Sunday, September 24, 2017

Scanning and Tattoos

As a full time tattoo loather, I got my own set of three freckle-like tattoos today, along with a scan to identify where my to-be-irradiated (in med-speak, treated) prostate is. Irony of ironies, but as they are quite small, I can live with them. It was either that or else get some irretrievable gold pellets shot into said gland. And all the while a red laser beam marked the center of the scanning bed, and me when on it. And of course, the perps love firing lasers at the victim (me) as well. So here we are, a troika of perp intrusions; tattoos (loathed as artwork on others), a laser beam, and a CT (X-ray) scan. This is all to get my alignment for the focused beam treatments, 28 of them I am told, Mon-Fri, whenever they start.

The two technicians, both women, marked and scanned me, and then repeated the exercise, and once happy with their positioning, marked me permanently with ink. Funny how they pulled the frumpy one from the exercise, and kept the better looking one to finish the job. More of the swapping game I suppose, most notable at cashiers, though often male for female, or vice versa. 

For that, an hour's drive to Kelowna, and the the usual extra road traffic that accompanies me. Though to be fair, I don't have a read on this region of the world to know how much is background traffic, and how much is extra gangstalking accompaniment. I had time to go to the bookstore, and had my stalkers ahead of me there, and coursing around. Ditto for the skunk-trip to the shoe repair shop; even stalkers standing around on the street for no seeming reason, still there over the 10 minutes when I returned after finding the shoe repair shop closed this Monday. The perps just love to be all over me when I am exiting my vehicle, especially after a highway drive. And too, pulling a skunk at the same time, that is, finding a business or office is closed or not accessible (aka, dashed expectations). And I find it absolutely galling that somehow, someone knew I was in my vehicle and wanted my parking spot on the street, when it is highly doubtful they would of seen me, as it was the pull-in stall type, where other vehicles obstruct the view from the street.

And they were all over me when I set off after my appointment at the hospital; a vehicle train to trap me where I was to make my first turn, culminating in what seemed like the real perp assholes in uniform; an unmarked brown Suburban with uniformed Fuckwits inside (but not regular police), making a L turn in front of me. I am being facetious, as I don't think the perps have a uniform, any more than a CIA criminal has one, but it does beg the question as to who these mofos were.

Yoga; I didn't see this coming, but then again I am not allowed to think too far in advance, nor anticipate the perps games that I could do so accurately until 2006, when they became capable of dithering my knowledge. Here we are, post return trip from Kelowna, post CT scan, so they poured on the yogis. About 15 of them, and plenty of new cute ones too, plus some semi-regular cute ones. One of the latter wears a two piece outfit, but today she had a new two piece outfit that was smaller than the first one. Presumably a more revealing outfit to get my renewed attention for the same girl. I cannot think of any reason why these surges of yogis show up, and then it boils down to a regular crew, 8 or so.

They had plenty of early yogis attending to arrange themselves in my usual spot and at the front, so I ended up in the SE back corner. Three cute ones in front, and at the last minute they put a larger assed woman in between, even if there was other and more roomy areas she could of placed herself. For some reason of late, the perps like me to do comparisons on asses; this time arranging a larger one in front of three cute ones. Go figure.

Another significant futility exercise just revealed itself. For 1.5 years I have been making my case for an generalized dopamine deficiency, which includes a SPECT scan that determined ADD (=developmental dopamine deficiency), and a recent urine test that determined dopamine deficiency. I have compiled a list of symptoms that apply to those with a dopamine deficiency. I wrote all this up and gave it to the shrink one week in advance. So today's visit was a mighty disappointment from the get-go when he appeared to not have read any of what I wrote. He went over this material while I was there, and didn't even look at the scans for crissakes, just the written determination. Then it was a long detailed listing of all what happened to me in Seattle when the perps went berserk/overt on me, and the downstream bullshit of being fucked with by shrinks who then illegally kept me in hospital and kept me on dopamine blocking agents. I dumped those mind-debilitating medications the day I got out and got better. How is that for Soviet-style treatment in a supposedly free country? Free we ain't, in the US or Canada.

And because this guy is a careful facts collector, I had to go through all the squalid history of this abuse onset, the head pain brutality, being run all over the place, gangstalking up the asshole etc. while he took notes. Naturally, there wasn't enough time for the whole story, and so this shrink summed up the deal about dopamine deficiency/ADD by saying, "I don't see it there". Well the SPECT scan shows it, and ADD doesn't go away, so what was there to "see"? Never mind that I did 90% of the talking and he asked no ADD diagnostic questions. Thanks a lot perps, another go-nowhere shrink, aka, dopamine treatment obstruction.

As to his determination on the harassment, he says, "why you?". How am I supposed to know, save that the perps have an inordinate interest in dopamine. Anyhow, there were plenty of "stop there" during my revelations, which tells me he didn't want to know a whole lot about specific details. So here we go again; a big nothing over dopamine treatment, exactly what I predicted months ago, and I waited six months for this. Sure, another appointment is scheduled in December, but today's opening gambit tells me the whole deal is over. Am I fucking pissed or what?

