Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cleaning Windows

Cleaning glass windows and mirrors that is. The accumulated grime on my balcony windows got dealt with today, and what a noise show it became. Regular readers will know that I have a part time cleaning job at a nearby car dealership that that I often clean the windows as part of the job, and get plenty of extra staff action using the door all of a sudden and much extra road traffic at the same time. The location is bounded on three sides by roads, the E. side being the closest, only some 10' from the roadway. The noise and people stalking while cleaning windows has been ongoing for some six months now, and it was no surprise today when cleaning windowas and mirrors at this apartment that I got plenty of vehicular noise and gangstalking. Mostly, I wasn't looking, as my back was turned to deal with the accumulated grime on the windows and the exasperating tendency of the cleaner to dry before I could get the soft rubber blade on it to pull the water off. I bought this item at Ikea in 09-2008 and hadn't used it until today. But as these soft butyl rubbers of intense interest to the perps, it was no surprise that the amount of attention was very high while using one here. And too, I have some of the microfiber cleaning cloths that I use at work here at this apartment, courtesy of the boss man who encouraged me to take and launder them. It would seem that the colors of these cloths are of intense significance to the perps as they started with an obnoxious mid-green and then lapsed into the light blue, a "starter color" for them. Almost needless to say, I was fucked into cleaning the windows both vertically and horizontally, re-cleaning the mucky surface two or three times, and re-applying the wiper blade (butyl rubber) to remove yet more of the grime. If I had access to a hose it would of been much simpler, but that was not the case. As the finale of cleaning them when outside, I got the horrific (to me) two cycle engine motorcycle noise, aka Harley Davidson-like. Then onto the mirrors inside which have been getting increasing amounts of drippings and splatter from some mysterious source. These are arranged in the bathroom to be exactly at the level of my face, and are often planted at the very location I am shaving at when I happen to look in the mirror. These strategic mirror scuz placements also occured at the gym classroom when I was working out last year and the year before. Nothing new there.

I was also getting perturbing shimmering metallic blobs coming off the carpet last night at the cleaning job, exactly where I was looking while vacuuming. I reckon this is another mirror splatter condition emulation of perturbing one's focus at the exact location one's eyes are directed. As soon as the shimmering starts I lose my focus, or at least, that is the way it is managed/scripted to be.

Which begs the question, what is it that the perps find so important about glass and mirror surfaces, especially while cleaning them? I don't know the entire answer to that, but I reckon some vibrations from the squeege blade might be part of it, as the perps like to have vibrations in my proximity. They often arrange a glass cleaner to be around when I enter a business. Another stunt was to have some kid slam the glass at the same juncture, putting on that it was a part of a game the kid was having with someoneone on the indside. It does seem the perps want me to see many of the regular gangstalkers and colors of objects in the reflection of windows or mirrors. The "teabag dude" seeming gangstalker at the job site came into the men's washroom I was cleaning up and arranged for himself to be in the mirror to tell me that he was heading out. Another WTF event: why tell me as I have no interest when he comes and goes, and why tell me as it has no bearing on the job. So I suppose this likely operative gangstalker needed to be seen in a reflection of a mirror instead of live for some compelling reason. Go figure.

Other action this morning was to have me go to the local coffee shop one block away and meet the boss man to get my paycheck as he claimed to have forgot it last night. He phoned exactly when I was reading about a certain Gigabyte brand computer motherboard, (more motorcycle noise through the earmuffs as I write this one up, a "motorcycle moment"), that I have been interested in acquiring, save the funding aspect to it, as always. I did another ten minutes of web surfing before heading out to sit myself down in these fugly red upholstered booths with the red formica table surface. I didn't have long to wait, and the boss man wanted to get going too. A five minute meeting at best, and I wasn't too surprised at the amount of red action that erupted when I walked back from the cafe to my place. A red BMW moved from the curb into traffic when it had been parked with two other similar red vehicles, and of course at least two red dressed vagrants, one outside the bottle return sleeping on his walker for crissakes. A final red dressed Fuckwit with his tongue hanging out crossed my path in advance of me turning to head into my apartment building and it was all over. I also had some red plasma beams flashing and positioned in front of me while heading back, seemingly to "fill in" where I am looking as there was no red objects at that moment. It seems the perps need to add more red color into my visual field at certain junctures, often after looking at arranged red colored vehicles. They seem to be looking for red color continuity for a few more tens of seconds after seeing the set up. Also too, as a re-establishment of red sensitivity after making a turn at the street corner.

I did the gangstalk gauntlet in the other direction after lunch; to the downtown ATM to deposit above mentioned check. There was a "starter blonde" in a black top and white shorts doing a "stand around" within the first 80' of my trip to the ATM. And lo, if there wasn't a profusion of red shirts and tops afterward. The prior person at the ATM I used was also on plastic bag duty, placing it on the floor where I was to be standing once she vacated. On with the show, and I couldn't say there was anything definite about the gangstalking or noisestalking while engaging in a financial transaction. TI's and regular readers will know that the perps routinely stalk financial transactions of all kinds and methods; online, cash, debit card, grocery store, ATM and the rest of it. And as it "so happened", I went to the optician afterward to purchase a refill of lens cleaning solution, and paid cash. I am sure there was much interest in that too; a debit after a credit at a different location and with a different medium, cash as opposed to check. Exciting moments for sick minds. And lo, if she wasn't wearing a variegated red outfit with a black sweater. Anyway, all too odd.

And when it came time to put the lens cleaning solution back in its usual position, why, a red plasma flash came on from the very location I was to place it. Funny how this happens.

Physics: Interferometer Gets More Quiet Mirrors. Here we go, a made-for-me science news article about inferometry and that they use mirrors to detect light wave interference and there are localized changes of "thermal noise" that can change the index of refraction. News to me, but then again, what isn't while kept in a Potemkin Bubble.

I was expecting that this weekend I was going to take this PC in and get its power supply replaced with a ginormous 900W model that I am told I need to upgrade this PC with a video card. The current power supply is 400W, a fanless one, and so this replacement represents a substantial increase, (read, greater electromagnetic interference) as well as introducing a fan into the scene. But I haven't heard from the supplier as to the part arriving so perhaps it will be installed next weekend instead. The planned PC re-build will take longer owing to a shortage of money, but that's part of the TI show. I suspect they will have me doing daffodil bulb picking this summer again to raise the scratch and then expend it, much like what they pulled on me last year. I made some investments in work clothes for a "sure thing" of availible jobs and lo, if none materialized until 12-2008, the current part time car dealership cleaning position. And seeing how strategic this job is in the way of exposure to car parts of all kinds, as well as unusual juxtapositions of vehicles (on hoists from 1' to 6' off the ground), and to washrooms and cleaning supplies, I reckon this job was scripted from a long time ago. Nothing much of the harassment-scape is going to change too quickly it would seem.

I did the part time cleaning job tonight; the boss man was putting on the grump act again. Maybe he was trying to infer that it was me that was responsible for a $163 repair bill on the vacuum cleaner today. Not a chance, and not even close. I used it regularly like I am supposed to do and do not abuse it in any way. But as operating vacuum cleaners is part of the intensified perp interest with extra vehicular and ambulatory gangstalkers when I use it (outside and inside the building), it serves the perps to develop changes in the disposition of such devices including sending them out for repair. In a week or so (read, settle in time with repaired vacuum cleaner), I get to have one to use for my end of the building, Parts and Service. When I finish up and come over to Sales to help the boss man, I use the one that we currently share (and was repaired today).

Anyhow, I got tagged with some 30 stains on the carpet that I have no idea how they got there. They "erupted" after I had used the vacuum cleaner and meant that I had to expend an additional ten minutes spot cleaning these strange 1"x2" black marks with very definite edges. At least one of them "showed up" last night and I have no idea what they are and nor did the boss man. More floor marking it would seem, something that has been very evident since I began there in 12-2008, but this was the most flagrant jerkaround to date.

And I see the perps are still putting on plenty of noisy motorcycles on while at work. For me to hear, and then for me to see the 1950's era motorcycles. The sickos are putting on more motorcycles as props as well; at least two on my two block walk to the car dealership job tonight.

And I see that the display at the supermarket on the way home has been paired down to remove the usual Golda's line of pesto sauces and that includes the olive tapenade. The other line, Gourmet, which also has tapenade is also gone. Ergo, one of my staples for the last six years of this imposed diet has been removed and now it is back to guacamole (avocado) as the base I use in my tortillas. There has been an increase in lime green and avocado gangstalker clothing colors of late (last month), and I reckon the perps want a run of trying this food item and its distinctive color out. Onto guacamole; I have no recalled developmental years history with this food/and color, but it interesting that one of the talented anti-gravity researchers, Thomas Townsend Brown was often referencing this color in his undertakings, the one's that weren't deep black. If you can afford the scratch to read this e-book, or later hardcopy book, Defying Gravity, it is well worth it. I read most of it while it was in progress in a web forum with some dedicated individuals supplying many interesting comments and even guidance as to how the story should unfold in written form. One of my long ago postings covered some similarities between his interests and peculiarities, not all of a gravitational research nature, that seemed to be supportive of perp methods and objectives I have witnessed (and still do).

The seventh siren cascade this evening, heard through my earmuffs as I was finishing up reading about the meltdown and resultant outrage over the above mentioned TT Brown forum that I was intrigued with for at least four years. The last I heard it was shut down totally, but since then (this calendar year), I see that some explanations have been added in so now I know what happened, but I still don't comprehend why. This is the forum on T. T. Brown that took me away for the reading and finding out what happened. Read the Epic Fail postings by Linda Brown, I through IV, to attempt to understand the sudden meltdown the author seemed to have suffered. I don't get it. And if you don't understand what I am going on about in this paragraph don't worry; one "had to be there" as a forum follower and with an interest in the outcome of a book on T.T. Brown that just may never materialize.

Back to the siren cascades tonight; the first one started when I has just left the supermarket an took a different side of the street after my followers were all headed my usual path. And at that time, with the part time job boss man "happening" to stop in at the supermarket again, now batting over .900, in the next door checkout again, was starting up his two cycle noisy motor scooter outside. These timings "happen" each time; he is in the store at the same time as me, he is at a checkout at about the same time, and he gets on his motor scooter and revs it when I am outside, just leaving the supermarket. Sometimes his motor scooter noise gets other louder noise added on, and tonight it was the siren's turn. And since getting in there have been five more siren noise events, presumably to track whatever they look for while returning to this apartment, eating chocolate and drinking tea, and then putzing away online, and now while blogging.

