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A Summary of Perp Obsessions + 02-28-2009 Update

This is an atypical posting intended as a single summary source of what the perps are fixated over with respect to activities, objects and substances. Past blogs have detailed examples, but I thought I would go over them in summary form, though I won't detail the suspected reasons for any length.

The overarching objective of the perps (IMHO) is to find out all the energetic interactions that occur with respect to me in all my activities. The type of energies that they seem to be mostly after are what I call etheric, sidereal, scalar, vortex, omniplasma continuum, corpuscular, psychic etc. They interact with both electromagnetic energies, including light and its subset, color. Objects or even people from many hundreds of feet or further could very well have some kind of energetic interaction if the current perp activities of arranging distant objects is a reliable measure. My take on the reason for gangstalking and objectstalking, often with the addition of other incursions such as noise, plasma and maser exposures, stroboscopic assaults, pit-lamping (having me in the fixed headlights of a parked vehicle), ceramic and glass bashing in my proximity, vision impairments, forced bodily activity (farts, rumbling stomach, runny nose, itches that "need" to be scratched), buzzing feet, etc., is that these create interferences with other energies, and hence, a possibility of remote detection and quantification.

Events of Particular Perp Fixation

Financial Transactions
The perps routinely put on many stunts, noises, finger motor control interference, behavior debasement and other events each time I make a financial transaction. This can be in the form of cash, mailed check, ATM, debit card at a checkout, credit card online, or anytime someone gives me or I give them money. And it can be deposits, paychecks, withdrawals, and even finding money. Often, they will interfere with the transaction by causing it to fail, debit and credit cards, and incurring extra attempts to complete the transaction. In the early 2002 harassment days they would park an operative next to me at the checkout to be pretending to be looking elsewhere, but now they have "settled down" to testing presence or absence of Favored or Unfavored demographic group members, and a few times, having the next customer at the checkout look over my shoulder to piss me off, and when I look up everyone is looking elsewhere and "somehow" didn't see this outrageous behavior. When I was paying by mailed check they would fuck with my motor control such that I could barely write the check, then fuck me again over insertion of the check and coupon in the envelope, and then fuck me again in attempting to seal it, address it and then place a stamp on it. Then they would have gangstalkers stationed at the post box I intended to use. And while putting me through this they would control my "reaction" to unabated rage; one round over the check, again when attempting to put the check in the envelope and then again when sealing and addressing it. Another example was to move the post boxes and foiling my attempt to post the letter, causing me to hang onto it, and then "losing it", only to find that someone else mailed it for me.

Objects, Substances and Activities of Current and Extreme Perp Fixation/Harassment/Exposure

Ashphalt and concrete
These have got to be their biggest quest in this category, as it relates to both driving and walking. I suspect that there are also earth energies which of course would be intermixed with those of these two aggregate substances. The perps send at least two redi-mix trucks around me in any given week, and have engaged in a large number of sidewalk repair and rework jobs on my walking routes. In the case of asphalt, they have re-routed traffic lanes and added bicycle lanes all over this city in a seeming attempt to detect the energetics of asphalt where vehicles are no longer driving over it. Many road lanes have been shifted laterally by 1' or 2', with the lane lines removed often in increments over a year or so. They have also engaged in partial lane line re-painting, e.g. one side of a two yellow line centerline, and progressively repainting over short increments, say 100' of repainted white lane lines, and then an extension of a 100' a week later. Other lane lines have been repainted at least once per year, when they did not need repainting. The amount of screwing around on these substances is endless including accelerated road works projects everywhere I go, digging down and laying in pipe where none were needed (IMHO). This perp quest is so absurd sometimes that they have male and female operatives sitting on the sidewalk at bus stops, often with coffee (brown substance note) in hand. In another variant at the same location type, they sit on the concrete sidewalk and have their legs projecting onto the adjacent asphalt. Fucking absurd. Another related event is operative "sleep-overs" where the mobile movie crew quarters arrive, and they camp out over asphalt surfaced parking lots and streets for a few days, and there is no evidence of any movie anywhere!

