Monday, December 31, 2007

A 2007 Perp Accomplishment Review

As I type the "perp" word above, a coughing in the hallway erupts, the standardized sound that has gone on for over half a year. There has been a constant buzz of loud mufflered vehicles outside, the "performance" kind or the plain unmaintained variety. I got two of these vehicles heading the same direction in advance of crossing the street outside my apartment, having just got out of my parent's vehicle, and both of them getting out, when only my mother can drive now. It is all part of the First Feral Family gangstalking, this time outside their vehicle parked outside my apartment block so we could all hear these two loud mufflered vehicles together.

Other Feral Family highlights from yesterday were the TV pixellating in horizontal white bands of pixel spatter at the same moment the adjacent incandescent lamp was flickering. Quite the feat that. Then the blonde and attractive weather meterologist on the local news, whom the perps always like me to see and hear her relaxing vocal patter, had her face greyed in somewhat, making her look just a little freakish. Then later on "Inspector Morse", the perps banded the TV screen with variations on green and purple, making it out to be like old 35mm stock, which it isn't. Naturally, it was the faces that got this treatment, John Thaw's, and an attractive suitor that was a subplot, stoking some faint romantic interest in his grouchy character, unmarried into his late 50's. Like all TV I see, and only once per week, I see that the perps like to ensure I get continued exposure to the various Favored and Unfavored demographic group members, and "coloring" them up with faked video signal "problems" is also part of the game.

More action before I get onto the topic as detailed in today's blog title. I had a tea and chocolate break; it was preceded by overhead pounding and rumbling, as if someone could do this to 6" or more of concrete floors. Then even more pounding began, that being the cue to getting mind-fucked into yelling at the assholes, and at that moment, an anomalous muscle siezure in my right thigh started up and lasted for 10 seconds. Then while eating the chocolate, the same noises continued with added 2 cycle motorcycle noise, as if a Harley Davidson conference were on outside, and it persisted while doing the dishes. Then the hacking and coughing began in the hallway, also coinciding with other noises that I am not allowed to recall the detalils of. Just another teabreak.

Perp 2007 Accomplishments

I am getting mind-blanked while I attempt to consolidate all their seeming "accomplishments" for 2007, which translates to increased harassment capabilities. In no particular order, the perps have attained:
  • 100% mind control, down to the most fleeting and reflective of thoughts, [Postscript - not true, was decieved]
  • access to all my short term recall; they spent the better part of 2007 chasing down retrospective thoughts as they occured for short term events, less than a few days, and now seem to manipulate even my recall of what I did or saw only seconds ago,
  • blatant exposure to seeing an object being controlled by extra-conventional gravitic means, and the perps don't cover it off with a recall blank-out or feigned fumble,
  • blatant faked touchings, again, without any pretense that I "bumped" into something; the nearest "cause" can be 18" away or more,
  • personal assault, attended to and logged by the local police, all to take a blood sample at a specific intersection, the wound being totally ignored by family members who had to have known this was coming, (and only two days later a multi-racial 6 person massacre in Vancouver- possible coincidence),
  • more vision processing interference; an object in my peripherial vision will suddenly become "annoying" for no apparent reason, not even light and reflectance game reasons,
  • more masers and plasma events in my vision; it is now constant
  • all my ability to maintain a dialog of who did or thought what (me or them), and identify uncharacteristic planted thoughts can now be remotely dithered and controlled; in other words, my knowledge of me is now corruptible and manipulatible,
  • all my internal self-talk dialog is totally controlled and manipulated, often with uncharacteristic associations and thoughts, typically constrained to the favorite perp themes of the day,
  • any remaining abilities to trap logical inconguities and other errors of "judgement" or physicality can now be controlled and manipulated,
  • "newfound" recall of long past associations that never happened before, as if my long term recall has improved, when one can be certain my mind-keepers are planting these as they have learned the patterns of my own recall and
  • elightene me by way of telpathically planted notions, that are becoming persistent, and which are supported by exposure to the many props, displays, stunts and freakshow gangstalkers they arrange, and that I may have been the recipient of treatments from the infamous CIA supported researcher, Dr. Ewen Cameron of Montreal, when I lived there in the care of my parents in 1956-7, (age 2 to 3). He is widely rumored to have contact in the 1950's with the ever more infamous Dr. Mengle of Nazi death camp prisoner experimentation who appeared to have escaped and was seen in many locations in South America as well; and as a follow on,
  • enlightened me in the same way as above, of possible medical tests and traumatizations to 1960 (age 6), supported in a fashion with my odd discrete and fractured memories from that time period where so many significant events cannot be recalled (e.g. arrival of brother at age 3), and also fit the pattern of the above mentioned exposure to the freakshow of Favored and Unfavored demographic group members (gangstalkers), and the huge amount of consistent "featuring" of various colors, clothing, skin tones, gait, comportment and other attributes of the ambulatory gangstalker community.
The Indian "thing" continues. (Note, one brother is married to an Indian, or what I usually term an East Indian). This is the perp's obsession over Indian races being shown to me, in person (gangstalkers, one behind me on the bus yesterday), recently "found" websites (Apostate), in online news, especially of late from Pakistan and the Benazir Bhutto assassination repercussions, and on TV, the once per week viewing I typically get when visiting my parents'. I notice that the black raven swirling hair of a shampoo commercial continues again this weekend. Last week only my father was in the room, and when it came on, he suddenly got into his coughing act. Yesterday, it was my mother's turn, standing up to vertically bound my left-side view of this TV commercial as it played, effectively replicating what the perps do with attractive blonde women gangstalkers; putting the less desireable Unfavored demographic group members next, behind or in front of the blonde. Other dishy women in my proximity can also be substituted, especially if I know them from yoga or gym, and it the latter case, one spoke to me at length at a Christmas function while a fugly redheaded male was 8' away, arriving to play the guitar for the concurrent carolling. (Two Unfavored characteristics being red hair and young male, though it could be all males above 20 or so; more 10 to 12 year old boys are "showing up" at gym class and act like adult gangstalkers).

While taking the bus yesterday, the perps arranged for an Asian woman to be sitting at the bus stop at the same time. No big deal there. A grey-haired mid-fifties male was 10' away outside the glass bus shelter in his blue and white anorak doing the pacing back and forth act while sucking on a cigarette. So in effect, the three of us were in a E.-W. alignment, with the pacing act creating the most distance variability (through the safety glass) while the Asian woman and I were seated, some 3' apart. Then I get on the bus first, and lo, if all the seats had one operative (IMHO) sitting in each seat, save one where two Asian women were seated facing me. (Not many of these seat facing single deck buses in this town, but it was on the route today). One Asian woman was in a full length red coat, the other in a black down jacket with striated looking black jeans. Instead of the bus leaving, or any other feint to delay it, the bus sat at the bus stop for two minutes. And lo, if I wasn't then sitting 90 degrees from my last orientation with respect to the same pacing mid-fifties gangstalk act still outside on the sidewalk "waiting" for another bus, this time through the safety glass of the bus window. The bus finally departed, only to go through with this bizarre new habit of stopping at the next bus stop for no reason.

In the course of the bus trip, my back facing the direction of travel, I had three loitering dudes nearby, one playing a short game of peekaboo, hiding behind the rear corner air conditioning unit, not unlike the relentless games my father plays under cover of his dementia act when I visit my parents'. Later, some elderly female wierds get on, an unlikely pair of a light skinned reptilian (bug eyed) Indian woman and a Causasian sitting together across and one seat ahead. For whatever reason, they figured I was the local expert on the "Cedar Hill Church", but they were on the wrong route for that and didn't seem too moved when I told them. The two Asian girls opposite me later asked me about access to the University as we crossed its main access street, and likewise, didn't seem too concerned about it as they stayed in their seats when they could of got off and transfered if it was really where they were headed.

While on this same bus ride, I had a fugly redhaired woman sit behind me, back-to-back with the facing seat configuration and the above mentioned no-choice selection when boarding, and they pulled her some 10 minutes later, and then put East Indian woman with straight raven black hair in her place. I was effectively sandwiched with black haired women in front and behind me. With the facing seat configuration they can place someone closer to me than with the typical one-facing direction bus seats of most of the buses in this city.

As this bus was at the dusk onset time, there was no end of red color testing going on. The above mentioned female Asian's coat was opposite me as some kind of reference it would seem, and there was a huge number of red gangstalking vehicles on the route, motive or parked. And the bus route has more horizonal red neon lights circling the buildings than ever before, a plasma field inside the glass pipe that "happens" to follow the building's outer wall most often at intersection corners, the same locations where the perps devote extra gangstalking activity.

This morning, my mother was on about the red color paper shrouded potted plant she recieved last week, this appearing to be some kind of color test along with the plant material. More and more of these feints involve an object, or a gangstalker in the case of my father, being placed next to the windows and facing outside. She went on about the red color, and then that was a conversational elicitation to for me to "remember" there is a red colored ground cover product that one can place at the base of tomatoes (more red color association) to improve crop yeild. Even both my gardening slouch brothers grow tomatoes and I cannot figure out why, save the harassment and mind-fuck reaearch imperative. As mentioned in past blog postings, even the mention of a color name is often noisestalked, and it is more of a big deal of late.

