Saturday, June 30, 2012


Mysteryware is what I call software that doesn't appear to do much, except some kind of dubious association with what I am looking for: my Artist tags didn't come across on the music files, so a go-about looking for software that will fill them in, when they weren't missing in the first place. Music Brainz-Picard leaves me totally baffled as to what it does.

Same thing with USB Tethering on the infernal Android phone; I could see that the PC and Android phone could see each other, but if one wants to move files then how does one do it? Another bafflement stunt with software. And so it goes; I am getting something gritty in my eye as I type this, so end of entry.

The "Unknown Artist" problem with my Android phone has surfaced. The Android device doesn't read the music file metadata correctly and fills in Artist Name as "Unkown Artist". So far, I have over 600 song tracks all by the same "Unknown Artist". The meta data is fine, as reviewed in the files on the Android device, but no matter the player, it gets the Artist Name wrong. And I see a cast of thousands since mid-2010 have the same problem. So.. if you are a TI, don't get an Android phone as it is totally exploitable to have an excuse for the perps to make more problems for you. I think I will purchase a Sansa Clip player and forget about a multiple use device such as a so-called smart phone. Just a plain dumb idea on a uncontrolled platform.

A day of tucking shoots on the vineyard, plus doing lateral removals. These are the buds that have formed in the crotch of a shoot and a leaf, and are new shoots that take away nutrients for the fruit. The same idea as for tomatoes if home grown.

I see the adjacent vineyard has pulled down their equipment storage shacks, which likely means building one anew. And have I mentioned the perps like to arrange building demolition and construction in my proximity? Many times, and more before they went overt/beserk in 04-2002, as they kept me broke since then. One of my pre-overt/beserk friends, (read, planted operative) had a zany fixation over visiting building sites, and so we did. That strange habit now has apparent perp sanction.

The landlady lit up incense a few nights ago, and now this lingering incense pong, now day two of this vile smell. How did she know I loathed this smell so much? Funny she ddn't ask.

A thudding noise is permeating the house, possibly a subwoofer to go with the sound system of the TV that was in use at the same time. Not that the owner cared too much, playing dumb that it couldn't be heard. How many times have I been though that act? Countless. Just what I needed, more environmental disruption.

A day of tucking vines in the trellis, and cutting the lateral shoots out, as well as positioning the shoots vertically. And sunny too, the first in the vineyard since Monday last week. That meant getting a tan with my shirt off for two hours. No doubt the perps have a week of rain to follow this huge event for them. I don't have a handle on their sunlight exposure, brown tanned skin and their pre-occupation with having the clouds and rain follow tanning. Add in gangstalker surges after I finish tanning and when I put my shirt on, or noisestalking more often now, and still their games are a mystery.

Even having garments dry in the sun versus the dryer is a big deal, as one partially soiled work bag from the washing machine was put outside to dry, and lo, if a rain came on for three days, cleaning the residual soil off the bag. Then the sun came out on the fourth day and dried it, and after that I folded it and put it on the wood  floor, under the chest of drawers, next to a similar bag (same material and color) that has never been cleaned.

A shit refugee again, except that the mall washrooms were closed as was the mall. I did grocery shopping at an adjacent supermarket, with my gangstalk posse appearing in force when I neared the checkout. Then when done, where to take a shit to prevent the blocked toilet games at this roomie house. Why, a fast food resturant; no vehicles in the parking lot, save a HD motorcycle for crissakes. parked thankfully, I can always do without the sound effects, particularly for HD motorcycles. I mentioned the rather profound amount of motorcycles in this town to the landlady, a long time local, but that didn't get me any converstational traction. I wonder why.

When setting off the assholes smudged my L lens of my eyeglasses, earlier in the evening by at least two hours, and to a greater degree, more lens acuity perturbation, and larger smudge area. But that wasn't enough vision fucking for them, no...sirrr. Why, they created stinging sensations in my L. eye while driving, and ones that stung the most when approaching, making and departing from a corner, traffic controlled or not.

The infernal "Unkown Artist" assignment to all 700 FLAC music files on my Android phone sucked up another two hours tonight. The artist metadata is in the file, correctly, as seen by two players, but gets botched by the Android music file loading software. I see this freaking hassle has been going on for over two years, which for me, draws a line in the sand; "we at Google don't give a shit about music metadata and we aren't going to fix it". Ok, I get it, the user experience on Android is one step worse than what Microsoft would do unto their users. Now, if Apple would get off their ass and support FLAC files then I will buy an iPhone in a heartbeat. Or, perhaps Microsoft will get off their ass and do the same; perhaps they will for their phone, should it ever make it to consumerdom.

More ordering hassle pover same order item, a reflective windshield sun shield; Sunday it mapped my BC address to Alaska, Tues I tried, but forget I attempted but got nowhere,  ... today (Wednesday) AM, account creation failed again, PM, created account after three attempts (no useful diagnostic error message, but I "somehow" discovered the password had been cleaned off the page), but it error-ed out on the final payment page. Like WTF; why is the pedantic act of ordering something online such a HUGE perp Fuckover Event, aka harassment theme?

 A day of tucking vines, removing laterals and de-suckering any shoots forming from the trunk of the vine. I was told this would be the major activity for June, and so it is. It takes a lot of time to root through the shoots, see where they emanate from, and decide if to prune it out. Also, searching for lateral shoots, ones that grow from buds formed this year, as they are non-fruitful and deplete plant resources for more shoot elongation.

Plenty of noisescape these days while working on the vines. The adjacent vineyard brought two 20' shipping containers to store their equipment temporarily while their equipment sheds are torn down and rebuilt. There will be at least two months of construction, and the perps just love the tap-tap-tap noise even if it makes no sense with modern day pneumatic nailers which do not sound like a hammer at all.

And too, shipping container "fever" as well; two white ones delivered to the adjacent vineyard (per above), and then today, the owners of the vineyard I work at had a 60' container delivered to a prepared pad. The pad was put in the location where I had been parking my vehicle. Not only did I park there each workday for six weeks, I also ran the vibrating machine to compact the delivered gravel for pad leveling. Another example of the perps undertaking soil work on the very location of my parked vehicle.

And shipping containers are another gangstalk/harassment/perp prop. When I lived in Seattle and drove the I-5 to Vancouver every other weekend, I had plenty of adjacent trucks with containers in the traffic. I could not understand why container traffic was getting transported by road to another port city. Though to be fair, I know little about shipping container economics and movements. I suppose the perp's preoccupation with steel shipping containers relates also to their wood pallet stalking games, as a typical shipment would be on pallets, and inside a shipping container if imported. Again, I don't know what the perps are after with respect to goods shipping, but they sure like to ensure I get plenty of exposure to shipping objects.

A sunny day, like yesterday, and my legs were tanned today. No onset of rain following tanning this time, so I wonder what the perps are up to. Though I see they moved cloud cover in after work, so who knows what their weather obsession is about, save the color games of clouds to match my vehicle color, and the rain-water obsession of theirs for whatever it offers.

06-29-2012, Friday
A  mostly sunny day, and some shirt-off tanning while working in the vineyard. The usual noise and commotion whenever I finish a row and either start a new one, or turn around and tend to the other side, switching direction. The perps have been exceedlingly consistent about starting up something when changing direction 180 degrees as in row picking, or vine tending in this case. Aircraft, loud commercial vehicles, distant male banter, coworker throat clearing or sneezes etc; the list of noise and/or disruption is endless, even out on a vineyard.

End of the week for us vineyard workers; very civilized to have a full weekend off. Not like the agriculture jobs of the last four years, when it was at least six days a week.

More parcel delivery shenanigans, this time from UPS. I did the "hold for pickup" by phone, and was expecting that they would leave the parcel at the local UPS store like last time. (Also subject to different fuckery back in February 2012). Only afterward do they tell me it is held in another city some 1.5 hours away. So..., on the phone again, to have them drop it off at the local UPS store and an extra $4 charge. What does it take to get sane service from a parcel/courier outfit these days?

Roomie move-out is in slow motion as I write this. He had all his belongings piled in the hallway outside my romm for over an hour while he slept on the bed, sans covers. Now he moved everything out to the curb near my vehicle, awaiting his big blonde girl, the one with the hot-rod mufflered pickup truck. The movement of the luggage to the curb was accompanied by him pacing around on the cell phone, that ever present EMF device the perps like to arrange. Like WTF; didn't they have a pre-arranged time to meet, instead of this protracted stakeout of luggage, first outside my room, and now outside next to my vehicle? No, as long as Perpland rules apply.

