Friday, August 31, 2007

Door Thumping Again

Five door thumpings/closures in the hallway, and 4 more as I type this very journal entry. Up from none all day until now. I also got the manager berating the sacrificial operative in the hallway just before lunch, and lo, if he wasn't up to the same act when I went online immediately following lunch. Call it continuity, attempting to get the same neural or body energy signature with my lunch inside me, which is nothing if not consistent with what goes on nearly every mealtime, just different noises for the perp's calibration games.

In consistent perp tradition, the rain came on just as I was departing the grocery store, having being nailed with more "forgets" when I was there yesterday, and it is still continuing through lunch time and to the present. In the past four years of harassment in this city, there have been at least 20 events where the rain began when I was either inside or just leaving a supermarket. Once there were at least four in succession for a given grocery store, and when I asked my in-town brother about this astonishing coincidence, all I got was the smirking grin.

As usual, it was only a 5 to 10 minute round trip to the grocery store that is only 200' away, and all the perp acts were out again; my door monitor/sentry, the open mouthers, the waddling males (this one in light green-yellow day-glow jacket), the various brown acts (straw hat and excessive head swivelling duty, and then when ahead, he stops on the sidewalk outside the entrance to the supermarket), and the rest of the human debris, operatives and shills alike. One almost regular item is the operative ahead of me at the checkout buying bananas for some kind of yellow color reference purpose, as was the case today. As I have been through so many of these gangstalkings of this kind, I don't get into a lot of detail unless someone has specific questions.

And for this short sortie, the color coordinated vehicles were lined up in parked and mobile formations; 2 to 4 white vehicles together, ditto for silver greys, blacks and then navy blues. The reds weren't out in force today, and perhaps the trip was too short for the perps to get a good red color registry. Who knows.

And the cashier from over 15 months ago at a store some 3 miles from here in the days of vehicle ownership was on duty at the checkout, a short chatty blonde girl that was always pleasant to deal with. This makes the third person working at that past grocery store that has "moved", or otherwise relocating their "work" to the grocery store I now frequent, only a short walking distance away. And I imagine there are many more, it is just that they are morphed-over, and I wouldn't have a clue as to who is who, unless the perps plant purposeful similarities which they sometimes do. It is all part of the game; identify the same eyes, mouth, hair, personality etc. with some physical alterations to then serve as "bait" for me to make mental comparisons. Last week, they put on an operative that was a gangstalker in the hospital of over 4 years ago, (when on the common phone, he declared for me to overhear that he was on an "unsecured line"), but this time they gave him a wig of long hair, and as soon as I recognized him, something whacked me in the left shoulder. That is the kind of reward I get for recognizing the same fuckers with only a few changed features.

I had my ginger beer break, now the official light brown colored drink for which the perps try out their remote color games, and lo, if there wasn't a similarly clothes colored gangstalker crossing the street in view, that being a forced gaze. This is not the first time such a color coordination has occured in these very same circumstances, except the gangstalker was more like 200' away, more than the 120' of last time. No doubt the perps will have me move next year so I can see further, and then carry on this fucking harassment to continue their deperavity.

I got some pictures from my camera loaded on the PC, and lo, if at least a third of them didn't "come out", being pointed at the sky, tall buildings or distant trees, which suggests that the perps need this picture more than I do. Other pictures get sabotaged; one in particular where two 30 year old Ford LTD's were traveling in-file, only a model year or two apart, with the same burgundy color and paint deterioration with partial panels of the flat color (gloss burned off), were photographed, and "somehow" only one was captured on film when I had both in the frame when the picture was taken. I suppose such a photograph transgressed the perp's ever mutable notions of how much of a coincidence is permitted to be photographed. This was quite unusual, as one rarely gets old vehicles in the same paint color and conditon in one day, and here were two, bumper to bumper.

Here are some recent photos, of the ones that came out. I count four blue colored vehicles in this picture, both parked and mobile. This is common to have a cluster within 60' of my apartment building at the first intersection. As I recall, the woman driver was turning right, and then waited on the crosswalk until she could proceed. And when "I" looked at the driver, she was staring at me instead of concentrating on making the turn safely. Which supports my theory that the vehicles are being guided per script and the driver is making it look as if they are in control of the vehicle.

Two same silver-grey vehicles lined up together, nothing new in that, but their window lines are very similar, just at different scales, (respective size), something the perps work at all the time. I didn't notice the operative sitting there in the parking lot until I looked at the picture. More "do-squats" at every turn, though this has the cover of a cigarette break, but sitting on the ground, an infrequent perp/operative position.

; Another camera picture sabotage, but this is included to convey what it is like when these operative/gangstalker convergences "happen"; the navy blue shirt and the brown shirt dudes in front were on lead-ahead duty for the half of the block, with an operative coming in from the right, and another coming in from the left, she also on deep brown duty. There was at least two more converging operatives that were not in the picture.

The concrete job for no reason whatsoever. I was by this way only two days previous and there was no need to undertake replacing this section of the sidewalk, but within a day, it was done, and the fresh poured slab with the orange colored trimmings were in place just for me. All part of the concrete stalking that goes on, and just to think, I had at least two pured slabs in my house ownership days.

And plenty of noisescape excitement as I manipulate these images into place. This was preceded by a mind-fuck to look at more body painting imagery, something the perps are having me do, as I have no particular interest in this topic. I can only assume there is some kind of connection the perps are looking for between images from the web, and those from my own image library, mostly of the gangstalking scene.

And I suppose "my" recent interest in uploading some of the images to is related to doing the perp's bidding with respect to handling pictures.

More "brownstalking" vehicles outside; two same color light metallic brown vehicles are parked in file, one behind the foliage of a tree, and the other behind it. Later, a white vehicle and a red vehicle came to join the string of parked vehicles. Just the usual.

Ther perps got me on a thought train that I might as well declare; this is (again) the topic of who knows what, especially when using the many shills that are pressed into service in this town. This is in light of recent mining, flooding and motor vehicle accidents in the past month or so. As regular readers will know, the perps have a total obsession over all things brown colored skin color included, and that especialy includes that which is formed inside each of our bodies. However, there have been some more "brown" moments in the news, and most are of a tragic nature.

At the risk of oversimplification, it seems that me especially, and many others, are being chased, monitored and even harassed about our color energetics with respect to this color. And the recent floodings in the UK are tragic, but when looking at the floodwaters in the news, why it was brown, the typicial color of flooding I suspect. OK, no big deal, another coincidence. Could be.

Then later, two concurrent mining disasters, one in Utah with some Hispanic crew members, and the other in China. The outcomes were tragic, as there has been no rescues. In the latter case, in these deep mines which are far removed from cosmic radiation at the Earth's surface, the unfortunate victims were of brown skin color. OK, no big deal, China's coal mining safety record is atrocious, and the US federal mine safety poobah's are in Pres. Bush's pocket. Could be a coincidence, two country's respective mining standards are competing to be the worst, and this manifested itself with tragic results at the same time.

Then a more localized tragedy in the lower mainland (Fraser Valley), where an East Indian wedding party was mowed down with a motor vehicle by one of the elderly members at night. A terrible sight, and I saw some of the footage a day later on the news where six were killed and 17 were injured. But, more brown skinned individuals who died in place for the most part. Could be a coincidence again.

But the point I am making is that there are a huge number of Asian and East Indian collaborators in this infernal gangstalking and harassment, and sooner or later one of them will likely be asking their handler as to just what is going on, there are too many "brown" featured disasters happening in a short time period. So what does the handler/operative tell the shills? It is our agency, but not us, or "just a coincidence" (har, har) or what? I was on this topic last night with respect to Princess Diana's unfortuneate demise and my then wife's rather involved emotional reaction, as surely she must of known her confreres were possibly, but not certainly, involved in this one. Anyhow, this is only a curiousity, but I am quite sure that with all the odd "coincidence" factors that occur in my life, that many of these world news and disasters have a perp research component to them.

And I am more certain that the perps like to have some of these disasters happen at significant sea or land depths, as the victims are sheilded from background cosmic radiation, though are still subject to the neutrinos which exists in all the space vacuum. All of this topic is rather cynical and gruesome, but there has been too many of these strange events connected to the color brown, and this is a topic the perps are totally rabid about in all its aspects. And to complete this cynical line, but not intending any disrespect, most schools start up next week and I am hoping there will be no more shootings over the month like there was last year (three at least in North America), another strangely coincident event that has some association in that the unfortuneate victims die in place, one of the perp's (IMHO) most pressing requirements of their macabre research.

Street hollaring follows listening to Puremusic again. A few hours of music, and mostly escape, though with mind fuckings on the last tab, the forward and backward arrows, minor league hassle, but not in character for me, as I never, ever "forgot" which page I came from, and where on the page. Now, such "mistakes" are rife.

