Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nothing Special

This is meant to be a shut-in day, or at least to 1515h when I head out into the gauntlet of gangstalkers who seem to be particularly ready at that time. It seems that my earmuff wearing is getting greater perp interest of late. Before shutting down for lunch I had been web surfing with the metallic green colored plastic earmuffs for at least two hours beforehand, and when I looked outside on my way to the kitchen, there was a same gree colored pickup making a turn among eight greyscale vehicles. The greyscale vehicles were all stopped or parked in two lanes, the colors being white, silver-grey, mid-greys and blacks. I took a photo, so if I am allowed to remember I will post it. As I am six stories up in this apartment block, it would seem that they wanted to get some kind of comparable result from that distance, versus the same colored earmuffs being on my head. This would be the time to chuck the earmuffs, but often these brilliant ideas get "forgotten" or serve the perps interests if undertaken.

I was allowed to get to sleep last night within 20 minutes, which is very good for a Monday, as they have often kept me awake on Mondays for two or more hours. I haven't figured out what causes their change in harassment regimen, but I will take it anyway.

Another forced crap, toilet plunging and a shower to clean up, just like yesterday and at about the same time. Getting me ready to go out it would seem, the 1715h departure to the car dealership. Last night one of the stay-behind staff members in Service crapped in the just-cleaned toilet. His confrere has doine this twice as a pre-emptive gangstalking stunt. I call it "shit harmonization", "browning around", or "brown sync-ing". Lets just say it is one of many imposed adversities that suddenly erupted almost seven years ago, and has continued (threaten or actual) with every crap I have taken since. I am sparing you the details, and that is probably for the good.

No doubt the gangstalkers will be all over when I exit the building for the first time today, at the above mentioned time. And too, they might put on some negroes again like yesterday; the funkadelic seventies afro wearing dude is overdue to repeat his face hiding act. Or will it be one of yesterday's coming back for a reprise, especially the negro fuckwit who was banging on the door to get into a locked building yesterday. Perhaps he needs more "brown" time to show off his corduroy pants and navy blue jacket. Having negroes wearing dark brown is a big advance for the perps, as they had them in light brown coats about two months ago.

The re-read of the above paragraph got me a loud mufflered vehicle noise, so loud it went through my earmuffs as if it were just outside. And it wouldn't be, as I am six stories up. Regular readers know that most of the noise campaign comes from some projected means, and not an actual source. Anytime I go to the window to look for the noise source the entire outside road traffic noisescape calms down to silence.

Both times today when I was putting the first piece of chocolate in my mouth I had a loud mufflered vehicle sound off with the usual protracted trailing off of the noise. That isn't the reality here as the buildings would attenuate the noise, which never seems to happen for these protracted sounds.

An evening of bookmarking web pages for the exercise of gathering all the desired components for a PC; the fast box/processor variant and the home theater variant. Not that I have the money for one, let alone two, though the present PC could be converted to the latter purpose in a new case that would cost plenty. But the reality is the perps just love me doing bookmarking, changing the title, adding to the description and adding the cost into the description line from the web page. Two hours of it at least to keep them occupied with simultaneous vision perturbations, noise from outside and noise in my earmuffs.

I came across, as in encountered a scripted web page, about Morgellon's Disease, and possible measures to ameliorate it. It was interesting, as it mentioned glues in drywall, and if possible, to eliminate them from one's environment. I had no idea that there were glues there, but I never gave it much thought. I suppose that might be why the ordered cuttings of drywall were left at the street corner yesterday, though gone today. This disease is relatively new, and has a plethora of confounding symptoms, but as far as I can tell, is not harassment related, save the fibers that can grow inside one, and then project out from the skin. I have seen these brownish fibers being used to conduct light from holes in the walls back in the early days of harassment, though I think there is a big difference in how they appeared. The ones that I saw were straight and supple, but the Morgellon's variety seem to be irregularly shaped. I haven't made a determination as to whether Morgellon's is a perp created biological invasion or if it is a genuine organic condition. It is most curious, and I must check my past postings on this topic to see what I had concluded.

And not too many weirds out on the gangstalk gauntlet, to and from the car dealership where I have a part time cleaning job. In keeping with yesterday's negro gangstalking there was another one arranged in the lobby of this apartment. He was on the couch and was being attended to by an Asian woman. He was in a red hoodie with a red and white jacket over top. The scenario I was lead to think was that he was injured in a dust-up of some kind, as he might have been the owner of a 6" splat of blood-like fluid on the sidewalk outside. Perhaps this was a negro calibration exercise, as there was a murder at the same location three years ago. I wasn't convinced it was blood, and it could of been faked, along with my first glimpse of him through the glass, as it appeared his entire face was blanked out, totally black. I have been through a few of these exercises, and it is some kind of vision fucking, as I have never had a prior occurence of not seeing anyone's face, no matter the lighting conditions.

I going to call this one done for the day, though I might fix up the Morgellon's entry above once I have read my old posts on the topic.

Monday, March 30, 2009

An Irregular Monday

Regular readers will know that the Sunday night stayover at my parent's place and the following Monday when I get back is the event that kicks off escalated harassment for the rest of the day. There were a few irregular events, the main one being that if I didn't shower or shave, and helped my mother drive to the paint store, then I could get a ride back to downtown where I live. And the events of showering and shaving are one of the greatest harassment events in any given day, as there is something about them that the perps don't understand in their nonconsensual human experimentation and study. Normally they harass the living shit out of me on Mondays, but for whatever reason, it has been moderated today.

I had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon, a 30 minute walk in each direction, and that was duly arranged to have huge vehicular gangstalking formations. And the road noise was amplified to be extra noisey, as if it were high speed traffic which it certainly wasn't. And lo, if there wasn't another medical student at the doctor's office today, but thankfully someone who was engaging and part of the appointment, not one of the "just sit there" kind. And so, I got to tell my story again today, and mercifully, I was allowed to be reasonably fluent and conversational, not the stilted and word impaired presentation that I usually get stiffed with. Not a big deal, and once done I walked back to my place, and was glad for only spitting rain and not a deluge.

Then at 1715h I go to the car dealership to do my one hour cleaning job; there was some escalated "staff" stalking action, as well as some oddities of one staff member staying over 35 minutes after closing, and lo, if a customer didn't show up even if the door was locked. I was about to mop the floor and I didn't want anyone to step onto a slippery floor. The staff member arranged for the person to pick his car up outside and then left as well. This meant the door was unlocked, and I locked it. I find it odd that some staff abandon their duties of door locking and leave it to me to perform without any communication or apparent certainty that it would be looked after. Anyhow, not a big deal for me to lock a door, though the perps find the exercise to be highly interesting given the chicanery and noisestalking that goes with the activity.

Then while vacuuming in the Sales entrance a negro dude starts pounding on the door and wants to get in. I tell me the business is closed and he gets in a big huff and storms off. Him and his brown pants needed to be seen through safety glass for whatever reason.

He was the fourth seemingly independent negro gangstalker today; the other three were all at the NW corner of the same intersection that I passed though to go to the doctor's appointment, and when heading off to the car dealership. In other words, three out of four times at the very same corner the perps planted a different negro each time. Regular readers will know that they are very uncommon here, and to have such precision appearances is extremely odd, and can only be orchestrated IMHO. I don't know why these Unfavored demographic group specimens were especially represented today, but it wouldn't be the first time that such unusual circumstances were arranged for me to see. Perhaps it was the 60 Minutes show last night that I saw in TV at my parent's place; a story on lion poisoning in Africa and then a piece on a star basketball player. I don't get it in any event as to why the perps are so consumed with skin color, never mind all the other colors they present as part of the gangstalking.

I noticed at the corner that I passed four times today (two in each direction), that "somebody" placed a stack of drywall lathes, some 2' long x 4" wide, and two stacks of them in an X configuration. This also happens to be the corner where I often get some 5 to 10 gangstalkers where I get relatively few before. They even put a 14" splat of red paint on a tree 8' away, and one time had a Fuckwit standing with his back to it and doing nothing else but look totally stupid. I suppose drywall is a very common element in the nearby stores and residential buildings, and the perps wanted a "reading" (or whatever the fuck they do) of drywall in close proximity at a strategic corner with varying angles, hence the X shape made from two stacks of drywall laths. And of course, there was no cover story like a wayward drywall job nearby, just plain strange.

And I noticed at the car dealership cleaning job tonight that the black Mazda Miata with the light brown fabric top, (similar brown to that of cardboard boxes), is still in the shop, now the fifth or sixth week of it being moved around with other vehicles and never seems to get worked on. As part of the "browning around" games, I noticed that there was a new flush of autobody parts in the Parts section, and they were arranged to crimp down on the aisle space for me to get by. There has been a flurry of brown cardboard boxed parts arriving, and in some cases, only the box is remaining. I also noticed that they pinched down the usual egress for us cleaners between Parts/Service and Sales. Normally we go through the Service Garage but "somebody" placed a vehicle there to cut the egress width from 4' to 2', and of course, with plenty of brown cardboard boxes as nearby props. Regular readers and TI's will know that the perps have a brown color obsession, and I do my best to explain it at this posting, though I am sure it is a very complex issue for them, given that my brown colored clothing got sudden holes in it and had to be tossed.

And no one of the regulars noticed my new extra brown colored glasses over the past three days. These are the glasses I wore from 2000 to 12-2008 and were put away in a drawer until used three days ago as the backup pair while my new glasses are sent away for cable temples to be added on. While stored in a drawer for the past three months they "somehow" became anodized with a deep brown color. I am sure there is much more to this as far as the perps are concerned, and the vision fucking action three days ago was a testament to that. I don't have nearly the problems in seeing today that I had on Friday when I put the old glasses back on.

