Sunday, October 28, 2018

Constrution Site Adversity Confluence

The construction site where I am currently gigging has its moments, perhaps follies. Being a major hospital expansion, it has particular requirements, one being that dust control during construction is maintained. But gee, how about the general contractor exhibit some coordination of trades to make sure they aren't getting in each other's way.

For example, we had a trailer load of mill work arrive, and just then, they decided there was no access to the building. The two stairwells were blocked, as was the usual route, the first floor parkade due to surfacing. But as there was no place to go, we had special permission. But that didn't stop the surfacing outfit from passing by and spraying us with sharp stones, the kind that are embedded in a surface coating. Then some 30 fridges came to cross us up and get in our way of loading the pallet contents.

And as mentioned many times in this blog, the perps have a rabid obsession with shipping pallets, especially when I am around them, on them, handling them etc. This time was no exception as flushes of dudes from other trades kept coursing past as my co-worker (read on) and I were moving the pallet contents around. Then if being in the middle of these dudes walking past wasn't enough, why, the jabbering E. Indians were there where we dropped the pallet contents off. This latter ethnic group, also highly Unfavored, never seems to let up at key perp moments.

I went to see the Good Doctor in Kelowna today, and she wasn't on top of her game, and she looked puffy, like she was on an antidepressant. She wasn't wearing her wedding ring for the third time in the past three visits, though in the first 2015 visit she told me a little about her husband who is a doctor... As to whether all this is for sure I don't know, but I will take it at face value for now, especially as I haven't seen her since 02-2018. I have been through past one time stunts that were later shown to be such, but given that this is a third time event, I am willing to grant the benefit of doubt. There is something about the perp's agenda that they like to generate false empathy, though I am not sure in this case.

Said doctor forgot to order an iron study, as opposed to just ferritin, which is iron storage and can be artificially boosted by inflammation. She should of known this, as this has been the case in the last two years, and she twice prescribed an iron IV, administered by her, which was helpful. And she forgot that I don't absorb ingested iron very well, something she through her native perceptual diligence had determined back in 2016. She didn't seem to up on the prostate radiotherapy treatments I had last year; and it was her advice I largely followed rather than the local urologist Fuckwit who would of yanked out my prostate without an blink of an eye. (And the same urologist who somehow "failed" to tell me about the radiotherapy option (at a well run public radiotherapy clinic), a disgraceful lapse of professional advice which I won't ever forget. My landlord has also had similar "difficulties" with this same urologist as he related this past summer).

It also seemed that my patient history wasn't fully known to her, when I figured it should be, as she had all the data, and by my expectation, should of recalled much of our past interactions. (I take my own recollection abilities to be the low setting on the proverbial bar). I have next to no insight on the clinical professional's world, and how much they might recall about any given patient, it is just seems mighty peculiar that she, of considerable clinical analytical capabilities had such recall lapses. It was she who introduced me to testosterone injections, on account of her incisive reading of the data that indicated that I was not taking the rub-on kind in. Somehow, she had forgotten this too. Perhaps this was another episode of clinical forgetfulness on her part that the perps deemed I needed to be exposed to. If this was the case they succeeded. Or perhaps this is part of a long term perp arrangement as they like to arrange competency dependence, and then have the competent member slowly slip into a state of circumspection by the other party (me). If this is the case, just leave her alone as she is the best doctor I have ever known. Or perhaps, this is whole fucking skit, again, another perp agenda item for whatever reason.

The Good Doctor did exhibit some recall that I though she wouldn't. Not a wholly strange visit, but a little perturbing that she somehow had such lapses of recall when it seemed she had considerable abilities. Anyhow, I have a phone call appointment next week and I can hopefully get this iron deficiency on track again, for the third year in succession. (BTW, iron deficiency is common among ADD patients).

A Friday on the construction site, and my co-worker  was being passive aggressive again. As in acting weird, but not saying anything. I couldn't quite figure it out, as I texted the boss about a mistake we made, and was wondering if we should proceed to fix it, or leave it as it made perfect sense to do so as we normally go all the way around with our chair rail installation. I though he was annoyed that I revealed that we made a mistake to the boss, as he might be a very contained personality who is disinclined to not reveal such. Hard to read this guy.

