Friday, March 25, 2011

The Favored and the Unfavored; a categorized rewrite

I am rewriting this to be more inclusive, and to not only cover demographic groups, but inanimate objects, conditions and properties too.

Originally, in 12-2007 I wrote:
This is intended to be a "trophy" posting; one that details an area of current perp operations intensity and is to be placed in my Essential Introductory Postings at the right as a reference rather than journalling the details of today's slings and arrows.

This blog posting is cobbled together from past postings, but is a more focussed treatise on the peculiar traits of the perps that are designed to present specific situations to trigger my liking, or disliking aka the Favored and Unfavored; objects, beings, demographic groups, colors, noise, situations, personalities, behaviors and whatever else that can be categorized in that manner. Until the preponderance of these staged situations became apparent, I was not consciously aware of most of these dislikes. The perps now regulate my reactions to the Unfavored, and have been escalating them to aid in their own mendacious objectives.
This is an better categorized list of demographic populations, personal features, behaviors, circumstances, properties and objects that the perps ensure I get maximal exposure to by arranging the gangstalkers and/or physical scenarios in which I am contained. Originally, this list was confined to demographic groups, though in fact it was always more than just that.

Demographic Groups/Personal Features
  • young blonde women, 
  • attractive women,
  • deep shiny black hair (women),
  • big round "doe" eyes (women),
  • straight hair,
  • chiselled cheekbones, proportionate but angular faces with full (but not oversized) chin and jawline
  • UK accents, particularly Scottish ones, though German ones have been planted in my proximity but without any apparent perturbing reaction,
  • red hair, white hair, skin heads (males, shaven pate), curly or frizzy hair (either gender),
  • puffy, jowly faces, e.g. Carl Rove like
  • tattoos of any kind on anyone anywhere
  • bald heads, any, though mostly on males
  • dreadlocks, surely the most apt named hair-do (aka hurl-do),
  • males with ponytails or long hair, or any degree of face masking beards and mustaches,
  • biker look in all facets, as well as motorcycles, especially from the 1950's era,
  • vagrants and other unkempt individuals,
  • shiftless and/or loitering individuals of no apparent purpose or activity engagement, usually males, though the odd geriatric has been planted in this scenario to the same over obvious effect,
  • geriatrics, and any associated typical behaviors, comportment, gait, voice tone etc., as well as associated objects, e.g. canes, walkers, etc.
  • chinless (recessed chin) individuals,
  • stooped shoulders,
  • obesity,
  • individuals of races of varying brown skin tone which really includes everyone but Caucasians; even greenish toned Caucasian dialysis patients have been placed in my proximity to some perturbing effect,
  • handicapped individuals (including wheelchairs and any other medical equipment or devices).
  • thoughtful, perceptive and analytical thinkers (presented in writing, radio, televison or in person), male or female, and additionally, where warranted in the context, who exhibit
  • fair minded and merit based decisiveness,
  • competence, individually or organizationally
  • accomplishment minded
  • arrogant, high handed, self-righteous obdurate zealots,
  • aggressives, belligerents, loudspoken types,and bullshitters (males typically),
  • decietful, slimy duplicity,
  • ineptitude, especially a repeated history of it, and not learning from mistakes or prior experience
  • slobs and slovenliness
  • grovelling like body language, e.g. obsequious toadies, sycophants
  • strangely behaved individuals, (especially the mentally disturbed),
  • individuals who dither about, are inept, won't or cannot make a decision or otherwise ditz around, fuck up or are incompetent
  • personal space incursions and also
  • groping hands and fingers coming at me.
    Colors and Combinations

    • light (sky) blue, 
    • mid grey, 
    • French and steel blue colors
    • reds of nearly all kinds, especially carmine red, a more pinkish toned red,
    • oranges, especially bright toned orange,
    • yellows,
    • combinations of red and yellow together; most loathesome
    • white clothing (especially loose baggy pants),
    • color clashing clothing, reds and oranges especially, reds and yellows,
    • brown colored anything, 
    • pastel hospital green
    I don't seem to have a particular clothing style/pattern that I can identify for sure (save plunging necklines and high skirts, ahem), though anything more feminine in general.

