Wednesday, May 31, 2006

All Things Brown and Beautiful

Why the perps are so fixated on the proximity of all things colored brown isn't totally clear to me. That they routinely interfere with taking a crap with countless toilet blockings (and other related stunts I will refrain from detailing) is just another facet of this persistent obsession they have. And, it would seem, that includes all brown skinned races that are regularly "featured" near me in gangstalking activity. (The perps will even send the same individual to differing locations and lighting conditions or else have them transit from daylight to hallway incandescent lighting while I am proximate.)

The perps put on extra plasma activity when I am taking a crap as well. Various white, blue, green flashes and no, I don't look underneath to see what they are doing there. On the bathroom tiles facing me on the loo, there is an 1/4" hole that emanates blackish toroidal pulsations while doing my business, and from what I have observed, the hole is made to focus the residual (and substantially augmented over normal) energies in a focussed beam that emante toward (a captive) me.

And they like me to eat chocolate, or put it this way, they are able to remotely control chocolate cravings, as they once turned it off to the extent I didn't want to even smell it. But now, they want me to eat $3/100 g of European chocolate in blue wrapping twice per day, and won't let me acquire the $1/100 g kind which is almost as good (white wrapping). This is done by scripting chocolate "shortages" at the stores I visit in advance. The perps appear to have a "problem" with chocolate inside me correlating to the chocolate proximate to me. That they monitor every last crumb of it in my apartment is undoubted, as they are constantly causing them to "appear" (from nowhere in their sorceric methods). What exactly their brown color problems are I don't know, but the term "color resonance" is one that has been mind-planted, though it doesn't explain anything to me.

And the perps like to place what I term "brownies" at strategic places and occasions; these are 1/8" or so crumbs in various shades of brown on the floor, kitchen counter, bathtub, on clothing, towels etc. Again, sorceric methods are employed to cause these to "arrive" where and when they want. Sometimes they will create extra tortilla "flakiness" and pull off a larger but translucent flake that "happens" to attach itself to inconvenient locations, e.g. my face, clothes.

Once they set me up with a mid-afternoon tea and chocolate and then plastered a perfect 1/2" x 1/8" vertical stripe of brown chocolate to my face, which I was not allowed to notice before I went out for repair to my glasses (also perp caused). This did not come from sloppy eating habits, as it has never happened before, especially with such alignment and placement precision. Nobody said anything about this precision chocolate stripe on my face including the optician assistant (brown skinned) who was helping me. I was extremenly pissed when I found out afterward, and had an extreme screaming event. (And likely it was a totally mind-controlled "reaction" as well). This was at dusk, another seeming problem time for the perps.

And by no fluke, my sick-minded perp helper mother had a brown phillo flakestuck to the same location of her face while eating baclava a few days ago. This was a consequence of an ethnic days event, and my parents and I ate baclava (brown baked color) at the same time, in the same location (their house) with brown tea. No doubt this was prime Feral Family brown color analysis time, both pre and post consumption.

I consider the events of Hurrican Katrina a tragedy of first proportions, including the so-called cleanup. But what it seems to me is that they, the federal authorities, wanted it to happen, and then persisted it in making it worse through slow or discouraging remediation and rescue operations. Anyhow, that is tangential for the most part except for Pres. Bush's comment to the FEMA director, named Brown, by saying "you are doing a heck of a job Brownie". That comment has stuck with me, partly because I am predisposed to all the brown color harassment stunts that go on 24x7, but also because of the term used in the context of the myriad of same colored crumbs from nowhere (above). I don't have a TV, but a question I would like to have answered, did Pres. Bush have a huge smirk on his face when he said that? And it so happens that my mother's maiden surname is Brown. There are no coincidences in the TI's life, but I have no idea as to what they may confer or the perp's respective intentions.

The perps like to place individual brown skinned races near me as gangstalkers, and will organize bleached faced Asians, brown Caucasians, East Indians in various colors of garments etc. Yesterday they even had a native Indian girl ride her bicycle through the driveway portion that I was about to drive onto. This sweeping of my parking location in advance or drive-over locations with cyclists, jaywalkers and motorists has been nothing but consistent and continuous. They will also have an ambulatory gangstalker walk through my parking location within 10 seconds of me vacating it. The gangstalker "appears" from nowhere with perfect timing and walks through deliberately not disguising their intention.

Both my brothers have associations with brown skinned races; one married an East Indian, a very nice person, the other has had on/off arrangements with native Indians. It is just too bizarre.

