Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Onto Hand Numbing

I got an early get-up time from the perps, about 0700h, something uncommon. Perhaps it was to give them more time to infuriate me with a different sounding voice every time I vocalize my complaints. (Translated, that means rant at the assholes for flicking crumbs about, foiling me in picking up said crumbs, holing my jeans, dumping both shampoo and conditioner onto the floor when in the shower, flicking water about in the bathroom, pulling objects from my hand and the rest of the litany of extra-gravitational abuse they deliver as a matter of course, though I would never call it "normal".)

And the street noise that is "normal" for 0800h was advanced all the way to 0500h when I was awakened just to hear their latest sound combination with a major seagull flock that squawked for over half an hour. The fact that there is no such population of seagulls around here, or anywhere for them to roost doesn't matter in this continuing game of fake-it-sometimes-but-not-others. Just who the perps think is watching is another question I have not yet found an answer to. I can still "talk down" the road traffic noise; if the outside city two lane street sounds like high speed freeway, I then go to the window, and in seeing the dearth of road traffic, I start asking where all the noise is coming from, and then the freeway noise subsides in short order. If only I really knew what my psychic powers were, assuming they have not been irradiated out of me in the first place.

And as I was allowed/scripted to take on laundry this morning, the above thesis on why the extra harassment this morning makes sense. And as part of the arrangement, they also had more molding pulled off the walls, and the lights turned off outside the elevators on the way to the laundry room. And there were white plastic chads at strategic locations in the hallway; the corner where I make a turn, outside the elevator doors, and outside the laundry room door. And as part of the deal, I got a sustained red plasma orb on my left side when re-entering the laundry room, as a day-glo orange colored box of Tide had "arrived" and was placed on the right side to "balance out" the red color plasma assault that lasted a few seconds. Regular readers will know that the perps have a total obsession over all things related to laundry, and may well be backing my out-of-town brother's acquisition and now operation of a commercial laundry. (Then later in the day, a gangstalker was packing his jug of laundry detergent in hand, having removed it from his shopping bag.)

More well timed phone calls; a marketing phone call at the instant I am about to send an email, now twice in two days. As, mentioned, I suspect the phone reciever can be co-opted for perp energetics assay use as there is an active electromagnetic field when connected.

Another trend that I will briefly introduce is "guitar stalking"; having their operatives packing guitars around, in a backpack or even without. I also get plenty of exposure to this instrument on web pages, and naturally, more that I am listening to Youtube these days.

Hallway coughing with simultaneous glass bottle bashing, and outside bus noise- at threeway noise and vibration confluence

This was a yoga-then-gym workout day, and there were plenty of goings on to let me know that I was watched, gangstalked and the rest of the mandatory "viewing" (exposed to specific events, noises etc.) Then a nap attack again at 1700h for an hour. As always, I had no need for the sleep, and I have no choice in accepting that incursion.

I got my regular granny stalking at the gym, and lo, if the perps aren't putting on a regular one at this end, my apartment when I returned. This is a four times "hangaround" (no cover story) granny with puffy yellow-white hair, sucking on the ubiquitous cigarette as they nearly always do. (Even outside the gym today, the perps put on a cigarette sucking gangstalking biddie which looked totally absurd in the context, and I am sure that is what they wanted to convey.)

The infernal Oak Bay Fire Department had one of their red vehicles parked next to the entrance to the recreation center; this is their fourth event of having their vehicles proximate to the recreation center when I am there or arriving. Nice to know those LEO's are good for something, and I wonder what is in it for them as a department, and individually.

This E. facing apartment is lit up like a Christmas tree from "reflections" from a condo tower at least 400' away. Translated; it is the cover story of illuminating my apartment from unusual sources at the time of day (dusk) when the perps put on most of their games. The beaming started over two hours ago, and this current flavor of lighting is of a yellowish cast. There are certain colors of light that perturb me, and the assholes are still going through their color chart is would seem. Just to think, they created these anomalous or traumatization responses in my developmental years, and five decades later they are still dicking around to figure out what they did. Not my problem, just fuck off as I am doing fine, and even better without constant perp intrusions.

Unfortuneately, this elementary logic doesn't get any response, which leads me to think the perps have big plans for me, as why else would they keep persisting in unravelling their own psychic mess? The hospitals are full of past victims of perp sponsored abuse IMHO; ritual abuse and multiple personality disorder are two significant abuse vectors with a high correlation to organized perp operations, and then there is all the rest; cruelty, sexual abuse etc. The perps cannot get enough of human psychic stressing; me as one example, and the litany of other TI's and above mentioned abuse.

And speaking of remuneration for aiding the perps, the workout class manager is getting six weeks off to tour England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. What a fluke, my parents are from the first two countries mentioned, and they even did Ireland last year. Ms. C from my story did a trip to Ireland as well, and there have been others in my sphere who have gone on an extended holiday as part of the harassment and fuckover games. Lucky them; I wonder if the perps ever tell them the last time I went on holiday was over 11 years ago, thank to their machinations and jerkarounds, and now, financial dependence on "disability" payments.

Yesterday, I mentioned an Italian aspect of the perp's geographic interest; I suspect that at least one of my parent's British lineage goes back to the Romans, via the occupation of Britain in early 100's BCE. And as many of the so-called "friends" and family have visited Rome and northwards, there seems to be an inordinant visiting consistency to this region (Tuscany, Lombardy, Venice, Milan and Florence). Suffice to say, I don't have it all worked out, and as always, I am the last to know.

I got the now usual full gangstalk press at the front door of the apartment when I got back. First the above mentioned granny, then a herd of four males in formation coming at me on the sidewalk, then a gaggle of six Asians standing outside the building, then another demographically comparable gaggle of Asians inside the building in the lobby, then one asshole who tailed me in from the street from a 100' away who "joined me" in the elevator in his brown pants, and then brown skinned dude "erupted: from the manager's office clutching an empty white plastic bag, while I had the same kind in hand, packing groceries. No negros at the door this time, only brown skinned (Asian) gangstalkers. Probably a total of 30 gangstalkers on me when approaching and entering the apartment, then unusual elevator delays, and then the two dudes (one in brown pants, the other in brown skin with the empty plastic shopping bag) gangstalking me in the elevator, one getting out ahead of me, one afterward in the now familiar pattern, same as yesterday. There is absolutely no consistency among the lobby and elevator gangstalking personnel, leading me to surmise that none of them live here, and that I might be the only tenant/inmate in a 12 story apartment building, which appeared to be the case at the last tower I lived in, 2005 to 08-2006.

Even my residence in 2004 to 2005, in a four story stick-built building, the perps pulled the adjacent neighbors out, likely owing to the strong irradiation at the time, and now it is substantially greater, such that they won't allow me to go hiking for three hours, as they cannot adequately monitor me in this situation. And I suspect, that physical activity dissipates the irradiation, and the perps cannot afford, as they see it, to have me lose my irradiative density, as they then crank me with severe vision impairments when they compensate for a significant loss. Hence the yoga, and the constraints on using the treadmill (not allowed) at the recreation center.

Still suffering keystroke sabotage, even after a reprieve from Youtube, and listening to the 1960's performers in the UK, Marianne Faithfull.

Time to call this a blog posting, and hope that it actually posts, instead of "hanging up" as some recent posts have.

Back in the 1970's when writing computer code for my employer, I would fix bugs, and then recompile to find the identical runtime bugs. And I could not figure out while my recompiles weren't working when it surely was changed. Now I know, the spoofers were in the background playing stunts to check my recall, as well as their game of "dashed expectations", one of the perp's favorite setup jerkarounds.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Into Another Week

I am back at my place again after a stayover at the First Feral Family. My ex and my daughter came for dinner, and so the feints and games continued. As I am now the official roast carver, I took on the job amidst all the usual clutter in my parent's kitchen. And lo, if a plate hadn't been overwarmed, and was placed beside me while doing this task. As mentioned, the perps have a total obsession over eating and digesting beef, and had me off this food item through some staged events since 1978 or so. This is my once per week exposure to beef. And the hot plate serves as adding extra energetics in my proximity, all the better to analyse those coming from me.

Then on the cold front as it "so happened", my daughter burned her arm at work that day, and it was sore and a frozen gel pack was "needed" at the table; again, the perps just love to setup proximate temperature differentials. And they always put on extra gangstalkers at the freezer cases at the supermarket, so it doesn't take much to figure out what the real story is.

The dinner went OK, but I am not allowed much to say, as the "social leper" imperative seems to be continuing as a perp theme of how I am to interact with anyone. There were a few odd events; my wife remarked on my "new blue jeans", which were over a year old and were faded to light blue in short order, as mentioned in a recent past blog. And that was a segue (aka elicitation) for me to detail the current accelerated wear of my jeans, and how it has mysteriously progressed each day this week.

I also learned that some former friends are touring in Italy, Tuscany no less, and are not enjoying their holiday as it is so incredibly hot there. This is the same couple that went to Turkey at least a decade before, and if memory serves me, they made two visits over a span of some four years. In past blogs, and in the Essential Postings, I have noted that the perps have a geographic component to this harassment, and many family and friends have made vacation trips that seemed totally out of character in the past. But as it "so happens", I read that the Estruscans of Tuscany were originally from Turkey going back to the time before the Romans. (And I don't need to be reminded as to how many Turkey stories there are of late). My ex and daughter were in Italy last summer, and another family member was also dispatched there two years ago. All very strange to say the least. The only time I have visited Italy was in 1977 as a student taking a year off from college. So, in other words, my surrogates get the holidays while I get the ongoing harassment; another kick in the head from the thankless assholes running my life.

My father was on his usual intensifed evening-time gangstalking program; getting up just before or after the TV remote was used, walking across the IR beam path. Amazing timing and consistency for someone who "has" Alzheimer's. As in not, IMHO, it is an act, and there are plenty of "tells" each time I visit. He got up from watching the TV at least 20 times, and put on this pacing routine that was remarkably consistent, and always made sure he was seen through the doorway, and loitered there for me to see all or part of him. These partial viewings of the shills and operatives are also a highly arranged deal.

