Sunday, December 09, 2018

Sticky Negro at Work

A negro wall covering tradesman was hounding my ass at work yesterday, a Monday, the usual day for escalated perp fuckery. Said fellow was working on wall coverings, and on one room I was working on, both his appearances seemed totally gratuitous. Hanging around, admiring my work cart for crissakes, and then fumbling around and handling one of my tools. For his second act, timed perfectly just when I started applying PL glue, and after his dissembling banter, he then declared he wanted to use the door to outside which was blocked by a tradesman's ladder. How fucking lame was that, when no one uses that door anyhow?

In the afternoon we met up again in another room where the same negro was putting on wall covering ahead of me so that I could then put on the chair railings afterward. A skunky looking Asian joined him as well, who took it upon himself to borrow my tin snips for crissakes. The three of us nattered on and off, each doing our respective jobs and got along fine. I find it interesting that the perps put on negro stalkers from time to time, all the more evident in that they are as rare as hen's teeth in these here parts. But I suppose some are going to show up somewhere, especially in a trades situation where many trades are converging, often with personnel from across Canada.

A visit to the oncologist in Kelowna today, and the news is mixed. My PSA score went up a little, deviating from the expected trajectory of it going down some more, below 1.0. My summertime PSA was 1.2, and it went up to 1.4 last week. So... more doubt, (aka big time FUD) as another test is scheduled in three months, and depending on the result, a possible further test with a radioactive tracer in Vancouver. The perps just love that shit; having radioactive tracers clinically injected and then a following scan. Two bone scans in 2016-17 needed technetium, and the SPECT scans of 2001 before the assholes went berserk/overt in 04-2002. And a seemingly needless MRI in 2000. Woohoo... another dimension to perp fuckery is radioactive tracer infusion with a following scan. As if being irradiated daily by a conformal beam gamma ray beam for 6 weeks last year wasn't enough.

And it was too much; based on my yoga competency I finally feel I am pulling out of the hole the radiotherapy treatment put me into. With a big assist from my ADD Rx, started 07-2018. Though I still have infuriating side effects that I won't go into, and today's visit to the oncologist didn't provide any optimism. Another year  possibly he says.

A tattoo-free new yoga instructor yesterday. (So it would seem that the prior instructor's tattoos were too disgusting for the perps to gain whatever intelligence they were looking for while I avoided this grotesque Unfavored visage). I have encountered this instructor before, and she is decidedly worth looking at. (And she "happened" to be at the SOF supermarket for two of my visits in the prior four weeks). From 15 yogis per class regularly and now it is suddenly down to 6 of us. I cannot see that she would deter attendance, as it was a good work out. And as it "happened" the only yogi who says hello to me was in the foyer when I arrived, she having finished her class. She also has the distinction of the only yogi with whom I have had physical contact in class as a result of a one time instruction session about two years ago. Interesting that this yogi now only shows up at these transitional junctures almost exclusively.

Just when I was figuring that this construction gig was done, why, a new task in attending to the "deficiencies" as they call them in the business. In this case, mill work installation that isn't up to scratch in the eyes of the general contractor. I have cleaning and caulking on my list. Though this didn't occur as straightforwardly as it seems. First the foreman said there wasn't much to do, so I was to install chair rails only partially in two rooms that weren't finished. I get the work cart all ready, tools and supplies, get it up to the floor, and then I a call from the foreman that there is a "deficiency list" to attend to. So... I retrieve the work cart, put the tools and supplies away, and then attend to my new task that continued all week. The off-then-on again stunt, this time with employment termination injected into the mix. Been there, done that, and all in keeping with the perp's insane prerogative over the employment theme.

What is it about stalkers on on my ass at every turn, literally, as I make turns at certain corridor corners especially at the hospital construction site? Yes, these are central locations that hundreds, if not thousands, of personnel, patients and vistors will make  when the building is occupied for decades to come. So just leave me the fuck out of it as I don't realy expect to be there very often, if at all. And what is it about the perps and their insane hospital theme they need to keep hammering me with?

This three time loser -(Penticton Herald newspaper, and Ignani is his handle should the link disappear) from a shithole state; now in the local news for kidnapping a couple and then when the trial starts (featured locally), one of kidnap victims skips the country, and the other cannot remember a thing in court (she claims) and has disavowed her police statement at the time. Is this some kind of joke or what? How  could anyone ever forget such a traumatic incident? The shitholer has already done 42 months in jail, awaits another trial for assault in jail, and is now in the middle of this court farce for 10 counts related to his kidnapping of the couple. No doubt this woman's "memory failure" is on account of the kidnapper's further nefarious dealings, as in threats or cash.

