Sunday, February 26, 2017

Fat Folk

I would include myself in the category of "fat folk" with a BMI of 27 when 20 is normal for my height. And it seems that I have gained at least 5 lb since the beginning of the new year. That emancipated and shriveled up cancer patient image just isn't playing out.

I mentioned in last week's posting about the fat hair stylist who needed to push her gut into my side or back while attending to my hair. Only a day later, while lingering at the tanning salon only because they had free food because it was the last day of their sale, a blonde fat girl was parading around, and made sure I saw her, and then, when averting my gaze, she paraded closer in front of me to get my attention yet again. I didn't see any particular reason for her parading around at all, as she could of sat down and enjoyed the food like anyone else, but hey, normal folk acting strange in my proximity is nothing new since all this shit rained down 04-2002. Add a fat girl on the vineyard crew and we are set for a new round, so to speak.

Some back pain today in the afternoon, and no kidney pressure thankfully. The paw-paw was the cause of the latter, and I have been off it for two weeks now. It is just the MMS vs. the cancer. Or, should I say, it is my perception that it is metastasized prostate cancer, as I don't know what else it could be. Those aches, and some pains, shooting up my back from my hips, and sometimes down to my knee. The L side seems to be more afflicted, and even sometimes I get twinges into my shoulder and arms. I see the radiation oncologist in two days, so hopefully I will get a firm diagnosis, even if my condition is a moving target, so to speak. After two doctors fanned on giving me a diagnosis, I have to go through this protracted exercise of diagnostic delays yet again. And too, I get to visit the radio-therapy clinic and all that expensive gear that can "cure" (a much qualified term) and also give cancer too. Ask breast cancer survivors 20 years after treatment.

Tuesday, and the first sun on the vineyard in three weeks, apart from 2 minutes worth two weeks ago when there was a well timed withdrawal of the sun. It came out for when we exited the barn after break, we walked to the pruning site and then the sun was shaded by the large cliff, and when it came out the other side, why, cloud cover had moved in to block it. As mentioned many times in these postings in an attempt to identify perp frequented events, the properties of the sun are of intense interest to the perps; be it falling on foliage, crops, skin or eyes and of course all the color changes that go with it, from sky to all illuminated and shaded objects. If I were to make a "way-out-there" statement on this topic, it would be something like this; the perps have arranged the whole sun, Earth's axis tilt and rotation and the consequent seasons all to deliver sunlight in incrementally changing exposures to further their insane sunlight research objectives. (And too, variation in the increment from the tropics to the poles). How is that for a deep conspiratorial perspective?

Woo-hoo- TI World Blogspot statistics; Pageviews all time history= 150,154. Assuming these numbers aren't rigged of course, me being the centerpiece of all that is rigged, orchestrated, pre-scripted and otherwise contrived. And now about 8,000 page-views per last month, a rolling count I assume, as it changes every day. And about 250/day. The numbers don't seem to add up on per posting basis when I look at other page statistics, so maybe its those static pages that seems to attract so many viewers. I haven't had many comments from the TI community, so I don't have a firm grasp on the veracity of the Google supplied statistics.

Vineyard pruning all day today; three different sites as we finished two, and started another. That might of been the reason for repeated helicopter coverage today; at least 14 fly-by visitations, mainly by a Bell 206L for whatever reason. I have no idea how they decide on the helicopter model, but they also put on a Bell 206 and an EC-135. They put on a very noisy Bell 412 overflight a few days ago. This vineyard I work at has a helicopter pad, so no doubt there will be summertime helicopter visits, touching down and bringing in wine tasting folks. Which is better than the stunt they pulled two months ago at this same vineyard when they had an AStar 380 come from over the ridge and fly 40' overhead of me. I was the only person in the vineyard and they had me lined up perfectly before they saw me. What is the etiquette when helicopters are that close and one can see the pilots through the windshield? Does one wave at them? And no, I don't do obscene gestures, even if my whole life is filled with provocations.

The hip and back aches and pains were still present today, though muted. I still don't like walking fast much, and I declined yoga last night. It was the after effects of yoga of 5 weeks ago that indicated that something was very wrong and getting worse. I keep the MMS treatments up, and have added apricot kernels. The latter might seem like silly fluff, but in fact, they contain vitamin B17, aka laetrile, a subject of much past controversy and FDA suppression. After reading "World Without Cancer" by G. Edward Griffin, and the details of how Sloan Kettering Hospital found laetrile to be one of the most promising anti-cancer substances known, and then buried it after three attempts with a made-to-fail experiment result which received all the publicity, I have become all the more cynical about this world and how controlled and arranged it is. And too, cancer is mass slaughter; 600k go down every year in the US and Canada, and here we have the FDA (and lap dog Health Canada) repeatedly suppressing viable and effective treatments. The book is a scathing indictment of "consensus medicine" and those "catastrophic cures" that are presently deemed orthodox. From what I have learned, cancer can be remotely delivered if Tom Bearden and his scalar wave theorizations are correct (see Priore's healing treatment device and here). I have come to know of all manner of remote delivery incursions these past 14 years, and cancer is just another.

