face. Fucking outrageous, being kept there as stalking bait, the thankless jerks.

A forced "forget" to post this last night; without any editorial review even.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Toe Pain

I am getting constant jabbing needle pains in my right toes as I write this, and they are being pulsed every five seconds or so. There has been an increase of pain "administration" of late; toes, testicles, nipples, hands, fingers all "happen" to get jabbed, burned with extra hot water, contacted or plain out and out irradiated with some kind of remote exotic pain application method. I sense this is all about getting deeper and stronger correlative neural energetic reactions along with whatever other action or thoughts they wish to track at the same time.

And after going to gym today, a 30 minute walk in each direction, it is clear that gangstalking "convergence", especially at intersections and street crossings, is the next escalation of harassment games. This is where two or more ambulatory gangstalkers arrive at the same intersection corner as I do in close proximity, 10' or less, and they invariably turn a corner at the same time while I am proceeding straight ahead. Very often, if the situation permits, one or more of these gangstalkers has just finished jaywalking across a busy thoroughfare to arrive at the intersection where I am.

Another gangstalking method that has increased in the past month is managing the profusion of vehicles that sit over the sidewalk at a driveway, or sit in my intended path when crossing a side street. Most are now turning left, which gives them the excuse to sit in my path for longer, waiting for both directions of traffic to clear. And they aren't bothering to stop for me as a pedestrian, but instead, belligerently pull in front of me when they have seen me coming. There is also more organized "putzing" of these vehicles, where they sit there in my path, and don't take the opportunity to proceed when there is no crossing traffic, but instead sit there so I am obliged to cross 2' in front or back of this planted vehicle, depending how far it pulled into my way. I am not allowed to cross a sidestreet without a vehicle crossing my path in front or behind for longer than five seconds. Alternatively, there will be an ambulatory gangstakers within 10' of me at these same locations. In no other city have I seen so much organized vehicular road traffic behavior.

This may have been mentioned before in past postings, but there has also been more vehicles running yellow and red lights, all to create a minimum of time before the intersection is populated by the crossing traffic from the other direction. This came on about a month ago, and is at the level that is worse than Los Angeles when I visited there some 15 years ago.

It was a gym day today, and I got the usual goofs and shills to stand around me and blatantly look stupid by doing nothing but loiter. One of today's featured operatives was a long haired male, making it obvious he wasn't there for the exercise. He was posted around me while I was lifting free weights. And I got more red dressed gangstalkers in the gym, one with a fedora-like street hat on for crissakes. And there were plenty of extra black markings on the wall beside the equipment I was using, and there is no conceivable way anyone would normally create these while using the equipment. Past experience has taught me that these are used as plasma and maser loci, sometimes for reflecting the beam, or else serving as an emanating source. It is as if someone with oversized black rubber soled runners took to kicking the wall, marking it only, up to 3' in height. Worse than a squash court.

In street gangstalking case today, I got one of the most blatant freakshow stunts going. A red hoodie wearing male was standing on the sidewalk in midstreet, just staring at me as I approached him from over 30' away, and he didn't move. I don't know what his act was, but when I looked back, he had then crossed the width of the sidewalk and then stood among the bordering coniferous shrubs. Another one was picking up litter, as if a "concerned citizen", by walking on the grass adjacent to the sidewalk. Bizarre to say the least.

I got plenty of ambulatory gangstalking action the entire distance, the 30 min. E. bound, and an hour later, 30 minutes W. bound. I have never seen so many "pedestrians" out today, and that included a party of three wheelchairs and the same number of attendants at this care home that does not normally let their patients out on the busy thoroughfare. I had passed this strange cluster of shills and gangstalkers, and then only 40' further at the infamous physical assault intersection, the perps has scripted a manhole "visitation" at a intersection, parking their service van over the crosswalk, and doing all the usual things of making it safe with railings around it, and then installing a winch with polyetheline tensioned cord over the manhole to add some "plastic action" into this bullshit story. This was at 1600h, and I have never seen the municipal workers take on a new job at this time unless there was an emergency, say, traffic control problems, which there wasn't

There is still three ongoing digging, concrete, and paving jobs on my 30 minute walk. One at each end, and one in the middle. Two of them poured fresh concrete today, while the third is still involved in digging down 6' or more and laying green 18" PVC pipes. Regular readers will know that the perps expend no end of effort in planning digging operations in my proximity, or for me to regularly pass by. Similarly for concrete; I usually get at least one redi-mix truck "passing by" per outing, or else a concrete pouring or forming operation.

For the finale, when arriving at my apartment from gym, I had three same sized Asian boys lined up E. to W. 10' from the front door, and a fourth one was cirulating between the door and them, on his cell phone. This was the space that I walked in, between the door and the Asian threesome, with the fourth member hanging around me as I entered the building.

On a different note altogether, I see that my BF Goodrich ball cap has "disappeared", and it would of been handy with all this low sun at this time of year that "finds" its way directly into my eyes, providing opportunities for planted backlighted subjects. This is the third theft of an article which has an affiliative organization logo or name; my Ministry of Forests brass belt buckle was stolen in 2000, then my Victoria Masters Swim Club jacket was stolen in 2002, and now, the lastmost item, the BF Goodrich ball cap. Regular readers will know that the perps can materialize matter, or dematerialize and teleport it elsewhere, and I suspect this was the case this time as there had been no signs of entry. All part of the harassment experience.

But they also leave plenty of clues as to what countermeasures are possible by their theft record; wearing a magnetic "healing vest" once was cause for it to be stolen in short order, and the same for the electromagnetic sheilding hats and shirt. Both got stolen, trashed, or replaced with a non-sheilding facsimilie. As all my countermeasures, and field strength detection equipment (three items) get sabotaged or trashed, there isn't much point to acquiring these. If this harassment is managed as closely as I think it is, all my past protective devices were to serve the assholes who were delivering the constant head pain at the time.

This morning I did some spreadsheet database work for a volunteer project. I was totally fucked around over where in the spreadsheet I was, recall as to select, cut and paste, etc. Basically, I was fucked over down to every cognitive aspect of using an Excel spreadsheet. Which is an advancement as to what they could do to me two weeks ago.

Another "on notice" stunt occured recently. I have been observing the perp's increasing capability to fuck with my recall, getting closer to the shortest term recall all the time. A few days ago, when entering my apartment, they fucked me out of remembering if I had turned on the adjacent light switch only 10 seconds earlier. I did not have a clue, another never-before capability to dither my recall. Based on today's games in screwing me on the Excel spreadsheet, I would surmise that all my short term recall is totally accessible and trashable by the perps. I suspect that total 100% mind control will be accomplished in a matter of weeks. But there is a whole lot more to this harassment objective than that, and it would seem that the assholes have a long way to go yet, given the above mentioned games of nearly posting operatives up my asshole in public.