    • men's suits, sports jackets, ties, formal clothing
    • round priest collars
    • hoodies
    • uniforms
    • face masking objects; sunglasses, eyeglasses, masks, Islamic face covering garb, breathing masks, e.g. anesthetic treatment,
    • head adornments of any kind, from kerchiefs to do-rags, turbans or tight clinical caps, skull caps etc.,
    • hats worn by gangstalkers, from berets to wide brimmed hats, especially on males, which might pertain to
    • military or like clothing or accouterments,
    • order, organized, efficiency
    • explicit and unequivocal roles
    • chaos, especially senseless or purposelessness
    • clutter and messes
    • near random assignment and chaotic organizational activity, e.g. classic "clusterfuck"
    • anything of a clean and lean aesthetic look, e.g. Audis A6, A8 and TT, Nissan Altima, VW Jetta until 2007, certain Volvos; 245, 850, V70 pre-2002., but this also applies to all art and industrial design.
    •  single story architecture especially full height glass walls and sited among trees and foliage
    • vehicle features of blacked-in/tinted windows, black vehicles and blacked-in wheels
    • kludged, bodged or jerry-built design or construction,
    • medical materiel, especially syringes, surgical devices and implements
    • wheelchairs and other mobility assistance devices
    • motorcycles, both sight or noise
    • sinuous, serpentine shapes and/or movement.

    The above Favored and Unfavored demographic group members are being constantly arranged, presented and introduced everywhere I go in public or even predominantly arranged on web pages that I encounter. A common method of the perps is to have a blonde woman gangstalker (Favored) pass by, especially at a new venue, and then later introduce combinations of individuals or objects (garment colors), or even both together, with both Favored and Unfavored aspects. As the lastmost tier of introduced beings and objects on an outing, the perps will arrange gangstalkers/freaks that are entirely Unfavored, say, a chinless male vagrant with stooped shoulders and white hair in white pants, (six Unfavoreds).

    One common combination of Favored and Unfavored is a blonde woman (Favored) wearing brown (Unfavored), or even a two tone brown garment or suit, sometimes to the point of absurd by overdoing it. My gym class seems to be in a rotation to bring in various Favored and Unfavored individuals in combinations and testing them in my proximity for longer than a street encounter would. An example playing in my gym class are three blonde women who are all obese to varying degrees aligned together, side by side. The vilest example in the gym class to date (12-2007) of mixing of Favored and Unfavored characteristics is a slim young blonde woman in the class who has a terribly recessed chin and has partially dyed her hair green. She showed up once and has now been pulled (to 10-03-2008 so far).

    An variation of the Favored demographic group membership has been for the perps to stage gangstalkers who resemble people who I admire; there was a Helen Mirren lookalike in the grocery store last week, and and a few days before that, a Richard Branson lookalike replete with white hair posing in my apartment lobby.

    It would seem that the perps are attempting to elicit deep neural (subconscious) reactions to the above listed beings/personalities/items/colors, and are attempting to leverage the Favored to evaluate the Unfavored in some way. I call this "auric goodness co-option" or "bathing in the auric penumbra (shadow)"; where an Favored demographic group member is often engaged in conversation with me, say a gym class coordinator babe, and then some of the Unfavored demographic group members plant themselves in a proximate location or even move in by interjecting themselves into the conversation. Often, the perps will align an Unfavored demographic group gangstalker (e.g skinheaded male luggy thug) directly in front of or behind a Favored demographic group gangstalker (e.g blonde babe).

