Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fork Lifting Again

I did some vineyard and winery work at my former employers (a couple) of 2012-15. I got to drive the rented forklift all day with the bin rotator on it, so the bins of grapes can be dumped into the hopper above the crusher. Yesterday, I was on the crusher, seeing that it got fed, but not too much, while their friend, a most able fork lift driver, was driving. Today, the friend is off on a hunting trip, so I became the default fork lift driver, even if the boss man said at first he was going to be driving. Said boss man is way grumpier that he was two years ago when I last worked full time for him. And now, with a motorized wheelchair/scooter, he is even less capable of running the winery and vineyard show. Thankfully his wife is reasonably able and does much of the real work. He is the vision guy, she is the doer. Oddly, she wants to live in an assisted living arrangement while he wants to continue the vineyard and winery business. She is 62 y.o., he is at least 6 years older with considerably more health issues. I haven't quite figured them out, and even learned yesterday that she wanted to go to an assisted living arrangement even before they bought the vineyard. Go figure.

I say "Fork Lifting Again" for a reason. Last year I was running the fork lift at a winery, and in a rigged set up (IMHO), without any prior issues, I snagged the overhead door that was 1" above the lift stack while backing out, and was doing the right thing, looking back. I didn't drive it in there in the first place, nor did I lift the stack, and it was the co-workers on the crush who suggested that I drive it out, so I did. (And there were plenty of dents in that door from prior fork lift snags, so I wasn't the first.) The next day, the boss man says I cannot drive the fork lift. Fine. The next week, the more experienced fork lift driver snagged a man-way (hatch) cover on a tank with the fork lift as it was so congested inside the winery, and 2,000 liters of red wine flooded out, and it took four of them to close it, all of them getting soaked to the ass. (If the hatch cover had been damaged, they would of lost all 9,000 liters). The fork lift also got killed, as it was an electric model, and couldn't be recharged. That fork lift driver was back driving the rest of the job, another 4 weeks, all day, every day. And I don't assign any blame to this driver, as things were so tight in there, and it could of happened to anyone. (And did a few years earlier). But this disparity of punishment (if that is the right word) was so obvious, that I couldn't of felt more targeted (or singled out for no reason). Anyhow, it seemed that the Thems decided that I was not allowed to to run a fork lift again, though they have relented this year for a whole two days worth. As to what they get from these on-off privileges or designated work activities I have no idea, but temporary use of vehicles (using the same seat) seems to be a big deal. Or what the perps get out of this particular freight handling device, along with exposure to pallets and shipping containers, I have no idea either. Just to think that my daughter has been living with a full time fork lift driver for the past three years.

The power washer ran out of gasoline at about 1600h, and there was no more on hand. Like WTF; I did this with him 2+ years ago, and the same thing "happened". So he called it a day and said he would get gasoline tomorrow, leaving everything a sticky mess. And the diesel heater of the power washer isn't working, so everything is a cold wash. Though, with an after market wobbler head on the tip of the washer wand, instead of the typical jet tip, it makes a huge positive difference. Still, having hot water makes winery hygiene and cleaning that much better. I don't know of a serious winery that doesn't have hot water washing capability. Unusually, over four days, the power washer did not mechanically fail. This is unheard of my annals of using this particular mechanical device.

The fundamental rule of the winery business is that you clean up after day's end, or sooner, if the equipment is going to sit around with grape crush for more than an hour. Or else you clean up after a run of certain grape. Otherwise, clean up will take 2x longer, and present more risk for potential hygiene issues. But you cannot tell this guy how its done, and being prepared with a can of gasoline is beyond him it seems.

More winery work, this time just me doing most of it while the owners were out and about, fetching items (including gasoline) and attending to the business aspects of vineyard and winery ownership. I suppose it could be called another day of the attritional work force. Four days ago, I was working in the vineyard harvesting with the Albanian crew, while the owners, their family (including two young children), plus two other family members, plus the fork lifting friend, were working altogether on the grape crushing and cleaning up. Then we had Thanksgiving dinner together, save the Albanian family. The next day it was similar, though with some dropping out, and another person coming for dinner. The next day (yesterday) I was on grape processing with a few family members heading out, another going elsewhere for the afternoon. Today, it was just me doing the laboring, fork lifting, cleaning, because, as mentioned, the owners had other responsibilities. Anyhow, it seems that the last five days were a combination of vineyard, then winery work, complexed with  decrementing the number of co-workers. For the perps, and their life-long interest in me and wine making, and now viticulture (vineyard labor), it just seems interesting they are still at; transitioning me from one work area to another all in a weekend, (been done before at this same vineyard/winery), and drawing down the personnel whom I work with.