The perps are ragging my ass bigtime this evening; fucking with typo sabotage, and my vision, usually together. And every scripted reaction that they plant upon me is primed for instant anger; I have never known myself to be acting in this way, but of course the provocations are coming at me all the time, as the level of cognitive interference is at a new primal level. Along with vocalizing my complaints about constant harassment, right down to getting fucked out of where I keep my items in my kitchen, something that I learn inside of a day, the perps keep changing my voice at each new vocalization. They like the raspy voice plenty, and will also vary the pitch and modulate my speech volume by sucking the air out of me so I won't get too loud. Real big of the assholes, voice morphing me while complaining about their jerkarounds.

And I heard by way of arranged happenchance that my Thursday yoga is moved to a new site, at least a few blocks further away, moving around in my last residence location's neighborhood. It is moving to an addictions treatment building, and that opens up huge cover story possibilities for the perps to plant yet more scurilous and shiftless scum in my proximity. Wooho.

The arranged happenchance was the other male in the yoga class "happening" to pass by on his bicycle when I was standing at the street corner. He came back, walking his bicycle on the crosswalk and showed me this bright yellow colored paper notice that the yoga class had moved. Being distracted at this intersection meant that more swarms of clothing color arranged gangstalkers could pass on either side of us, and then the waiting trades van in the closest parking stall to the intersection "happened" to round the corner, driving up on the sidewalk and passing within 12" of me. In other words, it was an arranged distraction with this vehicle waiting to drive next to me on the sidewalk. The perps had me in some kind of buzzed out state that prevented me from getting extremely annoyed at this asshole stunt, in effect dociled, so to shrug it off as yet another perp stunt. I should of also been pissed at my yoga "pal" for setting me up, but "somehow" I wasn't. And I can only assume that my yoga "pal" was showing me this notice for the purposes of referencing me to the color yellow at that location; the number of deep yellow colored taxis that go around that very same corner with me in the same position, E. bound, hasn't gone unnoticed. And the bicycles continue to be a big perp gangstalking adjunct and are often chained up in the most strangest of locations, for hours at a time, sometimes even days. As mentioned in past blogs, it is my theory that the tensioned metal spokes, or any stressed metal, offer increased energetic interference, hence their widespread use in gangstalking and related fuckery like today.

And in another turn of events, I had an invitation to go hiking tomorrow, and it was cancelled late today. Normally I don't get too many planned disruptions from the perps, as there isn't much of a life to disrupt. Two in one day is odd, though that might mean exactly nothing. I am the last to know, about the only certainty there is.

Another forced "forget" to post this last night. I have just finished another round of building a schedule in Excel, and was forced to make every possible mistake at least once. Competence is not allowed. This is a repetition for regular readers, but no end of select, copy, cut and paste actions were noisestalked with simultaneous throat clearings, voiceover, or other office noise. The electronic chirping sound that has followed me in three residence locations is also "erupting" there. It is similar to a pneumatic tire wrench noise, but without the hissing, and emulates sounds that are associated with foundation wall setting for highrise buildings where a deep pit is needed, which "happened" at both my work and residence location when I lived in Seattle. And I also note that the perps have changed the kitchen cupboard hinge noise this morning to sound much the same.

And when I came back from a lunch break, the perps scripted a piss for me to take upon entering my apartment, and lo, if they didn't script missing the toilet, an ever present harassment possibility for which I take precautions everytime. Except when they defeat my anticipatory countermeasures and fuck me into making a mess to then clean up. And of course total enragement follows, to keep up the annoyance level, the one consistency that is totatlly predictable. Imagine, harassing an innocent citizen to piss outside the toilet for kicks, now for over five years. I wouldn't believe this either if someone had told me about this pernicious depravity. All the years of camping and outside forestry work wasn't enough for the sickos before they went overt in 2002.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Overhead Concrete Floor Pounding Again

The overhead pounding erupted the instant I read the word "summary" from a stereo component review, and I am now getting the faux neighbor water use noise, always louder than my own of course, as I type this. I had a siren noise just before that, and whatever else that I am not allowed to recall.

As it so happens, the pounding wasn't enough of an intrusion so the perps have added a rattling noise along with it, as if something is rattling in my apartment, even though there is nothing that would make such a noise from the location is is assigned. One of those noises of no origin, and for some reason they do this; though 80% of the time there is a putative source. And lets not foreget that there is at least 6" of concrete above me, and a carpeted apartment, so how the perps can assign such a thundering row to "neighbors" is patently ludicrous. All part of an active Monday today, which is rare for them to script for me.

More weird dreams last night; the planted dream topic was Depleted Uranium (DU) weapons and ammunition. This has to be totally planted as it is far too technical to become a dream topic. Never have I ever even come close to such a dream topic until this past year when the perps decided to up the "dream content" for their own nefarious reasons. I had read about them in recent days, true, but this is not the kind of item that slips into subconscious thought, save for the machinations of the same assholes who woke me up to hear more noise in the night.

I did my "volunteering" at a certain office today, working on a collosal spreadsheet in Excell, and then dealing with myriad strange cursor and unhandle-able and nonviewable characters to keep me pissed off for much of the time. And just below the threshold of walking out on this tiresome sabotage gag, surviving three hours of progressive fuckery. I could tell the perps could tie me up in more complex mind-fuck knots, as they surely gained on sabotaging my capability from last time. This, along with blocking certain pop-up boxes and other features of Excel, along with seeding extra doubt, made for a poisoned experience.

It is always interesting to note the planned background noises in the office as I cut, paste, type, select and the rest of the typical Excel spreadsheet activity that takes place. There is the excessively loud serial sneezing, chatter, photocopier only 10' away, and paper cutter use. The most featured background stunt was a German accented male, who could be heard through the entire office. He would speak in English, lapse into German, and then back to English, and must of spoke for over 40 minutes overall. I have noted the perp's campaign to place me around non-English speaking people in the past, and this one seems to be part of the arrangements as before. Again, I have no idea why the perps are doing this, but it would seem that separating language comprehension from voice processing in the brain could be a likely explanation.

Then, one of the executives from the volunteer's night presentation of two weeks ago came with a supposed volunteer woman looking for something behind me, which then gave the woman the opportunity to plant her copper colored vinyl handbag some 6" from my face, in the all too familiar "accidentally on purpose" stunt. There I was, public bait for the perp's plastic testing games, and the copper color is of intense interest these days. They even put on the copper colored Volvo V70 in the nearby parking lot for me to see on my way to the office. This particular model year was one of Volvo's better looking designs before they "jelly beaned" the shape in 2002. So, it would seem that the perps like to test me out on a favored item in their selected color, and then later flash a same colored item in vinyl in front of me.

