Sunday, July 15, 2018

Back From the USA

An eight hour drive to get to Bellevue WA, and a six hour drive to get back. The reason for the differential was the I-90 was going at 20mph at best for a long stretch, from the 970 junction to well west of Snoqualmie Pass. All that Sunday holiday traffic returning to the big city it seemed, though there were some road works and perhaps a lane closure. I hadn't been back that way since 2003, and while I didn't get to Seattle, Bellevue seemed similar with the huge array of tall buildings that weren't there then.

Whole Foods is now in Bellevue, and I went there to grab some road food for the return trip. The stalkers were all over my ass, the parking lot was full, even if it was Sunday at 2000h.

The ADD clinic doctor seemed to be legitimately interested and foccussed on attaining a solution, a total turnaround from the shit storm of stupidity and high belligerence from the last four shrinks who ignored the 2001 brain scan that trumped their ridiculous hypothesizing, akin to "throwing darts in the dark" as the clinic founder has publicly stated. I got my Rx filled too, and suffered major sticker shock for a generic ADD Rx. (Later, I took the bottle to the local pharmacy and they keyed it in and told me that it would of been $60CA instead of the $410CA I had paid for it in Bellevue). Hopefully I can get the Rx script rewritten here next time.

My daughter finally called three days after my birthday; busy etc. Some general talk about this and that, then she asked me if anything else was going on. My answer was "no", as she would certainly serve as a ready information conduit to the rest of the First Feral Family and sabotage, or at least denigrate, my new ADD Rx, per above mentioned clinic visit. Been there, had it done to me, so the First Feral Family can go fuck themselves as they have been pointedly unhelpful in all this, if not fully participating.

What is it about me that the perps find so interesting that they need to hound my ass in the supermarket, with all of 10 customers? The constant repeating stalkers who keep showing up just where I need to go next, and then repeat, as in a gangstalking reprise.  Put the Fuckwit on at the front, in aisles, at back, at the cashier, and then in the parking lot. Give it a rest.

Then too, they stepped up the Fuckwits who just (repeatedly) "happen" to be located at the very section I wanted to visit. I call them "sentries", whose main job is to then cause me to redirect my intended path, now well tuned for maximum efficiency as I buy the same foods all the time. So, no good habit goes unsabotaged (in perp mind think), so have the victim walk a longer path all over the place avoiding these sentries until they move on.

Then the parking lot fuckery was also ramped up for no reason; two more vehicles around me in this huge unused parking lot. And they weren't done yet, as a third Fuckwit in a Ford truck, the same paint color as my Ford Escape, pulls in to my driver side after waiting for me to enter my vehicle, headlights on of course. Not only do I get an extra obvious pit-lamping at my vehicle when entering the driver's side, he then pulls in beside me just before I departed. Like WTF; again, a huge unused parking lot, and the Fuckwit "needs" to pull in beside me. How stupid, if only from the safety perspective.

A rain in the morning prevented an early start in the vineyard, ensured my first ADD Rx intake in15 years was begun at home; 0900h seems to be the presnt self-assigned intake time. I didn't get to the vineyard until 1200h, and even then the rain was off and on, and when it finally relented, the vine leaves were still wet and flicking water about.

Sunny in the vineyard today, though I only worked until 1300h. The leg waxing imperative took over, which is normally scheduled for weekends, but as they are short staffed of late, it is only what I could get. As to its prescribed timing on the heels of coming back from Bellevue WA, and now two days on my stimulant Rx, I have no idea. The Rx is giving me a mild lift, in that I don't feel so fatigued, though last night's sleep games seems to be mighty peculiar, though I don't know why.

After work yesterday, I "only" had a 45 min. nap instead of the "usual" 120-180 min. (aka nap attack), and so I thought I had it made in terms of having a regular night's sleep. But no; I was awake for four hours before I could get to sleep, getting some 3 hours rest in all. I even got to work early by 15 min, an unheard experience all of this year until this morning.

A 3.5 hour dental surgery job this afternoon. It is called a "sinus lift" where they drill into one's jawbone and then push a membrane (sinus) away from the teeth and then insert bone graft material to then cause bone to grow in this new cavity. Which is a prerequisite for then growing sufficient bone for inserting anchors for implants once the bone graft has taken in some six months or so.