The vehicular gangstalking drivers have also taken to hanging their arms outside the door, on the roof, on on the door itself, often in a brown colored garment and in all weathers. It is hilarious to a point, as this never happened in such quantity before. And no matter how uncomfortable it looks, they still persist in doing it. They also like showing off their forearms which seem to be universally blessed with a single prominient vein that runs its length, male gangstalkers/operatives that is. It is my understanding that dark green veins and red blood colors are also giving them them problems besides the rest of the body's contained organs and substances, one being brown colored of course.

I cleaned my vehicle today at the commercial cleaning bays and while my car is relatively clean, despite perp planted extra wheel blackening (more than usual), and unusual striated dripping streaks on the tailgate, I wanted to tidy it up for turnover to my daughter. I don't travel on dirt roads, but when I was cleaning with the foam brush, there was a huge flush of brown tinted foam that was made to look as if it came from a specific location on my vehicle. It was another perp stunt to expose me to their favorite problem color amidst the neutral white foam color. I have travelled many 1000's of miles on dirt roads in my working life in forestry, and I cannot understand the idiotic mentality of the perps who insist on harassing me yet more over the color of brown. Everything that happens in the current perp-land/netherworld has been attempted before under the guise of normality and yet they still won't come out of the closet and identify themselves.

Any organization that is this venal, this relentless and this thankless for all the mind-control research gains they have attained from their covert monitoring of me, and yet persists in psychtorturing innocent citizens, is truly the most sick minded psychopaths organizationally extant. And I am positive their track record is at least two orders of magnitude worse than this, given the astonishing number of news events that either repeat or coincide with facets of this continuing depravity.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Last Week of Vehicle Ownership

Now that my disability insurance and savings are running low, I am dependent on the "disability" arrangements that the doctors so kindly provided me with, not to mention my own playing along. (And assuming that was my true intention and not a mind-controlled planted notion). So, living close to a nearby supermarket and a pharmacy isn't too bad, I now become a plastic bag bearing member just like the gangstalkers. They have a hang-up with plastics, and have arranged many hundreds of "pedestrians" to gangstalk with plastic bag in hand as I drive by. Except now, the tables are turned and I am sure they will put plenty of vehicular gangstalkers on me, as they have already done on the odd walk into town.

There was a police emergency/likely perp stunt to block a major 6 lane thoroughfare this morning, and forcing an detour route where seven dark burgundy red color vehicles coalesced around me; five in file ahead of me, passing between one each side of the detour route. And plenty of go slow time too, to try and get me "registered" (or whatever they do) to this color from inside my vehicle. Often they will "cause" bloodletting on my face when shaving as a precursor to such "red (color) exposure" antics as this. And I didn't say that the shaving caused the facial cut, as these extra-conventional physical forces create the cut on my nose, where I don't shave.

It was no suprise then that the perps went extra crazy in creating a whole lot more traffic around me for my two-stop errand outing, and they laid on some Men In Black (with white shirtails hanging out) when inside one store. One had already gangstalked me in the aisles, waving his hand over the merchandise as he walked by (a seen-before technique), and he then "shows up" at the till, when he should of been long gone if a cashier was on the job. Office Depot is so accommodating that way.

And a new gangstalking technique became apparent today; an arrangement of two vehicles, facing me, sitting mid-street in file, stopped, some 60' back from the stop line with no other vehicles present, and have the second one with the headlights on, not the lead vehicle as they usually do. If it were the lead vehicle training its headlights on me as I waited to make a left turn, I would call that pit-lamping which I have been exposed to many hundreds of times in the past four years. This was an obstructed pit-lamping which tells me that they can read/detect the headlight energy passing through the lead vehicle and its "effect" on me, even if I am not aware of it. And they always like to have intervening vehicles passing between the light source and my vision, which is what they do an awful lot of when I am driving. They will also stack people/gangstalkers in alignment as well, clothing color being important here too.

I attempted to get the stereo back into my vehicle before I give it to my daughter, turning 16 next week. I thought this would be simple; retrieve the car stereo components from my so-called parents (perp-helpers) place and then take it all to an installer. But what happens? Two thirds of the stereo has "disappeared" from their place and one third was moved from the bedroom where it was to the garage. My mother claims no knowledge of how it was relocated/stolen, though she wasn't very convincing. This is consistent with what has transpired over the past four years; they don't want me near magnets or large metallic bodies, vehicles excepted. They have also shut down/damaged three CD players and two pairs of headphones in the last four years, so this isn't anything new. So it would seem that they maybe wanting my daughter to be similarly "prepped" for these irradiations and mind-control activity.

