Tuesday, October 29, 2013

On Phone While Recieving Email

A bit of gangstalked shopping while on my way back from the vineyard. And for all the day, there were plenty of planted ideations about not sufficient work over November though January, a new (planted IMHO) theme all week.

And so, after getting back and putting some items in the fridge, why the phone rang. And I do take notice of high perp harassment events and their timing, and arriving (just getting through the door) is one of them. It was my farm worker friend, and she was lamenting the lack of work, and the related tales of woe associated with this prospect. Though to be fair, she did elevate her training to horticulture work, and away from farming, but still, it is a seasonal prospect. Other jobs are filling in the winter time gap, but not enough of them it seems. Ditto for her negro friend, who has also been on some of my work crews at two different employers. And so the perps' employment theme is re-affirmed at this critical timing (to them), when I just arrive back at my residence.

She also asked me if I was interested in a Vancouver Island viticultural assistant job, to which I said "perhaps", and she asked if I wanted the online posting link. I said sure, and she sent it to me while I was on the phone. While this is an everyday occurence anywhere in the world when one has simultaneous phone and internet communication, it takes on special significance if one is a TI. As in Targeted Individual, harassed and abused all day long by arranged circumstances and relentless physical adversity brought by action-at-a-distance (aka, telekinetic) technologies with real-time interaction. I cannot make a move or draw a breath that isn't arranged, let alone have any cognitive indepedence. And as it seems that phones are a means of generating an EM field around one's head/ear, and that I seem to be under study for neural energies relating to everything I do, see, say or think, therefore phone calls take on a significant role in this abuse/covert human experimentation.

And too, I get routinely noisestalked, fart stalked or other imposed perturbations anytime I send or receive an email or phone someone, I find it most curious that I get a call from my one regular "friend" (always a moot term when I am so highly governed and scripted), and am sent an email in the course of the phone call. So it would seem the perps are attempting to discern the neural energetic signature of receiving a phone call and an email, though the latter wasn't seen, heard or otherwise directly observed. This is only a small part of what they seem to be looking for, but I would suggest that there is a huge realm of "normal" psychic energies (not paranormal) they are attempting to remotely detect and quantify, and this is but one example. And here they are, closing in on 11.5 years of this insane abuse since 04-2002, and as previously mentioned in past postings, likely since birth in 1954.

Another near all-fog day at higher elevations, as it cleared at 1500h, about the same as yesterday. Everything in different colors, fall colors of course, all that red and yellow that the perps cannot get enough of around me.I notice that the fog height is arranged to allow the sighting of close by hills, but the larger and further hills/mountains are blotted out. The perps cannot get enough on this selective presentation theme, be it landscape mountains, or Unfavored Fuckwits who slowly move out from behind an obstructing feature.

I was doing water line work; winterizing the system, such as it is, by opening valves, visiting the main pipe and dam head. Again, it is the water theme and how it is delivered and from where it came, its provenance. 

And what is this latest escalation of blatant head-on driving? I have roundly complained of road traffic incursions, as in oncoming vehicles over the center line, pretending they are making a wide bend or giving and adjacent cyclist extra room, but the latest and most egregious event was today, when an oncoming vehicle pulled into my lane by three feet some 60' ahead and then pulled back. There was no reason, or even a semblance of one.

Yoga after class with the gangstalkers. This time the much tattoo-ed long haired male was back again, and they placed him behind the cute young woman, as a way of drawing my attention and then spotting this Unfavored (male over 20, long hair, tattoos, dumbshit shorts) creature behind her.

It is interesting that I had recieved a parcel beforehand, while at my residence. The $80 forceps and tweezers with serrated teeth were expected to be the solution to plucking the myriad face hairs I now get. The regular tweezers were slipping and so I thought that "grippy" tweezers would do the job. But as it "happened", the hairs would slip through the serrated teeth and these items seemed to be perfectly useless. It was on the heels of this that I went to yoga, and I always find it interesting as to what is arranged around this activity, as spinal flexion and twists seem to be so important to the perps and gangstalkers.

10-27-2013,  10-28-2013
Overnight rain for both days, catching me by surprise as it had been foggy all week, with hardly any sunshine. But then again, the perps just love to keep me clueless, and one consistent theme is not have me look at the weather, or else have the forecast (that I get to see) be totally wrong.