A long time horizontal in the dental chair for sure, with two people hovering over me, and also planting their knee or thigh up against me as well. (The assistant was a white Caucasian woman, and the dental surgeon was an E. Indian male). And too, wearing their funky sunglasses with blue lenses instead of my regular glasses. And why did this even attract so many fuzzy maser balls zinging around in my vision, often between me and them for the whole time? It just never let up, and after some year's of relative infrequency, the perps went berserk with this kind of invasive harassment. Sure, the Naugahyde covered chair was brown colored, and the multicultural event (one white, one brown) was also interesting from the perp perspective, or was it that human bone tissue was inserted into the cavity? And whose bone tissue, or is it an amalgam of many? Who knows, but one can be sure the perps had this one covered given their incessant games of having ambulatory couples split apart for me to walk between them, and the careful procession of selected stalkers.

Two such stalkers were a pair of negroes doing some kind of pointless troll through the drug store, crossing my path twice and paralleling me down the next aisle. I had just picked up my four Rx for the dental surgery post-operative recovery, and these, plus at least three other parties were all over my ass then. Like WTF; why is picking up an Rx such a gangstalked event? It cannot just be the post-financial transaction timing, as surely we have been through so many of these in so many circumstances for the past 16 years of this abuse-athon.

As to why this confluence of disruptions this week, and during the working day, I have no idea. Monday, all day, I was in Bellevue WA, then drove back for six hours the same day, so one day down. Then the rain came on Tuesday morning, so only a four hour work day. Then Wednesday the wax appointment lopped off 1.5 hours, and then today's dental surgery took three hours off my work day. The latter three subsequent to taking my new ADD Rx on Tuesday. And as it "happens", I am to take Friday, Saturday and Sunday off for post-operative recovery. This one was planted on me after the dental surgery today, and wasn't mentioned in advance, done like a real doctor. Full disclosure means nothing to them because they can have the medical assistant deliver the news for them. So, a totally messed up week, and I was totally screwed in thinking that I would get to make up work hours for the next three days. Well done, perps. One very expensive week, and then the screw me out of work days as well.

I saw all six episodes of Netflix' Wild, Wild Country, about the Rajneeshee takeover of Antelope OR, and the rest of the cult's aggrandizing games. One part that I don't understand is how the main operators, the Bagwan, and his right hand woman, Sheela, got off so lightly. In the latter case she was sentenced to three 20 year terms for federal offenses, and was out in 29 months. (A plea bargain deal for sure, but the evidence was very strong). And she was wanted on charges in Oregon, but when she got out of federal prison early, the federal authorities somehow "forgot" to mention that to the Oregon authorities, and by then she had scooted from the US. How convenient.

One of her criminal acts was the largest bioterrorism incident in the US; some 751 people in The Dalles were poisoned with salmonella that was cultured on the Rajneesh property in their lab. The evidence was strong, so WTF. And the bitch had the gall to say, probably after her jail time was over, "so some people got sick, people are getting sick all the time". What a huge irony it is that she now owns and runs two hospices in Switzerland. And of course she was promoting her care giving abilities in the final episode that covered her post Rajneeshee life. As to why the interviewer didn't skewer her with this monstrous incongruity I don't know. And why do the Swiss authorities let her run nursing homes with that kind of criminal background (mass poisoning), I have no idea. It just doesn't add up, but perhaps there are other legal machinations I am unaware of.

With some 5,000 of the members of the Rajneesh wearing red, maroon or pink, surely that had to be of perp interest or oversight, as they cannot get enough of clothing colors and its bioenergetic effects. Though to be fair, (with a few exceptions noted above and following) I didn't see any unconventional events or circumstances that would of tipped their hand. You know, those arranged "coincidences". But it was clear that someone gave Sheela and the Rajneeshis an excuse to arm themselves to the teeth with semi-automatic weapons and guards. Apparently, an Islamic nutter (same old story), set a bomb off in the Rajneeshee hotel in Portland OR (no one killed, ahem), and Sheela took this to be the work of the hostile locals (who she antagonized to begin with), which served as the rationale for the armament efforts.