After two hours of sitting at her laptop (a much used perp prop) in the dining room, the landlady has started up the vacuum cleaner, another perp prop of vital importance. The next roomie is to be a woman, and one can only hope she is worth looking at, as the roomie as mentioned above, had his slab of flab on his front that looked disgusting from any angle, and even when he was wearing a T-shirt that had a near life-size picture of two topless women on it. Someone knew I loathed the sight of males with large guts on them, so they arranged one with something worth looking at over top of it. The now-former roomie had to have been an operative IMHO.

Not done June yet, and already over twice the normal rainfall. And the landlady keeps the rainwater versus tapwater games/experimentation going by putting just laundered bedsheets outside to dry overnight. And lo, when I get up at 0620h, why, they are soaking wet from the rain, still continuing. The perps have me do the responsible thing and pull them off the deck railing with the intention of putting them in the dryer. But no, something else is damp in the dryer, so that has to get dried first (25 min.) while the wet bedsheets sit on top of the dryer at the ready. Called "fallow time" by me, where something has to sit around in new circumstances for no reason but for perp fuckery. And how many centuries has mankind been laundering clothes and putting them outside, and often finding them wet from a sudden weather change? Countless millenia to be sure, and here we are at the nexus of perp fuckery suffering through this same bullshit. Go figure.

A Saturday, and still at a loose end, owing to the fact that I worked weekends in my past farm work. And it doesn't help that it is consistently pissing rain each weekend, now in the fourth weekend in succession, maybe more. So much for the sunny Okanagan, where for this location, 11" of annual rainfall is the norm. But strange things happen around me, from the macro to the micro level, and that includes the weather. Not all TI's get weather "coincidences" to the degree I suspect, but then again, I don't know of any TI's under such intense and relentless harassment and abuse. Or, I should say, in my highly constrained and controlled information world, that seems to the be case. Not that I am bragging or attempting to invite any kind of comparative exchange, it just seems that the perps have a significant interest in screwing me at every second. It is only 0830h, and already I have had over six pokes on my nipples as I pass through doorways, and yet there was at least 2" of clearance every time. Not to mention the degree of care and attention I devote to not allowing these excuses to occur in the first place, but mindfuck games can now take care of that I have come to know, since about 2007 when they began defeating my defensive capabilities, learned from them of course.

I finally got the Android phone/music player working. I downloaded PowerAmp, and once I looked at it, I paid for my very first online "app". It is very likely that was the whole adverse Android music player exercise was about, so they could compare my neural signature of online cell phone purchasing to the millions of others that have proceeded me doing the same thing. And have I mentioned that I am constantly hounded over every transaction I make?

And this was the day I switched to a black colored (plastic) razor insert and shaved with it after keeping them around for over four years in preference to the mid-grey colored ones. Such are the markers of progress after ten years of insane abusive harassment in the name of nonconsensual human experimentation. Shaving was followed by two hours of online putzing time before the stores were open, and then the "need" to tan the parts of me that don't get tanned when working on the vineyard. Afterward, a visit as a "shit refugee" to the mall, and in keeping with the extra post-tanning gangstalking, they even had a dude follow within a minute into the same cubicle that I used, and rotated two of them in the adjacent L side cubicle. Such is the toilet blocking games and the scripted reaction in the service of the perp's preoccupation with shit and all other things brown. Exciting times in perpdom, and always protracted for the victims.

Then, once done, I went to a stereo store to get some headphones whose jack fitted the outlet through the portal in the Ballistic case. And lo, if they didn't have black plastic backing on the ear drivers on them. But it is a time of black plastic research by the perps; in this shared house there is a black plastic kettle I use, the first change of kettle allowed in nine years. As I have two tea-times per day, the perps seem to be using this as a entre into their water ingestion/vessel interaction research, not to mention their color games with the various teas they have me drink. And I now get extra black vehicle coverage from the gangstalking vehicle configurations they put on at every turn.

And today, with the new roomie move-in going on as I type this, they had me start on a new package of rooibus tea, aka red bush tea, and certainly red colored.

The rain is coming on for the evening, just as it started up about an hour ago when dispatching a second Amazon order. The perps have been working on me having two of an item. My farmworker colleague gave me a book on British Columbia winery history about two years ago. And lo, if she didn't give me the identical book again when meeting her for dinner two weeks ago. And today I ordered a certain journalism book I promoted to to my vineyard worker colleague, (headed to U. of Chicago to take journalism). And as it "happens" my copy went missing a while back, so I ordered another one for me.

 A dull day of being kept in mostly,  so I am going to end this week's blogging here and now and publish it.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Flight Time

I fly out later today, so this is just to fill the time until I am ready to go.

A yoga class, and a Saturday one to avoid the Sunday one with the heavy breathing fat male who likes to get close. And lo, if they didn't put on a negro male and a blonde girl, with my vineyard work colleage (female, redhead), behind them. Said negro saw fit to remove his shirt for more brown exposure it would seem, and thankfully he was mostly hidden by his blonde babe. I don't why the perps are so fascinated with matching blonde Caucasian girls with male negroes, but it is nothing new to me. "Hide the negro" (Unfavored demographic group specimen) has become the operative word, just as "hide the brown vehicle" (Unfavored color) games when driving and surrounded by my gangstalking posse in their arranged formations to obstruct the particular vehicle until it is too close to do so.

And I did get at least three deep brown vehicles, in separate gangstalking vehicle streams when driving from the house to the tanning salon (five minutes). I stopped into this shared house at my room after yoga and the owner had the vaccum cleaner going, and only then did I phone to see if the tanning salon was availble, which it was. When I asked if the lie-down bed was avaiible soon, she said "1:30" when it was 11:30. I said something like "sooner than 1:30" and she said "I meant 11:30". Like WTF; I get all these over-obvious mistakes too often, and getting screwed around like this is plain fucking disturbed. And of course they screwed my out of having my watch on to immediately check the time, all in keeping with the perp's obsession over all details related to this concept as well as the general FUD agenda.

Then onto another perp event they dearly like me to be doing, tanning. This time it was at a salon, and with an extra contingent of vehciles around me, as I have never done a back-to-back yoga and tanning before. There were extra gangstalking vehicles sporting PVC pipe on my way, so who knows what this is about, again, nothing new.

And I am begining to find my Android phone is more useless that I expected. Yes, it takes pics, but how does one get them off? Only yesterday did I have to ask to find out how to access voice mail. By holding down the "1" key I was told at the counter, and was duly informed the adjacent symbol it was the "universal symbol for voice mail". Like WTF; I had cell phones before, and all I had to do was select the Voice Mail menu item, and I got there. But now, one has to decode this obscure symbol on a key that is clearly marked for another purpose. Owing to this undeclared wretched dual modality, if one holds the key for longer, you don't get a "1": but whatever the dumbassed symbol means. And lets be clear; the "universal symbol" is of a reel-to-reel tape deck, as obsolete as it is obscure. So who writes this, never mind the neanderthal-like penchant for obsolete motifs with a current day touch screen interface phone feature?

Back in the land of the sunny Okanagan after four days in Victoria, British Columbia, the Gangstalking Capital of Canada. Soo... many gangstalking and perp set-up stunt to recount here, even if in summary form. The wheelbarrow tire idiocy continues, Westjet didn't even charge me for the extra box, very kind of them it was. And I got an 3/4" cold rolled length of steel as the new axle, after the culls at Casterland sent me the wrong size and weren't too sympathetic about redressing this screw-up. After plenty of extra attention from the vehicular gangstalking force on the way to the steel supplier, and then a mighty piss after I ordered it at the front counter, and lo, if it wasn't there ready on the counter after filling the toilet, (and flushing of course). Funny the steel wasn't warm from being cut in the saw, but who knows, as the perps seriously diverted me from observing matters with a forced visit to the toilet. I had the old part (5/8" diameter axle), recieved the new replacement 3/4" steel, and OMG, what a might vehicular gangstalking as I drove to downtown Victoria to do other errands. As of mid-April I have a mid-grey Toyota Camry, and lo, if the same mid-grey colored vehicles weren't out in force; adjacent, at intersections etc. I was finally allowed to "get it"; grey gangstalking vehicles, (I was driving my mother's barely metallic tan Ford Escape, brown interior though), and a chunk of grey steel in the vehicle.

Then onto an irrigation supply house to get some new parts for my mother's wretched sprinkler, though of good quality, it was beset by poor fittings. And lo, if they didn't put a negro pseudo-staff member on, almost as black as the ill-lit shop, the mofo coursing around behind me for no reason, asking someone else if they had been helped (how did he know who to ask as he wasn't observing?), then across the counter, and then aiding said customer at a counter section 90 degrees offset in keeping with the perp anisotropic energetic research. I had to wait five min. longer, and finally the store proprietor came by, casual like, distracted too, and I assumed he was drunk or stoned so irregular was his manner. I got helped at the counter by the 300lb Fat Man, another freak-du-jour, though he was friendly at least. And have I mentioned how often the perps hound my ass over water supply, pipe material, sprinkler head types and material, what crops got irrigated with what pipes, and then eating said crops? Many times, and I suppose a visit to the irrigation supply house was way too exciting for the perp sick-asses.

