Sunday, February 22, 2015

Monday Blood Draw

A Monday blood draw due to my new found desire to check out my testosterone level. The perps have me feeling very tired of late, and more anhedonic than usual. Going back, I was taking testosterone back in 2000, as I was low. I felt a little stronger, with more physical endurance, but this did not stop the perps from sucking me into a depressive state through to late 2002, when I was finally allowed to have a anti-depressant that finally worked and didn't trash me all the more. I started testosterone before the SPECT scan confirmed I was ADD-Inattentive in 03-2001, and I took testosterone until the perps ran me out of sufficient income in 2006. Since then there wasn't any compelling reason to re-start it, as the farm work physical labor was all doable, save the first week of bulb picking when my back was made to be a problem.

At no time did any medical practicioner or book on ADD mention that dopamine and testosterone in males was highly correlated. If one has ADD, then one is short of adequate dopamine by definition, but somehow it didn't "occur" to me that they were related, and nor did any doctor or other literature mention it. I "discovered" this fact a few weeks ago. So 15 years later I finally get clued in as to associated conditions of ADD. Infuriating as it is depraved to put someone through this.

The interest is testosterone stems from the fact that the perps are making me piss way too often, this enforced urinary urgency that has been going on for the past 10 months or so. A look into prostate proved to be a ruse in 10-2014, as it was only then I looked into other possible causes. And of course the urologist was no help, save from prescribing an Rx that helped some. My last message of three weeks ago was that this medication will vary in results and to go see my GP. Well, I don't have one as I go to the drop-in clinic and get whoever. (No doctors taking new patients in this town as it "happens").

After three attempts at the drop-in clinic last week I finally succeded in getting a test request, the doctor being unusually compliant for some reason. (The attempts at the drop-in clinic was that it was closed (after 1700h), then it was full to the end of the day at 1630h, and I finally made it the next day, early on a Saturday). Straight out of the perp's book of "warm up" events before actually being allowed to complete the event of a doctor visitation.

Anyhow, the usual strangeness at the lab/clinic, heads down, staff members being unusually tense etc. The parade of others, aka gangstalkers, was a tenth of the last lab visit in 10-2014 at the very same time of day, 0730h. A dude in day-glo jacket arrived in the line up while I was waiting, and made like he forgot his wallet and walked back to his vehicle and then drove off most curiously. Having short visits by Day-glos, my generic term for any gangstalker wearing high-visability safety clothing. A deep blood red vehicle was parked outside of course, as it is for every blood draw/visit.

Then onto work at the vineyard, and continuing pruning the vineyard. Per usual a heavy vehicle traffic noise, often erupting when I change directions, or re-work a panel (20' section between posts) cutting in one direction and pulling and cutting the remaining canes in the other direction. Ditto for the end of rows. But as it happened, I was directed onto landscaping duties for the week. The owner mentioned that I had already exceeded the previous year's man-hours of pruning the grapevines when I was only about halfway done. It isn't the first time I have been the butt of some kind of astonishing productivity statistic since all the harassment began, and it won't be the last. I have no idea why the perps wish to draw my attention to productivity statistics that are simply outrageous, say 4x or more faster than me. Yes, I know I am finger fumbled by the perps all day, but I cannot see how anyone can be 4x faster. Nor can I understand why they need to draw this to my attention.

The daffodil flower picking of three and four years ago was another; some 600 to 800 bunches a day was expected, with the all time champion at 2100 bunches in a day, and here I was getting 300 to 450. Well as it so "happened" I got put on a good section that hadn't been picked before and lo, I did pick 650 bunches that day. And of course the perps were finger fumbling me the whole time, so who knows how many bunches I could of done.

The vineyard owner arrived as I had just started a new row, leaving the vines cut but not pulled; she wanted a section of sumacs to be pulled out as they are out-competing the grape vines in one section. And so that became my job for the day, even adding a shot of herbicide to the just cut stump to hopefully quell the riotous sumac growth for an extra year.

 I also ran the quad ATV to tow a trailer to pull the cut sumac trees, as the vineyard owners don't want me to leave any landscape mess more than a day. My back got a good work out, which is odd as plant pulling never bothered me since the farm work gigs began in 2008.

