Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Yoga Pants from the Alterations Shop

06-23-2015, Tuesday
Yoga yesterday, and wearing my new PI thermal tights(to the ankle) that had been in the alterations shop for the last three weeks, and in the prior posting, the extra obvious ersatz temporary stunts meant that I also picked them up yesterday. And to add to the technical details, they were in my posession for a whole hour before I wore them to yoga.

And at some point before yoga, the perps posited a question in mind as they so like to test my rational thinking these past two years. The question was whether there would be more than the usual yoga practitioners. or a normal amount (8-10 others). I reckoned it would be more, and I was right. (Or, at least, I am assuming they don't yet control my rational thought, though I could be wrong). And lo, an extra sized crowd of 12 others in class for the inaugural use of my PI tights. They are supposed to be thermal tights, but don't have any fleece lining. and have a central panel of a different material. This is the 5th pair of tights that I own, as the perps seem to really like me wearing them for some reason. Ditto on compression shorts, though they seem to have relaxed the elastic some in the last two weeks.

For some reason, I got launched into thinking it was Wednesday all day today, and I find it not to be true toward the end of the day. Another perp mindfuck stunt that has its origins back in late 2004 or early 2005 when my youngest brother "happened" to stop by and in the course of our conversation, asked me (oddly, as it wasn't in context), what day is it today. I said what I "thought" (read, newly attained perp mind fuck stunt), the day was, and my brother didn't say anything. After he left I looked up in my diary, and I was a day off. Which is why he is a member of the First Feral Family, if not for his association with them, another pinnacle of ridiculous.

Way back when said brother (in-town brother then) was around 2 y.o. (1962), there was some kind of event in the basement and he was crying at length. Finally a responsible (har, har) parent looked into the cause of the commotion, and lo, he had an eye injury. The outcome was that he lost vision in his L eye and wears a prosthetic eye to this day, and gets a new one fitted every few years. Given the number of temporary eye/vision assaults and perturbances I routinely get, and my vision being under constant study, it is my supposition that his eye injury was a perp take-down/assault. And now, 45 years later (and since 2002), he is fully cooperating with the same assholes who took his eye out. If that isn't the epitome of spineless obsequious, I don't what is.

Onto another dreary health care topic, my own. There has been much angst and rehash over how all (more than 10) in the prior decade), the freaking doctors "missed" my low anemic condition all these past decades. They didn't want me to know, or else they didn't want to know. Or else were directed to not tell me, more likely. In particular, a Seattle neuropsychiatrist did all manner of tests after my SPECT scan of 2001, which confirmed ADD Inattentive Subtype. (On that front, four shrinks and a neurologist all blew me off about having ADD, another set of fine coincidences if you get my drift). No doubt having a SPECT scan aided the cause of the Thems who have seem to have orchestrated everything in my existence, even before they went berserk/overt in this now 13 year long tyrannical abuse-athon.)

06- 25-2015
While at work in the backyard doing landscape maintenance among the stable boulders, the assholes plain pushed me over with an anti-gravity wave, and while attempting to regain my footing in mid-tumble, the assholes lifted my feet and had me roll onto the ground. All to have me land on the lawn where there was a 4"deep x 2"wide hole dug in the lawn for some curious reason. No hard point injuries thankfully. Like WTF; just plain doing my job without taking undue risk, and the assholes send me flying ass over tea kettle. Regular readers will recall that they pulled this stunt about two years ago and had me spill ~50L of red wine from a blue plastic (food grade) drum.

Strange dreams in the night, seeing long corridors. Other than that, I cannot recall much else, but for the first hour of the day they kept reminding me of my dream content. These dream flashbacks never happened until the perps went berserk/overt in 2002. While in the dreams, the awakened me enough to tell me my R arm was sore, and suggesting (read, planted thoughts) that it was infected. (This scenario "happened" the day before a flight to the UK back in 1971). Then they planted all kind of worry about how my injured arm would compromise my day's work, and the weekend with a new employer, (for weekends only).

A heat wave on, 36C today,and I don't feel it at all in terms of feeling tired or exhausted, like before 2010 when they gave me this phenomenal ability to tolerate high temperature days (>30C). But that wasn't all; the asshole had me spill a 1L bottle of juice over the lunch table which took 20 minutes to clean up as it went over the table, my pack, the floor, and onto the pallet below where the wine making supplies were kept.