A visit to Kelowna to the cancer clinic today. Per determination of the oncologist, I don't have metastatic prostate cancer. Which then begs the question as to what do I have that has caused such aches, and some pains, in my pelvic region, as well as up my spine and into my R arm for the past month. I feel like shit for two days after yoga, when normally I don't feel anything. And this condition has responded to paw-paw and now MMS to some extent. The timing of all this is straight out the perp play book, under the "create FUD" section. Give the TI victim prostate cancer and then add on conditions that emulate its metstatization. Fucking hilarious, and now over 14 years of these insane incursions, and they add one more unrelated ailment on top of seeming real one. I get another bone scan out of the deal and a second opinion on my biopsy from last year. I am not sure whether to be happy or sad about the above diagnosis; radiation treatment possibly to follow in some months, though I hoping the MMS will nail the prostate cancer by then.

Another fat girl stalk at the cancer clinic today; big and blonde she was. At the counter and then lingering again outside my exam room. I suppose if they want to ingratiate/inculcate me with fat girls, and if they need some starting leverage, then having them younger and blonde just might be the strategy. (Fat, or obese people are decidedly on the Unfavored demographic list.) But you can see where they are going next; bring on fat males to gangstalk me. On the other hand, today's medical assistant was tall and leggy and on the attractive side, but with a floppy top garment to hide her nice slim thighs. On and on, these selective revelations of attractive features, and too, at the exam room, switching to vignettes of the above mentioned fat blonde girl.

No progress with the oncologist on my dopamine deficiency theory of all what ails me, including prostate cancer. Another wall still to climb. The perps have decidedly sabotaged my efforts to get useful treatment from urologists; the one in Seattle didn't help, and the present one in this town has been an absolutely unprofessional pill.

As usual with all doctor visits, there is a protracted wait in the exam room, all to have me watch the masers and plasma beams flit about, the latter usually projecting from denser objects like metals and ceramic tile. I even got a stinging maser strike through my L eye during the consult, and the doctor seemed to flinch in seeing it. I am so fucking fed up with being put through the clinical mill; spoofings, obdurate doctors, fake-out conditions, obstruction of appropriate care even with supporting tests in hand etc. Or more to the point; I am totally fed up being kept as a nonconsensual experimentation victim/subject. And over the most inane things; exposure to fat folk, per above, and the rest of the Unfavoreds. Just leave me the fuck alone; 14.5 years of sustained and intense abuse and being kept at the limit of my tolerance all day long, every day, is just too fucking much.

Pruning the vineyard all day, taking my MMS every hour or so. Taking supplements and the like is another big game for the perps. They seem to be studying the containers they are kept in, modifying my water supply, (and spilling it), and the order of intake, as well as having me skip the odd hourly intake.

Plenty of helicopter coverage today, though it was consistently 2 or so km away, with very few overflights. It is as if it were doing landing and take off practice at the airport. Really?

All day to think about what to do about the whole dopamine/urology nexus, and how can I make any forward progress on this front when the whole thing is rigged to my disadvantage.

Some more pelvic region and back pains this evening, even extending into my L shoulder and arm. Even to the point of walking gingerly when out at the supermarket tonight. So if its not metastatic prostate cancer, just what is it then? Yesterday's doctor visit wasn't too helpful in elucidating a probable cause, so no doubt it is going to be a long running mystery tour. The MMS might be quelling the problem, as was paw-paw before it, but the back pains and the like keep coming back.

At the specialty grocery store on the way home from work today, a favorite time/circumstance and place to "get me" it seems. A mother and two children about 12 or so, block my egress in the aisles and so I take an alternate route to look at some more items, and then come back to the checkout (an interval of 3 minutes), and there they are still standing there at the blocking location. As I approach the checkout, why, they do too, and get ahead of me. And what is the whole point of all that? I have seen the step-ahead-of-me (queue augmenting) stunt so many times since all this shit began in 04-2002, but to have the obstructing party in obvious stand-there mode for 3 minutes in advance, takes the cake.

Vineyard pruning all day, though the night was more eventful than usual. The assholes woke me twice to urinate, once more than "usual". The second time was memorable in that they put on some leg cramps, both in my thighs (unusual as the imposed cramps go), so I was in major pain while peeing. (But not from urinating). Then later in the night the perps put on this pain in my abdomen, an intense and focused one that just wouldn't go away for 10 minutes of agony.

Continuing spine and arm pains today, though a little more with a "healing" sensation. That would be akin to a pinched nerve, a long time perp favorite harassment method, except it runs from my hips upward on my back to one arm or the other. I have never had a pinched nerve that ran for three weeks and nor covered such a large region. Which still doesn't explain why I felt so crippled from yoga, twice, all those pelvic twistings and the like. Whether this is a passing perp imposition or another major health crisis, I don't know. In keeping with the latter scenario they ran planted notions as to what dialog would unfold in speaking with emergency physicians. I don't like hospitals, and so they seemed to revel in playing this in mind for much of the morning.

And what is it about some of my vineyard co-workers that they need to walk back to the end of their row and start their next row which "happens" to be near me? Normally, one finishes a row and starts on the next adjacent row end, no need to walk back and proceed in the same direction, E-W in this case. But as the perps are nuts over all my direction changes, why wouldn't they put on similar acts of perversity for my co-workers? Said co-worker also did a senseless back-and-forth, some 80' worth, while looking at his cell phone, while staring at text messages, and then returning to his row end. Fucking bizarre. The incidences of senseless cell phone stalking, with LED lighted display, as some kind of portable color reference are endless. Same thing "happened" a few days earlier at the adjacent winery when I entered there to take a forced piss a few days ago. The winemaker crosses my path five seconds in advance while looking at his lighted cell phone as I entered the building when there was no need for him to do so given the configuration of the building and phone access there.