    This dynamic blending of the respective Favored and Unfavored "auras" (aka bioenergetic fields) is my interpretation to explain why the perps keep this constant parade going. There is the intermingling and criss-crossing of one gangstalker in front of the other, and then in reverse order and differing directions and orientations, as well as the above mentioned combinations in the form of a Favored person in fugly colored clothing. A recent example on the crew bus 03-2011 was having the fugly negro (Unfavored -male, dark skin, dreadlocks) align himself exactly behind an attractive readheaded woman (mostly Favored- young attractive female though with Unfavaored red hair), and then later incrementally offset himself so he could be partially viewed, and then the redheaded woman seeming to collapse and fall asleep so to remove her head from the scene altogether. There must be a constant energetic interaction going on that we mortals are unable to consciously detect, and one's internal cognitive/emotional valence comparisons of all the arranged beings/personalities/items/colors between Favored and Unfavored categories has a direct bearing on these bioenergetic interactions which appear to be remotely detectable in realtime.

    We all create a subconscious list of Favored and Unfavored characteristics, though in my case I am reminded of this all the time, and not out of choice. It has become apparent, that there is reason to suspect that I may have been taken to the infamous Dr. Ewan Cameron of McGill University when I was in Montreal for my father's academic years in 1956-57, 1958-59 at the ages of two and four. (This is the updated (08-08-2009) portion as I did not know that I spent two years in Montreal before beginning primary school at age 6. I "found" (read, was set up to see) a family photo which showed me in Montreal for the 1958-59 winter and no one in the family ever mentioned this). There are other extensive lapses in recall that I cannot account for from the age of two, when permanent memories are formed, to age six. And it would seem there are fragments of recall, mostly associations of specific beings/personalities/objects/colors and combinations thereof, that are likely stored at a deep neural level the perps did not anticipate or could not then delete. It is most likely that the ongoing perp's relentless presentation of Favored and Unfavored subjects is likely to elicit deep neural subconscious reactions of these long past traumatization associations, which are thereby revealed in some bioenergetic way and remotely assayed in realtime. They also tell me that the relative size of persons and objects at the time of traumatization is important, hence the huge variance in vehicle sizes, as well as distance and orientation dependent games they put on.

    It appears that my current existence, and it is not a life, is to be harassed and abused in the perp's attempt to resolve the traumatizations they inadvertently incurred. This blithering fuck-up in attempting to delete my recall of their illegal and abusive medical intrusions from age two to six now begets a daily litany of abusive harassment in the form of;
    • hundreds of planted and swarming persons around me anytime I go outside (gangstalkers),
    • thousands of arranged vehicles, by color, type and design features anytime I am out walking on city thoroughfares or driving in a vehicle,
    • incessant planted noises in concert with my activities, right down as to exactly when I scratch my nose, read a specific word, make a typo correction, turn a light switch on etc. and
    • extra-conventional application of gravitic control to constantly abuse me in the form of faked touchings, vision impairments, imbalance, flashes of plasma and maser beams, pulling objects from my grasp, interfering with my normal perceptions, recall and vocabulary and entire daily function
    • planted thoughts and notions entirely unlike before this all began in 04-2002.
    There has been a 9 year long intense overt harassment campaign (as of 04-2011), aka "total harassment theater", by means of the the above mentioned seeming re-enactment of the past traumatization associations. If the deep traumatizations theory is true, these appear to be an impasse to whatever future plans the perps think they have for me. What that is exactly I don't know, but one can be certain that these ruthless and depraved cretins aren't undertaking remediation out of charity or "concern" for the victim, no matter how much of this is borne of their past abusive ineptitude.

    They could actually leave me alone, as I was doing fine until they intervened with the current overt harassment methods in 2002, along with the cock and bull story of making it seem as if there was a clinical cause, which there isn't. Naturally, a forced and illegal stay in a hospital, which is what they did for six months over 2002 and 2003, would serve their purposes for exposing me to this aspect of traumatization re-enactment, aka Unfavored events, beings and objects of a clinical nature, mentioned above.

    Let me be unequivocal, I don't need any intrusive psychopathic or otherwise deranged white knight to play juvenile stunts with extra-conventional gravity tricks to make "restitution". I am the one who to defines that for me. Being contained in a depraved nonconsensual human experimentation is not it. I have been abused and fucked with enough; pass the dough and stay out of my life, as it has been trashed plenty long enough. (03-25-2011).


    Anonymous said...