Then they screwed me around into "forgetting" where a certain valve wrench was, and this impasse was only resolved by my boss and the winemaker telling me where it was when I asked them if they had seen it.

More fuckery when a irrigation zone would not completely irrigate, and some major angst over that. The aforementioned co-worker "happened" to mention the solenoid, which is normally not a problem, and lo, full irrigation zone coverage.

A 8 hour work day in the vineyard, starting at 0600h this Saturday. BUT, it was at an new weekends-only employer. It was at least 36C today, and I was still reasonably chipper at 1400h when we stopped work. Tomorrow's work was cancelled due to the heat I am told.

I got messed around over drinking water supplies. I was told the foreman would have some, but he didn't at first. Then later, he had a half dozen 4L jugs in his pickup. A return to the farm working days of 2008-2011 when I had plenty such co-workers, but with a slow attrition and perhaps only a few in my last year.


A rare phone call from my aforementioned Victoria based brother last evening, curiously catching me just as newly acquired Hank Williams CD ended. Even more curious, was that he told me that most of the First Feral Family was collected at the FFF house, but no one else came on the phone. They are there for reasons unclear, but I suspect it isn't a coincidence that there is a heat wave on there (rare), and one here in the Okanagan (hotter heat wave, and common in the summer). Go figure.

More curious is that my phone messaging did not sound when on 06-27 when the phone was nearby, and the messaging nag feature didn't go off afterward. My boss responded only 3 minutes later after I sent her a message, and the phone wasn't messed with or otherwise modified. And yet the message didn't notify me, and nor did the nag feature kick in (when I don't respond to a text message withing 3 minutes).

I purchased three male singer/player discount albums at the LD store last night; above mentioned Hank Williams, Chet Atkins (instrumental) and a two CD Sun Record compilation. The perps continue to harass me in terms of what music I like, and what I don't (loud, incomprehensible lyrics, angry music etc.) And in particular, seem to have switched from female vocalists (a long standing preference of 4 decades), to male vocalists.

I finished reading "The Story of a UFO Investigator" by Barbara Bartholic.There is a whole lot of similarities of the UFO abductee and the TI community. Or, if you see a larger conspiracy, mind control of all individuals, which she came to conclude, as have I. And I now find that she died in 2010 from a stroke one month after a car crash which killed her husband. Sounds like a fix to me, given the high attrition rate of UFO investigators. This is the part that I don't get; why are the Thems rubbing out UFO investigators (one example among many), when they seem to be controlling the whole show, including the UFO investigator's agenda?

Much foot wear sabotage this past week; the brown safety toed boots have had three "failures" of the sole staying on. Note that while these boots are 7 years old, they have (now) been worn for no more than three weeks. And yet, despite the boots being taken to the shoemaker, they "fail" within a few days. He said he got them fixed and can now attend to my 3 y.o. hiking boots which need a re-sole. And what is it besides color and material type that the perps find so fascinating about my footwear?

Time I got this off my back and posted.

Further note; after being all fixed, the perps sabotaged the repaired brown boots, and I had to take them in to get them swapped (now twice in the past two weeks) at the shoe repair. And tomorrow (07-01-2015) is a national holiday, though I will be working, and no shoe repair then. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bottle Bashing

I was on the bottling line today, that is, inside the mobile trailer and either "dumping glass", (unloading) or packing the filled bottles in the empty cases from the unloading. And of course, many occasions of glass bottles bashing each other, empty of filled. And do the perps ever love to create vibrations and noise from ceramics of glass banging on something. All the better if it is bottle-to-bottle etc.

The unloading is the more precarious task. The cases of boxes are upside down on a pallet load, and it is my job to ensure no bottles fall out and then at the feed point of the bottling line, pull up on the box to then have the 12 bottles on their bases and then ease them onto the 5" wide conveyor and making sure they all are standing up. And through the day, I lost four, which somehow eluded my detection at the outset and were on the ground when I first saw them. Funny how that happens, consistently being foiled and only noticing when it is too late. Though, given the generalized perp adversity, I should be thankful it wasn't four cases worth that ended up on the floor. Depending on the pallet loading, some cases are high and at the limit of my reach, and someone else usually helps to make them available. And of course, keeping one's hands on the bottom to prevent unexpected unloading.

