Saturday, October 31, 2009

Leaf Raking Again

It is leaf raking, and the perp sickos do like me engage in that activity. Apart from pissing me off with leaves that somehow repeatedly slip through the tines of the rake, or otherwise take unconventional hops and trajectories, I haven't quite figured out what they get from the exercise. This was at my in-town brother's place, and he and his Thai girlfriend seemed to be ensconced in the bedroom while I was leaf raking. The perps like to script those with a post-coital glow on them, and I suppose this was just such an event. In the pre-harassment days I would get the odd invite to a couple's place where it seemed they had sex just before my arrival. Since the harassment began in 04-2002, the perps have arranged couples having sex overhead or next door at least 20 times. If one follows the work of Wilheim Reich and "orgone energy", he indicates that sex is accompanied by an orgone energy release, and it seems the perps know about this as well. That he was the only person to have his books burned in two countries, Nazi Germany and the USA, is a left-handed compliment that suggests the Supreme Sickos (SS) were still at work after WWII.

I expect the leaf raking activity will continue over the next three months, and I do note that my in-town brother has been doing some of it himself, a change from last year for whatever reason, despite his disdain of house and garden maintenance.

And I see he had his tail light of his pickup truck bashed in, supposedly by another driver. The perps often scripted tail light bashings and repairs on my vehicles, at least four, in the past two decades. So another mystery is partially solved, the reason for so many tail lights of my vehicles getting smashed, losing their reflective coating or having the panels drop out. No doubt they wanted me to see the damage more than anything; I must have some peculiar magnetized properties by now, some 7.5 years of living in a densified magnetic field as measured by reputable instruments, and no doubt this was a prime consideration in having me proximate to yet another damaged tail light. (My take on this is that there is some kind of light to plastic interaction energetics the perps are attempting to quantify, and it might be part of their vehicle interaction scenarios they like to arrange around me everywhere I go). When I came back via the city bus freakshow public transportation, why, a pickup struck was parked at the front door of this apartment block; they drove over the curb and sidewalk and parked the vehicle between the sidewalk and the building entrance which is 20' set back.

I got to do my month end accounting today, an activity that is highly noisestalked and fraught with cognitive and obstructive fuckery. They changed the dollar amount on my online bank statement at least three times before it would balance according to the reciept I had and the categorizations I was attempting to use. This marks the first time ever they let me do this on the month end date. Last month's accounting was finally allowed to get done by Oct. 13.

Another activity that was allowed to be concluded was the nearly 10 month designing and detailing of my PC re-build that is to begin Nov. 03 to 07, and why I will be offline for that duration. (Or longer, especially if designed fuckups are scripted, which is nearly certain for the general complexity of getting parts from three online sources). The perps had me ready to get a Gigabyte X58 motherboard, determining the very model that suited my needs, and a month before the order was to be placed, why, most of the eligible Gigabyte X58 motherboards were unavailible on my version of the internet. It was only then, and in conjunction with the original PC rebuilder who sells Asus gear, that an alternative Asus product was selected at $75 more. Said PC rebuilder also went south on me and never read anything that I wrote in terms of specifications, and stopped email communications for no apparent reason. This is a guy who exchanged four or more emails in an evening when the final parts were to be selected. Another go-figure case.

What is guiding the perps as to which PC motherboard is to be my choice is unclear. It could even be the colors of the PCB and the sockets for memory, CPU and other add-in components. I note that the selected Asus motherboard is black and blue, fairly neutral colors for me, as oranges, reds and yellows piss me off in some way, which might be an artifact of their mind-fuck games, or it could be an expression of subconscious associations, likely negative ones. I haven't yet figured out what my reactions are, versus those planted per mind-fuck games with respect to the freakshow they arrange, and the lurid colors they like to juxtapose. I had three freaky dreadlock hairdos on my way back from my in-town brother's place, and normally I get none on that route. Male skinheads (totally bald) are also featuring these days, especially the shining pate variety for whatever reason. That doesn't cover the Fuckwits dressed for Halloween either, as there were plenty of them too.

I have largely been sheltered from Halloween activities and the goodies that go with them this year. The perps steered me away from the candies, even if chocolate, and for the 100g Milka bars they like me to ingest three times per day. According to the month end accounting, the chocolate habit is still $140/ month, and a big dent in my limited income the assholes ensure. Though to be fair, the price for this chocolate is much less than other brands, and likely the attraction is for them to have the plastic wrapping, and not the foil packaging that is typical of this kind of product. As always, the color and materials for packaging of my foods and everything else is absolutely vital to them, and a subject of continuing and significant scrutiny.

I suspect all the recent farm related work of packaging cabbages in brown cardboard wax boxes is an essential perp exercise. They still harass the shit out of me each day that I place red jam over brown peanut butter on my toast each morning, so green cabbage in brown boxes isn't too much of a stretch for their color juxtaposition games. Time to call this a wrap for the evening, and ponder the slings and arrows of insane abuse gone amok for yet another day.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Helicopter Days

Here is an interesting link, Gang Stalk Denial Syndrome. Even my doctor says I am being persecuted, so I am in alignment with his clinical determination.

1945h 10-30-2009
A semi-eventful day today; the 2010 Winter Olympics torch run was in town, and when looking the intinerary in the newspaper it looked like I would be avoiding all the worst of the nonsense, as it would be travelling in the opposite direction to me. But lo, if the head honcho at the farm didn't give us some off-work time to have us farm workers go out and see the event as it would be stopping nearby. We all piled in the bus and went there, likely for a major gangstalking show. The PA system didn't have enough power so I could barely hear the proceedings, and the RCMP helicopter was circling overhead the entire time, to give us more speech drowning-out time. A farce as far as I was concerned, but a break from cabbage picking all day. Later I did weeding in the greenhouse, much more amenable as laboring work goes. At the Olympic torch presentation there had to been at least 20 police out doing their back-and-forths, not to mention planting themselves in my line of vision when the stage was occupied. A roving cameraman was also on obstruction duty when the torch bearer came by. The torch bearers were dressed in white, with same-white tight hoodies, and looked decidedly clinical, research clinical even.

While picking cabbages in the open fields this morning there was plenty of helicopter action, at least a dozen fly-pasts, and they were doing some tricky piloting in the stiff breeze that was scripted for today. Said breeze was used as an excuse to blow the empty cabbage boxes off the truck, and have me retrieving them from a ditch in the lee of the breeze. Yet another delay in getting going with the job; there has been a number of "forgets" (weigh scale, wrong cabbage type boxes, etc.) of late to cause someone to go back or else delay our departure. Later, two boxes "showed up" in the upwind direction, and when I asked the foreman how on earth they could of got there, he just grinned.

Another traffic accident, though not a convincing one, on the S. bound lane of Hwy 17 held up the bus for 20 minutes when homebound, and I couldn't help noticing there was at least eight vehicles parked on the side of the highway similar to the putative accident site. All the flashing lights were there, police and ambulances, and one mushed in red colored vehicle at the side of the road, but I wasn't really convinced there was an accident for sure, and not a delivered wreck to simulate an one. I have been past countless vehicle accidents since the harassment bullshit started in 04-2002, and mostly the site lacks any convincing evidence of an impact. I have made this observation known to my few vehicle passengers at the time, and they all went quiet.

The delay of the city bus from the above putative accident was also augmented by the assholes shutting it down afterward in mid-route for some strange reason. I couldn't believe it; they were doing a driver switchover at the usual location, and then "decided" to take the bus to the maintenance depot instead. I walked the extra ten minutes, and lo, if the vehicular traffic wasn't ready for me; high speed road traffic and they were massed as if the commute was on, when it was the wrong direction at the wrong time. I reckon the perps must of put on at least 5,000 vehicles today to aid their gangstalking madness.

Once I got back to my place, they kept the helicopter noise on overhead, heard through the windows and walls, and during my dinner making, eating and doing the dishes. It was still on an hour later for my laundry doings, a regular work day feature now. And through all of this, the assholes started up their provocations to keep me ranting and rage-ified by my "reactions" (read, mind-fuck script). They like to nail me when I get back and through my apartment door, and kept it up with simulated touches, fingertip jabbing, fingertip burning sensations from nothing hot, crumbs that aren't allowed to be picked up but can mysteriously hop from my fingers, spillings, food flicking, olive oil flicking, planting of dog hair on my countertop, and hammering my speech with impediments while screaming at the assholes for another provocative incursion. Lets see, "only" 40 rage-ifications while the helicopter was circling outside for whatever reason. I had even two concurrent (accompanying IMHO) helicopters for my extended walk back from the above mentioned city bus service truncation. And more often, the perps like to rage-ify me while I am bent over, often dealing with undone shoelaces, yellow and brown leaf arrivals on the floor from nowhere (teleportations are ubiquitous and frequent) and other introduced crud on the floor.

