Saturday, September 29, 2007

Winter is Nigh

I am warming up having had tea and chocolate, both substances of intense perp interest. They even broke off half of my parent's teapot lid, and are still dicking around as to what energetics changes drinking tea engenders. Not my problem, so why am I being harassed over it?

Only the noisestalking is an answer to that perennial question; overhead pounding, fake neighbor water usage, sirens, hallway door thudding etc. Not to mention momentary vision impairments that are increasing in frequency, and then my head movements that "counteract" them, which translates to another perp need to keep me moving about as scripted. Now the jaw popping and creaking noises start up, even if there is no sensation to go with it or any jaw movement impairment thankfully.

I have often pondered about the events of many of my work colleagues who were surely in on this harassment in the covert days. One has MS and now communicates by puffing or sucking on a straw that is monitored with a sensor, and another's wife had jaw surgery that caused her significant pain, multiple surgeries, intense discomfort and social stigma, and maybe a lawsuit too. From this, and many other storied events in the lives that I have come to know among all these cooperating quislings that were paid off in some way, I wonder if there isn't another higher level of the perp operations; a meta layer who may fuck with the very individuals who thought they were "just" helping and getting compensation for their assigned roles. It won't be something that I will ever expect to figure out, but it is not difficult to see a pattern among this group and note how it fits the perp's agenda, as I have come to know in all its facets.

But winter in coming on; it is cool today, and with the window open, the perps took to chilling down my fingers and making them a purplish color. They constantly manipulate my skin color in many locations, some of them private, and also interfere with one's perception of warmth. There is a wind warning, and a 90% chance of rain for the next five days, but nothing has come down yet.

I did the Chicken Run earlier before lunch; this is the acqusition of a hot cooked chicken from the nearby grocery store, and is a hallowed event for gangstalking and all the other feints that go on, even if the round trip is less than 10 minutes. I also was allowed to get the newspaper for a long read later, and as these were the only two items my shopping basket, I can only assume there was significant perp interest in how these two items interact energetically. newspapers appear to be a common prop among gangstalkers and shillls, as in the least it offers plenty of localized black and white referencing. As ususal, the perps won't let me turn the pages without a whole lot of hassle; they stick them together by some extra-conventional gravitic control, and I cannot get the pages to separate. As always, I never had this problem before the assholes went into overt harassment mode in 2002.

There is the ritual of getting back from the Chicken Run and once all the other groceries are put away, to then remove the chicken skin and any fat in preparation for eating slices from it for the next two weeks. And today, there was no choice; all the chicken out in the hot table at the grocery store were whole birds, none of the usual portions. This is most unusual, as typically it is the other way; all portions and few, or no whole birds. Anyhow, once the chicken has been de-fatted and skinned, I (read, mind-controlled me), eat some meat directly off the chicken without benefit of a sit-down meal or any other accompanying food. It is my take on this that the perps are still hard at work in figuring out the energetic interaction of steel utensils and implements are, and have much to study in having me eat using fingers only. It is not a big deal, and is the only time I eat standing up at the counter or without utensils.

All those years of eating pizza, and the assholes are still grinding me over their problems of remotely assaying the energetic interactions of foods, meat and metals. Surely with all the wars over hundred's of millenia, most without modern firepower, they have figured this out. But seemingly not, and instead, they wait until their chosen victims take in pollutants that are in the air and water, ones that even polar bears have in their bloodstream, to then make the job of remote (neural) energy assays all the more difficult. This then creates another round of intensified harassment, for which they have spent over five years on top of 47 years of covert harassment with cooperation of employers, schools, friends and family. That seems to be the scenario, especially going by all the pollution news stories that "pop up" on this topic in my intensely controlled and scripted universe. And it is supported by all the PVC pipe bearing trucks that "happen" to pass me by, the ambulatory "plastic bag men and women" bearing plastic shopping or garbage bags, and the "Goretex Guard", ambulatory gangstalkers wearing anoraks and like clothing which has an embedded teflon layer in it.

And I am getting extreme levels of plasma flashes on screen as I write this, so it is time to leave this entry, if not a rant, for later. And as I write this, I am getting more overhead pounding, this being the post-teatime digestion period, also of intense perp interest and machinations.

And so I have come to learn that the family dog I/we had, has come to a sad end, as it had to be euthanized owing to a severely debilitating liver conditon. He was 14 years old, and was with my ex and my daughter since 1999, though I did take him out hiking a few times in the past two years as per the script. In all things of perpland, they like to monitor me, and others, for their reactions to death, mayhem, disaster and destruction or other chaotic elements.

My dinner is done, and it was the usual low level harassment assault to keep me ranting about these incursions and the utter gutlessness of the assholes who script and otherwise perpetrate this upon me. Olive oil flicking played big tonight, same for the dishes water that would take laterals out of the sink and onto the adjacent counter and floor, the cheese was also taking laterals as it was being grated to fall directly down into the frypan, plus a few other stunts that I am not allowed to recall at this very moment. And of minor note, the perps kept me unaware of the time and I was at least an hour later in making dinner than normal. This might because of the dusk onset timing, the rain that has just arrived or whatever other variables they don't yet have control of in terms of energetic interactions. I also noted that the street parking was arranged before making dinner; alternating red, then white parked vehicles on either side of the street, but it was too dim to get a picture of. The fruit fly incursions were also started up, even with no fruit anywhere in my apartment, as were the forced farts, minor skin itching, extra loud vehicle muffler noise from outside, especially when the I was running the water into the sink when rinsing the dishes and so it goes. Just another instance of an outrageous invasion of every thought, action and deed, all at the dispensation of an agency that is collectively psychopathic and functions totally illegally every second of its existence. It boogles my mind, even after five years of intense exposure, as the magnitude of what they are attempting is beyond comprehension, (100% total mind control by remote means), and that is only the part that I can personally vouch for given my experiences to date.

The wind has started up, and that is an excuse for the perps to make howling noises around the windows, not to mention the breeze inside my apartment. The overhead poundings have also started up, and some kind of clunking has also been arranged to come from the hallway.

Always something new, especially on the noise front; the wind started up and now the perps have arranged a howl, more like a kazoo with a little vibrato in it, as their chosen noise that is supposed to be coming from the closed sliding glass door as the wind "somehow" passes through a gap. This fucks up my intended listening to music tonight, as I don't want that going on with the headphones on. And true to form, the window/wind howl starts up just when another noise is also being arranged; beepings, hallway clunking and now jabs in the ass as I sit here journalling,

And as part of tonight's games, I was treated to the above noise for an hour or so, then the perps forced me to take a crap, and then pulled a three-fer; plunging, shit flicking and then needing a shower to clean up, as they like to plaster more shit on my ass in the process. It seems, in the case of this latter harassment, that toilet paper is insufficient, the shit "somehow" stays there. And as I type this in I am getting supreme typo sabotage, so it is time to call this entry done.

Time for some relief and to place some pictures in this blog.

This is one of the brown cardboard packing operatives at work, taking a flattened box into the only high end stereo store in town. All perfectly camouflaged with the surrounding brick work. I usually get at least one box packing operative per outing. Another feint of the same kind is someone packing pizza boxes, even if there is no pizza source nearby.

The perps like boom trucks and jacks for the steel mass and whatever that conveys for them, and they also like to gain a height advantage. So, what better arrangement than to have a boom jack sitting extended for no seeming purpose, (no one in the platform) and to leave it in the same position when I returned an hour later. The dayglo traffic cones are probably legit, but they never give up an opportunity to use them.

This small 8 unit apartment building has a paved parking lot for a front yard, and is not very impressive by any other standard. It nearly always has one or more red colored vehicles in this ersatz parking lot, but this time the perps went all out and placed a charter bus across the front of this apartment block. Hilarious I thought, if it wasn't me being the subject of this blatant idiocy. Note the matching green foliage trim on the panels of the bus to that of the adjacent foliage; no coincidence that. And a little augmentive grafitti in the same color theme on the wall of the building.

Then onto my walk a little further; a gourmet to go business that I have stopped by in the past, but not anymore as I was always gangstalked up the asshole anytime I went in. But it nearly always has special vehicle colors and configurations as I go by, this one on the grey and blue color theme and all minivans save one pickup truck.

Then on my way back, this babe comes from nowhere to get in front of me, and lead-ahead gangstalk me. There was another gangstalker ahead of her, so the pair of them slowed up together, in file. That takes coordination. The turquoise bag slung over her shoulder was the near identical color of the woman's garment who was on lead-ahead gangstalking me after yoga class earlier in the day. And by dint of organized coincidence, the post-yoga gangstalker had a 3" wide vertical stripe on her black track pants. There is no way that the camera took in such a piss poor frame; the composition of the picture is getting sabotaged dynamically as the camera lens is such a wide angle. There are far too many pictures that I get where there is just sky and telephone wires where the camera was not aimed, which surely must be a perp imperative.