And I even got a dog barking noise from somewhere in the apartment hallway, something very odd as there are no pets in this place. I am getting severly bummed out over nothing, which equates to a perp imposed mood state, as I see their dark hand wherever such inconsistencies occur.

More strange plasma projections from this LCD display are emanating at me, usually if I blink or some such excuse the perps create. That translates to vision impairments, so it is time to bail for the day, and call this one more day of mental servitude done.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cramp Stalked Dreams

The perps hadn't finished ragging and enraging me when I got into bed last night; they planted ear popping and crackling noises in my ear which was enough to warrant screaming at the assholes, at least twice. For some reason the right ear was the object of this assault, and for the first time in years I was allowed to maintain lying on my left side, without being forced into alternating head flipping.

Then in the morning they were still at it, this time planting dreams with technical detail about a certain medication that I took, the most successful one that the perps no longer allow, and as soon as the medication name was mentioned in the dream, they whacked me with a painful leg cramp. This is a first, dreamstalking by way of imposed pain. Other weird imagery was also added into my dreams, one being driving my (former) Volvo station wagon through the forest, totally bizarre and abnormal content.

It is a mid-blue shirt day today, the first time in over a year since I bought these two moisture wicking shirts 15 months ago. For whatever reason, mind-control more than anything, I haven't worn these two identical shirts until today. I predicted a blue dressed gangstalker when exiting the elevator and that is what I got, with camera at the ready. This dude made out that he was 1) a resident, and 2) annoyed enough to follow me with his coffee cup for two blocks to then confront me on the street. He then said he would have the manager look into it.

When I got back from yoga, sure enough, the manager was waiting for me in the elevator and said he recieved two complaints over this, and I explained that I only take pictures when someone is obstructing me at the elevator. Anyhow, he made out that he didn't know me again, even if we have moved refridgerators and cabinets together, and said he didn't want any more of it. I said that was fine. Maybe the elevator egress obstruction will stop, but I doubt it.

Another setup of course, and when I journalled this in my handwriten diary the perps put on plenty of noise as this short term recall is about one of the last things that they cannot yet fuck with. And by adding a stunt like above, with more emotional content, this makes it easier to neurally track. Not a big deal as I see it, but I was reminded that I am the number one industry in this city with the usual, or even above average, numbers of vehicular gangstalkers when making my 30 minute walk to the OB Rec. Center for gym workout. Then it repeats on my return, some 600 to 1,200 mobile vehicles I reckon, and some 600 parked vehicles as there is everywhere along my route. There was the usual clusters of red vehicles, white vehicles with more of a mixture of greys; the typical silver grey and then mid to charcoal greys to fill in the greyscale to the black vehicles that I also get in abundance. There were more light metallic brown vehicles gangstalking today, and they were often in pairs. Even the dark brown UPS trucks were on the job, two of them, one before I got to the supermarket, and one close by when I got out.

There were at least four ambulatory female E. bound gangstalkers in brown clothing when I was in yoga, and another in an almost skin tone brown who was walking toward me before I got to yoga, doing the cell phone thing, a very common adjunct to the gangstalking scene.

The outside noise scene has reverted to a rare all-quiet, and then the glass bottle bashing started up in the hallway, signifying to me that this pre-dinner period is prime noisestalking time.

More escape, the noisescape aside, to With the headphones on there was at least a 10 minute siren cascade (while listening to Gillian Welch, a past favorite), overhead rumbling noise, vehicle horns, and hallway voices over the past two hours.

More scary news talk about Pres. Bush and his possible strike on Iran. I have wondered why three of his cast have left recently, Snow, Gonzales and Rove, and it maybe because something big is coming down. Karen Hughes left Bush's first cabinet within the first six months and no one could figure that out, and then along came the 9/11 tragedy, a seeming terrorist attack, but upon reflection of the evidence, or that it was hustled away so fast, it has all the makings of another conspiracy, and that topped a two in the recent past, the Oklahoma City bombing and the TWA 800 flight. My perp-abetting ex was rather evasive or else muted in some strange way about these events, and was not emotionally involved at all. Certainly not like the Princess Diana death, another possible conspiracy, though I am not claiming to be an expert by any means. I suspect my ex knew who might have been involved, but not in advance. And I don't claim any knowledge of what she knows about world events and to what degree they are arranged, even the "natural" disasters, of which one visited me in Seattle, though in a minor way. (The Nisqually earthquake of 02-28-2001).

I am getting the vision impairment fuckery again, along with the maser zingers, the black floating fluff-like balls that often "hang around". Time to bail.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rag My Ass Day

I am getting constantly harassed at a prank level, and for that, the perps are keeping me ranting at each incursion. They like it when I vocalized my complaints over this intrusion by gutless assholes who lack the gumption to front for this nonstop depravity. Invariably, extra road traffic or "neighbor noise" will erupt in mid-rant.

And true to form, the assholes kept me going while doing laundry, creating a grey stain on the bottom sheet for which the cover story is that it is "caused" by the new polyester underwear I was forced to purchase as all the pairs I own "developed" simultaneous flabby waistbands and wouldn't hold up. I have never, ever seen polyester "dye" anything, and it was the putative cause per perp's stunts. And lo, if it did not wash out, and then mysteriously increased by then "happening" again while being laundered, this time to the top sheet, in a different location. That got me sufficiently pissed for a long rant.

Ditto over making lunch, the same old tortilla dish that has been going on for over four years; the chopped chicken got rammed under my fingernails, pieces of it "hopped" off the cutting board, defied gravity and stayed stuck on the knife blade, then olive oil was flicked about, and then it was ponded under the spatula, I was fucked into turning on the wrong oven controls, brown colored "juice" showed up in the opened guacamole, the forks moved by themselves, and the cheese grater "fell" into the above mentioned olive oil pond on the counter, cheese gratings flew 2' laterally instead of dropping onto the tortilla in the frypan, and at least another dozen pranks erupted to keep me constantly pissed off and complaining through all of lunch making. Fucking sick that this depravity goes on every single second that I am awake, now five years long, largely out of the problems the fuckers could of fixed themselves at the time, e.g. plastics pollution that causes unusual energetic signatures that the fuckers don't know how to deal with except rape the literal shit out of my life, and plant various plastics bearing gangstalkers around me when in public. Fucking sick that I should be paying any price for their colossal fuckups, never mind this specious purgatory.

This is the post dinner digestion time and the noise has ramped up; even that of a horse neighing came on twice, and there are none in this neighborhood. The overhead pounding has started; each unbidden thought gets a thump and a vibration from above, and the odd coincident plasma flash on the wall.

A shut-in day so far when I had intended to go out and get the Rx picked up, another high gangstalk adventure with all the color coordinated and demographic ordered orchestration that takes, and I am positive I am only aware of a small part of the freakshow planning. But at least the harassment fuckery has slowed down, and I am not getting riled up as much as I was.

And the perps had me lapse into viewing body painting online, as this has become quite an artform with worldwide competitions. I suspect it is connected to the perp's continuing quest to plant tatooed gangstalkers near me, as this activity has picked up in the last month or so. How exactly these are related I am not sure, but the perp's hand was noticeable in that so many of the online photos were darkened down, and they seem to be on a theme of having different raced individuals placed in darkened circumstances or else their skin is darkened down with the perp's plasma games. The perps had me doing this exercise over five years ago, before the fuckers struck with hammering me with energy weapons on the streets of Seattle in 2002. If there is any justice in this world, the "decider" of that unabashed vileness will get his head taken off with baseball bat. It was a fucking outrage and the sickest fucking event ever in this continuing life fuckover.

Yesterday when waiting for the elevator, before I set off for going to the bank, the perps arranged a couple in an arguement in the hallway over a brown cardboard box who were shuffling its clothing contents about. He was leaning on the wall not looking too interested and she was bent over, still exposing her ample thighs in some kind of micro mini skirt, and the entire scene was darkened down such that I could not make out the color of their clothing. This is another example of the current theme on skin color gradation that has recieved greater stunts and setups of late.

Anyhow, there isn't going to be any relief soon if the perps are building some kind of skin color energetics reference library, as they have hardly got started. It would seem that the recent blue jeans takedown, where two pairs of rapidly bleaching sky blue color jeans were prematurely "worn" through (read, sabotaged), might signify a change in pants color from light blue to navy blue. And whatever the perps gain from this I don't know, but they have spent over five years on light blue jeans color, and are now switching to a navy blue as far as I can tell. (Still early in the new blue jean's fade history). It doesn't look good, this protracted playing around with one color at time and all the perp research time it confers.

