Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sixteen Years On

Yesterday marks the 16th anniversary of the Psychopaths going berserk/overt on me, and turned my life into a harried existence of abuse, clinical care obstruction and re-direction, and last, but not least, the infernal gangstalking that plagues me everywhere. And stares too; just what is it that everyone knows about me in advance, or in the present, that causes them to stare and also be so hesitant, and if not, scared shitless? I have no idea, but it still continues all the time.

Also came the relentless fuckery over being able to control anything in my life; my fingers cannot operate in the manner I direct them, an abuse method that has increased of late to great vexation, as if 16 years of this shit wasn't enough.

So who were those assholes who ransacked my apartment on the eve of this atrocity, not seeming to want to find anything, but yet moved clothes in the closets, left drawers partially open etc.? There wasn't anything illegal there, or even close to it.

The apartment invasion with all manner of high tech and highly unconventional weapons was on a Monday then. I had seen Ms. C on Saturday night, who tipped off this episode with at least three "that wasn't supposed to happen" statements that evening I visited her at her place. One was with respect to someone modifying the front end of my vehicle to fix it seemingly, even though the garage had affirmed it to be OK a few days earlier, but it still has some peculiarities, though safe.

I was obviously tailed by these dudes at the 24 Hour Fitness that Sunday night, one seeming to have a peacemaker on his person at 0200h while running on the treadmill. So when the invasion came Monday, I had fallen asleep on my floor, and six men were carrying me into my apartment. I seemed to fall asleep some more, and then was treated to a barrage of noise, simulating a dogs barking and being inside a cage, I was beamed with brown plasma beams that immediately caused me to collapse on the floor and not be able to get up, though awake, there were masers, in the form of flies that would buzz around and come at each other and cross paths, and a normal steel screwdriver that bent like spagetti in my hands without any obvious conventional manipulation such as heat. There were AA batteries that would roll in on the carpeted floor, appearing from nowhere, powered by some unseen force. I could go on at length, but you can read it in the The Story (27pp). So just what is it that the Psychopaths/perps want to know and why cannot they just show up and have me cooperate instead of 16 years of hell on earth? I don't know, but that particular method/approach is also attributable to the extraterrestrials. And of course, I was given a full involvement treatment as to some of their methods on that fateful day of harassment onset (aka, perps going berserk/overt).

And so all that bullshit is over.... Being planted with planted notions, 100's of times per day for four months, that this relentless and senseless barrage of hostilities would suddenly end on this 16th anniversary. As mentioned in prior posts, I have been through this before, and didn't believe any of it. These assholes just don't give up.

Monday, and yoga; the choreographed proximity show never ends, never mind the curious rotation of other yogis. Today.a new dude next to me seemed like he has never been to yoga before. The woman in front of me had a serious tattoo problem down her bare arms, and was the "blocking agent", as I had to see past her to the instructor who is less than fully explanative. On the other side of this "blocking agent" was an attractive young blonde girl. though, the most watchable female was off to my left, and I had to look past the adjacent dude to view her. I cannot count the times they put the "fuglies", aka, Unfavored specimens next to me and I am forced to view past this individual to see someone more attractive. Today was more obvious as they placed two people in my usual mat location, who were the only ones to arrive before me, and thereby forcing me in the back row and having to look past the tat-act.

They put another dude in the back, whom I did not know was there, and who revealed himself during class by heading to the front to retrieve a block. He of wild afro-like hair do, this large mound of curly wool on his head was peculiar, as he was Caucasian.

The post class lobby gangstalking rotation was equally predictable; place the watched blonde babe to my R, 10' away to stand there talking for 3-5 minutes, and then swap in an Unfavored specimen to stand in exactly the same spot. This time it was the afro-headed male, while my adjacent mat male "happened" to sit next to me on the couch while I changed into my footwear.

Tying down vines today, a hailstorm came up for 10 minutes, making for cold wet vines for a following 20 minutes, and of course, cold bare hands. Later, some ladder work helping the owner get to some ornamental vines. Here we are 3 weeks late getting the vines tied down and another interruption. Yesterday, an interruption due to cold wet weather, so we stained boards for two hours inside and cleaned out the tasting room below...