And the perps like to put on as many jaywalkers as they can. This is a four lane road with a center left turn lane, and miraculously the constant streams of traffic suddenly abate for this operative to get across the road reasonably safely, though they often time it tightly. Note that he has some white papers or garment; the ambulatory operatives are resorting to more props such as bringing out their disgusting kleenex and blowing their nose into it as they approach me.

Four silver grey vehicles in parked in file with a black one at the tail end (extreme right). Can we say random with a straight face anyone?

Next block, only three silver grey vehicles on the opposite side of the street, in file. But, two dark blue vehicles are arranged in file in front of the three silver grey vehicles. More arranged randomness it would seem. (And perhaps the meterhead in this picture was also arranged, see below).

And when back in my apartment, why I get tempted to take a last picture of the last block I walked with two similar red sedans parked in file at one of their very favorite locations if anyone has noticed a similarity with past photographs of this location. Note that the meterheads are still off; it has been like this for weeks, and I don't really know why this is except to offer a thought that the perps cannot tolerate their electromagnetic signature from this distance, some 200' from my balcony.

Time to call this day done, and listen to the ongoing faked howling that the perps have added into the mix, to no doubt serenade me into bed, and to sleep.

Friday, September 28, 2007

An Apartment Inspection

I was phoned yesterday about being "inspected" by the rent subsidy people, and today the woman came to ask me questions about how my living was doing. Not a big deal, and it is rightfully prudent of them in providing a rent subsidy to see what they are getting for their money, especially among the mental illness crowd with whom I have been grouped with.

The 1100h appointment "necessitated", as per planted thoughts, a cleaning, dusting and vacuuming. I thought the inspection was more about how I am keeping this place, but no, it was more about how the location and building are working out for me, and also plugging the theme of the past week, that being to volunteer at something. I have looked, and so far, haven't been impressed enough or I am being sabotaged by mind-fuck energies to lose my motivation, something that they have done to me for a long time, usually in specific doses/instances and not an ongoing problem.

Not a big deal, but I am sure the perps got great benefit from this intensified cleaning; floors scrubbed to remove the perp's blackish maser reflective coatings, then carpets vacuumed, dusting which "somehow" I had not gotten onto in weeks of lamenting its accelerated arrival and cummulations, and taking the garbage out. While waiting the few minutes before she made it upstairs, a 12 pointed star made of deep grey felt with one side coated with a transparent rubber compound "somehow" arrived under my chair on the surface of the office chair mat, and I was compelled to put in in the garbage, the new bag that I had put in place some 30 minutes earlier. I get an awful lot of crumbs that suddenly "arrive", but this small, 1" diameter, felted object had to be the weirdest yet. And I can only assume that its proximity to the inspection woman, some 4' away, was also of vital importance.

Per mind-fuck script, "I" asked about the continuity of the rent subsidy, and she then told me that if I get work then I won't need it, a slighty bizarre answer and one to effectively piss upon that notion opf working as it would incurr yet more financial responsibilities. She gave this answer while she was looking up, and so I can only conclude that my question was expected per script, and she was being fed the answer via a text message to her eyes, something that I experienced once. So..., the real answer appears to be go volunteering. Never mind how financially onerous this existence is.

And the inspector didn't even ask about my "condition", though she did ask about my past employment history, and I was given opportunity to tell her that I have Attention Deficit Disorder and specific nonverbal learning problems. Funny how that worked out; absolutely no curiousity about my current state of being, or how I ended up in these circumstances just like the doctor last week. It was all a little weird, this obvious avoidance of how I got to be in the "program", i.e. mental health services.

As always, when an operative/shill is featured I wonder if the person is really in a different form, and that they maybe someone else in morph-over. Usually the perps don't leave many clues, and today they made sure I noticed the inspector woman was left handed. As it "so happens", the perps have learned to manipulate my right-handedness in the past year, so it isn't the cover story detail that it is advertised to be. I have no idea who it really was, and it could of well been someone legitimate, as even this detail is one that is sometimes important to the perp's objectives.

This woman's clothing was straight from Perpland Clothing; a navy blue jacket, brown pants, and a red waist pouch that resided between her legs for the Q & A show. Meanwhile, outside on the street from where I was sitting, the perps were running all manner of vehicle color combinations, so can only assume that this is a component of the ongoing harassment that is coordinated with visitations. My big excitement of the day likely.

Street yappers and a fruit fly assault that defies my normally good success in nailing them first time. A sudden overhead pounding started up for some three seconds, and I wasn't allowed to recall what the prompting thought or item I was reading at the time.

A huge single pounding overhead with a mild coincidental zapping just erupted as I was finding some humor in a blog title. And I was mind-fucked into screaming at the assholes, and I don't normally engage in this futiity as it is totally pointless for me. The real story is that the perps like me to vocalize, the louder, the better. And this is the pre-dinner time moment, and I should get something to eat to alleviate being a continuing temptation as a target,

And I got fucked out of going to a 1800h one-time yoga class only two blocks away; the almighty dysthymic wave came upon me and all motivation simply melted away. There have been too many of these events to be normal. I am getting pissed that I cannot be allowed to engage in activities that I would normally do, and want to. What the perps get out of this I don't know, but it is an extreme piss off.

And I took another look at the volunteering website and was equally rendered to a "don't care" level, another perp imposed mind state.

More web surfing, a repeat of the intensified pre-overt harassment days of early 2002, where a "sudden" (read, mind-fucked) interest in naturism "erupted", pictures included. I don't know what the perp's fascination about having me look at these sites is, but all it tells me is that I have "been there, done that". The perps haven't let me out for sunbathing since 2003, even in the days of having my vehicle until mid 2006. Not a big deal, and I also found that my second pair of sunglasses was sabotaged last week when travelling. That makes two pairs of sunglasses being trashed in the past 2 years. While on this topic, the perps also make sure that should I go to a suntanning business, they will shut the business down before my arrival, and thwart my intent.

Time to call this blog posting done for today.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Back to Yoga

Finally, Thursday yoga was on, as last week's unannounced cancellation was for me to have a one-to-one meeting with the other male classmember who, ostensibly, was also not informed. And this was an opportunity for the perps, as he was decked out in a red flannel shirt when he normally wears a pale yellow brown colored shirt.

The class coordinator was there to put on the explanation bullshit, which doesn't cut it, as there was a similar "sudden" cancellation some six weeks ago, and all measures were taken then to make sure it wouldn't happen again. Well it did, and there is no excuse because they have my phone number, though the coordinator made it out that she didn't, and I was asked to supply it to her again. Anyhow, the "vibe" is that this class isn't going to last much longer, and I am quite sure this is planted by the perps. It could be for real, or just a FUD game (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt; the game plan of IBM's sales staff at one time).

What the perps are going to have me do in place of yoga I don't know, but they sure like the back twisting and stretching, and have ongoing noise in the background as their signature. Not to mention the parade of vehicles outside, this on a residential street. And the perps also liked today's yoga class so much that they started up hammer pounding noises as if a renovation was happening upstairs, though there was nothing on the street to support that cover story.

And the big news was that I was mind-fucked into shaving all my chest hair off this morning, not unlike what competitive swimmers do. I had no genuine reason to do so myself, as I am not grooming myself to meet someone, as that just doesn't happen. Not when being hounded everywhere I go, and every second of my existence scripted. I suspect that the shaving was planned long ago, and it would seem that the brownish hairs were interfering with the perp's brown color games. I have no idea what I have embarked upon, and the required maintenance regimen, and how to go about it. As I have mentioned in the past, shaving is an activity that is routinely sabotaged, noisestalked, or mind-fucked ("forgetting" my shaving habits of over 35 years). So it would seem, that more is better in this case, a perp strategy oftentimes.

This made for extra frenetic gangstalking later when walking back from the OB Recreation Center after a gym workout. There were extra gangstalking vehicles (> 1,200), and also ambulatory gangstalkers on the street, walking, as in following me ridiculous lengths that no one but an operative would do. These are not neighborhood dwellers, not when they walk past shopping centers to keep following me for longer.

The perps also lapsed into their routine of putting on military dressed gangstalkers after Thursday yoga; one was sucking on a cigarette in a back alley for chrissakes, not the usual military assignment, har, har. I have mentioned this is past blogs, as it "happens" on a residential street called North Park St, and there is no military base for at least five miles.