Dopamine is a hormone of significant and wide influence, and doctors and endocrinologists just don't/won't get it. (Here are some links; dopamine1 (easy read, 4 pp), dopamine2 (longer read, 11pp), dopamine3 (technical read, 33pp). Why have I been beating my head at this wall, or more like, led to this place, for over 20 years, and to no avail? When I first identified I had ADD from clinical books, and lectures from doctors, four shrinks in succession blew me off. Finally, I got the SPECT scan in 2001 which came back exactly with what I told them, and I took the appropriate medications (new doctor) and felt much, much better. That is, until 04-2002 when the perps went berserk/overt and outed themselves with their abusive and psychopathic harassment, which still continues to this day, though not as intense as then. If it hadn't been for the recent prostate cancer and urinary issues (both mediated by dopamine), I never would of gone to any shrink. This entire episode has been another big, very big, nothing. One that has huge medical ramifications for the next 20 years, and has already manifested itself in part by way of prostate cancer. Thanks assholes.

Onto small nothings; I see my "fickle friend" (co-worker from last year, 2016) was texting, and says we can meet sometime in October in Kelowna (one hour drive away), as he travels there for his physiotherapy. I will be there on a daily basis then too. So WTF; we both live in Penticton, and now this lame-assed excuse to meet in another city comes up in a month's time? For the record, I helped him for six weekends to take him shopping as he was crippled from knee surgery, having split his knee cap in May. (And I have done nothing to piss him off). We always have lively conversations, and got along well as co-workers in 2016, and have similar dispositions and intellectual curiosities. Anyhow, more of the same, from the same quarter, disappointing as it is. As an aside, the above mentioned shrink found the term "fickle friend" hilarious. Unexpectedly humorous I am, or perhaps, he was letting on he has a sense of humor. Go figure.

Saw Amy Helm tonight; she and her very capable band put on a good show. I didn't get the waitress banging me into me 4x like last time, though I was in a different seat against the far wall. Cindy Cashdollar was on steel guitar, and was the consummate supporting musician.  I needed a reprieve from the disastrous shrink visit earlier, and the show more than served the purpose.

I had my 1-5 tooth extracted this morning, as it was broken, plus some X-rays on the other side where another (similar) problem seems to be brewing. And were there enough masers floating around the whole time, this time the small black dot variety that likes to arrive and stay on top (or between) of a feature, say corner of the lamp, edge of the pillar for the lamp etc. And plenty of fleeting plasma beams, projecting from the linear features of the room mostly, e.g. window frame, vertical wall edge etc. Nothing new to me when I go to any medical facility and sit down on the chair. And what is with the dentist? She doesn't set up the next appointment/referral and I had to ask the dental assistant all the particulars and get it set up. Having a go-between for information transfer seems to be a big deal for the perps for whatever reason, as is any facet related to acquiring knowledge, retaining knowledge, deploying knowledge etc. A significant component of the objectives of what they seem to be after for whatever reason.

A 11 hour sleep for whatever reason, with fitful awake time as well. My daughter has now, after 15 months, acknowledged my prostate cancer and is encouraging me to look after myself and says that these treatments have a high rate of success. I hope so too. But the question remains as to why she started this dialog when I told her on the first day of my biopsy result, that I had prostate cancer? And coincidentally, it was her birthday, and we were in communication because I was wishing her well, via phone call. Cynically, I would call this a "two-fer"; in this case a communication event that served two purposes, for  birthday greetings and my significant health news. For that, it takes the perps to manage events IMHO, as they seem to manage me down to the last microsecond.

I finally figured out why the perps want to jump on my ass whenever I complete something; one gets a small dopamine surge just then, satiating the mid-brain reward center. Often, the perps will delay completion as things "happen" to go wrong, or in the case of working for employers, they will move me to another task so someone else gets to complete what I was working on. And lest you think it is just me in all this, the root cause of addictions is about creating a dopamine surge. In some cases you don't have enough, or in other cases the dopamine is broken down too fast. There may be other variations too. Soo... what is going on out there that a massive amount of the human race has addictions, and are they too being covertly monitored or surveilled for dopaminergic dysfunction? And why is the clinical community, save a few players who do it right with an assist from brain imaging technologies, got their heads in the sand? (Putting it politely).

Fall officially begins today, which means the fall equinox. Though, with the 15-20C daily temperatures of late, it seems fall began two weeks ago. With no vineyard work on, the cancer treatments soon, I am being kept in employment limbo. Even the picking at the two vineyards seems to getting done by imported crews from the wineries, rather than the minions who got it into shape all growing season, from pruning to present.

Saturday, and a dick all day it was, save going to the farmer's market in the morning to get fresh salad vegetable.

Sunday, and I got out for a hike, along the trail that was used for an obstacle course competition yesterday. So hundreds of trail runners were on this trail yesterday. No big deal, and who knows how all this fits in the perp harassment scheme.

Dropped in at my former employer of 2012-2015 on the way back. I haven't seen any particular major capital improvements at his vineyard and small winery that might have come his way as a possible reward, a rare exception in the trail of largesse that seems to follow me, even before the harassment began 04-2002. All was well, sort of; his 62 y.o younger wife want to move to an assisted living arrangement, far removed from running a 5 acre vineyard and a small winery. She is in reasonable health, is able bodied and all, so I don't get it.

And I see by way of email that the person who is handling my malfunctioning stereo amplifier is claiming that there is nothing wrong with it. He says its the sources or cables or both. I just ran all three sources through my ancient headphone amplifier and all three work fine, keeping the same source-cabling. So it would seem that the perps are up to their usual shit again; fucking the gear, having it sent back, and then no problem is found. Then it gets returned to me, and I continue to have the same problems. Not that this person is any bit keen to really find out; not a phone call or anything. That is what one gets in this new world of online sales, though brick and mortar sales outlets don't guarantee diligent service either.