And one must not forget the pee games that are increasing of late. Yesterday they fucked me out of getting off the bus at the correct stop, and forced an extra 20 minutes walking time, and pulled the "need to pee" jerkaround, forcing me to piss behind some bushes while on my knees to hide that was only 80' from the bus stop I later waited at in the afternoon. Yesterday's morningtime oubound bus commute was extremely dark for some reason, and I also got screwed over by taking short naps on the ride, and then was fucked into panicking, "thinking" that I had missed my stop when I was well short of it.

Today's post outbound bus trip was also fraught with the "need to pee" for the last five minutes, and I was truly glad for getting off at the usual bus stop, and having porta-potty construction site outhouse to piss into within 30' of the bus stop. The construction crew hadn't arrived then, so I could get my post-N. bound bus trip forced pee over with and not have to resort to more public exposures. They made me pee four times before noon, when I can go all day without having to piss, some six hours.

I am still not done with adverse circumstances; the toilet was good for at least five plungings before it would clear, and then a whower to clean up. Of late, the assholes haven't been screwing me over when taking a shit, but suddenly decided to enrage me all the more by way of toilet fuckery games. No overflows today, thank goodness. The toilet and shit games immediately followed having tea and chocolate, a double 2x100g portion no less, and likely was all about brown color exposures and related color games they indulge in. Call it tactical shit games, or perhaps "browning around". And you read that correctly; I have no choice but am compelled by this mind-fuck insanity to eat twice the "usual" (read, imposed habits) chocolate. I don't think there is any other "habit" that imposed more than the chocolate games, costing me over $200/month. Yet again, another expensive and unaffordable "habit", all to serve the asshole's consuming interest in the color brown.

And lets not forget that all the field cabbage picking on the farm this week; dark brown waxed cardboard boxes to contain 50lb of green or red cabbages, packed by me for the most part. All that green inside of a brown container just might be yet more of the perp color games that goes on ad nauseum, and into the throes of their collective insanity.

Thats a wrap for tonight, onto some leaf raking at my in-town brother's place to scrounge up more cash for the upcoming PC upgrade, scheduled for next week, keeping me from blogging from Nov. 03 to Nov. 08. This is the much planned PC upgrade where I invest in the Intel X58 architecture, and pass on most of the old components onto my mother in a new case. This should be of intense interest to the perps, as they seem so focussed on the color of all objects and what influences that brings to their energetic studies they impose on me, and get plenty of family quisling support.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Short Takes

A short blog posting as I am getting tired, with the condition suddenly coming on while reading my current Oracle SQL Fundamentals course books. The perps have a very strict regimen as to how much I am allowed to read, especially a more technical topic. The hijinks of two days ago when a car crash shutdown the major downtown street and bus route and making me late for Tuesday's class might have been to do with having me not learn while the rest of the students were learning for that 20 minute duration until I got there. Not to mention re-routing buses for the three hours, as the perps get no end of entertainment from holding up the regular passage of vehicles over the same streets. Sometimes I wonder what all the labor strikes are about when there is such a huge "need" for not only disruption, but changing vehicle routes, walking routes, and other geographic based habits and patterns.

They had me getting in and out of vehicles today, and occasionally driving the one ton flatbed in support of cabbage picking, one of the farm labor tasks that is getting a higher percentage of assignments, now that pumpkin washing is over. The perps like me to see the cabbages in many differing light conditions; cloud, sunlit, foggy as well as inside; partial artificial, full artificial, and the outside/inside interface between these lighting sources.

And too, the act of severing the cabbage from its stalk and trimming the leaves to form an aesthetic look also gets plenty of side action; talking, yawning (from other co-workers) as well as aircraft and vehicle noise.

The helicopters were all over me at the farm; at least eight passes by the military helicopter (dark grey Sea King, not these light grey ones at the link), and at least that again from other like aircraft. As always, odd plasma pulses, masers and blackish wavefronts originate from these aircraft, much like the fixed wing jets yesterday. And they were at various key moments; in the truck (visible through safety glass) before lunch, then again when having lunch, and then again when returned to the cabbage fields. The perps have been on a dark grey color exposure streak of late, and last week they scripted dark grey clouds on my way home, while wearing a same grey colored undershirt, under my navy blue colored sweater.

Off to bed now, sorry that there isn't boundless recollections of today's harassment stunts.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Commute Circumstances = Extra Nutty Event Orchestration

A brief summary of today's perp nuttiness. All was relatively calm on the farm work front, but my parents came to pick me up there for my early departure to attend the evening Oracle SQL course I have later. Prior to my parents arriving at the farm, there were three large corporate jets that were timed to fly overhead about each five minutes or so, all of them in differing white and navy blue livery. (For some clues as to why navy blue, read the prior posting).

When driving with the First Feral Family, not only was there an absurdly increased vehicle traffic volume and all the coordinated color games that go on so all three of us experience much the same events, but they went all out afterward when I got back, partially via ride, and partially on the now familiar public transportation, taking the city bus. I had my freakshow, as well as a retard babbling to his handler for the 20 min. bus trip.

Then when I got in, there had to been 30 to 40 rage-ification stunts to keep me riled up, and thats when I knew this was no ordinary evening course attendance. I had some extra time after my brown tortilla and red salsa to have tea and chocolate some 20 min. before heading out. I also got extra riled up as the assholes reminded me that I had some clothes in the washing machine, heightening the annoyance level all the more, and then the elevator came ever so slowly. I get to the last block enroute to the regular bus stop, and there was a file of six buses end to end, with a single orange-red postal van in the file. There were flashing police vehicle lights coming from the area I intended to catch the bus, and when I got there, why, four city blocks were bounded off by the police emergency tape, and no buses when I got to my bus stop. None for possibly hours even, as I haven't yet found out what the emergency was about.

So... after doing a wander for a block, I was finally allowed to figure out where to catch the bus given the re-routing that became evident. Naturally the freakshow was ready for me there, and out in force at 1800h, with an absurd number of pedestrians for this government job town. And then again on the bus, with the driver walking the length of the bus to attend to some Fuckwit that wanted to get off, but didn't as it turned out. I had one of these events back in 2001 when living in Seattle; just before a turn, the bus driver walked the length of the bus to ream someone out on totally spurious information supplied by this strange negro dude, who went to tell the bus driver. Anyhow, I had my Asian posse clustered around me, and including a fellow traveller who also tailed me on the campus.

I got the class some 15 min. late, but I suppose that was OK, as I got there at least, instead of bailing not taking the bus. True to form, the instant I was ready to quit this bullshit, being a public spectacle, the bus then arrived. Another part of the bus stop stalking was having a concrete splattered "tradesman" loiter in the bus stop, who put down his can of brown Barq on the seat and left it there. Later, when I went to sit down, the can was still there, and I placed it under the navy blue steel seat, and as I was doing so, a negro came into view and crossed right in front of me. Given the insane perp highjinx over the color brown, this was no coincidence, seeming to be a brown reading on me while another brown object (person) slides into my view.

That's it for today, totally unedited.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Cabbages and Pumpkins

A busy Monday on the farm, picking cabbages all morning with the East Indian old timer, and then into the afternoon on brussels sprouts. The perps like to keep me on picking the Brassica family of plant it seems. The usual litany of float plane and other aircraft noise was in the background, and occasionally a jet noise to add some more noises of what they are looking for.

I got plenty of "brownstalking" when getting the cabbage picking truck readied; the so-called staff were all over me sporting brown cardboard at the outside doorway, and then again in the dimlit area of the builiding where we staple the waxed brown boxes together. And that includes the E. Indian, adding more brown color into the scenario, and I was in my orange dayglo rain jacket, likely another benchmarking color. It is too tireseome to report all the brown color games that go on in any given day, but the heavy gangstalker coverage was all the more noticeable for whatever reason.

Then onto pumpkin washing inside, although wearing raingear as the conveyor is awash with water and the water jets seem to find me and deflect off pumpkins at me. I was dressed in raingear for 90% of the day, and they like to gun me with plasma beams when on the cabbage picking duty, specifically weighing boxes, counting the cabbages per box, and when driving the flatbed one ton truck to accompany us for the shortest distance to pack the 50lb box of cabbages from the field to the truck. The usual cloud and sunlight games were in place, and it seems that highly variable weather is on order. From rain, to a balmy sunny, then a later hailstorm when I was inside, and then later, stiff winds for my walk back after getting dropped off by the supervisor, instead of a freakshow bus trip. Besides, the freaks are in the vehicles coursing around me, so it is no loss for the perps, and likely presents a challenge for them to model the same freaks on the bus and then from an adjacent vehicle.

A nut shave last night with accompanying noise to ensure the concept of privacy is for quaint thinking folk. The significance is that they put on more navy blue vehicles around me after applying a same navy blue razor the night before. And lo, if the BFI garbage trucks in their navy blue livery weren't out in greater numbers, outside my apartment and then "stopping by" the farm fields I was in.