Then back to the First Feral Family house to deal with the wheelbarrow, but I ran out of steam when I couldn't get the U-bolts I was looking for. I settled for redi-rod and will have to bend it at a later date with a borrowed propane or hotter torch. I was reminded I did this wheelbarrow wheel and axle rebuild way back in 1996, when the then wheelbarrow was the only farm "vehicle" for the six acres I owned with the ex. Then it was a new wheel, a new axle of cold rolled steel, and consummating with a visit to the neighbor with a welding shop to heat and bang the purchased U-bolts to a new shape that I couldn't do myself. (Propane torches aren't hot enough to work steel I found out). And said wheelbarrow was the means by which the extensive alpaca poo was removed, and for so many other chores on this infernally prohibitive and demanding property at the time. And I believe I mentioned that I fixed 600' of waterline, putting in 2" PVC instead of steel and this deformed blue plastic line, as well as five connection boxes and many other irrigation upgrades, including 200 new spray heads for the one acre of kiwi fruit. I did all that wheelbarrow rebuild, water supply upgrade (and its use), and countless other agricultural activities that I have since been forced to do yet again since the perps went overt in 04-2002. No...sir, it wasn't enough to lose our shirts on that wretched hobby farm, they had to run me out of an IT job three years later and start me working as a peasant in the strawberry and daffodil fields begining in 2008 when they finally let me work again, for a pittance this time. Now, in 2012, they let me "graduate" to working in a vineyard, which is where I presently work until the harvest is over.

So yes, it would seem this four day visitation to Gangstalking and Nonconsensual Human Experimentation Central, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, was indeed a significant test event as they have had me out of town since early 01-2012, apart from a post-viticulture course two week visit in April to purchase abovementioned Camry. The perps have a long history of sending me out of town after an educational experience, and it is most curious as to why.

I woke up Sunday morning, and my mother announced the neighborhood deer had somehow eluded the deer fencing I installed the year before (2011) and now ate some of her garden plants, namely tomatoes and runner beans. And that became the emergency I had to deal with for the four days, using the remainder of the 4' wide stucco wire from last year (2011). The 4'x4' garden bed had to be fenced as the beans got moved to it. The 8'x4' bed was done last year in chicken wire. I had the posts, and kept the intact chicken wire rolled up over the winter. I expected to only re-erect the posts, and unravel the chicken wire and tie it up like last year. BUT, the first oddity was that there was a splice in it when it was a continuous section, as chicken wire is hell to deal with once cut. Once the posts were up, the chicken wire was found to be woefully inadequate in length, like 10' missing of 24'. To remind my readers; this roll of chicken wire was 24' long, a single continous length, and fitted the 8'x4' garden bed all the way around. I took it down at the end of last year (fall 2011), stored it as a single roll, and what happened to it over the winter? Why, "someone" severed it in mid-span, cut out 10' and spliced the ends back together. The latter is no mean feat, as a 4' wide roll of chicken wire has very many ends to deal with and bend, twice for a lapped splice. Soo.. the story is, some insane Fuckwit stole 10' of 4' wide chicken wire from a mid-length roll of 24' and spliced it back together again (a 30 minute job by conventional means), all to mess me around so I had to shorten up the fence and re-locate two poles, for which I had already drilled and installed four galvanized 4" lag bolts. And given the number of times the perps have me install, and then remove fasteners (nails, screws, bolts, nuts etc.), one can be sure that this indeed might of been the central objective. As for their rationale, and what it is all about, I have no idea. This Chicken Wire Section Theft and Re-splice Event has to be one of the more obvious and totally insane extra-conventional jerkarounds of the past ten years. But it hasn't gone unnoticed the perps like to arrange wire mesh in my proximity, and by cranking on the suburban deer problem, they got their wish yet again.

And the above deer invasion became the new-emergency, perfectly timed it was to my first morning in Gangstalk Central and re-configuring my activities, errands etc. I had to put the wheebarrow steel axle away, after rubbing it down with grease so it would not rust. And lo, if some three hours later when driving on the above mentioned errand trip, they tailed me with a bulk lubricant semi-trailer tanker for ten minutes or so, in a distinctly residential district. Funny how the petroleum products harassment and stunts continue.

As well, the plant hormone games continue, my mother dutifully acquiring Miracle-Gro again, and leaving it on the kitchen counter, first unopened, and a day later, the box was opened. The active ingredient for said product is 2,4-D, but just a little so not to cause the plant to grow rapidly into indehiscence, which is what the herbicide form does. Funny, Miracle-Gro never puts the active ingredient on the packaging. It would seem that plant hormone manipulation is part of the perp agenda too, based how often this "happens" in this protracted hell that I have been cast into.

An uneventful 45 min. flight back, and plenty of red-dressed passengers on board. A seat row to myself next to the window, and a 45 min. reverie over the beautiful sunlit landscape and overflying some notable natural landmarks (the Lions peaks that overlook Vancouver BC, Garibaldi Park where I once worked for a summer). All to have me "forget" to read my book that I had arranged in the seatback after take-off. No good practice can go undisrupted in perp-land.

Another evening on this four day visit was a dinner with my farmworker colleague, one who makes that I am an interesting person and how she wants to meet up with me. And to be straight, there is no romantic interest on my part, it is she that pursues me, as it is clear she is connected to Fuckwit Central, and the gig was scripted. The waitress was a total blonde doll by comparison, and it is rare the perps let me have that much observation time with a pretty and personable young woman. I suppose this was the protracted plain-woman (colleague) to gorgeous woman (waitress) comparison outing/test, as normally the perps like to arrange fleeting Unfavored-Favored contrasts among the gangstalker encounters.

What followed was a classic perp stunt; the tanning salon I frequented last year was next door to the restaurant and I wanted some of the scentless tanning intensifier (not a colorant or bronzer). And lo, if they weren't out of it, and I cannot get this online anywhere, or where I now live, Penticton, BC. Having me get skunked, as in not finding/acquiring what I was looking for, is a long time perp arrangement, usually in concert with Fuckwit gangstalkers around me. Though this time, it was my erstwhile farm colleague, and post-dinner time too, and extra challenging moment for the perp's remote energetic reading/analysis on me. That a blonde babe was also at the counter to tell me that a shipment was due this week wasn't a coincidence either, borrowing from the waitresses' look.

A family outing the next afternoon and evening (yesterday), following my daughter's graduation from the local community college. Much pictures in the evening under the trees after dinner in a nearby Thai restaurant with family. And per cue, out came the smart phones, and later the iPad, all in keeping with the perp's preoccupation with proximate individuals to be looking at LED screens. I don't know what the perps derive from this activity, but it has been clear from early on, that they just love to have me looking at CRT or LED displays with personnel/family, or even in proximity in the case of gangstalkers. That my classmates in my 2009 Oracle DBA classes would have the same red covered netbook at their desk, passing it on to other classmates, taking turns with the same netbook from class to class. Can we get more fucking obvious than that, netbook/LED display stalking? A related item was the new Samsung Galaxy Note cell phone I had for a few days before I took it back. It had an OLED display on it. Whatever it is that the perps are pumping through the wires and cell phone aerials needs to be tested on me for differing kinds of glass, LED resolutions, LED type and all the other technical parameters like circuit board color, wire color etc.

And now back at the cramped shared house, I was put onto "shit refugee" status within a half hour of getting back. First I was distracted from unpacking my suitcase by the six week overly long delivery of my cellphone accessories that had been just delivered on the doorstep for my arrival. Soo..., I get to unpack a suitcase and briefcase along with sorting out my laundry and then attending to the new cellphone accessories. After changing into new clothes, the forced "need" to take a crap came on, and so off to the mall to use the shitter there after being burned with a sudden onset of blocked toilets at this shared house. (And one at the vineyard owner's house where I work, which was a total blatant sabotage event for the minimal toilet content). And lo, if there wasn't the coursing dudes, one of whom was the cell phone service attendant I encountered last week. Some of the dudes were assigned concurrent craps, but no toilet blocking. The toilet even flushed by itself afterward, twice. And lo, if my Phillipino (read, brown) women gangstalkers that led me to the washrooms weren't there on my exit, loitering in the nearby food mall.

