Sunday, January 14, 2018

Meet the Healer

An errand outing with my perp abetting mother again, putting on the power ditz act again. Again, it was timed for mid day for maximum vehicular gangstalking surges.

Said outing was also dogged with smell stalking, (aka smell jam) this time arranging the pong of cooked onion stink 3x. Twice in parking lot locations that were not anywhere near an eatery, or other possible source. Then, the power ditz cooks up onions when we get home. One more week of this.....

One of the errands was a lighting store, a trip for a bulb to pre-empt the need for a particular bulb. This was the second time that the cooked onion smell came on; I checked my footwear (the usual trick), but nothing there, and nothing on the vehicle floor. Another lighting store visit, this one for no seeming great cause, and was the third of four such visits as it came to be. Exactly what the perps are so fussed about as to lighting I have no idea, but is a constant theme.

Then a SOF supermarket visit; what a choreographed cluster fuck....Even my perp abetting mother's neighbors "happened" to arrive at the end of the adjacent aisle to the milk section, and all forced by a "forget" to cause me to go back, and once returned to the area, why this shit show. Milk was one item to get, and lo the stocking/stalking card dude was working on just that particular kind/size. It was set down for all of 5 seconds by the stalking cart dude, also adding to this cluster fuck. I though they loaded these from the back of the shelf, so why this shit show in the customer area?

Then while at the First Feral House this "need" came on to look at videos of The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro for hours on end. Later they wouldn't let me sleep nearly all night. Too much video stimulation again it would seem. I had no idea as to the, ahem, clothing standards of some of the dancers, never having been down that way, or even S. of the equator.

The babbling biddy show again, akin to Christmas dinner; my mother and her Greek friend this time at a bar that served food. The usual close in of the stalkers again, though nothing too affrontive. This same Greek lady was compelled to show me her lighting in her house, after doing some recent installations. It all worked, and was in no need of repair, so what was the deal. More lighting exposure games again.

Continuing and inexplicable interest in the Rio de Janeiro carnival show, getting my soft porn fix, hopefully for the year...

Tonight, a fever to go with my cold.

At least I got a decent night's sleep, even if woken up to go pee at 0150h. No more fever or feeling flu-ish, but still with the symptoms of a cold.

My perp abetting mother burned a defrosting muffin in the microwave sending smoke all over the kitchen. It took 30 minutes to clear it out with the doors and windows open and kitchen fan on. It wouldn't be the first time; when I first arrived two weeks ago there was soot over the kitchen blind, up the wall and on the ceiling. Once I pointed it out to her, she attempted to clean it up and could only get the vertical surfaces. But she didn't see the sooty droplets of cleaning water hanging from the box coving, so I had to clean that up too along with the underside of the coving. I thought her burning up something stunts were over with, but no, she pulled this one which had the additional benefit of giving a snort of burnt food each time I passed by the adjacent door to the microwave. Well done, from the assholes who harass the shit out of me each time I pass through a door to the outside.

My mother claimed she put the muffin on defrost but must of mis-keyed the number, and lo, it got extremely overdone. As to why she doesn't use the microwave defrost cycle I have no idea, though I suspect that it is too complicated of a construct for her.

The healer; while driving from Victoria to Penticton, I stopped in a cafe in a town named Hope, the head of the flat plain of the Fraser River, and before one climbs the mountain passes. Time to refuel, and time to eat.

I met up with this 87 y.o. bearded fellow there, and he started telling me he was a healer. Not that I was looking for one, but apparently that he can relieve pain, even fibromyalgia, by touch. Interesting enough, and then he told me that he really doesn't do it for money, as he has worked various trades in his life. When I asked which, he told me he had 12 tickets, from crane operator, carpenter etc. Not to mention his un-ticketed jobs, such as driving taxi in the Yukon. In this situation, he put his healing skills to use by relieving the pain for a woman giving birth in his cab!

And if that weren't enough, this healer guy could see auras. So I asked him if I had one, and he said yes. Then I got onto magnetic fields, and he said he could see them too. I maintain, based on other TI's reporting a white glow around themselves that only a camera can detect, so I asked the healer if my aura was significantly different than the others, but I didn't get a clear reply. Ditto for the magnetic field, which if visible, should be very pronounced, as I have measured up to 1800 gauss around me, 3600x normal.

Then as it "happened" the healer guy could foretell futures, so I gave him a little background on my harassment scenario, assuming he didn't know, and asked him what it is that the harassors want. He told me that I know something that they don't know, to which I challenged him, and said I don't know anything, especially when they know how to teleport objects. The harassors know substantially more about me and their objectives than I can fathom, as it should be clear from any blog posting. The healer guy backed off on this one, and so I asked him what my future is with this abuser crowd, and when will they be done. He replied that I should be wary about some one in a grey hoodie, and that I will hear something soon. When I asked him how soon, he said three months. He also prognosticated a safe trip on the mountain passes, and he was correct as it turned out. Another thing he told me is that they make mistakes, to which I pushed back that was unlikely given my experience. He came back and said that they do make mistakes, and that they are going to make a big one with respect to me. I didn't need to hear that, as if the perps have exquisite fine level control, down to thoughts and intentions, then any mistake will have huge repercussions in my experience. It just doesn't sound good.