The rain landed on the plastic sheet covered picking bins that dragged the sheet down to rest on the fermenting wine that I make as part of my duties. I have remarked often enough in past postings that the perps just love to have water spills and messes erupt, and all the better if they come from one source to land in water from another source, say, pooled rainfall to spill onto tap water. In the kitchen, the perps often have water from the faucet jump sideways to land on something that was wetted earlier. Anyhow, all the water clean up, and some got past the plastic sheet cover to sit on a floating lid of a tank, took at least two hours, as I had to be careful not to have it run into the fermenting wine.

Other rain water got on the some 60 picking buckets that were sitting out to dry from the prior day's cleaning, and so entailed more effort to get these plastic (HDPE) 5 gallon buckets re-cleaned and dried before being put away until next year's harvest.

The perps love to have their victims break habits and routines, and one would be screwing me from posting it two days ago, on my typical Sunday night (Oct. 27th) weekly wrap up. And of course, having folks look for a new installment when there isn't one (aka dashed expectations) is another game of theirs.

I got busy on salsa making on Sunday, and yesterday, as 15lb of tomatoes just off the plant came my way on the 25th. I am removing all the plants from a small vegetable garden at the vineyard as it is the end of the season, and harvested tomatoes and some peppers. This turned into a huge "cook up", no actual cooking save for the garlic slices, and overwhelmed my food handling capabilities to the point I had to stop in mid activity and buy a bigger mixing bowl and a hand blender. Both proved to be the perfect item to facilitate processing the latter half of the salsa verde I was making. Last night I was converting the red tomatoes to salsa, though it took three hours, I was glad is was only some 5lb of tomatoes. All the above is in the freezer, and so I will have salsa for much of the winter.

Apart from the red colors, tomatoes and onions, I don't know why the perps find food processing so interesting. It could be whirring cutting blades as they have a fixation on cut fruit and vegetables, as I am routinely stalked by food processing deliver trucks, even in this small town.

And today I was pulling weeds, and then plastic fabric from this same vegetable garden, and the perps were all over me today with a rare police (RCMP; Royal Canadian Mendacious Plods) escort all along Eastside Rd, leading ahead of me and the Fuckwit pulling a 180 degree U-turn where I turn off and go left. And I had to obey the speed limit too of course, something that is very rare, as the perps like me to drive fast, perhaps for the same reason that swiping a magnet past a coil faster makes for more electrical current generation.

The noise games were also increased today, featuring the silly tapping noise, as if someone is building a house by swinging a hammer on a beam (or other large timber) once every two seconds. Every outside job I have ever had since the perps first went berserk/overt in 04-2002 has featured this improbable house building noise.

Other noise were single engine aircraft, though the odd helicopter too. Yesterday I got a two helicopter formation going by, though different makes and models. Last year when in the vineyard, I got two identical black helicopters on a low fly past one day. As always, the hot-rod muffler noises from passing pick up trucks played every few minutes, and they even had it penetrate the house when I was inside, another noise first.

Now to post this before it comes a run-on account,

Monday, October 21, 2013

Thankless Giving and all That

Thanksgiving Day in Canada, a day off for the regular workers, but for winemakers in this region, (Okanagan Valley), a very busy time. I was to rack (transfer and leave the sediment behind) the white wine juice with the pumps, some 1200L or so. That makes us very small in the commercial wine world to say the least. And lo, if the serially connected pumps didn't fail at the same time and I had to hand bail the juice with buckets carefully lowered into the bins so to not disturb the sediment. That some two hours was devoted to dismantling the pumps to no avail should also be noted. And that I thought I would finish up early today before this wretchedness sandbagged my plans.

And why have the perps gone silly over creating messes upon messes of late? From coffee grounds that magically appear on my stove top, to smears from nowhere and "errant" droplets flying straight at me.

 A partial work day due to getting a home installation of a different ISP, modem etc. The installation tech was totally avoidant in not looking at me, almost to the point that he looked stoned, putting on that disconnected far-away look. And even if I leave work two hours early, why, the same oncoming single lane vehicle trains are arranged by color and vehicle type. I get to watch the vehicle in front of me weaving from shoulder line to straddling the center line, in the identical pattern of so many lead-ahead gangstalkers for the past 11 years.

