Thursday, January 30, 2020

Back to Pruning

Back to the regular vineyard gig again, this being my first day back. As always, any new event, be it a new job, job location or even a resumption such as this, begets extra imposed fuckery. You know, the "usual" problems that vineyard pruners face, e.g. making mistakes (cutting the wrong cane). Except that I know this place, the vines, and have sufficient experience that I would not ordinarily make these mistakes. Funny how the "mistakes" rolled off after a few hours. The next day the assholes fucked me out of taking my regular ADD medications, which was when the new boss lady dropped by. (She is working at the other vineyard).

A Monday, and yoga in the evening, and in concert, an extra large crowd. So many new faces at this shit show tonight and at least 20% were utterly hopeless and if not for a practice session (my supposition, as many seem to know the next move before the instructor), I would think they would be best suited for couch surfing. So what is yoga class but a "TI Gangstalk Tour" for the invited? I was looking up alternate yoga studios, and one was attesting to their casual "vibe" and that laughter was not only common, but promoted. There ain't no laughter at the sessions I go to, just this heads down grimness, long the calling card of these orchestrated Fuckwits. Though to be fair, the staff are fine. In fact, one instructor who was making jokes, didn't last too long, even if she was cute, blonde and young.

And again at yoga, more wierds, and even compounding three profound Unfavored" features in the form of one individual; a male with tight curly hair (blonde) hair with the fugliest set of fine bluish tattoos all over his arms and some coverage on his legs. I couldn't bear to look at this multiple Unfavored freak, and yet the Psychopaths kept sending my gaze there, about three mats away.

And again, why is this class getting so full, so early? Time was that I was the first one in at 10 minutes early, but I am now pressed to find a spot leaving at my usual time. And what is with the pre-selected mat locations? One woman who came a minute or two after me, as I saw her coming through the door, (a time honored gangstalking location), just "happened" to have her studio supplied mat in place before she arrived in the practice room next to me. She put her towel on the mat, but I don't get it; how did she know the mat was there for her?

Onto the TI community. Here is a TI that managed to finish his PhD while the heat was on; individual21 -Stephen Mullet's 89pp story of how targeted abuse and arranged coincidences came down on him, and in addition, his conclusions as to the greater picture this fits into. For example, the police are a criminal organization (my own determination too, based on personal experience), and others. Some details on numeric and syntactical "coincidences", with the bottom line (mine); don't use so-called social media. Quoting from his conclusions:
 Once again, I have done the impossible.  I have proven convincingly that the U.S. government is behind nearly every mass shooting and terrorist attack on U.S. soil, and even those occurring in other nations.  Considering the sheer number of shootings, terrorist attacks, and homicides I have proven in this post, and then considering all those I have not yet addressed but have confirmed to be manipulated, we can reasonably infer that the US government is orchestrating the socio-political and cultural order through the strategic manipulation of events, including major terrorist attacks, celebrity deaths, high profile legal cases, and more, in order to control the unfolding of history as we proceed towards the New World Order, and the utopian one world government.
In this 89 page document, I have shattered the sacred beliefs of the American ideological system.  Liberty is a lie.  The American dream is a lie.  Capitalism and the free market are lies.  America is fundamentally a planned economy and social order.  The powers that be have merely deceived the public into believing that the socio-political order is being governed by the invisible hand.  In reality, it’s the government that controls everyone’s fortune.  The government has determined everything you are, everything you have ever accomplished, and everything you will ever accomplish.  This restraint upon the liberty rights of the populace appears to be accomplished through ties to the education system, workplace, interest groups, and other social outlets through the COPS program.
"Proved" is a stretch IMHO, but worth a read. I have yet to be convinced of a "one world government" master plan by anyone, but perhaps I am being contrary on this one. And as a footnote to other complaints he has stated in the document I have a warning for hm; if you suspect your girl action is orchestrated, termed as "police snitches", then prepare yourself for similar related issues that come down, e.g. no libido, no functional ephemeral bone etc.

Speaking of orchestrated/planted girlfriends, back before the perps went berserk/overt on me in 04-2002, they planted two girlfriends over a three year span. One stayed in circulation after the apartment invasion, and who alternately stated she wanted to help me (har, har) and then would be clearly abetting the Psychopathic torturers. And she wasn't too big on empathy when the chips were down, as they were so often in those helter-skelter days of intense and unconventional abuse. That would be Ms. C of my story, (elsewhere in the blog), and when I departed her place in 2003 with some of my belongings of my own apartment, she claimed that she loved me etc. A ridiculous proclamation to say the least, especially given her spotty track record with the truth and obvious perp abettance. To this day I cannot fathom why the Psychopaths would put on that highly absurd and transparent act for so little outcome. Because when I attempted to return two weeks later and pack up the rest of my belongings and clean out my apartment, (and also visit her) the border patrol pulled their guns on me for no reason whatsoever. So her absurd statement of fond attachment was the last time I saw her, though some emails and phone communications persisted for three more years with declining content. That is my biggest WTF moment of this whole abuse-athon of its nearly 18 years (and running). And will likely be the biggest WTF moment of my existence.

Interesting that individual21's harassment started in 2002, when mine did, as I term it, they  "went berserk/overt".

Onto the more mundane but repeated fuckery; the assholes lost my keys to the landlord's house I am looking after. Which meant that I took their mail to my place for safe-keeping, which is probably the plan in the first place. I just don't know what it is about mail, but the perps are berserk over it, and handling someone else's mail is cause for them to ramp up the fuckery and idiocy. Last year I picked up a parcel for the landlady, and having the same street address on my ID allowed me to pick it up for her. That event brought me all kinds of gangstalking action and a "hold-up" at the pokey, (normally not busy) PO. A "hold-up" at cashiers and public counters is my term for when they plant a Fuckwit ahead of me who has a "difficult problem" that requires extensive time to resolve. Another variant is stacking the line ahead of me with a Fuckwit/gangstalker surge, for the same reason; to keep me waiting in line for this blatant obstruction to conclude. And do the Psychopaths ever love to have me in a queue so their Fuckwits can slowly tread over top of where I was standing.