Petroleum Products
The parent category of asphalt is oil, a petroleum product. The perps are totally fixated on this substance and go to great lengths to expose me to large and small quantities in their measured way. They will drive home heating or gasoline tankers around me at least twice per week, sometime arranging for the same tanker to be seen at more than one location within a trip, depending upon stops I might make. There is always plenty of oil spillings on the streets, and sometimes 120' tracks of them at intersections, often making the corner. My parents help out by having unneeded containers of vasoline and household oil that stay in the same place for years, and then get moved together, apart, turned 90 degrees and other spatial permutations. Sometimes I wonder if their obsession over petroleum products extends to oil spills and the horrendous ecological devastation this can create.

Vehicles; colors, open doors, egress, size
This is another huge area of perp activity, and that includes arranging parked vehicles around me in specific color combinations and order every minute of my existence, even while I sleep. I have described the vehicular gangstalking in almost every blog posting, and so I won't add much here. But they also ensure that there are at least 10% to 20% of vehicles are in a state of egress in my proximity; open doors, gangstalkers getting in or out or otherwise loitering at their open trunks, and even have the fuckers just sitting in them, doing nothing. They will put on ugly vehicle designs, then follow them with a favored design (one I find more aesthetic), and of course the color combinations are all over the map. Often large vehicles are cluster together, then SUV's and minivans, then sedans, then station wagons, all the way to these absurd Smart Cars which they continually plant in my face, especially at the local car lots, even if the dealer is across town. Of late, even on-street golf carts have joined the fray, as have left-hand drive Japanese direct imports. As mentioned in many blogs, they put on plenty of Volvos, for the reason that I owned one for two decades, and also I suspect, their steel had particular electromagnetic properties that they prefer for energetic interaction reasons.

Cheese, dairy products
This is a food item that they are also going beserk over, and yet they continue to do the most outrageous stunts with. They create cheese crumbing all over my working surfaces, even those that I don't use, they forced me off the cheese grater to then use a slicer, which then they noisestalk each piece as it comes off, the slices "come off" (per remotely applied manipulations) the slice doing backflips, spins, arcs, rolls, laterals (by 4"), and any other crazy maximal variation trajectories. As cheese is the only regular dairy product I am mind-fucked into using, it is a total nightmare dealing with this normally prosaic activity. They even faked the slicer banging into my thumb so they could then cut it in two places and then delay healing by at least three weeks so they could keep dark red blotches next to the grasped slicer for longer. My mother even packed a partial block of cheese on the flight to Kamloops when setting off to visit my brother and brought it back. This is totally absurd, as the cheese would of kept fine in the fridge for the five day absence.

Oils, and essential oils
The perps have smashed my olive oil onto the pavement before I got it home before (oil and ashphalt interaction, note), and constantly gangstalk me everytime I purchase it at the grocery store. The peanut butter also get regularly fucked with each morning (spills, odd persistance on my knife), and maybe also because it is brown colored. The last time I went shopping they ensured that I purchased both of these at the same time. They took me off hemp seed (no THC and legal here) over a year ago, presumably to simplify their "oil problem". They also have a fuel oil tankers parked on my route, or else pass me by, at least once per week.

Laundry, ironing, detergent and clothing
This topic has also been served in countless blogs and the attendant freak show that accompanies me at the laundromat. There is something fundamental about clothes, the fabrics, colors, material, weave, garment type etc. that the perps do not understand. In my estimation, it is the interaction of all of these and the body of the wearer, as well as that of proximate others, me being the prime exposure test case. They will line up gangstalkers so they are all visually aligned in varying color combinations, and very often insert into, or back the the alignment with the MIBs, men in black, often in fleece with fabric panels for reflective contrast. Having me on the bus is a prime situation for this game, as there are regular intervals of seats and the logical coming and going of passengers, save the sheer quantity of them. My mother has even taken up weaving in the name of this particular cause, and has knitted in the past. My ex-wife was also a knitter. My parents have never had a dryer appliance, and always use a clothesline, and for all that, the perps are still all over me doing laundry. The detergent type had to be changed, from powder to liquid concentrate, and of course, I am forced to use differing brands owing to arranged "shortages" of my usual one.