On TV last night my parents and I watched Inspector Morse, and I suppose the episode was at least 15 years old. I couldn't but help noticing at a parking lot where Morse parked his distinctive Jaguar there was a 900 series Volvo station wagon and a yellow VW Beetle adjacent. And lo, if I didn't once own a yellow VW Beetle, and a Volvo wagon, though at 240 series until 2006. Funny how these happen. And this morning at the end of the street when I was driving my parent's vehicle, why a Jaguar station wagon was parked. I didn't know they made station wagons, and yet there it was.

Also on TV on Sunday Night, a CBC news magazine format, they had a segment on urban chickens. It "so happens" that Seattle, Victoria and New York are the only cities that permit suburban backyard chickens. That would be the city I lived in 1999 to 2002, where I live now, and where they say I will live later, all respectively. Another of the "sort of" coincidences, of which there are many in any given day, but normally don't have enough substance that I normally present in this blog, keeping my standards up, ahem.

And that is enough of scraping the bottom of the barrel for blog content tonight, and now to bed and ponder what my Monday treatment will be for permitted sleep time and its quality.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dull Saturdays

Saturdays are about the worst of the weekly harassment schedule, though I may not have arrived at this notion without some "support", har, har. The reason is that it is the day of the least activities, and for an imposed existence that seems to need to create such conditions for its victims, the relative lack of activity seems to be at its most.

And given the amount of debris in the hallway, all perp props it seems, I didn't expect that the hallways would be vacuumed cleaned anytime soon, but they are. In one apartment building, three residence locations ago, they were nearly always vacuuming outside in the hallway, and even had commercial trucks with hoses to the street doing the work. The nature of the tasks at the cleaning job has also changed in the last three weeks, as I do all the vacuuming in the boss man's area. I suppose this could be categorized as vortex energies, as it seems a number of prominent scientific thinkers came to that conclusion, as evidenced in the link list to the right side of this blog. How that fits in with the ether physics hasn't been analyzed, but the perps are very consistent in getting vacuum cleaners, even large 8" hose ones for doing street drains around me, even if the cleaning isn't operative. It was about four or more weeks ago when the had a commercial street drains vacuum cleaning truck parked outside this apartment with a septic services vehicle next to it. Why would either of these vehicles be parked there on a residential street, let alone in file outside my apartment building? I suppose the vacuum cleaner truck has some kind of energies that others don't and having a portable load of shit just might be a prop/surrogate for that in me, and anyone else they are evaluating such as their operatives. It is all very predictable at times, and yet TI's cannot get any respect in the news for their cause.

I did the part time cleaning job at the car dealership tonight. One of the staff was all over me, immediately before and after I entered a room, on the pretense of looking for lost keys. He covered me in at least four rooms, and crossed my path at least three times as I was entering or departing. It is fucking outrageous that these assholes cannot come out of the closet. Worse yet, it is getting more blatant and pissing me off all the more.

I had my dude posse of at least six of them when departing the car dealership, and even a hand holding couple of dude and blonde. And I cannot get over all these assholes wandering into my path, pretending they don't notice me when their colleagues cause my runners to make a squeaking noise at every footstep "because" they the road conditions are wet. Anyhow, I wasn't put through the gangstalk gauntlet of the grocery store on the way back as my chocolate supply is still sufficient.

I also had my weekly rundown attempt tonight when walking back from the car dealership. I was on a crosswalk and on the pedestrian walk signal when a Prius Bluebird taxi driver to keep coming at me until I stared him down, and when I removed my gaze he started coming at me again when he could of gone behind me the entire time. It must be that more evident game where they want to reduce the time between crossing paths, me on foot and the taxi going over my tracks. Hence the buses in this city taking runs at just-turned red lights at full speed.

I suspect this link (Face Recognition) is at least a few years behind the times, meaning that the perps have already accomplished the ability to remotely usurp my facial recognition abilities, and by extension, that of anyone else's. In fact, it was 09-2006 when they had my dentist's office assistant pose as a cell phone salesperson at LD, and I didn't recognize her the entire time I was talking to her. Not her looks, voice or mannerisms. I have also had some operatives/shills place themselves in front of me, and they have a hoodie pulled up to cover most of their face, eyes excepted. And I did recognize the asshole with a second look to their eyes, and as soon as I did, a noise went off.

Another long-ago accomplishment of the perps is to track the fixation points (The Nose Knows) when someone evaluates facial recognition. The conventional world is still catching up, only some 2.5 years behind. And I suppose the most malevolent of the harassment physics, action at a distance technologies, won't ever be allowed to be made known to us mortals. Physics took a dead end route with Einstein, and hasn't been able to get out of it since. Partially due to professional mobbing/witch hunting, and also by bumping off leading thinkers.

I see the "cold fusion" experiment is in the news on its 20th anniversary, and is getting some positive press. Probably not enough to paste over the way Pons and Flieschman were run out of town, but ignoring them and all the corroborating work as well. They may yet get a Nobel Prize, perhaps in their dotage, or maybe "cold fusion" will be cast back into the too-politically-hot isolation cell for another two decades. Hard to call this, but I notice that the article does not mention that their results have been widely confirmed by others within a year of publishing their paper. I suspect there are more hidden energies involved and that it isn't entirely, if at all, a nuclear reaction. Hence the strident doubters shrill demagogery. Just riffing here.

I was compelled to do some book reading for the first time in at least six months, and got a barrage of noisestalking, all of which could be somehow heard through my earmuffs. Eventually the noise from outside, and the crackling noise within the earmuffs got so bad I had to stop. My attention control was also being dithered with to make the cognitive processes of reading to be pointless. Nothing new there, it was just something they had to do to me for whatever reason.

And the perps let me in on what they did to my eyeglasses while they were stored for the past three months and am now wearing. The assholes darkened down the frame color and the bridge. I am totally pissed at the assholes for fucking with my eyeglasses, changing their color to, guess what, dark brown. So it would seem that this was the real intent behind getting my new ones sent away to deal with the problem that they create in the first place, having them slip down my nose.

The eyeglasses frames changing color isn't the first such event like this. I have a tripod that was in an brown anodized metallic finish, and some months later after storage at my in-town brother's place, the anodization was green. As far as I know it is still green in color, but having something personal turn to a brown color is an intense piss off.

The overhead and through-the-earmuffs noise assault has started up, and since I am also being kept very much on edge, I shall end these provocations by posting this and shutting down for the day.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Eyeglasses Swaparound

There is no question the perps have an abidding interest in my eyeglasses, and the recent (12-2008) eyeglass prescription with new eyeglasses was a big moment for them. And for the second time, I am sending them away, this time to get customized cable temples put on them. These are the springy kind that hold one's glasses in place for sports and other active events. They have been essential in the past as the perps just love to pull my glasses down as well as use them for an excuse to have them imbalanced on my face, one side up, the other down. And so it has come to pass that 3.5 months of jerking with my glasses is sufficient, and they are now allowing me to deal with the problem. I hope that is all it is, and they don't fuck them up.

And so it was today that I went down to see the ever dishy blonde optician again to fuss over me and take some more measurements off of the glasses and then send them off to the customization suppliers she brought to my attention, per my request. I was going to send them off to NYC to get customized but those guys stopped emailing me for no apparent reason. And it has been a pissing match with the perps over wearing my old eyeglasses again so far this afternoon, a few hours of vision impairment games that were getting highly annoying.

While there at the opticians there was a courier delivery that the optician signed for, and it was one of those frightful DHL employees in their bright red and clashing bright yellow livery, as well as the parcel too. I cannot stand these colors by themselves and most certainly not together, but there I was captive to this process, and they put on the adjacent clown show. The color combination taking up from McDonalds and that horrific clown with red and yellow being a large part of the livery as well. Anyhow, for anyone else it wasn't a big deal, but for me, and the way that I am being run, (read, mind controlled "reaction"), it was. Thankfully the parcel delivery was all over and done with in short order.

The part time cleaning job at the car dealership went reasonably OK, no major stunts or targeted adversity. I did have one member of the staff tailing me, and just about crawling up my asshole. I am sure they know how much I hate being tailed, but they are getting more blatant about it all the time. I had another street wacko with a hideous brightly colored toque on me when I exited afterward, one worth jaywalking to avoid. And of course the perps had two gangstalkers jaywalking ahead of me, just to make sure I was covered. Earlier, when headed to the optician, I had another brightly toqued wacko on the opposite side of the street putting on the senseless hollaring bullshit for the five minutes/two blocks to the optician's. Street hollaring has decidedly picked up in the last few weeks, and more the men it seems. It must be all part of the traumatization by males remediation activities. I get my male posse most times I am out on the street, with most of them travelling the same direction, equally oncoming or in the same direction.

I also got the pit lamping, aka, headlights aimed at me, when I exited the car dealership at the end of the cleaning job. And another one on me when making the first outing. What in the fuck is going on that I need to have headlights aimed at my face when I am on the street? I have never seen so many unattended vehicles with their headlights "left" on. The worst of it is that the perps do something to the lights and make them have a crackled appearance which also pisses me off. The light beams don't come out the same as I see them when I take a picture of this bullshit.

Other action today was a return visit of yesterday's three yellow firetrucks for no seeming reason. There was no sirens, flashing lights or other faux emergency, and even no firemen. Just the trucks there to put on the gangstalking parking for repeat yellow color testing purposes. Imagine, three firetrucks parked outside for no apparent reason; someone has some pull to make that happen. I wonder how they get paid off; I will be looking for some fire hall improvements, or perhaps a new ladder truck. It is my observation that not only does the participating organization get paid off in some form, but the associated individuals do too.

I am getting plenty more vision impairment fuckery of the constant kind. Not the "usual" transient attacks. Also, the knee torquing torture is being applied; this is where they rotate the lower portion of my leg to then cause pain in the knee, which happens to be connected to the brainstem. It seems this region has been where they have been working for the last year. I figured 100% mind control would be achieved by this time last year, but it still seems they like to start up noise (aka, noisestalking) when I shift my attention. I might have to read a book tonight and call this one done.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Red and Yellow

I am getting plenty of harassment action in the form of plasma fields placed in my vision, sometimes subsecond exposures, and most are red colored, with the odd yellow one.