And plenty of maser action today, as always; the perps even flew some of the small fuzzy ones into my mouth when brushing my teeth, and I can only wonder what took them so long as the assholes have been putzing with my dental hygeine routine for over five years now. All these long term obsessions of the perps are coming into more focus of late, as these seem to be more prevelant, as the 100% mind control objective will be attained within a month I reckon. I only get noisestalked for thoughts in the form of imagery that comes to mind (without being planted there), and very short term recall, say hours ago. And I get an overload of planted associative thoughts and wholly inappropriate ones that never happened before, consistent with their obessions and fuckover themes.

The big event turned out to have me go to the drugstore and get gangstalked with the usual racial demographic, and the featured color of the gangtstalk was yellow as it turned out. I had yellow pills in hand, I hadn't taken any as the Rx was "forgotten" from yesterday, and then I had a pair of male operatives in front of me, both wearing yellow, and one had a yellow plastic bag in hand. And there was plenty of other gangstalkers crossing my path to ensure I could not get ahead of these lollygagging operatives in front of me. And as it "so happened", the perps forced me to have a pee before I left, another of their games with the color yellow.

I got my negro dude gangstalker in the hallway, which often happened at the last apartment building, and and a "new" cashier at LD, a negro woman. I also got the day-glo shirt stalking, this dude also being of brown skinned extraction, and father to a screaming child that I was meant to hear. This pair stalked me again at the checkout. I also had six women gangstalkers lined up on my exit route, one being the two-ahead checkout "customer" with light blonde hair and magenta highlights, who then "stayed" to reprise another gangstalking at the exit. I also got the motorized wheechair demographic gangstalking, and Asians in Black, a woman who also came to "visit me" for two aisles stops I made. There was an red-haired woman that was also circlationg around me, and giving me the stare, then moving out of my view. I also got the obese act in pink just before I got inside, so it was a full-demographic featured gangstalking. And I am sure I have forgotten some of the other demographic gangstalking representatives, but the perps made sure I was mightily annoyed with the harassment when I got back. And as this is all coming from short term recall, I am getting a succession of white plasma bursts in my face, and the usual outside sourced noisestalking. This must be a high research moment for the sickos, and they may also phone me just to add to their repetoire of being total assholes.

More listening to Puremusic again, and while doing so I was rudely interupted by a beeping in the headphones "from" a antivirus software panel that had no business popping up, the second time today, possibly for visual process correlation reasons of the perps. And at least three sirens went off while I had the headphones on a few minutes ago, not the usual Wednesday night in this neighborhood. And just when I was starting to listen to my very favorite artist, Neko Case on Puremusic, the perps arranged for someone, or their noise games, to knock on my door, then instignating for me to call out and ask if there was anyone, and there wasn't. I almost expected a phone call jerkaround tonight, but the perps don't like me to switch aural devices it seems, and want this sustained music listening for overlay of their own noise on top.

Time to call this fugly day done, and hope for better tomorrow; they have successfully ragged my ass more often than I care to recall today, and have kept this pissed off state going most of the day.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eclipse Day Means Extra Gangstalking

A semi-eventful day, the most recent being some heavy duty pounding of the concrete floor overhead, enough to warrant screaming at the assholes which stopped it, though the perps flew some spittle out of my mouth at the same time, so I can be sure they planned for that. This is the pre-dinner hijinx time, and the assholes are going silly. Perhaps I better get something to eat instead, though that is also inviting more perp juvenility of late.

A near constant stream of 2 cycle motorcycle engine noise is currently happening, never mind the fact that this is not the neighborhood for bikers, and there isn't enough of them to fill the ongoing noise parade.

Eclipse, solstice and equinox events are a big deal for the perps and their fucking idiotic games, and today was no exception, there being an very early morning eclipse for which I was in bed. They kept me awake from 0500h on by playing back thoughts of my old worksite scenario. (Also recall that two independent individuals this week mentioned the "job" word in their hintspeak). The moon was visible when I got up at 0600h, and it was a reddish copper color, and was full. See picture below.

The entire morning scenario then began early, and by 0845h I was done all my web surfing and intended to walk the two blocks downtown to go to the bank for rolls of change as the laundry machines are 20 years out of date and takes 11 quarters, no one dollar coins. But a "sudden need" to take a crap came on, the second in two days, and I reckon the early morning was to allocate sufficient food digestion time so the perps could effectively de-poo me entirely, cleaning me out in preparation for going all of two blocks downtown. The the perps forced a shower to clean up their shit plastering mess, and after that, they considered me "ready" to go downtown to the bank.

I got the full freakshow again; the blondes in brown clothing, putting themselves on show at an intersection (visible in two directions), then the vagrants on in day-glo orange in the shade (see picture below), added other males with large guts, hiding all but their gut behind a pillar, and plenty of other "stand theres", doing absolutely squat but standing around. It was the gangstalk gauntlet, downtown variant. Then the day-glo vagrant came out of the shade and pimped himself with his arm at his head, and then attempted to back into me, which required a mind-fuck warning to the dick who was making himself extra obvious. I also got the multicultural freakshow; one brown skinned race member crossing paths with another brown skinned member of another race, and so it went. Shortly thereafter the grey haired men came on, and for extra stupidity they had some in pink shirts.

The left-hand drive ambulatory gangstalkers also started this morning; an Asian woman in a verdant green top was licking her lips as she was about to step out of my way, having walked in my intended track as if pedestrians were now switched to walk on the left instead of the right. This became a bigger fuckover theme for the day as it turned out. She put on the usual look-away act, but I have never, ever seen a pedestrian licking their lips in such an obvious way.

My in-town brother phoned last night to suggest he needed me to help him move furniture and do some gardening chores, though he was rather vague. He came by at 1000h to pick me up in his white van, only 40' distant from the front doors of this apartment building, and in that short distance the perps put on at least 20 gangstalkers coursing in each direction along the sidewalk as well as vehicular gangstalking.

Then he said he needed to go to the public library to look up some phone numbers in the phone books, and lo, if the library was now online with LG Flatron LCD 15" displays very similar to the one I am using. (Formerly, they used monochrome CRT terminals). The library had at least 30 operatives "working away" and as many gangstalkers again coursing around outside, the men-in-pink-shirts coming on for a second appearance. It struck me that there was at least 10x the normal expectable population in the library, but that is par for the course these days, as Sunday's bus trip to my parent's was at the same level of over-populated orchestration. (Three red haired gangstalkers seated around me, and one orange shirted gangstalker).

The blonde woman at the library reference desk was helpful, and my brother then did the now familiar in-family stunts by placing his hands over the display, getting his head in the way, and the rest of the bullshit feints that my mother pulls every few weeks. This seemed like a calibration test, having him sit in front of the display, using some white notepaper as a color reference to write down some names, and also the aforementioned placement of himself in the way as well.

When we were returning to his vehicle he "happened" to mention that he got a new computer as a (purported) gift from his native Indian girlfriend, LCD display, printer, the lot. And I know he is PC-phobic, and would want some help, and I mentioned I would be happy to do so. And as it "turned out", this was the main reason he wanted me to come over, was to view his new 19" widescreen LCD display with him, and engage in side by side training, sometimes sharing the mouse to "help" him out. For the next hour I introduced him to the web, browsers, cut and paste and many of the basic Windows functions. A big plan for a vague notion that he professed last night. And I finally got to see some LCD whitespace for real, and not this greyed version that I always get, especially on the left side.

We had lunch at his place, and then there was a "need" to look at his garden to see what had to be done, and he kept asking me what flowers had to be cut, when he knew that I was no expert. That "tour" then morphed into an orchestrated "happenchance" discussion with the renovation contractors next door over some bullshit about foundation hold-down bolts, and the game seemed to be to keep me in the sunshine, while the contractor was in the house (in shade), and my brother alternated between placing himself in the sunshine and the shade, as some kind of energetic bellweather.

He did a good job of extending this bullshit for over 7 minutes, and then we had to move his couch from his house, and he got into another round of his constant bitching over how much his garage sale activities incur more work. He should know, he has been doing this for over 20 years, and was claiming to be blindsided, though not attaching any blame to any party. In being mind-controlled, I offered the planted thought that he knows best, and has been at it the longest, hinting that it was his judgement that was the problem, though in fact his instincts about the resaleability of antiques are especially acute. I was not allowed to surmise that the entire conversation was predicated on total bullshit, as that would of been my first reaction had I been allowed to process this information myself.

He drove me back to my place amidst an incredible array of gangstalking vehicles, parked and mobile; the six red colored vehicles arranged in file, then similarly eight white vehicles, and then repeating when changing direction. It was a huge deal, there had to be over 500 vehicles arranged in the 10 minute city trip it took.