Washing dishes, e.g. frypan, plate, detergent
The story of the perps breaking my frypan and forcing me to buy a new one was posted 5 weeks ago. But what I did not expect was the continual noisestalking and harassing anytime I wipe olive oil from it, clean it with soap and water and dry it with a dish cloth. They are still going nuts on this with overhead noisestalking, the clunking sound, and harassing my every action related to this everyday activity.

Plastics and possible pollutants
This is significant topic about which I know very little, except to say that there must be some plastics and other pollutants in my system that give them no end of problems, as the perps are constantly exposing me to various colors, types, configurations and objects constructed of them. The most common are the "plastic bag people", those who are packing plastic bags from, and even to, the grocery store. Other gangstalkers and shills will wave or flick them, or otherwise accelerate movement of the plastics in my proximity. And it is in all colors; the oranges are playing big of late, as are yellows. The "popularity" of Gore-tex in this town is likely all about bringing a teflon substance (PFOA's) in close to me, especially with the variety of colors availible, especially bright ones. I have recently blogged on pollutants, the PFOA teflon compounds being found in polar bears even.

Subjects as Seen Through Transparent Material
The perps devote much attention to how I see things, and what I am looking through when viewed. They will sometimes arrange a gangstalker to be seen directly, then again through plexiglass, then through plate glass, and then through safety glass (e.g. windsheilds and sliding glass doors with a layer of transparent plastic in them) and even through tempered glass, or even translucent plastic sheets such as for sheathing insulation in houses. And of course there are various colors and tints to add to the combinations and permutations, as well as having the glass, say, behind them, then in front of them, and then a partial display of each. They cannot get enough of this action, and have at one residence location, arranged for a plexiglass window pane for my 8 month residency.

Tool Use (added 05-2019)

No question that I have a tool interest; never mind which tool to use and how etc. for my personal projects or for others' situations. And it finally occurred to me that the perps have one too. That is, what tool I use, and for what reasons I select it, and other tools as options in an unknown situation. The construction job of 2018 helping the millwork installation was one of extensive tool use; different ones from the vineyard job of course (though I did take my secateurs in for using on the vinyl end cap material), using and swapping tools for the same job, using others' tools (as loaned), others using my tools, and peculiar requests from other trades to use the odd tool as well. A few tool thefts as well, par for a commercial construction job site I am told. It finally occurred to me when the male banter would suddenly start up when I swapped a tool for another to accomplish the same task. This was all the more evident at 0600h a few months ago when the male banter erupted as I swapped snow shovels outside, due to the differing conditions of the prior snow event.

Syntax, Names and Terms of Current and Extreme Perp Fixation/Harassment/Exposure
The perps noisestalk and otherwise harass me over anything I see, think or read. All that I am in contact with is of interest to the fuckers. The following topics, names and terms seem to be of exceptional interest to them.

Celebrity names
The perp interest is extended to nearly all famous names, including celebrities as well as those who are deceased. It does not matter as to my keeness in following them, or even my ignorance, also managed by the assholes. Invariably, a noise will erupt the instant I set eyes on the picture of a celebrity.

Death, end, cessation
Anything, particularly a life, that ends, is of extreme interest to the perp assholes. This may apply to the topic, or individual specific instances. The perps went nuts on noisestalking when I read of the Anna Nicole Smith tragedy, as well as the associated stories about her legal travails. They also put on extra noisestalking anytime I read the obituaries, or even glance at them. Naturally, they are arranged next to the job listings where I nearly always look at in the newspaper.

