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Answering Anonymous of 07-31-2008 +08-03-2008 Updates

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I have decided to answer the questions from a comment quoted in sections below in this blog posting as the Blogger comments window is so primitive. Ms. C of the story (41 pp doc file) would ask similar questions back in the high harassment year of 2002, questioning me as to why I thought this was all real. I hope Anonymous isn't her retreading these tired arguements. She had a certain set point in the discussion when she would suddenly stop, never to resolve anything, a theme that is universal among many of whom I engage with over this topic.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Elevator Etiquette Degeneration":
does it ever cross your mind that maybe something in your brain changed (stroke or otherwise) around 2002 that is causing your an intensified awareness about your surroundings (through both sound and vision)? perhaps the changes in your brain also affected the neurons in your brain that deal with vision and this is why you see "plasma beams" and have an increased perception of colour? it also seems that you are able to remember the most trivial events in your day to day routine.
This is a perfectly valid question, and one that TI's go through intensely at the outset of overt harassment. Their entire world perspective has radically changed, and not for the better. YES, it had occured to me many times that my perceptions might be out of whack, and I did see a doctor who supplied the diagnosis of psychosis without informing me that it was highly improbable at my age and history.

A first time diagnosis of psychosis at age 47 (then) without any family history of it is highly unlikely, though I haven't ever had an objective debate with a clinician on this, but have learned it from other reliable sources. (It is my fate that clinicians aren't objective and won't debate the merits of my case in any detail). Was this altered perception from medications I was taking at the time? No, though it was the clinician's "reason". I later learned that if it were a medication reaction, then it is nearly always reversible. Funny the doctor never told me that at the time.

That is three strikes against a diagnosis of psychosis in 2002-2003 when this label was attatched to me. It gets even more improbable;
  • a PhD psychologist I was was seeing at the time told me that what I had experienced was not psychosis, he speaking as one who once was hospitalized for psychosis for three weeks.
  • the same overhead "kerchunk" noise from overhead has occured in the last seven residences over two cities.
  • no neuroleptic medication has made me better, only worse. Prescribing a dopamine blocking agent to dopamine deficient patient is reprehensible, if not criminal IMHO, but this is what happened.
  • there has been no correlation of events with neuroleptic medication intake.
  • all major phenomenon have been witnessed by other parties, including masers and plasma beams (magnetically controlled, note). I measured a magnetic flux in my apartment of 200 Gauss with a rented industrial quality gaussmeter in late 2002. (My three purchased instruments all failed). Normal background magnetic energy levels are 0.5 gauss. This was the basis for which I asked the then doctor if I was being contained in a densified electromagnetic field, to which he looked down at his notes and said "no". The body language was the real answer IMHO.
  • Two years later (2005), the doctor said I was being "persecuted". In other words, the entire clinical episode he engaged me in was misguided and incorrect.
Read the posting, An Open Letter to Clinicians for more detail as to how unlikely there is any organic cause.

If my "brain changed" then what is the diagnosis if it is not psychosis, the only attributed "cause"? A stroke would cause diminution of capabilities, not new altered perception. (An eruption of overhead ceiling/floor tapping games as I type this up, an oddity in that all these apartments are carpeted). To date, and two more doctors later, neither has suggested anything else as a cause.

As for recalling
my day's trivial events, I could provide many more details, but I consciously decide what the appropriate level is. My intent in writing this blog is to document the ongoing imposed harassment in all its forms, including examples of excruciating details, especially there is a new harassment method. I could provide more daily information of the 200+ fake touches and creepy crawlie sensations I get in a day, at least 100 anomalous incidents of lint and crumbs I get, the inordinate amount of amped up volume most activities now incurr, the number of planted (IMHO) wrong perceptions that occur each day (over 100) which never happened before overt harassment began, but you get the picture. If there are certain repetitious elements that are annoying or tiresome in this blog posting, let me know. I write this blog in a way that avoids too much "in talk", so a casual browser would understand at first read of any given posting.
it amazes me how you can construct these elaborate explanations for what are just normal everyday events. you seem to be arriving at your conclusions (explanations about the events in your life) straight from your initial observations. it might server you well to use the scientific method instead of jumping to your concocted conclusions. if you can't prove something, why believe it? try to be logical.

