Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Jaw Breaker

A near-all night awakeness stunt last night. Presumably to introduce New Fuckery, a resoundingly painful L ear with pain radiating to my jaw and cheek bone. A constant pain, and then suddenly an additional stinging momentary jolt every now and again, often timed to when I was thinking about something else, a lateral thought jump, one of those neural emissions that the perps cannot seem yet to remotely mind control

A call to the "walk-in" clinic doctor ensued, and I was instructed to put oil drops in twice for the remainder of the day and visit the clinic tomorrow at 0830h. I cannot see this being any bit ordinary, as there was no causal event, unlike 09-2019's stunt of giving me an R ear ache after going swimming at the local pool, resolved by antibiotics. In fact, the pain became so debilitating today that I had to resort for a first time ever pain-killer medication, and old Rx that I didn't use.

On this same L side I had a subconjunctival hemorrhage in my L eye in 03-2020 that took three weeks to dissipate. So we shall see.

All manner of fear scenarios were played out in mind today, just the "usual", a tumor etc. I don't need one of those thanks, though the scenario of needing proton beam treatment, not available in Canada, has been played in mind for some 4 years now. Sometimes they deliver on these long running mind-planted scenarios, and sometimes they don't. They have been very insistent on this one all this time (since 2017), and even have me meeting up with the planted babe they have consistently been putting in mind (romantically) for 17 of these 18 years of harassment. They could teleport her here forthwith, so I don't need to make a trip to their proton beam facility in California. (And the entire compatibility situation for this person, of some former notoriety, is so completely wrong that I have rejected every planted instance of it. I ain't fit for romance and the rest of the downstream togetherness life). All I know is that I could do without the uncertainty, prolonged medical intervention or the pain.

Got to doctor on time at 0830h, but not good enough for him. I waited for 20 min. in the exam room. "Ear infection" he says within two seconds of putting the instrument in my ear. Scratch all that planted FUD per above.

Rx delays... I had to go back twice and finally got my Rx at 1400h What a stalk-athon at LD (both visits); all these duckies wearing masks FFS, I thought these were long gone in these here parts, but now a resurgence of masked Fuckwits surging around me.

Pain on and off; it seems it takes 45min for painkillers  to kick in

About 1200h I was getting hungry, but was unsure about what to eat. felt nauseous suddenly and had to relieve myself at the great white telephone. I didn't think I had anything to unload, but no, lots, all brown colored from my breakfast chocolate. (I had bacon for breakfast, but none of that there). See the section on this new "feature" of delayed digestion below.

Continued lolling around all afternoon and into the evening. Much sleep, and appropriately timed to screw me up yet again in getting my haircut. Then more pain, more painkillers and then more sleep. Funny how the doctor didn't prescribe pain killers when I told him how excruciating the pain was...
The joys of a long weekend (here in BC) while being sick. That is, continued pain in my L ear and sleeping most of this hot day. And too, having slept most of the night, with only one pain killer intake. Quite the ear infection to say the least, as I have had only one before in 09-2019 when I attempted to resume fitness swimming, some four swims over two weeks. It "so happened" that this brief re-introduction to fitness swimming brought on an ear infection in my R ear. Good cover story, but it doesn't wash. In the 1980's-1990's I swam for 14 years 3x/week, ~2400m per hour in a managed practice format, and never got one single ear infection. This time, no excuse, that is, no prior swimming, and I get the ear infection of all (my) time to the level of being debilitated. Thanks assholes.

No actual jaw broken of course, but it felt like it.

The intense ear infection is now down to a dull roar, and I even put a full day's work in today. I had some pain killers kicking around from dental surgery two years ago, tylenolC, which saved the day. I used them for two days straight, a little on the third day and managed to sleep most of the day and night for three days. I have never needed pain killers for anything until this ear infection, so I wonder if my Psychopathic abusers weren't amplifying it some. Perhaps they wanted me to test them out and check my energy while using them as prescribed. Big deal, I slept mostly, and when awake I felt perfectly normal and even got out to do my laundry at the laundromat.

One of the Psychopath's fuckery tricks was to add on pangs of extra pain; the pain was bad enough as it was, but every so often the assholes would give me a momentary shot of extra pain. Another stunt was to keep popping my L ear, as if the fluids had burst or re-established a seal. And lo, if they didn't pull this latter stunt exactly as a customer some two aisles away, dropped and smashed a glass vessel on the floor. Well done assholes.

Plenty of noisestalking while suffering the ear ache pain of all time was when I was outside, lying on a towel on the lawn. That same single engine aircraft kept flying and circling, then HD motorcycle noise (close and distant (mostly)) often followed by high revving Japanese motorycycle noise, hotrod ("performance") muffle noise was frequent. And too, my normal strategy of placing my fingers to my ears was somewhat thwarted with one very sore ear.