Post Saturday work, having put in 4 hours to get my weekly hours to 40; I do a tan afterward as it is on the way. The "usual" crush in the waiting area on my exit, but none there when I arrived 20 min. earlier. On the way home, still only 3C outside, why, they put a negro kid in his soccer uniform, shorts no less, on the corner where I made my last turn, he being somehow "just standing there", rooted to the spot. Presumably he crossed my path after I made the turn. As mentioned many times, negroes are rare as hen's teeth here, and given the propensity of the perps to plant said skin tones in my proximity, it was just another (managed) coincidence IMHO. And it should not go unmentioned, that there are a considerable number of negroes in the TI community.

Sunday, and a full day off. The generalized aches and pains of my pelvic region seem to have migrated to my shoulders, and causing pinched nerve-like symptoms down my arms. I see the bags under my eyes they gave me in 09-2016 are slowly abating. Just what that is about I have no idea.

Another checkout obstruction, this one online. After putting a half dozen items in a "shopping cart", why, a 504 gateway error suddenly erupts. And what is the point of that? To wait five minutes and then resume my activity? Disruption games are nothing new.

My big outing of the day was to get tea towels at a certain department store, as I am down one as the assholes seemed to have relieved me of one of the set in the last laundry. (One of their favorite situations to steal or sabotages my clothes and linens). Anyhow, another very large woman to finish off my week; probably some 240lb, and about 5'6". That she was blonde didn't go unnoticed, and she was even friendly instead of the usual scared shitless demeanor I get. And too, attentive, instead of looking the other way or otherwise being avoidant like my last experience at this same store.

Still afternoon on Sunday, but I am going to post this for the week and not get jerked into last minute postings. Or else screwed into "forgetting" for a few days. Anything interesting out there in the TI Universe? I don't get into it much; I do know a few credible TI's I can speak with, but their email and phone numbers aren't available to me. Funny how they don't bother to keep up.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Feeling Better

BC Family Day today, a province wide statutory holiday. Hence a Monday off to do whatever.

But I am feeling better, continuing on the MMS program; yesterday was brutal, and I was hanging in there. It is one of those "get sicker before getting better" scenarios, much like as mentioned on the parent website. We shall see in time as to whether I beat metastasized prostate cancer or not, if that is what in fact I have. If not, I would be more than glad to bail out of this abusive hell I have been kept in since 04-2002.

And even if I dropped the price of my used Camry by $600, still no response. The perps have ways of doing this; blocking access to people to view items for sale. This "happened" twice in long past real estate listings, both to significant financial detriment. In fact, they manage my affairs to ensure financial adversity at every turn. Why haven't they put me on the homeless program these 14.5 years of insane and relentless abuse and be done with it? Don't know, but it seems that semi-middle (non-homeless) class living is also under intense research for all the psychic energies it may entail.

I saw the film on DVD last night, "The Lady Vanishes". What a PoS; all those glowing IMDB reviews, save a few, and it seems it was all about a spook-fest over some irrelevant bullshit, with more than a few plot holes. Though the pre-WWII hints didn't go unnoticed. Who says the spooks hadn't invaded the film industry in the 1930's?

Saw the "Thirty Nine Steps", part of the Hitchcock series of DVD's I had kicking around. Better than the above mentioned film, but with a few loopy plot holes too, just not as many. As above, more spook-fare, though cleverly done. I am done with this set of 20 Hitchcock films after two of them; too many fedoras and spooks in long coats. I have no idea as to why I have an aversion to such imagery.

And I will never forget the time that I got my new glasses on in 2010 or so, and was about to depart, and there were two fedora wearing men in long coats clumsily coming through the door of the optician. Why the perps put this ridiculous act on then I will never know, but it will be another one of those "never forget" vignettes.

Another "never forget" vignette in 2005 or 2006 was Monica Lewinsky in a matched blue spandex outfit on a hiking trail, leading a party of four; immediately behind her were two Asian male twins dressed in these ridiculous identical outfits (sports jacket and shorts), save one was in blue, the other in brown. As I recall the fourth member was male, but I was so astonished at this entourage, that I forget what his outfit was, or perhaps, it was unremarkable.

No valentines from the perps today; more achy sensations in my hip and lower back, more of the metastatic prostate cancer reminders they want me to know about.  I take my MMS1 and MMS2 meds each hour or two, respectively, and hope for the best as it is my last chance. I don't think conventional clinical care has an predictable way out, though I will find out next week when I visit the radiation clinicians.

New aches and pains shooting up my back in the later afternoon. And some lower hip rotation pains too. Doesn't sound good, but I am sticking with the MMS protocol. I suspect that backing off the paw-paw changed the dynamic some as well, but it was giving me kidney pressure again. More mind planted drivel from the perps about the cancer is diminishing, but who would trust the guys that gave it to me in the first place? Not to mentioned all my efforts to deal with a dopamine shortage for the last 18 years, and lo, I find out that low dopamine is associated with prostate cancer.

All day pruning vines, and the new guy got started into it today. Thankfully the rain held off until 1600h when we finished up for the day.

Saw the urologist today. He said that based on my PSA of 7.9, it is very doubtful that I have metastatic prostate cancer. My prostate was normal per his (ahem) professional determination. And he checks for a distended bladder, but that is fine. This would be the downside of going to a specialist; if the symptoms are outside of their specialty, they aren't interested. And when I go to the cancer clinic next week, just what are they going to determine? If it is not metastasized, then sorry, go see someone else; just my speculation.

