Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hold This Battery, Then Tell Me Your Phone Number

A strange combination today of the apartment manager and his sidekick du jour; first the over-prolonged door knocking sequence and then him not being at the door when I opened it, and then his supposed sidekick (seen before, context removed from recall) was taking tenant's phone number, email address and contact number. All this information they already have. The apartment manager returned from his absence at the front door with a 9v battery in hand, telling me that it needed to be put in the smoke alarm. Then he tells me about the "need" to gather the important information from his helper, who also was absent at first. So with 9v battery in hand, I tell him this same information they already had by my recollection (caveat there).

But since the perps just love to put batteries in my proximity, why, could it be yet another dodge of the gangstalkers? And if you have followed this blog in the past, you will note that I believe there is nothing but scripted events for me to be "included", not by choise but by remotely applied mind control. Anyhow, this little scam was all over soon enough, but it does suggest the perps are so fucking desperate that they do something so seedy and blatant.

More of today's dulldom stories were planned, but "somehow" that thought thread just evaporated. But it has been mostly dull today, and they didn't even let me out for a Saturday national newspaper, something that I often read as my only purchased paper of the week. The perps don't like me to know what is happening locally, and a local newspaper just isn't permitted. And lo, if the web access to this same local newspaper is messed up, and I never visit the site for all the hassle it has become.

I did my cleaning job at the car dealership tonight, at 1700h which was near daylight conditions. As the perps find the daylight to dusk transition so fascinating, it is always interesting to see their games at that time of day. It was the usual heavy mix of ambulatory gangstalkers and clusters of vehicles arranged by color.

And it would seem that they cannot get enough red near me at the cleaning job as I am doing it by myself for the most part, and there is no one else around. So... what do they do? Why, an operative/staff member arrives in his red and black panelled anorak and "needs" a teabag when I have just finished up cleaning the coffee station in the Service area, and he came in behind me and needed to lean over my good work to get the teabag. Then he takes off. And was there enough teabags at the other station in the Sales area where he seemingly came from? Yes, so why did this character come halfway across the building for a teabag and then take off? Just another day at the office, facilitating life rape as I call this insane and abusive targetted fuckery.

And I notice that the vision impairment fuckery is still going on; they won't let me look with full focus, and this seems to be a recent change, and not from the glasses that were acquired early12-2008. I reckon they spent all that time learning how to fuck my vision, and are now applying it as they see fit. So far, they apply this vision fucking when I am sweeping my field of view across into the distance, and reinstate focus when my eyes rest on an object. They also noisestalk me anytime I notice the vision impairment, and this would be the precursor activities to be able to jerk with my vision without me "noticing". That is, they are getting ready to be able to impair my vision and cognition without me knowing that it is abnormal. Hence other games of late such as moving something behind venetian blinds, and isolating the seen object/movement.

And also double vision games, and then repeating the double vision while I am bitching about the intrusion with a modified version where only the brightest parts of the doubled image are shown.

More web surfing and bookmarking, the latter activity drawing much noisestalking, especially since I have the earmuffs on. They can somehow drive the noise through hearing protection, even if the outside noise isn't louder than it usually is without it. And also, the strange whistling noise that they have tagged some of the buses with can now not only penetrate earmuffs, but also fingers or even my hands placed over my ears. Before this, I could always count on physically blocking my ears to shut out unwanted noise, but no more. Another corner in the abuse cycle has been turned.

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