This morning, while driving in, there were two identically navy blue colored vehicles in front of me, the closest one was offsetting to the curb side so a third of the further one could be consistently seen. Then at the junction of another street, they split apart with a lane between them, where I was obliged to travel until the next traffic light. Then, a short time later after making a left turn, one of them "happened" to end up in front of me again, this time S. bound instead of W. bound.

And in keeping with the current perp obsession over brown, another negro gangstalked me into the front door and into the elevator. The negro apartment egress gangstalking is now at the 60% rate, which is just amazing for a negro population of less than one percent in this city. What this means to the perps I cannot be sure, but it suggests that this is related to the perp's brown color problem, and all associated events such as continuing sabotage while taking a shit, and all other matters related to that color. Not my problem, so why am I being relentlessly harassed over it, with abetting law "enforcement" personnel?

Other brown games were also scripted at my parent's place; there is the usual brown coffee, bread and peanut butter, but today, they put on a 4 point male (=brown) deer in the neighbor's yard, dining on their apple tree that had the protective chicken wire fence prematurely removed. Just another example on how far ahead (>6 months) these stunts are planned.

I also got the conversation setup routine from my mother when driving into downtown this morning; she starts on hybrids and then morphs it into hydrogen, and how these fueling stations are getting pulled out after being promoted as part of the "hydrogen highway" stretching from California by the premier four months ago. It was hard to believe her version of the events was true, as at present there is only one production vehicle that burns that fuel, the limited edition BMW. The real point of this "conversation" was that it was an elicitation, as she wasn't remotely interested in my response. And as I read daily news on alternate automotive powertrain technology, it wasn't a big stretch to know that she was talking about something she had no personal interest in, and was only about having me speak to this topic for which I have been groomed. Hence, I don't have conversations, I get only elicitations in this scripted existence.

Then more mind-fuck games also were laid on me when I got back; "forgetting" where the food and utensil items are stored in my kitchen, opening the wrong cupboard, drawer, fridge etc. These particular fuckover stunts get me screamingly infuriated (per mind-controlled "reaction") as there is no way that I "forget" where I store these items after the first day of moving in, and now it has been three months and still these "forget fucks" are continuing.

It is thumpy time; a sudden "eruption" of slamming doors from the hallway, as if there was a generalized exodus planned, a la putative boarding house, the last residence location. The amount of herd movements has gone up of late, and it isn't hard to do with thousands on the payroll as it seems. (And for that obsevation I got the siren noise). The typo sabotage is getting extreme; entering in the same wrong keystrokes three times in succession never happened before, and it that isn't blatant mind-control, then it must be a new clinical affliction that no one has heard about. As in Not, as there is so much fuckery invested in the shrink's bible, the DSM IV, the perps want to be sure that all their mind-fuck routines have a clinical cover story, and can dispatch anyone they want to an incarcerated existence. Getting their intended victims to hospital for "accidents" is another trick that I suspect they play.

The diversions of Youtube I have come to learn come with a price, the perp instignated events. There is the "usual" background noises of road traffic, sirens etc. but of late, they have added poppings and clicks of the headphones, both ears simultaneously, the odd loud beeping, and degraded pixellated imagery. I am sure they have more to impose than that, as the strategy seems to be that they want me to like it enough to suffer through all their games, as they are incrementally introduced.

More lighting games while nearing dusk; an orb of light, in the guise of an extremely bright reflection off a wondow in the tower opposite, some 120' away, is beaming into my room, and is trained on my eye. Moving around some didn't help either, but somehow, the flimsy curtains is blocking the light. More bizarre stunts, and all part of the intensified Monday games that are continuing.

I made an afternoon trip to the supermarket nearby; what a zoo it was, and that was on the street before I got out the door. They put two fuckers on me in the elevator, one leading ahead of me, another behind me, and the first one also preceded me down the street. The rose red shirt act again, and the goofy plastic carrying bag.

Then onto the store, where a very slow walking overdressed woman in a dark olive long coat and a brown wool shaw (a hot and cloudless day) was running interference on me getting in the front door. "Somehow", I "needed" to get ahead of her and then cut in front, being controlled to behave like a hyperactive perp thuggy dude.

Then when in the store, the stack of baskets was empty, and a woman operative was on bendover duty, while a guy stood around, "basking" in her glow. Every location I went to had two or more operatives, and most of these "teams" then moved after the first encounter, so to "show up" yet again. I got a dithering brown skinned dude with the shopping basket in front of me who knew somehow to take a U-turn in front of me without knowing I was there and miss me. The blonde woman and the skinhead dude (favored and unfavored demographic) where hovering over the spring water, and later the skinhead "showed up" in the aisle where I purchased dish soap. Then at the till, the brown skinned dude showed up again to hover about, "looking at" the magazines. I have never seen so many shoppers interupt their "shopping" to then loiter at the checkouts while I am there. And usually it is the most predominant aisle gangstalker.

At the checkout I got the "hold up"; another operative needed to talk to the cashier at length, while another nearby brown skinned cashier with a grotesque dye job on her hair was reviewing some paperwork. Then a woman with a single brown paper wrapped loaf (seemingly) came behind me and ensured that my groceries were "exposed" to her item which was kept off the belt, so to create a distance dependency brown color energetics testing opportunity as my groceries travelled on the belt while hers remained stationary. The cashier took at least two phone calls while ringing up my groceries, and by then I was treated to another ugly green tatoo show on the arms of an operative/gangstalker in the next checkout, and finally an executive skinhead as an additional gangstalker to lead me out of the store. (This is the second full arm green tatoo job at the checkout at that store in the past two visits).

And in the 30 seconds before and while making my payment by debit card, at least four women gangstalkers suddenly arrived in the lineup. As always, I was glad to get out of there, where I got my negro gangstalker in the adjacent parking lot, instead of the apartment entrance. And I got another two gangstlkers on my tail when returning to the building and in the elevator, one in an atrocious pink trackwear outfit that I was glad to see the end of. That shopping trip was no longer than 10 minutes, and would of been shorter if not for the obstacle course of gangstalker clusters and mid-aisle displays and the checkout games.

And more food availibility games in the deli case at the supermarket; no guacamole for the second time in a week when they have plenty as a rule, and the same for tapenade, the identical two unstocked items as last time. I have bought both of these regularly, every week, for the past year at the same store, and "suddenly" both are absent in two successive visitations. The substitute last time was kale pesto, but because it has become such a perp game with "leaking" green dyed olive oil all over the kitchen, I didn't want it any more. And it is no coincidence that the perps have also been increasing the dark green vehicle color gangstalking of late.

Time to call it a day, and hope the usual Monday imposed sleeplessness isn't prescribed.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Browser Crash and Phone Call Confluence

The perps crashed my Firefox browser session, and then blocked the Restore Session dialog box when I got it back up. And at that moment of swearing at the assholes over this intrusion, they scheduled the usual Sunday phone call with my mother over later arrangements for me to get to her place. Then the church bells started up again, another one of those "coincidence" events that has been known to "erupt" on cue, even if not Sunday. More noises joined the fray while composing this litany of annoyances, including the chirping tire noises the perps like to script.

All in a morning's harassment, and it isn't over yet.

One jerkaround of many that set me off earlier was the planted misperception while reading; the mind controlled me read (mispercieved) "hated" for "rated" and when I trapped the error and re-read the line, the noisestalking started up. This life is a constant assault on the senses, down to the smallest of details, and that includes one's vision, as there is nearly always aberrant images formed by the ongoing plasma and maser show, and now, an object can be rendered distorted or anomalous when in fact it isn't, as the perps now can isolate an object in my visual field and misrepresent it, and not anything else. Another long running stunt that is getting greater airtime is adding colored plasma "features" to extant objects in a fleeting manner.

One example of a momentary planted plasmic (visual) aberration this morning was adding a mid-brown streak into my dark brown hair while I was looking in the mirror, though engaged in another activity. And when I looked again (trapping the "error"), this seeming anomalous streak of hair color was gone. And it so happens, it replicated the very modification of one of the regular yoga class member's hair of a week ago. This woman had the same colored brown streak dyed into her jet black hair, as it was clearly not an momentary plasmic aberration. Anyhow, I don't know much about her, but as she attends both yoga and strength training, I see her more often than other "class members", and the prescribed social interaction arrangement she has with me is the all too-typical friendly/unfriendly deal. Another one of those who seem to be highly mercurial for reasons that are not entirely clear except by orchestration. And as with any of the more regular shills/operatives, the game, meaning planted thought pattern, is to figure out if this is someone I know but in morph-over form.

And this has become a big deal for the perps, though they put me through it for whatever reasons that aren't clear to me.Sometimes, I (or the mind-controlled me) will recognize some familiar features of someone I know in a passing ambulatory gangstalker operative. Usually, if "I" make a reasonable deduction, the operative in question will stop, turn their head away, or otherwise engage in a subtle pose to signify my recognazince. And this "recognition" may well be planted too. But in any event, it is clear that this is some kind of ongoing game to elicit some kind of neural energetic response that the perps are looking for. Since they can morph anyone into any form, except perhaps across genders, it is clear to me that I may be looking at someone I know in a different form, or the similarities are planted, and it is an erroneous deduction. Either way, the game carries on, and the reality is that I cannot really be bothered as to who is pretending to be who, or if that is in fact valid. But there is one consistent woman that is utilized, starting with the Ms. C and Ms. L of the story, one black haired and overweight, the latter blonde and underweight, who are likely the same person, just in different guises. And it could well be that she is also utilized in many of the ongoing gangstalking arrangements, either in public or my activity classes. Again, if left to me, it is a "who cares" issue, as I cannot prove anything in this respect.

My two brothers' features are often "telegraphed", given characteristic features that signify it is them, (or likely so) and in a final over-the-top flagrant morphed-over event, the "character" is then retired. (For example, a hair color change for the same gangstalker, grey to brown). And as it "so happens", "I" (as in mind-controlled and constrained me), never bring this topic up with them when I see them next. Or, if allowed, then my questioning skills are comprimised as well as any other analytical capabilities by "failing" to look at them while answering the question. This never happened before, and so the absence of interogation skills is another (new) tip-off that the party in question may well have been that smirking rube on the hiking trail last week.