And it was skinhead males at the supermarket tonight; they had at least three of them ringed around me while I was back at the cheese section and one block of it self-propelled itself to the bottom of the cooler case. More plastics interaction testing it would seem. The perps cannot get enought of that, following me with the Plastic Bag People (Stalkers) all over this town. Bad reddish-brunette hair dye jobs are also highly featured in the freakshow/gangstalker parade this past week. Also, tattoos; a woman yesterday in the elevator had tattoos all over her arms which was gross, or at least to me. Then tonight, a woman with a 12" wide tattoo on her chest showing above her top, with yellow in it as well. Fucking gross again. The putative traumatization association over tattoos is that head shaven victims (skinheads) had tattoos on their bald heads, presumably to serve as reference points for continued clinical (sort of, more like criminal) research. This is what Lynn Moss Sharman indicates as she was a witness to the nefarious deeds of Dr. Ewen Cameron and others. She has tied these two freakshow/Unfavored demographic group features together and didn't have her recall deleted as it seems that I did. I have also read they did the tattooed bald head work to the LSD guru, Dr. Timothy Leary when he was doing his jail time in the 1980's.

More strangeness over the above mentioned PC power supply; I got a late mail to tell me that the part came in and he "forgot" to tell me as promised, and was apologetic. Like, is there any job, item order or any moderately complex interaction that isn't getting fucked with? A few days ago I listed the travails of a recent shirt order that was delayed with a string of lies to attempt to cover up for it.

The overhead pounding and rumbling has started up and seems to be mapped to my reactive notions while re-reading the above text. This just might be the last brain region/capability that they cannot yet fuck with.

Time to call this one done for the day.

It is not over until its over; a Fuckwit knocking on my door looking for Malcom. Go fuck yourselves.

Friday, May 29, 2009

One Riled Day

Some calm after intensive provocations while making and eating breakfast, and then again at lunch. The afternoon tea-time also was rage-ified. There have been some new noises, a cyclic machine whine that "joined me" at each mealtime. I have never heard this noise before and cannot find a source of it. These details like conventional causal don't seem to matter to the perps so much anymore. Another stunt that was without conventional cause occured when I was making lunch, the open tortilla in the frypan. As I was grating the cheese the tortilla moved in the pan by itself, a 1/4" or so one direction, and within a half minute back again, and then repeating. The perps are totally nuts over anything that is cut with a knife or grater and this seems to represent the latest advancement in their research. Not my problem, so I have I been involuntarily inducted into this insane abuse?

It has been a stay-in day so far, and that will make for a significant gangstalking when they let me out to head to the part time cleaning job at the car dealerhip. And I see they have pulled the ad from the job board which usually it is filled. Or, it could be a faux job ad, as I see nearly every local business around here has had job ads in the past six months or so, and this would be yet another example. I haven't figured out why the perps would manipulate this, but they are roundly interested in all aspects of job finding, looking, employment conditions etc.

Not much blogging today, even if I did walk the gangstalker gauntlet, this time over their plywood walkway one street over. And too, the light yellow tree flower parts were in great quantity on one block, and I suspect that eating artichoke pesto of the same light yellow color before heading out just might have been one of those exciting perp moments. No sirens or major giveaways (noisestalking) at the time though. And it looks as if the full time lot boy job at the car dealership isn't to be had; it was removed from the job board and no one said a thing about it. Even the Sales Manager knows me by name now, and he didn't say anything. I suspect the assholes want to continue this rather low work time of 1.5 hours a day for the rest of the year as it affords more fuckover variety for them. And we cannot have TI's earning a decent income now could we?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Noise Front

A yoga class day, and the perps were full measure for creating accompanying outside noise. The vehicle noise was amped up and made more improbable with high speed road traffic in a residential area. An ten minute run of clunkings from below also debuted in the latter part of the one hour class. There were the usual horrid motorcycle noise excesses, (and just now hile typing this up), and even the odd well timed throat clearing from a class member, possibly with a simultaneous mild zapping, though I couldn't be sure, but there was some kind of visceral "reaction" at the same moment. Two late comers arrrived together with mats that were identical in blue color to the new shirt I am wearing. And about ten minutes into the class, the one other regular dude arrived, an OK guy, and then he worked out in his new flat black grunge pants next to me and then claimed he needed to go after 15 minutes. Then he spent another five minutes putzing about before finally departing. Like why did he even bother coming? Was it for some kind of temporary inter-male energetics study, with the early departure (residual energies) also a component in the study? It fits the pattern.

Last week's replacement instructor was there again this week. She has a dyed hair job, which is normally something I notice and don't particularly care for. But the perps are totally beserk with inculcation of Unfavored demographic group members, and it seems they wanted me so see this visage for the hour class duration. Before overt harassment began in 04-2002 I never noticed that I had any issue with reddish dyed hair, but the perps made sure I noticed, and have now re-scripted my "reaction" to yuk.

The class had plenty of hip opening exercises which might be code for crotch exposures in perp-talk. And that might follow from a nut shave last night, as there have been many such strange events following this now mandated exercise, typically last thing on Wednesday evening. Another reason for perp silliness is me wearing a new shirt for the first time, withough benefit of laundering yet. The perps go beserk over laundering, so perhaps the process creates some additional difficulties for them they would like to avoid, especially for a yoga day. I am to visit another TI who I thought I was done with later this afternoon to look at her IR scope. I cannot be sure, but it seems that the post yoga action, including gangstalking, is escalating. Last Thursday afternoon was the dental hygeine cleaning appointment, aka, mouth open for an hour or so.

And more yellow color testing it would seem; the yellow and white Victoria Fire Department fire truck was out again on a "drive by" when I was on my way to yoga, and it was supported by at least two following yellow colored passenger vehicles. I also had a boom truck working overhead at one streetside location on the same walk, again, yellow and white colors.

An insane high volume level of motorcycle noise just erupted as I finished reading a blog posting taking umbrage over the Governor General being parodied over a seal meat eating episode when she was visiting the northern Inuit. No one drives that fast around here to make that level of noise that would be at street level, not six stories up. The perps seem to find that the completion of an activity is terribly fascinating and now so important it gets this intense noisestalking barrage.

I visited the local TI, and see that she is now armed with gaussmeters, and IR binoculars. I have not seen the latter before and it was interesting to see some white spots on some locations that seem to be locations of heat. One instrument was reading over 500 Gauss; a microwave meter was going off constantly, something like a geiger counter. Another field strength meter was also picking up something but I wasn't sure what it was as she did not know. The vexation I had was that she didn't know what many of the instruments were measured in; Gauss was one, but the field strength meter she didn't know, and nor did she know the alarm threshold of the microwave detection device. As always, we never have much of a conversation with genuine empathy, it is more like two individuals talking at each other. Surely a perp prescribed limitation, not allowing conversational engagement as it is not the first time, and has been relatively consistent among all those I meet.

Anyhow; someone is pointing a magnetic beam at us, and while there it was over 500 gauss, or 1,000 times greater than normal. I haven't had the opportunity to measure the electromagnetic field I am kept in since late 2002, so I can only assume this was a correct reading. Given the plethora of masers and plasma beams I see every waking moment, as well as the vibratory look to everything, I had expected a much higher magnetic field reading. But regular readers will know that I am adamant that electromagnetic and light energy targeting/inundation doesn't tell the entire story, and there is likely other energies that are not formally recognized, e.g. scalars. I don't think I am getting ionizing radiation, the alpha, beta and gamma rays that can kill someone, though my gums are highly recessed, just as if it was this. She also claims to have high gum recession, but we didn't get into comparing our mouths thankfully.

During the late 2002 magnetic field measurements I noticed that the perps could force the meter reading to go down after some 20 seconds of the initial high reading, per above. It is entirely possible that the reading I saw today, over 500 gauss could be incorrect, that is, too low. Anyhow, there is a certain vindication buzz about it all, because I can now point to two independent readings some six years apart which indicates a targetted and densified magnetic field around me, and likely this entire apartment.

Another screaming rage show this morning over the peanut butter and jam application to the second-from-the-end slice this morning. It would seem that the perps want to measure the brown end's residual energies deeper into the loaf if I were to speculate on whatever they get from this insane ritual every morning.

More font changing games I see when moving from one tab web page to another, the font having changed in the interim.

I got another weird "come at me" stunt tonight; there were four Fuckwits standing outside the LD store tonight, none of them with a decent cover story. One was some dude in an olive green shirt, possibly of the same fabric of the one I have been wearing all day today, including yoga. I pass through this Fuckwit throng, and a few more that arrived from the opposite direction, including one tail from a block away who also "happened" to arrive there too. They put on a lead-ahead group of three to slow me down some, and they did finally let me get to the mouthwash, this time without a sentry standing over that very location. I get a open cashier, a rarity at the LD store and head out to exit the shopping center via the pedestrian route, and lo, if the green shirt dude isn't facing the street now looking S. his back toward me. Not a big deal, just another Fuckwit who moved his sentry duty position while I was in the store, making his rationale for standing around all the more tenuous. But somehow he knew I was descending the stairs behind him, and he turns around and starts toward me, then stops and puts out his hand for money, claiming he needs $1.35. I blow him off by keeping walking and the perps had me mutter under my breath, "fucking idiot" or something like it, which he didn't hear. It is bullshit like this that cannot be explained within the norms of public behavior that makes one feel especially targeted.

