Sunday, February 24, 2019

Jury Duty Cancelled

Thankfully, they cancelled my jury duty summons for next week. I never could figure out why they would send a mind-controlled nonconsensual human experimentation subject through such an exercise, casting a formalized proceeding of justice into disrepute (ahem). Well at least, they had me bothered about it for three weeks, and I suppose given how so many times that scenario plays out, it was the real aim. More of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) and they got me FUD-ded big time over that one. Very Funny. I haven't quite been convinced yet that the justice system isn't a slow-motion farce, but perhaps I am a little jaded after 17 years in the trenches of this abuse-athon.

Regular readers will know that I have proposed that it be FUDE, the "E" for "Error" as the perps just love to have me make mistakes. Another prosposed alphabetic is "A" for "Ambiguity", should Uncertainty not cover it all. Say, FUDEA or FUDAE. I digress.

Speaking of which, the perps have started up another round of nonsense over winding up this abuse-athon. Long time readers will know that every five or so years they put on one of these mind games that can run for four months or so, though usually half that. In other words, every smirk, every seeming "tell", every delay in others getting back to me, every pointless endeavor ("not needed, hostilities are going to cease soon), and all other obvious feints and games are tainted with the planted notion that it doesn't matter anyhow, because they are going to wrap this show up.

No they won't and they haven't done so for all the ten or so rounds they have put me through this faux-show of ceasing hostilities, or to them, nonconsensual human experimentation abuses. It ain't going to happen, and given the long running attention they pay to my perceptions, and their attempts to modify them, this is just one more round of orchestrated maze guidance. Check out the label to the left, "harrassment cessation deception" if you really want a vertical study of this particular perp theme that has consistently amounted to a Big Nothing. This too shall pass, but I always hope for such typical long running shows it will be tomorrow, the only definition of "soon" that I subscribe to.

The assholes are still putzing around with the color of my capsules, with the same medication, delivery method and dosage in them for crissakes. That would be a dopamine agonist, and as regular readers will know, this hormone has been a particular study theme of the perps. And too, if the music business is as contained and scripted as been reported (Brice Taylor, "Thanks for the Memories" as one example), and so very many songs go on about love, and all its associated emotional valence. Well guess what?; love is a big dopamine rush as determined by brain scan studies! We, the human race, are all in this together, just in differing degrees and awareness.

That was at least an hour exercise to get the above pic edited and saved due to an error in MS Paint. It wouldn't let me save the cropped image to a new file, saying there was an "error". And of course, that was the last of any kind of technical guidance from MS; no links to Help or anything like that. Nor would it save to a PDF file, nor any drawing files of Open Office, and finally I used "Screenshot" expecting the full screen with all the Paint command area, and lo, it didn't, just the working image for crissakes.

No one, other than MS, can do better at taking one for a techno-semantic screw-around. I started on mainframes and industrial strength software a long time ago; IBM, DEC and VMS, Unix System V, (and much of their software that came with the machine and the OS, and also Oracle, and they ALL had a very disciplined and clear visual and semantic convention and naming standards. (This is pre-GUI, but the p[rinciple remains the same). Here we are closing on three fucking decades of MS Windows and they cannot get it straight as to what a "screenshot" is. I gave up long ago when the MS shit show rolled into town and everyone piled on top, disregarded the extant conventions and semantic standards, and everyone ate it up, from DOS to Windows 10. Out of the box they got it stupid; putting a "\" in where everyone else, particularly Unix, was using a "/". Maybe the perps had a hand in it too, not only fomenting the stupid shit, creating the market, but also screwing my head as to making the visual translations due to MS's intransigence over using conventions. And I am quite sure there are backdoors into popular operating systems as a condition that it become ubiquitous in the OS marketplace.

Finally I got to start vineyard work today. After giving me a start date two weeks later than last year, and then putting me off for another week, and then another day due to yesterday's Family Day holiday. And of course the afternoon was messed up with a dental appointment and a following automotive repair appointment. Time without fail, the perps will fuck up any kind of start to a new work site, or work start up by hammering me with appointments and like forced departures. I feared the above mentioned jury duty was going to be another one of these "start up" sabotage/temporary departures, but no, as they cancelled it. I suspected the whole deal wasn't going ahead anyhow.

And so I got started on vineyard pruning this morning; the boss man was super casual, "a little harder than last year". To be fair, I pruned this vineyard last year all by myself, save for five rows by another woman who had pruned them before I arrived. And lo, if she isn't coming back to help, even if she isn't an employee. Whatever. The boss man says to "go easy on the hours" for crissakes.

And I found out from the boss man that he has been working at the other site for at least two weeks and hired last year's winter helper ahead of me. Given that said boss man was laying on some BS about being laid off first last year as the other woman had worked there longer, it just seemed like more games. I checked out my employment record (ROE) from last year, and I just made the minimum of 14 weeks for unemployment benefits.

