Sunday, March 17, 2019

Leg Pain Torture

A week's wrap up in one day's posting. I "somehow" got slack and haven't kept up with the train of events as they occurred over the week, so this is going from memory, and doubtless some of the imposed harassment will go unrecorded here. And my paper diary hasn't been kept up for the last three years either, after being a faithful diarist since 04-2002 when all this rain (or reign) of abuse came down with such suddenness. I have been derailed by Netflix' "Spartacus" TV series of late. About time there was something a little more interesting on TV, a medium I had long given up on for its cultivated blandness and manipulated storylines. Though in keeping with current entertainment industry wretchedness, it would seem that the Spartacus casting was PC; I just don't think Asians were in ancient Rome, nor Negroes in such profusion. Imagine that, retroactive racial re-balancing of history via the (...? controlled) media.

And in keeping with the intense abuse days of 04-2002 to 01-2003, the assholes pulled severe leg pains in my thighs a few night ago, about one third up from my knees and turned inward. (Same as reported in the previous posting). And no less, matching pains, that is, in the same identical mirror image location on each leg. This new site (muscle group) of remotely applied muscle cramping effectively made walking very difficult, and was extremely painful. That I was screaming at the assholes was a given, and they seem to know how much I am receiving. I took on a new walk habit to relieve the pain, so I could walk the pain off, and lo, if the assholes didn't immediately relocate the locus of the pain a few inches away to then thwart my plan, as the walking suddenly became more pained. Talk about dynamic adaptation to infliction of pain by remote means and remote pain detection methods; these guys are good. And it is no surprise, because they were doing this back in 2002; they could adjust the pain level up or down, depending on where they wanted to keep me. What is new is that they are pulling this intense torture again, and then thwarting my means to alleviate it. This takes place at night almost without fail; for whatever reason I don't know, but they would have their reasons.

The next night they pulled this pain again, with the same high intensity, but only in my right leg. Same result; screaming at the assholes and a hobbled walk (at best) to relieve the pain. That I had a knot in my muscle for the next two days was unexpected, as they don't usually continue with residual effects from this kind of torture.

Now some three days later, and I am fine now. And just what is the purpose of this? Testing pairs of specific muscle groups perhaps, or pain to brain and back again neural activity or what? I don't care, just leave me the fuck alone.

Plenty of helicopters overhead at the vineyard where I am working this past week. At least 20 per day. The Bell 212's and 214's, EC 120's, and lo, a slow flying Sikorsky S-64 Sky Crane (now Ericsson Aircrane) too. A rare bird indeed, 40 built apparently.

And more hounding my ass in the SOF supermarket again, the "penalty" of going there at 1800h instead of my usual later 2000h. They skunked me for the first time on the chocolate croissants, as in none there when there has always been some since this dietary "need" came on about six months ago. And to no surprise, they had a stalker in place for each time I came around, making multiple visits in an attempt to shop alone, unstalked. They like to post gangstalkers whenever I am put through a "dashed expectations" stunt, and this was no exception. The same rotation of four Fuckwit gangstalkers kept showing up almost at every turn; eventually I just bailed from grocery shopping, being so fucking fed up on being so obviously hounded.

And an orb of green colored plasma was cruising along the entrance in my bedroom the other night. It was about 8" in diameter and was slowly moving along a linear path about 3' from my head and 6" off the floor and I "somehow" awakened to see it. Hardly a coincidence, but it is rare that the assholes let me see some of their unconventional  technology in action. Again, like the above mentioned pain imposition abuse in 2002, when they also let me see many such plasma balls, this would be the first in some 10 years that I have witnessed one so obvious. Most of their plasma games are fleeting (flashes often), less than a second or so, but this traveling orb was about a 5 second long occurrence.

My landlords are back from a 8 week holiday in Mexico; no more house attending or snow removal duties. And no poetic justice of one last snowfall for him to clear as the weather has gone from below 0C to 10C in the last few days, and will be even warmer this week. There was a 6" dump of snow six days ago that I duly cleared, likely the last for the season.

And in keeping with the Mexico connection in all this, perhaps a component of the perps'  geographic visitation games, that is surrogates for me who get to visit other parts of the world, my employers are going away for a week today. Whatever; the Mexico connection has been curious, as I worked with Mexicans in my 2008-11 farm working days, but when I moved to Penticton for vineyard work, I haven't worked with any despite their prevalence. I suppose the perps have a repeat planned, whereby I will end up working with Mexicans in the vineyards, but it is most curious that this theme was suddenly cut off. Perhaps the landlords and employers are surrogates for the Mexicans in some kind of earth-energy variance experimentation. I don't know, or care. Just leave me the fuck alone.

Anyhow, another week of TI existence passes with nothing too exciting on the horizon, just the way I want it.