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Stop Organized Gangstalking - ruminations on the (manipulated) world at large, removed from the gritty realities of dealing with this perfidy (from my perspective) but worth a regular read

GangstalkingMindControlCults.com Dr. Eric Karlstrom's fine website/blog on this sordid abuse that has become the norm for so many TI's. Plenty to investigate here. Stop Or(ganized) Gangstalking regularly reporting familiar perp behavior and an impressive blogroll

Bridget's Friends a blog, and then guest bloggers too, support for those who experience electronic harassment and gangstalking.
TI Survivor From Maryland, USA, -lots of good stuff and links here. The video of the Shasta County dissertation on chemtrails and expert testimony is fascinating.
Targeted Individuals Canada   lots of good stuff here, though I don't know HRC
Targeted Individuals Canada HRC as above, plenty of material I should explore (2013-12)
Targeted Individual Connections to the bigger picture, plus the one-stop posting of useful TI links,  Collection of Targeted Individual Sources.
Ramblings of a Targeted Individual  Homelessness and much duress at the basic survival level. Good video personal presentation.
Fortnight Transmissions About surveillance and gangstalking; calm and measured- a welcome tonic to the harassed TI.
Human Rights Violations Canada 

Rachael O; my "go to" girl of the gritty realities of the dispossessed TI
On MC  Rachael O's blog with regular postings with lucid and stark examples of likely multigenerational harassment
On Gangstalking Rachael O. is rendered homeless on account of TI harassment. My "go to girl" of TI blogs, one I visit most days for new postings in her perceptive deliberations on the vagaries of TI life.
Mind Control Information (On MC). This is Rachael O.'s alter blog. She has a very compelling story, see the posting, My Story II
Targeted Individual's guide to homelessness. Rachael O.'s travails in and about homeless and shelter living experience. As best as I can tell, she is dealing with scripted shills in these places, and gets the runaround much too often to be random experience.
Targeted Survivor Rachael O.'s dissertations on the targeted life.

Gangstalking World Blog.Very well organized, and with lots of static page links under many categories. 
Brussel Sprout Matt Beal and his story and dissertations on TI life.
Aussie Targeted Weblog No reprieve in the Southern Hemisphere. One needs to submit for an invitation to access this blog.

A Refugee in Europe A Japanese woman's harassment in Switzerland.

The Mother of All Black Operations By James Marino; covers 9/11, harassment, civil liberties, biological harassment and mind control with polemics on the state of individual freedom in the US. 

Wanderings A TI with a peacemaker; makes me envious.
Group Stalking Derrick Robinson's travails, posting about once or twice a week.
Joysoup A progress blog it seems, though the author has launched a lawsuit (03-2008) that might be of interest.
Organized Crime in Central Texas. Single moms get no respect either, along with the children being included too.
Gang Stalking World -lots of links and experiential detail (added 07-17-2013)
Coherent Madness -bigger picture events as well as GS/TI perspectives (added 07-17-2013
Timothy Trespas  (added 11-10-2013)
Edmund Osreh (added. 11-01-2014) credible, and this particular link is rich with MKULTRA associations.
In the Know (added 01-12-2014) more on MKULTRA and programming the masses.
JBHFile.com (added 12-2014)
Allen Barker (re-cast on JBHFile (Part I, Part II, Part III) a three part essay series, -a credible and cogent read.
COINTELPRO & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture Interesting that the stalking began in 2002, same for me. (added 10-2015)

TI Musings -a TI in the UK (added 12-02-2016).
Targeted4Truth -a Christian TI gets sleep deprivation harassment (added 12-02-2016)
Andre Landberg`s blog -mostly in Polish, so one will need to translate this (added 12-10-2016)
Magnus Olsson -technology focused, with computer-brain interface as one example; written by a well known Swedish TI activist (added 12-10-2016) 

TI Sites with a Forum
Targeted Individuals Worldwide now (as of 11-2016) on Facebook.