Speaking of which, I sent a strident, but not rude, name calling or otherwise nasty email to the accountant that is holding up my Record of Employment, and thereby, my unemployment benefits, and still haven't heard back. That was yesterday. I sent a copy to his boss (the CEO), whom I met twice on the construction job, and he said he would look into it, and said I could call him any time. Nice of him. I replied last night and said I would be glad for his help to expedite this matter, but no answer today either. Like WTF; I just don't get it as to why the transference of my employment details to an official form on a web site is getting held up for over two months. And there is only one outfit in my existence that would be the root cause of this insane fuckery. As they say in organizational behavior; if someone is acting like a jerk (unreasonable twit... or fill in the blank....) they either are one, or whoever is jerking their chain, is. This accountant seemed like a reasonable person when I twice spoke with him on the phone.....

Here we go again; reasonable people inexplicably acting in an unreasonable manner. And all this Global Weirdness took a sudden leap by at least an order of magnitude since 02-2002 when this insane shit storm of relentless abuse rained down on me and has never let up since. Another fine coincidence.

And of course, the perp assholes exploit this administrative obstruction by planting the notion that the whole deal doesn't matter as they are going to wrap up their hostilities. Yeah right; been there, had it done to me, and it never materializes as advertised, no matter if the medium is telepathic.

All was well and good with the dental cleaning; my teeth and gums are looking good, and it wasn't the wall of worry (yet another ailment) I was expecting.

Onto the Ford dealership to have a new flasher relay (turn signal relay) installed, as the present one is losing its audibility. Yes, I checked my hearing and it is just fine. As to what this means for perp games I don't know, save a different EMF signature when I make turns, as I use my turn signal faithfully, unlike so many drivers in this town. (Another post 04-2002 eruption of peculiar public behavior, driving behavior being a prominent subset of the human behavioral shift that took place in my presence, aka, a sudden onset of Global Weirdness.

And of course the perps have no end of interest in me everytime I make a turn, be it in a vehicle or ambulatory. The ansiotropic properties of the ether, earth's photonic field or whatever it is. Anisotropy being the quality of having different physical properties in different directions; e.g. wood, in that it can be readily split in the vertical direction (y), but not from any side (y or z).

The Ford dealership wait in the waiting area was its usual buzz; it just seems that everyone wants coffee at 1430h in the afternoon, and of course that is where the coffee machine is. The high tattoo marking of the staff was again evident, women included. Would this be a hiring prerequisite? And I see they moved the 200 gallon salt water aquarium some 15' to the other side of the waiting area; it seems they didn't need to move it at all (fishy?), but again, I don't know the rationale for these things.

My friendly blonde and cute service attendant wasn't there at the Ford dealership today, though I kept looking for her. And of course the perps exploited this up by having plenty of passing feminine footwear noise going on to cause me to look. Another one of their themes; dashed expectations. Later I found out from the tattooed woman service representative that the blonde lady was off that day, following the stat holiday.

And I see that my agitation to get my Record of Employment (ROE) papers was finally rewarded. The CFO came through the next day and set the official set to the agency that deals with these matters. Perhaps my good standing with the CEO whom I met a few times on the autumn construction project also had a bearing on expediting this. And now I must wait for my "claim" to be adjudicated. keep me in suspense or what.

Sunday, and I got on with cleaning and vacuuming, the latter being an activity that the perps don't like me to do given the strange increase in the "lapses" that have "happened" over this particular task, again, since 04-2002.

A whole two further days of pruning in the vineyard this work week; it snowed a little one day. And as a bonus, the Pyrenees Mountain dog came out both days and we had a good play in the snow. My pal, the Snow Bear can roar past me even within two rows (the aisle in viticulture terminology), and can duck under the lowest trellis wire with the greatest of ease. The dog knows he has me beat in any kind of running game. Hence avoiding close-in wrestling games at first, and then by the second day we got into some fun wrestling. Small vignettes of fun, and about the only ones I get other than viewing Monty Python's Flying Circus on Netflix. The latter being the epitomy of visual GUI design gone wrong, going one worse than an Android touch phone on a PC no less. And raising the notion of dumping Netflix's ass once my MPFC binge is done.

In fact, Netflix went one worse recently by inserting a partial screen of an active trailer that one cannot turn off, advertising one of their own films or series of course. Like WTF; only by hitting Browse to access one's own saved shows does one get out of this imposed viewing.