I notice that the yoga intructor wore a mid-brown colored top today, which suggests that the perps are making progress in exposing me to this particular color. She has worn some reds and yellows before, but not this color, and this may be also related to the shaven chest hair as mentioned above. And she walked one block with me on her way home, so this may also be of significance to the perps, to get some outside one-on-one gangstalking time after an hour of inside yoga instruction. It is odd to me that they hadn't set this up before, but I can only assume that there are many surrogates for me who have been utilized for testing in my place.

Later in the afternoon, I note that the strength training class members were also similarly "readied" in their clothing colors; the large blonde woman with a brown top under a reddish one with a two inch band to see one shirt under the other. All to look particularly fugly. The three males all had some navy blue color clothing, and the three women wore at least one red themed garment. Only the male instructor broke the mold, wearing black, and red with some white trim. I was in grey and black, surely a combination that makes for easier remote energy detection.

I walked back from the gym in the afternoon, taking nearly 30 minutes, and stopped in the LD drug store on the way back to get three items I needed. There was an extra flurry of gangstalkers entering and exiting the store, one doing an 90 degree pivot turn right behind me as I entered, and as usual, there were gangstalkers posted at each of the three locations in the store I needed to go. That wasn't so bad, but at the checkouts, at least 30 gangstalkers suddenly arrived, some getting ahead of me, and there were long lineups all of a sudden. One male gangstalker was parked up my asshole, and the blonde woman in pink in front of me was purchasing blue and transparent colored nested plastic boxes. It would seem that the perps were looking for more more blonde woman "auric goodness", as they went totally beserk in flooding the place. Even Mr. Passport Tosser came out for gangstalking, as he has been scarce of late, or at least in the form that I know him to be. Then outside, it was another freakshow as the benches were filled up with loitering operatives, putting on the act of these now ubiquitous public discussions as their cover. And it wasn't too warm today, even threatening to rain, and here these assholes were pretending it was still summer time.

Then onto the grocery store, where there was only average gangstalking coverage. I can only assume that because I have been to the latter store at least 20x more than the LD store, that there is no need to cover me so tight. There were five gangstalkers on me around the sprouted wheat (brown colored) tortillas, and at least one of them came for a reprise gangstalk later in my visit. And still no local table grapes; last year they perps let me eat these nearly every day from August to September, but this year the one fruit I like to eat has been strangely absent. The street and other perp introduced noise died down when it was time for me to pay via debit card. As mentioned in past blogs, the perps have no end of obsession in hounding me anytime I pay for something, no matter the form and place of the transaction.

At the gym, the perps also pulled a near total mind blanking that should of sent me to the ground, but "somehow" I stayed on my feet. This was when standing up after crouching and writing out the exercises for the records we are to keep in the strength training class. I stood up, and then they hit me with a total mind blank out and I couldn't even see for a second or two. This is at least the fourth time the assholes have pulled this stunt in the same circumstances, and I am getting increasingly pissed about it as they keep escalating the assault intensity and duration. "Somehow", I did not fall down when it should of been the case. I suppose what I experienced is akin to fainting, and I expect this will be the next excuse.

Pictures from today.

Parking on the sidewalk; two vehicles on greyscale duty, a white and a grey as I have just begun my walk to yoga.

Then parking on the sidewalk wasn't good enough; make a turn on the sidewalk for more games. At least two red colored vehicles are also parked at this location, and it is one of extreme interest, as the perps go nuts anytime I am near a tire shop. They have forced two extra sets of tires on the front of my vehicle after I bought a set of four. The ball joint was manipulated after getting an alignment, causing the front pair of tires to wear prematurely. Then they did it again for the replacement set. I was allowed to buy a third pair, and within the year I gave my vehicle to my daughter. Through all of this, the rear pair of the original four was just fine.

At least a pair of weirds; dayglo jackets, and the vagrant (#30 on his top) to the right of the dayglo doing the bend-over lean, and putting on the act. His buddy's dangling legs are discernable if zoomed in. I am quite sure that this scene is totally scripted; putting unfavored subjects (vagrants, obesers, suits, geriatrics and the rest of the demographics the perps have defined), next to dayglo colors confers some kind of advantage for the subject spatially next to it.

My imposed annoyance reaction to sidewalk cyclists, this one after making a 90 degree turn from North Park St. to Quadra St. Making corners in a big deal for the perps and they seem to resample me with gagnstalkers and colors each time.

Another cyclist on the sidewalk, this one doing a slow block long troll behind me. That there are cycle lanes on the adjacent street doesn't matter squat.

This funky act was the third brown coat in three blocks, though his coat matches the color of the flowers he is walking by. Note the extended arm throw, a signature walking component of the perp strut. Even the women gangstalkers do this arm flinging walk.

More imposed photography games, as I did not take this picture while moving my hands. But it is interesting that a red and white plasma beams were "caught" in the picture, something the perps surely wanted me to see. The plasma streaks were not visible to me at the time. At least two more like pictures "happened" today, where streak of plasma light is in a blurred photo. Now that we are in fall, the leatherjackets are out, one of the most popular perp garments going.

I have been doing picture loading, fixing and uploading while listening to music, this from a folk concert. I reckon this is what the perps have been building for; tying music and voice to the events of zooming, brightening and selecting photographs, and by that, attempting to get neural energy correlates for the activity, i.e. seeing these events. Something like that, as always, I am the last to know what this harassment is all about in the details that it extends.

Time to blog off for the day.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What Day of the Week; Now Controlled Information

For the entire afternoon I was under the impression today was Friday, and the weekend was imminent, and finally, someone at perp central let me in on what I usually know, and that spawned this little write up. In other words, I was fucked out of what I knew, then fucked into "thinking" this was Friday with the usual weekend provisios of extra rabid ambulatory gangstalking, and lo, I was enlightened of the knowledge I once had. All in a day's fuckery, and it isn't over yet.

This is close to the two year anniversary when the assholes could pull this off. At the time, the sent my in-town brother to visit, and in the course of our discussion he asks me what day of the week it is, and "I" (read mind-fucked and manipulated me), told him something other that what it was and "somehow" I did not pick up on this error of fact. (As I type this some wall pounding has started up). Only after I left was I informed of the fuckaround, or else figured it out myself. And that was the first time I ever I had made this particular error, and this won't be the last time I am fucked with like this. It would be interesting to poll other TI's to find if they get jerked in this way, and when did it start.

The maser and plasma action has been heavy, and very often there are accompanying vision impairments and noise impositions.

The constant annoying level of harassment has continued all day, and with that go min-fuck reactions in the form of ranting at the assholes. They have kept me on this for most of the day, and as always it is the small things; typo sabotage, "wrong" drawer for an item, mis-grabs, olive oil flicking, extra object vibration when placed somewhere, brown crumb inundation and so it goes. And once I rant out loud, more coincident noises start up; overhead rumbling and pounding, beepings of vehicles from outside, bus noise (even if no bus there), and the like.

Perhaps the big excitement is that I am wearing a new shirt today, in a color I don't have in shirts, but do in the form of a jacket. It is an olive green, and no doubt this is a deemed testing, as getting this shirt was a total hassle when I purchased it at my brother's store. I washed it once before putting it on, and so this might be what all the outside noise is about, and the constant harassment over all conventional physicality.

Even a gangstalker was wearing this same color, if not same shirt, hounding me at the gym yesterday. No rest anywhere, and I was less than a minute in the change room both times, and yet the fucker followed me in there, and did the cross-my-path moves like my parents do all the time when I am at their place. And on the odd occasion, they plant an asshole in the grocery store to immediately step into the spot I vacated. In one incident I was forced to swear at the asshole with my parents beside me, and everyone went quiet and didn't say anything. I am still intensely pissed about that as I never would do that, and yet there was no choice, out it came. It was a large female gangstalker in navy blue, and it does make me wonder what the perp's angle is on this color.

I sleep on a navy blue colored matress the perps gave to me over 6 years ago, and this occured on the travelling of last week in Kamloops, BC. And as I had been sleeping on motel beds, usually a white color, perhaps the perps were doing some testing for navy blue residual energies. And when driving for two hours, and getting out of the vehicle in Hope, BC, the fuckers were all over me, and with a large navy blue dressed contingent. Not my problem, so why am I being fucked over for it?

Mor fucking PC sabotage; an upload of the photos in blogspot was clobbered by a concurrent music video "somehow", the tab for the music clips (another application, audio only) was frozen and couldn't be initiated to run, and I will have to reload the pictures again. I am never allowed to do anything once, but at least twice for the sick assholes governing my life, every mortal second of it.

Here are the last of the photos from last week, travelling and getting back.

My welcome back view from outside my balcony; five of five parked vehicles are white colored; the one mobile silver-grey vehicle proceeding on left most side.

Another very common scene; having vehicle doors left open for longer than normal, especially in the hot colors, brown being one.