I also got an earlier vinyl exposure, a raincoat act when it had not been raining, this time at the always-stalked tortillas section of the nearby supermarket. A woman in a long dark blue iridescent vinyl raincoat was standing on sentry duty, and didn't move much, not even to fake shopping while I was picking up the tortillas and 12' further along the cooler case, goat's milk.

This morning's grocery shopping was a Chicken Run, one of the most gangstalked shopping events there can be. And it didn't matter that I was there before noon, as there was plenty of street action as well as the faux Amnesty International canvassers who were at the entrances in red shirts and white plastic binders, making out that they were legit. To me, it is just another event where they keep the same operatives outside the store, in effect, sentry duty, and with a reference color and item in hand. There is no question the perps have been keeping up their plastic exposure games in the same color schemes that they dress and coordinate their gangstalkers and gangstalking vehicles in. I, like many TI's, have found the actions of Amnesty International to be evasive and execrable with respect to taking any interest in nonconsensual human experimentation in supposed democracies. There is more to their success than meets the eye IMHO.

There was a sudden influx of customers at the checkouts "just" before I got there, and so it came that the least shortest line was where two freaks were in place for me. A white haired granny with a blue hairnet was taking excessive amounts of time, and immediately in front of me was the much loathed, by me at least, hair-do with corn row braids. I cannot stand the sight of corded or corn rowed hair, and here she was, the next "customer" for an extended wait at the checkout. I am getting at least one of these hair-dos every outing now. Following me at the checkout was the middle aged males, three in file, and lo, if they didn't start up the "Cheers-ing", striking up yet another "happenchance" conversation.

Before that, it was another trip to the municipal composting yard, taking more of my mother's brown leaves in the green plastic tarp and the black plastic bags. This meant stuffing the Ford Escape's small rear cargo area and the back seat, and then suffering the inevitable "spill" so that there was a carpet of brown leaves behind me in the driver's seat.

A new gangstalking ploy that is becoming evident is what I call "emulatory actions"; doing the same or similar thing as I am in close proximity. Today, it was the white pickup that zoomed in from behind us and then backed up parallel to us at the municipal dump with a dark green vehicle in between. At the gym, it is usually four or more members within 20' lifting weights with the same timing as mine; as I lift up the weight, so do they, likewise for lowering the weights. With the amount of coverage they have on me, there is usually one in sequence with my motions at any one time, and any countermeasures by varying my timing are defeated.

While at the grocery store, the perps also put on a new style of gangstalking; they had me return to the same location which made sense, as I was looking for an availible checkout (sans weirds and freaks), and lo, if one of the male gangstalkers didn't erupt from the very same aisle as before, and turn and head the same direction, in lead-ahead gangstalk mode. Almost as if it were replaying a film again; same guy, same moves, at the same location, before and after loading up with groceries.

And similarly, the character named Fred, an apartment manager at my last apartment residence, 05-2005 to 08-2006, was also on a similar repeat gangstalking. He, seemingly, is now the manager of the apartment block next door, and has been "showing up" of late in various feints. Today, in his red anorak and same red sports bag, he was rounding the corner just when I got out of my parent's vehicle when being dropped off. About an hour later, when I was returning from the grocery store, he was making the reverse trip in the same clothing and carry bag, turning at that very same corner. A "deja vu" of a kind, and a step up on the ridiculous from the same gangstalkers making multiple passes in differing locations, aka "reprising" gangstalkers.

It was a dinner with my ex, my parents and daughter last night. The usual tedious British food, shepherd's pie, one way to get me to eat potatoes and carrots, neither of which figure in my regular cuisine. It was white wine before dinner, and red wine for dinner, and I reckon that was the big color games feature for the evening. Afterward, I was treated to my daughter's creative writing on the LCD display, and lo, if it wasn't with a pink background that varied over the LCD display. She claimed it was a white background, but not too vociferously. It would seem that this was another color test, as the perps don't get me to see much pink anytime, and their ridiculous male gangstalkers wearing that color don't get much of a look from me. And after dinner when sitting on the living room furniture, I noted that the half full red wine bottle was lined up behind my ex's head, 12' behind her, surely another managed fluke in all the red color games that go on.

More oblivious time, save the odd pounding overhead, while chasing down old Rolling Stone's clips on YouTube. It is about my only semblance of escape time.

Blogging off, and calling this day done.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Short Sunday Posting

The sorting, folding and putting away of the laundry proceeded with the usual elevated noisestalking. The big augmentation stunt was to add lint and fluff onto my black color underwear, having "caused" it to be lint-ed uo in the washing machine, and continued this into the dryer cycle. I have never seen freshly laundered clothes from a washing machine have so much lint or other like debris coated on the clean garments before. This has got worse in the past few months, and no doubt there is some kind of conventional explanation, one I won't accept of course. There are too many strange things going on, and they fit the patterns previously established or that of the model of being harassed by remote means for my bioenergtics activity, which includes obtaining grey scaled readings and juxtaposition of alternate colors/fabrics/materials next to an object, item or being. I can only surmise that this is to evaluate the endless combinations and permutations that the perps cycle through, presumably taliored to what they have already discovered.

Regular readers will know that the perps have a total obsession over all aspects of doing laundry, up to and including theft, ripping and shredding. Currently, my bed sheets and pillows have this yellow stain on them, where my head is placed on the bed, and it does not smell or wash out. There is no conventional explanation for this, and it remains only one stunt of hundreds that goes on with laundry sabotage.

On the topic of laundry, and incorporating the perp's brown color obsession, they had an East Indian dude steal my laundry from the dryer and then wear some of it when I was illegally incarcerated at the hospital in 2003. And of course the setup was for me to notice and complain to the nursing staff and have them retrieve it, and in the process, the dude had the idiot line of being "sorry" for stealing my clothes. Har, har, that one; another of the preposterous statement testing, something that is still of interest to the perps, or at least of a few weeks ago, and is likely a neural response/behavior that they have not yet been able to fuck with.

I was also made cognizant of "forgetting" what websites were listed in my blogroll to the right, under TI Blogs on Covert Harassment and Gangstalking. The perps had me "forget", planted the notion, and almost prepared to insert duplicates. And not having made this kind of recall error before, ever, it would appear that more of my recall abilities are being remotely compromised and subverted for someone else's gain, and games. There have been too many recall "errors" this year to be anything close to normal, and "somehow", the doctor just blows me off. I always wondered why physicians of the past were ignoring the extra obvious, and now I know; there is an agenda unrelated to what I need or expect that has precedence.