The perps are on a beserk streak as I am reading about alien activity of past history, claiming that we are genetically engineered from competing alien races. The stereo music started its pounding, the street hollaring started up, the hallway coughing and hacking, and just now, an overhead pounding with a simultaneous zapping which I was made to scream about. (Muted screams, as the perps suck the air out of my diaphram as I speak to modulate the volume, doing what I would do in more normal circumstances). The big exceitement for them is this site, The Lyssa Royal Page, channelings from a psychic that describe some technical details about the origins of humans, though far from complete or cohesive. That the perps go absolutely beserk with noise and zappings while reading these pages suggests that they have a significant interest in associating what I am reading with much of what they arrange other times for me to see or hear about, e.g. racial topics (straight black hair even), marital fidelity and sexuality, and DNA (recent piece on 60 Minutes about a Caucasian farmer being distantly related to a city negro woman), etc.

It is New Year's Eve, and I got screwed out of remembering to go on the TI conference call tonight. It is also the excuse for squealing and hollaring in the hallway along with the now prerequisite concrete pounding.

The ridiculous street whistling has started up again, and in cacaphonic harmony, the overhead rumbling noise has started to play concurrently. Seconds before that I got a laser-like straightline pain in my right leg near the bone, preceded by "happening" to page down to reveal an attractive woman's face. The perps know what I like in facial features and often place them on my visited websites and then follow with round black skinned (negro) faces in ads. There is a whole lot more to this, and my normal predilections as to attractiveness and resonance of character is also under intense study. That I like call-it-as-it-is analysis without being sugar coated, sentimentalized, self-censored or otherwise bowlderized is also of intense interest, and many of the blog sites that I regularly visit exhibit just this kind of incisive perspective. And lo, if they didn't set me up with at least one blog site where the Vancouver based attractive blonde blogger had a year-end photo wrap-up, and I got to see more pictures of her and appreciate that she was more attractive (in looks and character), emotive and "together" than I had originally thought for the past six months of reading Kerri-anne. The perps like me to have these upward re-appraisals of character, and had duly noisestalked this "discovery" with overhead clunking in the prime-noisestalk time in the run-up before lunch.

Last night, I had at least a two hour infatuation session on YouTube listening to Katie Melua, which took me into the New Year. All the while, if I wasn't gazing in total admiration to her stupendous beauty, I was reading Stereophile, something I had been doing earlier this week. One could assume that the perps put together two topics of interest in one websurfing session that were each individually explored earlier this past week. There is a pattern here, though I am usually the last one to figure it out. Even the usual barrage of aggravating LCD display games were minimized last night, the most egregious being the substitution by planned "mistake" of diplaying a way fugly corded haired negro woman instead of getting Katie Melua's beautiful looks. Which is to say, this fits another pattern, putting the fugly faced, or other Unfavored demographic group members next to, or in this case, in sequence with, the Favored, and all the better that they can sing with "my" attachment/infatuation, while on YouTube.

My, or more like, my mind-fuck imposed attachment and entrancement, in this case with Katie Melua's looks, voice, personality and comportment, was groomed over the course of the late evening, and every so often the perps sneak in, by way of the video, or else by an interjected freak shot (per aforementioned negro woman above) from the Unfavored demographic group. I note that Katie Melua has a mid-aged male skinheaded drummer, and I am sure the perps made sure I got to see him plenty often in the stage videos, often bathed in red or other colored lights. Related to the above mentioned theme of upward re-evaluating my perspective on my web character world (bloggers, performers, artists, writers etc.), I was treated to a in-session clip on YouTube where Katie Melua was telling her producer, then in front of an orchestra of at least 20 members, that the key on a specific bars which she identified were incorrect. To which he agreed. The perp's intent as I read it, was to impress me all the more that Katie Melua has the technical ability and fortitude as a serious and capable artist. Not that I did not doubt that, or in any way consigned her to any lesser status as a musician, but as this was the first time I had seen her articulating her technical musical capabilites in the course of her work (studio recording), my take on her as a musician and a person increased all the more. Anyhow, it seems that the perps are wanting me to have more of these "re-appraisal" moments, in both cases, of individuals of my web world who had become familiar to me in earlier visits.

And a low-key harassment day today, New Year's Day, something most odd as the perps don't respect any kind of holidays or the like. In fact, these have been past targets where they make it worse for me, having me sleeping in my vehicle over Christmas in 2002 as refuge from the pummeling headpains as well as the parents making their vituperative complicity plain as day. And lo, if my shrink at the time didn't "somehow" know to ask me about how I spent the Christmas holidays a few days later, and then get plenty of mileage out of what "I" told her. Of course I wasn't allowed to explain all the contributory details, and nor did she objectively question me as to how it all happened. A big sick joke that, and one that has set the tone of whom I am dealing with every vital moment since the overt harassment began. The shrink then prescribed my usual stimulant medication after suggesting that I might be psychotic from the perp's impositions as to where I spent Christmas. Go figure. Afterward, Ms. C of the story jumped all over my ass while on the phone, and then after I told her about this profound medical "diagnosis"/prescription incongruity, she suddenly went into clam-up mode.

I did not lose any sleep over the fact that Christmas was disrupted then, or even now, as the perps had made sure all the players at the time revealed themselves to be sick minded despicable quislings, which they still are as long as I am allowed to hold my own opinion, which is not usually the case.

I am currently getting the mid-afternoon imposed dimness, where most of the light in the room has been sucked out, especially that over the keyboard and viewing the keys. This must be the new noisestalking, light level diminuition stalking. Though, as I type this, I have been getting the all day long loud mufflered vehicle noises, as if New Year's Day somehow brings out the hotrods for a serial session, a parade of a kind.

After getting to bed at 0030h, I got the fake neighbor revellry noises; all this bonhomie and other celebratory events somehow failed to "happen" at midnight, and only began some 20 minutes later. After that, at least four major siren cascades were scripted, worse than a nightclub area, and this is not one. As usual, they were faked, and not even the siren lights were flickered into my room, something the perps like me to see most of the time.

The perps have reverted to normal form; the above paragraph was fraught with typo sabotage, one word taking four attempts with all enforced misspellings being the same. They had me yell at them over that, and after I shut the PC down for a tea and chocolate break, they jabbed me in the dick, jabbed me in the hand, clunked the teapot and the kettle and spilled water as if there was physical contact when there wasn't, only the noise and movement thereof. Thene they had me yell at them for that stunt too, and it is back to normal, not that there was any expectation of anything different.

The anti-virus software licence renewal fuckery continues, now in its fourth day. There was no web access to the needed webpages yesterday, and after phoning today, I get another number just for licence renewals, and as it so happens, they are not open today. Same old, same old.

The enragement games slowed down again after a suitable duration; the big deal seemed to be the tea and chocolate break; they cranked me up before, during and after and then eased off before scripting me for a dinner break, beset with clunking noise. The wind also started up, and even with the now drafting taped ill-fitting window frames, the cool air "somehow" gets in to chill me. Which plays into the recent events of having me wear a sweater over a shirt for the first time in some six years; a dark olive drab acrylic sweater that somehow begot some black sewn-on label fragments that I don't recall leaving there, or even having. That is how long I have not "needed" a sweater, and it would seem this represents more complex testing of color and garment combinations. I note my father has a dark forest green cardigan on these days, and no explanation as to where it came from as he never had it before.

An "sudden" urge to post this now and prevent another recall deletion about getting it posted just before I log off for the night. There have been way too many forced "forgets" on this account as past blog postings will attest, and funny, I never had the "problem" so bad before. No doubt a number of clunkings and clickings will mark the exact moment I post this, just another day at the office so to speak.

Finally, I am allowed to read this entire posting through, and lo, if there isn't some deeply embedded repetition that I am loathe to spend another 30 minutes repairing. And I see that some of my first paragraphs were deleted, as I found an broken nonsensical reference. Part of the plan, last year and this year.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Thought By Thought Mind Intrusions

The degree of planted mind notions is at a near 99% level IMHO, leaving at most, a 1% likelihood that a passing notion is actually mine. There are way to many associations that "I" am "remembering" of late, and way too many stupid notions "occuring", and they are getting way too much consideration time.

After the "usual" two hours of left side to right side and back again forced head tossings, I was finally allowed sleep. Then, a number of strange and seeming real life like dreams started coming on, and I couldn't back out of them, I was kept in this disturbing situation for far longer than any (rare) bad dreams that I have had to date. Finally, the perps let me out, and then forced another round of life like dreams on me, culminating in me throwing a soft puch at at "person", though to be real, but who was in "my" dream. The tap of my hand on the headboard was the permitted event to signal wakeup; I am hesitating to say "reacted", as it was clear that my reactions are managed. I have never, ever before "mixed up" my perception of reality in my dreams before. Never; it can only be planted and manipulated. I am getting in worse "mental condition" on account of these depraved incursions into my thoughts, even in sleep.

And another jerkaround on "forgetting" to ge the laundry when done in the dryer. Just like last week, an extra forced 30 minutes of sitting in the dryer was brought on. This was preceded by enraging me by the perps forcing the wrong webpage to display in my browser when I clearly made no mistake either time. They wanted me to know this, all to crank up the enragement factor. Then, a faked "neighbor" water usage noise, an annoying whine set up, and lo, if this sound didn't carry through even louder in the hallway when I set off to get the laundry from the dryer, was still heard in the the closed laundry room some 30' from the "source" apartment, and was still going when I returned and then folded and sorted my laundry, with a few more enragement games thrown into the mix. I call this noisetracking; having the same noise track me through a number of activities, even if spatially dispersed, all to keep continuity across activities in the course of remotely applied realtime neural and body bioenergetics interaction.

