Sunday, November 23, 2014

Droogies at the Job Board

And so begins my first visit to the physical local job board today, officially unemployed rather than disabled, har, har. And while it makes not one whit of difference to me, as the benefits suck in either case, this EI (Employment Insurance it is called here) mode one doesn't pay any benefits for 28 days, and only at 55% of one's former wage, though I suspect/hope not below the minimum wage. Ridiculous, as I don't earn enough to save anything, let alone less of that rate.

And when I entered the building and looked at the job board from afar, why, my droogie (as in, criminal "friends") gangstalking pals were three abreast and doing their stalk-still standing act, blocking sight lines and egress to the job board. And no less, all three of them had their toques lifted up in a peak above their heads to obstruct more of the (brown cork) board. If ever there is a cover for the shiftless male gangstalking scum to aggregate, the job board/Work BC office is the place for them. Or any other vagrant magnets out there, not that I make any effort to seek them out. Clearly if the Thems are constructing visual obstructions on my first visit to the physical job board. (possibly brown color games, as in "browning around"), then this unemployment gig has a much longer run than a few weeks.

And I suppose last week's pathetic (them, not me) Friday afternoon job interview, my last day with my then employer, was timed to coincide just for this event. In all my years of having orchestrated job interviews, as surely all of them were, last week's interview takes the cake for blatant, though not stated, "don't bother". And I have no idea why the perps put on this extra obvious act, but one can be sure that it was deliberate.

And post-yoga Monday; some 15 other women classmates, no other dudes this time. Not even the Wheezer and Gasper, even if there was an empty mat space next to me which the perps threatened to populate with him once the class began. Thankfully it didn't happen. The blonde Star Girl ended up beside me, often doing her own flakey thing at times. I don't know quite what her role is; for the better part of a year she was at least 5 mats away against the mirrors (on mirror blocking duty). Now she gets placed next to me, R side this time, after two brief pre-class visits to her mat. And a further minor escalation was that our fingertips clashed twice, as in momentary contact. Contact is always a big deal for the perps, and more noticeable at the checkout when handing the receipt to me. And she was wearing the identical horizontal striped tights as the darling pixie instructor for crissakes.

And continued planted ideations about getting the job after last week's ridiculous interview. Been there, done that. It was over before it began, all that was needed was for the perps to put me through another exercise in orchestrated absurdity. Even for jobs where it seems I am an ideal candidate, one back in May this year, the perps kept pummeling me about getting the job and new work scenarios when I didn't get an offer.

And what is with the stripped down graphics on Amazon? The CD cover art doesn't show up when there is more than one disc displaying, as in a list by artist or from a search result. If it is a single disc/album, the graphic/cover art does display. It has been going on for a week now, and I am quite sure it isn't coming from Amazon.

And what is with software/firmware companies dropping me off their email lists for no apparent reason? An Oppo firmware upgrade became only known to me by way of its display panel indicating "FW found". Glad I knew about that cryptic message, learned from the last time when the same message showed up AND a notification email from Oppo. Ditto for J River Media Media Center; I only learned of the new version by happen-chance web browsing.

Though nothing new about getting dropped off email lists though; private individuals have done the same when they regularly do broadcast emails which suddenly stop for no reason.

A one day gig tomorrow to remove netting at a vineyard tomorrow. It "happens" to near to the town of above mentioned the absurd interview of last week. I figured there would be a re-visit, as it fits the perp pattern of having me return to the same geographical place, sometimes days, weeks, and even decades apart.

An interesting aside yesterday; I spoke with my former boss about what has to be done for the wines, and mentioned an addition for the current fermentation that is to be stopped with residual sugar for a sweet wine. Strangely, he wanted me to make up the two additive solutions days in advance. (Maybe so he can play wine-maker for the first time). As I was about to do it, the perps wiped my recall of the conversion of ppm (parts per million) to grams/hectoliters (divide by 10). So I had to go to my papers and read up on this particular substance and the addition rates. And of course they weren't what I needed exactly, e.g. milligrams per liter. As I was figuring out this brain incursion, why, the boss shows up in the winery and he hadn't been there for months. And for no substantial reason it turned out. So it would seem as I am being forcibly put through a mind-fuck over units of measure and conversion between them, they send the gangstalking boss in that moment. Funny how these same theme re-occur so often.

A partial day some 40 min. drive N to do a netting job. A dysfunctional and dysphoric start; I was among vineyards in a driveway, where I was directed to, but 15 min. early. I phoned the boss and he said he would be there shortly. A truck drives past me about two minutes later and then stops some 100' ahead. Another vehicle and someone comes out and puts their bicycle down. The car drives on and parks near the truck. The someone in a hoodie, styled as if an alien head was inside the hoodie, walks past and then hangs near the car. No one motions for me to come over, but it is clear that they are putzing with the nets. At 0800h I get out and join these assembled individuals and find out that they belong to the netting crew. The seeming boss said "look alive"; to which I replied I will look alive as soon as I learn about the netting job. In other words, this dysphoric neglect on starting a new job, is all part of this staged scene. The least he could of done IMHO was to stop the truck while driving past and open a window and introduce himself. Somehow, basic connection (meet and greet) behavior wasn't permitted; just drive past the new guy and let him figure it out, and then dump on him for obscure reasons about looking alive.

And pulling up netting, a mode for perps to cause no end of problems of snagging etc. never mind the additional hassle of the perps pulling the netting out my hand. Or, dithering my vision so I couldn't figure out where the edge of the net was, difficult at best with the thin black nylon.