A 2.5 hour nap attack in the evening; again the timing was following book reading. Again, no sleep deficit to warrant such an extraordinary sleep. I am reading "Selected by Extraterrestrials" by William Mills Tompkins, an engineer with expereince in the 1960's on rocket designs with the Navy and the RAND think tank. They also had to deal with extraterrestrial "issues" like remote invasion and sabotage of electronics. And in fact, the extraterrestrial interventions were such that there were serious delays in their rocket testing program.

Tying vines today, getting a full day of it done. I listened to my portable digital audio player, and it just seems after observation over the years, that the perps don't want me to have a full day of such unless there are prior interventions to shorten my listening time before they allow me a full day. I suspect the above mentioned disruptions of getting this job done served that purpose. Though it is curious as to why they don't just draw the battery down at the appropriate moment to force a music listening shutdown, as I have experienced this stunt before. But it seems they want conventional causes for interruption and disruption of late.

I was heading out the gate with the co-worker to drop him off, and these two bandy legged males, one in fugly shorts were there on a putative dog walking exercise. I find this most curious on a week day in this semi rural area, and why don't they have day jobs.

A 1.75 hour nap attack, again post book reading. and again, no sleep deficit.

Motorcycle noise at work, the horrid HD noise; this mofo went up and down the adjacent street 3x, twice within 1 min. Now with warmer weather, the HD motorcycles are out; if not on being parked in obvious places, but it is that infernal running noise I just cannot stand.

The vine tying is done, and my fingers are raw from this exercise of the past 4 weeks. This week I am at the employer of 2012-14, helping them to get caught up.

For the rest of the day, some 6 hours, I spent it unpacking a shipping container on the property that was full of the owners former grease cleaning business materiel. More of the greasy, smelly stuff again, and I have done this at least twice before when working there.

Another 2 hour nap attack, after work and reading, all in keeping with what has been "happening" for the last two weeks. I read a little (always when I come back from vineyard work), eat a little, and then after 20 minutes, a need to nap comes over and I cannot fight this, and so lie down, and get nailed for 2+ hours of napping. Which leaves me with "split shift sleeping"; two hours in the evening (always after reading, as mentioned), and then 5-6 hours overnight. Even if I go to bed at say, 2200h for a 8 hour sleep, they will keep me up for two hours to shorten up the night time sleeping duration.

Yesterday was an exception from the regular nap attack routine; I did laundry at the laundromat, and escaped the evening time nap attack, and got to bed at a reasonable hour, and was hoping to break the pattern, but no such luck for the next day.

Enough of this for a week, and to get this posted.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Two Hundred Thousand Page Views

"Page views all time history 200,072" says the statistics banner, and mine aren't counted in the total. I suppose that is a decent milestone for being a schmo at the butt end of an X-Files episode gone wrong for nearly 16 years. I have called it an abuse-athon, a relentless and senseless stream of covertly applied harassment and abuse for human nonconsensual experimentation purposes. Never mind that everyone else in my proximity seems to know, or be in on it, given the strange glances (and sometimes stares) I routinely get. And too, public behavior of others gets weird sometimes. And that I am kept in a densified magnetic field, first measured at 180-200 Gauss in late 2002, then 1800 Gauss sometime in 2008-09 on another (seeming) victim's equipment. In the first instance I rented industrial level equipment and spent many hours measuring, and I lived 12 stories up at the time.

Vineyard work, still tying vines down, and is going slower for some reason. lt was 1.5 hours per row, all rows the same length, and yet it was taking longer. At first I got 6 rows per day, then five, and even 4.5 one day. The perps like these productivity variance games, and I don't know how they do it. I suspect they interfere with one's sense of the passage of time as well as one's abilities to notice what one is doing. It seemed like one row was the same as the next and there was no substantial difference in between them.

