Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Pruning Day

More plasma beam "trash"/hash over top of this LCD as I begin a late starting blog. The overhead rumbling noise has also arrived. It moves with me to varying locations in the apartment, and has a near 100% error-free capability to "find me".

I was at my in-town brother's place today, he doing his shopping where I do mine, and then the vehicular gangstalking show out to his place as a passenger in his van. When we arrive at his place he pulls too close to the pillars of the carport for easy egress, and then hands me one of his shopping bags, first placing it on my just-vacated seat, indicating that I should pack his grocery bag out through the just-created compromised door egress. Another WTF, and I have a few everytime I go out nowadays as the cover story acts seem to be less needed than they were. The big job was to prune his bushes in the front of his house, and regular readers will know that gardening, and cut garden foliage is a huge perp obsession. So here I was, doing that very task for over 3.5 hours today. Then I was primed for a royal gangstalking afterward.

I take a 10 minute walk from my brother's place to get the bus, and lo, if they didn't have a tail on me who soundlessly got close, then walked past me, to lead me for some 7 minutes of this walk. And of course, he came with his plastic shopping bag, being a Plastic Bagman. I get all kinds of weirds on this gig, and all the more at the bus stop. I missed one by three minutes, and some five minutes later they had assembled 8 Fuckwits around me at this stop. All apparently travelling into downtown at 1600h, quite the arrangement that. And for the fourth time of this and five consecutive trips, they put on two negroes again. I don't know what the fascination for the perps is, but they also made sure they had one on the bus two seats ahead of me, with the skinhead look. Fucking disgusting it was, being forced to look at any skinheads, no matter what race. Strangely, the perps did not pull him off the bus in short order as this is what they usually do, even if the negro is within 12' or so, they will pull them off inside of two bus stops. Not this time.

And then, tonight during and after the cleaning job, they put on three more negroes, one at a time. I was cleaning the glass of the door to the Service section, now closed, and lo, if they didn't have a negro woman pose in the car lot, all for me to see her through the glass of the door. And it would be tempered safety glass with a layer of transparent plastic to hold the pieces together, and this invisible detail is important for the assholes I have come to know. Then another negro woman on the way back as part of the "herd" that "joins me" each time I set off to return to my apartment, an 8 minute city walk which includes time waiting for traffic lights. Another part of the "herd" was a foursome; two males in front of two females behind them all of them separated about three feet from each other and not conversing any, about the most strangest configuration of gangstalkers I have seen. They didn't even attempt to look like they belonged on a outing. I don't know what the deal is, but I have been getting more of these strange configurations of Fuckwit gangstalker clusters walking together, but separated by much more distance than would be expectable. There was a triad of male Fuckwits last night that I blogged about that was equally absurd. The perps tell me that these clusters of ambulatory gangstalking Fuckwits are emulating soldiers in formation. So what, and why should I give a shit? Unless they are looking to stimulate subconscious recollections that I am unaware of, and there has been a decidedly military-like angle to the harassment.

Their military-like games have included posting uniformed Fuckwits each time I exited yoga from 05-2007 through to 12-2007, once each week, and not a one of them could legitimately claim to be doing anything related to the military; grocery shopping, standing around smoking cigarettes, driving around or just plain sauntering. Another military like move is the high hand flinging when they are walking on the street, as civilian looking gangstalkers; they raise their swinging arm to come up as high as their chest, and when I am fucked into looking and deriding the sight of this inanity they then take their hand at the top of the swing, and raise it further to adjust their hat, scratch their face or whatever. WTF; who would do anything so fucking stupid unless being paid to do so?

Back to the pruning at my brother's place today; they put on lots of background noise while I was doing pruning and would even time the ever-present hotrod muffler noise exactly when I would cut the stem of the plant with the lopers or the secateurs. Another noise they like to create at the moment of pruning was dog barking; this "happened" at least a dozen times over the gardening session.

I am getting whacked with a series of faux burps/hiccups as I write this so it is time to cease blogging until this bullshit is over.

Back to blogging after that rousing interuption that ceased in short order when returning to web surfing.

I am getting another tiresome round of planted thoughts over the cessation of harassment hostilities at the end of Feburary. The putative "clue" (read, planted) is that they changed my next doctor's appointment from Feb. 16 to Feb. 27. Anyone realize this portends absolutely nothing, especially coming from a notoriously unreliable party that has an unabashed streak of seeding deception. I get these particular perp "obsessions" every so often, about three to six times per year, and they decided to start in January for six weeks of pestering me with this colossal bullshit. I have been correct in identifying this as such everytime, but they don't give me a rest and still come at me with these planted thoughts that cannot be ascertained by any means (by me), and nor do I give a shit. So... what to do; adopt the mantra, "this bullshit too shall pass". Six weeks is a highly protracted run of seeding silliness.

Other miscellaneous crap today; the perps slicked down a section of the concrete floor of the Service garage at the car dealership where I do my one hour per day cleaning job. And of course it was placed nearby where I do the mop bucket filling and I was forced to walk across this oily floor. Exactly what this accomplished I have no idea, but both these substances, (and ashphalt too) are perp obsessions, so it would seem that they wanted to do some combinatorial experimentation.

Another never-before mindfuck stunt tonight at the car dealership. As I was approaching the glass windowed door of the Service garage the perps had a 5 year old kid walking through the garage, some 15' distant. Instead of being allowed to recognize it was a young child, the sick asshole fuckers planted the momentary notion he was an adult dwarf. I am still fucking pissed at this mental incursion and resent it all the more, and won't settle for anything less than taking a baseball bat to the face of the perp asshole that decided I should recieve this particular mindfuck.

Anyhow; I am tired tonight and haven't really put my all into blogging tonight, likely because someone doesn't want all their fuckery and dumbshit games detailed. The perps have been pissing me off plenty today, and had at least a dozen rage-ification provocations for teatime tonight. Stunts like pulling objects from my grasp, causing me to overbalance and turn to avoid falling over, jabbing me in the back of the leg, creating a faux burp while screaming at them which phonetically is made to cause the F-word to be truncated, creating noise of clanging objects that has no apparent source as the objects did not contact each other, creating extra crumbs or debris coming from nowhere as the location had nothing there before, and a few others to grind me into sustained duress, and all the more important it seems when I transit from one location in the apartment to another, e.g. desk to kitchen or vice versa (8'), ensuring that am made to scream at them in both locations as well as while walking between them.

Enough for a day's abuse.


Anonymous said...

hello i v too this kind of experiences..
pls go through this blog..

AJH said...

I can sense you are being harassed in some way, but the blog doesn't read well enough that I can figure it all out.