Nearing my residence,. there was a big black unmarked , tinted windowed (both cab and canopy) pickup sitting at the corner, projecting 6' past the stop line. Talk about making a statement, as I make that corner most every day, and there is absolutely no reason to do so, as there are adequate sight lines in both directions at the stop line. So I give the driver a gander, and here he is staring at me with some kind of black uniform on, as he had some kind of shoulder insignia. I stare back at him while making my L. turn, and then he gives me this quizzical look for no reason. Not your average police officer, and probably not one at all; so maybe eye-ball to eye-ball with one of the Thems.

And just when I wanted to go through the bibliographies of two recent books and bookmark them on Amazon, why, they
stripped out the Amazon Wish List button for some reason. Likely to force me to use the browser bookmarking alternative method instead. Such is the absurd pettiness of this singular imposition, aka, life-trashing.

I see that the ISP installed a yellow network cable. I can fix that easy enough, or at least, that was what I thought, but I cannot find a substitute cable and am made to "forget" to buy one every time I am out.

A work related order finally completed; it took three deliveries/retrivals, and at no time did they say any of it was backordered. I had to tell them what was missing each time.

More order shenanigans; the once reliable and prompt raw food supplier in Naramata "somehow" forgot to send me an email that my order was ready yesterday. I phoned them today to find out where it was at. When I said I didn't get an email  I got "oh". Not even a pathetic "sorry". And intense vehicular gangstalking for a Thursday at 1400h; at least 8 parties of motorcycles, and a single lane construction wait/constriction as they were digging and then burying yellow plastic pipe for a gas line extension. Most curious, in this rural area. Nice drive though.

Vehicles on me when driving to the food suppliers, and then another to take over when arriving, and then when departing. In keeping with the usual minimal interaction of picking up an order at this place, I grabbed the one box with my name on it. It was at least 60lb, very heavy; as it turned out, the box of 12 jars of coconut butter was inside this larger box. And strangely, it was propped up on styrofoam corners inside the larger box. I suppose someone wanted some separation between the two boxes, not forgetting that they were both brown, though not the same tone.

Speaking of brownstalking; a mid brown metallic flake colored pickup was tailing me for at least 10 minutes. This is the first time EVER in 11.5 years of this insane abuse that the perps have directly tailed me with a brown colored vehicle, behind or leading. Even on a "usual" day they might allow some metallic flake tan colored vehicles to cross my path, but never tail me at length.

Friday; a tanning tonight, after they didn't respond by phone last evening. Again, more perp scripted silliness. I started at 15 min. last week and wanted to up it to 16 minutes, and the attendant says to me. "sixteen minutes again?" Like WTF; how did she know that was what I had in mind?

Vineyard and winemaking work; four fermentations on the go; two red and two white; all in picking bins covered with plastic sheet. Temperature control is at the behest of the Great Outdoors, though we know who can fix that.

Pump repair/installation, a relief from the endless cleaning that is the essential theme of winemaking.

Crazy silly extra vehicular gangstalking this morning; seemingly, because I used a new razor insert to shave with. New hair cutting devices/blades are always a big deal for the perps, as is the new teflon rub strip, another fetish of theirs.

The vineyard puppy is nutty; if it hasn't seen me over a few minutes, it barks at me as if I was an unknown stranger. This dog is getting worse in this respect, not better.

Yoga; this awful woman in dreadlocks managed to get in front of me; I loathe the sight of this unusual and too fulgy hairstyle, and instead of tattoos, I get this Unfavored freak. At least she stayed away from me in the lobby when the class was over.

The much Unfavored male yoga instructor was wearing a red shirt just to look extra Unfavored, as we are at four on this guy; male over 20, large gut, bald head, dumbshit baggy shorts that go below the knee. No mention today of any "thanks for coming on short notice" like two weeks ago.

A faux bum/vagrant in the foyer of the bank at the ATM machines, leaving his plastic bag there, and then going outside to do stand-around duty W facing when I exited, and then S facing when I was driving by to depart. Caucasian, seemingly, with a flat mashed out negro nose. I have found the perps can change nose, eye and all facial features relatively quickly, so who knows what the real story on the vagrant was. Wearing a red hoodie is a signature perp garment. As mentioned many times, the perps are expecially silly over red colors at dusk times.

Saturday; legs waxed, onto work to perform winemaking tasks for the rest of the day. The now-speckled red legs are surely a preamble to stirring the cap down on the red wine batches.