The perps went silly on yellow before yoga today, scripting a fire, fire trucks and fake smoke so their yellow fire trucks could be positioned in mid street and put on their red and white flashing lights. This lastec over an hour before I set off to yoga. Once I got outside there was an additonal fire command vehicle parked in mid-street to block traffic entering. If I don't get sabotaged, I will put up some pictures. The flashing lights were mostly visible through the safety glass of the balcony window, and I suppose that one hour run-up of flashing light exposure was important for them. Then two blocks away, still walking to the yoga venue, why, another fire department yellow colored vehicle "happened" to be going by. And there is still a yellow fire truck present, parked facing the wrong way in the streetside parking stalls. I suppose all that was an elaborate preparation for me for yoga, though I cannot say exactly how.

The have also been annoying me intensely today, getting me to vocalize is the polite term, rage-ification is what they really do. I suspect there will be another profusion of yellow vehicles when I head out later for the part time cleaning job at the car dealership.

And I see the brown algae "problem" on the dishes drain mat has now become a dayglo red color, meaning that a new species was introduced. They had red algae "erupting" on the drain mat until about mid 2008, and then switched over to brown since. Now back to dayglo red. The real issue is why is any algae there at all as I never had this problem until the harassment went overt in 04-2002.

The yoga was OK, just the usual plethora of plasma and maser games, and outside noise, as well as one twit who has taken to groaning every now and again. Perhaps that is the big plan, drive me out of there by way of groaning Fuckwits. They pulled the same four days ago on the bus with a wheelchair case who had two attendants, one in red and the other in brown, both the Goretex fabric anoraks. Funny how these color combinations keep coming up.

The commentary I was to overhear at yoga was about the instructor being Swedish, and did she know German (yes), and then the inquiring class member also started up in German, and so it went, this foreign language banter. I suppose it wasn't too outrageous, but I have been through these little language games before. I don't know why the perps do this, but German is one of their top choices for me to overhear, French, Italian next and a smattering of Spanish, Dutch, and a few others I am not allowed to recall.

Another point of excitement for the perps might be my mid-blue wicking Tshirt; I haven't worn it in months, and sometimes these long clothing storage intervals get them very excited.

And what is going on with my email; I am still not getting responses that I expect, and it has all the makings of turning my efforts into expensive jerkarounds, say, ordering an item twice.

The teabag follies continue; not only do I get criminal gangstalkers walking up behind me at the cleaning job who want a teabag, but I had one disappear out of thin aire yesterday. It flew out of the package through a designed hole in the base of the box, and then was gone when I went to collect it off the floor. Some hours later when making dinner, they put it back on the floor, about 1' offset. So, where did it go in the interim? More mysteries it would seem. But there is a decided perp interest in teabags and tea made from loose leaves, but I don't pay much mind to it.

Picture time, these from earlier today.

Taken 03-26-2009, 0825h 37sec. Three yellow fire trucks and the smoke in the foreground (not a fuzzy section), arriving 2.5 hours before I was to set off for yoga, and were still there then. I got this flashing light show off the vehicles for the entire time, and I assume this was part of the pre-yoga "readiness", for them.

Taken 03-26-2009, 0825h 47sec. Nothing much new, but the wider angle shows a GM command vehicle in the far left bottom corner above the rail. This was parked in mid street to block vehicle entry when I later walked by at 1115h on my way to yoga.

Taken 03-26-2009, 0942h 39sec., about an hour later. Note that they have a white sedan in mid street at the far end of the road, beside the fire truck to block the road. Who heard of using a non-fire vehicle to aid in public egress before? Note the additional fourth fire truck, the ladder rescue truck, at the bottom of the picture, through the railings. And where are all the tenants of the 17 story tower? There were virtually none. Like I contend, most of the residential buildings in my proximity, over 2,000' at least, are empty. All in support of the ongoing life rape.

Taken 03-26-2009, 0942h 58sec. Same as above, just zoomed in, the white egress blocking sedan is still in place.

That was today's excitement, and the remaining fire truck parked (mentioned above), has now departed. I will be walking that street on my way to work at the cleaning job in an hour, and I am sure the perps will be very interested in gangstalking me while passing near where yellow vehicles once parked. They cannot get enough of me when I walk over the tracks of a vehicle, mobile or parked and departed. Hence the intersection games where they sometimes take a run at me, run red lights (all cleared for them), and otherwise minimizing the amount of time where vehicles have vacated an intersection. Even the ambulatory vagrant gangstalkers are in on the new intersection behavior. A sudden burst of jaywalking has now erupted at pedestrian crossings in the past week. Today, four seeming independent Fuckwits all jaywalked while I was waiting for the pedestrian signal to proceed. Three dudes and one coffee coming toward me, and one dude ahead of me all jaywalked together. Jaywalking bylaws are enforced here in the West, unlike the Eastern seaboard. I was with one of my work colleagues in Seattle when there in 2000-2002, and she jaywalked like an Easterner, and got reamed out very loudly in mid-street when some kind of authority figure "happened" to be there. Not a policeman, but someone in uniform who said he could of booked her.

A relatively benign cleaning job at the car dealership tonight; the boss man finished ahead of me and I did his vacuuming while he was hanging around. Even if I am now 20 minutes faster, he is too, and we finish at the same relative timing. I had a heavy native Indian gangstalking contingent when I got outside on my way to the car dealership, at least one on every street corner at the first intersection, the first corner had at least five of them doing the standaround thing again.

And more standing around by gangstalkers two days past. I mentioned that my former GP (doctor) "happened" to be at the car dealership when I was about to start cleaning there. And so tonight, I stopped at the grocery store on the way back, and there he was again, just standing there in the entrance to the store, not even pretending to be shopping. He was sporting a large gut, which was likely a prothesis, as he was never overweight when I last saw him in 2003 and he jerked me around. He has a lime green sweater under his jacket, and lo, if there wasn't a skinheaded gangstalker dude who had oversized shoes of the same color when I was departing, and doing the lead-ahead gangstalk routine. When I was back at my place and looking out, there was a cube van of the same color below, backing up with the beeper noise, and putzing around as it had no business being there in the apartment parking lot.

The doctor doing the standaround in the paragraph above, was in exactly the same position as one of the car dealership staff was last week. This is the guy that stays behind and works while us cleaners are finishing up. It all very interesting how the repeats, gangstalkers in a new context, are "showing up" in the same place on my route back to my place. Fucking bizarre, and is nothing to do with any condition I am told that I have.

I had another "just standing there" dude outside of yoga today when I was on my way back. The unabashed shiftless male standing at the steel railings opposite a pinch point in the sidewalk, a telephone pole. And with the proverbial coffee cup in hand, just standing and looking totally stupid. He wasn't the only freak on the post-yoga gangstalk gauntlet, as it is always a big event for the fuckers.

A brief sortie to brain science; anticipatory learning is of interest to the perps, as the operatives/gangstalkers would make a big point of making sure that I saw one of them hand something off to the other, taking up the entire width of the hallway to do so, and planted just as I came around a corner. So it isn't too much of a surprise to find that mortal neuroscientists have found unexpected brain energies related to anticipation, and that they let me in on "finding" it at this link. Quoting, “the brain is all about anticipation and prediction, yet no one has shown what that looks like in terms of neural action,” says Rauschecker. He adds that this same process, known as cued associative learning, likely occurs whenever a human is expecting any particular action to happen, be it in sports, music, or language." There we have a likely window onto what the perps are also looking for, but likely with more energetic signatures than erstwhile electromagnetic energies. Otherwise, why are they so cranked up about the color of everything, and especially food?

More web browsing, getting down to the dregs of bookmarked sites that I tour. I see there are more animal mutilations in S. Colorado. There was no evidence of anyone doing it, nor any blood associated with the mutilations. I have often wondered if the perps aren't the arm of malevolent/researching aliens, and that these bloodless animal mutilations aren't just another facet of the unfortunate human massacres we see in the news. After all, blood has magnetic properties, and the perps' primary research method is to irradiate the chosen/targeted victims with magnetic fields (400x normal in late 2002 in my case), so studying blood and its inherent magnetism in direct contact with the immediate environment (outside of the body) just might be two sides of the same coin. Just speculating here. Having a front seat to world fuckery makes one sensitized to what could be associated, and especially when we know how invasive mind control technologies are firsthand.

Enough riffing, and onto bed and hoping for no night time awakenings, no sleep preventing stunts, and no bizarre dreams that I am made to stay in, and am not allowed out of. (My self-protective dream bail-out capabilities can be remotely defeated I have come to know.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Enforced Isolation

Another day like yesterday it seems; an early awakening with a preceding train of noise from outside, as if this were an industrial zone. And as always, when the "road traffic" noise is evaluated when I am up, it goes very quiet, just the occasional vehicle. For the uninitiated, that means projected/fake noise in the guise of vehicular traffic; heavy duty vehicles, loud mufflers, sirens and the like. I also get street shouting at any time of the day, but have yet to see one actually shouting.

I suspect there will be a full gangstalking once I emerge from this cocoon/prison as there was yesterday. I had a five strong native Indian delegation commanding the full width of the sidewalk and as I approached one seemed to know I was coming and made room, his back turned to me all the time. Very clever. I suspect this was some kind of distance dependent "brown-ness" (skin color) test, as this group was entirely in view as I negotiated the adjacent controlled intersection. The perps just love me to take direction changes and are usually all over me when I do, putting on a flush of gangstalkers each time I turn a corner. This was the native Indian's turn last night it seemed.