Or maybe it is a total jerkaround to force me back to headphone listening again, something they did from 2005 to 2016. For all the crap I have been through over stereo amplifiers, I don't get it. They screwed with my 15 y.o YBA amplifier such that it wasn't working properly, and after it was returned from the Chicago repair depot, it still wasn't working. I was livid. Then I had to sent it back again, and four months later, it was finally working again. I was so pissed with this fuckery over an older amp, I got a new one. (After checking out that it gets fixed back at the factory). And lo, it is this new one (now one year old) that isn't working. So just what is it about music sources, stereo amplifiers, speakers, headphones, cables, and cable colors and materials that so interests the perps that they continue a 15 year long sabotage assault on all of this? And when will they be done? I reckon they have another 15 years of combinations and permutations to run through in all of this.

They pulled this shit in 2002 in Seattle when I purchased a combination gauss-electrical meter only the electrical signal detector worked fine, so I sent it back. They pronounced it all working, and sent it back to me. By then, all kinds of things were going wrong, as well as the debilitating head pains, and I figured then, as now, it was a perp stunt. Of course I wanted the gaussmeter function the most as it seemed the nature of the harassment was magnetic. (For example, I could get relief from the pain beaming with headphones on, or in my vehicle). When when I moved the meter's switch to gauss, the reading blanked out. I ended up renting an industrial gaussmeter from California and got readings of 180-200 gauss in my apartment 13 stories up. Why the perps put me through all that I have no idea, but they like to have objects come from different geographic locations and have them returned. I returned the gaussmeter to the rental agency, but I will never, ever, forget the intense head pounding pain that came on while at the courier's counter while they did all the paper work, and I paid them. (A financial transaction note, another major perp Fuckover moment).

Enough for a week, and it seems just too dull to do daily blogs like I did back in the unemployed years they kept me in.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Blue Plasma Dot Matrix

The blue plasma dot matrix came on this morning. This is where a uniform field of bright blue dots (2-3mm), in a orthogonal pattern (matrix), dots spaced 3-4", stays in my visual field for about 5 seconds, and follows my vision; wherever I look, it is there for that duration. And what was the event that precipitated this occurrence? Why, I was looking for my glasses when I got up, and didn't find them in the usual location under my cot on its dark blue towel (where I put them every night), but for some reason I left them in the bathroom. So, on my way into the bathroom, and when identifying and then retrieving my glasses I had this blue plasma dot matrix in my visual field. Other such blue plasma dot matrix occurrences have been when I am changing my clothes, always a big perp event, the energy change with clothing changes, that is, changes of color and fabrics and whatever energy interaction that brings to one's physical state. As of late, I get a plasma dot matrix show about once every two weeks.

Which augments why gangstalkers just love to arrange clothing changes in my presence, (putting on or off sweaters or jackets) or on rare occasions, more ridiculous partial clothes; e.g. one guy had his shirt cut vertically (not short) so that his half shirt covered his L side only, the R side bare skin. And of course, they like to be around me whenever I make clothing changes of an expectable and normal weather or comfort related nature. I don't cut up my clothing and do the weird gangstalker nonsense. Nor do I wander around in summer like some males, even elder males, walking the streets with no shirt. Just patently absurd.

Miles Mathis calls the 2017 Charlotesville Event fake, and has this zinger of a posting to back it up. I haven't read all the research or checked out all the youtube references, but I think he is right. Too bad President Trump didn't call it fake too, but then I suppose he is part of the facade, not to mention stirring it all up some more. Though I am totally on board with Trump's perspective, as much as I don't think he will be a good president, not even a mediocre one. According to one of his ex aides, the Trump administration is no longer the one the voters voted for. Why am I not surprised, as it has long been my determination based on extrapolating this harassment experience, that the governments of Western nations are but a pretense.

Of perturbing note in the above reference to Sunstein, and his notorious 2008 paper "Conspiracy Theories" and the quote;

Our main policy idea is that government should engage in cognitive infiltration of the groups that produce conspiracy theories.

is the term, "cognitive infiltration" for conspiracts. Which means everybody in effect, as one is in constant state of awareness, and detecting conspiracies, fudges, dodges, lies and other BS is what humans do all the time. Some do it for a living, e.g. LEO's and justice system professionals, and anyone who evaluates human behavior for a living. And of course, the 9-11 analysis, some of which is mentioned below, and news to me, some don't believe any aircraft were crashed that day.

As a TI, I can say "cognitive infiltration" has been going on all my life, and over the last 15 years of this senseless and relentless harassment, it has developed to "cognitive governance" (by remote means). It is a slippery slope for sure; developing and refining the capabilities of remotely governing one individual (thousands of TI's in fact) , and then applying the findings to the masses in varying degrees, depending on the objectives of the puppet master.

Speaking of puppet masters, this time going back into recorded history, I read an excellent book titled "The Gods of Eden" by William Bramley. From the back cover "as a result of seven years of intensive research, William Bramley has uncovered the sinister thread that links humanity's darkest events.... Bramley presents disturbing evidence of an alien presence on Earth- extraterrestrial visitors who have conspired to dominate Humankind through violence and chaos since the beginning of time... a conspiracy which continues to this very day". His research is solid, and not conflationary (adding facts together), and he really didn't want to accept his findings at first, as it was his intent to only write a book on the causes of war, thinking it was largely monetary or territorial gain, but at each turn, there were organized background players (the Brotherhood), who at times, had alien influences or connections. Highly recommended.