And of course this entire "push" to get the car stereo installed was another mind-control stunt; there is nothing better the perps like doing than setting someone up for failure. Instigate/mind-control me to start arrangements to fulfill an objective, and a key person or item suddenly becomes unavailible, time without fail. And with the most flimsiest of excuses too, as per above theft.

The loss of my vehicle will be a big one, as the mobility gives me things to do, something in short supply when the perps make sure that I am minimally involved in anything, and have worked this angle for decades. And no more hiking, as it provides me some relief from the nonstop grind of being harassed and gangstalked (in the main), though I am positive that it served the perps as well. They pour on many hundreds, if not a thousand vehicular gangstalkers each time I return from the hike, and they have been very busy with overflights and a few other exotic monitoring harassment stunts on the trail and in the viewscape.

A hike today, 05-30-2006, a 3.5 hour round trip through the forest to a beautiful view of the Saanich Inlet, Coast range, Tantalus Range, Olympic Range and Mt Baker (near Bellingham, USA). It was only a two party gangstalk event, the first one being a regular who dresses in the same color clothes each time, though differing fabrics and garments. A purple cotton shirt and cotton grey-black shorts in place of her typical purple anorak and black tights (both synthetic fabrics). It is getting decidedly warmer, but the perps wanted me in my white undershirt (with three new clustered holes) and blue overshirt which is moisture wicking, but stayed mysteriously soggy the entire hike.

The perps pulled one of their rare stunts when hiking; they pushed me into a tree, one with brown bark (arbutus), as I was walking by. Not a big deal and no damage done, but it does go to illustrate what they can do if they see fit. This has happened inside my apartment and outside, these extra-gravitational pushes into an object they have some keen interest in. Two weeks ago, when leaning over the ironing board, they pushed my chest into it to get a better me-ironing board color interaction assay, or whatever they do.

Another gangstalking pair who did the stand in front of the other stunt again, a man in grey standing in front of a grey haired woman in an aqua blue shirt, waving his arms about as if giving her directions at this old-trail and new trail junction. The absurdity of it was that they didn't seem to be hiking together given the didactic body language, but there is really isn't an tenable alternate old-trail route and it does not show up on the adjacent signpost with a map. Anyhow, they didn't follow me which is what the perps do sometimes, have a gangstalker follow me for the 3.5 hour hike.

The hike was mostly sunny with distant cloud to obscure many of the mountains, some in odd patches it seemed. They played some plasma games in my left peripherial vision a few times, but nothing too perturbing. But they did start up their game of clouding the sunlight, as it fell through the trees onto the trail with a distinctive brownish cast. It was a brownish trail color, needles and soil, with an extra brownish color added to it. This has been done many times before, but I never like it for some reason, and it may relate to their "brown problem". It is the color of light as if it were passing through a cloud of smoke, or at least as I know it in the long plagued past. My ex-wife (perp helper extraordinaire), would also try out new types of incandescent light bulbs and many of them were equally annoying I found.

Anyhow, my daughter is to get my vehicle which will no doubt instigate another round of family gangstalking and/or mind-control activity. Why the perps cannot fess up and arrange some kind of cooperative testing I have no idea. Their work would be over in a week instead of this four year Potemkin ruse that passes for normal and dictates huge amounts of organizational effort. Venal and sick, especially those who I trusted to look after my interests, ex-wife and parents.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Chicken Run- Gangstalk Gauntlet

As part of being harassed and monitored up the asshole, literally, a significant component for the perps, and me by default, is one's diet. In this regard, I get mind-fucked to eat only one dish, and somehow "I" don't mind. This has never ever happened before and is a major behavioral change since the perps made themselves apparent as my nemesis 24x7. What I eat is chicken tortillas with a tapenade base, cooked red onion with melted cheese on top. This is twice each day, with only the breakfast menu different. "I" (in the collective sense) do not eat vegetables, salads, red meat, gluten containing flours, fruits except kiwis except when I visit the patrons of this venality, the so-called parents each Sunday for dinner.

I buy the chicken cooked and hot from the perp palace, Save-On Foods, and go through this unholy gauntlet of vehicular gangstalking to get there and back, and a modicum (usually) of ambulatory gangstalking in the store. Though, on occasion they have mobbed me in the store bigtime, especially with checkout obstruction.

Today was no different; huge trains (>20 vehicles) of color coordinated vehicles were arranged, the sampler pack (one or two of dark red, dark green, white, black and brown) starts first, and then the specialist corps, Volvos (one like mine) and then longer trains of color coordinated vehicles, usually blacks, dark greys, dark reds, mid-reds, silver-greys (my Volvo color), and very pale metallic brown colored vehicles, ahead or in formation in the oncoming lane. The latter color being an introduction to their "brown" color problem that the perps have created for themselves and for which they grind me down. Even if it is not my problem, if one is in the perp's crosshairs, their problem is your problem, no life-invasion permission is ever sought.