And on the social isolation front they are still keeping me relatively isolated; I am expecting at least four emails and yet no response. (Keep the blog coments coming!) Ms. C from the story communicated by Linked In, my very first link in that realm, and I suppose that was a big deal for the perps. The job/resume response has been nil, and not even acknowledgement responses. Even the spam has suddenly dried up, and normally I get at least 10/day. Not to worry, it will all change again with a sudden onset of an activity focus. They have also shut me down for my job searching and investigating as part of the kowtowing to get training upgrade funds for 09-2009 and 01-2010. This seems to be a long haul situation with those courses timed, not to mention the other things like the new roof at my parents' place; the perps have a very strong interest in roofing that is overhead, and this big change-up from a cedar shake to ashphalt/fiberglass shingles is a big one for them. That might be the reason for more tar smears at the car dealership where I have a part time job, 1hr/day. They put on tar smears on the door handle and door frame in the Service section where I clean, oriented at right angles in the usual formation of much of the arranged debris, markings and other props they arrange. And more tar spots are arriving on the floor of the Service section that cannot be removed, so I suspect the perp's abidding interest in petroleum and derivative products is still under intense investigation. They also move automotive tires around, another product they demonstrate great interest in, and when I owned a vehicle, I had the repair bills to prove it; three front tire sets for the single set in the rear. (The magical front end misalignment eruptions, even after alignment). Now, they have me vacuuming around the tire displays in the Service and Parts section, and also put them out in the garage, drape plastic over the tires of vehicles on the hoist, pull off wheels and orient them transverse to the direction on the vehicle and arrange them near my activities etc. Rubber is a petroleum product in part, and I am sure there is some material properties overlap the perps are attempting to determine. The perps also eliminated the Rubbermaid dish drain mat I had and ensured that it was replaced by a plastic model that was more resistant to water. Even at that, it has become fertile ground for the algae they like to grow on it, and having the algae species change from a red color to brown a few months ago. Funny how that happens; another never-before, algae on the dishes mat, begets another never-before, changing algae colors/species.

Now onto idleness, and all the plasmic light flashes even the mere mention of it begat as I typed this. I have read all my regular blog sites, and a few new ones, and have plenty of time to putz around, if I only knew what. Regular readers and most TI's know that the perps like to create situations of no work, aka unemployment for their overtly harassed victims. It is a topic that gets plenty of perp attention; not only light flashes but noisestalking, imposed bodily sensations and other impositional fuckery.

I haven't quite figured out why they are interested in unemployment, but it does make one wonder if they aren't wringing the economy into ruins, all for this agenda. Though, as a reportable perp quest, this topic lacks the focus and the antagonism that more direct harassment to one's person does.

I did the part time cleaning job at the car dealership earlier. Same as for yesterday, I have no idea how I am doing it 15 minutes faster than a few weeks ago. Nor do I have any idea how the boss man has changed his routine as he arrives 20 minutes later than I do, and we finish up at the same time as before. I suppose in his case I could ask him, but it hasn't come to mind. Meaning, the answer is not meant for me to know. Or who knows, as he might of been faking it before, though I did his cleaning areas about four weeks ago and it took me at least 1.5 hours.

Anyhow, I got my full-on street gangstalking when headed to the car dealership. I had two negros gangstalking on the way there, and one "happening" to pass by while I was vacuum cleaning the showroom. The second negro was on crutches and had this huge sway to his movements as if seriously disabled. He had his hair done like a golliwog which was totally repugnant, or at least, that was how my "reaction" was managed to be. The perps know I loathe dreadlocks as much as other Unfavored demographic group members, so why not put them together? And this hobbling negro had a camel and white coat on, and it would seem that his presence represents the perps attempting to get brown skinned people to be wearing brown. IT is likely they will ramp up the degree of brown-ness on the brown skinned in a few weeks, following the pattern of the Unfavored being ranked according to skin color. I notice that the gangstalking dudes are wearing middle and dark brown colors, so they must be further ahead on that Unfavored demographic, and haven't got negroes and brown clothing figured out to the same degree.

In another incident at the cleaning job tonight they had the "tea bag dude" as I call him arrive for his mysterious wander through the Service area. He as attempting to get in from outside, and then came around and passed through, timing his visitation/gangstalking when I had just finished mopping the floor. This dude has presented himself as a car salesman, as one of the "greeters" when I arrive, and then later I learn he is one of the staff at the scooter place in the basement. Which is another way of saying he blew his cover story intentionally, and is a operative. The perps managed my "reaction" to him coming through as one of sudden tension, making it up, rather than allowing my own blase reaction to yet another Fuckwit. This is the dude who same up behind me twice in two days while I was cleaning the coffee bar, and wanted a teabag. I have encountered him once before when he blew in by unlocking the door, and I asked him who he was, as the perps had fucked my recall as I had seen him the day before as a greeter in the automotive showroom. I don't know what the deal is, but if he has the keys to get in, why didn't he? Yet another mysterious ploy by this intermittent visitor. And also, I have never seen him coming for teabags before or after the twice that he wanted one when he positioned himself behing me. Talk about feeling targeted, and I reckon that might be the objective for his strange arrivals and walk throughs.

On the science front, there are some interesting correlations (and here) of cosmic rays to planet weather, the cosmic rays, called cosmic ray muons (which I suspect are the same as neutrinos), were measured in a deep mine shaft observatory. The reason for such a site to count neutrinos is that they wanted to study the ones coming through the earth, and not those falling upon it directly. The reviewer states "something is amplifying the known solar radiation, and I would suggest that its the missing link – the Earth-Sun-Galaxy electrical system". Regular readers will know that I do a little dabbling into the science of applying extra conventional harassment and mind control from a distance, and it would seem that the reviewer has suggested a "Earth-Sun-Galaxy electrical system", which is interpreted by many to be a universal plasma continuum. And it is the ability to remotely direct these energies that give the perps the avenue which they exploit to fuck the hell out of TI's lives. I find it fascinating that leading cosmology thinkers talk about "dark matter" pervading all of the universe, and yet there is this institutionalized timidity about stating there is an energetic ether (aka, universal plasma continuum, electric universe etc.). But then again, there is recent rework of the "cold fusion" results, and it would seem this 20th anniversary of this experiment is about exposing the Luddites in science. The original experiment was replicated by others, and it was put on the back burner owing to political decisions. So it is not too surprising that the concept, and some results of observations of the "ether", "dark matter" is at least 100 years old, and has been largely ignored by mainstream science. A related topic is Birkeland currents, at this link for a short primer.

In a related scientific quest, researchers have determined there are direct Earth-Sun magnetic ropes that form, and then break off. What exactly is the mechanism isn't understood, but it at least does suggest yet more magnetic interaction that has been largely unknown. This might also have something to do with the Northern Lights, those fantastic displays of plasma in cold evening conditions. I have seen the Northern Lights once, the last day of my field work in the Yukon going back to 1973. I have no idea if it was manipulated or not, and as far as the perps directing my travel in the past 40 years, it has been mostly southward; I have never been that far north, save the polar route nonstop flights to/from Europe to western Canada. I am sure there is much more behind all of this, but as usual, I have no clue.

This one is done for the day, and perhaps I will be allowed to get to sleep in short order, unlike the last two evenings where I have been kept awake for at least an hour before sleep was allowed. Last night they awakened me for 30 min. for no seeming purpose.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Visual Color Test as Dream Content

True to prediction, it was at least 1.5 hours before I was allowed to get to sleep last night, and with plenty of noise from outside. Those 0100h buses, going by the noise at least, just aren't on the published schedule. Ditto for the Monday night hotrod noise, one after the other, and only in this town it seems. That all gets "managed" by having me plug my ears, and then while prone, a forced head flip to the other side of my head, only to repeat and an flip back again in a minute or less often times. And this is identical to most Monday nights, along with more sleep perturbations and manipulations.

The perp delivered dream content was truly something they could deliver; I was in a testing lab and was being evaluated for my reactions to red and blue content, and an image transitioning from one color into the other. Given that I am constantly plagued with red plasma flashes in many forms all day long, who would be interested in taking their daytime testing games into one's dream state? Why the same assholes that can now stop my dreams from ending, as they now control the neural circuitry to defeat my auto-dream bailout capabilities, once the province in my control until mid-2008.

Then an early getup time with the noise of preceding heavy duty vehicles proceeding outside, which vaporized once I got up and looked for the vehicles. There weren't any, and it is way too early in this town for any kind of road traffic noise below on a secondary artery that becomes a residential street within a block. On with the noise show, as long as I am not looking for the source, and as always, it suddenly fades out when I am looking for its source.

The overhead tapping noise is getting more airtime of late, especially after 15 minutes of being in bed; it suddenly starts on certain planted thoughts and runs for 10 seconds or so, and is extremely annoying. As always, how can such a noise penetrate 12" of floor/ceiling and with all suites carpeted? Projected noise of some kind, not unlike delivering dreams, plasma beams, maser beams and the rest of the extra-conventional fuckery that passes for an average day of targeted abuse.

And even one's own knowledge of the most trivial order is usurped and derailed. While journalling in my paper journal, the pen ran out of ink, preceded by a page of thinned out ink color. Was I allowed to know the pen was running dry? No sir, not in Fuckworld, the 24x7 extra-conventional abuse to the level of one's neurons, every last one it seems.

My reading of Rachael O.'s duress in attempting to stay at an El Paso homeless shelter was a compelling read; I hope that she finds somewhere else to stay. And while reading her blog posting, a rainshower erupted outside, and then lunch beckoned with ongoing outside traffic noise that wasn't modified to reflect the wet road conditions. I don't why the perps time rain showers to my activities, but it seem that they do. They use these short rain showers as some kind of all over street cleaning I suspect. Street cleaning machines make all manner of odd appearence when outside, and that includes running them on Sundays in the daytime. I am begining to suspect the rain showers are getting more attention from the perps as there are so many of them, much like the ongoing interuptions to pee, often timed to web page changes, certain web pages, and certain categories of web searches, e.g. employment.