But for someone who picks up the needed tool just before I do, some 20x per day for over two weeks now (some kind of control deal going on it seems), and has these inexplicable unexpressed pissy moments, and rarely offers any conversation, he is becoming a pain.

My Russian born co-worker went on another petulant hissy fit again; I called him on his bullshit and he didn't like it. He didn't like that I texted the boss about an anomalous situation, where an electrical box was crossing the chair rail we were installing. (In fact, he wasn't keeping to the specification he told me about yesterday). This time he aired his grievance, such as he perceived it, and I am still trying to figure out where his is coming from. He was extolling his past residential construction experience and how the electrical box could be easily moved. Like WTF; this is a hospital construction project, and we are mill work installation laborers. We don't touch other trades' stuff, -end of tune. So what was his grievance then? Likely some kind of internalized notion that he is "in charge" (of me), and I violated this by going to the responsible person (our foreman) by way of sending a text about the electrical box anomaly. Besides, my co-worker's notion about the electrical box was to leave it there and cross the chair rail over the plate and then cut the plate around the box. Fucking absurd, and I don't do absurd unless someone is standing over me telling me to do it.

As part of this confrontation, he tells me to "trust me, as I have lots of construction experience". If EVER there was a call sign to wholesale aversion, it is someone telling me to "trust me". As in run the other way, though to be fair, he is only 28 and was only immersed in Western culture at age 16 or so, all while learning English.

Later he tells me the drill bits weren't working, and I then ask him which ones he used, and he used the wrong ones. As part of this disagreement that finally got aired, but not resolved, I get this "trust me" jive from him as well, from someone who comes up with numerous diversionary ideas that don't pan out. No wonder Russia is so fucked up if this is the prevailing mentality.

By way of curious coincidence, my regular co-worker of the last month, the aforementioned Russian one who pulled a full-on petulant passive-aggressive hissy fit over fuck-all yesterday, (per above, and now I have had 24 hours to evaluate his performance, I am sticking to my same perspective, as in, "what was that about?"), was re-assigned to work with the cabinet installers on the scaffolding. So..., apart from some job hand-over dialog, I didn't get to talk to him much, though I saw him many times owing to my other duties in the same vicinity. He seemed friendly even, and the boss man didn't say anything anyhow.

There was the cut room to clean up, the vacuum cleaners to empty, their filters too, there were cabinets to re-locate, then another panic came on, as other pallets of mill-work had to be suddenly moved, re-cut on a different floor, and then re-distributed to their appropriate floors. Then the only elevator was shut down, due to testing apparently, and I was stiffed with re-distributing this heavy MDF material to six floors by packing it up the stair wells. And lo, if "somehow" I "forgot" to re-load my water bottle this morning and I was utterly parched by day's end. Then onto the local store to get some water on the way home, and I slugged down a 500ml of coconut water while driving. Another water intake test again, as in, where I get my drinking water from.

I was working on my own doing chair rail installation in a room with little traffic, and lo, if the E Indian cleaners didn't arrive some 15 minutes before I finished up. Then some other things went wrong, and I was kept in the room longer with these jabbering Punjabis again. Utter torture.

More work hauling pallets and flushes of Fuckwits around me again, as well as garbage disposal duties, another perp obsession.

There was another ludicrous imposition by the general contractor again, as they wanted the scaffolding down, which had only been up one day. This was to enable my mill work installation colleagues to install panels in this atrium, as there was no other way to do it as a scissor lift wasn't feasible. The scaffolding went up late Wednesday, and my co-workers were on the job all day Thursday. First thing on Friday morning, the general contractor wanted the scaffolding down when the atrium panel job wasn't complete. The general contractor was told it would be a three day job in advance, and this was the start of day two. Like WTF; is the general contractor deranged or something? How do they expect to retain any credibility when they are constantly coming up with this bullshit.