The former swim club thought-to-be colleagues are another group from which like-featured gangstalkers are morphed from, and if it were left to me, I wouldn't bother with any of this speculative bullshit that I have been burdened with.

A two hour session of forced awakeness and agitation in flipping my head side to side and repositioning my feet, hands, and legs before being allowed to go to sleep last night. As part of the deal I was treated to street hollaring noise from outside, as well as the special noise stunts from the supposed city traffic.Why the perps started this up on a Saturday night instead of the usual Monday night I don't know, but they do like to change up any regular events should I be allowed to notice a consistent periodicity.

Another swearing stream over all the incursions imposed over making lunch; non-stop vocalization while the noisescape of continues at greater volume outside. It never ends; the perps biggest play is to piss me of and have me "complain" all the way up to rage-ification.

And in conjunction with the above vocalizations, the underwear hem flipping started up. As I have been constrained in using the black colored acrylic fabric underwear for the past 10 months, the perps now are expanding their experimentation to black cotton underwear. This "new" harassment/experimentation vector is accompanied by these constant games of flipping the hems back and forth, the underwear being under my jeans. As mentioned in past blogs, the assholes have a total obsession over clothing color, mine and everyone proximate to me. And the current bad-girl starlets of celebrity fame who aren't always wearing their underwear in public, just may be unwittingly aiding this current perp obsession over under clothing energetics research from a distance. The world is more connected than we know, and in my case, allowed to know.

Time to blog off for the day, as the Sunday pickup by my parent's is imminent, and their PC is too hopeless (by design) to continue with blogging from there. And I am almost falling asleep as I write this, but hopefully no more nap attacks like this past week.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rumble On

The overhead rumbling noise has started up; it is an emulation of a very loud sliding glass door, of hyperactive use (back and forth), and one that moves to a location overhead wherever I am in my apartment. Some door, that.

And, it is a regular dull Saturday; brilliant sun outside, and I am "disinclined" to go anywhere, though getting a newspaper might be the big outing of the afternoon.

I attended to the recyclable garbage which is accessed on the ground floor through outside doors. I had a young blonde woman to accompany me (aka gangstalk) me in the elevator and out the front door. Then, in accordance with the perp's drive to have me "escorted" by negroes at the front door, one was posted there when I returned some minutes later.

Dealing with the recyclables got extra complicated as the perps knocked out the lighting in the enclosed room (with sprung door hinges), and so I was obliged to unload the items by feel into two containers from this recycling bag that is supplied to the tenants. (And that I see other gangstalkers also carrying as a "general purpose" bag). Fortuneately it wasn't the disaster it could of been, smashing glass and all. And outside these doors was parked a light metallic tan (light brown) Taurus station wagon, identical in model to the one my ex-wife had for a year or so. Why an apartment resident would park their vehicle in a tow-away situation doesn't add up, as there were plenty of other vacant stalls, some of them for visitors. But as it was really another case of vehicular gangstalking, it makes perfect sense, and I wouldn't doubt if it was there all morning in readiness for my entry to the garbage room. So far, light metallic brown is the most brown color that the perps want to expose me to at any length. And don't ask what that means, because I don't really know.

Other hijinx so far were the daily accelerated wear of the seat of my jeans; they are now holed, and weren't yesterday, so this accelerated wear isn't sticking to the cover story of coming out of the laundry with a larger hole, but is happening overnight. That one is new, and as I type this the overhead rumbling has started up; and noisestalkable moment, exposing blatant sabotage online.

Another stunt was to intercept my power bill last month, and have the utility give me a "must pay now" notice, a game that has been played a few times before. What the perp's objective is from this stunt is unknown to me, and this is so juvenile that I am not going to distinguish it with any speculations. As far as I can tell, they did not inflate the power usage, something that has also happened twice before. Another perp signature, jerking with power (electricity) bills, all the more bizarre and ironic from the hands of an organization that can extract limitless power from the vacuum, while the rest of us pay for it, never mind the complex delivery infrastructure as well as generation, mostly hydroelectric here.

Another game of late has been to freeze-up sensation on the right side of my right hand, the one on the mouse. This has been going on for days now, and when I take my hand off the mouse and flex it to rid the numbing sensation, the noisestalking starts up, most everytime.

More overhead rumbling, and this is the post-dinner digestion period, one that holds boundless fascination for the perps.

Earlier, I was "napped" again; made to lie down at ~1700h for an hour long nap. I cannot recall if this is the fourth or fifth this week. They occur at the same time, leave me "wasted", aka bozo-ified for an hour, and then cooking or reheating dinner immediately follows, no online interim activity, and no journalling in my book.

And dinner got to be a battle with the assholes, simple as it was; at one point they opened up the tortilla in my hand, then forced it into my face, and then held it there for a second. There was nothing I could do until unfrozen, and that was swearing at them, something they like me to do with food in my mouth. Anyhow, it tells me that the perps are sucking wind in their scientific research games, especially that this is now over five years on of direct and interventional harassment. Why don't they ram food into their own operatives and test them, some of who do some very strange things for the perps anyhow, the ones that I see in public.

More diversions in Youtube, with the noisescape going in the background with the headphones on. Time to blog off, and call this day done.

An aerial picture; this one on a residential tower, and has been for decades, with some additions in the last two years. The flat panel aerial (white from the other side) has always been there, and I have never seen anything like it anywhere else.

Friday, July 27, 2007

On With the Pseudosweats

Another day of sunshine, and I was awakened twice before 0715h to "have a look", meaning mind-controlled to look at the balcony window and see if, or look at, the sunrise beaming in this east facing apartment. Very exciting moments for the perp research I suppose, but if I never, ever had such awakenings before the harassment started in earnest in 2002, why am I getting these now? The answer is real simple; as there is no end of harassment and gangstalking scenarios set up with respect to lighting source, sun azimuth, shade conditions etc., this is just one more event in the miasma of being fucked with (aka life control), totally, uttterly, and relentlessly.

Now that I have unloaded my "piss and vinegar" notions for the moment, what is new and different today? I need to do the Chicken Run sometime soon, that notorious gangstalking gauntlet of going to the grocery store and buying my usual mealtime protein source, hot, cooked chicken, in particular, the free range selection. And of late, I am finding that there are no whole chickens of this type when there was for the last two years (same grocery store), but only half chickens. Which begs the question, who is eating the other half? My parents, brothers, or the associated characters of my story, some of whom may have been in morphover form at the time, and who continue to do so, even in my four exercise classes each week.

Of course I can never be sure who is the real deal, or who might be a morphover doppelganger. If they can "modify" some of the characters in my past to only be taller, or shorter, or similar, who is to say they can't make the same person totally different, or heaven forbid, change gender? I have seen individuals who I strongly suspect of being temporarily racially modified, e.g. change of skin tone, and facial features consistent with the racial profile, but otherwise the same; height, build, comportment, and general head and face size. Also at the same usual gangstalking location that the operative usually stalks me. And there was one clear example of a "brownover" last week; same person, just brown skinned.

And I also have reflected on the rehearsals that the other players attend, and in order to have an effective event, it would be likely that they have a doppelganger of me, one who is also going through the same script that I would follow.

And it is interesting, upon "reflectance" (read, planted thoughts) that in my story, that Ms. C and Ms. L were mostly mutually exclusive; I hung around with one, and had dropped the other. For a scattered two weeks or so, I was seeing both. (The lesson being, that having two women on the go is not worth the trouble- righteous prudes these perps at times). Then when Ms. L bailed on me, Ms. C "became" a staunch friend, on the basis of some flimsy and unconvincing romantic interests. But as a mind-controlee, I wasn't allowed to see that discontinuity then, and was "enraptured" by her return to the fold, even if I was circumspect. Anyhow, it was all very complicated, and there are a few tip offs in each case, possibly "gimmes", that indicated that they each knew way more of what was going on than I did. Enough on this topic, as I doubt if my story will get many readers, and these references are what I call too "self focussed", and won't enlighten readers to the current goings on, which are germane to all TI's.

All of the above earned me plenty of selective noisestalking; tractor trailer honkings and seagulls mewing, the low and high frequency sounds that the perps like to play concurrently. And overhead tapping noise, one that has replaced that of the external sourced contruction noise of the same beat and timbre.

The all-time stunt for brown color variation was when I was hiking once. A party of four came toward me in file, the lead woman doing the "look away" act while walking directly toward me, and behind her were twin adult Asian males in identical outfits, one in light blue, and the one behind him in all brown. It was hilarious; shirts and shorts were the same color, almost as if a suit, and these twin males in identical outfits, and different colors. That was close to 18 months ago when I was allowed to hike then, instead of this more stationary activity level. This would be another example of how the perps were testing my energetics to clothing colors on two individuals with the same genetic makeup and of Asian origin. I cannot recall the fourth party member as the Asian "twin male doll show" was so astounding. See yesterday's blog for a mention of light blue and brown color goings on.

The Chicken Run was done, all four minutes of transit time each way to the supermarket. And everything was arranged; first off was a tractor-trailer unit with a load of copper pipe and a load of galvanized steel conduit (pipe). According to the advanced researchers, these shapes, especially in abundance, convey extra-conventional gravitational energies. And the perps like placing mass around me (tractor trailer flatbed included), and also having large amounts of metals, more than one is a bonus. Said tractor trailer should of been still unloading when I got back, but it was gone. Instead, I got a pod (~5) of gangstalking operatives, the nonworking males, were arranged to be walking the opposite direction. And at the entrance to the apartment, I got the token negro gangstalking; entering the building now begets a 50% "chance" of a negro gangstalking. I think there are now at least 10 differing negros in this apartment building, going by the gangstalking scene, a highly aberrant statistic for the number in this city, less than 1% by my reckoning.

And one of my two in-building gangstalking males that sprang out from behind the mail boxes yesterday to then gangstalk me entering while exiting also "showed up" again. Today, the fucker was walking past the apartment building entrance when yesterday he appeared as a resident. Hilarious, and likely a "gimme"; as in logical discontinuity testing. Meaning, that "I" somehow "didn't notice" this anomalous behavior when it actually occured, when I once always did. Translated, the perps can now mind control me out of identifying anomalous public behavior among their shills and operatives. More grim news to say the least.