    They actually tested me out on some of these, and they aren't ones I usually get. For example, the baggy pants. They had one guy come in wearing baggy black sweat pants, and was chatting it up non-stop with the girl who worked there, as though the non-stop chatter was deliberate. And I had not gotten this before, at least not recently. It could actually be a cocky display of power on their part, though, and not actually a test. And this fellow was outside, pacing back and forth in front of the window, talking on the celly.

    Anonymous said...

    They also had a seemingly mildy retarded couple come in, an older couple, where the guy had a cane (unfavored). The woman was kind of arrogant, and saying slanderous stuff. I believe now this was part of the act set up the Them (the gods), as the young lady working there made an allusion to it with the young boys who came in to keep the lady "company". Interesting how the young lads left after I left the place. This tells me the young "lads" were in place as yet another demographic test by Them (the gods). And later when out walking, I had some dudes come out of the fire station just as I was walking past. The one dude was like "hey buddy. Are you goin' to [the place I usually eat]". I just told him I was already there. But apparently, he was part of the ground monitoring team by the perps, keeping tabs on where I was headed.

    Anonymous said...

    I guess this whole experience isn't nearly as "scary", knowing it's just experimentation and isolation and nothing but that. Well, that would be bad enough, but I had believed from the outset that the entire nightmare was due to someone getting revenge using large groups of stalkers. Of course, it was engineered that way by Them, to have me thinking it was revenge. One subset was that it was someone with a freemason family member who "put me on the list". I was told some perps are freemasons, but that Free Masons and Free Masonry has nothing to do with the Agenda.

    AJH said...

    Answer to: They actually tested me out...

    The perps sometimes arrange these freaks when I am with First Feral Family members, presumably to get a better neural energetic comparison. The blonde dreadlocks was arranged downtown in front of me and my mother once at least two years ago and the sickos are still working on this one as of three days ago.

    Another recent one was having me and the daffodil flower picking forewoman walking together from drop-off from the crew bus, and "happening" to be heading the same way, and lo, if they didn't put the white loose panted Fuckwit on in front of us. Presumably, this particular Unfavored visage needed to be compared to someone I am not related to, though had prior contact for two weeks. Thanks for the comments.

    AJH said...

    Answer to: I guess this whole experience...

    It is scary, as they could make one into a blabbering psychotic inside of a minute and the TI victim would be entirely convinced it was for real, having had access to their recent history totally blocked out.

    All these "reactions" to the Unfavored presentations and arrangements never happened before 04-15-2002 when the perps went overt/beserk on me in my apartment in Seattle, and then used my employer to grind me down and get me out of a job by year end. Slowly, the assholes then built up these "reactions" for me to have to their evident and relentless preoccupation with presenting these freaks and the rest of the Unfavored.

    I have an idea that the dreadlocks presentations are to emulate the snake box that Dr. Ewen Cameron applied to one child, Carol Rutz, described in her book, A Nation
    Betrayed. Worse yet, the fucker immobilized all her muscles with curare and THEN put her in the snake box so she couldn't remove herself. And as I was there in Montreal in 1956-57 and 1958-59, aged two and four respectively, so there is a very good chance the psychiatry-torturer did the same to me and other child victims.

    As mentioned in past postings, 99% of my permanent memories are deleted to age five, and someone must of known this at the time, as very few remain from the 1956-57 visit (as an only child), and absolutely none from the latter visit which is most odd as it would of reinforced the recall of the first visit (ice sculptures, endless snow etc.). And my younger brother was 11-17 months old at the time, and I don't remember him at all, there or anywhere else (except one vignette when he was younger in the prior summer in Northern BC where my father was doing his geological field work).

    It seems to me to me that Freemasons and all the other sundry secret groups are only bit players in this deranged abusive violation of civil rights, and probably rank at the level of shills for gangstalking. I have had the odd former cabinet minister gangstalking me, so there are likely higher ranking non-operative players as well. I even got to shake the hand of Prime Minister Chretien in around 1995 when there was an election campaign, so is is likely based on the writings of Susan
    Brice in Thanks for the Memories, that he too was in on this gig, though it was in covert mode then. Thanks for the comments.

