Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Changed Story du Jour

Ahh.... the sound of dual jackhammers pounding away as some kind of noise/neural energetics tracking it would seem. For 40 minutes before lunch, and then resuming 60 minutes afterward (1300h), the noise is constant. If I am real lucky there will be a genuine cover story of street works, but a recent decline in the perps' percieved need for authenticity might still be in effect if the last jackhammer noise fusillade is an example to go by.

And onto the educational grants for the disabled (har, har) again. An appointment today, the fifth one, "revealed" that evening courses, no matter how technical and rigorous aren't permitted as eligible for tuition grants under the Canadian Opportunities Fund. I had told this person in the second appointment, and every one afterward, that the very two courses that I wanted to take were in the evening, and were very specific to my past training and would serve me well for a career upgrade. She agreed, and I thought that was the end of it, but no, or at least, not today. This must be how Italian or French bureaucracy runs, a different story each visit. Lets see; if I get the grant will the bus pass monies be sufficient bakeesh? Just kidding, and no doubt this story was concocted to send me off do the same reading about the Opportunities Fund in the first place, having been mislead by this same person on the first meeting. Perhaps this is a perp script for emulating the sensation of living in the above mentioned countries or others like them, rather than the fuckers flying me there. Or was it all about posting a shiftless dude outside the office door for no seeming purpose but to remind me that the loitering Fuckwits are never very far away, even if it is someone else's office.

I had my dude gangstalker show/posse all around me today with some significant variations, and they are even advertising themselves to make them more obvious. The waiting room stunt was one example today, where the three other seats filled up within five minutes and then another dude arrives who doesn't have a seat so he leans against the wall beside me. Have I mentioned recently how much I fucking loathe anyone standing over me? And still they keep at it, as if my two brothers closing in on me at Christmas wasn't a sufficient "work out"/harassment event for the perps. Which is probably true, as they are very consistent until all the neural energetic correlates, (bioelectromagnetics if you prefer), are detected. And somehow they know when they have defeated any of my remnant neural capabilities in this beserk but highly iterative and organized harassment fuckover show that has been going on since 04-2002.

And so it seemed like a test of the Unfavored in the waiting room; which one do I subconsciously loathe the most? The negro woman with the fucking disgusting dreadlocks in her hair on my immediate left or the fucking dude standing over me? The woman started moving around and rustling and leaning forward to get further into my vision, and then the dude was given a seat, effectively defusing the presentational fuckery.

There were other dude freaks in the waiting area, but I suppose there is some legitimacy to it all, but the appointment started 10 minutes late, ensuring yet again, there is some freakshow and maser and plasma action as a "warm up" to any meeting I go to. It was the same as two days ago at the Disabilities Center, the worst freak being the person with whom I had an appointment, but enough of that episode, read the blog posting if you prefer.

And the loathing comparison wasn't over by any means; on my way back from my appointment, some 40' away a tall negro dude with a funny hair net blob of a hat emerged from the apartment front doors and walked on ahead of me. And I am not making this up, this really happened; the next thing the perps do is then direct my vision to a large lump of dogshit some 3' away and that I would not of noticed if still taking in the sight of the negro dude in his brown coat. So........ what was that about, another comparative measure of the Unfavored in quick succession? There is no way I would of seen the latter mentioned object if my attention wasn't redirected as I was looking up as I usually do to determine what the ever mutable gangstalker scene is. [Unbelievablke even now, as I review this. 2300h]

And I am getting vocabulary impaired as I have been writing this, so it is time to leave it for now. The perps have been heavy on rage-ifying me today, and yelling at them to retrieve the word I want is getting tired and is the usual fuckover stunt of forcing more vocalizing that would otherwise occur.

And the degree of obviousness of the dudestalking isn't decreasing any; two loitering Fuckwits of seeming employ under shelter of the concrete parkade as I passed by were still there an hour later, doing their cigarette smoking ruse. Then more "popout" dudes from the identical construction site door as I passed last time after the same appointment person. One in a peanut butter brown outfit, and the other with the hardhat in grey colored clothing, a relatively common prop for the assholes, though mostly they carry them.

I had my redi-mix concrete truck stalking while out for all of 10 minutes in each direction; I suppose this was some kind of benchmarking as my appointment was in a concrete and steel building and that I live in one. The sickos cannot get enough of introducing me to concrete in all its forms; fresh, just poured, just cured, just hard, just newly drivable or walkable etc. I have done plenty of home improvements that involved concrete pours, and that should be sufficient "exposure". But no, the fuckers insist on putting on redi-mix trucks, often in orthogonal travel directions, for some kind of remote detection of response or whatever the fuck they are doing.

A return from the cleaning job with a stop-by shopping at the LD store for toilet paper, always a big deal for the World SS as they even arrange to have me start a new roll in mid-shit, at least a dozen times in the past few years. This "bad timing" never happened before, and they declared their interest in toilets, shit, toilet paper and all related matters long ago when they first invaded my apartment in person in 2002. Hence the above mentioned shit story. And I will leave this grevious topic alone for now, and hopefully for a long time yet.