Anyhow, the visual design interface, or any interaction interface for that matter, seems to be of high perp interest as well, and I won't get into all the times they have screwed me over in using a new tool, software or other device. Sometimes they let me master something unfettered by imposed dithering, and then later sandbag me with confusion and fuckery, often exploiting the event of an absence from its use. Other times, the perps put up a total wall of fuckery at the outset and have all kinds of commands or buttons not work as designed, and put me into a total bind, usually ending by me screaming at the assholes and shutting the thing down. The above mentioned use of Paint is an example, as I use it only a few times a year, and invariably get sandbagged with an interface re-design, or worse yet, a semantic design excursion.

Two nights ago the perps hit me with a double cramp in my legs; the identical location on each of my inner thighs, and of essentially equal pain. This particular location of the imposed cramp made it difficult to deal with in bed, as I can often flex my feet against the wall and relieve the cramp. This time I had to roll out of bed very fast before the cramp came on hard, and then walk it out. But as if often the case, it just "happens" that my toe snagged the sheet and I couldn't get out fast enough, and the cramp pain came in harder until I could stand up. Seconds count, and in these situations, the perps impose more time delaying adversity almost without fail. Even at that it was difficult to walk, and I was in screaming pain for at least 10 minutes. Well done assholes. So it would seem that they were testing another muscle group, or grouping, that had to do with walking. Go fuck someone else for once.

The advance tip off for the sleep interruptions of the cramps was that I went to bed early; 2200h on a Friday night is rather unusual for me. But as I was tired and felt depleted, I thought it best if I go to bed early. That in itself is a rarity, but the perps have been 100% consistent (a rarity too) in disrupting any attempt such as this to get to sleep earlier than usual. (We are only talking an hour or two here). Their usual early-to-bed sleep disruption is to keep me tossing and turning for hours, sometimes all night. (And curiously, not be any bit tired from it). But this time they decided to pull a two leg cramp stunt that was decidedly painful. I haven't had one since 10-2018, and one of the current dopamine agonists medications that I started just last week, mirapex, is often given to patients with restless legs problems. Well done perps; you give me a painful sleep disruptive condition I haven't had for four months that flies in the face of the medication that I am now taking (for other reasons).

And Friday's later-day feeling of depletion is nominally assigned to perp fuckery that transpired in the morning, by having me get up later than normal and then get "panicked" into getting my normal morning routine done quicker. And of course, as they always do, they use this as an excuse to screw me in some other way. This time it was "forgetting" to take my morning medications, one of which (pictured above) is of intense perp interest as it is a dopamine agonist. I felt reasonably OK for the whole day of boring pruning work, and I can only surmise they needed a medication-free day to do yet more testing on whatever is of interest to them at the moment.

A job interview this afternoon; more vineyard work, but hopefully it will be more interesting than at present, and more focused. We shall see, but I am cautiously optimistic. I had a case of feeling "stoned" (de-realized) while driving home after the interview, surely (yet again) the perps up to their games of suspending my temporal lobe activity by whatever remotely applied means they have. It seems they have been doing this for a long time, even before they went berserk/overt in 04-2002.

Here is one for the record, as this has been banging around in my head and so I thought I would get this into print. Back when I was five years old, my mother said that I was a "guinea pig", which of course I had to ask what that meant, and she told me it was an animal that was used for experiments. (And as I later earned about what experiments were, confusion entered into the picture as it seemed mice were really the experimental mammals of choice, and as far as I know, still are). I did not process that one in its entirety then, not even knowing much about what an experiment was. And so, after the 04-2002 apartment assault and follow-on street assaults with masers, electromagnetic hits, and after a few more years of reflection, this little nugget came into recall. And it makes perfect sense; the assholes were on to me then, but only in 04-2002 did they out themselves and make this abuse/nonconsensual experimentation imperative (aka, as a TI) overt. It was not only the Day of Infamy, but also that the perps went berserk/overt as I often name it.

Enough for a posting and on with another week of being a TI.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Catching Up

A posting to catch up for the past two weeks, having got the Feb. 4 posting done (dated Feb. 16 by Blogspot).

More snow for this region, and the whole of the Pacific Northwest, including Puget Sound, Vancouver and Victoria as well. That has kept me busy as I have been shoveling out the landlord's property too. As it faces the street, I am to clear the sidewalk and of course, make the pathways on the property clear too, as well as his two vehicles parked out front, visible from the street. All to give the property that lived-in look, as they are away in Mexico for 8 weeks. Good timing on their part for all the continued snowfalls.

No work this week, save a day helping out my former millwork installation employer for one day. I spent a considerable time doing caulking of counter tops at this commercial construction site where I had worked from 08-12 in 2018. The caulking job seemed like a prequel to my own caulking efforts at my residence the next day. I caulked some 4' in the shower stall after removing the old fugly molded caulking, and also recaulked another 4' of the counter top I installed at my residence about four weeks ago. And note, this is the very same counter top at the construction site, having been given some 16' of it after the job was done. I suppose they wanted a "repeat", where I do the same job on the same material at the construction site, and then at my residence, one day apart.

