Sunday, September 23, 2018

In the Sleep Study

The sleep study "thing" is over, though it wasn't the ordeal that one might read into it. More like a hotel stay in another town, but with all manner of electrodes attached. The "ordeal" part of it was that I was wondering if I was going to actually sleep, or end up fitfully tossing and turning (as in recent months), but with restrictive wires attached. I managed to sleep mostly, and a few awakenings, and we shall see what all this data will say in a few week's time.

In fact, my sleep has been fairly consistent for the past two weeks, as long as my ADD Rx are taken before 1000h. But as I didn't want to reduce the risk a sleepless night in a sleep study (a waste of time), I backed off on the ADD medication for two prior days.

And lo, the assholes pulled a dream invasion stunt in the middle of my wired (attached to electrodes on my head, chest, neck, and even a pair on each calf muscle), sleep. And too, a microphone for snoring detection. Now, its fear and trepidation over my results, as I don''t need another fucking ailment to deal with, and all the Rx contingencies etc. As well as the excuse to take me off my very useful ADD medication, something the assholes did in spectacular form back in 2002, and kept this up until this year, when I needed to get re-started because it was roundly apparent that the radiotherapy that finished 12-2017, was causing further dopamine deficiency issues. On with the never ending medication/ailment continuum, aka, nonconsensual human experimentation with a emphasis on dopamine physio-dynamics and function. As if taking down people for 100's of years with Parkinson's Disease wasn't sufficient.

The assholes also pulled a couple of small leg cramps in the night, though not enough to cause me to need to get up and walk them off. This has been standard fare for about 2x/week for the last two years, sometimes to excruciating pain levels, and a lot more of  the defeatable cramps as well. The latter can be ameliorated by me pressing my foot onto the wall while in bed and thereby relieving the cramp without getting up. Just in the last week, by way of a tip from a co-worker, the ionic magnesium (liquid) seems to be working in reducing nightime leg cramping. And the ADD Rx is also helping in that regard too. So with peculiar night time dreams (encountering Dr Amen for crissakes) and then minor night time leg cramps, one could say the perps did a good job of putting on a typical night time sleep.

It was interesting that the sleep study technician was neurologist, one who had emigrated with his family from Mexico, but couldn't practice in Canada as he was unable to afford a five year study regimen to qualify here. We engaged with some minor chat, and I briefly mentioned my dopamine-is-a-hormone thesis (based on scientific literature research), and per usual in the medical profession, he said squat. No discussion, no debate, nothing. Every one of them has done the same, now about 14 so far, an amazing "coincidence".

Yoga a few days earlier, 09-17-2018, and a near identical repeat of the choreographed freak show of the prior week. Same as the prior week, about 10-14 yogis filter in, some with serious fugly tattoos, and some serious fugly dudes included, and leaving a single open mat location to my immediate left. And in keeping with the standard freak show (Unfavored stalkers) choreography, the most significant freak arrives at the last minute, just as class is about to begin, and lo, it is this same very dark skinned E. Indian dude of the prior week. The exact same dude and exact same spatial and temporal arrangement as last week. Hard to call that random assemblage, by any stretch. Except this week this dude "decided" to take his shirt off about 15 minutes into class, in keeping with this absurd male "trend" which has erupted in the past two years. Only the perps would know why I need to be exposed to brown colors all the time, and brown skin colors especially, and this was no more exemplified by the now shirtless (first time) E. Indian male who has the knack of arriving at the last minute the same open mat location that was left for him by everyone else in the room. Said dude sat down on the couch beside me and briefly chatted with me after yoga class twice in two prior visits, but not this time. I suppose he had exercised his freakishness (Unfavoredness) to the maximum, however that is determined by the perps.

And plenty of dude stalking action at the construction job site, each work day this week. The time worn convergence stalking routine again, whereby they individually move toward me from different directions for some reason, though passing by the elevators is a good excuse. (The main route to upper floors, especially with tools and supplies, is by way of the elevators). They even went one more, by having a negro dude step into my intended path, he some 8' away with his head down and pretending to be clueless as to me about to pass through. At this point, other dudes started to move around in some kind of choreography to then confine my intended path to where the negro had stepped forward (for some curious reason), and who had now vacated this spot by stepping back to where he had been. (Normally, I would change my path and go around the whole lot of them). In other words, a totally pointless forth-and-back move, all while waiting for the elevator, the main access to the floors. (I could see this stunt making more sense if the elevator had just arrived and the negro and the other dudes then converged on the open elevator as I "happened" to be passing by. But no, make it look stupid and obvious, all to have me walk over the very ground the negro had momentarily stepped upon.) And how many times have I mentioned this path crossing stalking stunt, the converging stalkers (usually males), senseless back-and-forthing, and also the "herding" games they so like to pull? Probably 0.001% of the occasions these orchestrated stalking stunts play out when out in public.

And plenty of other negro stalking at the construction site this week, almost like a selected different one per day who is the assigned "dog me" all day long stalker. The one with the mini-dreads and the hang-dog look was especially busy on stalking duty one day, no matter what floor (of six) I was working on.

And too, the pointless "just stand there" stalking by one construction worker at the corner of the steel mesh fence around the SW corner. I 'happened" to pass by this corner on my way to the cafeteria, and lo, he was still there 20 minutes later when I returned, still looking as stupid as he was when I was outbound. Geez; give the guy a cell phone for crissakes and thereby furnish him an excuse for extended loitering, a common perp stalker tactic. (Having vagrants in public locations serves the same purpose I came to know early on in this game).

Another extra obvious stalking stunt was having a woman worker (this time) sitting on the concrete stairs waiting for the elevator while on her cell phone, and who then gets up and follows my ass out the door as I was passing by. I suppose the "just been sitting on concrete" energetic "vibe" act, having just been color and/or EMF calibrated by way of cell phone, needed to tail my ass through the poly sheeted doorway. (They use poly sheeted temporary doors while they are working on the real doors, or else to block off the passage of dust from the designated rooms for cutting wood and other materials).

Just as obvious is the extra pit-lamping coverage I am getting, especially when I get out of my just-parked vehicle. If I sit and wait, the dude who has pulled in behind me does the same thing, and if I get out as soon as I have turned off the engine, why, someone is timed to arrive as I am at the rear tailgate scrambling to get my work gear. One time they put on a motorcycle coming down the loose ground and weedy"sidewalk" on the R side of my parked vehicle, with a following sedan to arrive immediately afterward. And if there isn't someone pit-lamping my ass from 8' away, why, they are there across the street doing much the same, you know, the protracted parking excuse.

Back to the sleep study, with an ironic turn; after I drove home, a 50 minute drive arriving at 0730h, I had breakfast and two cups of coffee, and lo, if they didn't pull a three hour nap-attack on me thereafter. I was not sleep deprived at anytime this week, and it was totally unwarranted. Anyhow, they turned my Saturday into shit, and I ended up doing my usual chores, e.g. laundry, well into the afternoon. Changing up the timing of my usual activities is another perp specialty.

Enough for the week, and time to get this posted lest it lapse for another.