And it was a granny and white haired gangstalk fest at the supermarket today. That demographic of gangstalker or shill got plenty of stalktime, and especially at the checkout where they put on four dithering dipshits to loiter about, fussing with their groceries and purses.

The perps were well prepared for my visit; the stocking cart full of brown corrugated cardboard boxes was jammed against the stack of black plastic shopping baskets. Then two gangstalkers were on me at the cooked chicken display, one doing the ubiquitous nose rubbing, and again at the chocolate section, one male made a point of walking in my tracks when it was more logical not to. Then onto the peanut butter section where my usual brand was "plastic stalked". A red plastic milk delivery crate was placed immediately in front of the peanut butter, all to provide more detail on red plastic and brown color EFA's (essential fatty acids) energetic interactions. Not my problem, so why am I being harassed over it?

To complete the brown color show, I also bought the usual sprouted wheat tortillas, brown in color. Normally I have at least four gangstalkers all around me for this event, today none. Then once the package of the tortillas was in my shopping basket, the yellow jacketed old dude swept by with his shopping cart, and I was back in Gangstalkland, only one second of reprieve.

I got the "social leper" treatment from the cashier, not the usual response, but it is all a game, down to crafting and scripting social interactions at the subsecond level as I have come to know. No big deal, and I was even treated to a facsimilie of an arm's length of green tatoos on the inside of her arm. I should also add tatoos into the demographic mix of unfavored sights/objects, as I don't really care for them. And because of that, the perps then go absolutely nuts in making sure I see ever more disgusting displays on their shills and operatives, especially in this good weather. In today's case the glimpse of tatoos was so fleeting it could of been a plasmic facsimilie. Another possibility is some kind of temporary skin application which I assume to be well within the perp's repetoire of sick tricks.

And back to the "social leper" comment as it ties in with perp orchestrated patterns in the past. I have had a certain gangstalking behavior from shills or operatives who I know socially, such as class members of gym workout or yoga, suddenly change their behavior to be totally abrupt. More than once the name friendly hi/bye greeting level shill has suddenly put on a stern look-ahead face, and walked past me without any kind of greeting as is (was) the habit. A woman (don't ask who I think it may be of the morphing family members) who is a yoga classmate was on hi/bye greeting terms, and then one day, while I was exiting yoga, she turned back and came toward me looking only ahead, putting on this act of social curtness. Another was one of my nodding acquaintenances (operative) at the putative rooming house residence; he gave me the "brusque off", and then later reverted to type again (a nodding on-street recognizance).

Anyhow, the yoga classmate is back on the hi/bye habit as of yesterday, after over a month of withdrawing this normal greeting in the aforementioned sudden behavior change. And "oddly", I was not allowed to recall this jerkaround when responding to the hi/bye greeting yesterday. More mind control at work; I don't forgive or forget unexplained behavioral variances, and "somehow" I did. Meaning, that I am not allowed to be myself, via remotely applied mind-control.

I got a three siren cascade while looking at aviation sites; this would be another topic of interest (favored topic) that the perps are intent on noisestalking. And in fact, I worked at a commercial airframe inspection facility for 10 months which I enjoyed very much. I now reckon that was no coincidence, as the perps were looking for some kind of psychic energies related to my interests.

And a putative Friday wedding is in progress, judging from the cacaphony of vehicle horn sounds as I typed up the above "Asian doll" story. I had a ginger beer break that was given the passing aircraft treatment; three individual flights a differing elevations, the highest one just within view from the top of my sliding glass door, hence my suspicion that the sightlines are mapped so I will see it. In each case, there was some kind of maser emanations coming from the aircraft and being directed toward me, and the perps even arranged some maser action im my apartment between me and the aircraft so one beam/emanation could pass through another to gain some kind of energetics assay result.

Then once I finished the pop and took the glass to the kitchen for cleaning, I got the plasma filled kitchen sink again; an orb or cube of green plasma is sitting over the sink, under the cover of my eyes adjusting to the shaded light of the kitchen after looking outside. It wasn't so bad as yesterday, the color wasn't so offensive (a darker gree) and duration was shorter, some five second or so.

But I did get more photos from yesterday loaded onto the PC, and these are the better shots; I am totally pissed that the camera isn't taking good pictures, and that the perps are jerking around with the digital images.

I am getting the noise of successive loud 2 cycle motorcycles during the picture upload the the orchestrated confusion over Picasa and what an album is versus a folder. While engaged in that mind-fuck, the noise started up, one after the other. As always, there isn't biker's bar within 5 miles, so why this sudden influx of noise? Its all about the noise, and the perps will create it if it can't be arranged from actual vehicle drive-bys

Picture stories:

The vagrant homeless act again; this fucker was cycling the wrong direction on the street, dismounts 15' in front of me, and then proceeded to walk ahead of me on the sidewalk portion with his bicycle and trailer, "sweeping ahead". Then after I crossed the road, he got his ugly act together and then proceeded as a cyclist. One doesn't get any more targeted operative behavior than that. And the familiar red vehicle in the picture, even if the contrast doesn't show it accurately, meaning that picture was messed with. I get plenty of these vagrant gangstalking acts, often the shopping basket toting kind, and it would appear is that these are used to get plenty of plastic material in close to me, usually of varied colors.

In this popular vehicle gangstalk location, the perps place a red, white, red, white colored file of parked vehicles. This is on a public street, and I rarely see such blatant parked vehicle combinations. I see this setup mobile very often, but for some reason, the perps wanted me to take a rare picture of a parked cluster. Note that the meter heads have been removed, but not the first time on my walking beat.

Three red vehicles ordered; one parked on the extreme left (to the left of the pole) and two of identical red hue in mobile traffic.

The shopping cart massing at Safeway, on my walking beat. Hilarious; take all the shopping baskets and mass them in a remote area of the parking lot, one where no one parks their vehicles. (This is a egress route and a delivery route). For perp operations, it is better than bicycles to have all that steel mesh arranged. This "shopping basket stalking" has been sitting here for a week, and no one has come to use any in the course of shopping. And at least one gangstalker is in red, maybe another, as the picture contrast is terrible on this camera. (Or else, perp managed).

And yes, I am constantly stalked with shopping carts; the "lot boys" are often performing their shopping basket manipulations (long trains of them) in front of the store when I arrive. This arrangement of shopping baskets is at least three times larger than one sees in the photograph. And the above mentioned vagrant acts with a shopping cart full of plastics is another.

I need some advice on how many pictures I should add to any given blog posting. Is four too much for web access? Or should I level this out at having only two per blog posting, and string out one day's pictures into many?

I had a tea break with the chocolate; the perps have me addicted to it again, their weaning efforts have been halting at best. And I do not wish to incurr the expense of chocolate, as I see the perps are thining out the seat in my jeans by the day. They aren't bothering with the laundry cover story this time.

Another rage-fied dinner making, even if reheating the tortilla leftovers. To start the ructions I was fucked out of turning on the burner again, something that pisses me off incredibly as it never, ever happened before, then I got hot olive oil flicked on me when turning the tortilla slices over, then jabbed in the ass twice and in the back of leg once, all to the sounds of increased traffic noise when there aren't the vehicles passing by to support it, and a few other intrusions into my circumstances which I am not allowed to recall. All to keep me totally pissed off, and keep this sick and depraved game going.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Early Awakenings

And bizarre dreams, ones I am allowed to recall for reasons that later became obvious. I was dreaming about nuclear energy and reactor designs, about which I know absolutely squat. And lo, if there wasn't at least four news items about this topic, and all were placed in the usual news sites that I read. And as I type this, the topic is of so much interest that I am getting siren stalked, so perhaps mentioning this topic is feeding the perps in another round of "trigger" themes.

And it is curious that such a topic was in my dreams as I never have anything so technical as a dream topic, so it had to be planted by the perps in another round of elevating this theme. And a second round of sirens is now playing as I type this, including the 1960's variant version. Hilarious, if I knew the script and was a spectator instead of being on central stage in a freakshow for which I did not grant permission.

And a third round of siren cascades is going on. This beats out Seattle for siren events by a factor of 10, at one third the population.

So far today, the usual perp games; ripping the soap from my hands when in the shower, and then foiling my efforts to kick the bar into a location where I could retrieve it. I can only assume that the real intent was for the perps to have my foot pass over the white color soap bar at least twice as a continuation of the color energetics games, as they have a foot and footwear fetish that has continued from the outset. All those "preventive measures" in the days of constant assault of 2002 were to fuel their remote assay activities as it turned out.

Another stunt at breakfast was to slap an annoying 1/8" diameter spot on my glasses, and when I dealt with it later in the bathroom, to no great surprise, it was a light brown color. This color and shade seems to be the perp's entre to understanding the color energetics for all hues of brown, as they have laid on many more tan colored vehicles in their vehicular gangstalking of late. (And a yellow plasma burst came off this LCD display as I was typing this up). The number of brown colored trim instances on clothing and footwear in my proximity has increased of late, and the perps don't particularly care if the color combination is wretched. Yesterday, a male ambulatory operative in a muted peach colored shirt and a light tan colored jacket over top took the ill-matched clothing award for the day. I don't think I have seen anything so insipid, but there is always next time as this freakshow continues. One past combination was light blue, a color the perps seem to have "mastered", whatever that means to them, with a mid brown for a workout jacket was the previous "vile clothing color combination" award, and I can only assume that it wasn't a big hit, as it hasn't occured since.

And staying with the topic of brown colored objects, here is an excerpt from an group posting on Yahoo that puts the perp's juvenility in its usual pathetic light:
Many of the organized stalkers do daily, or almost daily things to targets' homes to
make sure the target knows they were in the home when the target was out. An obvious
ploy to keep the target feeling violated and powerless.

Things like spreading dirt, making stains, making small rips clothing and furniture, moving furniture around, and sometimes stealing small items (often later returned)
or dumping some of the target's food or medicine.