I also conveyed my continuing annoyance to my co-worker about the employer's wilful intransigence about getting my unemployment benefit paperwork done. It should be "paperwork" in quotes, as it is simply a no brainer electronic transmission to the government. And yet the fucker, an registered charter accountant no less, won't get this done. And how would he like to go two months with no pay? Time to write a nasty email to start his work week. And then start a complaint with the accounting practices board of which he is a professional member. Then as to what is next I have no idea, save naming the asshole. (I see the employer's website has changed recently so there are no more employee pictures, just the names). I simply cannot believe this fucking shit show has gone on for two months for absolutely no reason. Besides, even if the employment was acrimonious, which it isn't, the employer must furnish this document, called the Record of Employment (ROE). As to why the law puts so much control of an individual into some paper pusher's hands with no penalties of significance is beyond me. And it has been two weeks since I submitted a formal request, and nothing from the government either.

And BTW, I see the government now has their unemployment related forms online again; the Request for a Record of Employment form is now available online. When I was looking for it, it so "happened" that it wasn't, and the link was broken, which then caused me to go the the government's Service Canada office in town and request one. And as it "happened" they didn't have it either, (supposedly) and so I got snookered into a 1.5 hour wait in their office where an orchestrated brown people stalk-athon unfolded, as mentioned in a past blog posting.

For "some reason" I could not get to sleep, and spent most of the night awake before getting up at 0600h. I had to deal with the 8" of snowfall that morning, shoveling the sidewalks and pathways on behalf of the landlord who is away in Mexico. The street snow clearing was so overwhelmed that I decided to walk to the hospital construction site. That was a 30 minute walk or so, not bad considering the poor snow removal, both sidewalks and streets.

There was only one remaining co-worker, so we chatted plenty at the two breaks. He will be winding up the job in two weeks or so. He may need me for a day next week to do some heavy lifting etc.

The stalking coverage is getting more intense these past 4 weeks, since the start of New Year when I returned to Penticton. The Fuckwits are constantly on my ass when I get out of my vehicle or make a turn (ambulatory or driving). And the pit-lamping too; beaming headlights on me. The just-stand-there stalkers have also increased; these ridiculous assholes who stand in mid-sidewalk looking at their phones. I suppose it is a better cover story than the ones who just stand there without a prop, which was in plenty evidence before the ubiquity of so-called smart phones.

I had to do one of the routinely scheduled health care shit samples (every 5 years), and the Fuckwits were all over me at the waiting area in the lab at the hospital. All duly arranged, as I had the paper lab order with me the day before when I did a work day (per above), but "somehow" forgot to go to the lab afterwards. Another convenient "forget" that makes all these kinds of events seem so very arranged.

Got zapped in the night; I haven't had one of these for a while, but a sudden jolt to my thigh got me awake right quick.

And more perverse dreams, that could only of been planted. It was a vivid dream about working on an IT project, something I haven't done in 18 years since the harassment came on. Why did they plant that on me?

And a phone stunt from the computer tech where I took my spare PC in to get dual boot running. He finished the job, I picked the computer up, and later that day he phones me, but not in his usual manner of introducing himself and who he is working for and the purpose of his call. This time, I get a call and he asks is "Monica there?", and I say no, as there isn't one here. Then he makes up this lame excuse about looking at the wrong work order, which then ties him to the computer repair outfit, though I was beginning to recognize the voice. A very lame excuse it seems, as the work order for my PC was done, so why would he have mine next to an active work order? Nor does he backtrack to introduce himself in this faux confusion.

Anyhow, I don't go into a lot of detail on this topic in this her blog, though I will talk to TI's in person if I come to know them. I have made references to ML in past postings, as this theme (person) gets constantly planted on me (in mind) all day long, sometimes 200x or more. And I have seen her twice for real, and her likeness (height, build, age) at least a dozen times more. And so this computer tech just "happens" to mention that person by her first name in his supposedly errant call, momentarily confounding me without his usual self introduction? Yeah, right.

I worked on a bottling line for wine for three days last week. Same deal as always; just when everything is going right, no mean feat for all the technical issues and the cold, why, the bottling line shuts down. When I say "going right", I am referring to a kind of mind-state where it just seems that one isn't doing a whole lot of thinking beyond the assigned activities of supporting the production line. There is something about humans (and of course the nonconsensual human experimentees, aka TI's)  and production line work that seriously interests the perps.

A statutory holiday in these here parts, Family Day for crissakes. I seems there was too long of a stretch between January and Easter, so they created a new one, invoking a sentimental excuse. Or, in my read on it, more like the politicians were told to do so, as the perps just love to disrupt routines, even the regular Mon-Fri weekday workers.