Lets check out the kidnapper's total past and future taxpayer tab: 42 months at $150k/year in jail. Then this trial and the next one; likely to be another $500k in legal and incarceration costs that this mofo has rung up by the time he is sentenced. And then this $1m loser cannot be sent back to where he came from (say the immigration apologists) because he might be executed in Iran. I say fuck it; let the Iranians deal with their very own spawn and have them do us all a favor. The limp-wristed do-gooding limousine liberals that created this legal absurdity need a wake-up call to stop acting like ruinous spendy naive boy scouts and  to demonstrate some gumption in dealing with such financial squandering. (The said kidnapper's trade seems to be drug trafficker, so do we need this shitholer anyhow?) Trump has got it right on this one, as profane and crude as he is. As for Canada, we won't ever get it, as the bleating media hasn't got the gumption of a wet rag. Nor will we ever get anything close to a Trump, as sorely as it is needed. Talk about pressing all my buttons.

I am doing a lot of caulking this week, laying a bead of just the right size of sealant at the join of counter and wall surfaces, matching my caulking gun travel speed with the trigger pressure, which is also moderated by the size the the gap that I see coming up. It gets very zen, pulling all these dynamic parameters into play and doing it right. And just when I get there, why, some kind of interruption then "happens" to screw it up, often just a little, but a disruption all the same. "Somehow" I need to make an extra step, I run into something, my fingers somehow just don't do what I want etc. and the caulking bead "somehow" goes too thin or thick or else the irregularly bead globs up. (All fixable by later (many) iterative passes with moistened fingers and cloths, but more work all the same). And have I mentioned before how much the perps just love to disrupt a zen moment, or otherwise level of competence attainment just so they can fuck it up and cause extra work and perturb me, sometimes to extreme levels (though not at a paid job)? And just what is their problem that they simply must jerk me around as soon as competence/total task engagement develops?

And what is it about other tradesmen, sometimes tradeswomen, who "need" to lean on my work cart at the hospital construction site? Usually it takes place in the elevator, a more compressed room if you will, where someone puts their hand on my work cart that has my tools and supplies on it. Like WTF; it isn't as if they are off balance, or the work cart is shoved up beside them, but they do this, perhaps 2-4x/week. It must be some kind of energetic comparison, where this shill/operative needs to replicate their interaction with the same work cart. That is, replicate and have it compared to me, with me having pushed it into position, though not necessarily touching it at that moment they are.

The most egregious example of this work cart touching games last week was this apparent electrician, a woman who came along and plopped her paper plans on my work cart while I was about 4' away, and no one else was around. (I was attending to a room's "deficiencies", and not even close to an elevator). She doesn't look up, doesn't ask, just "happens" by and dumps her papers on my cart for a minute or two. Fucking rude, and just as bad as the E. Indians on the work site. Which, in speaking with the general contractor superintendent, seems to be a common complaint with that lot. It isn't just me.

Enough rants for the week, and to wind down my last week as a construction laborer. Though I really don't have any complaints, as it is much more interesting than vineyard work.

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Blood Test Day

Blood test at the hospital today, next door to where I am working in construction on the new 6 floor extension.  And in keeping with the consistent fuckery over such events, the assholes hit me with two forced forgets. I "forgot" wallet with the all important health care card, and also "forgot" my cell phone, used for clocking in at work. A never-before double forget mind fuck. I drove home at our coffee break at 0900h and retrieved both. And to no surprise, the vehicular gangstalking was intense, as were the vehicular cluster-fucks at intersections. The is the norm when heading home during regular work hours to deal with forced "forgets", mid-day appointments etc.

Prior to coffee break, a confluence four other tradesmen came into this 5m x 3m room where I was working. I had been there late yesterday all by myself, and no one was around. And in addition, my boss came around too.

I took my blood test at the day's end, about 1500h, and this time I was the only one there. Usually there is some 10-15 people ahead of me, along with staff activity. One such activity is for someone to enter or exit an adjacent doorway, and in doing so, cause the wall to shake, and thereby, my seat back as well. The lab tech seemed particularly distant and cursory for some reason. As always, I never give off any vibe or like for this to occur, and yet it "happens" with such consistency that I wonder if there isn't some kind of telltale identifying field around me that others can see, and I cannot.

Yoga yesterday, another interesting show, again heavy on the tattoos, truly an Unfavored sight. This time the tattoo-ed instructor wore long sleeves and hid most of hers, so instead I had the woman beside me doing  a full arm show. Fucking disgusting IMHO. I also got skunked from my usual mat location by a new Asian male yogi, surely another one installed who will likely pass through this shit show, as so many do.

After yoga, a new "practice" of the class members is to swarm me afterward. For the past five years the class members held back, as if commanded by some common agent, and I was in the change area alone for the most part. Now, a sudden change in post-yoga behavior and I am now swarmed in short order. One attractive woman who was turning around to go gives me a sharp look for whatever reason from 8' away and I stare back without any acknowledgement or change in countenance. (I internalize these directed stares with a "fuck you, what is there to look at" notion). As usual, I get to feel like a constant freak, and yet there is no reason for this common behavioral event that erupts and is directed at me. And all this began in 04-2002 when the perps first went berserk/overt on me.