Then to deposit my paycheck after work, always a big perp deal, any kind of financial transaction. A Fuckwit pulled in beside my vehicle just after I had exited mine, and I fully expected him to tail me into the bank and the ATM. But no, a woman in a dayglo jacket jaywalked to tail me to the ATM instead. I got to listen to her singing and whistling when she began at the adjacent ATM. Then when done, I was out the door to get to the bank parking lot, and lo, if the Fuckwit wasn't just backing out and taking off. LIke WTF; I have never known others to arrange their activities around me until all this gangstalking harassment first began in 04-2002. The parking lot was a whole three stalls, and was for a maximum of 20 minutes and was for bank business only. All this Fuckwit did was pull in beside me and then sit in his vehicle the entire time, and then leave just before me. Absurd, as it is utterly depraved.

And because I sweated so much pulling sumacs, partially because the sun came on and warmed up the slope I was working on, I took a shower before going to yoga.

Some of the regulars were there, plus a new doppelganger for my landlady; could of been her younger sister even for all I know. As it "happened" when I came back from yoga, my landlady was visible through the glass in her house, one of the very few times (less than 10) I have seen here there.

The major Fat Boy was at yoga again, in his disgusting oversize shorts that stopped below his knee. But thankfully they didn't put this wheezing and gasping mound of blubber next to me, and had him two mat widths removed, so I wasn't exposed to his infernal heavy breathing racket which I don't care for. (A new Unfavored noise in all likelihood). And they gave him some airtime to chat with his mat neighbor for a few minutes before yoga class began. None of the typical last minute arrival with his head down like the last five of his visits.

Other regulars were there, the long lithesome Tall Girl being one. For some reason she is "backed" by a blonde friend, as in having the blonde girl behind her for some reason, as if the Tall Girl needed blonde auric goodness in her proximity. The Tall Girl never bothered me any, even if she is about two inches taller than me, at 6'1" or so. Normally they arrange dudes and freaks, i.e. the highly Unfavored, to be "backed up" with a proximate blonde girl, but for some reason they are using a blonde girl to be proximate to a Tall Girl. So perhaps even those taller than me are also Unfavored, though I am not going to update the Favored/Unfavored list just yet. I have yet to encounter a tall blonde girl, but I suppose that will work into the perps' plans someday.

Onto barrel batonnage this morning. That is the fancy word for stirring the wine contents of a barrel, and then replacing the all important bung. But as the barrels are stacked four high on their cradles/racks, the top most layer is beyond the comfortable reach of the ladder. Yes, I can reach the bung and put the "baton" in and stir it, but it is at the near limit of effectiveness. The owner "happened" to come by and showed me what he does, and that is to stand on the hand rail of the ladder and stir from there. He didn't want me to do that, and wasn't keen on me climbing up the barrel racks either. Funny, why don't they get a taller ladder?

The winery water filter service guy was there too, "happening" to be there near where I was. But what a fugly dude; fat, crimped long hair in a pony tail and a fat pock marked face; four Unfavoreds in one person. Every so often I had to get him something, and he was all smiles, something I wasn't too enamored with that either. And of course, the perps regularly change my water supply, be it a hot water tank that "goes", adding filters, recharging filters, and even crimping my mother's water line so a short segment of plastic line was inserted between the copper ones.

I did an errand later; I drove the employer's truck into town to drop off chairs at the cleaning lady's house. Then onto a big box hardware store to get water softening salt, then back. As part of this, the perps treated me to witness a near collision, not of my involvement thankfully. A pickup (pu) ahead of me made a lane change without looking or indicating, and a smaller silver car was beside it. The latter beeped his horn and braked hard, and when the pu was 4" away he pulled back into its lane. But then the pu driver seemed to not understand his near miss, and did the same thing again, and the same outcome, with the silver car finally being able to get out if his way. Bizarre. And what was the purpose in making me see that, let alone twice in succession?

The perps fucked with my alarm clock, getting me up an hour later than planned. Funny how they woke me up at the regular alarm setting time of 0530h, and screwed me into not recognizing such, and then put me back to sleep for an hour. Also, they planted the notion that I was on time, and didn't have me look at the clock until after breakfast.

