Monday, May 21, 2018

Biographies -Why?

Why do the perps so like me to read biographies or view biographic cinema? I don't know, but I just finished reading "Frida", a biography of Frida Kahlo, a well known Mexican artist who died in July 13, 1954. And made known in that wonderful biopic, one of my all time favorite films, "Frida". I have viewed this some 8x on DVD, and then it mysteriously froze on a frame, and so I purchased a Blu Ray version, yet to be seen for more than 10 minutes of it, and has remained in my disc player for two months now.

Interestingly, she was born on July 6, (1907) same birthday of the year as me, and died one week after I was born. Anyone out there who has thoughts on the spirit/soul connection of this event to me? I suppose well known people die every day somewhere, and too, births of unrelated and distant children will follow, so I really have no idea as to why Frida Kahlo's persona has been scripted into this controlled theme show.

When all this abuse torrent came down in 2002, and in 2003, I did see the film "Frida" twice (unusual for me for a cinematic offering), and came to know of this artist for the first time. This was also notable as the assholes had me in illegal incarceration back then, when it seems they had all manner of high expectations, hence the intense level of outrageous abuse and gangstalking at the time. Although kept, I had some freedom to go about in the afternoons and saw the film at a nearby cinema. Fast forward to about a month ago, I picked up a used copy of "Frida", the well researched book by Hayden Herrera, and became acquainted with this out sized and vibrant personality all the more. I simply cannot imagine any other artist that suffered more physically and emotionally than her, though to be fair, I don't know a whole lot about art history.

I did determine, one instance from the book, another from the Youtube documentary, that two of her students in separate incidents each felt her presence from behind, "like an electric charge". As to whether that constitutes perp intrusion at the time, one can only speculate. If true, the perps took another step up the imposed cruelty ladder, as she suffered terribly, but countered with her indomitable energy and resilience.

I don't have any Mexican genealogical connections, though I did meet a number of Mexicans in my farm jobs, 2008-2011. In other words, I am at a loss to explain why the perps have injected this interesting and vital personality (Frida Kahlo) into my existence, even if through film, text and music. And why the Mexican connection, as I have never been there. (My landlord couple went there for a month in 02-2018, interestingly). This is all for the record only, and unless there is some other developments, I don't expect to bring it up again, though I will also view the Youtube documentary sometime soon. Then, hopefully, my Frida Kahlo interest, (read, planted theme), will subside.

A long weekend here in Canada, a week before Memorial Day weekend in the US. I did two days of shoot thinning this weekend at the 2012-2014 employer's vineyard, thinking that I was going to be bottling. Instead, I got stiffed with the same job as at the regular Mon-Fri employer. Whatever; shoot thinning is a singular occupation, just you and the vine tending, so it is optimum for putting on the music player and headphones and getting all day music listening. I get plenty of overhead aircraft during shoot thinning (and listening to music), the noise getting pushed through the headphones. And the odd tractor in the vineyard too. But otherwise, I get to spin through my music, and get a tan. This past week has been good for that, if not overly so. I seem my initial tan is peeling on my back, even after all winter tan salon preparation.

And more tanning this holiday Monday; unrelenting sunshine, ergo, get a skyclad tan in the back country after taking a hike to get out of the way of any viewing public. That didn't stop two low altitude aircraft flying past, but for the most part it was at least a dozen high altitude aircraft that kept up the overflight show. And no contrails interestingly, usually an excuse for creating cloud cover and messing up the sunlight intensity. Not today for some reason.

One perturbance on the hiking trail was the cattle, which are released to roam the region around the trails. Which translates to the bull getting pissed at the hikers and forcing them back. I took an alternate non-trailed route inbound and that was OK. Out-bound, the cattle moved to cover more of the trail and I had to parallel the trail more to avoid them. Don't ask me what I would of done if the bull had come at me, especially out in the open.

Anyhow, all was well, though when departing on the trail, I got some close-behind gangstalkers, who just "happened" to finish their putzing around at their vehicle just when I was setting off. Even with a 15lb backpack, including a light weight cot, I outpaced them. But no ordinary vehicle they had, but one of those wretchedly underpowered VW Vanegons, a Westphalia (camperized version). And with prior exposure to;, before getting to the trail head, only 100m ahead, they put on two of them passing by on the highway. Then lo, another one in the parking lot, from which my tailing gangstalkers emanated. Although there isn't many VW campers (and vans) around, they are still very popular among the gangstalking community as the engine sits in the rear, behind the rear wheels and would rotate the opposite direction as viewed from the rear to normally configured vehicles. As a former owner of a VW van, I came to detest this underpowered vehicle, its handling and maintenance hassles. That the perp-abetting wife was so keen on them despite my severe objections gives me a more jaundiced perspective on what that was all about.

Yesterday, another obvious gangstalking stunt; the lead-ahead vehicle heading to the bank ATM after hours. Like WTF; I haven't had these more obvious gangstalkings since about 2012 when I moved from that gangstalk shithole, Victoria BC, to where I presently live.

A 10 album download evening last night, which includes cleaning up the files and metadata, no mean feat. That I hadn't downloaded an album for 3 months is baffling, given my interest in music. On top of that, I have four CD's I haven't cracked for a month for some curious reason. Normally I get right onto them, hear them out, and then copy the files to my music disc library. Funny how I get these spates of protracted inaction in the face of what I usually do.

Tomorrow, the ex, my daughter and mother are getting on a aircraft tomorrow and heading to Iceland on a guided tour for a week. My perp-abetting mother was the instigator in all of this, even if she cannot walk far. To the point that she is covering the tab even. A trip that they also made four years ago was to Ottawa, Montreal, NYC, and Washington DC. As to what those four cities mean to my perp-abetting mother I have no idea. I consign all of their trips to ongoing perp direction, they all being surrogates for me, given the perps' compelling interest in geographic locations, and certain cities of iniquity. (That is, nonconsensual human experimentation of children was undertaken in the Ottawa, Montreal and Washington DC). Only Montreal is known to me personally, but as mentioned many times, the perps wiped my recall when aged 2 to 5, so I may have other geographic residencies than what I know of, and for perp directed nefarious purposes.

Enough said for the week, and onto another.