When I arrived, the Save-On Foods parking lot is usually arranged with a predominant color on the west side of the lot (silver-grey) and another on the east side (deep burgundy red) separated by an elevated sidewalk that feeds into the entrance. There is always some shiftless (nothing to do) types hanging about the entrance who then follow me as I pass by, and usually an obstructionist perp/gangstalker ahead to slow me up with the aid of aisle constricting promotional displays. They plant gangstalkers at each location I go in the store, and I don't keep a list in advance or tell anyone what my intended purchases are, and yet they always know. There is no privacy whatsoever, not even one's thoughts, in perp-land.

As part of the routine, "I" (in the collective mind-controlled sense) intend to acquire specific items/sizes/makes and invariably, many of these items are often pulled from display or else the perps "panic me" into a mind-controlled "don't bother" decision, usually with some "perturbing" gangstalkers posted as to where I intended to shop. Today was no different; no 3M souring pads to replace the one that is self-destructing on the kitchen counter, and no paper, ribbon or card acquired for my upcoming daughter's birthday. Just the basics today, that being the hot chicken counter.

And in doing so, I got surly service from the normally agreeable staff member. However, there were no gangstalker obstructors or "passers-by"/gangstalkers trolling behind my back, especially the accidentaly bump into me on purpose kind. Usually they make me wait at the chicken counter, but today it was the aforementioned brusque service. Though I did notice at the checkout they followed me with a Asian woman "customer"/gangstalker with the identical hot chicken for purchase in her checkout items. (The perps have been big on gangstalking me with brown skinned races of late; another facet of their/mine "brown" problem I assume).

In the checkout, the "customers" ahead often have obstructing "needs" that spring up. They also sweep the exit and parking lot (advance gangstalking) ahead of me. One of the perp' current interests has been extensively testing the same colored clothes on the same gangstalkers in differing lighting conditions and orientations (direction I or they are facing). Often, a gangstalker will stalk me again under differing lighting conditions; for example, the aisles then at checkout, then the parking lot. Today, they planted a red vehicle behind me for a minute before I could exit for which I was screamingly annoyed.

As part of today's Save-On Foods gangstalking, when exiting the store, they planted some of their gangstalking operatives to "loiter" that were gangstalking me at an ethnic foods community event I attended yesterday with my parents, ex-wife and daughter. This event too was gangstalked with an astonishing amount of careful preparation and matching colored clothing, skin tones, one stalker aligned with another then aligned behind my daughter etc. And as part of the organized confusion that my mother was up to, we all walked by six, yes six, identical dark metallic red color vehicles parked in a single row cluster. Nothing random about that. Of course no one mentioned this highly unusual vehicle color "coincidence", including mind-controlled me. And then a planted shill, dressed in brown clothing, "happened" to know my mother and waved hello out the open driver side window. (More brown (clothing) inside and outside vehicle lighting and energetics conditions).

At the ethnic foods event I went to the Portugese building for their entertainment and food, and lo, if some more (almost) familiar faces didn't show up on either side of me. I suspect, but couldn't prove, that there were morphed-over (or shapeshifted) former Ministry of Forests personnel who are now operatives, in that big hiring machine that follows me everywhere I go. And I do know from bitter experience that the perps have a major problem in their post-meal energetics assay , and perhaps this community gangstalk with no one eating but us "demonstration familiy" (what I call the First Feral Family) was to simplify their the remote energy assay activity. Most weird, with all that food, some 300 people in a near crush, and none eating within 20' or so.

Anyhow, if anyone has some ideas or knowledge as to what is going on in me being the centerpiece of a Fellini film I did not try out for, I would be glad to hear from you.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Weather Engineering, Starings and the Color Yellow

What I am suggesting is outrageous but you can employ a firm to do just that for one million dollars (link). And it is a good site to catch more understanding on the energetic principles that are universal, not just for weather. Such as harassing the living hell out of innocent citizens (me), controlling their minds and behaviors (me) as well as fixing the weather which they seem to do (this city, Victoria, BC, Canada's gangstalking capital).

Even my perp-helper brother had to admit he had no answer by way of his goofy smirk of a response when I told him that when exiting a certain perp-entrained grocery store, Save-On Foods, it was no fluke there was a light rain on exit only, four visits in succession over two weeks. We never had this fairy-rain before where it is on/off very light rain for hours. Here, before harassment began, light rain meant heavier rain coming or else it would stop and become sunny. Now, as the harassment criminals keep up their activity, there is a considerable amount of this rain type/style coordinated with my activities.

