Sunday, February 28, 2016

Motorcycle Noise Near My Door at 2000h

A song for Rachael O considering her present circumstances (not to be taken too literally!);

 "I Remember You" by Eilen Jewell; (skip the muddy sounding live version Youtube live video).
An escalated noise intrusion; bring the infernal and most-loathed noise of all, the HD motorcycle noise some 50' away in the back lane from my door. Why at this time of night (2000h), and why at least four re-visits and loiterings before driving off and coming back? Does someone know I absolutely fucking hate that noise or what?

Normally, they start the HD motorcycle noise as passing "tourist traffic" in April when there is a little more warmth in the air, but no, last week they started it up with at least 10 pass-bys where I work at a vineyard on a week day no less. There is simply no tourist traffic at this time of year and the winter-time restaurant closures don't re-open until April here in this summer-time town. So why the early inundation of this infernal noise?

A PC invasion of major consideration yesterday; the perps locked it all up; the mouse, the tabs, the keys everything. Even Windows Task Manager was inaccessible, so I had to do a single finger Windows shutdown. I haven't had one of those for a few years that I recall, but at this is a new (to me) re-furbished PC, they simply must go through their sabotage regimen on every new device in the household.

And why have the perps just locked up my email? I wanted to send an email to Rachael O and the "Compose" button "failed" but nothing else did. Give me a break. Send her your thoughts at (or .ca if in Canada). 

And why is it when listening to a whole album online the perps stop the playing about 2/3 into it? It has happened 3x in the last week and it cannot be a fluke. This is following prior blocking of playing altogether from the same site, so I could say this is progress of a kind.

Much swearing at the perps last night as they blocked the Black Keys from playing, but allowed Eilen Jewell's live album to play just fine from the same site. The only difference (apart from the music) is that Eilen Jewell is a long time favorite of mine and had only heard the Black Keys yesterday for the first time. I thought they sounded interesting and wanted a full album listen, but that wasn't allowed.

And ditto when they blocked access to this blog for writing more of my vexations about their sabotage last night.

More swearing at the assholes today as they put a least six 2 to 3 mm holes on the R knee area of my very favorite winter time pants, my Craft  thermal tights. I wear them all the time when on my own time as they have a 2mm pile of fleece on the inside, and being tights, they bend with me, so no air pockets etc., and are reasonably wind proof outside. They are absolutely the best winter time pants to wear, inside or outside, and can also serve as thermal underwear for work pants when working outside in the driving wind and cold. This is my second pair, and I purchased them only six months ago, and I am absolutely livid this insane sabotage attack erupted on them. And for the record, this did not "happen" in laundering them as I have worn the same pair for two weeks (evenings only), and nor did I attempt to climb any barbed wire or other snagging artifices. That they all erupted on my R knee and within a 6" radius spells perp sick-assed sabotage writ large. Ever notice the gangstalkers going around with spandex knee braces on if wearing shorts? What is with that too?

 My hand is underneath the fabric to display as many holes simultaneously.

 Yes, these are my pants, my very favorite Craft thermal tights.
 Another pic, this time wearing them and four of the holes are evident, though there are at least two more. And is someone going to tell me a spandex attacking moth came in the night?

A road trip to Kelowna to see the "good' doctor, a three month interval since the last time. It seems that I am in the "tweak zone" now; up the injectable testosterone and DHEA a little, based on the latest test results. She slipped in a cholesterol test panel into the tests of three weeks ago; cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides etc., and said my numbers were "beautiful" and she had never seen a patient before with all those related parameters at levels she considers perfectly healthy. I suppose I can accept the praise, though I had little to do with it.

And  I was gangstalked up the asshole when I got there too. Not only were my regular parking location meters now an hour instead of two and I had to park a block further N, but this young male gangstalker was on my ass as soon as I finished plugging the meter, and the mofo stalked me for a whole block, then a half block down an alley, and then right into the doctor's office. I haven't seen anything so blatant for a few years. Worse yet, they kept me hanging at the desk with this dick on my tail as the receptionist "happened" not to be there for a few minutes. Then another hoodie wearing woman came in with sunglasses (at 0900h) just to add to the clusterfuck inside the doctor's office. And what was a young male (under 24) doing at an anti-ageing and skin treatment clinic for crissakes?