My two main complaints with this six hour episode; what exactly were these teachings of the Bagwan that captivated so many well educated people. And also, why didn't the documentary interviewers ask questions about the incongruities of their behaviors versus their teachings? Giving an open microphone to that ever prevaricating and dissembling chameleon, Sheela, for so much air time was absurd. Ditto for Stork and Tolkes, the lawyer for the Rajneeshees. One episode should of been devoted to the experience of the followers, as it seems, it was more about separating and isolating people, and the few children there didn't fare well either.

I could go on, but the current documentary style of vapid interviewers, (if that), who cannot call these actors out on their past treachery seems over indulgent to say the least. The Rajneeshees got off lightly in this documentary; there were prior criminal activities of prostitution rings, drug running in India, and the former in California too. And the financial backers didn't get full mention; Sheela's family, heiresses of two major corporations in the US as well. Plus, the Bagwan had plenty of nasty things to say about Jews and Hitler; likely not part of his "teachings" I am sure. And too, the ALCU backed the Rajneeshees in their claim of being harassed by government authorities, also not mentioned. A good binge watching documentary, but missing some vital details, and as mentioned, there was too much ass-kissing of the perpetrators (of the day) who got obligatory crying time, a perverse high water benchmark of accomplishment in journalism these days.

Another irony demanding further inquiry that should of been directed at Jane Stork, the Australian woman who came under the Rajneeshee's and Sheela's spell, was that the cult dissuaded members from having children and called for abortions and sterilization. So Jane Stork arrived in Oregon at the Rajneeshee's commune with two children, and fully participated in the cult's organizational ambitions,intimating that she at least distanced herself from her son on more than one occasion. (As well as articulating the strident and militant Rajneeshee message at public hearings). When she finally rejected Rajneeshee-ism some years later, she stated in the documentary that the re-acceptance by her parents in Australia meant all to her, and it proved that family was all important. Quite the turnaround, which begged for some kind of interviewer question to bridge the two. Again, another case of giving the perceived victims/perpetrators too much unfettered air time gives the impression that the documentary was over indulgent, not unlike the Oregon newspapers of the day.

Five good days of solid sunshine, including three for my post-operative recovery. I laid around outside yesterday, getting tanned as I haven't had a chance for a few weeks. Now Saturday, and lo, if the assholes didn't blank me out of going to the Farmer's Market downtown, something I had been planning to do.

And they didn't let me sleep at all last night, pummeling me with imagery of their imaginary characters, two of the main three having died now. Lots of funeral "footage'. And another theme that got new prominence is that the remaining character is now into managing a firm to make sea-shell material artificially, in sheets and blocks and custom shapes, quite the feat as it has never been done. And too, turning this into products with all the essential promotion that would be needed.

Also, I was pummeled with imagery of my body hairs close up, short ones that are in need of shaving or plucking. This got so invasive that I had to spin my head from side to side to eliminate them, which it did every time

Now afternoon, and I am much reduced in activity due to no sleep last night. Even these "split shift" sleeps, where have got nailed with a 2-3 hour nap attack around 1600-1900h, of the last six months, always allowed me to get to sleep around midnight. But not last night for some strange reason.

I did some reading outside in the shade of the tree, and besides these incessant maser balls flicking around, they kept grinding me with overflight noise, one single engine aircraft came over at least 6x, easily the noisiest kind of them all. Add in intervening HD noise in adjacent streets, plus a scooter that really needed to turn around outside the gate, it just seems that someone was up to their usual noise inundation games. Alternating sources of internal combustion engine noise, (from air, from the ground) is nothing new.

I did my usual hike today, even if it was a little on the energetic side for post-operative surgery instructions. Yesterday's lying around was sufficient incentive, abetted by no prior sleep,  been aided by other unconventional means. That meant sky clad tanning too, as I was off-trail with no one around. The "usual" (read, imposed) too-late start to hiking again, which absolutely infuriates me. They had me get up late after an almost decent night's sleep, and then get motivated to clean up the shower stall. By the time I got to the trail head it was 1200h, at least 2 hours later than I wanted. They just keep pulling this particular shit and it absolutely pisses me off.       

The trail gangstalking was on the low side, save for one couple who came down the regular trail and took the route at the junction I was on. (I was outbound, so they should of just followed the route back). It was a first, but the real question remains is why do they keep showing up at trail junctions? Same old, same old; changing direction of travel is a huge deal to the perps.

Anyhow, I am too wiped out and getting too much typo sabotage to continue. Enough for the week.