Screaming at the assholes again, they pulled a spatula from my hand and sent it to the floor, screwing me of even knowing it was in danger of falling, and of course, taking any pre-emptive action.

All the landscape material that I had stacked was to be burned today, as burning permission was granted. One must have a permit, and then only burn on specified days as determined by the authorities, based on weather and temperature. And so I tended to this fire for most of the day, and had to shut it down at 1530h, as in soak it so it wouldn't re-start. Not only did I get very smokey, but I also got some cinder burns on my jacket when moving the adjacent gate.

Saturday laundry, and in many permutations and combinations, something the perps just love. The cottons and sheets did fine in the one washing machine with my non-scented detergent. but the smokey and pitch marked clothing remained smelly. I couldn't run warm or hot water, as I had a wool sweater in there and didn't want it to shrink, being well versed in perp laundry attacks; any excuse will do to sabotage the victim's clothing. So, I ran it a second time, this with a "pod' of detergent I bought at the laundromat. And lo, if the dissolvable "pod" didn't dissolve and get smeared on some of the clothing the second time. The pitch did not come out either and so I had to apply a detergent to all the pitch spots on three items, and then wash this latter subset of clothes (pod smear and spot cleaned) a third time, but in a larger washing machine. (More water volume to purge the smell). And of course the detergent in the pod was scented, and so I got some of my clothes scented when I simply cannot stand to have them that way. Did I mention that the perps like to mess with laundry, detergents, washing machines etc. Many times I think.

And of course I will be getting blasts of smokey clothing and/or detergent scented clothing all week, just like today I predict.

Sunny, and so a hike as the low elevation snow has melted. But it wasn't that warm and the ground was partially frozen. Thankfully I had a hat and gloves, and was all in black save for a teal vest, and my boots which are greenish with a black rubber surround (welt?). Though my boots got plenty of black coals contact the day before, attending to the controlled burn as mentioned above.

And of all things, I didn't get one hiking (ambulatory) gangstalker on this three hour hike. About the fifth time ever in nearly 13 years of this insane abuse that they left me alone. Plenty of gangstalking vehicles though, and still they bring on the car carriers and the platform tow trucks with a vehicle on board. And too, a yellow Bobcat being towed on a trailer. The perps cannot get enough of towed vehicles around me of late.

Anyhow, that is all the news, and now to post this. And a welcome to the newest "follower", surely a Google term that just happens to describe the gangstalked experience too.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cellar Work

Tuesday, like a Monday, the first day of getting back to work after a long weekend. (Yesterday was BC Family Day). The perps like these kind of disruptions, not the least being to screw me out of regular Monday yoga, as there was none due to the holiday.

And lo, if the urination urgency didn't subside today, though having no coffee in the morning helped, and perhaps another is a certain supplement might be now working. The urologist's office was useless; go see your GP they said. Thanks a bunch.

I was put on cellar work in the afternoon, using a special stirring device to put into the barrel bung hole and scrape the bottom of if to stir up the sediment. Called "battonage" in winemaking, as it confers buttery flavors if done for long enough, say, 1x/week for three or more months.

Then onto pressure washing, as the perps like to sabotage my efforts in this respect, going by past events reported in this blog. But now that this winery has other employees, unlike the last one, all these things going wrong, like hose leaks, might be curtailed somewhat. No blocked toilets at the new work site yet, but this might evolve slowly like past employers/worksites.

I was also dumping red wine sediment, packing it in buckets to dump on the burn pile. Which is where a gate is left open so the deer and elk can pass through. Naturally, this area is fraught with their droppings, but most curiously, there is cattle dung there too. And this is a vineyard, so I don't know how the latter got there at all, save some shit-disturbing outfit planting their very favorite prop in my proximity.

On the financial harassment front, I see that I got four charges on my charge card that were not mine; over $7k total no less. At first I submitted my complaint online, but as I didn't hear anything back for a half day, I phoned the charge card company. I then find out that my charge card was on "fraud watch" status, whatever that means. A good thing I phoned them up to find that out as they didn't tell me for crissakes. what were they expecting; me to pay the tab and then my card would revert to normal status? All the charges were on the same day and three of them were for the same amount and a fourth one some $20 different. All for the same "merchant", located in France for crissakes. Hmm; who coughed up my credit card details? Was it that site that sells flac file albums that shifted from China, to Russia and then the UK?