Bottling wine today, though it was the same bottles we filled back in mid-March, but the labeling machine wasn't working. Then, the bottles got filled and then temporarily cased. And today, we finished the job, as the labeler machine was now repaired, and so the filled bottles went through the line, bypassing the cleaning, filling and capping machines, and went to the labeler machine. (I was informed today that a power spike caused the labeler's sensor's to fail back in March- we  know who can arrange that within a moment's notice, don't we?) Then the bottles came back around in the conveyor belt inside this mobile 40' trailer and we placed them in cases again. Quite a foorfaraw [n. a great fuss or disturbance about something very insignificant] to arrange a second time around for 3,000 bottles, but the perps and their unwavering obsession over having me involved in winemaking (and drinking wine to a lesser extent), are up to the task. And too, going back further in the chain, they have had me on viticulture laboring work for over six years now. And still they keep selling the idea that all this abuse will cease by next week on the sixteenth anniversary of this relentless atrocity. I am not buying it.

The bottling line, production line, working in close proximity with others, having a system that gets interrupted, and disrupted and perturbed through the conveyor system. The perps cannot get enough of this either, and I suspect it plays into their interest in dithering my perception of production rate as well as the innate learning of adapting to new situations.

A chilly and cloudy day of vineyard work today; thank goodness for my insulated ski jacket, even if the seams are strangely wearing out. Attempts to get a ski jacket in this off-season have turned to naught; one jacket I ordered was too small, and the return process was so ridiculous and fraught with "talking past me" support that I gave up. Sometimes one does wonder if a real person is at the other end of the "support" desk. When the support person gets the context and my intention blatantly wrong in 2 of 2 emails, one has to wonder if they are really human, or is it an automated reply with a person's name tacked on. And the perps would get no end of mileage out of that; thinking one was corresponding with a real person when it was a machine.

Yesterday was a nicer day in the vineyard, and I managed to replace the ski jacket for fleece vest, though the wind picked up later and I was glad for my toque.

Warm enough to have morning coffee break and then lunch outside at the winery picnic table. But I see the perps are up to their usual seat shuffling games again. I have sat at the S seat some 4x in the last two weeks when the weather has been cooperative. It is the most convenient and accessible seat, so one naturally gravitates there. This time, someone's papers were placed at that seat at coffee, and later at lunch, the boss lady was seated at the S seat on her phone, speaking in French. So I sat in the N seat next to the stainless steel clad winery equipment. Not a big deal, though I was pinched in some. These forced seat shuffling games go on all the time, and it just slays me as to why some deranged limitless budgeted agency has to force me to sit in different places at the same table all the time.

And still the financial transaction stalking games continue; tonight at SOF at the self checkouts, I saw my regular place had someone's groceries still there, bagged and paid for, with a banana hanging out of the bag. I go to the next one, and a few minutes later this woman with a backpack comes by, picks up the bag and starts eating the banana. And how many times has this banana stalking erupted in my presence? Too many to count. Then this woman starts gabbing to the checkout supervisor, and situates herself right behind me as I came to learn. She was close enough that I backed into her backpack, which caused me momentary imbalance. Said woman/stalker pretended to not notice in true perp fashion, and kept talking to the checkout attendant. And kept talking while all my groceries were checked. At one point I needed to call the checkout attendant over as the self-checkout glitched out, and she didn't know why. She fixed it, and the stalker woman kept jabbering away. Then my cell phone in my jacket rang, but I ignored it as I have experienced these "checkout calls" before, usually a telemarketer. I finished up by paying, (a financial transaction note), and then the two women closed in on me. The checkout attendant gathered up the empty basket right away, and the stalker woman came at me while still eating her banana. Then at one point, she picked up a newspaper and had it open, and then started talking to me (reading from it?) as I was gathering up my grocery bags. I ignored her and headed out. And what is so important about making a financial transaction that this batshit-wacko woman has to loiter around and push her backpack into my back all the while? (You know, the backing into me stunt, aka, "accidentally" on purpose). As the perps have been totally obsessed with this particular activity of making a financial transaction for close to 16 years, and presumably the prior 47 years before they went berserk/overt in 04-02002, this particular stunt wasn't out of the ordinary.