I don't get it as to why when I shop my need for rebuilding two PCs, that the party doesn't respond in a timely way. The three time jerkaround PC builder who put the power supply in July has faded out after three reminders to continue the dialog, and then the next outfit, who I have dealt with extensively in the past, haven't responded to today's email. If waving money under someone's nose doesn't arouse them, then there must be some kind of fix going on. It is fucking tiresome to say the least to chase businesses down to agree to something they ordinarily would do. And just image the limitless fuckery when attempting to rebuild two PC's and not have anything go wrong; e.g. motherboards, disc drives, DVD drives and video cards. Then onto sending parts back and attempting to get new ones. Now why did I do this?

Sometimes a party is assigned the role of changing the relationship; from being apparently helpful in the scripted way, they then turn around and become an asshole for the most insubstantive reasons. This "reset" to asshole level credibility/reputation happens often, and I have no idea as to why or when the perps script these kinds of jerkarounds, but they do. The new apartment manager did the same thing this week; loafing in the lobby office and he asks me if I live here when it was me that let the lanky Asian babe in the front door. Some two months ago the manager came to fix the toilet and I had an engaging chat with him then. It seemed that he "needed" (read, Supreme Sicko, the SS), to reset the relationship from cordial to near rancorous, or at least, that is what my minders seem to be suggesting.

Pathetic, especially after a weekend, but I need to get to bed soon as the imposed "tiredness" is upon me, especially since I started a new activity, accessing my course database from home, and running SQL. It seems the perps need me to do this in two locations, and after three weeks of insufferable jerking around to get the remote access working, they want to limit this inaugural event. It fits the pattern.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tracking Themes

Extra rage-ification this morning to go with vacuum cleaning, always a big perp event, even to the level of having industrial drain cleaning "suck trucks" on the job at 0650h on my way to the bus stop some mornings. Today, they screwed me into replacing the filter on the Red Devil vacuum cleaner, because the just-removed filter wouldn't fit back in. This has been done before in the days of auto repair, where the air filter would not fit back in after removal for other purposes. I figured, or more like, it was planted that this was the same problem, so after dumping the filter in the garbage, I retrieved the sole remaining new filter, and placed it in. And it too had a fit problem, and after screaming at the assholes, why they let me understand that they fucked me into placing it in the incorrect orientation, and not letting me understand that was the situation. I can routinely figure out spatial fit problems, that is, until early 2007 when they were able to corrupt such knowledge/capability, and it has never been the same since.

And the Red Devil vacuum cleaners are not to be found in this town, and getting the filters will likely be another web order to get them shipped from the US south, like in 2003.

Tracking seems to be a big theme topic of the last few days; three of my parcels are on their way, all with tracking numbers and searches, along with totally sabotaging the order so I cannot actually see the tracking because they fucked the web page display so bad in two browsers. (True to form, they like me to experience an event only partially). Then my mother phones and goes on about tracking her parcel from the UK, and why it cannot be done when it arrives here. Don't know, funny how she knew about this service and was moved to look it up on her very slow PC. Tracking of the TI's is of course constant, so perhaps the perps want to get some psychic energies defined for what they do best; fuck the living shit out of the victims' lives, night and day, and keep it going for over 7.5 years, and still continuing. Even the present doctor indicates that I am being persecuted, two of three now.

A Chicken Run with a fine consort of Fuckwits/gangstalkers who were on duty for my brief sortie to the supermarket to get a hot cooked chicken, goat milk, and chocolate. While there, I got reminded that I needed some fruit, but the grapes were pathetic, and the kiwis weren't to be found. Another one of those plant-the-notion-and-then-skunk-the=victim games, aka, in simpler terms, "suck and fuck". In less profane terms, build/plant and expectation and the dash any outcome as the item isn't to be had. Been there, done that, countless times and it still persists. Many of the said gangstalkers were on door sentry duty when I exited, and still there, squatting down for some obscure reason when I got back.

An excerpt from a TI site; reasoned and perceptive, and one I largely agree with. In my case, I got over the "why me" when the assholes let me in on the fact that they had arranged my circumstances since birth, and are still attempting to undo the psychic wreckage they created, even if deleting actual recall.

Thursday, September 18, 2008
A Word for the Wise T.I. - One TI's Answer to "Why Me?"

"Nature's Question # 7" by Roberto Valcarcel

The question, "Why me?" echoes daily throughout the world by thousands of
victims. "Why was I chosen to be relentlessly subjected to organized
harassment using multiple stalkers? Why is brain damaging, remotely directed energy
weaponry used on me? To help answer that question, a moderator from a forum
for targeted individuals, who wishes to remain anonymous, explains:

> TIs feel a need to understand WHY they are being harassed. I went through
> that myself.
> Over time, you will realize that you are SUPPOSED to come up with your own
> reasons for the harassment.
> The freaks want you feeling guilty, as a minimum. They will play on your
> guilt feelings incessantly, to break you down. They also want you focusing
> on one person as being responsible for having allegedly started your
> harassment, so that you start obsessing about the prospect of exacting revenge
> against that person. Anything to get you to commit an act of violence, whether
> suicide or homicide.
> Either way, they will never give you a clear-cut reason for the
> harassment. That's left up to you, which is why so many hundreds of TIs have all come
> up with their own reasons for being harassed.
> Simply put, these are social control operations. TIs have been singled out
> because they satisfy certain social and psychological criteria (wrong
> religion, too decent and principled, too independent, nonconformist, too
> intelligent, whatever).
> The TIs aren't the ones being controlled. T.I.s are simply being used to
> facilitate the global control of perps [perpetrators] , whom I otherwise
> refer to as "freaks."
> You can't have a global dictatorship or a global genocide unless you can
> FULLY control those who are supposed to be unquestioning, fully-obedient
> participants in these efforts. And that is why it is so critical that full
> administrative and psychological control of the freaks be established. TIs are
> simply tools for facilitating the process.
This is why it is imperative for all T.I.s to lobby for a Congressional
investigation into organized stalking and electronic harassment. The freedom of
all humanity is at stake. Just think about what has been said and let A
WORD TO THE WISE T.I. be sufficient to mobilize you to join FFCHS's efforts to
expose these hateful crimes.

Posted by WizeTI at 8:18 PM

That is it for today, back on the First Feral Family duties until evening time.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Early Buses

A full day of Oracle SQL class today, and then I was screwed out of an hour in getting back as the assholes ran the bus three minutes early, and Saturday public transit service sucks here and as bad as anywhere. I walked for 45 min. with my heavy briefcase slung across my chest, and naturally was the focus of the sustained vehicular gangstalking action. There were some very loud vehicles, the usual motorcycle noise, and of course, the ordered formations of vehicles according to color, size and type (SUV, station wagon, pickup truck etc.). Then another ten minute wait at a bus stop that was closer to town with my weirds, the ambulatory gangstalkers that are pre-positioned, not to mention the ones that amble by, wait for some five minutes, and then walk off. There wasn't any excuse to not know when the next bus was coming, as the bus stop had a schedule on it. That feature made for two fuckers to loiter around me, one on each side while standing on the sidewalk, as all the bench was taken up before I got there. Then, with five gangstalkers ringed around me as the bus was arriving, only one other boarded the bus, and there wasn't another for at least 20 minutes.

I am getting my regular coughing Fuckwit in the Oracle database class still, now three weeks into the class and he hasn't got any better, har, har. But he is getting more coughing help from a female that has also taken up by timely coughing. They especially like moments of cognition, the "I get it" (learned something new) moments. So... dual coughing in differing tones, and often while keyboarding as well, as it seems they cannot get enough of the right noises in while I am alone in my apartment, typing this blog as one example.

I also get nailed with voice changes, where my voice changes each time I ask a question, perhaps once per two hours or so. No one else in the class notices, or at least, pretends not to notice. I also got the intervening asshole stunt, placing a Fuckwit between me and the instructor, some 15' away, and then said Fuckwit managed to pull this off again immediately following me moving my head to maintain my line of sight while speaking with the instructor. Beware of the bobbing heads. I get this frequently, like today, at bus stops where the Fuckwit plants themselves in my line of sight to observe oncoming buses. Then if I move, they do it again. Today, the Fuckwit did this just as the bus came into view, and delaying my determination of its imminent arrival by some 20 seconds or so. All that for that trivial pursuit, though in keeping with the rest of the infernal harassment.

I got the excessive pissing need while there at the college, three times in one morning without any fluids since breakfast. Quite the feat, and the piss volume isn't too impressive either.

I was responsible for building Oracle databases from 1990 to 2002 before all this harassment started, and if the perps were lurking over my shoulder then like I think they were, it seems that they are ready to start me up again on this track, for whatever purposes they have in mind. Don't ask me, but this upcoming PC upgrade is all about getting a very fast PC, the most leading edge one I will of had to date. A $400 CPU, the low end of the price range (Core i7 920 D0) is very spendy for this (now) low payday abusee, and the perps are experts at planting the "gotta have it" notion, and spend weeks, if not months building up this planted demand.