Saturday, and a leg wax, and then I went up the street to help out my fickle friend. He is purchasing some used furniture and needed help to move it into his vehicle. His vehicle is a 2008 Ford Escape, and mine "happens" to be a 2001 Ford Escape. Anyhow, it ended up being a half day event to Kelowna, and he treated me to a nice lunch at a trendy charcuterie resturant there.

Then back to his place of employment where he was to borrow the pickup truck, but his boss man had taken it elsewhere. So we did some wine tasting of the active ferments, the Kerner and the Muscat Ottonel.

More moving of furniture (something I do at work a lot, or cabinetry to be accurate), with my fickle friend this morning. A couch and chair, which represented a whole lot of challenges to get out of a basement suite with a tight turn at the entrance door.

Then an afternoon at work, which became protracted as a tractor trailer load of cabinetry was delay for two hours. And it was the "usual" problem as these pallets are 8' long and the pallet jack cannot lift the heavy loads, and the wheel rises up ioff the ground. There were two other general laborer guys who helped out, and lo, if the truck driver was an E. Indian and he helped out too. I worked in the trailer to free up the loads screwed to the floor and forward them to the guys on the ground who where hand packing them into the adjacent parkade.Anyhow, working some five hours directly with the boss man never hurts.

After some two weeks of banter, I had better get this posted.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Most Pointless Doctor Visit

Finally the anticipated "big nothing" came down to just that. It was this requirement that I be subject to a sleep study by the Bellevue doctor that I do a sleep study back in August. And lo, if there wasn't a good facility in this part of the world, and I got a referral from the walk-in doctor. And all this started when I resumed my ADD Rx, as I wasn't getting a consistent sleep on them. I met with the local licenced sleep doctor, also a shrink as it turned out, who I thought was a limp fish of major proportions. But I played along, and did the study, going to Kelowna and sleeping overnight in the facility there with all the wires attatched to my head, neck, chest abdomen and feet.

So today, I visited the limp fish doctor for the results, and yes, there is some hypo-apnea, not full blown sleep apnea, and I don't snore much either, but no significant clinical issues. She wanted me to work through this one page sleep remedy page, full of good practices and all that for 2-3 months, and I told her it was ridiculous for someone with ADD to stick with something that doesn't mean very much, especially while they were sleeping.

I told her the biggest problem for sleep interuption was these painful leg cramps in the night, as they not only cause me to wake up, but I also need to get up and walk them off. She was no help on that, and while she suggested magnesium cream, she couldn't prescribe it, because as she said, that was the job of my GP. I told her yet again that I don't have one, cannot get one here, and that I go to a walk-in doctor when I am such shape that I need to suffer a 2 hour wait in the office. (Read, unlikely to happen).

Along the way, she said also that I wasn't getting enough deep sleep, and I said that it was likely neuro-hormonally governed (read, dopamine) and there wasn't much I could do about it. Still she insisted that going through the supplied worksheet would help. A few more back-and[-forths on related issues convinced me the doctor was a stultified twit, operating from her script, that wasn't any bit validated in the real world, especially for those with ADD, even if she was a shrink. (Sleep problems are endemic for those with ADD).

But to her credit, sort of, she told me that the half-life of the ADD Rx I was using was 12 hours, and not 8 as I had been led to believe. And furthermore, what I had known, was the effect had totally dissipated after 8 hours, and wasn't a half life. So.... it seems, that two doctors, her being one, had "failed" to inform me that the ADD Rx has a much longer treatment window than I knew, and that this whole sleep study was a bullshit show from the get go. And besides, I worked it out over the past four weeks that if I take the ADD Rx before 1000h, I can get a good night's sleep, which was exactly what I had been doing.

Anyhow, the appointment was over, and she showed me to the medical assistant, and then greeted the incoming patient(s) -a couple, and didn't have the decent grace to say goodbye, and thanks very much. So not only was she a stultified twit of a doctor, but a fucking rude-ass IMHO, as I didn't absolutely nothing to piss her off. I sought her knowledge on getting to good sleep habits, especially with these excruciating nighttime leg cramps, and she had nothing to offer.