So WTF. I have pains in my hips and up my back (today as well), and pressure on my kidneys. The urologist didn't have any other insights as to what ails me. And I wasn't feeling so better today, but still keeping up on the MMS program, because if I am in it up to my knees I might as well keep going and very possibly nail the prostate cancer for the long term. Hope springs eternal in the health ailments game it turns out. I haven't been exposed to chronic-like discomfort conditions before, so all this is new to me.

All day vineyard pruning today; the snow is almost gone, and it even got a little warm today. Warm, because I was in long johns and three sweaters and a ski jacket, and my climbing boots. That is fine by me, ever sensitive to cold nowadays.

Still more pains in my L hip and up my L back today, but less kidney pressure; not much different from yesterday so I don't know what is going on. Like I said, I have never had a debilitating type condition before, so all this protracted suffering/healing (if it is that), is new to me.

Today's planted notion of what ails me is "some growth" is going on inside me. Some explanation that; every day I get a new planted notion and it gets rejected by day's end. Earlier this week they were telling me that it was a hernia, but I didn't think it to be so even then. A day later the assholes floated the notion that it was Lyme Disease, even if I have never had a tick bite, but that happens apparently.

Saturday, and a haircut mid-day. And also a work day as it "happened", as we didn't work the holiday Monday this week and had to make it up. That is part of the deal at sign-on; one must work weekends to make up a 40 hour week.

The hair stylist was decidedly into the butch look; the short male sides, but with more on top. And no less, wearing a bow tie. And mighty hefty she was too, and wasn't older than 24 or so. And she made a point of pushing her gut into my arms and back, depending on where she was working. And she seemed so reluctant to take much hair off, so after three passes  I finally gave up and said it was enough.

More pruning all day, and some rain coming on in the afternoon. A new employee today; another male pony-tail, the second in the crew of five. One who started earlier this week looks to be a mulatto; it would seem this is a "starter negro" assigned to me. Given the selective introduction of negroes at specific moments for the 14.5 year duration of this insane harassment, it would suggest the perps are upping the negro ante for longer term (all upcoming summer).

On the health front; aches and pains came on in the afternoon and are still with me this afternoon. That is, aches, pains and twinges in my hips, up my spine and into my arms. No yoga for awhile. I don't know for sure what this is, but it has all the markings of metasized prostate cancer. I continue with the MMS therapy, now two weeks on it.

Sunday, and I got to work for 4 hours to get my hours up to 40 for the week. This seems to be a big deal at my new employer.

Major vehicular gangstalking on my way back though, and all the more noticeable where I stopped; a specialty grocer and the tanning salon. This is the second instance in two weeks where I made the same stop at the same grocer after work and got innundated with extra obvious stalkers, e.g. the shiftless males who don't even seem to know how to shop.

Anyhow, time to get this this posted for the week just past.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017


[Prematurely posted on 02-07-2017- my apologies]
A good 6" of snow overnight Monday (yesterday) got my attention for driving in it on the way to the vineyard job. Surprisingly, it wasn't on the vines, even if it was soft and fluffy. I suppose this is keeping with the perp games over water in all its forms; frozen, liquid and vapor (at times, e.g. keeping me unaware the kettle is boiling). And of course, driving on snow is a big deal for the perps as they love games with rubber. And too, at the vineyard, having me walk in the tire tracks of the foreman's pick up truck, the easiest ground to walk on in these snowy conditions.

After lunch, things suddenly started going wrong; a phone call where it got cut off before I could answer it, I cut the wrong vine or cane,  I cut a trellis wire with the electric pruners, a phone call from the ex's son whom I haven't heard from in 10 years. Mondays are extra shit days as things seem to be arranged to be going wrong. Funny, they didn't hack me on the vineyard job all last week (3 days), and not for Monday morning, and then after lunch, it all went for a shit.

Today, a mid-day interruption in the form of a dental appointment. I hate dental appointments in the afternoon, but for some reason the dental office phoned me up to change the time the day before. Like WTF; I never had this problem keep happening so often as now. The dentist had her face mask on so I got to look at her eyes only while she was talking to me, another stunt the perps like, partial face coverings. Later when she took off her mask, she wasn't anywhere as pretty as her eyes. The dental assistant had a coughing jag, that took her out of the room for some 6 minutes, all in keeping with the very common perp tactic of removing stalkers once they come close; this happens all the time in at yoga when waiting for the class to start. A strange Asian woman was at the counter with the dental office assistant, as if she was being trained. I cannot count the number of times someone is placed side-by-side with the regular staff as if in training, and yet I never see them again. I suppose they wanted some "Asian female energy", and all the more to do the work of writing down my appointment times on a card, and later, giving me the receipt. And of course, being present when the financial transaction was conducted.

As part of the deal, I got a wax casting for a crown to be later made up. Interesting the wax is red and then turns white over a few minutes until it is set. Talk about a made-for-perp event, changing colors in one's mouth. I cannot count the number of times the Fuckwits (paid-for stalkers) parade around with things in their mouths, looking totally stupid, e.g. stir sticks, suckers.

The I returned for work for two hours, and then the aircraft over flights poured on. Then they had me cut a trellis wire again, then immediately dumped me on my ass in the snow, and when getting up, I see they screwed me out of pruning an obvious vine. So what was the point of that, putting these three obvious stunts in sequence. No question they got me riled up at first by having me not see the trellis wire and cutting by "mistake".