Other dropped hints suggest that I will be on contract in a half year or so, and not doing the farm laboring work that is mostly funding this out-of-character PC upgrade. The perps also get to press on with their agenda and have my mother using this PC's components in a new case, save a hard drive and a video card. Given that the perps are totally obsessed over the color of wire sheathing, PCB (circuit) boards, plastic clips and retainers for connectors and also lining up many more copper colored gangstalking vehicles than before, it seems that this upcoming PC re-build has high (and longer term) expectations attached to it. And the phalanxes of silver-grey vehicles may be part of this campaign to inculcate me with metal colors. I get the odd gold colored gangstalking vehicles, usually later in the progression of the formations on a longer outside/public activity, say, more than 15 minutes.

Of minor note, they had me upgrade my PC power supply in July, and the old one stored in the closet, wrapped with some packing sealing plastic to keep the wires bundled together. (My mothers' PC, using this PC's hand-me-downs, will use the old power supply). Naturally, better PC power supplies have just hit the market, all to remind me of what I could of had if I was allowed to wait it out. And no SATA 3 motherboard (for hard drive data communication); the standard was due for release in mid-2009, but lo, if there weren't some implementation problems associated with it, and it will likely be next year before motherboards are built to this new standard. No big deal, but these kinds of events just seem to "happen" all too often. Another post-purchase jab was have me to get an email sale notice from the supplier of the CPU that it is $50 less for one day only. This isn't the first time for this sale, but they wouldn't give me the sale price when I went there in person in mid September. Not a big deal, only a day's wages.

A few last pix from the last of the batch I uploaded this week.

Only one picture of the strange in this batch, and this is it. Taken 09-20-2009, 1115h, a nice selection of arranged blue tones among the vehicles in the sunlit area, some parked, and one waiting at the traffic control. If you zoom in by double clicking (?) you can see a red vehicle behind the tree, hiding a vehicle in the parked file. And lo, if not a red vehicle parked at an orthogonal direction on the far left, partially sunlit, with a typical ambulatory gangstalker setup, the Fuckwit in orange against the red background of the vehicle behind him. Vile combinations red and orange ar popular arrangements for me to see, even if a fleeting glance. In this case I didn't see this until I loaded this tonight.

Harassment Central, sporting a new Ikea shelf unit on the left, a recent aquisition that was finally allowed to be assembled after lying about for three weeks, along with some pine wood that was purchased a day later, only to be taken back a week later. Wood "buddies" they were, lying on my floor and having me step over them until it was shipped out as the intended project wasn't going to work.

Another view of Harassment Central; a studio suite is all it is, with a downstairs storage locker.

The camera introduced the fugly reddish glow, but this is the kitchen with the vaunted frypan the perps find so interesting, especially if I am drying it with a tea towel. They wouldn't let me dry the straight handle until two years' of ownership. This aluminum based frypan replaced the copper bottomed one which had nearly all of the spot welds all give out at once in spring 2007.

A fuzzy pic of the Ezekeil brand of tortillas, made of seven sprouted grains, and a staple in my enforced diet. They alternate me with another brand made of sprouted wheat, but the Ezekeils are much more flavorful. Am I the only person to have the package opening end upside down (the zip lock end at the bottom), and then the top seam just "blows out" by itself (seemingly, and not the first time), and then extracting the tortillas from the now modified top? The black bulldog clip is a regular "feature" to close plastic bags as the zip locks nearly always "fail".

Time to get this one launched, and out there in the blogosphere.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Scattered Snippets

I was totally cognitively jammed tonight when attempting to do the excercises of my Oracle SQL course tonight. The topic was joins, and I followed the oral and slide presentation just fine. Afterward was the lab exercises and I was so dithered I could barely read, much worse than the present form of usual. I had to write out the SQL code for a few exercises, and then re-read the class text for the latter portion as I was effectively nullified so to speak.

A big day for the perps it would seem; I picked up my mother late yesterday at the airport and stayed overnight at her place and then went onto the farm labor job directly from her place in the morning, driving there, and she drove back, being wide awake from jet lag at 0600h. This created a number of cross-over situations for clothing, morning routine, footwear and the like, not the least of it was packing in a plastic bag so that it wouldn't drop dirt clods onto the other clothing items in my duffel bag. These new combinations of city clothing at work, and no bus trip to the farm, and then leaving early packing my duffel bag to get to the Oracle SQL course was likely the big attraction for them to lay on extra gangstalkers on the bus trips tonight, and likely too, fomenting extra hassle at work over the pumpkin washing that has been a major task of the last week.

I had a significant number of red vehicles on gangstalking last night, then again this morning in the fog, and it wasn't too much of a surprise that my first work task was to pick strawberries in the greenhouse, an every four day event at this time of year, these being everbearing strawberries. There were plenty of other feints and dodges along the way, but I won't get into all the details as this is another one of my cummulative blog postings, gathering up highlights and snippets over the days and then posting. Off to bed now.

No evening classes tonight, but still constrained for study time all the same. The laundry needed doing, the Professional Foresters association needed to be informed of my leave of absence status, and I went out to the LD store to get a USD drive from the strange portly dudes at the computer section.

A big night for the perps' games over their all consuming interest in my financial transactions, in all forms. First there was getting on with a Newegg order to have this PC re-built to an X58 motherboard and the consequent changes to memory, CPU and even adding a new hard drive, because they are so relatively inexpensive. Then off to the LD store, then back to deal with the above mentioned paperwork which included a check, and then onto getting the laundry done, yet another financial transaction when I push the coin tray in to start the appliances running. Last night, I paid the power bill online, after this ridiculous statement that said it was "Past Due" when the billing period ended Oct. 15. This had the effect of getting it paid early, and likely as a "warm up" online financial transaction event for tonight's run. So it would seem that all this specifivity over method, location, of my financial transactions is getting more detailed when they have me do a series of vertical transactions, all in an evening. I also entered my financial details into Quicken when normally I get screwed out of updating it until past month-end.

I will post this tonight as I am slipping on the blogging of late, commitments and all that. The perps seem very interested in presenting topics around plant families and related plants. They set me up to not figure out that radishes' dicotyleden (first two leaves upon germination) are much like that of cress, and both have a hot spicy flavor, and lo, they might be in the same plant family. One of the other pickers asked me if the radish leaved reminded me of any other plant, an odd question to be sure, and now three days later I am allowed to figure out that the answer, "cress", is a related plant. Nor was I allowed to figure out that it was the dicotyledens either, something I know from my botanical forestry training. Access to one's own knowledge and also the ability to make logical deductions is highly constrained to say the least. The perps have been beating on the supplied theme of plant families, as another co-worker went on and on about the fact that he had just learned that pumpkins and squash are related plants.

And it has been busy this week with pumpkin washing, a conveyor with water jets above to wet the pumpkins, have us schmucks clean the dirt off with brushes and then a final rinse before being packed into bins, dirty ones at that. Almost needless to say, the number of orange jacketed gangstalkers has increased, not to mention some pumpkin like faces. In the latter case, a warty faced gangstalker was opposite me on the bus yesterday, not in my forward view thankfully, and lo, if similar warty pumpkins didn't start coming through the conveyor line today. Orange seems to be hot color of significant pursuit by the perps, though secondary to reds and yellows.

The perps have been also re-playing one of their stunts from 6.5 years ago when they had me illegally incarcerated in the hospital. An E. Indian dude arrived, and within a day he had stolen a number of my clothes and a travel bag. I "discovered" (read, mind-fuck and scripted circumstances) that he was wearing my shirt at breakfast time, and he seemed to know that, giving me a stare in return. I had the staff do the honors of retrieving my clothing, but I didn't get all of it back. And so it was two weeks ago when my dayglo orange rainpants of full set just "disappeared" from the work site, mysteriously going when there was no one around to do this, and I was only 40' away on the other side of the wall at the time. And what do I see today, why the personable 37 year long E. Indian employee who runs all the tractors "happened" to be passing by just before and during lunch, wearing a new pair of dayglo rain pants identical to the ones that "went missing", and for which I had to pay out some $50 to get a decent replacement pair. He was doing the loiter and the strut while I was on the pumpkin washing conveyor line for some 15 min. or so (wearing the dayglo rain jacket), and then when I was having lunch he did a walk-by gangstalk without wearing my pilfered rain pants, (and me not wearing the dayglo rain jacket). I mentioned this rainpants disappearance story to two of my workmates, and they didn't say a thing, not even mollifying me with some bullshit even. So it would seem that the perps are testing dayglo colors on differing races, read, brown colored skin content, and they "needed" to yet again, steal my clothes and have an E. Indian wear them, and to have me proximate as well as noticing this pathetic prank. Just to think, back in the 2002-3 intensifed harassment days they pulled this shit off and got nowhere, and now in late 2009, they are back at it again, stealing clothes and having the same "test race" wear them. Not to mention the fact that my out-of-town brother is married to an E. Indian woman, and still the perps are pissing around on this front at my extreme expense. Go fuck your own operatives assholes, and leave the abusees alone, they have been fucked with enough.