So what was that bullshit all about? Well, it would seem, having me sleep with electrodes attached to my head, neck, etc., perhaps 12 in all, for an overnight sleep in another town. And guess what, we did this bullshit back in Seattle where I lived in 2001. The then doctor wanted me to do a weekend long EEG, so I wore all this crap on my head all weekend, and there was no need for it then. I have ADD, and showed this doctor my brain scan, and still this doctor ordered all these unnecessary tests, the EEG being one. (Sleep habits weren't an issue then). So it would seem that the perp assholes wanted yet another needless EEG event, and concocted this latest ridiculous shit show that was "caused" by two shrinks in succession who somehow "failed" to know the half life of the ADD Rx I am taking. Go figure.

And no points awarded as to why I fucking loathe psychiatrists, the archetypes of clinical techno-lies to send you anywhere their masters dictate. And don't ever forget that is their true purpose, which is why they collectively resist quantifiable data practices like getting a brain scan. Never mind the sick-assed criminals like Dr. Ewen Cameron of McGill University, and his staff of 20 or so, who trashed countless patients, some of whom died from terminal surgeries (Duplessis Orphans), from 1948-1963. And he was the instigator, if not founder, of the World Psychiatric Association no less. No crime went unrewarded for this crowd.

And still heavy pit-lamping everywhere I go, especially when making turns in my vehicle, parking or pulling away from from my vehicle. Add in the twits sitting in their vehicles, headlights on of course, everytime I pull into a parking lot, and it seems like this odious gangstalking practice has increased of late, and is being kept at this elevated state for at least six weeks now.

And then at the construction site where I am still employed, but perhaps for only a few weeks more, I am getting constantly hounded in similar, though ambulatory, circumstances. Anytime I turn a corner, exit a room, get on an elevator etc. And also, keeping the jabbering Punjabis around me seems to a continuing priority as well.

Another construction job gangstalking site of high coverage is the polyethylene sheet "doors", where they erect a sheet of clear polyethylene, often with a zipper in it, as an ostensible means to control dust (or building airflow). But as it "happens", the Punjabi drywall crews have abandoned this practice, and now create dust as they see fit. The rooms where we are allowed to cut wood and MDF boards are also bounded off with polyethylene sheets, and I am a regular daily visitor to clean these rooms up. My work mate does most of the cutting, due to his "need" to take over this function in some kind of territorial predilection, so when he returns to the room we are installing chair rails, he has exited the polyethylene doors, often more than one set. (In the meantime, while he is cutting, I am drilling holes in the walls to mount the support strapping for the chair rails).  I have long given up on the perp's need for "plastic stalking" but it does reach my awareness on some occasions. Likely whenever they want me to be aware.

Saturday, and a in keeping with having multiple appointments in close spacing, I had my hair cut and got my vehicle tires swapped, following on from the above mentioned "most useless doctor's appointment" from the prior day. Getting my tires swapped is a big deal, given the perps interest in rubber, and all things rotational. I have been 16 years into knowing about this one, and am largely inured as to even being aware of it.

The hair stylist was attractive, even with some tasteful non-natural color in her hair (scarlet red),  but didn't say much. They usually have these hair stylist students practice customer engagement skills, but not this time. No big deal, and my getting my cut was relatively stress free.

Another week passes, and one has to wonder why two needless EEG tests, 17 years apart. These fuckers never give up.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


That would be Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. No work this long weekend, and of course, no overtime. And no invites to the vineyard I helped out last year, worth $200/day for my grape picking efforts, not to mention one day of running the forklift for them. I also was supplied with dinner out of the deal, and as I am on good terms with this former employer, I thought that there would be a return invite, as in prior years. But no, and if I have it right, I would assume my manipulators have their own reasons for keeping me house bound this long weekend.

The perp assholes have been pulling door thumps on my residence each evening of late, only one or two each day, and often coincident when I come to some realization, usually from a thought process that is idling in the back of my head. It is a single thump, not a knock, and of course, there is no one there. Not that I look, as I have been conditioned to regard these unconventional noise/vibration intrusions as "its the Thems again".

Another week of construction laboring passed, and it was relatively OK. The usual increased flux of dudes around me, often when I just get to a room to do work, or else when transiting hallways and turn a corner. The elevator egress is also fraught with games too.