Yoga, last night, down to 10 participants, and the babe count was way down. The very attractive babe in the separate top at the W side was gone after being a regular for four weeks, as was her equally attractive neighbor. The dude count was two around me, this time one to the W, another to the S, triangulated this time. Last week it was this absurd and extra-obvious arrangement of having the dudes arrive on either side of me. One of them returned from last week, this time wearing some offensive cologne that I could smell from 8' away. The perps have a way of placing and enhancing smells into one's nose, or maybe directly stimulating the brain.

And today, I have the lower abdomen aches and stiffness in greater degree, presumably "from" yoga, even if I never had this problem in taking yoga for the past four years each week. Said sensations have been of concern for me as I have thought this might be due to metastatic prostate cancer, but of course I got blown off about this from my doctor visit on this past Saturday. These aches and stiffness have been ameliorated by re-starting paw-paw, which adds to my metastatic prostate cancer theory. And of course this is great mind-fuck fuel for the perps as they play up my notions of mortality, e.g. making a will, how I will attend to the details etc. All to heighten the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) that is such an essential component of perp games, and all the better (for them) it is all about pondering one's own mortality. I say it is big game, as they don't seem anywhere near done their non-consenual human research, the ongoing disruption about what foods and supplements I take in what order and their respective order and timing.

More snow, about 2" in the afternoon and continuing into the evening as I write this. About 200m visibility, but that didn't stop the aircraft overflights, not that I could see them. One helicopter was buzzing around for 20 minutes, not your average airport arrival.

Still on the MMS1 therapy, and it seems to be holding up OK. The MMS2 therapy could not be found anywhere online on the weekend, "out of stock", and the perps keep dithering me after work so I don't get to a pool supply outfit. The one place I did look had the "pool shock" product (calcium hypochlorite) adulterated with other products, e.g. "4 in one", so it seems the greater Thems are closing in on allowing this product to be available in pure form. It makes me wonder if this whole health care realm/industry isn't one big jerkaround for mass experimentation along with added patient vexation and possibly demise.

And while pruning vines all day the perps pollute me with whatever mind-fuck games that are on script. For the past week, as mentioned in this blog, they have inundated with me notions of my demise along with supporting lower abdominal sensations, aches and stiffness, which suggest metastasized prostate cancer. (All of which can be remotely spoofed). They even had me planning to purchase a walking cane, as it seemed walking was even becoming labored. But today, they planted notions that the cancer was now getting better and it will be all over soon. Awfully nice of them, coming from the world's worst prevaricators, for whom malevolence is just another passing notion. Anyhow, the MMS therapies will continue for a few weeks and I will report on this every few days.

Scaring me to death, notionally, isn't a new mind torture for them in my experience. Back in the helter-skelter high abuse days of 2002 there were at least two such events in Seattle, and they pulled another in 2003 when back in Victoria. So here we (might) have it again; my own notions of my demise are greatly exaggerated after going through senseless amounts of grief in believing it to be so. I am not out of the woods yet by any means.

And what is with the sudden inundation of black hairs? At least three on my keyboard, some on the kitchen counter, and five in the bathroom. All discovered within 10 minutes or so, as I cycled from one area of my residence to the next. "Normally", they have me discover this many planted hair situations over the whole evening, some 4 hours or so.

Another day of pruning in the vineyard, 12" of snow on the ground now. Not much fresh snow during the day, but at least 4" in the night, all to be plowed this morning. It was at least -8C, and the the wind started up to reach 20kph. Not the best outdoor working conditions, but I was warm

The lower abdominal sensations, possibly metastatic prostate cancer were abated some, but came on more in the afternoon, and into this evening. As usual, I got skunked twice on getting MMS2, so we shall see where this goes.

I was driving home on a two lane in-town secondary arterial with no commercial shopping within blocks, and there was this cluster of some 8 women on the sidewalk, like they were all a little stunned, standing around as they were, for no determinable reason. Some had barely adequate clothing for the cold and snow conditions. As I am driving by looking at this strange collection and attempting to discern if there was a legitimate reason, and then this negro male becomes obvious as the women separated and my angle of view changed. So what was the point of this total clusterfuck idiocy? I have commented on the babe-then-male gangstalking arrangements before, and now for the first time, we have a women-then-negro arrangement. (That is, Caucasian women, none were lookers of any degree). Fucking absurd, and all for 2 seconds of view time as I was driving past.

Friday, and pruning work in the vineyard. It was below freezing this morning, and by afternoon it was +7C. Like a chinook, except this is the wrong place for it, these sudden warming trends all in a single day. Needless to say, the snow melt started up and is now slush where it is aggregated.

One the metastatic cancer front, if it is that, I got some shooting pains on my L side, and my lower abdominal region felt stiff, when it certainly should not of. Yoga is becoming a problem in that the lower abdominal aches and stiffness set up in the following days, now four later. Normally if I finished yoga, I never noticed any sensations as I am reasonably flexible. Needless to say, all this FUD as to what I have, and what damage it is doing and where it is taking me is running my life, as in questioning my own mortality. But the perps have pulled these games in the past where I figured I was done for, all to have a last minute reprieve.

I get some reprieve from these aches and the odd pain from MMS1, and have upped the dosage all this week. I started the MMS2 tonight so we shall see where it all goes.