Other workplace bullshit is to follow me about with a banana eating co-worker, sometimes in a yellow PVC raingear set. Regular readers will know the Supreme Sickos (SS), often set me up with banana packing/eating gangstalkers, and this is a little more extreme version of it.

Some pics for relief.

Taken 08-29-2009, the view from my apartment balcony. The vehicles in the lower lane, R. facing, are stopped at the traffic light, but in the now usual way of leaving excessive inter-vehicle distance between each other, presumably to accomodate perp games. I haven't seen this happen in any other town I have lived in, and this began when the rest of the life rape did, in 04-2002. A pair of near identical red colored vehicles in opposite directions, and the lower file of vehicles seems to be a blue toned escort for the red vehicle between them, and a black colored one in front of the foursome.

Another picture, this time the vehicles had proceeded, but lo, if there wasn't a same red vehicle lurking in the shadows nearby.

Taken 09-16-2009, on a excursion to interior BC, stopping at Hope for a lunch, with the cooker for boiling water for tea. A weather change from sunny and dry to cool and moisture was experienced, but this would be fairly normal for an incoming front, which there was. This is a civic park, and some 400' away they had three buses arranged and a concrete pouring job. Having seen many tour buses parked in strange places, including a Home Depot parking lot, I get the sense the perps like having large mass objects around me if they can, and then ensuring at least one of them is in a fugly Unfavored color, e.g. brown, yellow. The perps also put great stock in testing the color of redi-mix trucks as well as exposure to concrete in varying ages and conditons. This town offers red and white colored redi-mix trucks, and it would seem the assholes needed to test me out on this color of this kind of vehicle. Go figure.

The silver grey (with a touch of brown darkening pigment) Ford Escape behind the Douglas-fir tree trunk is my mother's, the one we travelled in. This is taken at a lunch break in Hope, BC, and I count five silver-grey vehicles clustered around, plus one black and one blue colored one. Most of the vehicles were in place when we arrived, and it was only after the lunch the perps let me in on "noticing" the parking arrrangements, aka vehicular gangstalking.

That is it, sorry about the less frequent blogging, of late, likely to continue into December.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Running Snippets

1720h, 10-13-2009

This might not get published for a few days, so these are snippets during the odd time I have to key something in.

I finished up on pumpkin washing, 2.5 hours worth, and even in rain gear I was soaked up the arms and into the chest as I was loading the wet and clean ones into bins, and water runs down one's cuffs. I walked to the bus stop and waited for 30 min. until it came, (all the while the centre of vehicular and ambulatory weirds gangstalking), and I am still wet but not chilled. I need a shower to warm up more than anything, and lo, if the fuckers didn't plan to screw me around. The apartment building I live in is having "problems" with the hot water boiler, and no running hot water. Fucking absurd, the one day I want to get warm and I cannot. I suppose they are testing me out on the water's provenance; soaking me with Saanich Peninsula water at the worksite, and then I get to "wear it" for the next 5 hours while out at evening class on Oracle databases. Just the usual fuckery.

Course cough-stalker at it again, 3x

Weird on the bus standing at the exit for no reason and then giving me the suggestive eye while waiting at the rear exit doors, and then the asshole stood over where my seat was. She had the size and comportment of my ex, although I have never seen her before.

E. Indian face time as a coworker, in the greenhouse and outside. Picking red strawberries with him, and then later washing pumpkins with him opposite, 2' away. His brown skinned hands were made to be horribly greenish from the mercury arc lighting and/or perp fuckery. The perps made sure I looked at them plenty and was turned off by their color.

10-17-2009, Saturday
More jerkarounds; why doesn't Microsoft supply a fucking zip application with Windows? I get blocked on downloading the software, and after a day has passed and the notion of using the IE browser has been planted and worked, now I get an error messing in the Install Shield about a fucking proxy error. Excuse the profanity, but this has been a five day endeavor to date, all to get Oracle SQLDeveloper installed as part of my course work learning. One infernal obstruction after another on this front, begining with them totally blocking me with forced typos, wrong file names, wrong command use and the rest of it while in class. I was ready to walk out if this is the kind of entrenched and insane level of abuse I get for taking, and attempting to learn, Oracle SQL, all to re-establish me back to when the assholes ran me out of an IT job in 2002. And not to mention the follow-on imposed learning disabilities they keep hammering me with, as some of the material has been totally forgotten when I studied it last week, in book form, and when in class. Needless to say, I am roundly pissed that I am getting hammered with imposed adversity, even down to getting the page in the book I want from the index, at every moment on the IT course work front. They either leave me alone of I do it next year when the assholes may have calmed down some, screwing me over on other fronts.

Other obstructing bullshit today was the abortive attempt to get my tan-through shirts repaired, as the hems are unravelling, no doubt another imposed act of sabotage. For the last three weeks it was something that I intended to do on a Saturday, just like a year ago when I had to get my new underwear repaired to lower the waistband 2". But no, it wasn't allowed; I get there and the alterations shop is closed, and the new opening hours don't include today, a Mon. - Fri. opening now. The blonde babe (Favored) gangstalker was standing there only 6' away when I came to this determination, sucking on a cigarette. Then when I turned to head to the grocery store with my two shirts in a plastic bag under my arm, she tailed me with her clattering heels. It has been raining all morning so far, and may have abated in the last 20 minutes since going online for the first time today.

It was the perp's favorite game, before noon, to have me doing laundry, this time sheets which they schedule every two weeks. This is the same set, as I don't have a second set, going from the dryer to the bed. It has been this way for a decade or more, pre-overt abuse days even, so only when I develop a sudden "need" to purchase a second set will I know that the assholes are making any progress on the laundry/bedsheet games that are so important to them. The ex was terrible at laundering sheets, worse than me, like every four weeks, and I was rendered to be too demotivated to undertake this task myself. Now I know why.

As a minor aside, the perps seem to like me to add the big thick wool work socks into the same laundry load, as they dirty them up each day, even if I have been working inside all day, or outside wearing my gumboots. This relates to their footwear fetish, and the fact that my co-workers all seem to gather around when I change out of my hiking boots into gumboots. They also go still at that juncture, moving very little, save one assigned gangstalker. Another time, they had an E. Indian stand exactly over the location that my hiking boots were positioned for half the day when wearing company supplied gumboots that day. The E. Indian was on the phone at that time, but he did look rather contorted to be on the phone and stand on the exact location of my hiking boots the day before.

I was obliged to part with some cash to get Winzip as another zip file program failed on install, per above machinations. I suppose this might have been a big deal for the sickos, as they constantly stalk me at the checkout, which they did with some lug dude moving in too close for comfort while I entered my debit card details. The debit card swipe "somehow" didn't work the first time when the lug gangstalker was 4' away, and just before swiping the card for the second time, the dude moved in close, too close for my acceptable interpersonal distance, and was that much closer while the second debit card entry did work. The assholes cannot get enough action around me when purchasing something, anywhere, any method (checkout, online credit card etc.).

On a more positive note, but no less arranged, I "discovered" (read, was mind-fucked into noticing) that I was nearly 15lb less than I was 8 months ago, and with no significant dietary or exercise causal. I stood on the pallet weigh scale at the farm, and weighed in at 186lb with my hiking boots on, which would have to be 180 to 182lb next of boots and clothing. The annoying part of this is that I was mind-fucked into not noticing where I lost so much weight. For the record, I have consistently been 195lb since 2003, no matter if I hiked some 3x/week, or walked for 2 city block hours and a weight lifting 2 times per week. And in May 2007, I reduced my lunch and dinner intake by half, and this did nothing to change my weight. Anyhow, it is for the good, no matter how covertly it was applied and dithering me out of even noticing.

Chocolate time (with tea) was concurrent with a rain downpour. It has been raining most of the day, and then it let up in the early afternoon, the sky was bright even, but the rain came back. Newcomers must wonder why I mention this, but time without fail, there are (usually) adverse weather events time to my own circumstances that have added perp interest, such as ingesting brown colored food, putting my shirt back on when outside in the summer, entering and exiting the same store, and the last most significant one, starting a rainstorm as I wheeled out my bare wood Ikea KD furniture after purchase three weeks ago.

More fuckery; a 40 min. download of Oracle 11g database software, and it was unzipped at the same time, and now I cannot find where in the fuck it went to. No desktop/atartpage icons, nothing in the Programs list, nothing in the Recently Used list etc. Now I am looking for it with Windows Explorer. I have all downloads set up to copy files to C:|Temp, and none of the 1.73 Gb of data is there. These "download hunts" have been going on for the past five years, so this is nothing new, except that they stopped doing this after letting me find out where in the browser to set this up, but it is now fucked with again.

Now, as I continue to play "hunt and seek" on the PC, the assholes sent an aftershave lotion smell under my nose, then concurrently started hallway noise to the right, and outside bus noise to the left. Every thing I do is of substantial interest to the assholes, and they like to let me know. Yesterday the assholes were giving me the floating effects, caused by de-energizing one's temple lobes of one's brain.