Ever kept as an audiophile wantabee, I swear that listening off a USB stick sounds better than files off a computer with rotational discs; this is using the same DAC/deck (OPPO player) in  each case. This "discovery" will no doubt launch many hours online for looking for the ideal audiophile server/storage device. Read, ridiculously expensive computer.

And who designed it such that no automotive player decks play flac (non lossy music) files? I load up a USB stick with 16Gb of music in flac format and the automotive player won't play them. Not too much of a surprise, but "somehow" I forgot about this a year after the player deck was installed.

A day of "browning around" games; I found some shit stuck in my ass discovered in the morning shower that totally grossed me out.

Then when I arrive home after work, I discover by way of underwear packed onto my ass another "brown stunt". This brought on a mid-week visit to the laundromat, to the unmanned one I frequented from 2013 to mid-2014. That meant a shower to clean up and then take my underwear (all the week's) to the laundromat to clean them all up. For some strange reason it went on cold cycle and I couldn't change it. When I was waiting for the last few minutes by the washing machine, a male  ball-capped stalker arrived, first by keeping his headlights on and beaming into the laundromat all the while waiting and then collecting and then exiting the premiises.

I also drove across town to go to the walkin clinic but got there after 1700, and were closed.

I went to the adjacent LD store and was gangstalked to the gills; a permanent gangstalker post beside the chocolate section for the three times that I attempted in 10 min. and gave up and exited not having bought anything. And there they were, loitering  near the exit to the mall.

Nothing much in the way of Valentine's for me via the perps. They like to have me disaffected for big cultural events, from football (Superbowl), to Stanley Cup finals, World Soccer Cup finals and cultural days such as this. Back in the intense gangstalk and pursuit brutality of 2002, they even had me sleeping in my vehicle over Christmas day for crissakes. Which was aided and abetted by the criminal First Feral Family scum and the antagonistic Ms. C. Such fine company I get stiffed with.

A visit to the doctor was finally concluded; he of the scared shitless camp, now doing smirk duty. Last time I saw him he was doing crotch display duty, yet another clue that sexual harassment might of been part of the perp's abuse regimen in the memory deleted years, aged 2 to 5 y.o, (1956 to 59).

Visiting the doctor is in aid of getting my testosterone tested, and if supplemented, maybe this urinary urgency abuse I am constantly cast into will finally end.

The medical office assistant was kind and helpful, and when I finished with the doctor, he told me to get a form from the desk. Well, she wasn't there, and so I waited. But as it "happened" two other women were waiting and were similarly looking to the medical office assistant. As in one twin sister and one elder sister. (Or else the medical office assistant was stunting me by waiting at the counter instead of serving from behind it.) Anyhow, this was all too weird that family shows up a the doctor's office to loiter in my presence, and so I went to the adjacent LD gangstalking store, got some items and returned to the doctor's office. The medical office assistant was back behind the counter and printed off the form I needed. I see three shiftless males loitering outside, one sucking butt (a cigarette). All were acting independently, but as soon as I exited they each got the call to then head to the doctor's office. Like WTF; let's make it obvious and have three Fuckwits suddenly and simultaneously abandon their ridiculous pacing about and file into the doctor's office.

I did my laundry afterward, always a big perp deal,and got stiffed with "forgetting" some items, ones that I launder once every week. How this "forget" happened is nothing I can account for.

Sunday, a shut-in day for some reason, even if the weather is inviting outside.

A big time waster is having me look ridiculously expensive hi-fi audio gear, as I don't have the scratch to afford any of it, even if better gear is substantially cheaper nowadays. Like $5,500 for a dedicated PC for audio listening, with separate AC cleaning, and power supply, no PCI boards and a SSD storage. Yes, this addressed current pissing match in getting music files to play through the OPPO's headphone jack is a pain in the ass, as it was supposed to be driven from the OPPO to find the NAS file copies instead, taking the load off the Windows PC. I have found that having a wholly separate and dedicated audio gear is better than having a PC provide the files. But that didn't happen, owing to the clunky OPPO interface and then the NAS support did not include flac files, my mainstay file format.