One interesting history analysis I found was that the House of Hanover (of Germany) managed to install their own monarch in England, who then promoted more wars needing mercenaries from Germany. And at huge costs to the Treasury, but then, governments overspending is nothing new, is it?

My landlords are away, and did mention that a plumber is coming to do some work on the house. But they did not say the plumber would shut down the water supply, so that leaves me showerless at the moment, some two hours into my morning, my first of being unemployed after seven months of vineyard work. Not a coincidence I am sure, though I am hard pressed to know what it is. That the perps have an abiding interest in my water supply, intake, exposure (say swimming, showering), and laundering is an understatement to say the least. They made that plain by stealing just laundered clothing, twice, in the first year of this abuse-athon. And they do love water leaks, as well as flicking drops around. Sometimes I read about city water mains bursting and wonder if the perps aren't up to their usual games, just that is has a semblance of plausible cause. Then of course, one could take that to the level of floods, e.g. two recent hurricanes, Irma (Texas) and Harvey (Florida), and the attendant storm surges.

Now 1100h, and the water is back on. Thanks for the notice. I have nothing really to complain about given the weather catastrophes, that is hurricanes, mentioned above.

Yoga tonight; a new schedule and they have now down graded my regular class time once more into a more mellow moksana class. Three years ago the manager was mentioning that I needed more of a challenge. Well she didn't take her own advice, and has twice downgraded power (ashtenga) yoga now to this lame-assed form. Perhaps it is my hint to move on elsewhere, not unusual in how things work out in this ongoing abuse-athon.

Out doing errands this morning, my first non-working Monday in 7 months,and what a gangstalk shit show. Not only reams of vehicular gangstalking, on the road, but vehicular cluster fucks in every parking lot. And of "course" ambulatory stalkers to cover me when I traversed the parking lot. And of "course" the pit lampers, the ones that constantly "happen" to be aiming their headlights at me, especially at building egress. The perps had me is some kind of special state, perhaps de-energizing my temporal lobes (again) as I felt kind of stoned or floaty. Laying on extra stalking attention when they pull this shit has been noted in the past.

And in the long running game of things going wrong, a food order has gone missing. A wholesaler who drops the order off at my address and then apparently, doesn't tell anyone. [later] It was sorted out; the delivery dipshit phoned on Friday, four days ago, but didn't leave a message and left the food order (a cardboard box) at the W side of the landlord's house, an area they don't frequent. So the landlord missed it, and the delivery dipshit didn't leave a message, and it sat there outside for four days. Miraculously no animals got into it, as it would of fed 100's of raccoons for weeks. All this started from getting one of those peculiar "phone calls" where it doesn't ring but only leaves a log entry, and abetted by the dipshit delivery twit not leaving a message and then not responding to an email, all assuming this wasn't staged. All to leave my food outside for four days, some 80' away on the other side of the landlord's house. Have I had enough of this shit?

And what is it about ensuring TI's get shit service, this time my amplifier that was sent to the bus depot two weeks ago. I didn't get any confirmation that it was picked up, so finally I sent an email to ask. Two days later I get a reply to say they will look at it next week. Give me a break; this whole deal is about slowing me down, sandbagging every event, especially in the service realm.

A work day, the first this week. I was staking the newly planted vines and putting a milk carton around them. The latter serves to protect the vulnerable plants from herbicide applications. The stakes are for training the plants vertical in the coming years. Not exciting, especially when the neighboring house owner has suddenly developed a HD habit, making sure to put on the noise for longer and with excessive rev-ing, just so I got plenty of that infernal noise. The road traffic was also cranked up, and they seemed to like to make noise just when I was putting the stake in the ground, or affixing the clip to hold the stake to the wire. Go figure.

Vineyard work again, this time deleafing all day, and then onto my IV vitamin C treatment in preparing myself for radiotherapy in two weeks. I don't seem to get a whole lot from it, save my dental gums are putting on growth after years of recession.

How many sonic weapon attacks do we need, or "health attacks" if you prefer, before the idiotic naysayers finally admit that there just might be such a weapon? US and Canadian embassy personnel were targeted in their own homes, or one instance in a hotel, and could remove themselves from the worst of the attacks. Though it seems others were attacked by way of covert means, and developed symptoms without debilitating sensations. Sure enough, some techo-twit is quoted as saying it is impossible without being in immersed in a pool, and the water delivering the sonic attack. Absurd; where do the find these turkeys, and why do they quote them? According to the CBC radio program "As it Happens", such weapons have been developed for military use, its just now that specific individuals can now be targeted, though seemingly, not actively (trained on them while the target is moving, unlike what I have experienced).

As one who has experienced debilitating beam wave attacks that inflict painful head pains, in my residence, on the street and in hotel rooms, I can say these kind of attacks are very doable and they can be aimed to follow one around. And if you try to protect yourself by putting one's arms over your head, you will buy about 10-20 seconds of relief before the assholes re-aim it, or else increase the intensity after reading one's pain level remotely, and they then re-apply the pains again. The perps pulled this shit in 2002, and some in 2003, and the only defence I had was to be around metal; vehicles, though in fact they may have workarounds for this one too. So here they are, pummeling embassy staff in Cuba, and the press duly trots out some blather about saying it is impossible. If you haven't come to your own determination, the media is stage managed, right down to the last comma. I do believe these attacks are real, but the media isn't doing squat, the UK Guardian is doing better than North American media mush purveyors.