As doing laundry is no end of fascination for th perps, the above scenario is common, and the only thing that is different of late is how unabashed the games and stunts are. I am "treated" to over a hundred faked touchings per day now; anything that is remotely close, even within 18" can be "assigned" as the "cause" of it touching me when I am not specifically looking at the putative moment it "happens". For example, when walking through a doorway, and despite all my precautions of getting "banged", my hand "somehow" gets touched as if it hand contacted the door jamb when it clearly had not. Extrapolate this to how often we use our hands or feet, and that makes for infinite harassment possibility for that alone. Then, when attempting to open the laundry room door with the key, the perps wobbled me onto one leg, and then imbalanced me, causing me to have to interupt what I was doing, put both feet down, and start again. The harassment is getting worse, instant by instant, it is getting more invasive and blatant (faked "cause" all the time now), and is totally fucking depraved.

All because they won't front for themselves while engaged in nonconsensual remotely applied human experimentation. This could of been over years ago with any kind of negotiated cooperation. This same tired refrain of lament and annoyance is also likely planted in mind, going by the increased number of concurrent noisestalkings, typo sabotage and me yelling at the assholes while being prevented three times in succession in typing a common word. Enough for now.

More light perception games while on a relatively engaged read about Ken Russell the film director. The light levels get messed with, there are plasma spots mon y LCD display to change the contrast, and I am sure there are other means to serve as te backdrop for another intense round of noisestalking; clunking from overhead and outside vehicles making all manner of repetitive and unusual noise, most often trailing off into the distance for 5 to 10 seconds. Most often these are scripted for when I am allowed to read an article at length, something that is not always permitted.

And I should mention this site, a blog site of a kind; it was developed from an appeal of other TI's to make their case to government officials and all their stories were posted here, at Mind Control Victim. I haven't read them all because my reading was being intensely messed with at that time, but being harassed by organized entities on some depraved quest cannot be the figment of imagination or mental conditions when there are so many, and are profoundly common in experience. For all the quiescent clinical cause corroborators, read the victims' stories on this site and lets talk about how this could every be anything but depraved and relentless abuse through remotely applied and organized means. My story is posted there too, but also on this site here, a little bit cleaner in form, but otherwise the same.

Though for the record, anyone in my family, or the rare Ms. C of the story interaction that I now have, never broaches the "clinical cause" bullshit line like they did for the first year after this outrage began in earnest, overtly that is. Uniformly, they all clammed up at the same time.

I am due to go to my parent's to stay over tonight, meaning I get to be gangstalked there instead of in public. This time they want me to go by bus, so there must be some more complexity the perps are testing out, and I will get my collection of weirds to travel with me. Blondes are more rare now; it seems they aren't needed for "introductory aura", and are often place behind or beside other Unfavored demographic members; e.g.middle aged males, vagrants (males usually), wheelchair acts, chinless individuals, and redheads. See the Favored and Unfavored blog posting for the full cast of ambulatory gangstalker demographics.

Time to call this day done, and lo, if it isn't brightening up as I about to blog off, also a often noisestalked event.

Another round of circular web references to update my anti-virus software; the pages are deleted or missing, and even the FAQ are absent of what I need to do; make a payment for more coverage for another year. This is only one more example of what goes on in a TI's life; one can never know what item will next be the topic of juvenile depravity run amok.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Vision Assaults Again

I had a 8.5 hour sleep, something close to pre-overt harassment normal, though it was begun with at least an hour of forced head tossing, resting on one side of my head, then the other within a minute or two. Then the bus noise followed each head flip, as if there even were buses after midnight, let alone three inside five minutes, one bus noise after each head flipping.

All the while being awake the perps continue to plant their themes and regular stories and now have begun noisestalking the very thoughts that they plant, not mine. There are many lifestyle and romantic themes they keep bringing on and often re-working the story to make it more appealing. As there is absolutely nothing romantic happening with anyone, and no one could be even cosidered to be a prospective candidate, I have no idea as to why this theme and its associated regular stories and characters have been developed to be planted into mind. Going back over a year ago, I would re-work the planted story into my own words and add various subplots and perspectives, but as far as I can tell, that does not happen anymore. They have me all figured out after hounding my every thought for over five and half years when overt harassment and mind-control was begun.

And today, the game is to mess with either what I am seeing or else what I percieve that I am seeing, the nature of the harassment is getting more complex and intrusive. All I know is that my vision is getting messed with and a head toss or other movement will immediately relieve it. It could be that the latter activity is what they really want, but as always, I am the last to know.

The plasma and maser games have also been active as well; they are constantly messing with lines and colors, often projecting some plasma lines in yellow (over white background) that are a few degrees skewed and offset from the native Windows lines. All manner of colors, combinations of colors, angles and exposure durations are being tested all the time. At gym two days ago in the floor exercise room, they planted a 8'x1" horizontal red plasma display over my black colored pants, and flashed it every two seconds or so for a second at a time, and then moved it 3' further away to have the floor color, a brownish red, as the background of the continued flashing. This game went on for two minutes or so, and was when I was lying down doing some oblique crunches. Naturally, no one else lets on that this, or any of the other more prevalent plasma, masers and hashed looking appearences of objects is actually happening.

Another trend that was introduced in the above gym session was the coordinator was making purposeful mistakes in counting the repetitions, providing the cumulative times during an exercise and other obvious logical errors that he never made before. And no, he was not drunk or exhibited any kind of other behavioral difference. This is just another example of the perps not appearing to need a cover story for all the games that are going on, something that has been plainly evident on nearly all fronts for the past month and is increasing in its audacity.

More vision assaults after I returned from a short shopping trip to the supermarket, getting fucked out of a Saturday national newspaper for the second weekend in a row. all morning the perps planted the notion of getting a newspaper, especially a year-end one, and then they deleted my recall when at the store and beside the newspaper rack no less.

I am getting vision fucked as if it were some kind of transition to some kind of advanced state of being controlled, the same kind and timing as when I was online earlier. It would seem that my vision is being totally controlled, including the meaning and valence of everything I see (my guess, I think), and then they need some "warm up" time to apply this higher state of being fucked with. I want to be left alone, that is all.

And that includes the blatant and claustrophobic gangstalking in the grocery store; they were all over me, starting with one fat black dressed woman who insisted, without any social nicities at all, of passing on my right side after I had moved right (next to the flower display), to allow her to pass on my left side, per normal right-hand drive rules in North America. Then she "showed up" again at the back of the store, getting close in on a left-side pass-by, and then again, outside, with a 24" black plastic platter in hand, seemingly headed for one of the two red pickup trucks parked in file outside the store in the parking lot.

Then a pair of walker using dawdling large negro women managed to get in my way twice after being coralled by other gangstalkers coursing in alternate locations, and then the male ponytail act again (at least one per day now) at the detergent section, and then a five member gangstalker confluence at the kiwi fruit, once a regular item in my diet until they took it from circulation in 2005. There were the geriatric freaks all over me for buying crackers, the first time in at least a year that I have purchased them, all because the perps are introducing the same pate they tried out on me in 2004 and then stopped it. This pate is locally made, and is very tasty, and cannot be found everywhere, and "happened" to be at hand when getting the turkey with my parents before Christmas. My mother never purchases it, and "gave" most of it to me. So obviously it is some kind of big food test, not being eaten since early 2004.

As one casn discern, the perps are taking on more complex dietary ambitions; cracker, pate and kiwi fruit all in one shopping visit. I also got the males-in-file behind me at the checkout; there were no "customers" ahead of me, and it was a straight line from the last aisle to the vacant checkout, the same beat and situation as my last visit a few days ago to this same store, and within a minute five of the fuckers were behind me, the brown coated alrge woman standing aside with the four males all wearing ballcaps lined up precisely in file behind. The cashier put on the freakish purple tinted black pouffy hair for me, a most unsettling color, and I was controlled to be panicked to get the hell out of the store for the intense gangstalking, many of them making reprise stalkings in other store locations. Then out of there, only to find the above fat assed black dressed female gangstalker was on her third weird activity, leading ahead of me with black plastic in hand.

I got "door service" when I got back to my apartment building; after I unlocked the front door, a dude opens it up just then (how convenient), putting on the extra-friendly bullshit with his buddy keeping the elevator door open and with two moving creepers at his feet. They appeared to be functioning together in a moving scenario, even if no moving vehicles were outside, they were to go to the seventh floor, and instead, got off at the sixth floor behind me. And it seems, I am allowed, or more like, planted to notice all these arranged logical inconguities as they are happening all over, in every aspect, even by individuals who never behaved in this way before, per above mentioned gym coordinator. There is a pattern here, and I am now allowed to notice this. Also of note, my typing steadily improved as the vision fucking abated; interesting.