A string of white and silver-grey vehicles on a downtown backstreet in file, one red vehicle proceeding in the opposite direction, and a red vehicle parked beside it. Then the pair of red dressed ambulatory gangstalkers opposite me facing the sidewalk. A white 5 tonne truck is backstopping the show from behind the tree. Random?

The planted passion; getting cranked over cyclists on sidewalks, Note cycling lane on street. Also note the orchestrated graffitti on mail box, now ubiquitous on my walking routes, over 60% of poles and boxes are similarly marked.

Two red vehicles of identical color parked ass to nose with a background of red colored plastic from the school yard. Another case of "spatial blending"; from a viewpoint, placing one object of a specific color next to or beside another same colored object.

Time to blog off for the day.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Rough Night

I got some two hours of sleep last night owing to perp intervention. It wasn't because of the accompanying noise, rather, the noise was to serve their realtime neural energy research, all in the aid of 100% mind-control, rather than being a few thousandths of a percent less than that, going by recent mind-fuck stunts. Yesterday, they had me "forget" to shave my mustache area, something they pull every two months or so, and no doubt it was to feed into the games over planting trees at my in-town brother's place. Today, I finished the job, and it was much like yesterday, though no freakshow on the bus this time, as he gave me a ride in both directions.

Before going to bed, I had a look at some Anna Nicole Smith videos on Youtube, not that I followed her much in her various endeavors. What I wanted to do was to encapsulate who she was, and her public personna. It strikes me as most odd that she was seemingly stoned or drunk so often in the past three years; I cannot figure out why this continued as it did. Apart from that mystery, I managed to catch some video of when she was much more coherent, and so I got a better idea of who she was.

This seemed to serve as the "mental imagery" that was planted on me for the next four hours while I was held sleepless in bed. I might have got two hours of sleep total, but why the perps continue to innundate me with imagery and ideas about a certain public celebrity I have no idea. The entire noisescape was elevated for the entire time while being held sleepless; loud mufflered vehicles, constant swishing of traffic on the wet streets, overhead pounding, clunking and rumbling, street hollaring, impassioned and loud discussion by Asians in their native tongue for over 30 minutes, and a few others were added in as needed by the perps. Totally bizarre to say the least. And not to forget, a similar sleepless night was also scripted after looking up a certain performer on Youtube late in the evening, along with the planted imagery. To that, the perps should go screw their own kind, and leave my trashed life out of their mental plundering.

As usual, I suffer no tiredness from losing so much sleep, "somehow" the perps can compensate for this, which they nearly always do. If they want me to take a daytime nap it is no problem either.

I dug two more holes at my brother's place to place his purchased trees; it is still a mystery as to why he bought three trees when he only needed one. But it was no mystery as to what the perp agenda was; they arranged my brother to mix up the soils from the three holes, cross blending the differing soil and soil color (think brown). As usual, he was fussing over tasks that didn't need it, and was constantly trying to take over the job he gave me, all to create a better gangstalking replication of my activity IMHO. The next door banter was turned up, these are the supposed renovation crew on this $350k renovation next to his place, though it has all the hallmarks of a perp operation, as so many of these have "erupted" next door to where I have lived in the past.

I was done digging and transplanting the trees in two hours, and after some more inexplicable waiting around on his part, as well as doing the shirtless act again as he has done so many times, and putting on a shit brown shirt, my brother drove me home through the extreme vehicular and ambulatory gangstalking enroute, especially downtown. The freakshow was on, and the long shoulder length kinky hair seemed to be the in-theme, on both men and women. Later, when out walking to the gym, the perps put on more of this hairstyle on their ambulatory gangstalkers. And it is no surprise that I don't care to look at this kind of hairstyle, and yet the perps keep placing it in front of me.

Another unfavored hairstyle is curly hair, and I even had one do-nothing gangstalker with a bright red dyed hair style planted on the sidewalk for me to see. And outside my apartment the perps put on this geriatric woman with a tight curly hairdo, like a helmet, which is totally disgusting in my view, and there she was again today on her third gangstalking, loitering at the apartment entrance, and then interacting with an obese act that was also proximate. As I cannot stand the sight of this anorexic freak, I did not look at her as I came closer while she was standing around for no reason (again). I suspect this is the new jerkaround, having me look at people only fleetingly, as I notice my attention was fucked with a few times earlier today.

At the begining of the gym class I noticed that the particular female class coordinator with brunette hair and who is easy on the eye, and has a particular look just for me (just short of staring), was placed next to the male coordinator. Then she departed within ten minutes, and I can only assume she was there for her "auric goodness" such that it could be somehow conveyed to the male coordinator by means of proximity. He is OK, it is just that he is always wearing yuck color shirts, red or orange, and does his gangstalking moves around me, serving as some kind of color reference beacon it would seem. And as I typed that up I got siren noisestalking, so the concept of "auric goodness" isn't all that fantasical in the minds of the perps.

The two attractive blondes have also stopped going to gym class, and I can only assume that they also contributed their blonde "auric goodness" to the cause, and are not needed anymore. So now, the perps have moved onto another demographic combination classmember, the obese blonde woman who has been attending for four weeks now. That equates to having an unfavored feature (large body size) and favored feature (blonde hair), so it will be interesting as to what the perps are up to with her. So far, the interaction has been low key, if not avoidant on both our parts, though she did get into my way the other day for the first time. And I was forced to walk by her vehicle afterwards as it turned out, she was inside as I turned the corner and "happened" to be looking.

And a planted "see me gangstalking" male operative was also added to the gym class today; wearing a red shirt and blue jeans in the gym for chrissakes, and constantly wandering around wiping his nose or with his hand to his head. I suppose this was some mental infirmity act, the putative basis for this class, but the perps forced me to look at this stupid asshole pacing around in a gym more times than I can count. Normaly, if there is an obvious act on display, I make a point of looking elsewhere, but now the perps can defeat this by way of recent mind-fuck advances they have made.

And like all new classmembers to date, this above gangstalker was put on ambulatory street duty to follow or lead-ahead gangstalk me once I had departed the building and was walking home. This must be a standard operation now, having these fuckers parade around me outside for the first time interaction.

And the perps are also busy keeping more gangstalkers on me in the locker room of the gym, even if I am there for all of one minute, only taking off my jacket and locking it up, no actual changing. This one fucker was there to cross my path when I arrived, and then again when departed the change room after locking up my jacket. He was in shirt that was the same color as my jacket, olive green, and made a point of buzzing around me during the unsupervised gym portion of the workout. And lo, if he didn't arrive immediately behind me when I entered the locker room after the workout to access my jacket, againg following my tracks, and then crossing them in an orthogonal direction as well. This gangstalker had incredible timing for one who was not a classmember.

The perps put on extra vehicular gangstalking today, especially when walking from the gym back to my place. Easily 1,200 mobile vehicles today, predominantly silver-grey, white, red, black, mid grey in tightly coordinated clusters, and arranged by vehicle type. And no end of the dumbshit Smart Cars too for whatever reason. I surmise that as the final floor exercise session of the gym workout was heavy on feet and leg touching, and that the perps were all over me for this. And the possible reason for today's obsession over feet was that I was digging soil pits and planting trees per above, having more direct soil interaction. And one can be sure that the perp's brown color obsession was also at the root of this too, that being the soil colors I was dealing with.

I also got a full Asian press when coming back into the apartment building from gym class; an Asian woman in navy blue and brown dyed hair (from black), followed me in, and then she let in the two Asian men loitering outside with a brown colored furniture item, smoking cigarettes. So the three of them and their furniture came to join me in the elevator; brown skinned, brown colored table made of particleboard (also brown), and her brown dyed hair. It is not hard to figure out what is going on, and I reckon my brown soil interaction this morning was what these weirds were attempting to capitalize from, in whatever way that matters for the perp assholes.

While walking back from the gym, a maser beam was shot at me on the street; the "local bum" act, aka familiar operative, was sitting 40' away with his legs splayed wide open while sitting on a bench, and lo, if some kind of blackish energy pulse didn't emanate from his crotch and was directed at me while walking toward this piece of shit who has been highly featured in this neighborhood. I have seen plasma pulses come off operatives before, but never from their fucking crotch of all places and not from this distance.

More photos from last week's travels.

Grocery shopping with the parents is a lesson in continuing sabotage. This at a grocery store in Kamloops BC, and the games that go in with parked vehicles in my midst. Four light metallic brown vehicles arranged side by side and facing the grocery store we just exited from, and a blue colored vehicle on the left of this group, a dark green beside it, and a silver-grey in the foreground at an 90 degree angle for close-in reference purposes it would seem.