I spent the better part of yesterday getting the electronic gear back in its rack, and all of it then connected and moved under this new bench I built a few weeks ago. I also had to get the rack cut down and rejoined so it would go underneath. But for "some reason" the printer is on the blink, even if MS Windows says there is no problem with it. The before and after

And another related serious interest of the perps that I have come to find in recent months is my use of tools. That is, any use of a tool, and all the more interesting to them if I switch tools, say, use an impact driver instead of a drill. And it can be even shifting my use of snow removal tools; the sled-like pushing tool and then swapping over to use the snow scoop to clean up the trails of snow that the pushing tool missed. I noticed this particular example a few days ago when shoveling snow at about 0700h; the street yapping males just "happened" to start up some 30 seconds before I swapped snow removal tools. That there would be anyone outside at this time of morning just to stand and natter is unusual, and such timing doesn't go unnoticed when it seems that every noise around me is orchestrated to microsecond level precision, and of course, with designed volume and harmonic frequencies. And annoyance levels too.

And when working on the construction site job from 08-12, 2018, I either used other's tools, or bought my own, and loaned them out on a temporary basis. My co-workers also had some tool acquisition binges too, and I often shared in the tool talk, picked them up to admire, or on occasion borrowed them. As to what all that means to the perp assholes I have no idea. Just leave me the fuck alone, as I have been screwed enough.

And that should be it for the week.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Snow in the Puget Sound

02-03 and 04, 2019
A drive to Bellevue WA to the ADD doctor and another the same morning. All within a few blocks of the regular hotel I stayed at, which became rather strategic as it turned out. Good weather, and some light snow when I pulled into Bellevue. From the weather reports it was going to be an inch or two, so I wasn't concerned.

Except the next morning, why, 6" on my vehicle and still snowing, and the TV reporters pre-empted the regular shows to relate the snow conditions all over the Puget Sound region. Some 12" in Everett, and lightening up some further S. The advice was, if you really don't need to drive, then don't. Nearly all the schools were closed, as were the universities and colleges. The whole of the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metropolis was at a near stand still. Sure, there were some vehicles on the road, and the transit authorities were totally on top of it and had their buses out with chains on their tires. Some flights got away early from SeaTac, but it seemed they had no hope of keeping the snow off the runways. Other airports were shut down.

Some exit ramps were shut down as no one could negotiate them. And plenty of traffic tie-ups at key commuter intersections, e.g. I-5, I-405, I-90 etc. Ironically, it was the opening day of the much awaited Hwy 1 tunnel under the city after the elevated freeway was dismantled owing to the structural damage from the Nisqually earthquake in 2001. (I was there for that!). But I don't think any one noticed for all the snow bound traffic and difficult driving conditions.

Walked to the first appointment at 0900h and the staff were there, surprisingly. At 1230h was my next appointment, and I decided to fill my vehicle up, and drive a whole two blocks and be ready to depart, as the forecast was for dropping temperatures, meaning that all that snow, and whatever ice conditions, were there to stay.

The doctor was in for the second appointment at 1230 and the medical assistant too, but that was it; no one else, patients or practitioners. Rather odd it seemed to me, everyone abandoning ship save the one doctor I was to see. At one point I was mentioning the weather, and he gives me this quizzical smirk, and says something trivial. So could it be that the perps, in their weather controlling capabilities that I have come to know, brought in this snowstorm and essentially shut down the whole Puget Sound metropolis just for their insane games, much of which centers on me? I wouldn't put it past them, but as to exactly why they pull this shit I don't know. They like to shut down activity around me sometimes, and they also like to test for the properties of water in all its forms, and why this on my third trip, and perhaps my last for a long while, I have no idea. The first two trips in July and September might of been "warm ups" for whatever this whole snow scene stunt was all about. Just speculation of course, and limited to only what I suspect based on what I know.

It just seems so highly unusual in these weather conditions where Puget Sound was hardly moving, that both of my doctor appointments were concluded. Especially the first one at 0900h.

And so I departed Bellevue; driving the I-405 to the I-90, now clear of traffic blockages, and I drove the Snoqualmie Pass east to the Columbia River. The snowfall had abated by then, but the road conditions were packed snow, and there were a few vehicles that just plain got stuck, though in the R most lane. The pass was in relatively good shape, with less snowfall than the city, and also good attention from the highways maintenance equipment and personnel. But there was snow on the ground on my whole trip back, unlike my outbound trip. The road conditions got better when by Cle Elum, save some sudden snow flurries that came on, and made me wonder if it was for the better that I avoided the Hwy 97 leg from Wenatchee to Cle Elum (Blewett Pass, with a much more winding road way). I stuck with the I-90, and when traveling from the E bridge out of the gorge, it was down to single lane traffic as a three vehicle pileup from the W bound lanes spilled onto two lanes of the E bound lanes. A mess to be sure, one being a jack knifed tractor trailer unit, but it seemed it was down to the tow trucks to start removing the damaged vehicles.

