Bibliography; of TI and Harassment

These are some of the books that I have found interesting in support of a historic or current events that support the case for nonconsensual human experimentation.  (Outside of war, which is what I think that is mostly about). Also, books about other social depredations that have gone on too long, and just maybe related as well, e.g. child abuse, terminal experimentation on children (Duplessis Orphans, 1940's to 1960's, in a supposed democracy called Canada). And last, but not least, books on TI's experiences.

CIA Experiments with Mind Control on Children by Jon Rappoport -and why are the CIA doing experiments
 on children anyhow? No one has defended that from the CIA. This is an author interview page and I don't know where one can find the book.
 Another review here at New Dawn Magazine

Electronic Torture, Electronic Rape: Technology and Gang Stalking at the Post Office by Jewel Krayan. I haven't read it, but a little research (see Bridget's Friends below) indicates that it is authored by a legit TI.
Bridget's Friends Library
A number of books, mostly TI related, by a TI; some of the conspiracy books I have read, and the TI books seem interesting enough for me to purchase some once I am allowed to work again (11-2014).

A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America by Dr. John Hall. Authored by an anesthesiologist, MD, and his experiences with a friend who was targeted. And who does commendable activism work while walking the line between activism and the Texas medical accreditation board who seem to be aligned against him. Though, I am not convinced that the source of emanations and harassment is necessarily from satellites, but this is a mere technical quibble I have, in that many TI's invoke conventional sources of abuse.

Guinea Pigs; Technologies for Control by Dr. John Hall. Owing to some 5,000 responses for help from TI's, (none of whom he could realistically help) from his first book, A New Breed, Dr. Hall looked further into this topic of covert harassment and its aims, and delved into the technologies. I haven't read it, but am sold on his thorough and even handed research. A 17m video on Youtube provides some background of this book and further developments.

If the West Falls by Bridget Howe I haven't read it, but it is written by a TI.

The Air Loom Gang" has been renamed and updated.
"The Influencing Machine" (UK) or, "A Visionary Madness", (US) same link. Lots of laudatory review quotes I see. Both the new titles and the review quotes buy the "madness" angle, but as the patient (James Tilley Matthews) NEVER fitted the then (formative) and current definition of psychosis. Presently, TI's are voicing the very same complaints over 200 years later. There is plenty of material for another book for the author if he wants to go down the rabbit hole with the perspective that James Tilley Matthews revealed the real facts, as it is now happening to over 300,000 people, per Dr. John Hall video, above link.

 [My original notes were: A description of electronic harassment and gangstalking 200 years ago. Presently, the perps seem to use oven racks and shopping carts instead of carrying looms- same parallel small diameter metal rod construction. This is one reference that brings it all together; covert harassment of human beings has being going on for 200 years or more!]

"Mind Control for Dummies", Iona Miller.
A seeming frivolous title with excellent content by a researcher close to the action.
"Operation Mind Control", by Walter Bowart.
By a credible researcher who was close to the black operations researchers. See more his material at
"Suburban Spies" by Anthony Brina.
A book describing ongoing harassment like my own. I have exchanged emails with him a few times, and he leads an existence similar to mine, though he is allowed to work as an English language instructor in Asia.
"1996", by Gloria Naylor.
Written as fiction, based on the real thing. I have heard her speak on TI conference calls and there is very little fiction in this book. Like many TI's, she believes that the harassment started from an incident of annoying a neighbor with connections to the harassment personnel. This might be true, but very often the perps are operating covertly long beforehand, sometimes since the TI's birth.
"Terrorist [Organized] Stalking in America" by David Lawson
"My Life Changed Forever - The Years I Have Lost as a Target of Organized Stalking" by Elizabeth Sullivan. One of the most determined TI's in documenting organized harassment (gangstalking mainly). A book review at the link.
"Electromagnetic Mind Control: Fact or Fiction?: A Scientific View", by V. N. Binhi, 2010. I haven't read it, but it gets a good review from Mind Justice.
MC bibliography. The best one I have seen, and I still go here for new takes on the real world.
Useless Eaters: Puppets of the New World Order (Volume 3) by Victoria Jones. I haven't read this book, but I am told that it is about a woman's son who suicided and that she believes it was by malevolent mind control. The book extends this experience to that of New World Order, and its aims. The title term "useless eaters"  comes from Henry Kissinger who used it once in response to a reporter's unrelated question. A very odd term, and fraught with portent. My argument is that if the world is controlled as I think it is, and that includes overpopulating it, then why blame humans?
Bridging the Gap by GmB Bailey. Read pieces of it about gangstalking, but seems to miss the central objective that it is part of a wide scale human experimentation project. If am am intensely gangstalked and harassed every time I make a financial transaction, then what does this have to do with a secret surveillance society?
Closing the Gap.   Same as Bridging the Gap, immediately above. I haven't read it, but it gets positive reviews from TI's.
Brainwash: The Secret History of Mind Control by Dominic Streatfeild. I haven't read it, a 2007 book, and gets good UK reviews.

A Nation Betrayed by Carol Rutz  As a child she suffered at the hands of military personnel involved in mind control, and has backed it up research of government released documents. This book identifies a number of tortures and abuses along with when and where. It has been of great help to me in understanding why the perps like to put on serpentine images, if not the real thing. It was done to Rutz as a child in Montreal in the late 1950's at McGill University with the infamous Dr. Ewen Cameron attending. And this would of occurred when I was in Montreal as a child during the three years the perps wiped 99% of my recall. Now I know why this particular aspect of arranged imagery and the real thing occurs; to re-enact past trauma to elicit abreactions (subconscious traumatization invocations).

01-2017 Many new books on gangstalking since I last looked (a while). Some of these are showing up on but not on

Run a search on and you might find more than listed here.

Advice for the Targeted Individual and Gang Stalking Victim by T.I. Paladin
Diary of an Angry Targeted Individual: Remote Neural Monitoring by Renee Pittman
Gang Stalking: The Threat to Humanity by Dr. Corkin F. Cherubi
Covert Technological Murder: Big Brother Approved! by Renee Pittman
Tortured In America: The Life of a Targeted Individual by Michael Fleming
How to Deal with and Defeat Gang Stalkers Paperback by Chomi Prag Renne Pittman's site (I think). A great selection of videos here.