Extra helicopter coverage, slow and deliberate with an overhead flyover of that dark grey EC135 that shows up from time to time over the last three years. said to be a private helicopter owned by someone who sold a winery. I got plenty of EC-135 coverage at my former worksite (of the past 2.5 years) as there is a helicopter training school at the Penticton airport, some 4 km away. At today's work location there is no airport cover story, so what was it doing, circling my worksite about 2km away and then doing a final overhead pass some 150' overhead? And some helicopter noise convergence exercises too; first a very throbby larger Bell 412 helicopter that has not been close enough to identify, and then the EC-135 came along so both helicopters were making noise at the same time, though not close to each other as far as I could tell.

Now, looking at this LCD panel, predominantly white at the moment, the perps are playing plasmic patterns of replications of set netting, sub-second flashing of the patterns (two different net sizes).

The bathroom fan on a humidistat now goes on anytime it wants, or more like, they want. And the perps told me it has significance in conjunction with above mentioned helicopter coverage. And too, at least three slow and low flyovers with helicopters tonight (2000h, dark) as I write this up in my residence.

Three appointments today, one being an interview. The interview went well; the vineyard/winery owning couple seemed to be regular folk, a relief to say the least. Though, appearances can be deceiving as surely anyone over 30 would know.

Onto the former employer where I am wrapping up things as I owe them some working time. Picking botrytis affected grapes no less. Major gangstalking vehicle coverage on my way back at 1530h, a half hour earlier than my once usual quitting time, and still the trains of 3 to 10 vehicles come by in the opposite direction, some six trains in all.

Onto a wine expert to taste one of my wines this year, as it had some bitterness, as did one of the wines last year.  And lo, if the bitterness flavor didn't dissipate in the sample I brought, so there wasn't a problem to diagnose. Good one, that.

Major helicopter coverage today; once the interview was done. Even a mid air hover at the end of the runway, seemingly for rappel exercise. A twin engined Bell 412, possibly the one that makes the big throbby noise. More coverage this evening when I returned from the red wine sampling, this time the softer puttering sound of the EC-135

Also while working at my former employer and working off my hours deficit, I had two low and close passes from the loud throbby  Bell 412 helicopter, a twin engined heavy lift chopper, which I have now identified for the first time, as it was always so distant until today. It was low and coming from the S, and had its front white underside light on, and came straight at me from 2 km away, and then veered off within a 100m and passed by some 50m elevation above the ground and 200m away. Then it repeated this same pass, though coming more from the SW and then veering off, getting a little closer. I suppose it was introducing itself for all the noise it has made over the past 2.5 years I have heard it.

More piss games again, a forced piss was coming on while driving on my way back to my residence and then they ran some pee down my leg (not much) before I could get the vehicle parked, and I unloaded the rest of it in the back alley near my gated entry. Anyhow, I went inside to clean my leg up with a face cloth (that went straight into the laundry afterward), and lo, if the phone didn't ring, not once, but twice. As I was busy, and disinclined to walk anywhere with my pants at my feet, I let it ring. Later, I checked on my messages and the call was from my Victoria farm worker friend, whom I hadn't heard from in at least two months. Somehow, she muffed the call and phoned twice in succession, though of course the perps can arrange those details easily, but all they wanted was a longer phone ringing duration (and related EMF activity) during this clean up moment. Like WTF; now 12.5 years of this insane relentless abuse, and there they are arranging to have me phoned just when cleaning up the their mess (not much) on my leg is totally absurd, when it was the same agency that made the fucking mess in the first place.

Another month until the Winter Solstice, and the perps do like to arrange low angle sun in my face, and succeeded this morning when I drove up to W Kelowna to get a paycheck for $60. This was for my netting work, and hopefully no more of it. As it turns out, the person owns a winery, one that I applied to work for, and had some email exchanges for a few weeks until they read my emails to learn that I was available Dec. 01. Turns out, I was available two weeks earlier, and when I told them (via email), why, they didn't reply.

And why do red colored vehicles make a gratuitous parking exercise next to my mid-grey vehicle? I went to the laundromat, trip 2 of 3 (pull the synthetics out to air dry at home and put the cottons in the dryer), and no one was parked either side of me. I go in, attend to the laundry, and no one else came inside. I go outside and this red sled vehicle with SK plates is beside my vehicle. Instead of the driver making a show of getting his laundry out, why, he starts up his vehicle, backs up, and ends of crossing my ambulatory path on my way to my vehicle. Like WTF; all that he came for was to park next to me and then back up when I entered the parking lot and then drive over where I was to walk. Totally gratuitous and perverse public behavior arranged for my presence. Unless anyone else in my readership can think of any other reason for someone to arrive in a dedicated laundromat parking lot and then take off without having attended to any laundry.

And why does music playback fuckery interest the perps so much? I had the PC set up to play to the Oppo player and it worked fine until someone messed it up, (not me, PC setting changes are nothing new). This way, I could use one set of headphones and it was a total convenience. After someone reset the playback, I ended up with PC related files coming through its own headphones. The music playback software still played through the Oppo player's headphones. Then someone messed it up today so the music playback software cannot find the Oppo, so I am totally hooped if I want it for playback (what I usually do). Is it not enough for the perps that they have destroyed a half dozen headphone sets in the last 12 years, mess with the volume, and other inane jerkarounds? Seemingly not, as two working headphones was better than one set working, but that is too much to ask, so to speak. [Hours later, I Media Center software found the Oppo again, another trick the assholes like to play, delaying software function].