Along the way near Columbia River gorge on I-90, I recognized some areas that the perps had me drive during the 2002 high harassment days, when the head pain beams were so severe in my apartment that I found relief in my vehicle and I would drive all night. (And never miss the sleep, and rarely fell asleep at a rest area). Often there was some 50-100 vehicles behind me, and then each one would pass me in turn, and then join the group ahead of me. At night I couldn't see much of the landscape of course, and not being familiar with the I-90, it was all relatively new then. And there were some super dense fogs on those night time trips, never experienced before or since, that would suddenly come down, where even going 20mph was out-driving one's vision. And on the Blewett Pass bypass route to avoid the section I mentioned above, why, I was re-acquainted with this same landscape. So it would seem, some 17 years earlier, they had my routing planned for this trip.

A long drive for a doctor appointment for sure, but I hope that will be the last of them, but who knows what is going down on this long running abuse-athon.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Post Lunch Brown Folk Stalk

[I found this partially written posting in 02-2019, but it relates to events to 12-15-2018 and the prior week]

Working at the construction site still, last week. A whole lot less of us trades guys now, as in less of a dude flush around me, especially noted when I get out of elevators or turn corners in the hallways, or transit from the building to the parking garage, or outside directly through the front doors (when open).

A new variation of the stalking coverage is the increased coverage I get with the brown skinned stalkers, aka, trades workers. And this past week this particular stalker sub-population has an almost unerring timing of finding me every day after lunch. (And as regular readers will know, post meal ingestion is a prime stalking occasion). The brown guys seem to find me in the most obscure locations, even on floors where there is little trades activity or even where the room is finished. First it was the rude-assed E. Indians, and it is not just me that complains about them; my co-workers and other trades, and even the assistant superintendent indicated that he has heard many complaints about them. Then the Indonesian guy seemed to find me, all to putter around with something in the same room while I was there for 10 minutes.

Ben Waters put on a good show at the Dream Cafe, the first of four shows he is doing here. I was later told he was in better form the next three nights as he was tired from his travel that same day, all the way from the UK to here in Penticton no less. His son was featured more than last time, and he put on an admirable performance.

And of course, even with my own seat at my own table, there just has to be one in every crowd, and they "happen" to be next to me, or more accurately, in front of me. The ridiculous high hand clapping, you know (if you are a TI), where they deliberately obstruct your vision (line of sight) of the performers. I don't think I have encountered this before at this venue, but it defies conventional levels of coincidence that this keeps erupting around me at live performances.

Instead of getting the direct stare from the performer, as usually "happens", there was a musician standing nearby, and whom Ben Waters mentioned, but this guy didn't go on the stage for whatever reason. So, the stares in my direction were conceivably for this guy, but as he was only 4' away, and on the lower level, why, the extended looks could of been directed at him.

Then there was the "just stand there" dude who pulled this stunt all through the set-break for whatever reason, but again, it is highly consistent with the arranged fuckery that travels with me wherever I go, and seems to be highly choreographed in advance. I don't quite understand why the Psychopaths need to block part of my visual field, usually on repetitive events. This was most noticeable in 2003-2012 when the assholes would station Fuckwits to block my field of view when I was on public transportation, and made themselves most obvious when the bus was headed to the suburbs in mid-day, outside of commuting hours altogether.

At the show, there was a local doctor [cannot recall the context now, 02-2019] who "somehow" lifted his T-shirt to reveal bare flesh, another longstanding stalker stunt. And at end of show said doctor took it upon himself to shake Ben Waters and son's hand. More of the gratuitous glad handing that I have come to know and loathe.

The show end was interesting; normally the audience (read, arranged Fuckwits) hold back and stay in their seats, and I "escape" and take an immediate departure to avoid the crowd clusterfuck. This time, it was opposite; the crowd took an early exit which I decided to wait out, and I was uncharacteristically mellow about the whole deal and not my usual driven self to get out. This hold-me-in-place stunt allowed BW to hang around some 6' from me after the show and natter to his musician pal, mentioned above.

Back to the work scenario; a final few days before the millwork (cabinets and countertops) support role ends, and an interesting final few days it was. I was at the main entry countertop, with my hand on the corian surface, speaking with my work colleague, and this woman comes up and asks me something about the cabinet installations, and I answer her question, and she thanks me, and then puts her hand momentarily on top of mine, a passing touch and then she departs. And what was the purpose of this rude-assed interaction? Why, to get a "touch" on the victim (bio-energetic interaction) and all the better that it be where the public will interact all day long at a public hospital when it opens in three months, and too, that it occurs on a plastic resin surface.

Enough said, and again, this particular posting is a "find" that I did not finish until a few months later after these events.