De-leafing in the vineyard all day, with the weather a little warmer than yesterday. The scope of the work increased, so an extra day of work out of the deal. As "usual", the visitations, noise and like perturbations erupt while I am at the row end, and turn 180 degrees to go down the adjacent row. Yesterday, I was asked to help with the dog (hopeless, as it likes to jump on me), help with the ditch digging machine, asked to dig a hole, and the construction types "happened" to arrive when I started the first row. I also got two phone calls at the end of another row as well, and I get about two calls a week on average.

I got nailed for a one hour nap attack when I got back from work today, all the while the text message was pinging on my phone, and I was drifting in and out of sleep. It took 20 minutes being awake before I could get up.

A not-much-done day yesterday (Saturday); a late get-up time and some web surfing, and then it was time for my haircut and leg wax appointment. It was a blonde, or sort-of blonde cutie on the latter. She had blonde on black hair, about half of each, so I didn't know which was for real. I suppose it was yet another blonde variation test. The hair stylist was OK; the glasses didn't help. But plenty of eye candy coursing about, with the odd interjection of a fat girl, and there were at least four of them taking turns to pass by. Plus one major tattoo job, she with a single arm full, and would alternatively have it visible in the mirror on one side, and then somehow arrange for the non-tattoo arm to be visible at other times. Plus some elder folks in the mirror, with those god-awful curlers on. In other words, more babe-bait with visual interjections of the Unfavored. Nothing new there, but this spa, esthetics and hair school is just the perfect place to have lots of activity around me, and all the better with all the mirror, now re-oriented to take in a wider view. (They were rotated from the longer vertical side to now being horizontal in a minor summertime renovation).

And for some reason I got on with vacuum cleaning at my residence afterward, an biweekly event at best, but something I wanted to get onto. The motivation just came on for some reason.

My web surfing has for "some reason" got into some morbid territory, all from Google, lest one think I have gone into the "dark web", whatever that means. Somehow I came across the 2007 Meredith Kercher murder in Perugia, Italy, and the twice accused, twice acquitted Amanda Knox of Seattle, plus her Italian boyfriend. (Curiously, the web site isn't up to date to detail the 2015 appeal, and acquittal; -perhaps the author was too disgusted). Based on the evidence presented on this site, I don't know how they got off, when another seeming accomplice was found guilty, the one who it seems immediately fled and wasn't involved in the clean up. (Footprints of all three were picked up via a forensic light analysis, plus one from each of the acquitted). It seems that there was a whole lot of cleaning up of the evidence that tragic night, but it seems there was still enough to convict based on what I see here, playing armchair prosecutor. And the faked break-in, and the clever lies by both of the co-accused, and also their changing story. But of course there is a bias to this site, but it seems the Italian justice system just didn't want to know, and with a whole lot of myth making from the accused camp, they were acquitted by way of recursive sub-setting (reduction) of the allowable evidence, and didn't allow new evidence to be introduced. And the guy in jail isn't saying anything. The entire justice proceedings outcome just doesn't add up, nor does the rationale for the murder, and makes me wonder if it wasn't some kind of faked show, for whatever reason the perps like to do this. The Seattle connection has me curious too, as I lived there for 3.5 years, 1999 to 2002. A much more spectacular multiple murder was the  Sharon Tate murders of 1969 and it seems that it was faked (86pp!) we now learn from Miles Mathis.

Then onto "Pizzagate", something that didn't play very big here in Canada, but it is just simply appalling that these pedophile rings seem to reach the highest levels and yet nothing is done about it. But then again, it is the same in the UK; Jimmy Savile plied his perversions on children for 50 years, and was never charged. That he was abetted by the BBC is an understatement. And lo, a recent revelation by another of the UK's finest, another knight (aka, "Sir") who also got away, in the Irish slang, meaning that he died before any public accusations or legal proceedings were made. (Lost the links as to the name). Both these perverts rubbed shoulders with the monarchy for crissakes. I don't want to get into this topic too much, as is goes much, much deeper. I just find it curious that for some reason the perps wanted me to know this now.

And if all the above "conspiracy" stuff, (it is not, and I loathe this term as a dumping ground for the don't-want-to-know crowd), wasn't enough, and so today I had another look at 9-11 material. The likelihood of cell phone calls from commercial aircraft don't add up from that altitude and speed, nor do the physics of those aircraft penetrating the World Trade towers, and nor does the Pentagon and Shanksville crash make any physical sense. Rebekah Roth, a former flight attendant, author of Methodical Deception (curiously written as fiction) is speaking to George Noory on youtube (60 min.) and details a number of inconsistencies with the behavior of the flight attendants that fateful day, one of whom was on her cell phone (apparently) for 27 minutes. Also of interest is that there is an expected norm of a six minute response time for military response for hijacked aircraft in the US. Her theory is that the aircraft were flown to a base near Boston, which was under a total evacuation order, and some selected passengers were pulled off to then recite a script on their cell phones. (The calls lacked the characteristic  background noise of an aircraft in flight). This base had sufficient hanger space to hide all four aircraft. Others make the claim, with justification, that there were no aircraft involved in any of the 9-11 crashes. As to what the disposition of the passengers and crew were is murky of course, because Roth suggests that they were gassed inside the aircraft, based on the cell phone calls. Well if the calls were faked by way of a script supplied to selected passengers removed from the aircraft, then we don't really know what happened to them. (One youtube re-plays the message of one flight attendant, and sneaks in, "its a frame" at the very end of the call).