The teapot acquisition sabotage fuckery continues; not only did the mug magically descend by itself onto the glass Bodum Assam teapot and break it inside the cabinet, but the sabotage continues. I was using a glass pitcher in its place, and it turned out it wasn't Pyrex, and after a week, broke. So now I use a saucepan a a temporary teapot, probably what the perps wanted anyhow. The assholes continue to block re-acquisition here in Canada. Those that stock it are charging an arm and a leg, and the tea specialties store in town as well. That Seattle coffee chain doesn't have that model in stock, now playing for a week. The alternate tea store in town has the glass teapots only in half size for crissakes. Similar to the slotted spoon acquisition nonsense the assholes put me through a few months ago, they have created a need (breaking the teapot this time), and then block and obstruct all the means to get a new one, save paying double. On the slotted spoon front, as an update, I went by the display a week after I bought one online, and lo, if they weren't locally stocked in the Kitchen Aid utensils display.

The striated plasma beams came on heavy at a few transition points today; when getting into my vehicle, exiting the house, passing through gate to back alley where my vehicle is located. And with an added feature; instead of a single parallel lines in my visual field, they now have the lines broken every 3" or so, equal break length to plasma line length.

I book my flights to Victoria for my annual Christmas exodus to visit the First Feral Family late Saturday (yesterday), when I thought all was contained on the job prospects front, as in, one promising lead for a 10 month 2015 gig but nothing to happen until Dec. 5. And here on a Sunday, I get an email from someone who hadn't replied in a week, requesting an interview. Presumably, the latter party could offer me a job within a day or two of an interview, and then what do I do? Take the job with the latter party for a up-front six month only gig, but offers commercial cellar hand (winery) experience which I don't have, or do I hang tough to expect an offer for vineyard work (which I have experience) with the former party with whom I have interviewed, and I came to like at the interview? Like WTF; a job lead (resumes and emails only) goes dead, and until today, it has been 100% consistent that they stay that way. In other words, a three way confluence of contingencies, the third being that my flight booking may also be problematic as the cellar-hand job offer, if it comes to that, would be from a certain ethnic group which doesn't care much for Christmas (breaks) anyhow. Like who writes this shit and keeps my existence in a penurious churn mode all the time?

I suppose that part of it is that the perps have been pumping me with the notion of working at this vineyard for the past week, again, with no firm offer, but a Dec. 5 date to do a day's work to establish compatibility. And now they resurrect this thought-to-be dead job lead on me which could materialize while the vineyard owners are away for a week? Anyhow, I will do the interview with the latter party, and see what happens. Maybe the ethnic side of it and its attendant behavior patterns will deter me; I just don't know and I am fucking fed up with bottom feeding jobs and the constant hassle staying solvent. Besides, I spent the last 2.5 years working for increasingly exasperating owners, and I desperately need a break from this vitality leaching grind. And part of that exasperation was that I could not believe a word he said, because he would never deliver on his promises, and said ethnic group also has a huge propensity for deceit. It never fucking ends; orchestrated and constant exposure to duplicity, as if 20 married years to someone who was fast and loose with the facts wasn't enough sufferance. And to cast this in the perps' meta-objective perspective, they just love creating misinformation, lies, perceptual reversals and the rest of the informational FUDD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt and Deceit). Which works into their epistemology (information theory and science), objectives, augmented by the (arranged IMHO) school shootings.

A shut-in day today, along with copious urination, often timed to coincide just as I switched from one set of headphones (having played locally stored FLAC files) to then listen to online music samples on the other set of headphones (playing MP3 files from online sources). Exciting moments in perp fuckery to be sure. Another key timing point to force urination (of not very much) is to be sending someone an email, purchasing an item online, or doing cutting and pasting (editing files).

Enough excitement to post this now, and call it another week of abusive insanity, and ponder what is next coming down the orchestrated nonsense pipe.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Remembrance Day here, a national statutory holiday. Unlike Armistice Day in the US, where there isn't a mandated national day holiday. And for the record, I don't buy into co-opting Nov. 11 for TI's or other abusees, even if applied by military personnel (very likely in my case, given the profusion of military motifs in the gangstalking scene).

And so, on this Tuesday, I get to start this blog posting in relative comfort and introspection, not to mention better trivial harassment recall. Often times, end of the day recall is highly limited, and by rough measure, less than 10% of the harassment/abuse litany gets a mention in any given posting.

This is the post yoga day, always a big deal for the perps it seems, and a rare full day off afterward, going by the calendar. Though, I have had plenty of yoga classes on other days of the week, but it seems that Mondays are a big deal for the perps, the first day after the weekend.

I wasn't going to go to yoga yesterday for fear of the heavy Wheezer+Gasper Dude arriving beside me as for the prior three sessions. The prior "internal" (read, remotely planted thoughts) dialog of the last few days was that three stakeouts with this cat was too plenty and I would go to yoga on Wednesdays. And so I came to understand, again from this dialog, that I was going to be made to go nonetheless. And yes, once back from vineyard work yesterday, I duly got dressed for yoga and went to class, if nothing else that to admire the female instructor and work on stretching and poses. Regular readers will know that yoga is of particular interest for the perps, all those spine stretchings and twistings, often times emulated by the excessive frequency of ambulatory gangstalkers on the street and in the stores doing their "bend-overs", seeming partial poses.

When at yoga, the class mat placement and location of me and all others is of seeming major orchestration, and my regular spot had a new female visitor in place, and so I situated myself in the latter half of the room, with her partially in my view of the instructor. She was very large (Unfavored), and with a red top no less, always a red rag to a bull, as in an Unfavored color. Anyhow, others trickled in, and the class filled up with some 16 women, and save one, not a single tattoo on display. (And the Wheezer+Gasper didn't arrive either). The exception was Star Girl, who has three star shaped tattoos on her wrist, though with her placement (often near me of late), I did not see them the entire practice. Thank goodness for small mercies, not seeing tattoos that is.