An all-quiet order has seemingly gone out, quelling most external noises. In their place there has been some frantic lockclicking, doorway thudding, some kind of abortive voiced exclamation, the uibquitous coughing from the hallway and a few more select sounds. Then came some plasmic flashing in yellow on the adjacent wall, sufficient to be picked up in my peripherial vision. This is just a note on what transpired in my midst, and soon, it will be back to the elevated "background" noise. The cocomittent activity I was involved in was a FAQ on audio formats, a careful reading of what is the difference between a CD Audio and SACD. Exciting stuff for somebody, butnot me.

The final entry, or intended entry, as I never know if I am going to get another recall dithering oever posting this, as it has been so frequent of late. I had three white colored vehicles parked in file, with one silver-grey vehicle inserted in, and by the time I got my camera one white vehicle had pulled out from the line, and was adjacent to the lead parked vehicle. That, and a red vehicle that pulled out of the same line earlier, suggests that there is some kind of residual color energy that cannot be seen, but is created for my witness/bioenergetic interaction. Also of importance is the interaction of the vehicles themselves; the red vehicle's former parking stall was filled by a white one within minutes. And perhaps the coincidence of teatime, drinking a brown colored fluid with chocolate, was a big perp attraction. All this active vehicle shuffling below my balcony suggests that this is vital to their ongoing research, and it was the same at my last residence, as it too overlooked parked vehicles.

These photos are from my apartment, six stories up, and the camera is zoomed in to show three parked vehicles, from right to left, white, silver-grey, and white. A red pickup truck was parked behind the lastmost whilte vehicle and it had departed to then turn the nearest corner, turn around, and then back down the adjacent street. All of which you will have to take my word for. But a "substitute" red sports car was located adjacent to the first parked vehicle. And as the navy blue vehicle arrives, another silver-grey vehicle enters the picture, headed to the right.

Twenty seven minutes later, the third white vehicle pulled out of the above string of parked vehicles and then pulled into traffic, stopping next to the lead white vehicle. Funny how that happened seconds ahead of getting all four vehicles in file. From above photos one can see that an additional white vehicle has joined the other parked vehicles, where the unseen red pickup truck had been. Anyhow, as one can see, a white and navy blue pickup truck has "arrived", also to be featured in this little game. And the woman bent over is a classic ambulatory gangstalker pose; those shoelaces again.

That is it for today, blogging off.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ten Hour Sleeps

That is four ten hour sleeps in succession, something that I didn't think I was capable of, as eight hours is plenty enough. But for some reason, I am getting up at about 0900h and having the sunshine beat through the window and onto my breakfast activity each of those days. There seems to be a consistency about it; cereal bowl in sunshine, me not; then on the next day, the cereal bowl is in the shade, as am I, with an intervening sunshine beam between, so all spoonfuls pass through this beam, and so it goes. Today, if one believes in this controlled environment that is not of my making or cooperative participation, was for a shaded sky, reduced sunlight, but still casting a faint beam across the breakfast activity.

Another consistency of late is the lesion bleeding stunt; not only am I given a lesion of no known origin going by my past history, but it bleeds by itself each night that I wash my face with the specialized Neutrogena oily skin soap. This is the lesion that was created under my left lip about a week ago. My fingers or hands do not hang up on this lesion or otherwise provoke injury, but over three consecutive nights it bleeds anyway. This is the same lesion for which I can run a shaving razor over each morning (likely a controlled event too), and is not injured in any way. And as it "so happens", the steptic pencil will not stop this imposed bloodletting, and I am obliged to use the white towels to staunch the flow. Thankfully these aren't 30 minute events like one particular blood flow that erupted from the top of my nose from no ostensible cause, but it makes for a high turnover for towels. And with the red on the white towels, it does bring back the vehicle color combinations that have been included in past blog postings, not to mention the ubiquity of vehicles backing up, red brake lights and white backup lights on, that erupt in my vicinity, usually for me to see. Another pattern of color combinations that the perps find significant utility in for their nonconsensual experimentation games.

I noticed an additional lesion was created on my forehead in the night, again by some magical properties of unknown origin and method. Also on the left side.

A post-teatime siren noise event, plus chirping tires and loud mufflered vehicles all at the same time. No word yet why the emergency vehicles use this podunk street as their major thoroughfare route, but I don't expect such anyhow.

I am getting the constant jabbing of a mysterious something in the palm of my right hand. This "from-nowhere" intermittent pain started over a week ago, and at that time there was a piece of metal that somehow arrived there. I plucked the metal off, but lo, if that wasn't the "reason" for this enduring pain, of a minor level, with no kind of surficial expression, such as a zit or boil. Another never-before event, transient pain from the same location without an apparent causal site.

This is the post-teatime digestion period, having had my 100g of chocolate, for which I have no say as to whether I need it or not, I don't, and that serves as the noisestalking bait while eating a brown colored food. Regular readers will know that the perps are totaly fixated on this color, and all its sites and in all substances especially inside the human body. The topic is covered in the Essential Introductory Postings, and hasn't changed much since. Rarely is there a brown colored vehicle in a gangstalking pod, and if there is, it is a tan, or light metallic brown color. I reckon with the increase of tan vehicles that the perps must be making some progress. As one's brain is no more than an inch away from the roof of one's mouth, I reckon the chocolate, and other brown colored foods, are of huge interest when being eaten. Certainly the digestion period is unabashedly noise and phenonmenon stalked. And there have been more food "hangups" on the roof of my mouth, where it gets "stuck" for longer than would occur normally. And this might also explain the perps habit of arming their operatives with lit cigarettes, as these would be brown substances with a white wrapper that are moved about with respect to one's mouth and adjacent neural structures. Just my theory, though there is a supporting story my aunt told me about childhood development that also substantiates the story and why the perps are so freaking nuts about chasing me down with the color brown, usually after a suitable warm-up period where other colors have been presented, and blonde women too.

At teatime, about an hour ago, I also noted that I was totally mind-controlled in making some tongue movements that I would not ordinarily do. The chocolate was on the tip of my tongue, and my tongue was directed to push against the left cheek, and then the right cheek immediately following. This is something I don't do as it does not add anything to the effort to eat or digest one's food, and was a blatant act of mind-control to serve the needs of the gangs that created the fucking problem with the color brown in the first place. There has been at least one past instance when I was screwed into eating a brown cookie about the time my duaghter was departing, and then wishing my daughter well with cheek to cheek contact. Funny how that worked out then, with the thankless sickos arranging the stunt at a church do at Christmas time.

The overhead pounding has started up, and it is accompanied by a raspy and loud mufflered vehicle from outside. The one-two noise punch. As of two days ago, a vibratory noise was added into the mix, as if something, and I don't know what it could be, vibrates as the pounding occurs. Just another noise augmentation, and perhaps something is vibrating too, as pounding on 6" or more of concrete above just doen't do it anymore. Fucking stupid, and this from the idiots playing games with planted crumbs and creating extra turbulent milk with the breakfast cereal.