On the case packing, the assholes pulled another of their mindfulness sabotage games, having me (inexplicably) two partially filled cases down the line, which was caught by the case sealing and labelling twosome. Never, in my entire life, save the last time doing this about a month ago, have I ever incompletely fulfilled my production line duties, from daffodil bulbs, potatoes, carrots, and tree seedlings. And of course I can count on the perps for these esoteric agricultural jobs, as I hadn't done any of the like until the assholes arrived in a fantastic display of high tech wizardry in my Seattle apartment in 04-2002.

On the yoga front, and all those spinal twists and turns, Star Girl made a now rare appearence and scooped my usual mat placement. She would of known that too, as she was once a regular and her usual mat location was beside the mirrors on the SW corner. (On mirror blocking duty seemingly). She arrived the same time as me, and got out of her vehicle adroitly timed to tail me into the building. Though she did deign to say "hello" in the parking lot, a first.

In the recent games of putting an unnatural red haired woman in my presence, the perps were on top of it. An unnatural red hair dye job was there for the first time, aided in the vile red show by her day-glo fuschia colored top. And to add more from the Unfavaored list, she had a pot belly and tattoos.

As always, I haven't really figured out what the yoga practice/gangstalk rotation is exactly, but who know what is going on with all those spinal twists the perps love so very much. Though, the attractive pixie instructor has been a constant.

Still on bottling wine today, and "somehow: I dropped a single bottle, and never saw its trajectory until it hit my foot, to then break on the concrete below the bottling trailer, a 5" gap that wasn't there yesterday, per pallet placement. Thankfully that was the only one, and no case loads of dropped bottles,

A rash of box inserts dropping off today; those cardboard separators that separate each bottle in a cardboard case of 12. There was some 20, when ordinarily  there maybe less than five. Some cases had a gash or cut on them, also needing extra attention to get repaired. And lo, a case with a gash AND a box insert drop out "happened" together, immediately following a case with a gash.

The girl with the (natural) red hair and the orange pack came today, coming for a few days at a time like the last bottling.

Onto vineyard work, with the bottling crew/noise working in the background. I was tucking, an ongoing job for the next three weeks I reckon. Tucking in placing the shoots, now 3' long or more, in between the horizontal trellis wires so they take on a vertical positioning, and that the fruit is grown in a predictable place on the vine.

At the end of day I dropped in on the alterations lady, as my last purchase PI tights had to be altered for length. And lo, if it wasn't a skunk jog.  A sign on the door, "Sorry...will be back in 20 minutes" message on the door, no doubt to play into the games of dashed expectations the assholes love so very much.

After two weeks of the PC headphones not working from Amazon, suddenly they work. Still no progress on getting the PC to play through a known device (disc player), which was working for all of a few days until it suddenly stopped. Seems to be problem for others on the web, trying all manner of obscure utilities.

Skunked again on picking up my alterations ; "Back in 20 minutes". I have never had this problem with this particular dressmaker until this week, and it has erupted two days in succession.

Tucking vines in the vineyard, and a new guy,18 yo. or so, for temporary help in the vineyard. he did the scared shitless/ignore me act once introductions were over. Or at best, grunting as a form of acknowledgement, but not looking at me. Later he told me he did a good job and will be back tomorrow.

An earthquake this evening; a big boom, shook this detached house twice, and that was it, this was after my in-chair sleep, and I was active in the kitchen at the time. A rare instance when the assholes didn't have exam studying, on-the-phone events arranged simultaneously.

Tucking in the vineyard all day, good sunny hot weather, which I now have come to like, ever since 2010 when the perps changed my temperature tolerance level, now at the point that is in excess of 40C.

After work on the errands shuttle, two strikeouts; the wretched alterations lady had that infernal sign up again, "Back in 20 minutes.." while the pit lamping (headlights on) mega dude with the big tattoos on his sizable arms and long hair strangely sat in his vehicle for the two minutes it took to park, walk to the store front, find it was closed (temporarily apparently) and for me to return to my vehicle and drive off, infuriated yet again, having three strikeouts in one week. The store is only open four days a week, and for three of them I was skunked. The Dashed Expectations theme again.

And if that weren't enough, I drove to the shoe maker to see about my boots that were delaminating in the sole, for the third time. Why the Fuckwit didn't repair all of the sole and not just the heels is beyond me, as he claims he fixes Chinese made boots and sells Canadian ones. I have only two pairs of work boots and he has the other pair as well, as they need to be re-soled. And lo, if he doesn't finish early on Fridays, as his hours indicated that he finishes up at 1600h on Fridays. Two skunks in succession, and we know who likes to pull that stunt don't we?