A strung-out day today with an early get-up time and then nothing going on, not even emails or nonharassment phone calls. The perps like this stasis of extending do nothing, boredom or whatever one might call it. They have arranged some work days to be very nonproductive in the past, usually a five or more days in succession.

As always, a "whim" is planted, and I have something useful to read online, and am allowed to do so. The perps finally let me read about data modelling briefly, the first work related contact with this subject matter in over 7 years. It seems there is still a long row to hoe until I am allowed the relative freedom of the covert harassment days, per-2002. I will be picking daffodil bulbs again this summer I suspect.

There is something strange going on at the part time cleaning job at the car dealership; its as if a time warp of a kind has been introduced. The same job takes me 45 to 50 minutes now when it took 1hr, 15min. and there isn't a significant difference to explain how this "efficiency improvement" has occured. I suspect there has been some games with the time, watches and the interaction to jimmy this whole adventure from the start. I couldn't figure out then, in Dec. 2008, why it took so long, and although I have shaved down a few things per communication with the boss man, I still cannot account for nearly 30 minutes difference. It is all too strange, never mind the flock of dudes streaming toward me tonight when I finished. At least 40 of them in a block at 1830h, nearly all singly. And at the entrance to the LD store tonight it was the brown dressed Caucasian loitering outside, then entering, followed by the brown skinned dude on the cell phone loitering at the entrance and effectively blocking it. He was wearing an identical black toque as I was, and is the second such loitering Fuckwit who has been doing this in the past months.

And when beginning tonight's cleaning job there was a lingering customer, and it "happened" to my my old GP doctor, the asshole that dumped me as a patient. He played the "complicated condition" card, and I told him it wasn't complicated at all, but he jerked me around as part of the sayonara. Considering how little I see a GP, this was deliberately provocative, getting me pissed off as part of the process and laying on some bullshit from a quarter that was unexpected. Just another one of those "coincidences". Recall in yesterday's blog that the negro receptionist was standing at the front door of the car dealership and then managed to be walking ahead of me when I departed.

And the unabashed coincidence factor is up again; the woman by the Cadbury Creme Eggs where I stopped, also "happened" to arrived at the other only stop I made at the store, the facial cleansers. The Neutrogena Deep Clean is availible after a two month long stocking problem.

And I see more of the seeming staff at the car dealership are tag teaming the gangstalking; one, then when I move to another section, another Fuckwit happens to be arriving, and then a third and so it goes. And another "victim tour" for business owners; the owner of the car dealership is often on gangstalking duty, and has made many pointless visits to where I am working, more than one a evening. But tonight he was with another older man and they were chatting at the Mazda Miata outside the broom closet where I get the vacuum cleaner, gloves and key lanyard. I just thought it was the usual gangstalking operative posing as a buddy to give the owner a cover story to be hanging around, but it was more than that. The boss man later told me it was a business owner from across town, who is heavily into gasoline motor driven products. I have called these "business owner victim tours", and about every six months or so I get another business owner making his debut for the gangstalking cause. I don't know why the perps do this, but they do want me to know who it is, and that they own some business that I have contact with, or did formerly.

There are a few other odd things going on at the car dealership; or at least that is what it seems to me. A white GM Buick has been up and down on the hoist with no seeming work done for the last four days. The black Miata with the light brown rag top is now in its fourth week of being moved around in the service garage. A 6'x4' empty cardboard box is leaning up agains the wall for the past week, and has a green Land Rover insignia printed on it. Seemingly, the large box contained autobody parts. And there are more cardboard boxed autobody parts that keep getting moved around, and they are even painted in the colors of the vehicle, and not black primer painted parts for later painting. I suppose one day the perps will get their brown color and cardboard energetics figured out. And not to forget, this very LCD arrived in a brown cardboard box three months ago, and if it is what it seems, it still retains brown colored energies. Which is why so much plasma and other irradiative fuckery is coming off of it, even as I type.

More web browsing tonight, and downloading of a database software called MYSQL. My tormentors seem to be very interested in this for whatever reason, and scripted a bathroom break after five minutes of reading the online manual. They like to stage me in increments when it comes to new subjects, endeavors and venues.

Enough for today, and the ongoing knee torquing torture that they are putting on.

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Roofing at the First Feral Family Home

The den of the dipshits that put me into this fucking hell of nonconsensual human experimentation, aka the First Feral Family parents, are getting a new roof on their house. It was cedar shake, and within a few days it is going to be a fiberglass shingle. This is a very big change in the set up, as the energies of the roofing have a constant interaction with our own. prone, standing or seated. Call it electromagnetic energies if you like, but I am quite sure there are more fundamental energies that are the cornerstone of this insane harassment scenario I have been cast into.

My mother said the roofers were to arrive at 1100h, and lo, if they didn't arrive at 0750h, early enough before the adult day care bus came for my father, and to catch all of us up together. It was all the more important as they shook the house a number of times with the loader truck, and placed stacks of plywood above. The perps have been on a plywood stalking binge of late, and it seems that they will up the ante by having sheathing (plywood) placed on the roof, before the new shingles go on. As these are asphalt and fiberglass shingles, these too will play an important upcoming role in surveilling the ongoing energetic interactions. Or, at least, this is what it seems to be, as there are no end of plasma and maser beams hopping off objects and are directed at me.

My in-town brother had his roof re-shingled over a year ago, and I imagine that there are some results that the perps are hoping to apply to the First Feral Family home.

More TV interference bullshit last night; immediately following the first part of President Obama's appearance on 60 Minutes, they purged the TV of its cable feed, messed with the remote control, and then my mother put a service call into the cable TV distributor, and then handed the phone to me once the waiting was done. It seemed that our TV, and ours alone, "somehow" lost its feed from the cable company, and so the modem needed to be reset from their office. By the time that was all done, so was 60 Minutes. Nice one; perhaps it was all that negro interaction that they wanted me to see, and then catch me (and my energetic signature) just at it ended. It is a mystery, but the harassment and sabotage is very predictable along these themes that I mention in the Favored and Unfavored blog posting.

And having stayed with the First Feral Family parents last night, and witness more of the bullshit dementia act that my father puts on, doing some utterly strange things, it is a prime gangstalking day, a Monday. The city bus was overpopulated again, all part of the ongoing freakshow. It was a 1014h bus from suburbia (Gordon Head for locals), and here it was half full two stops into its downtown route. I got my orange coated Fuckwit again like last week (?), but he didn't sit beside me, but two seats away. I had four Fuckwits with me at the bus stop, and I cannot get over how strange it is for all these "bus travellers" to be on the route during weekday working hours. I was ringed with redcoats on the bus, one being at the same embarcation bus stop. The redcoats were mostly Caucasian with a few Asians in the mix, one with brown dyed hair even. The introductory blonde woman was two seats away, and there was the usual two stop riders who happened to sit nearby. These were the "babbling boys" as I call them, the effusive teenage boys who arrived together, put on the talk for three minutes, and then got off. Go figure, especially when they were able enough to walk the short distance between the stops.

I got shown a major change up in the chocolate supply. The much coveted Villars Milk Chocolate is no longer availible at the local supermarket, and only more of the yucky corporate Lindt stuff in its place. I suspect that is the new impositional order of things, especially when one considers how often the perps need me to eat chocolate to support their brown color fuckery. And too, they are very deliberate about the provenance of all my foods, and I learned tonight that the Villars Chocolate comes from Switzerland. And that they use whole Swiss milk and none of the milk powders and the like. I just might be snookered on my chocolate supply, though the best thing would be if they would stop scripting me to need it, as they once did. For a week in late 2002, they had me fucked with so I couldn't stand the smell of chocolate, and then switched me back again to continue their brown color games among the resident gangstalking operatives at the hospital.

For a Monday, the part time cleaning job at the car dealership didn't go as bad as I expected, though it was odd that the Service guy was still there an hour later than he usually leaves. He was sitting at his desk when I was about to turn the lights off, and so I asked the boss man about as to who was going to set the alarms. I went back to ask the Service guy, but he had timed his departure to be seen through the glass door just then. I was dispatched to the Sales Manager, though it was strange that the boss man didn't arrange alarm setting with him as he was nearby before getting ready to leave with me at the Service garage door. I dutifully went to see the Sales Manager, and lo, if they didn't put the negro woman who "happens" to be the receptionist at the doctor's office, as a seeming standalone gangstalker by the front door where the sales personnel do their greeting when I arrive. The strange blonde male salesman swooped in behind me while I was talking to the Sales Manager, and so they resumed talking while I left. And lo, if the negro woman wasn't walking ahead by some 40' when I got to the sidewalk, but with her Asian male pal. All these entrances and exits, like a British farce, except this one doesn't end in two hours, and is entirely malevolent and targeted at me. Just like some other 2,000 estimated TI's, those made aware of overt surveillance and targeted scripting and harassment. I wonder how many are covertly monitored and messed with as a percentage of the population.

I got a seven vagrant salute strung along the block outside the local supermarket today, an all time high. I am not sure if I should count vagrant parties, three of them, or the total collection of vagrants, seven. Help me out here for those experiened TI's. Other sidewalk games were to string gangstalkers in five or more persons wide, spaced 18" apart and some 100' distant as if in some kind of spagetti western of opposed parties. No music though, but at least three guitar stalkers today. These are guitar bearing gangstalkers, usually out of place and not near any nightclub or venue/context that would serve as a cover story. Beset by Faux Troubadors might be a book title for this experience one day.

I did another job application submission tonight; it seems the perps like me to go through with one every few weeks or so, and while doing it, ply me with all kinds of notions as to what it would be like to be working for this employer. All utter drivel, as it seems that the biggest part of having me employed is to have things go wrong all the time. What kind of employer would sign up for that, save the one that I have in the form of the cleaning job? I don't profess to understand why the concept of work, having a job, employment and the rest is of such constant interest to the perps, but it is. I am routinely noisestalked when encountering these concepts, websites and anything that is part of this subject. And on the flip side, they also like to noisestalk me when the notion of idleness, doing nothing important and like indolence is mentioned or even thought of.