Six silver grey colored vehicles, in pairs it would seem; two in the foreground, two behind them with an additional white colored vehicle and two more silver-grey vehicles to the right of the red vehicle, another ubiquitous color of the vehicular gangstalking repetoire. This erupted at a small city called Hope when driving back from Kamloops, and there were at least 12 ambulatory gangstalkers who arrived from nowhere (it seemed) when I first got out of the vehicle after a two hour drive. Then my father aided the cause by causing me to double back some 30' or so, performing one of the perp's standard gangstalking moves for them, retracing one's steps. In some 10 minutes after visiting the washroom, where they did not gangstalk me most surprisingly, the perps put on at least six gangstalkers wearing navy blue or blue, doing the lost tourist act while being geriatric. Fucking tiresome.

The ferry lineup was also color coordinated with vehicular gangstalking. The Ford Escape, two vehicles from the right was our vehicle, and then a cluster of silver-greys and some dark blue vehicles were arranged around us. The left most blue vehicle was well behind me in the traffic, having passed it five minutes earlier, and lo, if it didn't "somehow" get in front of us. Nothing new there, just another example of probable teleporting fuckery.

Still at the ferry lineup, this taken from the vehicle. This pair of operatives has two of the characteristic moves they make when ambulating; the right asshole is doing the "arm fling", excessive arm motion that is in constant use, and the left asshole is in the "Plastic Corps", packing food in a styrofoam-like plastic in the forward, in front of him position. The "Coffee Corps" do the same thing with coffee, that portable brown liquid they use for doing their brown color reference games. Also note; a large canvas truck cover also in brown, no coincidence that.

Anyhow, I was allowed to listen to music for the first time since I got back two days ago, and that is all for the good, even if the perps are fucking with the buffering to make for herky-jerky playing. Time to blog off.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Digging Holes and Related Perp Fascinations

I got back after lunch and then digging a hole and planting a tree at my in-town brother's place. If that sounds dull to you, and it does to me, it is an activity of untold obsession for the perps, and they did pull out the stops to create noise, brotherly gangstalking, a massive crap attack and thankfully, only a modicum of harassment via extra-conventional means. I have at least one more tree to plant at his place, likely tomorrow, and no doubt that will be also plagued with excessive perp fuckery. Then I got to take the bus home, dirty pants and shirt as per extra harassment games, and lo, if there weren't 30 of the fuckers on the bus, heading into town, unbeliveably, at 1540h, and not the ususal kids from school, but the shiftless middle age male farts faction of the perp gangstalker/operative demographics. And two negros on the bus that they did not pull inside of 5 minutes of my boarding, oddly, though it was at best a 15 minute ride. One negro came on board after I did, was dressed in white overalls (absurdly), and stood 3' from the first negro, there when I I boarded. Anyhow, the bus trip freakshow was matched by the freakshow downtown when I got off, including lead-ahead gangstalkers, more in use now, who somehow are able to walk faster than I can, when I must be one of the faster walkers going. Another mind-fuck no doubt; the perception of walking fast when I am not.

After I dug the hole for the tree, and after my brother had left for work, there was a "sudden" (read, imposed) need to take a crap in his ill-kept (scuzzy) bathroom, and what a large colon cleansing crap it was too. This would of purged the lunch that I ate two hours earlier at his place, as it is clear to me that my digestion can be sped up by remote invocation. And lo, if the toilet didn't partially back up and leave me with a remaining log-like portion, not unlike the root fragments I was chopping out from the hole I had dug. This replication of size and general shape, in this case cylindrical objects from one task (cutting roots out) to another (taking a shit with a custom shaped remnant) has occured before. The perps often left turd sized sticks on my regular hiking trails, and have resumed this shape inspired "synchronicity", aka managed object similarity games.

And too, I was forced to take a shower in his scuzzy bathtub with a horrid red shower curtain, and more horrid tracings of red in his white acrylic shower stall. And even some pink towels for chrissakes, but I used the dull yellow ones instead. So after this phenomenal de-pooing and cleanup, I was then allowed to plant this 4' juniper tree in a location to add to his privacy screen along his fence with his neighbor. Said neighbor cut down a healthy birch tree on his side of the fence, and that begat all this orchestrated panic of my brother's over his "privacy" problems. Though in fact, this renovation smacks of the perps going all out for their building energetics games, attempting to understand body to building energetics interaction when they don't yet know earth and soil to body energetics. Hence, all these gangstalkers on me, around me, on their cell phones, and in front of me nearly everytime I enter or exit a building. They had at least 10 fuckers on me including the shopping cart loaded with plastic and pop cans act this morning. All for crossing the road outside my apartment and walking in, a whole 10 seconds of activity time.

Of interest, besides making me sweat substantially more than normal, fogging up my glasses (especially when my brother was close by in a back lit situation), running streams of mucus out of my nostrils and other related physiologic fuckery, was the noise association of the next door mega-renovation to my activities. The noise started up for any of root chopping, twisting, and pulling, for scraping the rock with the shovel (creates energetic events of sparking), and the coup de gras, when I applied brown colored granular bonemeal to the dug hole before placing the tree in it. All I have to say on this is that I have dug many hundreds, if not thousands of holes in the ground for fences, landscape plants, alpine turf placement (as part of a summer job), and many other like events, and it is time that the assholes running my life got a life. I have been fucked enough over this a related activities for ambitions that are in no way related to any choice I have made. Not my problem, so go screw your own kind.

The ultimate fuckover for digging holes was the infernal farm my ex was so keen to acquire, and was the last realestate I bought, or was mind-fucked into buying more like, with her. Over 600' of trench was dug by an excavator to lay 2" PVC water pipe, and also communication pipe. I spread the sand in the base of the trench, laid all the pipe and the connections and joints, configured all the junction boxes, and the rest of it. Then I spread sand over top before the excavator then buried it, and I cleaned up the surface of it. That was a $5000 job along with other excavations to clean up the place, and it was on on my line of credit for over 5 years later, still being paid down, until my mother paid it out last year. Along with the extensive divorce costs for getting rid of that fucking idiot, a planted shill and all-round chaos engendering asshole by the time everything washed out. So in other words, I have dug enough fucking holes for this malevolent psychopathic agency, so my message to them is to show your face, get your ass on the job, and solve your fucking problem yourselves. Not my choosing, not my problem.

And that above riposte, if it wasn't planted by mind-fucking in the first place, will get me absolutely nowhere, and I will be duly gangstalked and literally harassed up the asshole for the forseeable future, two more years as best as I can estimate the continuing buildup of harassment infrastructure activity. A new aerial mast was noted in downtown today, and red painted no less for some curious reason.

And I got plenty of brotherly gangstalking while helping him out; fussing around me, asking stupid questions (to obtain reasoning and vocalizations from me), and the rest of the setups over placement of drinking water for me, moving my fleece vest that was out of the way, bringing out my prybar (a renovation tool, not a gardening tool) that "somehow" was left at his place in past storage of my belongings at his place, and the rest of his orchestrated pandering.

And if I sound peeved, it is only because I had a more sedate round of this earlier in the day, at my parent's place, having breakfast there with my mother in all her feints, coughing and sneezing while I was still in bed and then it suddenly abated when I was up. My father was dispatched to a day care for dementia patients. Not that I think he really has it, as he was up to his usual pacing around last night, and that infernal game of planting himself in a doorframe, and then partially moving in and out of it. This is a slightly darker brown of clothing than he wore last week. As usual, my mother was crossing my path, just before or after I would occupy the same floor location in this tiring infringement of where I am, so that it can be immediately duplicated as much as possible by a shill or quisling.

Time to add some more pictures as to what was shaking last week when driving the fossils on a week away, and visiting the out-of-town brother and his gangstalk schtick. And to no surprise, the evening slipped by and this didn't unfold as intended, and that this little mind-fuck played out exactly the way it was intended, affirmed by the loud clunking that erupted as this conclusion was made.

More siren games, and at least the third major cascade this evening. Very often the perps will have the siren noise abruptly stop, and then resume it in odd timed bursts. On other siren events they will switch the siren noise to a chirping howl, and then revert to the first siren noise type in short order. Obviously, a whole lot of planning, science and expectations are built around this relatively innocuous noise assault type. In other words, not a big deal.

Time to call this a posting, and also stop this faint crackling sound of no ostensible cause that has erupted as I type with any permitted proficiency.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Onto More Boredom

Managing for boredom is also a perp trait going back even decades when my employer did not have anything to do for me, for a whole week even. And those who I consulted about the impasse to getting work done were indifferent, which was out of character. So, keeping me in the center of masers and plasma beams, and the rest of the faux reflections (plasma games IMHO) is not unexpected, and all the better when fulfilling a "nothing to do" order from the orchestration manager.