Energy topics
This applies to conventional energies; e.g. solar, electrical, heat, transmission etc. And of course, anything related to their own special field of fuckery; e.g. plasma, masers, magnetic, ether, quantum, energetics, gravity, sidereal etc.

Medications by name, and alternate names
They also have their shills test me on names and generic names, as the latter are more common here than in the US. And too, they constantly force me to look at my medications when I have no intent to reach for them. And the doctor proposes medications that do me no good, and that I don't want, all to get more airtime for more medication names, or a class name thereof. Or, that it is how it seems to me.

Neurological terms and concepts
At one time I was conversant on much of brain functions and neurological terms when I was researching ADD, as that is what I have, even though the fuckers won't allow me the medications for it. Now, either the assholes have purged my learning, or else it is has been lost to my recall, but there are only a few general neurological terms that I know any longer, usually in stock phrases.

LEO's, military and other legal authorities
Individuals from the police, fire department, parking ticket enforcement and other Law Enforcement Organizations (LEO's) are paraded around me at least once per week, often more. Naturally stories and conversations involving this particular group of sanctioned assholes who are violating their fundamental mandate are constantly planted. This list also includes the espionage agencies that are known, e.g. CSIS, FBI, CIA etc. and are routinely planted in the news and other stories that "I" encounter. For a duration of 8 months in 2007, when there was a 6 block distance between yoga and my apartment, there was a 90% chance of seeing a military dressed gangstalker. There isn't any base for at least five miles, and there they were, packing groceries, smoking cigarettes at the side of a house, driving around or just perambulating, always after yoga class in a residential area, 1230h on Thursdays.

Likely related to the LEO's and their ilk as of 02-2009, I notice they like to expose me to large black passenger vehicles (and limousines), often with similarly tinted windows. They also arrange variants on this theme by having a vehicle with blackened wheels, but colored body, seeming an attempt to dissect my subconscious (it seems) reactions to portions of unmarked black vehicles. I don't know where I got this aversion to black vehicles from, or if the "reaction" is my own, but the amount of exposure to this is predominant and consistent. Even in the early harassment onset days of 2002, they were parading obvious black colored unmarked government vehicles around. And as I am now working at a car dealership cleaning job for an hour an day, I get to see plenty more black vehicles up close.

Gangstalker and Otherwise Promoted Population Demographics of Current and Extreme Perp Fixation/Harassment/Exposure
Update; 02-19-2009; I wrote a more detailed posting on the Favored and the Unfavored demographic groups here.

Some demographic groups may relate to past traumatizations they may have invoked, while others reside in the population at large, and may have been "created" owing to their irradiative fuckery in my developmental years. Some are favored, in that a positive response is likely elicited, others are Unfavored for which I suspect there are negative connotations at deep limbic brain levels.

young blonde women, good looking women, deep shiny black hair (women)
thoughtful, perceptive and analytical thinkers (usually presented in writing or televison), male or female

UK accents,
red hair, white hair, skin heads (males, shaven pate), curly or frizzy hair (either gender),
males with ponytails or long hair,
sports jacketed or suited (males),
white clothing (especially pants),
brown colored anything almost (and by extension, races)
chinless (recessed chin),
stooped shoulders,
handicapped (including wheelchairs and other related paraphernalia),
vagrants and other unkempt individuals,
aggressives, belligerents, loudspoken types,and bullshitters (males typically),
garish color clashing clothed individuals or even objects (e.g. red with yellow, day-glo orange with fuchsia)
strangely behaved (including mentally disabled).

That is a long list, and every day, the perps ensure that I get maximal exposure to all of the above, often sprinkling in the favored at first, and then waves of the unfavored for the remainder of my excursion.

There maybe some more I will add later, and if so, I will put a revision date in the title.


Anonymous said...