I did up reply comments, and I am very glad for them, as it is my only clue that I have a reading audience. The Google Analytics thing broke, it lies to me, and I have given up on attempting to get read-meters and the like. It is all part of the FUD Fog that my tormentors like to keep me in. That and getting me rage-ified today; very loud and immediate, though not usually when online, a relative respite from attempting to do something competantly and getting fucked with.

That is the day's news, such as it was, and now to comtemplate how long the assholes will keep me up tonight, given that Mondays, post Feral Family visitation, are nearly always the worst of the week.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Other Regular Incursional Impositions

These are the phenomena that are applied to me which don't fall under the categories of targeted Noise and Masers and Plasma beams. I will try to make this a trophy post for educational purposes, and save you the daily drudgery of reading about the Prime Victim (me), being a little immodest perhaps. This is a work in progress, and is woefully incomplete as of this writing, Mar. 23, 2009.

Fake touches; 50 to 200/day.
Nipples, nuts, feet, hands; sometimes pinching my nuts rather than touches. As if my underwear grew jaws. Sometimes they need a cover story, and often times they don't. The worst of this abuse category is "dick whacking", where they get me when towelling dry after a shower, and then simulate the condition of whacking my dick with the end of the towel, even if 12" more apart. Now, I am obliged to hold the end of the towel and apply the towel with my other hand. And occasionally, they will whack me in the dick with no excuse; the towel being on the rail 2' behind me. The more regular manifestation of the fake touches is glancing touches on nearby objects, and also jabbing my fingertips with edges that have become extra sharp somehow.

Finger motor control impairment; about 100 per day, excluding typos.
Applied to routine events like light switch operation, turning pages in a book. Then sometimes a total freeze of my hand, and no fingers can move for a few seconds, or until I scream at the assholes.

Forced typos; depending on the typing load, 200 to 1,000 per day.
Same letters repeated, or from the next intended word.

Speech impairments; 5 to 10 times/day.
Usually scripted when yelling at the assholes over an earlier jerkaround, all to "cause" an escalated round of reg-ification on the heels of the first.

Voice changes; 20 to 50/day.
Often within less than five seconds, and while in mid-rant over a provocation. There is something they do to change my voice on demand and in real time to maximize the variations within the shortest time span. Until 2007 I could detect this each time, but now they can defeat these capabilities, so this is a very rough conservative estimate.

Crumb inundation games; 30 to 100/day.
Having crumbs arrive from nowhere next to the bread on the plate, and then having them get progressively smaller as I attempt to pick them up is one example of this dumbshit game. Crumb swapping; a light colored hemp seed crumb will be swapped for a small soap bubble at the same location at the next look as one example. Another is coffee grounds that leap off the bag when I open it, or fly off the top of the heaping spoon full, no faked cause, just blatant fuckery. As part of it, some digs in the kitchen counter look like crumbs at a glance, and guess where the coffee crumb inundation games arrive?; why at the same location to force misidentification of crumbs with the countertop hacking. Usually one or more noises will erupt the instant I make a "mistake" (read, caused by mindfuck recall manipulations, as I didn't make these kinds of mistakes until 2006), between a coffee ground and the countertop lookalike modifications.

Attention misdirection; 10 to 50/day.
As an example, I have only two mugs, one for tea and one for coffee and it has been that way for six years. So, guess what happens when I want the tea mug?; why my attention is shifted to the coffee mug beside it in the cupboard and vice versa. It never happened before late 2006, and now it is a daily occurence.

Pissing on my 3" knife; once per two days.
Every time now I get the 3" knife that I routinely use get soused with water after it is dried and placed in the knife rack if I need it within an hour of being put there. Or, alternately, I dry it with the teatowel and more water builds up on the blade that was there before I dried it. The perps have an obsession with using any cloth to dry steel objects, and it seems that enraging me over this particular obsession of theirs is the result they want. Fucking beserk.

Algae on demand; every day.
I get various algae buildups on the dishes mat that lies under the dishes drying rack, and it starts the next day after I clean it. It was a red colored algae, and now they have decided it isn't good enough, so now a brown colored algae.

Vision impairments; over 500/day, all day.
I temporarily get my vision messed with in various exotic ways, none of which one would find in an optometrist's text book. I get the text on this page lifting off, skewing off horizontal, vertical lines will flex and bow, and even the appearance of a downward slope when there wasn't one. I get extra "reflections" off the inside of my glasses constantly, and often in colors that are not reflecting any of those that could plausibly be the source.

Wobbled off balance; some 20 to 50/day.
I am not allowed to turn a corner without getting pushed off balance by a unseen force field. Often,as part of the stunt, they will simulate that I ran my nipple into the door jamb (sensation) when it clearly missed.

Pulling objects from my grasp; 20 to 40/day.
All the way from mildly annoying to provoking a full-on rage, especially when the take a dinner plate from my hand and send it clattering into the kitchen sink. The odd time they will break items they want replaced or removed.

Water drop arrivals; 2 to 10/day.
Usually in context, bathroom and kitchen, but always obviously not of my making. Also happens elsewhere, sometimes in a restaurant, on the floor. A giveaway is that the water drops are extra reflective by dint of added fuckery, as if placing water at their whim wasn't enough.

Water drop flickings; 10 to 20/day.
Even a stream of boiled kettle water was once interfered with to send a very small drop of water perpendicular to the stream onto my adjacent hand to cause a minor and temporary burn sensation that lasted a second or two. I had never seen water take a gravitational defying perpendicular turn from the main pouring stream before, but in this business there is always firsts. Mostly, this happens in context when in the kitchen or bathroom, but it is annoying to have one's life under assault with extra-conventional gravitic fuckery all the time. Sometimes they will even have the water or tea poured directly into the kitchen sink drain travel uphill for an inch or so to have it contact the sink bottom for more exposure to a different cardinal direction/surface. All too fascinating for sick assholes.

Toilet games; everytime.
The action, or threat of toilet blocking, and other unmentioned fuckery that won't be detailed here. Also, they won't let me piss straight, and have also take to "piss hopping", where it flies laterally and unconventionally sideways out of the toilet onto adjacent floor. The all time pee stunt was to have a small droplet fly vertically straight up some 3' until eye level and descend exactly on the same vertical trajectory.

Computer security violations; all the time.
There are over 30 processes that are running that I cannot delete because of insufficient permission, even if I am the administrator on this PC. There are hundreds of encrypted folders and files I cannot delete. There are senseless popup dialog boxes each time I start Firefox, and the list goes on.

Forced bodily functions; all the time.
Farts, burps, jaw clicking, selective muscular spasms, nose dripping etc. all have inordinate timing with other noises, web page changes, popup appearences, particular thoughs and the like. Nothing unusual here as many TI's report the same. The nose dripping seems to be all about having me wipe my fingers on my jeans or shirt, often coordinated with food handling, especially chocolate.

Designed coincidences; all the time.
How could I forget to add this, one of the most prevalent events arranged around some themes, and usually a half dozen running at a time, and then switched out for other coincidences. The themes can be trivial, even a word that keeps getting used or somehow erupting when the forced typo harassment is on. See the posts, Pondering the Perps Objectives for major themes, but it can be relatively minor. Some themes are persistent; a certain feminine name has had long standing arrangements to "happen" nearly daily, and I won't get into this one by giving any more exposure.

Accelerated Depletions; approx. 2 items, all the time.
This is the name for the extra consumption that "happens" without me directly using it. Most often it is the peanut butter, drawn down a few extra millimeters each day when I come back to it in the morning. Other consumables with extra conventional drawdown are breakfast cereal and mouthwash. Why these, and not others; I have no idea what is so fascinating for the perps, except to obtain greater variability between the container and its contents.

Bad Dreams

I got tagged with some strange dreams for the 30 minutes before awakening, and the perps like to remind of this at breakfast for whatever reason. I suspect they want to do correlations between dream content while sleeping and horizontal to that of while seated and eating breakfast. (And with brown colored food in my mouth). It was a horrid image, the burka dressed figure that morphed into a male wearing some kind of cat on his shoulders to change his apparent shape. Fugly isn't enough. Somebody knows I cannot stand the sight of hooded or masked figures, and does an excellent job of posting them as gangstalkers, and has now gone one extra with dream invasion.

Now, post-lunch, the noise campaign has started up; the thumpy stereo noise, even if It isn't like music and I don't have any apartment neighbors (it seems).

Other action earlier was getting my towels from the laundry room after putting them in the dryer at 2245h, late to be sure, but only towels and without the clanging of metal studs on jeans. The towels were used yesterday in another toilet overflow stunt, a particularly blatant one as the offending object (small), hadn't gone down the pipe. I use towels to mop the floor, and the entire effort was elegantly arranged to have multiple delays in getting laundered. First the wet towels were left in the bathtub until I got back from the cleaning job, then I had to extract the laundry in the washing machine that had finished and place it on the adjacent dryer. Just as I had finished the woman who owned the laundry arrived with more, so my towels were laundered between her two loads of laundry. Then I got screwed into "forgetting" about my laundry, and when I was allowed to know about it, it was late. The towels were clean and damp and on top of the dryer, which likely meant that she dried all her clothes when my laundry was on top of the dryer. This morning, the dryer was in operation when I arrived, and my clean and dry towels were on the counter. All elegant from the perspective of maximum delay at each task in the chain of events, and having someone elses' laundry activities interleaved with mine. And the big question was who was she? I don't know, I have never seen her before, and even if she did give me a little flirty look when we first met, she is at least 20 years younger. It was likely someone I know in morphover I suspect, though one can never be sure, even if there is at least one "go to" female gangstalker.