I got over 10 hours of sleep last night, the new norm since I got back from travelling on 09-19-2007, and for once, very little awakenings to see or hear some arranged games. The big deal was the church bell clanging that was scripted to accompany me waking up, getting up, and having breakfast. Such a noise source is expectable on Sundays, but that the church bells routinely sound at irregular times on Sundays isn't. But that is the new normal, church bells for noise and vibration games, as when needed by the perps. Not a big deal, as it is not a highly intrusive noise like the ongoing motorcycle noise that has erupted for most of the morning.

I called it, all for the worse, and here it is. Yet another school site killing/rampage, this one in Delaware, though to be fair, not all of these occur at the begining and end of term. Given that the perps are planting their operatives to sit or stand in exactly the same place as I do after vacating a spot, with total brazeness of late, I figure the assholes are still working out the energetic interactions of someone at a location in a building, or even outside. And what could be more helpful for the perp's research than having the victim's innards and fluids also directly interacting with the same location so they can put it all together, one significant variable being skin color and race. Gruesome to be sure, but all I am doing is making what I hope are logical comparisons with my ongoing harassment methods and techniques, and what I see that are anomalous coincidences in the news. And usually, I get informed of them in some way that is also odd, or in the presence of others.

Which makes for another gruesome story that I will keep short, but having witnessed many coinident events of like kind, I cannot help myself. And I am sure that mentioning the story again also aids the perps in their relentless quest to study and determine all of the human to environment energetics for mind control, but for psychic interactions. Another aircraft crash, this one in Thailand at a location my brother has visited, Phuket, and it came on the news while we were staying at his place, another coincidence. It was reported at first that one Canadian survived, and in the next day's papers there was a picture of her, blonde as it so happened. Anyhow, suffice to say it was a near full family witness to this news item, and no mention of it among us afterward. This is not an unusual news reaction in the family, and it is sometimes most curious indeed.

The post-mealtime noise flurries are on; street yellers, overhead rumbling, the ever frequent bus noises, hallway coughing, hallway door thumping, overhead clicking, overhead pounding and shaking and on and on. Never mind the odd plasma flash on the wall either. I put my earmuffs on to limit the noise, but even that didn't help as the assholes planted the same noises inside of them.

They had me fully rage-ified with flicking olive oil about in the kitchen when making lunch, pulling implements out of my hand, creating laterally flying cheese off the grater (landing outside the frypan where it was falling to), flicking dishwater onto me, pulling down my sleeves that had been rolled up, and a bunch more to get me fully vocalizing my outrage at this sick minded intrusion.

After lunch, when turning on the power for the PC, then banged me into the wall, then the same into the work/desk unit, and forced my hand to brush the internet cable, and lo, if a firework display did not erupt. These are a plasma display of white flaring plasma in an ordered array that continues for five seconds or so, and usually signifies the accomplishment of a perp significant milestone. Very possibly total control over a specific brain region or neural structure. Somehow they know this in advance, as this is at least the fourth such event, although it has been nearly two years since the last one. And it seems that the fireworks are only created when an unexpected goal has been attained; any kind of incremental success is not accorded the same recognition. For me, it is a who cares event; all it means is more harassment and mind-fucking in more ways than I thought possible, as the harassment has proceeded apace save once. Only once did the surveillance and the gangstalking stop for an evening after a perp firework display, and then it resumed the next morning in its usual unrelenting way.

And that is the way it is happening now; the overhead rumbling noise has re-located overhead, moving from the kitchen where I was, to my desk where I am typing this, and the rest of the noises mentioned above.

The fart assault has also come on, this only 30 minutes after eating, but in my reality, there is absolutely no correlation between this bodily function and digestion. Anytime they want this to happen, it does, and very often is coincident with loud noises, plasma flashes, scratching an imposed itch, vision impairments and the rest of the perp's assault depraved intrusions.

A short posting today as I am about to be picked up to join the Feral Family dinner at my in-town brother's place, possibly for comparative purposes when at my out-of-town brother's place until 09-18-2007, when we left early in the morning. And the noises also started up; hallway chatting on a cell phone, spring releasing noise, and some other light and smell phenomenon.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Saturday Shut-in

So far, a dysthymic disinclination to do anything about getting out to get a newspaper, my usual Saturday diversion that suffices for an "event" to relieve all day web surfing. This, while the noisescape continues around me, the current interest is if I detect an error in logic, relevance or other inconsistency. Should I trap such an error while reading, a number of noises go off, sometimes before I am consciously aware of the inconsistency. Sometimes, the planted misconceptions are way too outrageous, and then I am forced to close the web site and go to another. This, I suspect. helps to cut that activity off, and is a common perp scenario. Sudden departures in activity seem to help them analyse the neural brain fuctions of the event of interest, and likely to with quantum wave decay, the buzzword that is attached to what the perps are studying. Some of these notions must be planted, as I don't generally use terms I don't understand.


Back to the travels last week and my photographs of the continuing oddities, some for the first time, such as this highway lane line in the photo below. The fat 4" wide white line is a lane line, but for at least three miles the perps added in a joining 1" line or so, offsetting it from the center of the lane line. In places where there were three lanes, the perps put these modified lane lines on each side of the center lane. Where there were only two lanes, only the center white lane was modified as shown. Even the 4" wide lane line gets a modification with a trailing tail, and not the usual clean orthogonal edge. This was taken while the traffic was at a standstill, owing to some roadworks that didn't appear to have any rationale. Very likely the perps wanted me to "experience" these modified lines while stationary, whatever that means for the perps.

While at the motel the perps had arranged hanging flower baskets, and lo, if three petals didn't fall down, one on each side of the tire mat. And within one second of taking this photograph my father was on my ass, coming through the door in his usual unerring gangstalk routine, somehow pulling this off and having dementia at the same time. I don't think so. Upon blowup, I see that there are more petals buried in the mat itself, all for color testing me from below against the black mat. Tire rubber is another perp obsession, and they have arranged large 12' square blast mats made of tires in my neighborhood when there wasn't any blasting to do.

This was the hotel behind a gas station, gasoline interaction being another perp obsession. This cluster of carpets was there because of a presumed renovation going on, and they were covered over in various plastics, bags, tarps etc.

Then the next morning, someone erected the palette in the night, all part of the games that go on as the perps seem utilize wood as a reference material, as mentioned before in past blog postings. It was at this hotel when one of the perp operatives outside our room, came walking toward the kitchen where I was and stared at me through the venetian blinds, for at least a 3 second stare before he ran out of walking room. There is no way anyone could of seen me in the kitchen as it was darker and with the blinds in the way, but somehow, this fucker knew I was to be stared at, and that I would stare back, which I don't normally do.

Then some 15 minutes later, with the motel room door open for taking our luggage out to the vehicle, the operative comes back, plants himself in the doorway, tips his head down, and then walks back the way he came. I can only assume this was for a direct viewing, without intervening glass per above mutual staring. As expected, my parent's "somehow" missed this blatant piece of gangstalking, to limit their exposure for whatever reason.

This was at the Mission Hill Winery, highly recommended. For whatever reason, I got the plethora of pink there when I first got out of the vehicle, plus one purple. There were no end of colors being paraded around that day, largely along the paths and loggia, the verandas.

This threesome of photographs demonstrates that the parking of vehicles in my proximity is never random, but highly organized. Four silver greys and one red vehicle on the very right.

Then moving leftward, there is a black vehicle in place, this one directly behind our vehicle.

Then moving leftward some more, two mor black colored vehicles, and then three more silver grey vehicles, with the center Mercedes as slightly darker variant. Going from right to left for the two photos above and the one below there were; red, four silver greys, three black color vehicles, three more silver greys. Will anyone have the balls to tell me this is random to my face? No such thing in perpland, always harassing by remote means, and constantly outside the law, their entire operation.

Then the lineup gets switched around again, this photo taken directly behind our vehicle. The black vehicle was swapped out for a silver-grey Volvo on the left, and a silver-grey vehicle on the right was swapped out for a black colored vehicle. As an aside, the perps know I think that this pre-1992 Volvo V70 looks very sharp, and often plant this model nearby, as well as a few more of the aesthetically favored vehicles.

This was taken while having lunch, when the bells rang for 15 minutes or so, adding vibrational energy into the mix, something the perps love dearly. The reason for this photo is to show these vertical pipes or whatevers, projecting from the roof and cooling equipment on it. These are the kind of objects that spit masers out regularly, which they did, and are all over this city in which I live. There are at least three of them, and I don't ordinarily get an opportunity to get so close as these things are usually on top of the four story apartment buildings. Here, it looks as if they were placed there for me and and my visit.