Anyhow, the above is likely dull material for most of my readership, and I generally keep the technical pissing matches off-blog.

Monday, February 09, 2015

Quad Action

I got to drive the "Quad" today; a four wheeled Honda ATV for the uninitiated. Backing up with a trailer behind was an effing nightmare, as I could never get it to go the direction I wanted. All my life I have avoided trailering anything, as it always go wrong when I back up. So here I am with a trailering situation at my new employer, which is bound to continue. And the Quad has a rather sensitive throttle, and it made backing up all the worse.

Yesterday, a vineyard business truck tailed me right to the gate where I must get out to enter the keycode to open it. And not the usual passing by vehicular stalking, but stopped behind me and having to visit the winery as well. Can we say extra-obvious vehicular gangstalking?

Payday, and all kinds of enhanced harassment and noise today. Pruning vines today, and of course "mistakes" erupt as if I hadn't done the job before when this is the third year in succession I have done this job.

Pissing probs again; in the morning more than anything, and lo, if the urologist didn't get back to me, and then took the Friday off. Which again, signifies perp timing again, for maximizing protracted inconvenience; like WTF, why wasn't I allowed to get onto this last week for crissakes?

And after depositing my paycheck, why, I am $700 in the hole. Rent and the dentist visit cost me plenty, and I reckon another month of financial austerity until I will be debt free again. The perps like me to buy things I don't need, and have them sit around for nothing.

My ni-cad drill batteries finally arrived back from the rebuilders in WA state.This meant that I could get on with the belongings I brought back from Victoria over the Christmas break, and hang them up, and get the Ikea curtain rail up too. It serves as kitchen hang rail and frees up a lot of storage room that can be used for the new items I brought back. Just to think, I got back Jan. 07, and then the next day both drill batteries wouldn't charge, and so I was hooped. Then I discover that Ni-cad battery packs can be rebuilt, and so I had to wait out the snail mail scene. I see they sent the batteries from Vancouver to
Seattle and then to San Francisco and then back to Seattle to be routed to their final destination in E Washington state. I suppose I could of driven down there and had them fixed then, but as the Border Patrol has it in for me, e.g. pulling their guns on me for absolutely no reason whatsoever in 2002, plus two other refusals for no apparent reason, I decided that mailing the drill batteries was more reliable.

Sunday, on a long weekend no less, the Family Day holiday was added to the calendar in BC about four years ago.

And today was muffed up, with a tan at the salon, then grocery shopping (again, as there was such a gangstalk crush on yesterday that I bailed early), and then back to my residence to manage cleaning up the bathroom. My modified method to cleaning the shower stall is to scrub it down while having a shower, skyclad of course. That morphed in to cleaning all of the bathroom, from the tiles, toilet, sink and then the mirror. In the latter case, this mysterious crud arrives just where I would look into the mirror when standing next to it. Therefore, the many facial and chest area hair pluckings get obscured by this scuzz on the mirror, and so I must tip my  head L or R to get around it. And of course, attempts at photographing it are problem-fraught, taking a picture with a flash and the light going every which way.

And at the tanning salon the headlight beams were on me when I exited (from a metallic deep maroon red colored vehicle), a prime gangstalking moment it would seem, as it is not the first time I have had this particular exit attention. The cute young blonde girl attendant at the salon almost ran into me when I was exiting the bathroom, another one of those behind-the-doorway eruptions/almost collisions that have plagued me in significantly greater frequency since all this came down 04-2002.

A gym workout tonight, and the first allowed in two weeks. It infuriates me no end they control this when I want to work out. Not only that, but they added 3lb onto my body weight in the interim. They first crimped down on physical exercise in 2003 when they wouldn't let me run outside. They would deplete me of having the energy to run, one block into it. So it became pointless to run. Before that, they screwed me out of swimming when it became evident that all of the swim club was totally in on the harassment. And of course they didn't refund my $120 annual membership fee, only two weeks into the season when I bailed on swimming. And now, they only let me swim 1 or 2x per year. I worked near a very swimmable lake in the summer, and never swam in it once in the past two years after vineyard work. Before the assholes went berserk/overt on me in 2002, I swam for 12 years with the Victoria Masters Swim club, 3x/week, 2500m practice each practice. So thanks a bunch assholes.