Strangely,  the doctor was wearing her coat for the first half of the consult session, and after I was putting on my shirt after she inspected the spots on my back, tingling of late, and when I turned around, she was wearing a normal indoor top/sweater set and her coat was off. What can I say? The perps just LOVE clothing on/off games, and having this victim remove his shirt, and she near simultaneously remove her coat is just too funny for the perps and their clothing color games. I suppose that is why strippers and lap dancers are everywhere these days.

I took my much sabotaged sole-delaminating boots from the Pentiction shoemaker who has had them for the past 5 months and hasn't done squat, and took them to the shoemaker in Kelowna. As it "happened" the assistant shoemaker in Penticton who promised to fix them and did squat has now relocated to Kelowna at the very shop I went to. And he was there, and recalled the boots and the owner assured me that they could be fixed. (Stitched through the sole). Oddly, to me, the owner promised to fix them for free, and better than that, he phoned me before the doctor's appointment was done and I got them back within the hour. These are the safety toed boots that just kept delaminating all last year, and had been in the shop at least 4x. That in alternation with the other pair of work boots that wore out, got fixed, and then the sole wore out in two months. I took these to Kelowna to get fixed over Christmas as I was pissed the Pentiction shoemaker ripped me off. Too much of a coincidence over these boots, shoemakers who re-locate to the competition 80 miles away and who get to work on them again in a different shop.

And on this re-furbished PC, in place of my regular one, now two months away for repairs that should of taken two weeks, I see my Yahoo email is now sabotaged in Firefox. It was displaying and behaving just fine, and lo, if the all too familiar stripped graphics and all text jammed to the left side stunt didn't erupt, just like on the regular PC. I "solved" this by using IE, but based on past experience it too will fail, and Chrome will finally "resolve" the problem like with the regular PC whenever it comes back.

On the other electronic item repair obstruction front, the amplifier is also over two months away for getting fixed. After they told me it shipped I waited two weeks and then emailed them for a tracking number to find out where it was. After not responding for another three days I now find out they  didn't ship it at all, and only sent it yesterday. Like WTF; both were sent for repair/upgrade Dec. 18, 2015 and both parties have (seemingly) independently dithered and pissed around to obstruct return of my electronic items. I have half a mind to get another amplifier so I am never held to ransom like this again, but if needed, the perps can take both out at once if they like.  

Not much web time tonight as I must sharpen the pruner blades for what I hope is a final day of vine pruning at this vineyard. The blades were deadly sharp and lo, within a few hours of use, why, the edges had been dulled by some means, both the electric pruners and the hardly used secateurs. Good one; I just love doing extra sharpening work. Almost as much as I like the HD noise.

02-26-2016, Friday
Finished the pruning at the vineyard, or at least, the cutting part and the pulling and clean-up to come later. And for that I get a week lay off while the new guy who doesn't know a whole lot gets to work all week. The excuse is that the owners are away etc. Bullshit.

And the alternate employer, with whom I shall work next week is to raise my pay from $11 to $12 starting Monday. Hardly a coinicidence though my pay rate is something I don't think much about; sufficient or not is the broad categorization, and the living wage in this town is $18. One needs a car for farm work, so what gives?

I was sharpening pruner blades again, as they have the annoying "habit" of the edges prematurely dulling. As part of the exercise I use paper towels, another perp fascination. And when putting the tools away, why, a water leak springs "from" the nearby 4L water jugs I use for my drinking water. It somehow dripped down the shelf onto a box for storing wine, and onto the floor. More paper towels got used to clean this mess up.