Saturday, and a day off per Mon-Fri workday schedule at the vineyard. I started the MMS2 program in earnest today, and it does feel horrid for 20 min. after ingestion, though much less than chemotherapy I am sure. Now 1430h, and I am feeling less lower abdominal aches and pains, and even a little more energetic.

The gangstalking insanity was all over me after I departed the laundromat with my just-clean towels and did some shopping. I ended up at the tanning salon after an hour, and even that was a gangstalk, with these Fuckwits clustered outside, then three more waiting inside, and when I got out, another three loitering clustered Fuckwits outside.

Now later; the MMS2 felt horrid enough that I puked it up.  So much for getting better. Perhaps the MMS1 will keep me in there.

Going back over the last two years, there was at least three times with different parties that I mentioned MMS1 and it super-oxidative properties, such that it would cure malaria and some other difficult-to-treat viral diseases. Each time, the other party just said nothing. I find it astounding that such a significant paradigm changing therapy got absolutely no discussion or interest. Which concurs with my ongoing perceptions that my conversations are arranged, and in keeping with this sudden "clam up" response I get, no matter the import of the topic. I have called it "sudden conversation termination", a unique and strange interaction with others that suddenly erupted when all this shit came down in 04-2002. And in this case, it suggests this episode of MMS1 was planned some two years ago at least. Bait me to talk about the product, have the other party do a "go-blank", and then eventually (years) have me use the product. All part of being in this rabbit hole, though I could do without metastasized cancer, (if that is what I have in fact), and the rest of the symptoms that at least emulate it. I see an irradiation cancer specialist Feb. 22, so we shall see what comes down on that account. In the least I should be able to get an officially metastasized cancer determination. And maybe a pain killer medication prescription just in case.

Turns out that my MMS2 dose was twice what it should of been, once I re-read some different instructions. Even at that, I had a problem with the first dose first thing in the morning before having food. But I do feel better, creaky/achy hip joint wise. And no pain in my lower lumbar region. I quit the paw-paw again two days ago, so there might be some transition issues there too. The paw-paw was giving me pressure on my kidneys, and now two days later it seems to have resolved. We shall see; it seems the challenge is to keep the MMS1 and MMS2 schedule without losing any food.

Yellow in, yellow out. It is just about everytime on the hour that I take 10-12 drops of yellow colored MMS1 (in water) that I am forced to piss, either immediately beforehand or afterward. The pissing urgency problem has been going on and off, depending on medication efficacy, for two years. And though at a tolerable level thanks to Tamsulosin, but no thanks to the urologist who didn't tell me about it, the pissing problem is exquisitely timed for the intake of yellow dyed water the MMS1 mixture. And all the better I presume for perp color matching games when this takes place on the snow when doing vineyard pruning work. And leaving those yellow tracks behind. No wonder they timed the start of this seeming metastatic cancer problem almost exactly to the day I started the vineyard job, Feb. 01, 2017. It seemed after the first three days that I would not be able to continue at all, not due to the job itself, but being able to operate pain/ache free.

In fact, after three weeks and forgetting about my job application to a large vineyard and winery operation, they phoned me Feb. 02, asking if I was still interested. This would of been full time, and would of been on the viticulture staff, and would of involved Geographic Information Systems work. They asked for a phone interview Feb. 06, Monday, and I said yes. Well, as it "happened", I felt like shit due to these seeming metastatic cancer problems, that I had to tell them on the Monday that there were health conditions that were of prime consideration, and would not be a candidate. On paper, this was a dream job; full time, some of it outside in the vineyard, and utilizing GIS technology as I had been trained on, taking a year long course in it. The job would of taken me out of the manual vineyard labor scene into which I have been cast into since 2012, following four years of manual crop farm work. And thanks to the timing of these health problems, I had to turn down an interview for a job that offered huge prospects of getting out of the manual labor rut. Thanks a bunch assholes.

Ahh, the bait and switch phone calling; My TI sometimes Sunday caller phoned, but I never heard the phone ring because someone turned the ringer off. She left a message and then said she would call in 10 minutes, but that of course often means 20 minutes. And lo, if my perp-abetting mother doesn't phone just when I was expecting my TI caller. I cannot count the number of times where I get set up to expect a return caller, or text message nowadays, and lo, it is not, but someone else. The "dashed expectations" stunt. Been there, had it done to me so many more time since all this shit rained down on me in 04-2002, and it hasn't let up.

One more day off for me; a government mandated day off in February, called BC Family Day for crissakes. [Just now, an almost total delete of this posting due to an imposed finger blunder; been thee and had it done to me also].

I best get this posted before anything more peculiar "happens".

Sunday, February 05, 2017


NaCl is the chemical formulation for table salt, and also the title of this cute song by Kate and Anna McGarrigle. What I found so utterly strange is the words Kate uses to introduce the song, describing salt "based on a theory [now] gone out of fashion before they re-discovered what salt was". She took chemical engineering at McGill, though she didn't finish her degree, and this video was recorded in 1984, so what is it that she knew about chemical bonding that she would term the model of NaCl chemical bonding as "out of fashion"? I did high school and some university chemistry in the 1970's, and as far as I know, the song "NaCl" is absolutely spot on in describing electron shells and bonding etc. And as much as I know about current chemical molecular bonding, these concepts are still valid when referencing chemical electron behavior and affinity.

