Wednesday, August 08, 2007

To Whom This May Concern

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to the TI activists as part of their current initiative to present a case to the Belgian authorities. I don't know if this will have any effect, or even if it made it through the often blocked email wall that I am contained in, but it is the one page "takeaway" version for the ever time crimped public servants, speaking from experience. I still wonder if the letter is too factual, and doesn't convey the dire state that all TI's have been cast in. This is the "as is" version, a rarity in this perp managed existence of making endless editing.

To Whom This May Concern;

This letter is in support of any initiative to investigate the alleged Nonconsensual Human Experimentation and Harassment (described below), which includes use of all Directed Energy Weapons, Energetic Manipulations and Behavioral Modification technologies by remote or local means applied to either individuals or groups of personnel. To date, no party has formally identified themselves as responsible, and much of the harassment is remotely applied, using action-at-distance methods.

I am a Targeted Individual in the parlance of this impositional blight that afflicts me and is very similar to allegations of others who identify themselves in this way. This means that I am harassed in the form of :

  • gangstalking, both ambulatory and vehicular everywhere I go in public (arranged by color of clothing or vehicle),

  • noise campaigns, selectively applied and usually coincidental with my activities, or other noises,

  • application of extra-gravitational energies to foil my movements, drop items on the floor, surreptiticiously move objects (including my motor vehicle),

  • remotely applied sabotage of electronic devices, both field strength meters and consumer electronics (e.g. CD players, headphones),

  • a disproportionate number of itches and skin lesions that are uncharacteristically persistent,

  • dynamic application of dithering my judgement, recall, planning, speech, syntax, motivation and coordination governing mental faculties on a preplanned basis, (often coincident with noise events),

  • selectively applied vision impairments, either persistent for durations or applied to specific events such as seeing someone for the first time in the day,

  • constant invasion, monitoring and sabotage of my computer and online activities, including covert changes and deletions of computer files,

  • rendered as incapable of having employment for no organic medical condition,

  • containment in a densified electromagnetic field at all times, (>200 Gauss in 2002-12), and

  • assault with single or stroboscopic flashes with plasma and maser beams/matrices wherever I temporarily locate myself, both privately and publically.

The goal of this harassment appears to be at least mind-control research, made apparent by selectively applied and progressively greater impairment of mental faculties since this overt harasment began 2002-04-15. The noise, color coordinated vehicle gangstalking and energetic intrusions have been witnessed by other personnel. My psychiatrist concluded that I was “persecuted”.

Past harassment has also included the application of substantial head pains (avoidable by movement), disorienting lights and stroboscopic flashes, intense skin itchiness, theft of belongings (minor), laser and maser assaults to my eyes, selective vision impairment, apartment intrusions the day after the locks were changed, disruption of sleep and all regular diurnal activities.

For a current diary of harassment and related outcomes, see my blog at;

There has been absolutely no relationship to the past attempted clinical remediation with the application of these intrusive phenomenon.

I am submitting this letter in support of others that describe like circumstances for investigation to identication and arraignment of the responsible criminal party that is applying this harassment and violating my, and others, civil rights under Canadian and International conventions.

A. John Hughes

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I am not so well spoken as you but please bear with me...

As a TI, I read your posts with a feeling of amazement and familiarity, I too have been the target of gangstalkers and have compiled what (I believe) is useful knowledge to share with others. I would like you to consider the following thoughts and pass them on if you think them worthy.

For starters, I have a technical background and spent my working years in High Tech. Eventually I became a Test Engineer and was tasked with the development of hardware and software to meet ongoing production needs. I had experience with many areas of electronics including Microwave systems and medical instrumentation.

I never dreamed technology would be applied (such as Voice-To-Skull) to the torture of individulals in my lifetime! I never thought this could happen in the USA (let alone to me)! But as one so tortured, I was obliged to figure out WHAT was being done and HOW to stop it.

I believe Voice-To-Skull (can also be) used as the so-called Energy-Beam-Weapon. It may be useful in remote nerve stimulation, as opposed to just making you HEAR a voice. I believe V2K can be fashioned to make humans feel many different sensations (such as impulse shocks, extremity tingling, muscle quaking, stomach cavitation, perhaps even visual phonomena). I believe this (V2K RESULT) can be achieved using pulsed Microwave and/or Ultrasonic carriers (if you are in range). Eleanor White actually hints at this (nerve stimulation of V2K) capability in her writings -- after looking and LOOKING for answers, I have concluded she may have a point.

I think TI's should be fully aware that the TRUE INTENT of gangstalking is to INVOKE FEAR, to KEEP YOU FOCUSED ON YOUR TORTURE, and TO DESTROY YOUR SPIRIT. They also need to INDUCE ANGER within you and keep you feeling constant PRESSURE.

ONLY _YOU_ CAN GRANT THEM THIS POWER. Of course I understand if your life and WORK is disrupted, it is near impossible to dismiss what these fiends are trying to do. Everyone has different circumstances. I am fortunate in that disrupted sleep does not affect my income (any more).

When the GangStalkers started attacking me, I had no idea what was really causing my disrupted existense. I felt true terror. I seriously considered ending my life. Fortunately, my soul mate helped me transition to a better situation where I could find periodic relief. I discovered I was NOT losing my mind but was a victim of the dark agenda of GangStalking (to cost you your very soul if possible).

As I read your blog, I see similarities (and differences) to my own experiences. Thank you for speaking out! Thank you for helping others learn of this ghoulish cancer that blights our world.

Good luck and take care...