And I suppose, it was all the better that I had gone for a tan just before, and I was "lit up", or otherwise energized in some way that is advantageous for them.

I worked 9.5 hours this Saturday to finish the cane tying in the vineyard. Finally, the 4.5 acres is tied down, and so one can rest easy for a month or so. It was warmer today thankfully, unlike yesterday which was awful cold. My fingers are hacked up from the tie wire, and in addition they nailed my L thumb nail for 2 hours of minor bleeding. I was detecting a dogshit smell, and as the perps are fond of having step into such while in the vineyard, I checked the underside of my boots, and in doing so, broke my L nail. No dogshit attack as it turned out; which goes to show one how they can spook victims with fake smells. Nothing new there.

The big day came and went to a Very Big Nothing; this is the 16th anniversary of when they invaded my life in their berserk/overt assault that hasn't let up. (More in the next posting). And no cessation of hostilities either. My fingers are cut and aching from tying down, and still they run them into objects exactly where the hurt is. Including after work at the checkout at the supermarket. So... after four months of telling me this whole relentless 16 year long abuse-athon would end, sometimes 100+ times a day, nothing happens.

Sometimes I ponder how they will end this abuse-athon, and there are always a few likely considerations. Will it be an epic nonconventional assault like 16 years ago, or a soft slide into obscurity, possibly with imposed old age conditions? My vote is with the latter; they seem to revel in dopamine deficiency related issues, a hallmark of old age.

Today I went to my former employer of 2012-14 and helped them on their vine tie-downs. There are two others who work there, but in this ongoing game of rotating those in my proximity, both were away. And four clothing changes today; at first my heavy weather (yachting) rain coat which I have worn once in six years of vineyard work (or anywhere else), then the rain backed off so I wore my regular black ski jacket, then it got sunny so I wore my blue fleece vest, and then it got cold again (and wet for the last 10 minutes) so I reverted to the ski jacket again. I know, it sounds like a very dull account for a spring day, but the perps have an inordinate interest in what clothing colors and fabrics I wear.

Anyhow, enough for a posting and onto recovering from the 2.5 hour nap attack I got nailed with this evening.

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Read Some, Sleep Plenty

I read some more of the "Venona Secrets", a book about the players and spies who were uncovered by a three year security lapse that allowed some of the USSR diplomatic transmission codes to be decoded, though not all of them. Each day after work I pick it up and after 10 -20 minutes of reading, I either fall asleep in my chair, or else get hit with a nap attack. Let me be clear, if you have any interest in spy activity in the last 60 years, especially with respect to WWII and the Cold War, this is a fascinating read. And all the more illustrative of how personal politics was married to political treason, even at the senior influence level of FDR's cabinet.

Today, I got hit with a 2.5 nap attack after reading this book for 15 minutes, which is in keeping with the perps hitting me with nap attacks after starting a new book. I got this book a week ago, as a result of having a long standing interest in all things clandestine, doubtless a perp managed interest since their covert influencing has been apparent (in hindsight) since perhaps the days I learned to read, or even from birth. And as usual, I was no in a sleep deficit situation, so I have no idea as to why I needed so much sleep. And too, this seemed to be strategic as I missed my yoga class some 4 blocks away. Well done assholes.

Back in 2012, after taking a 3 month viticulture course, I purchased a used viticulture book which is a classic of the discipline. I read some 30 pages and then got nailed for a 5 hour nap attack (all time nap attack duration) immediately afterward, in mid afternoon. As usual, I was not running a sleep deficit, so I can only assume this was remotely invoked, something they can do with singular ease I have come to find in nearly 16 years of this overt invasion since 04-2002.

