Saturday, March 14, 2020

Red Eye

It was 03-06-2020 after a day of vineyard work that I was at the mirror in the bathroom in my residence, plucking some hairs out of my cheeks (the ones that sit under my skin for months and finally pop out), and then leaned down to wash my face. And lo, when I looked up, my L eye was flooded with blood, save my iris. I can see properly with my eye, but the white part (schlera) is red covered. A few hour later, the brighter red turned to a darker, unoxygenated blood, color. I looped it up, and supposedly it is a case of spontaneous subconjunctival hemorrhaging, and will clear up in two weeks.

But now, some four days later, my L eye looks a brighter red, as if the blood is being replenished, and no apparent recovery or recession of the blood coverage. That is, the schlera isn't visible yet. As well, I feel a little ache-y and "creaky", as if a sudden onset of old age has come on. And too, a little less energetic, not quite my usual spark. Needless to say, I haven't got this one figured out yet, if it is hospital worthy (perish the thought), and what this cluster of symptoms means, or if it is related. No doubt another medical stunt brought on my keepers, one that I could of done without.

Now a week since my subconjunctival hemorrage in my L eye spontaneously erupted, if you believe in such things. Some healing, meaning diminution of redness, but this was a good one, the whole of the white part turning red a week ago. I felt some pressure on my L eye earlier this week, spawning thought conniptions that this might be something else that caused it. Along with the above mentioned stiffness, the odd warm sensation, light pressure on some locations in my skull etc. I suppose the Psychopaths just might be up to their games again. As to whether the eye hemorrhage erupted because they were messing around or by design I do not know or care. Just leave me the fuck alone.

Out two nights ago on a tanning salon run and then a subsequent visit to the SOF supermarket. The prior tanning bed customer for whom I was waiting to finish just had to do two back and forths before she finally exited the salon. She trotted out the door, and ordinarily that would of been it, as that what nearly all customers do; done and gone. But not her; she did a back-and-forth to the tanning bed room and then departed, and lo, just when I thought that feint was enough (why, she might of forgotten something), she returns for a second time to wander 8' in front of me and make like she was looking at the adjacent tanning products. A whole 10 seconds of that, and she headed out again. These back-and-forths are not uncommon on the gangstalking show, and too, the look-at-nothing stunt as well. (IMHO, if she was really interested in the tanning products she would of looked for longer, as there is over a hundred of them. Besides, why didn't she look on her way out the first or second time?). All for her to be seen I suppose, as I was ignoring her after the first exit, and paid little mind on the second exit. And too, she needed some more dwell time in front of me, and maybe to be seen for longer as well.

It is my long time experience that those who have stood where I have stood or walked, (or in reverse, follow me) are often assigned more dwell time, that is, another gangstalking re-visit and hang around me. In this case she would of been lying down on a tanning bed and its acrylic (?) trough/bed, so I suppose she was carrying these residual energies with her that somehow needed (from the Psychopath's perspective) to be correlated to whatever energies I have before I go into the same room and lie and tan on the same tanning bed. I had never seen her before so I have no idea how they might undertake vertical energetic correlations, say, over a month, week, in differing clothes, locations etc. Oh to be a gangstalking victim and endlessly ponder what in the Earth are all these fuckers swarming me for and why the ridiculous re-visits and feints. And also ponder who gets to be selected for how much gangstalking exposure and too, who gets the privilege of deeper interactions of looking at me, speaking with me, and even working with me. Its all too complex and detailed for me to comprehend at times.

Then post-tan to the SOF supermarket, where at 2030h on a Wednesday evening they poured on extra perambulating Fuckwits (gangstalkers) who had the unerring knack of re-appearing where I was about to go, and also in the predictable patterns of in the E, N, S and W areas of the store, as well as the all-out (usually) predictable checkout. And even in the parking lot, as the large bodied dude in plaid just had to walk 6' past my vehicle as I was loading it when the parking lot was near empty. Said Fuckwit also "happened" to be at the same checkout too.

But that wasn't enough checkout stalking action, no sir; this 260lb Fuckwit in baggy shorts (still winter here FFS) was standing at the self-checkout 4' behind me with a keyboard on the scale, making out he was a stranded checkout terminal technician waiting for something/somebody. He was standing there the whole time I was processing my groceries. Then when I was done, a store assistant came by and said something to him and he was done. Strange technical work in the least.

And if the above Fuckwit Whale in shorts wasn't enough why, the checkout stalking action was extended all the more. Another Fuckwit dude came through the self-checkouts from outside, as if he didn't know that one turns R to enter the grocery section and is effectively entering the exit. Said Fuckwit also happens to circle the self-check outs, all for more visibility I assume. Like dude, you just made a 180 degree path at the front of the store; if you had made that R turn on entry (like everyone else) you would of been exactly where you needed to go, assuming you had a genuine store purchase in mind. But no, circling the victim is a standard Fuckwit stalking pattern.