All that downloading, 40 minutes worth, and the files have gone missing. And when attempting to re-download it, why, the download button has been stripped from the page that it was on. Another fucking jerkaround on this front, now running a week long.

A new download using IE somehow is working for "some reason". This has been the latest; fucking with Firefox and stripping out links or their usual colored web pages annotations (underlining in color) and then having the same page changed with IE. The entire Oracle single-sign on was blocked using my usual email address, and then it "worked" by using my email. Very frustrating to say the least, and I am sure that I don't know how much fuckery really goes on.

More screaming at the assholes when they blocked me ordering from a website. They already had me go on the phone to tell the credit card company to add a shipping address, and then they turn around and remove more click instructions on the buttons, this time in the suddenly compromised IE browser. Back to phone ordering, should that be availible. I get these fucking "certificate" messages all the time, and it seems like an excuse to fuck me over with a standardized dialog box that goes nowhere.

After re-downloading the Oracle 11g for Windows, I still get an error message that it cannot be run after it was unzipped. And what is it that Winzip still uses those fugly graphics and then makes it worse by using vague icon terms like "New" when they mean "Create". I could never get a handle on why they do this, and it has become a major obsession, duly planted to mind, of the day.

Finally, I was allowed to figure out Winzip, the difference between a file and a directory name, and am now unpacking it. Another cognitive jerkaround, as if I haven't had enough today.

The PC builder never got back to me since 10-09-2009, even after replying to his email that day (going backwards) and then sending a RESEND email to him. Since he pulled this "go quiet" act in September, and twice this month, it is time to cut him lose and get my PC components somewhere else. Like Newegg, where the shopping cart is readied for action, and awaiting a price drop on a specific item. Funny how some people just drag their ass even when dollar bills are waved under their noses. Now that the model of all-encompassing conspiratorial adversity is understood, it all makes sense.

Now I find out that all my effort to load SQLDeveloper on this PC is naught, as it has gone "missing". Not in the programs list, not on the desktop, and not in the list for changing the programs of Windows. I have never had an installed application go "missing" like this, another never-before event in a day of endless PC hacking and fuckery.

A busy day with getting the salsa made to the point I could take it to my mother's place and get it through the food processor. The perps are jerking me around with cutting up the ingredients, and then rage-ifying me with lateral flying crumbs and scraps that take unconventional trajectories while being cut with a knife. I had two fuckwits accompanying me when outbound at the bus stop. And at least 100 ambulatory Fuckwits coursing by at 1000h on a Sunday morning, which is absurd for that bus stop. With the salsa ingredients in a sealable glass dish, I was mightily pissed that it leaked some into my backpack, and also that I wasn't allowed the use of a plastic bag to prevent such a predictable outcome. For some reason, it didn't leak on the way back, then inside a plastic bag I had to scrounge for at my parent's place.

It took three passes to get all the salsa put through the small food processor, and the perps made sure there was plenty of hopping crumbs that landed on surfaces and objects that were highly improbable from the conventional notions of gravity. And with the house empty, they made sure to enrage me all the more; I have been 100% accurate in predicting extra rage-ification fuckery when at someone else's empty house, e.g. in-town brother's, and mother's.

I should note that I am using up the last of the tomatoes my mother grew this year, the ones she fed Weed 'n Feed to. The active ingredient of it is 2-4D for crissakes, and she put it on the tomatoes, the very same ones I pureed. I have never made salsa before, and I am sure the perps have a huge red salsa on brown tortilla test to continue, as they have been doing many more color swappings of late; brown in front of red, vice versa, then green and red and vice versa, and so it goes. Regular readers will know that each morning I put brown peanut butter on my gluten free light grey colored bread, and then they rage-fy me 99% of the time when the red jam is placed on the peanut butter. Adding crumbs or crumb sensations to my fingertips is a regular provocation, as it flicking the ingredients around on the plate, counter or floor, and then not allowing me to clean the knife dry by keeping lineal beads of jam on the knife no matter how many times I wipe it on a bare bread corner.

I did the firewood removal from my mother's property and took it a former work colleague who has MS and cannot even use his hands. I reckon the perps savored me reversing the vehicle in the driveway to load it, putting the firewood in it on brown canvas tarps, putting the rear seat down, and having plenty of dirt and crud accompanying the firewood in and out of the vehicle. I was yet again, fucked around in not finding the intended house as planned, which is now the new norm whenever I go to a new or infrequent location. Last year they royally screwed me over and scrambled my sense of direction on this same mission to the same location. This year they let me read the map in advance, but sent me off to the wrong block, and had a nearby street ripped up to thwart my intended route. I cannot believe the amount of fucking effort that goes into jerking me around like this.

I had my double red vehicle escort while headed to my colleague's house, and one was a heavy duty pickup truck with high stakes that contained at least 1.5 cubinc yards of wet soil. The perps are always keen on having me see and contact soil of various kinds, and this was the deep black organic kind, not too different from the compost pile I am gestating at my mother's place. Regular readers will know that the perps are silly over composting, and that they like to have me involved with it to some extent. Ms. C of the story even got her "masters" composting ticket, whatever that is.

I though I had get some more pictures in, as I have been quite slack on blogging as I am so busy with the evening course and the farm work. All to fund more evening classes should the disability program jerk me around for a second round in the new year.

Some pics;

Another of those strange reflections that finds it way into my apartment; pre-overt harassment, I never saw such odd reflections as well as ones that can find me six stories up. Taken 08-22-2009; nothing else is too odd or unusual about this picture.

Yes, there was a legit fire in one suite in View Towers, but six firetrucks plus supporting vehicles, one ambulance and one police vehicle? All to spread the yellow colors and the vehicular mass they like to plant on me. Taken 08-27-2009, 1632h. Some of the fire trucks are not visible in the picture as I happened upon this event on my way to my apartment and got a better view of this clusterfuck. As above, this is all legit to a point, except for the excessive numbers of firetrucks, but to be fair, I am no expert on how they go about fire call outs for tall resident

A red and white vehicle pair in the lower left corner, one of the color combination hallmarks that every TI sees, especially for the absurd frequency of encountering vehicles that are backing up in their proximity, red and white lights ablaze. The ambulance is in the livery of the provincial fleet, and one can assume the perps have sufficient influence to ensure such a large service is painted their chosen colors, (white and red, cube van on the right side, parked at the street).

Enough of my bloggings, time to post this. If any more riotous abuse erupts I will tack it on the end.

More vexations on the web browser front. The assholes have begun to degrade Firefox on some sites, stripping out essential buttons and panels. So... I go to IE and lo, if it isn't all there in technicolor and detail. And lo, if it doesn't work, and even will display My Account in newegg when it doesn't accept it in Firefox. Then, with a pending pre-order of Windows 7 I got for half price in July, I want to add an Oracle text that has the exam guides. But both browsers are coming out trashed, but there was sufficient half buttons with a half displayed action description for me to change the shipping address and the credit card info. The deal is that I have to ask the folks to add the Oracle text to my existing order for crissakes. These jerkarounds as to what I order, from which browser, with which items are getting extreme and fucking stupid. Never mind it costs me a whole lot of grief, and if this one doesn't work out, more needless expense.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thankless Giving

Another brutal Fuckover day at the hands of the perps, this being Canadian Thanksgiving, and they sure unloaded the Thankless Giving, the likes of which hasn't been experienced since 2003 to 2006 when they kept up the eviction angle. At least 60 loud screaming rage-fications so far, and we are not done. At least two thirds was over the month end Quicken accounting which took three fucking hours to complete, when the best time has been an hour.

The usual cognitive fuckery; chasing errors that weren't errors on a second look, chasing errors they introduced to make the totals not reconcile, obliterating a lengthy entry record with a mind-fuck "copy transaction" which wiped it out when all I wanted to do was copy text, and so it goes. They have always fucked me over bookeeping and accounting, but only much worse since this insane abuse began in 04-2002.

Then after completion three hours later it is dinner time, and lo, if they didn't crank up the abuse again to keep me rage-ified at the same level when I was at my desk. They flicked garlic pieces about, jabbed my fingertips, had the olive oil bang on the top and bottom of the shelf as I grasped it, laid on the 3" patch of olive oil on the counter, kept a five minute sustained campaign to delay the cleaning of the garlic press and a few others to make sure screaming at them was fully expressed. I suspect this is more about "screaming referencing" having me do it at one location in the apartment and then another immediately following at the same volume, and even word choice. Given that no end of noisestalking and other incursions occur each time I get up or move about, this is my best interpretation as to what the assholes are up to. No wonder I didn't get any Thanksgiving dinner offers; they had this insane train of abuse all lined up, and keeping up the outside (and excessive IMHO) road noise all day. I think we are up to eight siren cascades today, and it should be a relatively quiet one given that it is a countrywide public holiday.

