Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back to Jackhammering + minor updates, 01-28-2009

A heavy noisescape today, the jackhammering noise has erupted for most of the day so far, and has been progressively getting louder over the past hour. Too loud to be blocked by earmuffs. As always, it is a moment to ponder what other events are worthy of this added attention/noise. Could it be the long running interest in laundry the perps have? Hard to know for sure, but it was a sheets laundering day, and the assholes continue their sustained interest in this activity. No doubt bedsheets have plenty of bearing on one's bioenergetic signature, and as I haven't slept in the newly laundered sheets yet, this noise might be a "warm up", aka, prepatory barrage. See a Summary of Perp Obsessions for a list of known fixations they have.

Other possible perp excitement factors might be that I cut my fingernails this morning, trimmed my eybrows with a shaving razor (the stylist of two weeks ago had "forgotten"), and began a new supply of the regular medications today, the assholes flipping one capsule out of my hand and onto the edge of the enamelled sink. Funny how some things can roll and flip long distances and at other times they just stop where they fall. There is nothing conventional in the behavior of gravity in my circumstances I learned when they first struck in 2002.

And they have arranged for me to miss eating chocolate this afternoon, so perhaps the absence of this brown colored food has also heightened the perp's experimentation angst. And it seems to be another shut-in day until 1715h when I head off to the car dealership to do my one hour cleaning job. I suppose that the perps know I have never been able to afford a new vehicle, and this is their way of getting me close to this item, and the rotational color games that go with the exercise. Vehicles are a huge part of the gangstalking, and the perps still devote much gangstalk time to having the vehicles parked and the driver and other passengers loitering with the doors and trunk open. And I suppose that might be the reason they place new interior door panels in my proximity at the car dealership, isolating them from the vehicle entirely. Since 2006 they have had me with no vehicle, ensuring there are no monies to even consider it.

Other action today was a notice from the landlord to up the rent by $24/mo. in three months, which might be the impetus to move once again to a well prepped location, one where they have replaced all the pipes and other supplies and connections. (They put in a new 400' connecting twinned sewerline after I moved in here, and still connect to that pipe via manholes and associated working staff and equipment). The next housing situation would be a "disability" situation, and I might come out of it with substantial savings in rent. Though, I am sure they have other spending plans for me to keep me using up my line of credit.

The jackhammer noise finally abated after a few attempts to block it out with earmuffs and then had it go louder so it could get through again. Now the voice noise; street shouters, hallway talkers, and the seagulls mewing and squealing. And I see that the perps also "force grew" my beard; I shaved this morning and I have stubble as I type this, something that doesn't ordinarily occur until over 24 hours later. Again, this is not new, and the perps have this ability to grow hair wherever, in various colors and at a prescribed rate.

Another confluence/swarm of males around me, this time at the cleaning job. I was drawn back to where my coat was hanging up to let the boss man in with his scooter, and lo, there was something to talk about, and he stood in front of my coat, and when the conversation ended he stayed put while I attempted to get past him with a vehicle parked behind us. There were two other individuals circulating nearby, and were arranged to be around me as I headed to go back to fill the mop bucket. And lo if the blonde saleswoman appears at the place I had been standing, wallking through my tracks. And if you are wondering what this is about, the details are in the posting, the Favored and Unfavored.

And after work, also a prime gangstalking time, I stopped at the supermarket to get some chocolate. And lo, if they didn't have two male gangstalkers arranged there, one on the stocking/stalking duty with a stack of flattened (brown colored) cardboard boxes, the lingua franca of reference color objects after envelopes in yellow or white.

Then they had me covered elsewhere in the store, and when I got outside they had a pair of drunken (seeming) native Indians outside at the closest side of the driveway walking route, and a pair of blonde women doing the "street debate" stunt of stopping and talking at the other side of the driveway. So I was made to walk between these two clusters, one Unfavored, and the other Favored respectively in the dimmed down lighting conditions. And one native Indian had a guitar with him, and regular readers will know that I get "guitar stalking" often, at least twice per week.

A listen to Karla Anderson tonight, easily a repeat play for the kind of music I like (usually not rock, but melodic). This has distracted me tonight, and perhaps that is a good thing when being fucked with when dotting "i"s and crossing "t"s, turning on light switches and everything else that normals are allowed to do without hindrance.


Anonymous said...

Hi, you mentioned the fedora hat men in your last post and I wanted to add those to the list of recognizeable gangstalker types.

So we have the Bald-headed men who shave their heads completely (i.e. not natural hair loss), often accompanied by overpowering cologne and a blue tooth ear piece they tend to be stocky to portly.

Baseball-cap-wearing women, with a ponytail worn pulled through the back of the cap. They are usually 40 and older, making the jaunty cap and ponytail look especially ridiculous.

And finally, the Fedora-hat-wearing men. I'm glad you pointed that one out because it was one I'd noticed and forgotten about. For a while I was seeing those guys everywhere! And you're right, it was like something out of a bad detective movie.

I got a real weird on the train this morning. A man started singing- badly and randomly, making everyone on the train look at eachother and smile. I looked around at the faces to see what people's reactions were to the singing, and spotted a bald-shaven headed man with unusually large glassy eyes. He was the only one ignoring the whole thing, stared straight forward, which I thought odd.

He was about 30 something, dressed normally. But when I got off the train and he walked ahaead of me I noticed he could barely walk!! He was seriously shuffling like an old man. His hands hung limp at his sides, and he held his thumbs symetrically under his index fingers at either side. He also had an odd physique for a young man, unusually wide hips. I sometimes wonder whether some of these people are even real human beings...

Oh, and he wore cologne that almost made me sick; I could smell him 10 feet away. That's another clue to these types, they like to wear cologne that instantly irritates particular people (i.e. me and other victims of GS probably).

AJH said...

Yes, the fedora Fuckwits, not all of them male as it turned out. The skinheads (males, and one negro female once) are frequent, and the perps often manipulate the lighting conditions to make their heads more reflective. I sometimes get strange walking acts such as the shuffling feet; once on a hiking trail at least a 1.5 miles from a trailhead, and here this old man was shuffling over the rough ground. It would be impossible to walk like that for the entire trail, so I reckon he must of teleported in.

I haven't figured out the female ball cap act yet, but I sense the perps like to hide part of the face, say, forehead, and have the person be seen straight on. Much of the perp activity with hats and hoodies is to reveal only part of the face at once.

I get some cologne smellings; but not the majority of males thankfully.