A dinginess has settled over thi apartment while reading a rare comprehensible piece, Cityphilia, on the recent financial markets turmoil. All the while, plasma projections were on my LCD display, and there was intermittent "neighbor" clunking, outside vehicle beeping and a few other select noises, especially when reading financial figures. For whatever reason, the perps wanted me to read these in British pound sterling, and not dollars. More curiousness, while I shut this down for tea and chocolate, and turn on some needed illumination. The more fuckover games putting in the link and pasted article name, all to add my enragement into the scene while being observed by the sickos. Then the overhead ceiling, concrete and steel, was pounded as the "s" word of the previous sentence was arranged in mind, only a second or two befroe I typed it. The perps are totally beserk in noisestalking me whenever I form any reference to them, all the better if it is disparaging. Enough blogging while more noises continue to extend this jerkaround and noisestalking skein.

I was "treated", per perp scripting and mind control, to an odd dinner; the pate my mother gave me after Christmas, the remainder of the cashew nuts that have sat around for months, and a kiwi fruit to finish. All nutritious to be sure, but the pate hasn't been allowed since late 2003, early 2004, and now it is permitted in my cuisine. Cashews have also been curtailed, save the first bag I bought in over a year in the summer, still remaining until tonight. And kiwis, along with most fruit, has been stopped until today. Most odd, these dietary variations after years of curtailment and eating the same food every day with only minor variations. This suggests progress on the diet biogenergetics front, which would include food digestion as part of it along with the color interactions as well. Not a big deal to me, it only means that there will be more integration and complexity testing for the next year at least, given the inanity that goes on with everything I do, think or say. most of which is now planted and not supplied by me.

A hacking jag has started outside my apartment in the hallway; the same noise, projected of course, as the "individual" never gets better and the cough stays the same duration and tone. Just like old times in the last residence location, the putative rooming house where they had me contained in 80 sq. ft. of personal space. The coughing and hacking was relentless, and nearly always the same "individual", presumably for benchmarking consistency purposes.

The background noise and phenomenon has continued for the last three hours in muted from, save the odd jerkarounds with Windows functionality to get me to vocalize my complaint. the big deal the perps are onto is noisestalking me bookmarking various exotic stereo gear at Stereophile, heretofore inaccessible without a subscription until "discovered" today. Another big perp event I noted was when they confused me in looking up a bookmark folder in the Firefox Bookmark Manager, screwing me around as to whether I was looking in one folder titled "computer" versus the one next to it titled "Comsumer Goods", intending to find the "Stereo components" subfolder. While this minutae of confusion was occuring, they scripted trailing noises of vehicles (left side), hallway door pinging noise (right side) and a sneeze all simultaneously. A big event for small minds; or in other words, they have a long way to go, pissing around like this after five years of overt harassment.

Other big events tonight for the perps are particular words, and one that comes up in association with stereo gear is "copper", as in the metal. That I get vehicularly gangstalked with copper colored metallic finish is no coincidence. Other past stunt related to this metal were the two electric motor dismountings my brother and I were working on when I visited him in Kamloops. And lo, if a bright copper colored penny didn't just "show up" within 10' of us working on this motor. It wasn't there when I walked in one direction, and was there only minutes later when I returned. Idiocy borne of depravity.

Time to call this day done; thankfully the evening has been calmer than early in the day, though who knows what will transpire next time I go out, if it was anything like today's coursing farce-like confluencing gangstalkers.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Tis The Season for Social Isolation

As this is the run-up to lunch, the perp's first major silly moment of the day, this is just a brief posting while the noisescape escalates, and I note a confluence of glass bottle bashing outside my door, outside garbage truck activity, more glass bashing, a low rumble while logging into Yahoo Groups, and more clicking and pinging noises while I dispatched my spam mail, the only kind I am getting of late.

It is quite apparent that my already highly circumscribed social activity is being managed for even less interaction over this past week, and will likely continue into the New Year, until everyone is back to normal. Even my volunteering was stopped a week before Christmas; there was the expectation of an activity, but as it "happened", they did not have the letter written to then me photocopied en masse for inclusion in a mail-out package. Bizarre, and as there is so much more of this of late, I can only assume it is managed for me to "notice". And it should be mentioned that my ability to notice anything is totally mind-controlled, something that the perps have been steadily encroaching upon all of 2007.

Before the above noise flurry, the perps had me reading a headphone review that was interesting, and while reading it, the hallway voices started up, as did other loud mufflered vehicles outside. The reality is that this is a culmination of the ongoing noise for the last two hours while being online, and having a more focused web page reading session than was allowed yesterday at the same time, when they kept me from reading more than the first sentence or two from each paragraph.

And a deliberate focus on many things Indian in the past few days, and continuing today in the news. Meaning, of the Indian continent, and not only the tragic news from Pakistan yesterday, but also being allowed to watch the first movie in over three years two nights ago on TV, and it was based in Indian culure, titled "Kama Sutra". And I note that the Indian looking Miss France was in the news today, admonished for being too provocative, though it takes much more to earn that acclaim in France than elsewhere, and yet it was a news item on the first news page I look at each day, the BBC news. Anyhow, there will be more on this topic it seems, at continues to be promoted this week. And I also note that the Roma of Romania, aka gypsies, are getting a rough deal from the the authorities there, especially after a number of them were kicked out of Italy some months back. As it "so happens", they are of Indian descent, an tribe that emigrated from India in .......

Related to this topic, is that Indians nearly always have smooth black hair, lovely to look at, and this hair color on Caucasians has been "featured" in a number of TV commercials I have watched at my parent's place while there for the past five days. Nothing new there, but I did note that my gangstalking asshole father got into a coughing jag while we were watching this very commercial at the same time. I should also note that the family had two, and I had one, black Newfoundland dogs at various times, which a have long black shiney coat. And I always thought it was curious that my ex-wife would never comb the dog, deliberately leaving it up to me, no matter how bad the dog needed to be brushed. The "habit" was to leave the dog's coat until it looked bad enough to need combing, and then take multiple brushings over days to conclude the task. All this past staging of long black straight hair, going back decades even, on dogs, or on humans, in pictures or on or with gangstalkers is still playing out, and I have no idea as to what it is about. There have been more than one female gangstalker who has planted herself in my view and flicked her impressive long raven colored locks for me to see, some of them repeating this exercise if there was a cover story of habituating the same location.

Other comparative exposures to colors, fabrics and materials have also been noted in recent blogs, one being a red anoraked (Gore-tex, meaning teflon membrane) gangstalker passing by while we were set up to wait in the vehicle by my mother who was taking inordinantly and inexplicably long while dropping something off at her friend's place. The red-headed gangstalking games are still occuring, but at a much reduced level than the current black hair hair exposures the perps are scripting.

The darkening down games are starting up; these are when I am somehow manipulated to percieve a oncoming dimness in my vision even if the outside sourced ambient lighting remains unchanged. These light perception manipulations have occured nearly every day, typically at dusk time, but of late have been increasingly earlier to suit some kind of perp research agenda. Or, it maybe to make me turn on a light, even better than training headlights on me from afar. Just another routine jerkaround that is as predictable as the games to enrage me with faked touchings, typo sabotage and the rest of the mind assault they continue with.

Another outrage; a long section of this blog posting was deleted for no reason except malevolent excess. I had a paragraph over the enforced social isolation, more than the usual, and the perps stripped it out. I am fucking pissed.

the post tead and chocolate yawning imposition has started up; this is a regular event that never occured before the harassment began. Also, the loud mufflered vehicle noise has begun in earnest, so I suspect that I am being scrutinized for residual brown (from the chocolate) energetic interactions. The pouring rain began about 30 minutes before teatime, and the perps duly rage-ified me while having the tea and eating the chocolate with the fake touchings, planted brown colored crumbs, skin jabbings, foiling my motor control of my fingers, and other stunts to piss me off, their play of first resort. I am also getting continuous seagull noise, something that is also a now common event. I have never seen the seagulls actually create this noise, they are always out of sight when this particular noise games occur.

The post-dinner time noise flurries have begun; the fake "neighbor" water use noise has started up from the bathroom (right side) after the same in the kitchen when doing the dishes. I was rage-ified through making and eating dinner, and then also during doing the dishes. The usual harassment games; planting faked noises and touches, flicking tapenade across the stove and stopping me from cleaning it up, perceptual perturbations, then creating tap dripping noise, a new stunt here, and time-honored one at past residence locations, and a few other jerkarounds to keep me ranting most of the time. Nothing new there.

Before that, the perps allowed relative peace and quiet while looking at web sites that documented catastrophic history, Velikovsky and others, seems to have some interesting archives. all the while, the perps arranged clunking sounds, loud mufflered vehicles trailing off into the distance, hallway cell phones ringing and hallway voices chatting. Based on the number of bookmarkings of these kinds of webpages, caused because they won't let me read these in one pass, it seems that catastrophic origins and events of history are going to be a significant noisestalking subject for the next two days. Like most anything of interest, the perps won't let me read or view a webpage in one pass, but incrementally increase my ability to attend to it over the course of three or more visitations. This is entirely consistent with most everything else that is new; small introductions at first, and getting progressively longer. The helping out at the office was one such similar managed encounter with graduated increases of exposure.

And as I bring up a web page someone calls out from the hallway and a simultaneous smacking sound inside my mouth went off. It could be hard to call that a coincidence anytime, let alone that it occurs so often.