And today, a repeat of an earlier event, the perps kept the rain on my vehicle, and mine alone! That is correct; a fairy-rain over my vehicle when in an orchestrated traffic crawl for 15 minutes in Langford, post-hiking, a very favorite time for the vehicular gangstalkers. The gangstalk vehicles around me had very little, not enough to need intermittent wipers which I did. The big move was to have a yellow tractor with a white trailer as the only vehicle in the opposite lane as I came down the Highway 1 entrance ramp. The perps have been big on yellow of late, as the wild (and invasive) broom plant is flowering all over, including closing in the trail under the high voltage power lines. And there are more yellow backhoes ferrying down the thoroughfares these days, anytime I am on the road, and preferably, near a traffic constriction (created for the occasion).

When driving back on the Highway 1 from my hike, there was the usual cavalcade of 50 to 100 vehicles in color and size coordinated formations, headlights on if in the oppostie lane, and probably some 1000 vehicles in total as there is an obstruction train ahead of me and behind me all the time. This way, they can arrange themselves to be parked beside, behind or ahead of me at the traffic controlled intersections.

And they had just laid down some new asphalt, with no active paving happening; the crew was in stand-around, sit-around (almost street theatre mode), admiring their new paving it seemed. Even the compactors/rollers were stationary, with operators stock still at the controls. One 18' greybearded operator (or shill) pretended to be deep in thought, as if puzzling over something profound, against the green colored paving machine. It was bizarre to say the least, but only one of some six bizarre events that unfolded for this constriction/go-slow play the perps were working on. And I gather, the on-me-only rain was to enhance whatever energetics they measure off me, via a vis everyone else.

They had a yellow backhoe nearby (next lane) working on filling a dug trench with 2" crush, and another standee/operative banging the day-glo orange plastic lane markers accidentally-on-purpose when he wasn't giving me the stare for no reason. (I was not mouthing off as the perps have me do when alone in the vehicle, and he had no reason to look at me more than anyone else).

The same at that perp-palace Save-On Foods; one seeming naval officer gives me the stare by turning back to look at me as he was making a turn away from me. Again, I did nothing to draw attention to myself, but this is happening more often now, an near daily event when some perp/sicko lines me up to be stared at. (Later, when I got back to my apartment, the perps told me telepathically that the "naval" officer was in fact a morphed-over (aka shape-shifted) swimmer I once knew from the swim club who has joined the sickos, as it is the only gig in town paying half decent with government having squeezed down over the past few years (IMHO)).

And no question, the perps have been one huge employment trolling net sweeping up behind me. There are at least 12 people I have known from decades ago who are "showing up" in this city in gangstalk mode. Usually they are morphed-over to some degree and I don't recognize them for certain at that moment as 1) the perps maybe dithering my facial cognition abilities as they have been up to of late or 2)the perp operative is facially or corporeally modified in some way and 3)they may wear hats to disguise their facial features along with some "extra" shadow modifications, like Betty Maurice sitting at the doctor's office yesterday, having arrived before me, and still there when I exited.

It is the Victoria Masters Swim Club that has been the most fertile ground for new operative sign-ups; at least six departed to "go back east" for a year, and then return with some half-baked reason, replete with the smirk that goes with knowing my personal circumstances more than I do. Some became more active and took to running me into the lane ropes or smacking me with their ringed fingers in mid-stroke in the pool. Others did a "psycho job" and pulled a seeming fuck-you and swam down the middle of the swim lane not caring they were constricting the two-way flow. Others were tipped off for those nights and didn't show. Other "returnees" put on the pretentious air and declined to be as friendly as they were when they left.

Little did I know that I was the central reason for these dudes who had no seeming day jobs, or the others doing their disappearing act and then later returning to swim with the club again. And too, all those new cars, jobs, Masters degrees and renovations (as payments) were carved out of my hide and still are.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Is the Surname "Hughes" an Invitation to Covert Harassment?

That is my surname from my father's side (Welsh) and there is a common etymology with Hugues and Hugenots. And the perps like to send family members to France, northern Italy, Austria and Germany, twice after this summer. Both my parents are from the UK as was my ex-wife and so there have been at least 8 trips in 30 years there, sometimes all of us meeting up there.

I have also spoken with a TI with the same surname, one who has had 13 years of harassment compared to my four as an aware TI, though of differing intensities. We are of no relation as far as we know, but it is a very curious coincidence when there are too many to count even in a given day.