These things are hard to convey to non-targets, because it is easy for non-targets
to think to themselves that the target is just imagining these "ordinary" things, and
did them accidentally without knowing.

Well, my stalkers have started a new thing with me. My retirement hobby is hanging
out with squirrels. Consequently, I have some bags of peanuts ready. Just in the
past couple of weeks, my perpetrators have started planting a single peanut each
night in my bed.

I tend to sleep with my hands inserted under my pillow or restrained somehow
in the bedding, in other ways.

The stalkers pick one of the hand restraint places, which are well covered and could
not possibly have a peanut accidentally "drop" there, and insert a peanut each day,
which I discover at bed time.

There is no chance at all that a peanut could somehow "stick to" me, unnoticed, and be carried into the bedroom. At no time are peanuts stored or handled there.

I don't lie on the bed with any outer clothing which might accidentally have a peanut left in a pocket.

Now quite often, stalkers leave pennies in odd places in targets' homes, but this is a very unique variation. A penny could have been accidentally dropped, but there is no way a peanut could accidentally get into my bed, especially every night for two weeks consistently.

I'm passing this anecdote on as it might, in some conversations, serve as clear
evidence that at least one target has stalkers entering her home regularly, daily. We don't get many perpetrator slip-ups, but this is definitely one for our conversation-with-non-targets "kit."

Eleanor White
What I would call that is "peanut stalking", right up there with crumb stalking; just to think, adults plan and execute these activities as their 9 to 5 job, and get paid for it. I haven't yet got over this, how a billion dollar a year budgeted operation fields its operatives to develop these exercises in adolescent excess, all to continue remotely applied nonconsensual human experimentation under the premise that they are too afraid to come out of the closet.

Though, I do have a theory on this one, and it relates to the perps and their games with olive oil and other EFA's, essential fatty acids. It is likely that the peanut's EFA's are being remotely analysed in conjunction with the TI's brain cells, and they are attempting to find some kind of color and/or energetic commonality between them for the TI and for the squirrel.

Another siren cascade before I log out from this session and head off to Thursday yoga and a gym workout class in the afternoon. This is my rigorous workout day; no talk therapy in this yoga class thankfully.

I am back from my Thursday yoga and then a following gym workout. And more feints and games as well as plasma inundations in both classes as well as to/from each.

The gym class convenes for the latter half hour to do group exercises, and it was in the floor exercise room until this week. Now, we have been shuttled to the public stretch area, which means that all the regular gangstalkers for the first half, can now loiter around me, or us, in the course of the exercises, which they do, and don't make any bones about it. Some members of the "public" cut through the group even, one that was loitering around me at the end of the Tuesday workout, and one who looks quite familiar from past gangstalkings.

As usual, they put on a big orange T-shirted dude to loiter around me. Two days ago, one of the orange shirts placed his weight near me while I was doing lunges in the mirror, and then took off. About two minutes later he comes back to retrieve his weight and take it away, all the time accomplishing no gym work and did not use the weight.

I also got the same Asian dude loitering around me doing stretches almost exclusively, this is in the free weight area. He was doing the same two days ago, and "somehow" didn't know about the stretching area. Then a blonde woman came in close as I was doing lunges, and once I moved 2' over to work on the bench, she then moved and placed herself in the location where I had been doing lunges, which she did also.

There is more copycatting of what exercises I do; a vertical lift of the free weight behind my head is "catching on" as I see at least one person doing this per visit, when no one did before.

And yet again, when walking to the gym class, I see a member on the street headed away from class. In this case it was a woman who made no bones about hanging around me, and here she was getting on the bus only 10 minutes before class and taking off. I don't quite understand why I am made to see classmembers heading elsewhere before class starts. Another "so what?".

And more starings at me, along with an added smirk before they turn their heads. All very slick, and intended to be as close to social norms, except perhaps an extra half second of stare time. I have not determined what the smirk is for, but it is a very common experience among all TI's.

I got the lead-ahead gangstalker ahead of me while walking to the OB Rec. Center. My walking speed was governed down and I was unable to pass her, and remained some 10' to 20' behind. It is rare that someone walks faster than me, but somehow she consistently did so, and I suspect the perps had a hand in that.

I usually get a profusion of LEO or military dressed gangstalkers on Thursdays, but today all I got was a firetruck emergency call, as much for the light show and the siren noise I am sure.

What I did get was another "wood stalking"; an ambulatory operative was packing two pieces of siding, one 4' and the other 10' ahead of me as I got out of yoga; I crossed over to avoid trailing him, and then he crossed the road ahead of me at the same time. This was only for a block or so, and then this absurd act made a turn and took off. All the male gangstalkers I met from then on, some four of them individually, all had red shirts on. This is as bad as the red vehicle gangstalking, also out in force today.

The dusktime games continue; it began with another forced nap at 1715h for 1.5 hours, and I did not need the sleep in any way. As usual, they have me start into dinner preparation immediately following, no interim web surfing or journalling. And they have me bozo-ifed afterward, which is another cover story for more brain manipulations to serve their objectives. And the noise has been ramped up; freeway traffic noise, and no freeway anywhere, with all the government workers long gone. One look out the window shows very little road traffic, so where is the noise coming from? The same place as always, the perp's noise projection device/methods, augmenting the noisescape for whatever brain/mind control research remains, (not much).

What the perps seem to be testing me for of late is a form of latent knowledge; having the operatives and shills ask me a question, I don't know the answer, and then the questioner answers their own question, and I affirm it as correct. Another jerkaround of late is having me read and "somehow" miss the negating word "not", and then when I detect the error, it begets the noisestalking . The perps have been weeks on this, and are likely incrementally encroaching on controlling and messing with my logical thought, ones they cannot yet fuck with.

And more self identity jerkarounds; waking up from that unneeded nap and not knowing what I was going to do and continue with. It became apparent in this imposed "waking state" that my knowledge about myself was coming in way too slowly. I was zombied in effect. Fucking scary to say the least, but as I get noisestalked on every turn of a page, opening the fridge door and all matters trivial, this identity muting stunt is likely to serve their purposes of attempting to tag all psychic/mind energies with the causal source.

And more examples of operatives from nowhere; I was at a traffic intersection and there was no one in my view. "I" looked away at the crazy left turning stunts that are the new norm, and poof, this fucker operative was on the other side of the crosswalk once the vehicle had cleared the intersection. My rule of thumb is that if it seems that the operative came from nowhere, they likely did, i.e. were teleported. There are simply too many of these visual discontinuities of "arrivals" to be anything but. I never had this problem before, and now there is at least one per day. I have seen them teleport once, and there have been at least three other events where operatives or their shills arrived on my ass as I happened to look away for only a second or two, and did not hear their approach. In two cases, this would of included vehicles as well, and there is no way I would of not heard it.. (And at that time, the perps could not fuck with my hearing like they can now).

And there have been instances where an operative/gangstalker has disappeared to nowhere; usually they are out of sight for an instant, and then poof, gone. And I suspect that they are also doing this more to find out the psi energies related to all things that I can see, and what better way than planting a new person in a scene that was taken to be devoid of persons, as there were none there.

I recall once in a line at immigration when getting off an commercial flight, remarking to my then wife that the crowd seemed to be thining out more quickly that it should have. She gave me this bizarre stare, and then looked away. I could never figure out why the most elementary and innocent of observations got this brusque response. Now I know; she knew what was playing in the script, and if I noted anything irregular, it was likely an orchestrated event. Oddly, the perps never gave her a covering response, but perhaps my comment then wasn't scripted like I am now, down to every breath I take.

More Youtube, and more music, this time Capercaillie and the lead vocalist, Karen Matheson. All that Gaelic singing, and I don't understand a word, but love the voice. Dropping foreign speaking gangstalkers into my proximity is nothing new in this orchestrated life, though I cannot be sure as to what the perp's objectives are.

Time call this a posting, I am getting the vision impairment assaults again.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Downtown Swarms

The number of ambulatory gangstalkers has increased, especially for 0845h when headed to the bank and the driver's licence office to have it renewed. (Thanks to the perps for driving with an expired licence for two weeks, the second such incident in jerking me around with expired driving papers.) Many of the stores were still closed, but that didn't stop the "locals" from window shopping and pausing in mid-sidewalk with their coffee or Coca Cola bottle held in front of them, in the now traditional "Coffee Corps". The entire timing of this two stop downtown visit may have been for me to be walking back with the sun directly aligned with the street direction, such that it was in my eyes, and most of the "pedestrians" were back lit, again, an additional opportunity for the perps to play lighting games to darken down the faces and lighting of anyone walking toward me. Another recent addition to the gangstalking realm is to have vehicles with heavily tinted side windows with the occupants barely detectable. That so many of the facial depictions on web sites are lit as if in a dingy basement hasn't gone unnoticed either.

I got the lime green colored clothing out in force; at least six such outfits in two blocks; it is tedious to have these same colors paraded around me. Then it was the rose pink gang, even in the bank, and then a doorway blocker operative again in a frozen pose that had his arm elevated at my head level, putting on the act of pretending he didn't notice me through the glass. This dude rushed the exit door over the width of the sidewalk just as I was arriving to push it open.

I also got the door exit swarm at my apartment building; seven of the operatives were already on me before I got to the sidewalk from the apartment's front door, a distance of less than 20'. It is simply amazing as to how much investment the perps make for even the most trivial of events, yesterday's crumb attack on my coffee mug being the most perverse yet. When I got back, they had two operatives standing in the elevator that was at the main floor; one got out, the other needed to go to the basement. This game is also new; the elevator is clearly at the main floor, there are no indications that it has just arrived from the overhead location lights, and then the door opens once I get close enough to press the button, and an operative "happens" to be there, and then out pops an operative on gangstalking duty. I suspect the operative has been in there for a while, maybe even five minutes, as this is a regular play.

More vision impairments and the usual constant display of masers and plasma beams. The noise stalking is on, perhaps even muted for this time of day, the pre-lunch time noise ramp-up.