Just when I was distracted by the above Fuckwit, another male Fuckwit also passes straight through the self checkouts, again, effectively entering the store at the exit. And lo, if it wasn't the classic Fuckwit pose (while walking); looking sideways but past me (not directly at me) while walking forward. Who but a Psychopathic Fuckwit does this? I had never seen this ridiculous walking and looking sideways (at nothing, and evading me), act before 04-2002 when all this shit and non-stop abuse-athon erupted, and have now seen it countless times. Its the Fuckwit Classic Perambulating pose. I would forgive these Fuckwits if there was something distracting to look at, say, a hot babe, but there are never any at SOF at that time of day.

Regular readers of a year or two ago might recall the troupe of four or five E. Indians (from India) who paraded in single file through the SOF self-checkout just as I finished paying and held me up from exiting. All of them doing the patented look-away look, save the last one who lost it and put on this goofy smirk.

And its not like any of the above pretended to be fumbling their way into the store for the first time and "accidentally" passed through the self-checkout. No, they all came barrelling through like it was no big deal and this is how one enters the store. Wrong on that; hardly any one does, just ridiculous paid-for gangstalking scum. And when I entered this same SOF for the first time, the entry and self-checkout were in the same respective locations, and upon seeing the self-checkout I realized it was an effective exit and found the entry way on the R side. So there, the folks barrelling through the self-checkout from the store entrance at SOF are gangstalking scum.

And they have even pulled this same shit at least once when I was at the manned checkouts which are up to 40' offset from the same entrance. A Fuckwit entered the store, walks 30' to the L where the manned checkouts are, and "happens" to loiter at the checkout I am at, and then proceeds to "need" to get past me to enter the store. Like WTF stalker fucker; there are at least ten other empty checkouts without barriers that are closer to the entrance and "for some reason" you need to enter the store where I am at. Give me a break.

And we aren't done checkout follies yet. Same SOF, same self-checkouts, three days earlier. I ran out of dishes detergent on Sunday evening and decided to go to SOF  as the usual source (LD) was closed. Another fine confluence of coincidences. I pick up a few extra items, circle back to the produce to pick up a lime and take the route from there to the self-checkout. I never take this route because I go to the produce first, but "happened" to remember to get a lime. (An example of a fortuitous "happen-chance" recall (ahem)). I turn the corner and am about to enter the self-checkout, and lo, my fickle-friend "happens" to be coming by. He doesn't normally shop at SOF, but at the other big store across the street. Anyhow, we chat for 5-10 minutes, and my above mentioned red bloody eye was decidedly topical, and meanwhile the store staff play with an Easter bunny toy that made strange squeaky noises. Eventually we each depart on our separate quests, as he had just finished a day of vineyard pruning and was tired. So I suppose, stalling me for 5-10 minutes next to the self checkouts might have been a prelude for the above triple Fuckwit parade at the same self-checkouts three days later. And has any other TI experienced the absurd but relentless gangstalking and other unconventional interventions and distractions over making financial transactions that I have? I have yet to encounter a TI that reports this, but perhaps I am getting rusty as I don't keep up on all the TI activity that I should.


And something completely different; I don't usually dwell on the myriad of unofficial narrative theories, aka, "conspiracy theories", as this is a very big rabbit hole and I feel it would detract from the particular one that deal with, 24/7. For me to delve into this would dilute the focus on detailing the harassment and unconventional abuse-athon I am kept in.

In fact, while being kept in this rabbit hole, I am reluctant to engage in official narrative debunking, as I really don't want to expand my "disbelief system" any more. It was the 9/11 of 2001 events and the gathering skepticism of the official version in about 2005 where I plain didn't want to look into it, thinking that my own story is more than enough of a belief system disruptor. But the Psychopaths kept hammering me to keep looking into it, and after some time, I realized it was indeed a fix of major proportions.

Many readers will have encountered the Apollo moon landings hoax theories, and I am on the fence with this one. One detail that is most peculiar is that there is no moon dust on the gold colored mylar dust boots of the Lunar Lander after it had deployed its retrorockets to gently land on the moon. Another was all the Apollo "firsts"and no casualties. Though a clincher might be the absolutely desultory and evasive interview of the astronauts post moon voyage. As if they went to a funeral rather than the moon, but stick with the given  script for the latter version. There is an equivalent BBC interview somewhere out there too, but I cannot find it, where they cannot agree if they saw stars from the moon FFS.

The possibility of the Apollo spacecraft passing through the radiation of the Van Allen Belt  undamaged was another challenge, though others debate its role. of the So here is a link to The Register on the Van Allen Belts, and it does seem that the radiation is indeed intense and readily damages electronic equipment. So how did the Appollo spacecraft get to the moon again? Or am I being spoofed? Caveat emptor, aka, trust no one.

Onto NSA surveillance, circa 2008. A list of the known technologies to undertake surveillance on computers, (even with an "air gap", i.e. no internet connection) and phones. I like those inserts they can plug into a USB connector, very clever. Burying their technology in those fat ferrite cores on cords is another one. And fake cell phone stations as well. Imagine what they can do now, 12 years since this document was released, let alone the undocumented technologies.

Anyhow, time to get a posting out there in digital-land.