It wasn't all bad; I took some journals down to the locker and exchanged them for some books and CD's to put in my new bookcase. I was given the planted thought I had Oracle reference books, but lo, if there was none and were all dispensed with back in 2007 when I moved in here. Moving time is when the perps strike with their mind-fuck games as to what got stored or disposed of. I could never figure out why my recall was so bad around moving time, going back decades, but now I know; the recall deletion games again, as if I haven't had enough of that.

And a greater number of website obstructions of late; round 2 of attempting to get a account created didn't go anywhere, same deal as last night. A screenshot add-on to Firefox just got blocked by some infernal certificate error saying it was self-signed. I get these all the time and I have no fucking idea why this is happening so often. What are these certificates and how is it that so many are out of date or self-signed? I suspect the assholes are up to one of their usual stunts, adding in pop-up boxes as they deem fit; a number of these erupt without my fingers on the keyboard, and it seems to part of a common reference set they use, often timed to when an uncontrolled thought comes to mind, especially recovery of keyboard errors, likely forced in the first place. On the latter item, I notice my self-talk that often disparages and consigns the fuckers in summary form, (e.g "assholes", "jerk", "whacko" depending on the circumstances and presentation of freaks and abuses), is now much more dociled. I had this ongoing stream of thoughts as to summarizing them to the wastebucket of my mind, but this is not happening as much as it was two weeks ago. Needless to say, the noisestalking of these kinds of thoughts has also subsided.

So..., I see that I cannot get to my single-sign off Oracle account, as a page came up saying there was a problem and it would be reported to the webmaster. So... WTF, I will sign-off then and sign-on again. But no, the sign-off page has a clock icon with a spinning hand to convey the passage of time, and has been at it for five minutes now. I will close the tab to put it out its misery. Then see what other fuckery will befall me in attempting to download software. Another request to get Oracle to find out what the problem is.

So what is the deal that the perps have to obstruct me like this? It was as senseless as it was relentless in 2002 to 2003, and they finally backed off some. But now they have cranked it up again. Another similar example was a crosswalk blocking driver yesterday; she looks set to pull out and then stops, and I attempt to go behind her vehicle and she starts backing up, causing me to change my intended plan and then go in front of the vehicle. It is just plain fucking nuts.

Time for some pictures to relieve this diatribe of insane abuse.

Hurriedly, here are some pics from yesterday; blurry and furtive shot of the police action opposite me in the bus stop, outbound. It seem that the flashing red, blue and white lights next to a white object such as their vehicle somehow enhances the perps' remote energetic assay activity, that is, of me. And too, plenty of vehicles passed between me the this scene, adding to their light interuption games.

Now inbound and in the white-bred suburb of Gordon Head, the silver-greys are out on my walk to the bus stop. That is, vehicles, and when the silly LH drive used Japanese vehicles won't do, why, park a regular North American RH drive vehicle on the opposite side of the road for me to walk past. The perps devote a huge amount of effort to switch up steering wheel sides with respect to the road rules; backing them up, aforementione LH drive vehicles from Japan and UK, and even have bold Fuckwits drive on the wrong side of the road if cleared in advance.

Further along the walk; it is Oct. 11, 2009, the Sunday of a Thanksgiving long weekend and maybe a parked throng of vehicles outside someone's house is reasonably legit. Heavy to silver-grey though.

More of the above agglomeration of vehicles; orthogonal directionality, parked over differing ground material (asphalt, lawn, and some of each), and nothing too incriminating to the casual observer.

At the bus stop, this pair of strange dweebes was loitering around; they split apart when I arrived for me to pass between them, and now they are "together again", presumably testing their respective energy interactions with me, now with each other. The hoodie acts are everywhere, and both dudes are eating apples, and lo, if I hadn't finished eating one only 15 minutes earlier before setting off to find this pair waiting for me. I defaced the one so I don't get him coming on me at a later time; that is, I am taking away the excuses. This is taken through the bus shelter glass, hence the yellow dots and the scuzz, not to mention extra reflectivity.

Formerly the Gordon Head store, and still hanging in after all these decades. Nothing to strange here, though I get the Plastic Bag Men routinely, and even on a Sunday afternoon they get into some heavy shopping at this forlorn store. Regular readers will recognize the background field as the one where a male from an adjacent empty lot left a chainsaw sitting there all by itself, and not a chunk of wood in sight. The chainsaw depositing Fuckwit then retraced his steps without the saw and just plain disappeared after re-crossing the street to the empty lot. (I had been running a chainsaw the day before, and for them to be doing something so blatant was not a coincidence by any measure.

That's three pairs of legs now, all males, and the fourth one is out of the camera range. Two negros arrived "together", as in 12' apart, and seeming brothers or like, as they were both black as the ace of spades. Again, this is white-bred suburbia and this represents the very first time I have ever seen more than one at a time in the neighborhood. As so often happens, the negro gangstalkers arrive only for a short spell, some three minutes, before a vehicle driven by a white male "happened" to stop by the bus stop and "rescue" them, adding more unlikely social dynamics into the already strange brew that this bus stop begets in my presence.

That it for pics today; no likelihood of a posting 10-13-2009 (tomorrow) as I have to go to evening class.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gardening for the Noise

Some late day attempts to get software downloaded from the Oracle site to aid my coursework, but no deal. Stymied by login and password problems, so perhaps another round of this is in order later. One never knows; two years ago I attempted to load the Oracle DBMS download and it failed on unzipping. So, like so often, the perps have decided to govern this aspect of my existence with the usual halting and failure-prone progress they routinely impose on so many new activities.

I did gardening at my mother's place today, she being away in the UK for two weeks. It was the raised garden beds that needed to be attended to, removing the near expired vegetable plants and putting them into a new compost pile. And also, have me attend to watering the compost pile I have been nurturing for the past six months, watering it again, likely for the last time this year. I expect I will be putting it through the sieve in the next few months to make way for the backlog of recent trimmings and vegetative matter that has accumulated. It is one of my obsessive projects, and no doubt due to the perps' ongoing interest in composting that even incurred Ms. C of the story to get her Master's Composter training for crissakes, back in the days of the pre-overt harassment. She had this Earth Mother side to her, and that was part of the schtick, though I was done with the farming thing by then, as I had sold my acreage at a considerable loss some months before I met her in 05-2000 on the public commute bus from Everett to Seattle and reversed.

But as it SO HAPPENS, here I am in overt repressive hell for 7.5 years, and am now allowed to work again, and it is on a farm no less. There are no coincidences in my life that I have come to know, and it seems the perps have this substantial theme of objectives that relate to geographic location (provenance), soil, the food grown on particular soils (e.g. backyards by way of parental gardening for two decades), the color of the vegetables and the soil that it grew in, the related irrigation water source and methods of its delivery (e.g. plastic drip hose, aluminum pipes and brass sprinkler heads, garden hose, and even the big 8' high, 4' wide reels of 2" poly hose used on some farms). And of course, the related gangstalking and noisestalking plus other concurrent phenomenon is duly arranged whenever such irrigation devices are arranged in my proximity. If a particular item is not on the farm I work at, why, a tractor from another nearby farm will be towing irrigation equipment past me and my coworkers when waiting at the bus stop to head home. And it does make me wonder if those typical French and Belgian protesting farmers driving their tractors into their respective capital cities aren't unknowingly acting out some kind of perp interaction study of tractors jutaposed with pavement. And I suspect the perp's long running interest in having me make wine from local and other vineyards of the Pacific Northwest might also be related to these ongoing provenance/energetics/color games, also with the added variables of food/beverage handling containers, stainless steel tanks, conveyor lines, glass and bottling methods and the like. It is all very complicated, right down to the submolecular level they tell me, but that didn't stop the assholes from ripping up my life while they try and figure it all out. Fucking insane the perps, and they know it.

Anyhow, enough grumping; I had my usual coterie of noise while doing the gardening, especially notable when I was pulling plants out of the soil. There was the aircraft noise, the throaty gurgling hot rods, the power washing pump, ladder banging (don't ask, I only heard it for most of the four hours), lawn mowers, children screaming, ripping motorcycles, bad mufflered vehicles etc. And on a Thankgiving weekend Sunday, I had my troupe of Fuckwits at the bus stop and on board. These strange agglomerations of dudes taking the bus, sometimes decades apart in age, and SOMEHOW, they manage to coalesce in these public places. And after being surrounded by some 20 or more, they bring in the blonde babe to sit some 6' to 8' away, a visual relief to be sure, and in keeping with the perps' ongoing need to add "blonde auric goodness" into the dude field. Go figure, it is consistent as it is familiar.

And my all-time Fuckwit with the most appearances, from an well heeled exec on the commuting helicopter to Seattle to a faux mental case in hospital as well as street bum, Mr. Passport Tosser made what might have been his 15th appearance on the bus today, wearing both a headbanded bandana and a fedora hat, and putting on his trademark hang-dog (slumped over) look. This fucker was the one who tossed his passport at the feet of the INS inspector who thought it was really funny as well as the said Fuckwit. They were immediately in front of me in the line, and I had a good view of the Fuckwit's hand, and he deliberately threw it on the ground. I didn't see anything funny about it, and if I was the INS inspector I would of sent him packing back on the next return flight. What that was all about is unkown to me even now, though the perps do like to noisestalk me over matters related to crossing borders, acquiring and showing passports and the like. Not that I have crossed any borders since they went stupid and wouldn't let me into the US, even to retrrieve my belongings in 2003.