(Though, the perps have long told me that they have made a major mistake, as they have allowed me to ingest/inhale aerosol plastics which are embedded too deep for them to either extract or else predict their quantum effects. As always, anything from them is highly circumspect).

So as I saw it, he was evasive enough that told me he didn't want to give anything away, including my question as to auras. As regular readers will know, I regard any interaction with others as orchestrated, though reasons will vary from the perp perspective. I am totally contained, and kept in an orchestrated script, so I have to wonder about this healer guy. Maybe he is passing on the perps's word, or maybe the perps have transmitted this to him in some psychic way. So... the take away from this is that I must beware of someone in a grey hoodie (not aliens, as I questioned him on this), and that the perps are going to make a big mistake, and that I am to know more about what is going on to me. Not exactly a set of firm guidelines to act from, but what does one expect from a psychic?

A herd of deer on the in mid-road when setting off to the bank today, about 8 of them. I stopped as there was a woman with a leashed dog coming the other way, and I didn't want to inadvertently herd the deer toward her. The deer didn't move much for me when I finally did pass them by, one about 3' away from the vehicle. But they did start to follow the woman and her dog after I passed by.

Then at the bank, my debit card needed replacement, and finally after two machines failed to do a PIN verification, I ended up at a third wicket, beside the business teller, where the woman customer returned after I had waited in the queue. This was the woman who was telling the teller about her woes with her daughter who kept spending money. As to why getting a new bankcard is such a gong show, I have no idea.

The perps have been on a password screw-over game for the last few weeks, exploiting the fact that I "forgot" to take my password list with me when I traveled to Victoria, and then sensing my temporary location, the email and other servers pestered me for passwords which I "happened" to forget. Hopefully that is the end of that bullshit now that I am back in my regular digs in Penticton.

Then onto getting my legs waxed, and ended up in conversation with the lady who supervises the students. I had two of them, each staying on the same side, rather than following the same leg as in the past.

A day of helping on the bottling line today; this would be at a winery for whom I am working in the vineyard in a month's time. What made it interesting is that the snow was coming down the entire time, outside the mobile bottling truck. I reckon there was 4" over the day, not a startling amount. Interesting that my past bottling experience was in the summer time with plenty of heat. That was two and three years ago; last season I got dropped from the bottling crew as they had plenty of us vineyard crew, and the woman from the tasting room wanted to join, so I got dropped. As to what these on-off tasks do for the perps I have no idea, but I suppose it helped them I was only 100m from the bottling operation last year.

Same deal as before when bottling; the line slows up when doing pallet changes (a new supply of bottles), or something else goes wrong at that juncture. I even got help, so to speak, from others when cutting off the plastic wrap on the new pallet load. I suppose they need to emulate my use of my knife and cutting the plastic, for what all the energetic benefit the perps may get from it.

One of the workers was named Monica, perhaps a namesake game fitting with the ML games that I have referred to from time to time, and that I rarely get into, as it seems so bizarre. Last year they put on a Robin, same name as my daughter. I suppose inevitably there will some name commonality with those I know (or relentless hear about), but in this contained world, nothing is a coincidence.

I keep getting the drift that this harassment show is going to be done sometime this year,  the above mentioned healer planting the seed. I get at least 30 such mental notions planted in mind a day of late, some sneaking in without me noticing at first. All I can say to that is that I highly doubt it; the perps are relentless as they are psychopathically abusive, and after 15 years of this, I don't believe it for a minute. Every time they launch into these planted notions, it turns out that I am correct. They went on about getting proton beam treatment in late 2016 and kept it up to 09-2017 just before my (nearby) local radiotherapy treatment. Not that the deal is over, as subsequent tests are needed. But the whole LL proton beam treatment notion was totally ludicrous as it was very expensive and totally unaffordable. One even isn't allowed their own notions of feasibility in this TI world I am kept in.

A half day of bottling, this time with two new crew members. I was on the same task of unloading the bottles from their case onto the production line. Same deal as before; when there is a pallet load change of new bottles, the line slows up and/or someone is buzzing about. Ditto for the plastic wrap that needs to be taken off at that juncture. Today the speed was turned up, but that wasn't a big deal, save the smooth aluminum platform as it was slippery, like the day before. Thankfully, no upsets or slips that could of dropped me 4' to the ground. Some waffle plate would of solved the problem, but as it must take a half million dollars of equipment to set up these mobile bottling trailers, who am I to kvetch? 

The second day of vineyard work, a fill-in job until the regular employer starts until mid-February.  Yesterday, the boss man sent me to the wrong vineyard some 2 miles further away to start. After 10 minutes of waiting, a text communication from him indicated that he sent me to the wrong vineyard. I cannot count the number of times this stunt gets pulled on me by so many; when working with others, they arrive late, or vice versa, or the wrong location "happens". And no one says shit, not even an apology. I get it; it is pre-arranged for whatever reason to delay my start time with the remainder of the crew working away for 20 minutes before I arrive.

Anyhow; time I got this posted for the week.