Immediately after this eye contact with the attractive woman, three dudes from the yoga class swarm in front of her to block my view, or otherwise intervene in the space between me and her. (She was heading out the door then anyhow). Which then illustrates another long standing perp stalking stunt; have my view of the babe (Favored) be replaced by a dude, or dudes (Unfavored, both) in this case. Though, this stalking stunt vignette was complexed with the above mentioned piss-off of having her glare at me for absolutely no reason. And what in the fuck was that about, and why does it play out so consistently for 16 years of this insane choreographed abuse-athon that I have been cast into?

The construction work site is winding down with a whole lot less trades dudes about. But the heavy stalking at every turn I make when transiting the corridors and at elevators from a consistent group 10 or so is just too obvious for words. Sometimes the same stalking Fuckwit "happens" to pop out from the same door when I am making the same corner in the same direction, 20 minutes apart. (I am usually fetching supplies for others, so I often cover the same beat at frequent intervals).

The radiotherapy side effect damage, aka, ass-leaking that has dogged me for 10 months has somehow been increased of late. I went home at lunch, and yet again, any mid-work day transiting began hordes of heavy vehicular gangstalkling.

Another gangstalking plague that has been noted at the work site in prior postings are the E. Indian cleaner workers. Yet again, there they were at every floor when I starting a new task. Yesterday, they upped their coverage yet again, by descending on our trade office when I was about to have lunch there. As soon as I saw that set-up, I got the hell out and had lunch outside, which was warmer that it had been of recent weeks.

As work seems to be winding down, despite what the boss man says, I took some of my stuff home, and lo, yet again, I find that someone stole some of my special cobalt steel 6" long drill bits, this from my second order; 3 in fact. This time it has to be someone in-house, as I locked them up every night after the first theft of my 6" drill bits (from the first order). Earlier someone stole 10 drill bits from the little box that was routinely left  on the work cart. They had opened up the box, removed the drill bits and then put the box back where it was normally placed.

I thought about these drill bit thefts some more this evening, and concluded, in the absence of a confession, that the circumstantial evidence points to my skulking Russian co-worker of the last 8 weeks. Only he knew I wasn't using the first order of drill bits as they were too large diameter, and presumably felt comfortable stealing them all as he knew I had switched to smaller diameter drill bits that were store purchased. The second order of 6" drill bits, a length that one never sees in retail stores, were smaller diameter and arrived later. (After unexpected and considerable delays in delivery). He also had access to where there were stored in a locked cabinet overnight. And too, he would of also known of my habit of not retrieving the drill bits from the storage box until I needed a new one, often weeks later. I routinely kept the one in use on the cart until it became too dull, and, he knew that too, and felt comfortable stealing the bits from the storage box as there would be a latency of discovery by a week or more.

And what is with the medication intake fuckery now? After two years of taking them at the same time every day, suddenly I "forget"?

And too, what is with the lunch spoon fuckery. I routinely pack my titanium spoon with my lunch, and have done for over 5 years, and suddenly I "forget"? The deal with this is that the former folding titanium spoon, which had a "habit" of folding unexpectedly, (read psychopathic perp intervention) became my back up spoon that was kept in my pack should the replacement (single piece, also titanium) spoon be "forgotten". Well, four such "forgets" in two weeks, with the back up spoon being available, isn't normal, and is nothing less than  blatant mind fuckery. And likely for the purposes for some kind of comparison, as the metal content and type (and presumably, energetics) of eating utensils and my food digestion has long been of interest to these assholes. And presumably, the titanium source in each soon instance was from differing smelters and ore supplies, or whatever the other parameters these assholes are pursuing while they run and ruin my life to the most possible degree.

And the number of maser eruptions has increased of late at the hospital work site. Very often there is automatic door opening hardware (motor, wires, aluminum box) over the door, from which an eruption of blackish filamentous "stuff" just erupts and comes at me. The perps are nuts when I enter and exit doors, and are very often a prime gangstalking site for their shills and operatives to circulate around me, and sometimes hold me up while some kind of excuse is made for them to delay. This time, they seem to be replacing the gangstalkers with their magnetic beams and fields. It is my contention that the gangstalkers are placed for their energetic interactions (among other reasons such as view blocking), as bio-field interference agents, whose bio-field would interfere and interact with mine, and from which some kind of measurement or detection can be remotely determined. Only when they are confident in the baseline of energetic interaction study, at a certain site or regular path, do they back off and then start using their technological means such as magnetic beams such as masers and plasma beams. Which also explains that the stalking and fuckery is always intense whenever I am first in a new location or circumstance, say, new job. Just my observation.

And I see that the assholes are still at their pill (medication) color fuckery games. My ADD Rx, re-started in 07-2018, and of a black and transparent capsule with orange microspheres visible through the transparent part, has now been switched to a generic form. This new form is an all orange colored capsule with white micro-spheres inside. And here we are, now 16.5 years into this protracted and senseless abuse-athon, and here are they are still putzing with my medication color. These been the same medications that were suspended for 16 years due to their fucking insane and illegal interventions when they first went berserk/overt in 04-2002. Get a grip assholes, and get the fuck out.

Enough venom unloaded for a week, and to see what the next will bring.