It is all too curious to say the least; the whole 9-11 events aren't anything what they seemed. But I do find it most curious that flight KAL 007, which was apparently shot down as it inadvertently traveled over Soviet airspace, seems to have ditched in the waters after a shrapnel missile from a fighter jet punctured the airframe and caused depressurization, and the passengers rescued, and with so little characteristic debris of a crash. So again, what happened to them all? And why these two disparate aircraft crash events, neither of which fitted the mainstream media descriptions (then or now), end up with live and uninjured passengers, and they all just disappear? It would seem that the 9-11 events were a bigger version of KAL 007, among other events such as the WTC destruction.

Onto matters pedantic and fraught; no wonder the perps had me switch employers this year in mid-season,- they wanted my unemployment application to be big hassle as quitting a job is a red flag for no benefits. No matter that I left one employer and went to the next inside of two days. Now the online application has gone into an infinite loop over "farm income", when I am an employee. Adding to the administrative complexity is that my second employer manages a vineyard for someone else, but also has their own vineyard where I also worked. On top of that, I was paid from the single employer, but in mid-employment they split pay from each source. The perps just love these complications and love to grind victims into these complicated situations that defy online form filling. Never mind that the application app seemed to have failed, per infinite loop.

Enough for a week, and we shall sift through the administrative complications for another time. We cannot have straightforward unemployment benefit applications three years in succession, can we. The perps constantly insist that thing must fuck up.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Phone Follies

That should be phone sabotage, many times over. The so-called smart phone went off network by itself for two days, so by then I figured it might not be the network (has happened; an unannounced unilateral network "upgrade"), but the phone. So I took it into the shop and the woman pulled the battery and SIM card, and lo it worked. Of course (sort of) I was backed up with two messages and a saved call, but had more shopping to do, so the phone was pinging all the time. Finally at home, I get to it, and the perps now launched some kind of pop-up screen every keystroke, so I don't know what the fuck is going wrong. That episode was worth screaming at the assholes at least 5x; taking my phone out for two days and then sabotaging me getting to my messages and access to the keyboard. I just about flung the phone onto the hard floor. I am so pissed with how much touch screens invite perp sabotage. I have used computers for over 40 years, and smart phones are absolutely ergonomic hell (Androids at least). They make Windows seem like a piece of cake. I was perfectly fine keyboarding my term papers on a mainframe based word processor in 1978. Thank goodness I haven't attempted such on a smart phone.

So what is the point of obstructing my phone calls and texts by a network access problem, and then pulling the same shit by way of fucking the user interface when the first problem is fixed? Just more fucking abuse heaped on the first round of abuse, and that is straight out of the perp playbook; get the victim while down, better yet, when just getting up.

Another day of smokey skies, visibility of 3km at most. Even the water bombers are grounded for crissakes. We are now at 71 days of no rain, the previous record was 44. Thunderstorms and some showers are expected this weekend, but it is very possible that could start new forest fires. We shall see, but it is much less angst than waiting for Hurricane Irma to hit Florida, as is forecast. That is a whole lot more weather, or like adversity, than we can expect here. I saw on the news that the Columbia Gorge was shut down; that is simply astounding wildfire activity in extent.

De-leafing vines all day today in the vineyard; it seems perverse to be doing this now, as other vineyards will start in early July. We will be picking in 2-4 weeks. However, it keeps me employed for now; anything in September or later in the vineyard laboring business is a bonus.

What was with the gangstalking shit show when I went to the laundromat, then downtown to the bank, and then to the grocery store? They even had a pretty miss with an armful of tattoos arrive in the laundromat, who then gave me a stare. Nice blue eyes, but I could not imagine lying next to her tattoo-ed arm for long (more than 2 seconds) without looking elsewhere. Then she followed me in her pink Jeep halfway to the bank. Then I was covered in the bank parking lot, then intense vehicle trains on the way to the grocery store, and then clusterfuck intensity in the parking lot. Then the ambulatory dicks arrived to pretend to shop, corralling me at every move. And headlight pit lamping at every turn in the road. All over the fact that I went to the bank, got some cash, and spent some at the grocery store? Possibly, as the perps are totally nuts over financial transactions, wallet contents, bill colors etc.

Last night's phone sabotage somehow self corrected itself; the pop up window disappeared after a reboot, but even attempting a reboot was obstructed for many tries. More phone action erupted later when my local fickle friend started texting at 2300h.

Saturday, and an early trip to the gangstalk show, the farmer's market. Now post-Labor Day, and the crowds have thinned out. But still, the dithering dipshits that step in my way, or wander in my path ahead of me, is considerably out of proportion to the pre-04-2002 days, before all this harassment and abuse rained down on me, and hasn't let up. (That is, any public events, anywhere). And of course, the split-couple gangstalk move, where they split apart and so timed to force me to wander between them. Of note was an elderly couple who "happened" to be wandering 8' apart, putting on the ditz as if they didn't notice, a long established perp gangstalking countenance.