An imposed break to drink pop, ginger beer in this case. Its light brown color is likely the real reason, as it emulates that of one's stomach contents. There are more brown variation tests going on; today's bank teller was an Asian with a brown top on. And I note that the workout class leader now has a brown sweatshirt after some months of a grey one. What do all these people sporting brown clothing and vehicles know about me and my subconscious reactions to specific colors, as I don't really know. Once I drank the ginger beer and washed the glass, the perps laid on some persistent red plasma flashes in front of me, at least a 6" diameter patch that stayed in front of me. For some reason I find this very disturbing, and I have no idea why. It was the same arrangement as yesterday when they pulled this stunt on the street.

And the perps have laid on more red flashing of late; anytime I close my eyes it will "happen", on the street when passing through shade and then sunlit shadows, and other intrusions as they see fit. They can't get enough if it. I read somewhere that one of their (US) "terrorists" in captivity was treated to an all day stroboscopic torture while kept chained the inside of a cargo container. I haven't had the red flashes this bad thankfully, and if it were happening, I know exactly where to go. It is very likely that much of the "redition" and Guantanamo prisoner tortures are to support the perp's current drive that Targeted Individuals come to know firsthand. Its all about the psi energies is my short take on this, and not "merely" mind control, over which I am noisestalked should any uncontrolled thoughts occur.

The perps are keeping me off chocolate these days, which is a welcome relief from the financial aspect, but that reprieve is short lived. Each of my three pairs of jeans is developing accelerated wear in the seat, right under the right rear pocket. It is most unusual, and I have never had this problem before. Two pairs are less than 18 months old, and I have never had jeans that wore out this fast before, and I always buy the same kind.

Though I did note that the jeans faded to a light blue in three laundry cycles, so it could be that the perps want to now test a darker blue, as the they seem to have made some progress with light blue, now a rare vehicular gangstalk color. That the family car was light blue for some 20 years, I suspect that the perps gained something from this color exposure. My one-time friend repainted his Alfa Romeo from silver grey to the same light blue, and I am quite sure this was in keeping with the perp's imperatives and direction. There are many more navy blue gangstalking vehicles out now, especially noted when I first step outside.

An imposed 1 hour 40 minute nap again, leading up to making dinner, the most frequent timing sequence of these unneeded excessive sleeping events. Plus, I am rendered to be in a blotto/zombie mode afterward, the usual post nap mind state that must serve ulterior motives.

And the noisestalking was ramped up all the time dinner was prepared, eaten and the dishes done. The overhead pounding (concrete floor), started up when I was cleaning and drying the frypan, an object of considerable perp fixation, including trashing the last one. As I am using the green kale pesto sauce, and it seeps into the tortillas, it is of intense interest to the perps who have yet more color games to play for this one.

And I am reading about mind/life control as conveyed by Allan Yu; it seems he has come from a military background in Taiwan, and has more inside details than I could expect to glean, being kept in a state of being the last to know anything about my circumstances, including the subconscious traumatizations the perps keep beating on and stimulating for their testing/remote assay purposes. Interesting that he uses the terms of mind/life control as the same, which in my experience is exactly what is going on for me.

More coughing outside my door; just like old times at the putative rooming house, the perps cannot get enough noise planted in my life, so they post their operatives outside my door. (Or else it is a facsimilie thereof, projecting the sound to be there, when in fact the source is elsewhere.)

And it is curious as to how much coughing and hacking goes on still, and these are the supposed "healthy months" of summer. And of note, that they often come from opposite sides if the perps can arrange their cover story.

The dusk time lighting games are on; I am being illuninated by a unseen light source from the East, at dusk (correct, not West), which is casting shadows on my keyboard as well as being used to strobe me with flashes. This is a near daily event for cloud free days, and who knows, they maybe alternating the weather just to continue their testing and remote energetics assay work. I see that they have also got a balcony full of shirtless rubes it the tower some 120' away facing me, and as with all things in "my" (read, as orchestrated) purview, I am forced to look at this show every so often. Given the unconventional attire of this tower's residents in making their egress, I do wonder if it is populated, and bereft of tenants as was my last two locations, as this current apartment may be. It is all very curious, as anytime I meet someone in the elevator, they are on the gangstalking payroll, judging by the selective colors they are wearing or the demographic fit. Three towers of 12 stories is whole lot of residence dislocation, but I would not be surprised if true. The extent that the perps go to have crumbs, food, nightime arrival of ceiling hooks and just about anything else placed as a surrogate for their action-at-a-distance games for nonconsensual human experimentation continues to boggle my mind. Why not cut a deal and get this litanty of torment over in a month, instead of running me and my life into the ground? It is fucking depraved to say the least.

The typo sabotage is getting out of hand; six attempts to spell a four letter word; what is the matter with these sickos?

Three attempts before I was allowed to upload these picture from the last few days. It never ends. More of my pictures didn't "turn out", and some have never occured. I have taken three pictures of the massed shopping carts at the Safeway I pass by, and not a one has shown up on the SD card.

Here are the highly contrasted lighting situations out of my window two days ago (07-23-2007). The dark dusktime clouds and the opposite tower still in sunlight. Very unusual for this area.

I didn't plan this shot; but there are plasma projections (ghosted images) from the overhead wires, though only the horizontal wires.

A shot of bicycle stalking; a broadside in close, about 6' away; all for what; he was on the road anyhow, why go on the sidewalk in midblock?

Three pickups arranged for similarity; same rack. This isn't a pickup truck town by any measure.

Time to call this a wrap for the day; I got some Youtube music clips in that weren't too perp influenced, and the typo sabotage I am subjected to is fucking senseless.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On With the Grind

I have been getting the outside construction grinding noise all morning, since I got up at 0745h, and it has continued through laundry and the rage-ification stunts that the perps have put me through. I also got a case of the Pseudosweats, the remotely imposed condition where I am sweating profusely for no reason whatsoever. Part of the game is to play along, and then poof, the condition is abated. Today's Pseudosweat "abatement" games were to have me use a fresh towel to wipe the sweat off, (other two same color towels in the laundry) and then open the window to then hear the grinding noise louder, and have the vibrations penetrate the apartment. This is the usual pattern; set up a constant noise that creates vibration, but with the windows closed, and then a day or two later, the window is opened because of the planted notion of "needing" to cool the apartment down. And by dint of coincidence, it is sunny today, the first in a week or so.

And to add to the noise, vibrations and now vortex action, the vacuum cleaner has started up in the hallway as I am typing this. Perhaps they will finally clean up that trail of white plastic refuse that stretches from my door way to the laundry room, and is likely serving as some kind of color and material type (plastics) reference as I pass by. Regular readers will recall past white plastic "chads" being placed outside my door in my last two residence locations.

And I am also getting an intermittent tapping noise that "happens" during the ongoing grinding noise. This particular noise was also part of the 15 months I stayed at the residence location from 05-2005 to 08-2006, the 10 story apartment block with no one in it but me, and perhaps the "manager". This skinheaded dude (manager) who knew who I was before I met him, was giving me the smirk while passing by. Which, I suppose, confirms just what I mentioned, if I was the only one living in the building, then it was very likely that he knew more about me than I am allowed to know.

Another odd item that "showed up" this morning was a 20" long black hair in the bedsheets, and as I regularly launder them, and have no visitors who even sit on the bed, I have no idea where this would of come from. That statement is not entirely correct; I have a notion that the hair may have come from the perps magical abilities to deliver body or head hair anywhere and anytime they want, and there is a further rumoured (planted) notion as to whose it may be, but I am not going to get into yet more highly speculative statements on this one.

When cleaning the bathroom this morning I was also treated to the "dog hair" assaults, where this body hair, looking like mine, "somehow" arrives just ahead or just after cleaning a surface or object in the bathroom. Once I counted over 40 "dog hair arrivals" on cleaned surfaces when cleaning the bathtub. There is a shimmery metallic maser apparition, and then when I look again, a "dog hair" has been deposited on the surface I am cleaning. I call these "dog hairs" to substantiate the concept that they don't come from me. I have never, ever shed hairs at such a rate, and never, ever been inundated with hairs while I am cleaning the bathroom. Yes, the hairs usually have the color and length that my body hairs do, but there is no way they are falling off me. I even get at least three instances of eyelash hairs around the bathroom sink or on my glasses per day, and if I was really shedding them at that rate I would not have any eyelashes remaining. My eye lash count is most often normal, save one instance over six months ago when it seemed that every other one had been plucked out.

I did the Tuesday yoga and then gym workout routine, as well as the half hour walk each way. It is the same old; 300 to 800 vehicles on gangstalking duty, clustered by color and type, as well as the myriad vehicles crossing my path, ahead of me or behind me. The red vehicles are clustered in groups of two through six, while the white and silver grey vehicles are clustered at first, then they are sent in singly as a reference for the grouped red, green and light metallic tan vehicles. And the parked vehicles are also ordered and coordinated, likely another 500 of them for the distance that I cover. I have placed pictures in past blogs, so I won't put any more in unless someone really wants them.

And the gym class didn't meet in the usual floor exercise room, but instead, an open area. This meant that the eight or so gangstalkers coursing around me while I was working out could then come and gangstalk me in the group of some 12 of us. I should of seen that one coming, but for the most part, all my defensive and anticipatory thoughts are governed, hence being constantly unaware of what is coming next.

There were more games with green shirts today; a young blonde woman with large breasts and her tongue hanging out was parading about, and then she chummed up with another young woman in a white top. The white topped woman would come to the adjacent machine and work out, and then go back to the green topped woman to meet up. A gangstalking tag team. The other lurking males, some in green shirts would putz around some 15' away, pretending to be busy, and only getting going on some equipment if I looked at them long enough. Then there was another tag teaming among the males; some would get on the equipment I had just vacated, and then meet up with another who had been gangstalking me earlier. At one point, some kid in a violet shirt was following me on the equipment that I used, and then he tag teamed with a old fart in a green shirt, and then next he was outside, making a troll behind the very location when I last saw him working out. I am getting scrambled as I attempt to describe the details, so I will leave it at that.

