Monday, October 07, 2019

Don't Want to Know

I work with this Mexican couple on this hole digging gig. They aren't the most productive, even if they speak good English, but they are nice folk, friendly and engaging. Sometimes I wonder if this whole gig isn't a big arrangement; like why would the Boss Man be so nice to them when they aren't real laborers?

Anyhow, they like to know how I am each day, and I tell them what it is. This morning I was suffering from the continuing effects of yesterday's mysterious ailment. That is the sensation of bruised ribs and sore muscles in all my torso, as if someone had walked on me. I told them exactly that, and they didn't seem the least fazed as to what this mystery ailment might be. And as they knew I felt like crap, you think they would of asked me how I was doing. None of that. It just seems so peculiar they didn't inquire at any time over the day, when they are really caring people. I suppose they aren't allowed to ask, or just don't want to know. Regular folks behaving strangely is nothing new in this harassment gig, and shame on me for thinking they would be any different than the hordes of arranged stalkers out there.

Slowly over the day, I felt better, getting over the torso musculature abuse I somehow suffered. I had something like this three years ago, and didn't have a clue as to what I was suffering, and two doctors didn't seem to have a clue, even if they had a grin on their face. Nothing funny about that, let me assure you. I wasn't even sure I was going to live when going through this imposed awfulness.

A three party male decend-on-me stalking when I was finishing up with the jackhammer this morning at the residential house work site. OK, I get it; tool use, beginning, use and cessation is a big deal. But will you assholes tell me why it is so important? I really don't give a flying fuck, save that I like good tools, take care of them, and never lend them out.

And what is is about my co-worker on my ass, using the tools I was using without so much as a mention. A very polite guy, and suddenly without mention, he has to use the bucket I was using for my small hole that I was digging for a piling support. (I was using this pair of small buckets all afternoon). I am in this dug hole next to the foundation some 5.5' deep, and then he asks if he can finish the job. NO. Then he wants to do the jack-hammering to take off the concrete excess wide of the footing. Like WTF; I am 5.5' deep in a hole, and it makes perfect sense that I continue for this 10 min. task. Answer was NO.

Never mind he has the unerring knack of getting in my way much of the time. These same nutzo take-my-tools (when I obviously haven't finished using them), take-over and get-in-my-way stunts were exactly what my Russian emigre co-worker was pulling last year. Funny how that "happens". The Russian guy was smart and construction savvy (but had some inexplicable pissy moments), and this guy is neither,- quite different cats with the same habit of running interference.

Then we decided to test the hole depth under the footing with the piling mount, a 20lb piece of welded steel plate, channel stock and pipe stock, and we lower it down the hole. I am in the hole and place and test it, and decide that we need another inch of height below the foundation footing, as in digging down. The hole is 2'x2' and he tells me it is easier to dig down by moving this steel piling mount aside, it being at least 15" wide. Like WTF; how can I even get a shovel around it? I say NO, and lift it up for him to receive, and dig the hole an inch deeper. Will someone tell the Psychopaths I do not like to have claustrophobic co-workers crawling up my asshole in attempting to do the very thing I am doing (competently), with the tools I am using and attempting to stand in the very location I am? Just go fuck yourselves; I have had enough of this shit, and that would be 17 years of intensive stalking coverage and a prior 47 years of covert fuckery that had a lot of similar themes. And for the record, if you can back it off for 47 years such that I don't detect the obstructive fuckery patterns (usually), then you can back it off right fucking now. In fact, back off 100% and leave me alone.

A shorter work day as I had a scan on my L hand at the hospital and then went to work in Osooyos, an hour drive away. A good thing too, as it was a brutal day, with concrete cutting, jack hammering, concrete removal, etc. to 1730h.Then an hour drive back with my crew member, on our own time. And the dust and dirt too. I don't think I am up for this particular flavor of construction work, as well as the long hours. And when we go on the road it is 12 days straight, 2 off, and on the road again, all with a room mate. How should I make my exit?

The Boss Man was on a major griping day; I was one minute late (said is was OK last week), then over price of gasoline, every fucking thing it seemed- low testosterone maybe? He could of helped me when I was 7' down a dug hole, mentioning how to detect more rocks (that send the piling start the wrong way, but wouldn't get me the tools). And he was no help in getting the piling mount (above mentioned 20lb piece of steel) out of the hole, somehow inferring that I can dig with it in there, again, a 2'x2' space in the bottom of a dug hole.

I catch the work travel vehicle low fuel issue before when set off, as I drive it work bound, (I don't retain the vehicle overnight) on account of him cheap-assing the day before and not filling it up (when he could of, but didn't) and he goes all pissy . I should of got a medal, as he was the one who forgot. Imagine running out of gasoline on the highway with his only three workers...

We travel back (one hour) on our own time, but he phones before we leave on where to fuel up, to save 10 cents a liter, a whole $5 on filling the tank. Right; three workers in a vehicle with the fuel meter malfunctioning by pointing the wrong way (down when full), on top of him forgetting about to fuel it up, and he goes silly over saving  $5.

Every day I swear I am going to quit this gig, but "somehow" I get distracted.

Sunday; yesterday's work day went OK. We are back filling the holes now, so the heat is off and the Boss Man doesn't need to be there full time.

But, this here PC is crashing right and left, and the spare one is having its problems in attempting to boot up. And the spare PC also temporarily freezes when viewing videos online. And it won't let me access this (my) blog. And did I not have both PC's fixed and examined this past summer? Yes, and even having a back-up PC is subject to sabotage. No good deed, (or intelligent anticipation of fuckery or sabotage) goes unpunished.

So... if there is a dearth of postings for the next month, you will know why.