I get out of my vehicle with my work bags, and get screwed around with the gate latch for the upteenth time (especially of late),  and this male person starts talking on the other side of the fence. I am still pissing with the lock when this wacko male cyclist in helmet and the white rimmed glasses (perps seem to love that prop) stops by and asks about where the landlord is. I motion to the house some 20 yards away, and then he makes out that the landlord might have been working on his race vehicle in the garage (where I now live, and it is a residence, likely a former garage). I cannot be 100% sure, but this place has been rented out for at least four years, so why ask me about it? Then the guy asks me if I was at the races, and I said no, as I hadn't been. Like WTF; clearly I wasn't into racing cars like my landlord was, and why should anyone assume that he would include me in his hobby when I live in a separate nanny suite? Anyhow, the perps like to plant wierd freaks in front of me, and they like to put on extra noise, especially from aircraft, whenever I pass through this gate, so it stand to reason that the perps want to combine this into a single disruption agent.

Sunday passed, and I was busy all day on wine bottling. Last night, I had a sudden "need" to get on with September month-end accounting in Quicken, something the perps have an inordinate interest in. It went smoothly, tracking and recalling figures and lines between my Quicken and my online bank statement. An extreme rarity that they didn't rage-ify me at least once. Then when I went into October and reconciled the statement, why, all of a sudden I was beset with cognitive and recall problems, transactions that didn't appear at first, and arrived on the web page when I was in Quicken, or vice versa. Just the usual fraught and rage-ified month-end accounting I have come to loathe.

Anyhow, that kept me busy for the evening, hence no posting. I will attempt to get this one done tonight as it is only a bunch of jottings presently.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Windows Upgrade; the Most Feared Intrusion

An upgrade to Windows 7 yesterday caused all browser access to fail, both in Firefox and IE. Though I doubt whether it was MS's doing anyhow. There was a confluence of things going wrong yesterday; and the roofers came to my abode, with my permission, to fix the leaking stove flue. Though it does make me ponder as to why they needed to remove the E window screen and put it inside, along with raising the venetian blind. There is a door next to this window, so what gives? And their roofing tiles somehow littered the roofing stones onto the doorstep.

An Amazon order got held up due to above mentioned browser crash, and we know who likes to mess with my item orders be they personal or professional. Read on.

And due to vineyard owner family vagaries, I worked a split shift yesterday and today, taking two hours off in mid-day and coming back to get the crushing and de-stemming done with the owner's daughter. That didn't stop the perps from putting me through vinegar smell most of the day, ostensibly from the fruit flies on the grapes. The perps love to play that disgusting smell on me, and don't miss an sliver of an excuse to plant it up my nose.

The usual litany of arranged vehicle trains, oncoming and ahead and behind me were duly arranged for the two extra commutes for the two day's of split-shifting. Even returning home bound at 1900h begat the usual arranged vehicles; colors, types with the odd motorcycle in the mix. Funny how that happens, no matter how irregular my commuting hours and days are.

My browser software is working, and effectively my internet access is back. I worked a straight thru day, thankfully. I wanted to fill my vehicle tank up afterward, and lo, if the perps didn't obstruct my usual fuel station with all pumps occupied and two vehicles behind me to block me from reversing out of there. I had to circle the lot and exit, replete with extra headlights aimed at me.

Busy with wine-making work; plenty of red plasma flashes came on when dealing with the fermenting red wine and then heading inside to get something, due to a forced "forget". It would seem the perps are still working on their red response in different lighting conditions. The fermenting wine that just had to be kept inside last year, is doing nicely outside and the temperature is much lower thankfully. Lower temperature ferments make for more aromatic wine.

After helping the boss to get his tractor forks under a bin, there he was still sitting in the tractor ten minutes later for no apparent reason. That I ate my lunch during those ten minutes is likely something to do with this brain fart inanity, and all the more given that the tractor is orange in color. And how many times have I encountered gangstalkers sitting in their vehicles for no apparent reason in parking lots, or else participate in extended loitering around their vehicle with the doors or trunk open? They are multiple daily occurrences, and so regular that I don't report on them much in this here blog.

With winemaking, there are many things to measure often the same fermenting juice as different times of the day. And lo, if the owner's dog, a puppy still, is barking at the very moment I measure something; the dog's timing is impeccable, as in 100% over a five minute interval with at least six measurements.

