Sunday, April 28, 2019

Yet More Helicopter Coverage

Vineyard activity today; the helicopters were busy on some kind of long line bucket training. It seemed to be "AStar day", as there was at least two of them working. (The AStar (AS 350) is now called the H125 in Airbus-speak). The "usual" spitting of plasma and maser beams from them, as well as a maser "glow". That is, a blackish cloud surrounding the helicopter as it traversed. In both cases, they were ferrying extremely slowly, and not always dragging the long line. In one instance, the red and white AStar came and circled overhead and went back to the Penticton airport (I presume, the direction it came from). Talk about making it obvious. In another instance, a blackish line projected from the long trailing line, and came at me, separated from the helicopter. The perps seem to be able to make these blackish lines, filaments, zingers etc., which I take to be magnetic masers, project from anything, including people. As a rule, they don't travel too fast; it takes about three seconds for them to travel some 10km in my experience.

There were other models of helicopters traversing over the vineyard at times, and per "ususal", they inserted the odd noisy single engine private plane.

The Psychopaths seem to be on the rag today, fucking me around ("forgets"), pulling items from my hands etc. All the "usual" fuckery.

Stalker coverage was heavy at LD and SOF, and one couple "happened" to stalk me at the first location, and lo, if there weren't there ahead of me at the checkout *after two others)  at the second location. And fugly dudes in shorts were on display bigtime tonight. You know, the shorts sized so big that two guys could fit in them. Also the waddling males presentations too. Add in the tattoos down the arms, and especially the dude at the checkout behind me who just "happened" to immediately arrive after me to show off his disgusting tatt-splat. I don't know how he pulled that as I was fed up with the couple stalking, as as only one manned checkout was open, I was cautious for another stalker erupting on me and was certain there wasn't another. And lo, this Fuckwit erupts from an adjacent aisle and proceeds directly to the cashier.

The fat fucker stalker dude at LD managed to cover me three times at three different aisle ends; well done shit head; how did you know that aisle ends and directional changes (ambulatory or vehicular) are the number one gangstalking moment (aka, anisotropy of space) and have been for over 17 years of this insane shit and abuse that suddenly rained (and reigned) down 04-2002. Actually, that should be the anisotropy of the charge field that fills space (here on Earth).

Then I got back at 2130h from LD and SOF, dark by then, and the rail for the sliding gate fell down off the wall. So I finish off putting my purchases in the house, and go outside with the flashlight (after the Psychopaths infuriated me by fucking me out of recognizing the flashlight as it was hanging in its regular spot (or else they temporarily teleported it)), and dealt with the rail, and lo, just as I finished fixing it, why, another helicopter overhead. Well done assholes; the final helicopter coverage (stalking) event (all of five seconds) was exquisitely timed to me being delayed (an extra trip outside) by the gate rail that "happened" to drop off, as it does every three months or so.

One could safely say the perps were on the rag today in terms of extra (over and above the imposed extra normal) things going wrong, infuriations, mind-fucks, extra late-night shopping stalking and checkout obstructions and the rest of their fucking insanity. Just leave me out, and I don't care if I am Victim Zero, Prime Subject or whatever the terminology they use for TI's under this intense barrage of extra-conventional abuse and gangstalking coverage.

Yesterday I took my vehicle to the Ford dealership for an oil change; I thought it would be an hour, but no, two hours in the waiting area. And what a shit show of gangstalking in the waiting area; no end of "staff", particularly the heavy tattoo-ed ones, just kept needing to visit the waiting area for the coffee maker. The featured woman staff member did at least three visits, and it was she I also saw at the beginning and end of my visit. (And with whom I booked the appointment with, as I was told that only she could book tire changes; but as it was going to take three weeks I got it done somewhere else). The ever friendly blonde woman gave me a hug (uncharacteristically) when I first arrived, even if I was at the service desk with someone else. That was the end of her, and none of the usual chatting, as she was elsewhere (most curiously) for the two hour stay. So I suppose it was about having me be interested in K**i (a low cut top helped) instead of T**h, when I expected to be nattering to the latter. Another one of those dashed expectations stunts again.

Later I went to Kelowna for some errands, and also stopped by a hifi shop for an hour long audiophile presentation on AC power; And lo, if Kelowna AC power supply isn't equivalent to that found in the third world in terms of line fluctuations and line noise. Well done Fortis.

Audio shutdown on the PC again; after two weeks of intense infuriation in 01-2019 as to fixing it, though not known how, the Psychopaths have struck again, and PC audio is now fucked; As in not playing from the audio player, internet sources. Well done assholes in raising the infuriation level yet again.

More heavy helicopter coverage; the AStars again, and at least one doing the back-and-forth extra-obvious stalking run. My acerbic rejoinder for these events, is that the pilot forgot to bring his lunch, but two days in succession?

Another Hwy 97 road block incident, less than a kilometer from where the same "happened" the very evening I was to go to Kelowna, April 14. Well, I suppose this can happen, but for crissakes, if the road width supports putting a concrete median barrier in, then do it. And from personal experience, and per linked photo, it seems that there is sufficient road width. Make it a five year plan, and start on the worst bends first.

Continued high strangeness coming from the vineyard owner today, as it has been all week. To the point I think she is quietly deranged, or else acting out a skit that has been orchestrated for her. As to why she rounds on me, and yet was so impersonal earlier in the week, I have no idea. That the boss man has let matters slide to the point that the pruning wasn't adequately resourced for the last month is also mighty curious. (Now pruning as the buds burst). No telltale signs of twitchy mouth or other behavioral strangeness coming from her, so I am going to assume this was one big all-week skit. Well done; you had me fooled and that served the Psychopathic cause for all the "usual" perp stunts;
  • "find" me" at a row end (again, changing direction is a HUGE deal for the perps), 
  • run the irrigation for no seeming reason (water supply from various sources is another substantial perp interest),
  • put on the "don't know you" act; e.g. "were you the person who was here two days ago?" -yes, and you are way too smart to ask such a dumb question unless you are seriously cognitively impaired,
  • standing behind me (3x in 5 minutes, saying nothing) for no apparent reason is gangstalking writ large, and 
  • splitting my colleague apart so we would then incrementally work closer is another long time perp stunt.
Go fuck yourself; and act real crazy next time. And you can be sure I am not going back to re-evaluate the quality of your acting.

Not letting up on the helicopter coverage at this vineyard, why, a first-time sighting of a low flying Canadian military CH-148 Cyclone, (Sikorsky S-92, military variant) operational only since June 2018. As to why it "happened" to fly 600 miles inland and appear overhead I have no idea. Its predecessors, the Sea Kings, were also regular over-flight helicopter choices when I lived in Victoria, where a squadron is based.

Enough for the week, and onto posting this.