Friday, May 05, 2006

A Thoughtstalking Primer

This is an introduction on another aspect of being surveilled and gangstalked for four years. And that is, when thinking and cognitive processes are not mind controlled, the thoughts are "stalked" by way of coincident noise (aka noisestalking) and/or some kind of event; momentary vision impairment, light flash/beam/point source (all plasma), a fart, other smells of no apparent source, burp, odd flavors in my mouth of no apparent origin, itches that needs to be scratched, and sometimes impairment of what I am doing (e.g. while keyboarding, they will dither my fingers or run them together) or having me rant at their intrusions.

And the above statements are quite a significant amount to accept, but to explain it, I will begin with mind-control. There is no question that this is operational, and that I am one of the prime study subjects for making it more complete than it already is. The perps can read minds readily; e.g. they plant gangstalkers ahead of me going to very specific locations in stores, sometimes for the first time. But when I "find" myself doing things I never have done before, and there is a concentration of such events since the harassment began in 2002, it is clear that I am "being run" in perp parlance.

Such new found behaviors include:
  • reaching for the wrong cupboard/item when this has never happened before (40+ times per day),
  • constantly "forgetting" (read mind-control recall depletion) grocery items, even if a short list of four,
  • vision perturbances that never happened and appear to have selective and opportune occurences,
  • total blank-outs on where I was, again, another never-before event pre-2002,
  • departure from basic daily habits, another never-before event pre-2002,
  • saying things in a way I never have before,
  • substantially increased dyslexic symptoms (transpositions and perceptual reversals),
  • having an speech accent on specific words, e.g. UK, and I am not from there,
  • shaking tremorous fingers at mealtime only,
  • "missing" the driveway while driving to a very familiar location (inexplicably driving past it),
  • eating the same food every lunch and dinner, every day, and not getting tired of it, another never-before event pre-2002.

Anyhow, back to thoughtstalking; this neighborhood isn't that busy, and my apartment is sheilded by other buildings from the street, yet it sounds as if a freeway were beside me. And yet, all day long, sometimes as frequent as 3 to 5 times per minute, loud motor vehicle noise occurs, and yet no vehicles are seen. It is sometimes called Voice to Skull (V2K), though I am not sure where it is coming from, as it may be a "projected sound". It used to be that I could detect the V2K or projected sound as it always had a metallic ring to it, but now I cannot.

Another example from today was a loud 2-stroke motorcycle (think Harley Davidson) noise when I put my tortillas in the hot fry pan to warm up. Some eight minutes later when I took them out of the pan, another near identical 2-stroke motorcycle noise again.

By adding up the improbability of all the daily coincidences of concurrent noise, plasma beams, bodily functions, underwear hem flipping with thoughts of retrospective analysis of the true motives of past players, one can only conclude that it is my thoughts that are being stalked. And likely for more mind-control capability, and I have come to know first-hand how it has progressed.

Anyhow, not a great place to leave this, but the objective is to share the Targetted Indivdual's experience, and this is a slice of life that passes for the notion of democracy in the US and Canada.


Leah said...

Hi I'm Leah and I'm also a TI. I empathise with you and have been reading your posts, noting many similarities. I also see that there is a distinct occult/bioweaopanry etc. aspect to all of this that is hard to explain and quantify. I'm Black british, moved to Vancouver Canada a while back but in the last 6 months or so moved to Montreal Canada. The global effect of this on me is undeniable in my estimation, as it follows a target around regardless of where they move to. It is important to remember also that ethnic women in particular are enormous targets of this problem. Infact the numbers of black women targets seems an above average statistic, though again stats lie and it's sometimes hard to gauge who's a genuine TI and not really a perp in disguise. The thought reading is tricky, as I agree there is some aspect of this but not necessarily as presented. Please do not forget that enormous numbers of people are involved in order to observe us and log our activities and coming activities. We are creatures of habit and if you mix things up a little bit you'll see how they aren't able to forsee all, necessarily. In my instance Bell Montreal has happily allowed access to my internet activities so no email etc. is private. Online accounts etc. are all disclosed. The invasion is total. I personally am coming to the conclusion that the personality adjustment etc. is more to do with causing damage to certain brain centres and inhibitors but this is best left for another time. Anyway, all the best, and keep strong. Regards & peace, Leah

AJH said...

There is a racial component to the harassment that I experience, though from what I can tell is that it is due to the actual skin pigmentation. The perps will get me "calibrated" on Caucasians and blondes very often before other races are introduced into the gangstalking scene.

Anyhow, I hope that you can find some relief from the harassment, though I don't know really what to suggest in practical terms. Every TI's experiences are a little different; some are allowed to hold a job, while others aren't so they can get full blown harassment.


Leah said...

I am unable to work at this time, and infact have always had my employment destroyed/sabotaged.
Hope you also find respite from this. Take care, Leah

Chasing my shadow said...

I went through some of your posts and the “born under a black cloud”.
What can I say……. I have been racking my brains to help one of my friends who is under attack. Every time I think of something it comes up against the same stumbling block- that a “possessed” individual can not keep his thoughts to himself. They become immediately known to his harassers. The perps can thus nip all positive efforts in the bud.
I would have suggested “An Introduction to Yoga” by Annie Besant and “Raja Yoga” by Vivekananda to you for both was useful to my harassed friend. They shed light on the nature of mind. But since you are well read, I don’t know. All the same here are some links, might be useful to you. I found them on the net.
Music can be of help to the TI’s. Brain flex by Grasshopper Enterprises has helped my attacked friend. I tried it out too. It is recommended. You can get it from,
It is free. Keep on listening to it. It would keep the voices at bay.
Keep the fight and spirits up.

AJH said...

Thanks for the comments and helpful suggestions. I do yoga once per week, and enjoy it, even if there is extra gangstalking afterwards.

I agree with the music suggestion, though it has been tempered by situational overhead thuddings and zappings; as I come to a piece of the music I really like, they put on the thudding and zapping. Any kind of enjoyment can be sabotaged.