as an example, let's discuss some of your ideas. "morph-overs", "teleportation", "remotely manipulation" - where in the world did you come up with these ideas? this is just physically impossible by the laws of physics. there is absolutely no proof in this world for any of this.
I do live in an extraordinary netherworld that most people don't inhabit, and I hope they never have to. My approach in this blog is to
document what I see, and to find commonality with other events or arrangements, say, over colors. Most of my observations are about abnormal events, or variations, especially about the human behavior around me. I hope at least I have conveyed these ongoing highly anomalous activity/events clearly and intelligibly. (The current doctor claims to have read some postings from this blog, and says it is clear and logical).

I like to think that my model of what is going on in my life is fluid enough to incorporate any new and prospective alternate suggestions as to what is going on for me. As of yet, no one, has even aided me, save the TI community and their online resources. If there any evidence based alternate meritous explanations, I am willing to consider them. Given the unequivocal avoidance of this harassment topic by my family, and the clinical community, I can only conclude that they have been uniformly advised to not discuss this with me. My brother was once helping me work through what was going on in 2002, and immediately ceased making any entreaties as soon as I figured out he was party to this criminal harassment. There was no big blow-up, accusations or animosity, he unilateraly stopped his line of inquiry/"concern" when I had independently concluded he was complicit. Funny how that timing worked out.

I don't "concoct" or "construct" anything; I am describing what happens and its relationship to other activities to me, the TI community, and how specific news items might fit with what is going on around me. Hopefully there is a sufficient ring of truth and consistency that will persuade readers to conclude there is an imposed harassment regimen and that it extends to exhausting levels of detail, including street litter, lint specks, faux birdshit spatterings on the streets (no overhead roost), and so on. I have no demonstrated creative writing skills; the last attempt at fiction was in high school, and it was an ugly experience. My prior career has been in forestry and software development where creativity could get you canned. Hopefully my statements and the included pictures demonstrate that the level of coincidence is far above normal, and that there is comprehensive orchestration as to what I am doing with who, all that I see or hear and all aspects of my interactions.

I don't use any of the the terms "teleportation", "morph-over" (aka shape shifting), or "remotely applied extra conventional gravitic energies" lightly. These words fit what I experience, and I like to think that I use them consistently and appropriately. I didn't create these words, but they are useful to encapsulate some of the phenomenon I experience. In the case of "teleportation", can anyone explain how I did not hear the approach of three policemen with drawn weapons with a vehicle within 10' of me where I wasn't looking, ordering me to put my hands up? This happened TWICE! There are at least a dozen instances of someone arriving on my heels and walking as fast as I am, and I cannot figure out how they got there without any noise of approach. In another instance, a gangstalker was 20' away on the sidewalk with an intervening telephone post between him and I. He moved behind it and wasn't seen again. He did not enter a vehicle, or otherwise have any physical presence. And on the first day of harassment, they treated me to actually see a teleportation of a person. Every day I get 20 to 50 crumbs "arriving" the instant my back is turned at breakfast; I have seen some arrive in fact, coming from nowhere and often arranged around the toast on two orthogonal sides.

And of course I cannot prove any of the harassment, but these things are happening all the time as described to me and other TI's. Any given week of anomalous public behavior and coincidences should be enough for anyone else leading an unsurveilled life to occur over a year or more. Have a look through the pictures in this blog and tell me if you don't agree with me as to what is anomalous about the cluster of vehicle colors as an example. Have a look at the stories in the Fortean Times and see if there isn't some commonality with my own experiences. (PS; The Fortean Times had a section titled "It Happened To Me", and it was full of very strange events, including teleportation of a child while holding the hand of an adult when it happened, and now this link is no longer there).