Then onto getting ready for work, as there are 5 rows to finish de-leafing on this particular block, and making my lunch. All that takes 20 minutes or so, and lo, by the time I had my boots on and stepped out the door, why, it was raining. "Well done" is my usual refrain to commend the perps on a particular inconvenient coincidence. So I am all dressed up, and have no where to go. That is, dressed for vineyard laboring work; in my usual lycra mid-thigh shorts and long sleeved stretchy shirt that wicks away moisture. Which is of course, another perp stunt, though less frequent; lets have the victim get ready for work but force him to stay at home. And better yet, after he has packed a  lunch, lets have him eat said lunch at his residence, instead of at the vineyard (or in his vehicle). And yes, this pattern of shifting my food consumption, and juxtaposing a packed lunch to then later eat at home is also part of this endless game of changing combinations, permutations, locations and (spatial) juxtapositions is nothing new. Of course all this is now intensified as of 04-2002, where before, I was a naive victim/target/subject and they had to keep their games within the bounds of the conventional normal.

I made a sortie to take the glass to the recycle depot, and it became a holy vehicular gangstalking show. Every corner was beset with extra traffic making turns and headlights aimed at me. The perps are getting more on the rag in the last few days; swarming me more often and more obviously, and pit-lamping me at the same time.

After that, I went to the specialty grocery store, and lo, that wretched woman staff/stalker was there again, this time as a cashier. She was in the middle of doing a "head dip", that is, bending over with her head facing me. (Akin to bowing I suppose, though 10' away). Then she lifts her torso up, facing me, and says "hello" for the first time ever, and I reply in kind. Just what is it about this every persistent staff-stalker who is there 90% of the time, unlike any other staff in the store? And after being hounded by shopper stalkers, I go the checkout where the staff/stalker woman is still there, and lo, if they don't put another cashier on to cross behind her, back and forth, most notable for her prominent breasts projecting from her too tight sweater.  I don't think they have done the darling babe cashier at this particular store in the five years I have shopped there, but they have certainly backed off on the young one they had. And they got rid of the fugly negro woman with dreadful dreads after six months last year. In general (all stores), just what is it about financial transactions and placement of these fugly folks (most often) as checkout cashiers (save the infrequent babe) in all their variety that is just so important to the perps? They put on a few more males as cashiers now, maybe 10% of the time.

I have come to the conclusion that these very persistent staff stalkers, another at the first vineyard I worked at this year, have some kind of similar biophysical properties that the perps want correlate with, and hence, have them constantly on my ass.

Sunday, and the weather cooperated for a warm day, with high cloud, and no smoke. Yesterday's rain lasted a whole 20 minutes, timed to re-direct me to be doing other activities, and not working in the vineyard. Today, I finished in the early afternoon, and from what I can surmise from the boss man, it was the last of my regular vineyard work for 2017. (And I was wearing the same clothes as yesterday, when I loafed around at home). Perhaps some spot work at harvest time.

And my landlord and landlady have taken off for a week, just before I arrived back from the vineyard job. Most curious that timing; if I am sitting around all this coming week, then it is most odd they had to vacate their premises. I am to deal with the mail and put it inside their place and check around to make sure all is OK as part of the deal. It just that I find the timing most peculiar; as I finish up vineyard work and hang around the property, they depart, and I will be entering their house once per weekday to deal with their request. (I live in a wholly separate carriage house on the same lot as the landlord's house). Funny how that happens, these entrances and exits, like a play, perhaps even a farce.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Expensive Tooth

I went to the endontist with the special special scanning device that goes 360 degrees around one's head to look into my 1-5 tooth. He thinks it is cracked, but the resolution isn't that good so see a crack in it. But as the tooth has had a root canal, and has a post in it, it is problematic to fix, even if it doesn't have a crack. It will be $2500 for a re-root canal, or else $4000 for an implant. Nice work perps. And it "happens" to be next to a tooth that had a root amputation. I have never had one before or since, and I found it rather peculiar that I needed one then (2009), but I did. (To send me to a male specialist perhaps?) So what is it about this region of my teeth that the perps need to carry on with their games of teeth, or teeth component extraction? I don't know, but I am pissed to say the least, and of course, being kept in low pay, no benefit jobs, means that I have to shell out all the time. Am I not sick fed of being financially plundered?

The ex was another case of financial plunder. Even the divorce cost $30k when it could of cost $5k or $10k. I won't go into the details of all her financial idiocies, but that was another  good reason to depart the relationship, besides her becoming an antagonistic asshole all of a sudden in 1990. I would suggest this would be a case of mind control; and of course she denied this sudden behavior change, and didn't do anything about it. Since all this harassment began in 04-2002, I have been pummeled with notions of matrimony with someone (ML) who was in the news for a time, in the 1990's, and I have seen her twice on the gangstalking circuit, but she is of no interest to me. I just cannot face such a situation again, and besides, would I willingly have another saboteur in my midst anyhow? Emphatically no.

Back to the endontist; male, E. Indian, and with a semi-crew cut of black greasy hair. I haven't had a male dentist since 2002, following the fellow in Everett who was good. They took out my regular Victoria (male) dentist when I returned in 2003 with severe back pain, such that he had to retire 10 years early. He was in his 50's. In his place was a pleasant  female dentist whom I saw until 2012 until I moved to Penticton. They even put on a male hygenist who was an OK guy, but they got him out of there after two visits, 2003-04. I have a female dentist here too, in this game of getting professionals close to me every now and again. And a female dental hygienist. Don't ask me why the perps do this, but who they place in what proximity and what gender is extremely important to them in this ongoing choreographed charade of an existence I lead.

