Friday, January 02, 2009

Just Like Last Year

All the familiar noisestalking sounds, nearly all artificially generated and then projected by some means to sound as if coming from realistic locations, are all back. That is, having returned from their absence "because" of the snowy streets of the past three weeks. Full on noisestalking, and always ones I don't like such as loud mufflered vehicles, Harley Davidson like motorcycles, heavy duty vehicles and so it goes. They even put on the streetsweeper (noise only as far as I could tell) twice on New Year's Day, at double overtime union payrate which the municipality is very reluctant to undertake, especially when it is so needless.

And too, the overhead rumbling (of no destarted up, and can "somehow" get through the hearing protection that I put on at the same volume level. This must be an exciting harassment moment for them, and I have no idea as to what constitutes that.

I am back from a stayover at the perp-abetting parent's place, a rare non-Monday event as I had New Year's Day off from the cleaning job, my one hour per week moderated exposure to many of the things and substances the perps like to chase me with via the gangstalker games; plastics (plastic bags, car parts), rubber compounds (vehicle tires abounding and the windsheild wipers thrown out in the trash that I collect), ladders (arriving in the shop and on the roof of a Mazda Tribute (two yellow stringered ones on a vehicle that has been in the shop for two weeks now)), vehicles of course (new and used), cleaning compounds (soaps and detergents), and even some belligerent jerk dudes, dressed up as salesmen. Not quite a full complement of harassment fuckery, but for the 1.5 hours it offers plenty of variety, and they get to have me use a vacuum cleaner too, also a favorite harassment device. The vortex energies seem to be the big deal for the perps as well as having me walk over carpets that have been vacuumed by someone else, something they cannot ordinarily arrange when keeping me socially isolated as they like to do.

And I see at my parent's place the perps have arranged a temporary shelter for a parked vehicle, only 2' from the curb and in total violation of the municipal bylaws. There would be a minivan inside, and as the color is light brown, and is made of plastic, it would seem that the perps are up to their usual brown color (introductory light colored hue) games and attempting to blend these two obsessions into a single entity.

And there was an increase of light colored metallic brown colored gangstalking vehicles around us in the excessive road traffic this morning when driving into downtown, dropping myself off with my mother driving back. The perps have been working hard on introducing this color into my proximity of late, and I would not be surprised to see one in the dealership shop tonight for tonight's cleaning job. I like to make predictive suggestions as to perp harassment/experimentation behavior, but they make sure there is always more suprises than predictions.

But they were very heavy on red coloring the TV news and programs last night; they seem to spoof the video and introduce much more red light into the news stories, even without the aid of ambulances and other emergency vehicles. As the final spoof/jerkaround, then froze the channel changing capability of the remote control and had this grotesque video of a half ton man stuck somewhere with emergency personnel wondering what to do. And of course, that image is also served up into mind ever since to continue whatever mindfuck game obejctives they are up to. But I did get to see the latter half of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth and was mightily impressed, save a few minor details. I get to see these shows years late, and only portions of them. They haven't let me see a movie in full since 2005, and I live less than a block from two multiplexes. Such is this truncated life that they like me to experience; something always goes wrong and/or screws up in some way to limit my experiences to only partial events.

And the assholes allowed my picture uploading to be functional; three pictures were selected for loading, and only two made it into this blog, and then the load command was disabled again, preventing me from including a more gangstalker relevant picture to support the second one. The video upload command works each time, but the still photo command is disabled at the whim of the SS (Surrepticious Sickos).

Taken 12-14-2008, a general shot of the snow, and some red dressed gangstalkers packing a red plastic gerry can, kind of odd, but not conclusive by any means.

Taken 12-19-2008; the "suck trucks" like to follow me around, and more particularly, my shit as it passes through that manhole access and down the street on the left, the one that they ripped up for its full length, put in two 30" PVC pipes and reburied and repaved over. (See photos of 2007). And they do have a deep red and a deep green minivan, one behind the other next to the suck truck, a very common color combination and likely for some kind of body tissue/substance color calibration, i.e. blood and vein color. And in the photo that they obstructed from uploading, it was this same shot but with a wider field showing the usual trailing file of white, silver-grey vehicles, four in all. These latter vehicle colors seem to be the perp's standard greyscale colors, aided by the fact that I drove a silver-grey vehicle for 16 years of vehicle ownership before they ran me out of money to have one.

Finally, I am allowed to load up the last image; all vehicles are stopped, and as part of the vehicular gangstalking, they like to leave large intervening spaces between them. The three follow-on vehicles to the red-green pair beside the "suck truck" are a white van, a silver grey sedan and a white SUV. And a parked silver-grey vehicle in the parking lot in the lower right. I reckon the perp excitement was all about having the snow and cold temperatures and then having me take a crap this day so they could then "chase it", or analyse it in the sewer pipes as they seem to be doing. Don't forget that they put on a "suck truck" at this identical manhole when I returned from 7 days away, and had me take a crap the day that I got back, and also arranged for me to walk by this setup to get my groceries. I am sure there is more to it than their obsession over the color brown, and it seems that they aren't going to stop harassing the fuck out of my life if they are getting this detailed about following me to this extent. Again, this is speculative, but after having six years of toilet blocking stunts, including the first day of their attack when they went overt, there is plenty of consistency in their beserkness over all things scatological.

Another one hour workday at the car dealership cleaning job and they had a yellow RX-8 nearby the Service room that I clean. I suppose the rotary engine might present something more interesting to the sickos, though I am not sure exactly what. I had my "grim greeters" again at the door, (aka car dealership staff); the head honcho dressed in brown, and a younger dude that acts and dresses like a capo's bagman, standing 8' back, and the woman on the right. The dude also reprised himself with another dude from the Service section who dresses in a black touque, and who buzzes around me when filling up the mop bucket. He even placed the coffee urn in the sink, and I removed it in order to attach the bucket hose, and lo, if he didn't happen to come by just then to use the scuzzy adjacent washroom when he could of had a more pleasant washroom upstairs. It would seem that he, and others, like to use the same water pipes as I am and at the same time.