I missed my Tuesday yoga which was the plan as this was to be a temporary instructor, a "laughing yoga" instructor. Fucking absurd, and the perps know there is nothing for me to laugh at as this has been the game for over five years, since they hounded me in the streets of Seattle with energy weapons.

And I uploaded over 200 digital photos to find that over half of them are buggered up as the camera mode selection switch "somehow" moved and caused incorrect metering. The camera's mode dial can only be moved with considerable effort, so some asshole must of fucked it remotely.

Here is a some 20 house, 4 minute walk from the bus stop to my parent's place on Sunday (two days ago). This is in a residential subdivision and is not a thoroughfare. Three red vehicles parked together on an 90 degree bend, and I thought it was the "show" for that locale. But no, immediately past these three was a fourth red pickup truck in a driveway that could not be arranged in the same picture. And note, this is a first for this location, as the owners of the houses never had red colored vehicles before.

Then only 100' further along another red colored vehicle, with an orthogonal cluster arrangement of two white vehicles and one silver-grey vehicle. Then past the cluster on the left below, two more neighbors have the same color of vehicle, which has been the only consistent red vehicle ownership on this street for the past year. That is a total of seven red colored vehicles in 160' of road. This was arranged for me after getting off the bus and making a 4 minute walk to my parent's place. Someone tell me this is random with a straight face.

Below, is a picture of the doufus that I mentioned above, the vagrant in day-glo orange who came out into the sun on my return trip from the bank this morning and even attempted to back into me to have me vocalize his idiocy. All part of the plan. Interestingly, a tatoo dude is closest to this blatant gangstalker, and I do get a substantial number of tatooed operatives and shills buzzing around me. I suspect that the day-glo outfit was some kind of reference test to somehow elicit more energetic interaction (color reinforcement) between the day-glo color and the green tatoo on skin. Just my theory, but day-glo colors have some special light properties noted here, in J. K. Harm's paper on color wavelength and matter interaction. His thesis appears to be what the perps are utilizing in sending out so many black, white and silver grey colored vehicles.

... constructive interference is demonstrated by the so-called day-glow colors. An object painted in these colors appears similar to fluorescence in bright Sunlight (Hewitt, 1981). Thus, these colors are brighter than ordinary colors because the visible light waves from the Sun are reinforcing constructively the matter waves of the paint. This leads to the phenomena of resonance (from constructive interference) and is the primary reason why day-glow painted objects appear brighter than do ordinary colored objects. Day-glow colors appear to be the one exception in the context of colors to the axiom above, since radiation is not canceling matter waves, but reinforcing them. When pictured in the context of particle spin, this might be the same as photon and matter particles having identical spins in the same direction, a type of reinforcement.

I can almost understand his lucid explanatory style, but I cannot, or am not allowed more like, to recall his musings at any other time. Another fucking piss-off, either learning disabilities or else tighly managed and governed cognition.

Pitlamping; stalking me with vehicle headlights especially when they can shoot them from below head height as is happening with this vehicle and its high beams on from a parkade ramp. My brother's white van is on the right side, and a red van "happened" to follow us in parking behind his.

And the moon this morning at about 0600h, post eclipse, and possibly the only event the perps may not be manipulating in some way -just kidding.

Enough for a posting, and time to blog off.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Head Pressurization

I am getting an internal pressure on my forehead, just over my brow, which is adding to the dissonance that is being imposed. It is immediately alleviated by rubbing my head, but only for some 20 seconds at most. I am also getting the "stoned: sensation, the denergized temporal lobe "floaties", which tells me that the perps are hard at work, attempting to leverage my overhight stay at my parent's place, aka the First Feral Family. Mondays are also the days when I get messed with and not allowed to go to sleep for hours. That remains to be seen, but the stoned sensation started this morning, and continued while I was driving my parent's vehicle into downtown. Only in perpland is it encouraged, if not mandatory, to drive while in an altered state while a host of vehicles cluster around me; six red vehicles, then later, three abreast at the stop line at an controlled intersection. Then a collection of at least 8 male riff-raff when I got out of the vehicle and went to the entrance of my apartment building. One as a postman "waiting" at the box, something I have never seen before, a postman as a sentry.

Th overhead pounding has started up, and was very active while reading the email of the current dustups on MCActivism, a Yahoo group I regularly visit. Then a siren cascade with a coincident brake squealing, and now just the latter with the overhead pounding. Getting back to normal.

And more brown cardboad box packing gangstalkers, and it is getting silly with one woman packing a 6" flattened stack of them while walking through a residential area. And the moving and delivery services are also increasing their "appearances", as are the ambulatory nutters packing empty boxes and manipulating them (e.g. flipping them upside down) for no apparent reason.

And here is a strange van; white on the outside, orange on the inside, and "shows up" in different places when transiting on my two workout days, Tuesday and Thursday, 08-21, and 08-23-2007. And in keeping with a now common event, the doors are kept open for me to see, or otherwise interact with. First on brown cardboard box duty, and then the second appearance, just parked and further away.

So far, the weirdest brown colored object to be "featured" on the streets is a couch that was being packed as if a street move were taking place, though the lack of a plausible cover story didn't get in the way of the stunt.

Call it visual relief, adding these photos; in Picasa the album software, it adds up all the pictures, even the originals where so many of them "turned out" to be overly dark and were recoverable with the lighting feature. I have many hundreds of photos which display anomalous configurations of vehicles parked or in motion, sometimes alternating white and red, then a later date, alternating silver grey and red. Unless I hear otherwise, I will refrain from adding this subject matter into the blog, as it is a continous event, and it will be tiresome if I documented it every posting.

The notion of putting my photos on was planted, and I duly checked it out as something helpful to spread the reality of being harassed 24x7. I got an id set up, jhughes164, and started to upload the photos. Bang, only two of twelve were uploaded, the rest just "didn't happen". I do the tagging and collection naming for those two, and then upload another two. Emboldened with "my" newfound abilities to use this software I then tried to upload larger block of ten photos. The session ran for over 30 minutes and stayed stuck at 41% loaded. Back to software and computer obstruction and sabotage, as obviously, I am now being gamed to play the oldest perp invoked stunt going; do it twice (or more), once for yourself, and the rest of the attempts for us as we fuck you around and have you go through the same hoops again and again. Needless to say, the Flicker account is going to be one of those slow projects, where it takes forever, and I work on it every few days. And I did discover a person on Flicker getting harassed by the same color vehicle colors as I am.

The perps are constantly obsessed with me seeing the scale of everything; pictures reduced to thumbnail size, zooming in to crop my digital pictures, and of course the entire panoply of vehicle sizes that they present as part of the vehicular gangstalking that goes on. I even get golf carts being driven on city streets to "fill in" the size between a economy car and a motorcycle. The Smart cars are the biggest thing going in this city, and probably for this very reason of being a scaled down vehicle, seating only two. Every day that I go out I see at least a half dozen, and some of them are parked at the same street location each time.

A late evening, getting carried away with Puremusic again; this time the perps put a fruit fly on to buzz me, and when I attempted to grab it, it became a maser. At other moments the perps mixed the two, both being small and black, having me grab at the maser instead. Fascinating juvenility for the assholes at the other end.

A big evening; two phone calls, tonight. One from an associate of the working days, and another from my in-town brother over some orchestrated vagueness. "Moving a couch" he says, but of course I wasn't allowed to suggest that it might be brown colored. Nor was I allowed to exclaim that someone is shunting my shit around in my colon as I was on the phone.

And I also learned first hand that the perps can now fuck with my sense of continuity as to what web page I was on, what location on the page, and what was my last link (most recent web page navigation recall). Just what the sickos ordered; more ways to fuck with my mind as if they hadn't done this enough.

Its late, and time to catch some sleep, or whatever the perps have lined up for me, as Mondays are usually the day they keep me thrashing around for an hour or longer.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Short Blog Today

This will be a very short posting as I am due to embark on a First Feral Family visitation and stayover on a Sunday. There has been the usual noise flurries and noise activity to dog my every move, even farting gets noisestalked, those being remotely invoked farts at that. Usually the chair creaks at the very same instant, and I get loud vehicle noises just before, during or immediately after unloading an imposed fart. Such is the life I am confined to, deliberating on the coincidence of farts.

Just to finish this topic off; I wondered for decades as to why I farted everytime in a library, deep into the stacks where no one else was around, someone "happened" to come by within 20 seconds or less. This goes back to childhood days and I always pondered why I couldn't be left alone to fart. Well, as it so happens, it was scripted and arranged, just like all other flukes of the past.

And today's big perp event was for me to have soup, the first in years, and one that was bought frozen. As it was orange in color, and made from squash and pumpkins, this was likely a big deal as I have been hounded by orange dressed gangstalkers at every turn. Even the doctor got in on the act, even if looked pathetic in his ill-matched clothes.