 Then off to get my vehicle fueled up, which is strangely going through a lot of gasoline and yet is driven fewer miles.

My debit card got messed up at the pump and I had to go inside to have it rest. After fueling the printer wouldn't print my receipt. On top of that the pump was extraordinarily slow, taking 2x as long. And have I mentioned how much the perps like to noisestalk or otherwise sabotage fuel transfers?

Summer Solstice and Fathers Day all rolled into one. This being a Sunday, and as of Saturday evening, I hadn't received any mail, thinking I might get a card from my daughter for the second time ever. Weekly mail delivery is Mon. to Friday only, so I figured no card. But no, the landlord held my mail back and brought the envelope Sunday morning, placing it at the door for crissakes. Artful withholding of my mail to cause an incorrect notion to ponder. Haven't we done this a few hundred times or more, as in many hundreds of like events in any given year? Just the usual FUD-dery, as in Doubt this time. Or perhaps FUDE, as in E for Erroneous determination.

I went for a hike to a closer location, as both my heavy duty boots are out of action. The shoemaker has one pair that is there for new soles, and the other pair has the sole coming off in places on account of his earlier partial repairs that didn't last, entirely predictable IMHO.

This was meant to be a real trail, low grade (below 20%), as I was hiking in my runners. It was not to be, as the bull was at the gate, where the cattle guard is. Like WTF, this is inside a provincial park, and two kilometers closer than the last bull event of two years ago, when I had to abort a hike because of a threatening bull. A hiking couple arrived nearby, and told me there was a backwoods trail up the side hill, and the bull didn't bother them as it was in the opposite direction, and steep, some 80+%. I took this "route", as it was a scrambling trail with loose scree rock. So it would seem this entire adverse event was to get me hiking on difficult terrain in running shoes, which I never, ever use for rough ground. A total piss off, as I now had to negotiate difficult terrain in inappropriate footwear. And we know who exploits new situations don't we? Especially if it has something to do with one's balance.

I scrambled up enough terrain to find a rocky ledge to then get tanning for a few hours.

Apologies for not getting this posted online two days ago, keeping to a weekly format, but I got hit with a baby ant invasion in the kitchen and all the duress that goes with cleaning it up.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Liquid Diet

This is the first whole day of only liquid intake in advance of tomorrow's medical procedure to probe me from both ends.

I had enough energy this morning to mount a 3' long wire mesh shelf in the bathroom so I can readily grab a fresh towel. On the perps's towel infatuation front, they had me purchase three new ones of similar color and style to the faithful three I have had for the past four years. Nearly a fresh towel for each day of the week, surely a sign that the perps are advancing their research on this front, for whatever means.

Back in 2005 they had me with 8 dissimilar towels of varying colors and patterns. It seems that this was too much for their infatuation game, as they reduced me down to three regular towels, all of the same make, color (almond white) and style. And so begins a new stage in their towel research initiative, three more towels of similar color and style, but from a different source. Exciting times for the towel energetics obsessed indeed.

Yesterday's hot weather was the putative reason only six came to yoga yesterday, though I find it difficult to make that logical connection as most everyone has air-conditioned vehicles from which they depart into air-conditioned buildings. And most curiously, all but me and one other located themselves in the far corner for some curious reason, as they weren't friends or a group. The E part of the room was empty, save for me.

One other male was in the class, he on heavy breathing and wheezing duty. Again, if he is that out of shape, what is he doing in an advanced yoga class?

And it was special brown color practice too; the blocks are made of agglomerated cork, and we got to pass the block from hand to hand, and hold it between our knees for various poses. I have never had so much block handling as this, and perhaps it is to augment the heightened brown color games that will surely culminate tomorrow, per above mentioned medical probing. Later in the yoga session, it was two brown agglomerated cork blocks each, and lo, if one of mind didn't de-agglomerate some and deposit cork crumbs on my mat.

The perps guided this mornings activities by shutting down my internet connection, now working just fine. The modem had the four green lights on, and yet no access. Such is how they routinely do business.

Back to live action after yesterday's visit to the hospital. The worst part was preparing for it, drinking these purgatory drinks, and then waiting most of the day for it to come out. Even the morning before the procedure, I would drink water and it would come out my ass 20 minutes later, almost like pee. Or I would go to the toilet to pee and it would come out my ass unexpectedly. Anyhow, I could go on at length over the perp's obsessions over all things brown, and especially that which is excreted. Suffice to say, I had at least three showers yesterday to clean up, and had to do laundry afterward.