Though in fact, something similar evolved this season of vineyard work. I started with a crew of six for 5 months until the resident grinch pissed me off enough that I worked at another vineyard for the last two months, mostly by myself. Anyhow, I have no idea what this whole deal means and why this attritional cycling of co-workers is so important for the Grand Plan. Just leave me alone is all I have been asking for the past 15 years of this insane litany of abuse and arranged life, down to the microsecond it seems.

Took my laundry into the laundromat and hung there as it was only for washing, no drying. (Cleaning up the daily grime from winery work, now finished). What is it about certain Fuckwits that need to loiter around me for no seeming reason? The proprietor woman was  4' from me and was staring at the washing machine for 10 minutes, then her daughter came on the other side of me to change the TV channel, reduce the volume, fuss with the newspapers, and then screw off with the remote control so I could not put the volume up after she left. Five minutes later, a dread-headed male arrived in my peripheral vision, so I took a look at this creature, and then he walked behind me, and it was then I caught the highly odoriferous stench of his weed habit. (Did I mention that dreads are highly Unfavored once before?)

And all of the above was set up as I was at this same laundromat last night, as my clothes were scuzzed up and I had gone for 10 days without laundry, and was running short. Prior to tonight's visit, I got nailed with a 1.5 hour nap attack, always a big deal so they can hound my ass all the more afterward. And before that (this afternoon), I had my IV vitamin C infusion, another seeming excuse to hound my ass if all the extra road traffic on the way back is a reliable indicator.

Thursday, and a day off from winery work, as the grumpy owner is to complete all the left over tasks apparently. I just finished reading "Guinea Pigs" by Dr John Hall (more extensive and fair minded review here). Most notable is a riposte about psychiatrists:
"In medical school on can spot the individuals destined for psychiatry on day one. For the most part they are strange, often searching for self-help, and remain strange individuals focused on what they see as the more intellectual practice of medicine.... Psychiatry, unlike all other fields of medicine, has absolutely no basis in hard science."
Hilarious, and having had a recent go-around with one to deal with my dopamine deficiency when I presented two compelling tests (on a brain scan) which both indicated such, he tells me I have a dopamine surplus. Dr. John Hall has is exactly right; don't go to psychiatrists, and don't do street medications which will only serve to discredit you (as a TI) or else serve as an avenue to them to find fault.

I would of preferred that "Guinea Pigs" addressed more detail about the consistent themes in TI's lives, e.g. missing years (me, aged 2 to 5) and perhaps life long covert monitoring until the perps go overt and then run and ruin the victim's lives, now 15 years of this since they first went berserk/overt on me. And less mention on then President Obama, as I believe organized harassment and abuse is beyond any President's realm, who has no real control over what goes on at these levels. And less mention of the NWO and limits on gun control. Like, what is gun ownership going to do, except bring on on another (recent) Mandalay Bay/Las Vegas massacre event. Worth a read, and it has some good chapters on the available technologies of remote mind control, which are well advanced and supported with some more recent examples I was unaware of it, e.g. mass surrenders in the first Iraq conflict.

Mass hysteria may explain 'sonic attacks' in Cuba, say top neurologists  What absurd rubbish; "top neurologists", as in top neurologists in the pay of some agency and who don't mind looking like utter fools for anyone who has a thinking mind. There is ample evidence of remotely applied EMF weapons (per "Guinea Pigs" above), and even 60 Minutes showed a crowd control beam (called "active denial") weapon emitted by remote equipment. The unfortunate folks who were hit with these sonic attacks in Cuba are ill weeks later, both US and Canadian embassy personnel. Some of the victims moved to a new location and didn't get further attacks. Psychiatrists have lost all credibility with the DSM V making normal a medicable state to fuel the pharmo-financial interests (and more likely, the Grand Plan), and now neurologists are going stupid, per above news report. I think this is another example, just as the Trump antics are, of seeding the perception of chaos and authority ineptitude, or more fully, creating cracks in the public's perception of the credibility of government, professions and the like. (Psychiatrists never had much credibility in my book, (per above riposte) and all the more so, as they were abetting agents of the CIA nonconsenual human experimentation starting the 1950's, e.g. Dr Ewen Cameron in Montreal.)

I had a short work day in one of the vineyards I worked in over the summer. We were picking leaves for later lab analysis for virus presence. A systematic sampling pattern had to be followed, something I have experience with in my forestry training. I have worked with this guy before; he gets cranked over every little nuance that seems to go wrong, a negative dynamic the perps constantly seem to set up between me and him. Thankfully this scenario didn't last all day, and instead of hauling his too-wide trailer between the rows, and barely clearing the vines and drip lines, (the source of contention) we worked separately and didn't use the trailer. This doubled our work output, and seemed to work for him.