As to why nap attacks are scripted immediately following reading a new book I have no idea, though the planted notion is about "channeling the author", or some kind of psychic interaction with the author while reading their work. (They also like me to read biographies). Well perhaps, and all the more interesting for the perps that some authors are alive, some are long gone, and of course, combinations thereof with co-authors. The real deal is that I don't give a shit; I just want to be left alone, now, and for good. This basic and normal desire just isn't permitted with this ongoing tyranny of remotely invasive technologies and the psychopathic agenda that runs it. Call it in-situ nonconsensual human experimentation, though there have been plenty of experiences of other victims, (and putatively myself when aged 2 to 5, the memory deleted years), where they have been hauled into hospitals on flimsy rationales, and never to come out the same. The Duplessis Orphans is one example, and that occurred at the same time frame and in the same Canadian province when I lived in Montreal, Quebec during the above mentioned memory deleted years. And I am not the only one to experience this then at the same city.....

Another day of tying down vines in the vineyard, and a bitter cold it was, even if not freezing. My hands were plenty cold in the morning, and the perps laid of finger fumbling and finger freezing (imposed inaction) plenty enough to infuriate me, often near row ends in keeping with their long standing practice. I just cannot stand it when my finger control isn't my own; what the assholes get from dithering my finger control is beyond me, but any kind of frustrated action is just their cup of tea. All the better that it is sudden and unexpected. es. George Bush's attempting to open a locked door as a classic perp stunt, here on Youtube.

Another day of tiresome vine tying using wire and the Kuker tying device. My fingers are raw from this exercise and I have at least 4 acres to go. I went home at lunch time to go to the bathroom as the winery is locked as no one is there. I got the "usual" phalanx of  gangstalking vehicles around me anytime I go into town during my normal work day. (Insufficient warm clothes (getting caught out), doctor's appointments etc.) I even got the RCMP in two adjacent vehicles beside me at a stoplight, and of course, got the trains of oncoming vehicles to thwart my L turn, a perp classic. I reckon the traffic is worthy of a city 10x the size whenever I head out on these rare mid-work day sorties.

That wasn't all; the landscapers "happened" to be working around my place, and parked in my usual spot, in keeping with the parking games the perps like to stage.

Ditto the parking games first thing this morning: I roll into the winery parking lot, about 20 vehicle size, and there is a truck with two day-glos inside the cab, and the truck is blocking all the finished parking lot, and a red vehicle is parked exactly where I park my vehicle each morning this week. Like WTF; it turns out they were part of the road crew to direct traffic around the boom truck servicing the nearby power lines, yet again. This would be at least the sixth time this year at this location (Upper Bench Road), and counting. And we know who loves to place boom trucks around the victim, don't we? So this metallic deep red vehicle, a perp standard color for vehicle stalking, parked in my usual location all day. Like WTF; weren't they worried that their vehicle might get towed from private property when they had no business to be there? Not in perp organized hell it would seem, where impunity is de rigeur.

Rain today, and a cold rain, and a direct hit on those working outside needing fine motor control, such as us vineyard workers who are tying down the vines. My hands were very cold doing this work, and at break, after phoning the foreman, I went to the other vineyard to dig weeds. I warmed up doing this job, and too much as it unfolded, and sweated (or more like, was forced to sweat), so when the foreman took me off this after two hours, I got cold again. Well done; I wasn't allowed to be warm all day, even with sufficient clothing to resist it.

And what is it about weeding the perps don't like me to do for more than two hours or so? Last week, just when I thought I would be weeding for six hours, starting after the morning break, the boss man interrupts me after lunch and wants me on rock picking with the others. Lets be clear; the weeding at this vineyard is not onerous, and not nearly the effort it was last year at the prior vineyard. And it is a good way to stay warm in this cool spring.

And the strangest dreams of late; IT (my former vocation) related no less, after a forced (by this Psychopathic Fuckover) absence of nearly 16 years. One dream, I was developing requirements for additional reporting on totals and status of the work. Another, I was dealing with my former business manager boss. In fact, these specific details were 19 years ago for crissakes. Who has that (long ago) knowledge but me?