Enough of the games tonight, and onto another day, perhaps it will be a prosaic one, too dull to contemplate.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Bread Loaf, New Brown Color Testing

I eat one slice of gluten free bread a day, and that at breakfast loaded up with peanut butter and jam. It is a 95% chance the perp will infuriate me while applying these to my bread, but that is a given. But as it was the end of a new loaf, with brown colored crust on it, why, it was an opportunity to incite yet more rage-ification as it offers some additional brown color testing. Most TI's and regular readers will know that the perps are totally beserk about this color, and test it in all kinds of manifestations, not the least of which is my toilet. Anyhow, this form of harassment (rage-ification) at this juncture (new bread loaf) is not new, and is expected should they remind me of the circumstances. It appears my own recall has been subverted as I would recall this in advance, even with the loaf in the fridge before use. And I suspect as I use a slice each day, the white-grey part (rice flour, sunflower seeds and flax seeds) has an incremental diminishment of these "brown energies", and the sickos wish to be able to detect these remotely, they being too fucked up to seek cooperation. Which is why the bread now has variable slice thicknesses as well as non-parallel slicing. This creates more vairiation, and for them and their pursuit of all things brown, that is good. Just leave my fucking bread alone assholes, and stop the infernal "bread stalking", hounding me in public with bread packing gangstalkers or even placing loaves at strategic locations, e.g. street corners.

Another perp/sicko construct has been breached; the representation of external noise from outside and in my earmuffs was that the earmuffs would reduce the outside noise. But as of today, there are earmuff only noises that have no apparent causal from outside. For the record, they are hammering me with backup beeper like noise, high pitched regular beeps, but there is no source when I take them off. And it might be that instead of the regular pulsing backup beeper noise it is now assigned wavering tones through my earmuffs, and these are more perturbing in that one pays attention to them, unlike noise that is familiar.

Other interesting (har, har) activities for the sickos have been doing laundry, bed sheets with a few clothes, and the use of a yellowish artichoke pesto instead of my olive tapenade, a deep green color. The latter has been "unavailible" for the last two shoppings when it has been consistently availible for the past year. I don't suppose this inaugural use of artichoke pesto has anything to do with having a hair cut later this afternoon, but one never knows. As it is a new location it might have that color of walls or who knows what.

And lo, if there wasn't yellow colored walls and a desk at the hair stylists'. Can't win them all, not even any. I had my gangstalk crowd, some 15 or so, all around the first pedestrian intersection when outbound, and also a faux vagrant lying on the sidewalk, doing the concrete bonding thing they like to put on about every two months. A few other shiftless Fuckwits were on sentry duty at the recycling bottle depot, and it was just like always.

And lo, while having my hair cut, the Victoria Fire Department in their yellow and white trucks didn't make three drive-bys.

More yellow at the part time car dealership cleaning job; a yellow car has been in the Service garage for two days with another of the same model and color outside the same time. And a Volvo was also in, 6' up on the hoist and all wheels off to expose the brake rotors, with the new ones on the bench in brown cardboard boxes. The significance of this is that this is a XXX dealership, and not a Volvo dealership. (I also owned a Volvo or two for some 30 years). And too, still two Hondas in the shop, just "hanging around" with no evident repairs in progress, and a Honda pickup is parked immediately outside the shop.

One of the new Sales staff looks very much like one of my elementary school pals, one who sat behind me for a year. But at least he is friendly, and not like the some of the other tense and sniffy dudes who glower and parade around. I don't know if any of them are real salesmen or not, the whole scene is quite strange with them following so closely behind me at times, doing their turns or back and forths in front of me and the like. A big part of it is that they also like to be seen through glass, often the door I am cleaning, and even better if the glass transparency is temporarily worsened by spraying cleaning solution on it. I haven't figured that one out yet, as to why they pose through glass, or multiple panes of glass, in mirrors and other reflections. Very odd, and not just at the car dealership gangstalk show.

The sickos let me in on one of their games; having me look into acquiring (or the ruse thereof) an Antec Veris multimedia center for a drive bay insert in the PC. As it so "happens", there are Thermaltake, Lian-Li, Soundgraph and Silverstone versions; which suggests that there is something in common they are looking for with respect to this item, or family of items in all their versions and re-badges. Another one of those maybe notions, though they had me spend over an hour looking these over for the last two nights. Naturally I don't have the scratch to acquire one, especially with the job prospects becoming an issue with no responses for even a berry picking job. Perhaps the job prospects jerkaround is on the front burner, as it has figured prominently since 09-2008 when the daffodil bulb job ended.

I finally recieved the shirts I ordered April 30; this took quite a few extra steps with the firm not able to send me emails until I sent one to them, the printer not working to print a copy of the order, two phone calls indicating the items were sent May 04, then they didn't arrive and I phoned (May 16) and there was a "problem" with the billing that no one told me about (but was billed April 30 as I found out later), then the claim in the email that the first "chick" got fired for telling me it was sent and it was not, and then finally having it sent May 17 and arriving today, May 27. All that for one package.

Though I did note at the cleaning job tonight that a very similar packaging to that of the above shirts order was marked to be thrown out, and intended for me to handle and physically toss them in the dumpster. This fits the pattern of having me handle similar items in differrent circumstances, time of day or location.

Enough boring details, onto another day.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An Imminent Chicken Run

A Chicken Run is imminent and I am getting tensed about it already. This is the acquisition of a hot cooked chicken from the local supermarket and the gangstalking and other feints that go with it. As it is my protein source for 2/3 of my meals, and it lasts some three weeks until consumed, it takes on a sizeable perp interest. So much so, that they constrain the availible choices of whole, partial or half chickens. For a while they were beserk over making sure I had only a half chicken, but of late it has been whole chickens with the price jacked up for some reason.

As part of the ritual, I bring it home, remove the skin and then eat some off the bone for my first meal. As there is no dinner plate or other ceramic contact they tend to put on extra gangstalkers just for this alone. (Cutting board is a soft plastic). It will follow that I head out about 1715h and whatever digestion that has occured will be of intense interest. Don't ask me what exactly is so important, but one can be sure they won't tell me and would rather do this remotely and anonymously.

A few days ago I remarked on the seeming moderated harassment of the past week, one in which there was a Canadian National holiday (Victoria Day) and a week later, the US Memorial Day holiday. I predicted they will be up to full harassment by today, and they certainly started out that way by creating extra street noise and then extra noise seemingly "made" my the razor blade while shaving. This is one way the assholes rile me up as nearly always there is no conventional causal event. There isn't a freeway outside with traffic ripping by as the noise suggests. And when I look out and see very few vehicles, or ones coating past, the aggregated noise will die down some.

I did the Chicken Run, and sure enough I had two gangstalkers ready for me in the elevator, one on a cell phone. Then another coming into the building as I was leaving, and the usual cyclist on the sidewalk and at least a dozen extras on the sidewalk until I got to the supermarket, a three minute walk. An attractive blonde passed by the entrance doors to the supermarket before I entered. And lo, when in there for no more than three minutes, she somehow turned back, met up with her boyfriend and was holding hands with him while shopping in the supermarket. Simply amazing that one Favored (attractive blonde woman) demographic group member/gangstalker backtracks 180 degrees, and goes grocery shopping after passing the supermarket, and then finds her boyfriend (Unfavored demographic group), and does the handholding bullshit that I get to see more of. Day after day I get these strangely behaving people, often reprising the gangstalking in a different location within minutes, sometimes 30 minutes. I had another fucker swoop in behind me when I selected the hot cooked chicken I was to put in my shopping basket. I got skunked on getting tapenade and frozen gluten free bread; the unavailble bullshit again, all to arrange the groceries the way they want for that three minute walk back to my apartment. And when inside, I was only rage-ified twice while taking the chicken skin off, which is a new record for fewest number of abusive incidents when dealing with the just-purchased chicken.

I have also done the cleaning job tonight, and got jerked around while attempting to clean glass surfaces of the cubicle partitions. The squeegee is too wide and the perps made sure it chattered and slipped so I couldn't get a clean swipe at cleaning the glass. This fuckery was then manifested as leaving tracks of water on the glass which took at least another two attempts to clean up, even if I used new cleaning cloths. This extenuated jerkaround took plenty long, and I noticed that there was a huge amount of road traffic outside the building, noise, configurations and all. And the cubicle resident's name was on the glass, and lo, if the residual squeegee traces weren't arranged to be over the person's name. And when cleaning the person's name, why extra male banter erupted among the Sales staff, doing their "stand-arounds" at the front door. One did his back and forths and made sure his heels made a resounding click noise as he passed by.

Enough dulldom for one day; I get to go out and get my hair cut tomorrow. This was a three week pissing match with the perps who kept up on "forgetting" me until this week. And a unreturned phone call was part of the show as well. The "problem" was that the last guy pulled a disgusting BO stunt while cutting my hair (blogged), so I decided to move on. I would not be surprised if it was the same guy in morph-over at the new shop. The hair stylist has been seen to be gangstalking me three times in public, once outside my apartment, and this is not the area of town he lives in. Another one of those Fuckwits that keeps resurfacing, possibly more than I am allowed to know.

Monday, May 25, 2009

WTF Moments + next day addition

More WTF moments today, like any where there is any degree of interaction with others. At tonight's car dealership cleaning job the boss man was on his "hurry up" campaign and indicated we were nearly done and I wrapped up my part of it (lights out, doors locked, final garbage toss out and mop bucket put away), and then he didn't come through to the Service garage where his scooter was parked. I put on my jacket and pondered the open hoods of some of the vehicles, and ended up waiting some 10 minutes. Then he makes out that he was coming back to mop and the mop bucket had been emptied. Normally, when he sends me to the Service garage for the final wrap up chores, he is done, or nearly done too. Or, even ahead of me, revving his scooter while I do the last of the work. This time, a long wait and then when he came he tells me that we have to do cleaning of the cubicle wall glass every two weeks, as if this were some kind of retribution for standing around, which of course it wasn't. Anyhow, I thought this first time "miscommunication" stunt of 10 minutes was all to keep me loitering in a location I wouldn't ordinarily do so. Then he sends me back to where he was to coordinate with the Sales personnel as to who is going to set the alarms. Which he could/should of done for spending 10 minutes there in the first place. Anyhow, I go through and it is a major dude flush as there were four of them clustered together at the front door and another doing the sweep-in-front of me gangstalk routine.

I got some 30 gangstalkers on my walk back, especially at street corners where I changed direction, this forced loitering stunt being a big deal for the assholes. Normally on the cleaning job there is no spare time whatsoever, and yet he somehow worked in this 10 minute long respite, all to have me stand around with my jacket on. Fucking stupid.