And what was going on with the Psychopaths last night? They kept me awake the entire night (before a day of work), without any other excuses like ADD Rx intake (none) and put on this nonstop light and plasma show in the bedroom. If I looked at the ceiling, many hundreds of  these points of lights were above me, and then started to get longer, "stalact-lights" as I termed them. They were very small points at first, then lines, each radiating perpendicularly from the ceiling. And then after a minute or two of observation, they began to lean over in patterns, in swirls (like a crop circle), as a dynamic pattern. I quit looking after that so not to encourage the assholes, and lo, if they didn't start something similar up, read on.

I was lying on my mattress on the floor, and my head was near the mattress corner, and it just seemed convenient to put my arms overhead, off the mattress and on the floor ahead of me. Inside of a few seconds, these same radiating lines of light came from the underside of the dark wall where my clothes are stored, just above the carpeted floor, and pulsing toward my arms. I didn't feel anything, but decided that I didn't like where this was going and rolled over.

Then I decided to look at the opposite wall where my shelves have tools and supplies stacked, about mid-height on the wall. More fuckery ensued in the form of red light flashes pulsing across the room and landing on the tool boxes, though a larger 8" sized landing of momentary red light. Matched to the red trim on the many Bosch tool boxes I have, and they kept it up the entire time I was looking there.

I then decided to look at the opposite wall there the window is, covered with a closed venetian blind. Normally I don't look at these as they (now) nearly always arrange a slow fuzzy maser ball (zingers) to fall across the venetian blind slats, usually in irregular trajectories, say laterally for 4", then it drops down a slat or two, then laterally (forward or back) again, and so on until the maser ball gets to the bottom of the window and disappears below the last slat, about 6 seconds elapsed time. This time, they had the venetian blinds pulsating with energy, as if black and white small particles were seething in between and through the blind slats. I took some pictures, but even if I capture something, they have a "way" of not turning out, film or digital. They got post exposure image editing done within seconds sometimes. Sometimes digital cameras also come with their own artifacts as well.

So who knows, maybe all this pulsating light is around me all the time and no one dare say a thing. I get enough stares (from strangers/stalkers) in any given day to suspect as much.

While lying and tanning on the lawn, as it has been very hot and consistently sunny, I am reading the Steve Jobs biographic tome, "Steve Jobs" by Walter Issaksen, and not only do I get the above mentioned background of noise, aka noisestalking, but I often get the noise erupting at certain specific moments in reading. Turning a page (yes) is a big deal for the Psychopaths, ergo, add noise. Also when switching from reading text to reading the text and looking at the included pictures. The introduction of his wife Laurene in the text brought on the HD noise next door, across the lane. The Psychopaths like me reading biographies, so there must be something in it for them, say, a psychic connection to the subject, even if deceased.

Another new round of Fuckery has erupted, possibly explaining the above mentioned barfing episode. That is, I have a meal, and the food is sitting in my stomach some four hours later like a stone, as if it hasn't digested. FFS, all my life I have been a very fast food digester; it is down and through me in four hours, even if the "normal" is 24-48 hours. So fuck you assholes and stop pissing with my food digestion. Needless to say, eating a meal has been a more onerous consideration. And too, I don't seem to get hungry much now. Add "remotely manipulated and extended food digestion" as another component of their arsenal.

And the flashes of light in my eyes at bed time have a timed correlation to other games they are studying. I was in bed, and the foot pain infliction started up, and so I moved my feet and kept them moving until I "forgot". Then another jolt of pain in the foot. So I moved my whole body into a new repose. The in-eye light flashes came on briefly and another shot of pain in my foot, same location. So I shifted to a new repose, and again, a shot of in-eye light flash and then a shot of foot pain. Direct and identical responses to my countermeasures. After that, they decided the didn't want to continue to reinforce this association. They can be cagey like that, never wanting to be doing the same thing at the same time or place, especially with regular activities.

And yet another possible technological front of complete intrusion, privacy invasion and remotely applied abuse via this sonic pulse device (cannot find link) Now a vaccuum panel protection that is needed. I learned early on that this energetic invasion wasn't totally EMF, even if the gaussmeter readings were very high, 200Gauss, 1700Gauss later. (Imagine if I could get that magnetic field measurement sensor on my phone accessible and with readings that were reliable). So all that Faraday cage stuff won't work if you are a TI. Then I figured it was tunable radar (in 2002 no less) a form of EMF, that can see into 150' of concrete, but it cannot see past metals. Not much later I figured they were tuning into the ether, per Lt Col. Tom Bearden, so I knew I was screwed, be they "scalar waves" or whatever else. It doesn't matter; Under Their Thumb, 24x7.

This new forced Blogger format is just messed up; I cannot search my labels, I cannot save explicitly, and who knows what else. And the typing is slower, meaning that it is going to Blogger (Google) first and isn't using the local PC for work processing. I knew that a few years ago though. Well done Google, take something that works and de-function it.

Enough for a post and I shall see if it works.