Time to launch this and call it done before meeting up with the First Feral Family.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shades of Brown and Grey

Back from a visit to the First Feral Family and doing driving to look at roofs for shingle color and general appearance. They are considering replacing their cedar shake roof with a fiberglass shingle one, and are considering the color options. So...... in the world of nonconsenual color testing, that meant looking at the brochure, then online, and then at three houses that serve as references for the roofing contractor. And of course my contingent of gangstalkers was around, and there were plenty of vehicle backing up and repeat visiting, getting out and then in, conversing with the door open, and all manner of juxtapositions of putzing around, which is what the perps want from me in the first place. They cannot get enough of me egressing buildings, vehicles, and even rooms in buildings. A wonderful opportunity for them with the perp abetting parents.

And that spawned a gangstalker surge at Mattick's Farm, a high end semi-rural location for apartments with some stores and a small grocery store that seems to be my mother's favorite. And the crush of people there was totally insane, made worse by all the Fuckwits wearing bright red or yellow, and then presenting themselves in the coffee shop, just outside it where we had our coffee, and then again outside the grocery store, and finally, an odd few inside. All these "hikey bikey" types in tight black pants and their bright "safety" wear coats. Yellowjackets and redcoats I call them, or alternatively, mustard and ketchup. I have never seen so many cyclists taking a rest stop before. But then again, this was also occuring in 1999 to 2002 at another location in this city when I was visiting the bank. I happened to know a few of the cyclists and would have coffee with them sometimes. Again, I don't know what is so interesting about having cyclists passing by me, taking a rest in my proximity afterwards. I get plenty of gangstalking cyclists on the sidewalks, in this town of all places, as it has a high proportion of bicycle lanes on the streets.

I have never been able to stand the sight the mustard and ketchup two condiments, let alone together. I wonder what that means to the possible traumatization researchers that make my life a constant hell. The three missing years of 1956 to 59 has more mystery around it than I know, but so what; why cannot I be left alone? If this is all about traumatization remediation it is a bigger (sick) joke than I thought; I am fine, so get the fuck out.

Or does this play as; "developmentally traumatized child is administered mendacious recall depletion irradiations that were only partially effective as his subconscious recall remains intact well into adulthood". And so the assholes who did this find his subconscious aversions to be problematic in his adulthood as they have even more plans for him. Then they find the pollutants that he ingested under their constant care (har, har) to be also problematic. And so they continue to remotely monitor his neural correlates of traumatization, except making it overt (in 04-2002). Call it what it is- life rape; every moment is monitored, scripted and potentially fucked with to ensure the victim is under constant adversity, if not duress and even intense enragement by remotely applied extra-conventional gravitic fuckery and magnetic energy irradiations. He isn't allowed to even turn off a light switch without his hand "missing" the switch somehow. Every itch (read, remotely applied sensation) that he scratches has a simultaneous noise erupt as he scratches the itch. And, he was doing fine until the sick assholes arrived and made his life hell.

And now he isn't allowed to take a city bus without a posse of gangstalking Fuckwits gathered around him; the city bus freakshow today had a three negro family, and then three other brown skinned individuals were also ringed around me at my seat. The Caucasian red heads were there at the back with the skinheads behind them, like a ranking of the Unfavored. Then a "fellow traveller" on the bus behind me tailed me off at my stop and then tailed me on the first 5 minutes of walking once off the bus down a narrow lane. It doesn't get much more obvious than that never-before blatant tail. It was the strangest collection of Fuckwits that ever gathered on a Saturday morning bus heading away from downtown. I notice they like doing the negroes up in red clothing of late, as the woman had red pants. Five days before it was a 6'6" male negro in a red coat.

Back to the Mattick's Farm grocery store; there, the brownshirts were parading around, and they even put me in the center of a three gangstalker swarm of a brownshirt, a redcoat and another fucker constantly tailing me. One end of the store to the next, it was swimming with the ever gazing and ever bending over Fuckwits trying new color combinations of clothes, persons, elevations and the rest of the parameters that go into harassing someone for nonconsensual human experimentation without locking them up. I was dispatched to look for gluten free bread when there wasn't any, possibly to have a gluten (in me) to gluten (in bread loaves) energetic interaction test. (Also experienced as "bread stalking"). And lo, if there wasn't some six silver-grey vehicle parked around my parents' vehicle with one slightly brownish variant. Same when driving into downtown, these subtle variations of silver-grey, silver-grey with a light brown tone and the like, emulating the colors of the roofing shingles we had been looking at. Why wasn't I surprised?

Another negro on the way back from work today; in the same "negro station" as the 1970's funky dude dressed one appeared a few months ago. I don't know why they like to arrange them on this same stretch of sparsely populated street, but it is consistently at the same location. Again, I have no idea why the perps like to place members of other races in my proximity, and I have had no issues with anyone on account of skin color. It just seems to be an intrinsic property of each person's make up that they want to learn about, and that might even go all the way up to the Whitehouse. Just speculation of course, but when one takes stock of the magnitude of this abusive covert research pogrom (not program, pogrom means; a massacre or persecution instigated by the government or by the ruling class against a minority group), one can only wonder how far up the food chain it goes.

And I should also note that I worked with negroes in 1996 to 2003 in three jobsites, and my boss of my last job from Seattle who "happened" to show up yesterday at the local supermarket (very strange indeed), is also a negro. And we got along fine, and were good friends. Though in hindsight, I suppose it was contrived as part of the perp's obsession over skintones and the color of brown. Fucking bizarre to say the least.

No more excitement to be had tonight, and hopefull the bedtime overhead tapping noise will not be applied. Now, three nights in succession, the tapping noise starts up the instant I change my attention to something else. The perps seem not to be able to control this action yet, hence their abidding interest in one of the most pedantic of brain functions. I thought they would have figured out this at least my mid-2008, but no, the assholes keep hounding me with various noises and plasma and maser flashes and beams. All to keep up this remotely applied targetted research they could of completed in a tenth of the time with cooperation. Fucking bizarre as it is craven. (cra⋅ven [krey-vuhn] adjective - cowardly; contemptibly timid; pusillanimous).

Friday, March 20, 2009

No Particular Events

Not an exciting day so far, and for my tormentors, that is a desired state. Not even something as exciting (for them) as laundry. Just the noise games, from outside and from the earmuffs I wear to block out much noise, but if they want me to hear something, the noise will somehow get through.

I had a comb stolen a few weeks ago. The last time I used it was to trim my eyebrows and then it was gone. I don't know why they needed to do that, but they also interfered with me aquiring it, having me "forget" for a few weeks. I suspect it might that it was nylon, though I am not sure where this fits on their scale of remote energetics assay list of pollutants with diamagnetic (and for them, disruptive) properties. Another "who cares" issue.

While working at the car dealership cleaning job last night, I noticed they had a white GM Buick on the hoist, something exceptional for a Mazda dealership. Other oddities have been Jeep, Cadillac, Kia, and a Ford half ton pickup truck. I suppose that working around these vehicles for an hour or so must confer some kind of energetic interaction they are hoping to remotely detect, and this is often embellished by putting the vehicle on the hoist and raising it off the floor. I can't recall how many odd maintenance issues I had with my Volvp 245 that I owned until 2006, but there was plenty of hoist time and often I would confer with the mechanic while underneath the vehicle. It didn't get any better than that for the perps until they went into overt harassment mode in 04-2002. Once they even took my vehicle and fixed the front end which they had damaged in an wheel alignment jerkaround. I had new tires, and did the right thing in getting a wheel alignment immediately afterward, and year later I had odd tire wear on the front tires. It was getting to the point of doing something when the assholes struck in 2002, but then I noticed one morning that my vehicle wasn't parked in the same way as when I had left it. I took it out on the highway and it was steering better, the problem was fixed. Many months later I found out that someone had put used parts in the front end, something me or my mechanic never would of done. So in other words, the front wheel alignment job got hacked, which then caused the front tires to wear prematurely, and then they fixed the problem by installing a used part. Then a few years later, the front tires needed to be replaced again, while the rear tires were just fine. As mentioned in the Perps Obsessions posting, they cannot mess with rubber, tires and petroleum products enough, and hence these games and others that unfold at the partime job at the car dealership.

One game that the assholes are playing today is continuing to inject the disgusting smell of the hair stylist's BO from yesterday. It was bad enough that they put on repeat smells for the evening, but to carry this one into the next day is another first.

The perps love me to do "paper shopping" for building a computer. That is, selecting and bookmarking an up to date PC and its components, even if unaffordable. So...... an evening devoted to this exercise with plenty of simultaneous noise with bookmarking, select/copy/paste the price into the bookmark's description, and like events. Just fascinating for them, and one of the central reasons for seven years of harassment abuse.

I did the cleaning job tonight with the usual farce-like entrances and exits of the staff, coming by to "visit me" it would seem, for nothing but to gangstalk. The stop at the local supermarket was quite the doppelganger show; double doppelgangers. First, one of the car dealership staff "happened" to be crossing my path at the entrance, and he did look at me but pretended otherwise, and was partially obsured by different eyeglasses and an orange toque covering his head. Then later in the aisles, why my former boss from Seattle just "happened" to be doing the lean-forward-but-look-sideways act. I was pretty sure it was him, same height, build but he looked larger, and it has been now seven years since I saw him last. He "happens" to be in a downtown supermarket in Victoria, BC, Canada when he lives in Seattler/Puget Sound area. Imagine that.

Anyhow, that was today's big news, and for the perps that was indeed exciting.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Have Some PVC Smell With Your Haircut

I just had about the most grossest haircut, and it wasn't the hair, but the barrage of PVC smell and the stylist's BO. One smell or the other or both, fitting with the recently escalated fuckery of creating combinations of noise that once ran singly. The stylist was also behaving strangely and hadn't shaved. All too strange, especially when the guy was hanging around outside this apartment building yesterday. I suppose this is a prepatory engagement for yoga that will begin in 20 minutes, always a high-harassment event afterwards. Hopefully no BO there as I need a respite from the offensive malodorous haircut.