More color coordination among the parading shills and operatives, this time in turquoise, though earlier, it was orange. Nothing too incriminating about this photo to be sure, but given that this was an ongoing event for all of lunch, this was the best photo. The two women of the two couples were in turquoise, the leftmost one packing two handbags and a plastic bag, presumably for wine purchases. And I am sure the two grannies (rightmost figures) in the same head turned pose was not a fluke either, as the moment of me taking a picture is getting to be more "groomed"; that is, the moment of shutter release is planned with the full complement of environmental noise, along with the gangstalking operatives in their optimum orientation. What the first from the left male operative is doing isn't known to me, grabbing his pants in one hand, stooping over (a predominant operative move), as there was no apparent reason for such a posture as I recall.

Time to call it quits for the day, blogging off.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Visit the Doctor

I intended to get onto blogging much earlier in the day, but as always, it is another "can't happen" from the perp assholes.

I was treated to a needless 1.5 hour nap, and the perps even had me wake up after an hour, sit up in the expectation that I would get up, and then controlled me to lie down and nap for another 30 minutes. And if that wasn't enough fuckery, they kept planting the notion that I had woken up at my brother's place, as per the recent travelling. Fucking outrageous my own notions and thoughts are being fucked with in this fundamental way.

An earlier doctor visit, walking most of the same route as yesterday to my fitness, and it even seemed to be almost a pleasant visit for once. I was mind-fucked to me more chipper and energetic, and he was also in a humorous mood. All for the "medical student" perhaps, who was sitting in on the session, she being a plain blonde woman in the now vogue glasses with the large black plastic side panels and the thing black rectangular frames. One operative was even cleaning such a pair of glasses in the elevator a week or so ago.

The putative medical student had pink pants on and a whitish top, and was not involved in the discussions or banter. At the end of the session she wished me a good weekend, and I was made to be totally unaware that such a calendar event was coming up, and even her inadvertent reminder was dismissed by a perp mind-fuck, as only in the past hour or so since getting up was I allowed to know what the relevance of that statement meant. In other words, the concept and all the mental associations around what a weekend is, were totally purged from my mind. Again, fundamental neural processing thoughts are being totally fucked with, even as to the notion of where I live, per above paragraph.

The doctor then preceded me out (aka gangstalking me) with the excuse about the secretary "needing" more personal information on top of the address and phone number updates that he requested today, and lo, if that wasn't the excuse to re-visit the East Indian woman in the reception area, and then by "happenchance" meet my caseworker, who I was lead to believe, was not part of my care anymore. All very confusing with this two way meet-up, and being led to the reception booth to then engage in an unexpected conversation with the caseworker about a topic I did not know was conveyed to her.

As I explained to the doctor some months back that I was reluctant to take a job owing to some of the complications related to continuing disability payments, I needed to know of a precise dollar amount should I take on any remunerative work, so that my status would not be imperiled. Curiously, the doctor did not tell me that he conveyed this to the caseworker today, and nor did he tell me that he hoped that the caseworker would be outside in the reception area to meet me in this respect. It was all so happenchance-like arranged.

Anyhow, the caseworker took me on a conversational tangent as to referencing my "pension", which has nothing to do with anything as I don't get a pension as I am too young. Then she let me in on what she was really talking about, "disability", and then the thought association train went off, as the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP), administers the national disability program, given that it is much the same business, like Social Security in the US. Anyhow, the long mystery as to how much I can earn under this arrangement without imperilling my current "disabled" status is $4300 per annum. What it takes to get an answer these days, as I had phoned her in August over this, but she was away on holiday supposedly, and I never phoned again, per mind-fuck arrangement IMHO. And I hope that I remembered that dollar figure correctly, as the perps can plant no end of mind-fuck games with my recall, being certain about something that is totally wrong, another never-before experience state.

This was all outside the receptionist's booth, and lo, if some more operatives didn't close in to gangstalk, including an 300lb male in a cream colored sweater. Then another like sized male fucker showed up ten seconds later as I was heading out. A totally strange set up, but as always, the hospital, where the doctor's office is, is gangstalker's wet dream as the mental illness act is exploited as a cover story for unusual public perp behavior.

The route to the doctor's office is nearly the same as that of the recreation center where I work out, and I had my usual accompaniment of 500 to 800 vehicles in color coordinated arrangements all around me, and the perps even put on a two ambulance flashing light show for me when walking back. Yesterday, they put on a same colored ambulance outside the recreation center front doors when there had been no emergency, and there was at least one more ambulance sighting in the past two days that I am not allowed to recall as to the circumstances.

The big deal the doctor was on about me spending too much time on the web, as he has intimated in past consultations. And lo, if I wasn't introduced to a volunteer program by my caseworker in the above mentioned ersatz appointment. It will be something that might unfold as a new adventure, hopefully with some remuneration to dig me out of the hole again, given that the current subsidy strategy does exactly that, and no one asks any particulars.

I am getting some extreme right eye vision fucking; plasma beamings with replicated projections in the cover of some kind of vision clouding, except that the beam edges are discrete and orthogonal, unlike the mucus-on-the-eye games of the past.

Time to call this day done, even if I have been slack in not putting up more photos from my recent travels. It seems continuity of effort is another fuckable offense in perpland.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A No Notice Yoga Class Cancellation

I am almost falling asleep, and am doing this to stay awake some. The Thursday yoga was mysteriously cancelled; all but one other regular male were missing, and he and I talked a bit while we waited for anyone else. And there wasn't, and no phone messages either. I couldn't help but note his deep red shirt that he had on, and lo, if there wasn't a plethora of gangstalkers out in red shirts on my way back. As I missed last week owing to travelling, and with this no-notice stunt today, that will make it effectively three weeks with no yoga. And by dint of coincidence, the Tuesday yoga shut down for good last week, as the drop-in center is going to be closed down.

That left me time to inquire as to the $432 bill I recieved and mentioned in yesterday's blog, and the party that might help in all this is on holiday. Apparently, a number of his clients recieved odd statements, ones they did not expect, as they were sent without his oversight. That is the story anyhow, and it isn't over yet. I have never had such irregular billings from an business that should be the last place to have this going on, an accounting practice for chrissakes.

I did my regular Thursday afternoon strength training, and was vehicularly gangstalked with the regular 500 to 800 vehicles. And most of the parked vehicles also seem to be ordered as well; where there were once a regular group of three red vehicles at on-street parking locations, there are now whites, creams, and a very light metallic gold-yellow color vehicle in file. And yet again, the Oak Bay Fire Department put on a red firetruck just 100' away from the Oak Bay Recreation Center, and had another smaller command vehicle on the opposite side of the street. This is at least the sixth instance of this fire department contributing their large red vehicles for no other apparent purpose but to gangstalk outside this building when I am there. And lo, if there weren't two same colored red (non metallic finish, like the firetrucks) minivans of the same make parked directly outside of the the recreation center only 10 minutes later when I was on the stationary bicycle looking out the windows.

And the Victoria Fire Department put on a gangstalking for me when walking to the Oak Bay Recreation Center. All three of their yellow firetrucks were driving in file in an non-emergency situation, as it seems that walking by their firehall where these vehicles are normally stationed twice a week is not sufficient yellow color vehicular gangstalking.

And when in Kamloops for four days, on the three days I was out and about in town, either driving my parent's vehicle, or being driven by my brother in his red BMW, the Kamloops firetrucks were also out, one event being an apparent emergency. Their firetrucks are red and white, and it would seem, fit the pattern with the prevalent gangstalking of this vehicle type. Go figure.

Last night I was treated to an extended version of the perp's erectile games; then gave me a partial erection all night, a "soft-on" as I call it. Per usual, any expectable sensory component is muted, if not totally quashed. These kinds of events go on most nights, though I don't dwell on these matters in this blog for privacy considerations. But suffice to say, they often give me full hard erections in the night, and they do this in a peculiar way; they pulse my penis every two to four seconds, and at each pulsing it gets a little larger, longer normally. Again, this is a never-before sensation and frequency of occurence, and it all began when the perps went into overt harassment mode in 2002.

I am getting a noise flurry currently, and very often the noise is coincidental with getting my knee or my toe tweaked or pulsed in some way that is obnoxious. This is the tail end of dusk, now moved up since I got back from travelling, and a full parked vehicular gangstalking is in progress along both sides of the three streets visible from my apartment. Last night, the perps had three red vehicles parked in file that I could see from my desk, and they kept them through all afternoon and evening, not minding that it was a two hour parking zone. As part of this, they were first sunlit, then in shadow, then sunlit again, and then finally in the shadow of dusk time.