Yesterday, after viewing some 60 Minutes footage of interviews with Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, it crossed my mind (or it could of been a planted thought), that he looked Reptilian in close-up, something I hadn't noted before. As soon as that thought surfaced, I got a plasma puff in my face, I was blanked out for a second, and it felt like my entire brain was frozen and I couldn't move for about two more seconds. It was at least a three simultaneous phenomenon event, and was obviously near and dear to the assholes who keep running my life for me with family abettance, never minding the legions of operatives that swarm about me in public. I did not express anything out loud, it was only a passing thought, but they jumped all over me for it. Find a clinical answer for that, those who continue to hide behind this excuse.

A succession of loud mufflered vehicles are transiting by, or a fecsimilie thereof. A long trail off, or sound decay seems to be important for these ongoing noise flurries, at least 5 per minute. Sometimes there is a coincident plasma flash to go with the noise.

A zap in the knee with a coincident plasma projection from the LCD display, then overhead bouncing ball bearings noise. Unusual for an apartment with carpeted floors.

Another forced "forget" in posting this blog entry last night. And another repeat of the above mentioned bleeding lesion when washing my face, the fourth consecutive night, and as before, I did not snag or otherwise perturb it. Now that I have three blooded white towels in four days, it was time to put on a laundry load, this time without all the usual clothes for the week. I can only surmise that the combination of clothes that is in the laundry is of significance, as it is constantly being modified. Once per week laundry and all the past disruptions over this haven't yet satisfied the mind-keepers. It is high time that they pissed with their own laundry and not mine. Maybe they should stick to my out-of-town brother's; he runs a commercial laundry.

Friday, November 23, 2007

No Whine Before Its Time

This is the post-mealtime digestion period, and one of intense fascination for the mysterious party that continues to harass every move that I make as it is now devolving to. The whine in question is likely what one would hear from a wood chipper, typically used by tree services companies to reduce trees down to chips, hopefully for composting. I have never seen so many of these machines and the the large towing support trucks before, and they are now a daily constant when I am out for any duration over 20 minutes. If they are not "passing by" they are on a job with the chipper running, even if not being used very much. The actual use will slow down the induction rollers, engage the chipper, and that noise is detectable from a distance, just as the constant whine is now, as I type this.

The whine noise was in place before I got up, accompanied me for all of my morning routine of breakfast, dishes, shaving, showering and dental hygeine, and then into the first 40 minutes of PC and web surfing. And now it starts up after lunch. Invariably there is a real noise source for this, and it is not faked or projected like so many other noises, as there is something about the large spinning mass of the induction rollers that the perps like in addition to the noise. This same noise "followed" me on my hikes, once a regular destination when I had my vehicle, and in that case there was no discernable source as it was a large backwoods park. It would be another case of what I call probable neural tracking noises; ones that are used over many locations, situations and have some ostensible rationale to be heard over long distances and through concrete walls. And the chipped remains may also serve as a source for the purposes of having foliage or its remnants in my proximity. Hardly a day goes by when gardening services, haulage outfits, and other foliage packing vehicles don't pass me by, or even past my apartment. My first hosptial shanghai experience of 05-2002 was to be vehicularly gangstalked with tree services vehicles in the adjacent parking lot overnight. Often, passing pickups with extended boxes are stuffed full of foliage and garden clippings for some kind of potential perp benefit that is mysterious to me. I have done enough hiking, gardening, foliage hauling, lawn reseeding rehabilitation, all the way up to having a small acreage, and it is high time the perps gave this a rest, along with all their other mendacious games and jerkarounds. Been there, done that.

That won't be anytime soon, as there is way too much invested in screwing me over, with some minimum of 1,000 mobile vehicles ordered and arranged by color and type whenever I go out walking for 30 minutes. And too, they shipped me out of town for 2.5 years to Seattle before jerking me back here with their remotely invoked head pains of debilitating levels. With that amount of planning, and this city being subjected to some kind of constant energy beams and waves that are plainly visible at the skyline, the "blackish flashes", this is a full out assault of high tech means, with this city managed to unbelievable levels for the perp's optimum harassment experience of me, and who knows, perhaps some others in town that I am kept unaware of. I once asked my in-town brother, blatant perp abettor, if I was the only one who was being harassed, and he said he "didn't know". A mighty strange reply from one who claims to be uninvolved. And furthermore, I wasn't allowed to analyse that answer in realtime, only hours later was I permitted to ponder over his curious reply. Funny how that keeps happening, always being depleted of the needed analytical chops at the moment they could be applied for substantial benefit.

More thundering clunking overhead; once with the earmuffs on, and at the same volume level, with the hearing protection off. Amazing timing that, within 3 minutes of each other. And all the more amazing that someone above, har, har, can re-create these same sounds through at least 6" of concrete and steel, my ceiling, their floor. And that this noise, or facsimilies thereof, can follow me over five residence locations in two cities. Explain that, all you clinical types who hide behind that story.

Maser emanations in the form of filamentous wispy vertical oriented black trails came off my LCD display to thwart reading about audio equipment at that moment, specifically when the words Ipod, Apple, MP3 were being attempted to be read. One has to wonder about the mentality of a uniformly depraved organization to hound someone for over five years on topics such as these. It is time the assholes needed to check into hospital, this time without buying the doctors in advance.

And the trip to the store, all ten minutes of it, was another big event as it turned out, having waited for me until the afternoon. I had my three silver grey vehicles parked in file outside the building, then I got the second stare from a passing vagrant in nearly the same location as yesterday, I had the plastic bag packing vagrant with shopping basket act, and for the new and bizarre, I had someone parallelling me with a dolly of six stacked Corona boxes, brown cardboard with yellow, navy blue and white print on them, for the 80' of distance to the street corner where the traffic control was. This weird with the loaded dolly was walking on the street surface making a diagonal to cross it over about the same distance, 80', that I walked on the sidewalk. It fits the pattern of the perps having a fixation over concrete and asphalt interactions, as I was on the former and he on the latter. All that was about me heading out of my apartment building, and set the tone for the visit to the grocery store.

When inside I got a flurry of gangstalkers where I was to go, having three items to pick up, and at least two of them made multiple passes so I would encounter them again. There were at least 20 white plastic bags with some kind of pastry content arranged near the brown sprouted wheat tortillas, an always-stalked location/item. And this time, the tortilas were frozen for whatever reason, save perp games.