Back to the male endontist; through no fault of his own, I found the close proximity of a male to be creeping me out, especially his hair. So I suppose this specialist was an excuse to get an E. Indian male in close to me, all in keeping with this long running game of getting Unfavored demographic group members in close, presumably after 15 years of "incidental" (short vignette) and less proximate exposures. Thank goodness he wasn't wearing a turban, as I absolutely loathe the sight of those things on anyone.

The "usual" maser show at a new dental office. They sit me down in the chair and leave me for 10 minutes while all these black blobs flit about, often trailing edges and corner edges. All part of the perps' games of "warming me up" in a new location.

Plenty of new forest fire smoke moving in today and yesterday. Noon time red sun for crissakes.

Another smokey day in the vineyard, then my IV vitamin C treatments afterward. I don't seem to be getting much from them, and this time it was after a two week interval, and it could be that the perps are learning how to block any beneficial effects. They didn't hit me with a nap attack afterward (once home), but the vehicular stalkers were all over me on the drive home. I don't know where this one is going, but it seems to be just another imposed nothing. The plan is to have these as a "get ready" for my radiotherapy for prostate cancer in early October. But as with all things in this choreography of nonconsensual human experimentation, they have a plan that is long developed and much refined. On with the show.

Two more boring vineyard days, shoot positioning it is called. Sunny yesterday, and it started that way, but the smoke closed in for the afternoon.

It seems I am getting blocked more and more, hence these posts becoming more boring (I think- or else the harassment action is getting less eventful). There were the freaks (Unfavoreds) following me at SOF supermarket last night. They just keep "showing up"; produce, bulk section, chocolate, far cooler cases and check out, then outside in the parking lot. Usually 3 to 5 in rotation, and "freak-turing" tattoos, skinheads, large guts and or waddling males and of course, combinations thereof.

At the specialty grocery store, now under new ownership, but with most of the same staff, this one tedious woman staff member/gangstalker is almost constantly there, no matter what time of day or week. I never see any other staff with such incredible regularity. And to boot, they moved the flax seed (in this constant game of shorting me of it), this time all of it, so I had to ask, and lo, it was this same tedious woman staff/stalker who "happened" to be available. (To add to the confusion, they always kept the ground flax seed in a cooler case, but now moved it all to the regular shelves). So she kindly went to the cooler case, and then somehow then knew it was with the grains in the aisles. In other words, they gave her extra gangstalking time, leading me around the store before I headed to the checkout. I have no idea why she gets such intense gangstalking duty, but suffice to say I am fed up.

Music listening keeps getting sabotaged; once I got a digital audio player (DAP), and was free from the Android phone software update problems (Power Amp) and the lame assed Android player, why, more games "happen" to interrupt music listening while working in the vineyard. I "forget" to charge the digital audio player, meaning remotely applied dithering, as I routinely did this every day, and now I "forget".  They mysteriously didn't want me to listen to Maria Callas two days in succession, hence another "forget". A two CD set that I picked up on a whim as I don't usually listen to opera, but this one is very listenable. And can she every sing; phenomenal vocal control. Anyhow, I finished up the day in mid album, and expected to continue listening the next day. But no; I "forgot" to charge the DAP, so I got to resume listening the following day. And what is the point of this asinine bullshit?

And my sore ribs and back are slowly recovering; this injury (nothing visible) erupted 6 days ago, and all my ribs and back were sore, as if someone sat on me in the night and managed full rib cage injury, that is, not localized to one side. Now, the sensation is almost healed, or over, depending how one looks at it

Labor Day today, same here as the US. But I labored in the vineyard in the heat, but no big deal, it doesn't bother me like it did until the perps "fixed" this in 2010. Back then I found 26C to be too hot to work outside, but now, 40C is getting close to my limit. It has never been hot enough here to test my limit, but I am thankful they fixed this "wilting" problem, or more accurately, reset my wilting level much higher.

I had my masers, blackish floating blobs, sitting over top the vine shoots I was positioning today. Much more than usual, always a word used advisedly. The maser, about the size of a quarter would sit 2" over top of the top trellis wire and stayed there while I re-postioned shoots under it. That is, if the shoots needed to be moved as they were flopping, or too long, I would move the shoots and straighten them out, and the maser would just sit there like a magnetic sentinel. Normally the masers flit about and are very active.

I got out for hike yesterday in the heat, maybe 35C in the open, but still with smokey skies, as some new forest fires are moving in from Washington State, now crossing the border in the Ashnola region (new item here). Perhaps the perps are playing "where does your smoke come from" games; fires in the Cariboo where I worked for two summers, and vacationed at least 3x have been burning for the past two months, and now smoke from fires in Washington State, like two years ago, though closer. And one shouldn't forget the forest fire they pulled (lightening) only an half hour away, "happening" to be the opposite side of the Okanagan valley of where I worked part time two years ago (Testalinden fire). I put some pics in the blog posting then, but I would not be surprised that inhaling smoke from further regions just might somehow have an energetic signature the perps are attempting to pick up after I inhale it.

Anyhow, time to get this posted and call it a week of yet more abuse.