Though the E. Indian workers (cleaners and dry wallers), are a particularly "sticky" bunch, meaning that they always seem to be hanging around me, and made themselves little more annoying this week. Not only from their jabbering when around me, and being particularly frequent in my proximity, but also distinguishing themselves by being particularly rude. Not only do they not communicate, or even engage in opening doors or allowing passage in tight places, (normal for all other construction workers), but they seem to come on in surges around me. As I see it, I have done my "E. Indian time", listening to them all day long when working in vineyards, sometimes for months, though never  a full season. And so, here they are again, a particularly featured stalking subpopulation for whatever perp reason sits behind all this. (Perhaps because my brother married one?)

Today, as I was handling a pallet in the hallway of the construction site, where the egress was constrained by the pallet where my co-worker and I had been working and just completed unloading, why, an E. Indian threesome of males "happens" to pass by, and one of them collides with me and keeps on going. That this crowd doesn't do "sorry" isn't news to me, but as I see it, you either fit in or go home. Anyhow, having stalkers run into me isn't new either, but having brown skinned ones go this rude on me is a new one. And of course, any time I am handling pallets begets extra flushes of dudes around me, but this time it was the E. Indian's turn. So go fuck yourselves, all the stalkers for that matter. And for that matter, civic manners should be part of the citizenship test, and if they fail, they go home. Same for learning English. I don't know why we have to put up with this seditious government sponsored nonsense.

That this same crowd had the elevator stuffed with four step ladders for one of my trips down from my working floor to the first floor later in the day didn't surprise me. I don't know what the deal is about the perps and step ladders, or any kind of ladder for that matter, but it was a signature stalking prop from the get-go when all this shit rained down on me, 04-2002. As in the perps, who had been surreptitiously following and arranging my life suddenly went berserk/overt and made it known that they considered me a Prime Victim and introduced me to their unconventional technologies and malevolent and relentless abuse.

And I suppose, one of two of them strutting around on stilts in my proximity for drywall work was also part of the plan, as the perps just love to have their stalkers at a different elevation from me, often by using stairs or like.

The disposable booties work place wearing requirement is still going on, though running out of steam. They went through 5,000 pairs in three days and haven't been able to keep up, putting bins up at the exit doors, where one can re-use booties placed there from others. Never mind that these retread booties are in terrible shape, and it also does cause me to wonder what the management is thinking when they want workers to fish through the bins to find pairs that can survive being put on, never mind re-use.

The owner of the millwork firm for whom I work came to visit the work site for two days this week; he seems like a decent guy, and not one of those relentless hard asses that I so often meet. He even took us all out for drinks and dinner at a nearby pub later. I chatted with him for a time, about the business and related matters. Gosh, I was treated like a normal for once, and not given the usual looks of dread and tension I get.

And the reason for a missed yoga class the prior week came into focus; a new yoga instructor. I believe it has been an everytime event now; whenever a new instructor comes on, (usually unbeknownst to me), they have me miss the first class. And after stalking my ass in yoga with tattoo cases of other yogis in my proximity, why, they now have this new instructor plastered with this fugly body mutilation. All over her arms no less, and quite a gross-out. At best, past instructors had a little tattoo on their foot or something, but this is quite the unavoidable tattoo show.

The new instructor has a more demanding tone and is less inclined to be chatty or relaxed. It has been apparent over the last five years of yoga that they have, in prior years, pulled such instructors in short order and replaced them with more friendly ones. It would seem that this instructor is returning to that fold they were testing me out in prior years; the tone and nature of the instructor's verbal delivery also seems to be a big deal for the perps.

And too, the yoga class underwent a major re-population (same class, same day and time); hardly any of the recent regulars, and to my relief they seemed to have dispensed with the E. Indian that was hounding my ass for the last 8 weeks. I have never figured out how the yoga class gets populated, apart from the Unfavored specimens being injected, as it seems there are hardly any regulars beyond 3 months.

Anyhow, I am late in getting this posted, and I shall cut the news off for now.