    Anonymous said...

    I find the whole ordeal to be a miserable and lonely experience. Imagine being afraid of a simple trip to the mall, store, or sandwich shop, which normally should be pleasurable experiences. On top of that, going out on shopping trips could be hectic enough without all these gangstalking experiences. And the worst part about it, I find I can't "win" against these 'bots. They are complete wackos, most of them, yet they will simply play "blame the victim", which they can get away with, as there are such huge numbers of them. It's like you can't win. It's like the days of the Old West, where there is complete lawlessness, and people who play perp roles know they can get away with these crimes, and they know the damage they are doing. And it's cheap entertainment for deranged types who weren't smart enough to do anything other than torment victims of mind control. Yet they throw these types at us in droves. Again, huge numbers we can't win against.

    I used to love going to the mall and eating out. Now, I have to be hypervigilant about what type of freak or psychos I am going to me to activate my favored/unfavored "programming". Sometimes, the trips go relatively well, but there is always the harassment. Other times, I feel like it is hopeless.

    AJH said...

    Answer to: I find the whole ordeal to be...

    It is that in spades for me; someone 12" behind me in the stairwell an hour ago, and when I sped up going downstairs, he did too. In overalls with some patches on, like a tradesman, but at 1930h on a Saturday night? No trades van outside, and when I looked back to see who the fuck it was, there he was staring at me. And that is just getting out the door, not even at the mall, or other public space. There is no casual or free-to-explore notion about any public space I go to; get in, find the goods, and get out of the store ASAP. Thanks for the comments.

    Anonymous said...

    It seems that's what the "Establishment" wants these days. The past 2 weeks I had been doing some reading on the web about the decline of the shopping Malls; a lot are in decline or dying in favor of Walmart, Best Buy, and other Big Box type stores. They demolished my favorite mall 10 years ago. Now, there is a big Center there, with Wal Mart as the anchor. Big surprise there. Some of the former mall tenants are now part of the center. The center is on the former mall site.

    It seems that is the goal: to get shoppers in and out of there as quickly as possible, so these experiences as TI's reflect that design goal of theirs. They want money flow, and to do that, they need as many shoppers flowing in and out of there as possible.

    Back in the heyday when that mall was there, it was great, because malls are more conducive to the lingering and lounging around experience. I used to like going there to do a little walking around, and going to a restaurant to get a bite to eat, and then to the bookstore there. Now, they want you to get in and get the f*ck out as quickly as possible. They don't want us to have a comfortable experience.

    That Wal-Mart that is now there on the former mall site: I was driving past early in the morning hours. As I drove by it in the parking lot, I could see there were 5 dudes stationed to the right of the Wal-Mart entrance. It figures there would be loitering perps waiting there, as the whole emergence of big box retail stores, especially Wal Mart, seems to be part of their plan in the first place.

    No more comfortable shopping: just get in and out. That seems to be by design, too, and of course, the harassment is there to facilitate this.

    At the other mall across town, I had an experience with loitering gangstalkers last year. This year, it wasn't too bad. I figured walking through a mall as a TI would be a horrifying experience. I was there for a couple of days at the end of January, and it didn't go too bad. I was told a former "babe" was working in a store there, but that must've been bait to get me to go to the mall. And I never saw the said "babe"; they didn't even recognize the name when I went to the store where she supposedly worked. As TI's, this is a typical experience: being told certain things, like this, and there is a 50/50 chance it is a lie as part of the perps' false realities they keep us in.

    Anonymous said...

    There are a lot of outsiders who know about this harassment who find it amusing and smile about it. Like the one cop I told about the harassment. I told him I suspected powerful connected criminals were behind it. he just smiled about it, like chuckled about it. I asked if he could help prosecute whomever is behind the harassment, and he just said I have to get some leads as to who these perps are, and he could help me.

    Now, I seriously doubt he could help at all. In fact, it seems the same police were instrumental in getting me set up for this in the first place. Back in 2004, this same cop was pumping me for info as to where I was working, what kind of work I did, etc. Over the next two weeks afterwards, I found myself being phased out, and I the boss just approached me one day. He was all sad, like kinda choked up, and he said that regrettably, it isn't working out, and he decided to let me go. Interesting how soon after I told the informant cop about my employment there this layoff "happened".