Inactive, Past Tense and Deleted Blogs
Downcastmysoul Ruminations on life and TI harassment. Now (11-2014) deleted
Lets ESL -TI and Other Stories Some humor to be found in this grim existence. Now (11-2014) deleted
Gang-Stalking A TI's perspective, though I don't know who it is. Last entry was 03-2012 (as of 12-2014)
A Word to the Wise T.I Health advice from the TI's perspective. (last entry 10-2010)
Harassment Diary 2010 to Date I don't know the TI author, though I can follow some of the acronyms because it  is TO (Toronto, Ontario) talk, but some readers may not get them all. Interestingly, the author is allowed to work as a software programmer, something the perps fucked me out of going back to at least 1985 (my little grudge) no matter how often I attempted  this vocation and have been messing with computers since 1974. (Last entry in 2011, as of 12-2014)
"The Hidden Evil" An extensive gangstalking dissertation, 82pp. PDF file; now (12-2014) as a blog, Gangstalking World

Gangstalking Journal About as reasoned and polished a dissertation on TI experiences as one will find anywhere. With a blog AND a forum. (I don't know where this went, 12-2014)
Are You Targeted?; yes, I am, and am fed up. (Now gone static, as it had plenty of links etc. 01-2017)

TI Personal Stories/Aggregate Sites (and if static or irregular journaling/blogging)
Dr Helen Tsigounis (Red Back Web) 399pp. -an MD shafted by her own colleagues in Australia

Nicholas Kirkland  -a cogent story, and very believable

Mind Control Forums   It is one of the most important repositories detailing current day nonconsensual human experimentation using covert invasive methods.
Mind Control Forums -Victims  This is over 600 harassment and mind control victims with very similar complaints, some going back over 20 years ago.

Gangstalking Video An excellent video of gangstalkers in action with a voice over for TI specific details by Norma Lawrence, with add on commentary by David Lawson.
Martti Koski's Diary and Martti Koski's Story, 1981 It is utterly brutal what they are doing to him.
A Nation In Denial By James Henry Graf's story, an eloquent writer.
Multistalker Victim's Call For Action; Rena; I am not sure if she is referenced elsewhere as an unfortunate victim in...The Rena I Knew. Very sad.
Back Up Against the Wall I don't know if this is going to be a regular blog or not.
Leslie Oliver in 2005. A very similar story to my own; is there anyone left with the temerity to concoct a clinical explanation?
Soleil Mavis -Harassment in China Last posting August 26, 2007, but she is an activist on some forums like MCActivism.
Shakey Brain No new postings since 08-2006, but interesting reading from the TI perspective.
Front Cover, comments. A place holder type of blog as far as I can tell, but the extensive comments should dispell any notion of this being anything but a coordinated and abusive imposition.
Peter Mooring of the Netherlands Not a regular blogger, but someone who describes the TI experience in convincing detail, and with plenty of links.
StopEG This looks like an information site, and Peter Mooring's activism site. Donate if you have the scratch.
Diary of a Gangstalking Target Good links and description of the personal purgatory that came down on this person.
Goon Log I haven't got the entire picture of what went on, but is likely that some of the postings got sabotaged as the author suggests. No new postings since Jan. 2007 (as of 03-2009).
Temple of Truth An infrequent but very credible TI blogger.
JBH File Blog The associated blog of the above JBH File web site.
Electronic Harassment is a Hate Crime It sure is; private by invitation only, but is full measure for the TI experiences. See Torture is Murder for a quick description of the desperation of TI's and the ruinous imposition that it is.
My Vacation in France. As far as I can tell this is a static blog (Aug-21-2006), but it covers the essence of the scourge

The Cetorian A new blog (03-2010), but an experienced TI who isn't afraid to address the bigger picture. (Now, 11-2014, private)
Draevil's Blog An Edmonton, Alberta TI, with convincing detail. (Added 10-2010).

fbiharassment.blogspot.ca (or com in US) -in my humble view the FBI are players in the game, and may at times be, or for certain TI's, seem as the apparent lead perpetrator. Given my experiences, I don't think they are the whole picture. The comments are an interesting read too. A lead in blog for Tortured in America (added 01-2017)

bigbrotheriswatchingus.com Renne Pittman's site (I think). A great selection of videos here.

Super Empath Kash, aka Kristen Ashley on Youtube; a TI's video blog. I have seen a few of her videos, and she is the real thing from what I can tell. Florida is a busy state for gangstalking from what she is saying. (03-2019). I am not so sure about her religious angle, but it isn't a major issue. But doesn't anyone get it? The perps ARE god; and here we are praying to them via this belief artifice called religion! LOL. And screw the forgiveness BS; constant and relentless gangstalking for 17 years on top of an arranged life for the prior 47 years, and the painful EM shots to me in 2003. Plus the rest of it, e.g. financial sabotage, cancer etc. Anyone or any organization that is that psychopathic for that long and is so highly organized to deliver such non-stop relentless abuse needs to be eliminated forthwith. And all their fucking abettors.