This is the mind-control abuse that is going on now; I am reading a webpage on Orson Welles' later works, then I get stiffed with the planted thought that the article is about Alfred Hitchcock and then the perps delete that image and name out of my mind and then pose the telepathic question as to whom the article is about, still keeping the subject deleted from my recall. This is fucking outrageous mental abuse and never, ever happened before in anyway shape or form before the sickos went overt on me in 2002 and have kept up this unrelenting depravity. Then as I review this paragraph, they plant noises in my mouth. When will this fucking sick-minded abuse ever end?

And my reading is still getting hacked with endless perceptual "misreads", of the same kind that have been going on for the past year. Total mind abuse.

The above assault on my mind's rationality was all to wind me up into a fury to then have me attend to a "diversionary" exercise, listening to music with my headphones on. Translated, that means having magnets at my ears with simultaneous neural aural activity.

Time to call this shut-in day done, intermittently ugly as it has been, including deletion of what I had written.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

On With the Wind

A howling gale is on, and the perps had me do a useless walk outside again, cancelling yoga without notice and thereby extending my absence from this activity to four weeks, assuming it is on next week. This is the fourth of five times they have cancelled yoga and they have had my phone number from the get go. Just more fucking games; earlier in September when on the week travel junket, the perps ensured there was a three week yoga absence as part of the arrangements at that time.

I wasn't without my hordes of ambulatory and vehicular gangstalkers on the above abortive trip; they were out in force and were all in place for me to be walking back after turning around at the locked door. The orange peel litter and the spittle on the street was all in place too, in both directions on different routes. The planted joke is that I would be able to navigate my way to my destination by following this trail that is set up for every public in-town walking event. This orange color theme has been mentioned in past blogs, and lo, if it wasn't arranged last night at my in-town brother's for dinner. After the potatoes, yams (orange colored) and brussel sprout vegetables were passed around the table, he brings out the differently colored orange colored carrots afterward for some bizarre reason. More color testing, and the perps don't appear to want to bring in the subtle color variations at first. All the vehicular gangstalking is usually the whites, blacks and silver greys at first, and only some 10 minutes or more do they bring in color variants and shades of grey, then shades of red and so it goes, ad nauseum.

And lo, if they didn't noisestalk me the instant when I first read the web news of the tragic demise of Pakistan's PM contender, Benzair Bhutto. Then the perps jerked me around on each web site, showing only a portion of her face portrait style, cutting it off with the windowing. Then more games on later sites, showing her in distant pictures among a group of individuals. This is just a minor example of what goes on, and no, I won't go there and suggest that this incident was arranged and timed for the harasssment that is ongoing, but the perps always know what I don't know in the news, and for their favorite topics like death and tragedy, they often noisestalk me when I first read about it. It is an odd coincidence I saw 30 minutes of an Indian film last night on TV, "Kama Sutra" on Bravo before getting "impatient" with it. The film showed a wedding preparation and portrayed those same traditional sheer garments like Ms. Bhutto is often photographed wearing. Hmmm...

And following too; they are still noisestalking me each time I see Oscar Petersen's face in the news, he died three days ago.

And the perp's fascination with death also extends to animal "involvement", meaning that they have no choice. When setting off yesterday in the vehicle there was a grey squirrel at the side the road eating something. Then only a few minutes from our destination, there was a same species dead grey squirrel on the road, at the center around which I turned, twice. Then yesterday's news about the tiger that escaped the zoo in San Francisco and killed one person and injured two; as it "so happened", my brother had a book on cats out at his place which we all leafed through at some point in the evening. Coincidence? Possibly, though the perps know all family members like cats, and have fond memories of them as pets. There was another tiger/zoo event the day before the San Francisco event, where someone sneaked into the tiger compound and killed one. The two zoo events with tigers don't appear to be a coincidence to me, but I am one of hundreds that is harassed and fucked with for the perp's mind-control research and whatever other psychic energy research endeavors they have in mind for me. Given that they have full family involvement, and they all go to rehearsals before interacting with me, this must be one of the premier perp research events anywhere IMHO.

Another sleep perturbed night last night; this time three hours of head tossing, usually one side then the other in less than a minute, and later they extended the head tossing intervals to longer durations, and then allowed me to sleep on one side, then awoke me to have me sleep on the other side of my head. Then later they planted bizarre dreams about vineyards, and then awakened me to the noisescape, adding loud-mufflered vehicles that have also taken on the over-revving habit as it is outside this and my past residence location. Funny how public behaviors can change all over this city within days, no matter where I go.

We had dinner at my in-town brother's place last night; I took the bus and walked the last leg. And as it "turned out", his native Indian sort-of girlfriend was on vehicular gangstalking duty before I reached his place, while walking. She came from his place, drove to a T intersection I was some 100' from, pulled a U-turn, and then drove back to his place. And as I walked the last 300', she was getting out of her vehicle with some metallic device, and entered the house through the side door, all to be in place, turning the stairs in the main entryway just as I arrived at the front door. Normally, the perps don't allow her to arrive until at least 30 minutes of "settle in" time after I arrive, but as I was the last one there, she must of been there in advance. And of course everyone made out that she had just arrived, har, har.

It was another deadly dull dinner of family duplicity and rehearsed conversation. In the course of serving up the food, I had placed my knife on my plate, securely arranged with the handle on the table and the last 2" of the blade resting on the plate edge. But that wasn't good enough for the perps, they yanked the knife off and placed it on the table by way of their extra-conventional gravitic games they can apply remotely. Still not good enough, after I replaced the knife to its former position, the perps pulled it off again. My brother saw it, and was smirking, making no bones about seeing this extra conventional fuckery for the first time. I told him to sign up for harassment and that shut him up, but it is what I am controlled to say everytime, and it is getting fucking tired. The perps won't let me effectively defend myself.

Later, after he gangstalked my ass going out to the vehicle with my parents, and I reamed his ass out again, he stood on the other side of the vehicle aiding my parents in their orchestrated protractions over getting in the vehicle and unsnagging seat belts and the rest of the feints and fuckery that they go through in getting inside a vehicle, getting worse all the time. It was interesting that he didn't follow us out the front door to the vehicle, but effectively reversed his girlfriend's stunt of coming out through the side door for no rational reason.

The on-off left hip pain in on again, the instant I lean forward to type, and that might be the reason the perps have planted it, and and have extended th incidence of pain to be whenever they want, not just at bedtime when it first started. I was walking for 25 minutes per above abortive yoga class trip, and there was no hip pain whatsoever; it is selectively applied like most incursions. My coat zipper has been "assigned" a clicking noise, when in fact it does not swing or move very much. And of course it only started up today, and "took over" from my first time swinging zipper noise of my suitcase when driving into downtown today. I suspect the noisescape will be a significant perp incursion front in 2008, projecting what has gone on for the past few months.

More sirens that somehow penetrate my hearing protection and then groans outside my door in the hallway again. These soft groans seem to be the latest in getting my atttention, usually with some other accompanying sound.

I got sucked into going to the window to take a picture of three clustered red vehicles the perps had arranged for me to see, as two of them have been parked all morning, way past the allowable parking duration for this neighborhood. And as it "so happened", I walked past these very same vehicles when coming back from the yoga class cancellation. And lo, if there weren't more arranged vehicles closer to the window when I got therel five white vehicles and two silver grey vehicles, one black vehicle. If I am allowed, I will put these on this posting, but right now, an enforced laziness has taken over, the sure sign of being fucked with.

I put a sweater on and am warm, then the perps decide to chill me down again, as if being tested with a new garment color by way of thermal changes to invoke bioenergetics differences. The wind is still howling, and I just got my regular hallway hacking noise by the same person who hacks in the identical way each time, and never seems to get better. It is amazing that this same "feature" aka characteristic, was identical among the neighbors in my last residence location.

The perps are into high annoyance incursions today, and are having me over-react to all of them, and while doing so, they script simultaneous noises from outside; vehicle horns, excessive wind howl, loud mufflered vehicles and so it goes. This is a combination of a Thursday and returning from my parent's place from the so-called "holidays", and these kind of new juxtapositions is what they crave; disrupting my routine activities, sometimes everything, and sometimes only one thing, but it is as expectable as maser and plasma games on this LCD display; all day, all the time.

I am getting more smells jammed up my nose as I am about to depart and go to gym class, and it might be a day to take the bus instead of 30 minutes of the new zipper tapping noise my jacket now makes.

I am back from gym, having walked there in the gale, but bussed back owing to threatening rain. I had my thuggy-buddy gangstalker/fellow traveller, the name I assign to those who get on and off the same bus stop as me. He also spent half the ride "Cheersing" with the driver, the term used to describe odd incidents of chatting, where there is a distinct lack of logical congruity as to how the individuals became associated in order to chat. Again, the perps aren't engaging in cover stories that are convincing anymore, when the games aren't blatant that is.