    I've been mired in this bullshit for so long, I'm not sure I would know what to do if it stopped cold turkey all of a sudden. It is a huge operation: even on the Open Indiana mailing list archives, I've seen evidence the perps are involved getting those developers into their harassment against me. I can't go anywhere to escape it. It's like in those old haunted house or horror movies, where the victims finally escape the evil tormenting them, and are happy at last. But wait, the evil followed them to their new location. So much for escaping the Evil. I've had these experiences leaving town, for another far away, and to my great astonishment, there was a similar evil awaiting me in the new town. The style of harassment was slightly different, but I recognized at as the gangstalking I was trying to escape. That's even before I read that the harassment follows the victim wherever he or she goes. So I got to find this out first hand. That could be evidence that this is engineered this way.

    AJH said...

    Answer to: It seems that's what the...

    The public shopping experiences for TI's are grim, depending on the level of harassment prescribed for each TI. If they want me to take time and browse in a store, rare as it is, there will be a sudden paucity of gangstalkers and other planted weirds. The perps do like to arrange some heavily trafficked areas like malls and large department stores to be cast into bankruptcy, dereliction and later demolition, seeming to want to dig up the soil under which people walked, a familiar scenario they replay for me in the farm work I get. (For example, last year's potato picking with the tractor and picking machine going over the crop either days, hours or minutes of us hand picking for smaller potatoes the machine missed.)

    And the "dashed expectations" setup is long familar; a planted notion of a known person working at a location, and then finding it not to be at all. I don't know what the perps get from this, but I am routinely gangstalked in the stores when set up to get a certain common item only to find it is not there for some curious reason.

    Thanks for the comments.

    AJH said...

    Answer to: There are a lot of outsiders....

    The police are no help at all, that much is clear, and seem to act as the perps's real world enforcers/jerks. I don't know how this has been going on, but in a telephone conversation with a TI who suffered brutal treatments as a child orphan in Quebec, and who escaped from these places only to be rounded up by the police each time, told me that he would tell the police about what was going on in the orphanages (terminal human experimentation, murder, beatings, sexual abuse - look up Duplessis Orphans). And they just blew him off and delivered him back to the location he had escaped from. This was in the 1950's, so I am quite sure it hasn't got any better for TI's now, especially when the perps have broadened and intensified their overt activities all over the world in the past ten years. Thanks for the comments.

    Anonymous said...

    With regards to the police and their refusal to help TI's, it seems all higher level government officials take the same line: that there is nothing they can do. The perps seem to be acting in the interest in various large companies, and the government does depend on those companies and whatever the interests the perps are acting in. So, everyone seems to just play along with the rules and regulations of the perps, or they are too afraid to get involved, for fear of upsetting the powerful people the perps feed off of.

    Anonymous said...

    And that mall that was torn down... there was a farm there before the excavation was made for it to be a mall. That was back in 1964 or so. As a kid, there always was something "funny" I felt going down route 30 to the mall. I guess I could fell the "vibes" from the farm that used to be there. Something about the ghostly psychic remains of the farm itself, and all the animals that lived there. I went there tonight, to the Walmart that is now on the former mall site, which is now part of a power center on the site. Even then, I could still "visualize" the fountain with the 30 foot "gusher" that used to be in the mall. No wonder I get gangstalked so thickly there (by the Wal Mart employees, as well as other "shoppers"/perps). Well, they had employees sitting outside the store, too, no doubt to correlate the past energies through me as well as the inside/outside gangstalkers.

    Here is a photo of the fountain in the now-demolished mall:

    It's at least two stories high. The following picture has to be from the 60's sometime. Yet, there is a young woman sitting in front of the fountain, a sight that is common to me these days:

    The farm that was situated along Lincoln Highway:

    And to think the farm was demolished to make way for the mall (in the 60's), which itself was demolished in 2003 or so to make way for the current power center.