All of the above mentioned model of electron bonding/shells etc. applied until this past week, as I see Miles W Mathis rips contemporary understanding of chemical bonding (and particle physics) to pieces in his well thought out piece on NaCl. If true, and it seems it is solid theory coming from this mere curious dilettante/victim, then perhaps Kate McGarrigle knew about this theory or something much like it, since she first wrote the song by 1978 (on Pronto Monto, its release date). Which begs the question, do those in show biz get extra tuition in understanding the universe? Speculation for sure, and I don't know the answer. There are so many song lyrics out there that refer to strange things and events, and it does make me wonder what is it about popular music that gets the attention of the CIA and other spook groups such that they need to manage it to such refined detail.

Such music content management oversight isn't new; in Brice Taylor's incendiary book, "Thanks for the Memories" on presidential level sex slaves and mind control research, she describes her interactions with Neil Diamond, and at one point one of the spooks says to her, "he is doing good work for us". And what kind of work would that be?

Onto less speculative topics; yoga class last night; instead of blondes on either side of me I got dudes, one each side, a first to be sure. Both were there in the lobby and hung back until I got myself situated in the practice room, and lo, one comes in and sets up beside me when he had half the room available. Total bullshit- I should of moved. Then came the fat dude, sporting disgusting tattoos for me to see coming in on the other side of my mat. At least he knew a little yoga, unlike that fat sweating guy of nearly two years ago, another one who obviously set up beside me more than once.

The yoga class room was about half full from last week's over packed show, and no young pretty things immediately in front of me. Two young pretty things were one mat length away though, just not in my immediate proximity like last week. So what is it about alternately babe-stalking me in one class, and then a week later (same Monday night class), dude stalking me? I don't know, but this pattern of babe-then-dude stalking is so consistent I have nearly given up its reportage. One gets a dopamine rush from seeing somebody (or thing) attractive, so it would seem they want alternate dopamine reaction results in the same place (I was seated in the same location again) one week apart and in conjunction with all those yogic spinal flexings. And dopamine is a huge component of the harassment, aka, nonconsensual human research agenda. Try taking stimulant medications as prescribed for ADD to promote dopamine release and you will find yourself illegally incarcerated and given dopamine blocking atagonist medications. I know, from personal experience.

I am to start work today, this being 0600h. After weeks of getting up at 0900h with 9+ hours sleep, they kept me tossing and turning all night. And too, they started up sensations in my hip area and this got me cranked that they began metastasizing my prostate cancer. And I am to start my new job today. Great timing assholes. I could of got this done over the past three weeks of doing squat; there is nothing like disrupting victims at the most inconvenient hour.

Back from a day of vineyard pruning; plenty cold it was, never getting above 0C. The morning was about -8C until the sun came around. For once I wasn't the slowest pruner on the crew, only four of us including the crew boss.

And what is it about all these aches and pains emanating from my hip region? Feels like metasized cancer to me, but I am no expert. My appointment for the "burn" people, aka irradiative X-rays, is Feb. 22 which I had to phone today to find out from this Carib twit, who had an appointment booked for me but didn't tell me. Then I find out I have a accelerated gum recession. I must look that one up.

Parcel games again; I checked on a 11 day old tracking number (call it  Parcel A), and found that it had artfully been delivered at 0730h, but no one was home. Bullshit; my landlady was there, and I was outside at 0740h, and I didn't see anyone, though they could of just scooted away before I arrived. I looked for a delivery notice at the landlady's front door and post box, but nothing there. Next I texted my landlady and asked if she received anything, and she supplied a notice, and put it on my door. (After faking me out saying she put it on my door and it wasn't there, but was the next morning). I picked up the parcel (Parcel B) at a different courier than I expected, and as it turned out, it was not the one I was expecting. So what is the point of creating all this parcel delivery confusion and delay? It is just totally senseless, and it wasn't over yet.... read below.

A near full day of vineyard work, pruning work. Now my fourth year of pruning, and for once I wasn't made into a fumbling wreck and cutting the wrong cane. We have a counting system to chose the correct number of buds to leave on the vine. I won't bore you with the viticultural arcana. One crew member is longer term employee, a New Zealand woman, me and the crew boss. Not a big crew for 30 acres, but there might be some more hires. It seems so strange to have so few pruning staff for this size of vineyard, though I am told there is to me a crew size of six eventually.

I took paw-paw last night and my symptoms for whatever is causing me aches in my abdominal region is 80% better. Doesn't sound good....

The parcel was a docking station to deal with the games of having access to my music files directly from the player deck instead of this here computer. The new hard drive docking station is an alternative to the NAS solution as it was too sabotaged. Plus the NAS storage manufacturer had the unerring inconvenient upgrade of dropping FLAC file support within two months of purchasing this overpriced Linux box. Thanks a bunch. (FLAC is the format for all my music, some 225Gb worth). Even those recalcitrant laggards, the automobile audio equipment crowd, have finally started to support FLAC files, but Synology didn't. Plus, I could never get the OS to update itself via the internet, and even three months of having it at the repair shop didn't help. Ergo... a docking station with two connections; eSATA for the PC, and USB for the player, both plugged in at the same time. But alas, it was too easy.

And plug and play it wasn't. More like screaming at MS for two hours to get the thing working, which I finally did via the USB port to the PC with the aid of a command line application I found online. But I wanted the eSATA port, and once tried, it wasn't visible. After an online chat with a support person for the docking station manufacturer, he had the brilliant (to me) idea of plugging into another computer. This "happens" to be my spare, owing to last year's hijinx over getting this PC fixed and the intolerable delays, and lo, once plugged into the eSATA connector, it showed up. So, the eSATA ports are not available for some reason on this main PC, so another repair job. It is never, ever simple. Two eSATA ports are virtually gone, just not registering. The BIOS settings are too arcane for me to blunder around in, and so, just to get a freaking docking station to plug in means another PC repair job. (Unless he messed with it last time for some reason).

