Friday, January 16, 2009

Cutting Hairs

Anonymous left a comment and I cannot find it with this infernal Blogger. In answering, as far as I know there are no implants in me, though there has been some "lost years" (ages 2 to 5) that seem to have much clinical attention if the gangstalking freakshow is a reliable indicator.

[Postscript; I found the comment via email, and answered much the same, but adding on the fact that there was a missing six hours when the perps first attacked in 2002. I also recall being carried aloft on the shoulders of six males].

A busy afternoon with back to back unexpected calls. I was needed for a few follow-up questions as the the vocational testing I am being put through, and upon getting into my apartment the phone was ringing, and to "expedite" matters I placed my black jacket on the just sheets laundered bed and the boss man was asking me to meet in 10 minutes to give me my paycheck. So..., only a five minute break between the two as it "happened" as I wasn't allowed to notice the time after making the commitment to meet him at a nearby cafe.

Said bull session in the coffee shop where he gave me my paycheck was replete with a stream of gangstalking Fuckwits outside, worse than the supposed Christmas shopping street population increase that "happened" a month or so ago. There were plenty of vehicles also making a left turn in front of the coffee shop on the corner, so all in all, it was a major gangstalk parade, with at least a half dozen Fuckwits in play at any given moment. One of the more obvious ones was having a motorized wheelchair male fucker just sit with his wheelchair on the sidewalk after crossing the street, sitting in sentry mode for at least 60 seconds. Then only five seconds after this Fuckwit departed, a blonde woman gangstalker comes along and walks exactly through the spot where the wheelchair fucker was sitting for no reason. For new readers, the blonde woman is of the Favored demographic group, and males, wheelchairs and the fucking loiterers (sentries) are Unfavored, and all the more so when they come bundled in the form of one Fuckwit in a despicable bright green jacket.

Back to hairs, from the title. The perps managed to screw with the hot water supply today so that I could take a shower but had it only lukewarm for shaving, and so I refrained from the full frontal shave and only shaved my face. After the morning shower, shave and dental hygeine the assholes had me cut my nose hairs with the special blunt tipped scissors they had me purchase a few years ago. So..., with the haircut yesterday, the stylist "forgetting" to cut my eyebrows he has done twice, the facial shave today, the deferred frontal shave (last time was yesterday), and the scissor-cut nose hairs that grew very fast since last cut a week ago, the perps have plenty of hair shaving and cutting variation to go on, and I am sure that is why they had me out twice today and then will also put on plenty more gangstalkers when I head out later to the one hour cleaning job tonight.

Last night when returning from the job they put on a five shopping cart "honor guard" for me, about the place where they arranged past negro gangstalkers. To explain the shopping carts; they are surrogate looms/metal objects, per the Air Loom Gang, a book that describes gangstalking and criminal mind invasive harassment some 200 years ago. All five shopping carts were loaded up with plastic bags of various kinds, and this concentration level of vagrant props is a first. The recent record of vagrant clusters was three, now it it five. There are other gangstalker types and vehicles that are commonly clustered as well, and this is a fairly routine practice, adding extra of the same kind of gangstalker props.

The perps "foot fetish" is still going strong. Regular readers will know that they have arranged runners to dangle from powerlines, my perp abetting parents to constantly play with their feet, coworkers flicking their shoes past my face, shoe packing Fuckwits and many other events. Perhaps it is the reason behind the shoe throwing incident that Pres. George Bush experienced, as well as the "shoe bomber" and the consequent airport security measures that followed. This afternoon when returning to my place, the perps put on a running shoe packing gangstalker with two pairs of runners dangling from him, laced together. He had one runner shoelace in his mouth in a faux attempt to be undoing the knot. And lo, if this didn't "happen" outside Forerunners, a local running shoe and sports clothing store where I bought the pair of runners I was wearing. And have I not remarked on the inordinant amount of gangstalkers revealing their mouth contents as they pass by; eating, spitting, open mouthing, tongues hanging out etc. This one takes the cake, shoelaces in the mouth with the shoe near (5") the fucker's open mouth.

This followed yesterday's running shoe deposition at the car dealership where I am working one hour per day. One of the desks had a pair of runners neatly placed next to the drawer pedestal, and not underneath andout of the way as one would expect. It would seem that the perps are hot onto exploring the energetics of one's footwear and feet. They just love to have their operatives walk over top exactly where I have been standing, on concrete, flooring or on soil. More to come I suspect.

The overhead thumping and clunking noisestalked me through Babe Gurr's concert, over 30 minutes, but worth the listen.

Onto bedtime and pondering what games will excite the perps with the sheets being laundered today.

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