Then a "need" came on to get a stack of 100g bars of chocolate while there at the nearby LD store, and lo, if one stalking/stocking twit wasn't handling deep brown letter boxes across the aisle in front of me on my way to the chocolate. Then a planted notion to get some cash at the nearby ATM and cash the yellow colored check my mother gave me before I departed in compensation for the expenses I incurred in dealing with fencing, irrigation and wheelbarrow tire projects.

And in keeping with the perp's brown imperative, mixed in with the irrigation research imperative, I see that my perp abetting mother purchased 50' of brown garden hose, still coiled. So we are now entering a new phase of perp research, mixing/integrating their brown color games with thier irrigation supply research, and presumably by extension, its downstream color energetic effects on the plants that consume such supplied water, and too, the food consumed therefrom. Sounds like another ten years of insane abusive and deranged nonconsensual human experimentation is planned out.

The Summer Soltice was today, another perp parameter I have come to find, though I have no idea if it was central to above planning/arrangements.

First evening after yesterday's flight, and I was jerked out of sleeping mostly, awake at 0300h, up at 0400h. The next door roomie artfully times his getting up earlier to match mine so he is showering while I am using the same water supply to clean dishes (concurrent water use). At least the 10th time this has "happened" in three weeks.

On the vineyard job, I took off my shirt, and then sun went behind high cloud 10 min. later and thereafter for the remainder of the day.

More vineyard work today, but no tanning due to overcast conditons. Lots of deep mid-grey clouds in the distance, and I suppose this was interesting to the perps, given that I now have and use a mid-grey colored vehicle. On the way home they tailed me with a same mid-grey colored pickup truck towing a white aluminum trailer, and in front of me was a new white Volvo S-60. It only took the Volvo designers 10 years to clean up the look of the rear trunk, tailights and bumper design, and I must say it looks halfway decent. The perps go to great lengths to have me see vehicles with attractive design aesthetics, and after the horrid jelly-bean job they did on Volvos in 2000, they finally got it about right. The perps wanted me to know, as it is rare that I personally encounter new vehicles, being so financially strapped. And the perps know I have a fondness for Volvos, being a near-perfect confluence of design integrity, features, quality and durability IMHO. And too, the perps had me owning Volvos for 20 years in the past, so there must be something in it for them. It is also interesting that they ply me with Saabs in the vehicular gangstalking, a Swedish vehicle manufacturer that might get their steel from the same source as Volvo.

Other games that are going on are having me not use my regular mid-grey handled shaving razor while visiting Victoria, per above. I had my hand on the shaving razor to pack it, but "somehow" it didn't get packed, so I used these wretched white handled BIC razors while there. I survived OK, it is just that arms and body shaving never got done, and I have caught up in the last few days, doing one each morning in conjunction with shaving my face.

Another shaving method variation as also been imposed; normally after my shower I shave by applying a hot face cloth to the area and then proceed to shave in discrete sections (e.g. five passes on my face). Two weeks ago, they had me "discover" that I didn't need to use the face cloth to soften the hairs as I was fresh from the shower. So this big "discovery" has meant that I can speed up shaving and not apply  the face cloth in advance of each discrete section that has shaving foam applied. Another adjunct to this was that I can take another short (sub-minute) shower to clean up my shaving hairs and foam all over me instead of using the face cloth, again in iterations to recharge it once it has loaded up. And because I must wait for the slow draining sink after shaving, I can take this second shaving-debris cleaning shower before the sink has finished draining. All  this must sound like boring triviality, but in fact, the perps have a huge vested interested in absolutely every aspect of shaving and towelling dry, so this is a SIGNIFICANT advent in them changing this long running routine. Do I care? No; just leave me the fuck alone is all I ask, and it isn't going to happen anytime soon if it took them ten years to get this far.

A visit to the market in downtown Penticton where they block four blocks off for vendors who set up their stalls. The Fuckwit Crush was out, including the step-in-my-way rude shit by assholes who were looking at me from less that 3' away. I was finally allowed to find a salad mix on the return pass, and lo, within a minute, they didn't pull a rain shower to accompany me for the 10 min. walk back. And too, this fucks me up, as I want to clean up my grease spotted raingear outside, and ironically it is raining, same as two weeks ago. The landlady's dude/boyfriend had to come and walk the driveway while I had the bag of salad in hand, just as his landlady girlfriend had to arrive in the kitchen when I was putting it in the fridge. What a bag of salad mix can do in Perpland.

And I see they wiped out two paragraphs that I had entered this morning in this here blog, and I am just too annoyed to replicate it. Besides, the perps manage mood down to full level control, and so it goes, more of what I have written is deleted by THEM.

More order obstruction and blocking. I am attempting to get a sunshade for my vehicle, and lo, if the Billing-Shipping address mapping doesn't put me into Alaska after typing "British Columbia" in the first list. Then it magically corrects itself when requesting shipping options. Then it screwed me out of having my password entered, so once that it is re-entered I resubmit. And lo, if the the application doesn't blow up and spew a page full of errors. I go back one screen to get to my details (now keyed in twice), and lo, if they didn't time me out after one minute of aforementioned adversity. All this was subsequent to "inadvertent" deletion of my order in the first place, having switched from the always-compromised (partial display) Firefox to running IE in Firefox browser window. Which begs the question, why does this keep happening to me? Because there is a total adversity/coincidence  control office which oversees every aspect of what I do. I don't know how any reasonable person can come to any other conclusion after this same kind of abusive and obstructing inanity has been going on for ten fucking years.

Later, my first salad from above market shopping trip that I ate here in Penticton gets extra attention. The landlady was on the wireless phone talking all the time while I was eating it. (I was seated between her 10' away, and the reciever, 5' away, in the path of the EMF signals. Post lunch (salad now in me), she starts up the vacuum cleaning. And have I mentioned how often vacuum cleaning stalking erupts around me since the harassment began. At least 5x/year.

A 1.75 hour long forced nap after lunch, salad now digesting, which is way excessive when they screwed me into an extra two hours sleep last night. I suppose I could chalk this up to the post-salad consumption event.

An afternoon shopping trip, and why is it that so many people wander into my path and then don't make any effort to get out of it? I walk around them and lo, if they haven't turned yet again to walk at me, leading me to make extra effort to get out of their way. And they are uniformily trained to be totally blase/emotionless about it too. I have never met so many rude pedestrians since this abuse began.

Enough rants for the day, though further order obstructions did erupt, as it seems to be the day the assholes want me to put online shopping through, now four different orders on the day when I had been backlogged for months on getting on with them. They had me hold off until I moved in early June, and then kept up the sabotage and harassment plus the cell phone dysfunction games to distract me for a further three weeks. And so it goes, one slow weekend day.

Another weekend day (Sunday), this time getting up at 0600h, which gave me 7 hours of sleep, more like normal. No one else was up, and I have yet to find out the source of the snoring I heard in the night and this morning. No one on the couch this time, and too loud for it to be from the detached garage where the landlady sleeps.

Just like last Sunday, yoga and then to the tanning salon, and still with this scented pong from the intensifier lotion. The thought of not using it just didn't occur to me.

The yoga class had the heavy breather dude again, he sdroitly getting in front of my view in the side mirror wall. Some people, usually the Unfavored specimens, need to be in my vision much more than others. The one delectable babe was obstructed by a chinless older blonde woman, and so it goes, sprinkle in a few Favoreds, and then plant an Unfavored in front of them.

After tanning, then to engage with the petroleum interest/stungs of the perps, they reminding me that I needed to fill the tank up again, having passed the desired filling station. So on my way back to fill the vehicle, why, a gasoline tanker truck was filling at the Chevron with the old pumps and I was on my way to the one, a quarter mile away at most, that had the familiar pumps. And lo, if the only availible pump was the one where the four in-ground tank filler ports where arranged,  me parking over top of them while I filled the vehicle. The prequisite hot-rod muffler noises started up while filling, and then the motorcycle noise was added to the noisescape. The perps made sure two motorcycles were on show, parked at a pump when selecting one to fill at. A three way vehicular clusterfuck when it came time to depart, a vehicle doing back-and-forths in front of me, someone waiting behind me, and two more sitting with their backup lights to get in the way. And so they did, one departing ahead of me and the other departing behind me.

The perps pulled a rainstorm while I was tanning, and so that was my greeting upon exiting the salon and walking to my vehicle. The trip to the gasoline station, while filling the tank, and driving back to my roomie hell was duly rained upon. Even if there was some sun and blue sky, someone likes to arrange rainstorms more than is coincidence for key Fuckover events (e.g. tanning, gasoline filling).

