Monday, July 24, 2006

On Blondes +minor 03-12-2009 updates

This post is going to cover some old ground and consolidate the blonde gangstalker action that I frequently get. And to be precise, it is Caucasian blonde women that the perps like to plant around me as some kind of benchmark/baseline for whatever their purpose is.

Included as blondes are both gangstalkers and their images; even the iconic celebrity ones such as Paris Hilton, whose images show up regularly in my internet news troving. And no, I am not a "fan" of hers, but nor do I disparage her either. I have no idea what it takes to live life in the public fishbowl that she does, but I am certain some genuine credit is due.

One of my planted Seattle "girlfriends" of the perps from 2001 to 2002 was a blonde and I still see her likeness here in Victoria from time to time, four years later. And she may be more prevalent than I know as the perps can re-arrange facial and body shape as a disguise I have come to know personally (to me). (Also called shape-shifting, though I use the term "morphover"). My past blogs featured recent blonde events; with Asian women nearby, and so it would seem there is some kind of transference of the eternal/infernal "something" that the perps are after.

In my case, blondes may carry less trauma associations; none of my family are blonde, and it would seem that there has been past traumatizations from their "parenting style", aka abusive, that may have created past negative associations with hair color even. And in my developmental years, the irradiations have made me more anxious than normal, and more susceptible to making such associations at the time. A good part of the perp's work seems to involve tests to re-invoke these traumatizations, possibly at a sub-conscious level that I am unaware of. With the perp's realtime deep brain monitoring, they can tell more than I would know. And, in a positive way, the perps seem to be repairing their past neurological travesties to some extent, as I am not as taxed by some things as I was. I am sure that remediation isn't their real objective, it only becomes doable in their relentless and depraved quest of trashing my existence.

My theory as to why the perps like to use blondes as an introductory gangstalker is extensively discussed in the Summary of the Favored and Unfavored blog posting. The essence is that blondes do not appear to have any subconscious traumatization association, and hence, are deemed a Favored demographic group, one of the few, as most are Unfavored.

Another "blonde" event was when me and my family were at my ex-wife's for dinner, and a friend of my daughter (16 yo) arrived with her to wait as her father was to pick her up owing to a schedule "mixup". And it so happened that she was blonde, and she stayed standing in the foyer where the entire family could see her, and presumably interreact with these very obvious irradiations. I thought it odd that the two girls didn't retreat to my daughter's room as they enjoy their privacy from the adults. Anyhow, she stood waiting there for 15 minutes or so before her father arrived. Most odd, a whole family gangstalk with an added blonde (gangstalker)/benchmarker in the mix before the Feral Family dinner.

I won't get into more personal detail, and nor do I know exactly what benefits from the perp's perspective that blondes confer. But it is not over by any means; today's visit to the grocery store got me two cashiers, one supposedly training the other; one was very blonde, the other partial. Obviously the perps are attempting some kind of transference of the eternal/infernal "something" between them and me. Minutes before this the perps had operatives as store staff (three men), uniformed in white, running ahead, behind (right on my tail) and beside me in their extra energetic telltale lean forward way. (Men are Unfavored, as are those dressed in white clinical clothing).

I call this seeming transference of blonde qualities (Favored) to the other gangstalker (Unfavored) by a few names; blonde auric glow, blonde auric penumbra (a fancy cosmological term for a shadow), and "blonde goodness". As an example, when I did a summer (2008) job in farm laboring work, they had a very dishy blonde woman on the crew for my intial three days of work, and she never came back again after that. This is common; a new venue almost always brings an "introductory" blonde, as if it is a neccessary entre for the perps to use. Invariably, the Unfavored persons/gangstalkers will cluster around the "introductory blonde" to bathe in her glow, or comingle with her energies or some such interpretation.

It isn't a big deal to see the planted blonde gangstalkers, and in fact, it is one of the more benign games that I am witness to. I hope this provides sufficient explanation of what I repeatedly witness and experience and how it might fit in with the entire orchestrated existence that I am kept in.

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