Another WTF moment was this morning when my mother wanted me to act as technical translator for the slipping clutch on her Ford Escape. My notion was that one can get a clutch adjusted and get another 10 to 20,000km or so out of it. She had an appointment with them to look at it based on this information, as if adjustment was needed it wouldn't take very long. When we got to the Ford dealership, along with the cavalcade of vehicle color and type formations, (aka vehicular gangstalking), there was this weird greasy fat man standing outside the entrance door, on "sentry" duty. I take a look at this fucker, and as soon as I had him lined up he swivels his head 90 degrees for no reason whatsoever except to avoid my gaze. While talking to the Service guy inside, it looked as if the weird fat guy's adult daughter was standing some 5' behind us, also on sentry duty and looking away when I cased her out. She could of gone to three other availible service desks, but no, she had to hang around behind me.

When we got to the Service desk and I explained the reason for the appointment, the guy tells me that the clutch is hydraulic and is self-adjusting and any slippage is entirely due to excessive wear. Oh, a new fact to update my notion of modern day vehicle clutch design. So... WTF, why didn't they tell that to my mother when she was making the appointment? Anyhow, a new appointment was made to get the work done in two days. This stupid clutch slippage game has been playing for at least eight weeks with my mother saying she doesn't notice it at all. Could be, but I doubt it.

Whenever the perps teach me an update to my knowledge, or put more details together on a story I already know, this moment seems to be of intense interest to them. Call it "knowledge assimilation stalking" for a mouthful. Similarly, the "understand it" moment, perhaps when something entirely new is revealed, is also of perp interest. It is plain tiresome to be under the microscope for every cognitive moment of my existence. Been there, done that, for 47 years before the assholes went overt on me in 2002.

At the Service desks in the Ford dealership they bounded each one with glass on either side, and I couldn't but fail to notice they lined up some posing dude to be seen through two or three panels of this glass. He stayed lined up for the ten minutes we were there. And in another adjacent office, and behind the Service guy I spoke with, they had a skinheaded male actively moving about in his office, often moving behind the Service guy, popping out, moving across his office etc. Another total creep-out are these skinheaded gangstalking males, no matter if they are in a suit, tie or otherwise.

On the Monday gardening front, the rare Monday instance I do it without staying over on a Sunday night, I did more soil slinging, always a big deal for the perps. There were two sources; the purchased delivery of three weeks ago and then that which came from their compost pile under black plastic for the winter. And no end of noisestalking erupted when I mixed them together as there was an excess for the garden box I built some three weeks ago. I have remarked on past composting events that the perps have arranged, as well as sending Ms. C of the story to take a Masters Composter's course.

I don't get what the perps are after with respect to compost, except to note that they extended this stunt/interest by having me eat lunch from a cucumber that was partially rotten when it came from the fridge after soil slinging. I cut off the rotten portions and ate some of the good portions and the notion got planted that eating sound food could still have some of the decay "energies" from the rotten portion, and that the assholes wanted to be able to detect them externally and remotely after ingesting their arranged food portions. Speculative, but it fits the pattern.

Another WTF moment was yesterday when I looked at my Mastercard bill and saw that I was billed April 30 by the outfit that sold me the ordered shirts, still not yet delivered. They said they had a problem getting my billing through on April 15, so I replied late in the day with the needed information (again), and I got an email May 17 saying it will be shipped May 18. No mention that the billing got cleared up over the weekend, but seemingly it did. The entire story doesn't hold any water as they billed me April 30, told me it had shipped, (two people told me it had shipped), and after I enquire about no delivery on May 14, I get an email response May15 that they have a problem with the billing address. Well they didn't have any problem as they had already billed me on April 30. And nor did anyone contact me in the interim to resolve the "problem". The whole thing is totally nutty, contrived and fucked up, and all I want is this infernal litany of fuck-ups to be over. Hopefully the shirts are OK, and no returns.

Another WTF moment was yesterday when I saw my electicity bill with the statement "Past Due"; I never recieved the first bill and then I get the second one indicating no payment. I have had many mail obstructions and jerkarounds in holding my mail, especially if it is a bill, and I sick fed up of getting my mail fucked with by timorous assholes who have no business fucking with it. Leave my mail alone you assholes.

This one is done for today, and at least I got out, even if to step into a scripted show.

The World SS has me pursuing/coveting the PC 5.25" bay inserts one can acquire to have DVD, CD, photo, etc. display and be manipulated by a remote control. A Home Theatre PC (HTPC) in the form of an inserted box into the PC bay drive. This seems a better option than having a dedicated HTPC for the limited use it would get. The mantra, planted or not, is to get a Network Server to have all audio, visual, photo and all other important archived information that could be backed up. Not that I have the scratch to have two PC's on the go of course, but this is a perfect example of the kind of covetous games that are set up for me. Invariably, they turn to nothing as some kind of staged event will render the plan obsolete or impractical for the circumstances, e.g. no money.

--new, 05-26-2008
An additional WTF moment was when my mother and I visited my father in the old folks place where he is staying, now into his second week there. He was sequestered in with the singalong that was on when we arrived so we sat outside in the courtyard until he was sprung free by the nurse, who knew we were there to see him. A near hour goes by with the usual attendant masers and plasma beams flitting about, and during that time my mother brings out a small photo album. She shows it to me, then I later page through it, and some of it had pictures of her Alaska cruise with her sister some ten or more years ago. Anyhow, on that theme she makes this strange comment about me not being allowed into the US until ten years have passed. And I say that there is no time limitation if they want to refuse me border entry, which they had done in 2003, three times in four visitations (see below), even if to clean out my apartment. Another WTF; no rationale was stated as to why I would be limited access to the US (until 2013 by her account), and no time limitation was inferred by anybody, not even the border patrol personnel. So where did all this bullshit come from and why was some insane obstructing skullduggery accorded a patina of legitimacy?

For the record, I had a TN visa which is dependent upon employment and when they pulled that all I wanted to do was then clean out my apartment in Seattle in 2003. (By then, they had already refused me US access once, stopping me going to Port Angeles via passenger boat as I wanted to deposit a check in my US Bank of America account at one of their ATMs there). The next time I went down it "so happened" that Ms. C's mother had died and she asked me to come down for the funeral. I did the dutiful thing, and drove to Seattle and attended the funeral, gave her emotional comfort and the rest of the social events. I cleaned out some of my apartment then, especially the delicate items like a custom portrait of my daughter, and headed back to Canada to make sure all items were securely stored and looked after. They let me through the Pacific crossing no problem. Then a few weeks later with my in-town brother to join me there in Seattle, and somehow he couldn't come with me, they pulled their guns on me for no reason except to turn me back. My purpose was that I wanted to clean out my apartment for good, and they wouldn't allow me because I might become a "ward of the state", same bullshit reason I got when they wouldn't let me go to Port Angeles to visit a ATM for crissakes. And as my brother hadn't was to arrive the next morning, I informed him that there was no reason for him to go to Seattle because I wasn't allowed in. Once I got back, my mother said to try again, as I was well aware that I had a secret "persona non grata" status with the INS at every crossing. I drove to the Port Angeles car ferry and waited there, seemingly passing the border inspection at the ferry dock, and when loading the vehicles they pulled mine out and went on about the same bullshit again, giving me the notice that I might become a "ward of the state". That was the third and last time I attempted to get to my stuff in Seattle, and eventually I had to get my parents to go there, manage the move to a storage locker, and then a few months later, call upon a colleague and his father to drive a truck down to get my stuff. Totally bizarre, insane obstructing bullshit. Since then, I have no interest in crossing any borders anywhere, and as long as I don't have a job, they have an immediate angle to refuse me entry.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Less Than Ten Lunchtime Rage-ifications

A Sunday sit-around day, with sunny weather still continuing. Earlier, I made lunch which is routinely invaded with stunts like extra noise from nowhere, flicking olive oil about, foiling my finger motor control, slapping some mess from nowhere on the side of the fridge, sticking the tortillas together so one rips in the center and other jerkarounds. They started the tortilla ripping fuckery up again, having dropped it since late 2006, and true to form, my "reaction" is over the top, aka, rage-fied. No choice in that whatsoever.

But I would say the lunchtime harassment was on the light side, and it maybe that some of the assholes are having a long weekend in the US, where it is Memorial Day. Last weekend we had a holiday here, Victoria Day which was also lighter on the harassment. I expect they will be back at the beserk and insane harassment in full form by Tuesday, May 20. A joint US and Canadian harassment crew no doubt, but I have had Aussies doing their circle-the-room games before sitting beside me at one venue. I suspect the assholes are from many countries, the International SS, Supreme Sickos. There are TI's from all over the world, and the perps like to work the race/skin color angle as much as they can, for whatever they get out of it.

After lunch I read the local newspaper, looking at the job opportunities and the expanded extra job section of listed employers. This was brown food (sprouted wheat tortillas) digestion time, and it was duly noisestalked with the infernal motorcycle noises; Harley Davidson-like, Japanese-high revving ones and the odd buzzy Vespa. Again, I don't know why the like these noises except to note in the first case I utterly loathe the 2 cycle throbbing and gurgling Harley Davidson-like motors.

And plenty of motorcycle noises getting through my earmuffs while reading about the effective slavery in Dubai. This article seemed to be a big deal for my tormentors.

I attended Annie Machon's presentation tonight with my TI pals, possibly with caveats. The speaker is a UK intelligence whistleblower, with experience of seeing the supposed protectors being involved in nefarious activities. The sickos "readied me" by forcing a substantial shit just before my TI pals were come by, with plunging and a shower cleanup. Then they were late by over 10 minutes and I went and got a ticket for myself, as I am fed up with fuckups that automatically "happen" with them in my company. They said they didn't know where it was so I walked back to my place, a whole three blocks and they had just arrived. Then the TI driver said she knew the venue from a 9/11 truther meeting presentation. Anyhow, the usual organized confusion over directions and pointing the wrong way (the driver), and somehow we scored a parking stall not too far away. Then the sudden split-aparts when one takes off without informing the others, and the other had a brown colored coffee drink that she needed to finish up before entering, another split-apart excuse and so it went. We were in the last most bench in the auditorium and lo, if a raft of Fuckwits didn't wander past behind me the entire time, with the odd fucker lingering there on sentry duty. I had the usual Unfavoreds; bald heads, fat people (gut strut), male pony tails, a male crotch grabbing act with his mouth hanging open, and big hats. Plus the woman in front of us was so fucking rude in keeping her hands on her head for extended stretches, elbows up and obstructing my vision. I never seen anything so fucking deliberate as that, but then again, I haven't been allowed to be in a public seating venue for over a year until tonight. There were plenty of plasmic augmentations as well; blue plasma sitting in front of someone's head, striated plasma arrangements overhead, a maser beam coming off one Fuckwit's neck and some red flashes to complement the red clothing some were wearing. And another of those Fuckwit vagrant males who start walking toward me, but not looking at me, and the instant I get tensed up about the asshole doing something to me, he turned around and followed his tracks to the corner where he was doing sentry duty.