More of the protracted impasse over getting files onto the Android phone's SD card. I see that I am not alone as this generates plenty of web traffic, though none that seems to help me. And too, the perps could be up to their usual cognition abuse games, and have me all over the solution but unable to effect one. This is the stuff of what they like doing best; cognition disruption. After the color coordinated gangstalkers (both ambulatory and vehicular), the dogs and kids they like to put out, the vacuum cleaners, ladders, backpacks, plastic shopping bags, the vagrants, the cell phoners, and other assorted Unfavored Fuckwits, hammering my ability to percieve things comes next. Who knew that abuse could be so subtlely appplied?

Anyhow, I am going to publish this now (06-24-2012, 1420h PDT) and if anything eventful erupts for the remainder of the day, I will append it below.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Order Interuptions and Obstructions

Why does this keep "happening" to me? (The reason for the quotes is that it not happenchance, but part of a continuing campaign of whole life abuse orchestration by a psychopathic confederacy who MUST fuck up everything I do, think or say);
I'm afraid we have had a problem with your order though, both the Ballistic HC Series Case Black/Grey for LG Optimus LTE and the 32GB Kingston microSDHC Memory Card with SD Adapter have been delayed. We apologize for this delay - we have tried to find these 2 products for you from a different supplier, but with no luck. Sorry too for not contacting you sooner about this, we knew about this delay some time ago but I made a mistake processing your order and that meant you never received an email about the new delivery date. I apologize for this, it was entirely my mistake.
Right; how many fuckups have we got? Both items were delayed (2 fuckups), tried a different supplier (1 fuckup), didn't contact me when they knew there was a delay (1 fuckup), "made a mistake processing ... order" (1 fuckup), and argueably one more in not notifying me (1 fuckup). That is 6 fuckups for a three item order now in its fifth week of pending status. Only the stylus didn't get "delayed".

And was it two posts ago when I got a notice of delivery of an entirely different parcel, the contents being a flat-free wheelbarrow tire, with next day delivery re-attempt noted, and it was not delivered at all? And they could of delivered it to the motel office like all the other courier firms do, but didn't. The delivery fuckups went on for five days before I picked it up myself. That was the delivery side of it. Once I got the parcel the sender fucked up the axle size of the wheelbarrow tire, which is still unresolved. They supplied a part that wasn't on my list of availible axle and hub length sizes, and masked the snafu by using their own part number. This part number mapping/designed-fuckup was done without my knowledge. And too, their part number was missing any telltale specifications, like "58" for 5/8 inches axle diameter so I wouldn't be able to detect an error.

And considering how often other abettors talked up these parcel delivery fuckups, surely there is some kind of payoff expectation about it. Though, I remain totally mystified why an unlimited funded band of highly organized, insane and relentless psychopathic abusers would want to constantly screw with my parcel delivery. Though, the brown color agenda/theme is part of it; I can be certain to be gangstalked for up to five days by parcel delivery vans if I have one delivered to me (without fuckups). And too, the cardboard box bearing Fuckwits and operatives is a given in this fucking hell I have been cast into, now ten years worth and still running. They even walk around (aka, gangstalk) with a stack of cardboard on their head. Another stunt was placing cardboard furniture in mid-sidewalk a few years ago.

06-15-2012, Friday
This PC has been out of action for four days, now repaired. Seemingly, a flakey drive connection was the problem, though as always, the perps can mess with anything anywhere, by remote means. Why the conventional world hasn't figured out why so many things go wrong, break or otherwise malfunction is beyond me. Today's cloud patterns of high cloud with augmented contrails to add differing line (cloud trail) sizes was a total gimme.

And rage-fied again over laundry sabotage again. The "string-strangling" games, where drawstrings magically unravel in the washing machine and are tightly wound around other selected garments. One pair of shorts with a drawstring has 20" hanging out and I have absolutely no clue as to how it was originally constructed. Naturally, my knowledge of problematic garments was defeated, because before 2008 or so, I would remember which garments had associated "problems", and hand wash them. Now, I am not allowed access to my own knowledge, gained at the hands of the same assholes.

I have also been a "shit-refugee" during this PC's latest hiatus; after last weekend's toilet blocking games (twice here), and then again at the toilet at work, now means I go to malls and other public places to take a harassment-free crap. Oddly, ahem, the toilet at this house was no problem for the first week, and then the assholes started plugging the toilet on me. And at the vineyard house, why, it was the smallest crap ever, and "somehow" the toilet blocked up and stayed that way for three days until the male owner returned. He is over 300lb, and somehow he never has a toilet plugging problem, and I am not even 200lb. Long time readers have heard this before, but when the perps outed themselves as an overt malevolent abusive force, they plied me with all kinds of plasma and noncoventional gravitic events after removing me, then redepositing me back in my apartment. 04-2002. At some point, they were inside, and one Fuckwit had a balloon and placed it in the toilet as it was flushing (just water). It blocked the toilet I found out the next day, and needed a plumber's snake to clear it. And ever since then, the toilet travails have been going on about 98% of the time when taking a crap. They backed off only in 10-2011 some, and I thought they finally relented. But no, after I had my ass hairs waxed out (to remove the excuses for their crap plastering games), they started up the toilet blocking and other messy stunts again. When I moved to Penticton they kept it up at the new residence for a few weeks (01-2012), and then backed off, so I really did not expect crap-harassment in this new shared house. And I didn't get any for the first week as mentioned, and now I cannot risk taking one here.

Almost needless to say, the town is alerted to my shit-refugee excursions, now three in number, and an extra level of vehicular gangstalking is in place. They even have the dudes tail me in their vehicles, park only 15' away, and then tail me on foot into the store, and then do stupid back and forths in the aisle in front of me. I hadn't noticed (or recalled) this level of intensified gangstalking before, but it goes to show that it can get worse anytime. The perps in general seem to be more hyper about gangstalking and harassment now.

I am to fly to Victoria tomorrow in the evening, so I can only surmise that the shit games and laundry sabotage is in support, whatever that means to sick assholes. And too, another ass hair waxing is arranged for Monday next week. The perps like me to get this treatment there for some reason, but the leg hair waxing here in Pentiction (last weekend). Go figure. Or even more to the point, why is it that I have this "need" to remove body hair now?

But they did let me get some tanning in while working in the vineyard today, after four days of piss-poor weather. It seems the perps need me to tan, and then take two to five days off before it is allowed again. Today was different; top tanning before lunch, change into shorts and only tan my legs in the afternoon. As usual, the aircraft were out in force; STRATCOM B-52's, to a blue helicopter that accompanied me to my lunch (blue shirt off, but in hand), and then timing its return when I had finished lunch (shirt on, shorts on). And to add to the red-brigade, a red painted private aircraft was also put into the airborne gangstalking mix. Two days ago at the vineyard, it seemed they teleported a yellow single engine aircraft behind a nearby hill, as it came out from behind it quite suddenly and it would of been very dangerous to have flown it so low behind the hill in the first place (less than 100' above the ground). Also on the noise/Unfavored visage front, they even arranged the infernal HD motorcycle noise at the vineyard, supposed locals, har, har.

I am going to post this now, before I take the Boeing 737 flight later tomorrow. It seems like the right timing to wrap this up, but as always, intuition is a remotely manipulated situation I have learned much to my chagrin. If there is anything startling I will add it on.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Getting the Red Out

The perps have been going heavy on the red of late; red shirted Fuckwits at every glance, three to six red vehicles at an intersection, and today's crowning touch, having me clean the outside of my vehicle at a vehicle cleaning bay with red-pink foam coming out of the brush. Then they went nuts with extra red after that. They were pulling this same stunt back in 2004 to 2006, having me use a red foaming brush at the commercial cleaning bays, and then going beserk with extra thousands of gangstalking vehicles (some red ones) on the highway route back into downtown Victoria. They tried it once and then backed off to colorless soap for a white foaming brush. So here we are, full circle; they let me own a vehicle as of two months ago (April 15) and keep up the airborne mess to stick to my vehicle with the odd "overspray" of Nova on it too, a vineyard application.

Then they have me dry the vehicle off by doing a 10 min. highway drive and were all over me with obstructing side-by-side vehicle pairs, and bringing on platoons of oncoming vehicles, the red ones ensconced by a consort of greyscale colored vehicles; white, silver-grey, mid-grey and black.

And now that I am sized down, as in now living in a 10'x10' room, plus kitchen and bathroom sharing, I can expect more perp games. They were up to sabotaging me taking a shit in a new way; they split a hole in the toilet paper I was holding when cleaning up after a crap. And did it twice in succession just to make sure I knew it was them. Here we are after ten years of intense insane abuse, and they come up with a new way to piss me off while taking a shit. Expect this blog to run for at least ten more years after that new and lower level of juvenile abuse has been arranged by the Abuser-General of the Thems.