There is also some kind of word repitition the perps like over the word "soup". When my social worker was telling me about the programs availible, she happened to mention that soup was availible there, more times than she needed to. Then I was let in on my recall of my long past of my father being such a obdurate boor about wanting his soup for lunch, in his usual manner of unspoken expectation. It became the word about which I attached a significant amount of his personality to, and I suppose even that was scripted, creating words which had emotionaly scar wounds. Nowadays, the perps augment my recall with these injected thoughts, timed to emulate associative recall. And if I had long forgotten this association, which I had, then why in the fuck do I have a multi-billion dollar per year budgeted organization on my back creating recollections that should be long buried. Fucking sick and depraved, and as I wrote that I got a two siren cascade to invoke some kind of deeper neural activity for my mind keepers.

The plasma and maser action has been constant so far today, in my peripherial vision every moment my eyes are open. I was awakened in the night to listen to some more vehicle noises again, this perpetual improbability of hearing outside traffic noise as such a high volume some six stories up, and never mind that they would be so improbable to always "happen" when awakened.

I am to take the bus to my parent's place, owing to some concocted reason/fabrication from my mother. I wonder if the passenger count will approach reality, say 5 other passengers instead of 25 or more, all posted operatives putting on their various shows; racial, plastic, both racial and plastic bearing, guitar stalking, big hats, business suits, blonde reference models, geriatrics all in various clothing colors, and the rest of the demographic panoply I am exposed to at every turn when out in public.

That is going to be today's blog posting, short and acerbic with enough typo sabotage to have this run over double its current length, but hopefully the typos are all expunged.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday Outing; not a big gangstalk

I was pleasantly surprised I did not get >150 gangstalkers for my two minute street trip to the supermarket, only a few (~10) in the store, and no checkout shenanigans, either ahead of me or behind me. Stunning.

I did get a few geriatrics, one male pink shirt with white hair, and a few others in the store, but not the typical freakshow on every move I make. Still no blueberries, which means there will be none, as the season is tapering off. It is the one fruit I consume with a passion, and yet none in this upscale store this year, or at least anytime I have been there. The perp's fruit constraints still continue, and any blueberries I have eaten this year have passed through my mother's hands most curiously, and my parents are not blueberry consumers. Go figure.

And a new shipment of cherries came in to this supermarket, another curiousity as the season was over at least two months ago. Perhaps there is a new variety of cherry for later summer ripeness. There are table grapes are being featured, and this seems to be a perp favorite for whatever reason. That I made wine for so long, good wine even when I aquired the grapes from sources close to the growers. I would not be surprised if the perps are also including their geographic or provenance objectives, whatever they are, by assaying this fruit, or the wine therefrom. Hence, "my" long running hobby in winemaking was likely fomented by the assholes who are still chasing me all over town, and arranging every moment of my existence, down to turning pages of today's newspaper.

So that hobby is now inaccessible to me for logistical and financial reasons, and I rarely drink wine, and never buy it or any other alcoholic beverage. It too is managed for its color energetic reactions once digested, and whatever other reasons the perps have constrained me for.

I have been getting orange plasma flashes in peripherial vision today, a large ~3' diameter glow is arranged to make me notice and piss me off. As mentioned in past blogs this week, orange color is getting a lot of play in the form of planted objects and clothing on shills and operatives. My doctor looked like a total goof in an orange shirt yesterday; no one could pay me enough to be seen like that.

The church bells are ringing furiously, sounding what is likely another perp obsession, bringing vibrations to my proximity. Even if a block away, the perps are still hard at determining my color energetics from there, or even further.

Another nap attack; 1.5 hours worth, along with some coincident noise games that were audible at certain stages of sleep, all part of the perp's screwing around. So it seems that waking up once per day isn't enough, so they put me through this unneeded sleep cycle almost every day. An new (to me) audio site has been "found", as in planted for me to pursue, so this has kept me busy for the past two hours thankfully. It should be noted that the perps like me to have absolutely nothing to do at times, and the employer of the moment has complied to permit this idiotic disjunction in productivity. Some of the strange behaviors of the long past made sense in light of it being a perp objective or method.

The new method of having leftovers is to not reheat the tortillas, but to have them cold. That way, dinner is over in less than five minutes and less than half the dishes. Bachelorhood has its benefits, even if under constant surveillance and monitoring.

Some pictures from this week's gangstalking and freakshow travails.

Here we have the dufous "notice me" act; someone standing beside two red vehicles parked at the curb, and not making any move to get into them (arms are folded), the "just standing there" gangstalking method. Note the shopping basket case in lead-ahead gangstalking mode on the left, packing orange colored plastic bags.

Taken from my balcony, with the most prominent anomaly being the three same red vehicles parked in file. This particular location has been included in a past blog where there was a white, red, white, red vehicle combination. Note the shopping cart in the lower left, "abandoned". And I am sure that the orange colored garbage bag in the shopping cart was arranged to be near the orange colored fire hydrant. I sometimes get an orange and red dressed pair of gangstalkers, and this would be part of that same theme. This is two separate intances of red vehicle parking, and are not the same ones from different locations in two photos, although on the same street.

Left Another gangstalking dufous "just sitting there" outside a grocery store. He has a flagman's bright day-glo vest on, and yet there was no activity nearby for such roadworks personnel to be "having a break". More unabashed gangstalking in a commonly worn clothing item without any cover story.

Another of the freakshow, not entirely in focus, this woman in a long white gown, appearing to hitchhike, though I don't recall that she was. And she was packing helium balloons and a wrapped gift and on her way to a party it seemed, though I haven't seen anything like this before.

A combination freakshow; a "bum" with his shopping cart and sleeping at that location seemingly. The act was still playing in the same way when I was was returned some two hours later.

I count six red colored vehicles, but I know there was at least two more than I could not fit into the picture. This is outside of the recreation center where I work out twice per week, this on the NE corner of the building.

Tired of red vehicles? Then this is four white vehicles, or three whites with a silver grey pickup truck parked back of the two in motion.

As mentioned before, these clusters of same colored vehicles coursing around me wherever I am in public is "normal", per vehicular gangstalking script. Some 500 to 1,000 vehicle are deployed over my 30 minute walk and return trip.

There will also be more color varied clusters following same colored clusters, where the perps try out navy blue, light blue, dark green and light metallic brown. Invariably, the same color clusters are arranged at the begining of my walk.

Onto music sampling again, Puremusic has become a big hit for me, even if the perps fuck with the back and forward arrow commands and make me loose my place between initiating a song and reading the interview.

And I am getting vision impairments again, a "jumping out" of the display on the LCD panel. Time to call this one done.

Friday, August 24, 2007

See the Doctor

The doctor claims he is prescribing medication to help me feel better over the constant harassment and intrusions. And he is the kingpin around which the benefits are assigned, as I do get a housing subsidy. He was in an orange shirt, and when he needed to write down something, he used a same orange colored pen. No fluke that, given that there was the usual 500 to 1,000 color coordinated vehicles coursing past me while walking there and back, the same route as yesterday. And I did get an ambulatory gangstalker in orange who bounded one side of a pair I walked between, the other in a crimson red. The perps are putting on some darker brown vehicles, and increasing the amount of light metallic brown colored ones. And still plenty of red vehicles, often in two's, or passing by parked vehicles of the same color.

And just like yesterday and in the same circumstance, heading home (E. direction), and on the same street, someone tagged me with a red plasma flash which they kept in front of me for at least 20 seconds. All the better to annoy me it seemed. And there was at least another large plasma beam of red next to a same red colored vehicle in traffic.

The perps have been into total provocation mode today, keeping me ranting for most of the time. The usual suspects are crumb inundation, moving my dishes rack for no reason or putative cause, spilling foods, flicking olive oil and countless others.

I got a confrontational operative as well; this fucker had planted himself in the middle of the sidewalk, ostensibly waiting for the bus, and then places his arm horizontally to lean on the bus, shelter and thereby blocking off more than half the sidewalk as I was approaching. And another fucker was behind him, making egress to be slalom course. Fucking bizarre, as I have never seen this move before. There was a total of six male gangstalkers standing or sitting at that bus shelter, and it was absurd, as so few are going into downtown at that time. And all those working age men "happening" to be clustered at the same bus stop; more bizarre again.

I got tailed front and back for 15 minutes of walking; a same color dressed operative was behind me for that amount of walking time, carrying the ubiqitous plastic bags that forms the definition of what I call the "plastic bag people". Ahead of me, the perps put a tandem of a motorized wheel chair and a bicycle immediately behind. These raced ahead, and stayed together in the same formation for as long as they were visible. And note, here was a street with two bicycle lanes and this operative chose to ride his bicycle on the sidewalk like they usually do now.