The odd smell from the above repetoire has erupted since the above foul smell affront, but nothing too serious. Between the first trip to the stylist's and the second to yoga and back, I have had one vehicular rundown attempt, one elevator run-in (the asshole is parked at the door and attempting to get in before I got out, this on the main lobby floor), two Left Hand drive pedestrians coming straight at me for 100' and wouldn't veer until some 10' in front of me and then give me the stare, and I was't allowed to pee in toilet as the stream gets diverted no matter where aimed. All in a day's work as a targeted individual (TI), and still one more outing for the cleaning job later.

And more weirdness at the yoga classroom with all four of the classmembers (10 minutes early this was) sitting in the chairs at the side of the room. This is where I usually initially sit to take my shoes and jacket off. After getting on my mat they were still there for my pre-yoga stretches. After a few minutes they all went to their respective mats at the same time, even though they don't know each other. Perhaps some herd instinct is expectable from the newcomers, but not among the regulars. And again, the latecomer planted herself and her brown top beside and behind my left side. Opposite, the dude with the hair bob was in his loud orange grunge shirt, and an off/on regular woman was beside him in a red top. More color clashing games it would seem, as this is a common combination among the street freakshow they put on. I don't know why the assholes like to present me with the red-orange combinations, and yellow-red combinations, but they do.

In the yoga class there was plenty of plasma beams flitting around, and a much more intensified delivery of yellow light flashes and strings of yellow dots off my lenses of my eyeglasses. All I had to do was change the direction of my focus and the lens flashes would stop, which shouldn't happen if it was real world reflections. But as regular readers will know, I have given up on attempting to detect the difference, and anything adverse is considered to be malevolent fuckery. They even had a blue plasma beam sitting in the mouth of the instructor for a few seconds at the begining. The perps often like to place blue plasma beams from dark shadows, often in the evening. Though of late, they have just tentatively begun placing red plasma beams from the shadows, and this might represent perp research/harassment progress.

While at yoga I had my usual white and light colored crumbs arriving beside me and on the mat or stick to my black track pants. I also routinely get the sensation of a small gritty pebble arriving under my hand, usually the right one, and then sweeping it off on the carpet beside the mat. This little fuck stunt was so popular they did it twice this time. Funny how the grit manages to find me at yoga where one does many hand placements. And I see they have finally allowed a class member to leave at the same door I did. It is the most obvious place to depart from as it is direct to the street, and no one but me had ever used it except for me in 14 months of doing yoga there.

And strange music choices for yoga it would seem, though I am hardly the expert. Songs with words in them are expectable in most circumstances, but not usually for background sound. But anyhow, at least two "hurting" tunes were played, which I found most curious.

And what is with the gangstalkers that they have to put on long beards today? At least a dozen such wackos so far today, and this time not hiding them in their jackets like Scary Dude does. He is a seeming local, and became so local that he now purports to live in this apartment block and accompany me in the elevator. Still, that isn't good enough as he also lounges on the nearby public benches in a red hat and attempts to disguise himself by putting his long scragly beard inside his jacket. I have my regular weirds/freaks of the onging freakshow of gangstalkers that I get treated to, and also I get new ones. The plastic bag toting vagrants are also coming on strong; one leading ahead of me today, and one in the elevator yesterday. And I suppose that they like it that I handly plastic bags extensively in the partime cleaning job, and whatever they gain from this they want to apply it to other locations.

Just like I predicted above, I keep getting shots of the foul BO smell injected up my nose, and when exhaling the foul smell, a noise to accompany my annoyance of getting tagged with something that has no conventional basis. Repeat smells from nearly 12 hours ago? Welcome to my world, where physical reality is tweaked. As I type this with my earmuffs on a clicking noise has erupted in the left earmuff. And if I take them off, another annoying noise of overhead water gurgling will erupt. And as there is no plumbing overhead, how is this noise being created? And I had the same problem when further from the bathroom in the last apartment residence.

Here is a stunt staight out of perp school; Pranksters shrink-wrap roadway for third time in a week. My perp assholes fuck with the Cling Wrap every time I use it; they fold it up to make me unravel it, and then it never clings. Except I got a week off a few weeks ago, and then they reverted back to their malevolent form, same box of Cling Wrap.

More reading online with my plasma and maser games going on all around and over the text on the LCD display. The perps especially like to fill in text with yellow plasma, as if a parched ancient document. Don't ask me what this means in their analytical process, even if they have been doing it for years.

This one is done for the day, and time to post.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ten Year Bitch

As in a complaint. It is official, I am now allowed to dry my cutlery with a tea towel after 10 years of owning them. But only every two to four days, not after each mealtime. I bought the cutlery in 1999 when I went to work in Everett WA, sans wife, and part of a heroic act to keep the joint property. I always had the habit of leaving the dishes in the dish rack, and come by in an hour and they were all drip dried. Totally copesthetic. Now, even after two hours, the same cutlery is still wet and so I dry it with the tea towel. This, in perp terms, is substantive progress, as it is clear that in the past, the assholes cannot deal with me drying dishes with a tea towel. I dry the frypan each time with a tea towel, every two days when I use it, and this exercise is always sabotaged by remotely applied fuckery of making me have a tenous grasp, having the tea towel not dry it and forcing a redo. And also, as the frypan drying was always a harassment event, I never bothered to clean the handle as I was fed up with the adversity of the situation. And in the last week, suddenly I had a "need" (read, planted thought by invasive remote mind control technologies) to wipe the metal handle dry, and now it has "happened" twice. There isn't any great news in all of the above, it just goes to show how fucking insane and relentless the perps are, and how long they are willing to conduct their investigation into the most pedantic of events, drying cutlery with a fucking tea towel for crissakes. No one, EVER, could make that up. And of course regular readers will know that using a tea towel isn't the last of their banalities, as crumbs, lint, and debris are a singular battle with the assholes who find such things so fascinating, at a dozen times per day when this issue gets heated, aka rage-ified.

And all the more interesting that they had me do my laundry today and clean said tea towel. Such things are of intense perp interest, laundry. No major jerkarounds doing laundry today either, another positive surprise. And who knows, perhaps tomorrow's haircut just before yoga will be another big deal, as it will be the second time in succession, a haircut followed by yoga. Funny how that happens, when it was last week when I wanted to get on with a haircut and kept "forgetting" until today.

I did the cleaning job tonight at the car dealership, and had at least four staff members doing their back and forth gangstalking by crossing my path in both directions. I even got the whistling dumbshit act again, and do I ever hate that one for whatever reason. I cannot figure why these assholes arrive within 3' of me, and then turn around and walk back. This staff member guy had visitors in his office at the time, and then abandons them to follow up on my ass and then turn around while I was attending to the vacuum cleaner. Last night it was the same deal; one of the creepy salesmen, the one who needed a blonde escort when I arrived at the front door last week, asked me if I would lock up after he departed and I said I would. He was heading to the door at the time and I was following him some 15' away. But instead of proceeding out the door, he takes a diversion, makes a call on his cell phone and walks a loop around the entire building's perimeter and then returns to the front door to exit, still on the cell phone.Who in the fuck does that who is rational, covering the building perimeter with an electromagnetic device when they said they were headed out? But isn't the first time the fuckers have had their operatives walk around the building or room perimeter to then arrive near me. One Australian operative did it when I was sitting in my seat waiting for a play to begin, and then came to sit beside me, putting on the friendly act.

I also stopped at the LD store on the way back and had my usual gangstalking entourage. I was stared at three time before I got there in less than a block, last time outside the store by this supposed vagrant, who finally deigned to say hello after putting on the fucking stare. Even my shrink said there is no reason for anyone to stare at me. So WTF?

On the cleaning job last night I had a bin at the coffee bar I was cleaning that got royally messed up as a load of coffee grounds (think, brown color) bypass the bag and still stay in the bin, messing it up and all the new bags that are stored in the base of the bin. I cleaned it up partially, but didn't get rid of the mess. So.. after asking the boss man how to deal with it, and learning the perfectly obvious method (which I wasn't allowed to figure out), I cleaned it up tonight. I had plenty of coffee mess on the plastic bags, and then on the sides of the bin to clean up, but at any rate, it got done. And while cleaning it up at the coffee bar, why, the blonde saleswoman "happens" to be 12' away, visible through the door glass, wearing dark brown. Anyhow, I think I got enough dark brown action tonight, and I did notice there were quite a few brown cardboard markers all about the places that I was attending to the cleaning. Browning around I call it. And if you don't know the background of blondes or brown colors, check the links out.

What is with these skiing accidents; Natasha Richardson now, and it was curious that the perps put me on a "Natasha" ideation a few days ago before it happened. Most curious, And my optometrist also had a skiing accident that left him brain damaged and unable to continue his career. He would of been a perp abettor going back to 1984 when I first met him, and may have been awarded with the upscale office moves he made that propelled his successful business.

I am getting knee torquing torture tonight, and am rendered very restless because of it. Also, some forefoot pain has also erupted, and that might be the new trend, multiple points of applied pain. One torture per given moment isn't enough it would seem.

And heavy noise from my earmuffs, but if I don't put them on other noise erupts and I am compelled to seek refuge. Perhaps it is time to wrap this one up for the day, dull as it has been.

For over two weeks I haven't had a single phone message, which is most odd as I had one or more every day before that. I don't think anyone is not getting through when they need to. Or at least, that is what I am lead to believe, this is just a "social isolation" spell the assholes are putting me through. Since mid-December it would seem, though the begining of January might be more accurate, once the holiday season is was over. And that was when they put a big crimp on job hunting, and slowed down my applications to just two for the two and a half months since.

Anyway, this one is done, and onto posting it.