And as I type this out, the perps have started up the noises again to coincide with the actual typing of the above surname, and two faux ambulance calls with sirens (one of their favorites). Now the noise of loud (chopped) 2-stroke engine Harley Davidson motorcycles passing by has begun (the post-curtain drawing event), a noise that can go on at the rate of 2 to 5 per minute, even though this neighborhood qualifies as the least likely to have such activity. And it is the noise only, 90% of the times I look there is no corresponding source vehicle (motorcycles or other loud mufflered vehicles).

Back to the original thesis/question; the answer is that I don't know as a number of my web queries are pulling in dreck and tangential information. Are there any etymology experts out there who can help me on this one?

There is a geographical (cue keyboarding dithering jerkaround) component to this harassment whereby an inordinant number of colleagues, co-workers and friends (sort of) who have taken holidays to locations and countries that either I have travelled or lived in. There are others who are able to score leave of absences (unlike me, same employer) and reside in their country of origin for a year. Without exception I get to see them shortly after they come back and have a social chat, some looking very scared of me for no apparent reason.

Anyhow, this is a brief encapsulation of another angle of the entire harassment activity that goes on, getting noise besieged while airing this curiousity, as well.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Feral Family Dinner -gangstalking in the family

Sundays are the days that I take up the "invitation" to have dinner at my parents place. They are the ones that sold me to the perps at birth; this harassment and mind-control has run all my 52 years as I have deduced (by their carefully planted hints).

I have been asked why would I go have dinner with the sick assholes who put me into this despicable tyranny? As much as I loathe them for what they have done, it must be mind-control at work to have me (or cause me to) visit them once a week, and be gangstalked at their place. And they do regularly act in strange ways that are totally consistent with the moves I see in grocery stores and wherever else I go in public. I have another brother in this city, but he only comes occasionally, again behaving in the same irregular gangstalk patterns. (For example, standing in place not doing anything for no reason, ususally near me or where I am about to go or sit. An excessive amount of dropping objects and bend over time to pick them up is another giveaway).

The visit is mostly devoid of conversation, and by this, my parents evade anything to do with gangstaking, harassment and everything else that also happens (plasma beams, masers). It is simply amazing as to how neutered I am about bringing up anything to do with this harassment. Or, in the rare event of a staged "discussion", how much of what I could say as to their behavior and involvement in this organized venality, just doesn't "happen".

They also do perp abetting by supporting the brown color problem the perps have, as well as their food digestion obsession. Much of my parent's served food is colored in variations of brown; meat, apple pie, mushrooms, tea etc. ("I" (in the mind-control collective sense) don't ordinarily eat red meats, and this is my once per week ingestion). And as well, there are plenty of brown cardboard boxes that litter their place and are artfully arranged even if aparrently disarrayed. They often wear combinations of brown clothing as well. They have just had a kitchen renovation, and by no fluke, a new brown floor to replace a black and yellow/orange colored floor, light brown cabinets and a counter with black over light brown scuffs-like. And yesterday, there was even some brown beans mashed on the stove surface (black-grey) to emulate the adjacent counter colors.

This might be the only family in the world that is dining amongst plasma and maser beams flashing around the living room and yet no one says anything. I don't because they will pretend not to have seen anything, and they don't because that would violate the sick game of pretend they are playing (now over four years running). And though the exposure times of these beams and flashes are usually subsecond, they are very clearly happening, even beside the TV that we are all watching. (Much the same as those beside this monitor as I type).

On the rare occasion that harassment is mentioned, and by way of staged event, my parent's lastmost "excuse" of this being of clinical origin, was removed when I reiterated what the doctor said about it "sounds like persecution". Then they go quiet, like many conversations with shills and gangstalkers, they don't respond, presumably for another purpose. (Energy formation decay of thoughts IMHO).

Though I always pay attention to the topics my mother raises as they are potentially weighted as to what the perps might be up to. Often, my conversations with the parents/criminals are largely arranged around name-dropping amongst the "themes", usually with a reference to the news.

Currently, some flooding is taking place in the West Kootenays, a location I once lived in for three years. This weather and snow melt disaster is very likely a perp caused event to give that region "mind time", an too-often occurence. I don't want to fuel the conspiracy flames any more, but many of the places I once lived or visited get trashed by a disaster at a disturbingly high level of coincidence sometime later. (New Orleans, Kauii are two).