I am getting bummed out this week due to the fact that my job winds up this week, and that I have next to nothing in my bank account. It seems the perps just revel in making me broke, and I cannot count the number of times they have pulled this, against my own instincts and sense of fiscal prudence. This goes back decades, and for the perps, there was nothing better than having an abetting (then) spouse who would pull these same financial stunts. As in, stress the victim some more, with a fill-in-the-blank option as to the rationale. But since the perps went berserk/overt on me in 04-2002, there was a considerable escalation as to stressors, all pointing back to the Thems I came to understand. About the only positive outcome in all this abuse and whole life orchestration is the realization that it is from a single central source, and only the delivery means and players vary, along with the theme and associated rationale.

Onto other perp hijinx; last night they had me somehow "miss" in getting into my sleeping arrangements (in the dark) and also having me not register the fact that I went to bed and to sleep underneath my mid-grey colored bed sheets, and directly on top of the teal colored foam pad. A first for the 1.5 years of staying at this location, but not too surprising in that the color of one's bedding seems to be of prime interest to the perps, as with clothing colors, and the color of all else, seen or touched or ingested. And no less, they woke me up in the early morning to have me find this out, but kept me too sleepy from doing something about it as I was still warm enough. Go figure, but it wouldn't be the first time these early morning "realizations" have been laid on me, for seeming trivial reasons from my perspective.

And why this intense dude gangstalking coverage whenever I am shopping for mushrooms in the stores? I get a dude with his ass backed up to the mushrooms chatting (aka Cheersing) with someone else in an orchestrated set up/malingering to stop me going there at first. A few days ago while at the mushrooms at another store, I had the "Dude Convergence" stunt, where two or more males appear to be coalescing abreast to then come right at me. This puts me in a momentary panic, so they must be fishing for some kind of abreaction I have to such past encounters, though I cannot recall any. In the latter example, only one of the two dudes arrived near me, an apparent staff member to putz with a price display tag 2' away. The other dude then moved on with a bag of tortilla chips in hand, the very same kind the perps make me routinely purchase. Then at the checkout, another follower had a cooked chicken on the conveyor belt, the very same kind I regularly purchase. Purchase emulations are nothing new for this gig.

Like a Monday (after a day off) but on a Wednesday. I wonder what perp synchronicity is in this arrangement. Most often I regard the perps as fucking insane and have no interest in their games over day of the week, numeric arrangements etc.

A day unlike any I have spent, save some sawmill graveyard shift back in 1978; I participated in a night picking of frozen grapes on the vine, aka ice wine harvest. The temperature has to be less than -8C, and the grapes are to arrive at the winery in a frozen state. At $20/hour, and my bank account drained, it would of been foolish to pass it up. And so I joined this 30 strong throng to "flock pick" frozen grape in the dark. We were issued head lamps and harvesting shears, and worked six rows simultaneously, three on each side of a central tractor that carried a bin that the swampers put the fully picked buckets into. No ordinary tractor, but a Yanmar T80, fully rubber tracked no less. (And have I mentioned the perps and their abiding preoccupation with rubber in all its forms and uses? Many times, but this one was different in that it was a tracked, not a rotational tire, vehicle that was in our midst).

No question the gangstalk thing was going on, but as I was busy heads down picking, I wasn't accorded much loathing time. And then to finish it all off with a "payday moment", as in lining up to get paid, why, it must of been out of the perp employment games playbook. And too, another research theme of theirs is changing diurnal light levels and how my vision adjusts, specifically the rods and cones cells in my eyes. And of course at about 0530h the dawn starts to break and this truly is a high perp moment, just as dusk onset is.

And all those people nattering the whole time, moving about from row to row, "helping out" etc., because that is what "flock picking" is about; we pick altogether and fill in where pickers are getting behind, so the row is picked clean. And of course, without the sense of guardedness that piece rate picking would bring. All those LED headband lights was also a likely interest of the perps, though rarely did I catch a full beam in the face. Anyhow, as fluid as it all seemed, one can be sure that the perps had a research field "day" with all those factors at work together; rubber, diurnal eye/light physiology, fruit harvesting, colder temperatures, and the inevitable clustering of participating personnel.

Other perp manifestations during the ice wine pick were that they giving me pain in the nuts, a generalized dull pain with a definite onset, and sometimes coincident with someone else coming in to work near me. For the past 2.5 years I have worked at a vineyard with overhead high voltage power-lines on one side of the property, and I am sure they wanted to test me out without this EMF aid, as in etheric (or whatever term one wished to use) person-EMF energy interactions that were not so close to said power-line that runs up the Okanagan Valley to Kelowna. Long time readers will recall in 2010 and 2011 that I worked at a farm with overhead power-lines, and whenever we worked the field underneath it (pumpkins then), the "nut hunting" (aka general genital) pain would come on for a few minutes and then back off. No doubt the perps were calibrating their powerline proximity research. And too, helicopters on some hikes/farm jobs have flown overhead of powerlines in my presence and proximate shills.

A sleep for four hours this afternoon, much needed, in conventional terms. Regular readers will know that the perps can routinely manipulate my sleep needs at a whim, and can have me stay up all night for three days in succession without any apparent daytime need to catch up. Imagine, one of the most central physiological adult human needs, sleep, can be dispensed with if they determine if there is some kind of immediate research benefit. No doubt they are working, or perhaps even know, all the physiological energetics of sleep and human development through to adulthood. Another one of their tricks relating to the above mentioned adult sleep need elimination, is to invoke a giddy or derealization state after three successive days of sleep deprivation, as if this was a consequence. I have experienced such derealization sensations back in their panic attack invocation games of 1986-89, and have come to know from my ADD research days of 1996 to 2002, that should one's temporal lobes be de-energized to some extent, then derealization will occur. And have I not mentioned that this part of the brain is the locus for physic research? Not lately, but it runs central to this whole nonconsensual human experimentation gig, and may well have other ramifications for the perp's seeming quantum energy research objectives related to the "Measurement Problem" and "Many Worlds". Such a huge agenda to be sure, but then again, IMHO, it includes the human race, not just us beleaguered TI's on the front line of the human abuse imperative.