All was nearing an end at the checkout until I picked up my groceries and headed out; then the woman behind me, whose groceries had yet to be rung up, proceeded to walk on my heels right behind me, out the door, and into the parking lot, a distance of some 25', and the faster I walked, the faster she did. She made a point of looking at the ground and not putting herself in a position of why she was chasing me, and the perps cranked up my angst level more than would be the case, all to put me in the parking lot where the corded hair woman, formerly stalking me in the store, also "happened" to be. She looked very much like the one who exited the apartment elevator between me and my orange box packing gangstalker earlier this week. Today's on-my-heels-blatantly-following-me-out-the-door stalking had to be the most obvious gangstalking stunt of recent memory.

When coming back to my apartment building, I got the split-pair gangstalking duo, two Asian males, one on stand-there duty and the other walking about on his cell phone and ensuring I had to pass between them. Once I got inside, an unassociated Asian male was there to accompany me in the elevator, and not before a negro male exited the elevator and passed between us. Talk about brown color stalking; in this case it was an intensified brown skin color gangstalking, both outside my building and immediately following inside it. It would seem that the perps are still working on brown skin bioenergetic interaction between me and their shills in varied locations. Which explains why they set up an Asian couple to walk into my apartment this week, testing them out for brown skin interaction in my lair without a formal invite. Just more of the fucking games that are going on in lieu of the assholes coming out of the closet and declaring why I am being constantly harassed for over five years. Any organization that expends energy on how and what color of crumbs fall onto my plate every breakfast is seriously nuts.

The strangest of cacaphonies has erupted; a combination of distorted sirens from more than one source, beeping vehicle horns, and a klaxon like sound, all over in ten seconds. And all arranged for the moment when I took the earmuffs off. Shortly before that, some overhead pounding that was heard through my earmuffs.

The post-mealtime pounding has begun, much like before dinner; overhead pounding with the earmuffs on, then some more with the earmuffs off, within five seconds of each other. Now the glass bottle bashing noise, something that has been infrequent of late, but never far from the action as the noise will happen anytime I pass the recycle business a block away that started up when at my last residence in this location.

More follow-on noise; a two siren event with overhead clunking to fill it out, and now some in-hallway sourced glass bottle bashing. Just like the noise profile of my last residence location.

I take the earmuffs off for an upcoming forced sneeze, and true to form, it comes on. Then a follow-on forced yawn after the sneeze. I never had yawns following sneezes at all, never mind regularly, until the last year.

More YouTube, this time going back to the 1960's for the Rolling Stones. More outside noise with the headphones on, an occupational hazard with magnets at my ears, with the odd added zap too.

Time to call this done, and blog off.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Twice Exercised Thursday

This is the day when I go to a vigorous session of yoga in the late morning, have lunch, and set off at 1350h for an hour long gym session at 1430h. Invariably it is the day when "the force" is out, with their gangstalkers all over me after yoga. And at least 50% of post-Thursday yoga sessions are gangstalked with uniformed military doing shopping or otherwise walking down North Park St., a residential street. Not today though, and not even substitute police vehicle, though an ambulance might count. I later got the loud siren show while eating my lunch, brown colored tortillas.

The sun angle is low at this time of year, and in fact, it almost seems to be lower or somehow my eyes are being messed with. It is still another 30 days until the Winter Solstice, and yet there seems to be an inordinant dimness at 1530h when I depart the gym to walk home. And my ball cap has gone missing, something that would save me from the strange lighting at this time of day of the year. There is something different about it and I cannot put my finger on it.

The perps have saddled me with another round of shaving hassle, continuing yesterday's games. The two blade Gillette has begun clicking again, per planted noise, as it never has been anything related to their shaving system in the past. The clicking noise is assigned under continual use, and not at the end of a shaving stroke like before. And of course the loudest clicks are reserved for when the razor is beside my ear. Funny how that works out. This is all about more games to infuriate me while shaving, something the perps have started up this week.

The intended solution was to get a two blade Schick system, but lo, if three independent drug stores don't carry the handle and the blades, or at least when I am there. And lo, if the predominant local online drugstore chain doesn't have the items I am looking for online. And their photo finishing has also "disappeared" as I wanted to print five photos from yesterday.

While attempting to resolve this at the third drugstore today, my granny gangstalker came to loiter at the men's grooming section, not your average shopper for these products. I was wearing a blue fleece pullover, and lo, if she wasn't wearing something similar in her anorak color. The arranged vehicles had more blue colors and variations today, once they got past the barrage of red colored vehicles that greets me anywhere I walk, usually at the beginning when I set off.

The overhead clunking or pounding begins anytime an unbidden thought comes to mind. Some things never change. I am also getting numbed fingers in my left hand. Earlier, an overhead pounding with simultaneous noise from my right (hallway voices) and my left (a neeze from outside). It doesn't get any more designed than that, as it applies to noise.

I got saddled with more toilet games when taking a crap; the details will be spared, but waiting 10 minutes for the toilet bowl level to go down isn't my idea of how it normally works. All to force two plungings 10 minutes apart and two plunger cleanings as well. There is something intrinsic about the properties of rubber that the perps don't yet understand. Hence the load of four mounted tires in the back of a pickup that made a corner near my apartment building two days ago. And there is a tire shop only two blocks away with plenty of gangstalking coverage as I go by, usually once a week for yoga.

A spate of sneezings, yawnings and plasma projections that impair my reading has come on just now, while studying the world of alien abductions and related UFO activity. Some researchers have tied the abduction phenomenon to mind-control research, and from my perspective, I think they are exactly right. How else could the subjects be so docile, even with no clothes on inside these craft? And this site, Katherina Wilson's Alien Jigsaw, Project Open Mind, is one of the few researchers that makes the link between these seeming disparate activities. And it is odd that I am continually noisestalked while reading about these topics, though the web has made them much more accessible. Which suggests that there is more to it than just mind-control, an opinion that I have come to by way of experience.

I seem stuck for what to write about today, as there was plenty more, but somehow the words are not forming. Part of the harassment experience, and it does make me wonder about all past cases of "writer's block".

Another forced "forget" in posting this last night. Posting my blog at the day's end should be an established habit, but "somehow" it doesn't happen that way anymore. Perhaps the real agenda is to post it following one hour of noisestalking, post-breakfast, as it happening as I type this.

One new gangstalker tenique happened twice yesterday; a supposed cyclist, walking his bicycle on the sidewalk (make sense?, hardly) stopped at a pedestrian traffic control at the corner of the intersection I was approaching, 25' away. The traffic control was for him to "walk" as he was headed in that direction. But no, he stops on the sidewalk, waits for a 5 member swarm to pass him who all proceded across the crosswalk, and then he spins his bicycle 360 degrees and stands there. Two blocks later, on the other side of the road, now cycling, this vagrant act catches up to me, consistent with the behind-then-ahead (or vice versa) gangstalking games that are erupting of late.