As the speaker, Annie Marchon, was from one of the "conventional" spy agencies, MI5, I didn't expect that there was going to be any revelations about the shadow clowns, my particular nemesis. It is always interesting to note the levels of knowledge as to what transpires behind world events. She worked in the aspects of the spy agencies' skullduggeries with respect to the 9/11 tragedies, and that there were many experts who found traces of explosives in the rubble. And that the WTC 7 building essentially coming down as a demolition job. And so while the 9/11 "truthers" who sponsored the speaker are looking for an impartial re-examination of the evidence, I get to ponder the fact that it could well be that there were extra-conventional gravitic fuckery games behind it all. There is one video sequence of a World Trade tower facade wiggling in the wind and then the piece just turns into dust. That is the work of the shadow clowns, writ large. So perhaps in a decade or so that there will be a re-examination of the evidence, perhaps after a number of witnesses having a premature demise, and so it might bring some "closure" to that despicable act. But it won't explain the prevalence of concrete dust, the dumping of many truckloads of soil on the site within two days of the event, and nor the strange melted look to a number of vehicles that were in adjacent parking lots, even police vehicles. And so it goes; the ringside seat in hell.

It is late, and it was a very dull day until the above mentioned speaker, so I am calling this one done.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Motorcycle Noise Parade

A train of motorcycle noise somehow getting through my earmuffs while at this PC. Often, they are as loud as street level when I am six stories up. Some have been even louder than that, verified when taking off the earmuffs to block my ears with my fingers. Two to three per minute.

The motorcycle noise is coincident with looking for 5.25" PC bay inserts that have home theatre functionality; volume control, forward, backward, play and stop buttons as well a IR remote control. The Antec Veris line looks to be the one major contender, save a discontinued SilverStone bay insert (no knobs or buttons, all controlled through the IR remote). As usual, I have been dispatched to look for something unattainable, a one bay high insert with the aforementioned buttons and knobs, but perhaps I will have to settle for less buttons and the one knob for the Antec Multimedia Station Elite. And by the time I have the scratch, say 6 months from now, why a new search will be instignated, perhaps finding too much choice, not unlike the PC power supply units research that went on for months, only to be dashed by the quality minded installer-to-be who only deals with the one SPI brand, which I had not heard of before. These "searches" and quests are endless games for the perp mill, and I have no idea why, but it happened often enough in the pre-PC analog world. But, I will have to say that I think these multimedia (slide shows, movies, music) inserts are the bee's knees and pre-empt purchasing a Home Theatre PC (HTPC) case that can get into many hundreds of dollars. And I suppose the perps should be thanked for that one as I had no idea that such products existed, and true to form, had already expended many hours on HTPC computer cases, all the way up to $700.

This looks to be a shut-in Saturday, even with the very sunny weather, until I head out to the part time car dealership cleaning job. If I get there well ahead of the boss man, I can do a thorough cleaning instead of cutting corners each day. That becomes tiresome as one is constantly managing which corners to cut and which got done yesterday and the rest of it. Recall games are a big part of the perp fuckery, and there is nothing so deflating as to be enlightened that one "forgot" a lifelong habit by way of remotely applied brain energy debilitation.

And I notice that certain brand names are also getting extra noisestalking the instant I read them, motorcycles included as a noise source. Again, I have no idea what is so important about my knowledge of brand names, mediocre at best. I don't do "branding" as a rule, save some that are known as rareified high quality, and just as often, are unaffordable. Especially on this disability income I get.

The local job scene is its usual unpredictable and mercurial best. Not even last year's farm has responded to my resume despite their repeated ads for the last three weeks. I had a good work record, they put me on more task demanding activities and I thought I would hear from them by now. But, as work in concept and in practice is so highly rated as one of the perps' jerkaround objectives I am sure that they have a plan, and the broad hint is they don't want me working. They also tell me that soil derived nanoparticle intake through one's skin is presenting a problem. Caveat emptor and the rest of the "trust me, I am a spy" skepticism is needed. But considering how often my work gloves would get a fingertip hole, sometimes over the break times with them in my posession, it would seem that the perps are indeed managing for highly constrained soil contact. And too, perhaps they are stringing me along with seeming job application non-responses. They always have a plan, and likely even a back up plan, so I will have to wait it out. Paying off my tab for all the chocolate would be a start.

I did the one and a half hour cleaning job tonight, getting in early so the "hurry up" mandate wouldn't come down at an inopportune time. I was even accorded "foresight" as the coffee bar plastic bag leaked out in a trail of splats in front of the Service counter. Even day I check for that possibility and today I somehow "forget", totally wiped out and oblivious to checking or even seeing or hearing the dripping. That set the stage for extra floor mopping, and doing all of it in the public Service and Parts areas. And just when I was done, why a blonde woman and two of her children arrived with the Sales Manager to transact her repair bill, the invoice being left on the counter. (Normally, after Service hours, the Sales area takes responsibility for the Service transactions, i.e., paying the repair bill. And normally, all the possible Service bills and keys are taken to the reception area of the Sales section, not in the long closed (three hours earlier) Service section.) Anyhow, it was a very good excuse to have a Favoreds come with her children and walk on my just mopped floor, or otherwise gangstalk. And lo, if a second blonde, the staff saleswoman didn't arrive too, to put her imprimatur on the just-mopped floor. A double blonde gangstalking perhaps, with the Sales Manager as part of the gangstalker milieu, possibly as an Unfavored. I don't know enough of what the perps are after to know if children are included for greater psychic energy detection, or that they have an Unfavored status or not. I once summarized the gangstalking scene as "everyone and their dog, kid, backpack, plastic bag and ladder is chasing me all over town".

And I see that the car dealership put on a new salesman who was immediately dispatched to sit on the concrete ramp all casual like while I was inside vacuuming the carpets at the front door. Like yesterday, I get a crowd around me when vacuuming, it is just that exciting (for a sicko). The new salesman later asked me a question about there being an outside hose bib and I said I really didn't know for sure, which was true. The guy's face did seem vaguely familiar, but as my recognition capabilities have been fucked with to the specific individual level since mid-2006, I cannot rely on any such hunches. I was later informed of his name, but it wasn't the same one I was thinking of. I see he has an office where the skinhead was, so I don't really know who is who in the zoo, just more gangstalkers as far as I am concerned.

Another piece of nonsense was a seeming salesman intervening to tell me that another person's recycle garbage wasn't to be tossed out as intended, the bin being on the floor, readied for pick-up or amalgamation with another bin's contents. He said there was sensitive information in the bin, so he put it back in the office from which it came. It seemed like a crock of shit to me, and as always, any kind of backtracking is a perp stunt of the first order. No big deal, it saved me a little work. The feints and games are getting to be plainly blatant of late, so the perps must feel or know that they have some kind of extra latitude to pull this nonsense. Don't ask me who is watching in deliberation because I don't know, or even remotely understand why the fuck the perps cannot come out of the closet. Doing leading edge research on nonconsensual human subjects by remote means is a recipie for fucking insane stupidity. (And as part of the show when outside, I got a "banana stalker", a gangstalker packing a banana in hand as part of some seeming yellow color reference. And there was a bright yellow vehicle in the Service garage tonight).

There were plenty of motorcycles and their particular noise while cleaning the car dealership tonight, keeping that particular odious sound within earshot, taking up from where they left off after a day's worth of inundation at this apartment.

Enough blathering and dulldom, and onto more of the same. (I just had a big thump and this apartment shake, a concrete building. Quite the feat).

Not quite, I need to quote myself. I recieved an email from a TI about Pres. Obama reversing his intention to close down Guantanamo Bay and I had this to say:

"Here is a left field take on Obama not doing anything about Guantanamo prisoners, and I even made a pre-election prediction (no matter what Obama said) that he wouldn't touch it. The entire Guantanamo Bay deal is all about the perps being able to detect the body's energy interactions with clothing color. I have endless gangstalker events of them putting or taking off garments in my proximity, or wearing only half the sweater or jacket, cutting shirts in two and wearing half of it and I get routinely noisestalked anytime I change my clothes. No one in Guantanamo Bay is going anywhere until they figure this bullshit out. How is that for a speculative and unsupported rationale?"

I know, it sound wacky for sure, but every so often I have to let one go as I have a ringside seat to this hidden agenda's feints, stunts and games, and the parallels of other news events are more plain to me than the naive public.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Drop Hop and Split

More extra-conventional bizarre-ness while having breakfast. A drop of goat milk travelled laterally 5" and landed on the rim of the bowl of cereal I was eating, and then split in two with a continuing drop that went some 8" further to land on the table. I had never seen this one before, and having mere laterally flying drops wasn't enough any more. As always, this was unbidden by me and in no way could any of actions at the moment could be construed as causitive. I had a few other goat milk drops materializing from nowhere and doing laterals, some within the bowl and some further onto the table surface, and again, I was doing absolutely nothing that could be deemed as a putative source. I had never seen the split drop with a two hop trick before, and I wanted to make sure that my faithful readers would be the first to know that the perps are going extra beserk today. And likely for yet more inanity; stupider and stupider seems to describe their current mindset.