A job interview this afternoon; I felt tongue tied and mentally sluggish; I have had such sensations in job interviews in the long past, and wondered why I seem so dull when I should be up. Now I know why this "happens". Suffice to say it went OK, which means no expected success. The two interviewers seemed kind of dullified as well; a whole 30 minutes interview time. They even had one of the interviewers walk past me twice beforehand while was waiting in the lobby. The same person gave me the mushiest handshake I ever had, post interview. And an avoidant gaze to go with it. At one point in the interview she was shooting the HR guy a nasty look while he was looking down. All too weird, and all too contrived, so why did they put this act on? Not that I expect a job offer or anything, but if all my job interviews in the past were orchestrated, then why did these cats put on an act of seeming exclusion? Go figure.

Said interviewer had an standard size white envelope in hand when stalking me in the lobby. Before that, I was waiting in my vehicle in the parking lot for 10 minutes, and lo, if the black vehicle two stalls away didn't have a white envelope bearing woman arrive from the opposite direction, examine her vehicle on the far side for a few minutes and then came around to the drivers side, visible to me.  (A white parked vehicle on the opposite side). Envelope bearing stalkers are nothing new, though for the most part the envelopes have been light brown or buff yellow and larger sizes. No, I didn't think they were the same woman, as one was taller. If the perps mess with someone's height it seems they need a few days to do it, though there have been tales of shape shifting from animal to human form in minutes per David Icke.

My prediction; the perps will hang me out to dry for at least two months; as in no employment. Such a state hasn't occurred since they went berserk/overt on me in 04-2002. And now that I have been gainfully employed for 2.5 years, why, it is time to whack the victim again. With the only difference of being an official statistic this time, taking EI (Employment Insurance) benefits, much reduced from the current unsatisfactory wage level of course. Even the difference of putting TI's through spells of unemployment taking EI benefits (not since 1976-77) versus Disability (har, har) benefits of the last 12 years is a big deal to the perps. It is another "so what" as far as I am concerned.

It was a 40 min. drive which was relatively free of traffic, save these car carriers the perps like to put on. Two headed S when I was traveling N, and then one more oppositely when I was returning S bound. And no less, an additional truck with scrapped cars on it too, those compressed/crushed vehicles they like to arrange every so often.

The landlords' electrician installed a humidistat in this here residence today, and at 50% humidity the fan has been going steady since about 1000h, now 1800h. No doubt the fan noise will be a constant companion for the next while, perhaps most days. And to run all this time it has to suck air in from somewhere, that being the great outdoors which is at -4C today. And I see the landlady put the heat down 2C to 20C, which means the actual inside temperature is 18C going by the separate thermometer on the wall. Maybe the humidistat will keep the mold down at long last.

A day of recovery after another night-time ice wine pick. A decidedly greater gangstalking event this time. They kept popping up and getting in front of me about 80% of the time I was walking past pickers picking. We pick as a group, picking side by side, and when done one's row length, 4' to 6' usually, then one leapfrogs past the pickers to get to a new section. I got to wear my knee pads this time and saved myself a whole lot of back pain unlike the first ice wine picking. The perps make no bones about disrupting all my good practice habits and then nail me with their tried and true "consequences".

And much more "inadvertent" picker contact; seeming inadvertent blundering, and one once occasion blindsiding me with a picker placed in front of me as I turned from placing a plastic picking bucket into the back of the foreman's red pickup. Some pickers were beside me on one side and then at a certain set point, they got up and went around me to pick on the other side which was usually covered by another picker anyhow. If such  increased contact and coverage wasn't enough, they it became more intensive after the break time when I ate my lunch, the typical turmeric (read, saturated yellow color) spiced gumbo they have me make. They even hounded me when about to take a forced piss; I turned my head light off and went to an area we had finished picking, as in semi-private, but at least six pickers "happened" to be there for some reason. I then went to a row across the driveway we weren't going to be picking, and lo, if the tractor didn't line me up in its headlights as it came down the opposite row.

It was a shorter work night as we finished in 5.5 hours as one vineyard was relatively easy as the grape stems were exposed, and in the freezing conditions the stems were weak and we could pull many of the grape bunches off, faster than snipping them with the harvesting shears. During this first vineyard, they put on full male jocularity, replete with the nonsense rhymes and the like, and never funny, even if they thought so. We finished in the dark, unlike the first pick, where we got to see each other in the daylight at 0600h.

Sunday, and a day of rest, as in getting laundry done. Not too much excitement on this front, just a weird capped male needed to get ahead of me when entering the building, and then later he was hanging at the public PC. It seems he needed to show me that he was temporarily without cap and coat. Nothing new there, the perps often arrange clothing going on or off with their gangstalkers in public. And too, have them looking at a computer or smart phone display.

Got totally brain wiped last evening, "forgetting" to post this as I usually do on Sunday nights PT.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Wheezing and Gasping at the Next Yoga Mat

The perps got me up an hour late in the continuing games over light levels, the recent shift to Standard Time etc.