After taking the bus, I went into LD store to get some items, and a woman was behind me at the checkout, and the one ahead of me was in "bend-over" form, where they have some fabricated need to bend over, ass facing me, This happens all the time now, and so far, I haven't been fucked into kicking anyone yet. As always, transacting anywhere, online or at a store, is of immense perp fascination, and this time was no exception, save the blatant gangstalking. The woman behind me must of been there for "Favorable aura" for a minute or so, and then her "pal" a male in a disgusting brown jacket plants himself between me and her. And as I am about to enter my data into the debit card machine, he gets closer. I look up, he looks away in pretend mode, and I mouth something unheard as to why he needed to get so close, the cashier is totally unfazed by this bullshit, and then I continue to pay. This is not the first time they have pissed me off at the cashier at or near the moment of payment, but it better be the last time. Whatever they want to find out is not my problem, so why am I being fucked around everytime I pay for something?

Anyhow, I had my usual gangstalkers at the gym parading around, and they were putting on a colorful show. Mr. Ethnic Gut, a large gutted Middle Eastern dude in my class who has been hanging around me like a fart in a sleeping bag was in a bright yellow shirt today. That is, I found the color assault even more offensive, but it would seem that he knew this and kept out of my view for the most part, and didn't pose, or "feature", himself very often. Funny how that goes; the perps need to introduce offensive colors (to me) very slowly, especially if they are on offensive looking individuals, selected from the Unfavored demographic groups.

The post-dinner overhead concrete floor pounding has started up with faked "neighbor water use", always louder than my own.

There was more harassment in taking a shit before dinner, with the shower to clean up fuckover stunt, something they haven't pulled for a few months. They rage-ified me in the shower with provocations of jabbing and poking, forced mis-grabs and the like, all to rile me up for making dinner which came with its own round of provocations to get me even futher enraged. The perps folded the cooked tortilla under itself while I was extracting it from the frypan with the same fool-proof method that has worked fine for the last 8 months. But only in December, since the assholes ramped up the harassment and abuse, the tortillas can now "flop" and spill their contents on the cutting board at the moment of removal from the frypan. Just another example of the juvenility and pathetic nature of these assaults.

I am getting a noisestalking of clunking, faked "neighbor" water use, and pingings off door knobs in the hallway as I am reading about the travails, even murder, of those involved in the alternate energy field at Wade Frasier's page here. I was reading much of his writing before Christmas, and was routinely noisestalked at the time, and by blanking out my recall as to even having read this material only a short time ago, the perps appear to be performing a repeat noisestalk as if the material was "new" to me, something that has been increasing of late. These total mind blankings of my recall never, ever happened before.

The above mention walk to the gym class covered three construction projects enroute, something I have mentioned in the past along with the perp's obsession over the bioenergetic interactions with concrete, and these projects have each poured major quantities. And after not walking the route for a week I see thate there were some new pourings, about 120' of sidewalk with black poly plastic strewn on it in places. I suppose this was the big test for me on new concrete, poured within the past week, and having plastic about at the same time. The perps have a like obsession over my bioenergetics and plastic, as it would seem that there are pollutants in me, possibly in key brain regions, that they cannot yet model by remote means. These would be substances that are of average population intake, I have never worked with plastics at a vocational level to have any undue quantities in my system. One summer I worked in the Yukon, hundreds of miles from any roads or cities, so this might have been their attempt to sort out their problem they created for themselves, and jerking my life around as part of it.

I recall when I was five or so and "I", or more like the mind-controlled me, had an interest in burning plastics then as a discovery process about materials and their reaction to heat and flame. It could of well been all about the perps attempting to address the problem then, about 1960. And it was about that time that my mother started up beer making, and I was helping to create suction on the plastic pipe then, pulling suction to draw the brown liquid through. So it would seem that the perps were working on the color (brown) and plastic problem in another way at this time. Later in adulthood I made beer and used the same materials and methods and then they shut my beermaking down and prevented fermentation completion. I tried everything, and the advice of experts, all to no avail. It was the perps fucking me around and closing off my activities with making brown colored beverages. From then on, it was winemaking only.

And today's event of the brown dressed male dude (one Unfavored demographic characteristic in one disliked color) making a sudden move to get close to me for no fucking reason at the debit machine today, and other like events, tells me that all the Unfavored demographic characteristics (thought to be associations from early childhood traumatizations), the color games, especially with red, yellow, orange and brown, and the various plastics they are testing are all interrelated; that is, the perps will often put these colored plastics in my proximity (e.g. Goretex anoraks, a teflon film) on Unfavored demographics, shiftless male dudes, and this is somehow related to whatever else they are chasing me for besides total mind-control, which is nearly complete. So in other words, if they are harassing me for determining the psychic energies of paying for something, this is somehow dependent on the perp idiots figuring out the brain and pollutant damage they caused or allowed to happen over my lifetime. It is not my problem, so why am I constantly being fucked over for some idiot's abuse that was deleted from my recall in my developmental years?

Onto somthing more diversionary, today's photos, few as they are, as I am screwed out of "remembering" to take my camera with me anymore. The perps decided that this would end with the street assault episode, "because" someone didn't like their photo been taken when they were behind the glass window of a vehicle some 25' distant. All these photos were taken in one short session from inside my apartment, looking out, as the door is currently sealed with tape to stop the imposed wind howl noise coming through it.

The meter heads have been pulled off for months now, so it is a parking free-for-all, meaning that the perps have some semblance of a cover story to leave these vehicles here all morning, and sometimes, through the night and into the next day. I walked past the street parked pair on the abortive yoga class walk. Then, later, they decided they did not have enough anisotropic (different physical properties in different directions) variation, and so they had the SUV sit in the loading bay of the LD store for an hour or so, headlights on all the time. There is nearly always at least one gangstalker/operative jaywalking across the street everytime I look out.

These two photos are of a blatant convergence of same colored and paired size vehicles, totally arranged as photographic bait. That is five white vehicles, one silver grey vehicle, one black vehicle, and one deep metallic red vehicle. Note that the rightmnost SUV and pickup truck are paired side by side, and the rest appear to be generic sedans of similar size. The furthest row of vehicles are parked, and the closest line of vehicles is waiting at the traffic control. Stopping over top of the stop line is routine in this city, it seems to be a means to have a white reference color underneath one's vehicle. And seemingly, even that isn't good enough, as the perps are now having stopped vehicles encroach on the crosswalk to get and additional broad white line under the vehicle while stopped.

Here is the same photo, just without the railing in the way, avoided by holding the camera high, likely another perp variation they wanted. Again, everytime I look, that is, everytime I am mind-controlled to look, the perps have arranged operatives to be seen in this courtyard of an apartment building. It is a most curious architecture, being so devoid of purpose or design. Though, I have noted that that entire expanse of grey painted concrete just may have been arranged just for their purposes when this was built in the 1970's.

As best as I can tell not counting the postal van on the left foreground, that is four black colored vehicles, two silver grey vehicles, two red vehicles (one a deep burgundy, both on far side, parked) and one mid-grey vehicle behind a tree. As it so "happened", an identical looking postal van parked mid-street outside my parent's place this morning, just when I "happened" to look outside for a second, when getting my belongings before driving down to my apartment. And for some strange reason, the postal vans at my parent's place are stopping in mid-street when they always used to drive up to the delivery box.

That should cover the today's bullshit and fuckery, and serve as evidence that the perps are totally fucking beserk, even as they pound the concrete floor overhead as I typed that very defining word.

The fuckery isn't over; all the labels got cleaned out by the perps.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Day, Feral Style

The reference to "feral" is my take on how others would percieve a family that gives their children over to party that conducts constant surveillance, harassment, scripted events, early childhood traumtizations, impairment of normal brain development (imposed learning disabilities), ruinous financial control and then, after 47 years of this, participates in accelerating the harassment and mind control in intensified overt form to drive that individual from his job, wife and children in order to address all of this party's fuckups along the way. That individual is me, and the family, or feral family as they are to me, are my parents, two brothers and an ex-wife. The fuckups appear to be the
  • traumatizations they attempt to recreate with gangstalkers and other props and stunts,
  • ingestion of various plastics and other pollutants for which the effects at the electromagnetic and hormonal level are unpredictable, and the third and most grevious obdurate intransigence, is to
  • attempt to detect all these bioenergetic signatures remotely in attempt to remediate their past colossal mistakes.
This intensified harassment has run for over five and a half years, and still continues, and only of late, has developed more complexity in the form of adding different colors together, placing one object in front of another, and less use of cover events in favor of unabashed fuckery.

My brother came in his white trades van to pick me up and take me to my parents place in advance of Christmas, and he took his usual putzing route. Along the way, a pedestrian "kid" threw a full (plastic) bottle of Coca Cola on the road 15' in front of us, and it would seem to be some kind of "brown color test", forming a foam on top as a lighter color brown as the bottle rolled across the street when I expected it to bounce. Regular readers will recall that a large brown bird splat landed on his windshield in front of me, sometime in the spring this year. Only two months ago, a fast cyclist "happened" to take the same residential route were were taking, and led his vehicle the last few minutes of road travel, dressed in a track outfit the same aforementioned brown bird splat color with black panels. Funny how this theme is of constant interest to the perps.

It is just another day for me, and the only seasonal interest I have is in determining how this time of year suits the harassment agenda in more public displays of colors, objects (often plastic ones), and gangstalking activity (extra busy public areas as a cover). And I am here at my parent's place, and watch all the their gangstalking moves, such as coordinated coughing, encircling me, standing over where I have just sat, sighing and other like non verbal vocalizations, posing in doorframes to present repeated poses of partial body form, and other feints that are identical to what transpires for a normal gangstalked day in public.