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Natterings on the Noisescape & Colorscape

Living in an apartment block is an open invitation to noise, even if a steel and concrete one. In my situation, where 100's of extra noise events are planted near me each day as part of the continued harassment activty, an apartment block is a gold-mine for noise cover stories.

Currently, it is noise AND zappings simultaneously, the latter being the most problematic as I cannot tolerate this form of abuse even if it is for a second or two, as it usually is. All my muscles become immediately energized and it is highly disruptive to say the least. Today, the perps are "working" on the garbage chute "jam" for the third time in a year. This act, usually preceded by a stinking pong in the hallway, is the cover story for more activity in the form of clunking noises and people's voices (a common noise form) to continue outside my door. And for some reason, my upstairs and W. side "neighbors" have taken to whacking the floor and walls as if in sympathy with the aforementioned garbage chute noise. It is simply amazing how many noises will concurrently erupt, especially coordinated ones between neighbors of different floors. And as I type this, a siren noise has started up with no emergency vehicles appearing on the only major thoroughfare nearby, which I can see.

Note that I use the term "neighbors" as a putative cover for the sources of noise around me. Even if this is a 14 suite/floor ten storey building, I do not believe that there is anyone else living in this apartment block except for some possible harassment personnel. (Or another harassee possibly). My reasons are varied, but the main reason is that this building is being obviously irradiated with some kind of energy. If one merely stands still and views a wall, door etc. there is this vibratory pulsating look that is pervasive anywhere I go. To be honest, I only frequent the 4th (my apartment/cell), the 3rd (laundry room), main (for mail) and the parkade (vehicle access). That is four of eleven floors counting the parkade. Each floor I frequent has this irradiative appearence and it could be the entire building. When the perps pulled the 0400h fire alarm stunt a few months back, there were very few "residents" waiting in the street. The parkade seems have unusual patterns of vehicle usage and parking distribution. In my last apartment, where it was easier to detect adjacent neighbor activity (wood frame construction), they emptied all the nearby suites, including that of the owner-manager next door, save a few daytime hours for him. This same vibratory color/appearence/fog was very evident in the dark red carpeted hallways.

The address is 1039 View St., Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and I would appreciate from among the 1000's of gangstalkers in this city, if someone could fill me in on what is really happening to me, this building and anything else they know.

Yesterday there was a fire alarm inspection where a ladder bearing technician tested the alarm which happened to be the very moment that I was viewing an ancient address of mine that was somehow resurrected even if I submitted changes to all parties, Ebay and Pay Pal both. (I get noisestalked everytime I logon to sites with my username and password). Later in the evening I went back to this same screen with its ancient address information of mine, to update it as well as set up my credit card information to push a payment onto the recalcitrant Ebay vendor that I got stuck with. (No communication from him over a week later, despite my two polite missives).

And I should mention the sheer profusion of ladder carrying vehicles in this city, or more likely, anytime that I am driving about. There are the ubiquious white trades vans with stacks of ladders on their roof racks, and then those in pickup trucks, one end at the tailgate, the other over the cab usually in a 45 degree (or so) angle to the horizontal. My understanding of weather engineering (see link) is to point grounded tubes skyward, so perhaps the ladders are a localized energy perturbance that the perps measure (rungs as tubes). And also, this provides for various color samplings; there are the aluminum finish ladders (not unlike the silver grey of my vehicle color and the multitude of associated gangstalk vehicles), as well as the nonconductive stringer ladders usually in orange or yellow. (Today, a pickup was carrying bundled one inch OD 12' tubes no less). And both those latter colors seem to be "problem colors" in addition to brown, green and red. Also, there has been a flurry of yellow colored vehicular gangstalkers as well as yellow dressed ambulatory gangstalkers of late.

The above yellow vehicular gangstalk activity maybe coordinated with the local brush weed called "broom" which is currently flowering in great profusion, yellow of course. Some road centerlines (in yellow) have been needlessly repainted recently, now for the third time in four years.

Another noisescape addition of greater activity is people calling out in the street for no seeming reason save their exuberance. This began as a Friday or Saturday event to comply with the cover story of rowdy revellers in the streets finding their way home. But of late, it has been expanded to 0730h timings, and even now, 2030h on a Thursday. My understanding of voice hearing is that it is processed by the limbic system to decode any emotional content, which raises the suspicion that the perps are dynamically researching my deep brain (limbic) tissues for 100% mind-control instead of the 99% they seem to have.

Anyway, that is about all the news for now, dull as it would be for anyone who is not a TI.