Then the syringe fuckery continues (for my injectable testosterone, as prescribed by a Responsible MD I hasten to add)Not only did they appear to steal about 4 to 6 of them about three weeks ago, they screwed me out of getting a new set to go with the Rx I picked up today. Thanks a bunch assholes. Then the opening hours on Saturdays preclude me from getting them then. On and on it fucking goes, one inconvenience on top of another and then more when attempting to remedy the sabotage. All in the name of either delaying my testosterone intake or else having me fish out used ones (by me only) and treat them with alcohol to sterilize them. Makes me sound like a drug addict. But perhaps that it is what it is all about; have me at least partially emulate what they might do to remotely monitor the energetic  effects of substances in syringes that were re-used after sterilization treatment with alcohol. And follow said victim for all time, monitoring his every last cell in his body that had anything to do with the injected testosterone. Can we predict another 10 years of this insane abuse all for the assholes whose modus operandi is to never openly declare their human nonconsensual experimentation agenda? And might that extend to the whole human race, with thousands of TI's as extra "special" abuse subjects?

I see Rachael O is out of being "sectioned" in MA legal parlance. No extended stay like they did to me. (Not like it saved me rent, as I still had my apartment in Seattle). I did send her an email and a blog comment a week ago or so, but I never heard back. I can understand why she, or anyone for that matter, doesn't need my help. (Because I am the TI  Pariah, not because I am unhelpful!).

A warm sunny day in the vineyards near Oliver BC. I thought I was due to be pruning all day, but only a half an hour later we were called off to do netting removal at another site, about two miles away. And so, instead of cutting vines I was cutting off plastic trellis clips for most of the day as they need to be removed ahead of the tractor and the net winder pulling the nets in. I also got to work on the latter for two hours or so, pulling the net off the vines and the posts ahead of the tractor crew.

As usual, the Punjabi co-worker males jabbered away while I was doing this, they running the tractor and the net winder on the back forks. (The tractor backs down the  aisle so the rear mounted net winder leads). And have I not mentioned in long ago postings how the perps just love to drive vehicles, this time farm equipment, over top of the very ground I have just walked on. Failing that, they will even plow it up, going back to the potato digging days of 2010-11.

I got the usual "average" aircraft coverage, perhaps 8 on the day, down from the past working Saturdays of double that. One was a EC-135 helicopter flying low, some 200' above terrain and with readable call numbers on the underside. I haven't seen this one before with a silver painted fuselage underside and black above. The perps just love that model of helicopter for some reason, with its characteristic rotor-in-tail feature. Also that it has a much lower noise profile, a softer, puttering noise from afar; go figure. The all time EC-135 coverage was in that same area in 04-2012, when two all black (identical livery) EC-135's  flew in formation from S to N, and didn't return. How do you get two identical unmarked black helicopters together? I see that these puppies go for $3.2 to 4.0 million USD apiece, so who has the coin to fly these around in such frequency?

At the SOF supermarket last night, and I filled a 4L water jug owing to the above sudden rupture. The display and fountain is at an aisle end, and so what "happens"? Why a gangstalker shopper male does a 360 degree rotation at the N aisle junction 5' from me and then takes off, and lo, if he doesn't return and do another 360 degree aisle spin at the S aisle junction. Can we say this might be one mightly confused shopper with identical confusion behavior at both aisle ends (an aisle intersection that is), or was it just a sick-assed gangstalker-operative putting on the gangstalk acting on orders per SOP? You tell me.
Sunday, and a rare day off of late as the winery owner hasn't got water at his site. It takes two weeks to get his in-ground tank filled (from a tanker) it seems. The well is dry (or else the pump isn't working) and he is hoping for creek water soon. With three sources of water, lake, well and creek, it seems like a made-for-perps scenario, given their interest in all things water and its provenance, including rain and snow. Now add in tanker delivered water to his situation and we have four sources no less. 

I have been wearing boots (pair #3) at work (e.g., yesterday) for two months and they are wonderful, even at 5lb/pair, and are technically mountaineering boots. And so what "happens"? Why both my heels are blistered from yesterday's work which was not arduous in any way, the latter three hours was spent on level and soft soil, and walking the entire time. 

Time to post this as  I don't expect any further major reportable eruptions today. A shut-in Sunday so far,  at1430h.