Hi, after having read your article, I concluded that the designers of the program are actually trying to take God's place. Some of the tactics they use are the MIMICRY of the 'coincidences' and 'miracles' people experience once the Christ consciousness or Christ seed has been awakened in them. The people who created this organized stalking program possess profound occult insight. This is not a war against the civil population, this my friend is a war against the Creator of the Whole.

AJH said...

I would agree with you that my tormentors and harassors have God-like powers in that they can readily and operationaly violate our conventional understanding of physics at their whim, and routinely do so in my case. "Profound occult insight" would be an very appropriate term to describe their capabilities. And it is true, while not being much of a student of the Bible, it has occured to me that the long ago stories it contains could well of been "assisted" by such occult and covert methods that I experience. Thanks for the comments.

I'mTargetedToo said...

Some of what you say is common, the grocery stalking, mail delay and watching you. They do this. But, tons of the other stuff, like the oil trucks, clothing of people (unless this is staged in the grocery and they all have SAME shirt or man purses, don't worry, it's a mere coincidence) parked cars (now, sometimes this is staged, but not every single time- I know, this is being done to me in my US city). All the energy talk, etc. makes you sound very nuts, no offense. All people have ESP, and you sound like an intelligent aware person. If you were stupid and blind, you wouldn't have known what they were doing. They DO look at financial transactions, but that's to check for fraud, and also to destroy you one way or another. Please, do me a favor and take some pictures of these people that stalk at the grocery checkout- that's my new pet hobby and I will be posting many pics of these perps very soon. That is what we all need to do. And for the meantime, lay off the crazy talk, from what I've read on this site, you are dangerously close to getting hauled away- whether you're telling the truth or not won't matter, you know how this world is. Peace.

AJH said...

Answer to: Some of what you say is common...

WTF; every TI's experiences are different, and it seems that I am in the hot seat, and more of the perp activities happen to me with greater frequency. All precepts and suppositions result from my observations and experiences, not from any glib or gratuitous constructs.

As for the "energy stuff" give me a break; why do they pass gangstalkers and all manner of objects past me with varying speeds, like these downtown running pedestrians who aren't attempting to make a bus, as there is no bus stop. And if I am kept in a constant magnetic field, measured twice, at 1600 Gauss in 2009, there is every good chance that the perps are measuring electromagnetic (EMF) energy interactions, in the least. And if I am constantly exposed to plasma beams and masers all day long, there is very likely to be a remotely assessed energy interaction measurement component to explain why the perps are behaving as they are doing. If you don't like the broader term "energy interaction" then read it as the less inclusive "electromagnetic interactions".

I regularly see a doctor every few months who says I am being harassed, and if there were any genuine clinical need he would of surely mentioned it. But when the perps are having me do crop harvesting and plant pruning for over 8 years, just maybe there are more complex energy interactions that that are not found in a text book. Like ESP as one example.

Refrain from your self censor-talk about what I should put in this blog or the clinical suggestions (unless you have clinical training), and carry on taking photos in grocery stores, and see how long that lasts until you get reprehended or assaulted. (Been there, done that). I have had positive comments as to the veracity of this blog's contents and their logical presentation, so I just don't understand why I should keep to a "TI-lite" reportage when my circumstances are at the dire end of this abusive non-stop depravity.

And how is it that you know what the perps are looking for when it comes to financial transactions? All I can say is that I don't know for sure, but they are looking for something that is common to all such events, from coin machine use, to mailed checks to cash and debit card transactions, payments and expenses alike.

And as for your crazy talk that the perps are checking for fraud is laughable; here they are engaged in constant illegal activities as how they do business every moment of their operations (invading and harassing TI's), and you suggest that they are checking for fraud. I assume they will let you know when there is some. Big joke.

I won't be doing any favors for anyone's pet hobby when I am in a state of constant duress; I just don't want to invite any more harassment that what I currently deal with. Does that sound logical? Tell me if it doesn't.