Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Bumping Gangstalkers

I finished up my psychological testing today as part of my grovelling for training funds to support computer upgrade courses for the fall and next year. As part of the deal I went back to Wheelchair Central, the Disabilities Resource center and did those same tests that I took in 1998, and perhaps some in 1988. Almost every ten years it would seem, and all because the assholes deem this for part of the harassment show.

One of the male back-and-forth gangstalkers visible from inside the glass fronted office backed into me at the coffee area where I went to find the test supervisor. The same fucking identical move my boss man pulled on me five days ago, backing into me while I was passing behind him, because I had no other place to cross paths. Again, the sorry bullshit, and it goes to show how desperate the Surrepticious Sickos are, having their Fuckwits feign inadvertent collisions, ambulatory of course. The good news is that there isn't another day and a half of testing like originally planned. Only 1.5 days, instead of 3 days of testing, though it strikes me as odd that they could get the time estimate 50% too large. Anyhow, it is done and then the report in a couple of weeks, and hopefully my own biases will be affirmed and I can get onto what I have been telling them all the time; Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Oracle Database Administrator courses. Picking up a Cognos BI course would be nice too, not to mention UML modelling and business analysis. Any sponsors out there? Such luck, as in no such thing.

And I did my cleaning job tonight; it is becoming routine, but one that isn't too onerous and the imposed fuckups and "forgets" are lessening thankfully. The boss man is continuing his terse poker face act and then brightens up in the last five minutes of the job. I don't think I am supposed to figure him out because he will change it again. In this spook world, where one's predilections and interests are under intense perp research activity, any perception about someone's personality is food for being mutable in order to both play mind-fuck games (confuse me), and also to ensure that the first perceptions were totally wrong. The perps get considerable mileage out of setting me up to be totally taken in; it could be a string of planted "logical thoughts" that lead to a certain perception, or even a fact, such as what day of the week it is, also a fuckable perception since late 2004.

But the real action was after the cleaning job's completion and my 10 minute walk back to this apartment, stopping in at the local supermarket on the way. They had at least 12 gangstalkers on me in the first block, including a woman with long straight blonde hair, and then the vagrant acts hanging around, and then when in the store, two dudes loitering at my first stop in the chocolate section. This is where they had some blonde gangstalkers some four months back, and now they have upped the gangstalker profile to be from the Unfavored shiftless dudes demographic group. Then onto my next stop in the supermarket, cheddar cheese, and there was another dude just hanging around there. I turn to walk along the cooler case some 8' to get goat milk, and lo, if they didn't plan a six strong dude swarm, thankfully only momentarily. Then I get the goat milk without breaking stride and go through the produce section with another eight poseurs standing around, and then get to a checkout, only to find there was a big obstruction fuck, and four "people" ahead of me. So, I am obliged to wait it out, some five minutes wasn't too bad, and while doing so, I get the dude doing the verbal play-by-play routine on all he observes behind me with a shopping cart. Then he does the accidentally-on-purpose bumping act, pushing his cart into my plastic basket.

And it seems that the metal frame and construction of shopping carts is a prime gangstalker prop, hence the plethora of vagrant acts pushing them in my proximity, and often clustering on my walking path. I note at the car dealership where I do the hour cleaning job each day that they put two shopping carts in the very congested Parts section, moving them around in differing orientations with vary amounts and juxtapositions of brown cardboard boxes and brown wrapped autobody parts. Some more Mazda hoods came in today, all in a base black color and set inside a brown cardboard half-box so the hood could be seen with the box material edging it to ensure it wouldn't get damaged in transit. Invariably they turn these large autobody parts around and present the brown cardboard side another day, or move it so it has a different cardinality as to its placement. And I note yet more large brown cardboard boxed or brown paper wrapped autobody parts are stored in the aisles of the Parts section, making it more difficult to navigate one's way without contacting some of them.

At the car dealership in the Service garage they also arrange the vehicles in a cluster to ensure there are only multiple narrow passage ways between them, making for many routes to take the garbages out and the brown plastic mop pail (on wheels). It just doesn't make any sense as to why they would park vehicles in such a tight cluster, and of course, in their favorite gangstalking color configurations; red vehicles among white colored ones, then deep green blue, then a deep blue green, and working the colors again, those that we all have as colors of body organs and substances. So far, they are working in a light brown with the reds and greens, and haven't got to a full shit brown colored vehicle yet.

And I see that they had pulled the transmission out of a blue Mazda on the hoist, and put it near where I full up the mop bucket, so presumably, they want to show me these various major vehicle components. I have done a few clutch repair jobs on my own vehicles a long time ago, and each job was protracted and frought and I could not figure out why the parts would hang up as they did. Bingo, there is a malevolent agency that can fuck things from afar and has a vested interest in my car parts being kept outside the vehicle for at least a few days. And here we are again, in surrogate form; fucking me out of a job and vehicle ownership and arranging a pat time job after six years of abusive harassment to see, and presumably energetically interact with, various key vehicle components, and all the more so that it is a rotational part, the flywheel.

More link consolidation activities in reducing my lengthy column on the right side to more manageable proportions. Tell me if it stinks, as I am not even sure if anyone goes to the links anyhow, especially experienced and jaded TI's.

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