Monday, September 14, 2020

Vineyard Work Season End; Some Observations on Masers


About time I got back to blogging I suppose, though as always, there is a litany of minor issues to deal with that preclude getting back to detailing my continued woe as a TI. All those things that "happen" to go wrong, usually about the same time. This kind of fuckery increased by an order of magnitude since 04-2002, when the Psychopaths from Hell on Earth descended upon me in my apartment in Seattle. And it didn't settle down much when I moved back to Canada. I suspect the Seattle gig of 3.5 years was to get the Gangstalking Capital of Canada (Victoria, BC) prepared for my return, though I suspect there are a number of other themes of harassment/nonconsensual human experimentation that were worked into the script during my time as a legal resident alien in the USA. (TN visa). And as mentioned many times in this blog, plenty of things went wrong for many decades beforehand, and that the Psychopaths were covertly harassing and surveilling me then.

 For the record, the fuckery has been my vehicle, where it took on a peculiar and faint hum from the front end, plus some clunking that was only evident on the back lane's rough surface. Looks to be a front wheel bearing and the shifter linkage, a two-fer. This according to the independent repair shop I use, often when I can plan ahead for the repair, e.g. new shocks, clutch. Strange how the Ford dealership didn't find anything when I told them to look around when they did the oil change three weeks ago. Perhaps it is for the best, given their usurious charge out rates and parts markups.

The vineyard job is mostly done now, it is "hurry up and wait" season, awaiting fruit ripeness and maturity for picking now. We had a crew get-together last week in the evening, myself and the 8 or so who worked at the other, larger, vineyard. Normally I would of too, but the effing owner let out this horrid and highly threatening dog for no seeming reason except for purposeful harassment. Unbelievable, after the amount of utter shit that went down over this insane canine last year to ensure it was controlled, and the Fucker sets in loose on the first day I worked there this year. Everything had been arranged that day, the crew boss put the dog in the house and told the owner I was working there, and the Fucker let it out later. I complained to the vineyard manager, and stated that I wanted a reason for such deliberate action, and got nothing from the owner. That would make the owner the most dangerous animal in the vineyard now. I should write up my workplace complaint and send it to the Work Safe outfit during these now up coming dull days.

Chances are that it won't "happen", as they seem to be dialing me down energy-wise. I have been more fatigued these past few months, and there seems to be some digestive connection. The doctor was looking into it and then she took two months off.

I was plain wiped out after two days of wine bottling work on the mobile bottling line. Normally I can take this work well, as I have been doing it for the past 8 years. Usually it goes for 2 to 4 days and then it is done for the year, and back to vineyard work. So what on earth is the matter with me? I never had this level of de-energization before.

In fact, for hot (>32C) days in the vineyard, I was always going strong while the others were slowly fading. Some days the boss lady called the work day early by an hour or two. This year, I haven't been able to take the hot weather either on the odd day, fading out myself for the first time in 8 years. Thanks assholes.

Back to the crew get-together of last week; a chef prepared BBQ lamb roast with lots of trimmings, and we were encouraged to have seconds, which I did. I was in middling level discomfort about two hours later while attempting to get to sleep. I had limited my food intake over the last four weeks as it seemed that these post-meal discomforts were becoming rather consistent. That and the associated lack of energy. Another change in my regular food digestion is that I find I am burping up from digestion some 4 hours later from the meal. This is absurd by my normal standards, as I was always a fast digester, as food could travel through me in four hours. All I need is another ailment. Right.

It has been long reported in this blog about the Psychopaths have an inordinate interest in my food intake, and especially the colors of the food, its source (provenance) and all the various foods I eat in combination at a meal. (Prime gangstalking time is to have me out and about after a meal so hordes of gangstalkers can perambulate (or drive) by). So it would seem that the assholes have decided to interfere with my digestion big time, and de-energize me too, presumably under the guise of a conventional medical complaint. No one in the First Feral  Family has had any kind of digestion complaints, even my 94 yo. perp abetting mother. I get an abdominal scan in late November, so we shall see what the deal is then.

Almost on cue, save the last two days of the weekend, and another day last weekend, is the hot weather (>30C) we have had in this region this September. The only reason for the remission in hot weather is the smoke from forest fires rolling in from Washington State. Two 180k acre fires near Omak, plus others from further away. A local forest fire near here two weeks ago, perhaps some 5k acres, but it didn't have enough fuel to become a large one. The smoke is as heavy as it was two years ago, when there were large forest fires in BC, and then it persisted for some five weeks, cooling everything down considerably.

I say "on cue", as it drives the point home that I cannot now withstand extended hot weather while working in manual laboring jobs. That is, to make me feel like shit, and in need of a shorter work day, 6-7 hours instead of 8.

 This from 08-25-2020, my prior notes, though not published at the time;

What is it about night time that causes a different round of harassment? Never mind the sleep issues for now.