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Home Reno Hell

I was putting in a shelf support in the kitchen, a chicken shit job to make use of 8" of vacant space on the wall, and used the stud finder to locate a support and drilled into it. And lo, if I didn't hit a water supply line, a new-to-me situation as all my former houses had copper water lines. This time it was a poly B water line, and screws go into them real easy. I heard the hissing as I was taking out the screw, so I put it back in, and that stopped it. After turning off the water supply, which seemed to take forever, I had to open the drywall behind this kitchen wall and have a look. Not even a teaspoon of water had leaked, but it was quite clear I had to do some further repairs. The landlords are away, so I phoned the plumber on their supplied list, so I had to start improvising.

First some advice from my cabinet installer that it was poly B line, and that fittings were no longer made. A material called Pex has now replaced poly B. Then about 2 hours of web troving to find out the same and ruminate on what the options were. Well, as it turns out, there are Pex to Poly B transition fittings, so, a single point leak in two pipes required four fittings, Pex to Poly B, a section of Pex, and then back to Poly B. There was a hang up to get a crimper tool, only $80, but at it turned out I could rent one for $20, which I did. And lo, the repairs held, first time, and remain that way.

Due to the late day timing of the above event, I was without water for the evening, and lo, if the perps didn't pull 3 visits to the crapper, a most unusual confluence. And have I mentioned that the perps just love to mess with water supplies, change up the pipes and all the rest of the manipulations that can "happen" with pressurized water supplies, and too, what their source they come from? Countless times in these blog postings.

The above job, plust finishing the shelf unit was a total nightmare due to constant mental interference. The Psychopaths dithered me constantly as to where I put tools down, and I swear even a few of them "disappeared" for a while, as I was beside myself as to where they went at times. And lo, if they just weren't found later, exactly where I looked. And too, the tools were strewn all over the place, and mixed among meal making materiel in the kitchen area. Well done perps for fucking the absolute shit out of me. And as I came to learn, they also like to hack the shit out of me when I switch tools, say from one to another, either to finish a cut or drillhole, or when they have me hop to another task. A new perp interest as I came to know.

I also put a new steel stud in to support the drywall opening, and I had never worked with such a material before. And did the perps ever work me over with intense adversity over that one to the point of screaming at the assholes for dithering the utter shit out of me. I wasn't controlled, I would of finished the job and sold off all my tools, I was that pissed with the deal. Coming from a tool geek no less.

Two appointments in one day; the dental surgeon pulled the stitches from my mouth two weeks after the implant anchors were set in my jaw. All is well on that front, and no Psychopathic intrusions or fuckery [read on though].

Tthen in the afternoon, an biennial optometry exam; to my surprise, especially given the ongoing maser and startlight games, my vision is slightly better after two years since my last visit. No new Rx lenses needed, and I even got my eyeglasses fixed again, as they were never right even after four visits back then. Finally they sit evenly on my face....

And to screw all things going well, why this here PC still won't play music over the OPPO (DAC) and then to the amplfier, the only sound system that I have been enjoying for the past two years. All my audio goes through the same sound system; internet, disc, or music files. As mentioned in a  previous blog posting, the perp assholes have taken it upon themselves to force me to listen to anything online through my headphones only, a piss off to say the least. But it is perhaps their way of saying, "get a music server", something I have been thinking about for the past 10 years after experiencing the intense vexation brought on by Microsoft, the NAS racket, and then "just" add a tablet or phone.

I just don't understand why most of the audio electronics industry has their head up their ass on this one, and persistently so. My notion is to have a single integrated device; put a hard drive (dumping the NAS connectivity stupidity) in a dedicated stereo component with a sensible user interface (forget the cell phone interface, not to mention the outrageous EMF from WiFi), display all the digital music in various ways (artist, album, folder etc) and perhaps add in internet "radio" stations and call it done. Of all the 300 or so music system vendors, about 3 of them get it for under $3k. Another 10 or so from there to $10K or more. (One such audio electronics who offers a 20 year warranty, has a single line well down in the product literature, offering this as an option; like, "psst, even if you paid $4k for this audio computer, you can add in a hard drive if you like".) This is fucking absurd from the usability perspective. Which then begs the question as to why so many apparently sensible minded electronics equipment manufacturers have got it so wrong, and develop the streaming only (live internet) devices? Like WTF; force the customer buy a NAS (another computer) and have the said hardware vendor drop FLAC file support (my experience) and then have the NAS not connect properly with the streaming device and a myriad of connection and usability issues (my experience), and to then abandon design management of the user interface (another round of usability) and leave it to Apple and Android apps (a third computer). Can we say software and hardware contingency hell?

Apart from Sony and Novatronics, both under $2k, I have never known an industry to get it so totally backwards in such wholesale numbers and too, abandon their essential principles of designing and developing usable consumer music electronics. And we haven't got to cinema yet. And to then further obscure the meaning of a server, streamer and conflate them and misdirect customers in every which way. It all tells me they are getting jerked by the same chain.

