Thursday, May 18, 2006

Natterings on the Noisescape & Colorscape

Living in an apartment block is an open invitation to noise, even if a steel and concrete one. In my situation, where 100's of extra noise events are planted near me each day as part of the continued harassment activty, an apartment block is a gold-mine for noise cover stories.

Currently, it is noise AND zappings simultaneously, the latter being the most problematic as I cannot tolerate this form of abuse even if it is for a second or two, as it usually is. All my muscles become immediately energized and it is highly disruptive to say the least. Today, the perps are "working" on the garbage chute "jam" for the third time in a year. This act, usually preceded by a stinking pong in the hallway, is the cover story for more activity in the form of clunking noises and people's voices (a common noise form) to continue outside my door. And for some reason, my upstairs and W. side "neighbors" have taken to whacking the floor and walls as if in sympathy with the aforementioned garbage chute noise. It is simply amazing how many noises will concurrently erupt, especially coordinated ones between neighbors of different floors. And as I type this, a siren noise has started up with no emergency vehicles appearing on the only major thoroughfare nearby, which I can see.

Note that I use the term "neighbors" as a putative cover for the sources of noise around me. Even if this is a 14 suite/floor ten storey building, I do not believe that there is anyone else living in this apartment block except for some possible harassment personnel. (Or another harassee possibly). My reasons are varied, but the main reason is that this building is being obviously irradiated with some kind of energy. If one merely stands still and views a wall, door etc. there is this vibratory pulsating look that is pervasive anywhere I go. To be honest, I only frequent the 4th (my apartment/cell), the 3rd (laundry room), main (for mail) and the parkade (vehicle access). That is four of eleven floors counting the parkade. Each floor I frequent has this irradiative appearence and it could be the entire building. When the perps pulled the 0400h fire alarm stunt a few months back, there were very few "residents" waiting in the street. The parkade seems have unusual patterns of vehicle usage and parking distribution. In my last apartment, where it was easier to detect adjacent neighbor activity (wood frame construction), they emptied all the nearby suites, including that of the owner-manager next door, save a few daytime hours for him. This same vibratory color/appearence/fog was very evident in the dark red carpeted hallways.

The address is 1039 View St., Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and I would appreciate from among the 1000's of gangstalkers in this city, if someone could fill me in on what is really happening to me, this building and anything else they know.

Yesterday there was a fire alarm inspection where a ladder bearing technician tested the alarm which happened to be the very moment that I was viewing an ancient address of mine that was somehow resurrected even if I submitted changes to all parties, Ebay and Pay Pal both. (I get noisestalked everytime I logon to sites with my username and password). Later in the evening I went back to this same screen with its ancient address information of mine, to update it as well as set up my credit card information to push a payment onto the recalcitrant Ebay vendor that I got stuck with. (No communication from him over a week later, despite my two polite missives).

And I should mention the sheer profusion of ladder carrying vehicles in this city, or more likely, anytime that I am driving about. There are the ubiquious white trades vans with stacks of ladders on their roof racks, and then those in pickup trucks, one end at the tailgate, the other over the cab usually in a 45 degree (or so) angle to the horizontal. My understanding of weather engineering (see link) is to point grounded tubes skyward, so perhaps the ladders are a localized energy perturbance that the perps measure (rungs as tubes). And also, this provides for various color samplings; there are the aluminum finish ladders (not unlike the silver grey of my vehicle color and the multitude of associated gangstalk vehicles), as well as the nonconductive stringer ladders usually in orange or yellow. (Today, a pickup was carrying bundled one inch OD 12' tubes no less). And both those latter colors seem to be "problem colors" in addition to brown, green and red. Also, there has been a flurry of yellow colored vehicular gangstalkers as well as yellow dressed ambulatory gangstalkers of late.

The above yellow vehicular gangstalk activity maybe coordinated with the local brush weed called "broom" which is currently flowering in great profusion, yellow of course. Some road centerlines (in yellow) have been needlessly repainted recently, now for the third time in four years.