Then on the return leg of my 10 minute walk, after yoga, a woman with a walker puts on the pathetic act, finally makes it to the other side of the crosswalk, within 4' of me, and then makes a 360 degree spin of her walker, again, for no seeming purpose.

Time to post this, and I am sure there will be a noise flurry as I do so, now becoming a standard practice of late. With added maser and plasma action, something the perps are doing; layering on more phenomenon at once; elevated noise and vibrations, plasma and maser activity, jabbing me in the nuts or the feet, invoking vision transitory impairments with head movements to supposedly "shake" the problem, creating typo sabotage to have me vocalize my complaint (not a phenomenon as such), and a few other event types that don't come to mind. On and on this kind of incursion goes, all to be timed with the most prosaic of my activities, all day, every day.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Get the Red Out

A call from my mother at 1000h began a about-town trip to take pictures, lunch out, across town to the ex's place for my mother to pick up suet, and then back into downtown where I live. A lot of circular routes all told, and to no surprise, some large heavy duty vehicles "coming round again" when far removed from the first sighting.

And there is a decided emphasis on the color red today, including the facial lesions that sprang "new leaks" and re-bled themselves and did not heal with scar tissue and thereby became a dark reddish color, if not a scab. In other words, the lesions were "refreshed" to have a bright red as well as a dark red, not unlike the parade of red color variants that gets placed around me everywhere I go. And I suspect that these red lesions, and very likely the ones that simultaneously erupted on my gums inside my mouth, serve as color references for the perps to then take some kind of color interaction/comparison to the plethora of vehicles and gangstalkers that were red colored or red dressed.

There were at least three blondes posted on the driving portions of my outing today. All blondes were in ambulatory situations, some 40' to 60' away, and lo, if one wasn't set up to be seen through the green tinted glass of an intervening vehicle. This represents an emulation of the green dyed hair blonde in my gym class, the chinless one, and who has been pulled for at least three consecutive sessions thankfully. My lastmost sighting of her was when the perps kept forcing my attention to look in her direction until I changed the orientation of my exercise mat so to not see her anymore. I suspect she will be brought back into the perp's demographic mix. I also was treated to another green hair job, a male who strutted about, retracing his steps at a busy intersection today. What this green hair fixation the perp's have is about I don't really know, though I don't care for non-natural hair colors.

There were many places of red vehicles in file, twos or threes, or packing an intersection with five or more, some being mobile, and making turns in front, or adjacent to me drivng my mother around. And also, there were plenty of red vehicles, one crimson red, and the one behind or ahead of it in file being a blood red, or a deep metallic red color. At the restaurant we stopped at, a new one to me, there were four red shirted or coated individuals on the left side, along the sunlit wall. I had a lasagne dish, and I am sure that helped the perps to have a close-in reference red color, along with the above mentioned red lesions that were re-reddened this morning. Then, the two seemingly independent parties all departed, save one member with a black jacket over his red shirt who came back some 10 minutes later to perform sentry duty it would seem . Then a resuming shift of red dressed operatives came and sat on the right side of my mother, further away and partially shaded, and with one blue dressed woman who aligned herself behind my mother's head. Then some 20 minutes later, the male "gut stalkers" arrived at a table in two shifts, 10 minutes apart, dressed in black mostly, but making sure I was witness to the display of excessive girth. In between, a wheelchair act arrived with some kind of palsy condition to cover for the quaking and shaking that was going on, largely out of my purview as to where I was seated. Someone knows more about me and my subconscious reactions to the color red, shiftless males, oversized guts (obesity), wheelchairs and other variants of the human condition as they like to continually replay them for my visual benefit, if not, subconscious reaction. Not my problem, so why has it being made into someone else's who has obstructed my ability to work and continually hounds me with these stunts everywhere in public? And even arranges vehicle colors outside my residence, now for over five years. (See past photos of this blog).

And there won't be any answer to that anytime soon as they have been keeping up this depraved fuckery on me for over five years. Though to be fair, it seems as if the perps have made some recent advances and are coming up with more complex color combinations; red in front of brown, light brown vehicles are now regularly in the vehicular gangstalk mix instead of being the last most color test, the reds are getting more numerous and red variant combinations are more evident, there are less substantive same color clusters of vehicles, or only when I set out, and are closer to random longer into a vehicle or walking trip, the grey colored vehicles are spanning more of the grey scale, and other more complex permutations. All because they lack the decency and fortitude to front for this continuing vicious application of nonconsensual human experimentation. There must be one huge incentive for them to do this, extending harassment to 5.5 years instead of resolving this by cooperation, something that would of taken weeks IMHO.

And wouldn't you know; I recieved a recent invitation to be on a documentary, so by the time they arrive, there won't be much to show them save the still shots I have been taking for the past year. Funny how that works out in the hands of one party, all of the time.

An 9 hour sleep last night, with one awakening to hear the traffic noise, and then sleep again, and then the backup beeper noise that tracked me when prone in bed, when changing into clothes (always a big noisestalk and harassment moment), making and then eating breakfast. Quite the string of backing up if one to were assume that was the true cause, though there were no vehicles to be seen that were possibly causative.

And the usual getting into the vehicle delays again, from my mother after finishing up at the restaurant, and played in front of light brown vehicle that just pulled in beside her with the occupants, both dressed in green, though disimilar, sitting in the vehicle while this stunt played itself out, this time looking for the cell phone that somehow went "missing". Good for a five minute extension of getting into a vehicle; been there, done that, it should be over by now. Three red vehicles were packed close around us, and there were the additional five from the photo below in and adjacent wire fence compound.

The pre-dinner time noise silliness with other phenomenon events has begun its usuall predictable course. Overhead frantic rumbling noise with something mysteriously vibrating in my apartment at the same time. A vehicle horn beeping contest has also sprung up, all while reading the various stories on Ratical. The topics of nuclear waste and related games in that endeavor seem to be the most beepable events, with JFK asssassination stories coming in second. There is a huge array of these noisestalkable events, with the most prevalent theme being state sponsored subterfuge. No small wonder, as the same assholes who may have had a hand in those events want to know more about how I know and store this information. Scary; we will see history rewritten, and no one will be the wiser if the perp's objectives are as grim as I think they are.