And too, this household is heavy on red wallcoverings, paint and even a dishes cleaning rag is dark red. Also, the tray for all the cutlery is dark red wood. My new-to-me bed cover is white with red quilted patches and the sheet is a denim blue with a purple blanket between the cover and sheet. This too is of intense perp focus, my bedding fabric colors, as one spends eight hours of sleeping on or under them. No more grotesque brown purple bedsheets like the last place.

And a tanning salon visitation just before the car washing this morning; a new "need" to tan those regions that are relatively untanned in normal beach and outdoor work activity. No skyclad tanning allowed at this new city it would seem. Though to be fair, I don't know what the region has to offer as I am kept on a short leash as to getting new information.

Living in a shared house means also sharing the ceramic crockery, a long-time focus of the perps to the level of the Fuckwits packing ceramic plate with them in public, button-down suited Fuckwits with a dinner plate in hand for crissakes. It was two years ago when an Emile Henry crockery "need" came on when I could of got a 4 place set at LD for what I was forced to spend at the specialty cookware store. So here we are now, and quite a collection of odd-set crockery and colors too, all for the insane relentless mind-fuck and full-on life abuse agenda/games. Hopefully, in four months time I can go back to a motel and get access to all my belongings. (90% is stuffed in the closet in this one room rental).

I was helping doing trellis wire installation in the vineyard today, walking behind the ATV and putting the wires up on their cleats on the posts. There was two one hundred pound spools in the ATV that were unrolling as it was driven ahead of me, and then at each end we put in crimp sleeves and short chains to tighten them up. Talk about a made-for-perp-games job, walking behind a vehicle at a slow speed and two rotating spools of wire in a vehicle. And have I not experienced automobiles and tractors driving ahead or behind me, or even the latter churning up the ground I was on only five seconds ago? And have I not mentioned the spools of wire and cable the power and telephone companies seem to be carrying in my proximity nearly every outing? If I haven't mentioned it I am remiss, and the latter is exceedingly common especially when the arrange two or three boom trucks on a "job" and also block at least one traffic lane. And too, recall those large spools of cable sitting ready for Flight 77 on 9/11/2001 (or whatever did arrive, as there isn't wide agreement). The perps cannot get enough cable and wire spools as props around me.

Other sharing outcomes is to have limited bathroom time for shaving, meaning that arms and undearms are done one day, and torso the next in addition to the daily face and neck shave. Exciting perp moments indeed when they had me doing all shaving every morning from Jan. to Mar. 2012.

A day of near constant rain in the vineyard today. I am helping install new trellis wires. Two 100lb spools sit on the back of the ATV and I walk behind, snapping the wires into their cleats. Though, sometimes there aren't any cleats so we put them in, or other wires are crossed up. I am working with an
Australian man, an al round handiman who has put together sawmills in the past, as well as being a trained welder. The Australian connection again, two viticulturalists I have met were both Australians.
Funny how that is, and that the perps like to arrange them, and LH drive vehicles too.

A day of work on the vineyard, hanging up the trellis wires, two of us finishing the 6 acre vineyard in 2.5 days. I got a two helicopter flyover on the way back, different makes in different locations. And eight red vehicles visible at a glance, the most they have put on at an intersection since about 2007. Seemingly, they are testing the same conditions then, but with some kind of remediation/nonconsensual meddling to re-test now, five years later.

Near all day rain today, and I still had the raingear on as yesterday. Except today, they mucked up my raingear with the grease off the 100lb spools of trellis wire. The system is to grease the spool edges and have them spin inside a milk crate, and the grease can then get on the ATV, wire, me and my raingear. So.., the assholes put grease on my $300 Blue Storm rain-pants, and have likely been itching to do so when I got them in 09-2011. It wouldn't be the first time the assholes have sabotaged new rainpaints; they fucked the new ones I had for last year's daffodil picking, making leaks "happen" at the knees, the first day I owned them. I went to take them back and the assholes stole my reciept off my desk.
And I recall that especially, as the assholes had me retrieve from the garbage at first, something I would never do, as I keep reciepts.

And another PC crash wiped out some blogging yesterday, artfully arranged as I was knee deep into detailing more perp games.

Another rainy day, though not as much rain. I was doing vine shoot thining and tucking until called to wield a rake and shovel to aid the Australian handyman fellow who was running the vineyard tractor. An area was groomed with new gravel, compacted (by me), and a pad arranged to accept a 40' long extra high container that will serve as a shelter for the vineyard tractor and ATV. And lo, if it isn't where I have been parking my vehicle for the last month of vineyard work. In keeping with the street digging, building digging and other soil material pranks I am constantly exposed too. All the better to have me on the job, running the compactor and raking the gravel.

And plenty of masers and plasma flashes while doing the above soil work, all in keeping with what goes on all the time now, these magnetic energy phenomenon airmed to coincide with my activities or thoughts. Regular readers will know that I have been kept in a megnetic field of 200 Gauss since 2002, and 1600
Gauss in 2009, both measured with quality equipment. Some TI's indicate that they are also kept in a plasma field, a bright whitish glow around them that only a camera can detect, they cannot due to some form of obstructive interference.

toilet blocked for a whole day, landlady wasn't too with it to get onto it. Ridiculous, and one of those low-flush models with the convoluted drainage and a non-round plunger-confounding bowl. Just the perfect perp set-up; to have a non-functioning toilet for days on end until the landlady gets it together to purchase a plumbing snake. I hope this is the last time the perps pull this stunt here, otherwise I will have to get my own place and do battle with the toilet on my own, like always until I moved into this shared house a week ago.

more rain today, the perps had me wearing a blue shirt Mon-Thurs this week, and then a mid-grey shirt today. It was cold enough in the morning that the vineyard owner loaned me a light brown fleece coat with grey fiber strands in it. And lo, if the perps didn't arrange for the sun to come out just before I took lunch, and then they had me put on sun block on my face afterward. Which is when the vineyard owner came to chat to me. Then it got too hot once I restarted work, so I took my shirt off to get some tan time, but it lasted an half hour or so, and then the grey clouds moved in, though no more rain.

An eventful round of abusive fuckery before getting my haircut and leg waxed this morning. (A "need" to have the smooth hairless look has slowly come on in the last two years, the leg hair removal at least a year ago, and waxing some 7 months.) First it was having me "forget" to take a towel and facecloth into the bathroom prior to showering and shaving. Then a fake-out with the blocked toilet said to be working, and then it backed up on me. The landlady had taken off by then, and I purchased an auger to get it unplugged. I spent 40 min. on it and wasn't successful. And lo, if she doesn't come back with the identical model of auger, claiming she went to get one and spent 1.5 hours of being gone when it took 10 minutes return trip to get it.

So, after relative freedom over the past 4 months in allowed to take a crap without need of plunger or shower or both, the assholes decide to re-start these fucking toilet games again. Ever since the high tech apartment invasion and personnel in my apartment 04-2002, one of whom blocked the toilet with a ballon, I have not been allowed to take a crap without fear and trepidation (last 4 months excepted) of something going very wrong. Not to mention the sudden onset of the chocolate "habit" that still continues, and the careful introduction of brown colored vehicles around me, usually after a run-up of grey scale colored vehicles.

And continuing rain today, often a sign of extensive perp activity in my case. This area of the Okanagan gets 11 in. of rain/year, and I swear at least half of it has unloaded this week alone.

A Saturday, and in vineyard work, a day off. I see my farmworker colleagues in Victoria are continuing in my footsteps, they at the farm I worked at exclusively last year. One in particular has crossed my path at two farms, and doing all the things I do in the way of tasks, now in her third year of it. Funny how she gets assigned to be "sticky", as in farm work, the pestilent friend and even I helped her move out of her place last year. I haven't quite figured out if she is an abettor or a morphed-in operative for all the face time she gets with me. Not to mention emails and phone calls as well as last year's Fugliest Negro gangstalking. (Everytime this fightful gangstalker came near me, she "happened" to be hanging around me, if not chatting with me). The former are with sign-offs like "Miss You" or subject lines of "My Thoughts are With You", though whenever we meet in person or connect on the phone, there isn't any suggestion of that. Another one of those never-in-person expressions of deepening interest, though never instantiated or even hinted at in person. Whatever it is, I am hoping it doesn't progress any further as I don't need another dysfunctional in my life.