Saturday, and I chose to work at the 2012-14 employer to help him out as he is behind in getting his vineyard work done. He doesn't have any excuses, though many larger vineyards do, as the Mexican temporary visa workers have been delayed this year. None around yet, though I did see one two blocks from my place on the way home this evening. Exactly what he was doing in town, rather than being on a farm, was peculiar, though putting on the gangstalk strut comes to mind. And exactly why all the Mexican workers have been delayed is also rather odd; they have been doing this tax subsidized (yes!) program for 10 years in these here parts, and the paper work starts in November, the prior calendar year, so I have no idea as to why this slowdown has erupted. I am beginning to suspect that all visa and immigration offices are highly governed by the Psychopathic Confederacy, though to what end, besides brown skin color games, I have no idea.

I got hit with a 2 hour nap attack this evening; long enough to put a serious dent in my plans, as I had a recently acquired video to view. Said video is to replace the DVD that mysteriously locked up and won't get past this one particular frame, even if it worked fine for about 8x.

Today's vineyard work was ugly; the rain kept up until 1300h, and I was cold the rest of the day. I am doing tying down, which means no gloves to afford the fine motor skills needed to do the work. I have yet to understand why vineyards in these here parts don't make use of more automated devices. Expense perhaps, but the buds are now getting wooly, so there isn't time to lose.

And wonders of wonders; after 5 months of side effects from the radiotherapy on my prostate cancer that finished 12-2017, the bowel leaking issues did not occur today. I thought it would never end, but for today, one day's respite, and hopefully more. I did not want to do the gamma ray conformed beam radiation therapy as it has this side effect (among others), but not having $85kUSD sitting around to do proton beam therapy meant that I had to accept the public plan. Which to be fair, is quite good for cancer treatments, and the staff and equipment at Kelowna are top notch. I am still wearing an extra 10lb from the episode, but if the side effects improvement noted today continues, I will call it done.

RIP Oppo? Yes apparently (dated April 02, 2018); no more new product development. I find this absolutely astounding that they made some of the best audio gear at reasonable prices, and now they are ending all new production, only doing maintenance. There is something weird here; normally most business look to selling to someone else if they want to bail out, but not this time, just fading to black. Yes, I own an Oppo  BD 105D multi-disc player, and I bought it because I know that discs aren't going away, despite all the current streaming hype. One simply cannot find the content on streaming that exists on DVD or other discs. And besides, it looks after the audio side too, so my stereo and computer can play through the same sound system. This "feature" hasn't really dawned on most of the audio equipment world, and they are now bypassing discs and chasing the streaming features only. A dark day for audiophilia.

A day of vineyard work at the 2012-2014 employer, helping him out with his tardy vineyard work. It wasn't all the wretched tie-downs today; I helped the regular Albanian girl to get the water system up and running. That is, get the 4" water line running through the trees, near a creek, and get it secured so the water flows through. Back in 2014 when I attended to this, it took many weeks as the pipe had split and broken in places. A relative piece of cake today, but there may be surprises yet. The usual adage always goes in this state of escalated and imposed adversity; "it was too easy...".

Thankfully, none of the driving rain of yesterday, and it was even brightening up such that I felt comfortable with my headphones on and my DAP playing. This too, is a highly managed event, and the perps have a long and dedicated history of sabotaging music listening; either the player, its volume, song or artist selection or just plain killing it for no apparent reason. Though true to form, they put on a low flying A-Star helicopter fly over after about 30 minutes of listening. They like pounding aircraft noise through my headphones, often within the first hour of listening.

No such luck as a repeat on yesterday's one day of freedom from the effects of radiotherapy from prostate treatment that finished 12-2017. I knew at the time the assholes would exploit the side effects profile of this kind of treatment, and they did. Hence my attraction to proton beam therapy mentioned above. IMHO, all of this NEVER would of happened if the assholes hadn't intervened and obstructed my successful ADD treatment in 04-2002, which boosted my dopamine, which mediates one's immune system. Just to think, they had this one planned 15 years ago.

Which comes to mind; as of next weekend, it will be the 16th anniversary of their apartment invasion which kicked off this non-stop abuse-athon of hell. And as I see it, just one more week before this colossal 4 month bullshit stream of planted notions ceases. Said planted notions relate to their relentless mental intrusion indicated that they are going to cease hostilities. Every few years they put me through this, and this year they have gone on for much longer and with significantly greater intensity than ever before. To which I say; I will believe it when I see it, otherwise leave me the fuck alone.