A round of administrative fuckery is in progress, and it seems there is no sensible reason for my former employer to withhold my vital work record, a Record of Employment or ROE, the essential document for getting unemployment benefits. And what is the point of that, save to jerk my ass ass around needlessly? The work came to an end as the job was completed, there was no antagonism from either party, and all was copesthetic. This document was due to be submitted Dec. 19 arguably, Jan. 05 for sure. I spoke with the right accounting person on the phone, I obtained my work record from him, (but not the official version), and he said he would get it done. I asked to be paid out for my holiday pay, and he did as part of the regular month end pay cycle. I phoned him up the two days later and asked for my ROE again, and he said he was "sorry", as the electronic submission program wasn't working and he would go downtown and get the paper version. I phone my former foreman and asked him to ask on my behalf, and he said he would make it happen that day. Yeah right. And that was the last I heard from him.

So after looking up the public procedures on this, I went to the government office and asked for a "Request for ROE" form, as it "happened" I could not print it from the government website as the PDF file was missing. The office couldn't provide it either, but would submit an electronic version. So... an 60 minute wait in the office until I could be served. This became a "circle stalking" as it seemed to be one big stake out for the stalkers to arrive in turn and take the seats around me that "happened" to be in a 12' circle. But first was this E Indian male, just sitting there, who later moved to loiter protractedly at the windows, and in long standing gangstalking tradition (since 04-2002 for me), the E Indian Fuckwit slowly moved around, and did his "just standing there" routine in different lighting situations. That he was ahead of me (the only person) and appeared to have no business dealings (wasn't called by the staff), spells ANOTHER FUCKING STALKER in capitals.

The circle stalk brought on various and sundry gangstalking thematics. More E Indians, then a couple, one of whom was Scottish (do I ever loathe Scottish accents), then five very brown Mexicans came in, seeming to get their visas authorized, and then a cripple. Yet again, I was kept captive in a public waiting area. As if all the waits for city buses and public transportation (and the assorted freaks show that was) from 2003 to 2012 wasn't sufficient.

Finally I got a government clerk who wrote up my file, asked all the relevant questions and submitted the "Request for an ROE" on the government system. I asked what action was going to be taken, and was told someone from the government office would speak to the party that was withholding the document. I didn't say it, but how fucking lame is that? And why do we put so much trust in a party that has nothing to lose, and if they want to screw someone around (reason or not), why, they just don't do anything. I can imagine many, many employee "layoffs" are very antagonistic, and withholding documentation would be par for the course. So why is this lame-assed system so entrenched as it has been? How about a $1000 fine for being over due, and have it accumulate by that rate every four weeks. That should change employer compliance behavior dramatically. As to how long this insane and unnecessary administrative obstructive fuckery is going to persist, I have no idea. But when it comes to normal things going wrong, or gone perversely, there is only one party in my existence that manages this, and it is the same assholes who relentlessly interfere with everything that comes my way, or that I touch, hear (audio "issues" per above), or that I see.

Perhaps I should quit being nice and name the outfit and the obstructing Fuckwit.

All was well on the dental implant surgery until now, and despite my care and attention, I "somehow" snagged something at or near my implant surgery two days ago, and only now, a Saturday at 1600h do I feel some pain there. I am due to drive to Bellevue WA tomorrow, a seven hour drive, and see the ADD doctor the next day, and then turn around and drive back. The timing of this assault, and delayed reaction cannot be a coincidence. Here I am, with these plans in place, going to the US, and the Psychopaths pull this shit. A $4000 surgery, and the Assholes somehow arrange it to get snagged on a toothbrush for crissakes. We shall see how this plays out, but it would not surprise me that I spend the next two days in excruciating pain while captive to my travel plans. Well done assholes.

And for the record, I wouldn't be going to Bellevue WA if the local shrink wasn't such a weirdo. As I mentioned in a prior blog, if the shrink is stranger than the patient, then run the other way. Which I did, but forced this much more expensive traveling situation, now the third in 8 months. And having lived in Everett and Seattle, why, I am not too surprised that the Pschopaths have arranged this feint to send me back to the Puget Sound region. And the US Border Patrol have been dutiful and decent and let me in without doing their gun pulling shit for no reason as "happened" in 2003, suggests the perps need this more than I do. And for the record, I make no move to re-visit any of the cast of characters that I came to know in those days, 199-2003, particularly the femme-de-sabotage, Ms. C.

I will detail the games that went on in the next blog posting, but as it unfolded the next day, there was no dental pain build up. But I shall see the dental surgeon anyhow just to make sure something didn't get messed up, or that the Psychopaths exploit this for further gain. Stay tuned.