Other flailings was over the power supply unit (PSU) for this PC, which is planned for an upgrade to accomodate a video card some day. After months of reading reviews, bookmarking prospective models, entering them onto a spreadsheet, and some contact with a local PC builder, I now find out that he only deals with one brand, one called Sparkle/SPI who I had never heard of. I defered to his experience, some 18 years of PC building, and will get an big whopping 900W PSU in a week or so. This would be another perp classic stunt; spawning endless rounds of research, often goaded by a player who strangely doesn't reveal their hand until later in the game, only to find it was a totally useless endeavor. (He could of told me this a few days ago, but strangely didn't). Just to think, I might have to do this again over motherboards, memory, video cards, and who knows what else. I cannot complain too much though, he does have longevity and reliability as pre-eminent considerations, and for me, this is as good as it gets. The perps wouldn't let me install two sticks of memory a few months ago, even if it was dead easy; they shut down the PC and I was obliged to remove it and it then began working again. I had to disconnect the PC and lug it a block to a local PC shop and have them install it. Needless to say, the gangstalking force was out in spades for my public PC lugging.

I am being forced into vertical sleepiness after tea and chocolate, and while online. In additon, my vision is getting blurred and dithered. One of those hot days "reactions" it would seem.

More vertical near sleep conditions are being applied. All the while, hotrod noise is somehow "getting through" my earmuffs. I get hotrod noise at a rate of two per minute, which is considerable for this downtown neighborhood IMHO.

More dull reading online as I come to the end of my regular web sites to visit. They have also been flashing plasma clouds and beams in my vision; yellow and blue are popular, and as are the maser and vision hacking games. In the later they disrupt my vision to then have the online text swirl, fall into a pattern, or othewise distort with direct invasion of my visual cortex. I see the job board is significantly less today; the perps have been totally confining me for the minimal effort today.

The perps got me steaming annoyed at the car dealership cleaning job tonight; they fucked me out of remembering to clean the glass table near the glass doors, and then fucked me out of remembering to take the bottle of glass cleaner with me when departing that area. A 60'x2 extra round trip for the assholes, back and forth.

Other weird shit at work was the Sales staff all departing by 1830h when they work until 1900h at this time of year with the longer daylight hours. I have no idea as to why they vacated the premises early, save the perp's orchestration demands. They have been keeping me to exit work at the same sun position, due W. it would seem, casting shadows directly at me and aligned with the street that I am walking to return to this here apartment. This is useful for the perps to conduct backlighting of the subjects in front of me, reducing the availible contrast so they can get just the shape of the Unfavored specimen; guts, bald heads, red heads (extra hair color) etc. The "hurry" nonsense will also be in play tomorrow night as well, as the boss man claims he needs to get off work earlier for some kind of social event.

I also got plenty of plasma attacks, where it appears as a retina burn and keeps following me around no matter which direction I look, often changing color depending on the background colors; blues, to reds and then yellows is common, these squiggles of plasma arranged to pursue me. I am also getting a return of the linear yellow flashing/strobing lights each time I arrive back in the Parts section. As I turn in differing directions the assholes put some more of this irritating strobe effect "from" the inside surface of my glasses. I have no idea as to why they are so transfixed about this particular change in venue, and why they need to apply that particular kind of fuckery there.

The senseless 2 cycle motorcycle noise is getting plenty of airtime tonight; about one every two minutes, heard through the earmuffs.

I am also getting more red flashes in my peripherial vision, and separately, yellow flashes. As always, they fill my visual field with masers and plasma projections, so I am constantly seeing through this screen of visual fuckery. The assholes will go so far as total vision obstruction which ends up in a screaming match with the assholes, then they back off. Just stupider and stupider.

Knee and leg torquing torture tonight. This fucking imposed restlessness that pisses me off intensely.

More forced restless legs with vision impairing jerkarounds at the same time. It is the worst of tortures to be so fucking restless and one cannot do anything about it. I even get jabbed in the ass by some unseen and unconventional force as well.

I was finally driven from online activities by the restless legs jerkaround, and forced to read a book for some 20 minutes before they dithered my reading vision. They also played games with the appearence of the text, as it was seeming to lift off the page. The assholes often do this same stunt when online; strangely manipulating my reading such that the text appears to move forward of this LCD surface on which it lies. This reading and text manipulation bullshit has been relatively new, this year in fact, and represents a new level of being able to fuck someone's life.

This one is done for the day, dull and kept as it has been. Another round tomorrow of the same thing no doubt, enforced boredom.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Direct Sunlight Cycling

The unusually quick changing, almost flickering, direct sunlight and seeming mixed cloud conditions are proceeding, along with contrast altering games on this LCD, even as I type. The usual plethora of maser and plasma beam interference has also been ongoing since starting online since 0745h. Another early awakening at 0630h with freeway like noise conditions that abated anytime I looked directly at the two lane secondary artery outside, the putative source. (Same one in many of the pictures, running horizontally).

Part of the perp excitement might be that the laundry is on; a towel laundering was unexpectedly undertaken after last night's skin hacking; another of their signature ovoid lesions was inflicted while nut shaving and that meant much blood on the towels again. This kind of fuckery has been increasing of late, these "blood samples" that were once just for face shaving, and yet not razor cuts. I get the "pore bleeds" on my face and the ovoid hacks on my torso where shaved. Last night was a logical advancement of their ongoing skin lesion infliction games. Often, the facial pore bleeds will "self erupt" some hours after shaving, even into the evening.

Off to yoga shortly, and with the grooming ahead of time, e.g. skin hacking & bleeding, laundry and extended online time in advance, this should be a major gangstalker show.

I saw the dentist for teeth cleaning, and there was extra tooth sensitivity that cost an extra $110 for the face time with the dentist, X-ray, and ice testing. Nearly all of my dentist visits have been preceded by some "sensitivity" two weeks ahead of the dental hygeinist appointment, so it seem that this fit the pattern for extra delay, moving me to another chair, waiting and then getting nailed for the extra tab. I don't have a dental plan in this disability setup, so I pay real cash, and I don't need the expense. One could be sure if I didn't go to the dentist the assholes would devise some stunt to get me there. They like to have this same aged female dentist have some face time with me; first with the face mask and closeup specs on, then later with just the face mask, then full face, and finally full face with glasses on. All this takes place at the same dentist office as the former dentist got back pain and had to retire early. It does make me wonder if the perps didn't pull the back pain stunt to force him out and have a female dentist in his place effectively, having bought the practice.

I had my freakshow (aka Unfavored demographic group members), around me at the bus stop, some of them making deliberately strange moves, incrementally getting closer to me and then looking at the bus schedule on the pole near me, sitting down for a few minutes and then taking off. Another vagrant act managed to attract the police attention, replete with skinhead male and blonde female police and the white van with red and blue flashing lights. And this served also to constrain the passing road traffic down to one lane less as it passed by the bus stop. I have given up on the number of these feints and stunts.

Another "feature" today was having a "fellow traveller" in each direction, someone who gets on and off at the same bus stops as I do. A dubious dude when outbound, and an Asian woman with a violin case when inbound, and both with extended delays in getting on the bus, as it is coming late more often.

More WTF games while at the part time cleaning job. It has been a busy day; one laundering with double drying cycle for the towels, yoga, dentist, and the part time cleaning job at the car dealership. At yoga we had a different instructor, an unannouced substitute, but a good session nonetheless. They might have put her on for the fugly reddish hair dye job she had. They put the negro woman in the class again, and had two latecoming women set up their mats on either side of her. Kind of like the vehicle gangstalking, put the problematic color (skin in this case) between better reference gangstalkers (regular yoga classmates, now 2.5 years). On my way to yoga they had the streetworks gang on asphalt road crack filling and then spreading sand over it for whatever reason. The dudes on this job did some 90' of road N. bound only when I first sighted them headed for yoga. Over an hour later they had moved some 35' of road (two lanes). One more hour later, they had moved another 45', this time sitting in the intersection with their vehicles, blocking bus egress for at least two traffic signal cycles before it could arrive at the bus stop where I was waiting to take it to the dental appointment. I had my usual consort of weirds at the bus stop, some five of them ready, and even had the police come to "visit" a Fuckwit/faux vagrant in a brown hoodie that had been doing some bizarre ("just stand there") things moments earlier. So, while waiting for the bus that was over 10 minutes late (more exposure time to the gangstalking freakshow than planned), the police van with its blue and red flashing lights was also constraining the flow of road traffic on the one way route where I was at the bus stop.

Repeating myself here I see; I am not allowed to know about it when it occurs as my capability to detect repeats has been fucked with, now doable for the past 1.5 years or so.

The boss man came early to the cleaning job tonight, not giving my usual 30min. of quiet time before he arrives before he ramps it up with a "quick job tonight". And he meant it, as he was pulling out by 1830h when we normally stay until after 1900h when the staff were all gone. He hadn't been there more than 45 minutes, which tells me that is all about the perp games. The gangstalking staff dudes were all over me tonight, "happening" to do their back and forths at my every turn. Then a bizarre couple "happened" to be in the Service garage (no public access) when I returned to there while the boss man was on his motor scooter, ready to leave. They wanted a car seat from the silver grey vehicle 5' up on a hoist. A Sales staff/gangstalker came through, giving them a perfect cover story to be all hanging around when I drained the brown mop pail and walked it past them. The Service guy was also up to some strange things; first he was tromping around upstairs in the washrooms as he often leaves a "deposit" there for me to encounter. Then no one came down, and some five minutes later I was in his work area doing his garbages and I hear this clunking behind me, and he was behind a wall, passing through the entrance way. I don't get it, how did he arrive without making a noise (5' away)? But this dude has been known to teleport to other parts of the building before, appearing and disappearing to protract his departure, also to arrive from an unexpected building location/direction, as well as to do the gangstalking thing.

A Fuckwit from last year's farm job also "happened" to be in the Parts section when I started work tonight. He was dresssed in a baseball uniform and was sauntering around, doing his reprise "back and forths" gangstalking. As far as I know he is not on the staff, but was "just circulating" in the most locked-up section of the car dealership. Fucking bizarre.

Tonight's egress inhibiting car arrangements in the Service garage at the car dealership were to have the deep metallic green vehicle next to a black vehicle and a red one on the adjacent hoist, 5' up. I had to partially pass under the hoisted vehicle with a 1.5' passage way to ensure that the boxes and garbage bags I was carrying got plenty of contact with the green vehicle.