Having two roomates, the first in over 34 years of adult living, is dysfunctional enough. Someone put my dried laundry in a heap on the sole working surface in the kitchen. Like WTF; they knew it was mine, and why leave my clean laundry in that crumb infested clutterfuck of a kitchen? All for more perverse juxtapositions, contact and spatial arrangements; someone knew I would never, ever, put my laundry on my own (relatively clean and crumb free) kitchen counter, so they decided that one of two roomates in my absence would do it for me. How nice; do I need my clothes fucked with any more than I what I deal with prior to this present space constrained existence? Hardly.

And to conclude with the title theme again; both the hair stylist and the wax esthetician both had a small streak of unnatural red dye in their hair today. One plump and plain, the other svelte and blonde, and both with this ridiculous, if not fugly, scarlet red dye in their hair. There has been a decided uptick of this "fashion" in this town, and it looks appalling.

Enough kvetching while the rain continues for the six day in succession in this 11 inches/year region (average) and I should be glad this PC hasn't crashed today.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Yoga With Heavy Breather

A morning yoga class, with the instructor looking totally scared the whole time, or else looking up for some curious reason and not at the class members. Whatever, I have seen both many times, and I could never figure out the scared shitless look of others for all those years until the assholes went overt on me in 2002. I had done nothing to engender such a "response", and indeed, it was more like them being scared shitless at their first look at me, not exactly a response to me directly. A plump younger instructor with plenty of cleavage on show, and always an interesting diversion.

The prominent gangstalker cum Fuckwit of the yoga class was a too-large dude with a skinhead with a half inch of gray fuzz on it, a red headband and the de rigueur (for males), baggy shorts to the knee. That wasn't the half of it, as he breathed so heavy for all of the class duration, even if he was a competant yoga practicioner. If I had a aspirator (for asthmatics) I would of given it to him. It was noise-invasive and way too overdone for a moderate level class, and for all the strenuous exercise classes I have taken, I have never encountered someone who made such a loud show as to their constant breathing. Not only that, he stank of BO, and I was sure to get a whiff of it every few minutes. That he set up next to me and ahead by 2' made it easy for the instructor to hide behind him at times for further spatial juxtaposition games they like to play. And as the final coup, he departs the class early by not cleaning his mat, and then sits on the couch in the waiting area, arm extended across the back in typical perp seat aggrandizement mode. I have seen it on so many bus trips, and this sudden public behavior change cannot be anything but orchestrated.

LIke the dude in yesterday's class, the above yoga male slithered in at the last minute, a space beside me left by four other yoga class members. This brings back memories of the past yoga classes and this ridiculous seating arrangement games that would go on.

And I see the perps locked up my email again, shutting down a sending an email and then shutting me down from viewing the Sent box to see if it went or not. These arranged "glitches" on sending emails have been more frequent of late, and obviously it is something that intrigues the perps. Said email would not of been needed to be sent if the recipient had the normal and expectable decency to sent me an email to acknowledge the fax I sent him four days ago. More FUD-ing around again.

And the perps locked up this PC again, and wiped out my two paragraphs of blogging even if it was saved only a minute before the abend. And they even shutdown the Ctrl-Alt-Del function to bring up the Task Manager, so I was obliged to give it the one finger salute, power this PC down and restart.

I was mentioning the weather today, and the promise of another good day of tanning on the beach. It only lasted a half hour and a major cloud came over and that was the end of tanning outside. I should not be too surprised, as they pulled this two weeks ago, having me tan on the beach for two hours (before a cloud came over), and no tanning weather of any expectable duration since until yesterday. Today was to be better according to the forecast, and the weather looked promising, but not for long once I got to the beach. They wouldn't of sent me to the sunny Okanagan unless to get more sun exposure, but it seems that they are still "tuning me", giving me short sun exposures and then cutting down on the available direct sunlight for two week durations. This is what "happened" two weeks ago; tanning on the beach for about two hours, then clouded over to end the tanning, and no decent tanning weather until yesterday. So it would seem they want to curtail outside tanning exposures, even if they have me alternate between salon tanning and outside tanning.

I thought they were going to take me out earlier today, with a red light running vehicle coming straight at me while I was making a L turn on a green light. No green-to-yellow-to-red traffic light transitions were involved. I proceeded W bound to make a L turn to go S bound, and the N and S bound lanes were all stopped at the red traffic control. Though, for the three lanes of the N bound traffic only the E and W lanes were populated with vehicles, and the centre lane was empty. So this mini-van comes barreling along between the two stopped lanes of traffic (should be a significant clue to stop in and of itself, never mind the red light) and is aimed straight at me, less than 20' away at at least 50kph (30mph). Had she not applied her brakes I would have been mush. I got out of the way to make my turn faster than I normally would of, and there were no impeding oncoming vehicles, i.e. E bound vehicles. In hindsight, it seemed like a total fix, and nothing accidental about it, as the driver of the offending vehicle must of had me lined up for longer than I was aware of her coming at me. And here she was in the middle of the intersection after running the red light, and then proceeded straight through, no other E-W traffic was present for any secondary collisions. Normally they have me covered with vehicles at intersections and causing me to wait in mid-intersection to make almost all L-hand turns. This was odd at the outset due to the fact there were no vehicles but mine going E-W or W-E and having the middle S lane open for someone to come straight at me. The mini-van driver didn't seem too fussed that she came close to killing me, and I can only assume that the perps worked this all out and the offending driver had sufficient practice and assurances there would not be a collision.

And constant HD motorcycle noise while I typed up the above paragragh, getting through my hearing protection earmuffs no problem at all. It was when typing the above the first time the perps shut down this PC and locked everything up. Now, they just shook this suite "from" a nearby door, though one not directly connected. Go figure.

And a Chicken Run trip to the grocery store that will go by the abbreviation of SOF. Regular readers will know that the act of purchasing my nearly only meat source once every two or three weeks, a cooked rotisserie chicken is a BIG harassment event. And too, I dutifully took my application and my new membership card (with magnetic stripe, note) and was directed to customer service where a disgusting skinheaded male (very Unfavored) was in charge. And it turned out I didn't need to go there he said. Onto the deli counter to get the chicken, and lo, if I wasn't getting the "blithe wandering Fuckwit act", the gangstalkers that "happen" to get in my way in the aisle by pretending not to notice they are getting in my way. Finally, I get near the counter and they put on a male with a prosthetic device on one leg, seen because the Fuckwit was wearing shorts for crissakes. He paralleled me at the deli counter with at least two women associated with him taking turns to walk past me, too close and fucking rude it was too.

Anyhow, a big deal for the tired deli counter assistant to perfunctorily cut a cooked chicken in two and avoid looking at me. Onto the chocolate section after that, and more Fuckwits milling around me at the checkouts which were near obstruction level. The elder-couple in front of me bailed out for no sane reason, going to the next checkout which made their wait plainly longer. I am getting so many male gangstalkers in shorts these days, and the more ridiculous kind. That is, elder males with spindly white legs in baggy carmine red shorts, and all the way to the young dudes in baggy shorts to below their knees. The elder-males are nearly always sporting a tummy, or worse, a profound slab of flab up front, the most obvious case being this 60-ish male in nice black slacks and a mid-blue dress shirt, though no tie or jacket. I pass him standing on the sidewalk leaning against a pole that held up a steel mesh fence that bounded an empty lot. That was stupid enough, but when I drive by W bound he is still there, but instead of leaning against the fence facing the street, he faces 90 degree, still standing for me to see him in profile and sporting a mild gut. Like WTF; here he was in near Sunday best, and standing around in an obvious staged show, and he times his presentation (orientation) for me to see him face on, and then in profile with a small gut hanging over his belt. Absurd as it is plainly orchestrated IMHO, and what on earth is such blatant stupidity all about?

Continued HD motorcycle noise all today (3-5/min.), and even a motorcycle escort when I took my vehicle on the highway to run off the water beads on it, as I had rinsed with a pressure washer at a vehicle cleaning station. My cavalcade of vehicles in both directions was ready for me, and when N. bound (returning) they even put the motorcyclist in front of a metallic red vehicle as a colored mobile backdrop and had the motorcyclist change his lane position L to R and back many times.

I got some packing done this evening and to no surprise, with accompanying increased HD motorcycle noise. They also pounded the place to make a noise and shake it and me at the same time. Moving one's belongings is a total perp intrusion event.

A day of work on the vineyard; getting wet while fixing the irrigation system was first. Then attending to crossed trellis wires and then shoot tucking, where one ensures the shoots are kept inside the trellis wires, a post width apart. Then back to planting vines, always of extra perp interest. I even got to take my shirt off for a half hour before lunch, and on during lunch. Then after lunch, I was expecting to get a few hours of tanning on my back while planting vines, but no, the perps pulled a cloud-job and blocked it off after 20 minutes. A familiar tale it seems, and sunlight has a whole lot to do with the perp agenda.