More bright orange outfits surfaced on the way back, after visiting the doctor. Perhaps this was to continue re-testing me for that color. Again, it was another cyclist on the sidewalk, when there are bicycle lanes on the street. Another one in a red shirt stopped cycling and stayed in place for 3 to 5 minutes while I was approaching. Yet another red dressed party was walking ahead of me, stopped in midstreet until I got within 10', and then reversed direction and walked back. I don't know why the perps are keeping up this red distance dependent red color testing, but is the only one for which they are so obsessed over. Not my problem, so why am I getting fucked over all the time?

When I got back to my apartment building, I had the usual sidewalk trolling horde ahead of me, some five or so, and when I got out of the elevator I had a negro dude wearing white and a blonde woman placed in my path to impede egress. Here we go again, spatially associating the unfavored demographic with the favored one. And this dude was blocking egress and not even looking at where he was going, and didn't respond to my loud admonition that I needed some room to get out. So as I navigated this past this asshole, he moved into the elevator brushing against me, the outcome that the fuckers were looking for. The length the perps go to avoid declaring themselves is simply amazing, and totally fucking bizarre.

And as today was laundry day, there were a few other games going on, one being keeping some clothes back in the dryer, being "overlooked" and thereby forcing an extra trip to go back, this in combination with dumping the garbage down the communal chute. And if I haven't mentioned it, the perps are totally consumed as to what is in my garbage and when. Another bizarre game, where they get to test the juxtaposition of items that aren't ordinarily together.

A yawning attack is on, and might be my cue to submit to a nap attack. It never ends, these sick-minded intrusions into my life, all without apparent reason.

I am in recovery mode after a two hour nap, not that I needed one by any means. These are almost becoming standardized every day, and I have no idea why the perps are pulling these now. They had me into excessive napping in early 2003, and then stopped the practise, only to resume it this year.

I had some topics lined up to mention from yesterday and today's outings, and lo, if one somehow come to mind. The doctor got on the topic of me taking a part time job, which morphed into how the income tax arm of the government re-assessed me for arrears four years in succession over the same matter when they had all the relevant documents in their posession after the first time. Each year I would copy the same documents and send them off, and remind them they had them in their possession. The last thing I need is this kind of hassle when I know extra scrutiny is being applied to me.

And as it turned out, there was a patient in the waiting room with his supposed social worker and he was discussing the topic of employment, and how difficult he found it and the looking process. This is what I call "hint-speak", where this comes up from multiple sources and might form the basis of the next perp move. Of course it just could be a total ploy, which has happened before. My mother was on this topic last weekend, so who knows, I maybe finding myself employed again. How I account for this "dead period" of over five years of not being employed is going to be problematic, as I am loathe to claim that I had any clinical condition. And of course, any new employer will be party to the harassment games, and have their placed irradiated, just like the locations I go to for yoga and gym. Another mystery that is to unfold perhaps.

I am getting the "harassment over soon" drift again, a notion that is surely planted because I know the perp's games are still continuing and why would they arbitrarily stop? Besides, there are antennae installations that have been upgraded in the past week, so I am not buying into this planted notion as there has been at least four of these per year for the past five years on average, so there is no history of perp credibility on this one.

The usual noisescape flurries and cacaphony. The screaming seagull noise is playing big, off and on for the last 40 minutes. Then it gets augmented with a siren every now and again.

I am recovered from the nap, though if the perps want any sluggishness from me, they apply it in any event. The masers are also trailing about in my vision, and that is constant.

And more forced sneezing tonight; this would be a method of mouth contents exposure, and the perps like to have me alternately yawn and sneeze in succession on occasion, just to fuck me all the more to advertise themselves. Fucking bizarre and stupid; nothing like this ever happened before in my entire life until the harassment began, now this is expectable. If they cannot figure out what they need why don't they declare themselves?

More Picasa hassles; this is the Google photo album software, and like anything in perpland, it is not for free. It is a matter as to how corruptable the software is, and then screwing the victim. The problems of two days ago when the pictures appeared to be lost, were self-fixing, as eventually the picture count went up every time I looked at the folders, and eventually included most of them. There are always some pictures that get fucked with, not turning out as expected. The dufous gangstalker with the two black plastic bags was photographed, but "somehow" he didn't end up in the picture when he clearly was directly in front of me when I took the photo. Perhaps the perps don't like their techniques being advertised, though why should they care if they are attempting to keep a veneer of normality going.

Finally, the pictures have loaded after some blatant Pica function sabotage. Some 200 more street shots, not all of them good, as the camera "happens" to take sky pictures every so often (read, perp sabotage), and on other pictures, the subjects just plain "disappeared" from the frame. Next blog posting I will add some in, but I am too fried now to deal with yet more games that will surely erupt.

Time to call this done and blog off.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ten Hour Sleep Jerkaround

I got a long sleep to prevent me getting on with my laundry in advance of going to yoga. Last week, there was plenty of time in advance of Thursday yoga to attend to laundry and even wear one of the laundered items. The circumstances are always changing, but the perp's obsessions over this, food, colors, and their selective demographic groups is nearly always the same. Just different juxtapositions, sequences, contingencies and maser and plasma games.

The vision impairment games are also being applied, and this is not the constant trail of filamentous masers, point source masers and the abounding plasma beams. This is the new "normal", but vision hacking is not, and is the usual provocation to get me enraged, the number one perp ploy to extract greater energetic response.

The Thursday yoga and the strength training workouts are done, and I am back mellowing out after all of that exercise. And of course, while walking to each location, I got my gangstalk crowd, in both ambulatory and vehicular form.

But it was simply stunning at the gym today, and a total reversal of the percentage of the "do squats" and those doing exercise. Formerly it was >80% doing nothing but look busy, and today it was >80% working out at any given time. What an amazing transition in two days.

Though I was not free from being "chased" or certain gangstalkers parading around me; today it was a weird woman in black and hot pink with a burgundy colored leather streetwear backpack who kept placing herself in my view, or using the very equipment I had vacated only a minute or less before. And as the floor exercises were in the open public area, she came to visit me there too. No granny stalking, and not too many "open mouthers" either, though a few other regular gangstalkers filtered in, doing their waving and pointing, and another had to step in my way, even after seeing me. Totally fucking rude and blatant.

As usual, there was the 600 to 1,000 vehicles on vehicular gangstalking, ordered by color and vehicle type. And I got followed for ten minutes by a woman packing a red leather bag, not too different from the situation above, at the gym.

The perps still like to plant particular colors around me; one stalker at the gym kept on "featuring" his yellow colored footwear, and even absented himself and came back a few times. Later, it was the turn for another round, this time from a gangstalker with only a small portion of yellow on his runners. So.... if I don't like yellow as it seems (something I learned from the perps), it is my issue alone, and not anyone else's problem, so why am I being constantly harassed with this color and others?

And I don't ever expect to get an answer to that, and with all the noisestalking that accompanied me when typing it out, that suggests it wasn't my idea in the first place, but yet another planted notion.

And I notice more "improvements" to the antenae that have been erected in my honor (and possibly others in town). The 4 to 6 vertical antennae on top of the hospital, less than a year old, have been replaced with a fence rail like device, so I can only assume it is to deliver yet more powerful irradiations, magnetic energy being one as it has been detected in the past. Another prominent location, a seeming apartment building on a high perch of land with more antennae than a battleship, has been upgraded again, the second time in as many months, and it is looking less like a cell phone operation all the time.

There was the usual masers and plasma beams flitting about in both locations, and for the second time this week, I got a plasma flash strobing ahead of me as I was walking on the sidewalk after departing from the gym. I also saw a 3" diameter maser beam come through the wall and thread between at least three other operatives standing there before it struck me, to no result but the visible flash. But it does make me wonder what is going on behind my back, as there must be a considerable amount of light and magnetic energy interaction. And who knows, my observing this phenomenon could be compromised by defeating the very neural circuits that would detect it.

I got my shopping cart brigade on me, at least two in the last block before I got back from the gym. It is amazing how consistent all these "differing" vagrants all get their shopping carts arranged in the same city block location as I am on the same days of the week, Tuesdays and Thursdays when returning from the gym.

After yoga, I got a similar act; some dufous packing two black garbage bags, one in each hand, walking along as if it were totally normal. He wasn't putting on the vagrant act, so just what was it all about, save "plastic stalking" me, like his rougher kin, the faux vagrants. This particular time and location is when I get the military gangstalking me, and nowhere near a base. But now, it was the police putting on their show, a vehicle driveby, and then their bicycling corps. The Thursday post-yoga LEO (law enforcement organization) gangstalking is getting to the level of being totally predictable.