And no indications that they are backing off either; I get non-stop masers around me, and they have even ramped it up to fake ants crawling on the walls etc, as this is the season they are out and visible. Another regular maser event is them passing a maser, a grayish blob of 4mm or so, through the toilet paper as it unrolls off the roll. The maser just sits there while successive sheets pass by. All too fascinating for sick minds, never mind the constant and abiding privacy invasion.

Another two hour nap attack after reading the Venona Files again, same as last night. The whole spy world scenario makes one's head spin as to the dedicated deception and perfidy that goes on with such relentless government direction, particularly the Soviet Union. And just to think, they owe their relative success to the weak minded fools that believed in their system, and ironically, capitalism (!). They stole atomic weapon secrets, missile proximity fuses, infra-red missile guidance targeting, neutron bomb diagram (Chinese), and so many other technologies from the West. And they started spying on foreign governments in 1920 for crissakes. And it is unlikely they have ever let up, even now.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Smirking Chimps

The smirking boss, this time over the repeated topic of the inadequate time sheets again, with the last person doing a rather inadequate job, after she decided that the boss man's spread sheet version wasn't good enough, so she supplied her version of the same. Then she quits among all this financial juggling, as there are two time sheets, one for each of my current employers. As regular readers will know, the perps have an inordinate interest in time sheets, logging work hours, time stamping (aka, "clocking" in or out) and the rest of the trivia associated with keeping work time records.

So just what is it that is so smirk-worthy when some people speak to me, this occasion about a legit topic of time sheets, along with no pay record to confirm the hours were correct and the rest of the loose payroll practices that go with the present employers. Actually I have one employer, but they are responsible for two vineyards with differing owners.

And colder than hell yesterday, even above freezing as the ground was soft. Partially I was faked out by a warm Sunday, but today, I went home, changed my boots (seemed damp), added another sweater, put on long johns and toe warmers in my boots. And an irregular daytime trip back home brought on trains of vehicular gangstalkings en mass, not bad for a Monday at 1000h. The vineyard owner also managed to place her gangstalking ass at the gate with some half assed excuse as I was about to get to my vehicle.

Today, more tiresome tie-downs in the vineyard, getting another block finished. The one other guy has been really helpful, and all the better that he is faster than me. The boss man is still pruning, and keeps saying he will be done this week, and then he will help in tie-downs too. Then I go back to the other vineyard next week I am told.

I see the perps have lost my knife sharpener again, the second time in two years. Last year the foreman found it. I just cannot fathom why a billion dollar budget black (and insane) organization has to hound my ass over how and when I sharpen my blades; pruners at work, knives at home and any other that I have. And of course what sharpening tool: diamond hones (two grades), carbide scrapers, dremel with diamond bit and the odd time, a file or a grinder. And nearly 16 years of this fucking abuse, that being only one obsessional facet over hundreds that are known to me.

And what is it about this new round of fuckery over which music playing device I listen to at the vineyard? The wretched phone app finally updated itself after I "forgot" to turn internet access off, and it ended up being used after I "forgot" to take my dedicated digital audio player (DAP) to work. Or another day, I "forgot" to charge it up. Yesterday was hopeless for music listening as the DAP kept screwing up, solely a touch screen device, something the perps have free reign to screw with by remote means. And it was so cold that I gave up anyhow.

Today, another forced "forget" on the DAP, so I used my smart phone. Alternating between these two devices is not my style. I got the DAP because I was so fed up with the smart phone app, and now I find I am using the latter. (Same headphones, though the DAP is better sounding). Then, too, interruptions in using the player and headphones with co-workers getting chatty all of a sudden, so I wear them at my neck instead, something the perps seem to just love, those magnets in the headphones.