Other games were to step up the negro gangstalkers; three encounters on the same block of the same street. There have been flurries of Fuckwits on the sidewalks, as if it were still Christmas time. They even put on a seven strong herd all walking together when I first exited the yoga class. The weirds were thick for the first two blocks, one being the above mentioned brown hoodie act who just stood there at the intersection, not taking a pedestrian crossing in either direction. It was a near obstacle course to ensure that I didn't get to walk in a straight line it would seem. Extra Fuckwits were posted outside the bakery, in keeping with the perp obsession over bread, aka, "breadstalking". The loud 2 cycle motorcycle Harley noise has also been predominant today; at least 10 independent encounters, not including those that I routinely hear from this apartment (as I write about it) or while on the cleaning job.

I just finished a screaming session with the sickos; they would not let Windows select, copy and paste function work in Yahoo email, and instead, selected blue text for flashing in reverse video. Therefore, I had to type by recall, as fucked as it was by insane impositions, and type out five names and product numbers to a potential seller and installer of PC components. This is all about getting started on a bigger power supply unit (PSU) to run a video card for this PC. As I mentioned in a recent blog posting, the last PC "happened" to get a new power supply some six months in advance of the motherboard going kaput. The perps like to have long lead-in times for new PC components. One wonders if they even go so far as to get it directly from the factory and dispense with any possible interactions with shipping palettes, shrink wrap, cardboard boxes and the rest of the packaging they are so obsessed about. Or perhaps, they get one customized with their chosen wire insulation colors and other changes deemed to be harassment abetting.

I got plenty of coincident noisestalking while vocalizing my vexation with the assholes over fucking my Windows cut and paste functionality. I have been using insufferable Windows for nearly 18 fucking years, and here they are still screwing me around. And much overhead clunking also erupted and the outside faux freeway noise has also been amped up. Obviously, this is a big Fuckover day, and the silliness at the part time job site was but only one example.

And I should mention there seems to be an inculcation aspect to recent perp actions; that is, keeping me nearby Unfavored demographic group members for sustained durations; at yoga, at the checkout (skinheads, negroes) and at the bus stop and on the bus. A "hold me to the fire" strategy is emerging after grooming me for years on fleeting looks at said Fuckwits/Unfavored specimens. Definition of inculcation:

To impress (something) upon the mind of another by frequent instruction or repetition; instill:

And I see the headscarf traumatization (speculated) remediation games are also continuing. There is something I don't like about the sight of headscarfs or hair adornments, and it is noticeable that the perps make sure I get cranked up about it. So..., as mentioned in a recent posting, the assholes are arranging their shills to have a scarf around their necks, and presumably, after a suitable inculcation/remediation, they will start putting them on their heads. I wonder how all that bullshit started, though; it is interesting that the perps have been arranging some nun scenarios while doing internet surfing. They ran the so-called orphanges in Quebec in the reign of terror for the Duplessis orphans/human experimentation/abuse. And, as regular readers will know, I lived in Montreal for two years, 1956-7, 1958-9, and have nearly no recall as to what transpired there. Or, how I got there, as I would of surely remembered a three day train trip, still the parental choice of travel into the mid-1960's.

Just one remaining picture from the last batch, the "forgotten" one of the strange stacks on the apartment building. These are extended plumbing stacks that need to be only 12" high or so, off the roof to equalize air pressure in the waste systems. And yet this apartment has them at least 3' tall. And to no surprise, they have become the source of masers that project from them and toward me, especially when waiting at the bus stop. Do other TI's have this peculiar kind of roof enhancement?

Taken 05-13-2009

This one is done for the day, and hopefully less provocations and fucking games are scripted. Maybe they take a Memorial Day holiday as well, a small reprieve from constant swearing at the assholes.

With sirens screaming in the background; not yet. Here is an interesting whistleblower link, Annie Marchon, and she is on a speaking tour and will be in this very city, the gangstalking capital of Canada May 24. I am intending to go, but one never knows what the perp Fuckover script will be in the no-reserved seating arrangements. More Unfavored Fuckwits perhaps; a red haired dude with a bald girlfriend?

I learned a new word today, Agenticity from: Why People Believe Invisible Agents Control the World. That makes me an Agenticist, a believer in an overseeing agent cum Supreme Fuckwit that hounds the living shit out of innocents all because they traumatized them as a child, and haven't yet figured out in over 54 years as to what they fuck they did, as recall wiping wasn't enough. Not my problem, so why am in the middle of this sick prison, and invaded up my asshole and to every last thought? But of course the article doesn't broach the topic that some people are truly hounded by onmipotent (almost) forces that lack the gumption to front for their nonconsensual human experimentation agenda. I never would of believed it myself that harassing someone over fucking bread crumbs for over seven years would be important to someone so fucking insane.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Heavy Maser Traffic

I am getting extra black floaters and beams flitting about today, and it is almost getting annoying to be looking at this LCD display for the patterns and wispy masers. Also, yellow plasma games are also playing big, putting them into peripherial vision to get a reaction.

More online PC building pursuits after yesterday's email exchange with a professional builder which identified that my 400W power supply wasn't nearly adequate or that its connectors [intense siren noise now] were sufficient. But like I mentioned yesterday, my PC and all its components are one big ordered playpen for the sickos, possibly because of their color games/energetics study they have cast me into. And it would seem that my past generousity of giving my daughter a spare PC back in 2004 might also be part of the research agenda. The plan is to rebuild this one into a smaller case and give it to my mother; as mentioned though, no dough, no go. And no response from my job applications yesterday, not even berry picking for crissakes. [Another loud siren, through the earmuffs like always].

[A third round of sirens, this being an hour after lunch, and might be the moment that they loose some kind of remote color energetics owing to food digestion. They got me up early at 0630h with breakfast following and no lunch until nearly 1300h. I "somehow" never get hungry any more; the only reminder I have of mealtime is going by the clock.

Back from the part time cleaning job at the car dealership and then a stop-by shopping at the local supermarket with my gangstalking consort. They put on the blackest negro I ever have seen at the adjacent checkout, he in a white top. And lo, if he wasn't also doing a reprise gangstalking in the parking lot immediately after my exiting the supermarket, "somehow" forgeting where his vehicle was and partially retracing his tracks to get to his seeming vehicle. Give me a break, a whole six vehicles there and here he somehow went to the wrong empty corne of a small parking lot for extra redoubling back time. I also had at least five gangstalkers doing a lcoordinated ead-ahead starburst gangstalking pattern; they all seemed to emanate from the same W. exit door and yet there was one at most who preceded me put the door. Somehow, they arranged four more Fuckwits seemingly diverging from the exit doors with me at the center of it and all at various angles, almost uniformly, though at distances from 10' to 20'. Better that than the Fuckwits converging on me which they have been known to do for rousing my angst level.

And more vehicle obstacle courses at the car dealership in the Service garage. As most regular readers will know, I loathe the sight of bright reds and yellows, and exponentially so when those colors are together. Which is one reason I loathe the sight of McDonalds anywhere, or even their packaging. And lo,... if the assholes didn't put a red vehicle on the hoist and a yellow one below and ensure that I had to walk under the red one and 1' from the yellow one parked on the floor. There was a silver-grey and a black colored vehicle as immediate reference colors, as well as a deep dark green, much the same color as the earmuffs that I am wearing now, and have been routinely doing for some months now.

There was plenty of feints and dodges to keep me circulating at work tonight; I do my area in relative peace, but as we cleaners are there while the Sales staff is still there, it makes it problematic to get noisy vaccuming done if there are customers there. And so it was, that the three downstairs Sales locations that I was to vacuum didn't have customers nearby, and so I took the vacuum cleaner upstairs to do the regular work up there. Then the boss man "happened" by to put on this faux annoyance act because I didn't do the downstairs locations, even if the reasons were mutually understood to be valid in advance. Anyhow, it all got done but in a irregular order, and at no time do I sit around if something cannot get done because there is always something else to do. It should be a three man hour job when we get paid for two, but that is the deal, and I don't quibble as it keeps me in chocolate.

The tapping noise has started up, timed exactly when I do the Windows, Select, copy, and paste actions. Fucking absurd that such a routine activity has a phalanx of shadow clowns all over it, now for seven years of this insane hell.

I am getting the restless feet and legs along with some knee torquing torture tonight while chasing down PC power supply prices and determining which might be the better deal. As always, late breaking revelations/discoveries arise to change the entire picture and cause a re-think as to which is the better choice.

This one is done.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Element Du Jour

Or perhaps, du semaine, of the week. And that is lithium. Even my mother "happened" to mention it yesterday with respect to he cell phone batteries, in an uncharacteristic foray into chemistry. And I cannot count the number of news articles today that feature the named element so far today. No doubt this will decrease over the week and come back in a few months on the rotational schedule for air time. This happens often, and there is at least one element that gets extra mention each day, zinc coming in second. Don't ask me why these get extra "air time" for a few days and then it lapses, but one can be sure in this confined bubble that there is an orchestration objective.

I did the part time cleaning job tonight; it seemed the job site gangstalking was much less; the biggest performer was the manager doing his pants hitching act for me to see some 30' away. He reaches withe both hands to grab his pants belt at each side and pull up. He even gave me his first show some 5' away while I had dropped off the vacuum cleaner. Two of regular operative-seeming gangstalking staff (har, har) were also there but didn't make significant tailing moves. It was the elder skinhead that was crossing my tracks in both directions and blocking the little hallway that I was attempting to negotiate with the vacuum cleaner. As usual, the perps poured on significant gangstalking vehicles outside when I was vacuuming, and added more motorcycles for both noise and sighting. I was even allowed to get on with an intended activity instead of getting foiled for weeks on eng before getting to it; the dusting needed to be attended to, another one of those tasks that doesn't have a regular rotation.