I am getting the knee torquing torture as I write this; the twisting of the lower leg only, forcing the knee joint into pain, and reflexive movement. It will go on for this for hours, and tonight some "neighbor" clunking is timed with the knee torquing, usually at the maximum twist before"I" react. Back to this fuckery, and for what?

And another setup, this by way of the TI organization; there was to be a conference call but I was the only person to call, so something isn't correct, and as these things go, the purposeful vagueness is getting to be the "new norm", the "accidental" fuckup routine again. Been there, done that, don't piss me around with these trite games. I haven't quite got to the bottom of this one as the logical thread is missing, as is the stated urgency in the email doesn't line up with the brief phone call I made. Just like another TI, one who phones, and never phones back after I returned the call. The new stunt for phone games is to ring when I cannot answer it (e.g. in the shower, deep into making dinner etc.), or otherwise leave a message, and then have me leave a message when returning the call. Orchestrated phone tag in other words, leading to a null result. What the objective of this is I don't know, just more consistent and strange behaviors across a large group of people, both in when they phone (inconvenient for me to answer it) and that they don't phone back.

And lo, if I got out of date phone number information which "caused" the above snafu. I reckon getting the right information was not as important as having a fuck up, surely one of the perp's longstanding stunts.

More music listening on Puremusic; the perps put on some background noises for me to hear over top of the music, delivered by headphones, surely another device that they co-opt for their own use, especially with magnets at my ears. They have taken out two other pairs of headphones, and I am particularly pissed that one of them is the every so accurate Grados, SR80 model. All the perps do is allow only one channel (side) to play, and it defeats the whole purpose for having them.

Enough for a day, and time to blog off.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not the Usual Shut-in Wednesday

I had a 1h 40min. nap forced on me earlier, another one of those that follows 20 min. of almost falling asleep while sitting on my chair, being online. This seems to be an important part of the nap attack, as it "happens" everytime.

I got some "out" time as my mother called to say she needed driving help to run an errand and feed my in-town brother's cat, as he suddenly went on a holiday with his Indian girlfriend. I haven't bought into the rationale for this one, and nor did I have any expectations this wasn't part of the harassment, just that I get to wander through his house while he isn't there, an activity of interest to the perps who have set this one up hundreds of times with other parties over the decades of covert surveillance and mind control games.

The cat was duly fed, and my mother's offer of coffee afterwards morphed into lunch, and that was likely the big planned event for the day. We went to a restaurant that is only a block away, the second such visitation in the past three months. I had at least four blonde waitresses coursing about in my view, and then there were selective introductions of males as "staff" in vertically striped shirts, and then finally a blonde male in a ponytail arranged into a bob. Our waitress was black haired, and she would regularly aggregate with a blonde waitress in my view. It is as if the blondes have a higher degree of karmic or auric "goodness", and it helps all other members of demographics, especially the unfavored ones, if they can consort with the blondes, as per script.

And the ponytailed males is one such unfavored demographic, though I don't know why as I am never aware of any intrinsic loathing, I have learned this from the perps and their propensity to feature certain classes of people, grouped under one of two groups, the favored, and the unfavored. The perps are aware of my subconscious reactions more than I am and often stage many of the unfavored demographic gangstalkers with a few of the favored gangstalkers.

There was also a "Tuscan" theme to the menu; Tuscan bean soup which my mother had, and I had the Tuscan chicken sandwich that was very tasty. Regular readers will recall that the perps have an obsession on presenting all things Italian, and many of my family have visited northern Italy even if all relatives are from the UK, if they don't live in this part of the world.

Then about the time our waitress began to ignore us, a group of four male operatives, in the usual "chummy" mode, arrived in the opposite booth, 8' away. The booths seat two people per side, but for some reason the sickos later added a third operative into their party, all three on one booth bench getting squeezed together.

A group of three not-so-attractive women arrived in the second booth that was opposite, and not directly in my view as I sat at the table. I reckon the perps plant their very obvious gangstalking operatives' party just to get me seething at the sight of them, and it was no surprise that they kept my attention directed toward them more often than I would myself. I also got some strobing in my eyes at one point, as the fuckers had bounced this intrusion off my glasses.

As usual, there were plenty of reflective surfaces in the restaurant, and I was duly apprised of the street action even if I wasn't facing it. There was the constant stream of red colored vehicles in the reflections, and the perps made sure that I got to see the blue metallic finish Volvo 240 parked out front. The driver also put on the loitering act which I was controlled to look at for whatever reason. This is the make and model series of my former vehicle, the one they chased me around in for over four years at all hours of the day and night.

I can't say the above excursion was too exciting, but it was a relief not to be putzing about online all morning, doing laundry as the only variant. I reckon the perps also wanted me for short driving excursions today, as well as some roadworks hold-ups, one requiring me to drive in the opposite lane, something they frequently set up for me or near me.

And there was also a plastics testing game going on; my mother making little effort to eat her meal, and having a "doggie bag", a styrene box to keep her uneaten meal in, and it was on the table for at least 20 minutes. I routinely get food bearing ganstalkers with these same white take-out packages in ambulatory gangstalking, and this was just more of the same, except at close quarters. The other food item they constantly employ gangstalkers to carry is coffee mugs, paper cups and mugs, collectively named as the Coffee Corps, all carrying them in the same way, held out in front of them. There were a few of these, and the mug color was varied, bright day-glo yellow being the most garish.

I am now in the post-dinner digestion window, something of great interest to the perps, though I couldn't care less. This time period is inundated with selective noisestalking, often loud mufflered vehicle noise trailing off into the distance. Earlier, the perps switched on the faucet in the bathroom, and had a stream of water coming out for over 40 minutes. I had my earmuffs on as I was lead to believe the water noise was something else and coming from outside my door. But no, it is the second time this act has evolved in the same way, and somehow, I wasn't allowed to recall my knowledge of this stunt, and only deal with the faucet. Just to get this straight, the perps remotely applied force to open the faucet, as I did not leave it running the last time I was in there, some 10 minutes earlier.

There is more water games going on of late; I was allowed to purchase a different brand of drinking water two days ago, with three Asian gangstalkers parked almost on top of this item when I arrived to pick it up from the shelf. The perp's longstanding "problem" over water sources that I take in might be getting resolved. They regularly fuck with my purchased drinking water and denature any mineral flavors in it. It always tastes different, bland mostly, after the first day of purchase.

Another new compromise of my abilities is in smell; yesterday, the perps put a red-shirted male gangstalker smoking a cigar (bizarrely) behind me while I was waiting at a pedestrian traffic control. I was only minimally aware of the distinctive aroma, and was not allowed to "think" that it was yet another perp intrusion as I always did. Now, my primal awareness of smell is remotely fuckable.

I just had some 30 pictures "get lost" between the SD media and transfer into Picasa. All the pictures of three or four red vehicles clustered together and other strange assholes who gangstalk me are all gone. I am fucking pissed to say the least. The remaining few that add to the harassment story are below.

Here are a pair; five grey vehicles parked in file with a green colored vehicle at the end. A mid-grey colored vehicle leads the "formation", and the next four are all silver-grey. Then, the perps pass a mobile silver-grey vehicle in front of the six parked vehicles. Someone dare to tell me this is random.

Here is the formation of parked vehicles tonight, at dusk time, before I drew the curtains owing to being spotlighted with a "reflection" of the tower. In the N-S direction, two white vehicles and a dark metallic red with the tree obscuring the light brown vehicle.

In the E. - W. direction, four white vehicles parked in file with a blue pickup leading, all partially obscured by a wall.

This is the latest; having the shills and operatives leave the vehicle doors open for extended durations, shown on the left.

Another variation is to have the operatives standing behind glass, and the type of glass is also important. This fucker spent at least five minutes posing behind his passenger side door, through the glass, all in the name of "courier work".

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Daily Reality Perversion

Tuesdays yoga and strength training is over, and a mighty gangstalking it was, very likely because I was wearing my yellow-green workout shirt, bought before I knew what the hot Fuckover colors were. And yellow is a decidedly big color magnet for perp action, up there with red and brown.

I had the usual 600 to 1,000 vehicles on gangstalk duty, color and size coordinated in formations of a few vehicles to at least twenty equispaced in file. This was when walking to yoga and the recreation center and back, 30 minutes each way. And as once before, one semi-regular class member was walking in the opposite direction when I was headed to the class. And that he was dressed in black and white heightened the perversity of it, never mind it happening before.

Red is a big gangstalking color today; at least 12 red shirts at the gym, and a young blonde in a red shirt that hung around our class. Back to the blonde auric goodness association again. And our floor exercises were in the public stretching area again, not the exercise room. This means that the regular backing and forthing and nose scratching gangstalkers have an second opportunity to "loiter" in the public area after all their hard work of gangstalking me on the equipment.