Yesterday, at work on the vineyard tie-downs, was a major infuriation day; constant forced finger fumbling, and then having my hands open unbidden by me to either have the cane flip up or else drop the tie-down tool from my grasp. And of course they liked to crank it up anytime I was near an end of a row, or when my co-worker was nearby. No wonder they like to have me use inefficient devices and methods, rather than the slick, but expensive, tie-down devices out there.

Tying down vines, then weeding. Same as yesterday... but was caught out, dressed for slow moving unenergetic work of tying, and then suddenly, the boss man wanted weeding done. I had long johns on and two sweaters, but even after taking off my coat and a sweater, I was still sweating. The perps like this; mugging the victim with sudden new work tasks for which he is ill-clothed, and all the better that he gets overheated or chilled, per above. Today, no long johns, and I was OK doing weeding after lunch.

Saw Ellen Doty tonight (video 1, video 2); and what a bogus set up at the door when I arrived. The manager asked if I was a party of one or two. I said one, which I was, and she thought it was a computer screw up, and I said possibly. I was seated for all of a minute and then she comes by to tell me that there was another person by the same name who booked a party of two, and then introduced me to this person, with whom I shook hands. He "happened" to be the person following me into the the club, so I find it absolutely ridiculous to think this was anything but orchestrated.

It was a good show, and she hung around in the audience during the set break and then afterward, though I did not speak to her. I bought a CD from her sister who was managing the merchandise. For some reason, the party of four in front of me departed at the intermission and missed the second set. I cannot fathom why anyone would do this, but it is consistent with the perps clearing out adjacent seating at concert venues, either beforehand (for the entire show), or else in mid-show. I got a few looks directly from the performer during the show, but nothing that I would call staring or strangely directed as I have experienced from other live performers in the past.

The surly, but attractive, waitress of the three past visits was there again, this time covering up her ample chest tattoos with a sweater and jewellery. She even came to my table, but only to get out of the way of the regular waitress. I didn't even rate a glance from her, even if she had served me twice in the prior six months.

Good Friday, a national holiday for everyone except farm workers; they don't get paid for statutory holidays. Though some past employers have paid me all the same; it seems to be a big perp deal, almost like a test scenario for them. That is, don't pay me, or else have the employer decide to pay me in mid-season, or in the second year of employment for statutory holidays. Maybe they are looking for some kind of "psychic spark" or some such as to if/when I get paid like anyone else for a statutory holiday, and of course, unknowingly, and more often, knowingly.

Saturday, and I went to my previous employer of 2012-14 to help him out, as he is bottling sparkling wine. It was the slow version, by hand; no automated lines at 1200 bottles/hour. More like 800 bottles per day.

I see my previous employer has a new employee from Alberta who knows squat about vineyard work and wine making. So why did he lay me off when I knew both in reasonable detail, especially after working for him for three years? Another mystery on the employment fuckery front, a long running issue for the perps it seems; not only as to how large of an organization, but all the minutiae as to whom I work with, their relative competence, clothing color etc.

Sunday, and bottling again today, more of the sparkling wine all day long. Like yesterday, a load of large timbers had to be moved from the owner's trailer onto pallets on the ground. This was a 30 minute job for three males, as we were dealing with 6x6" timbers 14' long or larger. Funny how the perps like me to get extended wood contact at times. Not forgetting that I had a wood desk on which I would rest my hands all the while I keyboarded from 2001 to 2012. Now I have an aluminum slatted fold-up table on which my hands rest, recently  augmented with a ground connected conducting mat. More of those direct connections with earth energies it would seem.

The continuing BS stream as to the perp's ceasing hostilities is planted in mind continues, maybe 150x/day. Like WTF; here they have been covertly following and orchestrating my existence for 47 years before they went berserk/overt in 04-2002, so what is in it for them to suddenly stop on the 16th anniversary, April 15, like they claim via planted notions? Absolutely nothing, whatever their esoteric nonconsensual human research agenda is. Besides, I have been through a few of these build ups to their "big nothing" events over the years, so why would I give a shit anyhow? I don't, and I have been correct on every call.

Enough on the harassment and abuse front for the last week, and onto posting this one.