    One of a dozen or more demolition photos:

    I'm sure it is a matter of time until the Power Center is demolished to make way for something else on the site.

    AJH said...

    Answer to: With regards to the police...

    I don't claim to know what the ties are between the perps and the police, but it is total and complete control. As for government, very similar; if an area in a park is needed for a cell tower, why, an order-in-council amendment goes through and it is done. (Mt. Douglas Park in Saanich, back in 1970's). That means no bill or debate, just cabinet approval. I often wonder why some governments do reversals and dumbshit things, and it might be the perp gang yanking their chain. Even the ongoing rampant child abuse at Mt. Cashel Orphanage in Newfoundland was known at the provincial (state in the US) level and they did absoutely squat.

    This stuff "happens" all over the world, and goes on for decades, so it does make me wonder if there isn't supported by the sickos who have no compulsions about human rights, civil law etc. Thanks for the comments.

    AJH said...

    Answer to: And that mall that was...

    Too bad about the Greengate Mall, it looks to be a grand place to shop and had leading US designers and developers behind it. As I have mentioned in some blogs, the perps have a big agenda over provenance (where things come from), and that would include farmed crops, and even items on the store shelf. They constantly have me circulate where I get the same items from; LD, then the supermarket, then the new Walmart (very big one) a mile away all over fricking mouthwash as one example. What is a Power Center? Thanks for the comments.

    Anonymous said...

    Power Center:

    It's a lot like the arrangement of the stores inside an enclosed mall, but everything is arranged outside in a strip-mall like fashion. They have quite a few of the former Greengate tenants as part of the outside strip mall. It's kind of nice, but not as nice as the enclosed mall was. I miss the big fountain.

    It seems that Greengate's management didn't want to spend the money to expand the place and do major renovation work, so one by one, retailers started leaving. Sad, really. It was a kind of small, yet grand, place. I suppose the principle of "Critical mass" could apply here. Maybe it was simply a little too small to be self-sustaining. If under the size threshold, it doesn't make enough money to justify expansion. There was another mall 5 miles to the east constructed 10-15 years later, and that effectively siphoned quite a lot of business away from Greengate.

    My parents used to take me to the "other" mall when I was still a child, and I thought it to be superior at the time. It was the thinking of "bigger is better", and this mall was bigger than the critical mass threshold, and underwent all kinds of expansions. Meanwhile, Greengate's management didn't want to spend the money. Again, a little under the money-making threshold, not enough to justify major renovations. And it's kind of interesting to see how the law of diminishing returns works here.

    That Wal Mart as part of the "power center" is bigger than any others I've been in, yet certain categories of items are very bare. For example, the shelves that were supposed to hold notebooks, college-ruled, as well as lead and ink pens, were almost bare. Yet they had more of the other stuff that other Wal Marts didn't have. I think it's a waste of space, and the store employees are more involved in the gangstalking thing. The cashier at the checkout counter was not very friendly. I'm finding this to be true of other Wal Marts as well. They used to say that back in the day, the store employees were much friendlier. These employees are either idiot perps are just plain lacking in personality. I think this is just the result of the Big Corporation mindset at work here. Or maybe it's a socio-economic shift, that the nicer people have higher paying jobs, and Wal Mart tends to take the "leftovers", the dregs who don't care about customers, and just drag themselves to work. No wonder I get perped there by store employees so much. It's the cold, uncaring corporate chain.

    But then Wal Mart as a whole is large enough to sustain itself for a long time. The only advantage Wal Mart has over the malls is the 24 hours thing. Other than that, I find them pretty shitty.

    AJH said...

    Answer to: Power Center....

    Now I know; haven't seen any here yet, nor did I see any in Seattle-Everett when living there. Strictly a vehicle ownership consideration, even if to pack the goods home. Not that my income supports vehicle ownership, nor much acquisition these days. Walmart does show up on the perp radar plenty; even in name dropping, though I don't go there much as it isn't on my walking beat, and in terms of my "mind share", nearly everything they sell I get at other locations that are closer and come to mind more readily. Thanks for the comments.