They signaled their interest in shit on the Day of Infamy in 04-2002, when they invaded my apartment with an abusive high-tech show, after taking me somewhere else (while sedated mostly) and bringing me back. One of the intruders blew up a balloon and tied it up and then flushed the toilet and then had the swirling water in the toilet bowl take the balloon down the pipe, probably not far. It did back up upon later use, and it defied plunging, and so I had to use a plumber's snake to clear it. And to this day, I cannot believe I allowed someone I did not know to block the toilet in my presence. And lo, at the HD big box store a few days later, when looking for said plumber's snake, why, I met my workplace friend and his wife doing some shopping. Another designed coincidence it would seem.

And so, a colonoscopy, and the day of prior preparation, has to be the ultimate de-browning experience. And I was knowingly sedated for the first time in my life, and I have absolutely no recollection of the sedation coming on after they put the mouthpiece in for them to first do a gastroscopy. And prior to sedation the doctor tells me that there is a 1 in 200 chance they could puncture the bowel and I would need surgery. I wasn't allowed to pursure the topic, but if allowed, and if needing a colostomy, I would of told him to sedate me for good.

And when I came to, I was looking at a fuzzy screen (having no glasses on), and seeing this cavern being explored. Kind of like that sci-fi film, the Fantastic Voyage. Anyhow, mostly it looked OK, and some biopsy pieces were removed. No word on how that will turn out, but as usual, I will have to pursue it with the drop-in clinic to find out what the results were in a week or so. Though, there was some irritated stomach lining, and for that, yet another Rx, now at four each day.

A work day; weed eating, spraying some, patching ashphalt (bringing on extra HD motorcycle noise), gardening. It seems a bottle delivery intended for today, where we control single lane traffic, is now for tomorrow. That this flip-flopped at least 5x over the day is most curious, though such is not a new perp managed event. Aka "appointment disappointment", though I could not say that I had any emotional investment in it to care if it happened or not.

My work boots broke apart again, took them to the shoemaker who fixed them on the spot. He has my other pair of boots waiting in his shop from yesterday's visitation to pick up the boots I wore today.

And for some reason, the perps jerked me out of taking my cell phone with me today, but did allow me to have my wrist watch. For the past two months it has been mostly the other way around; impeccable recall to bring my cell phone every work day, and getting blotto-ed about bringing my watch. It would seem the perps want me to view the time from the cell phone most of all, with the odd day of telling the time from my watch. I have no idea why the perps are so obsessed over where I read the time from, but hasn't taken this form until this year, now at 13 years of insane abuse.

A wrap on this blog posting. There are some missing days, though I worked most of them to make up for two days down time with the above mentioned medical procedure. Nothing too dramatic, just the usual vexation about not being able to use my fingers the way that I want, and being rendered into a klutz prone victim. And so it goes.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Rain On

A very wet morning this Tuesday after a rare Monday off, and too, yoga class yesterday evening. I went to work at 0700h, per normal routine, but was text-ed to come back at 0900h. It is a 10 minute commute, so it wasn't a big deal to come back and deal with the few loose ends from yesterday. A loose end was that my boots and socks were filled with grass darts, those seeds with the barbs on them that have the amazing ability to go 6" down from the boot top. The socks are worse, and I haven't taken them on yet, sensing that it is best done outside, or even, after laundering when there is likely to be fewer of them. Though, the trick is to isolate them in a mesh bag so they don't send darts into the rest of the laundry.

I went to a local viticulture supplier to get tying wire for tying down the shoots onto the trellis wires, and they were a tan brown color. I didn't think anything about it until a few days later (read on). I got a row finished with these new ties, as I had run out of the (darker) brown spool tying wire. And lo, if I didn't get a phone call to pack brown cardboard boxes of wine, or re-pack and assemble the order on two pallets. More "browning around" as I see it.

As a member of the pallet packing crew of six today, I had plenty enough brown boxes to handle, pack into shipping boxes and also to break down the empty ones. I was a member of one of these events a few months ago, and there was considerable gangstalking to be on my tail or to wave fingers in my face etc. The gangstalking wasn't so aggressive as last time at this same location, but was plenty evident to me. I suppose this would be another case of brown boxstalking. Later I went to the vineyard to get tucking done, as many of the vines had fallen off the trellis wire and landed on the ground.