There were also two new workout class members, a couple as it seemed, which is highly irregular for us supposed day program "mental patients". The male was a big lumbering dude who I immediately recognized from the Seattle harassment days of 2002. Or more correctly, now that my recall can be messed with by remotely applied means, that just may be the planted notion. This dude goes way back into the early street battles with beams and pounding pain targeting, so I am not sure why he was there. Perhaps for recall bait only, though I didn't recognize the woman with him, even if she did smile at me.

As usual, some of the class members are on their own trajectory; arriving when the class is over, not coming to the group session, even if it was a gangstalking extravaganza in the open area and not the floor exercise room.

Currently, this LCD panel has been yellowized which is pissing me off. For segments of my walk back from the recreation center, the perps put a red plasma orb 4' in front of me, about 3" in diameter, and it kept it there and floated it over the concrete sidewalk. For some reason, and it may of been the perp's mindcontrolled reaction, this was pissing me off something fierce. I sense this immediate and intense reaction wasn't my own, as it was escalated from the usual fleeting plasma sightings that I get to one of the persistent ones that are the most bothersome.

I am being jerked with "helmet hair" as another perp instignated curse; this is where my wet hair "dries" as if it had styling gel in it, and then when I brush my dry hair, the "styling gel" immediately dissipates and my hair falls into its normal loose dry state. Anytime my hair gets sweat in it, or when wet from a shower, it takes on this compacted appearence until physically displaced. It used to be that the brown crumbs on my cheeks was the only thing to worry about before setting off, but a new nuisance has been added.

Another nuisance of greater significance of late is the fake touches that I get, usually about 30 to 50 a day. If my hand or arm is close to an object, but is not directly in my vision, I will often get a touch sensation as if I had blundered into the object. When I look, my hand will be still some 2" to 6" away, so I know that it wasn't me blundering into something, but some kind of remotely applied sensation just to piss me off. This fucking game is a constant scourge, and I cannot be left alone to do nothing, but am a target for the perp's sensory fuckaround games.

Today, there was another variant of the "stare at me" games that are going on; it is the flirting look from a passing female, usually under 30 y.o., and it really does make me wonder what the importance of this is. I am over 50 y.o., so I really don't think there is any chance this is truly flirtatious, so it must be a continuation of the staring game that goes on. It could be worse, say from the grey haired demographic detail that is put on wherever I go.

I had my dinnertime tortillas with a kale pesto instead of the tapenade or the guacamole; both latter choices were "missing" from the deli case today, and instead, there was this large brown cookie display. The olive oil games of late have not gone unnoticed; the same tapenade dyed the olive oil golden yellow or orange, depending on the tub, although both were identical, and tonight's kale tapenade dyed the olive oil a dark green which flowed out in copious amounts. Back to olive oil games again. Funny how my parents have a bottle permanently on their counter and yet never use it. Not a big deal for me, but the perps have had an olive oil fixation for a long time, and I suspect that it isn't over yet. And two like metallic green sedans were parked on the street, in file, to honor the green olive oil games, and no doubt there is greater significance in this than coincidence. Small games for small minds.

The noisestalking comes in fits and starts; the item that I am reading at the moment it starts up varies considerably. It can be a web page change, or specific trigger words which I will not repeat here to avoid another round of intensified noisestalking.

I noted that the perps put up two ceiling hooks in the bathroom overnight, one on each side of the light, S. side, and N. side. Both are black colored with a sloppy swatch of light colored ceiling paint on them. When I moved in there was a white colored ceiling hook over my bed in the living area. Within a week, a black ceiling hook "arrived" overnight some 6' away in a mirror image position, near this desk unit I am using. I can only assume these are for color referencing purposes, and that the nature of this activity has increased.

I am vehicularly gangstalked by more mid-grey colored vehicles, as if a grey scale testing is being done. The silver grey, white and black colored vehicles are very commonly clustered or at each end of a vehicle train, but of late, there have been many more grey variations, usually with a metallic (or metal flake like) finish. I suspect the metallic finish offers more color and reflectance variations for the perp's games endless color stalking games that go on.

Time to call this a wrap, after enjoying more Youtube clips of Neko Case. An while with the headphones I got the floor vibration treatment from the perps to remind me that I cannot go away to musicland for even five minutes before I am reminded that I am under the surveillance microscope. The "shakes" as I also call them, are when they shake the floor beneath my chair and ensure that my entire body feels this latest round of intrusion into my personal life, if there ever was such a concept.

Another "crumb story", this one at breakfast; they put two pairs of white crumbs, subpinhead size, on my coffee mugm one pair at each side of my mouth position, and of each pair, one was on the inside, and the other on the outside of the mug. One cannot get anymore scientific and methodical than that, which means we are well down the road of having no ostensible cause to all these events, "crumbinality" being only one of many hundreds.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Jackhammer Treatment

After no post yesterday, I am positively slack in getting on with this at this time, as I returned at 1100h from my parent's place. Regular readers will know that this is the pit of where my nonconsensual testing began, with these assholes. They were on their regular gangstalking behavior while I was visiting, my father's cover story is that he has Alzheimer's, which I don't buy, because all his moves have every bit of consistency with the myriad other gangstalkers. The constant getting up, sitting down, getting up and just standing there don't make any sense. And many of these are immediately tied to my mother's movements, usually entry to the living room, and then on exiting too.

I suspect that the perps make great progress on my First Feral Family Sunday visits, and that the succeeding perp gangstalking nuttiness on the Monday (today), following a stayover is arranged around their "findings" (whatever they are), and they attempt to replicate the same at my current residence location. I get the usual plethora of vehicular gangstalking, and now there are three vehicles ahead of me when driving my parent's vehicle before exiting the subdivision onto a thoroughfare.

And there a plenty of masers and plasma beams flitting around at my parent's place, in front of the CRT type TV as well as elsewhere. And my parents are also coordinating the moment they stand up to the remote control being used, sending an IR beam to the TV. Another trick is for them to "frame" the TV, that is, standing on either side of it so I can see the TV screen, but everything immediately to the left or right of it is blocked by the First Feral Family Fuckers. This view obstructing or "framing" is also carried out on the bus sometimes where they will get an operative to sit or stand in my way for a time.

And my father had another go-round at standing in front of the TV screen blocking my view, or at least until I told him to move, and in the ensuing dialogue, it is quite clear he knows what he is doing. As always, he hams it up, this time pretending to not even know what "downstairs" means. And this constant game of pretending to not understand, and then lapsing into this "what-what?" routine that is totally belligerent. And he doesn't really seek an answer when ignored. Just more vocalizations to attempt to get an emotional reaction, assuming it is not governed and controlled in the first place.

When sitting in the living room watching TV with my parents, they move their feet together at the same time, or cross or uncross their legs in apparent unison. Meanwhile, there are all manner of masers and plasma beams flitting about, often in the TV's magnetic field, and they don't say anything. And of late, the perps have been creating TV sound drop outs, where there is no sound for some 10 to 30 seconds. Other perturbations are pixellating the TV display; having 1 to 2" pixel aggregations, often in the shape of a horizontal line, and often across someone's face as displayed.

Enough of that dismal event; something that I engage in but doesn't make any sense except blatant sick minded mind control. Why would I visit the very fuckers who cast me into a monitored, surveilled and harassed life from birth? Never minding the developmental learning difficulties that arose from being radiated in the process. When my shrink of 1998 wanted my school records I then saw very low marks for a test that was run in 1960 and 1962, and no one told me that there was this problem. And I suspect the perps also made it worse sometime in the late 1960's to make my grades worse and less capable. This topic enrages me everytime it "comes up", likely by planted thoughts from the very assholes who created the problem.

And is there anything else that is uplifting, more than so far, lapsing into the same tirades as I do. The vision impairments have also been increased today as well, another topic of grief. Then there is having a topic in mind, and suddenly it gets purged by the perps. This is "happening" more often of late, these very short term memory purges. I suspect that the perps have been making advances on short term recall of late, as they are still up to their games of pissing with it.

I am currrently getting blasted with an extra-conventional light source coming at me by reflecting off the windows of the residential tower some 100' away. As I live in a E. facing apartment there is no direct sunshine at this time, being dusk. But "somehow', an incredibly bright beam is passing into this room and casting direct light onto me, this keyboard and making shadows on the wall, some 15' from the balcony window. Never before have I seen something so odd, and yet the perps continue with these dusk-time illuminations with no apparent cover story. I doubt if a targeted mirror would be as bright, never mind a window. And as there are ongoing coincident noisescape additions, e.g. overhead rumbling noise, faux neighbour water use (louder than my own), neighbour tapping noise, hallway sourced voices etc., I can only assume that this is a "combination harassment moment". The perps even added some jackhammer noise, which ceased sometime around 1400h, and yet "came back" for about a 10 second duration.

There are some deep grey clouds visible outside that the opposite tower blocks in part, and they continues as a backdrop. Perhaps this is also a grey test, aka anomalous cloud formation, of which there have been many in the past five years of harassment. I am also getting some concurrent vision impairment harassment.

Now some overhead clunking has occured, and somehow, that is also the same source for overhead vacuuming, another long used method the perps utilize to stimulate more vortex energies to then examine possible interactions with my own mind sourced energies as they quantify them with realtime neural monitoring.

The extremely dark grey sky is contrasted to the white tower opposite and the contrast has become more intense. One rarely sees skies like this in Victoria, but there is no accounting for what weather "arragnements" have been made. I recall someone bullshitting me about specific cloud formations over 30 years ago, and I could not understand why they were first so certain of their explanation, and then wouldn't back it up when I objected to that interpretation. Funny how much of my history of with individuals with strange explanations and/or expressions validates the current scene of a totally managed environment that I am being kept in, right down to litter on the street, and sub-pinhead sized crumb placement.

The tower has gone yellow, the dark grey clouds are now dithered with blue sky, and the overhead tapping noise has started up, especially when I look over at the perp's latest color/weather games.

More faked coughing from the hallway while my vison is fucked with. The opposite tower is now cast in a red-pinkish glow, and it is still miraculously casting a beam into my room.

A wrap-up, and enough of the blow by blow dusktime color games, even if there is no cover story. I can only assume the perps have done this in the long past, and today's colorific events are a more intensified color testing.