I have complained in the past about the profusion of "stand arounds" and "do squats" in the gym, but today it was worse as a class of teenagers was getting a tour and introduction. Hence more crowds of non-exercising, never mind the ones they keep making me look at who are doing nothing.

And they were herding on the free weights when I wanted to use them, which pisses me off, as this started up last week after giving me the relative freedom to work on these without gangstalking going crazy around me. And the granny stalking was put on me, same granny all the time, and it is getting fucking tiresome.

And I am getting some kind of strange vision perturbations as I type this, and I don't know if this blog posting is going to go on much longwr with this harassment.

Yoga was also made to be deliberately gangstalked with someone coming in 25 minutes after it started and then forcing me to move my mat over to the brother look-alike, who now has his beard back on after shaving it last week two hours after class and gangstalking me in the apartment lobby to show me. He had his shit brown socks on again, and was pulled from the class inside of 20 minutes, and then went to the washroom and then hung out in a chair next to my jacket and shoes. He makes himself "at home" and parks next to me or my belongings every time. And he had a dress shirt and tie on today, while doing yoga, surely one of the more perverse getups for this activity. It was perhaps a method to get his deep burgundy colored tie (clothing item) close to me, but not displaying an overwhelming amount of this color. Just to think, I had a tie of that very same color once, and the perps couldn't figure out what their problem was then.

I did the chicken run this morning, the normally heavily gangstalked visit to get a hot cooked chicken from the supermarket nearby. I was screwed out of free range chicken (none there) and settled for a half chicken, now in a new bag, one that is burgundy and blends into brown. I had gangstalkers at every location I needed to go, per usual, and even had a special "twofer" from the staff look-alikes. Each dressed in a white tunic, and pulling a stocking cart between them with brown cardboard boxes on it. And I had already been exposed to this item and color minutes before, when I made a small detour to post a letter.

And lo, if the letter theme didn't also reprise like the cardboard box act. The skinheaded "managerial" dude came to buzz around the cashier while she was checking groceries, and "happened" to drop off an envelope of the same color and size. The cashier later moved this envelope to beside my bagged groceries while I was accessing the debit machine, so I can only assume that it was a reference color and object, used inside, while my letter was carried outside. And then "managerial" dude had some new fugly tatoos on his arm for me to see, in a dark green. He also circled me for the moment when I pay by debit card, as supplying my password and the actual payment are high moments for noisestalking and gangstalking, everytime.

For some strange reason I did not get the usual line up of obstructing gangstalkers ahead of me at the supermarket, and nor did I have a string of them behind me, another regular tactic. I cannot recall the last time I was the only one in the checkout line at a supermarket, but I am sure this won't persist.

More music sampling listening on Puremusic. I suspect these clips are grooming me so I will be allowed to listen to a whole song one day, then an album after that. Exactly what the perps need to groom me for I don't know, as they will be gone from my life one day, as they have long overstayed any such welcome. The suggestion is that they are "investing in me", but they haven't understood my opinion of this depraved intrusion yet.

Time to blog off, the vision fucking is intense tonight.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Blog Time Again

Even if I got back some hours ago, there is a constant requirement of the perps to have me start the blog after lunch. Perhaps it is all that yelling at the assholes while they screw me over on typo sabotage during this high-interest post mealtime digestion period.

I am back from an overnight stay at my parents, the perp abettors and quislings that supply newborns into electronic slavery, me at least. I cannot imagine the huge degree of loathing that must go with all concerned when they got sucked into participating in this sadistic outrage; teachers, doctors, neighbors and on. I reckon they are all monitored for the event of interaction at least, and for teachers, it would be all their job, every weekday. No wonder I found so little joy in them, as they were stressed at the sight of me, IMHO.

As usual, my father was on his walking about the house in orthogonal directions, standing up for no apparent reason and other nonsensical behaviors that fit the gangstalker's profile. He clattered the teapot lid (in the next room) some seven times in the evening, and never moved it once, just sought it out and rattled it. And if this sounds much like the glass bottle bashing act that followed me from my last residence location, one could suspect there is a pattern here, using ceramic and glass as vibration sources in my proximity. It is now nearly a year of this more blatant form of noise making has started up in earnest, and the pretense of normality has been dispensed with for this particular gambit.

My in-town brother came for dinner and got right into being evasive and avoiding any greetings. As it turns out, his neighbor sold his house to a couple who are embarking on a total renovation, down to removing siding and walls. I wonder if this is also part of the perp's scheme, as it surely must, as there is nothing they like better than ripping something human habitable open, including motorvehicles when colliding with telephone poles. (One in-town car wreck of three years ago had the snapped pole swing back and tear the roof off). With the "monster" house invasion of the Lower Mainland (Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond municipalities) in the past two decades, where the extant house was pulled down and sent to a landfill, one would think the perps have had enough of house trashing and the energetics assays they conduct on such structures and the ground they sat on. Seemingly not, especially when they live next door to a victim surrogate, his brother.

Ditto for mining disasters; two in progress as I write this; the trapped miners in Utah, and similarly one in China. Both are coal mines, and my father was a coal geologist. Another no-fluke association, though I am not sure what role coal plays in the harassment games, apart from the black color, an often used reference color that the perps use in their crumb and dust bunny inundation games that go on around me, and that their MIBs use, even on hot summer days like today. (A woman gangstalker, WIB in fact, dressed in a long black dress and black sweater with a wide brim light brown straw hat.)

The vision impairment activity is starting earlier today, they once reserved this for evenings, but have decided to increase their level of fuckery, which they have been doing from the get-go.

I drove my parent's car into downtown, and then my mother took over driving once I got out. The usual street swarm was around me, about ten of the ambulatory gangstalkers "passing by" and ensuring that they crossed my path when I backed it up into a driveway to turn the vehicle around, at the request of my mother who claims dislike driving.

And I had a swarm around me on Sunday (yesterday) when I departed this building; I got the negro gangstalker at the elevator, all dressed in a white track suit, and then with me in the elevator, and then an Asian joined us wearing a verdant green shirt with a particleboard table with one leg off that he grasped and placed at an orthogonal angle to the other table legs. So...., here I was in tight quarters with two brown skinned individuals with a brown particle board table. Just such a coincidence.

Then when I got outside there were two red vehicles posted (parked) outside, a third one with a red colored roof pod, and a fat oaf just "hanging around", this time wearing shorts in his all black getup, including a briefcase slung over his shoulder, on a Sunday no less. My more expanded definition of a MIB is any male in black clothing, and not just the formally dressed strange faced individuals of post UFO visitation lore. The modern MIB often wears black fleece, and often with nylon reinforcement patches on it to offer more energetic variability.

As always, I had my fleet of color coordinated vehicles around me when driving in each direction. It is interesting to note that when I leave my parent's place I usually get at least three dark green vehicles gangstalking me with two minutes of driving, and I can only assume that is because I haven't had recent contact with the dark green office chair that I sit in when at my place. They need a dark green energy interaction response, and don't usually need one when sitting in a same colored chair for much of the day.

At the last concrete building residence, from 05-2005 to 08-2006, I also had a negro gangstalker two doors away, or at least ostensibly so. There were also Asians coming and going when I was next to the door when waiting for the elevator, so it was never clear that there was any single tenant there. And it is the same here; a negro neighbor two doors down "suddenly" appears, when the same apartment was that of an old biddy when she was gangstalking me on moving day in her voluminous burgundy coat. This must be the gangstalker's safe apartment, one used by the entire community to emerge when I "happen" to be in the hallway.

Regular readers will note that such an arrangement was also true for the last residence location, the putative rooming house. In one room, there were at least four gangstalker acts, and they "showed up" within the month, indicating that they weren't new tenants. The rooms were too small to have guests for any length of time. Another room was regularly used as a prop for the male long haired blonde gangstalker/operative, who still "shows up", when he isn't hiding behind a door as he once did. The main glass bottle bashing tenant was limited to two rooms, as indicated by his frequent emerging as I "happened" to be passing by his door. Funny how certain rooms in a building are reserved for a few, or even one gangstalker act, where others are simply for rotating the gangstalker act du jour.

I had my first hot tea break in weeks a few minutes ago, and has some chocolate to go with it. This digestion period is now the subject of overhead floor pounding, as surely the digestion of brown colored food is one of the more complex situations for the perps to assay the energetic activity. And there has been plenty of outside noise that went quiet for chocolate consumption time, and has now resumed. A big deal for small minds.

Now the overhead thud with a simultaneous zapping to get me pissed off enough to complain loudly.

Next day; another forced "forget" to post this. Fucking tiresome that I cannot be allowed to access my own, or what would be my own, predilections and habits.