But as the overhead rumbling noise has erupted as I type the above paragraph, it is perfectly clear that their noisestalking represents continued interest. Anyhow, they put at least 100 gangstalkers on duty at the LD store tonight, engaging in checkout obstruction with the fuckers advertising red as the harassment color of the session. Reg hats, red coats, red Christmas decorations bought ahead of me and a few other red reminders. And of course, getting me prepared with prior red vehicles in gangstalking formations between my cleaning job departure and the LD store, a whole block, but with the usual assorted extra vehicle and ambulatory gangstalking coverage.

They also went silly on berets tonight; at least three of the fuckers were loitering around as I waited for the checkout to progress, one dipped her head in front of me bending down to supposedly get something, and if I hadn't been dithered I would of kneed the granny in the head. Why she had to cross the entry way to get something near my feet was a total mystery. As if loitering 4' from me for five minutes wasn't enough, as she was doing the read-the-flyer-in-the-entry-way gangstlalk move while I was stuck at this ridiculous delay at the checkout. Another beret act, first hatless, crossed the entry way some 8' and passed out of view, and then re-emerged going the opposite direction with an umbrella in hand and an insipid green beret on his head, and then doing the look-away move while walking forward, making a right angle turn to head out the most distant exit from his seeming stashed umbrella and beret. Fucking bizarre to say the least.

They put on the sirens when I was at the debit machine paying for my items. Regular readers will know that I am always noisestalked and/or stalked/fucked with when making any financial transaction whatsoever, from writing a check at my desk or paying by debit card, the assholes are all over me and have be from the get go when they went into overt harassment in 2002. And if this is so consistent, like 100% of the time, how in the fuck could it be a clinical condition? I have communicated with one other TI who gets checkout harassment, so this is not new or different. As far as I know I am the only TI who gets this degree of intense treatment and consistency.

That makes three outings for the day, and each time wearing my grey ballcap that kept the rain off my face and glasses, and I have used the same coat each time. And worse yet, it gets hung up in the closet with other coats removed from it so it can drip dry as it "somehow" catches rain drops which reside on it. Even shaken, it is quite the hydrophilic raincoat, and just another example of the detail the assholes devote to heightening the fuckery.

And I also got the towels laundered this morning after last night's toilet overflow sabotage, a fucking gruesome event cleaning up their mess. And lo, if I didn't get the dude-standing-behind-me gangstalking again. This fucker arrives with the same identical timing as his last two predecessors, just when I am taking the laundry from the washing machine to the dryer, and then makes out he is the coin collection person. So what he does is puts his sack of coins on the dryer for crissakes, and then stands behind me where he cannot see them as I am obstructing his line of sight while putting the towels in the dryer. Unbelievable security carelessness by my observation. I could of taken the sack of quarters and pounded him on the head and fucked off with them. Since the coin bags were about the volume of two softballs, I could of leveled his brains. Alas, such retributive thoughts are not situationally allowed, and this Fuckwit stood behind me while abandoning his duties, i.e. letting the coins out of his possesion. Have I already complained about dudes loitering and hanging over me, or behind me?

I am getting the teeth sensitivity fuckover games tonight. Any of these above stories are accompanied by sudden sensitivity of my right top incisor tooth, usually when I complete the last sentence of the paragraph.

Anyhow, I spent some time looking up the Opportunities Fund sites and found what I expected; there is no stated constraint as to the nature of the academic course offerings and that they be credit courses. So, today's long winded harangue about formal course programs and the academic calendar are total bullshit, all to spin the show for an hour or so. And more likely, to have me revisit the same web pages on this new 22" monitor instead of the old 15" one that I "gave" to my parents. And that is all for some kind of benchmarking of that monitor at their place and through their eyes, whatever the World SS gets from that.

Back to sending some resumes off and the coincident noise barrage heard through the earmuffs. Then another round of noisestalking in the same circumstances while I did extensive repairs on my folder organization, especially when adding the new year into the folder name. These are exciting events for my mindkeepers, sick as they are.

And the big excitement too would of been resuming to wear the new glasses after them being off my face for 24 hours. And we are not done with this yet, because they slip on my face and will need the modification of cable temples to keep them in place, just like the last pair. And too, there won't be a local optician to apply this aftermarket fix, as that store got shut down for whatever reason a few years ago. Just to think, an entire legion of deranged Fuckwits who plan all these things out, years in advance, no matter how trivial it may seem. At least they didn't put me through the Grand Fuckover of getting a 2009 diary like they did the year before, journalled somewhere in past postings.

More forced "errant" mouse key pressing to then serve as an excuse to jump the text around on me, and I have just about fucking had it with this same bullshit all evening. In Windows Explorer, Firefox browser, Open Office Writer and Firefox bookmark manager, constant intrusion to fuck my intent as to how I want to move the mouse. Enough of this today.

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