Yoga; the fat male oaf made a beeline to place his mat next to mine, this time on my R side. More of his wheezing, puffing and gasping, which was becoming very irksome. The perps told me his noise is related to sexual abuse. I don't recall any, but I have three missing years from my life aged 2 to 5. I don't care what the perps' excuse is; three weeks in a row he hangs beside me. Staring at the gorgeous pixie instructor isn't enough compensation for this major Fuckwit. He is over 20, fat, in fugly shorts; get this fucker out of my sight and earshot.

And way attractive woman next on the L side, best yoga practitioner by far, as well as being lithe and limby. So here I had the consummate yoga practitioner on my L side, and this gasping wheezing oaf on the R side, way out of his league.

More red wine samples to the wine lab, and lo, more red vehicles clustered around me and oncoming. In the latter formation, four red vehicles in a single lane, no other vehicles between. Then add another two beside or near me in the opposite direction, making turns off the highway.

More mold; the landlady came over etc. And I found more mold on my safety -toed boots, ones I have never worn.

Vineyard work; some moving things about today to get the vineyard winterized; that is, moving them into an insulated shipping container which will have some electric heat on all winter.

Again, red wine samples to lab in the dusk lighting, prime-time for red vehicle stalking, the highlight being four in a train with one white vehicle among them.

A  stalker woman exiting her same grey vehicle at the specialty grocery store, and then kept hounding me for at least three gangstalkings before the ridiculous act at the checkout when she came for a shopping basket to put the items in her arms into. Like WTF; who on earth goes into a grocery store with multiple items in mind, as well as browsing the shelves without a shopping basket or cart? Only in TI World, and they had this stalking Fuckwit to cover as many Unfavoreds as possible; tight curly hair, and fugly female.

Who are these "bend over" acts while shopping? And for some reason, all female shoppers and checkout personnel until the last moment when a male stalker shopper "happened' to be there.

Continual mental sabotage over getting a cover letter together tonight; two minute of effort then gets defeated by a sudden attack of restlessness to move to something else, like journalling in this here blog.

Winemaking work; three reds needed to be racked (pumped to another vessel, leaving the sediment behind). So...plenty of extra red vehicular gangstalking during the dusk onset when commuting back to Penticton.

Winemaking, reds again, and vineyard fruit clipping

Motorcycle drive-by and noise of course, the HD kind, the most loathed of all vehicular mufflers/noise. And lo, if it doesn't erupt when I am at the row end, turning 180 degrees to continue fruit clipping in the opposite direction on a new row.

A rock crunching/scraping excavator about a km away, digging in rock as part of a subdivision development I suppose. The perps love to have rock drilling, loading, hauling etc. in my proximity.

Given the perps interest in me and rocks of all origins always make me curious as to their earth energy agenda. My perp-abetting father was a geologist, specializing in coal and a little in petroleum. I always wonder what he was doing for the perps and how was he directed; witting or unwitting, though I think there is a mixture of both with the long term abettors.

Saturday, and normally I do my laundry, but I had to get on with a visit to the clinic to get my Rx, and then to the winery to add MLF culture, a 10 min. job. Then onto a certain organic farm to pick up my 25lb of storage onions. Some prior action to get the cash at the bank for them, and as the farm is the trailhead location for a two hour round trip hike, I added that in too.

Somehow, the 25lb of storage onions, that was to be $50, turned out to be 50lb for $50 when I met up the worker at the farm.  And of course I wasn't allowed to think that one through, as what does one do with 50lb of storage onions, as in storing them in a dry, cool, and dark place? Well.... I packed 20lb in the fridge, and the rest are in the cardboard box that is covered over with some fabric to block the three holes in the box. Along the way, I displaced an empty box, only to discover more fricking mold, this time at the bottom of a closet off the kitchen. I had to clean that up, which was relative simple as there wasn't much mold coverage. Then more cleaning where the mold was, only to find it on the ski jacket that got molded in the past winter and then was dry cleaned to rid it. Now I have a number of sweaters and jackets on my bed, that seem to be mold free, but are they? Or must I review all my clothes every day or two and look for mold? And of course we know who dithers one of all good preventative habits, and all the more if it is the same party who created the mold problem in the first place.

Anyhow, I best post this for the past week, even if this is a little "content light" and cursory.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Mold Games

Monday, and the large male oaf came back to yoga. Last week he came in late and arrived at the mat-space beside me for some curious reason. This week someone scooped my regular spot, and so the oaf was on my L side behind me. Not out of earshot though, as I could still hear his wheezing and gasping. Apparently the logic of taking an introductory course first, before this Power Yoga class hasn't dawned on him, or is it that someone else is jerking his chain, like it seems always for every scenario.This time they installed a late coming babe beside me, on my R side. Much better landscape all told.

An evening time discovery of mold on suitcase and briefcase; leather with cordura fabric. Worse yet, it seemed to originate from an internal wall, and not the outside wall. They molded boots, stretch pants, a pair of gloves, suitcase, backpack, briefcase and a few other items.

Lots of work with red wine, and predictably, lots of deep red (metallic though), vehicles around on my way back at day's end.

Heavy helicopter coverage tonight, at least six since sundown, normally they don't fly in the dark. But they could be practicing instrument (night time) flying of course.

 They got me up 30 minutes late this Wednesday; hence no front torso shaving. Have I mentioned how often this "happens" on Wednesday, the day the cleaning lady comes to the house? Why, it was last week. Seemingly, the teflon coated rub strip presents some kind of remotely sensed analytical problems even after 12.5 years of this abused tenure.

The assholes had me put my leftover dinner food on top of the fridge instead of in it, something I have routiney done everytime for the 12 years of this insane abuse. I discover the food on the fridge in the morning when getting my lunch together and I was screamingly furious. I tossed it into the garbage, which is likely what the stunt was all about in the first place.