The missing keys may be findable at the location where I parked my vehicle at the vineyard; I take much care in handling my keys, and ensured they were in a zippered pocket with my car keys so they don't go missing in the vineyard or other such unfindable location. But "somehow" the keys just flipped out on their own, "somehow" unnoticed. The assholes also pulled this shit with the same zippered ski pants about four weeks ago, with a different key. I figured the key was lost for good in some vineyard location (prior gig with many vineyards), but were found in the snow once it melted near my parked vehicle at the landlord's house.

And what is it about keys that so fixates the Psychopaths? Co-workers leave their keys in ridiculous places in the vineyard (on the ground FFS), then another time, unintentionally as it seemed as I "found" her keys at her locked vehicle when I was on a weed whacking job that morning. Another time, she lost her keys at her place and another co-worker drove her to retrieve them.

Which is a segue to this same (key misplacing) co-worker who I "happened" to meet at a supermarket after work yesterday. You know, the designed coincidence; I stopped at this particular grocery store after work that I had never patronized before as it had sausages that were particularly good, and lo, she was there shopping too. As it turns out, she is pruning the other vineyard. We met with a hug, another long running perp stunt, though it was an entirely appropriate greeting in the context. (I just cannot stand these orchestrated "huggie" events the Fuckwit gangstalkers put on with such frequency in my proximity). So here I was, involved in the same.

And as it "so happens" as part of the lead-up to permit my after work grocery shopping and co-worker hug (per above), I did not have the usual urgency to get to the bathroom after work. For the past two weeks, it has been such that I need to get to the crapper within a minute or less of my return to my residence, every work day. This is highly unusual timing, especially the forced bowel movements, and the assholes usually don't permit me to remove my ski pants (over my running tights as long underwear), or my large boots. One day they even pulled a double; a forced crap as I was about to head out the door, forcing me to remove my coat, though without sufficient time to remove my ski pants or boots. Then when I came home that same day, another forced crap similarly attired given the imposed urgency. The Psychopaths insane and relentless fixation in defecating and shit is limitless. And I don't think it is just me, given the profusion of street crapping in California that has been making the news for the last few months. It was to the degree that it even spawned an app for one's phone spotting the latest crap locations.

Then if the fuckery over losing the keys today wasn't enough, the assholes struck again this evening with another stunt; the "forget the wallet" jerkaround. And of course I was caught out big time as I had a basket full of groceries that I was about to pay for, and lo, no fucking wallet. I am sick fucking fed up of the insane fuckery over what is in my wallet, and the forced "forget" games over having it on my person. Just leave me the fuck alone, I have had enough. And if you really want to unpack my grocery basket for me, just come by, introduce yourself and wave a $1000 bill and I won't ask any questions, as much as would like to. You fucking insane assholes.

Speaking of that gangstalking hole, the SOF supermarket and their heads-down staff, what was the point of that ridiculous cough-stalking Fuckwit last week? A male ponytail (in grey FFS) was walking toward me in a store aisle that I frequent as my last shopping before the checkout, and here he was doing this fake cough with a consistent tone while walking along for at least 30'. It was like; I don't stop for throat clearing, because I am not really here for shopping anyhow (no basket), and besides, my throat wasn't that bad anyhow but needed to keep up the noise trace.  If I was allowed to be witty, I should of told him to keep his Corona virus to himself (a joke).

I reckon that perambulating throat clearing Fuckwit was an paid operative; they cannot rely on locals to look so absurd, never mind being able to keep a throat clearing act going for so long and consistent in tone. I have known the Psychopaths to screw with my throat function many thousands of times, at the most strangest of times, and even when on the move. I doubt if they would entrust a local person to pull this off the way they wanted, and too, reveal another of their invasive stunts; we can fuck with your throat, mucus in your throat and/or your vocal cords anytime or anywhere we want.

And what was with the dog barking coverage today? For at least two hours in the morning, a distant big dog bark that kept up. Later in the afternoon, the Pyrenees belonging to a vineyard house about 80m away, and kept in a pen, kept up the barking for at least an hour. Said dog's owner was there all the time, but she just put it outside in the pen and let it bark. Sometimes they let it out and the dog comes by and we play for a short span. And with no tractor activity these days, and the owner home, why didn't they let it out? They know I like the dog and it is no problem. (Or at least, none that I will confess to, protecting the dog's reputation and not saying anything about his tendency to chew on the vines to get my attention and keep the game going).

I met my new boss lady two days ago, in keeping with the Psychopath managed game of incremental introduction. Going back a few weeks ago I asked the vacationing boss via email who was my new foreman (woman as it turned out) and he didn't reply for a week. Another winery person I asked didn't know, and took three days to return my text. I finally got a name and a number and called the next day, introducing myself on her voice mail. A few days later I got a return call and negotiated which vineyard I was to work in. She said that she would come by Tuesday, after I started Monday, which she did. So all this back and forthing, voice mail and finally meeting took at least ten days. This kind of "incremental introduction", typically of someone I will have a longer association with, is straight out the Psychopath's playbook. In fact, nearly all my introductions to others have been like this since they went berserk/overt in 04-2002, and likely many before. Another variant is to have others talk the person up with name-dropping before I meet them.

Enough for a posting I reckon, as my regular weekly schedule seems to be getting interfered with.