I have recieved at least one favorable comment that this blog's contents were logical, and noting that there was no other explanation, save what I have determined. Another blog comment from a TI indicated that this blog was one of the most authentic descriptions of the TI experience. Sherlock Holmes said it
best; when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

As for violating the notions of physics, I have been taken on a journey that makes it abundantly clear that the current accepted understanding of physics has a hole you can drive a truck through. The Newtonian physics, later augmented by Einstein, we learn in school is the bread and butter of all civic engineering. At the quantum mechanics scale, there is much we don't understand, such as entangled pairs of photons where the perturbation of one will result the perturbation of the other's pair mate at a distance up to 25km away.
Einstein was not entirely comfortable with his Relativity Theory, and felt that there was a fundamental missing component for which he did not fully understand. There is no unifying theory that brings these widely accepted constructs of Newtonian and Quantum Mechanics together. Tom Bearden has outlined 34 anomalies that are not presently explained under present electromagnetic theory. Other work by de Palma has determined that a rotating ball (27,000 rpm) will climb higher and descend faster than that of of nonrotating ball of the same size, weight and material. This violates Newtonian physics and no one has provided an accepted explanation. TT Brown used the term "electrogravitics" to combine electromagnetics and gravity as being of the same source, what he termed the "omniplasma continuum", or ether if you like. He also demonstrated that a charged capacitor weighs less than than the same uncharged capacitor (a gravitic anomaly). That gravity is electromagnetically manipulatable in other words. Tom Bearden is a difficult read, but he suggests theoretical framework for mechanisms for the engineering of materiality and transmutation. There is plenty of proof that there are profound and unexplained physics that isn't been addressed by the physics community at large. I hope the links under "Relevant Science for Action at a Distance Energies" to the right are a useful place to start.
i understand that there may be other people in this world who share the same experiences or feelings that you do but have you ever stopped to think that maybe the reality is that they share a similar mental disorder? this seems like a far simpler and more elegant explanation for your current situation than the elaborate TI gangstalking perp filled harassment explanation of the world that you have created for yourself.
In 2002 in the course of determining what was going on, I saw an MD in Kent WA who at one time determined that there was covert human experimentation going on when he was working at a state mental hospital. Two disparate psychosis patients described the same events in detail happening in their life. He immediately knew that wasn't possible, and concluded, along with subsequent substantiating research, that covert human experimentation was a reality. In other words, the more common the "symptoms" in the details, especially as they relate to the uninvited behavior of others, the less likely it is of organic cause.

I didn't create anything that is described in this blog. It is happening to me or around me, and hopefully any of my speculations are identified appropriately. If gangstalkers often have their tongues hanging out as they pass by, or otherwise exposing their mouth contents, and I am constantly noisestalked when I put brown colored food in my mouth, there is a very good chance these "coincidences" are related. As for why, I am not sure, but it would seem that someone needs to know about the proximity of brown colored objects and substances to my physical brain. I don't think the brain is any more closer that from one's mouth, so that might be what fascinates my harassors, though again, I am not sure what their "need" is, save seeming mind-control research.

the human brain is an amazing example of evolution but there bound to be times when they don't function correctly (like "bugs" in code). perhaps you should do some research about this. it's actually quite fascinating and could be enlightening.

here is a video about the mind that i recently watched. it is quite good:

also, here is an intersting article about a woman who had a significant change in her brain that "allowed" her to remember everything she did from day to day (as you can imagine this is as much a curse as it is a blessing):

try be open to other explanations for your situation

In 2001, over a year before the harassment in 04-2002, I had a SPECT scan from Dr. Amen's clinic which identified Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Inattentive Subtype (not hyperactive). This is the gold standard for identifying this condition. I took the appropriate medications and felt better. The only non-ADD anomaly was surficial (cortical) "scalloping" (waviness) of the cortex which he identified causes as, toxic waste exposure, heavy smoking, and drug addiction, -none of which applied. So what created this anomalous brain scan, apart from the ADD? It was some kind of nonionizing radiation IMHO. In early 2002 I was getting sucked into depression, and I took an anti-depressant which wasn't working out right. Then all hell broke loose in my apartment 04-15-2002, the onset of overt (as viewed by me) harassment, though mostly covert to the unobservant in public. Furthermore, the SPECT scan should of picked up any signs of incipient psychosis, which it did not.