Yesterday was largely a repeat of last year; get the turkey at a specialty grocer, take it to my ex-wife's for her to cook tommorow, and entertain the gangstalkers in both ambulatory and vehicular form. They even put on a former work colleage as a parking lot sentry, having what I call "Socratic debates", where individuals cluster as a happenchance congregation for discussing something. The trouble is, these "discussion groups" are breaking out all the time wherever I go, and have reached proportions of being totally absurd in how often this "happens". He and a few others were standing in the parking lot in deep discussion as I drove by with my parents, and I parked some 40' away. No big deal. About five minutes later I get dispatched to go outside the store to get some nuts for cracking over Christmas, and there he is with his debating group, all of them having moved to stand over the store's nuts display. I grab a readied plastic bag of them and then go back in the store. And lo, if a grey dressed MIB like dude hasn't arrived to gangstalk ahead of me into the store, and then he starts shopping. No big deal. Then when heading to the cashier, he is still where he was, taking the bulk display bins apart, turning it over, and appearing to study it, looking at the top, bottom, sides etc. I can only assume it was for me to be exposed to this kind of plastic, the rigid kind, and the colors of it, transparent and black. No customer that I have ever seen, takes a store display apart and pretends to be studying it in earnest.

Last year, it was a total crush in this same store, and I was glad the gangstalking intensity was turned down some, as it can get to the level that one doesn't know where to go as they are in a confluent swarm all around me.

Then it was onto "stop by" at a friend of my mother, which really meant that she was going to vacate the vehicle while my father and I sat in the front seat as some kind of test to jointly witness a deep red anoraked ambulatory gangstalker pass by, after we passed him when drivng. and a few minutes later, a pair of gangstalkers, one in red hair. As indicated in the Favored and Unfavored blog posting under Essential Introductory Reading at the right, the perps are always putting red-haired gangstalkers on me as they know I dislike it. It is just a personal preference, and does not change how I interact with anyone with this hair color. But as all my proclivities are under constant surveillance, and my reaction to everything I see or do is under such scrutiny, it makes perfect sense that they would want to test my father and I side by side in the same lighting and energetic conditions through a safety glass windshield, which has a layer of transparent plastic embedded in it.

Anyhow, I had my usual contingent of color coordinated vehicles around me when driving, and at one location they ran a pair of identical red colored and sized sedans side by side with and intervening white colored vehicle and more of them packed around me and behind me. Just another drive around town, as it can only be in my parent's vehicle, and usually with them.

Last night, the perps kept me on their sleepless head tossing routine, and even put on an impressive sparkler show for a minute or so; I was in the middle of these 3" streaks of white light, coming down as if it were pelting rain, though without any felt sensation.

It is a lounge around day today, and I will post this now as I may not get to it with all the Christmas plans and goings on.

My mother has changed her sneezing sound; now she adds a vocal component into it, bringing on a trailing "choo" sound that I cannot stand. This sound has been replicated in the past at my work and apartment where there was excavation digging and foundation butressing using airpressure injected concrete that would finish with this similar noise. At work, they were building a 40+ office tower across the street, and next to my apartment, they were building a 26 storey residental tower. Imagine the planning this must have taken to have two simultaneous highrise buildings at the same stage of construction, one located next to my worksite, and the other close to my apartment. This was when I lived in Seattle, 2000 to 2003. It boogles the mind as to how deep and how totally nuts the perps are. I am sure there was more to it than just having the noise; all that steel and concrete being erected,- two big perp interests there.

Boxing Day, a statutory holiday, though it now could be called Big Box Store Day for all the discounted merchandise sales that have become the norm.

My in-town brother finally arrived Christmas Day afternoon, and the desultory effort to make Christmas giving seem genuine was duly begun. I got 5 pounds of cookies from my ex-wife which I promptly gave to my brother to dispose of, as he often frequents charity stores and can also take them to work.

It was the usual feints and dodges for everyone else to get up and down from the table unneccessarily, putting on the over helpful act, or the extra doddled act in the case of my father. He has changed it some, but overdoing his "dementia" is still part of the script. The scissors with the orange plastic handles were brought out from the kitchen to the dining room table to cut off the string that "somehow" remained on my father's rolled steak, and lo, if the orange plastic handles weren't the same color as the cooked yams on the table. And "somehow", the scissors were left on the table for the duration of dinner, as some kind of orange color reference.

This morning, my mother wasn't up when I was, but my father was back to his posing and gangstalking activity, and stood beside me while I was having cereal. Per mind-fuck script, I got pissed at him for stalking me, while crunching down on the brown colored cereal in my mouth, and about one minute later, before the cereal was finished, he pulled the same act again, and I reamed his ass out for the second time, and he scuttled away upstairs, only to be posing in the door frame when I later arrived to close the bathroom door. That was the "trigger" for me to bail out on staying there another day, though I will return there tonight to fulfil driving duties after having dinner at my brother's place. A day away from this intensified gangstalking of my father and the rest of the extra-conventional gravitic harassment games is much needed. And the perps like me to yell at them louder which I do in my own apartment living by myself.

I noted at Christmas Dinner that everyone's knife and fork were hammering the plates harder, and as soon as I looked at someone's dining activity to see how they suddenly managed to make more than the usual noise with their cutlery, the noise abated. I tried this at least three times with the same result. Even I was getting tagged with extra cutlery on crockery noise, and when I examined how this was possible without actually contacting the implements, it too stopped. In other words, extra dining noise was created and planted for everyone at the table, whether or not there was a genuine causal event. The vegetables were also dispersing in small chunks up and down my knife, another new "trend" that started on Christmas Eve I noted. And if I attempt to clean it all off there is some that "stays on". My brother's knife also exhibited this newfound ability to attract vegetable fragments up and down the blade. A Merry Christmas from the perps one could say.

And no sleep last night, the entire night; I was beseiged with all manner of scenarios that they have supplying me for years. These relate to heroic sports roles, romantic and domestic themes, and a few others, and then by early morning the noisestalking started up while these played at least for the fifth time that night. They also have me chop and change them, not spending more than a minute on a planted imaginary theme before they insert a new scenario, often with new recall associations that I never had before. I expect that I will not suffer any for the lack of sleep, like any perp created sleep loss, there are no after effects.

I was jerked into extra driving for my mother to drop a 'forgotten" check off at my ex-wife's, intended for my daughter. And lo, if I didn't have the same color and kind of check from her in the back cargo area for that excursion. At one intersection they had a tractor trailer and pup gasoline tanker beside me on my right, three same color red vehicles on my left, and three white and three silver-grey vehicles packed fore and aft. The perps have a ongoing major fixation with having me exposed to grease, oil, gasoline and bitumen (asphalt), and with both my parents in the vehicle with me, this was prime vehicular gangstalking time.

I complained to my mother about the vehicular traffic being organized around us per above, and then she tried to make it out that I was talking about the traffic light colors, a totally purposeful blow-off. Then when I told her that she purposefully re-directed the conversation, she then claimed she wouldn't notice such organized vehicle colors. Blown off again by ditzing me. Then I told her that anyone would notice something odd, and they would not have to make any effort to do so. This was almost a copy of a conversation I had with my shrink once; constant smoke screens by planting deliberate confusion and misunderstanding as to what I said, then they play dumbshit and then suddenly clam up. My ex-wife pulled this off for 20 years in her managed passive aggressive state.

Later on this in-town travel junket they put a boom box vehicle beside me for three successive red traffic lights with two cool dudes in it with shades on, a large brown box in the back seat, and one of them coughing and hacking at the open window beside me. Regular readers will know that "coughstalking" as I call it, is a very common event, and I had plenty of it, all faked, from both parents for the last two days. (They did not have a genuine cold or viral conditon). The timing is always impeccable; while handling plastic objects, while seeing today's obituary picture of Oscar Petersen on the front page of the newspaper, and many other timings related to materials (plastic), color, faces, eating and now driving. I get this coughing sound routinely outside my apartment door, at least five times per day, and I can only assume that these nonverbal vocalizations are a big harassment vector for the perp's continuing neural energetics research, attempting to reach a specific part of the brain while I engaged in an activity of associated interest.

And while at my ex-wife's and going through my mother's inanity of dropping the check off after wandering around the place when no one was home when it appeared there was by way of the vehicles in plain view, my mother managed to pass her anorak past my ear while I was bending down to pet the cat, and the perps created a long scratching sound at the same time. This was an amazing perp coup; getting someone else's teflon lined garment (PFOA, and endemic pollutant in everyone, including polar bears), to travel past my ear and creating a noise at the same time. Nothing that I do can be taken for as unplanned, and almost without exception, there is a perp objective based diabolical plan to every moment that I am existent that is wholly consistent with the observations in the Essential Introductory Postings to the right. And that includes the typo sabotage to wind up this journaling for now.

And I suppose it was no secret that the above anorak was "featured" by being hung on a prominent kitchen door knob in my parent's house for the last two days instead of being put in the closet where it always is. And I had to contact the garment more than once to get behind the door it was hung on; its all very deliberate but is made to look like the omissions of proverbial klutzes, them, not me.