And as part of the setup, I was directed immediately prior to the above sink episode to take a cold cup of coffee (think brown, like the perps do), and toss it down this very sink, as I "happened" to be heading to the sink anyhow. (There was a closer sink, but for this exercise, they wanted me in the Coffee Corps instead of their Fuckwits wandering around with it.)

Later, I stopped in at the LD store to reclaim the overcharge on the stainless steel water bottle two days ago, and at first it was just me and the woman at the Customer Service desk. Then, within a minute some dude in a mottled navy blue coat and mid-grey colored pants arrives 3' away, and instead of waiting at the counter, he stands legs spread and 90 degrees offset, "stalk still" with a bottle of Coca Cola, (think brown) as if he was having a total space out staring at nothing but the blank wall some 20' away. Then, within a another minute, three more shiftless dudes arrive together in various guises as if from a Fellini movie set, and one of them, as a "staff member", leans over the till keyboard and plunks around where the customer service woman was dealing with my refund. Then, another one of the dudes, a disgusting bald fucker with his mouth hanging open, moves to about 2' beside me as if he is interested in my debit card password when I was keying it in. The perps then fucked me into keying it in twice through an applied cognitive fuck stunt, all to protract this episode, and I was glad to get out of there. Which makes it the second time in that same store that some fucking asshole has attempted to get my password for my debit card, as if it were a secret, har, har. It would seem that the intervening keyboarding dude was attempting some kind of replication of whatever could be detected from the Customer Service woman. Another example of the male-female comparative stalking games.

But gangstalker freedom was not to be had; once out of the store, why, the Fuckwit in the mottled navy blue jacket was 15' ahead of me by dint of some strange timing as to where he went and got his Coca Cola paid for, and then he made like he was headed S. and so I stayed on the W. route, and then the asshole cut W. and then I went S., crossing his path in ususal gangstalker methodology. But I still wasn't done with more shiftless dudes loitering around; another Fuckwit was standing still, posing at a store front in the doorway, and again, doing a space-out stunt. Then three more were having a vagrant meeting, and then in half a block, the Coca Cola bearing Fuckwit from inside the LD store "happens" to arrive at the last intersection before this apartment building. This is the third time in a week that a gangstalker, or a collection of them, has tailed me to the LD store, or past it to the car dealership, taken an alternate half block route, and then re-arrived in close proximity. It is getting fucking stupid as to how many assholes they need to chase me with, and why all these shiftless males, and then putting various looks together? The well dressed capo bagman, the black touque head, the greasy bald fucks that almost look like Shrek, and a few other archtypes, and the perps seem to need to blend them, and have them seen together. Which suggests that they are picking up different energetic neural signals for each loathesome Fuckwit archtype and then seeing what happens when they are seen together.

More fucking games, this time around listening to music. They took out the music playlist files from NPR so I couldn't listen to the year end "best" lists, then obliterated the Search on MySpace effectively preventing me from searching for the artist I had intended to, and then they messed with the song samples, rendering them inaccessible. Sounds like harassment as usual, just like like last year, and possibly a harbinger of more intrusive and stupid bullshit.

On that note, the perps arrranged for my parents to be timing their activities identically to mine when I was at their place yesterday. At teatime, they picked up the teacup at the identical moment, sipped tea at the same moment, and then when putting down the tea cup. All with extra rattling crockery as well. This is getting to be total bullshit, all these Fuckwits chasing me up the asshole over everything I do, like children bored out of their skulls.

Time to call this one for the day, and get it published.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed a theme in certain male perps. You mentioned bald heads and shrek looking guys. I've seen that often, and they will usually wear a blue tooth head-set attached to their ear (I guess it has to do with linking to the mothership or whatever).

I think Rachel O. mentioned the female perps will often wear ponytails and baseball caps. This is familiar to me too.

When you talked about the ATM stalking, I wonder if you've experienced the perp who likes to stand side by side, next to you when you're ahead of him/her in a queue, rather than standing in his rightful place BEHIND you. Or, alternatively, stands directly behind you, breathing down your neck and walking in lockstep when you move forward.


AJH said...

The headphones or earphones (or Bluetooth set) would also have magnets in them, and the perps have long controlled and arranged the magnetic environment around me, hence the ongoing plethora of masers and plasma beams, even between this display LCD and me as I write this.

The bald heads thing for the males might represent portions of some kind of alien figures. At the bank today they had one skinhead male teller "pop out" from behind the pillar that was next to me, getting him in closer than I would otherwise tolerate. They like to have other Unfavored demographic group members (males, bald heads, vagrants, freaks etc. see the posting in the Introductory Postings).

The "ATM stalking" was at a retail Customer Service counter and the dude didn't stand behind me as expectable, but beside me. The sentry dude with the Coke bottle stood 90 degrees offset from the counter and in the middle of the aisle staring at a far wall, totally spaced. I suppose this would be "street theater", except it wasn't as theatrical as they can be. Though it is rare that they act so ridiculously strange in public.

The above male stalking at the Customer Service counter seemed to a nightime rehearsal for today's visit to the bank (01-03-2009) where two dudes arrrived at the same time on either side of me. The perps wouldn't let me look at them as I was curious as to who these fucks were, but they had me pay attention to the teller immediately in front of me and then the skinhead teller, per above, "popped out" to be seen as part of the show.

Thanks for the comments, and feel free to introduce yourself by email if you are comfortable doing so.