Yesterday and today, I have sore shoulder muscles, equally on both sides, and sore muscles on the back of my head, again, equal both sides. It is not that my vineyard work is bringing on these issues, as this was a Monday following a two day weekend. And we are at the end of the season so I am in the best vineyard laborer form one can be in. No visible injuries or bruises either, also a  common problem among TI's, and occasionally I end up with a few, but not this time.
Other consistent fuckery this year has been having me get to bed much later than normal (2230-2300h), usually 2400h or sometimes later, no matter what. If I get early to bed by 30 minutes, the assholes keep me awake for 1.5+ hours, tossing and turning. Related to this is that the vineyard work has "caused" me to take a nap of an hour when returning from work, fitting in with the aforementioned imposed de-energization fuckery. "Normally", in quotes to represent this post-life invasion abuse-athon now running over 18 years, is while they may reduce my sleep hours due to uncharacteristic nocturnal restlessness, which IMHO is remotely invoked by them as I never had sleep issues before, is that they rarely let such sleep deficits ever affect me. I could function fine without any tiredness whatsoever the next day, and never miss the sleep. It seems they have changed this strategy, and now force a modicum of sleep recovery by way of the post-work napping. On weekends, free of any work, I don't need the naps.

In fact, these new post-work naps have changed in their scope. It was such (from 03-2020) that the naps were "nap attacks" as I call them, as they lasted 1 to 2 hours and I felt out of sorts afterward (like wasted), barely able to recover unless I had some coffee. Now since 07-2020, these naps have been 30-60 minutes and I almost feel refreshed from them, another peculiar first since this abuse-athon began.

Another component of being a targeted harassee is the profusion of overhead aircraft, often in sequences of fixed wing, then rotary wing (helicopters). And just about always, some kind of blackish maser cloud is around the aircraft, and often this dynamic feature aggregates into a torus and is then directed at me, often to the level of feeling a pulse hit me a second or two later. I presume they are deriving some kind of magnetic energy (a maser) from the aircraft and its occupants, and then directing it at me. An energetic interaction test, from above and unusual vehicle and location that would doubtless have differing properties than say, from a passing motor vehicle. Sometimes they add in a plasmic energy sources too, a small dots of colored light, though these don't seem to project.

But as of mid-August, the Fuckwits pulled a new maser variant stunt from an overhead passing helicopter. I was working in the vineyard, and a larger and slower model passed by,  and as I know more about them in terms of make and model, I check them out. I was  attempting to determine what kind of helicopter this was, and the ("usual") toroidal blackish cloud formed around it, and instead of receiving a subsequent amorphous wave-front hit that I cannot see (but feel), there was this 2' long "spear" that emanated from the blackish toroid and arrived within a second about 1' from me. It was about 1/2" wide with a beveled tip, and an opposing end, an elongated parallelogram. It was sharp edged, and had an even and consistent toned black color, and it arrived beside me, rather than traveling through me. It was unmistakable as it was short lived, perhaps two seconds at most. Anyhow, just thought I would report on such an unusual maser configuration rather than the relentless fuzzy balls and related amorphous shapes that I see or receive.

And the fuzzy ball masers are in greater profusion than ever; I often have two or three circulating in my visual field. Sometimes they operate in parallel, or two in parallel and one in another trajectory. I can almost be guaranteed that anytime that I view a venetian blind (horizontal slats, identical on all four windows here) that there is a maser ball that is slowly working its way down the blind, causing visual interference with the regular parallel blind background. Sometimes the maser will drop down a few slats, then run perfectly horizontal along a slat edge and then arc downward again, reverse direction, but always staying within the bounds of the blind form.

And too, another common fuzzy maser ball emanation is off the roll of toilet paper while sitting on the adjacent toilet. As I am about to grasp the roll, a maser ball will float off and drift toward me, and sometimes more than one. Maybe one maser comes off the roll, another passing through the first leaf of toilet paper, and sometimes one passing through my grasping hand as well. Who knew that ass-wipe, and the act of using it, would cause such intense interest to the Psychopaths From Hell, in their legions of thousands with a budget of billions (it seems) for 18 years in all their unconventional fuckery?

I wonder if the mass ass-wipe shortage "from" the Great Covid Caper of 2020 might be part of the world Psychopathic agenda, even if ass-wipe had nothing to do with the apparent  symptomology.

And too, and also applicable to aforementioned venetian blind visual interference maser games, they are now batting 100%. That is to say, instead of the former frequent, but not consistent, situational maser instances, they are doing this all the time now. It is very unlike them to invoke any kind of unconventional invasive fuckery consistently, but it seems they are breaking one of their own rules. Don't ask me what this escalation means, whether it be desperation or anticipation of potential outcome, and why they have violated what seemed to be one of their fundamental precepts; no expectable incursions or disruptions. Chalk up another 2020 change in unconventional fuckery strategy and/or practice.