Finally, I get to resume the tying down work at the vineyard mentioned above, and lo, if the perps didn't pull a shit stunt that I will refrain from detailing. I wasn't allowed to know I needed to take a crap, and only found out at the end of the day. Said shit color was identical to the tying wire I was using, and yet the clean up was much darker. And so goes this game of "browning around" in all its infamy.

Long time readers will know that the day of the apartment invasion when they first outed themselves as the berserk/overt gang, one of the perps in my apartment put an inflated balloon into the toilet as it was being flushed. And lo, if I didn't "forget", and the toilet got blocked for reason, and it was quite the effort to get it unplugged. And so began 10 years of blocked toilets, and the assholes only gave this one a rest in late 2011, only to resurrect this stunt at a shared house.

06-07-2015 Sunday
My daughter's 25th birthday today, and I was allowed to send a card and small gift that got there in time, the Friday before the weekend. And due to adversities on two home furnishing web sites, I could not get a gift card in time, so I sent her $100 via interbank transfer. As it "happened" she phoned just was I was sending her the money online. (Her voice mail box was full and I had sent her an email to wish her a happy birthday). Later, it became apparent that the internet transfer did not occur; no error messages or pending transactions.

So I sent her another transfer a few hours later, and lo, it got through. Like WTF; who keeps organizing these "coincidences" of an intended money transfer recipient who "happens" to phone me at that very instant, then blocks the transfer? Last year the perps wiped my recall as to which day her birthday was, and it would not be anything that would forget on my own.

This is the eve of my impending colonoscopy and gastroscopy, and I am not to eat anything for two days. I call this the ultimate "debrowning event", as this color is of intense perp interest, and even after 13 years of intense vehicular gangstalking, they will only use a rare brown colored vehicle (0.5% or less). Though tan metallic brown colored vehicles are more common, say, 5% in a given day, often escorted by silver grey and white colored vehicles. They even use tan brown soil splattered vehicles sometimes, that is, tan brown soil (aka dirt) on a white vehicle. Then they modify the vehicle to have a white fabric canopy (matching the white painted steel body of the pickup truck), and also have the same tan brown splattered dirt on the canopy too. This happened today with two white vehicles behind it as a unsoiled color escort/color reference.

And too, one of the First Feral Family brothers had two prior colonoscopies, though it is of the kind that everything gets flushed out.

And it was major hot day today, the 36C temp (96.8F) is uncommon for June. Three years ago I was digging out my winter gear at this time of year as it was raining every other day, and with added cold winds.

And in my new-found (since 2010) ability to withstand hot temperatures, I was just fine outside, sensing it was like a warm oven, and not wilting or becoming mind numbed due to the heat. Everyone else was talking up how hot it was and unbearable it was, and that I best find jobs inside. I was fine, though I was sure to take some electrolytes in my water bottle. Formerly, I wilted at 26C and became functionally useless due to the heat. I suppose I have the perps to thank, and this "new feature" ranks highly along with the age regression to about 35 y.o or so, and keeping my hair and its original color. Not bad for being 60 y.o., though no Dorian Gray high living lifestyle, which might be a good thing.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Eye Stinging

Tuesday, and the start of a new blog postings week. Yesterday's yoga was back with the effervescent pixie instructor, always a kind sight to the eyes, and ever helpful and positive. As mentioned many times, the spine bending and twisting in yoga seems to be paramount to the perp's objectives, and so a little precis below on the arranged acts in yesterday's yoga class.

The tall girl was placed next to me, 4' away on the W; she seems to be some kind of anchor or I don't know what. I don't find her attractive nor unattractive, save her proficiency in yoga, far better than mine.

A new blonde girl 5' away to the E; definitely more alluring, mostly because she was new and her hair strategically fell over her face to prevent me from seeing her in a single look.

One other male, who should of been in a beginners class, so pathetic was he, thankfully mostly obstructed by other yogis.

About 12 yogis in the room, not crowded, but borderline full. No clashing hands or other inter-mat.neighbor contact.

Other stuff in the day;
an onset of intense eye stinging at work in the vineyard, came on for an hour at least, and was fairly debilitating and infuriating. I get these every now and then, and they make no sense whatsoever, save teleportational abuse. Or if you prefer, action-at-a-distance fuckery. The excuse of sun block streaming down my forehead into my eyes does not apply, as I never put sunblock there, having learned of this trick some 8 years ago.

