Wednesday, May 03, 2006

An Ambulatory Gangstalking Primer (and CCRS Harassment)

An income tax re-assessment rant first.
As part of the organized harassment activity, the Canadian Customs & Revenue Service (CCRS, or IRS equivalent to US readers) has launched four consecutive Tax Years of re-assessment notices over the court ordered support payments I make. They keep claiming they don't have the information and yet they won't answer my mail telling them that I have already supplied it to them (twice). (And I had, I have done nothing wrong and I utilize the services of an accountant). And I win my case, hands down 3 of 3 times, with the latest harassment re-assessment arriving yesterday. And no less, they give me none, or misleading directions on how to deal with this. Amazing, CCRS in the pocket of the perps.

Ambulatory gangstalking is rife in Victoria BC, or at least everytime I am out. (I always ponder the question if all this manpower is directed only at me, or do they have other victims in concurrent rotation whom they block me from web access). I use the term "ambulatory" to distinguish it from the vehicular gangstalking, covered in another post.

And, it should be noted, that I am being irradiated with something, as my body, clothes and vehicle are seething with a vibratory energy. It is very difficult to describe, except to say that there is a plasmic like matrix of varying light around me. This has been evident for > one year, and no one says anything to me.

Back to ambulatory gangstalking as this has some parallels with the vehicular activity. There is a significant excess of "customers" and "pedestrians" everywhere I go, and I do know what is normal for this town, having lived here extensively. They are often dressed in black, white or both, and then later gangstalkers come by in red and green colors, even if they are wearing absurdly warm coats at this time of year, at these temperatures (>20C, sunny all day today). As more gangstalking progresses, they put on brown clothed stalkers, often with a neutral black, white or gray garment. They sometimes go crazy on a particular color; today it was yellow, as I had a yellow plastic bag in the front seat of my vehicle from shopping. (Replacement socks for the four pairs the perps trashed - all alike, and in one washing cycle).

And for the most part the ambulatory gangstalkers mind their business, though I did get slammed in the back from one who snuck up on me at the entrance to the store. (How I didn't hear him is another mystery). Many ambulatory gangstalkers are posted in a store exactly where I will go, either to gangstalk the particular food item (red onion acquisition had five gangstalkers on it once), or to obstruct egress as a discouragement. They often like to set me up to want something, and they thwart access or availibility.

And I never keep a list of where I plan to go, or which items to buy, but they always know ahead of time, which suggests operational remote mind-reading at least. They typically have the parking lot staked out with particular colored vehicles, usually massed together (e.g. two dark reds, then two silver gray vehicles etc.) The ambulatory gangstalkers like to be entering or exiting the store ahead or behind me, or at least, will have someone cross my path in the same manner.

They also like to plant obstructing gangstalkers at constriction points in the aisles, created by promotional displays, the person that "just happens" to wander into one's way, except that it happens everywhere I go. They will have red garmented gangstalkers and/or (faux) staff walk behind each other, past each other, and the staff are always exceptionally numerous everywhere I go, especially making back and forth trips. And given all the color combinations possible, they try red dressed gangstalkers in front of green ones, then brown, then orange as well as reversing the combinations.

There is something important about the direction of travel for the gangstalkers, hence the back and forthing that they do, mostly under the guise of a "staff member" duties. Often another gangstalker will simutaneously circle the store and close the loop as much as possible. Another move is to turn 90 degrees in direction and start down a new path. Others, though rare, will stand ther in mid-store doing nothing except act like a sentry. More often, the gangstalkers will make reprise stalkings; at first in the store, then checkout then outside by the parked vehicles. They even put a tail on me whose same-colored vehicle as mine, was right beside mine, and the stalker entered his as the same time as I did. Other variations include a shirt hanging out from a jacket, usually over their ass. Red and black check patterns are favorites, as is white.

There is also something important about the race of gangstalkers, and the colors they wear. They will often put in especially brown caucasians, bleached-like Asians, or blacks in a group, even if the latter are fairly uncommon here. Again, more permutations of clothing color and garment color are possible, and they are trying them all.

Another obvious variable in the ambulatory gangstalking is gender; they will place women between two men, in file or side by side, and have a couple wear near identical colored clothing. Again, there are many more combinations and permutations with above variability. Another gangstalk move is the "split couple" stunt, where they appear together, then split up in the store so the only obvious egress is between them, both nearby.

They are getting more obvious though; parking a shopping basket 2' behind me at the Rx counter, and the stalker comes and goes, pretending to do the shopping, when it is clear that they are putzing about in an unusual way. This gangstalker was wearing an unusally heavy coat, and was in the same blue color as the "slammer" who crashed me from behind at another location, only an hour earlier. Often, with the shopping baskets being painted nowadays (red, green and grey in this town), it is likely that there is some benefit to the objective if the (gangstalk) item is colored not unlike clothing and skin color.

This is only a brief expose on what is happening to me in the gangstalking/harassment realm in Victoria. BC. As there has been four years of this and many other activities as well, it is time the timorous perps showed their face instead of hiding behind all these elaborate games and stunts they pull off, every day. Surely someone in this city has the gumption to tell me what is going on.


Wotan said...

I have also noticed a connection with the gang stalkers and automobiles. When I was first targeted, the people who brought in the perps (my restaurant neighbors) all suddenly had new flashy very expensive cars. The restaurant manager started driving a brand new Ferrari sports car. One perp who crossed school children at a crosswalk (pervert) suddenly had an array of expensive vehicles, one was a BMW convertible.

AJH said...

New cars are a common form of payment of services rendered. Especially if they want a specific colored vehicle to circulate around one.

Harry said...

1. Often the subliminal programming will include instructions for where and when to be at places during the day; it often masks itself as your "own thoughts and ideas" when in fact, you were being steered to a particular place at a specific time. This is why at that place there happens to be so many stalkers.

2. There is a subliminal script called "prop-see" -- your attention will be remotely directed to several "props" the stalkers will want you to notice: particular colors, persons, races, or automobiles. That these props just happen to be there are usually a happy coincidence. Your attention is not drawn but directed to them, and then through suggestion you are taught to make special connections or meanings to them.

Often sighted coincidences in public are just that. If they happen at work or in smaller spaces that you inhabit or frequent, they are then planned and staged (street theater).

Mostly these incredibly planned and staged coincidences will happen at the onset of your program. They will then taper off (less man-power and logistics) and you will then begin to be influenced via 'whispered' remote direction to pay special attention to ordinary things.

Sounds incredible, I know, but it's true. Look more into the hypnosis theories you've developed. They are trying to get you to follow their subliminal programming -- which includes believing things they want you to believe.

Anonymous said...

The automobile is a gang stalkers favorite tool, and the victim's automobile is often a favorite target:

(Buying the Silence ...)

- Regards,