The vineyard/winery  owners left for Vancouver for a few days, in this ongoing scene of one or both of them in their tag team travels. And lo, if lots of harassment to cause me to vocalize my dismay.

I discovered that one of my fermenting wines was at wrong pH for the last two weeks because I didn't get an email of the test results, and no one told me. Needless to say, I was furious, but not outwardly so.

I tried to move a drum of just-fermented wine, with a plain (unmotorized) drum lifting tool, and lo, if it didn't spin out of my control due to a sudden gravity wave that caused me to fall over and the drum went over too, and even with the lid on, it sprang a leak and lo, dumped red wine all over the place. At first they dithered me into not knowing what to do, then allowed me to spin the drum  so the split in the lid was at the top, which staunched the flow for the most part. And then I had the strength to pick it up in one big jerk back to vertical. The spill lost 25L of wine, though it looked a whole lot more.

I was cleaning it up for 5 min or so, and lo, if the neighbor's boy of about 26 y..o. or so and wearing a red T-shirt, didn't happen to come over and ask about the owners who were gone as of an hour earlier. Then some cockamamie dialog about vine pruning, as he works on the adjoining apple farm, and then it seemed he and his father would need personnel to prune for the winter. I volunteered myself as I would be done by early December. But then the story shifted some, and it turned out he wanted to do the pruning, needing extra money in the winter. But then it turned out he would be going out of the country to see a "girlfriend" in the Philippines in January, so WTF. Vine pruning doesn't begin until January or Feburary. Anyhow, it seems the perps needed me to vacate the wine flooded crush pad to show him pruning for some reason. As in removing me from the scene of the mess temporarily.

I had red wine samples in my vehicle, six 125ml bottles, and lo, if the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mendacious Plods) weren't stopping traffic on Eastside Rd, the only sensible route, After extreme effort to get my wallet out, he didn't need to see my drivers licence.  An abbreviated dialog was as follows; (He) "Whats new", (Me) "taking wine samples to the lab, with the wine in the bottles, not in me", (He) "OK, have a good day". Like WTF, Wednesday at 1630h, on a po-dunk secondary arterial, and here they are stopping traffic in both directions. Strange that the cop was looking away in the latter part of the dialog; all my prior experience with traffic stops is that they look one in the eye continuously.

Plenty of extra red colored vehicles around me the whole time, and have I mentioned before that the red vehicles come out in abundance when I have red wine samples for the lab- often. and too, of late, when working with red wine as I had been all day today.

Plenty of screaming at the assholes tonight while making dinner; remotely applied adverse finger control will do it every time, as well the number of kitchen spillings.

A busy day of red wine-making again, and major mess on the floor when filling 50L kegs as one cannot see inside to see if the keg is filling up.

They blocked me twice last night in attempting to order a replacement teapot online. (Having arranged a mug to fall on it and break it inside the cabinet last week). The well known Seattle coffee firm only let me know that the item isn't in stock after I submitted all the details for ordering it. Another outfit wanted a ransom in shipping costs so I declined.

I attempted to order a download on men's hormone health  and lo, I got blocked three times for no seeming reason and gave up.

I see my balance for my legal music site also didn't show the transaction for sending them more money. That was last night, and tonight it is the same deal. As always, everything financial is under the tightest control in my TI world, and parsing online orders having different failure points; e.g. transaction goes through but not added to my account, ordering but not paying due to a stocking "problem", the transaction page has an apparent error that makes no sense, and once in a blue moon, I order something and I never get billed for it.

Halloween and all that, though it is distant notion as I don't have any reminders where I work at the vineyard/winery. And I don't have a place that is accessible from the street to entertain trick or treaters. I was thinking of going to get some groceries tonight, because someone wiped my recall that I ran out of certain staples last night, but somehow I "forgot". Normally I am top of what I need to get and for some reason it just slipped my mind tonight.

More wine-making work today, pumping just-fermented white wine into tanks, as well as treating to prevent oxidation. Of course I was harassed with unconventional abuse all day; the lowest point was when I was cleaning a 500L tank and leaning it over to have the water run out the spigot and lo, if the assholes didn't release my hand and have the tank pitch over and about to crash down on the concrete pad. Thankfully they armed me with quick reflexes, maybe extra quick, and I grabbed it before it hit the ground. I was fucking pissed, and let them know out loud (owners away, and no one else around). I look after things, and especially those belonging to others, and all the more if my job depends on it. I have never, ever, let go of any wine-making object, or anything else of value, and had my fingers open up unbidden by me until this abusive hell rained down on me 04-2002 and hasn't let up since.

More screaming at the assholes again while making dinner; maybe it was the fact that I deviated from my usual forced stock meal due to the above mentioned shortages.

Though, with reversion to PST in two days, and the extra silliness the perps have about dusk onset, and the almighty dinge they like to bring on, this might be the underlying rationale.

Tonight, facial hair plucking (cheeks area, not beard) again, a "habit" they stiffed me with since late 2012. As usual, in the harassed TI context, they arrange masers to float beside the just-plucked hair, follow it from my tweezer to fingers and then into the bathroom sink. The masers are in the form of black-ish fuzzy balls or an irregular filamentous trail some half inch long. Nothing new there to see these things zinging about in any given minute or even more frequent. Seemingly, that wasn't sufficient magnetic energy perturbance/surveillance, as they had a head hair arrive (teleported) in my pinched fingers holding the just-plucked facial hair, and they joined the two, end-to-end. The teleported hair wasn't my own, being jet black (I have dark brown hair) and longer than my own. And what is it about hair from all sources that so intrigues the perps? Read on for more hair follies, though no answer to my question.