Another noisescape addition of greater activity is people calling out in the street for no seeming reason save their exuberance. This began as a Friday or Saturday event to comply with the cover story of rowdy revellers in the streets finding their way home. But of late, it has been expanded to 0730h timings, and even now, 2030h on a Thursday. My understanding of voice hearing is that it is processed by the limbic system to decode any emotional content, which raises the suspicion that the perps are dynamically researching my deep brain (limbic) tissues for 100% mind-control instead of the 99% they seem to have.

Anyway, that is about all the news for now, dull as it would be for anyone who is not a TI.

03-2009 Update
The noise is a predominant part of the harassment all the more. Even my earmuffs, worn to reduce the outside noise, have a ringing din in them that slowly builds up, and they now also click and pop all by themselves. I have never had a noisier pair of earmuffs in my life. Even my wool toque now gets tagged as a noise source and crackles at my ears. Of late, they even have the wind "somehow penetrating" my toque to make yet more noise at my ears.

About two years ago the perps started the Snap, Crackle, Pop noises that accompany any movements I may make, from dawn to dusk. They made out that it came from my shoulders even if there was no accompanying sensation. But before long that wasn't good enough, and now this noise can emanate from at least eight joints from my ankles, knees, hips and on up. And I should note that I have never been more flexible in my joints, possibly from yoga once per week, and perhaps with an assist from the tormentors who seem to now be able to remotely manipulate musclature and joints to be more flexible.

Another major noise "upgrade" (read, increased harassment) was assigning noises to my mouth that never occured before, or if they did, it was rare. I now get creaking in my neck, saliva squirting around in my mouth (making a noise while "happening"), fake teeth clashing (no actual contact, just the noise thereof), jaw clicking and popping, squeaks and chirps from tongue movement and a few other noises planted as if coming from my mouth when there was no prior history. I assume this is to get noise heard, but not through my ears, and it seems to confer advantages to the assholes who plant this on me every waking second of the day.

Similarly, clothing and bedding now makes noise. My regular Levi jeans make whiffling sounds as if they were corduroy, which they are not. My coat does the same thing and it never did before, made of smooth microfiber material. Towels now squeak whenever I press them to my face to dry myself. My pillows constantly creak and make crackling noise at my ears when I like my head down on them to go to sleep.

All regular activities of placing objects down or picking them up come with extra clanging and banging as well as extra noise volume. I will place a mug down smoothly and cautiously so that it is placed once, and yet the planted noises are assigned as if it bounced and rapped twice or more on the surface. It will be obvious that it made a single noise in its placement but this isn't good enough for the assholes who even make it sound as if music was being placed with three to five separate noises when objects are put down on the kitchen counter. Invariably I yell at them when there is a significant difference between the expected noise and the one they assigned to the event.

All vehicular road traffic noise is amplified; I am now 6 stories up and it sounds like I am at street level. Vehicles that have loud mufflers are assigned a protracted noise decay that goes for far longer than it would if it were natural as they are blocks away and yet continue to make noise. A new "driving habit" since early 2007 has been to have vehicles with a loud noise signature continue to rev higher and higher as they get further away to keep up the noise level but changing the pitch. All loud vehicles started this at about the same time, another curiousity that doesn't bother the perpetrators.

As for the colorscape, I get constant plasma (colors) and masers (black wispy trails and flashes) in my vision all the time. If I have been viewing a certain color, and they want to retest me in short order, they will flash some plasma of that color, often in my peripherial vision, though often straight on. Of late they seem to be placing yellow in lines of text to test me about something, possibly as to how I can detect it.

I often get stroboscopic assaults; they will bounce it off my glasses, off the wall, or if I close my eyes they can even flash it by direct cortical or occular access. Anytime there is dappled shade of a tree they will enhance the variable light conditions to be stroboscopic.

I live in a totally environmentally controlled bubble that has been perverted to be more intrusive and annoying, sometimes intensely so. I have no choice in it, and my tormentors/thought police continue to impose this insane experimentation without my consent. If you think we live in a free country, Canada or the USA you are sadly mistaken. This is the kind of abuse the shadow organizations dish out, and can covertly apply if they chose. In my case, because they wish to advance their research agenda, it seems that they have elected to overtly violate my existence at every turn and moment.

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