Monday, and it is a Family Day holiday in BC. And lo, if my daughter didn't make an additional request for $1800 due to this infernal CPP Disability plan payback hassle that blew up last year. (And drained me of all my savings). I already sent her $1800 back in May 2014 to clear it off, and now they (apparently) want the same again. Though it does make me suspicious that she may of not used the money I sent her in the first place, added on to the fact that she didn't tell me about this seeming additional sum until the 11th hour of the "final notice". Though to be fair, she is careful about money and doesn't jerk anyone around. Maybe, she is adding to the FUD component that the perps so love to foment; keeping me in the dark and then not explaining why an additional amount is due. I cannot understand why a simple question cannot be answered from her; as in, "is this an additional $1800 over top of what I sent you last year?" All by email of course, and then taking a few days between responses, so enter the protracted FUD games. Then the ex steps in and is sending me a letter via snail-mail. I will be a $1000 in the hole by the time of the next paycheck; getting nailed $200 for my dental cleaning was choice perp timing , as I wasn't under a benefits plan between employers.

A major tool edge sharpening this morning, getting out the Dremel with the diamond burr, and then hand honing from there. Most of the other tools were hand honed, and the perps just love the diamond and tool steel swarf (cuttings) to go down the drain in the sink. Then followed lunch, prepared on the same counter space that the diamond tool edge sharpening was done. And the two plastic tool boxes were sitting on the table before I ate my lunch there.

Enough of the banal banter of a life in constant duress, and getting this posted.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

New Job Start

A new employer in the vineyard/winery biz; one who knows what they are doing. Employer competence is allowed now, after 2.5 years with the last one. Though to be fair, I was inexperienced in the commercial business when I started with the last employer. But as the perps just love to drag me through ineptitude (not of my making), and various related idiotic behavior (organizational and individual), it is nice to have some of these excesses behind me. Though, it is Day 1, but I don't expect any such endemic problematic issues all the same.

I was assigned to drive their truck to pick up some packaging a 20 min. highway drive. Then the joys of putting a plastic tarp over the load, and not enough hooks and tie downs and the like. The tarp did inflate while driving on the highway, and was threatening worse, so I drove slower, one of the rare times I don't go 10% over the speed limit. A blue tarp covering the load in the box of the pickup attracted blue colored gangstalking vehicles of course, about 20% coverage on my return trip.

Pruning vines is my major task for the next two month; I am doing spur pruning mostly, different from the cane pruned vineyards of the last employer.

I met the two ladies who form the office staff; the perps are often cranked over personal introductions. Sometimes someone isn't visible due to hair in their face, or who looks sideways while introducing themselves. This was a normal round of introductions. Going way back, prior to 1999, and when married, the ex would often not introduce someone and I could never figure out why she was so rude about this. When I complained afterwards, all I got was this loopy goofy grin. Now I know; introductions are a prime perp Fuckover event and they want all variations, from non-introductions through cursory ones, to formal ones.

This new vineyard I am working at is on the Naramata Road, and that means a whole lot of vehicles driving by, with hardly a full minute going by with a vehicle, or vehicle train. Bad mufflers, performance mufflers and all the usual variations of extra vehicle noise. No HD motorcycle noise yet, but that will change in March.

Which means that should I listen to music on my Android phone/player this summer, all that noise will "somehow" find its way through the headphones and provide a concurrent noise background. Can we say noise mapping, yet again? That is, map Favored and Unfavored noises together and see what neural energetic reactions there are. I learned from the news recently that the activity of dopamine, a brain neurotransmitter, increases with pleasurable sounds of music. And this whole dopamine subject also explains why they wanted, and did, give me dopamine blocking drugs at one time, which made me terribly unmotivated, fogged and generally listless. I kept telling them I have ADD/ADHD, which means a shortage of dopamine, and why would a person short of dopamine be clobbered with dopamine antagonists medication? They just blew me off of course, because they are working for the Psychopathic Confederacy, and there is no denying them when they have a human nonconsensual test subject (me) in their sights.