I had my posse with me when headed to the local supermarket after work, as well as inside. Tonight's featured Unfavored is frizzy hair, especially in a big mop. One woman purposely dithered in my path with this very hairdo, one of two so featured hairdos, and to some extent I got fucked into allowing it to happen. It is best to barrel through rather that wait for some gangstalker to pass by, assuming they don't reverse their direction in front of one, and for some reason, the assholes would not let me retain this strategy at the very moment I needed it. I got two starings in the checkout, one skinhead and I got moved to a new checkout that just opened up, something that often "happens". It seems the perps like me to get closer to skinheads and other Unfavored but without looking at them after the initial sighting. So, they delayed the skinheaded customer's checkout to allow more proximate time with the skinhead only 6' away and an intervening customer. I had my clattering footwear gangstalker lead me out and to my apartment building, and lo, if I didn't get a multicultural show in the lobby. The loafing negro dude and the Asian are often paired up on the couch doing idle chat, but today they added a Caucasian rude-dude who was blocking egress to the elevator and forcing me to walk through this arrangement.

And whats with the sudden outbreak of hand holding? This bullshit has started up in earnest over the past three months, and I am sure it has a long run ahead. Another couple were doing this in lead-ahead gangstalking mode, and while they and I were waiting at the pedestrian control, a light metallic tan brown vehicle, supposedly mobile, stops in mid-street in front of us, and refuses to proceed on the green traffic signal. More of the "just sitting there" act, this time a vehicle that should of proceeded past the crosswalk it was sitting in, and made its left turn safely. I have never seen so much bizarre driving of late. And it could of been related to the fact that the frizzy haired woman with the hand holding Caucasian dude had light brown skin, a cafe au lait blend. All for more browning around it would seem, the brown clowns being ever present for some dumbshit act.

Another act I had to suffer through was the wheelchair spastic that was posted next to the black plastic shopping baskets on my arrival in the supermarket tonight. More of this "specialty stakeout" stalking it would seem. Which suggests that other Fuckwit Unfavored gangstalkers will be doing the same in the next few weeks. Stay posted.

Once back the perps lapsed into their longtime provocations upon arrival; it is primetime for rage-ifying me, when getting back from outside. And all the better that I make tea at this time, as the slow color change of the steepng tea is a big harassment moment as well. It is totally predictable as well as fucking insane to be abused in this fashion, seemingly because they fucked up in the first place, not able to delete all the inflicted traumatizations if what they tell me is true.

Other interesting coincidences earlier in the afternoon was to have me engaged in an email exchange about getting a video card through a local systems builder. At one point he asked me if I had a 6 pin connector for the particular video cards I was interested in. I was also getting switched into job application activities as there were two laborer jobs that I applied for. Immediately following, I shut the PC down to find out if I had the certain video card connection from my power supply and opened up the PC case to find out. I thought it was interesting that they wanted me to see the cables to the hard drives and all the other devices immediately following an activity of high interest to the sickos, online job applications. Which of course might be the reason I haven't got any action on this front for over 8 months, as they want me to flail away in futility while monitoring me for whatever they are looking for in this high attention activity. I am sure this game has plenty time to run, along with the PC repairs and modifications if that ever comes to pass.

But first one needs the money to engage in these activities. So it might be that I purchase a big power supply soon for the next piecemeal upgrade to this PC. Which repeats the pattern of what "happened" to the last PC; I got the power supply upgraded in early 2006 to a fanless model, and then they blew the motherboard in late 08-2006 to force a rebuild with a new one with a new CPU processor. The hard drive stayed intact with a new one added in, and then both of them were taken out in the same unexplained mystery event in early 2007. Even RAID storage, a means of keeping online mirrored copies does not plan on having two dissimilar storage discs crash at the same moment. It wasn't a power surge either, having asked. As I mentioned in yesterday's blog posting, the perps have often told me that the color of wire insulation, the color of the copper and silver solder, the color of connectors and communications cables are all important for them. This would be another long running experiment objective that has a few years to run it would seem.

More time spent revamping my pretend PC build, this time with larger output power supplies, 700W or more is the drift I got from the systems builder. The perps just love me to be looking at power supplies, stereo amplifiers, and other boxes that delivery electrical power in some form. Also, they like me to look at boxes, e.g. computer cases. Go figure. And plenty of adroitly timed motorcycle noise getting through my earmuffs at the moment of Windows select, copy, paste for longer durations as well, and usually timed to roll off when I take my earmuffs off to plug my ears instead.

Enough riffing and calling this one done.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Soil Slinging Stat Holiday

A statutory national holiday today, Victoria Day, and nothing directly with this city by the same name. But, there is a huge parade which gets plenty of American marching bands doing a practice run for the Memorial Day weekend, the next one. As usual, I pass on big crowd events owing to relentless pursuit/gangstalking. And for the perps, it is a big deal because for a duration of some four hours, they have bands and parade vehicles travelling down the main streets of the city, and most TI's are aware of how the perps like to modify vehicle traffic, have gangstalkers jaywalking as well as other asphalt-human interactions studies they seem to be so relentlessly pursuing among other things. As part of this scenario I have quite a different take when there are protest groups blocking roadways, especially if the group has some racial angle, meaning brown skinned. Last week it was the Tamils (like E. Indians) shutting down the major expressway on a Sunday in Toronto. No wonder these protests are allowed to pull this bullshit; it is a brown skinned to asphalt/concrete energy interaction test. Which, I admit, is seemingly eccentric, but after being hounded by the sickos and their color games (especially brown colors) for seven years every waking second, and sending in their gangstalkers to walk exactly over top of where I walk (e.g. left-hand drive pedestrians), as well as other feints to that end, I have an different perspective on world events and just what they might be all about.

I did three hours of sieving compost that I had started in January at my parent's place. The pile was specially groomed with layers of soil, plant material, rot accelerant and then wetted and covered. I took it apart and put it through the seive, though used looking, is inexplicably smaller than the one I used last year for the same purpose. And as there is likely only one such sieve, I asked my mother where the larger one went and I got some vague blow-off answer. Translated, the sickos decided they wanted the job to take longer this year and replaced the sieve, same mesh size though. And my mother who has been perp abetting from the get-go, has the task of being vague as to where the first one was placed, as it had gone missing and was more effective. But as the perps find composting to be so interesting, I was not too surprised to have my noise accompaniment on a long weekend Monday; aircraft, lawnmowers, hotrods in the neighborhood, and other noises were artfully arranged and segued. Often the noises would erupt when I mopped my brow, also seeming extra accelerated. I would have to say it was on the light side, not the usual Monday abuse levels.

As well, the extra-conventional gravitic fuckery was in present at all times, but not too intense or relentless. I had less than ten soil-up-my-gloves stunts, and even less runny noses which are becoming more common as a jerkaround stunt. There was plenty of games of adding plant material that did not make it through the seive added back to the sieved soil when I wasn't looking, and there had to have been over 50 jerkarounds when I was attempting to grasp the myriad plastic garbage that the perps seem to have added into the soil. In fact, that is what took the most time, pulling these small plastic pieces of refuse out and putting them into a garbage bag. The perps made sure my finger control was extra messed up with the gloves on and even teleported some of it out of my hand as it was firmly grasped before it "floated" out. So it would seem to a degree, some, but not all, of the sickos took the day off.

Too, the drive to downtown at 1330h had much less traffic, though I did get heavy coverage early on, and I also got my "foliage stalking" as well; this is where they place cut foliage, usually from gardening activity in a pickup or trailer and ensure the vehicle is placed near me, often for extended durations. Today, they put the foliage bearing pickup about 80' ahead in the lane to my right and had it covered fore and aft with black colored vehicles. I had my usual consort of silver-grey and white vehicles around me which developed into more complexity further on by adding mid-grey colors. They also put a way fugly metallic puke yellow BMW ahead but made sure to place an intervening black Jeep between us, and another black vehicle ahead of the BMW. Given that Monday is the day I don't take my yellow colored medication capsules, the perps put on extra yellow gangstalking vehicles as well as cyclists and today was no exception. The Yellow Cabs were out in force as well, often doing their egress act with doors and trunk ajar.

Onto some pix, the last of the most blatant vehicle arrangements of the last most upload from the camera.

Taken 05-08-2009, 0724h 11sec. A zoom-in of this absurd parking arrangement that goes on around this parking lot. There is no work site or other local activity which would serve as a cover story as to why these vehicles are parked there at that time of day. Through the trees peekabo games again; a silver-grey pickup with a red jerry can for gasoline in the box, a second silver-grey pickup, then a red pickup all on the grass and not in the parking lot, but adjacent to it. The two vehicles in the parking lot appear to have some strange "localized" lighting on them to mask expectable features. A white trades van with orange stringered (fiberglass) ladders is parked on the street, also playing peekaboo through the trees.

Taken 05-08-2009, 0724h 17sec. As is often the case, a flush of vehicles are arranged immediately after sighting the parked vehicle pattern. Two mid-grey vehicles are in transit with a white trades van with orange livery. Nothing too incriminating though.

Taken 05-08-2009, 1755h 19sec. A cute sequence of parked vehicles; two same red colored vehicles parked in file with an intervening same red and white two tone VW van. (I suffered those for at least three years, per perp dictate no doubt). A black pickup seems to be "anchoring" or doing color reference duty.

Taken 05-08-2009, 1755h 31sec. A wide angle view of all the associated "support action"; more ladder vehicles (two), another same red vehicle in transit on the road on the left side leading to the top of the picture, and another parked red vehicle in the shade opposite of it.

Taken 05-08-2009, 1755h 37sec. Along comes the mobile traffic; a lead black vehicle with the mid-grey SUV with the open sun roof stopped so it is short of going behind the tree. A portion of the red vehicle behind it is visible through the sunroof. All the vehicle glass appears extra reflective for no apparent reason as all vehicles are in the shade; such manipulation of light (IMHO) is common in my circumstances, and this is a relatively tame example.

Taken 05-08-2009, 1755h 40sec. Now, the mid-grey vehicle, once stopped short of being obsured by the tree has now moved ahead so that the tree is between it and the camera. And in doing so, a slightly different red vehicle moved in behind it to then complete a very nice two ranks of three vehicles configuration with the black pickup on "color reference" duty; aided by the additional black mobile vehicle at the lead (left) end of the mobile vehicles. It doesn't come any cuter than this to spell orchestration IMHO.

I got carried away playing PC building games again; my mandated fantasy realm. No dough, so no go.

This one is done and hopefully the above pictures get wider coverage some day. When that wretched NY Times reporter (forgot somehow, how could I?) interviewed me I told her about the pictures, and that I had no means to arrange their contents, and she never looked as far as I know.