Two PC crashes, and a throat clearing from the N. neighbor as I write this up. Now, outside pounding and vibration. One PC crash was timed so to have a "need" to take a crap immediately afterwards. Yes, we are now at tactical timing of taking a crap, graduating from tactical timing of taking a piss for the last 10 years. Woohoo, the signs of perp progress.

One of the perp's favorite online jerkarounds is to defeat data entry of name and passwords. The wipe my attention keeping abilities, have me thinking that I am typing in my User ID or Password in the dialog box online, and when I get to look, why, it isn't there. They fucked with the application, and fucked with me monitoring my typing (which I would do ordinarily as I am under constant harassment of keystroke sabotage), and then have me scream at them for jerking me around as it never was entered in the dialog box. Then I do it over again, this time using the mouse to reset the keying start location. Just hilarious, and all the more that it goes on at least 2x/day. This is primetime to be pulling that particular stunt as I am entering in my change of address online many times per day. Moving in two days to a shared house. Very concerning this move, as they haven't allowed me to live with any others since 06-1999.

Parcel delivery games again; not only did I get forced to accept the quote to ship it to this location I am about to move from because the alternate shipping quote attachment wouldn't open, but purportedly the courier pulled another perp stunt. The attempted to deliver the parcel to this motel suite and of course I wasn't in, and they didn't bother to deliver it to the front office which was open all day long. I get a notice that they will re-attempt another delivery the next day, and then they don't. Finally (there is no such thing in this existence) I go online and they say they will deliver it tomorrow. But why were they so fucking boneheaded about delivering to a suite when there was a closer and better alternative? Regular readers will know that UPS(2) and Canada Post(1) pulled this same stunt a few months ago, so now it is Loomis' turn to act stupid.

And on the bizarre escalation games, following that near T-bone collision they pulled on me two days ago, (and arranging the intersection to accomodate the near escape and secondary collisions), the perps pulled a traffic light stunt of some interest. I was not at this intersection, it was a half block away, and I was making a L onto a arterial from a residential road. I had to look R. of course to make sure no traffic was coming from that direction, and the lights were green for two lanes S bound and two lanes N bound to proceed, but they weren't moving, all still stopped. I had to look L to make my L turn, and then I looked R, and still four lanes of N-S traffic was still stopped at a green light. But even more bizarre was that two vehicles in file from the E-W road entered into the intersection, presumably on a red light, and crossed in front of the stopped traffic. Like WTF; a four lanes of vehicles stay stopped at a green light and two crossing vehicles (in file) proceed against a red light while everyone else is remaining stopped at a green light. Only in TI World is such bizarre public behavior orchestrated as a matter of course. And I did look twice, the first time thinking that the two vehicles ran a just-red light, which is very common wherever I go, and when I looked again, the four N-S lanes were still stopped.

The continuing saga of the parcel delivery jerkaround/follies continues. No delivery yesterday as stated on the form, so I logged in and supplied the number of the form they left, went through the dialog and they said the next delivery date will be 05-30-2012 (today). I get home, and the notice is still there. I check with the motel front desk and no parcel. Like WTF; a re-delivery attempt was stated twice, and they haven't delivered in either case (two days). It is just plain fucking bizarre that this consistently goes on with every parcel carrier. Not forgetting they could of saved all this bullshit by delivering to the motel office in the first place on Monday.

Another day of planting Pinot Noir PN 193 seedlings (?) plants. I was digging in gravel soil today so my production was down. And we do different planting styles/aids; grow tubes, carton, and one of two variants of these modified bucket resevoir that feeds the plant extra water which it needs compared to the 25 year old vines.

More of this insane parcel delivery obstruction, and I was finally allowed to blow off steam and send a complaint. As mentioned, all the couriers have pulled this on me within the last year, but the the Most Audacious Malfeasance by a Courier award now belongs to Loomis:

I just don't get it. I live in suite 241 of a motel at 80 Riverside Dr., Penticton BC. 
  • Non-Delivery #1; on May 28 I got a notice on the floor that delivery was attempted. The motel office was open, so why wasn't it delivered there instead, as they always accept them?
  • Non-Delivery #2; the notice says a delivery re-attempt for May 29, and so I put the notice on the door to say deliver at the motel office- no apparent delivery attempt to my door or the motel office.
  • Non-Delivery #3; on the evening of May 29 I go online and arrange for a delivery May 30, and that is what the application indicated, and I also put the notice on the door- but no apparent delivery attempt today at my suite or motel office.
So, can you tell me what is so difficult about delivering a parcel three days in a row, and no delivery, and no delivery re-attempts despite following the instructions on your forms and website?

Just another day`s jerkaround for the perps. And as I pasted the above, and fixed up the format, why, the N. neighbor water noise starts up, more motorcycle noise outside and so it goes. Plasma and maser flashes too.

As one organization sage said; ``if you find yourself being jerked around, the person is either a jerk or else the boss pulling his strings is a jerk``.  In my case, it is always the latter in my perp orchestrated existence, but every so often a person, or organization, distinguishes themselves such that it may be a case of BOTH the string puller and the jerk of first contact are equally culpable. And Loomis, you have just distinguished yourselves to be as culpable as the insane, psychopathic and abusive depravees that run (and ruin) my wretched existence and that of all other TI`s. And who arranged the coughing dudes outside my room as I write this.

And I see my Contacts got fucked with on my cell phone, but Gmail seems to be OK. Since Gmail is the parent application, why aren't they in sync when it says that it what it is doing? Assembling the Contacts list last week was a mighty noise barrage and harassment event, and so it would seem the perps are back at it, they aren'g going to leave this one alone. The assholes would fuck with the group assignments under the guise of data transfers in the Sony Clie PDA days, but this is unabashed blatant sabotage with their name written on it.

And I see the perps stole my $10 long distance card, the second such theft in 5 months. This forces me to use my cell phone, which is ordinarily a second choice.

A residence move tomorrow, and I partially moved tonight, all to find an extra resident in the house. And no lock on my door, something I wasn't allowed to notice before. This of course, opens up the opportunity for the perps to go nutzo and steal all manner of things under the guise of a light-fingered resident. Though, based on past experience, I dont know why they bother with cover stories anymore, as they have blatantly teleported things in and out of my suite. And while digging planting holes for vines, they frequently introduce (teleport) rocks, insects and debris into the hole to cause more work.

I moved house yesterday, and into much smaller quarters, with three others on this floor. A too small kitichen and bathroom makes for more sharing hassles. I cannot find room for my daily standby coffee pot, teapot, 12" frypan, re-sharpened grater and extra long spatula. The latter three for my nearly every day food that I now seem to not mind being the same. Anyhow, the closet is full of boxes, and I had to have some furniture removed so to make spacer for a stack of three boxes of books to be placed. A serious downsizing in availible room size, maybe down to 100 sq. ft. plus access to the above areas mentioned.

The perps put on some HD motorcycle noise down this very suburban street yesterday just to make sure I knew that I wasn't being left alone for this particular and most offensive and loathed noise. Nossir... we cannot have the victim think he will be HD motorcycle noise-free just because he moved to a residential area.

The all-week pissing match with the courier finally ended with a phone call to find out that they used the wrong tracking number and the location of their physical office. Add an additional day to the above non-delivery hijnx for yesterday's nondelivery bullshit. I was on hold for 20 minutes or so, and all that time with an EMF emitting device at my ear is made-for-perp remote harassment and energetic assessment.

And lo, if they didn't send the wrong size of bearing for this ill-fated (as in managed for maximal adversity) wheelbarrow tire. I ordered a 5/8" shaft and got a 3/4" shaft bearing. So.. the wheelbarrow tire saga continues, and it was at least a year ago that I was looking to deal with the perennially flat tire of the wheelbarrow that the garage-sale scrounging in-town brother "fiound" and supplied to my mother. The pointless and senseless protraction of FUD over this ridiculous wheelbarrow tire continues next week. Just hilarious it must be for the sick assholes who can, and often, turn the most upright business into a den of constant and relentess ineptitude.

And also a big day for perp fuckery, as I slept on a different bed, and that surely is one of the perp's most significant harassment issues. Extra Fuckwits were out at 0730h as I was headed for my vineyard job; the ridiculous baggy-to-the-knee men's shorts (in plaid), the gut-strut and he hodes of layabout and dawdling twits plus a few doing the high arm-fling walk, as in the pseudo-marching nonsense that erupted since 2002 and hasn't quit.;

I am tired, likely prematurely, to protract the move-in and box placement, the closet being at near overload capacity. Soo... I shall close out this blog for this week, and start anew in a few days.