03-2009 Update
The noise is a predominant part of the harassment all the more. Even my earmuffs, worn to reduce the outside noise, have a ringing din in them that slowly builds up, and they now also click and pop all by themselves. I have never had a noisier pair of earmuffs in my life. Even my wool toque now gets tagged as a noise source and crackles at my ears. Of late, they even have the wind "somehow penetrating" my toque to make yet more noise at my ears.

About two years ago the perps started the Snap, Crackle, Pop noises that accompany any movements I may make, from dawn to dusk. They made out that it came from my shoulders even if there was no accompanying sensation. But before long that wasn't good enough, and now this noise can emanate from at least eight joints from my ankles, knees, hips and on up. And I should note that I have never been more flexible in my joints, possibly from yoga once per week, and perhaps with an assist from the tormentors who seem to now be able to remotely manipulate musclature and joints to be more flexible.

Another major noise "upgrade" (read, increased harassment) was assigning noises to my mouth that never occured before, or if they did, it was rare. I now get creaking in my neck, saliva squirting around in my mouth (making a noise while "happening"), fake teeth clashing (no actual contact, just the noise thereof), jaw clicking and popping, squeaks and chirps from tongue movement and a few other noises planted as if coming from my mouth when there was no prior history. I assume this is to get noise heard, but not through my ears, and it seems to confer advantages to the assholes who plant this on me every waking second of the day.

Similarly, clothing and bedding now makes noise. My regular Levi jeans make whiffling sounds as if they were corduroy, which they are not. My coat does the same thing and it never did before, made of smooth microfiber material. Towels now squeak whenever I press them to my face to dry myself. My pillows constantly creak and make crackling noise at my ears when I like my head down on them to go to sleep.

All regular activities of placing objects down or picking them up come with extra clanging and banging as well as extra noise volume. I will place a mug down smoothly and cautiously so that it is placed once, and yet the planted noises are assigned as if it bounced and rapped twice or more on the surface. It will be obvious that it made a single noise in its placement but this isn't good enough for the assholes who even make it sound as if music was being placed with three to five separate noises when objects are put down on the kitchen counter. Invariably I yell at them when there is a significant difference between the expected noise and the one they assigned to the event.

All vehicular road traffic noise is amplified; I am now 6 stories up and it sounds like I am at street level. Vehicles that have loud mufflers are assigned a protracted noise decay that goes for far longer than it would if it were natural as they are blocks away and yet continue to make noise. A new "driving habit" since early 2007 has been to have vehicles with a loud noise signature continue to rev higher and higher as they get further away to keep up the noise level but changing the pitch. All loud vehicles started this at about the same time, another curiousity that doesn't bother the perpetrators.

As for the colorscape, I get constant plasma (colors) and masers (black wispy trails and flashes) in my vision all the time. If I have been viewing a certain color, and they want to retest me in short order, they will flash some plasma of that color, often in my peripherial vision, though often straight on. Of late they seem to be placing yellow in lines of text to test me about something, possibly as to how I can detect it.

I often get stroboscopic assaults; they will bounce it off my glasses, off the wall, or if I close my eyes they can even flash it by direct cortical or occular access. Anytime there is dappled shade of a tree they will enhance the variable light conditions to be stroboscopic.

I live in a totally environmentally controlled bubble that has been perverted to be more intrusive and annoying, sometimes intensely so. I have no choice in it, and my tormentors/thought police continue to impose this insane experimentation without my consent. If you think we live in a free country, Canada or the USA you are sadly mistaken. This is the kind of abuse the shadow organizations dish out, and can covertly apply if they chose. In my case, because they wish to advance their research agenda, it seems that they have elected to overtly violate my existence at every turn and moment.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ebay Purchase Blocking

A new stunt/perps jerkaround activity that is now playing out is to block progress in concluding a Ebay sale. This requires the complicity of Ebay, Pay Pal and the vendor who are doing a masterful job in holding up a transaction. (Though it is very likely that the perps started this bidding and winning an auction activity three weeks ago, and when ultimately successful, they have sabotaged the process of transaction completion. This make another one of the Perps Objectives Ponderings (a two part blog dated 05-06-2006).

This goes on each day after I emailed the vendor (now twice) and the Ebay graphics on all their web pages have been stripped out with the commands neutered as well. Even the select, cut & paste gets obstructed by the perps not allowing me to put the item number into the paste buffer. The messaging center also was sabotaged to stop me sending any more to the normally exceptional vendor. More glitch activity.

(Later in the day): Success via Pay Pal by getting my credit card information registered and then paying via that route instead of the debit card where they offered no instructions as to what account numbers to use. Anyhow, it seems to be over, but what a jerkaround.

FYI: a perp-neutered Ebay web page looks like this below:

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