While at my above mentioned strength training workout session, there were two green shirted fuckers loitering around, and lo, if one didn't move over beside me and start working out. As it "so happened", his dark green shirt was a near color match to his disgusting dark green scalloped tatoo shapes which were never less than 14" long on any one limb, and at least 4" wide. Fucking gross it was, but I am certain this more visceral adverse reaction has been planted on me as I would never of reacted this much two years ago. The other lighter green shirted operative kept himself in circulation nearby, doing his "look busy" routine, though he never went on any equipment for this two minute vignette.

I got some good eye candy in the form of a young blonde woman in black and white who later worked out beside me, then in front of my by the windows. And lo, if she didn't then depart and did the on-street troll, passing the same angle of view I had when she was 10' away, inside the gym. When passing by outside, she was about 60' away, and put on a white sweater and a hairband, presumably so I would not immediately identify her.

I have had a few other blonde placements today, and I am begining to wonder if the perps are attempting to remotely assay my energies in this neighborhood, in light of the fact that I was travelling for a week which would of changed my energies, possibly substantially. Young blonde women are usually the first defence/gangstalk demographic when the perps need to get the most possible auric glow by which to then apply, or contribute to other beings (demographics), and even objects.

I was dressed in black pants, a mid-grey shirt and my black Gortex jacket on my 30 minute each way walk to the recreation center for the above mentioned workout. These are the simplest colors for the perps to work on, and there was a larger contingent of these colors in the vehicular gangstalking corps today. This also supports my notion that the perps are working hard to get my energies measured and assayed to the level they had before I went on travelling 09-13-2007. Not that I care, I just want to be left alone.

The perps also pulled a stunt in having the new set of Schick razors now with a gross yellow teflon strip, in place of the white one that was there. A second green teflon strip, ahead of the blade has been there since I was forced into using these more expensive razors earlier this year. And either I, or the mind fucked me, cannot tolerate this yellow and green teflon strip color combination at my face, so I went to get a new razor, yet again. I went to a non-chain drug store, which "happened" to have a limited selection, and while waiting in the infernal line that erupted, some 14 operatives "showed up", all to gangstalk me with the new prospective razor in hand. Then when at the cashier, it turned out to be the wrong kind, and so I left them and walked out. This was a warm-up cookie to the next drug store, LD, which had what I wanted, and again, there were at least 10 of the fuckers clustered around me in the process of getting the new razor, as well as the customer ahead games, leaning his head forward when speaking with the cashier in a "come back", returning to the cashier and asking where he could get a newspaper. (Next door for chrissakes, at the grocery store, but the cashier wasn't saying anything, nor did I). And somehow, when he should of been long gone, there he was ahead of me when I exited LD drugstore, walking past the grocery store, instead of entering it. All for the exposure to the fugly brown checkered sports jacket, his shock of white hair, his ruddy face and his deplorable UK accent.

I got my groceries at the store next door, and for a Chicken Run, the acquisition of hot cooked chicken, the gangstalking and freakshow was somewhat muted. Anyhow, once I got unpacked I ate the chicken off the bone as the first meal, a routine that I have been fucked into for over four years, the imposed "habit" now.

Within 10 minutes of eating, my all-day imposed irritable bowel was relieved by taking a shit, and lo, if the toilet paper did not run out to reveal a brown colored cardboard core, when these are normally white colored cardboard. And this was a near identical repeat of 09-17-2007, when returned from travelling and staying at my parent's place for the night, the perps forced me to have a shit there, and lo, if the toilet paper didn't run out on me, and as per today's stunt, the tube was a brown colored cardboard. Except today, the perps made extra mess on my ass which had to be attended to by having a shower.

A round of siren noise and overhead pounding and a spring release like noise. Welcome back from your travels, even if we did gangstalk you every inch of the way.

And here are some photos from the adventure, all to document that the games never end.

This is the lineup behind our vehicle when headed out, the first morning of the trip. A preponderance of white, black, grey with one brown VW Westphalia close in. I zoomed in on this, and there was color and tone repetition all the way down the line. Tell me what you think of this arranged vehicle colors sequence as I am suggesting. It was one of those situations where the look wasn't random, but I was hard pressed to know why, possibly because the perps can now fuck with my analytical abilities in this respect.

This was a foggy morning, and the morning of departure was the only time this weather was experienced. I sense the perps like to bring on fog to limit visual distance, and yet many more unseen objects will energetically interact. And it is clear that the perps want to be able to distinguish the difference (seen and unseen interactions) as detected by neural structures in real time.

Then in the other direction from us, a cluster of varying grey colors, white and black. The ubiquitous operative in the egressing trunk or tailgate situation is evident; there is always an excuse for these types to putz in this mode for five or more minutes at a time.

The first rest stop, and lo, if the Asians didn't arrive to then put on the male in black and the females in red with some kind of distance set up between the two genders. This party walked all about this highway rest area and even encircled us in their strange wanderings there, seeming to have no other purpose than to gangstalk in this male (black clothing) and female (red clothing) combination.

And at this same highway rest stop the perps added on red colored vehicles in varying methods, this being their first set up, the reds and burgundy colors mixed in with some silver grey vehicles which are used as references of some kind. As I owned a silver grey Volvo for over 15 years, the perp's obsession with silver-grey is not unexpected, though I think the real reason is that the color offers some kind of light reflectance properties that aids their cause of remotely measuring color and energetic interactions between beings and objects.

Then the lot was cleared, and the perps started again with building up the red colors of vehicles. This was a sharp looking Audi or perphaps a Mazda, something I did not immediately recognize, though I liked the profile of this vehicle. Having an aesthetically prefered vehicle in an unprefered color is one step up the harassment/presentation games ladder. I am sure the backdrop of the reddish flower heads and the Yield sign were planned as well. How the motorcyclist got there I don't know, as I never heard him arrive. Then, for whatever reason, the perps again added in more vehicles. Many of the vehicles "came from nowhere", that is, I did not know how they arrived, and at least some were teleported in, while in other cases the perps fucked me out of hearing the vehicles arrive.

Then the rest of the red, white and grey vehicles arrive, "stacking" themselves in front of the other, but only partially, so that there is at least some part of each vehicle that is is not obstructed. The Audi or Mazda above is only barely visible as part of its roof can be seen between the right most red vehicle and the white vehicle that is the most next prominent vehicle seen moving from right to left. Based on my experience, the perps will have managed for exactly that minimal overlap of the first arrived (above) vehicle.

Then, if the above clowning around wasn't enough, then the "brown show" arrived. A load of brown boxes "needed" to be attended to, while his female operative companion stood around in her browness, (her top), while he put on the blue shirt in front of brown cardboard boxes act for some ten minutes. Later, she then parked her browness self in between two brown colored garbage bins, in another case of coming here to do nothing but loiter around brown objects. And as part of this gangstalking act, they left before we did and I caught up to them and passed them on their left side, per normal rules of the road. This gave another gangstalking variation, while motive, and in full sunlight, though is has surely happened many hundreds of times before the perps went beserk and overt on me in 2002. I am sure the plastic over the brown boxes was a big part of this gambit, as learned from Feral Family games identified in yesterday's blog posting.

Then this ridiculous pair of operatives arrived at the next picnic table to eat their cold popsicles in various poses. I missed the first act where they were facing each other, something what normal couples might do, and then jointly, they turned their backs on each other and kept eating away. And further to the right, and more distant than the popsicle gangstalkers, her "browness" of the above photograph is standing in a sunlit area, between the two brown garbage cans obscured by either the violet shirt gangstalker or else the picnic table he and his fellow operative are sitting at.

That is all the photos for today's blog, I will have at least one more blog posting with more this week.

I note that nearly all of my prior link visitation annotation, the violet link color instead of blue, has been stripped in my week long absence. All links are now blue colored, one of the perp's favorite games to test my recal as I have come to know. This particular stunt has happened at least 10 times in the past three years, not including the system takedown games that have also "happened".

The jaw whacking noise has also being playing tonight; this is where my jaw makes a loud crack but no joint or jaw sensation occurs. And now these are timed to occur exactly when I am yelling at the assholes for some dumbshit stunt I was subjected to.

The same stunt "happened" this morning, when the crumb inundation games started up over my toast. I was mind-fucked into taking a white crumb off the plate, and then when I placed my mouth over the finger to remove the crumb, the assholes fucked me into doing an incomplete job, and the crumb remained in place. I was then mindfucked to be totally incenced about this, and when that was happening, the perps started up the overhead rumbling noise, an emulation of a very loud sliding glass door from the above suite, except the noise travels around and is always overhead of where I am, and not coming from the location of where the door would be. After five years of dealing with fucking perp planted crumbs all over the place, the perps then fuck me out of dealing with the crumb in an always dependable method. Fucking idiotic.

That is enough for tonight; I am getting the typo sabotage again, and that always ends any journal entry.