Sunday, January 25, 2009

Digging Dirt

It was a gardening day today; doing it for pay for my in-town brother at his place, and his harangues about how much time and money it takes to run a house on a residential city lot. And to some surprise he didn't take off and do his garage sale activity, as Sunday is a prime day for him. Normally he takes off once I am started on a project at his place.

Today, it was a cubic yard of top soil that he had delivered, and he was cranked up about how he wanted to get the soil dispersed to the intended garden beds and have it removed from his driveway. So........ that meant both of us working together of all things, quite a rarity as the perps like me to be kept working on my own. Nothing collaborative or team based is normally allowed I have come to realize. But we both did some major humphing and dirt shoveling to repair the various parts of his backyard.

There was a lilac bush encased in a tire that was inverted and used as an ersatz planter, and that had to be taken out in my view as it was so freaking ugly, and that the lilac, could be incorporated into an adjacent garden bed, sans tire. We pulled and tugged, cut it some more, used pry bars and matticks, and finally got the tire pulled out from the encased lilac bush. Given the perps obsession over tires, rubber and road surfaces I am sure there was plenty of their agenda in all of it, and it may have been set up for such an event a long time ago.

What the perps get from this isn't clear to me, but they wanted me to around for the "action", this old car tire being removed from a garden bed and freed from the plant in the center of it. Anyhow, the work to get the top soil spread to needed parts of his garden was demanding, but by 1700h the cubic yard had been sensibly dispersed to locations that would most benefit. He could then drive his truck over top of where the soil had been and have it in his driveway again.

I am a little tired after a full day of gardening effort, and perhaps I am getting sucked down for whatever reason.

More web surfing tonight, with earmuffs on for all the bothersome noises they add in, and even some outside noises somehow get through the hearing protection. In this case, I take the earmuffs off and plug my ears with my fingers which then allows me to hear internal head noise, and it is like a ship's radio room with all the static and morse code like chirpings, pingings and the like. I don't know what to make of this, and what this is telling me.

I have been rendered to be a demotivated slackass tonight; I have plans to update past "trophy blogs" and haven't lifted a finger, and also the job searching hasn't been very active. The perps are also planting the notions of an upcoming cessation of hostilities, but I have been there many times before, going back even four years or more, and it has been as tiresome as it has been fatuous.

It is time to call this one done for the day, only the evening time here at my place.

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