Day two;
I did the employee sign in, and read the employee hand book, a credible piece of HR-smithing, though it has been a long time since I worked for a professional outfit.

Staff stalking it seems, having them putzing around me when I was making tracks for leaving for the day.

And more forced pisses at row ends; finishing a row and turning and working 180 degrees in the next row was always a big deal for the perps; e.g. staff arrivals, drivebys, neighborhood noise, forced fuckups (e.g. cut the wrong cane) to have me rage-ified, etc., just like the last vineyard

All day long muffler noise, and excessive amounts of road traffic. The perps are heavy on sending greyscale colored pickups by, and then back again within a few minutes, often with some kind of horrid sounding and extra loud muffler noise, and often accelerating for no reason as there isn't an elevation gain of significance and it is a two lane arterial, one way in each direction. Another vehicle they seem to be hounding me with is the shit-tankers again, the so-called septic services vehiles with tank, hoses, and presumably a pump on board. Plenty of septic fields in this area, so there is a decent excuse to see them. Though that never bothered the perps; when I lived in Victoria, BC, they would even send the shit-tankers downtown when everything is on sewer, no rural properties whatsoever. Then they even parked a tractor trailer septic services vehicle one weekend in a parking stall meter zone, and a few weeks later tore up the perfectly serviceable sidewalk beside where it was parked and re-packed it and poured 40' of new sidewalk.

A full vineyard day; intro of the Electrocoup; haven't cut any fingers yet, but do expect the perps will pull this sometime. But they did have me attempt to cut the trellis wire and use that as an excuse to put some nicks in the blade.

Saturday, laundry at the laundromat. Only one freak; the supposed installation man in his long grey beard and his ear-flapped touque wandering around talking to himself and buzzing around me. I think he covered enough Unfavoreds (male, beard, wacko touque, appearance of deranged) to keep the freak content up.

Then this pissing match over detergent for the washing machines; I got what I thought was scent-free detergent but it wasn't as it turned out, and the perp assholes made sure they pumped that smell up my nose umpteen times over the prior week as I picked up a clothing item that was laundered with it. So off to LD to get better detergent, the HE kind for the first time. I was talking to the blonde woman co-owner about the washing machines and she opened up my new bottle of detergent and lo, if some didn't fly off the spout and land on her pants and the floor. Funny how the perps have been so utterly deranged over getting laundry done, and they resort to this kind of stupidity.

I hadn't been into the RA big box store in six months, owing to getting irrigation supplies elsewhere, but today I needed four 2" long screws. The perps were all over me there, much worse than usual; stepping in my way, posted exactly where I wanted to look (3x), doing etc. One Fuckwit made out he was looking at lower shelf items and then started backing up into me when he had to of heard my chirping shoes twice while approaching and headed behind him. Like WTF; who in their right mind EVER backs up without looking in any public location that is busy? I see stupid stuff all the time, but this gets a all-time dumbshit award.

I got hit for a 3.25 hour nap attack this afternoon, following reading the newspaper (plus ample flyers), while having lunch. Following that, a 10 min. session on this here PC and they kept napping me while seated, so it was hopeless. When I woke up at 1630h, it was dusk onset at this time of year. (I learned from work this week that is when the sun drops behind the mountains here).

Snow melt water seems to be a big perp deal, given that it is melting a little more than before. They was a 10" dump two days before I arrived from Victoria on Jan. 07, and it has only slowly melted for the following three weeks. There are still heaps of plowed snow in parking lots, and about 2" remaining at the new vineyard/work site. And since the perps are totally obsessed over the properties of water, and all its provenance/sources (e.g. snow accumulations, rain, rivers, lakes, as delivered in pipes to buildings, and of course, my intake of water and sweating and/or pissing it out), they figured a long run of snow melt in the urban environment was just too exciting.

And I see my fave football team of the NFL did not win the Superbowl. I don't have a TV and wasn't watching the game, but the perps kept pumping me with the notion that Seattle won. When I finally looked it up online and found that they lost, why, a bad mufflered vehicle passed by. For the record, I continually reject such planted notions as the perps just love to jerk me around, and this is only but one example