Other fuckery that has occupied my time in the past few weeks has been to get my new spare PC up and running, which became a problem. Like, if I want a dual boot PC, and want to make the choice of which OS, and want to access a common directory of files, why is this so difficult? Too difficult for me to set up as something incomprehensible always goes wrong (heard that before?), so I take said PC to the shop and tell them exactly my requirements. They say it is set up after a few days, I pick it up, and cannot get the effing thing to boot up in both OS, nor can I access the main storage. Why is such simple shit so fucking sabotaged all the time? All I ever want to do is get off Windows (like for 10 years) and its regular takedowns of my audio after every upgrade, and I am not allowed to. Said audio takedowns "somehow" recover themselves in a few weeks or days. No one seems to be able to fix the problem, never mind demonstrate any interest in doing so.

I also got a new larger LCD 4K monitor that is now taxing this barely-there video card. And of course, this mismatch in new display device and 9 yo. video output device is rearing its ugly head, and causing display delays and other action discontinuities. (Forget about watching video). Last year, the video card was going up and down, and the determination of the technicians was that it was unfixable due to the combination of this CPU type and video standards of the day. Not that I could find anything online to support his contention. But as it "happened" the technician was doing a job at a location that was replacing PC's that had video cards of this vintage and salvaged one, installed it, and presto, it worked and continues to do so, even if this display is taxing its resources. Again, more complexity erupts when this new display has a KVM switch in it, so it can be concurrently used for the new spare PC and this old one that I am presently using. Which is what I want to do; a single display (V), with Picture Beside Picture, one from this older PC and one from the new backup PC. And that it also shares the same keyboard (K) and mouse (M). Simple, right?

Wrong; I got sent to Dell Hell, as in another run through the gauntlet of dysfunction. Dell, you might want to tell your customers about your very own Dell Display Manager (DDM) software that allows them to set up your LCD display according to the advertised features. The display's physical setup buttons on the side work well for their scope (immediate comprehensible Apple-level functional design no less, so don't fuck with them), but that doesn't include setting up the KVM keystrokes, which is where the DDM software comes in. But only if you find out yourself of course, via web searching, and then perform a deep dive into the Dell "Help" and their byzantine web site. No mention of the DDM software in their manual of course.

And after all that, why, I still cannot switch back and forth, just only one way. And as for PBP, forget it for now. Perhaps the Mozilla browser will do a more reliable job. And as for Windows, ignoring this kind of functionality for the last 10 years, another reason for Linux.

And for the record, I attempted to do the KVM thing with a KVM switch, a dedicated piece of connecting hardware a long while ago. And lo, if that just didn't plain "malfunction" about a week later, refusing to do what it was designed to do. As it was high fuckery days, when just about everything was sabotaged, I just gave up on the concept. So what is it about a dry and boring device/function called KVM that must be sabotaged again and again? (Which in turn is caused by the relentless sabotage of one or more PC's, to force me to have a spare one in the first place. And too, often concomitant with swapping display devices, keyboards and mice? A fucking nightmare, and always good for at least two such events in a year nowadays). other words, I attempt to get technically current in 2020, PC functionality-wise. The new spare PC is fast and loaded with extra memory and storage and the old spare PC and its flakey boot-up is removed, along with its extra display, keyboard and mouse. Ready for the recycle trip. And lo, if my fickle friend isn't suddenly in a panic (the second time in two weeks, but for a much different reason), as his job is closing out in two months. He needs online access and his 10 yo. Apple doesn't cut it any more. He happens by because I called in a favor as my vehicle is in the shop. So, I offer him my old rig, but as he is Windows dysfunctional, I offer to set it up for him. Of course I need to remove my data, which I do after a number of peculiar false starts, and get the PC updated for Windows, re-connecting it up to the internet. (I still cannot remove myself as Owner, and the Windows administrative features seem ever more obscure). Then he cannot pick it up today due to apparent sudden changes in workplace circumstances, indicating by text that grape picking is starting tomorrow, something I find hard to believe, but perhaps this is for sparkling wine (lower sugar content).

Like WTF; here I was to get rid of the old PC, get it out the door, and now I am dealing with it again and it is going to sit here, possibly for weeks, until he gets it together to collect it. Two  steps forward and one back, Pyrrhic Progress as I call it, straight out of the Psychopathic play book. Or maybe its just plain sabotage of intention, another of their constant fuckery themes. (There have been other technical reversals last year, e.g. having to remove my USB 3.0 card to accommodate the salvaged video card installation). Just what is it about information access, including down to the color of the cables, that the Psychopaths constantly need to sabotage, disrupt, interfere with and otherwise force expensive and unneeded changes? I just don't get it, and am sick fed up of dealing with this shit.

And never mind attempting to get a "network" established, two PC's, both Windows 10, side by side, on the same modem and having them communicate. As in sending files back and forth, all I want to do. That has been tried, and owing to Windows 10 obscurity, or else more sabotage, it was "USB stick net" this past year.

Enough for a posting, and to call this one done.