I was busy yesterday and today on shoot thinning, and for once, seem to be getting it done with some reasonable speed, per employers perspective, even if it is all about, "getting it done" mode. It seems that the employer lapses into an expectation that a task is to be "done" once assigned; that is, there is a impatiences component.

Yesterday in the vineyard, some ball-cap-backwards dude comes from nowhere, and from 10' away says "hi". I reply "hi", being surprised that he was there and got that close without me hearing anything. Then he looks at the ground and walks toward me some 5', and I was wondering what he was coming at me for. Then he stops, and says, "I am looking for a job". To which I say, "there is none here at this vineyard", and he says "thanks", turns around and heads back in the direction from which he came. Like WTF; why would any sane person do this? He did nothing to say what kind of job, and didn't elaborate on his vineyard tending (or other) skills, assuming that was what this episode was about.

I finished 2.5 days of shoot thinning at long last; though it seems that the vine shoots are coming in new as soon as my back is turned. I review my work of the previous week and it seems that I wasn't there.

Now onto tucking the vine shoots into the space between the posts, held in by the trellis wires. On most vineyards, the trellis wires are removable and the placement of the wire can be used to tuck a 20' section (between posts) in one pass. The time consuming alternative is to tuck each shoot in, one by one.

Saturday, and the plan was to go back to work to expedite tucking at this particular phase of vine shoot growth. Though, a text message from the boss lady indicated that I wasn't to come to work as they are doing spraying. I had my haircut and all the usual subsequent perp extra attention; gangstalking, both ambulatory and vehicular when driving.

I got hit with a 2 hour nap attack, starting at 1100h. Again, no sleep deficit, and before all this abusive insanity broke in 04-2002, I NEVER, EVER needed a nap at that time of day.

A familiar nap attack onset ramp up too. Feeling a little sleepy, but not a lot, they have me do some web surfing first, and then it builds up to the point I have a micro-nap, my head falling on my chest and snapping me awake. After a few of those, then the overwhelming urge to lie down, which cannot be countered by any means that I know. For these mid day naps all I want at most is an hour, so what they do is wake me after an hour, have me look at the clock, but keeping me prone, and then the next thing is that it is two hours (or more). And with naps over an hour I feel totaled, fogged and clogged, which then sets the mood for the rest of the day.

And what is with app downloads from Google Play? They don't come to the desk top now, and they don't come to the phone, and there is no choice as to download destination, and so the app goes nowhere. Or at least, until I complain about it.

One of my long standing beefs with Windows is finding where the desktop download went to. So it seems that someone must know about it, and has now exploited the download destination FUD to make it even more obscure and isn't too fussed about the user inconvenience of looking for it, and even sending emails to the support desk.

I did some tanning outside on the lawn beside my place, this being a backyard nanny suite. Replete with vehicular noise, save the odd aircraft. The hot-rod muffler noise, the HD motorcycle noise etc. with one following the next. I was allowed to at least block my ears, but the perps have methods to drive the noise through all the same. Very often, with my ears plugged and hearing noise coming through, I lift my fingers from my ears and lo, the apparent noise has suddenly changed its characteristics and is still at the same volume level.

And what is it about making plans the perps must mess with? I had planned to take the glass bottles to the recycle plant, and then the above mentioned nap attack took precedence. Then lunch, then tanning outside and now I get reminded that I forgot, after the closing time of the recycle plant. Thanks a bunch.

And what is it about the perps and their need to have people close in on me unnoticed at first? Where I had my hair cut, I was the only customer among five stations. I accept the offer to get my hair washed, and vacate my chair at the work station to get it washed. Not only was there an intense parade while I was there, (e.g. tattoos, unnatural hair colors, big girls etc.), when I returned to the work station, there were three others getting their hair cut, all arranged around me. Like WTF; all three of them declined to get their hair washed it would seem, and all three arrived there within the three minutes that I had vacated my chair.

Ditto for yoga earlier; I do a back stretch before class had begun, doing exercises to warm up. There was hardly any other yogis in the room, though mats were down, and in the high strangeness of the yoga-stalk, they come in, place their mats and take off for some reason. I come out of the stretch, and do a counter stretch. I try this back stretch again, head pointed backwards and upside down and not monitoring my proximity, and when I come out of it all (four, inside of two minutes) my mat neighbors are at their mats. All too strange, these arranged proximity fill-ins.

I best get this posted, even if a short posting as I don't want this to become a month long report.