I just got zapped with an simultaneous overhead pounding noise, somehow "created" with concrete and steel floors. And do I ever hate getting zapped; there is a sustained planted suggestion that I was treated to ECT treatments when I was young, (and a totally inappropriate patient at 2 years old), and the perps are attempting to re-create this traumatization in order to determine how they damaged me at the time. Also known to me as "fucked up" per above, as they have been creating a number of hospital-like stunts and illegal incarcerations over the past five years in an attempt to detect these at a deep neural energetic level in realtime. Again, the source of the information is suspect, telepathic though insertions from the perps, but they have been consistently on this theme for weeks now. Perhaps the ECT zappings at age two were an attempt to eliminate the traumatizations they must of known they created with respect to colors, certain faces, hair colors etc. per Favored and Unfavored posting at the right.

I have been given a sore hip today, though it has been brewing only at nightime when I went to bed for two months. But, today, my walking is impaired, and a pain sensation oftem comes on when I am undertaking something of interest to the perps; turning off the computer or other electrical switches, grasping brown colored objects and like events that relate to color or material type.

And an annoying reading "style" has been imposed upon me; they will only let me read the first sentence of a paragraph and then have me skip to the next one. I have been nailed with this before, and the instant I catch on, I rant at the assholes and they have often backed off. Now, they can control the fact that I notice this imposition in irregular behavior, and keep making me do this for much longer than I ever allowed. Proof to me that the perps now control my sense of me; what is normal, and what is not.

As mentioned above, the perps went totally beserk in placing a specific air pressure release "choo" sound both in my work and living environment. And lo, if the assholes didn't have the recycle garbage collection scheduled for morning, 0800h, when I was still in bed and continue this same stunt. This infernal "choo" sound was "somehow" made by this truck, and it even passed by twice, turned in mid-street outside my parent's place where I was sleeping, and noisetracked me for at least 30 minutes before I got up, and then again afterward. Which suggests the perps are getting more serious about introducing more annoying sounds more often, especially if they aren't interested in keeping a cover story of sneezing the same way over their lifetime. Which goes to say that the perps know better what noises annoy me the most, and will re-use them when they can defeat my abilities to tune these out over time.

More games; my anti-virus software is due for renewal, and all the links on the site, even after chasing the obscure ones, are removed, making it a logistical tie-up to renew. Nothing is allowed to be simple, everything must be at least twice as much effort, if possible at all. No doubt this is "sampler", where they have me go back to the same site or activity later, in the expectation that they can detect some important differences as to this time and last, besides pissing me off. A "new idea" will come to mind, and I will follow this when it is planted on me.

And while in this intensified state to understand what web page mean what, the motorcycle noisestream has started up again. It is Harley Davidson 2 cycle motorcycle noise day today, as well as Boxing Day, and this started up at about 0600h this morning when staying at my parent's place in a residential area. The noise "followed" me downtown, and seems to be near exclusive all afternoon while on the PC and having tea and chocolate. This is another noise I cannot stand, and it would seem that the perps are attempting to make me "like it", or "not mind it". This would not be the first time they have changed my likes, dislikes and abilities and they tend to make them permanent I have come to know.

I see we had a hailstorm just now, and it is the dusk onset silly "season" of the day for the perps, and as I will heading out to catch a bus soon, after being de-pooed twice today with the usual timing with respect to eating brown colored foods, I suspect the ambulatory gangstalkers will be all over me when out on the street. There is no Christmas as a TI; it is just another day for being harassed, and even treated to the latest escalations of noises, mind control, disruption of routines, speech impairments, typo sabotage, lies, perceptual "errors" and other sick minded impositions from the supremely invasive cowards of all time.

Time to call this done and blog off for the day; enough rambling on about the inanities of the gods of juvenility.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Shopping Swarm

I went out early, that means 1030h as the stores do not open until 1000h if my abortive attempt of three days ago was a true example and not especially configured for me to "get it" wrong. And with one abortive attempt to go to a certain location, one can be sure that the perps want me to repeat this only a few days later, especially on Winter Solstice where they devote extra gangstalking and other harassment to me. And it wasn't too different as last year, as I got my daughter the same gift certificate from the same store.

I got the "males surge" (male gangstalkers) placed around me, and they are often dressed in red, and if they weren't, they were holding red color garments for purchase. There was a line up at one till, when there were three, and so it went, this big swirling surge of male gangstalkers all around me, and then a force play to take the long route out in passing behind a garment rack with the line of them on the other side.

I got the streetside stare; a younger woman leaning against a doorway smoking, all in black save a ridiculous fuschia colored scarf, with big doe eyes looking at me from 12' away, and then again when passing (within 4') beside her. I don't look and more stranger than the gangstalking community in my proximity, so what was the big deal? She was younger than 30, and I am older than 50, so there was nothing I could conceive of why I was being stared at. Anyhow, within a minute, a blonde with a brown cardboard box and a vase of flowers was walking toward me, and this I assume was to have the cardboard box bathe in her "auric glow", or whatever the reason is that the perps consistently place blondes as an bioenergetic entre for Unfavored colors, objects and beings.

Then onto grocery shopping to find that the left hand drive ambulatory pedestrian silliness had gone beserk today. At the closest intersection to the grocery store, they put on four gangstalkers coming toward me all attempting to pass by me on my right side. This behavior has increased of late, and some use it as an opportunity to pass close by on my left side, usually with 4' of unused sidewalk space which they refuse to utilize. Outside the grocery store there was a swarm of at least 10 of the fuckers around me, crossing in front, driving straight at me and following immediately behind me, at the flower display, all attempting to get a better read on me as I entered the store. It was fucking outrageous, and there is no way that store would of been anywhere as busy at that time, 1100h.

The perps let me out of the store soon enough, but not without putting on more brown displays; at the chocolate section they had the ubiquious stocking cart with a load of brown boxes, and to add to the absurdity, the person was handling a plastic wrapped flat of peanut butter, the same kind I buy, and it was at least 20' from the correct shelf location. The perps had over 8 gangstalkers lined up and wandering around at the tortillas section, the sprouted wheat variety that I buy, and then screwed me into getting three packages when I had only picked up two. It was either a mind-fuck as to how many I grasped, or else they placed an extra tortilla package in my basket by way of extra-conventional gravitics games, which has been know to happen. There was a blonde woman hanging around a male skinhead on the intended aisle I was to use for transiting to the checkouts,
and when I selected another aisle to walk down, there she was again.

I was awakened in the night to hear the sound of raindrops on the roof, except that the roof is another 6 stories up. This is part of the game, and in short order it ended, and serves as an example of how the perps manage my existence.

I am not allowed to pee in a toilet today; both times the pee stream was directed at the rim initially, and only by swearing at the assholes was I allowed to piss in the toilet. The remotely applied "need" to pee was timed to follow substantial efforts to put nonconsensual human experiment related bookmarks to their appropriate bookmark directory. And the timing of when I take a pee has become more tactical, always following my interest in a theme or even TI related websites. It is an important event for the perps, as they can likely gauge my internal body bioenergetics at the time I was studying a certain topic.

The perps cranked me up to extreme levels of ragification when they dumped my tortilla that I was extracting from the frypan onto the cutting board and sending its contents every which way. I lived with this same bullshit everyday for over 15 months until they suddenly stopped in 08-2005. Now they have started it up again, and the seeming objective was to have me use my knife and fork to eat it instead of my fingers. This appears to be testing me on using my knife and fork to eat, something that is rare owing to the finger food nature of the perp sponsored (read, mind-controlled) diet. That tells me they might be getting a handle on how my bioenergetics interact with metals. Over five years later of insane psycho-torture, and here we are, discovering fundamental properties.

And there has been a certain non-conventional beserkness in how water droplets move today, and they can fly out of the toilet, or fly back in without any seeming contributory conventional causal forces. This morning the perps pissed me off supremely when attempting to put jam on my peanut butter at breakfast when they simultaneously impaired my vision, "spilled" the jam in four different directions, having jam land on the counter, on the peanut butter after flying off the knife in advance, onto the toast while still on the knife (normal), and then on the outside of the jar which was 12" away. And they made sure I was extremely annoyed over that. Five and a half years of having my food fucked with, and they haven't the fortitude to show up in person why I am being harassed like this.

When making dinner tonight the perps pulled a similar stunt as to the above mentioned (red) jam games. I was handling the brown sprouted wheat tortillas from the package (the same one that draws 5 to 10 gangstalkers when I pick it up at the grocery store), and they put a momentary red plasma cloud of some 12" diameter in front of the brown tortilla for a second or so. More continuing stunts while they fuck with my life, having already been covertly monitoring me since birth. And to no surprise, their screw-ups on two fronts, allowing ingestion of pollutants and traumatizations that they must of known about early on, have protracted this insane and vile harassment in overt form for over five years. It just pisses me off that they fucked up and make me pay for it.

More noise trains of loud mufflered vehicles, sometimes one after the other, six per minute or so. Then some mini-zappings on my left arm and then armpit which are extremely annoying as the perps are not even bothering with the pretense of a cover story, just blatant fuckery.

Another forced "forget" to not post this last night. And as I will be going to my parent's place in short order for Christmas, the litany of harassment that went on when laundering my clothes this morning will go largely undocumented.

This is it for Christmas cheer, not a topic for most TI's to contemplate, and especially after this fraught morning. Time to blog off for the season, and suffer yet more somewhere else. Grim, but that is the imposed reality.