And when is MS ever going to get it that these devices need to be plug and play? They still haven't figured it out and Apple has been eating their shirt on usability for over a decade now. If it weren't for Tag Scanner and Exact Audio Copy I would ditch the MS platform. Open Office has rendered the MS monopoly on the desktop as history. As a robust server, Linux has been beating MS' ass for a long time. So sad to see that MS just doesn't get it. But after 20 years of dealing with their desktop OS, there is just no love from this corner.

Only two hours of tossing and turning last night, instead of all night like the night before. Sweet of them wasn't it?

All that contention over the above docking station install attempt, plus getting totally blanked, meant that I missed my reserved seat at a local club to see Ben Waters. Am I even more pissed than ever or what? The ticket cost me $60, and he is such a great talent, and comes all the way from the UK to play here in little Penticton, pop. 35k. Mind you, there is surely some perp connection to all of this, but what it is exactly is unknown of course, getting back to the aforementioned topic of music and all its CIA connections.

And what is it about responding to email that is so important to the perps that they persistently block me? I have made a dozen attempts on clicking on the Reply button in Yahoo and nothing happens. I even right clicked and selected "Reply to Sender", and nothing happened. Every so often they pull this shit, and I have no reason why. This blatant stunt follows another where they put this same email in my Trash folder, but at least they allowed me to retrieve it from there, all to start the Reply blocking stunt. This being an email from the club that hosted the above mentioned show that I missed. It seems they still want to drag my ass through this one, and that being their own doing. Fucking bizarre.

All my emails cannot be responded to I now see; the most fundamental task one can do in email is not available to me.

All day pruning in the vineyard today; and 3" of snow came down this morning. Skaha Lake suddenly got iced over in the night; it was a water surface for the prior two days, and lo, today it was 80% iced over, with the snow on it. Amazing things happen in the night.

The perps were up to their health hacking games today; they made me feel nauseous before lunch, and then after. Good timing that, and it has nothing to do with my food intake. Even more interesting, whatever it is.

All that time spent on pruning vines, especially today, has given the perps plenty of opportunity to pummel me with notions of making my will, who would receive what, and all the particulars, (as much as I know them) as to how to "tidy up my affairs" in the vernacular. Doctor assisted suicide is now law here in Canada, though lame born; I will have to look into it.

And I see that my PSA score is up to 7.93, from 4.3 three months earlier. I can thank the naturopath for going off paw-paw for that. Now I am back on it for the last two days and I feel better. Though I appreciate I am riding a tiger on this one.

Saw the walk in clinic doctor; no traction on what ails me and no testing available for metastasized cancer. "Let me know if you need anything else", he says as a rejoinder. It doesn't sound good if I also inject the malevolent perp agenda from that statement. The latest planted perception is that my notions of demise are greatly exaggerated. We shall see.

And what is it about sending me back to the Post Office for no (seeming) need? The parcel was picked up Wednesday, and now Saturday, the landlady gives me the delivery notice that I asked about, but she did not apparently have. (She gave me the notice for another parcel from a courier). I assume this is the parcel that I picked up Friday, my L-glutamine being the predominant item. Which means they send me back to the PO just to make sure I don't have anything there, and it isn't more parcel/notice confusion.

Back in 2008-11 they pulled this shit with a slightly different twist; the PO sent me a second notice after I picked the parcel up. Which again, entailed that I go there just to make sure there wasn't another parcel for some unknown reason. (Unknown parcels have arrived in the past). And one can be sure if I didn't go to the PO, they would send me another notice just to keep seeding the FUD. And what is the point of it?

I finally relented and began my "water purification drops" (aka MMS 1) therapy, something I didn't want to try. And you know, I feel a whole lot better. The trick will be to keep this up, taking two drops every hour with water. And the advanced protocol for cancer, MMS2, is so hard to find, even if it is a garden variety pool chemical. I wanted to buy it in capsules already made up, but it seems it has been neutered from the public interweb. More and more, I am coming to conclude that health care is a controlled and contained mass experimentation project, and healing hasn't much to do with anything. Premature ending of the experiment is not allowed. There is a whole lot more I could say on the topic of MMS 1, MMS 2 and Jim Humble's work, but I will leave it to just this link.

Got hammered for a three hour nap attack this afternoon while everyone else was watching the Super Bowl game. I had 7.5 hours sleep overnight, so there was no sleep deficit issue. Another hole punched in my day, and I personally resent this invasive shit. The perps like it when I am clueless about big sports events (I don't know who is playing at 1745h PST), and it seems all the better to add on concurrent nap attack. Onto finding out about the Bowl game.

Enough for one week, and we shall see what the next one brings in terms of personal health. Needless to say, having been exposed to (not spoofed) on the likely fake deaths of show biz and leading celebrities, (John Lennon, Sharon Tate and company, JFK (86pp, the film Bubba-Hotep supplies an interesting speculative corollary of the hiding-in-plain sight notion) Karen Carpenter, Steve Jobs (not sure), O. J. Simpson victims, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and many others that you can find here on the parent page, I am deeply pondering just what mortality really is. As I have learned so many times on this epic and abusive journey, nothing is what it seems, not even the long running technical science, per NaCl, above.