Another forced pee immediately following posting this blog, and now some added extra ponderings to undoubted repeat the event for the assholes.

Last evening I had just finished grocery shopping after visiting the LD store, about 2030h, and was exiting the local supermarket when three dudes in a cluster, ethicity unkown apart from Whats-it-stan, were walking in a triangular formation, each without a jacket, and each wearing a similar shirt; one white, one black, and the olive green on in the center. Their timing was such that they were leading ahead of me by some 6' for some 60' of storefront until I could duck through the parking lot. This triad of pals/brothers or whatever the fuck they were, was then met by an oncoming blonde woman on her cell phone, presumably as another case of "blonde auric goodness" reference comparison. Just another gangstalking moment, with an ethnic twist, and I didn't think anything more about it until today. As it SO HAPPENS, I ordered three new shirts last week, and laundered them anew tonight, and lo, if they aren't also in the colors of off-white, black and dark olive green. The shirts look to be extra large when they are large, just as I ordered them. And it might be such that the perps want me to alter the shirts to make them smaller and snag the remnants for their own continued fuckery.

The same thing happened with the black acrylic underwear last year; I had 2" taken off the waist of each of six new pairs to make them fit better across my hips instead of around my belly button. And lo, if the seamstress didn't run out of black thread and sustituted olive green thread on one pair. And I see that the said underwear is begining to look ratty with recent accelerated pilling, so no doubt I will have to sort that one out in the near future. This also had a geographic sourcing angle, ordered from Nevada from Sierra Trading Post, same as the above mentioned shirts. Gotta love the uncertainly and fuck-up proneness of online clothing sourcing if one is a perp. As in FUD, or FUDE, the latter being an extension of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, adding in Error.

Or even FUDEO, adding O for obstruction. I entered my personal details to sign up for, and lo, if the assholes didn't obstruct me from submitting the information. The submit button does nothing, and if there is an error, there is no error message. The little I know about Newegg, is that they don't have flakey web pages or linking, so it must be the insane ones again, going extra stupid tonight. It is very common that this Blogspot page jumps back to the View Postings page when I Save, thereby incurring extra effort in bringing up this edit page again just to publish this posting.

Time to call this one done for the day.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Brutal Harassment Day; new furniture arrangements

It is Thanksgiving Weekend, today being a Saturday is the first of three days off. But full-on Life Fuckover harassment today. The seeming attractant event was that I got this wretched Ikea knock-down furniture straightened up with the aid of a pro handyman, and that begat emptying the shelves and PC to make it more portable to lug some 14" closer to the end wall to then make room for a recently acquired smaller Ikea bookcase to be placed in this here apartment. The latter being the same Ivar knock-down furniture that racks and is "perp prone" to being messed with. The new bookcase wood and struts had been lying on the floor for the past month, and it was only today that the desk/bookcase was fixed so to initiate the follow-on exercise of moving it, mostly without the books, PC, printer and journals (handwritten logs) to make it lighter. A long way of saying one project begat another, and a third project to put the Ikea LED lights on the underside of the desk shelf to add more light to this dingey state. And most TI's would concur that lighting is of intense perp interest, and they will even arrange a cluster of gangstalking co-workers when I step out of shade into direct light. Adding a new LED light source is just the ticket for their nonconsensual research, but don't ask me why. They even wouldn't let the LED lightswitch work at first, having it intermittent and flickering and would only allow it to work after a period of some hours after installation.

The brutal part of today has been since the handyman departed, desk/bookcase fixed and moved to provide more wall space, and in doing so, having the two modems placed on the lower shelf, and the AC and PC wiring to be raised off the floor and 6" higher on the lowest shelf unit (wood) after 2.5 years. It was the usual thing of controlled misperceptions that incurred re-work, and multiple attempts to get the wires relocated and plugged into the powerbar, the one that replaced the Isobar that oddly quit about a year ago. The power bar is made of plastic, and has a mid-grey plastic gate to go over one of the prong receptacles, making it child proof. But I do wonder what the perps are up to, as the color of everything, including wires, PCB circuit board, wire bunching ties, and the full panalopy of electronic materials and substances. Which is likely associated with the assholes gangstalking me with copper (Unfavored) colored vehicles after a suitable warm-up of silver (Favored) colored vehicles, along with whites, mid-greys and black colored ones, the greyscale set.

Back to the assault with the extra-conventional gravitic fuckery; wires hung up, pulled out of the wall by themselves, fell in odd and hard to reach places far out of proportion to pre-harassment onset normalcy, I was jabbed by everything it seemed in the fingertips, I was whacked in the head even if it was 5" away from anything that could cause such, screwdrivers slipped far too often, objects were routinely pulled from my hands to increase the infuriation quotient, and on it went. Also occuring was a steady stream of outside vehicle noise, very little of which would be normally audible six stories up; Harley Davidson like motorcycle noise, Japanese high revving motorcycle noise, relentless bus noise far more frequent than the usual Saturday schedule, heavy duty vehicle noise, street shouting, sirens (at least four emergency siren cascade, as strange chirping whistling noise that started up at wake-up time and kept going intermittently for all of the morning, at least once per two minutes and of no seeming cause. I reckon there must of been over 150 rage-fications over the five hours this relentless exasperation was applied.

And my daytime meal routines were delayed as well; regular readers will know that the perps like to pour on the harassment before mealtimes, and better yet if the mealtime can be arranged to be three hours later without noticing any kind of hunger. They can do this, make one not hungry for days at a time, having experienced this before, and without any side effects either once a normal eating routine is re-established. There is something about food digestion that gets in the way of their remotely applied research, hence their need to delay meals such as earlier today.

And for the first most obvious time, the assholes scheduled a crap in a very tactical way; I had begun to remove some books from the desk/bookshelf unit, perhaps making only three trips across the room to place them on the table, and then they created a sudden lower adominal pain and a "need" to take a crap, which was duly performed, and then subsequently created a mess that could only be cleaned up with a shower, the second one by 1100h this morning. The handyman guy came at 1130h, so it was likely that I was duly "de-pooed" for his imminent arrival. Regular readers will know the perps are consumed with all things brown, and especially the brown substances that we pack around in our digestive system. And they like to disrupt progress and to create more wait time, usually by adversity to aid this objective. Though, they also do time my phone calls to interupt tea making, mealtimes, shaving, and most routine events. Non-routine events like today's furniture repairs/assembly and relocation with attendant changes to what items get stored where are even more attractive for the perps to disrupt.

A blurb from an email that I recieved; regional area TI's are converging on this very city, the Gangstalking Capital of Canada, to have a protest. As for me, I haven't been convinced that this is effective, hate being any more of a public spectacle than I am, and will want to work to pay today's handyman visit. (And also, I have met two of the players, and it seems the three of us cannot cross the street together without a fuck-up, and so why would I want to put myself in this vexacious situation again? The perps are letting me be me as far as I can tell, at least for this event.

The International Alliance Against Covert Electronic Abuse (IAACEA) is a worldwide campaign for the right of people to be free from covert community based harassment and electronic abuse. This abuse has caused serious and widespread violations of basic human rights. Such unlawful acts of covert harassment have been going on for decades, and are now commonplace throughout the world..

Our global aim is to break the silence around the issue of covert abuse and reclaim our basic rights as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Thousands of documents exist regarding the usage of this shameful, criminal technology: military patents, government reports, declassified documents, scientific journal and mainstream magazine articles, information obtained through FOIA requests, books written by former military personnel, etc. The amount of information is overwhelming, but it is mostly kept hidden from the mainstream media. For more information, please visit: http://www.osnanaim s.pdf

Victoria BC Canada, Wednesday, October 14, 2009: the IAACEA is staging a worldwide protest against the use of electronic technologies that assault and harass members of the unwitting public. This coalition unites concerned professionals and victim groups from all over the world.

Protest will begin at 2:30pm, 1212 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC.

Simultaneous protests are taking place in the following global locations:

Los Angeles
San Francisco
New York
Washington, DC

Victoria, British Columbia


China -Email protest only

Through these protests and international solidarity, our goals are:

*To Educate the public about the erosion of our basic human rights.
*To Lobby the government to create laws to protect people from covert electronic abuse.
*To Provide community support for those people and their families who are affected by covert electronic abuse.
*To Challenge governments and those who hold power to end abusive practices and respect international human rights law.
*To Collaborate with international organizations: to obtain justice for survivors of torture; to hold accountable the governments and individuals who perpetrate torture; to develop the means of ensuring compliance with international standards and securing remedies for victims.

A late running day, and time to call this one done, even if I haven't re-read the above for readability and the raft of tweaking I usually do.