I noted at the waiting room of my mother's chiropractor today, that the perps are into creating shaded and veiled images of people, and making sure I am exposed to them. Which is why they now like me viewing videos of late. One of their familar motifs for me to see over the past month is a woman's right back shoulder, exposed, with some kind of black colored top that expressly allows greater shoulder exposure. Today, they put on this woman ambulatory gangstalker outside, carrying a brown cardboard box, and I was viewing her through a gauze-like blind in the waiting room that was pulled down, giving the scene, and her, a light brownish cast. She made two passes by, and then took off in the light metallic blue vehicle that she arrived in. About five minutes later, another same colored vehicle arrives, and out steps the white bearded male, also putting himself on show for me to see, possibly as a comparative unfavored object/being.

All very exciting for the sickos, and more of the grind that seems to have no end. I am getting the impression that they are making some progress with metallic blue colors, both light and dark, though what this means for a marker for their progress is unknown. My parents had a light metallic blue Peugot for over 10 years, so I can assume that the metallic blue color games have borrowed heavily from their contribution to this outrageous depravity.

The vision impairments are continuing, time to blog off.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Colonscopy; Onward Brownward Soldiers

This medical procedure, colonscopy, just "happens" to be one of acute interest to the perps, as is the color brown, long detailed in this collection of blog postings to date. And it is at least of some humor to me at least, that the President is recieving such treatment, as the topic, color, act of all things shit and all related issues, continues to be of intense perp interest. My brother has had two such procedures, both routine, in the last five years (when the overt harassment began, 04-2002), and so did my fairweather "friend" of my story, Ms. L in early 2002, before the overt harassment began. And in fact, they had their respective colons cleansed only weeks apart, something that I thought was mighty curious at the time, but could not determine any reason. It was only in late 2003 or early 2004 when the perps declared their color specific harassment agenda, and then all the toilet games, plunging, sewage backups and the rest of it that I was allowed to put it all together.

So what does it mean, the president's colonoscopy, and the intensive shit and brown games of the perps? One could easily ascertain that he is under the perp's research microscope, and their studies have lead to him "needing" this de-browning event. Why him, and not all the possible thousands of other colonoscopies that take place in North America? I am not entirely sure, but in many instances the perps like certain topics to be very public, and all the better if it is someone they may have been studying for a long time. And as I am fresh from reading Dean Radin's books on psi energies, and entangled matter over distances, (see yesterday's blog posting), there just may be a connection with these energies, and specific colors. And who better to have as public psi energy detection bait than the prez? All very speculative, and I will leave it at that, as just more lose ends in this continuum of exceptional coincidences called "the life I lead". Or more correctly, the life that is scripted for me, down to the nanosecond to trivialities such as fleeting glances and breakfast cereal flake behavior (spinning, flipping, cantilevering beyond normal etc.).

I had my usual adversarial lunch making, courtesy of the perp's extra-gravitational energy games, e.g. laterally flying cheese shreddings. And they have renewed the game of forced "forgets", the oven broiler being left on is an endless game of jerking me around. Then this stunt spawns two more games; continued oven clicking as it cools down, and a smell emanating from the oven, as if burning residual crustings, of which there are none, as this is a new stove. No matter, for them, plausibility is only a game, but it does make me wonder if they think someone is watching them, perish the thought.

And having me rant at these intrusions, and the usual 20 to 40 for such an mealtime event is all part of the harassment/research agenda, as is vocalizing at the appropriate time for them part of the continuation of mind control research. Their biggest stunts and consequently controlled "reactions" that are imposed upon me are reserved for applying peanut butter and jam to my bread at breakfast time. As in, every morning. This of course is a brown colored substance with a red one overlaid, and this color combination is also of intense perp interest. I cannot count the number of public ambulatory gangstalkings where a brown shirted operative stands in front of a red shirted operative, usually in profile and then facing me (or back facing me). And if time permits, they will usually swap positions and then again rotate through a one quarter circle arc to again offer more variability. And it is highly likely that all these operatives are managed for how much brown they are packing inside them, just as they do for me.

Onto more uplifting topics, thought I don't know what it could be. Something like getting blanked out is becoming more frequent, and is pissing me off of late. This is at the yoga class check-in where I usually have something in mind to say, or more like, something planted in mind to regurgitate. Of late, the perps are blanking me of all thoughts as to what to say, and I am temporarily stuck for words. This situation and a few others of like kind suggest that they now mind-control me for all verbalizations, in speech or in writing, and are able to usurp these faculties at will to supply planted articulations or to render me literally speechless. Past experience has also taught me that they can create a stuttering situation, and this has never been a problem before they "arrived" to fuck my life more than they already had.

I encountered a gangstalking blog, of similar experience to mine, though gangstalking is only half of my harassment picture, as I would likely be allowed to hold a job if this were the case. But as a highly managed, (read, fucked with), Targeted Individual, the perps do not want me undertaking employment or varying my activities very much. As mentioned in past blogs, and in the Essential Postings to the right, I eat the same lunch and dinner foods with minor variations, and "somehow", (read, mind-control), I don't mind this. Read the About section of the above blog for the testimonies of yet more individuals being cast into this perpetual depraved purgatory. And they won't let me watch movies either; I never get "motivated" and it never happens, even if I have a strong intent and it is a logistical breeze, as the cinemas are only a half block away.

This late start day, another 10.5 hours of sleep when I only need 8 hours at best, has me finishing my reheated tortillas dinner at 1900h, likely a near dusk timing for perp games and their ongoing fixation over energy fields at this time of day, and with respect to the color red.

I did get out for 10 minutes of shopping time, then followed by tea at my place and then an hour read of the Globe and Mail newspaper. It was a very light "fairy rain" when outside, and once I started the newspaper, the rains came down, and the perps continued their vehicular and ambulatory gangstalking outside, along with the maser and plasma show in my field of vision. Not a shut-in day as it was looking to be. I can only assume I was duly preped in my apartment before I set off, and the perps are looking to measure the same energies at the nearby supermarket as they can in my apartment. So, in other words, the gangstalking swarms were all in place, though for the most part they didn't drive up my ass, and kept their gangstalkers reprising in the aisles. That is, one gangstalker on me once I had just arrived in the store, and then again when I was exiting the aisle after picking up my few groceries. I got the parade of male gangstalkers at the cooler case, three of them in file "just" loping through, never mind the shopping cover story. And no significant checkout obstruction, just the dude ahead packing his groceries into a blue duffel bag with white stripes and having his paper towels wedged in the checkout plastic bag dispensing device. And lo, if that same device loaded with ready plastic bags, once free of the paper towels "just sitting" in it, wasn't spun and turned for my groceries by the cashier, and one corner of it was one inch away from the debit card reader.

Regular readers will know that the act of paying for something is of intense interest, and the moment is subject to much noisestalking, coughing, background chatter, cellphoning, planted sentries with their wood canes doing nothing else but look like the swim club member I once knew, and dozens of other feints for that oh-so important moment. I got some wisdom from David Icke of all people on the possible relevance of money and financial transactions to the perp's ongoing stalking of such activity. He wrote that money was a form of energy, and it can be good or bad, depending on how it was earned. I thought that was interesting, and while it might sound flakey, it lines up with the enormous interest of the perps with respect to my financial transactions. (The perps routine jerk me around when updating my finances in Quicken and online banking. My ATM visits are also of significant interest to them).

Anyhow, any visit outside is always a freakshow, and I got my "plastic bag men" today, the dudes (read, operatives) pushing a grocery cart full of garbage bags full of pop cans and plastic pop bottles. Other freak treats were the negro stalking again, the two blonde dudes emerging from the elevator when arriving back, the leatherjacket act, and the operative stacking, where at least three of them arranged to stand in front of the other in anticipation of me taking a picture of this arrangement. I am now convinced the camera is more of a liability to take than not. If there is an extra freaky photogenic moment, the perps manage me to "forget" to take a picture. The on-street sweater flicking event of a few weeks back being one such occasion. And to lapse into my mind-fuck rant, I don't have a blog hit counter, so I have no idea if the few pictures I put up are of any interest to readers.

I got snookered for three hours with a power outage that took out this building and most of what I could see in my view. It came at dusk, like the last one, as do many other perp sponsored special events, about 2006h or so, and ended when I was 20 seconds within getting to bed for an early night of shuteye, another often noisestalked transition time.

There was natural light for the first hour, even with the rain coming down, and in the opposite tower's oversized grey painted courtyard some 120' away, the perps put on single ambulatory operatives on gangstalking duty, wearing variations of red, starting with women in pink raincoats, then a large woman in all white (no coat in the rain), even her shoes, (like a 1960's nurse), and finally graduating up to men in red and black or grey checked jackets on "stand around" duty, lined up. I try not to watch all of this, but every so often I am mind-controlled to do so, and the final act was a 15 member file of operatives lined up at the door, nearly all males as far as I could tell, and none of them in a raincoat while the rain was coming down. It is simply amazing as how so many men clustered outside in the rain in a power outage, and then individually walk past the organized file of their operative colleagues to the door inside. One in front of another, the operative/gangstalker "stacking" game, men's night.

And yes, power outages have happened before in this five year long (and counting) nonstop harassment and freakshow, going back to repeats; same store, different time of day as one example. Another one at my parents a few years ago, and some other anomalies that I cannot recall. Stories like "an owl flew into a transformer at the switching station" abound, and given that the perps can cause just about any oddity to occur as "natural circumstances", I don't really care what the stated reasons were.

And while there was no electrical power the usual noisescape started up, intensified even. The sirens, street hollaring, hallway conversations, overhead rumbling and thumping, bus noises with squealing brakes in the wet no less, the loud mufflered vehicles (perforated and "performance" mufflers), and even some heavy duty vehicles and tour buses. Most of this I did not see, as I was journaling in my written diary with an LED headlamp and a candle lantern. The latter item was of great interest to the perps who projected plasma beams from the lantern and arranged light clusters around the flame, as if I was looking through special effects filters. After two hours of this, they let me see the candle lantern flame as is, unembellished with the exotic light properties manipulations.