Like I said, I feel that I am open to other explanations, and that I have adequate access to clinical care such that they should at least a debate the issues, but they never do. I take the position with them that there are so many strange behavioral events/perceptions going on that I should either see a neurologist or else it is invasive mind control application by remote means by a malevolent agency. I never get taken up on this offer.

And "improved" recall is true more in 2008 than 2006; I can "remember" a whole lot more now, but nothing terribly important at any given time. And why am I "remembering" so many things I had long forgotten? Could it be the same outfit that is gangstalking me everywhere I go in public is also planting these "recollections"? And how would they know all these "recollections" if they weren't surveilling me at the time, even as a two year old when one's first memories are laid down. And how is it they can favor the selection of "likely to be recalled" memories ahead of the "never been recalled"? And why is it that I have next to no recall when aged 3 to 5? I don't have all the answers in provable form, but I like to think I have a reasonable working model. And too, I am sure that I am getting "assists" from the perps who plant these "realizations", especially about the Favored and the Unfavored demographic categories as it serves as a unifying explanation of the ongoing freakshow they arrange around me.

I will have a look at the links later, as this posting has taken up the evening, not that I mind at all.

I hope that I have adequately and credibly answered your questions, and that you have a better understanding what I and so many others are going through through no choice of our own. Even the known post-WWII nonconsensual human experimentation activities using conventional technologies should be significantly shocking to anyone who thinks they live in a democratic society. I have a further conspiratorial take (a speculation) that many of these abuses were directed by the same party that harasses TI's with unconventional technologies, and may also be represented in current day atrocities such as the so-called "rendition" tortures by the US Government. For example, why did they need to torture someone in an aircraft at altitude? Does this not suggest there may have been a covert need to apply this treatment when altitude was the central variable? Again, I have no certain answers, but there is a persistent component of TI harassment related to aircrew personnel and passengers who have just arrived off aircraft.

You may wish to listen to TI stories recorded on Talk Shoe radio here, and make your own determination as to the veracity of living a life such as this. Another audio source is Gina Romano's show on The Edge AM where she interviews gangstalking and harassment victims, me being one of them. Read the victim's stories at Mind Control Forums for similar information that should be convincing to suggest covert harassment is similar across the world.

If you have any more questions, feel free to post a comment or email me from the blog.

PS, 2040h, 08-11-2008 I did get a response to this posting from Anonymous, who somehow knows my name, which did not address my arguements presented above and lapsed into a shrill belittling tirade and arriving at a clinical diagnosis over the web. It was quite a different tone than the above inquisitive questions; the bait and switch (aka passive/aggressive) games again. Comments are cut off until this unidentified bozo finds a life.


Anonymous said...

did the gangstalkers put anything inside ur body?if so u could have taken it out no?y dont u do that

AJH said...

As far as I know, they did not put anything in me. But who knows, as they don't neccessarily do surgery to accomplish that. They can cause objects to materialize anywhere they want, and that would include inside me if there was room.

There is a missing time period of some 6 hours when the first attacked in 04-2002, so who knows what they did then. Scanning me might have been what they did.

Anonymous said...

I have video of them beaming in a laser beam into the house via the fireplace duct. They are using metal to move hf waves and also moving sound through the air ducts.



AJH said...

Answer to: I have video of them beaming in a laser beam...

I had a look; it is interesting that they were so bold as to do this when you had a video camera in hand. Usually they know in advance if one has a camera and constrain their hijinx accordingly. Minor technical point: I suspect it is a plasma beam which can be controlled in a higher density environment, which they apply to me at least.

How to stop this? any way you can disrupt your magnetic environment in unplanned and random ways would be helpful, though apart from waving magnets around, or putting them under your clothes and moving them frequently I don't have any specific advice. All my countermeasures have been trashed after being made to "forget" them for a time. Another countermeasure you might try in private is a Velostat helmet, at this link;

It is at least worth reading some of the testimonials, some of them very funny, as much as being in thought captivity can be. In my intensely managed situation, there is no way they would allow me even one second of uncontrolled time. Thanks for the comments.