A fraught dinner was scripted; endless touches from no adjacent objects, as there was plenty of space to clear them while making and eating dinner and doing the dishes. The perps either plant the notion directly in mind or else tag me with some kind of energy field. It just doesn't add up that I could blunder so many times in a short duration of 10 minutes or so. Then the perps unloaded a mess of dirt clods on the kitchen floor, ostensibly coming from my runners which I had on all day. Funny how no soil clods came off while at the desk for the past three hours, and only "fell off" when I went to the kitchen to aid in riling me up and commenting on the mess the assholes planted. As I was on a grass patch for 5 minutes at about noontime today, that is the putative cause in the perps depraved mind. Never mind I was on pavement or in this building since then, and none came off my shoes in the bathroom earlier when my pee was timed immediately following reading about today's oversized insect fossils online. Fucking absurd, to deal with this constant barrage of venal juvenility and being jerked around to be so intemperate about it. As regular readers will know; cranking me up, aka rage-ifying me, is their number one play while in my apartment. Thankfully, not so in public, save the odd assailant and other sidewalk hogging nutters under the spell of a directed left-hand drive notion.

Here is a news piece dealing with the legal ramifications of sending an innocent citizen to Syria for torture. He is a Canadian citizen and was stopped over on a flight in New York. Bad place to stop, especially if of mid-eastern descent, and also too, if the Canadian Mounties feed incorrect information to the US authorities. He recieved over $11 million in compensation for his "rendition", but still wants to clear his name such that he feels free to travel without incident. Did the perps have a hand in this one? I cannot say for sure, but I have experienced many unjust acusations that were without substance in the past, and it seems the perps do like to engage in this kind of event. And, having seen 60 Minutes last week, and the potential number of jailed individuals who have been "found guilty" on bogus ballistics science, it would seem at least that the perps like me to be esposed to more unjust accusations. Just another case of perps gone beserk possibly, having the wrong person tortured or jailed. It fits the pattern. What they get from this I don't know, not even enough to speculate.

Here is some relief from the text descriptions in the form of pictures from the last few weeks.

And for those of you that use liquid detergent, or are forced to in my case as the granular powder began caking on my clothes, another never-before event, this is what can happen to your detergent container. The spout was turned 90 degrees, causing me to now pour it from the side and not from the front of the bottle holding it by the handle. As the perps devote no end of effort in simulating the cardinality of objects around me, and that they are fixated over the nature of plastics, those proximal and those inside me from pollutants, this little juvenile stunt could only be the work of that same party. Fucking absurd, but true.

Taken 11-12-2007. Back to the red vehicles in file show; three red ones, two differing reds, a more common theme of late, as noted above. Having one placed behind a tree is also a big deal for the perps. Go figure.

Taken 11-18-2007 Another shot of the same area, now with white and silver-grey vehicles on the N. side of the street to join the three red vehicles in file on the S.side.

Taken 11-19-2007. Back to this familiar location (above), only moved closer in. This picture was taken to show the wild and bizarre parking that can happen where there is coordinated effort in placing them all. An SUV on the tail of a minivan was there for over an hour, ostensibly blocking the vehicle from getting out when there was plenty of other stalls to park in. A silver-grey vehicle and an navy blue one join the SUV in this parked cluster. Though in fact, this is an example where the perps like to arrange items and objects on the bias, and add more granularity to their orthogonal only games. True to form, at the top of the picture is one red vehicle and two silver-grey vehicles in file behind.

Taken 11-17-2007. The above was Fort St, and this is View St from my apartment. Nothing too random about this vehicle string of red, red and white two tone, white and silver-grey vehicles, nor the repeat visit of the navy blue tractor unit, parked over two stalls for over a day, illegal on two accounts. And the string of parked passenger vehicles is parked where the meter heads have been removed, for months now. No wonder they can park "legally" there all day when the maximum is two hours. The two figures on jaywalk duty are fulfilling the usual event of me seeing someone doing this every time I look out the window, even for a second or less.

Taken 11-18-2007. Back at for another day, four vehicles in file, this time adding one that is reversed parked, probably illegally, though don't quote me on that, but I had never seen this before. This fits the perp's habits of having left-hand drive Japanese vehicles pass by me, though admittedly, it isn't quite the same.

Taken 11-16-2007. This is the plastic sheet that is "parked" for me to see, now over a week on this balcony, and is still there, 11-21-2007. Even more curious is that this tumbled down from three balconies above where it had resided for a week before the picture was taken. Imagine, two sets of tenants, stacked over three stories above the other, who each "don't mind" large orange plastic sheets befouling their respective balcony for weeks on end. And this apartment block was made out to be full when I applied there in 04-2007. Big joke that, and it even is on my suspected-to-be-empty list, though I cannot be sure.

Blue and navy blue colors are becoming more featured, very possibly because I have a navy blue matress that was removed from my use from 08-2007 to 05-2007. Now that I am back using it again, the perps seem to be making progress, however that is defined, with this color. There are the above pictures with the navy blue tractor unit in the street parking stalls, and this little three-way set up for me to catch while making a rare visit to my balcony. Two same colored blue vehicles are parked in file, one behind a tree, and a third lighter color blueo, mobile, passing by.

Taken 11-21-2007, today. I have no idea why these vehicles are penned, or who they belong to. So many vehicle lots have sprung up without any apparent ownership in this city in the past few years. This lot is nowhere near a car lot, or a shipping delivery site, even if near the harbor. There is a third same deep metallic red vehicle behind the second pickup truck which can be seen on zoom-in. Though in fact, there were at least three more clustered around the second truck, as the conditions for this shot were constrained; inside my parent's vehicle and over top of my mother's head. Surely an ideal shot through her chakras if one believes in alternate energies, and it may also be the reason for the "head dipping" and bend-over games the operatives and shills play in my proximity.

This tree services truck came to pass by where we were parked at Beacon Hill Park, and then proceeded out the Clover Point traffic loop. Now where were those trees again? Tree chipping is a common event in my proximity, as the perps seem to like that constant machine whine and the large spinning mass of the induction rollers. Boom trucks are a commonn gangstalking vehicle too, having all that steel mass overhead is what it seems to be about. Sometimes I get clusters of three boomtrucks, a new event for me, and rarely only one at a location anymore.

Some more YouTube until the vision impairment fuckery got so bad that I couldn't stand it, this while viewing Linda Ronstadt's older videos. She being the perfect doe eyed raven haired girl that I developed a celebrity crush on going back to the 1970's. The perps know full well that I like her look and that it serves as a template to add elements into the gangstalker demographically selected gangstalker mix from time to time. The doe-eyed (attractive, or favored) girl emerging from a belated elevator with the corded (fugly) hair of two days ago comes to mind. The same theme repeats; fugly with pretty or attractive, either in the same person or in two people, very often side by side who then separate by distance. Fucking tiresome being subjected to a freakshow all day long, all to rekindle the seeming traumatizations the assholes inflicted upon me over 50 years ago.

That is enough to call this one done for the day, a rest my eyes from the plasma jumping off the LCD panel tonight.