The "hair draping/arrivals" that arrive on my face more often (about 2x per bathroom visit) are either jet black or else blonde. They often arrive just after I have exited the shower, which would be highly unlikely for my own hair even.

An early (0900h) appointment for a haircut and a leg wax for this humble TI who would rather not spend the money, even if it is student rates at training school.

Prior to the above I went to the Seattle coffee shop two blocks away to see if they had teapot. I had my lead ahead stalker/Fat Girl who "happened" to be at a stylist where I had my hair/wax appointment. Two other stylists were also about and out before I entered the building. Outside the coffee shop there was a 1.5' diameter mess of coffee grounds on the sidewalk for crissakes. A professional outfit like that, and "somehow" coffee grounds mess got there and then lies unattended; only in TI World, where even the provenance of food and beverages (energetics) is an obsessive objective. They even put on a negro barista for me to pass by.

I received my hair cut from a female student in fuchsia colored hair, seemingly over blonde hair. And lo, if they didn't parade red (natural color) haired persons behind me and in the mirror while captive in the stylist's chair. Sometimes they had two red hair variants walk toward each other, crossing paths, and then exiting from view both at the same time. The trainee stylist seemed a little scared of me for no seeming reason, though eventually warmed up. Some conversation ensued, but as we were four decades apart, there wasn't much a whole lot of connection. LOL; her mother is only a little older than my daughter, and the stylist learned of the Spice Girls from her mother. Makes me feel a whole lot older, but since I am age regressed to about 30 y.o., (half my age) I often get these age disjunctive conversations. Rarely do I ever get anyone commenting on how young I look.

A large blonde woman customer/stalker at the place I got my haircut and wax made her presence known. And to make things all the more blatant, I get the "facing back" treatment. This is where perps place their operative(s) in a nearby seat, but don't sit in the intended direction, but instead sit 90 degrees offset so their back faces me. I cannot count the number of times this ludicrous perp signature stunt occurred on public transportation, but here it was again in the waiting area. Said large blonde woman, 230lb at least, was at the front desk and departed for outside, with the cashier saying "come back in an hour" (for her appointment). I am sitting in the waiting area after getting my hair cut and before my leg wax for about five minutes, and lo, this same blonde woman comes back in and sits opposite me, some 5' away in the waiting area. Like WTF, I thought she was to be gone for an hour. Then she spins on her seat to arrange her back to face me, and I go, "uh-huh, I have seen this before".

Within five minutes I get called to get my legs waxed and am pointed to the middle of the three treatment bays. Suddenly I need to take a piss and tell the attendant and she is fine with that. About 30 minutes later and when face down,  I hear someone in the next (W) treatment bay coming in to get a treatment, and the female customer apologizes as she needs to visit the washroom and needs instructions. On her return, she parts the curtains of the treatment bay I am in, takes a two second look, and then says "wrong one". Well duh, and take a pass on the manners too big sweetie. It was the same large blonde woman from the waiting area, having recognized her pants and her size, all what I could see from my face down position. Like WTF; these cats got everything covered down to the last microsecond and millimeter; so why did she need to take a gander at me face down with my legs exposed? Don't know, and I would not doubt it that she might have had the same leg waxing treatment given the perps' need to do copycatting in vehicular gangstalking.

This afternoon was spent cleaning mold off brief case, suitcase (both made of cordura ballistic nylon) and some winter gloves; worth three hours of remediation. It had to be done outside, hence them sitting outside my door for the week until today. And I am being made to be extra paranoid about mold for whatever reason as the perps are playing up this, all the way to the possibility of moving out.

The assholes made me "forget" that I paid my bills online on Oct. 19, and then today, at least one of them would be overdue. I got cranked about that, went to the three account sites and printed off the statements, and then looked at my online bank account, and lo, there was one paid bill listed. Then I looked at the pending bills list, and lo, the other two were queued up. I am lucky to have 3 biweekly paychecks this past month (October) which saved my ass. Some $250 after bills is to carry me for the next two weeks. And from someone who long had savings and a reserve before this grievous life abuse torrent began 04-2002, thanks a lot, assholes.

And what has become of ? The blog has been deleted apparently and I miss my shot of TI humor in this grim existence. Maybe that is why the perps took it down perhaps?

A rare Sunday laundry day. All was quiet when I made multiple trips in the morning, but because I did an additional load for more moldy items, I made an additional laundromat trip after lunch. And lo, if a mighty vehicular gangstalking legion was invoked to do all those things like crossing my path, holding me up with trains of traffic to delay my L turn etc. Said lunch and dinners (same meal, just that lunch is leftovers from making dinner the previous day) have taken on a substantial yellow hue due to putting turmeric in my regular gumbo. (Formerly the contents of my quesadillas that I made for 12 years previously). Add in yellow wax beans grown on the vineyard where I work, and one could say that the perps were yellow color obsessed of late.

More dealing with moldy items today; the laundromat has a ozone cleaning system for hockey gear, so I took my suitcase, briefcase, gloves and backpack to get de-molded with ozone. No doubt of huge perp significance, having travel items with a different laundering/cleaning signature than the contents.

(Almost) needless to say, the perps have been pumping me with ideations as to how to deal with the landlord couple regarding above mention mold outbreak. All afternoon, the main notion was to have me helping the landlord tear down the walls from the inside and clean it up. No such luck in Reality World; they haven't been too helpful on the issue so far and haven't taken any such leadership on getting issues resolved, e.g. the hole in the ceiling that was letting in water on their new carpet.

Anyhow, its Sunday evening and time to close another chapter of this infernal existence.

PS; if you live in Boston, catch Eilen Jewell; my current muse of five albums. Smokey, folky, country, jazzy, bluesy and even a little rocky too. Not for the metal crowd though.