Golly gee... another fine coincidence; one of the above mentioned Albanians "happened" to be picking grapes with the vineyard next door. Said individual has worked in the same vineyard as me, the next door vineyard, more distant vineyards, and shows up today as well. I hadn't encountered him all this season save for the above mentioned encounters.

An insane gangstalk show at the specialty grocery store on the way home after vineyard work. And that same wretched woman staff-stalker was on again, this time at the till, and saying "hello" to me as I entered the doors. Normally she doesn't even look at me, so I don't know why I got this sudden welcome salutation. As in "here I am again", the ever stalking staff member perhaps.

A woman sucking on a cigarette outside trailed me in, then joined the aisle blockers after I picked up a cooked chicken, and then a fuckwit emerged from that grouptight on my ass, even if I started to walk faster. Then I decided to get the fuck out of there, and lo, a negro customer at the checkout. An in-out stalker, came too, one who arrives, walks past the checkouts (normally the wrong way to go if shopping) and then walks out again two minutes later while I was still there. I have seen so many of these at this store that the inane has become routine.

All this started because the cooked chicken in my fridge prematurely went bad, and  I needed to replace it on the way home. The perps just love these stop overs on the way home, and no better place to pull it than one of my regular stops.

And as the perps screwed me out of taking my garbage out last night, and again this morning before the garbage truck arrived, said rotting chicken will remain in the garbage can for a whole week, some 20m away from me, but near the landlord's house. Don't ask me why the perps are so obsessed over garbage and how long it sits around in my proximity.

My fickle friend of vineyard work came by, he still healing from his split knee cap, surgery, and just finished 6 weeks of physiotherapy in Kelowna. From what he says, it seems that the therapists didn't appreciate a low rating on a questionnaire that the patients filled out. Suddenly, certain patients were yanked from the program, some quite prematurely in their recovery. And it seems that many of the therapists were just posing for their jobs, and didn't get much involved, and would rather natter among themselves. Call it nasty-assed retributive health care, where honest questionnaire results get one woofed from the program. And additionally, two mantras from the therapy staff came in loud and clear; the theme of moving the patients on, and telling them all the pain was in their head. Such is healthcare these days; rotate the patients out ASAP, never mind how they are doing. And then pulling these mind games of telling the patient where the pain is. Doing George Orwell proud they are, at public expense.

A 9 hour sleep got me up at 1030h, and a late start to the day it was. Then some online work, and then some reading, "The Twelfth Planet" by Zecharia Sitchin, and lo, at 1500h, I got nailed with a 3.5 hour nap attack. These nap attacks are often aligned with when I am reading; 30-40 min. into the book, and then the sleepies start coming on. In dutiful fashion, I go lie down on the bed, and then await what comes. At one point in the dream they had me fussed over missing a flight, and then awakened me enough to know that it was in fact a dream, all to have me drop into another dream set. It took 30 min. of lying there to finally be able to summon myself to get up, forced by a need to pee that came on.

A brief synopsis of the book is that it is a researched study of Old Testament and Sumerian texts and pictographs, and based on the research it seems that we humans were once clones created to do mining work for the Nefilim (Anunnaki) of the 12th planet, Nibiru. Later, we were given the capability to reproduce and self determination. An interesting book, and of substantive merit in re-assessing the role life on the planet, of humans, how we got here so fast in evolutionary terms, and why so many ancient texts make references to the "gods" and their heavenly craft and unconventional capabilities. The book was originally published in 1976, and now is in its 45th printing. There are follow-on titles in this Book 1 of the Earth Chronicles series. To quote from the book; "we are not alone". Most TI's know that anyway; though some TI's seem to be harassed by more thuggish and retributive arms, while others seem to be under the thumb of a more research minded imperative (me). It is all the same to us; we are selected to be interfered, obstructed and abused, and the notion of democracy and self-determination is truly a mirage kept alive by our notion of the artifacts of freedom. Read "The Gods of Eden" to find out more about how humans seem to be put to use by an alterior agenda e.g. sending humans to war, along with extraconventional technologies.

A new-to-me site on gangstalking, mind control and cults is Dr. Eric Karlstrom's excellent web site. Plenty of interesting material here, though I don't get into cults much as I really do want to contain the scope of this blog, but I do believe there are one facet of this whole Grand Plan. Invoking trauma, especially on children seems to be so very important for the perp agenda for example. And what is it about academia that seems to be such a hot bed of senseless retribution, often resulting with the victim being gangstalked thereafter. This seems like an interesting story from Australia, The Red Back Web some 399pp. worth. I have not yet read it.

Anyhow, enough for the week, and I will get this posted.