The order screw up games continues; winery supplies this time. It began with no mention of backordered items, then when I get the supplies some aren't there, A "Will Call" stamp on the Order Acknowledgement amounts to nothing, and so I phone, and tell them what was missing as they didn't seem to know. One TC gasket was the wrong size as well. The items seem to be backordered, but coming soon. Today, a week later, I get the backordered items, plus the returned item the right size, and lo, if they aren't still missing one item; the only item with a quantity of 2, all the rest were a single instance item. I phone, they apologize, blah, blah and I say it will be picked up next week. What a trial, and this was once an outfit that had impeccable service. Go figure.

How do the perps present the above arranged scenario to a participating commercial party in advance? Something like; "we know you pride yourselves on excellent service and getting all the details right everytime, but we want you to look like a bunch of non-stop buffoons when dealing with our chosen victim on this order, and this is how the inanity will unfold". Or, is it a variation of the tiresome game, where an individual is at first friendly and engaging, and at some later point becomes (uncharacteristically) an asshole, thereby earning my term, "attaining asshole cred(ibility)". In this case it is a reputable firm, where they were first friendly, competent and gracious and then perform a stunt, with multiple acts of incredulous ineptitude and totally out of character, though still putting on the friendly part. Go figure.

It was yoga tonight with the male perp (IMHO- read last week's blog) instructor of five Unfavoreds (male over 20, large gut, bald head, thick frame eyeglasses dumb baggy shorts to his knee). There were only five other classmates, compared to fifteen women last week. Only one of the three babes around me last week returned. Another tall girl, about my height, blonde, and presumably a younger doppelganger for another woman some 15 years older who is also about my height. The perps ensured I admired their long limbs much more often that I would of if not polluted with nonstop mindfuck games . And the two blonde women were in the lobby after class, nattering next to me while I was chatting with the engaging and pretty manager at the desk. And getting my attention by loudly mentioning the "F-word".

One male in the class tonight, another unusual feature as there were fifteen other women in the class last week and I was the only male. Said dude hung around the young blonde girl even if he was old enough to be her father. They hid the dude behind a pillar for the most part, which was just fine by me. This dude and the male instructor performed a faux male bonding stunt in the lobby afterward; the instructor, who doesn't engage with me at all, to the point of being avoidant, came and introduced himself to the other male in the class room, and lo, when it was time for me to depart, they first put on a red dressed Fuckwit woman coming at me, and then I turn 90 degrees toward the door, the dudes (instructor and other male student) parted by two extra feet with their backs toward me, but seeming to know I was coming all the same. Very often I will get the "split couple act", where a married couple will split apart for some unsaid reason timed so I walk between them and arranged so there isn't much choice for an alternate route. But having me pass between two seeming unrelated barely-bonded males is a first.

And with the dusk onset at 1830h when I exited yoga it wasn't too much of a surprise to see a surfeit of red vehicles, though I also saw a red coated attractive woman walking past. Not forgetting the above mentioned red coated Fuckwit passing near me when inside the yoga center.

And what is with the bun hairstyles of late? They are much more predominant and even come with a fount of hair dropping down from the bun like a little mop on their head. Alien lore has it that the "breeders" (kept women) wear hair buns, so perhaps they are also part of the makeup of all those things I was shown during the three lost (read, memory deleted) years when 2 to 5 years of age.

Saturday, but busy with wine fermentations and bottling. And the day I switched to a new razor insert and shaved my body hair in addition. It doesn't sound like much, but the perps go nutty on new razor insert days. Tonight they were busy infuriating me for at least 20 rage-ifications, though laundry tonight might be one additional reason. One jerkaround was having me "forget" my laundry in my vehicle for crissakes. I haven't had such provocations since about 2006, the nadir of the abusive intensity designed to drive me into much smaller living quarters by way of created evictions.

Another internet order got nixed; after I logged out it was gone and and after re-ordering the last completed order it was sabotaged with the quantities stripped out.

Sunday on this Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, and even at 0800h I get a roadside photo-shoot, and lo, if they didn't have a topless woman mermaid model draped in a net and slathered in red, yellow and green some 10' up a lascustrine soil bluff with the photographer below. This is the same soil type as the vineyard/winery when I work, and I suppose it might be an erotic backdrop to get my momentary attention, though with fugly colors.

Anyhow, I best get this launched/published and call it another week in Hell on Earth.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Upping the Brown Ante

A new escalation in the perp brown games, as in those related to my bowels. No question they have been busy blocking toilets all over town and in my residences for the past 11 years. Last night they pulled a new one; a big fart became a brown and wet one to my surprise, as I have never, ever, had this occur, and in the rare instance of a sudden crap onset I had sufficient physiological warning to make it to a toilet. Not only did I get no warning, but I got the wrong sensation altogether until after the fact. Needless to say I was extremely enraged, but of course the clean up was more important to attend to. They pulled this stunt just before I was due to go to bed, and checking the web site of another TI I know. So... the soiled clothes sat around here until tonight and when I went to the laundry the next evening.

I got screwed out of getting up at the regular time as someone messed with the alarm setting, when I set the alarm every night, and am quite sure I did it. Which meant another weekday of no full shaving, just face and neck. This is the second time this week I have been screwed out of shaving the regular areas, (additionally, armpits and swim trunk region). I suspect the morning time get-up routine will be disrupted more, as they don't stop when they go on a tear.

A blocked toilet, followed by a phone call (read, EMF device at my ear) over cancelling my suddenly too-expensive data plan (internet access). The perps like to run up power bills and other utilities, and I would not be surprised if they did it to my ISP last month. The charges trebled for last month when I did nothing exceptional. So.. onto the landline provider, as in cable, instead of the cellular phone access.

A variety of tasks attending to the vineyard harvest. I was cycled from vineyard, bottling, plastic cleaning (picking buckets), humpfing plywood, and wine-making in one day. I could not describe my days as routine or dull of late, and the perps do so like to create interuptions when I am on task, especially at the beginning phase and the completion phase.

Me and some 14 women classmates at yoga yesterday. Many new faces, and they put three cute girls around me and one wincing larger woman. It would seem that this advanced yoga is too much for some of the shills they plant. It was the same loathsome (and Unfavored- large gut, bald head, fugly shorts, over 20 y.o male) instructor again, doing his pacing around again, and being rather sparse as to instructions at times, though, as always, the rest of the class seemed reasonably capable, as if they had done a rehearsal. Said instructor, did his namaste thing at the end of the class, and said; "thanks for coming, especially for those who came on short notice". Like WTF; that sounds mighty organized to me; when the format is for individuals to assemble at a given time and day of the week. Some four months ago, the same male instructor identified two young women (on my R side, one next to me, and one a mat away), as "you guys" in reference to their ability to perform a pose. They did not seem like regular yoga practitioners, though they were supple, and I assumed they were dancers. I hadn't seen them before, or since, and I can only conclude that they were part of some organized effort to have students from an allied, but different practice, to participate in yoga next to this victim (me). If you have any other interpretations as to what this might be about, please let me know in the comments.

Another busy day of grape harvesting, but it is now done; or at least the 95% that goes to the contracted vintner. Hence these short and sporadic postings this week.

A rare Sunday evening laundromat visitation, and a fresh set of freaks and loitering Fuckwits there. Though, at least one shiftless male in a ball cap and another one stepping in my way and pretending to be unaware of it, and then said Fuckwit stops in his tracks to look at his cell phone. How could anyone be so unaware of other pedestrian traffic 4' away? But the strangest of all was this woman, about thirty and grossly overweight, who had some 9 washing machines on the go simultaneously, and of course, the two that I used ended up in the middle of her washing machine spread. She was with this skinny woman of 50 in a while ballcap, and the relationship situation was most curious. The latter woman just had to check the laundry machine next to mine after the first one had loaded it. An excuse to get closer and to bob her head and point the crown at me it would seem. These head bobbings, noddings, and faux bows are all the rage of late.

Then when the dryer cycle was on, this same woman/woman pair had 10 dryers on the go simultaneously, again, with mine in the center. I have never seen someone with so much laundry at a laundromat in all my life. And when I gathered up the items from the dryer, why, the shiftless male passed behind my back, the fat woman had to attend to the adjacent dryer, and the ball-capped skinny woman was on stock-still sentry duty 8' away. A clusterfuck of three gangstalkers on me as I take my laundry from the dryer. Can we say "tedium ad nauseum"; it has only been 11 years of being hounded in laundromats. Just before that, as I was about to enter the laundromat (after looking at my cell phone in my stopped vehicle), the burglar alarm went off "for some reason", and I had to put my hands to my ears, like the Fuckwits, to block out the intense noise. They had me entering the premises and walking some 10' into it, before a strange male came from upstairs and putzed with his keys to turn off the alarm. Funny how those things "happen" to me.

I will post this tonight (Sunday), even if the content isn't much, as I can then start from a clean slate.